Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ride the Apocalypse on the New Ship of Seeing.

[Please note that there will be no radio show for the next two weeks but... what would have been the shows will be available for download at the beginning of this week (if there is one). With that said and- given whatever confusion may arise- we will excerpt a portion of the radio show for this Smoking Mirrors.]

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Ahrooooooooooooooooo! The Dog Poet is back in his saucer after being downed by intense electro magnetic waves being focused on the craft. We’d been running without all shields in place which wasn’t smart; hadn’t figured on inter-dimensional assault but apparently we’ve reached the attention of certain long surviving entities with an interest in maintaining the Earth as a zone of darkness... or at least that’s how it appears at the moment. We’re hovering over Kyrgyzstan, observing the American neo-con murder base that’s likely to go condo in the near future, courtesy of some outstanding chess on the part of Vladimir Putin. It looks like there may be fewer dead Afghanis; at least for a little while in the future. Let’s hope the opium industry of the west isn’t going to experience too much downsizing in production given their all out efforts to addict a large portion of the Russian population along with financing global mass murder.

All this is going on and I know about it and many others know about it but... President Obama doesn’t know about it? Senators and Congressman on the foreign relations committees; Homeland Security and other related political brothels, operating in the interests of Rothschildlandia don’t know about the black bag, nation destabilizing operations of the ...ridden hard and put away wet, land of the free... used to be? Never was?

Despite the awesome evil being perpetrated by the crime family pretending to be a simple, genocide performing ...just add water... shake and bake nation in the middle east and despite the conversion of men and women without principles into coke hanger whipped crack whores, masquerading as public servants, I am feeling more and more confident about the future because this really is The Apocalypse. Hallelujah for that! Can I get a witness! People, we are all witnesses in our own awakening, as the veils are torn away from the heavy B&D, real life, snuff film ...that is the pleasure and the livelihood of those who seek to tie us to the rack..; video at 11, courtesy of Fox Goblin news, bringing you all the latest information as soon as it comes out of the oven. “We make news so real you can’t believe it isn’t” but if you taste it, you won’t have to think for a moment about whether it’s butter or not. Butter doesn’t taste like the money shot from Pink Flamingoes and neither does margarine with added fat.

Where was I? Actually I was in the saucer sauna only a few minutes ago, receiving a heated light bath with penetrative rays. It’s done wonders removing the effects of the electro magnetic, mania ray. It actually converts the residue for other uses the way your body processes sugar. Neat, huh? You won’t be getting one of these at Wal-Mart.

Let’s dwell on The Apocalypse tonight. Let’s dwell in it. Let’s bathe in it because it has penetrating rays of light just like my sauna except it’s got more of them, of considerably more power. I always thought The Apocalypse was a negative event, like Armageddon, but now I know it’s a wonderful thing... well, not in all cases but certainly for the good of the planet we are on. The confinement pods are opening. You can feel the life giving oxygen flooding into the pods as the gases of illusion are hissing back into the breathing tube canisters.

Expect to feel drowsy and off balance at first and also expect that you will experience irritation and impatience as a whole new array of sensory tools come into operation. It is exactly like a snake shedding its skin or... perhaps you prefer identifying it as a chrysalis stage? Most people have difficulty with serpent imagery and that is because it has an atavistic component and reaches far back into our unremembered past. Perhaps the Garden of Eden allegory helps in some way. Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge and hid from the divine because they interpreted something shameful about their nakedness. Previous to this they were also naked, were they not? It had no shameful connotations then did it? That which tempts us into an awareness of the phenomenological world is the same force that frees us from it by bringing us through stages of understanding to a state of regenerated innocence.

Our perception of a dual world is what has caused us to be manipulated by fear and uncertainty. This is what is capitalized upon by those who have been preying upon us and stealing the fruits of our labor. This is why they made the premier guilt producing substance the accepted escape mechanism on this plane; that would be alcohol. They have rendered the rest illegal because some portion of the rest tend to put the mind into position to see what has been happening to it. This is not an accident. This is all calculated. The lures of the world through the urgings of appetite are designed to destroy your health and your balance in relation to Nature.

