Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Lidless Eye and the Yo Yo Dance of Butch Napolitano.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Submerged, below the sensors of The Lidless Eye, seeing in all directions from atop the pyramid, indifferent to the dictates of conscience, impartially contemptuous of all life, driven by one imperative and that is, the power to control and to rule without resistance, no matter how draconian or twisted may be the edicts of the scepter.

The arrogance of power, unaffected by any natural or necessary restraints is a heady brew. It makes them stagger off course and filled with bombast and self importance, it compels them to strut, fret and play the fool for their hour upon the stage. Had they the necessary restraints and attendant capacity for insight, they would have never exposed themselves as they've done. Doing this, prancing about in untouchable self importance, with the flawed presumption that they are too powerful to be touched; too big to die or be torn apart by an angry mob, this juvenile personality disorder, is the gateway to perdition... is the genesis of evil destroying itself. It is an unavoidable part of an ageless dynamic. It is hidden from the view of those who harbor fear and various degrees of iniquity and who conspire with the directives and intentions of what motivates The Lidless Eye.

And so... submerged below the sensors, there is the humming of slowly awakening minds, rising in frequency, as they contemplate the Snowden Factor and what it might mean for them. They consider the recognition; the money from the book and film rights, the aura of celebrity, the talk show circuit and some of them, possibly, even consider the good it might do for humanity, this irrevocable act, this blow against The Empire. Everywhere in the halls of power this possibility is under consideration.

Part of The Awakening, already in progress, is the creeping awareness of personal guilt, for things seen and tolerated, for things done, ostensibly for God and Country. However, the only God involved in any part of the process is The Witness, the Silent Watcher, the recording secretary of the cosmos. This is not to say that mysterious motivations are not afoot. Sometimes what we think are our reasons for anything, are irrelevant to the truth of what activates us. Sometimes things happen without our knowing why they occur, or we think we know but we don't know. Very often, we think we know. This gives us the confidence to go on any way we feel like it. It is attended by glib, self serving rationalizations and the perversion of logic, in support of pretty much anything one might be forced to do, in the defense of a paycheck, in the pursuit of upward mobility, in the incremental acquisition of power; the power to do things and get away with them. It is a heady brew, fermented with poisonous hops, like the arsenic in Morning Glory seeds that casts a darkness over the trip, that adds a grim hue to the hallucinations.

When your thought process is compromised by an atmosphere of persistent self interest, you do things you know are wrong but they have that official stamp of approval which makes mass murder and really, any kind of outrage, no matter how heinous, possess that patina of righteousness that tells you it's good for America, or Queen and Country, or some twisted construct or another, whereby formerly borderline sane individuals, are transported over the edge of the timeless envelope of naturally inherent morality, out into a strange area of dubious and dreadful enterprise.

In truth, the morphing of a person's humanity, by degrees into darker and darker states of consciousness does not happen overnight. One does not turn into Janet Napolitano overnight. You don't become a callous and indifferent mass murderer, like this creature, without having gone through a variety of stages, wherein ever more and more horrific abuses are performed upon your fellows. You have to have gradually killed out every last vestige of humanity. You have to cut the throat of the voice of conscience, crush the voicebox, bury it in deep Earth, so that there is not even muffled and indistinguishable sound. You have to come to the place where you know that what you do is evil on a massive scale but you do it for the sheer joy of it. You are the kind of person who kills in an ecstatic frenzy and washes yourself in the blood of your victims. These are the kinds of actions that would create a sexual orgasm for the person performing them. Janet Napolitano is just such a person. Do not deceive yourself on any account concerning this freak of aberrant Nature. As depraved and dark as you can paint her, she is worse than that.

