Thursday, March 11, 2010

Expatriate Life in Europe, neither Shaken nor Stirred.

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The other day the Virginia state troopers went out and issued just under 7,000 traffic tickets because of a budget shortfall. I remember a few years ago they came up with a stupendous $2500.00 charge for driving a few miles over the speed limit. They’re pretty serious in Virginia because that’s where most of the DC lawmakers and former intelligence operatives live. It’s a seriously conservative state and I am painfully familiar with it. I got arrested there for violation of the Marijuana Tax Act awhile back and had a few years of ‘the old in and out’. What that means is that when I wasn’t in prison, I was on the run because I refused to cooperate with the law enforcement process when I hadn’t done anything wrong. It just so happened I was in the wrong segment of history, which was- and still is- controlled by alcoholics whose only real contact with the illegal drug industry is in being paid for facilitating the transport of said items across various borders.

Recently I drove around a thousand miles, often at over a hundred miles an hour, while being routinely passed by other cars. I might have seen a cop car or two. I remember passing one at a high rate of speed but that didn’t come to anything. It’s only in Switzerland where you have to watch out for the cameras and a good GPS system takes care of that.

In either of my two regular locations here in Europe, which are about 1400 kilometers apart, I seldom ever see the police. In the northern location, I have seen police in my town under a dozen times in nine years. I’ve had one or two interactions with the police concerning things other than myself and they were... friendly, cheerful and generally in possession of a certain amount of bonhomie. There’s no fear in either location as far as the police go. There’s one exception and that is the Guardia Financia here in Italy. Their story is a complex one and that will be bypassed due to space considerations. You can look them up. I don’t do any business in Italy though so it’s macht nichts to me.

It’s seems pretty simple to me. America is a rich country with, presumably, plenty for all. It has been called, The Land of Opportunity. What happened is that the super rich destroyed the manufacturing base because they could make greater profits by outsourcing just about everything. The super rich, who are the corporations, the banks and the people who run them, sucked the life out of the American Dream in order to get more and more of what they never have enough of. They employed armies of lobbyists and lawyers to subvert the legal system and then systematically gang-raped the American public while also spreading torment and Hellfire abroad. That’s simplistic but it will serve.

Although I seldom go to doctors or dentists, I have full and comprehensive coverage of both for about 80 Euro a month. I don’t pay for anything, except ten Euro if haven’t been to someone in 3 months. When I had my kidney stone(s) last year, it cost me nothing for all the pricey checks and scans along with 3 days in a hospital bed on a painkiller drip. They wanted to operate so I said “Sayonara” and went home and treated it myself successfully; with attendant pain management, of course. I now have an Ayurvedic solution to further occurrences so... onward and upward. People also have savings in Europe. They’re not living on their credit cards.

Not only haven’t I been the victim of any criminal behavior anywhere in Europe at any time but I haven’t even seen any. I saw one altercation (drunks) in a club, which I helped sort out and they were arm in arm shortly after.

I’m not saying you can’t find plenty of trouble if you are stupid or looking for it. I know about the soccer yobs and so forth and so on. That’s almost all UK stuff. The UK is more like the US in terms of crime and violence. Europe is a big place. There’s something for everyone, whether it is to be found in a cathedral or on the Reeperbahn. Nobody thinks twice about how you find your religion; whether it be on a pew or up against the skin. Drugs are dealt with in an entirely different manner. Until last year there was a store in Switzerland (probably a number of them) where you could buy anything except Heroin or Cocaine and where much of the product was displayed in attractive counters behind glass. Not everything was out in the open but it was nearby. Pressure from the US has weighed down upon that Swiss policy of tolerance and is now weighing down upon Holland and Denmark as well.

You seldom see homeless people in Europe and most neighborhoods are clean and attractive because most people are of a libertarian bent. Food is surprisingly cheap. It’s sold by the kilo which compare very favorably with American pound prices. There are places you can pay a lot for food but if you don’t have a lot of money you can get food at very reasonable cost. Food prices here remind me of what they were like decades ago in the US. There are farmer’s markets everywhere and truck farmers by the sides of the road with oranges for 25 to 50 cents a kilo and all sorts of things like artichokes for 50 cents a kilo and broccoli for 70 cents a kilo. I’m primarily a rice and vegetables kind of a guy with an Asian/Indian slant to it.

You seldom see hitch-hikers or people on the road. Just about everyone has a bicycle (even me). Trains and trolleys run everywhere and they are reasonable. You can take a train anywhere in Germany on a Sunday all day long and bring four people with you for 20 Euro. You buy your ticket for city travel from machines and it all works on the honor system. Occasionally they have people checking on the conveyances and if you get caught it’s an ‘on the spot’ 40 Euro fine for ‘riding black’ or Schwartz Fahren. If you mostly ride black, you probably make out in the long run but most people don’t do it.

You weigh your own produce at the grocery stores and are trusted not to scam. If you make a mistake (intentionally or accidentally) it’s just politely adjusted. They don’t presume that you are of criminal intent. It’s treated as a mistake. I don’t have the inclination to break laws here because they are generally reasonable and as for driving at high speed, it’s just safer and handled with a wink and a nod. There are some places where you do have to watch how you drive (Portugal) so be aware.

Italy is a country with an epidemic red tape problem and nothing gets done if it can’t be done in the most time consuming and expensive manner but... that doesn’t seem to involve me somehow and no one ever comes around. If you know the right people and don’t make problems; if you handle people and situations with care you aren’t going to have problems... usually. I can’t account for individual karma.

Border customs people smile at me and wave me through and that’s just how it’s been. It was never so in the US. Even at the airports it is nothing like the US. After my last visit to the land of the free, I decided not to return again and I generally stay out of airports altogether now. Trains and boats are fine and I’m not in a hurry. I have no schedule.

I don’t drink usually. I don’t care for alcohol but beer is seriously cheap and remarkably good. In the supermarkets you can get the best beer for about 50 to 60 cents the half liter.

