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Shades of Gray and the Abattoir Stench.

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Sucking up to Israel and messing with the balance of world harmony- inasmuch as such a thing exists- comes at great cost. Sarkozy got hammered in his regional election and now he’s a duck with a big cast on his leg. They went after Berlusconi and Berlusconi won his regionals. I don’t know if Berlusconi and I could sit down for a glass of Campari- like the one I’m having right now- but he’s a good friend of Putin’s so it could be I don’t get certain things and that’s what I want to talk about today.

Unlike some amount of readers here and many, many more people everywhere else, I understand the dimensions of Realpolitick. There is no question in my mind that most people need to be led and governed. The absence of government is chaos, until government comes back in anyway, after a lot of bloodshed and torment. I understand the basic corruptions of government and the kind of taking care of business that leads to the rewards that first attracted people into government in the first place.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t mind people lining their pockets a little, if they also see to the general welfare. When I worked in the restaurant and bar business there was always a degree of theft. My personal margin was ten percent. I’d let people steal ten percent and that created a kind of lassez faire situation that worked. I could always add ten percent to the cost of food and drinks to even it out and... let’s face it; the good people who work their asses off in the trade don’t make much. This is not an excuse for theft but merely a way of dealing with reality. Meanwhile, the people at the top of the food chain are stealing a lot more and killing people while they do it.

What I’m trying to say and, speaking only for myself, is that I like to keep a certain amount of tolerance in the works and close my eyes to various elements of human frailty because, “there but for fortune goes I”. Don’t ever get in the habit of being too harsh a judge of your fellows. It WILL come back on you.

If someone starts to steal more than I already let them steal, then a conversation could take place. The thing that most thieves don’t get is that there are only so many ways to steal and there are professionals who can identify the who and how.

What I’m getting around to is that, regardless of what we tell ourselves, we accept a certain amount of lying media info. We are also hamstrung by what we don’t know and that is a lot more than we do know. You try governing a large country and see how you do. For this reason I am warm toward Putin. As far as I am concerned, things could be a lot worse right now if not for him. There are a few other world leaders that are doing their job as well. They might be a little heavy handed at times and they might be feathering their nest a bit but they are doing the right thing most of the time.

The true art of governing is to keep the opposing forces focused on each other and not on you. The true art of governing makes sure that the people at the bottom are not in an awful state. Certain limitations exist in the lives of the poor and they have to live with that. There should always be food, housing and medicine though. These basics should be there because they can be there and because it is the right thing to do. I’m poor by most standards but I don’t want anything, so I guess I’m actually rich.

Most people are poor because of too many desires and the inability to concentrate on necessary things until some excess appears; don’t go giving me some liberal lecture now. It’s all fine and good to wish for and work for a better world but only a fool doesn’t recognize the world they live in. The number one problem for most people is an inability to see reality. They are enamored of the ideal to the distress of the real. Of course, none of it is real but that’s a metaphysical construct and only applies to a few of us and even fewer actually live with the understanding.

This is not meant to be an apology for wrong doing. I have to repeat myself because some people just won’t get it. There is no white and black in the relative, phenomenal world, only shades of gray. There is a white and black that broadcasts from other zones into this world and that accounts for why some people are better than they might have been and worse than they might have been. When I look at the world, I see a magical war in operation. The outcome is always the same and the outcome is never in doubt but the time frame makes us despair of justice. Justice gets done. You don’t always see it getting done because all of it doesn’t get done here.

Why I am writing about this is because I have been thinking about the UN Security Council and Iran as well as what is going on behind the scenes. The news reports that so and so said this and that. The news reports that certain countries are going to do this and that. The news reports these things because the people controlling the news want public opinion swayed in a certain direction in order to pressure the policies of various nations. This is why you see these useless phony polls that never go away. They state that public opinion is such and such by so many percentage points. It’s all a load of horseshit but people read it and believe it.

