Saturday, March 20, 2010

Watch Closely... at no Time does the Hand leave the Wrist.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

All is not well in Rothschildlandia and that is good news for the human race... or is it? I’m going to try to not use the word Israel anymore since there is no such creature; get used to the new and difficult to type moniker. It’s more truthful anyway. It’s a business concern only. It’s Wal-Mart with guns and viruses; white phosphorous, stolen body parts and 24 hour rapine intent.

Now we hear that the military knows that the Rothschildlandians did 9/11. Wow! They just found out. That’s impressive. Now we see spokes-cretins from major powers condemning settlement activity. Wussup with that?

Certain forces want a protest starting on April 15th. Someone tell me this isn’t a Republican funded effort to spur a grass roots presidential run so that Palin can perform felatio on Netanyahu on the White House Lawn... “♫cover that girl in chocolate syrup and make her do a nasty on the white house lawn ♫” Did you know that Frank didn’t do drugs? Hard to believe isn’t it (grin)? Well, you can read those Laurel Canyon stories where that gets said. I think has them on their site.

Here’s an idea... ignore the people organizing this camouflaging same old same old government takeover and do some ingenious protesting of your own. Now might be the time to visit Visible in Italy but you’ll have to bring a tent. It’s late Spring weather here so no problem with that. I’ll bet Peter Schiff is going to make a speech or two, given that this isn’t an obvious Republican maneuver but a mere frottage through the curtains. Are you hard yet? I’m feeling it.

So tell me... what do you notice about all of this? Doesn’t it look like other forces are at work? Doesn’t it look like the people who think they are in charge are getting the message that they are not? I love The Apocalypse! I’ve never been a voyeuristic upskirt kind of a guy, even though I do consider myself a hands on specialist... usually my hands are not on myself or anyone else. Walk with me a moment while I do a little Parade Bloque, I have to be aware of the possibility of a Fouette Median. It helps to have good peripheral vision and you are going to need that to understand what I’m talking about because the mind is quicker than the hand or the eye and the mind isn’t as quick as it thinks it is; not hardly or you wouldn’t have been getting fooled so often that you are now a regular customer at The Secret Policeman’s Ball.

I watched the latest Ultimate Fighting Challenge or whatever it’s called, but it should be called, the Royce Gracie Show because that’s all it is and I was struck by something that has been nagging at me for awhile. How do competent martial artists allow themselves to be ‘grappled’ in the first place? Isn’t the point of the training to stay out of the other person’s hands? And... how could anyone who knows anything about Hapkido get rendered so quickly? I’ve seen guys who can backspin a kick almost too fast to see that would knock your head off and standing wrist locks that will immobilize anyone and I haven't seen a single move applied to counteract this grab and pin scenario. Something isn’t right and that brings me back to my point. Caution... show business in process ahead.

I am getting the distinct feeling that we are being set up. I think this whole protest is micro-managed before it even hits the streets and the reason is to re-route the natural protest that is already festering like a boil on the ass of The Republic that might have been. It is a republic isn’t it? You get reminded enough about that from the usual... oh right... never mind.

Yes... this protest is a gratuitous feint to take your heart and your eyes off of the outrage that you feel and place it in the hands of the same people who caused it so they can use it against you. Right now I trust no one. Well, that’s not entirely true. I trust Jim Corr and I trust Rixon Stewart and I trust you; depending on ‘whom’ you are. I would ordinarily trust myself but I don’t know who that is anymore; just kidding.

Yeah... I get it now. They screwed the pooch so badly that they’ve brought in the PR people to send your rage in another direction. By this time next Monday you’ll be kicking Palestinians too. Once again it’s all Irelands fault and I’ll bet you everything in my pocket that those Palestinians came from Ireland in the first place. It is clear as mud that all our problems are caused by the people who can’t afford to pay for their dinner.

Watch out people. Watch out. They know you’re pissed and they know that what they haven’t stolen you can’t even find. They know what they’ve done and they now know that the people they work for aren’t nearly as powerful or able as they thought. It looks like that rough slouching beast does not have the proper ID. It looks like they are about to be dipped in dog shit and turned into tempura. Heh heh.. sometimes I hate myself but it doesn’t last. Surely... what goes around comes around even if it takes forever to do it. Pass the Wasabi...

I haven’t felt this good in a long time and that doesn’t mean things are getting better. It just means that I can see they are absolutely going to lose and the best part is that they know it and I know they know it, even though I don’t know (had to say it... always have to say it). This doesn’t mean we all get off scott-free because each of us has some relative attachment to results and that’s the degree of pain we will experience.

The thing to look out for is not the usual threat. The thing to look out for is the thing masquerading as the thing, but which is not the thing. It’s what is presenting itself as freedom with chains in its hands. It’s the apparent smiling comfort of the home welcoming hearth that is a prison cell in reality. It’s that Peter Schiff kind of thing where Chuckie Schumer looks like he got a face lift so that now he’s so attractive that you might let him (expletive deleted) you.

How many times have they hijacked the protests and become the new government that is no different than the one they replaced? How many times has the ideal become the opposite? How many times has precedence become the preface for pretense; that makes no sense but I thought I would stick it in for comic relief and also to show you how people play with words that don’t mean anything. I also stuck it in because a lot of people will shake their head as if that means something. It doesn’t.

You want to protest and have an effect? Protest the protest. There’s only one way to topple the system and that is to live outside it. If enough people stop spending their time, money and attention on the apparatus, the apparatus will stop running for lack of fuel. By all means do not pay your taxes because they can’t put you all in jail but also do not contribute to the corporations and that isn’t easy. Support your local farmers. Buy from smaller operations. Get off the grid if you can and by all means pay no attention to their media and cry “bullshit!” every time they open their mouths.

If enough people just simply walk away from the system it will fall and no good is coming until it does. It might be less convenient and harder on your muscles but you will be glad you did it.

I’m guessing that .0000000000000000000001% percent of the population is reading this so heh heh... I think I’ll get all worked up about my importance and exposure while I have a moment. Do what you gotta do or do what they tell you to do. It’s up to you.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: Songwriter by Les Visible♫ Gone Baby Gone ♫
'Gone Baby Gone' is track no. 6 of 10 on Visible's 2006 album 'Songwriter'
Lyrics (pops up)

Songwriter by Les Visible


Neko Kinoshita said...


I can see what they are doing.

I know that the dust can be manipulated by the mind. Doing so for yourself enhances the separateness and empowers the dark. This will cause you to burn.

Submit to the conscious life force that is the universe, and the universe will care for you.

You know you have seen it. It is so hard to let go.

Their manipulations cannot touch you if the universe itself controls you.

This blog has such an appropriate name.

More from the alley later,

TheSparkle said...

This reminds me of the words of the prophets of old who wrote the screenplay for Blazing Saddles.

Quote from here:

"The movie uses some outrageously racist themes, but in a self-aware manner that successfully manages to mock racism itself. The racist individuals in the movie are quite possibly the dumbest people on earth; stupid enough, for instance, to fall for Bart holding himself hostage until he gets to safety. No ethnic group is spared from satirical barbs. At one point, David Huddleston's character grudgingly concedes to some railroad workers: "All right, we'll give some land to the niggers and the chinks. But we don't want the Irish!" Although to be fair, he did not use a racial epithet to refer to the Irish. After a vocal outcry, he then lets everyone, including the Irish, have land."

Rebel 4E said...

"There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can change the focus to a soft blur, or sharpen it to crystal clarity. Sit quietly and for the next (rest of your life) we will control all that you see and hear..."

I can smell their bullshit, slippery lies from a googolplex miles away...
It should be obvious by now to any rational thinking human-being (Hmmmm! an endangered species in 2010) that the predators at the top always control all sides in most if not all organised protests.

Don't Believe The Hype!


Anonymous said...

I have never seen this one before but the block to post something on Petri dish is missing.

You are killing me Les I have always laughed at Orson Welles doing the we will sell no wine before it is time, skit.

Looking at some of these celebrities the first thing you want to ask yourself is, would I buy a used car from this guy?

When you said you had been in Gainesvillle did you mean Gainesville, Florida? I lived there for years also. If you hung out any at Divine Light Mission we may know each other!

Timster said...

Your advice to "step away" reminds me of an email correspondence that I had with Mikey Rivero...back in the day when I thought he was really on our side. He started lauding the qualities of O-bomb-a on his site and I told him that only advice he should offer his readers is to "step away" from the machine, and not vote at all. He refused. I entreated him to actually "LISTEN" to what Barrack was saying on the campaign trail, and how it was merely an eloquent version of more bullshit wars and hegemony. When he refused to reveal these things on his site I accused him of being paid...he did not deny it. As G.S. Heron said: "the revolution will not be televised"...and what appears to be, usually isn't. Great post, Les.