We knew much more about healing health problems in generations past and now we see newly manufactured health concerns and sweeping epidemics that did not exist before, made by certain vested interests, plying the senses with attractions that slowly kill the host ...and sometimes not so slowly. You could say that the world is the throne of the dark lord as well as the footstool of the luminous divine. The dark lord, inasmuch as he is understood to exist, is here for the purpose of trapping those disposed to evil in their own webs. He creates certain constantly repeating conditions and the divine directs the human intelligence through a series of challenges, whose purpose is to free the beings from the conditions they find themselves in or... to further trap them if that is their intent. The most terrible of roles are those being played by those whose intent is to harm and enslave their fellows.

It is in those times known as The Apocalypse when the ones doing the dark lords work are exposed to the awakening minds and also to themselves; rightfully do they tremble when they see what they have become. Before it dawns on them, they thought themselves all powerful and untouchable. They could not imagine that there actually was a force monitoring every single event of existence in the universe. Many of them cloaked themselves in the garb of priests and ministers because... since there was no God, they might as well make a fortune representing him... not to mention getting laid with the prophet. What a surprise when it is revealed that the whole of the dream of life was always completely under the control of the one will.

This revelation dawns individually upon various pretenders every day but... during an Apocalypse it dawns en masse. A good image to remember is when Gandalf and Aragorn and the rest of the crew from the battle for Minis Tirith were before the gates of Mordor, surrounded by Sauron’s army and despairing of the victory ...and then? And then the ring of power was dropped into Mount Doom and Sauron’s mind was taken off his armies. When that happened, Sauron’s armies lost their will, their focus and their sense of purpose. In blind panic they ran off in all directions, without knowing why or where they were going. No doubt many of them could not explain to themselves what they had been doing just moments earlier. This is very much what is coming. The will is going to be removed from the operations and intentions of those bent on evil and those who are serving them... in many cases under false assumptions without knowing at all the real intent of their masters. They were just following orders. It all seemed to be the right thing to do until the blindfolds came off.

Celebrate The Apocalypse. It’s a fair wind blowing. This wind is carrying the eagles of your salvation, like the eagles that came for Frodo and Samwise. Some of you might also know that the eagle represents the spiritual sight of the awakened Scorpio who has taken the venom of its lower scorpion totem and distilled a healing tincture from it. The same is the case of the risen serpent. This is the primary secret that is concealed by organized religion that presents the serpent force as an agent of the devil... it is your liberator in disguise. The secrets of our true nature and heritage are distorted in the teachings of organized religion for the material profit of those concealing the truth for their own benefit. “Even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment. Be not deceived.” This quote from the Bible has been all but removed from the scripture. Where it has not been removed, it has been deliberately misinterpreted to continue your enslavement to a lie.

Fear is a faith killer. Lies are designed to compromise your heart and weaken your will in service to something that has no power except what fear and lies provide it with. If you are not swayed by fear or deceived by lies then it has no power over you at all. It is why some of us can walk in this world seeing and the rest are wandering blind. When you cannot see, you cannot accurately interpret what is taking place around you. You have to rely of the reports of those claiming to see.

I realize how difficult it is to wake up to the fact that the whole world which you believed to be true is actually a lie. Even when you know this must be so, its sheer overwhelming presence is enough to make you doubt what you suspect to be true. But now your new best friend, The Apocalypse is exposing the lies... every day the influence of the media is being compromised by strange accidents that they can’t control. Every day politicians and religious leaders are being caught in scandals and that process is accelerating. As you can see in the case of the Pope; as you can see with Israel’s vicious mistreatment of the Palestinians and their international organ trafficking; as you can see in the sudden mass media revelation that Israel does indeed have nuclear weapons..; Turkey and Egypt were going to confront them at the nuclear arms talk, so Nitwit-yahoo couldn’t even attend. I suspect he went to a private buffet composed entirely of missing children. When your power starts to run low you have to perform more evil to get it recharged. Unfortunately that’s not going to work any more.

The Apocalypse also has a seriously ironic sense of humor so the method of exposure is going to start taking on some really comic characteristics in a kind of, pants down caught on camera, sort of a way. Some of it is going to be dreadful; much more dreadful than the recent Wikileaks release of the killer Apache helicopters.

Ride the Apocalypse my friends. Sail on the new ‘ship of seeing’. This ship is an ice cutter and it is breaking up the frozen intransigence of our misguided past and returning it to flowing water and the promise that entails. The frozen sunlight is also becoming liquid; reshaping our being into something nearer to the heart’s desire. Let the dead bury the dead and let the living walk into the new world opening before us.