Creatures (inhuman creatures) like Michael Chertoff and Rahm Emmanuel, who even now is presiding over the worst, ongoing, murder and shooting spree in American history at the city of Chicago are veritable beasts. What is happening in Chicago is not by accident. It is by intention. Devoted Satanist, Emmanuel, is gifting the bloodthirsty demon that he serves, in order to enhance his power in the material realm. These same efforts are being made by other Satanists like Bwak! Obama, John Hari Kerry and soon to be thrust back on to the scene; Smoking (from the fires of Hell) Joe Lieberman. Then in the economic sector, high ranking Satanists like The Koch Brothers, Little Georgie Sorrows (Soros), the Rothschild clan and their associated Central Banking Zio-Ogres;.... an exclusively Tribe centric operation, are collectively treating the economy like a yo yo, in order to spread a climate of pervasive fear and insecurity among the masses. As more and more of the populace, tumbles to the twisted agenda of these Creatures from the Pit, they are coming up with more and more press pacifiers for the sleeping masses to suck on.

Around the planet, there is a common theme, a shared appetite that binds these fiends together. It is an unavoidable rite of passage, in order to win an operational parity with the other monsters. It is a basic tenet of Satanism that one must engage in such a variety of offenses that will serve to extinguish any possibility for good, regret or redemption from their nature. The Evil Inspirator must be evoked from the dark regions of the subconscious. It is the meaning of the line “And may it seal the door where evil dwells” from “The Great Invocation”. Everything present in the manifest has arrived here from the unmanifest. Everything visible arrives out of the invisible. As physicists have already proven mathematically, everything is composed of mind-stuff, everything is thought born. There are various schools of thought that are treating with these considerations. I suppose in some cases, art imitates life. There are a lot of theories but the truth is, there is only one mind (if you're standing in the right place to experience it) and those of us who have had the required Kundalini Uprising, to that specific awareness, are resident in that awareness and resonant, as well as telepathic by varying degrees. After all, it's only one mind. For the majority who believe they possess an individual mind, as a result, they are confined within the parameters of a fixed area of limitation and are heir to all the vanities of whatever false constructs the ego has sought to fabricate and entertain itself with. None of the things the ego believes to be true are true. They can't be, due to the basic drive for pre-eminence, on the part of all unrefined mechanisms, like the ego; given that, essentially, all things are equal and only flawed perception gives the perspective that things are not. This occurs in order to favor whatever illusions and hallucinations the ego has dressed itself in. The ego is capable of any and all crimes, when its survival is threatened, or its image of itself is threatened. If the ego won't die then... no doubt someone else will.

What better place and posting is there for Butch Napolitano to matriculate to than president of the University of California? The very idea that someone of her demented character would be considered for the post is proof positive of what sort of intelligences (or lack thereof) are running the place. She moves from the casual murder and imprisonment of whomever for whatever and... generally these offenses are for the crimes actually committed by Napolitano and her Hench-thugs, to murdering the truth and reason, while actively engaging in historical revisionism and the imprisonment of human thought. She can push every kind of perverse ideology, trumpet alternative sexual behaviors as more than equal, work diligently for the destruction of the family unit, (which is the cornerstone of civilization) ...and mutilate growing minds 12 different ways. She's the Wonder Bread avatar of nutritionless substance, the sort of thing neither rats nor cockroaches will eat.

I must be careful with this next objectively reasoned argument (grin). Although I have my informed analysis, concerning what people do with the serpent force, when it is in the physically generative mode, I've got no judgment on individual behaviors, so long as it is something engaged in by consenting adults (doesn't involve children) and it's not taking place on the sidewalk in front of my house. I'm sincere about that. However, when it works its way into excessive control over the mores of society and the intention is... the destruction of that society, which, of course, is effected by the destruction of the family unit AND when feral, psychopathic Tribe members are found to control the boards of directors, of every alternative sexual organization well, I am disposed to comment and theorize upon the matter. It's a well known feature of mind control, along with the construction of multiple personalities and the hijacking of the individual will, that one's sexuality must needs be bent in some direction, other than that which serves the interests of the family unit. Butch Napolitano certainly qualifies in that regard and there's no telling but... we can speculate, just how depraved Butch actually is. As a master of 'Dungeons and Drag Queens', it was she who made it a point of hiring a preponderance of sexual misfits and child molesters for positions (any and all positions) in the TSA= Tits, Slits and Ass. Given that she spends the majority of her time around people with 'special needs', sexually speaking, she probably doesn't feel comfortable around that endangered species; the family unit. Her favored intention is the creation of The Family Eunuch; hopefully armed with duct tape and that indispensable manual, “The Ka(r)ma Sutra for Sexual Psychopaths”.