Anonymous said...

Is that Meeyow, Neko, or Meow Meow?
(To digress, an interesting article
on mephedrone in the Telegraph uk today. Hear it's still all the rage in the UK/German club scenes) Of course Rothschildlandia has already led the way w/ the worldwide ban... it was coming from there, now from China...)
Once again spot on, LV. Even the
American Conservative mag agrees with you (vide "Tea Totalers: How the GOP
crashed the Party" April 2010)
Meet the new boss... same as....
WV: latiness

Nayon said...

They say the US army knows now the Mossad did 911, and that those who knows are in rage. The question is; will they do something about or cave in as Uncle Tom (rhymes with Ossama)does?

They say the American people will be in absolute rage once they know Israel is behind 911. The question is, will they do something about it?

They say Israel is like a mad dog that someone should shoot and kill before ir hurt someone else. The question is; will someone have enough courage to actually pull the trigger? Where will it come, from the land of the slaves and whimps?

Visible said...

"and all our princes captive by the hand of that black name,"

Visible said...

He pretty much told me the same thing but then he's pushing Peter Schiff too.

I'm not going to knock him cause I don't know him. I trust my readers more than I do myself and especially Nina who never says a word until she has to.

My friends... look how bright and aware we are. I suspect the divine sees and notes our presence and will, in time, place us where we can best serve. That I even get to say this is proof that such a vision endures ...and will forever.

Anonymous said...

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." –HST

Trust me, that kooky writer/freak knew a thing or two about weird, and weird is where civilization has docked its boat. For extra credit, walk the plank to shore backwards.


Visible said...

After all the comments and references about it I am re-watching Branagh's Henry V at the moment and I have to say for all the people who prefer Olivier, Scofield, McKellen and sundry. In my experience Branagh is the best. Obviously there may have been performers who have preceded my view. I hope if you haven't yet that you will go to visible stream of consciousness blogspot and read our variations on the theme

Anonymous said...

You mentioned guitar players. What do you think of John McLaughlin and Al Dimeola?

Visible said...

I saw John in a small church in Woodstock NY where I lived and he was exceptional but there was a little too much Sri Chin! Chinmoy around at the time. Al still owes me a hundred dollars for a gram of outstanding coke which I fronted him at the Kaanapali Hilton and which he didn't think it important enough to pay me for. Both are fantastic guitar players but I like rock and for jazz I prefer Eric Gale or Cornell Dupree. However, Elegant Gypsy remains my favorite guitar album of all time,... nothing can touch it.

Next question.

Visible said...

On reflection I should add an addendum. I still owe George Benson a hundred dollars from the time we met at a concert in Philly after all my clothes and money got stolen so I guess it equals out. If anyone out there knows how to reach him (I know he has a house in Montclair NJ) tell him I carry that on me most days in case I run into him and I will post it as soon as I can find him.

Anonymous said...

An Oldie But Goody For The Day:~)

"Where Or When"

By Dion & The Belmonts:

It seems we stood and talked like this before
We looked at each other in the same way then
But I can't remember where or when
The clothes you're wearing are the clothes you wore
The smile you are smiling you were smiling then
But I can't remember where or when
Some things that happened for the first time
Seem to be happening again
And so it seems that we have met before
And laughed before
And loved before
But who knows where or when?

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Visible said...

That... like "May the Good Lord Bless and Keep" you and "The Shifting Whispering Sands" are among my favorite songs and let me not forget, I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places" etc

Good songwriting has always been around except lately.

Visible said...

May the Good Lord Bless and Keep you.
Personally I prefer Tammy Wynette doing it but there's too much hype. Originally I heard it from a baritone whose name I can't remember. It's kind of like how George did The Greatest Love of All but what's her name got the credit.

And this Shifting Whispering Sands.

and this I'll be seeing you..

There are other versions but this is what I remember from my childhood and I am not joking when I say they kept me alive,

So where do we go from here?

There is no turning back so where do we go?

I've got so many songs in my memory and so many films disguised as reality so...where do we go? I wish I could have the obedient and willing child back that I used to be but now my heart smokes of rebellion...end quote.

Boulderdash said...


Methinks you misunderestimate yourself!

When the Tea Parties first began popping up, I thought it was an interesting concept. My wife and I attended a rally at the state capitol in Denver. It didn't take long to see then, over a year ago, that it was just another political venture designed to keep us focused on which side of the coin we are for or against. The reality is that the coin is the problem, or more precisely, it is the people (or other beings) who control the coin that are the problem. TPTB control so many parts of the "game" that it is hard to find places where the "game" is not controlled by them.

Thanks for continuing to shed light on this subject.

Jim G.

European American said...

"By all means do not pay your taxes because they can’t put you all in jail"

YES, YES, YES! I've been waiting to hear that, here.

Been doing it since '85...wish it had been all my life. Took me that long to see through the illusion.

It's scary to see how Americans are so desirous of pulling their pants down, bending over and pointing to that spot and whining, "Stick it in there deep and make it hurt,"

They Complain
They Blame
They Demand
They Obey
and then
They Please

On April 15th show yourself what you're made of.

Anonymous said...

gobsmacking brilliant! You finally wrote something where every line is quotable and so I can't pick a line to quote. You have outdone yourself and I suspect you are paying the price for it. Let me do you a favor in return. I will remind you that your service outweighs your en-capsuled personal pain. Please do not implode. If you do I am condemned to read the people I already bypass on my way to you.

How you can write things like this and not already be dead is beyond me.


Visible said...

Jim you have been very kind and supportive of me but I'm one single sandbag waiting on the tsunami- cue Bruce and "Cover Me".

Anyway, thanks all around. I'm here more than I ever have been and still watching Henry V. Whatever happens we gave them a run for our money.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting the take people on this site have re: Mike Rivero. I value his updating and archiving efforts. I think he is pretty much what he says he is, a libertarian paleocon. He is behind this strike because he still has some hope for a non-violent leaderless resolution. I think he is onto Peter Schiff re: war posture. Rivero is no more perfect than the rest of us. I do wonder about his source of support and his ability to function w/o the man paying him a visit. I hope he's just lucky. Some people are. So long as he doesn't take his sights off that middle eastern "democracy", 911, the wars, the economy, I'll keep checking on his site. As always, I take every body with a grain of salt, just as I suspect others take me. It's the human way. Good luck, all.


Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

For the past two weeks now, many sites such as yours are being suppressed in search engines, twitter etc.

Clearswift have been blocking for 12 straight days despite constant daily appeals.

This is unusual activity and is indicative of an active denial programme.

Check your six.

All the best


Visible said...

I got my six and I got my 12 and I don't confuse the past with the future. I think it has something to do with living in the present.

kikz said...

"All is not well in Rothschildlandia and that is good news for the human race..."

nor in rome...
hail, hale and hell yeah!

beware the ides of march?
behold, Rome’s regent laid low
Isis/Eostre gives him flowery leave
by Osiris/Orion’s striding toe

songs from the fairie wood
send him on his way
vox on the vernal
happy equinox today

Visible said...


the whole point of the peripheral vision and savate mention is that I do watch my six. That might be called eyes in the back of the head' but I call it the future meaning I don't have to be a blind Rutger Hauer to know just who the wind blows,

God didn't give me this job just so I could fuck it up... the beauty is that if I get close to that happening HE WILL MAKE IT happen.

Visible said...

about 20 emails now about not being able to post. Email? Are you capable? Is it possible?

Anonymous said...


(Yeah, sing a song bro'...)
If the sun refused to shine
I don't mind, I don't mind
If the mountains ah, fell in the sea
Let it be, it ain't me.
(Well, all right)

Got my own world to live through and uh, ha !
And I ain't gonna copy you.

Yeah (sing the song brother...)
Now if uh, six uh, huh, turned out to be nine
Oh I don't mind, I don't mind uh ( Well all right... )
If all the hippies cut off all their hair
Oh I don't care, oh I don't care.

'Cause I've got my own world to live through and uh, huh
And I ain't gonna copy you.

Neko Kinoshita said...

It's one Meow, just drawn out.

I might have more to say, but I'm dealing with a personal dust storm (metaphor, happens every weekend around here), and trying to play catch up with the musical references when I find clear air.

Anonymous said...

I'll give it a try.....

Just watched M. Night Saliyman's (?) "The Village" last night. Reminds me of "The Matrix" and "The Truman Show". We're all part of the great experiment, unless we choose to live outside the experiment. But there's nothing past "The Wall" but more of the same. We must ascend to the place where Jesus lived.



iconoclast said...

Thanks. You may not think you're important in the larger scheme of things but you certainly are in any other. It's nice to hear the truth occasionally, so much more elegant than bullshit.
Yeah, that thing masquerading may be an apache gunship with a red or white cross on it.

pandora said...

