Wednesday, July 24, 2013

An Off the Rack Lawsuit from Lipshits, Dewey, Cheatem and Howe.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Beeeering! Beeeering! “Hallo”. “Is this Mr. Les Visible”? “Uh...yeah but... just visible will do, the less part gets tiresome and contains a subjective negative”. “What”? “Never mind. What do you want? No one ever calls here talking in English”. “Well Mr. uh, Visible. This is Hymie Lipshits from The Guinness Book of World Records...”

Visible interrupts, “What, you guys are bugging me and the NSA is bugging me. Look! There was nothing exceptional about that last belch...”

Lipshits interrupts, “it's not about a belch, Visible. We don't know anything about a belch. We're not bugging you, just FYI but... we do have a lot of web bots and cutting edge software that trolls the internet; Google, Alexa, places like that and it has come to our attention that you presently hold the record for the least profitable aggregate of websites, with the widest circulation, in comparison to the lowest profit margin and we'd like to include you in the 2013 edition (3rd printing) of our annual compendium of records. How do you feel about that?”

visible is silent for a short spell, then says, “Geez, I guess I'm honored and it is nice to be recognized for singular achievements. I'd been hoping for something more along the lines of highest number of sexual engagements with French fairy tale princesses from the provinces but, that's not been moving along at any real speed. So... sure. What do I get besides the publicity”?

Lipshits coughs, “Actually, visible, you don't get anything else but, I'm sure you would agree that this feature dovetails nicely with the state of your existence anyway. One might consider it almost poetic”.

“I guess you're right and, if I'm lucky and the trend of my existence indicates that I might be, I can perhaps hope for a poetic conclusion to my existence, say... something along the lines of John Berryman or Dylan Thomas”.

Lipshits says, “We'll certainly make note of that in our publication, should you distinguish yourself in that regard and I think I speak for all of us here, when I say nothing would please us more than for you to wrap up this whole sordid affair in a dramatic and socially beneficial way like that.

“Okay then, I've got something on the stove and I have to go. I'll try not to disappoint you though”.

“Good, good, thank you, visible. We look forward to whatever you can come up with.. adieu”.

“Yeah, whatever, bye”. (grin).

I've been in a strange mood all day, scuttling about, doing all sorts chores and singing to myself in an extemporaneous, spontaneous, black humor/satire kind of a way. I hate to break the mood so, I'll just continue, shall I? Yes, I shall.

I've been thinking of American presidents and how so very, very few, if any, ever came right out and said what was what, laying it all on the line in such a way that it would be seen as the truth, while, at the same time, awakening the public to things the public has never been awakened to collectively, before ...because they have shit in their ears (you'll be wanting to know who donates the foulest smelling shit into the environment) and that plays havoc with the audible and comprehensible. This is counterpointed by the politicians, clergy, media-bots and most famous artists, who have shit on their lips; hence the hybrid combo, generated by the agencies that facilitate the pitcher on the one hand and the catcher on the other, giving you Lipshits. Perhaps in the very beginning there were some powerful commentaries by founding fathers, who became president and Franklin, who did not. Their direct and clear statements about the perennial parasites on the body and resources of humanity, are there to be found, although these statements have been universally suppressed, insofar as being brought to the public's attention. Let's not forget those animals who have distinguished themselves in the olfactory zone. Let's not forget how insane the predators are.

Back to those presidents but first, let's have a listing of great minds from history and what they had to say. I'm guessing there were some great speeches over the years and also things that came into the public view that were not originally intended to, like Nixon and Billy Graham, discussing the greatest and most constant material scourge, in presently recorded history ...but I keep thinking, wouldn't it be wonderful if some president (certainly not the Nimrod presently in office), presidential candidate or powerful person of either sex were to call a news conference and say something like this;

“I am soon to be much older than I am now and I am old now. It is to be presumed that I will depart this plane in the not unforeseeable future. Having been a politician for most of my life, else-wise I would not have become president, as it takes a lifetimes of deals and arrangements, for one to finally be in a position for that to happen; unless one were a simple laboratory concoction, like my predecessor, Barry Sotero, who was made from a variety of chemicals in the Rand/Monsanto facilities.