When I was in Muenchen (Munich) you could see people sunbathing nude on the banks of the Isar. You could see many nude sunbathers at the English Gardens there; no one paid any attention. Children ran around and played and parents were not concerned about exposed genitals. This isn’t to say that there aren’t freaks of various orders around but I didn’t see much of that. People just aren’t all that psychologically messed up over here and people are also not uniformly stupid either. They are bright, well educated and competent.

Maybe I’ve painted it all sunnier than it is. I notice a lot of depression in various places but that is a part of the nature of certain peoples. I notice this and that but overall... it’s not so bad and the same can be said of many lands besides the land of the free and their collation of the unwilling. Most of the problems that I notice have to do with behind the scenes crap exported from the US through their subsidiary reps. People are basically okay if you leave them alone and don’t try to squeeze them like grapes.

...A little something different for Smoking Mirrors.

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su said...

I agree with the comparisons you made.
The kids have made the observation after watching a few years worth of American movies (only one's available here alas) that there is a cop on every block in the states.
And their conclusion is that they are generally not that trustworthy.

What do they say you will be in the right place at the right time.
I bet when Nina reads this her yearning for Portugal is going to magnify tenfold.

Hee hee hee.
I will meet you there.

Oh and Les you were talking about strange things happening.
Well I always had one grater in the kitche - slightly buckled, the tiniest bit of rust on it and only the largest holes are capable of grating.
Yeterday I went to the cupboard and there were two.
All sides sharp.
I mean in the grand scheme of profundity it is not going to stop the earth spinning but I am getting immense enjoyment out it.
And the two cobras, one boomslang and one puffadder that have come to visit us this week and done absolutely no harm.

Visible said...

Northern and middle Portugal are beautiful. WE had planned to move there originally but fate was not impressed. Lisbon is a remarkable city. I really like Portugal but... the drivers there are some of the worst in the world. They have 3 times as many bad accidents as the next closest European state.

Boomslangs... yow!!!

Visible said...

Oh Yeah... I'm still getting (what I call) 'Pixie action' There is just no logical reason for some of it. That grater event is the sort of hair standing up on the arms thing I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding me that the US is a slave labor gulag run by the vampires Jews. Life in Montgomery County, which is right next to the center of Hell (DC), has non-stop interactions with the cops. Cops here are fat, ugly, no talent, nasty bullies who get their sadistic rocks off every time they ticket, arrest, and abuse you.

Most of the people who live around here are not indigenous and usually work for the government. They drive around in over sized vehicles, eat out all of the time, and continually tell you how great they and everyone they know is. If you do not join a clique, then they will drive you into oblivion.

It is all about networking and back stabbing around here. People also think and talk the very worse of you and spend a good deal of their time conceiving of ways to humiliate you for their sadistic pleasure and career enhancement. Quite simply, one could imagine Dante writing about this area in one of his proposals as to what Hell was.

Have lived and worked all over the US, and it all sucks. Americans are horrible people and fully support the atrocities committed overseas. Have absolutely no friends or will ever make the mistake of attempting to make any in this God forsaken Hell hole.

One of my fantasies is to see the US immolated with Hydrogen bombs. Spent five years in two separate graduate schools studying Plasma Physics, in order to help this process along. Am now practicing the blackest magic in order to coerce the US to invade Iran, also in order to eventually bring this about.

My pure rage at Human life knows no bounds.

Lydia said...

I live in Spain since 10 years. In part you are right. I think that the difference is that here people are a little anarquists. They take live with a smile. But in cities, like Barcelona, its different. And now with the crisis, worse. I live in the country, near Portugal. Here is like living in the 50ties. Salamanca its a very nice citie but you can see a lot of stores closed. All Europe is living a change, I think. And things will continue to change. For the worst. The New World Order will be present here like in the USA.

I love Portugal, I would like to go to live there. People are so gentle. Its is true: they are a little histeric driving, the solution is to drive like them.

On the surface life in general is better here, but just on the surface. Governments are very similar in all the world. Politics too. The important thing is to take everything with bohemia, sense of humor and gentleness. And a big smile!

See you,

coletteonice said...

hell yes anon circa 3.25 pm...i recommend a change of location, quite refreshing in these could even grow a good healthy lemon tree...regardz..

paolocaruso said...

Timothy Geithner's response to the Greek request of regulating derivatives, was that this would hurt American business. As if derivatives are a noble productive enterprise to be protected at all costs. I notice the Greeks make a point to say they do not want American assitance nor do they want to deal with the loan sharks at the World Bank and IMF. I was talking to some Greeks the other day, and I was surprised how insightful and frank they are. They unanimously said the biggest problem int he USA is "Israel and the Jews". "they control america"
Europeans see things with a cynical sort of worldly wisdom. THey went on to say that most Americans see this, but are spineless to address the problem.

Dammerung said...

I live in Santa Cruz, CA, and I find that people here generally have better attitudes than elsewhere I've lived in the US. However, there are cops EVERYWHERE and I've been pulled over a half dozen times for expired tags or "irresponsible lane changing" or other such crap. Luckily, there's a lot of tourists here in season and they're too stupid to understand parking signs so the city gets a lot of revenue that way, that and the hotel tax.

People spark up in the streets downtown, on the 4th of July at Seabright Beach there's a major illegal fireworks show every year. I think we're a lot more free here than other places in the US and our food supply is mostly grown 20-40 miles away.

So it's not ALL a dystopian nightmare here ... just a lot of it.

tim said...

Hi Les;
Glad you're back. The alternative site you mentioned last article apparently heard you because this essay is posted there. My guess is that he doesn't like anything of a spiritual nature. Cops are rampant in America because the prizon system is just another profit-maker. Just like Smedley Butler said about war, if profit can be made, it will never stop.

DD said...

Hey Les, your expat drummer friend in France here. I must concur with your European observations.

France is a little pricey, but the food is still reasonable and high quality. The local abattoirs process grass fed meat and free range poultry without steroids and other toxic crap. If you want to pay a little extra, the health food stores (bios) have good selections of certified organic everything.