Hi Les!

I've been following you for a while, but this is my first comment (three, actually)

1- One suggestion on how not to "feed the beast" is to buy what you can on ebay. That supports ma and pa vendors and you pay no sales tax! Ebay will still get a small cut, but you're giving less money to the Walmartlandia.

2- I look at events like the tea parties as pressure cooker safety valves. When the "real rulers" see that the masses are catching on and getting steamed, they put forth a way to let out the excess steam while still maintaining control of the pot. Great examples of these safety valves are Lou Dobbs (probably the best they have), Alex Jones, Glen Beck, Rivero, and many more. ANYONE who is in mainstream media regularly is a "bad guy" IMHO. Real truth tellers don't last long in the spotlight.

3- Finally, I'm getting a really bad vibe about all this "Rothschildlandia 9-11 Outing Movement, Inc." that we have experienced this week. No fricking way is this on the level. I don't smell a rat. I smell the putred, rotting carcass of a bull elephant in my living room. We are being "played". I wonder what their next move will be. PEOPLE, PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR THIS! I'm not sure why Israhell is being sacrificed at this time. But, be certain that this is TOTALLY CONTROLLED damage control. I just know it!!!!

All this reminds me of a magician who has you focus on the right hand while the real action is being done with his left. My prediction: When attention shifts to Mitt Romney and the Bahai faith, watch out. We'll be in the ninth inning of this game where the names can change but the team stays the same. Also, Easter could be a target date. In 2008, the Mumbai attacks occurred on Thanksgiving. In 2009, we had the Christmas Crotch Bomber. 2010??

Love your insight :-D Thanks for taking the time to let all of us know that we are not alone.

Anonymous said...

"Now we hear that the military knows that the Rothschildlandians did 9/11."

Like you I was just shocked with this revelation. I always thought elements of the US military/government were involved along with Mossad. Now we know it was only the Rothschildlandians. Things must be getting real HOT.

"There's only one way to topple the system and that is to live outside it."
Amen brother, DON'T PLAY THE GAME!

Just finished watching Venus Project/Jacqu Fresco special. Don't watch much TV, real interesting some of the things that are going mainstream. They said don't under any circumstances join the military etc. Sure hope they got more than the .0000000000000000000001% viewing audience. Don't know if American Idol or some reality program was competing for viewers. As I've said before we are heavy into reality over here.


Anonymous said...

I think people are giving up to easily when they try to post. When I post a comment it rarely goes through on the first try. My comments aren't lost, they remain in the box. I do another word verification, click publish comments and they go through.


subdivisions said...

I am three sheets to the wind L.V. I'm scratching my head wondering how I made it home. I always go on foot so as not to endanger myself or others behind the wheel. We had Gumballhead (Lemon gumball beer!?), Youngs Double Chocolate Stout, Becks and some Coors Light after all the brats and kraut. They tried to test my Scottish liver and almost won with some Grey Goose. Yea how about that "military intelligence" it only took em what 8-9 years. The outhouse may be going up in flames but I just don't have a bolthole. We are only five or six hundred miles from Canada and had an awesome day today. 70 Degrees and sunny, bugs were crawling, rabbits were bunnying around, birds were using the jet stream to their advantage, cats were patrolling the fenceline in Suburblandia. We had a nice caveman fire going with brats and kraut and wings in the skillet. The sky looked tough as shit with clouds and sun bursts so I raised my glass and thought to myself thank you God for a most beautiful day.

Anonymous said...

Murphy I have had a block with a script show up when I try and post on my blog. It always says there is a script on here that is slowing down your computer do you want to stop it or continue. Many times when I click on stop it, I cannot post and have to allow the script to continue running.

The other day my entire front page disappeared and I had to partially reconstruct it. I always thought it was because I use an apple computer but I don't quite know what to make of the script.

Anonymous said...

Al Dimeola snorted coke, who knew?I saw Al twice in the same night once at the now defunct Diamond Club in Toronto in the late 80's. yup, two back-to-back stellar gigs!! Yeah, being a guitarist myself,(who has inhaled more than just grass) I made the assumption that people like Al would be just too damn busy practicing/gigging to imbibe. then again...when you can't sleep...anyway,check out Cielo e Terra.
We're all accustomed to living "after the fact". take 9/11 for example. for myself, and many others the sheer mendacity of the event was all to visible the day it happened and we've been living "after the fact" for almost 9 years. Are we now living before the "fact" of the next big one with all its attendant frustrations as well as insightful speculations? If something doesn't happen soon, i.e the next 2-3 years, then I assume they are content to "retreat" and pass the torch to an even meaner, leaner, generation or two....centuries mean nothing to them.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Les are below your best. Eff the Kundalini and that sort of crap! Eff the Tara Goddess, the Gayatri mantra and that sort of crap! Believe me it is crap for I am Hindu too! Eff the twists and turns of assorted descriptive lingo that you are tuned in to! Eff your universalistic 'we are one' diatribe! This worrld is not infused with ganja. It is real. Your detours into make believe are not your style. Your only quality is intuition. If it is gone is gone. I understand! But don't try to saintify yourself when you know all that is left is a dried out feeling. We are looking for info/inspiration. If not...we will be outta here in droves times ten!

Anonymous said...

Of course it's a set up. More protests that don't get televised, don't get listened to and accomplish as much as a local bake sale. Just start a pro-goyim club. It's much more satisfying.

the US govt is ONE party Two faces and the self-appointed chosen ones pull the strings.

Andre in L.A. said...

Many years ago, I arrived at a Grateful Dead show late, and coming on to a handful of mescaline. As I surveyed the packed Hollywood Palladium, I wondered how I was going to reach my friends at our normal station, against the stage and dead center. On cue, glowing blue neon bars appeared, highlighting the interstices between the mass of fans. I ran through the packed hall, following the neon.

You are mescaline, revealing to us pathways through the suffocating globalist nightmare. If we believe in those pathways, they can become reality. The Christ said that faith can move mountains. Biden being crapped on by Netanyahu was a start. Perhaps we can concentrate on visualizing our ZOG to cry out to it's dominatrix, Tel Aviv, for more scat and humiliation. Rip the curtain away from the Wiz, so everyone can see his pants are down and his hand in motion.

Visible said...

If you're going to criticize me then don't lie about who and what you are. Have the courtesy and courage to use your name and if you mean fuck then say it. It's not much to ask.

su said...

anonymous says your only strength is intuition.
well if i had to choose between intuition or knowledge i would go for the former each and every time.
intuition is the truth before the mind fucks with it.

i too am relishing the gnashing of the teeth and the rolling of the eyes and the desperate floundering for survival of those that have siphoned off human life for seemingly ever.

the kids were teaching themselves chemistry last week and kingswater. most metals will be dissolved by sulfuric acid but gold will only dissolve if you add nitric acid to the sulfuric and thus it is called kingswater.

i call this the kingswater phase of mankind, where the stolen gold of the ruling elite is reduced to bubbles by the simple unfolding of cause (sulfuric) and effect (nitric).

looking for the tent pegs as we speak. spring you say. excellent.

Visible said...

I'm actually listening to music again. I can't believe it. But the cost of the nostalgia on my emotional system is terrific. In any case I left out at least one song. Here's one of my more favorite pieces done by one of my favorite people and also stands as proof that I don't hate Jews.

You belong to me.

Visible said...


The first several people who get here don't have to sleep outside even though that is preferable as far as real enjoyment goes.

Anonymous said...

well then that's .0000000000000000000001% of the population who has been graced by your presence!!!
Wasabi shooshi loll and peripheral vision for spatial vigilance, for the win! :D
carry on..........

Murphy151 said...

To Dublin Mick 3:17

Have you loaded any plugins to your browser lately? I have no experience with Apple computers but I have a similar problem with BT Yahoo internet mail which I have been unable to resolve.

If you want to email me more details of the problem, I will run it past our techies guys at work.



Anonymous said...

Do you really think that their evil plan has a possiblity of an epic fail?

This makes me feel a bit better, anyway.

I don't know if you are right, or just so punch-drunk with reality that you must hope for the best, to continue. At least, that is my position.

I am watching a slow roll of disaster. The worst part is that I knew this was going to happen. Many times, I would think, if only they had listened to me.

But, of course, I am not the goddess of the world. If I were, this world would be running a whole lot fairer and there would be a whole lot less pain and suffering going on.

I've been watching my friends on facebook. There are real friends, from my life on this list of people. These are people that I've known for decades.....but so many of them are so darn stupid. They got their degrees, and all that. But, they have the stupidest ideas about the world that I have ever seen. You really can't get them to look at anything, unless it is a cute kittah, or a nice sunset photo from your cell phone.