“I have often wondered why no president other than myself, has ever chosen to stand before you, as I myself have come to do today. I will tell you some of the reasons for that, as I will tell you my reasons for breaking the extended silence that has hovered over the life of this nation, like the atmosphere inside a crypt and with much the same meaning, implications and aroma. For many of them, it was the fear of death. For many of them it was the lingering force and awareness of blackmail, as well as the threat to their families and friends and... finally, how history would treat them, given that the worst creatures ever to draw breath upon this planet, control history and the media as well.
They also decide who writes the books you read and whether they are sold or distributed. At least they did, until the internet came along. Yes, these Talmudic vampires have had their way with cultures and societies, not to mention economies and what wars have come and gone (a shocked murmuring can be heard moving through the listening and watching audience, accompanied by a few gasps and some unintelligible cries of outrage; no doubt these are given voice by those who are representative of those, of whom the president speaks and who far outweigh the percentage of their own numbers in the general population vis a vis the halls of power.)

“As it so happens I have managed to avoid the threat of blackmail. I am not afraid of death, it will come soon enough in any case and as far as friends and family go, they're all pretty endemic of their class and clout, meaning the world is no better for them being here and can only be improved by their departure. So it is that I have come to you today, through foreign broadcasts and the alternative media, knowing that were I to have attempted this in the American media, the dual national Israelis who own and control it, would have shut off my microphone and assassination orders would have immediately gone out to domestic Mossad agents, who handle any and all residents of this or any country that objects to their vicious manipulations ...of every life force on this planet.

“Since I am the president of the United States, you can assume I have access to all intelligence files in the CIA, NSA, Homeland Security and all the other black op murder factories that we've managed to create over the years and which are now more powerful than the government and anyone else for that matter and all of which are controlled by Israel and their Zionist double agents around the country.

“At any rate I have come here today to tell you that Zionists and Israelis, who are collectively members of the Worldwide Satanic Church, are responsible for all of our wars, the state of our economic system and what happens to it, most every assassination, including those of John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby, as well as Martin Luther King. They are also responsible for the death of Kennedy's son, John John Kennedy. They attempted to start World War 3, by attacking the U.S.S.S. Liberty and they were the primary driving force behind the 9/11 attacks, The London Tube bombings, The Madrid Train Station bombings and the Boston Marathon bombing. They assassinated Senator Paul Wellstone and really... a very large amount of people of prominence and also those unknown to the general public... well, the number is so great I could literally stand here all day naming names.

“The principal agent that has made it possible for them to take control of The United States and most of the countries of The West, is via their control of the private banking syndicate, known as The Federal Reserve. They had so corrupted the American economy that they were tossed out, only to return on the back of an assassination in 1901 and evil backroom shenanigans in 1913. This made it possible for them to initiate World War 1, for economic profit. I would like to point out that they also assisted in bringing Hitler to power and were very much behind the creation of World War 2 also. You have to look very, very hard to find something monstrous and evil that impacts on so many lives that they are not neck deep in. They were the architects of The Bolshevik Revolution and directly responsible for the murderous death of tens of millions of Russians and near ten million Ukrainians. They were also behind the Armenian holocaust and are presently engaged in the Palestinian genocide. As you can see, my fellow Americans, these are some very, very bad people.

“It is my expectation that they will now try to have me killed. They will certainly seek to have me certified as mad but... I have taken steps to that end and released irrefutable evidence of everything I have come before you to claim today and the internet will soon be flooded with these informations from literally hundreds of locations. Keep in mind that I am the president of the United States and that makes me the Whistleblower in Chief. You cannot be more of an insider than I, or have greater access to what is and what is not than I have. You might rather not believe me ...but you have no choice I am afraid. After these vermin, the biggest danger facing this country is the Zionist Christians, for it is they, in their large numbers that makes it possible for so much evil to be rubber-stamped and this is due to the colossal ignorance and stupidity of this demographic. Yes, these are harsh words my fellows but... they are the truth. If you wish to regain your country, you must collectively, enmasse, expose and make powerless both of these snake pits or you, as a country and a people are doomed.

“Thank you for the time you have given me this day. Thank you for having allowed me to try and serve you, even though there has been little I could do, given whose hands the country really is in. Just look, people, look at who are the central bankers, who controls American foreign policy, who has pushed for all the wars, who controls American domestic policy, who runs Homeland Security, even who created it, who were the majority members of PNAC, who trains your police, who was behind the bailouts and mortgage foreclosure frauds. Look people! I can do nothing more for you. Global warming is not your problem. Enemies abroad are not your problem. The problem is the barbarians and psychopaths inside the gates. Thank you for having let me be your president and giving me this moment to tell you the truth, for once. To quote Sidney Carlton; “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known”.