I’m okay with the lies of this world up to a point. I’m okay with the greater freedoms of the rich and the closer confinements of the poor. These two shift positions via reincarnation, so maybe they learn their lessons and maybe they don’t. That’s how this world is. This world is not a paradise and even in a golden age there are problems and places you would rather not be. One can live according to the highest standards they can imagine but... they cannot expect the world to follow.

We don’t know what the ruler(s) of Russia and China are actually thinking and saying to their western adversaries or to each other. You can be sure of one thing though, they are not going to endanger their country by bending over for the worst excuse for a super power since I don’t know when. The irony is that this turned-out super power is under the control of a criminal enterprise, masquerading as a country. It shouldn’t go unnoticed either.

In the final analysis, Rothschildlandia is the enemy of every other country on Earth and an enemy to humanity in general. The walls they are building around their ever expanding empire should be built much higher and completely encircle them; not to protect them from non existent threats that are fabricated by rockets fired into empty lots by agents of Rothschildlandia ...but to protect everyone else. Every country in the world should cut off diplomatic relations with them and refuse to trade with them period. This might wake their psychopathic asses up and keep in mind that nothing that is done to them will make things any worse because they already intend the worst. This is a, foaming at the mouth, mad dog that requires quarantine. They orchestrated and carried out the 9/11 attacks as well as the London Tube bombings and I’ve little doubt they were also behind just about everything else. Their involvement in human trafficking, pornography and hard drug trafficking is well known.

It’s time the world woke up to the fact that the world’s greatest victims, heading the world’s biggest victim industry are not victims at all. Everyone else is the victim of this outsize crocodile looking to swallow the world. Now we have to watch, yet again, as they pummel Gaza for no reason at all, while the usual cowards stand mute. Like I say, I can tolerate a certain amount of play in the moral compass of planetary enterprise but I draw the line when it comes to bloodstained murderers burning, pillaging and then crying out in pain as if it were the real victims fault. Whatever the real truth of their historical excuse for acting like vicious beasts, they exhausted any currency there might have been long ago. The world owes them nothing... except withering contempt.

Sooner or later the worm is going to turn and there will be no sympathy anywhere for these despicable creatures. Sooner or later they’re going to find there is a divine being, besides the vampire, cannibal demon they serve. It’s clear who their god is. Every time they have a religious holiday, they attack and murder defenseless people as a sacrifice. It’s happened too often to be coincidence by now.

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Anonymous said...

I think Silvio wants a gas pipeline running through Italy. At least that is what I read sometime ago.

I know a guy who runs a restaurant. He said once that he pays them x number of dollars an hour and expects them to steal whatever they are worth.

Anonymous said...
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Visible said...

It is just in the last couple of days that the Zio-Media is trumpeting that Russia and China are on board for sanctions. It's a lie, of course, but that's what they headline; the articles do not say that though.

abe said...

China just publicly denied involvement in any sanctions talk. It agreed, on April Fool's Day (smirk) of all days, to OBSERVE the next round of talks knowing that this would set up false hopes in the West. Wether the living gargoyles of iSSrael took it as a green light blood -let or not is unkown. I stongly recommend that anyone looking for an Eastern perspective on the news, in English, check out the Russia Today channel on YouTube. Few people know that the 1st Iraq war ended with a mass human sacrifice on Purim under bush 1. The second Iraq war started with a mass sacrifice on Purim, under bush 2. It was dedicated to the kabala demoness Shekina(shock and awe). This is the female counter part to their vampiric God and can be read about in the Book of Esther(Ishtar), which is basically a short how to manual on the subversion and subjugation of an indigenous people through the manipulation of their rulers.

Visible said...

Thank you Abe;

Like I said/

Anyway, of course neither China nor Russia are going to agree to shit that doesn't serve their interests but they sure are playing it up.

They need that false flag but they have to be careful. I'm expecting them to fuck up big time.

Hank said...

