Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Convenient Media Rope-a-Dope with The Pope.

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I had written something yesterday and I just couldn’t put it up. It was all true- so far as I know what the truth is- but it was a hard, hammering diatribe and I’m getting sick of that. Hopefully I will be more successful today, at least on my own terms.

The thing that hits my mind, over and over, and... is the inescapable reality of our present day, is that perceptions and events are being manipulated for the benefit of the people manipulating them and... nothing is going to change until their power to do so has ended... by whatever means necessary. This seems obvious and hardly needs to be said. The thing is, it’s obvious to you and me but not to the people who really need to catch on if there is any hope of change (we can believe in... snicker).

Yes, the Pope is a perverse and ironic cartoon but all this information we are hearing has been out there for a long, long time. Is it breaking now because cosmic forces (for those of you who believe in such things) have demanded it? Is it breaking because certain vested interests who control the media (big hint) want the church destroyed so that they can continue in their efforts to destroy Christianity and to bestialize and enslave humanity? Is it a combination of both, without the latter knowing this, because it doesn’t believe in the former... unless you count the ancient demon they worship?

This isn’t accidental. What you should be thinking about is why? Those controlling the media and all the pornographic empires that have the dual purpose of making money and destroying humanity; they are also in control of every gay movement; most human rights movements and god knows what else and all of these are being used to drive the world toward a global pre-war cabaret society only... much, much worse and with a higher percentage of whores and serving staff with the rest either dead or in camps.

The health care bill was written by the insurance companies so that now, you not only still don’t have health care but you have to pay for it too. The Republicans are touting this tea party horror that will accomplish nothing but allow people too stupid to think, a way to channel their rage. The terrible irony in all of this is that the AMA-Pharmaceutical combine is invested in making you sick instead of healing you so that you can now pay to be made worse off than when you went in to be healed.

Think about the mentality of the kind of people who are doing the manipulating. Would they stop short of anything if they could profit from it? No.

As it stands now, the system has to come down. They know what they are up against and that is why they are starting to arrest so-called militias and why they did 9/11 in the first place. They have arranged the laws so that anyone can be declared a terrorist for just about any reason and the kicker is that one has no choice; if they are at all still human, except to become a freedom fighter, which automatically makes you a terrorist.

The purpose of showcasing The Pope is to create a target for public outrage. The purpose of this Tea Party scam is to create a channel for outrage and there will be other targets and other channels because this is just the prelude to something else and they have to stay at it or else you might even realize that they are the one’s doing it all.

They have been dumbing down the population for some time to militate against any kind of mass catching on and it’s worked. Most people are now watching a 3 Card Monte Game all day long and they just can’t figure out why they never can pick the queen. The queen isn’t there dummy, no matter which card you pick. The shills in the game; the people who show up and appear to be winning- so that you will be sucked in to playing- and the people cheering and encouraging from the sidelines are all part of the scam. Now you can just transpose this analogy into real life and see who we are talking about in present terms.

Stop looking at what is in front of you as if that’s what’s happening. That is not what’s happening. What is happening is going on behind what you are looking at and something is going on behind that too.

As it stands now, there is no way for humanity to climb out of this torture porn without eliminating what has the upper hand over all that they experience. Therefore, this is going to happen in some way and with some degree of severity. The good news is that evil will destroy itself but... you don’t want to be standing too close when that happens. A lot of people are going to be because they are just too confused and invested to be able to step back.

Has anyone made Pope Soap on a Rope yet? Some of you who need money out there might think about making this and selling it on EBay. Now is the time to capitalize on this sad affair. Hold it a moment... some people already are.

I’ve no desire to defend this pope. I could see the cut of his gown from the beginning and a number of us knew about his previous duties. It could well be what he learned in that office that led to his being voted pope. I suspect they had no choice. Whatever you think you know about this affair, it is much bigger than that. Furthermore, no matter what is going on in the various churches, since they threw everything meaningful out of the window, while keeping the cash register, the Zio-Nazis are exponentially worse. The danger of the Zio-Nazis is, far and away, beyond these other things and just about anything bad that is happening, they have a hand in. They are joined by opportunists of every stripe and the motivation is to be one of those who are behind the right side of the wire.

Most of what is going on at the moment is a distraction. When it is not a distraction, it is a prelude. The key to what is intended can be discovered by studying changes in the laws. There are the evidences of intent. We know that 9/11 was done by Israel in concert with willing elements in the US and UK governments. All the changes they made in the laws to protect us from foreign and domestic enemies [which they happen to be] have been geared toward where they have brought you and where they are taking you. Anyone who claims to be informed and is in the public eye and does not acknowledge what is true is working for them in some capacity or too scared to be honest and then... should probably shut up because they are doing more harm than good.

When someone comes along and tells you that the Saudis control Hollywood and points your attention to ‘everyone but’ Zionist Israel, then that person is in their employ. That person is making a whole lot of money by telling you lies. The United States has no greater enemy than Israel and the solution is to remove from government everyone who supports Rothschildlandia and to cut off ties with Israel and toss everyone who is from that criminal organization out of the country and forbid their return.

People keep showing up who are now going to lead you out of the wilderness like this Peter Schiff who is guaranteed to turn into another Chuckie Schumer as soon as the clock strikes 12. Anyone who is not telling you the truth is lying to you. Is this not so?

Rothschildlandia is who is actually after the pope, whatever their reasons are and probably having to do with money, power or revenge. Nothing else motivates them unless it’s to get their house demon put on the money they print out of thin air and maybe have his image tattooed on your wrist so that you can live on your knees instead of dying on your feet like the real human being that you may once have been.

The absolutely great news is that there is a cosmic power and it is motivating the evil through the necessary paces that lead to its destruction. This should be your main focus even while you seek to see behind appearances. At this time it is a rare, rare thing indeed for anyone in the public eye to be telling the truth or to even give a shit about it, unless there’s money in it for them by spinning it into something that serves their self interest.

There is no left and right and there is no alternative media that is not suspect if it sidesteps the inescapable truth. You can measure everyone against this simple fact.

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Visible said...

Look at this.

Here's something a reader just sent in to me. I hope it helps that I am on the extreme far side on the other end directly across. Interesting.

PB said...

But why would the Church leave themselves so wide open to just such an attack? Its not like they've just come down in the last shower. Are they still struggling with a world where they don't call the shots anymore? I mean, they know who their enemies are so why make it so easy?

chuckyman said...

To underscore the point –here is a list that the Pharisees will NOT want you to see.

They are using the current wave of scandals (old and new) to hide and distract us from their own behaviour. It is also not the Vatican that’s up to their necks in murder for hire and using the victims’ corpses as chop shops for organ sales.


v word= hesvat

Anonymous said...

Good article. It seems there's more than one volcano nearing eruption down that way. Rome wasn't built in a day...but it might well be destroyed by such.

Fear not, folks...and be not afraid. The Lord moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

pax verbum

Strawman said...

This may be helpful PB;


TheSparkle said...

Regarding the new laws, this news is shocking.


"It couldn't have happened to a nicer country. On March 18, with very little pomp and circumstance, president Obama passed the most recent stimulus act, the $17.5 billion Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act (H.R. 2487), brilliantly goalseeked by the administration's millionaire cronies to abbreviate as HIRE. As it was merely the latest in an endless stream of acts destined to expand the government payroll to infinity, nobody cared about it, or actually read it. Because if anyone had read it, the act would have been known as the Capital Controls Act, as one of the lesser, but infinitely more important provisions on page 27, known as Offset Provisions - Subtitle A—Foreign Account Tax Compliance, institutes just that. In brief, the Provision requires that foreign banks not only withhold 30% of all outgoing capital flows (likely remitting the collection promptly back to the US Treasury) but also disclose the full details of non-exempt account-holders to the US and the IRS. And should this provision be deemed illegal by a given foreign nation's domestic laws (think Switzerland), well the foreign financial institution is required to close the account. It's the law. If you thought you could move your capital to the non-sequestration safety of non-US financial institutions, sorry you lose - the law now says so. Capital Controls are now here and are now fully enforced by the law."


chuckyman said...

In case anyone thinks that this is limited to the religious cults check out aangirfan’s blog

There are cases from Scotland, England, US, Portugal, Belgium and Germany. Or even a piece I put up recently.

Also consider the strange “shooting” of Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband. She was trying to uncover abuse in the CPS service.

The common thread is sustained ritual abuse and murder of dozens of children and their associated cover-ups. Why is Benny and the cats tasking all the heat?


v word= bykermi

Anonymous said...

If you lean in real close and take a peek, you can see that "729" stamp on the Pope's... well, just what is that little white thing he's wearing on his head..

As to the volcano. If it does blow, I'd choose to be right on top of it rather than down wind.
Kind of like a thermo nuclear blast. A fraction of a fraction of a second could be considered rather good luck, don't you think?

When I worked at the seminary, I'd tell the students "the firing squad is good enough for me."
Because it is.

This elicited the standard knee jerks and then I'd ask them, "would it make you feel any better if I were run over by a dump truck? How about pushed out a window? Or perhaps a nice case of flesh eating bacteria."