So, they just don't seem to get it. They are untouched by reality. Isn't this the issue?


Anonymous said...

Test from the woods of Maine. Nothing constructive to add. Thanks for being. Robert

Anonymous said...

"C'mon Les are below your best. Eff the Kundalini and that sort of crap! Eff the Tara Goddess, the Gayatri mantra and that sort of crap! Believe me it is crap for I am Hindu too!"
You sound like that Afghan Pushtun of a while back who now is Hindu. What do you hope to accomplish? You are completely full of Ess. Most who visit/comment on this site are way above your juvenile nonsense.

He is one of my favorites too. I didn't realize until years later he was a Jew. I still have his first dozen albums (some monoral). Even the pirated double white album.


Anonymous said...

How many times has precedence become the preface for pretense....

I think you are actually onto something. Really.

I think you mean "conditioning" and really, that happens a lot.

One bit of conditioning that is taking place, as you also note, is the shifting of focus, the enabling of manipulation and lies by sleight of hand.

For example, the Isreali "slap in the face" at America just as Biden was arriving. The entire media is focused on this slap, and the indirect apology, and all is forgotten. But what about the slap itself? The forgotten building of new colonies on Palestinian lands, in place of Palestinian homes.

Anonymous said...

I didn't lie about who or what I am. I did not give my name. I did state that I am also a Hindu. Yogis are Hindu. No?
When I applauded you for the excellent work you were doing by giving form to the hidden truth, you didn't ask for my name. Besides,what name is best for a Soul? People call me David.
Much of Hinduism is deception, I guess like most other religions. The Bhagavad Gita and Yoga along with some of the Vedas and other Gitas, point the way, but are not the final say in guidance. The final say comes to the seeker who perseveres not to the 'idea' connoisseur! There are no goddesses on Earth. Kundalini Yoga and awakening is dark side evolution, within.
Stay away from deception!

Anonymouser said...

Great stuff Les - jus' can't get enough! - including the comments from readers and your follow-up responses, and even your musical suggestions of the day!

The anonymi are very probably the incognito zio-trolls back to cause as much fuss as they can.
Fuck them with a ten foot 9/11 demolition steel beam!!!

Italy sounds WONDERFUL this time of year - wish I didn't have to work just now - I'd be down to visit in a heartbeat.

Again great post Les, thank you.


word veri: judox

Anonymous said...

@Deacon Blues

Just for the record, "Where or When" was penned by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart.

More to the point, there is good reason to believe that those with the power to buy out, infiltrate, or otherwise neutralize any organizations or movements perceived to be a threat would have every motivation to do so.

Anonymous said...


the prince of darkness
kissofdeathinger is fading fast
the scurry for the throne
has begun at last
will trumpets sound
or will it be a blast

Whatreallyhappened reported said...

So let me get this straight. Money is donated as charity to help the indigenous african muslims in Darfur being genicided by mercenery gangs employed by middle east muslims because they want the indigenous Darfurians off the land the oil lies under which the Chinese are pumping out with a very generous kick-back to the middle-east muslims in power - where the men are being killed and castrated and the women are being killed and raped:
And that money to help these victims is being sent to oppress palestinians in Gaza and the westbank?!


Darfur aid dollars funding West Bank settlements
By Thomas C. Mountain
Mar 19, 2010, 00:21
ASMARA, Eritrea -- Persons working with aid organizations assisting the victims of the Darfur conflict have passed on the news that they have confirmed through their contacts in the so called “Save Darfur Coalition” that millions of dollars raised to help the Darfur refugees have ended up in Israeli bank accounts. These accounts help fund programs that include illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

I am so incredibly tired of the citizens of Rothchildslandia.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hello visible.

may God bless you if you are just and
demolish you if you are a shill (for anybody).

me thinks, watch out for the new "HERO" to be installed via outing 911 and gutting ISRAHELL...

Visible said...

Do you know something sockmoney? I was just going to say that I expect Kissinger to die really soon because I can feel it and you say something. What do you know?


Yeah, I run into lots of Hindus called David and they're all married to someone called Bernice. A small point of order; Don't tell me what to do and don't comment on what you have no experience on... other than that, make yourself useful and get me a beer.

Deacon Blues post your favorite version of the tune.

Mouser, we'll get together again when you can make it; Susanne sends her love.

Radio show tonight and apologies in advance about the state of Dogpoetlandia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, To answer your question,
"so where do we go from here"? I say, straight ahead: continue to move forward~truth over bullshit reality~.

The only thing that I would change here is to not post the anonymous little toxic cowards and all others who only come here disrupt the going ons. At times the environment here rises to a very high level and the good people open up and share their true inner warmth. The safer the atmosphere, the closer we can come to that kundalini moment right here at Smoking Mirrors and that ain't no joke.

Down below are the lyrics to another one of my favorite tunes, it was released in 1968 on Columbia Records.

Love Song For The Dead Che'

By: The United States Of America

Sung By: Dorothy Moskowitz

At the dawn of an ordinary Sunday
I remember the taste of you, sweet in my mouth,
Late in the year.

And in the stillness of the Oriental rainfall
I remember the warmth of you, still in my arms,
Late, late in the year.

I can bring to you flowers in the night
Soft as my trembling fingers touching love,
I can offer you wine and candlelight
If only my aching fingers clutching love,
Late in the year.
Late in the year.

At the dawn of an ordinary Sunday
I remember the taste of you, sweet in my mouth
Late in the year.

P.S. I did enjoy your posting of "You Belong To Me."

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...


he was reported ill in asia somwhere

the world looks like a house party i walked into once
the kids are out of control
every body sneaking off to fuck somebody
assholes beating the shit out of anyone the can be sure of beating
and the house being vandalized and anything of value being stolen
i don't know if mom and dad are going to make it home in time
the amount of syncro now is wild
as above so below

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the enlightening reply. You really are losing it. As a seeker, I told you not to fall for deception. You construe this to mean telling you what to do. Then you ramp up your ego with other bullshit rantings.

You are clearly dried out. Take a break. Sorry, I am not the image of me you have in your imagination. Go bully someone else. As for reading kaka, I can get that all over the internet. As for your blogs, the kind of consciousness that has formatted the replies you gave to me, and is seemingly governed by the pack instinct, is not a kind that I want to be around. You know nothing of my spirituality or my experience. You are definitely sounding like a shill/fake! Other than that...goodbye and have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are feeling better Les. I know you are the humor is back.

It always good to have an anonymous Hindi poser on board for entertainment purposes. Anonymous Hindi David, whose brothers are no doubt Iggy, Irv, Mike and Sam (the boys who eat no ham) and a aunt who responds to Muriel.

By the way Hinduism is not deception, it is forceful attempt to overcome deception established by the ancient Rishis. Nobody knows who they were or when it began. It is simply the search for truth and is forever and ongoing.

Ghandi: "Even and atheist can call himself a Hindi for he too is embarked upon the search for truth"

Most everyone can be a Hindi Dave except for you as you are in the search for deception.


Joe Bloggs said...

1:Iove the dreamy quality of this post.

2:Warning; nightmarish poohitry below as above.

although it is all that there is
it is never seen
love is
a word, a concept; a dream

Anonymous said...

(truncated post due to character limit)
I just wanted to first say that you are among the best writers the "truth" movement has - and there are a lot of good ones IMO, but nearly enough. I have a suggestion that you already have thought of - set up a blog software on your own server and link to it as a backup or mirror of this blog because of the inevitability that this blog will be purged eventually.
My other comment refers to a comment posted above regarding Michael Rivero. It always is inspiring to me to see him criticized considering all of the inflammatory stuff he's posted, including against the massive population of Christian "truthers" and others who have legitimate information and ideas like "no planers," he largely only gets praises among the truth community. Most who disagree with something he says just give him the benefit of the doubt. But how many people does he need to marginalize and how many TRUTHS can he get WRONG before he should be at least FORCED to CONSIDER that he might actually be wrong sometime (the Obama birth certificate being a huge one that he won't even look at and HAS EVEN FLAT OUT LIED REPEATEDLY on the topic).
I visit his site every day and the information is top-notch including links to blogs like this one. However, his little comments are damaging to the entire movement too often for my comfort.
Among the things he's said:
1) Illuminati isn't real
2) Obama is/was/will be a "progressive"
3) constant lies about the Bible or Jesus
4) constant lies about the (no?) plane at the Pentagon
5) Lies about Obama's posted "COLB" in his own story and he even sent me this crap during the election as PROOF of Obamas citizenship. Who knows how many thousands did he tell lies to on this? Could we say 30+% of the entire movement?
6) An unhealthy, to the exception of MAJOR MAJOR stories, OBSESSION with ONLY that tiny little $hit country in the M.E pretending to be a biblical entity. I have literally heard this guy say that that little rat hole ran EVERYTHING. And he believes this NO MATTER WTF HAPPENS.
7) His unhealthy treatment of major conspiracies like HAARP and chemtrails as "mere kookery" - one day going so far as to say anyone who talks about these or other assorted popular conspiracies are "government agents."

