Thursday, February 16, 2023

"They Did Not Lay Claim to It. You Can Have... and Delight In... ANYTHING... that You can Remain Unattached To."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The truth of... this long arcing voyage across the immensity of time; the real destiny of humankind... is to soar on angel's wings... above the darkness of temporary things... which conceals our true being from ourselves and... each other. It is to transform into a state of eternal freedom from the bondage of the flesh, into a new body of glorious light that NOTHING can harm.

Ageless Wisdom says, first the stone, then the plant, then the animal, then the human, then the God. It is an inflexible process.

Very few among us, care for more than what our physical senses reveal; our ships in this temporary life relatives, our possessions... our good name; how many bad acts have been committed to protect a good name?

Is it worth the hassle and the heartbreak to be world-famous in a place where one day we are not remembered at all? What's it like to be as rich as Midas... or as famous as Elvis... when it WILL be taken from us, and where we will be then dumped into obscurity for an age or longer? Where we must live a series of inconsequential lives with the unavoidable sense that something is missing? Something... something... Always striving to get back to that celebrated life.

It ONLY matters if God and his angels know who you are. What fame can exceed that? The wealth and power of empires; how does that compare with God as your banker, and you as God's agent and ambassador in The Mortal Realm? Everyone you encounter... KNOWS... at a subliminal level that you are consciously connected to The Divine. When you speak... it is to the deeper parts of them. You are serving in a way that no other act can compare to... or equal in value.

Captains of industry, come and go... the once beautiful grow old. It kindles a rage in their hearts for the loss of that which will not remain beyond a short measure of years. I have no sense of loss for any of these things. I never pursued them to begin with. ONLY The Supreme Enjoyer gets any real pleasure from any of these things, and even then... is laughing up his sleeve about them... thinking... if they only knew. If they only knew.

I know these things to be true. I have first-hand evidence of it every... single... day. The true gifts of the spirit are... all of them... free for the taking. The price of admission is only the source of your every torment; your false self. Your separated self with its separated mind is what you must surrender. No one is permitted to pass the gates with that darkness upon them.

When faced with the decision, most will cry in horror and clutch to their breast a lifeless corpse. With the light of everlasting freedom shining upon them, they crawl between the walls to hide from the light. That is human nature and the reason it is not divine. It can become divine. One day it surely will, but... it could be a really... really... really long time; I love you long-time, soulja boy. Uh-huh.

The World is The World is The World. How many people contemplate the meaning of that statement? It is loaded with powerful implications.

Simply being able to be still... has a profound power in it. When you bend Nature out of shape, you will regret it. You summon The Harpies... and The Furies... and others of like kind. They become your daily companions... until... until you let Nature free from your clumsy... self-serving handiwork... or she breaks free.

Lady Nature has many faces. I have been fortunate. She has only shown me the benefic side. I do not have words to describe the depth of your regret if you run afoul of her. The things that can happen outside of you, and... most especially... inside of you... I will leave to your imagination.

Look at what people get up to. The internet provides a daily rogue's gallery of unfortunate fuck-ups. You can see them wriggling in the pincers of fate. You get to live vicarious lives through them. I thank God that I have that option to live such horrors... in the lives of others... who seem intent on making an example of themselves for the enduring profit of the rest of us; there... but... for... fortune... goes you and I.

It astounds me... the objects and conditions that are so highly valued by those who don't know any better. Everything they scheme and plot to possess... has a sharp stinger with a deadly poison, and it will sting you as soon as you grab it. ♫ Every rose has its thorns ♫

Kipling wrote a great short story. It was in The Jungle Book. It was about a jeweled ankus that Mowgli had found in a cavern guarded by a toothless white cobra. I think it was called “The King's Ankus”. He carried it around for a short while. Mowgli was temporarily dazzled by the glitter of the gems that shined on it, but after a short time... remarking that he couldn't eat it, and not finding some further purpose for it, he tossed it to the side of the path he was on.

Later, for whatever the reason. He went back to see if it was still there. It was gone. So he followed the tracks of the one who found it. What he found was one dead person after another, killed over the possession of the ankus. He marveled at such a thing. Finally, he found it again... beside the last body to possess it, and who was mortally wounded in the last fight for it... and did not survive for long after.

Mowgli saw that it was evil, so he took it back to the cobra and left it there. It was just one more glittery ornament on the heap of treasures that the toothless cobra guarded.

This was an allegory. Such treasures are USUALLY guarded by invisible forces that are easily as dangerous as a cobra. Some of them are cursed, which means the protector of it follows you. There was that maybe-story about King Tut's Tomb. I don't know the truth of it, BUT I do know that trouble generally comes when you overstep yourself and put too much value on something you can't take with you.

I'm not saying treasure... money... or similar items with value on this plane are evil. God is rich beyond measure, and he wants you to be rich too... for the right reasons and with the right treasures. Some very spiritual people have had a great deal of money and power. They were STEWARDS of it. They did not lay claim to it. You can have... and delight in... ANYTHING you can remain unattached to. Suffering often comes through separation from the object of desire or... the disappointment over it.

Yes... some people are in a wretched state. Often that is a payback for previous excesses and offenses. A great deal of what happens here is an arrangement between the specific person and The Lords of Karma. The Man on The Beach said to me, “I despise deals.” I replied... “but you don't have to make any deals,” and he said... “deals have been made.” My point is... there is a lot that goes on here that we don't know about, and what we think we know about is less important than what we don't know about.

It's very... very weird out there. It is weirder and stranger than I have ever seen or heard about. To understand... clearly and comprehensively... what is going on in The World... is impossible. We only see a part of the picture, and that is colored by our levels of subjectivity.

If you know that God is real, you don't have to know anything else. Either you imagine that you are... handling it or... God is handling it... and you are along for the ride. Look at the Hindi pictures of Krishna in the chariot... Lord Vivasvan in the chariot. Someone is holding the reins and someone is riding behind the driver. This is the relationship that you want.

You are either being driven hither and yon by The World and your desires for it or... The Higher Self is driving and you are the vehicle. I am a horse... and Truth is my rider.

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"The King's Ankus" starts on page 157
(which is page 173 of this PDF (grin))


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Boy, you really hit home with this one.


0 said...

Is it overly weird that the words coming from you on occasion seem as if the All is talking right to me.

"It ONLY matters if God and his angels know who you are. What fame can exceed that? The wealth and power of empires; how does that compare with God as your banker, and you as God's agent and ambassador in The Mortal Realm? Everyone you encounter... KNOWS... at a subliminal level that you are consciously connected to The Divine. When you speak... it is to the deeper parts of them. You are serving in a way that no other act can compare to... or equal in value."

You know this was what kept me coming back to your blogs. I get a physical sensation when I read such that seems to act as a witness to whats been read as being the alls words. I suppose your own words apply to you as much as to anyone else.

Let me again thank you. I know we don't always see eye to eye, but if we ever meet in an iteration of form I expect we'll still be dancing.

You da Man!

Mike whitehouse. UK. said...

Hi Les. I believe that you know how I feel after reading that! Thank you my friend.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Best Way I Can Describe It is that Living Conscious Light is Coming in Human Form and Within The Human Heart."

Anonymous said...

Hello Visible….are you familiar with Chris Thomas?
TPTB are trying to bury this man…..
Only the best……

LBW said...

Thank you for your post. Always thought provoking, funny and contain some hefty truth bombs.



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