Friday, November 30, 2007

Ron Paul and the Seven Dwarfs.

I could feel the little wheels spinning in my head as I watched the Republican debate Thursday morning. It came on at 2:00 AM here.

They said they got 5,000 Youtube entries; two thousand more than for the Democratic debate and there was the implication that this meant something. I know what it meant; a huge number of people sent in questions that had to do with Ron Paul. That’s what happened. It must have been something for the people scripting the event. Surely Anderson Cooper; separated at birth from Paula White, knew this.

It was interesting to see the first Ron Paul question be something from a headphone wearing Gen X rottweiler wanting to know about whether Ron Paul was a conspiracy nut. Dr. Paul handled that one beautifully and then for the next two hours, Cooper pretty much stayed away from Ron Paul except for the opportunity to paint him as an unpatriotic loony for not supporting the dupes dying for Israel and the oil cartels. Enter John McCain- pull string in center of back; batteries included.

They played Doctor Paul’s commercial last and they got back to him with a final question in the end which he knocked out of the park. I loved the applause and cheers that washed out from the crowd whenever he spoke. No one else got the same kind of response. They weren’t able to keep his supporters out of the crowd (which was loaded with neo-con Schmoos) and who drowned out the boos whenever the fundarellas started in. Ron Paul supporters can’t be ID’d the way many others can; they come in all ages, sizes and colors. Mostly Anderson kept away from Doctor Paul. Dr. Paul is a real annoyance for the sleep machine, bagmen and dinosaurs

Every time I hear Dr. Paul speak I am more impressed with his passion and sincerity. He’s the real deal. You may quarrel with some of his positions but you can’t quarrel with his obvious humanity, his savvy and ‘let’s cut the bullshit’ style. He stood out the way Snow White would stand out from the seven dwarves.

At another time I said something to the effect that Ron Paul is the sort of man who might be made great by the power of the office. I’m convinced of that now. I do believe he would impact on the American political system in a way that no one has since JFK. He makes you want to believe him because he is saying the things you know to be true and because he understands priorities.

What did I think of the other candidates? Giuliani is a reptile and he definitely was involved in the 9/11 inside job. Romney is a glossy magazine guy who will say whatever he thinks he has to say and doesn’t actually believe anything except that he’s the man. Winning is more important than serving is for him. The job isn’t as important as the position. Giuliani was far more skilled at dealing with smack-downs than he. Romney’s not going to make it.

Hunter and Tancredo; ...are just glad to be contestants on American Idol. Wave goodbye and don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

Fred Thompson is Mr. Folksy charm. He’s another reptile who’s deep into the dark shit and has a hard layer of mean beneath the surface charm. He wants to wear the Reagan-suit but Reagan he ain’t; to be fair, neither was Reagan. Say... what about a Hunter-Thompson ticket? Fred would probably bring the most entertainment factor to the position; not because he’s an actor but because he’s married to Lady Macbeth.

John McCain came across as the sad man in denial who just can’t let his delusions go. I don’t know which is more embarrassing; McCain playing up his war experience or Giuliani with the 9/11 fandango- Rudy-boy is as slippery as an eel. He knew better than to mention 9/11; didn’t do any good though.

Huckabee was the most impressive- besides Paul of course; whom we hardly saw- and I’d say he might grab the nomination. CNN seemed to sense this too. I had to keep reminding myself that he wasn’t ‘my’ Uncle Mike. He’s really got that Kevin Spacey thing down and I like Kevin Spacey. Huckabee definitely gets the biggest bump of the dwarves.

Whose idea was it to trot out the old gay general? Some compassionate junior producer shut off his mike during the meltdown, the same way your relatives might tell the nurse to pull the plug, but then... you just know this happened... somebody higher up said, “No! No! This won’t look good.” And so they got him another mic (like there was something wrong with the one he had) and let him go on and make an incredible fool of himself and it wasn’t pretty... no... not pretty at all. The gay media caucus got their scripted moment and uh... boy did that backfire. They ought to knock it off about that angle anyway. Why not just buy the uniform and wear it to one of the clubs? Sorry... really... I just couldn’t help myself. The point is... you want to be gay and in the military? Go ahead, just don’t tell anybody. Here’s a clue, they REALLY don’t want to know. That’s how it works and that’s all you’re going to get. What’s wrong with that?