I've noticed a few things lately, and I have to say, I'm encouraged.
It's kind of like in the old westerns when the judge that's taking money from the cattle baron, realizes that the cattle baron has reached a point where he thinks he owns the judge. Then the judge waits until the baron trys to make his move, and the judge flips and all of a sudden is on the side of justice, and down goes the baron.

There are signs that israel, (I know that word should be capitalized, I just can't bring myself to give them that much respect), is reaching the baron point. Some of their minions, in the government and the media, are starting to see that if israel continues to operate is such a dispicable manner, ALL jews are going to end up paying the price.

The latest dust up over the settlement announcment during Joe Bidenstein's visit has not been so easily dismissed by those in the white house and many in the congress, as the jew owned media would have us believe. israel has become, or should I say, is being seen for the loose cannon it really is and there are some in power here in the US that can see it for the liability it is.

The pro israeli train our government has put us on is running out of control, and is threatening to kill us all. Their delema now is to figure out how to turn the train without letting all the passengers know how close they all came to disaster.

There has been more and more push back against the Fed. Not enough to be sure, but some is better than none and it bears watching. There have also been quite a few jewish media people openly queationing what israel is doing, in what appears to be an attempt to send them a message that there in not going to be blanket support for policies and actions that could bring terrible consequences to all jews.

Yes there are many indications that, even though things may appear to be business as usual on the outside, that things in the darkened back rooms has changed. Ten years ago an open rebuke of israel on any issue would have been unthinkable, but they really stepped on their richard with that settlement thing and they were called on it in all the media by our government. Nitwityahoo visited Obama (rymes with Osama)grin, and not only did we get no joint appearance at the microphones, but almost no media coverage at all. Divorce papers? Probably not, but one can hope.

So many images swirling around in the crystal ball, but what do they all mean? Well I'm thinking no one knows, but it does make for an interesting show.

Les, sorry I haven't been around, but I got a job working for public transit, and it's amazing how much work there is to do when you work for an entity that has no money. Between that and my kids competition to see who can corner the market on stupid, I just haven't had much time to babble. Until next time, take care my friend, and peace to all.

Visible said...

Great to see you Hank and I am definitely co-opting Nitwityahoo. That's a scream. We should all adopt it.

A. Peasant said...

this was scrubbed from the web, was originally here in mid February (2/19):

Former Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef called Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a modern Haman, equating him with the villain of the biblical Purim story. "Just like in the days of the first Haman, we have had Hamans in all the generations. Today we have a new Haman in Persia who is threatening us with his nuclear weapons. Their swords will strike their own hearts, and their bows will be destroyed," Rabbi Yosef said.

sephardic rabbi. i came across in in research and thought it was odd how it disappeared right away, like someone let the cat out of the bag, you know? nothing to see here.

Pstonie said...

A commenter on suggested a few months back that a wall should be erected around the Mammonites and people should be charged entrance to look through the bars. It still sounds too crass to me, but I haven't yet thought of a better solution, considering what they've done.

Not so sure about the government, though, specifically whether we'll always need it. No argument, some people are too stupid to live, but that's probably because they're not used to running their own lives. Capitalism is based on giving away responsibility to someone else, and as a result I think our brains (and bodies) have atrophied.

Visible said...

I consider myself 'self' governing and that is how I live; obeying only the laws that make sense and ignoring the rest, I don't ask the government for anything except to leave me alone and that has been working for awhile.

However... as long as people congregate in communities some kind of government is in operation. And there are useful things that a government can do; if they would only stick to them.

I'm not advocating for or against government. It's just something that is there. It is always there except for those brief periods of transformative chaos and then whoomp! they it is.

In any case, the 'self' governs everything whether those pretending to realize it or not. I'm sticking with the winner.

kf said...

Your essay was interesting and engaging as always and I had nothing to add until I saw your comment at 9:23. I was homeless with a child a few years ago; a child I was determined to keep out of the system. I went back to my native community and slept in the parking lot of the church where I attended school. I was told by a caring passerby layman that new rules say the cops must be phoned immediately upon discovery of a homeless trespasser - no contact allowed. I found out that one can not escape into the woodwork in America; shelters no longer take clients unless they are vetted by local social services. Citizens may not sleep outside of designated tent cities without being arrested and forced into the social service system. I managed to weave around the cracks but have no illusions that I could pull it off again.