One little problem is since Sarko came to power, the autoroute and highway speed cams are popping up like mushrooms. Gotta fund the government somehow. This is a shame since the autoroute system is excellent and and can easily and safely accommodate 100+ mph driving. But like you said, a good GPS will warn in advance of camera locations. Sadly, my last trip back from the Alps encountered a lone gendarme in the bushes by the roadside with a radar on a tripod. That was a 90 Euro/2 point experience for a 10 kph violation. I now always dread the first week of mail after a road trip. Never know if I was busted until the official letter comes.

All in all my feelings about living in Europe remain the same as they were the first week I had arrived from southern California - I've died and gone to heaven.

Courtesy and mutual respect were long extinct in the states when I left. I can only imagine what it is like there now that the control system is tightening the screws. Shudder.

I too have no plans to return.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading about life in other places. You and a reader commented about Portugal. My son in law was born in Portugal and lived their until he was sixteen, then moved to the land of the free to seek his fortune. Most of his family still lives near Lisbon. His father says things are getting real bad there. Crime is ramped especially among the immigrant population. I continue to read about friction between the immigrants and locals all over Europe. Have you learned to speak Arabic/Farsi? I guess it is still possible to float above it, but the age old divide and conquer is always in play.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, crime isn't too bad but like practically everywhere in the US the economy sucks. I'm dumbfounded by the number of middle aged men I meet who are unemployed and desperate. I talked to one yesterday who had three teen age sons and recently lost his job. He was loosing his home, one son wrecked the family car (no insurance), his wife was "giving him trouble", the guy was selling all his possessions etc. Talk about mental anguish, I could see it in his face. We talked for an hour and not one smile. I don't know many people here so I try to talk to as many strangers as possible. What I'm seeing isn't good.

Did you know a person can collect unemployment for over two years (with some gaps). This has never happened before. The PTB are scared shitless of what will happen once millions loose their unemployment benefits with no prospect of finding a job. With the manufacturing base shipped to China etc. a meaningful recovery isn't possible. Something must be in the pipeline and they are desperate to hold the shit wagon together until then. Whatever it is it won't be cool. What to do, let me quote from one of our celestial friends:

"The affairs of Earth will gradually hold less and less interest for you, as you detach from the lower vibrations. Your focus quite correctly will be on the future of beauty and the peace of the higher vibrations, and you will be helping to bring them into manifestation. It is possible for you to let the world pass by without becoming involved in its problems. Be aware of what is happening but do not connect with it unless it is in your interests."

Sounds like what you do Les. We can all learn from that.


Vic Pittman said...

We moved to Mexico and despite all the fear-mongering designed to keep Americans from taking their retirement benefits here, where they could live a comfortable life, we have experienced only good, friendly and endearing interactions with the locals. And we live in a rural/coastal area...not a gated community of scare whites or a tourist town. Here is a link to an article we wrote.

Anonymous said...

I live on the bank(s) of French creek, a large creek/small river in the northwestern Pa., Allegheny mountain foothills. Very ancient geography.

French creek is an anomaly. The glaciers retreated uniquely and created a very special haven. The Nature Conservancy has designated this an old growth river, "one of six pristine areas in the Northeast USA."

Darters, chubs, mussels, hellbenders, eagles, ospreys, bears, otters, coyotes, and a whole lot more. 90 species of fish and 28 mussels, more than 100 species of birds. Hundreds of plants and flowers, it's also an aboreal Eden.

This was Euell Gibbons favorite place and he ought to know! He pretty much started it all in the modern era. Remember his famous book "Stalking the Wild Asparagus?" Well, you can stalk them here just like he did.

As for society, only as an offhand at my leisure or for necessity. Walk to the store a couple of miles away. Small town of a couple scattered about and the main town proper is downriver a mile or two.
Don't see many police down at the river or in the woods. Hardly anyone out here anymore. Today's youth don't relish the woods and water like we did. We lived in and on the river. Even in winter, on, over and through the ice we'd go!

It's all about how you feel, what's on your mind, who do you love. When you're keeping time and company with mother nature, it feels just like it should.
If I die here that's great!
Let the bears and coyotes have the former me and pass the leftovers on down the line.
Hey, what are brothers and sisters for?

XP BCN said...

Expat in Barcelona. Crisis is starting to bite, although one may not notice at first glance. Just as long as you can stay away from that dole line... whew!
Was in Lisbon last week with the mrs, lovely, ate well and cheap, plenty of non meat options (soup!) and so many small bookstores! Ah, saudade!
Was also in Virginia last summer. Happy to report the tribe stands strong, despite all. But BCN continues to be a good place to live, laid back and mmm that Mediterranean climate (never mind that freak snowstorm earlier this week!).

Anonymous said...

Perceptive, as usual. Good to know you will be posting more frequently.
I don't like any government anywhwere. This is not on topic, about living outside the US, but relevant since what these links talk about affects the whole planet, and most countries are changing for the worse.I want to share these links before I forget because they are important.

Prognosis 2012 Towards a New World Social Order

This analyst, below, stresses the importance of becoming aware.
Part 1

Part 2

If enough people become aware, it will be like the hundredth monkey effect, and humanity can refuse to go along and try to be humane and civilised.

C Stribling said...

I have been a regular visitor to this site for a couple of years now and this is my first ever comment!
I just wanted to say here in London things are very dark indeed on a number of levels.

The most visible thing that I have noticed in the last few years is the way the Police have grown in numbers and become increasingly oppressive.

We have cameras all over the place and signs everywhere telling us how to do a whole host of things with warnings of possible fines if we do not obey it is very much Orwellian in nature.

I have been lucky enough to travel a fair bit and I have to say that the level of fear I feel in London is considerably stronger than anywhere else in the world.This is a direct result of the daily media assault on everyone , the government scare tactics constantly talking about the latest non terror event.This govt wants us all to suspect everyone because we could all be potential terrorists...its insane.

I am going to train to be an English teacher so I can live elsewhere and learn about living life in a different culture as London is no place to live in peace.

Joe Bloggs said...

Hugh Bin Dare, scenic route etc

Visible said...

