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Whatever May Happen. Everything's Under Control.

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What is happening? Surely you are going to hear all kinds of explanations from all kinds of people. Their explanations will be generated from various perspectives, depending on how people sort their information and depending on their concept of reality. It is what we think is real that has a lot to do with how we formulate our understandings. The irony here is that none of us know what is real but some of us are closer to the mark than others. You’ll have to be the judge of who that is and in time, things will play out and you can compare events to what you’ve been told.

My position on everything is based on my belief that we are living in special times and the usual rules do not apply. My position is based on my belief that this is The Apocalypse and it is manifesting in multiple juxtapositions between Nature, human affairs and the approach of the divine in the form of the coming Avatar. This energy that I am calling The Avatar could be understood in purely scientific terms, if one had that ability. Ultimately the divine is a matter of pure mathematics; not the most romantic way to see it, so we personalize the energy and give it a human aspect. The truth is that it exists as both.

What are we to make of the target being painted on the back of Goldman Sachs? Is there a more hated entity in the business world than Goldman Sachs? Hardly. They are the scum de la scum of that area of human endeavor which is all about screwing everyone for the purpose of self-enrichment. You might call them the Catholic Church of business firms. What I mean by this is that they are the biggest in their field, as is the Catholic Church which... brings us to The Catholic Church which is undergoing its own scrutiny that is shaking its very foundations.

Let’s move along to the state of Israel or more appropriately named MagogkeNazi Nation. Is there a more hated nation on Earth? No, there is not. Is there a nation anywhere behaving more badly that this crime syndicate posing as a country? No there is not. Is there any country that has exposed its bad behavior and intentions more than this country? No there is not. The irony here is that the power that controls that country controls most of the world media and yet... and yet... the news of their mendacious antics is reaching everywhere. Certainly they did not plan on this. They gained control of the media with funny money for this very purpose of concealing and spinning their acts and... it isn’t working. An interesting fact is that the more they are exposed, the worse they behave. This isn’t rational.

One of the features of The Apocalypse is that it amplifies the madness and sanity in the minds of everyone living in these times.

Let’s move along to this Icelandic volcano and the shutting down of plane traffic all over Europe. This volcano is not going to be a solitary phenomenon in a solitary location. Of course, there are indications that the flights weren’t downed by volcanic ash. They were downed by people manipulating the situation for reasons of their own. Many attempts are in the works to manipulate a great many things but it is the manipulators who are being manipulated. It doesn't seem to have had any effect on the Bright Mariner, military exercises.

Now is a good time to employ your objective reasoning and use it like a vehicle to move back and further back until you can use your wide angle lens. Look at all of these seemingly unrelated conditions and events. Now, how you arrange this in your minds, how you label and sort it all is dependent on what I mentioned in the first paragraph. How I see it is explained in the second paragraph.

Another thing that is happening right now is that one’s sensation of being is undergoing severe transformations and transitions and that is going to increase. There is a large body of people on this planet, at this time, that lack the sensitivity to register this but... in a fairly short period of time, they too are going to become aware that something really weird is happening. Hopefully, by that time, those of us who are really feeling the impact of it at the moment will have managed to integrate into a higher awareness and have some sense of harmony as a result.

We’ve mentioned here many times that evil destroys itself. That’s in the process at this very moment and that is why, behind the scenes, they are all looking to cut deals while betraying one another at every opportunity. You’re seeing the result of this in the things you are hearing about each day. You are not seeing the events taking place behind the scenes that are generating them but... each of us possesses some degree of intuition; depending on how often we have exercised and depended upon it. This determines our level of access to it. One can intuit a good deal concerning external events by utilizing the intuition. One can also learn something important by deconstructing the word and seeking a more complete understanding of its meaning.

Someone of immense power once told me that, “everything is under control”. He told me a number of things over the course of one fine afternoon and in the years that have passed I have seen the power of this individual as it operates in my life at different times. I’m not going to name the individual. I didn’t get a name and anything I might say here about what I believe at this point would seem fantastic to some and I don’t feel the need for hyperbole. Your world is already speaking in hyperbole every single day.

What I consider the key to understanding these times is somewhat concealed in the phrase, “everything is under control”. One of the meanings that I take from that is that everything everyone is doing is under some form of control depending on what they are doing. No matter what anyone thinks they are doing or what they intend to realize from their actions, everything is under control from a location other than themselves, while still being a part of themselves. They are being guided, led and directed to a specific end that is determined by quality of their actions. Various people think that they are in control of what they are doing but they are not. It is their presumption that they are in control that is inexorably leading to their downfall.

Please note the announcement of Al Qaeda leaders killed in Iraq, do a little research on the personnel and you’ll find some curious features; keeping in mind that there really isn’t an Al Qaeda except what gets waved around to justify a lot of nasty behavior.