Anonymous said...

(truncated post 2)
Michael Rivero is either paid disinfo (of the most dangerous kind) or the most stubborn hard-headed bastard ever born. That's my opinion. If he's real, his division of the truth movement based on his own "feelings" instead of FACTS is DAMAGING if not PARALYZING. On just the topics of "no planes/video trickery" and the Obama birth cert. (or lack of) I believe that he has GREATLY INHIBITED the flow of truth and ideas on these topics. IF he is right, then THREE CHEERS. BUT he's not - watch September Clues. DO your own research and find out that in 2004 and 2006 the MSM was publicly saying Obama was foreign-born. Onhe of these was in the Honolulu Advertiser

This story was linked by one of his readers BEFORE it was EDITED/SCRUBBED/MEMORY HOLED nd it flat out said Obama was born in Indonesia (JAN 8 2006). Which also my not be accurate but when it was posted on WRH by one of his readers, and he flat out said it was a fake website because it was on instead of their current domain which is just plain Thats right even though the "the." is just a SUBDOMAIN, he STILL has not corrected himself despite me telling him many timemes now that THEY ARE THE SAME SITE. Further, they SCRUBBED THE DAMN STORY THE SAME DAY and he just yawned.
I think he might be there to make sure nobody goes to a certain point on certain topics. IMO the most important ones - 911 attacks, false president, God, etc etc.
We need the guy to be on our side but he needs someone close to him to put him in check when he starts lying to support an agenda like e as on the 911 planes and as well as Obama's fake COLB posted online - things he will never go back on now because of his pathetic articles on these topics. OK, end of rant. Again, I still get a LOT of info from his site but his comments make me say I will punch that bastard in the face if I ever meet him.

EDITED STORY - I SAW THE ORIGINAL WITH MY OWN EYES AND THEY SCRUBBED IT WHEN IT WENT VIRAL AND THE DISCLAIMER WAS NOT THERE UNTIL VERY RECENTLY. There is also a Nigerian paper on web archives . org and additionally some government minister in Kenya said there is a shrine at this place of birth there. The PROOF is out there, its not hard to see that Obama is a TOTAL CIA CREATION, or a puppet usurper "at best"

Visible said...


You are heartily and politely encouraged to go and fuck yourself which I expect you will accomplish about as well as anything else which is a key to you never getting laid.

I've lived my life but you have not lived yours and the women I turned down- and there were many of them and still are; they wouldn't fuck you either. I shouldn't say turned down because they were good people but I don't cheat; not in a long time anyway.

How many psychedelics have you taken anyway; guy calling himself David who could be anyone and who is not anyone which poses a dilemma... for you, not me

I get the feeling your wrist would fall asleep while you were jerking off. Try using one of my photos as a guide. You might actually get hard which I think is your problem. Anyway- nits make lice and it's a could thing you can't reproduce because one of you is enough.

Deacon Blues... I had the feeling you hadn't heard that heh heh... maybe I'm wrong but it's fun to get surprised. I am not often surprised but it happens.

Yes... I'm in wild and crazy mode so please forgive me. All is explained in the radio show... kind of

The entire planet will get a contact high when Kissinger makes his exit straight to hell and I'll tell you something... I know the devil and I am going to ask him not to allow Mr.K any privileges. Sometimes really evil people get high positions in the land of torment... not that that means they get no torment... but Mr. K is in deep shit. the devil owes me a few favors and K and David Rockefeller are two I'm going to call on and the entire Knesset while I'm at it.

Everybody isn't who you think they are. Some of us are going to surprise you shortly.

No... I don't only respond to negative posts in case you think that's one way to get me to reply. Ask me to reply and I will; don't know if it will be useful but I hope so.

As for Rivero- I have no idea and I'm not going to dis him. End of story.

10:09 PM

Anonymous said...

Holy shit Visible I would not want to get on your bad side. I was unaware you had it in you but I suspected it. That said you nailed the fucker. You've got fast hands too?

Visible said...

Let's put it this way anonymous, I've got a large nose and the only time it got broken was when I crashed into a door on GHB. It was supposed to be open. It was open when I went to sleep; or got put to sleep by the chemical. Some thoughtful soul closed it and didn't inform me... not that that was possible at the time.

Does this sound like I do a lot of drugs? That's not so. First of all I can't get any anymore and second of all, I go long periods without.

Neko Kinoshita said...


My name is David, and My MOTHER'S name was Bernice!

I'm not Hindu. I'm Episcopal. (at least until they find out what a heritic I am)

All ways are the way. Only your soul can decide which path is for you. And only a fool claims to know what is the right path for another.

ericswan said...

Benson asked me to drop you line in the sand. Something about pay out or pay back. He said something about the 88 cat of nine's and I think he means it. Incidentally, your old friend has slouched back to his watchtower after a hiatus of corporeal punishment. Heads up to "The Red Book" or the life's work of Carl Jung and his prejudicial ways and means free at last.

Eugene said...

They hate Ireland because thats were it all began. The roots of ancient mankind were dug up in Ireland. The civilization pre-last Ice Age was quite something ... unknown to this world in a created bubble, Rothschildalandia. A history almost entirely destroyed with the Vatican, the Oligarchs and the Bankers. Almost is not good enough.

Lachlan McLean, Conor MacDari, Comyns Beaumont, LA Waddell, Anna Wilkes, Michael Tsarion, all names worth checking out. Keepers of the history almost wiped out.

The pile of bodies and sea of blood the Imposters of wisdom have made is so deep, so wide, so heinous. Yikes! They will reap the whirlwind. An ancestral, ghostly flood of vengenance and vexation that will erase the Imposters of wisdom.

Visible said...

Someone sent me a hundred bucks to buy that Carl Jung book (was that you?). Amazon had to back order it and it just came in last week. I'll have to wait till I get home to check it out. Susanne says it's huge but she always says that.

Heh heh...

Anyway... whoever did send me that money for the book thank you. I forget things all the time so it's good for people to remind me of their kindnesses. I have to keep my eye on the road so I often don't remember the scenery.

Anonymous said...


You're a pitiful kid in a grown up body! And to think I credited you with intuition! Your juvenile jibes, taunts and snubs just reveal awakened your kundalini is! You seem to know my sexual life well. Yogis don't have much of a sexual life. But, you wouldn't know that. Your friend doesn't have a clue about Hinduism....and I aver that you don't either.

Have you been losing your powers lately? Have you linked the Illuminate Occult conspiracy to your own rise and fall of powers, yet? Have you heard Sai Baba lost his powers? Well, my parting words are all dark siders are going to lose their powers now! We'll see how it goes for you....then we'll know. I won't come back to read your reply..I am tired of the kaka that passes for scholarship!

Anonymous said...

"Thought For The Day"

"Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul." -- Marilyn Monroe

anonymous: Take a long walk off a short pier.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

1) Rothschilds payed for , control and owne their own country ( Israel ) to have an army and specially Nukes .
2) Rothschilds are Atheist ( not Judeic ) and do not have Semitic blood , hence there is no reasons to Love Jews .
3) Combine the above and you have israel as a Lighting Rod seating on nukes , ready to go "crazy" and distabilize the world , posiblly starting WW3 to fragment the world .
4) after that the Rothschilds will pick up the pieces to unite them inthe New World Order . Job done .

Are they gonna survive a radioactive environment after WW3 ?
Well , that is Exactely the definition of psychopats : no fear , no emphaty , no remorse and not working on all cylinders . But they Will be smart enough to have luxury holes to hide in for the following 10 or so years .

See what happeneds to them in this Future Shocking story , Recipe for a Nation .

Anonymous said...

1) Rothschilds payed for , control and owne their own country ( Israel ) to have an army and specially Nukes .
2) Rothschilds are Atheist ( not Judeic ) and do not have Semitic blood , hence there is no reasons to Love Jews .
3) Combine the above and you have israel as a Lighting Rod seating on nukes , ready to go "crazy" and distabilize the world , posiblly starting WW3 to fragment the world .
4) after that the Rothschilds will pick up the pieces to unite them inthe New World Order . Job done .

Are they gonna survive a radioactive environment after WW3 ?
Well , that is Exactely the definition of psychopats : no fear , no emphaty , no remorse and not working on all cylinders . But they Will be smart enough to have luxury holes to hide in for the following 10 or so years .

See what happeneds to them in this Future Shocking story , Recipe for a Nation .

Visible said...