End Transmission.......

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McKenna Fan said...


Anonymous said...

A truly awesome post Les!

I fear nothing, not anymore, and I thankyou for that my friend.

You have set me free!


simon said...

I've gone back to A.A. after a 15 year relapse. Just ine time?

hope so


abe said...

Dude, fucking blogger just ate a really long comment/essay on the four horsemen of the apocalypse I had written. Really frustrating shit so I'll just post the bullet points:

White horse = Christianity. Please note that Jesus was neither Christian nor Jew. White is the color of the papcy and it's symbol is the triple crown. The bow carried by its rider is symbolic of missionaries- a direct allusion to Psalm 127. This psalm is one of the few written by Solomon who was both the founder of Masonry and the first antichrist, see the book of first kings chapter ten: 14Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold" (that would be 666 talents from every nation).

Red horse = War, as stated in the text. The history of jewish war financing should be known to anyone knowledgeable enough to read this blog. It is also the color of communism and was chosen as such for that reason.

Black horse = Banking. The rider is a money lender. The scales are supply and demand. A penny used to be a days wage and a measure of grain is enough for a meal. A family man only earning enough to feed one person one meal a day is going to see his loved ones slowly starve to death, or they him. The four beasts that declare his terms represent Leo (the lion), Aquarius (the man), Taurus (the ox), and Scorpio (the eagle). The jewish history of gaining political power through commodity control and mass starvation goes all the way back to Joseph in Egypt (re-read Genesis). Contemporary capitalism is the largely the brain child of Ludwig von Mises, the jewish antithesis of karl marx. He founded Austrian economics, which is nowadays called libertarianism. Modern economic theory (Keynesian theory, aka inflationary capitalism)is the synthesis of the two opposing jewsih economic management theories.

Pale horse = Islam. The word translated as pale is Chloros, or green, the color of Islam. I sympathize with Muslims as the victims of our jewish war on terror(war of terror really), but the fact remains. The leaders of Muslim world are some of the most violent, degenerate, hypocritical, and complicit scum on earth who have done much to further zionist/satanic interests against the populations they rule over. Also 1.5 billion Muslim is indeed a quarter of the earth's population. The rider is called death and hell follows with him. That rider would be the crypto jews known as the Saudi royal family, who introduced are the primary source of funding for ALL Islamic terrorism. That the false and hateful creed that they have propagated through their charities and madrassas also happens to provide the perfect justification for their openly jewish cousins in the west need to rain hellfire down upon the peoples of the Islamic world is no accident.

So there you have it folks, the weapons with which the jews seek to enslave you and all humanity laid out by their greatest adversary over 1900 years ago for anyone with eyes to see or ears to hear. Invented religions, war profiteering, and Commodity speculation. Has it ever been anything else?

Visible said...

Blogger is messing with this site in a number of ways. Always save your text before trying to post your comment and always send it to me in an email if you don't see it go up.

Haven't seen it put that way before Abe but the tales told in the hidden history as opposed to the constantly altered history vary greatly.

reenie said...

I am so ready!
Thanks for all you do to keep us moving forward fearlessly.

Unknown said...

I gets the blinds on him
an' it sure is a fright
next comes the saddle
an' I screws it down tight
then I steps on him
an' raises the blind
get out the way boys
he's gonna unwind

from "the strawberry roan"

Anonymous said...

"Let’s dwell on The Apocalypse tonight."

Yes, let's. A weatherman on April 9, 2010 let's slip the military spray our air with aluminum and plastic particles, among other things. He couldn't help bragging he'd been in the airforce and knows what's going on...

Youtube: chemtrails

Thank you, Les.

Anonymous said...

Kinda nice when those coils all slip of your shoulders? When one really lets go of those things outside their circle?

Nice post - breathe, and remember to watch what fills your vessel next. There is quite a lot of bad air and karma zinging about!!

Me? I am going outside to nurture some veggies and such!

Keep the Faith...
Jim in Houston

Anonymous said...

Goodness I am laughing out loud here thinking there are great masses of humanity that would not have any idea what the dog poet is even talking about.

Abe I would like to see all of that one. It is best to put all posts of any length in a file in the event blogger eats them. I have experienced that one myself.

I don't know what to say dog other than this was a monolithic statement. You leave me breathless.