This is an ageless morality play and it has been going on since human life has been operational. It has always been under control and it is precise and perfect all along the way. As I have said, some part of the cosmic justice in existence takes place out of sight and just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

In the time of The Apocalypse conditions change. Things happen in front of your eyes for a specific purpose and that is explained in the meaning of the term, ‘apocalypse’. Most people don’t want to accept this but that has no impact on the reality of it. It continues irrespective of whether you believe in it or not. It’s better to come to terms with it and align with it than to use your disbelief as a defense against it. The people and nations we are already aware of, that are operating according to their particular brand of insanity, are now going to find that their madness is ratcheting up. It will seem to them that it is a greater determination and sense of purpose. What it is is insanity amplified. The weather forecast calls for all kinds of outbreaks of madness in concert with natural phenomena behaving unnaturally. Actually it’s all perfectly natural.

Everyone has the opportunity to catch on to what is taking place, according to their abilities and desire to understand. Some are just going to turn up the volume on the television in the hope that it will drown out the voices in their heads, or focus on all sorts of distracting fascinations in the belief that what is happening will just pass them by. It is kind of like an animal burrowing into the Earth to escape the threat of danger above. Everyone is going to be awakened to some degree, willingly or unwillingly.

What you are seeing in front of you are the opening acts for the transformation of the world. This logically involves your own transformation as well. There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, so one is best served by standing in the light and embracing it. Otherwise the light is going to shine upon you and everything else soon enough... possibly in a less flattering way. That’s just how it is.

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Anonymous said...

Another excellent article as usual. Reality is changing every moment. People became too sensitive. Especially to words which triggers in them filters of reality perception and knowledge of proper "tools" usage. Oops.. that's luciferian i suppose. I better run :-)


Ali said...

Hmm major earthquakes every 3 days - volcanos erupting - it seems the Book of Revelations and Quranic verses are dovetailing quite succinctly in their respective accounts of Last Days. Even though things are getting worse I suspect the great wars of the Apocalypse are a few decades away - but even so a wise person would steer clear of the East Coast of the USA. Afterall great wars require a level playing field.

Anonymous said...

Simply Brilliant Les, simply brilliant. Peace & Light to All.

Anonymous said...

LES -- This is a lag post re the practice of spiritual sex. As nuts as this may sound -- none of this is about sex -- it is about desire. As your highly literate readers already know, desire is the chain that ties us to the world.

Now, were are all pre-programmed to have intense desire for your opposite sex. This is fine and to deny this impulse in early life is insane and leads to limitless perversions.

As one ages the body turns off the sex clock and that is when all the trouble really begins -- thus engendering the Desperate Housewife and Mad (insane)Men syndrone -- see Stockholm syndrome...



Grizzly said...

Congrats on one of the most clear, concise, and lucid commentaries of your I've ever read...

Just finished reading the latest report from "Half Past Human" (not easy, but necessary) and along with your insights and current astrological predictions,I feel for sure that something intense is indeed up, though of course no one knows exactky what form it will take...

I guess the best advice is be true to your best self, expect the seriously unexpected, and remain optimistic about the overall situation re the ultimate sustainability of humanity, which can now only occur after huge changes.

I was born Jewish, but am as disgusted as you with Israel, the predatory and totally immoral behavior of the (mostly Jewish) Banksters, and the dual citizens Neo-Cons of Israel/America who went such a long way toward destroying America during the Bush years for the advantage of you know who and what!

I too live in Europe (first Poland and now the Ukraine)and have not been back to the states since early 2002. I'm still amazed how so many people are in denial about 9/11 considering all the hard evidence about what really happened on that day.

...Anyway, I. am commenting too long, so thanks again for your great writing!

paolocaruso said...

Les, I concur with every paragraph, especially with your take on the divine.

Yes, I too have felt the change coming...since Oklahoma and 9-11. And it is more than manmade.

I have been in earthquakes...big ones. And I cannot shake the feeling that the world is changing and the east coast of the US is going to experience a relatively moderate quake that will reek havok and break the bank.

Like me, the USA credit is now limited. THe game is over, and the USA is just a few disasters away from living under the bridge. Katrina was a start, but the funny money was still accepted at the convenience mart. The concept of printing money in the past made natural disasters a reason for businesses to celebrate with contracts and rebuilding. Not so in the future.

Anonymous said...

Les, I was brought to your blogs by The Great Controller some time ago now and from the first read it felt like your words/thoughts were coming directly from the centre of my soul - just fucking breathtaking. Beautiful. As you say, its the BIG picture and right now its mind blowing for anyone who wants to really look.

Neko Kinoshita said...


Thanks for the clarity on what I'm experiencing myself. I appreciate how you can see what is going on, and it doesn't matter that you're half a world away from where I am at.

Still working toward that harmony, and staggering through the divine’s kicking the legs out from under my world view.

I get glimpses of what is to be my relation to the world, but I'm too busy trying to achieve proper acceptance of the input to make much sense right now.

I’ll have more to say later.

kikz said...