The culture has been twisted into more unusual shapes than those possible only for a Chinese acrobat; the nonsense of Freud, the lingering stench of Marx and Engels, the ever increasing poisoning of food and drink, accompanied by the poisoning of the spheres of media and entertainment. In concert with (pun intended) the debauching of the culture's soundtrack, into thug noise and incoherent, saccharine redundancies, performed by plasticized androids. If you can't see this and worse, if you actually enjoy it all and it makes sense to you, you're not likely to be a problem for those who have no problem turning you over to their sashimi chef at the NSA.

This all brings us to the moment of denouement and the wire screen of the grease trap, fitted into the smoking griddle at Hell's Kitchen. Some are watching the feast in preparation. Some are battered and waiting for their turn to be cooked. Some are sitting in the cannibal seats, waiting to be served. Some are serving as waiters and all of them are metaphors for something else. If this were all a product of random chance or haphazard evolution, we'd be in deep dinosaur shit. The truth is, the whole drama is orchestrated and performed for the purpose of demonstration. I'd say the cardinal concern is one's placement in the mix; whether one is the object lesson, or the one learning it at some remove, or... any of the other possibilities the imagination is heir to. Have a nice day.

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There will be a radio show tomorrow evening.


the gardener said...

*whistles piercingly!* omg! Can I have extra gravy on that?

My initial reaction to Butch's new orders was 'this is a joke right?" RIGHT?

I have no doubt that most, if not all, working in the UC system (another system that went industry) are shaking in their shoes, pissing their pants etc.

Who are classicly the 'first to go' in the first go round culls of all societies taken over by fascist, soulless dictators?

Besides having access to ALL THAT MONEY-FUNDING AND OTHERWISE TO DO TESTS ON EVERY STUDENT IN THEIR PROGRAMS-selectively cull out any with any normal intelligence, talents and curiosity... they can put their own psychopaths at the tops of all their programs-cull out the rest left that have any morals or intelligence, conscience etc.

Like DOCTOR Congalizard at Stanford (so hysterical)by going into academia they lend their own credence that they are smarter than the average bear. I heard many say about George Bush or any of these lying jackals 'well he went to YALE-that's gotta mean something doesn't it?"

The students went berserk on the President of UC system's home/mansion property a few years ago rebelling something. Students got streamed with poison in their faces, mouths and eyes under the direction of one of Janet's girlfriends.

What better way to control who may or may not have it in them to disagree with the programs? What better place to cull out any faculty members with any real teaching abilities and smarts? What better place to get and control the: Iris scans, status of immigrant paperwork, cater to the Chinese or worse for foreign student aid and abetting? Discover any student with special powers and eradicate them forever and ever.

Strategically it is a very good place for her to go. Chertoff is waiting and working in the wings too but it doesn't matter the specific personalities-all members of this elite club of sould souls will do.

The citizens of the State of CA got sold out a long time ago-now is the time to totally strip everyone 'who doesn't belong' of everything they have and get it on.

the gardener

You totally slayed me with this one Vis!!!

(PS-saw a picture of the President of Ecuador the other day-a handsome healthy strong looking young man)

the gardener said...

Just remembered an important something for parents of children still under age in the, once system-now industry, of the public schools in America.

You have the right to see the 'permanent files' of your child's. The first step in erecting a file for your child to follow them the rest of their lives. <3

See for yourself those secret files, the assessments by the dirt bags posing as teachers who are really just info grabbers, test makers and fakers of data to assess your little ones for their place or not place in this great society in the making.

They used to have vaults, like bank safe vaults in the schools keeping those hard copies nice and safe. Impressive organization-now with the ninnies employed who have so much time, are so bored with just doing their jobs that the women are avidly preying on the children for sex partners... no telling what they put in the files, do with the files.

Maybe when the pensions from all these State workers are stolen from them will they shrilly blow the whistles they all have with 30/40 years in systems that are now total industries for the haves and pretender haves.