Take hope. In these desperate hours, great efforts are in operation. The tide has turned and the invisible hierarchy is precipitating down upon this material plane. Let your hearts, your minds and your voices be added unto this struggle. We have uncovered our most pernicious and horrific enemy. May the forces of good, finally become triumphant in these final hours. May all 'the angels of our better nature' guide and comfort you in this struggle. May peace and harmony be restored”.

Yes, we need a president, or any prominent man or woman, high in the power stations of these times, to come forward and say these things. We need a chorus and a mighty choir to sing this song of freedom from the Morlocks in our midst. Throw off your chains. You are never so tightly bound as you might imagine. The darkness will pass and the servants of the darkness will pass with it. The lords of Nature and The Cosmos will not be denied.

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Anonymous said...

Hi V,All

Most excellent 'Disclosure' Vis.

All the best,
David Widner

Laura said...

I always say that once it has been thought, written and spoken, it has entered the collective mindset, so you have etched the template of consciousness with your words, dear Vis. As will we that read it. You may not be the president but you have given us quite the powerful speech nonetheless, and may it ripple and weave transformational change.

And many thanks for the humor which began your post!

With love, in grace ~

Visible said...

Dear Readers, please do what I have already done And write this Tribe member and tell him who did 9/11. I sent him the "all the proof in the world" link as well as some other items. Just click on his picture at the right of the page and on the next page click on his name and you will get his email address.

And if you are of a mind you can also write Lindsey Graham and tell him that you know he is being blackmailed by Israel to do all the horrible things he is doing. I just did that also.

the gardener said...

Watched that Jim Garrison rebuttal to NBC posted over at Kenny's site today-WHOAH!!! unbelievable what he was saying and that NBC allowed that or maybe they didn't? I have never heard of that one before.

that and what Keiser report has on its front page-the small town police chief/school board member conveying what he thinks of Kerry signing jack shit for this nation's people to the UN...

So many dead, so many families and individuals, businesses, lives ruined by these psychopaths.

Also read that the secret courts in GB are being opened up to the public-the ones where children are being taken and adopted out all in secret FROM EVEN THE PARENTS... let alone the public. They've gotten away with so many things-these secret works by the secret players-may this round of Saturn in Scorpio reveal it and them all.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Agreed with all, with the exception that, you do Hitler a grave injustice by inferring that he was financed by international jewry. That is not true.

"Hitler and the NSDAP were not, I repeat, were not funded by Jewish or even pro-Zionist sources. They were not “Rothschild agents” or “puppets of the bankers” or “stooges for the Zionists”. They were diametrically opposed to the Jewish supremacist goal of a “New World Order”, which is essentially Jewish domination and subjugation of the entire globe - politically, economically, and culturally - a Jewish Utopia so to speak. Hitler and the National Socialist political movement not only spoke openly and honestly about important subjects, clearly identifying the enemy of all humanity – international Jewry – they made serious moves against this destructive, parasitic network of criminals that had wrecked their country and sought to destroy their people. National Socialism is the anti-thesis to Jewish Communism and Jewish plutocratic capitalism, two destructive ideologies Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP clearly recognized as Jewish-inspired philosophies which result in the total destruction of every nation they are practiced in."

Thanks for all you do.

ChewyBees said...

It took me an hour to work through the link of "What World-Famous Men have Said About the Jews". None of it was new as far as awareness, but the scope of brilliant minds throughout history knowing that which plagues the societies of men was eye opening.

I've never believed in E=MC^2. In my estimation, Energy = LVM (the labor value of man). Anything outside of that is speculation. This is why all labor value is immediately converted into the monetary systems of bankers, so it can be manipulated to the highest degree to the detriment of the laborer.

Even energy commodities, such as oil, are based on speculation, using monetary conversions estimating the labor value of a man against the actual physical product. Everything in the world is valued against a man's labor value.

Once labor is converted into a monetary amount, it can be taxed, and then devalued significantly to make the actual labor worthless. Over a lifetime, almost all of the Goy end up with a lifetime of labor that adds up to nearly nothing. What is left, is heavily taxed, or passed on to family members that could care less about anything but the next blingy thingy to massage their ego.

Even labor is a misconception these days. Pushing paper and numbers around to make the bomb factory proprietors rich is hardly labor. It is nothing more than the rich using barely educated fools to make their machinations come true.