Bite that apple people!

Anonymous said...

Very insightful and guiding essay. It is all coming to resolve the puzzle. Events and those who trying to manipulate them (Aryans, PTBE etc) eventually (maybe not in this age) will feel that string that they pulled is going too hit them. Les, your articles help too see bigger picture. Wish you to release yourSelf from this samsara circle.

Thank you/

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude!
This is a real cool post.
Keep the inspiration up & coming.
Go boy,go.

Anonymous said...

As dublin mick wrote -

"I don't know what to say dog other than this was a monolithic statement. You leave me breathless."

Freakin monolithic!
You leave me grinning. Got my 'ticket to ride' in hand for the icebreaker 'ship of seeing' (senior discount).

Anonymous said...

I would have liked to have been the thirteenth poster... one of my power numbers and a number I find in the oddest of places. Of course we find what we're looking for, do we not?

Excellent post today! You were channeling the Big Kahuna the way you surfed the Apocalypse today.

Good Feces... the earthquake map is very interesting, but then these are interesting times are they not?

Peace y'all


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great article Les.

Very true what you say and very visible for all to see, that care to see.

Thanks Les.. keep it up.

Anonymous said...
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kikz said...

the angel of death...

and apparently i'm the serpent bearer as well.

as ophiuchus - i had to relocate a naughty snake out of my yard, just a while ago.

ophiuchus - the serpent bearer; 13th member of the zodiac. interesting stuff if you're not in the know.

today is rife w/synchronicity and metaphor.

sandcat said...

re: weatherman - great link thanks babette.

So according to the weatherman, chemtrails are anti-radar "technology". So what exactly is it, in virtually every part of every country in the world, that is so important to NOT APPEAR on anyones radar screens???????????

Unknown said...

I wonder if the release the new wikileaks video is being used to set the stage for our next false-flag 9/11 type attack. Think off all the enraged muslims who saw that video. It's a perfect opportunity for the Zionist inflict serious damage in the US and blame it on revengeful muslim extremist. Wikileaks could very well be a CIA front group, that video could have easily been destroyed by our government there was no need for it to ever get out, unless that was their intention.f

Joseph Alexander said...

The mirror shines brightly now for all to see themselves ,the good the bad and the ugly . Judgement day .As the dust is slowly cleared by Gods hand our vision penetrates the hidden chambers of the universal mind discovering the long dormant serpent hiding its' golden treasure the awareness of good and evil. Every deed will be rewarded in kind or unkind ,the instant karma of the now.
Science will be next on the steps to the gallows , to be hung by their own ignorance and hubris with the subtle superstring forces behind the universe. The peer review is a form of censorship , nothing gets published unless the scientist bows to the generals of materialism. As Susan Mazur says in a number of articles at The peer review journals such as Wileys hand down the decisions for publication of new scientific papers are private corporations owned by stockholders i.e. banksters .The CEO of Moody's and former CFO of Dow Jones sit on the governing board determining the outcomes and who should be rewarded with publication . Any intelligent student or researcher who doesn't cooperate cannot matriculate into the PHD programs. It's the same dumbing down process used in all educational groups . Believe or be crucified..
Vicktor Shauberger wrote in the 1930s about the destruction of the forest leading to a rise in atmospheric temperature, then a eventual global ice age. If deforestation continues on a world wide scale the atmosphere will lose its oxygen content and the water table sink .It is the atmosphere that provides heat and light to the earth. Without the proper mixture of water vapor and Carbones the cold from space will penetrate the stratosphere and drop the overall temperature Science doesn't understand the spiral nature of water. He wrote in the article Our Senseless Toil "It can reasonably be asserted that the next ice age will be virtually dragged in by contemporary science and technology" Water is the life blood of the earth , by running it through pipes and dams its life giving properties are neutralized. In fact the human race cannot evolve normally without the proper natural environment. Sometimes I think our Civilization is Conspiracy against Nature. Schauberger also said If humanity is to be controlled the quality of the water and food must be destroyed then the thought processes of humanity deteriorate, The easiest way to achieve this is the elimination of the spiral cycloid movement of water. The global warming arena will be the next drama in the media. This will be the knife in the back of science A science that censors real knowledge due to financial and political issues cannot guide the human race into a peaceful future.
The big three ,Science, Politics and Religion are only philosophies we use to make sense of the exterior world .They come from our mind and are only a particular shade of son glasses by which to view the infinite world .They will die and then be reborn at a higher octave just as humanity wakes up to the greater inner and outer reality of the coming age.
Maintaining the Earth as a zone of darkness. Great words Les.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive comments Joseph and I couldn't agree more with you. It really does appear a conspiracy against the earth and life itself. It is hard to imagine anyone that thinks they can do so much damage and not be affected by it themselves.

