Friday, November 23, 2007

Nuke the Hollywood Holy Land.

Step right up for the Glow in the Dark Jesus ride. Get your tickets for Moses and the Red Sea Aquarium Tour and don’t forget The Secret of Mohammed’s Cave. It’s a thrill a minute and its fun for the whole family. It’s the Holy Land folks. It’s the spiritual heart of the world. You’re bound to be transformed, kissing holy rocks and dancing in the dark to the ageless hallelujahs echoing from the sacred hills of Jerusalem.

I guess it’s to be expected, everything eventually turns into a travesty of itself. In most cases it never was what it was billed as and it only turned out as some coin operated wonderland celebrating the needs of imagination and commerce.

How did that nasty piece of blood thirsty dust and sand ever get called the Holy Land? It’s a mystery. Well, it makes perfect sense if mass murder, slavery, black magic and artifact trafficking equate as holy. But if this is not the prototypical definition of holy then somebody in the Division of World Labeling got it wrong. Why not call it Insane Religious Murder Land?

It’s not the Holy Land, it’s one of the worst places on Earth and the likelihood is that the spiritual forces chose it because, like they say about New York in the song. “If you can make it here you can make it anywhere.”

I’m perplexed about the way most people approach religion; a devotion to something unseen is what it appears to represent but that’s not what I see. I see people devoted to the things they can see and touch and want more of. The earliest department stores were the Catholic Churches and that kitsch industry is still booming today. The first banks were the Hebrew synagogues; didn’t Jesus chase the moneychangers out of one? History shows us that religion has nothing to do with God; is in fact the enemy of all things spiritual. It’s a cabal of control freaks who interpose a priesthood between you and your own heart in order to interpret what you are feeling, what you should be feeling and charging you a fee to put you in touch with it.

In the interest of humanity, one of the best things any nation interested in world peace could carry out is to nuke the Holy Land into a sheet of fused glass, give it that Bonneville Salt Flats look with a nice reflecting sheen. This would accomplish several things that are impossible by any other means. It would end the fighting over who has the right to be there since the people who did have the right to be there got forced out. It would also accomplish what no religion represented there has ever accomplished or ever will accomplish; it will make them all ONE. Instantly they will be merged and unified into an inseparable singleness of being and not being which would also give it a Zen effect as well. It would be kind of like Schrödinger’s Cat sitting in Heisenberg’s lap after they drank the Kool-Aid.

All of the other outrages taking place in the surrounding countries and countries neighboring upon those countries etc. are engaged in their little parts of the great mob riots of blind men in the dark because of what’s happening in the Holy Land today. Give them a tabla rasa and be done with it.

Some people may think that I’m being satirical or something of the kind but I’m quite sincere. I can go into the religious texts of each of these present day commercial operations and find scriptural basis for nuking the Holy Land. I can get into Mohammed’s raps about idols... moving right along to graven images and thereunto the Golden Calf.

Now, I know what some of you know and what most of you don’t and that is that there most certainly is a mysterious, incomprehensible force that, although it does not move, is the mover of all things. I know this the way anyone could who was capable of the honesty required to recognize it; incomprehensible though it may be. I don’t speak for it and I have no illusions about influencing it. I’m just aware of it.

Religions whose daily business is raping children, abusing women and or relentless genocide are not reflective of what I understand the intentions of this mysterious force to be. I think I’m one hundred percent correct here. One of the things this mysterious force has been active in the last several decades is letting you know what Catholic priests are up to; what the Protestant fundies have been up to, what Wahabi Islam is up to and what the Zionist Jews have been up to. Go to the video-tape of the last thirty years and look at what their reps have been caught at and watch the clueless keep right on asking for salvation stamps with their purchases.

These are all bankrupt religions and they need to be done away with. Since they are all sitting on huge collections of cash and antiquities as well as a sort of “Inside John Malkovitch” crowd control of the zombie population kind of thing they are not going to go gentle into that good night. Nuking the Holy Land is a good start. I’m not suggesting we replace it with anything. There’s always Scientology but that would be sort of like saying, “Well, look what little Georgie Bush did, now why don’t we bring in Darth Vader to finish the job?