When one man is wealthy, thousands, maybe millions must be destitute. That is the price that is paid for riches. So when we dream of the lottery payday, and see ourselves high on the hog, showing off our illustrious mammon to people that have no soul (and only want that mammon for themselves), we are only standing on the ashes of those that actaully had a soul.

Sidebar: Visible, I'll send you some labor value, but I wont do it using PayPal. I've been burned by that org, and they have forever lost my business. Do you have another means, or will you contact me privately and I can snail mail something?

missingarib said...

Vis,how does the tribe phyk us up?
Let me count the ways and days except it runs into numbers that are as high as the global debt.
And while we are busy venting about all the misery they impose upon us the tribe forges ahead steadily to the day when only divine intervention can sort out the sheep from the goats. .When heaven and earth are literally moved to rid the planet of this infection.

I pray that the day comes sooner than later.
I do my best to alert whomever will listen but as J C said they have ears to hear and eyes to see but in this day and age most of them have ear plugs in their ears and shades to reduce the strong light of truth.
I can't say enough about how thought full your words are and I wish you good health and much love for your indefatigable efforts .

live long

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Vis
You are now deified.

Visible said...

Well, you may be right and you may be wrong.

There's all kind of info that says otherwise.

'Perhaps' saying the Nazis were financed by Jewish bankers may have been incorrect. However when one looks at the primary goal of World War 2 from the Zionist standpoint, being that of a manufactured holocaust for the purpose of taking control of the holy land to create a criminal syndicate from which to launch an effort to bring the whole world to submission, well, I'm not going to budge on that.

The selection of Palestine (where the real Semitics live)was in order to legitimize as Semitics those who are not Semitic and fraudulently ascribe themselves as 'the chosen' people of the book, which they are not.

Their due date is coming round now. The cosmos is about to deal with them.

Tugg said...

Excellent article Vis,except you got the thing about Hitler wrong.
I am an avid read of yours.

Anonymous said...

"You see, the ADL are traitors, murderers, terrorists, and scum. It has nothing to do with Jews. They use Jews. And they use you because you're so afraid of being called anti-semitic if you tell the truth about these scumbags. You quiver just thinking about somebody calling you anti-semitic. Well, take it from me, folks, it don't hurt at all. Not at all. I've never been anti-semitic in my life, but in their efforts to shut me up, they have tried on several occasions to brand me as an anti-semite, and it doesn't work, and it doesn't shut me up, and I'm not afraid of them. And if I end up dead, I've already told you what to do. You take my dead, cold body and you place it up on the steps of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction in Washington, D.C., and then you burn it to the ground. And then you do the same to B'nai B'rith and all the other lodges of these scumbag traitors in this country. If I turn up dead, you do that. It's the only thing I'll ever ask of you except to wake up."

- William Cooper: The Ugly Truth About The ADL – Part 4; from The Hour of the Time radio program; Tape #386 - June 29th, 1994.

Cooper was assassinated for his views and for his activism. Why are all the online "Truth"-bleaters, who are constantly pinning all the ills of the world on Israel's doorstep, still alive? (lol) You might ponder that one for a minute or two, if you have a couple of working brain cells that haven't been hijacked by the "Israel Did It" movement.

Anonymous said...

In zionist Ben Hecht´s book ´Perfidy` one learns that the british side of the Rothschild meshpoke actively financed the first Ashkenazi settlements in Palestine during the late 1800s.
Why should have had stopped this endeavor during the Hitler reign ?
Right, it had not. Hence it should be common sense to assume an ankle-deep collaboration. Besides, hoisting of the zionist flag and future banner of Israel was not restricted during the third reich - it was encouraged while every other political entity went down prior to and during the Gleichschaltung.

Visible said...

":Cooper was assassinated for his views and for his activism. Why are all the online "Truth"-bleaters, who are constantly pinning all the ills of the world on Israel's doorstep, still alive? (lol) You might ponder that one for a minute or two, if you have a couple of working brain cells that haven't been hijacked by the "Israel Did It" movement."

Or you could be D.B. Cooper and jump out of a plane.

Insinuations and snarky implications of another person's being do not run my personal life.

I only present what I discover and I opine on what I see and ruminate over.l

I am not chattel, or cattle to any power. If I were, I'd have a lot more money ...but visible, literally lives on the kindness and generosity of others, in the hopes that his contributions in the areas of literature and music...whatever, is worth sustaining. So long as that continues, I continue.

