Friday, June 7, 2013

Payback and Push Back from the Lip of the Crypt.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

The weather here has been delightful and experiences attendant, insightful; except when they are not (grin). The world, this blue planet in green trim, rotates and is rubbed against by large bodies of influence, which counterpoint and oppose, in a prediction dance, of what the commonplace WILL DO and then, of course, there's you. Are you predictable? Going along with the program are we or... not? Aye, there's the rub (grin). In respect of that just said, things just rumble and mumble on. The same, sad efforts to plunge us all into chaos continue. The same presumptuous, mealy mouthed, platitudes continue, to dissemble and fall, into the minds of the left behinds, for whom, a great many books have been written. These sad deluded dupes, mindlessly support those who are gnawing away at the supporting structures of all their cant, dogma and society, like termites with a single purpose; the rape and destruction of the west and... after that? Who knows?

It's still Spring and speaking of a young man's fancy (which we were not) and dupes having their culture and religion morphed into a new twist, on Tales of the Crypt, 'my love's like a black, black hole that's newly sprung in June. My love is like cacophony and does not know the tune (to paraphrase Robert Burns). So we get a deluge of things like this and also like this, which celebrate diversity (rhymes with perversity). Now, this author and many people, aren't all that jacked up about this kind of thing, until... until it becomes the daily fodder, injected into this Wonder Bread culture, of all that is right und richtig (while being nowhere close). It is injected into this culture, through the mass media, which it took control of for that very purpose; the purpose to which it is applied by the day ...and easy to see and diagnose, given that you possess a mind and know how to use it. They gained control of the media and many other things, by first gaining control of the currency printing mechanisms; money to burn baby, your money. Because of this being in place and taking place, things like this have become commonplace. On the one hand, Jason Collins gets his life saving merit badge, while feral pigs, gone native from Animal Farm, prepare to snort and root at will. That brief bio tells you all you want to know about the economic mess, Bwak! Obama and the criminal elite that he serves.

For those of you living in the Zionist Occupied Zones of America, Canada, the UK and sundry, here is a practical guide that may come in handy, as the noose tightens and the red army ants surround the cities.

Over recent years there has been many a voice prophesying doom imminent. This has been going on for years now. This is going to happen. That is going to happen. All that happens is the ever increasing sound of insatiable vermin, crunching upon everything that can be eaten, followed by cartoon misrepresentations of life as they apply to politics, religion, art and various things, of which, most principally in your face, is sex. Besides survival, sex is the most powerful and pronounced power operating in this vale of tears at this time.

For certain occult cabals, presently wielding the appearance of enormous power on the manifest plane, manipulating the various forms of sexual expression, among the populace, is key to the certitude of corruption and control. Of course, the step by step progressions, are composed of baby steps that take place in such a way that most cannot even see it taking place. The words that come to mind are 'insidious' and 'painstaking'. It's been in the works for awhile. The human mind has been perversely massaged and horrifically altered, in relation to its outlook, as that concerns the meaning of things. Step by step, this effort moves from one event to another, in it's relentless passage to perfidy and infamy. Control of The Media, Publishing, Entertainment and Music; with all attendant accessories, allows for a full multimedia presentation of deception. Control of the financial printing presses, has permitted the subversion of the political spectrum and all aspects of law enforcement. It's why the way things are today are today.

If you've been sucked in by this, then the imagery and noise, cancel out the more useful voices. Still, inexplicably, some form of awakening is taking place. It moves as preposterously slow, as does the malefic agendas, we are all being affected by. Lately there has been an uptick in both. We are moving, inevitably toward Crescendo-Land. We're getting to that point where the conductor, at a particular interval in the Ride of The Valkyries, resembles a man who has disturbed a hornet's nest.

We are now all conscious,  unconscious and possibly inadvertent members of PUSH BACK. PUSH BACK is a contagious and spontaneous impetus to movement that is swirling above our heads and precipitating into our minds. It showed up for Monsanto. It's humming along in the ranks of The Oath Keepers and the elected Sheriffs all round. It's in all those grassroots movements. It's showing up here and it's showing up there, as the paper tigers are starting to curl in the flames of a righteous anger that is just around the corner, here but presently out of sight.

The vomit of noisome trivialities is a thunder of input upon the senses. Whenever the banal and superficial ratchet up to such a level, it's that time again. You know what time that is? It's False Flag Time. The dress rehearsals of previous events, like the Boston Marathon and other events abroad, have brought us to the final cusp of madness, in which they (the damned) do their damnedest to usher in the preferred environment for their horned master.