Jews sell the ‘look at me’ seats in their synagogues for major cash. Recently they auctioned off some temple seating in Florida for about 1.5 million, now that... that’s spiritual. Fundies are pleading for cash via their patented Hunger Porn which features Rolex wearing missionaries in Banana Republic Safari suits holding little black kids with distended bellies; they paint sugar water under their eyes to attract flies for the photo-op. Wahabi Muslims want to whip women bloody for being raped? I’m not sure of the details on that one but I do know that a few years ago when a school caught on fire in Saudi Arabia the female teachers came running out of the building without their headscarves and some men outside the building drove them back inside to burn to death. Sweet...

Religion is Wal-Mart without the shopping carts. You get to dream about and wish for a heaven that seems to resemble an ‘everything is free’ strip mall for the double-wide set. Something is ass-backwards and it’s not the words in this post.

Well, to be honest, I have no suggestions for you and I have no answers. This is just how it is down here. This is the world of “new and improved’. This is the land of “it’s the same thing only different.” You’re going to have to make your way as best you can.

It just seems to me that since so many of you like to blow shit up... or support the people who do or cheer on the sidelines or just nod your head and turn away and say, “It ain’t got nothing to do with me.” I just thought we might want to turn to the one solution that will really go a long way to solving this chronic problem of competing, hegemonic interests between rival industries. Nuke the Holy Land.

Make this year the year that all of these annual celebrations actually mean something. Let’s light the Holy Land up for real. Let’s make them all ONE. You want Rapture? We got Rapture. We got incandescent Rapture. There is no need to engineer an Armageddon through all of these tedious, false-flag assaults. Bring on a mini-Armageddon for everyone that wants one. By the same token, let’s set aside a part of the world where everyone who wants to fight and kill can go and do it and win valuable prizes. And any time someone gets caught doing it somewhere else they can be sent there. Let’s use some common sense and do it right for once. Happy Holidays... in advance.


Visible said...

two new essays at


Thanks for all the great commentary, still working on getting internet. Thanks Erin and Dr. Ryan for sending my posts out to all those other sites, really appreciate that!!!

Anonymous said...


Christian Zionist John Hagee has issued a "fatwa" against any of his flock from reading this incendiary article about his golden cash calf he calls the "Holy Land."
"Religion has been very, very good to me" proclaimed Hagee, speaking from his million dollar abode near San Antonio.

His emminence, the most humble Pat Robertson, was not available for comment, due to his being preoccupied with moving his nearly ONE BILLION DOLLARS in personal wealth out of the US stock market into overseas investments.

Anonymous said...

The article nobly forces us out of some shadows into others.

We can crack the nut of religion and harness its massively irrefutable and irrepressible power only if we understand it.

In our vastly teetering society one simply must understand what is a religion apart from the tmeporily transient and condescending way Richard Dawkins, Pope Benedict or Bill Kristol might all contemporaneously define religion.

A religion is a belief system that relies upon a higher being for substantiation of its beliefs.

There. That's a good a start as any.

Most here will readily admit Pope Benedict or Bill Kristol are diests. But how does Richard Dawkins the atheist fit this mold?

If we examine closely all our commonly held and equally cherished beliefs systems, from our commonly held Humanitarian moral views, to our even more commonly held and even more dubious views of the penetrable scientific nature of reality, we find it is all religion.

Science (as well as anything Richard Dawkins believes) is a religion that espouses against the overwhelming preponderance of the obvious complexities of reality, that the practice of science can somehow improve life by its weak penetration of the veil of the thing in itself, reality.

There, when one examines this if not dubious then wholly false notion closely, one finds there are two animisms intrinsic to any such a belief in empirical science.

First, there is an animism that requires a guiding hand to inform us (humanity) what might be better than life, odd as that may seem and impossible as it is. (You tell me, what is better than life? How can life be made better?)

Secondly, an animism is required to act as a guiding hand to keep the meandering inquiries of empirical knowledge from stumbling blindly upon knowledge some fool will use for destroying all humanity.

The unflinching acceptance of these twin empirical dieties and the further promise of an empirical messiah that will rescue humanity from increasing empirical perils is part and parcel to the acceptance of the religious phenomenon.

The clearest of affirmations of this strange new fundamentalist belief is inherent to the unspoken truth, a lie of silent assertion by any other name, that as (scientific-religious-political) Americans we are superior in every apsect of our lives from every other human on the planet, or, as is expressed in this article, a view not wholly disassciated from this belief, that as Americans any one of the myriad of religous cynics can break the bond from the past and develop some new credo apart from the religious credos of the past that will be veritably dead reckoning on a better future.

