Sunday, June 2, 2013

Erdogan and the TrashkeNAZIS at the Department Store of Death.

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Today's thought for the day at WRH is “"We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent." -- Statement made before the United States Senate on Feb. 7, 1950 by James Paul Warburg (Illuminati, Rothschild Banker & Chairman of the Federal Reserve). The Warburgs and Shiffs are the seldom mentioned, alongside The Rothschilds ...but they are equally culpable and ruthless in execution concerning those acts of mass murder and genocide, upon the hapless Schmoos, who inhabit this benighted planet, in these desperate hours ...and the hours indeed grow desperate. There are others as well.

Sultan 'Ty Yippie Kai Yay' (motherfucker!-cue Bruce Willis) Erdogan, Israeli stooge, seeking local empire status in the region, by facilitating ugliness in Syria, or anywhere else he's told to do so, has finally got his own peopleafter his ass. Let's hope they get their hands on it. Obviously this incredible violence being visited on his own people has TrashkeNazi roots. I can just hear the conversation taking place between Sultan Erdogan (erred again?) and Binnie the rat Shitwityahoo. “Okay Binnie, you can kill a bunch of people on the flotilla but you got to let me be outraged about it when you do, so I can look all strong and courageous to my people”. “Not a problem, Ty Yippie Kai Yay and if you need anything from the Department Store of Death, we can kill them for you wholesale”!

It won't be too much longer now people, Russia is moving a massive aircraft carrier into the Mediterranean. They say it will be later but it could well be sooner. They're sending their nuclear submarines into the Southern Seas. Iran has S-300's now and other weaponry is pouring into Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere, courtesy of that new coalition, “Bombs and Bullets for International Counterfeiting Bankers”.

In related news, Mon(ster)santo Claws (with its toxic, firebreathing reindeer) has clusterfucked the American wheat export industry and countries are already canceling their orders. This will lead to the destruction of the American wheat industry and you know that means war. Well, Hell, pretty much anything means war, when you are an imperialist nation, seeking global hegemony, until all the encroaching lines touch each other. Seeing as this world is Hell and given what the weather is telling us, it looks like we shall see, in the not too distant future, the long awaited, Hell freezing over. Break out your ice-skates!

The next war is already being briskly fought on various fronts. Mon(ster)santo has gotten creamed in Europe and now they're backing away from that market. Meanwhile, 'Corporate' forgot to buy every judge in the catalog and they also got shredded in France. “Holy Batshit, Robin”! You can't tell who's winning or losing anymore. Of course, the rich are still getting richer, at the expense of the poor but that, after all, is what a capitalist economy is for.

We know, we know, there's more than enough for everyone here. There’s more than enough land. There's more than enough food and water. There's definitely enough love, since we're all formed and fueled by it, up until we decide to go over to the dark side, in the vain hope that our chances for survival were better; are you really that stupid? You are? Congratulations! Bankers, corporations, governments and religions, are not unlike hyenas, who are known to bite off the faces of people sleeping out in the open in Africa. Then they jump back and wait for the flies and other elements of Nature to take their course, finally closing in to claim their meal. Of course, there is also the Hyena Man so... maybe there is a way for peace to exist between very different life forms. Uh...NOT! We are talking about once human hyenas. They are very different from the animal variety, which you can probably reason with. You cannot reason with the once human form. An ancient darkness is coiled in the brain of these creatures and they are deaf to reason and laugh at things like mercy and compassion. These qualities are only for the weak, only for that which is meant to be killed and eaten. You're not going to catch Ty Yippie Kay Yay Erdogan or Binnie 'the Rat' Shitwityahoo, embracing such unmanly characteristics because, 'are they not Men'!? No, as a matter of fact they are not. You can't really call them beasts either. Beasts have a great deal more class and restraint and they definitely have better table manners.