It's all about service in the end. Their service has been easier all around ...because their service is self service and there is no better motivator in 'these time'. Of course, it is not, precisely speaking, self service but rather only a specific form of self service, which can be called 'false self-service'. It's been harder on the other end of the spectrum because too many of us cannot see the payoff and have fallen away from the harness and the yoke. It is because so many of us have lost both our faith and our moorings that concerted evil has managed to gain such significant ground. It's just one more permutation of divide and conquer. Sow chaos and confusion, add in extremity and want and you can pretty much decide who is ruled by what. At least, that's what the game plan looks like to them.

It never works in the end. For reasons that remain mysterious, evil cannot win. It may prosper for a season or two but it ultimately fails. I believe when we know more about math than we do now that the cause of this can be found in concrete numbers. Because of all the things we think we know, we tend to forget the immeasurable vastness of what we do not know. We move through life with ridiculous confidence in our small possessions of knowledge and ability. Many of us subscribe to the philosophy that what you see is all there is. Higher sciences and many terrestrial sciences flat out contradict this but most people are swung by their own persuasive arguments, which have to do with getting what they think they want. We all mold our operational philosophies around this. In the end, a great deal of the time, we wind up without, not only what we want ...but what we need.

Ancient fables, parables and allegory, all tell the story of what happens if you go this way, or that way; what happens if you do this, or you do that. We look upon the rich and powerful, as if their favored lives protect them from all of the problems and injuries of the masses. They are no less vulnerable to all of these things than anyone else. It just appears that way. They experience all sorts of losses, which seldom comes under consideration. They die badly and often unloved or missed, while their offspring tear at each other for whatever inheritances remain. Their friendships were all based on conveniences, or obsequious facades; the ranks of 'yes-men' and 'yes-women' that trail in their wake. They live in unchanging paranoia for their possessions and positions. They live by backstabbing and proactive offenses. They build for themselves an enduring legacy that may take a long, long time to repay in any number of forms. They have no wit or clue about what is out of view. They are the fools of the moments surrounded by an eternity of regret.

PUSH BACK and PAYBACK are coming. They are visibly occurring in places like Turkey and simmering below the surface everywhere else. The bankrupt and Zio-owned, crowd control conglomerate, of various industries, is concealing what is afoot, while pushing and lobbying for whatever will deprive the ordinary citizen the most. The time to PUSH BACK is here. I know this because I see it. It's happening in wider and smaller ways around the planet and when the right planets come into alignment for the right purposes, pretty much nothing is going to be in a position to stop any of it but... once again we'll have to wait and see, if you happen to be waiting that is.

End Transmission.......

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insiam said...

somethings have gone in to overdrive (as i mentioned before - i think - it is well noted in the 'Naked Communist')

The picture on the following link has an Arab guy and Black guy posing as a gay couple with a baby.

Considering the mood of the country - well what more could one say!

Visible said...

insiam; that is precisely the slanted, fabricated garbage I'm talking about. Note down the page where they show a heterosexual couple in an argument over the head of the child. This awful dreck predominates in the headlines every day and it's intent is the destruction of society.

Visible said...

Well, that's a trip, I just saw in the counter where 6 different people are reading the post in Ecuador at the moment.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

In the U.S. news is the story of a former Navy SEAL who is in the process of becoming a 'woman'.


missingarib said...

well said vis ,wish I had your gift,I don't, so I will let others (such as you) express what I understand or try to ,that said here Joni Mitchell says it for me -- Well maybe it is just the time of year,
Or maybe it's the time of man.
I don't know who I am,
But you know life is for learning.

Dharma eye

Once, in ancient times, when the World-Honored One was at Mount Grdhrakata, he twirled a flower before his assembled disciples. All were silent. Only Mahakasyapa broke into a smile.

The World-Honored One said, "I have the eye treasury of right Dharma, the subtle mind of Nirvana, the true form of no-form, and the flawless gate of the teaching. It is not established upon words and phrases. It is a special transmission outside tradition. I now entrust this to Mahakasyapa."

live long

the gardener said...

New Moon times again. With the moon waning in visibility since peaking in brightness at the last full moon---time to have focused on what you want diminished in your sphere of life.

Then with the gong similar to the sound one's head makes bouncing off a concrete basement floor... it is GROWING TIME AGAIN-as the moon grows in visibility and light so does the ability to grow in visualizations whatever you're in need or want of.

Gemini/Gemini this New Moon is all about. Approx 18ish degrees Gemini-both Sun and Moon.

In the Dark of the Moon times is when the inner wolves come out to howl... I woke up this am, for instance in total recall/replay of a recent event I am powerless to correct or change in this layer anyway... worked to change that storyline so that it served all.