Sooner or later most got it the point.

Scarlett said...

The Catholic Church (not the hierarchy which is utterly corrupted) has been the one of the last hold outs of this idea of Christianity having a responsibility to "social justice". Most Catholics still believe in the requirement of actually doing good works rather than just faith alone being enough. This upsets the other Christians who have been pushing this idea of "prosperity gospel" (God wants you to be rich) and that being "saved" works just like the get out of jail free card.

I'm not a Catholic, so I can't presume to know everything that is going on -- but obviously the powers that be feel that they are a real impediment to whatever global governance they are planning. The timing of all this cracking down on Christians (Passover and Easter coming soon) is probably not a coincidence.

I also found it interesting to note that it was the Irish Catholics that got targeted first. Seems the Irish have always been a thorn in the side of those in power. (But maybe that is just how I interpret it because of my family's Scotch-Irish heritage)

Sometimes I feel the whole thing is like watching one of those cheesy who-done-it movies. Everyone around you is so certain they've got it figured out because they are so clever and it seems so obvious -- but you're one of the lone holdouts because you've seen the forumula before and you know the surprise twist is coming at the end.

But, the Catholic Church has to fall before the End Times, right? I'm starting to wonder if we aren't seeing the beginnings of a manufactured Second Coming ... Well, they'd better hope it is a manufactured one because Christ is supposed to return as the Lion, isn't he? And they've been very naughty ...

Pstonie said...

Yeah, but so what? Want to destroy the church? Have at it. It's a paedophile factory anyway, the refuge of emotional cripples and people too afraid to take responsibility for their own lives. Whatever pure form of solar worship Christianity is based on, it's been perverted beyond its usefulness to anyone. Save some time, throw it out and start over. Or better yet, don't.

Sure, there's a truth behind the "truth" which is behind the ""truth"", but do you ever get the feeling you're going around in circles? That maybe someone has pissed in the dam enough it's not worth swimming in any more? A good way to tell when someone is trying to manipulate you is by their use of your fear. Fear of death, fear of not knowing, fear of being alone, it's all the same thing. Some sad Zionist goon wants to kill me? Aww. Have this world, you want it so bad. May they be the last person left alive. May they live for bloody ever. It'll be a special gift from me.

What have we accomplished through our awakening-fed truth binge, other than becoming aware of how much everyone else doesn't know, and hating them for their complacency? A complacency, by the way, that we all still very much indulge in.

The old saying goes "knowledge is power", but what comes after that? Why do we want power? Power is control, and to some, saying that control is very important to them is an understatement.

Our only enemy is the voice in our heads telling us we have an enemy. There is no war to be fought here except with ourselves. The answer to this problem is simple, and we all knew it even before we knew what a Zionist was. The answer has always been to walk away. Don't like it? Don't be there. But we all love this too much, so we'll ride this crazy worm until we have no choice but to get off it.

They will destroy themselves, because destruction is their business and the only thing they know. When a snake is coiled up that tight, it can only bite itself any more.

"Everything in the universe has a force. Embrace it or deflect it. Why oppose it?"

Boulderdash said...

Thanks Les,

I, too, was thinking this very same thing over the weekend. The Church has been covering up the misdeeds of its priests for a long time. This has been coming out for decades, but today it is getting constant, intense press. Why now? Is this the time for the New World Religion?
Who can be behind this but those whom you implicate?

I suspect that this Pope-Church-abuse meme will not go away. The media circus will only grow. The manipulators will push this to the limit. I suspect, also, that at some point in the near future, the folks behind the scheme will bring out charges of direct involvement in abuse by the Pope himself. Perhaps undeniable proof that will bring down the curtain...

Visible said...


That's what I think too; they've got a smoking gun but... I suspect The Vatican does too so we might be looking at a Pyrrhic thing and a big Israeli mistake.

Anonymouser said...

Rope a pope-dope soap?
This is getting entertaining - rythmically (it all rhymes!) at least.
Thank you Les for this piece.


Anonymous said...

Les I am not surprised that you have noticed something fishy going on just under the surface of the public out cry about child sex abuse within the Catholic Church. As a catholic I am deeply saddened by this scandal both for the victims and for the Church. The problem is that in the present climate, feeling sorry for the church is akin to backing the behaviour of a few of her priests.
The cosmic forces that are bringing these once hidden things to light is in over-drive at the moment and that can only be a good thing in the long run. But as you have pointed out very well, there are some who will milk this thing to no end for their own agenda and I would be somewhat concerned for the masses of humanity now jumping on the bandwagon and condemning the whole Catholic Church and those who still hold to that faith. People are right to be outraged. The Victims of this scandal are right to ask for sackings and calling for truth. Ordinary fathers and mothers are right to ask questions and be concerned for the safety of their children. But there is something dark and sinister working along side this revelation. If you have noticed, most of those crying foul are blaming celibacy as one of the main problems behind this scandal. What the fuck has celibacy got to do with child abuse, but as usual the sheep masses are following along calling for blood? Birth control and condoms, married priests and women priests would sort all this out. The fact is there are those who hold a deep hatred for christianly period and would love nothing better than to see it dead, but in order for that to happen they must first put the death nail in the Catholic Church. It is no surprise that the likes of Christopher Hitchens and his cronies are falling all over themselves with glee. Everyone knows Hitchens’ view of the church, any church, it doesn’t matter what colour it is, but his pet hate is the Catholic Church. Hans Kueng the dissident Catholic theologian now pointing the finger at the pope, oh what a surprise! I wonder if he doesn’t have an axe to grind. As for the MSM, well do I really need to go down that road? Then we have all the evangelical Christians who believe the pope is the devil and the Catholic Church the whore of Babylon. And what of the Zionist, everyone and their blind granny knows where they stand with the RCC. If the Zionist rule the world wide media, as we all know they do, then it comes as no surprise that the MSM are the biggest cheer leaders in all of this. Then we come to the little people the likes of those who frequent this site, otherwise thinking people, for some reason seem to be jumping into bed, no pun intended, with the hidden Zionist agenda. (I am not talking about all who comment on this site, but there are many who will love this scandal)

Anonymous said...

I am under no allusion about what lies behind and beneath all these crocodile tears being cried by people who couldn’t give a shit about kids being sexually abused. Their goal is to see the R.C.C sink into the pages of history along with every other religion be it Christian, Muslim, Hinduism, or whatever. Once they achieve that there is no turning back for any of us. It is not our love of religion but our love of “God” in whatever form we see him, which they are trying to kill. Take God out of the picture and THEY become god. Rothschildlandia 1, God 0. game set and match.
It is right to be outraged about child abuse no matter what form it takes. Abortion is child abuse on a massive scale but I don’t hear the same outcry about that, but then it’s not politically correct is it? It’s like saying the problem within the Catholic Church is more to do with homosexuality than celibacy, now that’s not very politically correct. In fact I think I will hand my self into the nearest police station and charge myself with hate crimes against homosexuals.
Another thing about this scandal is the sheer numbers of people who use it to justify their own sorted little “sins”. At least now they can say, well I might be a sinner but at least I didn’t do that. How convenient for you.

For those who might criticise me for defending the Church.
Les knows my score with the Catholic Church and this Pope. I have written him in private emails some time ago though he may not remember, off hand, the things I said if indeed I said anything too revealing. I do not wish to share them here but suffice to say there are hidden agendas being played out in the highest places within the R.C.C to bring it to its knees. You might all think this is a good thing but just be careful what you wish for because as I have already said, it’s not a religion, catholic or otherwise that is at stake here, but your very souls. The “Cosmic Force” bringing these things to light has a good reason for doing so; it’s not for our petty amusement or to satisfy our lust for scandal for things we hate.

There is a bigger picture being painted and we would all do well to stand back and let the Master do His work and stop mucking up His canvas by dabbing our own shitty little colours all over His work.


Dammerung said...

What's your problem with a cabaret society anyway? I don't get what your problem is, Les, with other peoples' "lifestyle choices." One of my friends is a lesbian couple and they're both totally awesome people.

You rant and rave about pornography like it's some kind of Zionist-Vatican conspiracy and not as ancient as human nature. You promote "better living through chemistry" but dump on anybody who seeks better living through electronics or sex. It's awfully hypocritical from where I'm standing.

Maybe you don't approve of these things but I don't approve of a lot of things but I am still glad there is the freedom to do them. All moral achievements are just filth in the latrine, and Heaven and Nirvana are hitching posts for donkeys (thanks, Linji.)

If the powers-that-be ever actually fall and people are free to pursue whatever they wish, it seems to be in evidence that you'll be awfully dissatisfied with the kind of culture that results.

Anonymous said...


"The health care bill was written by the insurance companies so that now, you not only still don’t have health care but you have to pay for it too."

Yep that pretty much sums up the bill.

The Fool

gurnygob said...

Boulderdash said...
Is this the time for the New World Religion?

Boulderdash you are so on the mark.

Visible said...