So Janet's got a lot of paperwork to go through-lots of programs to operate within the huge rich UC college operations.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Stand back L.V. is on fire! The students in the glorious people's republik of Kalifornia better be on their best behavior. Butch will have drones following any student on academic probation and have her mouthbreathing drooling NKVD wannabes go deep and long with rubber gloves. Will she ride around campus on a horse proclaiming how safe the campus is? The world is getting tired of the evil empire. The spying revelations have some Euro countries are pissed about the wholesale spying and read a link at WRH yesterday about China actively preparing for armed conflict with Under Satan's Authority. Be glad you got of the fading banana republik as the upcoming Zimmerman riots, no matter what the verdict, will be the final nails in the coffin.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Satanists, and just how far they are willing to go, here's something guaranteed to puke a goat off a gut wagon -

Anonymous said...

You'll love this L. KTVU in San Francisco gets punked with fake names list for Asiana pilots. Here are the names-Captain Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk and Bang Ding Ow. Now it is a "racist" prank:

Anyone who believes anything the lamestream has to say is probably too stupid to exist.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Didn't Janet used to be a guy from Pittsburgh?

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when humans are educated with the "remember and repeat" curriculum principle, instead of the "think and know" principle.
And most should know by now what history ("his story")continues to do.
Humans even hide the truth and lie to their children from birth (e.g Santa Claus, Easter bunny, tooth fairy, "where did I come from", etc).
Yet adult humans expect children not to lie and tell "stories".
Are adults ignorant(forgetful) of the fact, that they too where children?
Yet most humans continue to repeat without thinking (and knowing) it didn't work the first time, we tried teaching it this way.

Annie said...

I'm not a scientist by profession, but if I'm not mistaken, the universe(s) is held together by the attraction of positive and negative polarities. So too our physical life on earth ideally mirrors that of the macrocosm. Thankfully, there are still some cultures on earth (Hopi, a few in South America and in the Far East) who understand (and act on) the importance of living in harmony with the Natural Plan. Also, I believe there are those who are spiritually aware in all races who make an effort to listen to Mother Nature's wisdom and profit from it.

My main objection to homosexual behavior is that they are not contributing to the evolutionary urge of the human races. Negative polarity (women) "attracted" to negative polarity, or positive polarity (men) "attracted" to positive polarity does is not natural. According to the Ageless Wisdom, this type of behavior is atavistic. This is not an emotional judgment, but simply a self-evident fact.

The natural polarity of a family unit (husband, wife, children) does, in fact, mirror the natural world and so potentially contributes to evolution.

I am extremely concerned for my grandchildren who are continually exposed to the trendiness and "rightness" of homosexual behavior, both in the public schools and on television. We are all constantly and subliminally urged to accept this assault against the evolutionary "Plan" of Those Who serve the Will of God. There are many potential reasons for homosexual behavior, but the end result is not helpful, both to those who engage in that karmic disaster, and those who are being force fed daily with it.

marilyn said...

i love it when you nail it to the wall so everyone can see!
i would be lost without you and your hammer.
your words sum up what we are and were thinking.
love and peace

Copernicus Kidd said...

as a young devotee I noticed a couple of ISKCON reps smiling and shaking hands with Butchy at a New Mexico photo op, and knew all I need to know about that decadent and depraved organization. what's next, Emmanuel and GBC members toasting Temple Grandin over filet mignon at the Stockyard Grill?

Student loan rates just doubled and the big Universities will need iron fists to keep that cash cow in line.

Anonymous said...

The Rothschilds are getting restless!
Restless and so desperate to protect their empire of crumbling lies that they've hired one of their kin to do the job of 'debunking myths' about GMOs, flouride, 911, big pharma, etc.:

I found this link by doing goodgle research on the software that paid trolls are using to fabricate up to 10 online personas for spreading disinfo and making sure that the misinformed masses stay tethered to the mountains of bullshit that they thought would last forever.

Things are looking great! Their death throes are very comforting to me and that link is just more proof (like we need any more) of their demise.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les-

I just posted the Rothschild link. I am sure that I clicked "anonymous", but it may have posted my google name. The keyboard seemed to be sticking everytime I tried to click anonymous!

please just sign me anonymous, I am not asking you to edit, its just that there seems to be some kind of bug that would NOT let me post anonymously.