The 'new beginnings' tag given to New Moon episodes is for the constructions of growth. Plans. Fixed intents. In mutable Air qualities of the double sign of Gemini 'twins'. I've been suggesting the elimination of the 'evil twin' from my life/storyline. Encourage the 'good twin' to overcome with abundance and good times at the stroke of 11am Saturday morning.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

L.V. my libido expired and I'm so happy! The weather is delightful and everything is lush and green. It has been very rainy but that is to make up for last years bibilical drought. I dropped out and tuned out years ago. No fakebook or any other direct to No Such Agency well except for Winblows. It is a good time to find that windows looking graphical user interface (gui) linux disc a good ol' buddy gave me. The sheeple will enjoy their drone death dance delights because they have to see something to say something and if you weren't doing something wrong you wouldn't have anything to hide.

the gardener said...

I just glanced out a window and saw one of my totems for the first time this Spring- a greyed green with bronze highlights dragonfly.

Perched downwards on a window pane frame, I gave my one size fits all call to it and it turned around to face me. I'd call and it was opening its quite wide monkey mouth in response. THIS is what I live here for.

ALWAYS a good sign when my totems make contact.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

A problem can't be fixed when it's not understood HOW it actually happened. You have to "treat" the underlying cause not the symptoms.
not your ordinary history lesson.
Put on your seat belts for the whole ride, get what you get out of it as a prerequisite!

then go here:

You do what ya gotta do.
Claim what is already there.
What is the nature of the 'wrong'?

It's like Dr Judy Woods' work: You have to FIRST clearly DEFINE How and What HAPPENED... which in itself reveals the false from the real.
Pointing out the symptoms does nothing.


Anonymous said...

As a child, I recall listening to the over-grown children I was surrounded and reared by regarding many topics. Money was one. Early on, my casual observations concluded that money seemed to cause more problems than it ever solved. At about half-way in my life, I posed the question to myself that if I could have anything and everything I desired, would I really, truly be happy? I included things that money could not buy (absolute safety, perfect health, etc.) After pondering that, I concluded that, no I would never be truly happy knowing that other people are being murdered, starving, etc. I think it was a Lynyrd Skynyrd song that said, “none of us is free if one of us is chained.”
As a perfect example of what you mention within your post today, Visible, I think Christina Onassis is a perfect example.
One other lesson I received many moons ago in a very personal and in your face way: lose fear. Once you cross that threshold, you’re well on your way.
Thank you, Visible. Love to all. Serena

JerseyCynic said...

a whole month to celebrate. explains all the various gay headlines on just about every msm site of late.

Visible said...

heh heh, I take it there is a little unintentional irony in that article, demonstrated in the closing paragraph.

Well, you might say that that is why we are seeing so much of it but I've been seeing it pretty saturate for many months previous to this.

Alan Jong said...

"The world, this blue planet in green trim, rotates and is rubbed against by large bodies of influence, which counterpoint and oppose, in a prediction dance, of what the commonplace WILL DO and then, of course, there's you. Are you predictable? Going along with the program are we or... not?"

I recently began to see God is not an interventionist, except in the instant that evolutionary markers are reached, these coincide with cycles. The first sign of any changes in that respect have been revealed to Me as Auroras both from the North and South Poles of the Earth uniting at the equator. Until I see that sign, I don't believe any end times prophecies.
Anyway if the above occurs, within 5 years all Women on the Plan E.T Earth will stop ovulating, the cycle of reincarnation begins to end. In the Eternal sphere a Women chooses to remain a Women according to Her desire, and nothing more, it is not a default forced upon them in forever more. does that make sense?


Kieron said...

Time for a little push back of my own, one I earnestly hope will be taken in the spirit of dialogue and allowed to see the light of day. I rarely have anything to say here, preferring to learn and understand various viewpoints. But today’s topic is one that compels me to say something.

First, I am awakening. The result of emerging from the narcotic dream fog generated by the tribe is a smoldering rage that is being fanned into tiny flames by what I see in the news, hear on the street, and witness in my line of work. I am sure I’m not the only one so stirring in my slumber, and I thank everyone here and elsewhere who has contributed to my slow awakening, and not the least of those is Visible himself.