I am soon to relocate 'somewhere'. As of today, I have no idea where that is. It is wearying, trying to construct future circumstances for myself and all kinds of people.

A time or two before, there were forays and the expectation level of
considered environments, as well as the intent to manipulate me into a scenario that I won't, play one-on TV, perform as, some kind of leader (managed from behind) on TV and things went south and now I am supposed to go south and a lot of people would like to go south with me but...

between the Scylla and Charybdis of my consort and the road ahead and all the shit I would have to go through, to get what I can, in order to manifest the plan, it occurs to me that I could just as well spare myself all the arranging and organizing and simply go a little further into the forest around me, continue in my basically hermetic fashion to produce, the blogs and books and music/song, maybe even include video, as I used to do in former times when I worked in television. You never know.

With this perspective, I can consolidate my forces and simply continue and see those people who now and again, for reason of their own, want to see me. This has all been tripping around in my head for several weeks.

I just don't think I'm going to put myself through what I had planned. I know it would have worked out and been truly fantastic and we would have had a space but I am sure I can find an abandoned or for sale monastery around these parts too.

At least that is where my head is at, at the moment. Doing it like this, if the cosmos really wishes otherwise, the cosmos will so inform.

As for me being in the employ or service of anyone other than the Amitabha Buddha, Lord Ganesha, Lady Nature, Lord Surya (present regent being Lord Vivasvan, Tara; all of whom are extensions of Krishna, which is just another word for Jesus Christ= Christa Krishna and so forth... well, that's absurd.

As for still being alive; God is more powerful by far, by far, than all the servants of darkness. Though it might appear otherwise, God could zap them in total with no more effort than swatting a mosquito and probably less than that. I live by the grace of God, not cause the vipers let me live, or cause any deal got cut. Didn't happen. My life history is a pretty clear indication of what the powers that think they are think of me.

Off to Petri Dish.


Anonymous said...

Vis, staying in your current realms and abandoning your plans to pack a lama is good news for me as well as for Poncho. It was a bit confusing for me to learn that the Dog Poet would leave his dog behind.

Farmer said...

This gives me an idea. Im going to graphically make postcards, having the twin towers in the back, with piles of oozing shits around it, instead of the pyroclastic clouds, with a menorah haging from the top of the buildings, and large fonted text below reading "israel 911 circumcision ritual".

Smyrna said...

I think Hitler was genuine, but was ultimately a 'useful idiot' for the Zionists.

Anonymous said...

With respect to John Friend,

Hitler was a traitor to the German people. If he didn't get his money from western banks then where did it come from? Germany was a bankrupt country that just seemed to change overnight! Without western money? Yeah right.

Why did the allies look the other way when the germans flangrantly disregarded the treaty of Versailles?

"Blitzkrieg" (mechinized war) as a military strategy was first taught at the american war college.

German dignitaries and diplomatic envoys were constantly in NY and Washington before the war as everything with the Germans was hunky dory before 1939.

The germans had no trouble obtaining liscenses to use western technology in building their war machine.

The germans began the war with practically no navy to speak of and a backwards airforce which was no match for what english and allies had. It worked well on defenseless peasants; I will grant that point.

The germans invaded russia; the most stupid military blunder in history. Any fool could see they had no chance. Why start a war you know you can't win?

Hitler and the Nazis were fond of metha-amphetimine. His army was burned out and on the defensive by 1943. By the time d-day rolled around the german army was filling it's ranks with old men and school boys.

20 percent of german battlefield trucks had Ford logos on them.

A lot of people think Hitler survived the war and lived in South America where he got to live his dream of being a painter. Of course the russians say they got his skull and dental records but they have never produced them and even if they did it could still be a ringer.

Why did the Nazis kill Eric Rhoem, the real founder of the nazi party as well as other high level nazis in the 'night of the long knives"?

Zionists had no better friend and promoter than Hitler and the nazis!

Fuck Hitler and fuck the Nazis. Anyone who thinks a better world can be made through violence and war has 1000's of years of history to show them they are wrong. (the end doesn't justify the means as there are no ends, only means)

I could go on. The link I provided has a very interesting take on the nazis. Is it true? I don't know but then again it makes sense to me.

Respect to Mr Friend who I can see is a well educated and thoughtful man. But, I have to disagree with him on his take.

Respectfully submitted, McCob

katz said...

Why are all the online "Truth"-bleaters, who are constantly pinning all the ills of the world on Israel's doorstep, still alive? (lol) You might ponder that one for a minute or two, if you have a couple of working brain cells that haven't been hijacked by the "Israel Did It" movement.