Maybe it's because you're young or, also likely that you are just really stupid and uninformed. My suggestion to you, after you take some smart pills is to investigate Berlin before the war and what was going on there and who owned the joint. Then you might consider subtexts (look it up) and might get that 'cabaret society' in this essay was more like the worm on the fishhook. You, bearing more than a slight resemblance to a fish would probably not be able to tell the difference.

Shouldn't you be somewhere else doing something that has an association with your life and also may prove useful in what you eventually do if you ever do graduate... like mastering Twtter?

Anonymous said...





Dammerung said...


Ah, abuse.

To say we're being baited by a cabaret society is different from saying that such a culture is bad in and of itself.

What attracts people to the bait in the first place but that the bait itself is attractive? The bait is attractive and it is representative of how most people would like to live. They are ignorant of the sharp blade holding it but ignorance is a much lesser crime than intentionally hiding a poison inside of a treat.

When the blasted tower falls and the prison doors get stuck open you can meditate all day and ponder the infinite variety of spring flowers. I don't begrudge you that. It seems to me that you greatly begrudge that anyone might do anything else.

Perhaps I should stone my lesbian friends so that the world might better conform to the Acts of the Apostle Les.

Anonymous said...

Les --

As you know, when The Mighty Wurlitzer is turned up to 11 on a subject, two things are going on...

One -- They are pushing over an obstacle -- the Church in this case -- but at the same time you can rest assured that the real action is elsewhere.

Essentially we are already in a masked global financial war... HAARP targets, Moscow subway bombs, renegade Chilean reminders, Toyota brand destruction, Haitian staging areas secured...

If none of these works to keep the crooks in power and trillions of stolen funds in circulation, while the dollar is being destroyed --
then there's always Iran...


Scissortale said...

They are having the same problem in the Mormon Church, where complaints are being stopped by church officials before they go public, as they have with the Catholics.

In fact, there was a poll taken of Protestant ministers about their private sex lives, and yes the results there were overwhelming - seventy plus percent, when it came to molesting children.

This has permeated politics all the way to the WH and Congress, the Church[es] all the way to the Vatican, and even society in general. but yet they seem to keep a lid on it. When the story of some of our most prominent politicians involvement began to be exposed back in the eighties, Barney Boy stood right there in Congress and shouted "If this doesn't stop right now, I'm going to start naming names". [Barney owned a property when there was a house of kiddie prostitute. Check out the Franklin Scandal http://www.franklinscandal.com/

Much of this is simply perverted sexual deviates, but dig into it and you will find the widespread Satanic ritual abuse and sacrificing of children.

Visible said...


What have lesbians got to do with it? How is it that you are still alive? Look, don't come around here any more because you drop the IQ of the whole place by ten points when you do. Have you heard of a site called Freerepublic,com? you should try your luck over there.

Pstonie said...

I would say that someone with an agenda has made a mountain out of the mole hill that is sex, so that now a lot of people define themselves through their "sex lives".

It's not THE distraction, but it is one of them. Just to keep people busy with something other than what we should be doing. Meantime it's a chemical impulse, a really basic mammalian urge to screw anything that moves, be it male, female, animal or lawn furniture. Then people go "I'll do it with only females instead of with only males", thinking the problem is to do with sex.

Just my opinion. I'm hoping that any lasting damage my stupidity is inflicting upon the world is reversible. I'm trying my dumbass best.

Scissortale said...

And I meant to mention the milk carton kids, for those of us who are old enough to remember when they started to print the faces of missing children on milk cartons. That practice seemed to just quietly fade away, I presume because there's not enough milk cartons to represent them all, now.

Dammerung said...


Thank you for that well-reasoned and insightful response. Yeah, people are being distracted through defining their sex life in certain ways as if it ought to be a political issue. Certainly politics shouldn't be involved when it comes to being a vegan or vegetarian. I can understand that gays want to marry, but that's a decision which belongs in churches and not in Congress.

I appreciate your attitude. Still, what would we do in a world without oppression and violence? Read books, play video games, get pleasantly drunk... I want a human life that gets progressively better instead of decomposing into death. Les seems to want to blast away every tree and star with unremitting holy fire, and begrudges me my dissent.

pandora said...

"A problem cannot be solved from the level of thinking that created it." - Einstein

It would be JUST TOO EASY to solve the global tsunami we face by "neutralizing" the Vatican and Israel. I am NOT saying these two "institutions" are guiltless. TOO THE CONTRARY! I'm just saying they are not the TOP of the pyramid (pun intended).

IMHO, the greatest question at the moment is: Why are these two, that many hold holy, being brought down now? (BTW, I am neither Catholic nor Jewish)

Don't think the gang punks on city streets that terrorize their neighborhoods are self-organized. The "graffiti" is often ancient symbolism. Something bigger is going on there, as is the case with Israel and the Vatican. Certainly, the gang members should be jailed, but will that stop the violence? Or, will they simply be replaced by other willing, useful (soulless) idiots?

I've ventured very far down this rabbit hole. Although I cannot explain what is happening, I can say with utter certainty that things are much more complex than most people could even imagine.

That said, I love your insight Les. And always appreciate and learn from the responses.

Blessings to all of you!

Pstonie said...

I'm not really sure what we'd do in a world without oppression and violence. I think the fact that we're in one now proves that someone (us) got bored with perfection and brought us here.

It's funny that you should mention video games, because that's my basis of this understanding. What would an FPS be without nazis to shoot at, that also shoot back? Certainly not a game we'd want to play. There's no satisfaction without struggle. My only hope is that a broken machine such as myself cannot imagine what is to come, though at the same time I think that maybe I'm deluding myself, holding on to a hope of some pure universe where everything is happy, true and right, when something like that would most likely be very feckin' boring, not to mention against the laws of physics.

Right now I feel that we have no choice than to be here at this time. I believe that if I die I'd respawn in a brand new body. It certainly would explain why newborns cry so loudly. Along that thought, feeling discontented is pointless, since we have no choice. We might as well enjoy what there is to be enjoyed. This may be a prison colony after all.

Not so sure about relationships, though. Ownership is really at the heart of them, and maybe it was the church's (or someone's) way of saying you're only allowed to love one person.

We're strange creatures, and really not as magical as we think. Little more than animals with big brains, anaesthetising ourselves with booze and tits and stories of unimaginable gods. What's the point any more? Was there ever a reason?

What's interesting to me and is becoming increasingly clear is that the promise is always of later. There will be enlightenment later, just stick around. Y2K, 2012, bla bla bla. I just want it to end. For good.

You know the Millerites are still on that hill, probably.

bronstein72 said...

Mr. Visible,

I still say that Israel lost more than she gained when the towers came down...

Frog said...

I agree with some of what you said but...
I stand with Les on the Cabaret society, by that I mean the destroyed and corrupt culture seen in Berlin in the 30s. That was not a "lifestyle choice" like your lesbian couple. It was, to the best of my knowledge, out of work German women, girls, men forced into prostitution and pornography by a economy devastated by the war and reparations. It resulted in a backlash that saw Hitlers socialist party elected. Similar thing happened in Cuba and saw Castro pulling the grateful nation out. And yes, both times a whole bunch of zionists were ejected from the countries. That's complicated history though.
The comparison of the broken devouring society of 1930s Berlin to drug use is mostly invalid. To me, the cabaret society is similar to an advanced heroin addiction. It's end stage. Your lesbian couple is maybe like pot. Some indulge, some not. Fine with me either way.
To me, pornography is destructive. Let me add though that erotica is not. What's different? The first degrades and humiliates the second excites. To me, pornography has little to do with sex and a lot to do with power and humiliation. Convince me that two girls and a bowl has anything to do with sex.
Anyhow, I don't think Visible is a hypocrite. You and he are not comparing apples to apples. Based on what I've seen, your lesbian couple has nothing to do with the cabaret society. When your lesbian friend has to couple with a dog on film while her partner does a live sex show with three men in another room (to pay for rent and food), then they will be in a cabaret society.
You also said "All moral achievements are just filth in the latrine".
What? Moral actions are filth? What the hell is the matter with you? Helping the other guy out when he is down is latrine material? I don't want to live in your world man.
Finally, I mostly agree with your last post. I don't see what corruption has to do with making the world better, but I agree that we can't see the light if it was not so dark.

Visible said...

Thank you Leszek for making my point. It is relatively unknown what was going on in Berlin before the war but I have studied it somewhat and it was an ugly time and depraved Zionists were commissioning unspeakable filth from people too poor to object. They wallowed in it.

When you read their side of it this day they talk about the marvelous decadence and how it gave birth to vaudeville. They use the word 'decadence' as if it were an over ripe but tasty fruit.

A lot of Germany's support for what came later was based on what had been happening previously and it was a nasty affair.

Judicial Inc has an article on his site with pictures and graphics from that time which are very telling indeed but I couldn't find it.

paolocaruso said...

If there isnt a distraction ready, the cabal will create one.

As for the pedafiles in the church, they are predominantly an irish phenonmenon, which results from a cultural propensity to steer anyone who is light-in-the-loafers(an irish term) into the priesthood, as if they were applying for a job in the gas company or on the city payroll.
Preferably the Irish love the public servant uniforms of the policemen and particularly prone to the fireman's dress uniform.

