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Going Mad or Becoming Sane is the Nature of the Game.

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For a few years, I was generally believing that all the negative events predicted at the far corners of the internet were pretty much going to happen. It’s never been hard in these times to see a great many negative things occurring by the hour. What I don’t know is whether these things were always happening and we’re just able to hear about them now. It seems like that might be true. Lately I am coming to see more and more that I don’t have a clue about the shape which conditions and events may take in these critical times we are in ...on our way to the official opening day festivities and/or tragedies of the Aquarian Age. The Aquarian Age, according to mystics, astrologers and various visionaries is supposed to usher in an age of universal brotherhood and that’s slated for 2012.

My sources (many of them across the spectrum of the last century or so and others much further back) say that there is supposed to be a pretty long period (according to the length of a human life) of greater light manifesting in human affairs with the entrance of The Aquarian Age. This is a very short period of time considering the length of other things. After that, everything is supposed to sink into relative degrees of darkness for the remaining portion of the Kali Yuga.

We are moving through a time of extreme stupidity and shameful belief in stupid things such as the universe being only six thousand years old. Other irrational beliefs are walking like hand-holding simpletons through cosmic minefields; sooner or later stupid meets reality even though it is likely not to recognize it as such. The banal trivia that plays non stop through most mediums of print and electronic media has permeated into every area of life. Objective reasoning has a Formica veneer. The increasing presence of religious, political and social fascism dovetails nicely with the trivia. Now we have Christmas spectacles with angels flying on rope harnesses from the ceilings of mega-churches.

The big hair ministers with the gold bling are all employed in the Zionist version of scripture. This reflexively excuses and justifies terrible mass murder and wide spread torment. Although, for me, reincarnation is a visible cause of the conditions on Planet Earth, it doesn’t justify the mindset of less awakened Hindus who laugh at the unfortunate while stating it’s their Karma. Certain factions of the Muslim religion work sexual repression with even more force than their Christian counterparts. What this means is that the religions of the past 2000 years have crystallized to the maximum and insanity of belief has become the norm. Normal has become insane. Meanwhile there is a certain amount of believers in each of these religions who are trying to live according to the example of compassion and understanding set down by the founders.

When religions crystallize and become temples of redundant cant and dogma, you should know that their end is near and that the new word is on its way. When political and social systems become dens of complete corruption, you should know that they are soon to shatter. Think of it as similar to something that has lost its sap, hardened and become brittle. It can be a difficult time for the true seeker because the old has not yet passed and the new has not yet arrived. Consider the condition of the snake shedding his skin.

Because of the availability of uncountable, watered down explanations for everything and anything, we now have a plague of experts who most resemble psychotic parrots drunk on the illusion of their own power to discourse on everything they don’t know. They’ve read the Cliff Notes and they’ve got calligraphy inscribed documents that make them doctors of hogwash and the more off the wall their belief systems are, the more proud they are of what they think they know. It’s now possible for tens of thousands of experts to appear every day on TV screens around the world. Only occasionally do they agree with each other and it often looks like intoxicated chimpanzees throwing shit at each other or baboons exposing their shiny red asses.

Manners and civil discourse have disappeared from the stage and you get people like Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter. The left has its own talking heads and both sides bow down to the God of Stupid, addressing the mutant intellect audiences that nod their heads in agreement to xenophobic speech as if it were their mother’s voice. It’s not always easy to walk through the world these days. You have to bob and weave in the opposite direction and not collide with the people going the other way. You have to know better than to tell them the bridge is out up ahead because at least you get the finger and maybe a beer can in the head.

It’s quite natural for people to be feeling a crushing weight of disappointment and uncertainty for the future. I hear about it every day from people. My emails have greatly increased and there’s a constant theme to the majority of it. People are in despair and not sure where to go or how to proceed there. On all sides there is a batshit lunatic institution where political correctness and other malevolent intents have blown the doors off the areas that once protected the ordinary mind from lurking madness. When you consider what’s in the water supply and in the air it’s not hard to understand how it happened. It didn’t just happen. It’s been coming for a long time.

I started out talking about how I no longer have any idea of what’s coming but there is something I am seeing, though I’m not sure how extreme it may become. I notice that people are losing their internal compass. In the highest halls of temporal power and on the meanest streets, people are getting buggy. The reason for this is that reality is shifting and people (most people) with a blind belief in the system are losing their rudders. I sense that this is going to go exponential. It’s the one thing I can see that is halfway predictable; maybe because I understand why.

As people lose their balance with the departure of the familiar and the entrance of the unfamiliar, they get wilder and are more prone to the trembles of fear and anger. Some would say this is being engineered by whatever version of organized bad guys they think are seeking to enslave the world but I tend not to believe that. It is much harder to rule the world when the citizens are all going mad in their own way and it makes them much more difficult to herd. Generally the bad guys prefer a lockstep collective belief in whatever snake oil they are selling.

A person’s core beliefs are responsible for their state of mind and the way they perceive the world around them and go about their business. My core belief is that the divine is in control of everything and using everyone who thinks they are in control for his own purposes. When you are crazy with the lust for power, acquisition and the unbridled expression of personal license, there is no way that you can succeed. Eventually you fall victim to your own internal conflicts and are hardly in a position to manage others at the same time. You will note that in former times in the countries of Soviet Russia, China and Cambodia- as well as other places, people were contained in a pervasive envelope of collective belief. For those who did not believe, fear would do and for those without enough fear, detention and death were available. That’s not as easy as it used to be and there are far more people these days who do not believe the bullshit than you might think.

I expect a certain amount of earthquakes and tsunamis. Mother Earth is not happy either and looking to make changes. I expect a certain amount of terrible war because the reptiles that are causing them have no moral constraints upon their behavior but... I do not think that this is the key element; even the falling away of long enduring belief systems and structures is not the key element. I think the key element is personal madness and sanity. Some of us are getting saner and some of us are getting crazier and it’s either one or the other, except for the exceptional few who have already come into the new ahead of its appearance.

To avoid going mad one has only to let go of the ridiculous nonsense and noise polluting the airways of the time and embrace the living light at their core. There is no life without it so that should be confidence building. If you are alive it’s there. It might be behind something or covered over with an old tarp but it’s there. The other stuff is not there, which is why it causes insanity (grin).

I don’t want to be a fearmonger but I will say that in the places where the concentration of the population is greatest, are the places where the madness is more likely to manifest in larger spontaneous outbreaks and also the places where necessary goods can suddenly go wanting. That’s simple math. Take it for what it’s worth.

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Scarlett said...

I have to say that as I have come to recognize that nothing is as it seems to be (especially in the realm of politics and religion), I have experienced an odd combination of despair and serenity. It is depressing as hell to realize that everything you were taught to believe in is a lie. Truth, justice and the American way? Yeah, right. Yet, there is also something liberating in it as well. The internal struggle I faced to understand why I was so depressed about the state of the world while everyone else was so happy with it is over. I'm not the insane one. I've been made to feel as if I am -- but I'm not. I've always believed there is some truth to the idea that a depressed person is merely a realist who sees the world as it is, not as they want it to be.

I'm a simple woman. I actually want that average, boring, soccer mom life. I do. I just want to be able to have it without having to agree to a frontal lobotomy to get it. I don't aspire to be rich. Honestly, I'm not sure I'd want to be. I want enough money to have the necessities and maybe a little left over to travel. I'm not greedy. I'll gladly take my little share and pass the rest on. Reconnecting with old friends on Facebook has been a real eye-opener to me. Many high school friends are those people who still think W. is the greatest president in history. Frightening stuff.