"Hopefully, by that time, those of us who are really feeling the impact of it at the moment will have managed to integrate into a higher awareness and have some sense of harmony as a result."

i can only hope the personal life events of the last decade serve my family in such a way.

i've seen some evidence of it, in that what we've experienced when we seemed to be 'the only ones'... we have witnessed others now - where we were earlier - in their adjustments, both physical and mental.

major life upheavals (family deaths, loss of career, bankruptcy) hav granted us many mixed blessings... as we look around seeing others dealing w/their situations - we remember how utterly alone we felt, rendered such by circumstance and the almost complete lack of understanding and empathy; willfully ignored by all acquaintances as if acknowledgment of our situation would render them 'infected' by it. much like some couples consider divorce among their social peers as a 'communicable disease'.

consequently, my family has learned forbearance, and these many trials have served to show us, clearly… who/what is actually important in this life. for my kids, learning these lessons has been hard sometimes, but ultimately… I think they will be well served by them… as the trivialities our culture deems so important; appearances, shallow and material pursuits, insipid politics and entertainment hold no undue mental sway over them. they’ve even commented in positive ways, how fortunate they think they sometimes are, having been awakened early to realities… that their peers have no knowledge of.

although they can and do acknowledge the trials of their peers, they do retain their empathy for them... but also remember who in actuality was shown to them to have their best interests at heart, during our worst days.

Anonymous said...

I remarked to my girlfriend the other day that reality is changing. It just doesn't feel the same. I see many in denial who want to hold on to that manufactured reality that they so desparately desire.

I see three paths opening before us. One is the path of transending to a new age. That will require going through a what is happening with an open mind and heart. The next one is the path of ascension. That is a path to a higher reality and only those who have prepared will take that path. Then there is the path of karma in which a more worldly journey is ahead. It could take on many forms and will probibly not be as rewarding :) as the others.

Meet you all on the other side...


paolocaruso said...

Any slack-jaw general can announce on Fox News that he personally killed the grand Pubar of Al Qaeda Habibi Hababibi, and the fatass retirees will buy it, and continue believing that the USA is winning the war in the M.E.

Not many people outside the USA believe such news and it is not surprising that the Iraqi puppet president made this announcement in ENGLISH... rather than in arabic. Why is that??

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,..Captured the meme again brother, again.



Anonymous said...

Les --

A stupid little baseball Koan for the times. In the old days we had Ty Cobb spiking his way to first base --

These days The Powers That Be waddle to first base and then they take a golf cart to second base.

Hell, if this is the enemy I think they're in for a massive coronary.

RJ --

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. RJ; LMFAO, nearly had a coronary, heheheheheeee!



abe said...

It really is apocalyptic. Down at the Cal State Long Beach, the Muslim Student Association are putting on their annual Palestine Awareness Week. I've seen in years past where such events are held in contempt by every one passing by. This year, nothing but silent observations and secret thanks for even mentioning such an unmentionable reality. It was heart warming to see so many thank so few for doing something so rare, tell the truth in America. That it takes students, many not even citizens, to do so in the land of the free is pathetic, but the ice is starting to thaw. Great update.

Anonymous said...

"They are being guided, led and directed to a specific end that is determined by quality of their actions."

Guide we are Les, and much thanks should be given, but the "quality of our actions seems a bit over the top, youre adding in ego here?

Still we have to work within the world and the ego. Its clear as you put in, whats happening outside the self will happen within too. If so, the quality outside is the same as inside? I hope not, as I do hope to use my eyes to see the beauty before me as well as the cold chains of the material world.
I say we get sidetracked if we dont relate all things to the self. The filter for the world becomes the ego and hoping to find quality is only a task for the mind and not the soul?
As its all under control, I say cool!!! But why Im I still not under control? Dont know, but Im very thankful to search and try. What a power and wonderful place we have choosen to live within!!! Give thanks that we have guides within us and can see their affects all round us!

The Fool

Dammerung said...

One of my favored theories is that we are at the bleeding edge of God's technological development. Things like computers might not been inventible in the astral realm; it's necessity that is the mother of invention and not blissful complacency. I think this is one of the only views that can give meaning to my life personally ... I'd like to feel like we're advancing something, accomplishing something that impacts even the future of the spiritual world.

It makes it a little easier to bear the deprivations of life if we're actually planting the flag of the divine somewhere. Establishing a beachhead. Let's open an import/export company with the afterlife, and eventually, immigration.

Anonymous said...

Dam --

What should we call this new cosmic company?

Blissful Travel Inc.?


nina said...

Schadenfreude is rocking the whole joint, its palpable, revealing at once we are all in this together, victims succumbing to manufactured violence, and yet, we are not if we reach higher and look at it for what it is, which you do here Visible and I love you for this.
It is interesting that so much of the unfolding catastrophe is and has been based on "failure to disclose", as if the Apocalypse is the achievement of disclosure, ie: closure.
Because it can't go on like this, 7 billion bodies whirling on the centrifugal force ride, suddenly come to a halt in mid air. The screams, the curses, the gnashing of teeth, the fear of falling off, lot of good schadenfreude does anyone now.
As typical, power ensnared is so ill-equipped to create balance whatever comes out of this time will again be off the mark.
Through these lame efforts and selective results

is where lies the evidence of what this journey is all about, why we must experience it in full, absorb and acknowledge the full on gore and greed and suffering - for without going through this, we will have to come back again and again until we get it for what it is, the perfect vehicle for the integration of awareness into every soul. Everyone has within them the capacity to get it right, that's obvious, but there remains that little problem of right for whom and what exactly is "right"?

Damerung said...

Anonymous said...