But for gay irishmen, whether they be in Boston, NYC, Sydney or Dublin, the priesthood will do just fine.

Also an specifically irish phenonmenon is to cover eachother's hide, and to hide the crime, such as in the Whitey Bulger case.

In conclusion, there are thousands of sincere priests from the Filippines, Italy, Spain, Africa and even Ireland, who have actually had a calling from God and who take their vows very seriously.

Regardless, I cannot watch an old B/W Bowery Boys movie without having a whole different take...with that overly friendly irish priest running Boys Town.

Dammerung said...


I will agree with you in this respect: what is done out of need is corruption. What is done out of desire, on the other hand, is not.

If people want to do such things as you mention, what will you do - restrain them by force? How long before you become a Power-That-Be with that kind of attitude?

I have either a much higher or much lower view of human nature than you, because I think the vast majority of such things are done willingly when no one is home without a video camera. Not for consumption but as a matter of fulfilling ones' own will.

Dammerung said...

As for two girls and a glass -

there are seven billion people in this world.

Some of them are bound to be very strange.

There is a certain statistical deviation when it comes to human behavior.

You can try to criminalize it or torture people to get rid of it or whatever...

but some number of people are bound to be very strange.

Scissortale said...

Pandora, the reason is that these religious institutions must be destroyed is to get them out of the way for the new world religion. Doesn't it strike you a bit strange that two out of the three religions who believe in the same God are killing each other, while the third is about to take it nuclear? You may want to check out what Albert Pike had to say about these times. And as always, beware the Double Cross.

Anonymous said...

paolocaruso -

Just because someone is gay doesn't mean they are a pedophile.

chuckyman said...

Paolocaruso........ I am surprised at you making such a bloody stupid post. Personal faith in a higher existence was a great help for many of us in the centuries of tyranny. The relationship between the Irish people and the RC church is convoluted. At times they have helped carry us and at other times they have bleed us like vampires. All the same a stupid post.


v word= sufev

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Very interesting post..

Funny, just like the others, I was thinking along the same lines when I read about the raid on the Christian Militia and the sex scandal involving the Pope.

It was written long ago that the 3 major religions still standing (Christianity, Islam, & Judaism) needed to be destroyed inorder to pave the way for the Luciferian/Humanistic philosophy.

{{{ ---> Albert Pike wrote about it and so did Albert G Mackey ---> }}}

Of course, I don't have all the answers, but I'm willing to bet that those in power will, in due time, release info suggesting that Israel (Judaism) was behind 9/11 and the war on Islam & Christianity, which will eventually cancel all 3 out through war or whatever, paving way for the Luciferian Agenda to be at the forefront.

Now, one common theme that has always been woven throughout history of all these secret fraternal networks and/or Egyptian/Babylonian mystery religions is the study of SATANISM and BLACK MAGICK...

Which gives more credence to the destruction of all competition in order to make their religious philosophy the dominant one.. Done all by sleigh of hand, of course..

God Bless,

Red Pill

Anonymous said...


***** SATANIC Confession *****

Also, I was surfing the web one night and stumbled across a site detailing the confession and takeover plans by those in the Occult..

Don't know how true..

Please read and judge for yourself..

Very interesting nonetheless...


Thanks and God Bless,

Red Pill

paolocaruso said...

Anonymous said: "Just because someone is gay doesn't mean they are a pedophile."

I agree with you. In fact, during the height of the pedafile scandal, the Boston Globe ran a full page photo of an Italian priest who was gay. Problem was that all the pedafiles were irish. The italian priest was a diversion. In fact, he wasnt a pedafile and quit the priesthood when he realized he was gay.

But the full page photo and two page expose was to take the heat off the irish.

I challenge you and chuckyman to explain why this pedafile scandal, around the world, is predominantely involving irish priests.

I again say it is cultural. Irish, particularly gay ones, choose the priesthood as a standard career choice. And yes, I believe that gay men most likely have a predisposition to being pedafiles. Sorry, I wouldnt want a gay man to babysit my sons. But maybe you would. Good luck.

chuckyman said...

Pope on a rope as requested Les. Not my cup of tea but here it is.



V word = coakl

Anonymous said...

It is very rare for me to disagree with the dog poet but I would say Dammerung most definetly lowers the I.Q. here by a good 50 points. My advice is go have a canola oil party with your lesbian friends.

I suppose it is straight out of the how to disrupt a site manual to always stress the gay sex is good routine. You have to reinforce that one for any talking monkeys who happen to be reading.

Any can be wrong once in awhile but it is an art to be wrong on every point.

I too have given some thought to exactly why now the information is coming out about vatica. Maybe it is time to vault Peter of the olive to the throne. That is supposed to be the last one.

The supposed crack down on the militia in Michigan wasn't really the militia when you do some research on it. It was a small group who supposedly had made threats against Muslims They called the real militia and asked for help and were told no thanks. Now if they had said sure we are there to help bingo they become immediately embroiled in the festivities. Food for thought.

forthurst said...

I agree with you, Lez. There is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Mike Rivero has gone apeshit on this issue and I posed this to him, "Have you allowed yourself to be co-opted, inadvertently?"

There is always a motive behind concerted media campaigns, they don't exist to inform, do they, after all? Either it is a deliberate distraction or it's a reflex outbreak of anti-Germanism or it has been decided by the Jew gang that the time is now right to destroy by smears what they so easily were able to destroy by murder and intimidation in Jewish Bolshevik Russia. Take your pick or add your own motivations; what it is not is a shock horror discovery of how 'celibate' priests adapt or how such activities are swept under the carpet and not only in religious institutions.

Pstonie said...

So if one of the religions has it right and they are trying to destroy each other, where does that leave us, from the point of view of all the believers here? Prepare for the holy war? Defend our god?

How do you choose which one is the right god, with none of them showing up?

chuckyman said...

You use a Strawman argument Paolocaruso.

Alien abductees report that they were abducted by aliens described as Grays
Alien abductees describe that they were subjected to anal probes.
Thus all Alien greys are gay, human abusers.

Pointless bloody discussion.

Back to the main discussion.....On a more positive note I think the posters who mention Albert Pike have a valid point. It dovetails nicely into the Protocols of the Elders of Zion agenda. Decimate established religions with the eventual establishment of a single all encompassing religion to prop up a world government agenda.

Aliens and Zion in the same post – weird or what? On that cheery note, night! night!


v word = devand

Scissortale said...

My childhood priest quit the priesthood because he realized he was straight. lol Actually, I'm not kidding. He decided he wanted to get married and have a family, which he did for a short time. Only child lived a very short time and then the wife became ill and passed away, too. My father [lawyer ret.] helped him get back in - took him two years and went all the way to the Pope for approval, but he did become a priest again, at least for a few years before a long bout with diabetes, loss of a leg and then painful death with out painkillers. He was my favorite priest and really cared about people - went to the hospital every day and visited everyone, no matter who or what they were. Before he died, he did my gay brother's funeral. And yes, I was excommunicated in my mid-twenties for getting divorced. How's that for a day in the life of a Catholic?

And just to heat it up, homosexuality is a part of this Satanic crew. Of course, that doesn't mean all homosexuals are Satanic but these this Satanic crew has definitely engineered society to more easily except this change. Those who refuse to surrender their faith -like true Christians- will have to be disposed of.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

P.S. I admire that you're willing to post comments from posters you don't agree with :)


Anonymous said...

Is this really Smoking Mirrors or has someone/thing taken it over?

Dammerung, may have not been very clear in some of his post... I'm sure it happens to many of us. But it isn't like he's spouting pure crap or being a jerk, I wonder why folks are beating him up? Is is because he has lesbian friends?

"there are seven billion people in this world.
Some of them are bound to be very strange.
There is a certain statistical deviation when it comes to human behavior.
You can try to criminalize it or torture people to get rid of it or whatever...
but some number of people are bound to be very strange."

Isn't that IT in a nutshell?

The trick is to be able to tolerate everyone's weirdness... and that's what makes saints, is it not?


Yin Steed said...

"I could see the cut of his gown from the beginning"
- beautiful phrase, so poetically rendered, it belongs in a novel.

Anonymous said...

euddiThere was some talk about how the zionists were against the vatican elevating a pope to sainthood. I believe that this was the pope who was in the vatican during WWII. The zionists claimed that he did not do enough to help the jews in germany and/or he did not make an apology which was satisfactory. This is why the scandal is becoming mainstreme. The RCC has been involved with this stuff for centuries. Think Castratii.

ravenise said...

I believe we might be mistaken to think that the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s of the day have any power anymore. In a way civilization functions like a living organism… every nation, city, culture and its subset functioning like an organ for the larger body of humanity. The manipulators and sociopaths of civilization who stumble over each other to the top by deception and subversion are nothing without the living stones they climbed to get there. Because of our species shortsightedness and carelessness we are now causing the extinction of 300 species a day, 1000x faster than the fossil record.