One cannot dispel any of these myths without dispelling them all, and, ironically, replacing all these religions of the past and present with a new one.

It's a hard pill to swallow, but it is true. If it is not true, then someone will have to tell me definitively, What is the ultimate good, if it is not life? And, What is the ultimate truth, if it too is not life?

There is little veritable in the human knowledge we have today.

And that little that is, provides for us so few clues about how to approach the future, we are all quite in the dark here.

Such is human nature not too far removed from our simian cousins and the barbarity that is much closer to us all than is the past, as you have doubtlessly otherwise been led to believe.

Thankfully, we now there is something wrong. But what?

Don Robertson, The American Philosopher

Seeker said...

Visit the website and I believe you'll find the answers you're looking for. The material contained on this site is the result of over 34 years of research. Faith and reason, a belief system that makes sense.
Check it out.

Anonymous said...

you just might get yer wish, pal.

the wacky christians believe they wont get rapture-cized until the planet gets nuked.

yer premise is cute but it wouldnt stop just in the socalled holy land; it would continue destroying this beautiful planet, a platform for the spiritual evolution of humanity which is just what the sinister force has wanted all these millenia...

it's time for you to rethink yer parody, satire, wishcraft or whatever it is...

Anonymous said...

i couldn't have said more or said it better.religion divides, it has never united people.even among the christians, jews,or moslems for that matter .they don't agree with one another.catholics,protestants disagree among you take all the protestant divisions and none of them think alike.then you have american invented religions, like the mormons,jehovahs witnesses,the evangelicals,southern baptists( i guess they differ from the northern baptists.)shit on all of them.

Anonymous said...

Another insightful article, les.

Just a couple of points:

Muhammad's Cave is not in Palestine/Israel, it's in Saudi Arabia, just outside Mecca. The Saudis don't encourage tourists; you can only visit it if you are a Muslim.

Yes, the flogging of the rape victim was pretty horrendous; the reason given was not that she was raped, but that she was with a non-blood related male (her boyfriend), and that she went to the media with her story. These little facts in no way excuse what happened to her in terms of official punishment; she got a jail sentence too, remember.

I am unfamiliar with the burning school story. Got links?


Anonymous said...

Another insightful article, les.

Just a couple of points:

Muhammad's Cave is not in Palestine/Israel, it's in Saudi Arabia, just outside Mecca. The Saudis don't encourage tourists; you can only visit it if you are a Muslim.

Yes, the flogging of the rape victim was pretty horrendous; the reason given was not that she was raped, but that she was with a non-blood related male (her boyfriend), and that she went to the media with her story. These little facts in no way excuse what happened to her in terms of official punishment; she got a jail sentence too, remember.

I am unfamiliar with the burning school story. Got links?


Anonymous said...

Great read. As controversial as the subject is, I fear you are absolutely right and you are brave to say it. If the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster penned a biblical text claiming New York as their promised Holy Land they would have as much right to it as the Zionists/Jews do of Israel. The fact that most people can't see it this way shows how effective the propaganda behind this cancerous meme really is.

I'm reminded of the scene in "Shaun of the Dead" when the zombification has taken over and Shaun wanders to and from the local convenience store not realizing anything has really changed. Those of us able to discern and think critically know the feeling too well: the innocent days, still in the mama-matrix, before waking from our slumber.

You don't need a prophet to tell you a dark future is in store for a meme such as Israel. I only hope humanity will survive it. Which begs the question.."Why?"

Visible said...

Hey Landers,

Don't haver time to look that up for you (internet cafe) but it was in the news two or three years ago; easy to find on Google I suspect.

Be well

Anonymous said...

Well, since all the atoms in our bodies were forged in the nuclear furnaces of stars, nuking the Holy Land would certainly be a literal (and ironic) closing of the circle of our original unity.

Also, since nuking Hiroshima was sold as a way to prevent the massive Allied casualties expected in an invasion of Japan, nuking the Holy Land could arguably be much more effective at preventing future casualties than Hiroshima was.

(btw: that claim about Hiroshima is patently false, and even if true, what the hell was Nagasaki about??)

-The Village Idiot
(coming soon to a blog near you!)

Ty said...

Enjoyin' this more than ever! This looks more and more like the only solution.

Ty said...

Before we pull the trigger, just take a good long look at this Vis, and pray for her safety



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