It would have to be split into sub-divisions cuz not everybody is looking for the same thing. Umbrella Corp. could give you a 76-hour trip to a zombie-infested Raccoon City. Xizor Transport for deep space cruises. Medieval Times could really go to medieval times, smell and all. And of course, more prosaic trips to Tahiti. Everybody's got a little different idea of what constitutes the ideal vacation.

That's my big hope I guess - that individuality means something and endures even while changing. That our desires and preferences matter to God. I think there's some evidence it might be true. I wanted a Playstation 3. So I saved my money and bought one. I could have bought an X-Box, or a trip to Marin County instead. But I had a preference and was able to fulfill it within the context of the laws of the world in which I exist. Perhaps that allowance continues?

Anonymous said...

Blog on, Bro'!
These essays are becoming better & better. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dam --

How about Divine Intervention Travel???


Frederik Nuffzed said...

Brill, Les.

Now, if I woz Joe Bloggs - Oid go on and on and goon and on and on and so fourth and sow on: Soil knot.

Anonymous said...

Fantasy taxi service.

Anonymous said...

:) ~dorothi.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Joseph Alexander said...

What’s Happening , It feels like I’m waking up from a 25,000 year old dream . Some are still sleep walking ,caught in a fantasy of their own making . While others are inprismed in a nightmare pursued by embodied fears of a dreaded loss of control. Still most are simply not lucidly attentive enough to phantom their dreams or undream their phantom. Even in dreams there is a symbolic logic that plays out and shines through the cracks of the logical mind bringing wonder and terror but most of all Truth. As the Apocalypse unfolds a new way of living will become visible, in fact imperative. The fears of the old age , a cycle that based its culture on lack of everything , from food to money ,oil and sex will become unsustainably corrupt, called Caput Mortem in alchemy . A useless substance left over from a chemical fire, a“ Dead Head.” By a deductive process the only culture that will flower from the dregs is the one that honors the earth and treats the person individually and spiritually , not as a consumer , a useless eater . The earth will groan and cry removing from its body the toxins injected from our distorted dreams using earthquakes to typhoons whatever its needs as it plows the fields for a new seed. Its written in our DNA who we will become . No small players are allowed to slash and burn continuously .“Everything is under control .”

As the walls are build up on the holy land others are falling , Israel is imprisoned behind the bob wired fence of their own making . Every brick shuts them in and others out.. A prison construed on mythical gods and dirty deeds. Surrounded by a string of endless enemies from Arabs to Iranians , to Germans and Russians to any nation that seeks a genetic identity. They have separated themselves from the physical life of this planet to create an artificial electronic mediaocracy playing the victim then celebrating victory .Its all becoming a bit too old , like reruns of a black and white Charlie Chan movie that replays itself over and over again .

As the Vatican walls start to fall all will be revealed . The infallible wizard who hides behind the curtain of mythic assumptions will be exposed for the man he is, or isn’t. Judeo -Christianity exists intertwined as light and shadow , having risen together to become world powers they will fall together .The passive / aggressive meme has run its course and is oozing its historic vision as a emptied vampire dripping blood on Sunday .The tribe gave you their Jewish Child God then crucified him a chapter later . It looks like even your God cant stand up to them. No one is coming to save you or judge you but yourself.
Some will be able to see clearly , some won’t .

The transformation that is here is coming from inside and outside , from the Intelligence responsible for 125 million universes and countless planets , billions of other lie forms,not some revenge filled etheric trickster throwing down thunder bolts at his flock of sheeple.
When nothing works for you , when the outside grows mundane and gross and joy is forgotten know that the transformation is in the silence not the scream.

New Reader said...

G-ddamn Les Vis!

This an is amazing summation once again!

New Reader said...

To Abe-

Those Muslim students ought to scream about the jewish holocaust vicyims living in poverty. There is plenty of evidence on-line for it.

While Muslims regard Jews and Christians as "Dhimmi". This is _not_ a lesser status! The Dhimmi are supposed to be respected elders, who have been destroyed and perverted
over time.

Muslims one day too will relized they too were perverted be Evil. When they rise up in anger, I as a Western Christian will join them too.

Lukiftian said...

'How it is... Les, yes let's discuss 'how it is."
It's not a very good post, Les. That's how it is.
You prattle on about an AVATAR, but out of some sort of cowardice you won't give its name?

Hmmm... could this AVATAR be blue (hare hare) (insert film reference here) or could it be a White Horse----- RUMPLEDKALKISKIN?

"This energy I am calling the AVATAR could be understood in purely scientific terms, if one had that ability " ... oh please Les, cut the bullshit. IF YOU HAD THE ABILITY YOU'D DO IT YOURSELF FOR THE EDIFICATION OF ALL YOUR ADORING FOLLOWERS. Please don't get upset if I don't swallow this, like much of this diatribe... it ain't chocolate!
Every country becomes a crime syndicate after a time, Lester mein freund...why are you so upset that yours did? (mine did in 1867)... oh welllll... then after all is done you take a 'step up' and move to ITALY???

Lol... or better lmfao

...at least there's a bit of freedom there, but no vitamin K apparently... maybe you need to talk to the condittorre who runs the place.. eh?