Many millions are dead thanks to Israel, from the victims of 911,411, 711, etc, to the wars on unarmed civilians, to Gaza to West Bank to Golan Heights, to Libya, to Syria, to Iran, to Afghanistan, to Pakistan, to India, to Turkey, to Great Britain, to USA, to the world scientists, leaders, thinkers, scientists, architects, reporters, the list of dead is lengthy, even w/o names.

Don't kid yourself, Israel is the source of all pain. They are the corruption and the curse of the world. they are using the stupid, and the religious to murder unarmed civilians. they even roll over young girl's head numerous times with a bulldozer and call it an accident.

If Israel was ever anything but evil, I don't know when that was.

By it's fruit, you will know the tree. The fruit of Israel is death and destruction and joy in the pain of it all.

Anonymous said...

correction: Ernst Rohm, was the founder of the Nazi party not eric rhoem...sorry!


Anonymous said...

Anon @1537hrs Anton Drexler founded the Nazi party in 1919 and the army sent over a young corporal named Adolf to see what all the furor was about. Ernst Röhm was the only person to ever address Hitler with the informal du and not the formal sie. Ernst Röhm was killed by Hitler during The Night of the Long Knives in 1934 after discovering him in action with his ladyboy lover at a riverside resort. The Night of the Long Knives was the consolidation of the SS security state as they knocked off their competitors the SA. Röhm founded the NationalSocializtischeDeutscheArbiterPartei or NationalSocialistGermanWorkersPary (NSDAP) about as much as Bambi founded Disneyland. He was the head of the Sturmabteilung or SA, the brownshirts and was appointed to this position by Hitler.

Anonymous said...

To anyone interested - with apologies to Visible for mucking up his blog

It is the practice of the international bankers, jewish as well as non-jewish, to fund both sides of any and all major wars - the US revolutionary war, the US civil war, world war I, all in between, in Europe,and after, to this day. It is the simplest of money making schemes - they profit no matter who wins of loses. To the internationalists - business; material wealth accumulation is above all else including human beings. Did ziobankers fund Germany. Of course. That is business as usual with bonus of genociding another European peoples - 7-10 millions Germans mass murdered AFTER zio-world war II by the so-called great generation. Fuck holy

Germany's neck was next up on the zio-bolshevik chopping block after Russia's, Ukraine with 7-10 million genocided 1932-1933, Poland strangled, Baltics targeted, southern Europe, and ziowest press was and is silent, about the unprecedented atrocities. Germany understood thoroughly what it was facing -the zio-bolshevik genocide and killing combine - that which was well hidden from the public in the rest of the West. Germany was damned if it didn't and damned if it did. And Germany the so-called nazis -the only nazis are the ashkenazis- did not plan for world domination - as did the zio-bolsheviks, but was attempting to save itself. But what to expect of the most deluded duped, brainwashed people on earth USA, EU but the official zio-story

respects to all souls


Anonymous said...

Well said, corvus!


Visible said...

And since we are talking about Guinness. I thought I'd send this along

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected. However, Rohm was an early NAZI and he was high up in the hierarchy of the party and he was assasinated by Hitler because Hitler was threatened by him, even though they were friends. Don't mean to misinform anyone. mea culpa.


Anonymous said...

I stand corrected. Don't mean to misinform anyone. mea culpa.


Brian Crossland said...

Chewy Bees:

"Capital is dead labour which, vampire like lives only by sucking living labour and lives the more, the more labour it sucks"
Karl Marx.

Frightening eh?

With appreciation

mike m said...

You can either be a human being or a jew.

Dublinmick said...

Les as far as law firms I always favored Skinner, Cheatham and Burnham!

Anonymous said...

I think Hitler was controlled opposition.

the headline from the Daily Express in 1933 "Judea Declares War on Germany"

Fact: "Holocaust Denial" is a criminal offense in many places.

The Victor writes the history.

So, Who started and who won the war?

Adam Evenson said...

Wow, Visible, that is a mindful. Since the Internet came along, I have been spellbound touching the intelligences around me, of which you are a prominent one. But you know, what's happening is, I am what's called a creator, if not The Creator. (I wrestle with that pretty hard because there are "pros" and "cons.") And I wonder whysoever in the world would I be as weak and powerless as I appear to be. I don't like the appearance of powerlessness in me AT ALL. And yes, I know I create everything. So why not create the way out of that? But being the creator makes me feel mighty lonerly. Do you know anybody that would be dumb enough to talk to God? Ha, ha, ha. Talk to God, you are eaten, assimilated, and One With God Almighty, The Lonerliest Job in the Universe! HA, HA, HA.