Anonymous said...


A damn fine Smoking Mirrors today!

I don't know what to add, execpt maybe it should be required reading in all political circles.



Anonymous said...

I just borrowed your word (rothschildlandia) in a comment over on Kev Boyle's blog (Babel Tower) Hope you don't mind.

Steve B

Visible said...


I consider that in the public domain now. I'd like to see the inapplicable word 'Israel' removed from usage. Palestine is the word for the place. I'm determined not to use the other word anymore if I can help it; just like I want to change Mass Media to Lam(e)ass Media.

Anonymous said...

Nitwityahoo is good. I have always called him Benny Yahoo.

isabel said...

There was a time when I'd have sent this article of your's to seniour govt ministers & those of opposition parties too. But I've ceased to vote, knowing that they're all self-serving critters who don't HONESTLY give a s..t about "the people" - any people!

brian boru said...

Les, these vampires in Israhell threaten to destroy the world if they believe that they are going to lose their power. Do you think that they are capable of carrying out that threat? One of them recently stated that many European capitals have been targeted already. When they carry out their new 9/11 their worldwide media and puppet governments will terrify the goy populations with a frantic campaign against the Iranian patsy.

Visible said...

Yes, Isabel, sadly that is true but there is someone who does give a shit and they're going to be encountering him shortly.

Brian, that comment was by an Israeli professor who said that all of the capitals of Europe were in range of Israel's missiles and they would certainly wipe out the world before they allowed themselves to be dealt with. It's referred to as 'the Samson option'.

They are not nearly so secure as they think they are and they're going to find that out.

Chinese Sneakers said...

Your magnanimity [ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from Latin magnanimus (from magnus ‘great’ + animus ‘soul’ ) + -ous .] speaks well of you. i Just fear that it will not be sufficiently reciprocated to allow for some sort of peaceful co-existence with theze folks. i Hope i'm wrong on this score, though.

And may your spring resurrection be a fine one, nevertheless.

Oh, by the way--how's the novel coming along?

Visible said...


The novel is finished, has been finished but the last quarter is still in a notebook and needs to be typed into the computer and refined.

Unfortunately, what I am already up to takes so much of my time and when I am free I prefer to take the time to do nothing. I have a hectare of ground here that needs to be mowed and kept up and I have also had to strip all the wallpaper from the inside of the house, remove the mold and prep and paint it. meanwhile I have to do the blogs and the radio show and this and that. The music is suffering too. I've got 3 or four new albums written and can't get around to recording them. I am hoping to accomplish all of that this summer; god willing.

Mike Turner said...

Hi I too once worked in a restaurant in my late teens where in a combined effort all front and back of house staff stole what we could and did well for a while we were good and never got caught but lost our jobs when the place closed "cant think why" ever since then I always made sure that I made the wages before taking from the till.You are bang on Les nobody is 100% honest whether it is cash or just a toilet roll we all skim a bit its how we get back at the greedy b*******s that employ us, hopefully the banksters restaurant will close too because they have stolen way too much and neglected to make the wages

Anonymous said...

Dear les,
I think it's more a case of leadership than government.Here in Australia the local population lived quite happily until the Khazarian manipulated British empire flooded the place with people who's main crime was their inability to adapt to a system stealthily imposed on them by the zionist menace.
As far as Putin or any of these theatrical dramatists on the world stage are concerned well I wouldn't trust 'em to tell me the time in a clock shop.As Mr Shakespeare-Bacon once said "love all trust few".

Visible said...

During one of my periods working for this insane woman, 'Rose' something or other, who, like all Nazis was enamored of Singapore and had pictures of herself with Reagan and other lovely people... well, she owned this mall on Maui in Kihei and because she owned the mall she could have various restaurants that failed miserably, one after the other because she didn't know what she was doing.