"One of the features of the apocalypse is that it amplifies the madness and sanity in the minds (wwhhhuupps missed the capital A in apocalypse... naughty Lukiftian) of everyone living in these times.." gosh Les... heavy duty... but my problem is this is beginning to sound like a current events page... yet again you sound like a guru, Les--- boring!!!
"We’ve mentioned here many times that evil destroys itself. " Unless it feeds upon lame rhetoric in which this post is a banquet, Lesterine... my buddy... my pal,...

get some drugs..... OK?

ravenise said...

Despite the relentless fervor from psychopathic elements within our government, I find myself angry yet cautiously optimistic. As far as I am concerned, the good news is that the infinite growth paradigm characteristic of the last 100 years or so will render their plundering irrelevant in short order. The infinite growth paradigm is outdated and incompatible with the reality of the times we are living and the powers that be are setting up themselves and the country for disaster.

Although I believe civil unrest is inevitable due to looming commodity and food shortages, they seem intent on driving drunk down a one way road in overdrive using the moon light in their rear view mirror as their guide, oblivious to the ‘low oil’ light flashing on their dash.

High levels of government will have little relevance in the future… that is not to say there isn’t any useful purpose or role for higher levels of government, but the way they are headed, they are leading us into a revolution born of absolute frustration and bitterness because nothing they are offering us is a solution to anything. I fear that the path they choose to get there could prove a matter of life and death for many of them and for millions of citizens alike.

Anyone who has a grasp on the reality of peak oil knows that we are on the cusp of perhaps the largest preventable holocaust in the history of planet earth.

Obama Administration Cops to the likelihood of peak oil

US military warns oil output may dip causing massive shortages by 2015

Washington Consider a Decline of World Oil Production As Of 2011

Governments Worried about Peak Oil

When the U.S. energy secretary spoke of "peak oil"

One of World's Biggest Oil Producers Going Bust

Mexican Tema refinery shuts due to oil shortage

The coming famine: risks and solutions for global food security

Mind you most all of the above articles were posted in the last week. Many were taken from Michael Ruppert's Peak Oil blog.

I also recommend his new movie "Collapse," which can be found on ThePirateBay.org, and it will be out on DVD in June. A video trailer and information on the film can be found here

ravenise said...

During the HAARP attack on April 5th NASA miscalculated a coronal mass ejection which hit a day earlier than suspected, as well as a geomagnetic storm. What came first, the geomagnetic storm, or the quake? I think they timed HAARP for plausible deniability. Witnesses in Mexicali, Chili, Haiti, China, and other countries, have seen strange anomalies in the sky just before earthquakes like rainbow colors & anomalous lightning and cloud formations. Many have reported physiological effects ranging from headaches and sickness to near death experiences. Some suspect that the anomalies are natural. Some scientists believe that quakes can create shockwaves that impact the iron core of the planet, in turn creating electromagnetic anomalies in the sky above epicenters. Even so, enough evidence exists proving tectonic weaponry is currently being used on an unprecedented scale.

Ahmadinejad recently spoke about evacuating millions from Tehran because of potential earthquakes. The Pentagon in conjunction with geophysical exploration industry may be poised to attack Iran with HAARP technology. April 14: “(HAARP) [currently] can’t reach Iran, if that’s your question,” one of ‘those’ researchers, Dennis Papadopoulos told Danger Room. “But if I put HAARP on a ship, or on an oil platform, who knows?”

The Mexicali quake being close to home is suspicious. As you can see in this realtime simulation of the HAARP attack, it appears multiple ionospheric weapons were used. To induce an earthquake, HAARP pushes the ionosphere hundreds of kilometers into space, then shuts of the juice and it slams back down causing a quake. HAARP technology can be used to penetrate ground, and rock, to search for fossil fuels. Perhaps Mexico is using its own HAARP array.

Right after the quake, Mexico, second largest oil exporter to the USA, “finally admitted they need outside expertise in righting their ship.” "We are running out of oil. We underinvested in our infrastructure in favor of huge social programs. We've mismanaged our fields so badly that we need ‘immediate help’ to find and pump more oil." This is from a major player in the global oil export market.

Low orbit satellite “Galaxy 15” was disabled during the HAARP attack. “The Orbital-built Galaxy 15 satellite suffered failures in its ability to send telemetry to ground teams, and to receive commands, on April 5.“ “Thompson said heightened solar activity, which he said was equivalent to an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale, is “our best-informed guess” of what caused the Galaxy 15 problem.”

abe said...

Joseph: 258 million universes.

Tom Dennen said...

While the word Apocalypse is generally held to derive from any of a number of anonymous Jewish or Christian texts from around the second century b.c. to the second century a.d. containing prophetic or symbolic visions, especially of the imminent destruction of the world and the salvation of the righteous.

The original Greek translation, however, before the Christians got to it, was 'the lifting of the veil between you and God.'

SickOfYourPuke"L" said...

Lukitifian or what ever your name is: Why don't you fuck right off!
Your a little verbose weasel with out a shread of constructive thought wharsoever.
You tear down whenever you can and contribute zero to the betterment of the world.
I for one am so bloddy sick of YOUR diatribe.

pandora said...

Ravanise....spit out the "kool-aid" *quickly* before it rots your brain as well as your teeth.