Yeah, I made the word that most closely fits my findings and "lonerliest" is not "legal" because I've not seen to it yet, but I employ it anyway. I do it all the time. I'm a creation addict. Ha, ha, ha. But why am I so damned lonerly? I think I'll whip up a batch of,,, what? I've already made everything. What does one create after one has created everything? Ha, ha, ha.

Any intelligence that does not know it is somehow hung into the ability to create at will is no intelligence at all. And when one creates at will, what is one except God? So, what do "we" (wink, wink) do, bod, enter the sod and use The Rod of God? Or nod?

It's a good thing it's 8 PM. I think I'll nod. Goodnight until next time in one dream or other, then, Vis, in which, what shall we be, pirates on the high sea?

Ray B. said...

I am somewhat of a history buff, and have researched from the run-up to WWI through the Allies' victory in WWII. As far as the general gist of things, I tend to favor corvus' summary. It is the 'deeper' side of history.


Just to be a bit anal in the details, I have to disagree with McCobbs statement:
"The germans began the war with practically no navy to speak of and a backwards airforce which was no match for what english and allies had."

The Germans had actually beaten the British in the biggest one-on-one fleet action in WWI: see the Battle of Jutland. Per ship and in the aggregate, they were more deadly than the British vessels. Lack of political will was what kept the German surface fleet in port most of WWI, not capability.

The reason the Germans had few capital ships going into WWII was that the British demanded all German ships be surrendered to them in 1918 at Scapa Flow, Scotland. The proud German sailors scuttled them all, just short of that coast (pissing-off the British). The Germans had plans for a regenerated surface fleet, but WWII began 'early' for the reasons corvus gave. However, in 'Untersee Boots', they were well ahead of the British in both technology and numbers. U-boat rampages came close to starving Britain out.

It was all a difference in emphasis. The Germans concentrated on land forces (with air power backup) due to their location in the center of the European land mass. The British concentrated on sea power due to being an island and a colonial power.

The German Air Force was way ahead of what the British and French had, in technology, numbers, and doctrine. The Luftwaffe was actually beating the Royal Air Force in the Battle of Britain by concentrating on the RAF fighters and bombing their bases. It was costly to both sides, but - around a month in - the RAF was unable to replace its losses, and was close to losing the air war. Then, in one of the more stupid moves of the war, Goering switched the Luftwaffe over to bombing cities. This gave the RAF time to recover. If he hadn't, we might be speaking Deutsch. (The Messerschmidt Bf-109E fighter was slightly better than the Spitfire, and much better than the more numerous Hurricane.)

Thanks for bearing with me... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Smyrna said...

This or that fighter plane, or was it Ernest Rohm or someone else etc, is all just wank.

My father was a recipient of a Mentioned in Dispatches(Oak Leaves) medal from fighting the Japs in New Guinea.

He was a big fan of Hitler, and so were most of his mates. They understood who the real enemy was, having been brought up through the great depression and what not.

I recall as a kid in the 70s, that a Jew was called a Jew. There was no such thing as the Holocaust or Anti-Semitism. A stinking cheating cunt, or a rip off merchant was a Jew.

"Watch out for Jews"! etc

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Flying the '109' Major Erich Hartmann, the greatest ace of all time, scored 352 victories!
Mostly Russians, of course.

My father was there at the end, his recon troop once strafed by a 262. They were all scared and awed.

94th cavalry recon, with their heroic leader Patton.

He was called to be a witness at Nuremberg due to being 'first in' at several work camps. Never called to the stand, never really talked much about Nuremberg. When he did it was with a noticeably resigned mood.

He said practically to a man the soldiers who fought at the front with Patton knew the politicos(Ike) hated him and killed him. Not that their views were ever sought out or reported at all..

They hated Ike.
To a man they admired and respected the German soldiers as the best, no doubt. In the eyes of them that know, the Waffen SS are famous, not infamous. Legendary despite being presented and held up front as the horrible demonic SS, EVIL NAZIS, etc. The real usual suspect demons made them into this BECAUSE they really were heroes.
SOP for the usual suspect demons and their willing helper demons.