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Good Day L. Just found this:

Visible said...

Everything seems fine from this end.

missingarib said...

Vis- -"The arrogance of power, unaffected by any natural or necessary restraints is a heady brew." says it all.
When their deeds are finally exposed the deck of cards will name the first to the least of these devilish minions. Names of the chiefs of their orders will be a curse words.

Hopefully the students and faculty will be alerted by this and any and all voices that dedicate their love and time (as well as risk their freedom/lives)to alert as many people as possible to the tribes machinations.
My prayers go out to You and every keyboard warrior sounding the alarm-
Let no one say We did not stand up!

The tribe calculates just where to get the most bang for the buck- consider this exchange
Pilate sought to release Jesus: but the Jews cried out, saying, If thou release this man, thou art not Caesar's friend: every one that maketh himself a king speaketh against Caesar.
it was about the sixth hour. And he saith unto the Jews, Behold, your King!
15 They therefore cried out, Away with [him], away with [him], crucify him! Pilate saith unto them, Shall I crucify your King? The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar.
16 Then therefore he delivered him unto them to be crucified.

Vis your outta sight (grin)
live long

Anonymous said...

Yo dude, you reading Jon Rappaport? We must work together. The light beings, The human beings. There are dark heavy, materialistic beings out there. Who collected on 9-11 insurance? Just saying,

Josey said...


Seeing how they conceived, produced and directed 9/11/01 themselves (the "Jews,Israeli's) thus were able to create the DHS, that is the death star, just like the Cheka in Russia in 1919.

I'm interested in who the next leader will be, will say much about what should come next.

All the other stuff we've had to endure was a result of their planning and execution of 9/11/01.

So this is the cornerstone of the new "Temple" Movement in Israel now (9/11/01 was the start), in fact they are planning now for a new temple in Jerusalem and it links directly to what they did on 9/11/01.

If NOT for that event (9/11) and their apparent success at it, they would NOT be able to consider a new temple where the Arabs have the 3rd most holy site, the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Kieron said...

"The natural polarity of a family unit (husband, wife, children) does, in fact, mirror the natural world and so potentially contributes to evolution."

Uh, Annie, how do you then account for male animals and insects that mate briefly and then leave the female to raise young on her own? Or females that mate and then eat or otherwise kill the male? Or male felines that kill cubs that are not their own? And so on. Likening human sexuality and/or behavior to the mating urges of the four-leggeds and other beings in the natural world is just silly.

How do you know homosexuality isn't a part of evolution? You don't. Neither does Visible. Neither do I. It just exists, for reasons known to the Creator. As long as these folk aren't hurting one another, hurting children, or otherwise violating others' free will, what's it matter to you?

Visible said...

Don't misquote people by implication for things they didn't say, especially when they were quite clear about their position to begin with; like me.

erhine said...

Regarding the Chicago murder rate it is much lower than the period from 1990-99 when average was 823.9 per year and that was under a much better economic time. Chicago Bulls headlines kept that out of the hype of media. When the dreadful dreary high-rise projects came down relocation led to drug turf wars of which the majority of murders are about. Mike Grey's book is excellent and should be a class-room read. "Drug Wars: How We Got Into This Mess(and How We can Get out)" As far as the Satanist labels it may be that as some have said people tend to confuse Satan with Baal with horns as that who's represented by Bohemian Grove types.

Visible said...

I don't see the difference between any of those underworld entities. the only person it would make a difference to is the one who worships one and disdains the other.

Visible said...

You're right about the numbers though. give him time however and he'll have them back up to a disrespectful number. I'm usually pretty good with my calls but now and again I miss the boat.

Anonymous said...

Janet Napolitano-this generation's J.Edgar Hoover, writ large.


the BCth said...

Zimmerman got off. Mike Adams thinks this could turn ugly. Me, I never heard of the guy -- I'm over in euroland -- but I guess you American readers would know what's up. Take care, I guess.