New entry at visible-streams-of-consciousness-

In Memorium; Chuck Hugh Farley.

Laws said...

hey les
So about strange doings: I was on the beach reading my compact NT with Psalms and Proverbs. RSV version. I got back to my car AND THERE WAS THE IDENTICAL BIBLE SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PASSENGER SEAT! How did it get there? The doors were locked! Still have both today. May I encourage you (all) to read a psalm and a proverb chapter, today is the 11th so it was Proverbs 11 and Psalm 78 for me. PS I am Canadian so we are a bit different than USA but almost overun by the j-ws. Zionist xns are the norm : (

Anonymous said...

Its all moving, slow, but movin right to where you want it to now, Les!!!!! Great read, easy, soft, and very open! You are saying the same things as before but with a kids smile and wonder for life again? Im pretty darn happy for ya!!!

The Fool

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend, "Smoking Mirrors". I always love your blog and how you write...absolutely brilliant. I enjoyed hearing about your "real" life, in EU.
I also read in the comments section, how angry some Americans are at this nation. One person said that he hates this country and wishes it bad(Montgomery County is not bad, at all. I know people there who helped me w my car, and I didn't know them). That kind of meanness towards Marylanders, upsets me.

You can say whatever you want about this country, and about how stupid we, Americans are, and how completely over-policed we are, compared to this, or that, but, it's all about you, not Americans. I've lived in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Florida, Texas, New York, Maryland, Frankfurt, Queson City, Philippines, and traveled to South America, including Brazil, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, and Hong Kong, Japan and SE Asia.
To address that person who hates Montomery County, Maryland, whatever, you are wrong. I live in a surrounding county, and work in Montgomery County, sometimes. That is so insulting to us.

Everyday, I have contact with really truly, nice Americans. They are not stupid.
They are not all employed. But, they are trying their best to live a good life, and not be too selfish, or moronic. The American friends, neighbors and family that I have want to have a nice family, and lots of love, and live and work.

It's not the American people's fault that this whole war and economic situation has gone to hell. Let's not blame the victim. We are still the same well educated doctors, lawyers, businesspeople, educators, etc that we always were.
There are entire groups of people out of work, and totally freaking out about that. Unemployement is no solace. Even people that have their own source of income can't get people to pay them. There are no loan. Those who have jobs are scared. You can't blame us.

We, Americans are not stupid.
We know we have been rooked.
We want our old lives back, those of integrity and good hope for the future.

We are not the problem.
Until you want to issue arrest warrants, don't come to me and try to lay off your anger on me, as an American, bc I won't be kicked around, and then kicked around, as if it was my fault that I've been kicked around.

And, another thing: I aint leaving. This is my country, and I have a right not to be raped and pillaged by a small band of war mongering greedy slugs.

They need to be arrested. If that happened, and a few public trials, followed by executions for treason, and other high crimes, including war crimes, crimes against humanity and other economic crimes.......after less than five hundred are dealt in law, the entire country would turn around.

That is, as long as the smart Americans don't abandon ship and give up to the thugs.

Rachel said...

On the other hand... extreme longterm unemployment -- something like 30% or more in some regions. Birthrates have been falling for decades, and many East German towns and villages are dying and being flattened. Young people are leaving, and wolves are returning, and our stupid politicians grant them more rights than they grant farmers. It is incredibly difficult to start a business, and if you value freedom of speech -- the right to get informed and the right to speak out -- then you better leave Europe. About 50% of the videos I want to watch on Youtube are blocked in Germany. If I go outside, I see signs listing all the things that are forbidden, and people are extremely hostile if you try to take pictures. I had neighbours screaming Verboten! at me for taking pictures of the sky. I especially don't agree with the statement that people are less psychologically twisted. People here are so intimidated and unfriendly they often refuse to accept my business card; in New York, this happened to me only once -- and that one person refusing my card was a German!!! It is very difficult to make friends here, especially if you speak the wrong dialect. If you have allergies, stay out of place like Berlin; it is impossible to avoid getting cigarette smoke blown in your face all the time.

Having said all that -- I want to see people all over the world learn from each other. It took me a few years to understand why the right to own guns is important, and why freedom of speech is important.

expariate said...

Expatriate's Life in USA

This Tuesday, the American Israeli Political Action Committee gave their marching orders to their congressional War Hawks. The message was short, concise and clear. Here is the text of the letter AIPAC sent to members of Congress:

Dear Congressman XXXX,

We are writing to every member of Congress to express outrage at the U.S. government’s continuing relationship with dozens of companies doing business with Iran. These ongoing financial dealings undermine longstanding American efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability.

As the New York Times reported on Sunday, the federal government during the past decade has awarded $107 billion in contracts and grants to more than 70 companies that are doing business in Iran. More than two-thirds of these contracts have gone to companies involved in Iran’s energy industry despite American law to discourage such involvement.

The time has long since passed this policy to change. Unfortunately, as the Times points out, three successive American administrations have failed to enforce the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996, which mandates U.S. sanctions on firms investing more than $20 million in Iran’s energy sector. While Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama may have discouraged some investment in Iran through their rhetoric, the United States has sent the American and international business community a contradictory message by failing to enforce the law.

Despite publicly acknowledged investments by several companies of hundreds of millions of dollars in Iran’s energy sector, the U.S. Government has inexplicably failed to make even one determination of an investment of $20 million during the course of the past decade. Yet, throughout this entire time, Iran has pursued a nuclear weapons capability, flouting its international obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and presenting the international community with a growing, and now urgent, threat.

As Iran continues to reject U.S.-European engagement efforts and to defy U.N. Security Council resolutions requiring that it halt its illicit uranium enrichment efforts, the United States must take action now.

We call on Congress to:

1. Investigate why successive administrations have failed to implement the law by failing to determine what companies have invested in the Iranian energy sector;

2. Enact—without delay—the Iran sanctions legislation currently before Congress, which, inter alia, contains provisions barring federal contracts to companies which are investing in Iran’s energy sector or providing sensitive technology, and their parents or subsidiaries who are engaged in such activity;

3. Demand that the U.S. Government enforce existing sanctions law and impose crippling new sanctions on Iran.

In addition to these actions, we hope you will join with us in urging the administration to impose tough new multilateral sanctions with like-minded states without delay while continuing to pursue the widest possible sanctions through the U.N. Security Council.