At one point she fired both me and this French chef who were the only people that actually knew what they were doing there. We got on her bad side by falling out with the incompetents who couldn't fry an egg properly but knew her socially and which is how they got employed. They objected to our showing them how to prepare good people would actually eat and by making suggestions like, "You really shouldn't be putting ham bits into Fettuccine Alfredo etc.

This woman Rose was as cheap as they come and refused even to give the traditional free beer after the shift so, all of the staff would make sure to eat as much cheese cake as they could manage (I thought that was kind of stupid but I could see their point) because it was the most expensive item in terms of purchasing cost.

In all the places I worked, the more insensitive the management was the more employees looked for ways to make them pay and they could be pretty ingenious too. However, where the owners or management were competent and fair the employees responded accordingly.

The problem with restaurants is that a lot of people set out to own one without knowing anything about the business. They've got some cash to burn and they like the idea of hosting their own social scene and being important. Man, I have see some outrageous things in that business from the extremely comical to the very dangerous.

This lady 'Rose' was such and obnoxious drunk that one set of would be restaurateurs from Australia had it written in the lease that she had to stay out of there.

It was a cool scene and I used to love to go there. Still, Rose found ways to fuck with them. She was one of those control freak self important drunks who had no control over herself but wielded a lot of power due to being very rich and connected.

What happened was that, one night when Rose was even drunker than usual and passed out somewhere else, they stripped the place from floor to ceiling and loaded it all into trucks in the middle of the night and the next day it was just a vacant shell.

The place we worked in we referred to as "Pissed off Pasta". That was a play on it's real name. I was doing a lot of standup comedy at the time and since I knew my days were numbered there right from the start, I and a couple of other wags really put on a show; not while she was around but you could definitely catch if from the dining area.

abe said...

"Whoomp! they it is."
You Know, that was actually the first "rap" song I ever liked! Back when hip-hoppers still wore their clothes backwards and complained about liquor stores and pawn shops. Thank God diddy and the jayz changed all that.(barf)

Neko Kinoshita said...

Gosh Hank,

It souds like you've been visiting where I live.

Details vary, but "corner the market onstupit" could have come rightout of my keyboard.


Anonymous said...

no one tells the truth like you and no one winds it up with no warning like you do. You constantly surprise me. I'm beautiful and I am rich and I am young but I would guess that that would not be enough to get you to fuck me. That is what I call integrity and what my parents and associates don't have. You are going to rule the world some day.

I've sent you twenty emails and you don't answer so I am writing you here and I am not going to stop. I can fund your world.


Visible said...


I'm letting this through to let you know I already have a banker and people with deeper pockets have already tried. I am hoping this will put an end to the emails. You've sent me pictures and you are appetite enhancing, provided those are pictures of you and not the usual shit I run into.

Given that I have an attraction in the minds of some of the younger set, since they all want to say they knew me after I am gone... nothing cuts it with me, I also think people are tailoring this to see if I will bite. I won't.

It is enough that I have to live with myself, let alone you. That is why I don't answer and your parents would have me killed if it were in their power but I don't mess around anyway and no one can ever say I have.

Some other time, some other life.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Les --

Since sex is in the air Easter-wise, I guess they're out fishing with pussy. About a half-hour ago on Facebook I just got propositioned -- young, gorgeous, rich...

Small world, heh


Anonymous said...

Your version of "integrity" is interesting.

I've never understood women that want to tempt men that are in committed relationships.

I'd never hurt another woman or her family like that.
To each his or her own - but it seems like some bad intentions your throwing out there.

Visible said...

This sounds like responses to my radio show and it hasn't even aired yet. Synchronicity in spades.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,..message to nitwityahoo;

John:47 He that is of God hears the words of God: therefore ye hear them not, because ye are not of God.