Let's quote Mother Medusa, Gutle Schnaper, Rothschild at this juncture, “If my sons did not want wars there would be none”. Think about it. If you are not a billionaire, or blowing one, this means; you to the front, to die in the trenches. One can make a logical argument by this, which pretty much states that; The Rothschilds are making war on you. Why are you permitting this? You do it because you are a coward and because you are immeasurably stupid. Your chances of survival and your capacity to hold on to those virtues that make you more than a beast, are far greater when 'you know and resist'. There seems to be some amount of that, waking up out of the trauma, turmoil and brutality of the Banker armies and international, Israeli trained, Orc police forces, being visited upon the general population.

Lenin once said something like, “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them”. The internet and social networking sites should be seen in this light, in terms of unifying the public against the fiends in power. Here are huge engines 'they' thought to manipulate and have lost control of.

These are fiends and monsters; Obama is such a one, as are the heads of most nations. They are owned by the bankers. They are initiated by the bankers into false doctrines, which they accept as truth and operate according to. The world is faced with a very simple solution. Let me borrow the phrase of Gut Snapper Rothschild; If the people wanted no wars, they would imprison and hang the bankers and there would be none. This means, no bankers and ergo, no wars. You don't need to be a rocket surgeon to comprehend this. Jail the bankers. If you don't want to hang them, put them in animal cages and send them off on a world tour, to all of the towns and cities of the Earth, with detailed plaques in front of the cages and buttons you can push on them, that tell the tale of their crimes. Bring them into the school rooms for 'show and tell'. This is what you need to do. It wouldn't hurt to do the same with most of the CEO's, politicians and high ranking religious figures. You want your children to have a real grasp of history? Expose them to the people whose business it has been to distort and fabricate it AND by all means, employ the Iceland template to every nation on Earth.

Look, all this shit about derivatives and the pending horror of economic collapse is meaningless. The industries are still there. The wealth is still there, once you take back every dime the bankers and corporations have stolen. Everything is still here, still there. All you need is a new system that works and things go on better than they ever have, with usury free banking, corporations owned by those who know that capital punishment awaits should they mess around. The death sentence or permanent exile should hang over the heads of everyone in every position of authority. This new Sword of Damocles should be set to 'automatic'. They mess around, the scales move and... the sword comes down. Sure, what I am giving you here is simplistic, you want complex and detailed, we got that too.

If I personally can solve most of the present problems on this Earth and I am no rocket surgeon, simply a self educated, idiot savant... then certainly, certainly those who can see the moral imperative first, can drive the industry of change, once correctly informed of the inflexible moral imperative, in the right direction. Any argument to the contrary, is either the fruit of the compromised, or an exercise in wanker speak. I don't care how complicated the problem is, the solution is simple. It only becomes complicated when those intending to steal get involved in the process. There should be no billionaires to begin with. There should be an immoveable ceiling for personal profit, after which further profits are directed toward national and global improvements and I don't mean the way charities and scam ops like PETA and Greenpeace are presently run.

Religions should not go untaxed and that tax should be directly, and not through the hands of middle men, sent in the direction they claim it to be intended to go in the first place. In other words, you make sure they do what they said they would do in the first place.

You can't have an equitable and honest world when you, yourself, are not honest and equitable. That is the primary problem and the one that the bankers and all the scum who are owed by them, feast on. It is your dishonesty that opens the door for their massive crimes against you. The game is rigged. The only thing that is going to trickle down to you is their piss on your heads and I believe you can count on it streaming in that respect. You want it going on the way it is going and getting worse? Have at it.

You are being given these precious hours to make the necessary changes before, ...before they have to be made for you. You want to snooze in the sunlight under that tree, until the hyena bites off your face? Be my guest. I'm just passing through here myself.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Your forecast: cloudy with a chance of Spetsnaz.

Visible said...

heh heh, nice one!

Smyrna said...

Forget about rocket surgery, your comprehension and use of the word 'wanker', (being an American), is most impressive.

Anonymous said...

Good one, Les. You've regained your groove.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're pretty disgusted with the useless eaters, with the goy. Can you really blame the Rothschilds for treating the mass of humanity like the dumb stupid animals that they really are?