David Victor

Howard Kohr
Executive Director

These are pretty strong words coming from an organization which has stood in defiance of U.S. law that requires them to register as agents of a foreign power. It proves once again that the “A” in AIPAC really should be removed from their acronym. There is nothing “American” about them. This is the Israeli lobby, plain and simple. They represent Israel first and last. The United States is nothing more than a host to their endless parasitism. This letter should be an insult to anyone familiar with the State of Israel and it’s long history of refusing to comply with International laws and treaties. It reeks of hypocrisy. It’s an exercise in contempt. There is no country on the face of this Earth with less justification to level these charges or make such demands.

expariate said...

Expatriate's Life in the US, conned and duped.

This Tuesday, the American Israeli Political Action Committee gave their marching orders to their congressional War Hawks. The message was short, concise and clear. Here is the text of the letter AIPAC sent to members of Congress:

These are pretty strong words coming from an organization which has stood in defiance of U.S. law that requires them to register as agents of a foreign power. It proves once again that the “A” in AIPAC really should be removed from their acronym. There is nothing “American” about them. This is the Israeli lobby, plain and simple. They represent Israel first and last. The United States is nothing more than a host to their endless parasitism. This letter should be an insult to anyone familiar with the State of Israel and it’s long history of refusing to comply with International laws and treaties. It reeks of hypocrisy. It’s an exercise in contempt. There is no country on the face of this Earth with less justification to level these charges or make such demands.

Visible said...

You will note in my postings that I include disclaimers and I know people have bad experiences in Europe. People are people wherever you go and not necessarily better in any one place. Let me just say that Europe suits me and the tales I tell of my time here are true.

Now... I don't need to be employed here and I don't need anything from anyone and that might make a difference. I also keep to myself to such a degree that it almost doesn't matter where I am... I always make sure to be rural and were I to go for a walk tonight I would have to walk at least four kilometers to find anyone walking on the streets.

I carry a certain attitude in my heart wherever I go and it serves me well. I couldn't begin to describe it except to say that it is welcoming and unafraid without any desire in it and it seems to hit people the right way.

I see depressed people everywhere in Germany and Switzerland... often cold and unfriendly to begin with but one can warm them up by touching them where their humanity resides and not presenting anything else. Italy is another story... people are more in love with life here... more forgiving but definitely less honest so you do have to watch out.

Someone mentioned immigrant problems. here in Italy there are bands of Kosovo Albanians who go around and gut houses right down to the fixtures and windows etc... but I never run across them. I do hear about it.

The arguments you give about East Germany and all the rest... I've heard those things but I don't see them. I don't encounter these things. Life is a magical affair and can be many different things to different people. I don't have storm clouds or dark fears in my mind and so I do not encounter external representations.

I won't even try to put what I am thinking into words. I won't be able to. let me just say that things are not what they appear but they can seem to be.

Anonymous said...

I have been in many areas of Europe, Germany, Holland, Spain France, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco etc.

The small towns are nice but the governments of the west are mostly the same lately. Small towns in the U.S. are not as bad but the speed cameras are going up in some of those. I got a $150.00 ticket for a rolling right turn on a red light. You can turn on them but it apparently must be complete stop. Damn I feel safe.

There are still good people in America. Not everyone is of the loony bin fight them over there so we don't to get them here.

I had a great time at the Native American pow wow last weekend. There were hundreds there and the boys were painted up and dancing. Ate a few buffalo burgers with them. Arvid Bird was there selling cds. That boy is wearing so much silver I don't know how he stands up straight.

They had the typical homeland security tee shirts, Crazy Horse and the 3 braves with the caption, fighting terrorism since 1492,

I managed to come across a Zuni cluster bracelet at a flea market that same weekend for $125 bucks. There are two on ebay now, one is $3740.00 and the other one is 3300.00 I can give it a better home than bouncing around flea markets. One of the Zuni craftsman suggested if I sell it, sell it to a Zuni craftsman so it does not have to bounce around flea markets.

That have everything at these festivals and there is one going on in Florida about once a week. I picked up a peace pipe, carved out of pure cedar shaped like an eagle claw on the end for $35.00. The lady said it was carved by a Seminole named Owl, that was all he goes by.

Anonymous said...

It is Europe giving orders to Washington and not the other way around. Decisions are made in Brussels and the London Corporation.

There always has to be an invader to keep the strife going. In Europe it is the easterners, In America it is the Mexicans and South American along with a little of everyone else. It helps keep wages down and the standard of living at rock bottom. The peasants need to be powerless and waiting for the next pay check.

When in Germany just don't start a debate about how many died in world war two or you go straight ot jail. Truth is not a defense in Germany now days. They are reverting back an inquisition type atmosphere. Much of the youth cannot find a job.

Paris to me was about like New York City. They will kill you on the 8 lane highways too. Your car will be robbed outside a hotel if you leave anything in it. Small town France was great. They will try and pick up the tab for steak and wine.

Spain I liked a lot. The people are pretty friendly and curious about Americans.

If what I am reading is correct there is some discontent in Europe over the debate about reducing the population by mandating the swine flu killer shots. They do intend to reduce the population, whereas here in America they talk about turning it into a wilderness area.

Robert L said...