Michael Ruppert is a frequent guest on the CIA sponsored propaganda show, Coast to Coast AM, with everyone's "favorite" freemason shill host, Art Bell. Bell still calls anyone who dares question the 911 "official story" a kook!

Your infomercial for Michael Ruppert insults the integrity of this exceptional blog. I do hope it was done due to your lack of knowledge of his background and his promoters.

Anonymous said...

As long as we are in the business of giving reviews. Let me say you sound like an out of work New York Times movie reviewer seizing on the insignificant to present a view of yourself as having some kind of depth and understanding, which you do not I might add. At least that is the way I perceive you.

I think you would be much more at home trying to dissect Doonesbury than further embarrassing yourself on a weighty site such as this. Your perspective is crude, shallow and mundane.

The term Avatar was plainly referred to as a form of energy. It has been discussed here countless times and is found in many of the great books of the ages. I doubt there is very much misunderstanding of it here. The misunderstanding appears to exist in your muddled egotistical mind and is displayed in your pompous and futile chirping.

At least you do leave us with an example of what not to aspire to. You are probably suffering from what your counter parts refer to as selbthaus.

Dammerung said...

SickOfYourPuke"L" said...

Believe it or not, before I say something insulting about another person, I (try to) weigh it in my head first and ask myself, "Am I talking about myself by mistake?"

Asking myself this question first leads me to insult others less because too often I find I'm describing myself instead of my supposed opponent.

Visible said...

alright people, everyone gets to make mistakes. If I had to listen to myself five years ago I would laugh in my face; in that case it would be okay because I would only be hurting myself... that's the point in the end result I think.

As annoying as some people are and as hard as some things impact us in the moment, which we wouldn't even notice at another time, we have to remember that extraordinary pressures are being brought to bear for the purpose of awakening. The hard truth is that these pressures are still not waking most people up but they are really sowing havoc with those of us who are partially awake; you can't win.

Anyway, let's try to go a little easier on each other here. The simple fact that people are here speaks volumes. I've been one of the worst offenders in this regard because I am most directly involved. I'm trying to quit and that is the only reason I bring it up.

The watchword is, "I don't know", just up around the corner we could find out that the most annoying among us was the closest to the truth. That's why I put up with The Fool (grin) even though I know the exception will not manifest from that quarter (double grin).

A long time correspondent here decided, out of the blue, to lecture me about something that isn't even taking place while at the same time expecting me to give significant time to him. Like I have been saying... things are very screwy right now and we need to hang on to our equanimity.

Peace and love and whatever else is required is extended now as a conclusion to whatever the hell it is that I was trying to say.

Joseph Alexander said...

Les ,your Blog is a real uplift , I don’t feel so isolated in my thinking when realizing there many others who searching for some alternative deeper meaning to life other than what is handed down by the big three .,Religion ,Politics and Science .{RPS}. The insightful responses by Dublin and Abe and some others are real informative showing that a lot of deep thought and research .

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hi dog poet,

here is "Mannheim".
i'm just a humble lonesome beeing and i enjoy reading your transmissions.
i'm no member of any web-activity
(twitter, facebook et al.).
as a born german my english is hardly good enogh to endure a sophisticated discussion but as i said - i enjoy reading your transmissions. you can reach me at
massel.tov@gmx.de - if you like.

regards from germany


Visible said...

(grin) and you can reach me at


Something about this seems backwards and that is why I am publishing the email address. I'll be all around your area come summer.

The Mannheim Stockade was an infamous legend in the military for many years. i don't know it people still talk about it but it was once considered to be a bad place to wind up.

Anonymous said...
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Chinese Sneakers said...

Just though it might be useful to get a little bit more clear about a couple of terms that seem to be throwing people:

1) Apocalypse: ORIGIN Old English , via Old French and ecclesiastical Latin from Greek apokalupsis, from apokaluptein ‘uncover, reveal,’ from apo- ‘un-’ + kaluptein ‘to cover.’

2) Avatar: from the Sanscrit, avatara, descent; or, avatariti, he descends.

And a thought, "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

-Marcel Proust, 1871-1922

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
You said...

"Anyway, let's try to go a little easier on each other here. The simple fact that people are here speaks volumes. I've been one of the worst offenders in this regard because I am most directly involved. I'm trying to quit and that is the only reason I bring it up.

The watchword is, "I don't know", just up around the corner we could find out that the most annoying among us was the closest to the truth. That's why I put up with The Fool (grin) even though I know the exception will not manifest from that quarter (double grin)."

Les, I so appreciated what you just said. I've been reading your essays for a couple years now. Sometimes what you say jives with me, sometimes it doesn't. But you have consistently given me gourmet food for thought.

What has grated on my nerves, though, has been when I've seen you going guns-blazing into a battle of Egos with a commenter. To me, that's just not behavior befitting a guru (grin).

I really respect you for saying basically, "Hey, guys. Let's not engage in verbal fisticuffs with someone who's just expressing a dissenting opinion."

Just because someone says something in a style we consider offensive doesn't mean that the person's underlying position is wrong. Likewise, just because a person can articulate "Fuck you!" with persuasive eloquence doesn't mean that person's underlying position is right.

I appreciate, Les, that you now often emphasize the phrase,"I don't know." You're acknowledging your fallablity... your humble humanity. You're not feeding the energy that would rip people's throats out for daring to disagree with "master's sacred truths."