Divide and conquer. Whip up the masses to a fever pitch of hate. Let the riots begin, do nothing to stop them. Next step, media blitz howling for the gubmint to "do something about this!" Then follows a scripted, controlled debate leading the public toward consent (resigned and despairing, apathetic, or zealously supportive, makes no difference) to the prescribed solution: inevitably some tightening of the noose of tyranny.

What to do? Change your personal reality. Create the life you want (of love and beauty and truth and Goddess-connection, for instance), dream it into existence and act it out with joy. Be the change. You will send ripples of transformation to all that you touch, throughout the ethers.

And defend your loved ones if the situation calls for it.

love, william

the BCth said...

Sure enough, riots breaking out.

Well, we know what to expect to come out of all this.


Anonymous said...

Kieron is absolutely right. Too much gay bashing on this web page!



This is a bit off topic but could you please tell me which one is Rachel Maddow and which one is Chris Hayes. It's important to me that I know who is regurgitating my "NEWS".

Visible said...

Everyone at these blogs knows, when anonymous is speaking no one is standing behind what gets said. It is especially true when I, I personally point out what I don't have a problem with.

Sex is not to be politicized. Why people do what they do is none of my business, unless it is too much in our faces. You already have more freedoms and protections than a much larger mass enjoys. You're free to do what you want. On the other hand, we don't want to hear about it.

If you don't like the dialogue that goes on here, don't come here. Seriously... there are other places where you can get cuddly and understood without any kind of challenge. I can tell you with real certitude that I have known a huge collection of gay people in my life and all of them would agree with me.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you still churn out daily classics Visible!

Speaking of frauds like sister-man Napalitano:

RT is zio-NWO op through and through and

It's not a global crime gang. It's a global crime tribe!

respects to all souls

Anonymous said...

If someone is engaged in, as a few posters have called it here, "gay-bashing", well, that's just how those people are - they were just born that way.

Surely a gay person (of all people) can understand that?

Gay males are the single biggest perpetrators of pedophilia, in terms of incidents-per-offender, of any other demographic on the planet. There isn't even a close second. The sheer magnitude of rampant male-on-male sexual molestation in the church, for example, is staggering. Expand that to the Boy Scouts, and other Satanically controlled organizations, and the numbers leap off the charts.

I am pointing this out, because, well, I might as well come out of the closet and get it over with - I am a truth-sexual. The truth gives me a hard-on, big time. The truth gets my nut off. I love it. I crave it. I need it. But I was just born this way. And, like my gay brethren, I am not ashamed. Why should I be?

The Satanists pushed hard for the normalcy of homosexuality, via the mantra of "I was BORN this way - so it's OKAY!". They pushed hard, and they got their wish.

The next step in their plan involves the normalization of pedophilia.

Homosexuality and pedophilia fit together like a hand in a glove. They are long-estranged lovers; ideological twins who were separated at birth. But they are rapidly coming back together...just as planned.

"I was BORN this way - so it's OKAY!" Repeat it over and over - doesn't it feel good?

Y'all have a nice gay...

Anaughty Mouser said...

Finely written Mr. Visible.

Best summary of spy revelations (not) in the past year IMO:

Smyrna said...

The mind-blowingness of witnessing the machinations of the computer program and the One-Mind, Vis.

Now we have the physicists in our corner! It's all coming together rapidly now.

Visible said...

Rachel Maddow would be the (PC offense alert) chick. Just look for the Ashkenazi logo and lesbian atheist aura.

I figure, sir, that there is some kind of a joke in your query and this is not the first time you have raised it and... your last comment (if Mr. Eidetic here is correct) was also upon this same subject.

Rachel is a disinfo dink, kind of the way Robert Fisk is. She's one of those people heavily into politicizing the 'more than equal' gay movement

Visible said...

Rats, I didn't put the link in the more things change the more....

Visible said...

Born this way (grin). I have always felt that humor, especially satire are cosmic gifts and wonderful defusing and clarifying tools

Back in the day, I thought that underground cartoonists were the great artists of our time. You should have seen the size of my.... uh... collection (grin). Occasionally you would get these novellas on things like the Native American genocide and obscure personages and events from old history. They really tuned up the gay thing and there were also some gay cartoonists who were hilarious.