It is kind of like the native Americans always say, whatever happens to the animals soon happens to man. This is true in so many areas. Just take the one area of prions which are now in cattle, deer and elk etc. They are jumping over to man.

Mel said...

thank you.. a good read..

abe said...

Amazing insights Joseph. Any thoughts on how to get living water outside of uninhabited nature? Is ordinary bottled spring water good enough? I like to use distilled water myself, it goes good with diatomaceous earth to strip heavy metals from your system.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The apocalypse is a coming. The winds of change are approaching, but these winds are different. These winds are are approaching from a much greater force than any human can imagine.

This energy that approaches comes from the source of all creation. The myths that we percieve to be true are a veil yet to be lifted, but soon all will be clear for those that are awakened to what destiny has awaiting humanity.

The darkness and despair is about to end, as this cycle of human existance comes to an end. It was all predestined. There is coming a very dark time for this planet. The birthing pains are very strong. The system that supposedly keeps this world afloat is about to dissolve, and when it does there will be total darkness till the light comes thru to eradicate the evil that presides over humanity. The economic train is on full steam ahead, and it is about to go right off the cliff. Wars will escalate, and the total collapse of this world as we know it is at hand. The shaking and rumbling of this planet will continue to escalate.

There is no need to worry or fear what is about to engulf our planet, our solar system, our very humanity. The denseness of the human spirit is about to be absorbed by a new energy that will provide an illumination of the human soul that almost no one of this planet can comprehend yet.

Unfortunately humans have been brainwashed as to the true history of this planet and how humans evolved, no matter, the only thing to be concerned with is to open your heart to the goodness and purity of what humans were gifted with. We are a very special entity in this universe, and as such, have a special purpose that the source of all creation has in store for us.

Its time to awaken, and open your consciousness to the fact that this planet is rebirthing as will the human race. The inner molten heart of Earth is going thru her transformation as will we.
This age or cycle known as the iron age, is about to end, and with it the evil and corruption that seathes from its core will be banished, and an age of unimperiled energy will propel humans to one day, eons from now, finally join our maker.


m_astera said...

Prions. Aids. How come we are not all dead yet?

FWIW: Mad Cow, TSE, BSE, Creutzfeld-Jakob disease is not an infectious disease any more than scurvy, beri-beri, or pellagra are. No more the Keishan disease is, or Brucellosis. They are deficiency diseases. Scurvy is a vitamin-C/Copper deficiency. Beri-beri and pellagra B-complex deficiencies. Keishan disease is the same as white-muscle disease in livestock, a Selenium deficiency. Brucellosis is a Copper and Cobalt deficiency.

Prions are simple amino-acid protein structures. With amino acids, the shape is as or more important than the chemistry is. They are folded into the proper shape by catalytic metals, such as Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Iron, Selenium. Lack of the catalytic element means that if they are formed at all, they will be the wrong shape to fit the locks to which they are supposed to be the key.

The various spongiform ecncephalopathies are all associated with Copper and usually Zinc deficiencies. The mammal body tries to substitute other metals such as Manganese. Copper is a conductor, Manganese more of a capacitor; Manganese stores charge, which is why it's used in recording tapes and (I think) speaker magnets. Mark Purdey spent over twenty years proving the link between BSE etc and mineral imbalance in the soil and the diet. Those interested may start here:

Of course anyone who has bothered to do the reading knows that AIDS is not an infectious disease either, any more than cancer is.

It's all about fear, anger, helplessness and tying up the emotional energy. Educate yourself and relax. Watch the show but don't feed the vampires. Free up some energy to create. It's time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that is why I keep mentioning copper.

You can skip over the religious connotations if you like but the gist is the life is in the blood and you cannot form healthy blood protein cells when copper deficiency prevails. That seems to be what a prion is, a malformed protein.

There is some evidence also that barium depletes copper in the blood.