Europe is certainly far better than most urban areas in the states. After 20 plus years in Germany with much travel throughout Europe, the places I most enjoyed were Spain, Holland and Italy. The Spanish are not hostile, not belligerent or aggressive. The Dutch are relaxed and liberal (minus the far right) where else can you go into a coffee shop and light up without the paranoia. Germany offers, regardless of your economic status, medical insurance for all, with hardly the waits and trouble. The East is truely discontent still, but that´s due to the indoctrination from the Soviet era as DDR. The Murdochization is creeping into the media unfortunately and the Israeli issues have been permanently carved in stone, but the germans tell me that they know who set them up long ago, and why is obvious. Support your future enemies while they are your friends and so it goes. I do not miss the states, although certain things make me wish it were stable, I´d like to travel there, but I had such a horrible experience with my last visit that now I get serious panic attacks just thinking about it. So I´ll wait untill after the revolution before I even think about that. America is basically a militarized, aggressive, distorted landscape on the event horizon. It will have to understand this and change, or else the options are bitter. I can´t really relate to the people there anymore, so I gave up trying. My evil Step mother, an aristocrat, drove me out of the country in my blossoming youth.The periphery of the planet is far more interesting anyway, beautiful people inside with all much the same concerns and that is when will the amerikans chill out with their war mongering and fear mongering? We´re still waiting and I have patience. End of transmission.

abe said...

hey Les, sorry to cross-post comments but this seems worthwhile. Pardon the interrupt-

Dear Les and readers:

**Special Event- any readers in California should make it out to CSULB's 40th annual inter-tribe Pow Wow this weekend. Thousands of folks from all over the state will be there with tons of food, music, books, and positive energy. Anyone not coming should join in Spirit this weekend, any prayers, chants, or music you can offer with us for indigenous rights in the Americas and Palestine from 10 am-6pm Pacific time (US)would be greatly appreciated and help towards the realization of a better world. This can be an opportunity to unite our intentions as Les did earlier.**

May the Holy Spirit of Wisdom and Charity (QC)bless you all.
Link below

Anonymous said...

Just a little correction: The river in Munich is called Isar and not Rhine. The Isar is a tributary to the Danube.

Anonymous said...

Les, not the best place for this but whatever?
"I carry a certain attitude in my heart wherever I go and it serves me well. I couldn't begin to describe it except to say that it is welcoming and unafraid without any desire in it and it seems to hit people the right way."
Ive found that I love being like this and its very easy when on the road. Each day I move closer to something I have no words for if I say in this above mindframe! Youre like the little bird singing his song and each time I hear this idea in you, thanks man.

The Fool

Visible said...

Yes, I realized that shortly after I said it. I was thinking in present terms. The Rhine runs by my present location and I reflexively put it in; an indication that I am not always thinking when I do something but as Les Paul said to Chet Atkins after they had completed a session on the album they were collaborating on when Chet pointed out that there were mistakes in the recording, "Leave'em in, let them know we're human."

Now the question is, did I get one of those names wrong?

Visible said...

Present meaning my other present address, not where I presently am (grin).

Mark E. said...

Thanks Les for your insightful reflections and the other thoughtful posts. This is the best expatriate blog I've come across--I noticed it from the website, and I swallowed the whole thing up to fuel my long-held wanderlust. I've wanted to move to Germany for several years and brush up on my German, explore Europe--get a sense of the different cultures and landscape. I'm half Norwegian, and have lived in Hawaii, Texas, Iowa, California, and am somehow still lingering in the "states," half-alive, in a small town in Arizona with the highest teenage birth rate in the country. I feel I have a lot to say here, and could go on and on. A child of divorcees, with my father's side completely conservative and even dominionist, and my mother's much smaller but liberal side, it seems like the Bush Regime just outright destroyed this country. I've long espoused my progressive views, but now sometimes feel I am lingering at my mother's grave site, and that I've lingered long enough in the US, that now it is a matter of survival, literally. Someone once said that if you feel it might be time to leave the US, you should leave lest it take your sanity, or something like that. I support Kucinich and Andy Caffrey, but they still are such a small minority of honest politicians. Many people are still hard-working and antidepressant-fueled, but there is still an ignorance epidemic, corporate hegemony, and a strange anachronistic enthrallment of the industrial revolution, laissez faire economics, and megalomaniacal but undereducated captains of industry. It makes one yearn for the days when such individuals merely had stained glass images of themselves in knights' armor put in church windows. I actually think that after about 150 years of a 100% successful business imperialist war against democracy and constitutionalism, there might finally be some significant opposition, and not sure if I want to remain here and witness that. I need to get out while I still can, and have nothing holding me back. People seem to forget that progressives and leftists are armed too, and although I still have hope for a peaceful, "velvet" revolution, the far right is still murderously right, and people are even afraid to question Zionism. Anyway, I could go on and on and on, and might follow up in an additional post. Thanks again for this piece. Mark E.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
no we can't said...

They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe in that bravo sierra. Europe has been around longer than the peoples republik of amerika. They have played that empire, warmonger game and know it only blows up in your face eventually. L.V. you lucky dog! You made out of the belly of the fascist corporate, busy body do-gooder beast! Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

The following is one of my favorite tunes about people, places and things. I rediscovered it yesterday in my collection, while searching for songs reissued on cds from vinyl.

"Everywhere That I'm Not"

By Translator:

I thought I saw you.
Out on the avenue.
But I guess, it was just someone
Who looked a lot like I remember you do.
'Cause, I thought I heard your voice.
In a bar, making a choice.
But, no. It was just someone
Who sounded a lot like I remember you do.

'Cause that's impossible, that's im...
That's impossible, that's imposs...
That's impossible, that's impossible.

'Cause you're in New York, but I'm not.
You're in Tokyo, but I'm not.
You're in Nova Scotia, but I'm not.
Yeah, you're Everywhere That I'm Not
Yeah, you're Everywhere That I'm Not
I'm Not, I'm Not, I'm Not.

I thought I felt your touch.
In my car on my clutch.
But I guess, it was just someone
Who felt a lot like I remember you do.

'Cause that's impossible, that's im...
That's impossible, that's imposs...
That's impossible, that's impossible.

'Cause you're in New York, but I'm not.
You're in Tokyo, but I'm not.
You're in Nova Scotia, but I'm not.
Yeah, you're Everywhere That I'm Not
Yeah, you're Everywhere That I'm Not
Yeah, you're Everywhere That I'm Not
I'm Not, I'm Not, I'm Not.

I thought I saw you.
Out on the avenue.
But I guess, it was just someone
Who looked a lot like I remember you do.
I thought I felt your touch.
In my car, but no such luck.
No. I guess, it was just someone
Who felt a lot like I remember you do.