Two things David; proof read your work and don't call yourself a yogi because yogis don't talk like that. As for my kundalini awakening there are plenty of people will account for what I am and have done should I call on them to do so and what they will say is far more than I would ever say about myself...

Powers are nothing so I don't care about you defaming Sai Baba. Personal magics are nothing more than Siddhis acquired by austerities which are often not accompanied by wisdom. I, in fact had some pretty surprising powers but I voluntarily gave them up and a particular master accepted them from me so there's no more hoodoo in my voodoo.

I'm letting this go on so that you can show us just how deep and surprising your awareness is which so far, I would have to say, doesn't amount to much.

How would you say you compare to me? I'm not even a momentary blush on the face of God so... what does that make you? A fart? Stomach gas? Tell us about yourself Davie boy. Give us evidence of your right to ponce about. Just remember that you don't make yourself stand any taller by trying to pull me down.

Anonymous said...

David, if that is your name. You aren't fit to lick Les Visible's boots on a bad day. He helps thousands of people through the troubles of this world and never asks for money. He has no advertising and no commercial enterprise that I have seen

Let me encourage you to swiftly go and fuck yourself and I don't mean it politely. You do even a small measure of what he does nearly every day and then shoot off your mouth, punk.

I would lay my life down for him because he has surely done that for me. I'm 60 years old and can't walk well but I would beat you to death with my cane if I got the chance.


Anonymous said...

The meanness demeans both of you.

And, it demeans the blog.


DodgyOne said...

All these wars and rumors of wars is to be expected in these times of revelations.
One must speculate that the ongoing threats and hostility towards Iran have an agenda of there own. You would be excused if you think they are planning to attack because that is the impression they want the Iranians and the Syrans to have so that they have to keep most of their weapons at home incase of an attack by israel or USa. The sanctions serve to keep Irans economy such that they can ill afford to provide weapons for the Palestinians and the Leboneeze.
If there was any intention to attack it would have happened long ago, the bulling threats are but a ploy that they should see through and send more assistance to the people being murdered by isrealhell. Sure they should be prepared by having anti air systems but all the assistance in small arms and missiles should be stocked for hamas and hesbolar for scareing the israeli cowards back to their sin agog of satan. Thus thwarting there insane obsession with stealing a greater israel for whacko sack religious rabidites.

sam said...

not to go all mathematician on you or anything lol, but I am. all them 0's were 1x10^-24(including %) and if you multiply by say 8x10^9(the population (human)of the world), you get 8x10^-15 which is less than a person...well this one anyway..I hope.,,, oh forget it. there's more people reading and digging your stuff than you think...which is better than the other way

Jonathan said...

All of you are better than this. Why this sudden bout of immaturity? What is this nonsense that all of you are taking part in? We must refrain from arguing, from expressing our opinion like a robot, from being a marionette to our ego's. We are seekers of truth are we not?

gurnygob said...

Hi Les, I have sent you a personal email. Please watch out for it as I need some advice and don’t really want to speak about it here.

Ps. what’s this thing with the Irish? Everyone blames the Irish. We have had to fight for everything we have and that isn’t much, a bit of land in the middle of nowhere. Mind you it’s the best wee bit of land in the whole world. One of God’s better days when He created the Irish and Ireland so don’t go blaming us or you will have to answer to God.

Knight Templar said...

Hey Papa,.. TPTB media muppets have just announced the healthcare Bill has been passed while the sound of celebratorial cheers are still resonating they cut to the Yids announcing no end to settlement expansion!

Fuck me! Let's get it on - pick a Clocktower and target a zionist!



Anonymous said...

Whoever that David person is, I thought he went home.
Why is he here if he finds it so uninspiring?
Did he find solace here at one time, and seeking it once more, find the salve lacking it's prior potency?
And for this, he faults the source?
Find the answers within yourself then David.
Leave this place for the rest of us who find peace here.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord Les... the comments that you get... I was going to get into them and then I "get into them" and then I forget what I was going to say! Now THATS the imprimatur of a good comments section. And, as promised, I can't remember what I was going to say!! Isnt that wonderful? I thought you would appreciate that...

Anonymous said...

Right on R!


Visible said...

I often wonder about names that suddenly appear and want to lecture us for our behavior. This is Smoking Mirrors, not Visible Origami. You want mostly sweet and light go there. If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.

We need conflict and controversy. That's the point of the place.

ravenise said...

I had a vision of you surrounded by hoofed goblins, pushing you around and digging at you, enviously trying to fill their black hearts with soul they sold so long ago. You weren’t fighting back. Then I noticed a twinkle in your eye, followed by a psychic wink… you are letting this transpire, but it is a lesson in the making towards a greater end. Your openness is mistaken for weakness but it is that in part which brought us here. If I had a Mona Lisa or last supper dipped in vitamin acid I could send you, I would. That’s something you can’t take to the bank. If you need any help, just ask. It may not come in the way or time you expect, but it will.

Speaking of shill 'screamers'... Do I smell a Mr. Darryl Bradford Smith in the room?

ThinkingWolf said...


"Good songwriting has always been around except lately."

Gov't Mule
World Wake Up

I wholeheartedly agree about "ultimate fighting"
Personally, when the bully types enter the dojang and want to learn Hapkido [solely to hurt people], I tend not to help them - or least remind them [physically] that the next "small" person they wish to abuse may have available some surprising force at their hands.

Anonymous said...

Prabhupada: Sai Baba, he also says, "I am Bhagavan." Therefore he's bogus. How you can say yourself that you are Bhagavan, God? What is your power? What you have shown? And this is cheap. Now, supposing Sai Baba is God. So people accept him God, why? Because he shows some jugglery. He creates little gold. Is it not? So if, by creating gold, he is God, then there is bigger God who has created gold mine. Why shall I go to this tiny god? I must go to the big God who has created gold mine. This is common sense. But foolish people, they have no common sense even. Therefore it is called mudha. Mudha nabhijanati mam ebhyah param avyayam. Tribhir gunamayair bhavair mohita, mudha nabhijanati. Everything is there in the Bhagavad-gita.

Anonymous said...

Les --

All this palaver about you losing your occult powers is hilarious. As a longtime reader, I know the only "power" you claim is the "power of observation." David is suckering you into claiming powers so that he can further ridicule you and your spiritual message of cosmic love.

How do you tell me bad guys? Simple -- like David -- they show an unending propensity for dishonesty, egoism, dark will, fear, threats, slander, etc.

Pretty easy to see who fits that bill...

Remember, ASSHOLES -- Les and the rest of us here are THE WATCHERS -- and our power is to bear witness to the downfall of the age. We're not "losing" anything -- You are... as your world is made of things and our world is made of spiritual essence...

But that don't make us pussies -- Davey boy -- So, until you learn some manners and respect for your elders....



Anonymous said...

Down below you will the lyrics to a more recent song (The dubaya & 9/11 days). So I would say, good tunes from the more recent present can be found, but it takes some looking or listening around to find them.

"What Would You Do"

By Paris:

What would you do if you
Knew all of the things we knew
Would you stand up for truth
Or would you turn away too
And then what if you saw
All of the things that's wrong
Would you stand tall and strong
Or would you turn and walk away

I see a message from the government, like every day
I watch it, and listen, and call 'em all suckas'
They warnin' me about Osama or whatever
Picture me buyin' this scam I said "never"
You in tune to a Hard Truth soldier spittin'
I stay committed gives a fuck to die or lose commission
It's all a part of fightin' devil state mind control
And all about the battle for your body, mind and soul
And now I'm hopin' you don't close ya mind - so they shape ya
Don't forget they made us slaves, gave us AIDS and raped us
Another Bush season mean another war for profit
All in secret so the public never think to stop it
The Illuminati triple six all connected
Stolen votes they control the race and take elections
It's the Skull and Bones Freemason kill committee
See the Dragon gettin' shittier in every city


Now ask yourself who's the people with the most to gain (Bush)
'fore 911 motherfuckas couldn't stand his name (Bush)
Now even niggas wavin' flags like they lost they mind
Everybody got opinions but don't know the time
'Cause Amerikkka's been took - it's plain to see
The oldest trick in the book is make an enemy
A phony evil so the government can do its dirt
And take away ya freedom lock and load, beat and search
Ain't nothin' changed but more colored people locked in prison
These pigs still beat us, but it seem we forgettin'
But I remember 'fore September how these devils do it
Fuck Giuliani ask Diallo how he doin'
We in the streets holla 'jail to the thief' follow
Fuck wavin' flags bring these dragons to they knees
Oil blood money makes these killers ride cold
Suspicious suicides people dyin' never told
It's all a part of playin' God so ya think we need 'em
While 'Bin Ashcroft' take away ya rights to freedom
Bear witness to the sickness of these dictators
Hope you understand the time brother cause it's major


So now you askin why my records always come the same
Keep it real, ain't no fillers, motherfucka blingin'
Mine eyes seen the gory of the coming of the beast
So every story every word I'm sayin' 'Fuck Peace'
See you could witness the Illuminati body count
Don't be surprised these is devils that I'm talkin' bout
You think a couple thousand lives mean shit to killers?
Nigga I swear to God we the ones - ain't no villans [sic]
Or any other word they think to demonize a country
Ain't no terror threat unless approval ratings slumpin'
So I'ma say it for the record we the ones that planned it
Ain't no other country took a part or had they hand in
It's all a way to keep ya scared so you think you need'em
Praisin' Bush while that killer take away ya freedom
How many of us got discovered but ignore the symptoms?
Niggaz talkin' loud but ain't nobody sayin' shit'
And with the 4th Amendment gone eyes are on the 1st
That's why I'm spittin' cyanide each and every verse
I see the Carlyle group and Harris Bank Accounts
I see 'em plead the 5th each and every session now
And while Reichstag burns I see the public buy it
I see the profilin see the media's compliance
War is good for business see the vicious make a savior
Hope you understand the time brother cause its major.