I have fantasies about going off the grid and being independent of the whole trainwreck that is America, but I know I won't do it. Too scared, I guess. But I've found some peace by letting go. I think those who have ears to hear have heard it already. I'm not fighting to save any of my ignorant friends or family. I agree with Les that there seems to be some greater plan at work. I only hope that when my time to step up comes that I have the wisdom to realize it and the courage to do it. I think we are past the point of no return and we couldn't save the current system if we tried (not that we would want to).

Pstonie said...

And to that end, here are some cool maps that show populations by density.

Anonymous said...

In the cities, how many days of empty supermarket shelves will it take for insanity to reign supreme?

Definitely less than 7, imho.

And who own and control ALL of our food supplies/distrubution, etc, these days, boys and girls?

Would it be the representatives of that shitty little terrorist apartheid welfare state in the Middle East?

Do some internet research while you still can. Have a look at the real story of the Irish so-called "famine"; you'll find forced starvation by the same cretins controlling the English government of the mid-1800's as control America today. The Armenian Genocide - starvation in the desert and more of the self-chosen in charge. Judeo-Bolshevik Russia post 1917? Millions dead in the Gulags and the gutters. The Ukrainian Holdomor of the 1930's saw the "Light Unto The Nations" starve to death another 7 to 8 million non-chosen. German POW's deliberately starved to death by the American jew government immediately after the jews second world war? Over one million.

Worst mass murderer in world history? Lazar Kaganovich. Shake his family tree and see how many self-chosen fall out.

Think they aren't going to play their starvation card again?

Good luck.



Anonymous said...

Such soulful and elegant writing, Les. Mille grazie.

Hi Scarlett: "I'm not fighting to save any of my ignorant friends or family."

That's the sanest thing to do. I met a man who knew nothing and, for over an hour, he engaged me in conversation wherein he asked me to shed what light I could on his quetions re. 911. He swore up&down he'd do the reading and be well informed when next we met.

Several weeks had elapsed and I bumped into him while walking my dog. He had done no reading, nothing. He has his own opinions, he announced, one of which is he doesn't trust conspiracy theories.

Can you imagine if I'd spoken to him about Chemtrails?!

Another time, I printed up a truthful, two-page article on the Middle East conflict for a colleague. She never read it. Two lousy pages! "Not interested," she said, "Those people have been fighting for centuries."

Henceforth, the path I tread is called "Ignore the Ignorants."

To beat down the "lizards" in control, all of us would have be on the same page (or at least the same book). It's never going to happen...

Best Regards,

kikz said...

beautiful one les:)

...the contrast allows choice.

i'll leave the attribution absent.


The bridge IS out ahead said...

"it often looks like intoxicated chimpanzees throwing shit at each other or baboons exposing their shiny red asses...

It’s not always easy to walk through the world these days. You have to bob and weave in the opposite direction and not collide with the people going the other way. You have to know better than to tell them the bridge is out up ahead because at least you get the finger and maybe a beer can in the head."

Les you write the most humorous and genial things!

Sublime yet right to the point.

Thank you.


abe said...

Dublin, I appreciate your comment on the Irish- I had no idea. Rather, I did know about both the famine and the "ashkenazi house of windsor" but for some reason never connected the two. I think their power lies in that. Thinking back, it seems to almost be a universal pattern:

abe said...

Sorry, that reply was to historyisbunk. but it was about Ireland- so it's all good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Great Post... I really enjoyed it..

Scarlett's comments too.. I understand where she is coming from sometimes...

I notice that many are moving very cautiously thru a world with tons of lost souls looking for love and guidance. But FEAR seems to be order of the day for many...

Folks are really angry at Obama over the health care plan but have no idea that they are being used by the Republican party and those at the top (Global Elite) for some esoteric agenda...

I sit and wonder where was all this passion/anger/hate when Bush stole both elections, or wired tapped everyone, or tortured folks, or when he/Cheney & Israeli crew carried out 9/11, etc...

Where was the anger then? Where was the massive town hall rallies and marches on Washington then?

And of course Obama is a puppet of the hidden masters, but so are all of the other candidates... But where was the massive anger and hate then?? What about when Clinton and Janet Reno burned down the folks at Waco? Or OKC bombing with the ATF boys?

The only difference I see is that Obama is Black and the others were white... All doing evil shit at the request of the Bankers, Israel, the CFR members and moving us closer to the final stages of a New World Order... And yes, there were protest and blogs and other stuff combating those Presidents but nothing like this for Obama...

But the think tanks are very smart..

Conquer and divide using RACIAL Prejudice/Hatred.. It is such a great strategy to accomplish martial law and establish "order out of chaos" (Ordo ab Chao) in American as most have NEVER confronted the lack of love in themselves so how can they have Love for their neighbor/fellow man.

The zionist controlled media have been waging massive brain washing campaigns for centuries demonizing minorities as gang-bangers, drug dealers, rapist, etc... And like lemmings, many taught their kids kids these lies and here we are today...

But as Les said, if we teach the truth about America's Secret Destiny or about the Holocaust, then were are branded as anti-semitic or worse...

It is written in the BIBLE that LOVE IS THE FULFILLING OF THE LAW... But it's very difficult to love someone/something else if at first you don't love yourself...

As more and more chaos begin to engulf the world & us, I think many should take some time out for self-reflection and connect with their God/source/High Power and prepare for the Demonic Illuminati bullshit that's coming down the pike..

Because you know it's coming...

Take a stand, look within and don't let them evil bastards use your weakness against you when YOUR time comes..

God Bless,

Red Pill

Anonymous said...

I found a report on the web the other day where a couple of folks were debating whether you were in league with 'SATAN!' because of some silly photo of you they'd seen. LOL

Such silliness seems rampant on the 'net these days... even sillier than it was before. I guess this is what they mean by the 'quickening'... I keep watching the earthquake maps, waiting; time is slipping away for the west coast of America... A year or two at most before BAM! and they get a wake-up like they've not seen in eons.

The earth has enjoyed about 10,000 years of relative peace... that's about to change and we'll understand better why our ancestors cowered in caves in fear.

I like to float over and read the information the folks who propose we live in an 'electric universe' have to say. There is some interesting ideas being tossed around at those sites and I feel somewhere amongst those people another Tesla may be lurking... and this time the message he/she is carrying will be heard. Well, at least I hope so, and hope is the important word. Important enough for Pandora to open her box again and release the one thing that keeps humans moving foreward.

The boys in the backroom of Obama's team tried putting hope back into the box, using the word like a painted whore to seduce the public. Hope will have none of it and hope still lives in our hearts and minds despite this attempt to kill it. HeeHee.

Interrupted by a buddy stopping to drop-off some flies he tied... life ain't too bad, at least for those of us who've seen behind the screen and know the Wiz is nothing more than a tired old man...


Visible said...

Well Dave, Satan hasn't been all that nice to me in this life for whatever that's worth. The picture they are talking about is right on the front page of this blog and there might be some more at the music sites.

It's just me doing some mudras from the awakened kundalini. My hands go into certain positions of their own accord but I usually suppress it in public. The problem with these people is that they think there is a 'separate' evil force and a separate good force and that's basically how they get manipulated too. There is only one force for good or ill and the serpent power, which is what it is is defined by intention. There are plenty of pictures of Ramakrishna in these poses and he was a saint and way ahead of me.

I've no idea why this force was activated in me. it caused a whole lot of tension and wild scenes in the early days and I haven't gotten an explanation yet.

God is a serpent. God told me so himself. It is a force that can send one down into hell or to the highest heaven depending on one's direction. The serpent in the garden was god and the same serpent is the messiah. You can imagine how this goes over with the know it all crowd. This is why in the lord's prayer god is asked "not to lead us into temptation." What else can than mean except precisely what it says.

God and the devil are two appearances of the same force. The devil is the way the carnal and the wicked see god.