CNN knows they were inundated with Paul videos and they know that Ron Paul is the people’s choice of the people who are sick and tired of Scamelot. Their numbers grow every day. And who picked the Confederate flag video? What were they thinking? I know it was supposed to mean something. It was nice to see the whole Islamic terrorist thing flame up after the woman in Muslim garb made her pitch. When you think about who was actually behind 9/11, well... [The writer shakes his head and coughs.]

And then the Holy Order of the Blessed Gun thing went into action and everything got real serious, sweaty and tumescent. I take my beloved shotgun named Jesus to bed with me every night. And then... What would Jesus do? Snicker... Huckabee nailed that one. I suspect the guy is a hardliner but he had the moves; give him that.

I’d catch Ron Paul looking at his notes... writing something down... generally keeping his face unreadable and patiently waiting out this sorry affair. Afterwards he walked purposely right off of the podium. I liked that. Well, my favorite American of the founding genre is Thomas Jefferson so there are reasons why I like Ron Paul. I never thought I’d be saying more nice things about a Republican than a Democrat.

I suppose of all of the Democrats, I dislike John Edwards the least. I suspect he’d be a good president by comparison with a lot of what we’ve had. I like Kucinich’s positions but that Shirley McLane connection and the flying saucer sighting makes me a little uneasy. Now, I have seen a flying saucer or two myself and in much more dramatic fashion that Kucinich is supposed to have ...AND with witnesses ...but I don’t think I’d mention that if I were ‘seriously’ running for president.

I know that Israel is none too happy with Ron Paul and that’s yet another reason to love him. There are a whole lot of reasons to like Ron Paul, not the least of these is the presence of ‘the dwarves’. He is just what America needs right now. He’s just what the doctor ordered but things being what they are it’s unlikely that enough Americans will get their heads out of their asses and pick up on this. BUT... you never know.

I believe there is such a majority of Americans who are so dissatisfied and disgusted right now that Ron Paul could well have a much better opportunity for the office than anyone suspects. I don’t think- as the youtube commenter said- that they’ll (the Republicans) give him the nomination. I know he said that he wasn’t planning on an independent candidacy. However... a lot can happen between now and whenever.

It sure would be nice to see him get elected. I imagine there would be a sort of Panic in Needle Park kind of a thing on the one hand and a national sigh of relief on the other. In any case, it would be just the kind of fairy tale ending that I like. Remember, whoever does get into the White House is going to find out more than they ever wanted to know about 9/11. I’m sure Hillary knows, as does Rudy and probably a few of the others. This is the biggest thing that no one talks about; the need to transfer the power so as to guarantee that nothing gets said about what happened on that day... ever. Just imagine...


Visible said...

new essay here

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, more and more Americans are pulling their heads out of their asses everyday!

Anonymous said...

Fred Thompson isn't a folksy, down-to-earth, good 'ol boy lawyer who chases down and collars the bad guys, but he does play one on TV.
In real life, he was a bagman for the Fortune 500 during his 18 years as a Capitol Hill Lobbyist.

GHOULiani is living proof that in some lab somewhere, scientists have already mixed human DNA with that of a slimy, poisonous toad.

As for Romney, one wonders when the photo spread of him in a bathing suit comes out in some glossy, high end magazine.

Like the photo spread that showed Mitt the Twitt in a swim suit when he was running for guv of Massachusetts.

And Tancredo? What's he still doing in the race? Back during the World Series, he made a bet with MItt the Twitt that if the Rockies lost, he'd drop out of the race.

If Paul makes it much farther, look for him to have some kind of tragic accident.

After all, we're talking about stealing around 11 TRILLION dollars, which is the four year amount of the US government's budget.

Look at it this way: If a couple of thugs rob a bank and steal $10,000 and in the process, manage to kill a couple of people during the getaway, how many people do you think a group of thugs would be willing to kill to get their hands on 11 TRILLION dollars?