You know Abe I didn't thin diatom earth was edible, It thought it would cut the insides. I know insects grind themselves up on it while it is in the dirt.

A big Berkey gravitation water filter is good for clean water. The filters have silver in them. They say some of them are just selling bottled water that is straight from the faucet anyway and claiming it is pure.

Travis said...

Really, at some point isn't Jubilee the only answer? However, I think it probably comes after the first three events on this list:

1. Deflation
2. Inflation
3. World War III
4. Jubilee
5. Rapture

HAHAHA! Not really, I am an atheist but its fun to play along sometime. Everyone has a different version for how the world will end and they are probably all wrong.

Everyone is screwing over each other right now and its hilarious to watch if you have no horse in the race.

Its like watching Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and the Three Blind Mice play musical chairs with baseball bats. The insanity is downright FUNNY.

White Horses, brown horses, the bible is a good read IF you know HOW to read it. The Serpent was the smartest guy in the bible, he was a big fan of education as I am. No wonder modern Christianity is so fucked up, they can't interpret their own books correctly when the truth is staring them in the face.

How will the "Apocalypse" begin? I don't know, but I am sure after researching what CERN is up to, I feel like they may have a hand in ushering something in that may not be too pretty.

I could be wrong, I have been wrong before.

reenie said...

Mama Cass Eliot

Joseph Alexander said...

"Comprehend and follow nature" this was Schauberger's theme , to live within the bounds of a true sustainable culture . Which is only solution for our sanity and life of the planet. There are no shortcuts
Water and food need the sacred spiral of life just as the spiritual seeker needs winding serpent for knowledge and enlightenment . There are some websites that sell devices which energize water in a vortex ,nothing I have experience with yet.
There one important aspect of the coming apocolapse in consciousness.
We are responsible for our own ignorance . There will be no excuses in front of the intense awareness of the higher self. At least here many are searching for the REAL TRUTH.

Anonymous said...


You are an inspiration. Fucking awesome post. When yawning humanity fully wakes we will see our slave masters as the paper tigers they really are.

Anonymous said...


I am also having trouble posting comments, hence, here it is:

In regards to chem trail video. Seems so strange that the weatherman made the comment
so off the cuff. If true, it could be that they are trying to block radar from seeing into space.
this may be due to some activity up there that is not supposed to be be seen with any technical
accuracy. I have seen vid action here. eos using night vision equipment that shows something going on.

Anyway, this truth will also come out. It seems people are just spilling their guts without even knowing
what they are doing. You are 100% correct, there is a force of truth in action here.



ps: they are going to try and shut up the internet soon. :) that is when we take it to a higher level. does the word ascension
mean anything at this point in time? :)

Better Built Craftsman LLC said...

Food grade diatomaceous earth is edible, it's fed to livestock and pets to control internal parasites. Personally, I find bentonite to be a more effective toxin remover. Either way, if you're ingesting these materials, remember to suppliment vitamins and minerals because -- while they effectively leech toxins from your system -- they also leech the good stuff!

I can't spell today!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I say my fear is long gone. My spirit and my ways have been bold and clear all my life and these days I saw when I was a child. I just did not expect them to come so fast! Apparently some of us just did not manage to wake the world up.

However, Dog Poet, this is yet another masterpiece. I choked on the line, "I suspect he went to a private buffet composed entirely of missing children." What can I say? One needs a very black sense of humour to survive the perversions around us.

Tonight I opened up a pair of eyes. I thought, This piece would help put her at ease. Then I realized, she would not have a clue what you speak of, nor is she ready. Gimme another week or two.

Thanks more than you can imagine. Oh and I posted it alongside some explosive glasswork by Dale Chilhuly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les and all,

There is a definite spring in your step in this Les.It exudes optimism,positivism and a great deal of humour.It's a great example of the power of the apocalypse when viewed through the eyes of those that can see.

A great many readers here will get a lot of comfort and reassurance from this post,and hopefully some learning too.

Well it's good to be back and i need to catch up on all of the posts over the last 8 weeks.
Vive l'apocalypse.

Thanks Les and to all who contribute here.


Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

Lady Apocalypse is Coming into Bloom.

Nick said...