Imagine that every species represents a stone, all of them stacked together to form a living skyscraper. We are knocking 300 stones out of the basement every day and carrying them to the rooftop, stacking them higher and higher. Bloodlines and incestuous power function in a similar way… is not sustainable. Sure, people may profit and conquer for a while, but the bigger they are the harder they fall, and boy are they going to fall. 99.999% of all species on this planet have gone extinct. We have only been around for the blink of an eye.

They may pat themselves on the back and wallow in their cleverness… but it’s getting old and I think some of them know this. You can see it through the movies like Avatar and Wall-E.

With the advent of peak oil, there is no way they will retain a pittance of what they currently hold and they know this. The same goes for us too… but infinite growth paradigm is a temporary illusion… their power is only an illusion… they know this, and they rely on us not to. The machine that they let loose, as you have put it before, like Mickey Mouse’s apprentice, is out of their control. Where it stands, really…if it weren’t for you and I, they would not exist. If they disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow, no one would notice. The machine they created is out of their control and it will continue to function until the ship goes down.

They have no allegiance to anyone but a small few and maybe their families. We won't give our allegiance to them… we don’t want to be in their club… I consider the elite to be myself and my friends. We see their mortal weaknesses, and in that we may perhaps find it much easier to relate to one another, in awe of the temporary wonder of existence that we all share on this pale blue dot.

Anthony said...

Les, I wanna share this with you, but can't find an email address: http://realcurrencies.wordpress.com/2010/03/31/lets-consider-alex-jones-msm-from-now-on/

I have also been trying to contact Rixon Stewart, but his editor@thetruthseeker.co.uk email address has not been working for me for quite some time. Perhaps you can forward it or supply me with a working email address?

Take care my friend.
Anthony Migchels

paolocaruso said...

Hey Dublin Mick
You present a small list, but the list of irish pedafile priests is into the hundreds.

My point is not to bash the irish, nor to say they are more homos.than other peoples. I merely point out that they have a cultural propensity for gays among them to join the priesthood.

And my point of sincere vows is self evident. If a priest is molesting children, and stays in the priesthood..then he is not really a man of God. He is an imposter who is freeloading off the Vatican and his parishioners.

Django said...

I was raised Catholic, never abused, and all this abuse makes me just as sick as anybody.
Oh and did I mention that I am a gay guy who lives somewhere in the space between" I want to marry and assimilate", and "Hey, I have an idea, why don't you put your hand up my ass?"
If you think the Catholics are bad,try to conceive of what will replace them. The latest shape,of things to come from Clif High has some interesting hints about all of this.
We are indeed in our decadent phase, following the path of the Romans, the Dutch, the Spanish and the English. It is really a shame, what these times are going to demand of good, peace loving people.
May we rise to the occasion.
I am a big fan, Les. Thank you

Chinese Sneakers said...

Perhaps it might be useful to recall that, back in the early months of 2003, in the build-up to the attack on Iraq, "... the Mighty Wurlitzer" was "...turned up to 11 on a [related] subject."

At that time, I noted that the Washington Post was running endless stories about the scandal(s) involving the Roman Catholic Diocese in Boston. What caught my attention, eventually, was how the endless stream of stories was really just the same story being spun a little differently with each different telling.

As RJ has noted above in regards to this present onrush of noise, there are two things going. It is true now; and. for me, it was true back then.

"Firstly, the wizard's "pushing over an obstacle -- the Church in this case -- but at the same time you can rest assured that the real action is elsewhere."

In 2002/3, The Vatican was withholding its support and needed to be nudged into supporting the hit on Iraq; and the same sort of pressure is now being employed to get them on-side for the impending hit on Iran.

RJ is spot on here when he says; "Essentially we are already in a masked global financial war... HAARP targets, Moscow subway bombs, renegade Chilean reminders, Toyota brand destruction, Haitian staging areas secured...

If none of these works to keep the crooks in power and trillions of stolen funds in circulation, while the dollar is being destroyed --
then there's always Iran..."


abe said...

I always hate it when people use whiny, tu-quoque, bullshit logic- but this old link was too awful to not throw in as a bit of a "balancer", lots of good links on the side too:


Joseph Alexander said...

If we don't start protecting our own children from these undercover predators can we be called a civilized society , What will be the state of mind of our offspring in twenty or thirty years. Its not just the Catholic Church ,its the elite blood lines , and the Scientific mind controllers whose search for power knows no bounds.
For the last six months this has been on my mind. There are higher forces leading us to a greater consciousness , we are all waking up to a greater reality of good and evil . As the energy increases everything hidden for ages behind the false flag and cross will be revealed . Pope , Politician
and Scientist have all had their views dominate the world mind for ages , its ending.How can we progress if there is a refusal or censorship of whats wrong . All these controllers have one common denominator ,the perpetuating of their own world view or conception by using sexual abuse on children
There is a very deep secret and deep truth to all this . Sexual energy acts as a fuel for the brain ,besides its function for procreation.All the eastern mystic traditions are clear about circulating Chi or Prana into the higher brain centers and charkas.
The western religions ,Catholic ,Protestant.Judaic , Muslim treat sex only in terms of procreation .There is hardly a mention of the actual use of sex for something other than pleasure or babies. But they secretly use this occult information to create minds that are subservient to their one world ideal.They create this carousal of perversion for us to enjoy without understanding that in the long run they are the ones who will be caught and judged in their circus of fear, going around and around on the same insane ride.
Religion has a very tight hold upon humanities psychology because we are still evolving to a higher state of consciousness. So this natural normal instinct to find meaning in life is distorted and twisted to serve political ends. It looks as if we have lost any rational insight because of two thousand years of oppressive leaders in all politics.
Do you know that ones who practice this evil control become infertile and sterile after so many generations .Their interbreeding and sexual perversions destroy fertility .This is why there is always a war against those living close to nature . Its a war based on stealing genetic material for their dieing race. Nature has definite plans to unfold for the individual and the race . This type of disregard for the right way to live in accordance to all revealed moral writing from the mystical saints to simple common sense
leads to a reaction in the very cells of our body .
The God of one hundred and twenty five million universes has in place a perfectly worked out plan for all creation If you keep your mind silent enough it become manifest whenever you are.

chuckyman said...

As a follow on from Chinese sneakers, George Ure over at the urban survival site has mentioned recently that shares values are up recently without any discernable external reason for it. I had parked that little nugget away for thought.

We also have the recent public kabuki theatre between the US and Israeli administrations. The public announcements have not changed one iota of the continuing financial subsidy, military integration and diplomatic cooperation and with Israhell.

I remember reading that historically, prior to any major war, that shares prices inexplicably rose just prior to the outbreak of hostilities. The Vatican is now struggling for its survival and is neutralised as a moral public force. Currently the drums of war with Iran have been beating harder than any time since the release of the joint intelligence estimate scuppered the nuclear weapons program lie.

I know that we have discussed this possibility often but could these be ominous signs prior to an “Israeli mistake”.


v word = centaci

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

In for a Penny, in for a Pounding..

Visible said...


That's probably my fault. Dammerung has the capacity to annoy me because he consistently misses the point and is too lazy to want to catch it. Then when I point it out to him, he sidesteps and rationalizes his position even when it's got nothing to do with what's under discussion. He grandstands without understanding.

I should just bypass him but after all this time of the same thing happening over and over against because of intellectual laziness and the need to stand forth and declaim as if there actually were something to declaim against it gets old.

Most times I do let it go by but this caught me in one of my moments (grin) of not tolerating fools gladly.

Now I can see I've probably made it even worse (grin).

I'll try to be more restrained and circumspect in the future.

Flappington said...

I agree (whether it matters or not) with you on stuff much of the time Les, just feeling you are throwing a strange new fit here.

These 'Gay Movement' and anti-gay comments have been coming out (ahem) for a while in your posts, I did notice. I just roll my eyes and go on laughing and enjoying your way with a word.

After this post, they do come off as almost homophobic or frightened remarks from an otherwise intelligent, clear thinking person (can sense a bark coming there..) or, maybe I am not understanding exactly what your point IS about the various 'gay movements' (as you call them)?

This term seems an anachronism, but you may be refering to a seeming profusion of (rare) well funded programs in educational institutions, which seem to not only tolerate the possibility of man-man/woman-woman action but sometimes expect it (maybe?).

Before you rant at me and the world, it is NOT clear from your blogs what the problem is, as you see it. I'd like to hear your take on whatever is is that ails you about the 'gay movement', whatever that means these days. You said it, so now, WHY?

Regrading the linkages you made in the post: I am not catholic - and not at all into bummy times myself - but I could not give a shit about what others prefer (if adult and if consensual!) or even if they are also involved in a big dirty 'gay movement'.

With no need to detail, have you had certain negative experiences to lead you to this stance, Les?

I think it would help to qualify the clear 'anti-gay' sentiment a bit more, unless you are deliberately trying to alienate another portion of your readership.

Long may you howl!

Visible said...

Pardon me, Flappington if I say I catch a scent of the disingenuous in your comment along with a sense of the not caring one way or another seeming to indicate caring too much.

Since my posts are of a certain length and are not a history of the world containing all that I mean in each, I have to rely on the reader to be able to discern my intent based on the aggregate of my writing over time.