One thing for sure, my father's four boys never had to unlearn any Holoco$t stuff, all those years ago..

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Mr. Apocalypse beats with his Walking Stick around the Burning Bushes.

Anonymous said...

to smyrna:

the most viscious and destructive enemies of men are not jews. the most insidious enemies of our species are: hubris, resentment, greed and envy. and they come from inside the human heart.

there isn't one thing that one can say of any group (ethnicity) of people, no matter how insidious and loathesome, that isn't true.
being critical and feeling threatened by other groups is always justified. but when you think that you or your group is somehow better that is ethnocentrism, a form of hubris. it is wrong and it will attract nothing but negativity.

the elite, the rich and connected, they can lead us in the hoi poloi around by the nose because of our greed. without our greed they would be nothing!

and, as mr hitler has shown, the vast majority want a savior. we want a daddy to kiss us goodnight and tell us everything is okee-dokee. what we don't want is personal responsibility.

"Aye, there's the rub!"


Ray B. said...

via Homer.., July 26, 2013 5:41:00 PM

"Flying the '109', Major Erich Hartmann, the greatest ace of all time, scored 352 victories! Mostly Russians, of course."

I was amazed when I first read about Hartmann. Contrast this with the top American ace, Bong, with forty victories. Although, Bong was forcibly 'retired' by the leadership to sell bonds and be trotted out, so he could have gone somewhat higher. In the Luftwaffe, you flew until you were killed. There are many Luftwaffe aces with hundreds of victories who never lived to the end of the war, and are relatively unknown now.

By the way, I gave Hartmann the same casual diminution - it was only the Soviets - until I read that he downed five P-51 Mustangs (America's top fighter) in one day, after he was transferred to 'The Western Front'. (And that was after the Luftwaffe had lost air superiority.) An amazing pilot. Wow...


McCob, July 26, 2013 9:33:00 PM

"...when you think that you or your group is somehow better, that is ethnocentrism, a form of hubris."

Well said. Good response!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...


Visible said...

But... did you know that Phil Hartman was his son?

Copernicus Kidd said...

Visible for President!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Phil? I thought his name was Mary!

No casual diminution of the Major from me, Ray. Imagine if he had flown '190' Fw!
The Russians would have been in even more trouble. They weren't even close to the British and Americans, let alone Major Hartmann and Co.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"...when you think that you or your group is somehow better, that is ethnocentrism, a form of hubris."

Opposite ethnocentrism is xenocentrism.
Opposite hubris is humility.

So if a person truly believes someone elses' group is better than his/her group, this is positive and respectful behavior?

I'm convinced there are such groups. Who isn't?

ChewyBees said...

In reply to Brian Crossland...

Thanks for your reply. It is a sticky subject speaking as I am because it overlaps in the minds of many with their definition of communism.

I've never agreed with Marx because IMO Marx was only trying to transfer monetary control from government forces to himself. I personally believe that Marx was completely driven by greed. The means to collect that were devious, and subversive, but apparent.

The awareness of the labor value of men, as addressed by your quote, is evident. I believe that is what I was trying to reveal in my original comment.

The words that are very hard to comprehend for many are "rich" and "wealthy". What defines these terms? Who is to be labelled as such, and who is to be considered prosperous, or greedy? That is where people are confused, and honestly, its pretty tough to define.

From my perspective, the balance comes down to harming life. One can say, if I have a mansion and 10 Ferraris I am not harming life, but in order to get those things, 10s of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of workers are also impacting the environment. For every billionaire, millions impact the environment of the planet.

A long standing belief of mine is that overpopulation is caused directly by fear, driven by economic strife. I see masses of people that are destitute, breeding like they are not. Then I see nations (or races, cultures etc) that are relatively at ease, keeping a population rate at sub 2 children per family. Whenever there is a global war, population rates skyrocket. Same as ghetto conditions. Even without fathers in the family unit, the rate of population increase is astounding. With fathers, such as within the Hispanic family unit, populations are monumental.

I've had argument against that, a bunch of stats, facts and figures that make population growth some kind of scientific anomaly. I don't agree. I think it all comes down to the basic human need to procreate in times of strife, a mechanism to keep the genetic line afloat despite a greater chance of death. Build up the babies, and the genetic line has a lot greater chance to continue.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Dancing on The Minute Hand of the Cosmic, Karma Clock

Ray B. said...

ChewyBees, thanks for a very 'deep' response. It gives me several topics to 'chew' upon. Appreciate it...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.



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