Monday, July 18, 2005

The Virgin Sperm Dancer has Herpes

We have seen that it is the modus operandi of the fascists to orchestrate attacks or fabricate alerts when things aren’t going their way. We have seen them shift the focus of the fear to different heads of the same fictional hydra when the garbage scow, which is the present ship of state, comes upon stormy weather or enters into its version of the horse-shit latitudes. By this time any half intelligent observer has got enough DNA evidence to prove that The Queen of England is a man if they so choose.

In the animal kingdom it is a given that you should never allow an alliance to develop between the pigs and the rats and the weasels. In other locales no doubt it is also true that one should not allow for an alliance between the hyenas, the jackals and the buzzards.

In America the national focus has been on comfort, entertainment and convenient lies for so long that the garbage has become self-generating and we know who’s in the buffet line for that. As far as the hen house goes they got a no-bid contract from the giddy-up. Eggs are getting hard to come by.

For some years, beyond what any rational person could have imagined, the reavers in chief and the sycophantic shit-eating slugs have sucked and slobbered and swallowed; have packed their granaries to the bursting, have gutted the education system and municipal treasuries in all manner of ways, have bombed their own country, have waged war right and left and stolen enormous amounts of money in the process- Eat Me and here I would like to add that ANY source of information is almost certainly more true than the catamite puppy-dog press of the unelected junta with the concertina wire cummerbund. “Just the facts, Mam.”

All of a sudden, like The Wonderful One Horse Shay or the credibility of a journalist, “things fall apart”. It seems clear that the “center cannot hold”. Cracks are appearing in the sub-standard construction fascia and look like Cher’s skin under fluorescent lighting. The companies replacing the Florida roofs just merged with Brown and Root and got videotaped doing things to small boys at a Cub Scout Jamboree. Everywhere you look there’s green slime on the walls; bacteria in the burgers and shit in the ice cream while the nation is sitting in a plate of cottage cheese, “Oh I am sorry Mam, that’s your ass.”

Even the stupidest 20% among you; even the deep, deep bone stupid are wondering “what the _____!” But the bad news for the bad guys, the real bad news is that somebody in the back; ‘The Guy’ with the big cigar in the hot tub with the three pneumatic blonds is upset with the plot development. Now there are a number of scenarios possible here and I will illustrate a few of them-

Plot One… “Well we go through this shit all the time. These people are so fucking stupid that we could convince them to brush their teeth with Preparation H. and learn to love the taste, just wait until the Supreme Court nomination, things will shift away just like they did from Delay.” Things didn’t shift away from Delay however, only the focus shifted. Meanwhile they’re chortling over the way they made Gonzalez out to be a positive compromise for all, while holding out the specter of Franco’s ghost as a replacement. Gonzalez is a bought and paid for sex slave of the Vampire Overlords. What’s just as bad as a crazed zealot with foam at the corners of his mouth? That would be someone who does exactly as they are told no matter what it is.

Plot Two. “Blow some shit up.” If I were an inquiring journalist and I guess there’s one or two living in exile or on savings somewhere, I’d look to see where the Israeli security firm that was in charge of the airports where all the ‘so-called’ 9/11 hijackers took off from, as well as in charge of security at the London Subway at the time of that attack; I’d look to see where they were working now. Drink Me.

Now, in order to take public attention away from ‘Boss Hog’ Rove and other piles of steaming shit, it’s got to be an attack on mainland U.S. soil and it has got the scare the shit out of a certain segment of the population, so I’d look for a more Oklahoma kinda scenario; something that splatters the faces of school children with bits of Mom and apple pie.

Plot Three. “We turn the disinformation machine on full blast and we just power right on by. These fucking people are too afraid and stupid to do anything.” This is the hubris factor. You chest the other guy into the corner and threaten to show his kids pictures of his wife with the family dog and the Serbian pool cleaner. So what if it’s Photo-Shop? Obviously it is working on a huge segment of Congress and the media. Money and the promise of power can’t buy all those people this long. The problem with this scenario is that there are dozens of cracks all opening up at the same time. Sure you can distract people’s attention up to a point. But there does come a point where you just can’t do that any more.

Now, you might think Plot 1 and Plot 3 are the same. No they are not. At the moment they’re relying on both of them and the power is full on. Let’s think of them as the left and right hand of The Boston Strangler.

There is a Plot 5 and a Plot 6 and they definitely have their think tanks at work here as well. Plot 5 involves a military action against Iran or Syria due to some permutation of Plot Two. Plot 6 is to blow away the ‘acting’ head of state. They trot this one out at different times. It’s a perennial winner and it definitely takes the attention off of the huge, stinking mess of corruption in the national living room. It has the added bonus of allowing for the Department of Internal Cleaning to come in and hose out the expendable ticks and then everyone hugs and sing Cumbaya afterwards.

Like I said, the guy in the back has had it. The fact is, only two things bring real change in the manifest realm; making the guy in the back nervous or The Hand of God. Actually they are the same thing. It’s just that the guy in the back thinks he’s working on his own diorama, when in fact he’s just a hired totem for the blood sacrifice of the ‘relative evil’ realm. The Devil is God the way the wicked perceive him. Chew on that for awhile.

This is why when the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there. Everybody who thinks they are clean and honest and everybody who thinks that ‘clean and honest’ is a boil in the crack of their ass gets to sit inside the suit of the film role of one of the guys that sit at the table before or after the tables turn. It’s funny how they get right into that role, no matter who they might have been before they got into that role. Every now and then some prince comes along and they carry him out prone on a litter.

So get ready for the fireworks, people. If you weren’t complicit or deep bone-stupid you’d see the highway denouement sign up ahead. And, not to worry, history shows that with all of the bad intentions of bad people things have a tendency to work out; often, true, this is long after another so many million dead but, hey, you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs…; eggs that are under the care of the guys who got the no-bid contract for the hen-house. Yeah, you got it.

There is a brighter, safer, cleaner world and you are living in it. It is the world generated by your faith and noble acts in the face of swallowing corruption and bad actors stinking up the joint. Only you and I, reaching to a higher and more refined paradigm can bring this world about. But if it exists in our hearts and minds then it is already a fact in precipitation downward. Keep the faith and watch where you step and especially watch where you are standing and what you are up to. It all makes a difference. Remember how the air smells after a cleansing storm? Right now I can hear the ozone crackling.

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La Vierge Sperme Danceur by Les Visible and The Critical List


Anonymous said...

I fell out of my seat laughing when I wasn't stunned by your wizardry.


Anonymous said...

hah! "Eat Me" "Drink Me" Good one!!! an A+ rant. Boy I didn't know that about the Israeli security system so I had to look it up on my own. Freaking weird!!!

There is no greater danger in the world today that the Zionist Nazi's.

Bret Caulder

Anonymous said...

i hope you're right visible
Tony - Gin Gin

Anonymous said...

'Right as Rain" they say. Visble better be right... cause this ole boy is gettin tired a waitin for the Fat Cat in the now luke-warm hot tub to crush out his cigar on the stained carpet of the Oval Office, as he bites into a ripe im-Peach-ment, while tailors take measurements for a new designer fashion suite.....And I think that rumbling sound is the the garbage truck coming down Pennsylvania Avenue. You can always tell by the odour which precedes it.

long john



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