* Sorry about some of the language (but the truth is sometimes hard) and the kundalini within me made me do it.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...


Thanks for walking away! Its much easier to laugh and love that way? Stay off the grid!!! Make an earthship and sail the seas of freedom without debate! Thanks man

PS You really get them thinking with this format? Great stuff silly!

The Fool

whatever said...

David Wilcock interviewed Ben Fulford who stated that Kissinger was iced. Who knows?

Sorry, but I missed the military figuring out the real perps. of 9/11. Is there an article?

Love you Les and all...

Boulderdash said...

whatever, here is a link:

Anonymous said...

Les, you recently have shared a dream with us. In it there was a houseboat and it was sinking on one side. There was only one person bailing that side out.

Could it be this guy?

Owl McGoogle said...

If I were Joe Bloggs Aid say: "Nah-nah-nah-nahna" too, yawl - and yood vishnu wear it.

Butt Ham not, soil drop me pantyloons and givyall a long winded moon instead.


Anonymous said...

"Sorry, but I missed the military figuring out the real perps. of 9/11. Is there an article? "

Patrick here...

Anonymous said...

Im a bit slow, sorry but I would like to share a few ideas of this david dude.

"Have you linked the Illuminate Occult conspiracy to your own rise and fall of powers, yet?" - This is a very good question that I think you should revisit? I wont support a reason as it might mislead you?

Now saying that, you can throw out almost everything else this dude has said. He has created an image of you and thats not fair for both of you. He may not have seen that you have taken a break and it helped you tons, I feel?

I think he is saying you shouldnt share so much painful and powerful words with your readers? I would agree, you seem to have many issues outstanding still(we all do)? All in all I think you have balanced your learning curve well, the last few months?

Now I would like to add, on this note, that you cant affect change in anything but yourself, but I know you understand this deeply. You seem to suggest not understanding your work makes the other party lesser or failed. Not so, they just havent got their mind around the many issues youre throwing out at once. They cant split issues and only come to your work for single reasons?

I say I dont know, just puttin out there, and thanks you for the insite as always.

The Fool

Anonymous said...


Oops more. This "intuition" thing is silly. You have powerful forms of intuition, hello youre a Leo? Its intuition into the nautre of man you have, and a few people seem to see you leaving that? Ok thats cool, right? You use your life and issues to help others see a larger picture of human nature. They dont like the fact you are more like them, than they thought. Youre not the guru but a normal guy, damm it! Well Im here to tell ya that Im glad and thankful youve open peoples eyes to the real you, and its too bad they arent comfortable with themselves enough to be comforable with you? Oh, and Im saying you still walk a path of guidence and love as any true guru would, you just like to moonlight!!!

The Fool

Visible said...

It would be unfair to someone and- telling tales out of school- to explain what is going on but suffice it to say that the witchburners are after me and David is one of them.

He sent me a recent comment in which he presents himself as god on earth and the destroyer of kundalini without even knowing what it is. His boasting and claims about himself were so over the top that I could not bring myself to reprint it because of the degree of embarrassment in it. I thought I would spare him the outrage and onslaught he would receive for having written it.

His names not David by the way and more than that I will not say but suffice to say I have made some enemies by attempting to tell the truth.

I've had all kinds of guru associative opportunities laid on me. It's the reason that I make it a point to fuck up at regular intervals. Only God has the right to be God and no one can become a spiritual teacher until God makes it happen and for those who assume it there are bills to pay.

Anonymous said...

Thats fair and Im not pushing sorry. I get the "fuck up" thing very much!!! Its a great way to learn with a guided hand for sure! But you could make two tracks in the sand?

Im always talkin out of school! I say, and I know someone is realy laughing but we are all masters of the light, some just dont remember? You bring them back, some are thankful, and some arent?

Hey Les start paying those bills man? The truth isnt free, why fear the cost of showing others at your own expense? We all know many before us that have, and arent we very thankful for that effort?

Anyway here goes my ego, we are all spiritual teachers? The price is living at any cost?

The Fool

Visible said...

for those of you messing with me in various ways, here's a little something to chew on.

Oh yeah, lest I forget. Kiss my dust. Catch up or fall behind. Everything that could have ever been done to me already got done.

Rebel 4E said...

Just finished reading 'The Great Timestream Bifurcation'.

Ahhhhhh! it's just as I suspected.



Anonymous said...

Temporal bifurcation, youre silly and Im lovin it!!! Its a time suck man, buts it cool. Youre still putting off today for tomorrow?

Look the stream is out there, but it doesnt flow one way. Dont get dupe into worlds you havent created, its not becoming of you?

This temporal bifurcation idea mixes too many ideas into a link to people or objects that can only reflect the divine, but arent truly acting with its will, I say and again what fuck do I know.

Dont fear the unknown, it will all come to you by and by. We can speed it up by opening that stream, but it might just be opening it isnt what we should be doing? Being the stream is more healthy than knowing about it?

Ok the idea that things happen just once is a trap man and improbability is the food of life? Neither view helps anything but shows everthing?

Les hop on and take the ride and stop asking questions? Throwing out answers is better. Let the pieces fall where they may? Youre damm good at that!!!

The Fool

Anonymous said...

And never bite the hand that feeds us!

US Department of Justice Asked to Regulate AIPAC as a Foreign Agent of the Israeli Government

If we're lucky this issue will receive at least an obligatory chuckle from the DOJ. The last time someone tried to do this, Kennedy got himself suicided. So did his brother, come to think of it.


Rebel 4E said...

@The Fool

No offence mate..honest!
but what the hell are you on about..???

My brain feels slightly pickled after reading your posts...
a bit like that Monty Python sketch...

Woman:Ooooh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish!
Man: A-fish, a-fish, a-fish, a-fishy, Oh!
Woman: Ooooh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish!
Man: That went wherever I did go


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. Fuck them! Oi 'The Fool, using that 'The Fool' tag is a pissweak pre/post-excuse for talking shit, your heckling is a drag and you waffle like a nanny, Bitch! Why don't you try Lady Gaga instead of The Fool? For fuck sake stop lecturing the guy on his life's work it demeans us all - or site specific references for your bitchy jibes - so far you have no validated authority for your trifling banter. Oh, if you do get a response by this guy directly relating to your comment/s he's either kicking your ass or supporting your statements. So, it's not a good idea to childishly seek attention for its own sake. Be relevant or beware FOOL!

David or whatever, I have found whilst I was living and working (for over 14 years) in Asia and the Pacific; all that Hindu quote shit (no disrespect intended toward Hinduism, "Om Shanti Om") is always a smoke-screen (cloaking technique)for con-artists and shit-heels trying to screw back-packers - there is a pseudo Bagwan in every low-rent Backpackers in Asia. In Bangkok there was this grotty joint known as the 'Israeli Backpackers', they had movie nights on the roof and sold the worst falafels and dips on the Planet and they used normal white sliced bread - no shit; my mate and I checked it out ONCE, gotta do the research if ya wanna be considered genuine! (The menu of the true descendents of the tribes of Shem and Ebre is another thing the yids have hijacked from the Palestinians.) Also, there was always a lot of Nigerians staying at that dirty hole - Nigerians represent the majority of Heroin Mules imprisoned in Klong Prem Prison in Bangkok(no Yids in there though; anyone?). We found it too hard to keep straight faces while these yids bullshitted goy chicks about Hinduism. This is probably why they dumped the Hindu scam and became BuJus! Buddhism is easier to bullshit about, though the 'quote snake-oil' is less potent. You should move there and ply your scam in fertile soil - lots of middle-class air-heads roaming around (banging-up between visits to the ashram) with their minds in neutral, their heads' up there arses and there Daddies' credit card in overdrive!