Well, I suppose I've put my foot into it now but I've been saying these things all along.

Anonymous said...

Right on dog. I have found the closer you get to what is true, the more you feel like a stranger in a strange land.


Anonymous said...

Excellent & lucid insights as usual. Thank you!

Lawrence/Canada said...

Something IS indeed coming. The "promised one of all religions." ... ..Share International on the Reappearence of Maitreya the World Teacher; 100% sanctioned by the UN natch. You fit right in with your pantheism.

"God and the devil are two appearances of the same force. The devil is the way the carnal and the wicked see god."

How original. Why does the bible call the devil an archangel who led 1/3 of the angels in rebellion? WHO KNEW THAT? The bible says he destroys, and is the father of all lies..... so bc YOU are preaching new age crap, uh 2 + 2... Jesus said and says "you are either FOR Me - or AGAINST Me. You either gather WITh Me - or you scatter AGAINST Me." How many minds are YOU influencing away from the truth?

postcards from the matrix said...

Of course its worse in population centers where you can't have a smoke or extend your elbows without someone there. If your depressed and anxious about it all it means you care. Go about existing in your own head with your soundtrack going, my soundtrack is T Rex-Electric Warrior whatever works for you is fine. Don't worry if people are talking about you be thankful for the attention. A thumbs down from some robot lizard is equal to a thumbs up from a real person.

Anonymous said...


"God and the devil are two appearances of the same force. The devil is the way the carnal and the wicked see god."

That's the sort of thing that keeps me coming back... well it's that sort of thinking and the comments you generate. Something cool about sitting at your table and being part of such unusual conversations – it helps keep my brain flexible.

Hi babette... How's the telescope?



Frog said...

I agree. The devil must be made by and of God, there is no logical alternative. God made everything therefore... This is supported by the book of Job and other scripture.
The devil is the prosecutor, the tester, he who sifts us as wheat. We can't understand the light unless we experience the dark. It is the one who lies and deceives those weak and worldly enough to be accept the deceit.
I believe that evil does not really exist per se, it is always a perversion of good. Consider the serial murderer/torturer. That person has great self esteem. Great self love. Just no compassion or empathy. I swat a pesky fly, he kills a child. He is in his mind doing good, for the victim the result is terrible.
Anyhow, I digress. The devil is a necessary part of God's plan for us.
I don't like to think of the devil as "part of the same force" as God. The barking dog outside of my house is a part of my household and supported by me but ... The statement is technically true I admit.
I have not truly accepted the yin/yang concept of eastern thought. To me Light is, dark is not. Temperature is, cold is absence. Good is, evil is perversion of it. God is fertility, creation, love, good. In short, God IS ("I AM").
To summarize, I agree with you about the nature of the adversary. He must be of God. Likewise the serpent. I would argue against giving God and the devil equality. I see evil as small. Sterile. A void. All that is not God. Useful in the long term plan for creation, an unavoidable byproduct of free will, but not equal to the Creator.
My two cents.

Frog said...

Lawrence from Canada,
Where does the Bible describe the devil as leading 1/3 of the angels in rebellion? I can't find that section... Thanks.

Chris said...

Bullshit light is dark and dark is light Aleister Crowleyism.

Listen to every word Les.

And this by the late Phil Jones

Visible said...

When someone tells me to listen to every word I am afraid they are trying to brainwash me to become like them and then I start to shake with the fear it could happen. I'll have to wait until someone else listens and lets me know it's okay.

I'm amazed when people take whole new phrases and attribute them to me as if I said them and as if I meant what they meant which isn't possible because I'm in another dimension and nothing looks the same as it does in the places where my words and meaning get changed.

Anonymous said...

Look out Luddites incoming!

Always good to see you here Scarlet. Yes you do reach a point where you realize most things are a carefully constructed lie.

Abe the food source is the name of the game whether it be killing off the buffalo or spreading potato blight.
In the Ukraine it was the grain. Food was shipped out of the Ukraine while people starved.

Under GMO there simply won't be any seeds and it will be world wide. The water is poisoned and we have power plants on earthquake faults that are going live. The polaris axis is shifting.

Not let me play nostradamus for awhile....HMMMM looks like stormy weather up ahead to me. I will pass on the fluoride and vaccines however as I would like to see the grand finale.

The kingdom of heaven is a condition of the heart..not something that comes upon the earth or after death.....Nietzsche

Anonymous said...

When I read your post dozens of things cross my mind. You just wrote an excellent summary for a new book, GOING MAD OR BECOMING SANE. It is even a catchy title. "Insanity of belief has become the norm."

Lawrence/Canada is a great example. "How many minds are you influencing away from the truth?" Any Christian acknowledges that God created everything. When Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels transgressed why didn't God simply destroy them? God knows everything so when he created these entities he knew this would happen. Could it be "God and the devil are two appearances of the same force." Experiencing duality is vital preparation for the next level.

The bible says God created man and gave him free will. God knows in advance some will die in sin and be cast into the pits of hell which God created for them. That is real sadistic (why create individuals that will live a short time on earth then burn for eternity when the die) but good Christians have no problem with this.

God sent his only son to suffer and die at the hands of sinners so we could have eternal salvation. For starters in the Old Testament there is no mention of God having children. Anyhow the whole gory episode didn't accomplish anything, because if we don't conveniently follow the tenants of the Christian religion we will still end up in the fires of hell. Also are we to assume that prior to Jesus's death almost everyone was going to hell?

Give me a break. I could go on but you get the picture. Anyone who has trouble with what Les is saying should read his words again. Not to be picking on Lawrence but his idea of truth.......and Les's "insanity of belief."


Visible said...

oops. I was afraid of that. Intuition is running pretty good these days.

I guess I should clarify some things. I hate it when I'm taken out of context or people assume I meant something I didn't say.

I never placed the devil equal with God but I probably should have said angels instead of God since they are the face of God to the righteous as the devil is to the wicked. No one can look on God's face so I hear.

For anything I say here there are ancient traditions that echo it in various times and lands; some of them far older than Christianity. What I say is not new, not something I came up with. What it is is that when something rang true to me I made it part of me and when it sounded like bullshit or was made pointlessly complex I rejected it.

One thing I can definitely say is that I don't want any part of any religion that includes Judaic traditions or culture. I don't have any evidence that Jesus was Jewish and there is no historical record of any Jesus. I don't doubt the presence of Christ because there is plenty of history of people finding him. But for me, Christianity in it's traditional sense is too closely allied with the synagogue of Satan and I want no part of it. Christ spoke out against these people who are still here today but Christians seem to have forgotten.

I especially want no part of the Old Testament in which most of the stories were stolen from other cultures. There's hard evidence of this. It is that culture that Christ was talking to when he mentioned vain repetitions. It amazes me how much people think they know about the bible and don't actually know much at all.

I gave the Bible some serious time but it's not my cup of tea. It's too hysterical and lacks metaphysical science (esoteric Christianity does) which should naturally accompany any spiritual teaching as does the Hindu and Buddhist as well as the Sufi. The teaching of Jesus 'the' Christ are spot on and will enhance any life perhaps even lead to that greater life when the aspirant can put away his prejudices and condemnations of what he does not understand. The parrot thing is really annoying too... Bwak... bwak! bwak! who wants that?

Moving right along.

Anonymous said...

The Latest From Jim Kirwan:

"A Funny Thing Happened
On the Way to Empire"

By Jim Kirwan:

For those that want to see a ‘Full-Body-Scan’ of the demonic-nightmare that’s trying to shutdown this nation: There is something significant about just how this malevolent wet-dream of Old World Power continues to bring its own demise ever-closer, with every step they take, toward what they envision as their “Victory” over the rest of us.