P.S. Wish you'd go back to the old style of logging on to make a comment.
The new one is a pain in the ass.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would ask RP what every one of his supporters wonders from time to time: If they give you the Kennedy treatment (or Wellstone treatment etc), who could We The People turn to? Shouldn't there be a plan for continuity of campaign?
Chris Lester
Humboldt County CA

Geert said...

Plea out from the Netherlands:
Please, keep Ron Paul alive...
Also for our sakes

Anonymous said...

I really liked what you wrote about Dr. Paul. I beleive he is truly the remedy to the vast corruption and evil that is plauging our government. Am I the only one though that is a bit scared for this man's life though? JFK was killed because of many views, but most importantly the view against the Federal Reserve. Dr. Paul shares this view as well as wants to do away with the IRS. Does anyone really think the elites will let this happen? I mean if they do attempt to assassinate him I hope that a revolution starts....and I do mean revolution in the truest of definitions. The will of the people is to not be oppressed and I believe Dr. Paul wants this for America. If the elites want to continue to take this away from us, the real Americans, should we not make a stand? If not now then when?

Anonymous said...

Correction: That's Snow White and the seven turds

Anonymous said...

Two words - cherry marines.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Cherry Marines.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I think you summed up the debate pretty well. I cant make myself watch them all the way thru anymore, but I always check out the highlights later.

Rudy is just down right scary the way he comes across. He's a pussy with a big mouth who has friends in high places protecting him from getting his ass handed to him. Yes Rudy, we know you were at 9/11, the firefighters still talk about what a dick you were/are.

Thompson. I don't know what he's even doing in the race, lol.

McCain has one purpose and that is to make the other 'tough-guys' seem like creeps for supporting torture. Other than that, he can always tell his grandkids that he ran for president.

Ron Paul? Gee, I dunno. I agree he makes me feel proud when listening to him speak. Hey, maybe I'm not crazy! This guy is telling me the things I grew up listening to. The Constitution? I remember the Constitution. Dont the other candidates remember the Constitution?
Ron Paul gives me the feeling that he has no use wiretapping my family or invading 3rd world defenseless countries for his rich buddies.

I imagine if the planets aligned perfectly and he won the primary, he would suffer from some sort of accident. The powers that be just coulnd't have Ron Paul in office, restoring the U.S. to pre Reagan days.

What's laughable is that there are so many candidates yelling WAR WAR WAR, when the country is asking for peace. They all (except Paul) deserve to lose and they will in the end.

As far as Dems, I agree that Edwards is probably the best bet. Hillary might as well be republican as far as her Iraq views go. She's part of the 'good 'ol boys' in a skirt.

Thanks for a great read and I love the title, lol.

Roman Skaskiw said...

good post.

Anonymous said...

Kucinich saw a UFO, not a flying saucer. He has vastly greater integrity and intelligence compared to Edwards. I'm surprised you've missed this one.

Paul and Kucinich = integrity.

Anonymous said...


I want YOU to cover ALL politics, all news in fact, from this moment on.

You are the man, Mister Viz.

I so needed a belly laugh, and the way you put words together, well let's just say that you make politicking actually sound fun, funny, even interesting.


hugs and laughter, annemarie :)

Unknown said...

that was an amazing article, quite the enjoyable read.

Anonymous said...

Remember what you said about the democrats and the elections into the senate? They got the majority.. and what happened? Nothing.. the hydra continued as before.

Same thing with Ran Paul. He is part of the system therefore he won't be changing it.

If he gets 'elected', and when people become dissapointed in him, they will prop up a new wonderful puppet to keep the people's hopes up.. then when people get dissapointed with that puppet they will prop up another one.. so on and so forth..

Meanwhile the real ruling of the country had nothing to do with this circus in the first place.

Joy said...

If Ron Paul threatens to get the GOP nomination, look for him to get the RFK treatment. Patsy to be named at a later date.

Anonymous said...

Great blog - best article I've read in quite awhile. Ron Paul all the way!



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