'Cause that's impossible, that's im...
That's impossible, that's imposs...
That's impossible, that's impossible.

'Cause you're in New York, but I'm not.
You're in Tokyo, but I'm not.
You're in Nova Scotia, but I'm not.
Yeah, you're Everywhere That I'm Not
Yeah, you're Everywhere That I'm Not
Yeah, you're Everywhere That I'm Not
Yeah, you're Everywhere That I'm Not
(Oh, Come On!)

(Oh, Yeah, Yeah!)

You're Everywhere That I'm Not
You're Everywhere That I'm Not
You're Everywhere That I'm Not
Yeah, you're Everywhere That I'm Not.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Sailing into the Kingdom on a Magic Carpet of Sound.

Anonymous said...

I went back to the Great Satan last year for a month (four years since the last trip) and couldn't wait to get back to Europe after two weeks.

Munich's on the Isar by the way.

Visible said...

The point about the Isar has already been made in the comments but since this is the second notice I'll do something about it (grin)

Anonymous said...

American cops need to be slaughtered by the the thousands. That would finally get the attention of the fucks running this country and the corrupt police departments. I'm sick to death of the double-standards these asswipes live by.

The United States is on the verge of a very bloody revolution and it's going to be "law enforcement" that gets wiped off the map by some very, very pissed off people. These thugs are the enforcing arm for the corrupt misrepresentation we have for a "government".

The USA is a real shithole of a country these days, populated by ignorant fucks and religious nutcases that worship the the likes of Glen Beck and Rush Blowhard. Both of the pricks are long overdue for a bullet in the back of the head. Protecting their racist xenophobia is the local thugs in blue -- who are cut from the same cloth (dyed in blood).

Running it all is the fucked-up politicos that are making sure the working class have absolutely nothing. We're not going to take much more of this and the backlash is going to be horrific.

Anonymous said...

40 smoking mirrors..... I have spoken for 40 smoking mirrors and it is enough. I have taken all those smoking mirrors, 20 of them, and I have had enough! No more Indic Income Taxes for endless wars! No more!! I have found life quite find, thank you, without the death tax. Life is quite accommodating without the death tax. I commend it all to you! Strangle the Death Monster!!

Anonymous said...

Not to be to argumentative tonight but the left and right Hegelian Didactic routine sounds like something from the stone age. There is really no clear concept anymore as to what it means and usually sends my bravo sierra meter into redline especially when people throw in gun rights with it. It gives the impression of a baiting contest by someone who is not very good at it and hasn't throughly read the hand book.

Unfortunately Europe has not "learned the lessons of empire" as most of the EU has troops busy busy laying the oil pipelines and many of the 70,000 mercenaries employed mainly through the U.K are there with them and that includes Germany who seems to never learn.

Visible said...

I can't know if some of the comments that show up here are being posted by people who want to make this place look like a hotspot of revolutionary fever or whether it is just the definitely expected anger that is surfacing more and more.

These things may happen but they are not my solutions nor the solutions that I support. At the same time these comments (within reason)'might' get posted- if only for an example of what's out there but they are not reflective of me or this site.

My personal views are best stated at Visible Origami and they are representative of the thought and action I intend to engage in.

Anonymous said...

I understand that dog poet and I think most here do. I have found this site to gather many with high intelligence and spiritual qualities. The garden variety drive by troll stands out like a sore thumb here.

It does appear they try and adapt new techniques to discredit such as giving the appearance the remnants of storm front and the apocalyptic avengers are gathering here, preparing to change the oil on that apache helicopter they have hidden out in the barn and take action against the conservative oppressors who have long held them down.

It is the same bullshit tactics you see on 99% of most American websites. If only we can persuade side A to accept and believe side B should be appointed by the diebold voting machines in the next election things will be alright for now.

Some of my favorites in regard to content of humor are the golly gee I don't see why people are criticizing the catholic church crowd. (See latest molestation horror stories in Ireland). Also George Ure's super computer view of things to come in Ireland and Italy. Also A. Peasant has some great new stuff on this over at the twelfthbough.

Anonymous said...

No offense to anyone who believes in their health care system but the quality of care is suspect. The same population reduction people have medical degrees and are running rampant in the west.

The same drugs from big pharma are prescribed whether they are free or you pay an arm and a leg. Most are aspartame, fluoride and steroid based. (I think John would vouch for that)

Everytime I get a prescription it seems you can look it up on the web and follow the latest lawsuits. Let;s just say I know someone who recently had a cyst. The good doctor prescribed cipro, and two steroids (have to bring down that swelling you know before it is cut out) Cipro will cause weakness of ligaments and the two steroids seem to cause pituitary suppression which (may) by irreversible, diabetes and loss of I.Q, dermatitis and a few other undesired attributes. There were hints an MRI might be needed and to be discussed at the next appointment. All this for a carbuncle on the head. Maybe even the new Hitachi chip on the needle tip. No wonder they make you sign a form stating you give up all constitutional rights in a court of law if something goes wrong. The extra heavy steroid was handed out at the office (no record of this one) just submit the I.O.U to big pharma and collect the kickback.

The subject after all this had to revert to silver collide and honey, mud packs and camille tea. Straight from Jethro Kloss, Back to Eden. If your provider is not a practicing satanist and gleefully rubbing their hands over population reduction (for the good of the planet) ya know, they have to follow protocol or lose their license.

Anonymous said...

In your hermitage, who are you to judge how angry people are getting? You want a peaceful resolution as long as you're in such safety? Come here for a while.

I agree with the first anon. The 2nd wanted to elicit some tears for bankers, lawyers and 'educators'. Pray tell, where can I donate?

Is Dublin Mick a transvestite? It seems his life mission is to insult his family, his gender and his country.

Does Dublin Mick know that the north american settlers were greeted by the blond haired algonquin 'indians' with christian prayers in hebrew? Also a christian church in Maine built by the Vikings. Dublin Mick gets off on being obscene.

Anonymous said...