Thank you for having the integrity to try to keep things real. Deception wouldn't work if it was obvious. We're all stumbling around in the dark.

Thank you for allowing voices such as Dammerung or Lukiftian to be heard. While I don't necessarily appreciate the bellicosity of some of their arguments I have resonated to valid points they've hurled in mud.

We've really got to keep a leash on our egos if we intend to align with TRUTH. Everyone has something to teach and something to learn. And yes, I've even learned a thing or two from Le Fool (triple grin).

Thanks to you all for sharing your obvervations on the road trip.

P.S. Les, I think your latest essay is fab.

Visible said...

Anon 1:36

Thanks for the commentary that I am in general agreement with.

I need to make a couple of points for clarification, even though, I know, it won't do a damn bit of good. I don't mean this in terms of yourself but in relation to the wider readership world.

It is because I do not intend to be taken for a guru that I staged those reactions to begin with. I even made note of this feature in my being several years ago and several times at various blogs. I should also point out that each blog has a persona; more or less.

It's been a rather large annoyance in my life that this guru thing has been cropping up from the gitgo, whatever I do and wherever I go. It's basically due to the kundalini awakening and how that has made possible a certain telepathy and resonance allowing for the articulation of what others are thinking and feeling due to a huge hole having been blown through the dividing wall in my mind.

As I have stated numerous times, when this guru thing comes sneaking around and creating a pedestal effect that is not deserving, I will demonstrate through variants of caustic reaction and bad behavior to that effect. It's what I've always done.

People may think that is poor form and there are many others who, given the opportunity, would capitalize on the possibilities for the purpose of self advancement. I don't know how they manage it but I have to live with myself and I have to answer to the real guru as well. Since I happen to know that there is one, it is unlikely that I will offend in that respect.

I have ample time to think out what I say before I say it here. If I do say something it is usually for a reason.

I am aware that I possess certain talents, especially including the ones I have not demonstrated here. However, my shortcomings more than make up for whatever has 'been granted' to me by the real teacher and guru of us all. I see them and I live with them and no one is going to make a spiritual teacher out of me while I am still around to have something to say and do about the matter.

The vanity of humanity is a slippery and creative little beast and if you aren't watching it will have you. I don't care for it when I see it in others who have responsibilities that they do not carry out because their vanity was/is orchestrating their actions. I don't like vanity and there are a few other things I could add in with it.

I don't know what other people's motives are and I don't profess to understand the how and the why of how people go about their affairs but I know what my motives are. I know what's important to me and I know what I can live with and what I cannot live with.

I'm sure I could add to this but I just ran out of the force to do so. Hopefully there's enough in what I already said.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

Speaking of pornography, my piece for the coming Petri Dish (I know I skipped Origami; a following explanation will be contained in the entire context of the next offering) will be treating with that subject which I just put some serious hands on time into. As usual, I don't know why I did this going into it and it would have looked crazy to most bystanders.

Nothing in my life is planned and my life is living proof of that. Now, on this side of the experience, I know exactly why I did it and it also explains skipping Origami (which actually got skipped earlier- grin) because the hard line gets followed by the soft line in this respect. Even though neither of them are written yet, what is going to be said is pretty clear to me.

It's been crystal to me for some time now that everything has to do with sex; this includes all the wars and mayhem and sundry. I could say that the answer is actually more refined than that but sex is a predominantly manifest thing; meaning the senses get it and don't get it ad infinitum.

How we understand this process and what it actually means is the key to understanding our problems. Reich was on to portions of it and you see what that got him.

This moment isn't the time to elucidate. Hopefully tomorrow will contain the envelope for that purpose.

It's been some seriously hard highway for me over the last couple of years but I think I can say with some measure of conviction that, as usual- for those who are willing to take advantage of it- invaluable blessings follow the route of the one who does not bend at the push of the common wind. After all, we don't have to suffer. We could always cut a deal.

That's another thing that man on the beach said to me on that strange afternoon. He said, "I despise deals". He said something else as a preface but I'll leave it out for the moment. It will only create questions that I would rather not elaborate on at nearly 4:00 AM.

And a good night to you all.

TheSparkle said...

Damn flucking trees/forest thing.

wv: sountorm

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. with regards to subjective value judgements. Hi there y'all here are some of mine: I started coming to Les' Blogs around two years ago, it was a long time before I commented and then I became a frequent commentor. I consider Vis to be a teacher, something of a prophet and a resource for my spiritual study. I have learnt a great deal here, both from Les visible and some of the excellent comments I often find - I value the comments as they pertain to me, I value Les's work as it pertains to me and my work. All this valuation is based entirely upon my subjective ego. I have not commented so frequently lately as a result of the learning I have acquired. It would be disingenous of me to suggest I have learned from this man and not show any evidence. I have watched with amusement and disappointment this past month or so and have acquired an entirely different perspective. No names, no pack-drill - there are commentors here that inspire and enthrall me and there are belligerent scribblers that annoy me - I would not ask that any be prevented from commenting, save the obvious trolls and sayanim - I bear THEM, nought but malice. I have recognised a duality in the pathology to the commenting that I am/was part and parcel of that is to say at one time or another sychophant and sledger. I am done with this, I am done with venting my enraged spleen and I am going to continue to enjoy those works of Mssr. Visable that I like and try to see something in those that I don't. These Blogs are not about me. They are not produced to satiate my ego. They are produced by a man I have come to respect and with this has come a strange distant affection. When I go to the Cinema (rarely) I do not sledge the screen because the Movie isn't all about those things I want to see and hear. At Les' blogs I get a place see the director's cut in narrative story-board, of a Movie I un-wittingly play a role in. If I wanted someone to tell me how wonderful I am while I masterbate in agreement, I'll go to an interactive porn site and two-for-one have my soul destroyed in the deal.