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary-

John8:41-47 Satan prompts men to excesses by which they murder themselves and others, while what he puts into the mind tends to ruin men's souls. He is the great promoter of falsehood of every kind. He is a liar, all his temptations are carried on by his calling evil good, and good evil, and promising freedom in sin. He is the author of all lies; whom liars resemble and obey, with whom all liars shall have their portion for ever. The special lusts of the devil are spiritual wickedness, the lusts of the mind, and corrupt reasonings, pride and envy, wrath and malice, enmity to good, and enticing others to evil. By the truth, here understand the revealed will of God as to the salvation of men by Jesus Christ, the truth Christ was now preaching, and which the Jews opposed.

Nastrovya (Campari huh? I haven't had a drop since 19th March - detoxing - cold turkey hell!)

A Temple Knight.

sam said...

Try as I may, I find it difficult to articulate our(US) position in the grand scheme of the Rothschildlandia mess. Are we co-dependents of an abuse addicted entity? Are we victims ourselves? Some of each? Surely, far too many of us are blinded by the propaganda campaign (I saw a video last night of the AIPAC in our Universities with that Alan Dershowitz character spouting some B,S. to the select students);how is that not our fault?? Some in power, threatened and blackmailed. Some of us, seemingly perfectly happy, indeed enthusiastic, at promoting such behavior.
If it was up to me, I would scoop up all the Rothschildlandia cheerleaders and followers everywhere, and dump them in R-Landia. Then, after they were all in one place and feeling nice, safe and comfortable, I would scoop them ALL up and drop them (gently) on the City Of London, naked and shekel-less. Thus giving the British people another chance to discipline their bastard child.

Greg Bacon said...

The only way the USA and Israel will divorce is when America has been sucked dry of wealth and blood and the bones picked clean. That's when Israel will remove those Star of David shaped fangs from Uncle Sam's neck and make cooing sounds to their next victim, China.

China's already letting kosher meat facilities to be operated by the Chosen, so expect to see in the near future a meth epidemic in that country.

Anonymous said...

China has already been through that once. The British invaded and opium was taking over the country. I believe the Dutch East India Company was spreading that around.

The Chinese who invented gun powder found that British gun boats were out in the bay using their own invention against them. It took the boxer rebellion to restore order.

Anonymous said...
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ravenise said...

Haarp Earthquake hit Mexico, didn't you feel it?

If you are reading this message way after I posted it, start with this picture (04/05/2010 13:26:16 UT) and move back in time

Haarp real time monitor:

You can see, its irrefutable, someone haarped mexico

Citizen Elle said...

Thank you for your rich, powerful message on the radio show last night. I actually appreciated the influences working on you last night. When I realized it had "happened again", I had a serious LOL. I just listened this a.m. & it made me write here for the first time

Is humanity awakening quickly enough to recognize during these times of revelations that the elements of Mother Nature are being devastated, raped and destroyed by the world bankers who so many of us have actually, often unknowingly, paid to do this by participating in their profitable pillage? When will enough of us give the better part of our energy and intentions to healing and reviving this once bountiful garden planet that is our temporary home? The time has come and there is clearly hope. Little Grandmother's message acknowledges this. Exchange energy with the plants - do not take it from other humans any longer. Breathe in your energy from Mother, she reminds us. I've discovered the work of Viktor Schauberger as a great resource on this subject of nature's energies readily available to us. Callum Coates has magically harmonized the depths of his work in the book Living Energies, as does Hidden Nature by Alick Bartholomew. Books such as these really should be compensatory reading for all human beings of the world at this time. Even doing your own cliff notes version by perusing the table of contents pages for free on Amazon provides profound nuggets that resonate with the core of our existence. Our soul is nurtured in union with our natural origins both material and spiritual. This union is where bliss lives and it calls to us in every moment to grow with it.

Thank you for your continued inspiration.

In Lak Esh - love & light, always,

Dammerung said...

An ugly post, Les.