Here is the offending passage;

"they are also in control of every gay movement; most human rights movements and god knows what else and all of these are being used to drive the world toward a global pre-war cabaret society only... much, much worse and with a higher percentage of whores and serving staff with the rest either dead or in camps."

Apparently the 'human rights' term didn't push any buttons.

Let me start off by saying I know far more about the gay scene from it's political beginnings way back. I also put my ass on the line for gays (pun intended?) by physically defending them in the parks where they used to congregate back in the day when punching then out was an acceptable thing.

I took care of my friend Kenny O'Brien when he was dying of AIDS in the early 90's and had to live with a whole lot of censure in that liberal bastion of Woodstock NY where also rumors that I had AIDS too was rampant, simply because I was around Kenny.

I don't give a rats ass about who people have sex with. I do take exception to social and political manipulation of minority lifestyles and the hijacking of what were 'once' real concerns and are now just dead horses screaming. It's pretty implicit in my post that I am talking about how Zionist Jews have taken over these movements for their own purposes. There is no disparagement of gays in the post. this is a fallacious assumption in the minds of prickly readers.

I despise political correctness and I can also tell you that gay marriage is a thorny slope and not something that will ever take in society. Play acting at being normal doesn't make you so and most of the gays I have ever known think it's a stupid idea.

When I say 'normal' take that to mean mainstream. I'm not normal and neither is being gay and that is NOT a judgment. It's an observation. Hippies aren't normal either.

I take exception also to 'more than equal' which is what all these highly funded minority lifestyles are after. I see what's going on and I also don't think some of the behavior I see is correct for the streets of society. it's more appropriate in private. Pushing one's need to do whatever the fuck one wants to do on others does not impress me. i see what's going on and I see the moral decline dressed up as freedom of expression.

Freedom is not license. Things have changed since I was a defender of something I thought ought to be tolerated but I'm not a fan of 'in your face' sexual fascism.

Once again, I can't elaborate conclusively in short bursts like this. The reader has to make assumptions about me based on the body of my work and not cherry pick.

There are things I don't like about the gay movement and just about every other movement. They pretend to be about one thing but are about another. I've done the research in this respect.

I apologize for my directness. it's not intended to be offensive. This is just how it came out at this time.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, I don't spend enough time trolling thru the comments to know all the poster's personalities, and I took your responses to Dammerung as a bit over the top. But your response to me hit my frontal lobe and now I understand.

And you did a good job of helping Dammerung bring the meat out of his/her argument.

Also I must add your response to everyone thinking you might be homophobic his the nerve right-on. I lived in SF for a while and found some of the ways gays chose to express themselves publicly was, to me, over the top.

Humans can argue morality until the sheep come home (why do they run from me? I've no clue) but public displays of odd sex probably aren't gonna be moving our species foreword, regardless of who, how or why.

I appreciate you making the effort to further explain yourself... and yes, ANY group should be treated as suspect when they start preaching the odd as normal. What do they hope to accomplish? Who is the 'they' behind the organizing?

I don't know about all you all, but I believe sexual dysfunctional humans are the norm these days... Most of the women I've dated claim at least one rape experience in their past... I've had a more than a couple odd run-ins with guys that wouldn't take "no" for an answer (weird shit indeed!). Yeah, humans haven't moved very far from being animals when it comes to our sex drive, which the PTB then exploit as a way to break people and leave them emotionally scarred.

Django's response was hilarious... I appreciate a sense of humor like that. Yeah, man, we're all confused!

As for the poster who thinks all gay Irish join the church... I don't think they're enough Irish, as a people, to account for all the gay clergy. Be careful painting anything with too broad a brush.


Anonymous said...

"After this post, they do come off as almost homophobic or frightened remarks from an otherwise intelligent, clear thinking person"

Flappinton that is a pretty standard retort. You are inferring that one cannot be intelligent unless they agree with you and also they must be frightened and perhaps not clear thinking. That is pretty disingenuous.

Frankly I just laugh and roll my eyes also when I see something like this. Some of us don't see homosexuality as a healthy lifestyle, in fact some 99.9% of the world doesn't see it that way they view it as an aberration. No and I don't see 1933 Berlin as a blueprint for the future world society. Sorry.

Most people don't advocate beating up homosexuals in the parking lots, it is just they don't want government representatives in their children's schools giving lectures on fisting either.
I don't think they want to see it as a topic for every magazine, talk show and venue possible.

I personally wonder if it is another tool in the depopulation effort, homosexuals don't have many children. It is hard to believe scientists are not aware that pesticides and other chemicals in the water supply do not lead to sexual malfunctio. The bisphenol in plastics now lining cans is a form of synthetic estrogen and leads to changes in sexual function. Somebody out there seems to want more homosexuals around period.

I do consider myself an otherwise intelligent, clear thinking and not at all frightened person.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Where is my comment?

Visible said...

How would I know? It's your comment isn't it?

Visible said...

Hve you people seen this?..

Scarlett said...

I have to agree with Les on the gay movement. The women's movement was co-opted in much the same way. What started out as a legitimate need for equality somehow got morphed into a rejection of all feminine qualities and women being taught that to succeed they needed to become more like men. Nothing against men (I kind of believe in the whole yin/yang concept so I think the sexes compliment one another), but I don't want to become more like them. The women's movement should have been about celebrating what women have to offer instead of convincing us to join the workforce (doubling the amount of available workers is great for business after all) and become more sexually liberated. So we get to do everything we did before, plus work outside the home and we still have to fix ourselves up for our man and oh, by the way, we can never, ever grow old now. What progress!

I have nothing against gays. I honestly don't. But I do feel that it is not normal. I believe it is a birth defect. I would never think that someone born blind should be discriminated against or that they should act like they can see just to fit in. But, gays get ticked off if you take that stand. They want it to be an "alternative" lifestyle. It isn't. I think people should be true to who they are. If you are gay, it is immoral to pretend to be straight. If you are straight, it is immoral to pretend to be gay. What bothers me is that the gay movement doesn't merely want to be tolerated -- they want everyone to give their approval. I don't care what anyone does in private (consenting adults, of course), but I don't need to know the details. I have a very fulfilling sex life of my own and I don't feel the need to live vicariously through someone else. Straight/gay -- do it in private. You should expect to be free to do so but you should not expect to be able to tell the whole world about it and everyone just think you are so awesome and free-spirited. Sometimes you are just slutty and I'm not going to pretend otherwise just to be cool.

As a parent, what really bothers me is that this type of behavior filters down to young kids. Girls these days are often making out with other girls (a la Madonna/Britney Spears) because it is hip to "experiment" and because they think boys like it. If they were doing it because they wanted to -- okay. But, the majority of them are doing it to be cool and be liked by boys because popular culture tells them this is what is expected. I can only shield my kids from crap like this for so long unless I plan to homeschool them and keep them locked up until they are 18. And that would just mean a rude awakening when they hit the real world as an adult ...

And that is the problem. The deviant quickly becomes the norm when the media pushes it to be. But then, you have to keep sliding down to a new low to be deviant. I know there are people who are sexually aroused crapping their diaper and being changed. I'm not going to stop them, but I'll be damned if I ever get to the point where I'll say that this kind of behavior is normal or okay or something I want to hear about on a regular basis.

Visible said...


I love it when you show up here. You're so real. I think a lot of the readers sense that about you.

I should qualify my feelings on the gay thing. I think we're all bi-sexual because we contain both. This doesn't mean we act on it. I remember that great quote by Voltaire but I'll keep it to myself.

I think we are all gay at some point and that is why I'm okay with it. I think we are all men and women, black, white, Chinese and everything else.

For me, the gay thing is a stage. Everything is a stage; a learning experience. That's the only way I can see it. Before all this political armtwisting came in to the picture, I loved hanging out in the gay scene. I used to go to great private parties and dance with the drag queens and have a fantastic time. No one that I have encountered is as witty and entertaining as the gays. They have a deep humanity too because of having to deal with being different.

BUT... this nasty shit that is moving in the educational system and elsewhere... this shoving around and intimidation thing is not to my liking. I really don't like being pushed around and- unfortunately for me, I would rise to the occasion when I could have walked away, so people got hurt sometimes and maybe that was just my coming to terms with what my father did to me. i despise bullies. I'm thankful I didn't become one but that possibility is there in all of us.

I've learned that sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut about things you can't change and sometimes it's good to pretend to be a member of polite society instead of tossing someone through a window. Rage needs to be channeled and honed into an art.

I never really hurt anyone but it could have happened... call it luck or something else. I never got hurt either... mystifying considering where I've been. The only time I've been hurt is when I hurt myself and the only people I ever hurt were the ones I loved but that's what happens when you got too much Willie Nelson in your bloodstream. I learned though and it's been a long time since I've been anything like that fire in the wind.

I figure it for a setup from the beginning. I figure we get put through all kinds of shit to bring us to a place of understanding. Right now I'm just waiting for a break in the weather. There is some seriously crushing weight happening on the astral plane or... maybe it's just me.

Visible said...