I hope I have given my two cents worth without upsetting anyone. My comments hereafter will either bring something to the table or give credit where it is due. Gratuitous belligerence demeans us all.

Thank you Les Visible for ALL your work and efforts to produce same - without being compensated so much as a buck for the pain.

Love Light & peace to all.

Nameste Les...

A respectful admirer and student of life.

ravenise said...


While I don’t agree with Michael Ruppert’s reality entirely, I respect his approach to peak oil. I tend to agree with your sentiment on Mikes ‘too little too late’ approach to 9/11, but people tend to ignore that oil was a primary reason we invaded Iraq. I think it’s important to keep in mind that while Mike was exposing CIA drug smuggling and other scandals he was betrayed by his fiancé, blackmailed, poisoned, offices sabotaged, and he was shot at. At what point do you consider your oak leaves due?

Les, I decided to look into Half-Past human lately. I downloaded a dozen or so radio interviews and was quite inspired. The guy is like a walking encyclopedia. He is careful to warn that radical linguistic data mining is often incorrect. Well as bright and entertaining as Clif is, there are a few things that I feel he needs a bit of work on.

For example, he doesn’t thoroughly explore the energy crisis, nor does he thoroughly explore HAARP technology in relation to the quakes we have been experiencing. As far as I have gathered, he tends to think believe quakes leading into 2012 will be natural. When it comes to Aliens, 2012, strange solar activity, and space goat farts, he is very good… but he even claims the Earth could support 80 billion people if we were but more efficient. While I agree that might be possible if we were as hive minded as say the Borg or Na’vi, it seems to me highly unlikely.

He does not factor in that increased efficiency does not cancel out peoples tendency towards instant gratification and materialism. In other words, any energy offset from increased efficiency is exported to other sectors where growth continues exponentially, encroaching on the finite biosphere. You will get a few pockets of humanity off grid here and there, but 80 billion? I don't know. I won’t say that it is absolutely impossible, but it would require immense political will, an astonishingly organized and willing population, and the reinvention of infrastructure using the current crumbling monetary system and resources we have left. If we would have started 30-50 years ago when we had lots of energy and a functional monetary system, then I could agree. I like his optimistic sentiment, but his logic seems iffy.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish entry up now-

Blood and Semen; The Movie.

Anonymous said...

Amerikagulag said:

"....One of the features of The Apocalypse is that it amplifies the madness and sanity in the minds of everyone living in these times....."

Beautiful line.
And I think the Susan B. Komen parasites have demonstrated that perfectly with their latest munny grubbing for the fraudulent cancer INDUSTRY.


Eat more fried chicken! Cure Cancer! And the sheep will nod in agreement.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Various people think that they are in control of what they are doing but they are not."

Reminds me of the "free" will myth. There is no such thing. The belief therein is the height of arrogance.

Without argument everyone has a will. But that will is swayed this way and that way via a number of different things. Many of those things being of the spiritual world.


The Cosmic Player said...

Les again I applaud you for another beautifully expressed article. Your 5th chakra is definitely in bloom. The way this day was going I was beginning to lose faith in mankind but have temporarily restored it.

Peace and Love brother.

Anonymous said...

We are not the ones in charge of what happens here on earth. We may think we are and create hell on earth and yet, everything unfolds as it is meant to be. There will be an opportunity for those with hearts and minds open to make a great leap in consciousness and evolution and leave the warring parties to their petty wars. Do Not make the reality that is happening a part of your reality. Stay calm and serene and trust in the great evolved beings who know everything.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

I must have missed the post where some one didn't use science to make a point with you. I doubt you're actually looking for it or you would surely have found plenty by now but just to help in case you do want science then look up these keywords in a search engine, 'scientists'. 'engineers', 'physicists', architects, pilots,for 911. There's plenty more but here you will find hard science true and tested, not of the snake oil variety of Popular Mechanics.

Visible said...

After tonight's radio at feet to the fire at 7:00 I will be back 45 minutes later at 8:00 for an interview that James has been wanting to set up for awhile. See you there.

Kevenj said...

"I must have missed the post.."

Who (or is that "To whom?) were you talking to Les? I couldn't figure it out.

Great comments-thanks DM for reminding me to visit HPH.
See you all tonight in Chicago!

Visible said...

If I could remember I would be glad to tell you but I don't know what you are referring to. A lot happens here in a day and I was just finishing up the radio show so my head is pretty much filled with that at the moment.

impotenta said...

Thanks fot this very good article :)

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

How we Weave our Spider's Web.

zito said...




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