All government is theft at gunpoint. All government is the use of force to take from one person to give to another. All charity-by-force is wickedness. If a mugger points a gun at you, takes your wallet, and then says he's giving it to charity (after keeping a small 70% for himself) - are you any less wronged?

People who apologize for the state and what it represents - theft, murder, and lies - have no place in the world of human beings. Governments are machines whose input is human spirit and whose output is corpses.

Anarchy is peace. Anarchy is prosperity. A serial killer might murder 10 or 20 people before being caught, but a government kills MILLIONS. The government cannot provide security or prosperity for us - we must produce these things for ourselves. For shame, Les.

Anonymous said...

Visible I just heard your radio show and you are an epic phenomenon. You kick ass where there isn't even ass to kick. I have heard most radio presenters but you are living proof of "in vino veritas". You made me cry.

What you could do if you were fully conscious would be a wonder to behold. I now know you were not lying about the kundalini thing. I only hope the world catches up with you before it is too late because you have scarred me with your off the cuff truth.

Clueless professor at ivy league college with too much scotch.

I love you my brother.


Tom Mysiewicz said...

Reminds me of Plunkett of Tamanny Hall and his concept of "honest graft". When I was a kid my dad was a cop and the cops were all on the "pad". They might take money to let a speeder off, but they wouldn't frame a non-criminal for something--it was against the "code". This was a recognition that they had some duty to ordinary people that trancended their own immediate wellbeing...kind of like Putin. I'm an idealist but, as you point out, things are what they are.

Zellie said...

The Anastasia series of books by Vladimir Megre is also a siren call return to the earth...out of Russia comes the hope of the world...

the BCth said...

Ho-lee shit are my synchronicity levels off the fucking charts these days. By far my most transformative and significant Easter weekend ever. Even more so thanks to you, my friend. But we both know who's behind it all, don't we.

You mentioned the ganja in your radio show, said you didn't like it. Well, I will just say that before this weekend, I would not have had an opinion on that but now I do. For me personally, it was a trigger for some pretty freaking far-out shit by my own (comparatively tame) standards. I absolutely do not regret the experience, shocking though it was. At no point did I feel threatened or in any danger whatsoever. I won't elaborate here, but as soon as I've written up an account of the details I will email it to anyone who is interested.

Thank you so much for recording the latest show. It hit me deeper, more viscerally, than your material has ever done before. A whole 'nother level. Like everything else these days, I guess. (grin)


Juho William Tauriainen

Rabbit said...

I think I have to agree with Dammerung, I too am an Anarchist. I never yet met an authority I could respect. I do like Nitwityahoo also, and also appropriated that one. My own before that was BitterYahoo. I do not think Russia and China will go along with any of the US or Rothschildlandia plans unless they stand to gain more than they can lose, but genocidal blackmail can do that to you.

Seems like one should be catching up with your radio broadcasts.

Visible said...

I am an idealist too. It is why I can't stop crying. Aft gang aglay mateys

NotAnotherEla! said...

Thanks for the post and comments.

Peace, Mouser

Nitwityahoo of Rothschildlandia... (yuk,yuk,yuk)

Max Keizer said...

"If you took away fraud from the American business model - all that would be left is porn and donuts."

(Goldmansachs, JPMorgan etc)

Greg Bacon said...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Israel's 9/11 "To Do" Checklist

1. On 9/11/2001, set off the world's biggest false-flag against our ally, friend, financial backer, weapons depot and all around gullible sucker, the USA using Arab patsies, MOSSAD agents, mercs, CIA cutouts, katsas running White House and Pentagon traitors and our world-wide system of sayanim.... Check.

2. Use the terror and tragedies of that day to turn the USA into a carbon-copy of Israel; a seething collection of violent, out of control blood-thirsty Muslim haters who take glee in killing Arabs (and Persians) we want butchered...Check.

3. Hide behind the USA's GWOT to terrorize, incarcerate and kill more Palestinians so we can continue on with our decades long plan of stealing ALL of Palestine... Check.