The ‘secret’ in their ‘Heart of Darkness’ contains something they created long ago; to insure their initial successes in their massive-efforts just to get to this point-in-time. Now that they have arrived in force; this same series of national-security compartmentalization’s and super-secret contracts is combining to actually frustrate their real ability to completely capture us as planned. The irony is sublime!

Here’s how this worked: Their first real step out-of-the-shadows came in the form of the creation of The US Department of Homeland Security.

Essentially this involved combining 22 separate government agencies into a vastly unmanageable mega-agency of some 180,000 government employees that were supposedly responsible for managing everything to do with protecting the public, from every threat that ever existed, whether from nature or from terrorist conspiracies of any kind. (that was why we needed to give up our rights so that this hopelessly inept feral government could do what apparently our inalienable rights could not do): Protect us from everything on earth that might pose a threat to our sacred welfare.

This farcical equation set-up a whole series of compartmented and supposedly specialized agencies as well as oversight task-forces that were meant to both intimidate and block the public from finding out what was really going on, while the responsibilities for what these secret agencies were doing could remain hidden within the machinations of governmental processes, to the point of near-perfect-invisibility as far as the questioning public was concerned.

This feat was a political master-stroke in their own minds that was intended to silence the public, while creating all kinds of new opportunities for crimes and profits, such as those committed in the Aftermath of Katrina as well as those that provided cover for scams like the supposed rescue-attempts in Haiti to just not happen (despite the global outpouring of money): But to be protected from investigations while the next phases of everything in their play book continued to move seamlessly forward until there would no-longer be any need to hide whatever they might choose to do to us.

Read The Complete Article At:

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

@postcards from the matrix said...
"A thumbs down from some robot lizard is equal to a thumbs up from a real person."

Are you Clairvoyant? or just expectant?. lol ;)

Anonymous said...

I apologize to the Luddite as I am prone sometimes to have fun at their expense. I find them a great source of inspiration just knowing I worked through some of this a long time ago.

I do have a certain compassion for them as working through this type of stone cold crystalization of the mind can be very difficult and sometimes not occur in one lifetime I suppose.

My advice to you is keep on trucking, we are all part of the web of life.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dave! It's a Celestron 8"SE + all attachments, including a laptop to store vids of the moon, Mars and Saturn, up to date.

Yesterday, I examined the 3/4 moon in broad daylight. Against the skyblue background (no chems) it shimmered a dusty pink.


Anonymous said...

"The Zionist controlled media have been waging massive brain washing campaigns for centuries demoralizing minorities as gang-bangers, drug dealers, rapist, etc..."

Bullshit, the Zionist controlled media do just the opposite. They minimize minority crime and exaggerate Caucasian crime out of proportion. Each year the FBI come out with crime statistics. Over half the prison population is black and they comprise 10% of the general population. Then they pull a neat trick, they lump Caucasian and Hispanic inmates into the same 40% group. Why do you think they do this? Could it be that over 80% of the crime is committed by only two groups. Ever hear this statistic on the nightly Jooz news? How about the staggering percentage of black on white crime vs white on black crime?


paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, there are too many stupid people in the USA. The cabal extended unemployment benefits, gave trillions to wall street, cash for clunkers, home purchase tax credit, lowered the interest rates to zero.... and life is still normal for most people for now. Its only temporary.. it will not last.

When I drive through the city or the endless suburbs with thousands of lined streets and homes. I can imagine the overnight transformation when the food runs out and the system breaks down. It wont be a pretty site.

Anonymous said...

If you are referring to me Les, I'm sure as hell not equating the devil to God. What I took you to mean is the devil is an aspect of God. He sure as hell can't be a power unto himself or that would imply two Gods.


Anonymous said...

dear Lesji -

If I may briefly take a seat at your most excellent round-table, firstly to say 'thanks and praises' for ID-ing the "key element", and also for walking tall and uncloaked in your authentic individuality amidst the slings and arrows (spitwads/peashooters) - which inspires and empowers others to do likewise.

Also, a brief report from babylon-central:
just returned home from 12 days in NYC, doing a series of Kali-Shiva dance theater shows 'uptown'. (traditional and modern, cast and band of all races)
From the observation of this one human-singularity-perspective, there appears to be an increase of self-talkers/shouters on the streets, short fuses, and the usual mass-escapism-devotees. Majority still talk about the moooozlims of 911, billboards advertising homeland-security job opportunities and redemption-salvation sources.
On the other hand, coming out of the gigs at midnight the streets are filled with alive conscious musician folks packin their axes, looking for the after-hours jams, meetin and greetin. So, interesting field-trip into the matrix.

Been listening to the Nassim Harramein vids (8 hours on the joogle), and I tend to feel that cutting-edge physics is clearly showing that this creation is of undeniably absolute order - in other words: it's all under control (imagine that!).
Furthermore, it seems that any "other place" in this here galaxy would be having the same dynamics goin on, so I'm still of the attitude that this is not a "hell planet", but a creation that's merely due for another "great purification".
Happy to be here on the planet, at home in my sane Hispanic village, and sitting at your table of sanity.
Carry on.


Anonymous said...
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Visible said...


absolutely not and I only meant it as clarification for another poster and not a criticism of that poster. Sometimes we seem father apart than we are because of words and terms so... I was trying to make mine more clear.

Bholanath... glad you made it out. I used to live in NYC. We used to refer to it as eight million people living in a state of emergency. At the right age and in the right consciousness it can be a blast.

For whatever the reason I am seldom comfortable now unless I'm completely in Nature... That will pass as I lose some of the things still locked in my tissues from other times.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, a question if I may? I know you don't have all the answers, but I'm just curious, so I'll ask anyway? How much longer is the age of kali yuga scheduled to last? The planet earth, after a momentary uplifting light from incoming aquarian age, is then going to descend back into relative darkness for a while so soon? Man, that is a friggin' BUMMER. I'm not gonna live for hundreds of years and I know one's personal path is the key to where one is heading, and the rest is just scenery. And I've read about (though personally I have no clue) the whole timestream bifurcation dimensional split moving into fourth density (whoa!) possibility. If this happens well then this happens. But for the earth to descend so quickly back into the depths of depravity and horror so soon, and this uplifting light is just momentary, like the blink of an eye? Man that is a real bummer. I was hoping it was going to be one of those steadily uphill types of things, at least for a relative large period of time. I was a bit suprised to hear you say this. You would think that the human race would learn a lesson for future generations from whatever momentous events may transpire soon, or maybe I'm too optimistic, ha ha. Do you care to elaborate or add any extra comments to this? bearwalk7 (formerly known as pond owl)

Visible said...

Pond Owl...

Here's some brief and possibly depressing calculations.

You can read a variety of takes in this listing.

Even though the age of Kali is one of mostly darkness there are recurrent periods of light. It's just mostly dark. Those making it into the next dimension during this most fortunate time will not much have to worry about this except in the cases where they have come to be of service.

The brighter the yuga the longer it lasts.

Service to the divine can result in all sorts of wonderful things beyond description. People are free to make their choices concerning that.

Saladin at WRH said...

The Pelosi Sanction
By: Saladin

We should never forget who this woman is or where she came from. In short, she is the spoiled rotten daughter of a Baltimore crime boss who didn’t miss a beat hopping from her rich Daddy’s lap to the lap of her multi-millionaire husband. During her quest for power and prestige, she has not once let her feet touch the same ground or travel the same difficult road that you and I travel on a daily basis. Yet there she is, on top of the world, looking down at the rest of us and mandating how we little people are to live our lives.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow folks. Great links Vis and great comments about the earth and the ages. It's all just scenery ain't it. What matters is who you are, what you're doing and what you desire, where you're at and where you're going. The rest is just scenery. Ohh there's many more details but that's the main theme. bearwalk7

David said...