I love it when you show up here. You're so real. I think a lot of the readers sense that about you.

I should qualify my feelings on the gay thing. I think we're all bi-sexual because we contain both. This doesn't mean we act on it. I remember that great quote by Voltaire but I'll keep it to myself.

I think we are all gay at some point and that is why I'm okay with it. I think we are all men and women, black, white, Chinese and everything else.

For me, the gay thing is a stage. Everything is a stage; a learning experience. That's the only way I can see it. Before all this political armtwisting came in to the picture, I loved hanging out in the gay scene. I used to go to great private parties and dance with the drag queens and have a fantastic time. No one that I have encountered is as witty and entertaining as the gays. They have a deep humanity too because of having to deal with being different.

BUT... this nasty shit that is moving in the educational system and elsewhere... this shoving around and intimidation thing is not to my liking. I really don't like being pushed around and- unfortunately for me, I would rise to the occasion when I could have walked away, so people got hurt sometimes and maybe that was just my coming to terms with what my father did to me. i despise bullies. I'm thankful I didn't become one but that possibility is there in all of us.

I've learned that sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut about things you can't change and sometimes it's good to pretend to be a member of polite society instead of tossing someone through a window. Rage needs to be channeled and honed into an art.

I never really hurt anyone but it could have happened... call it luck or something else. I never got hurt either... mystifying considering where I've been. The only time I've been hurt is when I hurt myself and the only people I ever hurt were the ones I loved but that's what happens when you got too much Willie Nelson in your bloodstream. I learned though and it's been a long time since I've been anything like that fire in the wind.

I figure it for a setup from the beginning. I figure we get put through all kinds of shit to bring us to a place of understanding. Right now I'm just waiting for a break in the weather. There is some seriously crushing weight happening on the astral plane or... maybe it's just me.

Unknown said...

"There is no left and right and there is no alternative media that is not suspect if it sidesteps the inescapable truth."

THIS!!! A thousand times this!!

On a different note, I know some have criticized your new "lighter tone" but I for one find it refreshing.

Also, I've been reading for a while now and your posts always tend to address something I'm already thinking about (probably too much, I'm a worrier). And always, ALWAYS, tend to open my mind to a different way to approach my thoughts on whatever the subject(s) may be.

Keep it up, I'll keep reading. And thinking. And doing!


Anonymous said...

After a pensive moment I just realized I don't have any lesbian friends. There must be something wrong with me.

On a serious note I have never heard of any enlightened masters who advocate fisting. None. Maybe there is a lesson there. I can't picture a band of monks in any temple chanting and fisting.

I will stick to wine women and song myself.

I have seen Key West where you can find them in the parks at all hours of the night carrying on, french kissing in the bars, wagging their tongues at the local cops and generally making a point of hedonism in your face, like it or not. It is not isolated either it is pretty much the norm.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rabbit said...

I've been watching these shell games with dismay lately. As you say, I don't want to be defending this pope, we knew more than enough about Rat Swinger before he came to the office to not be expecting any too holy. Yet this whole affair is a beat up, and obviously so. There is nothing new, it is all just being reported in concert and people are reacting predictably as if it all happened at once and only yesterday. These are matters which have been spread over generations actually and if the numbers be seen, the most common perpetrator of pedophilia remains fathers and step fathers most of all. Where is the outrage against fathers? (Actually as a father I admit we do struggle somewhat these days just touching our daughters for fear of some accusation or perception since there is such a hysteria prevalent about this ancient and perrenial sin/crime.)
The Zio-demons are behind this, it is their media doing the hatchet work and I am aware of the Jewish war against Christianity and how it is entering its end game now. As you say, they are up to their nasty necks in all things nefarious. Yet it is the cave in to the Holocaust Industry and his refusal to defend his courageous Bishop Williams which should have earned this Rat Swinger the real censure. He literally opened the gates of the vatican tothe jewish enemy which was laying siege to the Church. The Catholic Church is not a desirable institution, but it is far from the evil which is bringing it down.

Even so Obama is a crappy president, in every way but yet he is only being attacked in the USA for the wrong things also. This insane hysteria which equates socialised medicine with communism and the end of the world is ridiculous. The words communism and socialism are interchangeable for most Americans and this pretty much sums up the pinheaded mentality of Americans and their utterly unsophisticated political comprehension for any people of any other nation almost. It would takes pages to explain this to such an American and would be a waste of time anyway. Obama is beiong attcked for being a Muslim, whuich he is not, but the rage over this is carried high in the same crooked media whilst the serious issues of his birthplace are belittled and used mainly to keep the ignorant red necks boiling, for it seems obvious that the PTB are seeking conflict with the people. I imagine they reckon all their ducks are in a row, so time to get it done. Obama is wrong, because he is so much like the usual candidate, not because he is different but most Americans cannot see that.

nobody said...

Les you swine, you not only beat me to the punch but it was a proper bellringer too. Back to the drawing board for yours truly. Um... any chance you could write more insipidly and be less timely while you're at it?

best regards,


Unknown said...

I find this current furor interesting for a number of reasons. First of which is that it has occurred throughout history, the infidelity that is. Monks were well known to have had mistresses, the misters, well - I would assume that's for another parish to discover.

In any event, this sad-climax has been years and years in the making. Finally it has hit the vortex and, if you are a physics nerd, the gravitational lensing has allowed all to see what there is all around. If you're not a nerd, we've hit a vortex of time in which there is space to comprehend it.

I myself have been with many big corporations and I can say from top down it is always the same. The 'big guys' at the top want to keep their power at all costs and the 'lowly' dipshits at the bottom who run the company have no real say in its true direction.

I am so sorry to say to some of you folks, but the church has become a big business and has been for some time. Corrupt, arrogant, in need of constant bailouts.

The guys at the bottom, that have to deal with the most bullshit, have the most to say. The guys at the top have bullshitted their way to that point but somehow manage to convince the rest of us that they are right. This goes for the Church too.

I am not particularly religious myself given the fact of experience and history. Automatic turn-off to the religious folks, but listen - Jesus never preached the things that have happened to His church. It was usurped and mismanaged by ego-maniacal morons from the start.

So we stand. We confront the false Church of Jesus and refuse their teachings on the basis darkness. Wait, insufficient light works best here.

I say we judge our governments in the same insufficiency. They are all ultimate failures. Why? Stay tuned.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I thought you might be interested to read this latest email exchange between me and my brainwashed Christian Zionist buddy who lives in New Zealand. I'm sorry that it's such a long post, which I'm going to have to send to you in two sections because it's over the word limit:

Dear Roy,

You wrote:

"There is nothing you or anyone can do to change what is coming on the earth in the next while, hence all the more reason to enjoy the now."

I somewhat agree and somewhat disagree. I realize that the NWO is going to come to completion in the not-too-distant future and that there's no stopping it. But I know for a fact that it's possible to slow it down, which would be a good thing because it would give people more time to prepare themselves for eternity, which is extremely important seeing as how most people aren't prepared at all. What is the worst part of it is that most people think they're prepared when they aren't.

I do agree that we should enjoy the now as much as possible, within reason, but not to the point where we ignore the plight of our brother, our brainwashed brother in particular who hasn't the means to defend for himself in the real world. This morning I got online and looked at Les Visible's latest post on his Smoking Mirrors website and he made a statement that really struck a chord in my spirit Which is this:

"Stop looking at what is in front of you as if that’s what’s happening. That is not what’s happening. What is happening is going on behind what you are looking at and something is going on behind that too."

Which is why I keep trying to emphasize the importance of learning how to see what's going on behind what we see, mainly so we can influence others to want to learn to see it, because if they don't learn how they'll be left unprotected. So in view of that I must conclude that now is no time to be making enjoying ourselves the #1 priority in life.

When I read your above statement I closed the email and sat here in front of my computer thinking about what you said, and I had a revelation event that lasted for several seconds, accompanied by some strange emotional feelings, some happy and some sad, all of which was followed by a flashback sort of remembrance of the dream I had years ago I told you about in which there was a really expensive looking yacht slowly lolling along on a beautiful river, but with a huge sheer vertical waterfall not far ahead. There were dozens of people on the deck sitting around partying, everyone was dressed in the latest fashionable clothing with lots of bright summery colors, and several couples were dancing. There was a small orchestra playing music, a ten piece or so orchestra and all the musicians were wearing white suits.

DumbGoyNot said...

The view of all that was happening on that deck made me think of your above statement, those people were enjoying the now to the fullest but had no idea about the horrible circumstance that they were about to experience in a very short while unless they could somehow be warned. In the dream I was running along on the bank of the river waving my arms and yelling at them but they were too far away to see me or hear me. In a very short time two or three other people started running along with me waving their arms and yelling, and after a short while more there were probably a dozen people running along with us waving their arms, and waving shirts and bright colored pieces of clothing and jumping up and down and yelling, and there were about as many people on the other side of the river running along at the pace of the boat doing the same thing, yelling and waving their arms etc., but all for naught because the people on the deck couldn't hear us for the music. I didn't see this in the dream but I had the thought that an appropriate name for the yacht would be 'Brainwash.'