Visible said...

Well anonymous, not any more than I blames you for being a Hasbara shill, lacking in all the basic tenet of humanity. You're the way you are because you are; something to be avoided rather than censured, unless, of course, you take the ignorance of others to be an invitation to abuse them.

Anonymous said...

hey bro, you know me, trolling and just doing it for the lulz!!!

come on over to 4chan if you wanna have some fun trolling and doing it for the lulz too!

You are invited!

Anonymous said...

bro i hope this makes you laugh as much as it did me!

One chick told me Ayurveda says it's good to laugh your ass off at least once a day.

Smyrna said...

A superb retort there, Vis. Total wanker.

I'd wager it is the same anonymous who was hassling me at Origami.

Did you know that Kansas City isn't actually in Kansas? It is in Missouri. There is a girl in town here that's from KC. Go the Chiefs!

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Great retort Mas and Mas Visible, seconding Smyrna, although the Redskins during the Hog days were the wanker Riggins team.

Now a question that has been on my mind since Konya and a three hour talk in the garden of the Sheikh of the Sheikhs, drinking Turkish coffee, ' why, exactly, should one make oneself responsible for the ignorance of others, moreso when they are convinced, within their ignorance, of possessing all the necessary data, knowledge or even understanding?'

Comments even from the anonymous Hasbra troll are welcome.

Be well, Be Alert

May the Rose Garden of the Heart always be in Bloom, fed by the early morning Dew.


John C Carleton said...

Good read. I never cease to be amazed at people who can stare truth right in the face and not see it. True we live in a time when religion and governments misdirect and dumb people down. I believe however that most people refuse truth because it would rock the boat of their fantasy world. That is why people buy into save my ass religions, the thought of taking responsibility for their own soul is terrifying.

Anonymous said...

no religion is needed as long as knowing truth is possible...

the come on...

you want it, you need it, get it now...


and while the braindeadgoy may seem terminally stoooopid...

it only takes a spark....

and some really EXPLOSIVE FUEL

{...and how about a must see ....
self immolating silly putty Yippie Kai Yay MF...John McCain}

like full on TRUTH

stay cool


lightandlongshadows said...


Anonymous said...

Dear troll-shills,

It can be stated on good authority that Vis is never more than amused by you.


Josey said...


Let's face it, there is NO way to contain, or convert, or indoctrinate, or otherwise convince these scumbags to work with us, humanity, on equal terms.

I've come to the conclusion that they are FAR different from us, genetically and in every other meaningful way.

Your plan will NOT work. In the past various groups have tried, earnestly, given effort for a prolonged period, No F*ck*in* L*ck.

Even when it appeared they were cooperating with humanity, they seemingly converted only to set-up an even greater subterfuge and treacherous hierarchy, and conducted even greater crimes than before. Go figure.

There is NO converting, they are as different as night and day, from most people, they will NOT assimilate, period.

Let's just face the f*ck*ng facts, there is NO living with them period, end of story.

missingarib said...

vis, i think your right the new global public works projects are in full swing .Dual citizens are busy trimming the trees of liberty ,also they're posting guards at night in case some party is trying to poison the roots, meanwhile another group of hirelings in uniform are re balancing and polishing the scales of justice weathered by goodness knows what .

A new statue is finally coming to completion people can appreciate the component parts and marvel at the whole a description in an old publication describes it as a
great image. This great image, whose brightness was excellent, stood before you; and the form thereof was terrible. 32This image's head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass, 33His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay. …
Lots of speculation in the newspaper as to cost and size .

As you say-" There's definitely enough love, since we're all formed and fueled by it, up until we decide to go over to the dark side, in the vain hope that our chances for survival were better;" the liberty trees are in our back yard we don't need to hire out the work ,the scales of justice are in the centre of our towns and cities and villages again locals can see that the scales are clean ,and the statue well ---not in our back yard.

These Fought in any Case

by Ezra Pound

These fought in any case,
and some believing
pro domo, in any case .....