Hi Les, I read your posts regularly and enjoy them and I agree with much of what you say (for what that's worth). However, I tend to disagree with one statement you made in your most recent post.

"It is much harder to rule the world when the citizens are all going mad in their own way and it makes them much more difficult to herd. Generally the bad guys prefer a lockstep collective belief in whatever snake oil they are selling."

Four words. Order out of chaos.

That is one of the most pervasive concepts in this current madness. Or, as David Icke calls it, problem, reaction, solution. Chaotic situations are purposely created so that the PTB (at least for now) can exploit the ensuing confusion to execute the next phase of thier agenda. You and I know the events of today were planned many, many years ago. These evil bastards are very patient.

Visible said...

Yes, I know what they plan to do but they're not going to pull it off. the problem with these 1500 or so word entries is that detail is often sacrificed for brevity. I could say more and be more clear I think but then I have less time for everything else and already not enough time for that (grin).

Anyway, we'll see. My feeling is that they are in for a big surprise and not a pleasant one.

Anonymous said...

Les...can you give us any specifics on what are the requirements to make this dimensional transition when that time comes, provided we are still alive then? Or is that one of those that's for the divine to know and you to find out types of things? bearwalk7

Visible said...

Of course it would be presumptuous of me to say I know the answer to that but my intuitive sense tells me that it's a natural occurrence that will be made available to everyone following 'spiritual' pursuits.

It is going to come to everyone at the level they are on. Some will be more aware of it than others and some won't be aware of it at all. In some cases it will be exciting and exhilarating and in other cases exceedingly frightening. But... I don't know. This is just what I'm sensing.

Anonymous said...

At the present moment we have just passed through five thousand years of the Kali-yuga, which lasts 432,000 years. Before this there was Dvāpara-yuga (800,000 years), and before that there was Tretā-yuga (1,200,000 years). Thus, some 2,005,000 years ago, Manu spoke the Bhagavad-gītā to his disciple and son Mahārāja Ikṣvāku, the king of this planet earth. The age of the current Manu is calculated to last some 305,300,000 years, of which 120,400,000 have passed. Accepting that before the birth of Manu the Gītā was spoken by the Lord to His disciple the sun-god Vivasvān, a rough estimate is that the Gītā was spoken at least 120,400,000 years ago; and in human society it has been extant for two million years. It was respoken by the Lord again to Arjuna about five thousand years ago. That is the rough estimate of the history of the Gītā, according to the Gītā itself and according to the version of the speaker, Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa.

Anonymous said...

Many here probably already know about this site but if you're interested in fringe knowledge (aliens, conspiracy, matrix, metaphysics, dimensional shift)check out site. The material seems very sharp and he's got a good links page to lots of other info. Also the Cassiopaean Material as well, specifically the earlier transcripts, but I always approach channelled material with lots of caution. bearwalk7

Anonymous said...

I agree with Les there is not going to be a world government. The whole concept is going south. The EU is looking like break up city right now.

I am pretty sure mother nature is also going to step in for some surprises. I think the quakes in Haiti and Chile were just warm ups. If the Arenal strato-volcano in Costa Rica goes, it could open the gateway between the pacific and the Caribbean seas and it would mean unbelievable climate change, this one event alone.

It would change the gulf streams globally.

Anonymous said...

God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.

Anonymous said...

As I am one of those lone artists just barely existing in this wilderness of flashing media heads and corrupt voices screaming to to be heard as the top man on the hill.This nuclear culture now a brutal scream of a fumbling fool. Everything is so grossly ,so exaggerated and made into food that satisfies the vital righteousness within every persons Psyche. Its simply time to be quiet and know yourself.

Being a visible artist , oil painter I have always been prone to
put more faith in my own insights and visions than the standard religious thought forms that are floating around the ethers these
days.Be that as it lays , about two years ago I experienced a lucid dream / vision . The Earth was floating in darkness surrounded by tiny flickering stars , On the horizon was a standing a closed door within its frame . It felt like something from the movie 2001. with the black obelisk. As the door opened the light from the exact center of the galactic Universe started to flow through towards the earth . This light was and is a consciousness itself . Then a voice said " Don't Worry About Anything
Everyones DNA is going to be upgraded. " This will be timed to happen around 2012.
So that got me thinking on a different level , the big picture level . There are 125 million universes according to Nasa , probably billions and billions of planets in the physical world .Other types of beings on unknown worlds . Just to contemplate the size and complexity should be enough to humble any decent person humble,How can our little mind know what the intelligence behind this universe has in store for the human race. We are all evolving very quickly into a higher way of being, cosmic consciousness. And no matter what any controlling
factor does whether its Science , Religion or Government trying to hold onto their ring of power,succeeds in doing . They will never be able to stop us from our destiny.
The consciousness that exists is in everything that is exists ,its just a matter of amount . This darkness that is rising is there for us to see , to become more aware. The mirror shines brightly now , the wars and hatred only reflect mankind's fears ,Our own unconsciousness . You can't fight the darkness with more darkness , just light the candle , add what little awareness to the situation as you can .Its time to wipe clean the mirror.

One saying from Aurobindo ,
"None can reach heaven who have not passed through hell"

Anonymous said...

Aren't those god awful, dimwitted, ignoramous USraelian "soccer moms" totally disgusting though?

They, and those unspeakably repugnant, equally brainwashed USraelian military moms, will be amongst those who take us down with the ship.

Glub, glub...


psychegram said...

Well Les, what can I say? Except, I'm not scared. Whatever comes, comes.

Nor do I know if I am sane. That all around me are insane is manifestly obvious and yes ... their insanity is whirling round the 'gyre of the funeral of the Empire. Doesn't much matter what Empire, it was always the same Empire, handed off down the generations through the Bloodline as its influence expanded through the world.

Now there is nowhere their agents are not in charge, but more see it for what it is than ever before. It scarcely matters whether the reptiles are shape-shifters or just psychopaths driven by their reptile brains: their peculiar madness is driving all under them insane.

All the while, yin to their overwhelming yang, supersanity is seeping in from the cosmos simultaneously, everywhere in the world. Check this out: 2010: Year of Sudden Reckoning. Not familiar with the Indian astrology but the predictions are certainly interesting, particularly the bit where we figure out the next 9/11 before it hits, tell everyone about it, and then They pull it off anyways because it's a lynch-pin of the Plan and they are Fucked without it.

Love you, Les. Keep it up and all those people trying to tell you what to do with yourself that have been harassing you lately? Fuck those people, man, they're missing the point: NO one tells ANY one what to do, because if we want to be ONE again only I'm me and only you can be you.

revenise said...

The religion of the 21'st century is the free market, which only functions with a cheap and plentiful uninterrupted flow of oil… but as we all witnessed in mid 2008, (cheap) world oil production peaked. Watch the movie for a better idea.

IAE: Too fearful to publicize peak oil reality

The stimulus package is already drying up and we are now heading into another oil price spike this summer along with a financial monsoon in step with the failing US dollar that will make 2008 look like a picnic... The people who have and do control the wealth of the world are losing control and fast. They seem desperate to keep people like us divided and fighting amongst each-other while our 401k's, mortgages and resources are funneled into the black hole of their infinite growth paradigm pocketbooks. Weather you are a millionaire, a politician, or Prince Charles, you are being screwed too.

Debt Dynamite Dominoes: The Coming Financial Catastrophe

Also, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers of the day have an inferiority complex where they find an inescapable need to blame cave dwellers for their inability to transition our heard minded civilization off of fossil fuels 30 years ago when we actually had the oil, time and a functional financial system to pay for it. Now civilization is going to mostly collapse with their help or even if they don't, so these psychos will get a chance to pat themselves on the back for doing such a good job at carving those Georgian Guidestones one way or another.