I see brainwash in at least two ways; I see it as a spiritual disease, and I see it as the most powerful and indispensable weapon in the Illuminati/Zionist/Synagogue of Satan/kingdom of darkness arsenal. I also see the alternative news sites as the most effective antidote against it. I take that back, I see revelation from the Holy Spirit to be the most effective antidote against it and I see the alternative news sites the second most effective antidote against it. And as I've said many times lately, I see the Holy Spirit speaking through many of the alternative news bloggers. And proportionally, I see the spirit of Antichrist speaking through all of the mainstream media figures, the televangelists in particular.

Whether you would like to think so or not, I can tell you for a fact that the Holy Spirit is extremely interested in the information war. And so is the Illuminati seeing as how their most powerful American member, Jay Rockefeller, said in a speech to Congress last year that the internet is the most dangerous threat to America in existence and that it ought to be taken down. Of course it was the alternative news he was referring to. Since the kingdom of darkness sees the alternative news in such a way wouldn't it make sense that the Holy Spirit would enjoin those sites? And wouldn't it make sense for us to visit those sites to see how the Holy Spirit goes about fighting the information war? Not that I think everything you read in the alternative news is inspired by the Holy Spirit, far from it, but I can tell you he's there, every day in some shape, form, or fashion. After awhile, say a few months of surfing around, any serious seeker can learn to tell when it's the Lord speaking.

Anonymous said...

wad R U falcon stewpids itz awl der n da protocols of the lernned EldeRs of Z ly'n

dzinto said...

1. These attacks on the church are obviously going in waves; there was one several years ago, as i recall, then another, now another. This resembles the master punishing the slave whenever the slave crosses the line he has been told not to. I'm sure the church has much more dirty laundry than this (any large organization does), and the very fact that only this topic is being exploited over and over, is enough indication that it is staged. Regardless of whether this is actually true or not - all this media campaign is definitely someone's weapon, unleashed whenever required.

2. Whenever someone mentions a revolution of any sort, that we need, or that is coming, etc., I always wonder, who is there to replace the bastards. Aren't the bastards we ourselves from 8 to 5.

It's really most telling to listen to some progressive radio. Some radical talk goes on, but then comes the moment for commercials. And practically all commercials are obvious deceptions. Yes, we all realize that this is the inevitable price, that someone needs to pay the bill, and so on, but look at the big picture, - is it really possible to be honest and clean when your source is rotten? go to whatreallyhappened.com we all respect, and try to find one single ad that is not a deception. This is not to cast a shadow on the site or Mike, but in this society, whenever you dig in, there's always deception in the core of anything. So I doubt that even if all these talks about the revolution materialize, those "we" who are going to replace those "them" won't be scammers - 'cause it's always some scam in the root.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the fathers, brothers, uncles, etc.?
Any priest, or anyone else for that matter, ever molested a child or kin of mine and they'd be dealt with severely.
As in I'd peel their head like a peach.
If they believed they would have their necks snapped, really believed it, the incidents would drop significantly, I'd bet.
I'm not fool enough to believe this would eliminate these demons but it sure would put a damper on them.
Like that man in Lithuania. He's a hero for heaven's sake. People all over are offering to aid and abet him and so would I.

Anonymous said...

ok Joseph you claim that scientists are trying to take over the world. well i say that religion is too. no matter what way you look at is someone somewhere from a faction is trying to get power over someone else and i will say that the churches and religion are a huge benefactor in global domination. and honestly so what if science has gone a little bit farther at least THEY ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTED to the world instead of a bunch of guys in robes just telling people to be good and do the word of god. what do they actually contribute??? science has gotten cures and medicine created for diseases that were NOT CURED BY RELIGION. so i ask you who is the greater evil the one who offers cures for sicknesses and a helping hand or some guys in robes just telling you to fallow them with no proof of anything. and no i am not all about science i don't like it any more than religion but my point is not which is better but which has actually helped. i know that doesnt go for all religion there are some religions where people dedicate there lives to helping its just if you think about it, it gets really old with religion always trying to say science is the most evil to make people blind to there negative stuff. and vise versa BUT science is not on some holy crusade to dominate all and wipe away the so called "EVIL" well anyways thats all i have to say

Anonymous said...

It isn't as if the catholic church gave the press the sword. The church was literally in bed with sin. So of course, who do you think will capitalize?
Live right folks and you will not become an indentured servant in rothschilandia.
and always remember: children and animals are off limits in every capacity.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

God's not Dead, he's merely Hiding.

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick- I saw that article on truthseeker this morning. If you go down to bottom of the article you will see the Winnipeg newspaper that it originally came from. Click on that and then the video has stamped on it in red letters April Fools, so I'm guessing the jokes on us, ha ha. I didn't look at video cuz I'm on dial-up but I did read the comments section and they were saying the article is a joke. We all know that this is on the table for them though, they might not want or be able to restrict and ban it out of existence, but I guarantee ya the time may be comin' when they want to tax and charge the shit out of it so they can nickel and dime you to death...also makes it harder for the lower incomes to afford it which helps to keep truth from reaching critical mass...bearwalk7(formerly known as pond owl)

Anonymous said...

But if cosmic forces are at work exposing the truth about this corrupt institution, how can you say Rothschildlandia are also after them?

Is the cosmos doing the bidding of the Rothschilds too?

I agree whatever is being exposed is long overdue, but I also tend to believe the neo/zio/cons are deliberately bringing it on to destroy the church so THEY, the 'CHOSEN ones' can be the only ones left standing. JewDayIsm is a club now; a club of business elite.


Visible said...

A-gulag, one does not exclude the other and as I have said many, many times, all evil intent is manipulated by the higher mind to make a certain point.

At this particular time that point is going to be made in a very telling way.

Fatima said...

I hope every pedophile son of a bitch is tracked down, convicted and thrown into prison to get a taste of his own medicine; especially the "men of God" who abuse that trust.

But my gut feeling is that this scandal is not as widespread as we're being lead to believe. I have no doubt that some of these priests are guilty, but I wouldn't be surprised if others are being framed. As some here have noted, this reeks of a diversion.

My heart goes out to Catholics who have to face this disaster now, of all times. I know the bitterness of having everything you believe in defiled, disgraced and perverted, and the shame of having to justify your own religion because of unspeakable crimes committed by assholes you didn't elect who claim to represent you and your beliefs. It truly sucks.

pot said...

Rothschilds and the descendants of Venetian Black Nobility already control the Vatican and Pope. The take down of the smiling pope is proof of that, although it goes back further.

This is probably just a distraction. Most of the news and politics is just theater, scripted well in advance. It could be just an effort at stirring up anti-catholicism for some future purpose.

I see the right is stirring up their feeble minded constituents, which is probably why we have Obama as president, for this reason, and the right tends toward protestantism. More fuel for the coming fire.

I have been staying away from the news for a few months, usually I see things a bit clearer. I have noticed that 2 countries with significant Catholic populations have been decimated with earthquakes.

The one in Haiti is of particular interest since they don't get many Earthquakes, and there is a significant child sex trade their that just got worse, which kind of ties into the Popes pedophile protection racket, not to mention a lot of primo-property is back in the hands of the oligarchs, the richest of them are white French descendants BTW.

Although Copenhagen was a failure, I see Obama is still seeking to make energy more expensive in the US via the EPA, promising the carrot of opening up the coast to more drilling. People don't get it, otherwise they would not fall for this carrot. Big Oil does not want more domestic oil, they make more off imported oil, the profits get booked in the tax havens.

Bush could have issued an Executive Order when he was popular and nobody would have protested. He did not because Big Oil's heart was set on 150 dollar and barrel oil down the road. This will also stir up the right.

Signs are increasingly clear that Obama is a 1 term President, by design. He will be free to take over the UN in 2013 as Secretary General. Trashing America should secure him some more votes. The Dems are not even trying to stay in power. No surprise there really, it just confirms what Obama meant by having to deal with the leaders of the mid east and Europe for the next 4-10 years (4+6) before the election.

The Bilderbergers and TLC meet in the next month or so. The present lull may be over this summer or fall once whatever they decide on gets approved. One form of disaster or another is due, either economic (oil prices), terror, pandemic (real or otherwise) or events setting conditions for another war, Iran or someplace in Africa.

I see the Lords of Resistance Army has been accused of a massacre just discovered (maybe the Pope thing is as simple as stirring by anti-christianity or anti-religion in general), so this could be some justification for action by Afri-com, if not, the other hot spots are still on the table.

Anyways, the fog is too thick for most people. Pretty much everything they believe is a lie, they could not accept the truth even if it was presented on a silver platter and they were starving. Tastes and smells too bad.

Anonymous said...

I am going with this as the best forumn. They are going to turn up the economy. The best way for the PTB to make money with all the money that they have accumulated, one way or another, is to put it back in but with there names on it now and have the machie crank a few times before letting it die once again. So I would expect a short trem upswing in the economy. It will be half distraction and half crown pleasing.


Paul said...

Thank you for also asking this everybody. I thought it was just me wondering the same thing....Why now?

And why make it so easy?



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