Peace to all that deserve it...


P.S. Soylent Green Alert - SGA(grin) Les, the mutants are coming over the walls again!

P.P.S Oh, heroin is not what I would consider a good entheogenic tool, opium could be, however, my experiments with opium were never helpful, just too wasted and dreamy to focus - I will save the rest of this comment for Origami if it ever becomes relevent.

Zellie said...

I like this song:

Visible said...

Our boy David is really going off. I can't print his comments because he's cursing up a blue streak but apparently he is destroying me from afar with super magical powers. Even his own guru called him his guru; that and lots of other nonsense.

Anyway, on with the show, sans the potty mouths; well... heh heh most of them anyway.

Anonymous said...

Les --

Speaking of entheogenic portals -- I'd love to hear from you and your readers re formula for soma/haoma.

I remember reading passages of the Rig Veda that talked of using stones to press it and then inclusion of around seven ingredients. My guesses include amanita muscaria (can you press it with stones to "milk" it?)-- ephedrine, cannabis,
milk, honey,DMT activator Syrian rue?

Only interested in plausible scenario based on hints in the Rig Veda... tomb residue findings, etc.


tim said...

You are pissing me off....

Zoner said...

Conflict and controversy, eh?

Al DiMeola is a shameless wanker. Carlos Santana or BB King have more soul in a single note than the flurry of numbing notes guys like Al toss off. I guess it's like many things - flash over substance, but he sure can play fast! (mostly kidding, but....)

Being a younger sort, I missed a lot of the greats live. However, seeing Stevie Ray Vaughn many times showed me what having a direct channel looks like. That dude was getting it from somewhere else (yeah, from Jimi and the King's, etc., but he set it on FIRE!)

Another occasionally tortured and troubled soul (by all accounts - I never met him) who found a way to connect in spite of it and move others with his work, much like yourself, eh Les?

Sorry to be lightweight. I know this is SM but it's all I got today.

Off to practice my sweep-picking and to praise the Divine at 103 db. The last days with the Les Paul my father gave me for my 18th birthday (28 years ago) before it gets sold to keep the wolves at bay. Oh well, it's just wood and wire.


Anonymous said...

@ veritas6464
Sorry you created this idea that Im a drag? Wish I could help but thats your deal man? I would love to give site specific references but they are all ME and I cant post my ass on the page, just my BS. I sure do use a lecture format, oops, was a debater for over tens years, Im hardwired into such? The Fool isnt a cover but a life choice? Tarot card dude? Hey thanks for callin me out on the jibes, but Im not sure why you care?

"Oh, if you do get a response by this guy directly relating to your comment/s he's either kicking your ass or supporting your statements"

Sweat! Thats the goal, for real veritas6464?

Oh one more thing man, I do like to childishly seek attention, how did you know, its that easy to see, wow? Sometimes we can help people see things by actin the fool? I was trying to give some of MY attention to LES and his work, guess I fucked up uh?
Ok now beware dude;
"Buddhism is easier to bullshit about"- What? So what you sayin Willis?
You find it easy to put down some poor Jew boys about learning some BS, what kind of jiber jaber is that? Just asking, Im digging what your getting at?
Peace out dude
The Fool

Anonymous said...

@ Rebel 4E
Cool shit!!!Thanks man, dont have an answer for ya, yet? Your silly post makes me feel silly too and thats all good! Smiles all around!!!
The Fool

Anonymous said...

This is OT but I just learned a new word, flash mob. Evidently Philadelphia (probably other large US cities as well) have "youths" that text each other and then hundreds of them gang up and ransack stores and beat up real people. I saw this on a local news clip in Philadelphia. Haven't seen anything on the national networks. Naturally very little information was given considering the ethnicity of the perpetrators. Can you imagine what would happen if hundreds of Caucasians did this. It would be on the nightly Jooz news for the next six months. In my humble opinion most people in this country deserve what they are going to get.


Erik said...

Hi Les and All,

I do not know about your reaction to Zoner's latest post about having to sell his precious Les Paul guitar; but for me to hear this is heart wrenching.

So I would like to suggest some rapid community action here: A Les for Les

- we raise some money to buy the Les (Paul) for Les (Visible) in appreciation for Les' priceless gifts to us all.

- Zoner keeps the guitar as custodian for Les.

Les, could we use your PayPal account for this purpose?

Z, what would be the 'going rate' for this type of Les Paul?

Friends, what do you think?

My Love to All,


Visible said...

Thank you for that Eric. I'm good for 50 euro which is what I think is in my account at the moment and anyone who want to send more I can get it to Zoner. Times are tough out there I know.

They're not so tough for me because both my needs and responsibilities are few; besides which, everything is paid for too so I have no monthlies. I know things are bad out there because my donations dried up entirely although it could be the result of things I've been saying. One never knows.

In any case I will send Zoner everything that comes in. I just hope he can access it because that is another concern. It has to be tied to a bank account otherwise it's only good for money you spend online- which is all I ever do with it.

Still, you can buy almost anything online now and you can even pay bills that way but I am not sure the utility companies or banks take Paypal. It's something to think about. It's probably better if some of my rich readers- and I do have some of those- were just to wire him a grand or so.

Visible said...

One other thing... buying a Les Paul- and I have owned several- can be pricey or lucky. Selling them is something else. The price goes lower. It depends on the age, condition and provenance. All I can say is it's too bad he doesn't have a vintage Strat. They turn over at a higher margin.

Zoner said...

Oh man. (deep breath)

Erik, I understand the intent behind your suggestion, and am humbled by the thought of help coming to me in my time of perceived need, but I could not ever accept any money in this way unless it was to purchase this piece and deliver it to someone who would use it as it was intended. Along with the mundane cash aspect of this sale, there is a large symbolic component to the letting go of the thing, and I must set it free so to speak.

Please, understand that while I am, indeed, selling my Goldtop (and MOST of my musical instruments) to keep my current situation afloat, it is all part of a move to lighten my life sufficiently so my detachment from greater society can begin in earnest. The Les Paul is a beauty to be sure, but it also literally and figuratively a heavy thing that has been slung across my shoulder for a long, long time, and I need relief from it all.

I won't mention selling my guitars here again. Once I was accused of leaving "pecker tracks" here for an off-hand remark about doing so, so I guess I should keep any commerce to myself, lest insults or acts of kindness come my way.

Les, I have a fine Japanese Strat and a Tele here still, per your advice the FIRST time I mentioned selling my tools a couple years ago. I'm still at the ready to lend my chops anytime you might say "roll 'em", and I figured they were perfect tools for the job. I hear Shangri-La will likely have a kick-ass studio.(chuckle)

You DO attract a rare breed, here, Visible. Thank you.


Visible said...

New Petri Dish-

Jesus love me this I know, even if some of you don't.

Anonymous said...

Now I know I love you. YAY - ah, Les. The delight in my daze... Let THAT swell ya, bud.


Visible said...

I'm still going to funnel the money and put my 50 in first so I hope the email address I have is correct.

I have an Art Lutherie acoustic, a Martin and my main axe which is an Ovation acoustic electric vintage Folklore but I can't play worth shit. Susanne is a major guitar player and she won't even practice. It baffles the hell out of me.

Still... as long as I can program and sing it all works even if it is technically juvenile.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

This is interesting... Read for self and make your own determination where this might lead....




God Bless,

Red Pill

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Here's a little Love for ya on this 4th day of Spring.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

RJ, this may interest you as to the soma data.

Copy and paste in Google:

Indian Alchemy: Soma in the Veda

From the Jacket:

The book is an epoch-making work - a paradigm-shift in Vedic studies - which identifies soma as electrum (gold-silver metallic compound). Soma is referred to in the Rgveda as the soul of the yajna (atmayajnasya). The path-breaking identification is based on textual evidence and a penetrating analysis of the Indian alchemical tradition, spanning nearly five millennia...

Anonymous said...

RJ, this may interest you as to the soma data.

Copy and paste in Google:

Indian Alchemy: Soma in the Veda

From the Jacket:

The book is an epoch-making work - a paradigm-shift in Vedic studies - which identifies soma as electrum (gold-silver metallic compound). Soma is referred to in the Rgveda as the soul of the yajna (atmayajnasya). The path-breaking identification is based on textual evidence and a penetrating analysis of the Indian alchemical tradition, spanning nearly five millennia...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

While I am at this I eat off gold flatware also, got it off ebay, made in China and coated over copper for $36.00.

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

The Cost of Truth and Honesty can be Severe.

Anonymous said...

Les, The link in the above post about the "Love" tune is not correct (how it got there I do not know, maybe Dave's messin' with my stuff now?) The correct link is down below.

Posted By: Deacon Blues



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