This place has my respect, as do all your blogs. I read the comments too. I have been coming to this amazing place for years, I used to say to myself 'this piece is the best yet' and then you'd produce another piece that made me gasp at it's brilliance. As this current post has. I have rarely made a comment but that's because each post was complete, you'd said it and only understanding was needed. So all I could say would only sound like genuine, honest flattery. Both to yourself and to the much respected commentators. I do not make demands on others but your recent absence and recent absence of certain respected commentators was hard to bear not least because of concern for your health and well-being. Still, on that point at least it's all well again, at least for the moment. This is by far the longest comment I've written and may well have been encouraged to do so by this piece 'Ride the Apocalypse on the New Ship of Seeing', especially where you talked about fear having no power by itself.
I wanted to make the point that it's not enough just to wake-up as an opposite to not being asleep. It's not enough to be awake but unready. We need to be both awake and ready. Not being asleep is barely a start to being ready. I should think everybody here is 'not asleep' but it's not enough. I for one would like to be at least a bit more ready than not asleep.
I still chant 'Out demons out...' as many agreed to do a few months ago, why did we stay only with that? I believe more synchronised chants would be a positive.
It's not time to wake up - it way past time, it's way late and what's coming, is coming because it is overdue. Now is not the right time to wake up, the right time was centuries ago. Enough of these soothing mummy like promptings to get awake now, what we need is a metaphorical ice cold bucket of water to shock us out of this slumber while the planet is gutted by the conspirators. They've got us sussed , they know how to counter all our attempts. The few braves amongst us cannot stand alone for long. The land of the free and the home of the brave! hah - isn't it glaring? - that might have been the reds before the Europeans successfully stole their vast land and got busy with justifying why they imprison the survivors below and above ground and spreading the same 'freedom and democracy' to the rest of the world. Words are all we've got but words won't cut it and they know that, so we have nothing to fear not because we are fearless but because we are rendered harmless.

Anonymous said...
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justoffal said...

Greetings les....

Just thought I'd drop by to leave this little ditty with you that is probably going to get me banned over at the Slate sewer...

Havah Nagila a swig of tequila
turn east and then bow to the sun
C'est tres magnifique
this Hasidim clique
Lavalle Il dit que: “Well done!”

The temple looms large
but never a barge
where pines and where maples do grow
could carry the house
now ridden with louse
so they settle for bugger and snow

Just there to the south
where dewells foul mouth
Thence Jachin and Boaz be gold!
For Silverstein's chest
is full of the best
more shekels for body parts sold.

Visible said...

Well done! J.O.

abe said...

Realized that was an old link, this one's better:

Anonymous said...

M Astera,
do you know anything about RBTI (carey reams)?
e vero

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lukiftian said...

Les, when you start talking about hobbits and wizards I worry that you're listening to way more Dio than you should... still, I have a soft spot for the old Balrog... he really knew how to party!

I really loved this post Les, but I'm not sure whyyyy... but then again maybe that's enough.


Anonymous said...

Attack the Faith is right out of the Protocols of Zion #14.

The Whore of Babylon = Israel

The Angel said that he will tell us the mystery of the Woman (Rev 17:7, 18). In fact, the whole book of Revelation gives us clues, so we will start our investigation there. Once we have the internal clues the external evidence shouldn't be too hard to find...

* The Woman is called "Sodom" and "Egypt" and "Babylon" (Revelation 11:8; 17:5, 14:8, 18:10, 21).

* The Woman is located where Jesus was crucified (Revelation 11:8).

* The Woman's dwelling place becomes a River of Blood (Revelation 14:20).

* The Woman is Split into 3 Divisions (Revelation 16:19).

* The Woman has fornicated with the Heathen World against God (Revelation 17:2, 18:3, 18:9).

* The Woman is born along on a Beast (Revelation 17:3).

* The Woman is the Mother of all Whores and Abominable Atrocities (Revelation 17:5).

* The Woman is Drunk on the Blood of O.T. & N.T. Saints (Revelation 17:6, 18:24, 18:20).

* The Woman is responsible for the death of the Prophets and Apostles (Revelation 17:6, 18:20, 18:24).

* The Woman sits on 7 Mountains (Revelation 17:9)

The Woman = Jerusalem

The most compelling evidence that the woman is Jerusalem is that scripture says it's where Jesus was crucified! (Revelation 11:8). Compare Jerusalem before her Judgment: (Revelation 11:8) and after Her Judgment (Revelation 21:10).