One of these days when I have a few grand I'm gonna get my collection back and leave the comics in the waiting room so that people waiting to see me (I'll be sort of like the minister in Catch 22) will have something to read. Theft will not be tolerated and my secretary, who I haven't met yet, as a very competent martial artist, will kick your ass.

I've got a lot of cool, way cool, ideas that (god willing and the creeks not gay) I hope I'll have the opportunity to carry out (with a little help from my friends). Some of them are quite amusing. I expect to use humor as a tonic for what ails ya.

When I get my place, which I am sure I will. I am going to have a nice gate, I might carve it myself and... there will be a big overhead sign that says, Amitabhaland and there will be a Ganesha corner, indicating the entrance to the Devic Realm.

I am also going to take the Paul Foster case deck of tarot cards and make a tarot garden based on the tree of life. The cards will be something like 2 and a half feet by 1 and a half and the plants sacred to that card (whatever card it may be) will be planted there, the assigned color will be prominent and there will be a gong or something that plays the particular note for the card. Where the card is a path between sephiroths, certain creative adjustments will be made.

Since these are principally meditation devices, NOT divination tools, I'm hoping to have a tape that plays when you push a button by the card and there will be about half an hours commentary on all of the wonders of the card. Things will be concealed for the entertainment of the intrepid seeker (grin). Just one of the ideas I have in mind.

I really do want to be immersed in those things I consider important and not trouble myself about certain types of relationships and other mundane nonsense. I have it in mind to let God rock my gypsy soul; "just like way back in the days of old"

People, things have been a little tense around here of late. Some lady did a harpy number on me about Jesus. I really don't understand why Christians are always looking for an argument or a fight. It is especially weird given the nature of the one they purport to follow, sometimes called The Prince of Peace. Then a long time reader at these blogs and someone I thought was a friend basically tore me a new one with some of the most insulting things I've had directed at me in some time. Seriously, some number of people think I work for them. You wouldn't think so if you saw how rare my donations are

Okay, on to Petri Dish. I sort of would like to write on these themes. We'll see what my muse has to say.

Anonymous said...


It seems like those who suddenly turn on you just can't figure out that it's really their own ego which has turned on them, before they were ever acquainted with you.
A(sometimes jarring) speed bump for you, but a lesson for them, should they choose to accept it as such.


Anonymous said...

Gay, not gay? Why does gender preference matter? If someone puts their hands on a child it's horrible whether the child is a boy or a girl.

Men, in general, are more given to sexual agression and perversion than woman.

Rape is an expression of anger and some weaklings vent their anger on children instead of someone who is strong and wary.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Ass-Hats and Mulligan Stew in my Inbox too.

Laura said...

I would so enjoy meandering through your artfully constructed tarot garden. I have the BOTA tarot cards, partially colored at this point, and the books that accompany them. The garden would be a tangible creation, visually stunning as it touched and transformed one's subconscious with ageless symbolism ~ brought to life in color, sound, and the essence of nature. Simply divine. May it be so.

With love, in grace ~

the gardener said...

"Defense against the Psychopaths" video

This vid is so full of practical advice on recognizing them and tactics that I followed though on this man's (Stefan Verstappen) site:

This info caused me to flashback on the respect I held for my sensei-Nobu Iseri-who taught me many things about many things. One thing he taught me was to 'test how balanced, in all ways, those I'd come across in day to day life with a simple little push to their shoulder or body" it was downright comical and very surprising how many bullies are so off balance that a tiny little shove to shoulder would create an end over end movement on their reaction.

hahahahaha anyway-there are several exercises on his site that have intrigued me-MANY reminded me of Vis, why I'm posting this on his site.

How balanced of a 'Yo Yo Dance' do you think Napolitano can do? Perhaps walking a simple downed tree over running water should be a test we give to all civil servants? Especially those with the abilities to ruin and/or end lives.

This carte blanche given to the psychopaths due to our fear of their destructive abilities and weariness in dealing with the lies has got to stop one way or another.

the gardener

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