4. Use our 'katsas,' strategically placed in the major MSM outlets we either own or control to further brainwash Americans into thinking Iraq was tied to 9/11, is a menace to the USA and trick those fools into invading that nation... Check.

5. Use MOSSAD agents to set off IED's and car bombs in Iraq, that our MSM outlets will blame on Muslims tied to 9/11, to keep Americans seething with hatred for decades and keep their sons and daughters dying in Iraq for the Greater Glory of Zionism... Check.

6. Continue to use our katsas--running our MSM sayanim--to poison American minds into thinking that Iran is some sort of threat to the USA (and tied into 9/11) so they'll attack that nation. Use some of the same lies and psyops that worked during the run up to the Iraq invasion... Check.

7. Use our strategically placed sayanim at all levels of the federal judiciary to confuse, delay and deny any attempts by 9/11 victims family members to seek truth and justice... Check.

8. Use our media outlets to confuse, distract and keep in constant terror Americans with stories about 9/11 fictions and a non-existent 'al Qaeda,' and clog up their minds with lurid tales of celebrity and sports figure sex stories and gossip so they won't notice our agents like Bernie Madoff looting hundreds of billions of dollars from their retirement accounts and pension plans, while our sayanim in the Federal Reserve and select Wall Street bank loot trillions from America. (P.S. Make sure none of that toxic Mortgage Backed Security crap is sold to or in Israel!).... Check.

9. Use some of that wealth stolen from Americans to bribe and corrupt their leaders so that anytime a Congressmember or State Department official or their President uses the words Arab or Muslim or Islam or Iran, that they also mention 9/11.... Check.

10. Keep using disturbing images and planted stories about 9/11, created by our people at MOSSAD Studios in Herzliya to continue to confuse and warp American minds so Israel can keep sucking the lifeforce, blood, wealth and treasure from our American hosts until they collapse and lie on the ground, looking like a skeleton that's been picked clean by vultures... Check and Double-Check!


Mouser said...

Hi Glenn,
Thanks for the directions. I'll call you in the next couple days.
Please note meanwhile: The only friend of mine here who took the bogus swine flu vaccine is a physiotherapist who's never been sick in her life. She's always eaten good food and hates cigarette smoke. She said she was pressured into taking it by her job and took it against my advice. She also took the so-called mammography/breast scan sometime earlier. And now guess what...? She's got serious lymph and breast cancer..! And of course the dumb bastards now want to start pumping her full of MORE poison and radiation..!
This should be put out on the Les Visible blogs.
(Name withheld)

Visible said...

There's a new Petri Dish up-

The Money and the Mango Vase.

Anonymous said...

On the Berlusconi and Putin subject .
The thing is much more complicated that people would imagine .
Berlusconi has a minister of finance by the name of Giulio Tremonti . This chap has written a book against globalization .
The western media likes to demonize Putin because he really kicked out Russia a few zionist crims that were looting that country . The PTB wants Putin isolated and Besrlusconi out of power beacuse he does not obey completely the NWO.
Berlusconi is in power to enhance his own business and keep out of jail , the business of Italy is a low priority .
The opposition party here in Italy is the PD ( Partito Democratico ) . This party is infiltrated by Bilderbergers and really in my view the two party system sucks. There is no choice .
That's my rant for today ..

Visible said...

Anachore or Incogman, whichever you are; I'm familiar with your xenophobic screeds that come off like Savonarola just broke a nail. I would have posted your comment but you used it to advertise your site as an alternative. I'm hardly going to allow that, nor do I feel people benefit from what you have to say. I already let you wig a little 'anonymously' at Petri Dish but that's on a timer too.

This place, like the others, has an atmosphere of civil discourse; you might be unfamiliar with the term. As for why this blog is "so popular", maybe that's the reason. The implication that I suck up to the rich is hardly reflected in my lack of material success.

You've got your little corner and there will always be people that want to hear that kind of thing. I'm not one of them and neither are the majority of the readers here.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Riding in the Back of the Universe's Long Black Limousine.



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