Just flew into Dixieland from Kanukistan. Born in Jamaica, Canada is a bit tame and spiceless. Lawfull and neat. The ladies have developed this awefull nasal whining speech. I got a close up of a whine at a supermarket checkout and my spine shivered. Everyone whines about the price of gas and the interest on their RRSP's. My bank was horrified that I was not interested in their retirement system, old to gold is too independent eh? Gold to green, unthinkable.

My cop neighbour's cat visited regularly for a chat and a whif. The cop never did nor any others. A bit of a shock as we are accustommed to welcoming newcomers and going back and forth to each others homes if all is cool in Ja.

Got a body scan and searches, Ca and USA are countries at war after all. The immigration, customs and security did their jobs. All humans appreciate a smiling old boy.

Being from the deep-deep South, the deep South is like another Parish of Jamdown. Y'all instead of dem or unnu. All these flags and pride in killing ragheads and other untermench though, lots of surplus frustrated testosterone and wannabe instant heroes. We keep our warring at!?

Strange walking through the stores with Gucci and Co glittering with high price tags, strange for a country at war. Then conflict is another form of!? Armani and Predators.

I lived in Bogenhousen Les, walked by the Isar and English Gardens. Did you see them surfing on the wall of very green water? Yank and Jap tourists were fascinated by the display of genitalia.

Teasing the war facts from the old Nazis was a trip, alcohol loosens tongues longing to release their burdens. No one knew! The stories of camps were fables.

Soon in my Island Home. Things are not easy there. Gunman, badman and oldman, we all connect and say our hearts, dark or light. The burden of keeping it bottled up is eased in dance or talk. The ladies want pretty things and the guys pretty cars, same as everywhere. There are still bits of Paradise left, seeds to nurture and spread.

Best to all you real heroes.


Anonymous said...

turey, this might make you feel a bit happy, like home.

Isn't this one of Bob Marley's former band doing reggae Maha Mantra.
Poland 2007

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon, my buddies comp will not download Flash. I'll listen to the Ras when I can and ID if pos.

Best, turey.

justoffal said...

Greetings Mr. Visible.

I was just listening to the original version of In that shape again that I recieved from you while you were living in Germany.

You make italy sound wonderful. I think I will begin browsing the power engineer openings at the local power plants out there.

Does the e-mail still work?


Visible said...

Yes J.O.



Kevenj said...

There used to be a time not long ago before I woke up,that I would look to the sky and be proud of that F-18 breaking the sound barrier, loose glass and part of my ear drums as it gracefully flew over the skies of NAS NORFOLK (VA).

I would say that there are people here, including me, that are hard working, responsible homeowners that are just mystified at he blantant lies and greed that has been generated from DC and Wall Street. They have the audacity to take money from doing God's work and cut off credit left and right to businesses (like mine) for no reason but they can and expect us to lay down and spread 'em.No more.
It took a while before I realized that playing their game, paying their increased rates and hefty fees would not be doing me any good anymore when we were wondering where cash would come in to pay the mortgage in this crappy economy where you have people willing and wanting to work, but no work, because the banking system wants a global currency, {or} a one world order, {or} there really is more to the Mayan prophesy than they're telling us.

Either way, aside from espousing revolutionary ideologies, I would say that things feel pretty fucked up around's been a long road from going down to Circuit City after eating at the mall and look into purchasing a big screen on credit... to this.

At least we can see CNN's version of the end of the world in living colour.

Glad you're back Les.

Still alive said...

Hello Les,

You and all the other expats who live in Europe should consider yourselves extremely fortunate that you live there and not here in the USSA. There are times when I still have a glimmer of hope and think that Americans will wake up and kick out Israel and reclaim their country and make it what it is supposed to be. But I know Americans are far too ignorant, immature, cowardly and brainwashed to ever do that. It should be interesting to see how they handle being kicked out of the Middle East when that happens. Hopefully they will get kicked out of Europe after that.

A while back I lived in Germany for about 18 months. Completely different than the zionist terrorist USSA. And the women were beautiful. They made American women look like the butt ugly mutts that they are.

I would go back if only I could.

Kevenj said...

Forgive me for posting again so soon, but another thing:
Contrary to the alternative news of a dollar death due to inflation, I find it very hard to believe that those that created the bastion of fiat currency would allow the largest military in the world-whom we know is their police force- to become another Weimar German Republic.Oh, the shit's gonna hit the fan for the common middle class, just to allow foreigners access to the new and improved financial regulations that have more than adequate cheap housing all ready for them-and a military sign up bonus w/benifits.
If they have the capacity to manipulate Gold, the DJA and commodities, what makes people think they won't do that to a currency they want to keep?

Visible said...

My Friends;

Hang in there. The conductor determines the character of the music. It's interesting how the sound alters and impacts according to the direction given. Don't focus on what's going on outside. Focus on what's going on inside.

Visible said...

the sky before Katrina Struck.

Michael F. said...

Well, I broke down and cried while reading this piece. Doing so makes no sense to me.

I suppose it has something to do with turning 30 soon in America and seeing everything around me so clearly.

George McKee said...


Great post and comments as well. I have lived in Portugal 10 years now and have never looked back. Our daughter was 10 when we arrived and she went to local schools. She now is grateful for the European lifestyle after returning to the states last summer to visit cousins. She considers herself Portuguese as do we as well. Yes, the drivers are bad, and you almost have to go as fast as them to avoid getting in a wreck, but as they slowly remove themselves from the gene pool, I feel the problem will eventually self correct. We left early 2000, before George Bush 1 and all the chaos that has happened since. Life in Europe is exactly as you describe it. Our community is rural and we grow our own food. The air and water is clean and crime is very low. The locals are extremely kind, close to the land but intellectually very well read. They know what is going on in the world but fortunately, most ot the world's ills don't seem to affect us here. I don't make as much as I used to in the states, but it doesn't cost as much to live here either. Getting out is the best thing I ever did and for those who are contemplating it, it's not as scary as it seems from over there. If things start getting screwy here, I'll vote with my feet once again.



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