There are two Jerusalem's. One was the literal, fleshly type of the true, spiritual Jerusalem. One was the Zion of Israel - the abode or rallying point of God's chosen nation, the other was the true Zion - the Abode of God and by extension the spiritual Home/Abode of His people where they are written and their spirits assemble before Him in awe and worship.

Jerusalem was once the Beautiful City of God, but now she has become a den of devils and full of idolatries and filthy abominations. God is going to judge Her and give her name to the spiritually faithful - those from both the nation of Israel and the heathen nations. Thus will His "Jerusalem" and His "Zion" be pure.

The Woman has killed the Saints - the Prophets, Apostles, and Jesus (Revelation 11:8; 17:6; 18: 20,24).

Jerusalem has killed the Saints - the Prophets, Apostles, and Jesus (Matthew 23:29-36; Luke 6:22-23, 26; 11:47-52; 13:28,33-34; Acts 2:23,36; 3:15; 4:10; 5:30; 7:51-52; Romans 11:2-5; 1 Corinthians 2:7-8; 1 Thessalonians 2:14-15, James 5:10).

The "Dragon" was the source of power and authority for the Beast (also referred to as the serpent, the Devil, and Satan at Revelation 12:9, 20:2). Were the Romans ever called "children of the devil"? The Jews were: (John 8:44; Acts 13:10; 1 John 3:10)! The Jews were also called "serpents" and "offspring of vipers" (Matthew 23:33)! And that same verse (Matthew 23:33) condemns them to a fiery end similar to the end of the Beast and his followers (Revelation 19:19-21)!

The 7 Mountains (Revelation 17:9) refer to Jerusalem, not Rome. The seven mountains upon which Jerusalem was built are Mount Zion, Mount Ophel, Mount Moriah, Mount Bezetha, Mount Acra, Mount Gareb, and Mount Goath.

Dammerung said...

I'm not convinced that this period of world history will bring any lasting changes. World War II didn't.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you should change Rothschildlandia to Rothschildvania?


Visible said...

That was an early prototype Chris. I've moved on to MagogkeNazi Nation. But I expect to come of with something better in the by and by; not to be confused with 'the sweet by and by'

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah!

You be havin' the tantalizing step of spring in your words Sir!

Thank you very much Les for being an island of sanity in a sea gone to muck.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
m_astera said...

e vero-

Yes, I've been aware of Reams' RBTI since the mid-1990s. You can find some of my recent writings on Brix, soil, and health at my blog, which Les has kindly linked to on his blogroll. Reams had some good insights; unfortunately he misused perfectly good scientific terms and wasn't articulate enough to pass his ideas on very well, which has led to a confused cult of personality and dogmatic insistence on his infallibility.

One clue worth trying is to replace Reams' terms anion and cation with anabolic and catabolic.

However, I really think that this is more a time to apply ourselves to original work than to try and tease hidden meanings out of the words of former inmates.

Michael Astera

Anonymous said...

Good onya Doggy.
The power of words is immense a.

Unknown said...

This post my friends, brings a whole new meaning to Poetic Justus. Well done Dog poet.

su said...

Plans to visit you are halted by the expiration of a passport.
British. Oh dear, perhaps I am one of the Dubai assassins and have just not realised it yet.

Really inspired post - and my visitor number resonates without me having a numerological wisdom - 2228333.

veriword: snuck

Rabbit said...

I've been looking at it all from this point of view for a while. Its my daily entertainment though I am not for one second feeling removed from it, I am feeling fairly insulated from the worst of it by virtue of seeing clearly what's going on.
I dabble, play around with tormenting the Zios and trying to give a bit of support to the the good folk fighting them and watching the elite scumbags with interest, they're an amusing bunch when you see them as the inbred nutlanders they really are. Yet I am really just here for the show, I love fireworks, storms thunder and lightning and I reckon any apocalypse worth the name will have lots of each. Bring on the fireworks.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up now-

Whatever may Happen, Everything's Under Control.

Anonymous said...

I see and feel it too dog brother.

deacon said...

Welcome Aboard It's a great ride!

werwulf said...

I know a couple of interesting words.

One of them is "ragnarok".

The other is "homecoming".

It's my feeling that both of them have something to do with an apocalypse, but I think you'll need to explore along your own path to see what I mean.

Love Truth.
Seek Truth.

There's a beginning for you. Have a nice day.



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