Now the rising/falling Empires of the decade… well, particularly one of them, US&A is gearing up for the final greatest miss-allocation of resources with their gas guzzling resource war showdown.

US Knife to the Heart of World Future Energy, Iran’s Natural Gas Riches

Who is the biggest threat to USA and Israel? I'll tell you a secret, it’s not Iran. China and Russia ring your bell?

China's oil demand increase 'astonishing', says IEA

The USA has been strategically surrounding China, Russia, Turkey, and Iran with military bases, war ships, and missile defense systems. The NATO alliance is trying to gain strategic control of key pipelines, and trade routes... and not to mention Obama recently sold 6.4 billion in arms to Taiwan. China is pissed... Iran is China's largest oil exporter... you bomb Iran, China will be devastated and fall into shambles in very short order.

China's 28% increase in oil consumption is likely being held in strategic reserves in the case that these psychopaths do decide to bomb Iran.

greencrow said...

Les, it's interesting that you used the new buzz word "bling" in this post.

Why not continue to use the word "bling" was invented to


veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,..Here's a take on the topic I always loved...

When the Moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
The age of Aquarius


Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelations
And the mind's true liberation


When the Moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
The Age of Aquarius


Wanna listen to it? Huh?
Here's the best tube link, I think;

Love Light & Peace ya'll.

Nameste Vis


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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long john said...

I am in some disagreement with the versions of the Yugas (ages) and their durations which have been posted above thus far.

No one actually knows with any absolute certainty, but I feel that those versions described by other commenters above are faulty and incorrect.

Imo, the theory of the Yugas that was elucidated by Sri Yukteshvar (the guru of Paramahansa Yogananda) and some others, is much more accurate.

In Sri Yukteshvar's version, the Yugas are positioned somewhat like the dial of a clock, in that the Satya Yuga or the pure age is situated around the upper or 12 o'clock position. The Treta Yuga is around approximately the 2 o'clock position, the Dwapara Yuga is around the 4 o'clock position, and the Kali Yuga is down at the bottom around the 6 o'clock position.

Then after the Kali Yuga at the bottom, the cycle continues on around and up through the Dwapara Yuga again, them the Treta, and then finally back up again into the Satya Yuga at the top or 12 o'clock position.

So the ages descend or decline from the pure Satya Yuga, all the way down to the Kali Yuga, and then ascend back up again towards the Satya Yuga. Thus it is much like the breath, like the cycle of breathing.

The theory that Sri Yukstesvar has expounded also indicates that we are now no longer within the Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga was the dark age of dense ignorance, quarrel and strife. Sri Yukteshvar's version says that, at the present time, we have already passed through the dark Kali Yuga and we are now actually ascending up through the Dwapara again, hence the gradual advancements and progress in science, electronics and technology etc. We are moving back towards the pure age of the Satya Yuga again.

In Sri Yukteshvar's book, The Holy Science , he says:

“The position of the world in the Dwapara Sandhi era at present is not correctly shown in the Hindu Almanacs. The astronomers and astrologers who calculate the almanacs have been guided by wrong annotations of certain Sanskrit scholars (such as Kullu Bhatta) of the dark age of Kali Yuga, and now maintain that the length of Kali Yuga is 432,000 years, of which 4994 have passed away, leaving 427,006 years still remaining. A dark prospect! And fortunately one not true.”

From the Wiki article Sri Yukteswar's teachings on the Yugas:

"In his book, The Holy Science, Sri Yukteswar explained that the descending phase of Satya Yuga lasts 4800 years, the Treta Yuga 3600 years, Dwapara Yuga 2400 years, and the Kali Yuga 1200 years. The ascending phase of the Kali Yuga then begins, also lasting 1200 years. The ascending phase of the Kali Yuga began in September of 499 AD. Since September 1699, we have been in the ascending phase of the Dwapara Yuga, according to Sri Yukteswar.

"In The Holy Science, Sri Yukteswar concludes that we are currently in the beginning stages of Dwapara Yuga, which began around 1699 A.D. This now puts us in the year 309 Dwapara according to Sri Yukteswar. Thus, we are moving closer to the grand center, and will pass into Treta Yuga around the year 4099 A.D."

For a more complete elaboration of of Sri yukteshvar's theory on the Yugas, I suggest reading his book titled The Holy Science.

postcards from my anus said...

Anon at 1826hrs are you lizard or robot? o[+_+]o

night of the martian nazis said...

L.V. I had the self editing comment earlier unless it was you, you hacker, bwahaha. I turned off java and cookies in a fit of paranoia, hehe. Went back to an older version of the browser, but like the FBI guy said the only safe machine is one unplugged and disconnected.

Re: Evolution said...

Wonderful Les! It may be appropriate to inform you that a researcher, name unknown, has concluded that 25% of the American population is insane or mentally suffering from either depression, psychosis or some form of substance addiction. Now compared with other geographic regions of the world that´s about 250% higher than European nations, excluding Britain. Now given these results, we can understand and fully accept that so many are either incapapble (75 million) of forming a strategy to deal with the harsh nature of their reality. So when this very large number of persons acts collectively, or insane as they are found to be, then it comes as no wonder that society will collapse or be very near that state. Perhaps it has already occured and it just hasn´t been announced officially because to do that would make the non -insane aware and that would block the efforts or prevent further destabilization by the Elites whose goal is clearly to achieve this desired state of "insanity" or destabilization. Another thing is I have no fear other than how painful it might be when it occurs, that it is happening is clear for myself because I´m in my splendid isolation over here. But that this terminal state of America is not denied or really challenged, means the empire is likely to collapse soon anyway geo-politically. The world would be alleviated on many fronts, and the Zionists would certainly be defeated, since they are generally rejected elsewhere and having destroyed their host, the parasite now is without.

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

It's not a Total Wasteland Yet..

Anonymous said...


bullet in a sandstorm looking for a place to land
dust of fallen empires slowly flowing through my hands
full hart beats an empty one in the deck they delt to man
use me while you can
Bruce Cockburn, Use Me While You Can

Anonymous said...

"for me, reincarnation is a visible cause of the conditions on Planet Earth, it doesn’t justify the mindset of less awakened Hindus who laugh at the unfortunate while stating it’s their Karma."

Yep you sure have a long view man and Im thinkin you could write a piece just on this. So ture man, I wish I didnt hear the word Karma anymore, its sooo used wrongly. I say karma is a realtime event thats more like looking in the mirror than a chainreation?

The Fool

Anonymous said...

Amerikagulag said:

Many of my friends are from Mexico. They're termed "illegal aliens" by TPTB. I tend to recognize them as "native Americans moving north across borders of land that once belonged to them." There is an inherent contempt on their part for those amongst them that come from the 'ranch', as opposed to 'las ciudad', the "city". It's the same disdain a wall street broker shows for a West Virginia hillbilly. An egotistical streak which all of humanity exhibits but for different reasons. I have discussed with my Mexican friends the importance of their 'farming' knowledge. Coming from a ranch has awarded them a type of knowledge not available in the big city and it's far more important. I've told them to cherish their abilities in farming and animal husbandry AND that it only takes ONE GENERATION to lose that information - just as their ancestors, the Aztec, Maya and Inca have lost their magnificent stone-masonry abilities. It only took ONE generation.

Living in the big city only offers carnal pleasures. It deliberately disconnects one from the planet and we fall prey to it's allure and conveniences. Man will return to his former agrarian self, albeit through much suffering and death. Natural and unnatural cataclysms will eventually destroy hie grand illusions of control and thrust him back into dealing with nature on natures terms. It's happened before several times, Atlantin, Mu, Lemuria and even the 'dark ages' spawned by christianity sent man back from his 'city-livin' to the farms.