Died some, pro patria,
walked eye-deep in hell
believing in old men's lies, then unbelieving
came home, home to a lie,
home to many deceits,
home to old lies and new infamy;
usury age-old and age-thick
and liars in public places.

Daring as never before, wastage as never before.
Young blood and high blood,
fair cheeks, and fine bodies;

fortitude as never before

frankness as never before,
disillusions as never told in the old days,
hysterias, trench confessions,
laughter out of dead bellies.

live long

Rob in WI said...

KC is in both Missouri and Kansas. The state line goes right thru town. There are separated addresses, KC,MO and KC,KS. Just saying. Oyeah wanker is catching on in usa. Its expressive tone makes it kind of self explanatory.
Be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

It appears that a troll is anybody who doesn't kowtow to the party line, at any particular blog. Well it doesn't just appear that way, it actually is that way. Everybody who disagrees with the party line, is swept into the "troll" dustbin. Which kind of makes the blog owners exactly like the very same "bad guys" they decry. They want the final say; they want to be elite; they want to be recognized as all-knowing and all-powerful. Ironic how that works. "As above, so below." (Have a nice gay...I mean, um, day.)

messianicdruid said...


Anonymous said...

I applaud the Turkish demonstrators for seeing through the Bullshit that their government in embroiled in and taking to the streets in sheer defiance.

I wish western countries would also see the light, instead of believing the staged Terrorist attacks.

Rob in WI said...

One of my teen grandsons told me about the increasing use of "wanker". Maybe they don't really get the meaning. After all, the kids don't realize that "bugger" means something beyond just "fuck", as they seem to think. In skool, they can say "bugger you, or that", without getting in trouble. Bugger usa means something one pulls out the nose. What could be more innocent?
Fun, isn't it? Rob

Tom Gaspick said...

Les, you've absolutely outdone yourself here. Many thanks.

You get it. I get it. If ever a critical mass gets it, the guillotine market will be HUGE!

Thanks again.

Regards and best wishes.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, anonymous - it's far more than partisan politics (party line). It's a legitimate gut feeling, also known as the spirit of truth. It's beauty and goodness as well. Pitiful ugly troll, begone.


Anonymous said...

Richard said,
"why, exactly, should one make oneself responsible for the ignorance of others, more so when they are convinced, within their ignorance, of possessing all the necessary data, knowledge or even understanding?"

As a society we have an obligation for alleviating exposed or suspected ignorance when- and wherever displayed. As independent as many think they are we are much more interdependent on the collective, each other. It is imperative for mankind to advance knowledge, wisdom and understanding in the hopes of much greater potential being achieved, collectively and individually. It is advancing and benefiting your own self-interest by diminishing the ignorance of others.

The success and depth of the victimization of the collective by those in certain positions should never be underestimated. A vile system is in place where most who have been abused, deceived, cheated and sacrificed are not even aware of their own victimization. It is these very victims we are codependent with. To do nothing only contributes to their victimization. This makes it much easier for yourself to be victimized. Those who designed and operate a system that both creates and sustains collective ignorance are not to be underestimated when it comes to just how vile their actions can be.

Skepticfrog said...

Anon @ 6/2 10:49pm

Your seemingly "reasonable" argument is bogus. You wash together two DIFFERENT things to obfuscate i.e. to deceive. This is NOT a Forum. This is a Blog. You apply Forum rules and concepts to an entirely different medium. This is a CLOSED community, run at the pleasure and whim of the blogger. By the nature of the medium, he/she is under ZERO obligation to publish anything written by anyone.
If you don't like it, you're free to leave and create your own blog.
Therefore, your comment and "criticism" has no merit.

You think you are so clever. Well, as usual of your kind, you're a legend only in your own mind(s).

You indeed ARE a TROLL and likely a Hasbara at that.


Josey @ 6/2 9:33

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I came to the very same conclusions just a few month ago.
If we both did, there must be others too, and will be others as well - in the future.