In the 1800's, by the time a boy was 5, he knew all the trees and what their wood was used for. He could graft, cultivate and tend to the farm. Today, when a child is 5, they are proficient in the illusions and non existent challenges of video games. Our species has deteriorated in mental adaptation and ascended into cartoon status.

Your observations are correct Les. When the 'huddled masses' dwell, there will be the greatest conflicts.

Learn from nature. Learn to cultivate, construct, repair and maintain not only dwellings, but food. Learn the skill of preserving food and learn the value of simple. SIMPLE, SUFFICIENT, FUNCTIONAL. It seems these last three have all but vanished from the mindset of humanity.

Gods bless, Les.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Amerikagulag said:

I would recommend the books of Eric Sloane to anyone interested in the past as a quick refresher on where we're heading and a good guide on how to survive.

There are many other sources of this type of information but none present it with such reverence or command. And none offer such accurate graphics.

Visible said...

Very well said Amerikagulag. It feels like your words were picked right out of my being. That's just how I see it and... you're dead right. It only takes one generation for it to be lost. I think that's the meaning beyond these two Biblical phrases; "generation of vipers" and "where there is no vision, the people perish"

Anonymous said...

I get your drift and sympathize with what you say, but to pretend the Spanish blood of the Mexicans is just wished away/washed away is delusion, don't you think.

Their Spanish ancestors, the conquistadores, were already here in the Americas killing and plundering the natives hundreds of years before the first Anglos came ashore.

To call Mexicans native Americans is a bit much, don't you think.

Are we supposed to pretend true natives in Mexico; Mayas, Mixtecs, Zapotecs, aren't at the bottom of the list?
Certainly economically.
Can "indians" even get served in a majority of Mexico city restaurants?

(A recent commercial on Mexican national television featured a dark-skinned man in a white tuxedo telling viewers that at Comex, a Mexican paint company, "they're working like blacks to offer you a white sale.")

Same as it ever was..

Visible said...

Anon 7:32

That hundreds of years statement sent my antenna up. This is the time period I remember. I could be wrong so if you have other info I'd be glad to be more informed..

Visible said...

Good point about Avatar; minor correction- Hurt Locker won best film and Tarantino's fantasy flick won best supporting actor. I haven't seen it. I won't watch any film that deals with this sort of thing or the Holocaust entertainment propaganda industry.

Anonymous said...

Point taken, my mistake. It was only a hundred years. Or so.

Does this in any way lessen the truth of what I said? The fact that natives (indians) in Mexico are at the bottom, same as it ever was?

Mexicans are not natives (indians) any more than French-Canadians or me, myself, are natives (indians), even though many French-Canadians, like myself, have X amount of "indian" blood.

That was the point.

I wonder what happens to natives (indians) crossing the border from Honduras into Mexico when they are met by the Mexicans?

Actually, I'm not so sure I want to know..

Scarlett said...


I agree that our problem is we have lost our ability to be self-sufficient. I've been thinking a lot about that lately.

The modern industrialized way of life has always been a way to enslave us -- rather than the means to free us from manual labor. And you are right that it only takes a generation to lose skills.

My father, who didn't go to college, had a knowledge of mechanics that allowed him to fix nearly everything we needed to have fixed around the house. He welded a wood burning stove for our house to cut energy costs. Repaired our cars. Whatever it was, he could do it. My husband, who was graduated from college, wouldn't have the slightest clue how to do any of that stuff. Stuff I once took for granted that all men knew how to do I now know that few men my age value such skills. They prefer to pay someone else to get their hands dirty because such work is "beneath" them.

Women my age (including myself) don't have the first idea how to run a household. My great-grandmothers both cooked everything from scratch. The could can, sew, garden, use home remedies to treat common ailments. My grandmothers could, too, although to a lesser extent. I couldn't cook a full meal from scratch to save my life. If I tried to can, I'd probably end up giving my family food poisoning. I am attempting to learn how to garden, but I certainly can't manage to produce the levels they did. Women my age were taught that housework was drudgery and demeaning. I'm just now starting to realize that it takes every bit as much talent to run a household as it does a company and it is just as valuable a contribution to society as working outside the home. I've worked outside the home most my life -- so I'm not knocking working women. But I definitely thought housework and such was "beneath" me because I wanted to "make something" of myself. I now realize how foolish and arrogant I was to think such a thing.

Once we lost these skills, we became dependent upon grocery stores, drug stores, Walmart, Target, etc. to survive even a week. That is what made us weak. Plus the fact that even if we own our property outright, we can still lose it if we don't pay taxes or if the gov't thinks it would be better put to use as a highway or new high rise condo building.

I'm trying to reclaim those lost skills, but it isn't easy to do. I do believe that only those who have them will survive whatever is coming (whether it comes in my lifetime or not). Honestly, they are probably the only ones who really deserve to.

Visible said...

Well said Scarlett;

I live in a very rural zone in both of my locations and I discover things that can be eaten all the time. They don't have to be planted. They just grow.

I've learned to do a number of things myself because there is no one else to rely on most of thee time. People I do know that can help me are utterly unreliable about showing up and often do the work wrong. They don't seem to care that much and are on to the next thing.

I've come to expect shoddy workmanship at least half the time. On a positive note I've found some people who can fix things I can't and who don't charge me much at all. I haven't been able to plant much because I'm not around to harvest it except for my olives. That may well change as commuting ceases. But there are gardens in abundance all around and if push comes to shove there will be food by barter or dinero.

I expect it to get very bad in high populations zones while I expect outlying regions to remain virtually untouched except for possible acts of Nature. I don't know what to expect but I can't shake my feeling that it's going to be alright a lot of places including here.

Anonymous said...

The Evil Powers worshipping Satan - controlling the world - is indeed in the process of creating the opposites of what is taught in the Holy Scriptures. In Islam, we as human being – Creations of the Creator – are supposed to seek Our Creator once born into this world. But Satan (who knew God more than us – as he was with God initially remember?) wants us to join him into hell due to his pride in not bowing to Adam. Actually Satan’s refusal to bow to Adam (mankind) was because he did not understand what Adam was created for, not what Adam was created from.

God is the Source of everything. God is Love. Take away Love and you will take away God from yourself. That is what the Evil Powers are trying to do. Starting from the source of Love in a family that is Mother’s Love. Give mother a freedom to do as what she likes as in Feminism and Materialism – motherhood took a nosedive. From there, families disintegrate and love dissipates. A Sufi ever mentioned that if one do not understand and acknowledge a pure mother’s love, how could one understand and acknowledge God’s Love?

Worship of God is actually an excellent relationship with God (vertical) and noble relationship with human beings (horizontal). You cannot do without the other.

Les you mentioned, No one can look on God’s face so I hear . That reminded me of Prophet Muhammad when he came back from the Night Journey and was asked what God look like. He said something like he could not see Him as he was the source of Light. Try watching the hot sun (a creation of the Creator) directly in an open area. If we are unable to face a Creation of the Creator how could we face the Creator Himself?

I feel as if we are in the age where lies are considered truth and truth as lies. We need to stick together and uphold our faith no matter what others say.

Truth stand strong eternally, lies crumble eventually.

Salam - Nur Ilahi.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy gardening and I am about ready to put in this years crop. You can turn it with a shovel but being lazy I picked up one of those Honda tillers, the big one at home depot which had been a rental they put up for sale. I got it cheap but the clutch doesn't work so once you pull the chord you had better be ready to rock.

Last year I did pretty well but had problems with the squash and some tomatoes. They get some kind of fungus and die off. I really wonder if it has anything to do with the chemtrails. Cherry tomatoes don't seem to be affected.