Enlightenment is a painful process, albeit soul clensing at the same time, because you have given permission to yourself to see things the way they really are. However, often what you end up seeing, is unspeakably hideous, disturbing and ugly...

Skepticfrog said...

Anon@ 6/2 2:28 (Hasbara)

You are (and your kind is) infused with unbridled murder-lust.
"Kill them if they're dumber than us, and kill them if they as smart and smarter than us".

In your demented mind, the former is just cattle to be slaughtered, and the latter is undesirable competition at best, and cognizant of what you really are at worst, so - of course - they are also to be liquidated.

In this context, it's a clear explanation, why your kind wants humanity on the whole exterminated keeping only those, that are needed to be your slaves.

Your Bolshevik/Stalinist Soviet Russia was the experimental blueprint with 25 to 50 million killed for this plan. "W. Churchill about the Russian revolution: in Illustrated Sunday Herald 1920: "With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders." (He is wrong on Lenin; he was either half, but for sure a quarter Jew)

So your documented(!) track record is crystal clear. Previous behavior reliably indicates future behavior - especially in the case of pathological(!) criminal behavior - dogs don't turn into cats.

Visible said...

Oh yeah, Ich vergesse, I average about one negative comment a month (that's the truth) and rarely two. I'll usually publish them but not always, based on my own internal measurement device and- of course- anonymous does not have the cachet of people who are incredibly courageous enough to post a verifiable identity and validate their comment.

Today I bumped 3 comments, that's a record. I wish I hadn't, they were no big deal. I just found them gratuitous to the point that no one needed to see them. It's kind of like my sparing your having to see a bad movie but, if that troll is still out there you can resend those comments and I will put them up.


Anonymous said...

couple of cute anti-zionist cartoons

ok thats enough for now. more later

Theinvertedpope said...

Could you correct me if I'm wrong, but there is a very recognise able shift towards the other extreme. I was raging and thrumming in the head, then it seemed that a stillness started to emerge.
Out of this strange miasm, certain possibilities became transparent, things that can be twitched here and there. I also came to the conclusion that despite the illusion given that these entities in our midst have poked their tentacles into every piece of the pie, I am strangely reassured by the fact that evil and greed can help themselves, like a snake swallowing its own tail.
The malevolence of these really really bad folk will be the tool of their own downfall and utter destruction.
Meanwhile, to watch both inwards and outward s, to act in a given direction, fuelled on by this feeling that something is definitely happening that doesn't cause me nightmares anymore about what the future holds.
Condemnation serves to awaken the soul, and once that passes its course, all that remains is to start sticking it to the man.....

Anonymous said...

Get up in the morning slaving for breaadd son!

A voice from heaven!

Now there is an antidote the pure poison that envelops the land.

Visible said...

Pretty spot on actually.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Unspeakable Madness at the Turning of the Age.

Anonymous said...

"America went off the track somewhere -- back around the time of the Civil War... Instead of going ahead and developing along the line in which the country started out, it got shunted off in another direction -- and now we look around and see we've gone places we didn't mean to go. Suddenly we realize that America has turned into something ugly -- and vicious -- and corroded at the heart of its power with easy wealth and graft and special privilege... And the worst of it is the intellectual dishonesty which all this corruption has bred. People are afraid to think straight -- afraid to face themselves -- afraid to look at things and see them as they are."

-- "You Can't Go Home Again", Thomas Wolfe (1940.)

Anonymous said...

Got a degree in political science from nd. Want money back. What
about a class action upon all universities USA?

Scepticfrog comment... bullseye.

Visible, I owe you 5$. Don't let me forget.

Visible said...

Yeah, reminding you about five bucks is at the top of my list of things to do (grin).

I have no idea what that relates too and it would never have entered my mind at all until you mentioned it. I don't have a clue. I know it's not for sex cause I charge more. Other than that it could be anything.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Stepping on Frogs and Enemy Mines. Kaboom!.

Anonymous said...

"they" are not going to win.

This pony never tires.




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