The Hopi blue corn always gets some kind of bugs in it that destroy it but I keep trying. I have great luck with egg plants. They are prolific and a very high source of protein. Les would know about egg plants as the Italians love them. I would imagine he sees plenty of them where he is at.

The beans, watermelons and cucumbers seem to do fine also as do the peppers especially the bells. In a pinch you can eat aloe vera and cactus also.

I don't grow any trees that do not bear something that is edible, cumquats, plums, guava, nectarines, elderberry, blackberry vines. The Navajo blackberry is actually thornless and grows like a weed.

long john said...

I tend to agree with Amerikagulag and Scarlett. Most people these days (even some in rural areas) have not got a clue how to survive off the land.

I generally realized the importance of having such skills many years ago, but since it wasn't a dire necessity at the time, I did not do much about gaining those practical skills and tools.

However, I have always ended up having to do most things by myself. From learning to cook, to herbal medicine, to repairing cars and other appliances and tools, to building and construction, to making hand-made clothing, to foraging and drying fruit, to camping skills, and a whole assortment of other things. Like Les, I had no one else to do these things. I have had my companion for 25 years, but even before that I was forced to learn to live simply and frugally and even sometimes half-way in nature.

For me, it started around the time I first went to India and Nepal in 1970. I had almost no money when I got there, so I ended up living with (and living like) the sadhus and the yogis... in sparse quarters or around fires and sleeping on the ground. It was quite austere to say the least. Coming from a relatively upper-class American background, living with the sadhus in India changed my entire perspective and way of life. Even after I came back to the West, I still continued living in much the same way as I had done in India. So I feel some advantage from that.

But on the other hand, and even though I too live in a house thats all paid for located out in a very small town in a fairly rural area, we still don't have much of a vegetable garden to speak of (and only a few fruit trees), and relatively little stored food or tools, no seeds, no solar, etc. We do have very mild winters and hot summers, and an abundance of water under the ground, but we still rely on the stores and we are really not very prepared for any kind of total societal collapse. Once our food ran out, we would not have much to eat except grass and local olive trees and the occasional fruit and almond trees but only in season.

In many ways we are better off than the folks in the cities, but we are still very poorly prepared for a worst case scenario. I am not a farmer at all, and I don't really have much if any valuable or barter-able skills or resources.

So I am hoping that Les is right, and things won't get all that bad in the reual areas, like out here where I am located in the valley of upper northern California.


lomg john said...


I would rather be in a more old-world natural kind of place like Italia or Venezuela, but for me, up-rooting and moving there would be a major undertaking at this point in our life.

I used to be able to survive on very little when I was young and roaming arounnd footloose & fancy-free, but it doesn't seem so easy anymore. It takes a heck of alot of my time and effort just to do all the chores of daily living... and especially when I have to pretty much do everything by myself.

And moreover, I have become fairly reclusive during the past 10 years. I wasn't intentional about that, it just sort of happened naturally. But I don't mind being by myself. Its rather peaceful and stress-free. I find that many people have various issues and hang-ups etc that I no longer wish to deal with. Plus, most of them do not know what is really going on in the world. Even most of the local so-called hippies and other progressive or alternative type people have their liberal heads up their asses when it comes to the nightmare and its evil perpetrators that is all bearing down upon the people.

So me and my wife/companion are relatively alone when it comes to associating with other like-minded people in our local area. The people around us, ebven friends, really have no clue as to what has happened and what is on its way. It unfortunate.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. And hopefully most of us (meaning here at Les's sites) will all get to meet up there someday.

I am glad that Les has shined the light, and has served and shared all that he has shared and served. A thousand thanks to you Les. And thank you all for pulling your respective oars as well.

The time we have all been anticipating is fast approaching. And this cosmic ship of Hearts we find ourselves upon, is unsinkable. And the course was foretold long ago.

I feel the wind is picking up now...

Anonymous said...

You know the Dog has is out front on many levels. I was asked to exit many websites which consisted of servers. I had never fathomed a simple google blog that somebody would actually refer to until this one. You know there is no privacy on the web so you might as well say what you have to say anyway.

I am still astounded that the dog' s message is getting through but nevertheless glad it is. Les is the only reason I opened a blog when he mentioned people who are anonymous have no balls.

The dog is a great soul trust on this one. I am willing to stand before great throne and witness on his behalf.

Visible said...

New Visible Origami up-

Saying Goodbye to the Same Old Same Old..

Still alive said...

Hi Les,

I do not know how it is in Europe but when it comes to the notion that alot more people than you might think no longer believe the BS I certainly see no evidence whatsoever of that here in the USA (other than the few brave, patriotic Americans who see through the BS and post online).

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick:

You nailed it man. Not once,
but twice.

I wonder what the sheeple are thinking. Ho hum.


Visible said...

Radio show tonight, see right sidebar of blog for Feet2thefire radio or Visible's Radio shows for later download.

easyfreespirit said...

Hi Les

One of your comments were "The teaching of Jesus 'the' Christ are spot on and will enhance any life...

Have you read 'The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ'?

If your interested you can download a copy free on the download page at

Anonymous said...

I have read it and I think it is right on the mark.

m_astera said...

I find this nitpicking over ancient misremembered dogma (the yugas) boring and stupid. Is there a difference between the old testament bullshit and the vedic bullshit? Not when it comes to unquestioned acceptance of proofless evidenceless dogma.

Scarlett's and Long John's posts interested me. Back in my twenties I hung around a lot of people who took it for granted that it was cool to be interested in and know how to do anything and everything. We all played music, grew gardens, designed and built houses, watched animals in the wilderness, fixed cars or anything else, wrote songs and poetry, made clothes, caught fish, tanned hides, danced naked to the drums, built sweat lodges, grew pot, discussed and practiced philosophy and spirituality of all types, explored the world, painted, carved, designed, cooked, wrote, sang, and partied hard.

Remember the Whole Earth Catalog? Shelter? That was real, not passive. We did all that and thought nothing of it. Didn't everyone? Maybe not.

Note to Long John: I've lived my life mostly in Germany, the USA, Canada, and Mexico. For the last 3 1/2 years I've lived in Venezuela. Venezuela is not "old world". It is far and away the shallowest and most materialistic culture I've been around. TV consumerland writ large. This country has been on the oil dole, with no need to support itself, for several generations. The one and only goal is something for nothing. You think the cities will be bad when TSHTF? Imagine a whole country full of folks who produce almost nothing they consume and for the most part have no clue how to and even less desire to learn.

That said, the one great thing I love about Venezuela is that the sheer inefficiency, corruption, laziness and ignorance mean the criminals, both government and independent, more or less leave a person alone. If they bother you, give them some money or something shiny and they will go away.

If only the USA were that easy.

greencrow said...

Hi Les:

This post is one I agree with wholeheartedly. I haven't seen a viewpoint like this one that I share with you elsewhere in the blogosphere.

As a born and raised Catholic I know the Catholic Church, warts and all. I smelled a "Rat" when the current Pope was "elected". I see him as just another cahoots with the Bushes, the Cheneys and the rest of the warmongering globalists.

This pope is quickly learning the reality behond the old cliche..."There is no honour amongst thieves.". He wants to pal around with the Ziofascists? He has to expect to be used by them as a distraction from their "Scandal Du Jour".

In this case, the scandal revolves around the Zionists setback when the puppet Obama objected to their creeping crotch rot in settlement building in Palestine.

Their fall back position has always been to sling mud at the Catholic Church. Not that the Catholic Church is without fault...far from it. Under the Rat it has been a spineless and corrupt toady. But even so...the Ziofascists understand that Catholics around the world, inspite of their Pope...never will be in their camp....and present an "eternal" barrier to their global tyranny.

So on it goes.




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