But something else needs to be said. I feel a subtle unease belonging here, and other places. Judging by sneering, contemptuous comments left here both today and in the past, I am led to suspect some of you’d be glad to see me dead or gone. Why’s that, you ask. It’s because I am gay. I am what we call Two Spirit where I come from. Always have been, and I see nothing wrong with it in terms of MY LIFE, and mine only, because it’s how the Creator made me. I don’t know why we exist, but we do. We are sometimes believed to mediate between the two axes of male and female. And we are not all pervs and freaks bent on destruction of society, as these stories make us seem. Since Visible has made it clear he gets misconstrued all the time, and is apparently referencing these outlandish news stories to make a point, well I won’t flip out over it.

But please know this: the mincing nightclub scene-queens with substance abuse problems and bitchy attitudes, with gobs of disposable income, who give less thought to the future than a frog--those are a miniscule mote of a small section of society that is being vastly overrepresented in the media. It's similar to the way a certain tribe (and not mine) appears to be magnified beyond belief. Me, I see the vapid 20-something gay male fame-whores on Barfo (excuse me, Bravo) Network, and I can only recoil. That is NOT representative of me or anyone I know. It infuriates me that we’re being used to further an agenda of some force to create further division and resentment. I don’t know why the gay marriage and adoption issue is being flogged ad nauseum, but it has a flavor of programming and being used by unseen hands who will dispose of us when our usefulness is over. I just wish you who leave derisive, sneering comments about my kind would realize what you see in the media is NOT REAL. My life is vastly unlike that image, and you’d be amazed how dull I am on my downtime. I watch out for my neighborhood and kick drug dealers and hookers off my street corners so the elderly people here can feel safe enough to go for a walk on their own street. And I do my job (paid, thank the Creator) working with the mentally ill and cast-out who exist on the edge of society, who have little, and have even less hope, because of this oppressive society we live in. I do this because I know what it is to be rejected, and I do so knowing I’m one paycheck and one catastrophe away from joining them. Through it all, I try to be mindful of someone Who, long ago, said, “Whatever you do to the least among you…”

I could go on, but it isn’t my place. All I will say in conclusion is, be mindful of castigating. We are here, and we awakened ones who are gay and lesbian are *also* your allies in fighting the Zionist scourge. If you reject us based on an illusion being projected by the tribe, well, so be it. I, for one, will chip away at the beast from another direction, and we will, Creator willing, meet someday over the corpse of the Ziogre, shake hands in peace and say, “Hell of a nightmare, wasn’t it? But it’s over, and we are free at last.”

Thank you, Visible, for (I hope) allowing me to have my say.

Teresa said...

To Shirl,

The problem with definitions is that they can define things in a way that have nothing to do with truth. I wrote an essay on the English Renaissance, based on my definitions of the French, German, Italian Renaissances which were entirely wrong. My definitions were based on what I had 'learned' of politics, trade and religion. My definitions left out money and war. (I was enrolled at a Canadian university, so please forgive my ignorance at the time), but my professor liked my argument--it supported his latest publication. I scored an A+ on that paper.

Definitions only work when both sides of an argument or a contract understand what the terms and implications mean. Until then, caveat emptor. Or, in other words, if you don't understand the language . . .


PSO said...

Hi Visible et al, I really am at loss of words these days.
The depravity and depths that accompany the tragedies of depraved nations full of people that hunger for righteousness and truth and a safe place to dwell.

In the meantime, there is a near earth object again coming by midnight Eastern Time[ so 11pm for the Central time zoners].
Wonderful eye-opening piece of work again Visible.

I have knowledge of what is about to happen.
May the people remember to call upon the real -inside.
Remember people, energy is measurable. thinking thoughts is energy, ergo -your thoughts can be recorded, heard- and measured, so yes- they hear you, your prayers- sometimes even answered in a public way.
patrick from western Kentucky

Farmer said...

Im really getting to old for any of this anymore.

At this point, that huge hole in the sun, looks appealing.

I look up at it, and ask it to wash away the rain. Like in the movie knowing.

Its eager, its waiting with baited breath, I can feel it.

Has happened before.

Its like gods gun, cocked and ready to fry.

Fired Human is on the plate.

Restart, remove, do all over again.

Fuck it, lets do it live.

I am at the point, whereby I just dont care any longer.

This world is truly a shit hole, and deserves what shit holes deserve, and the animals that inhabit such places.

Want to get rid of bacteria?

Fire is the only method.

All the peace and love bullshit makes me want to puke.

JerseyCynic said...

Hey Lucifer -- Auroras were spotted in Kansas last night.

That's creepy what you said about women stopping ovulating. I've been telling my daughters for years that I have a sneaky suspicion that their generation will be facing all kinds of difficulties getting pregnant. Everything is going against them at present. and if they are fortunate (?) to conceive, I have an even greater fear for what their future children will be looking like and facing with regard to their health and well being.

Rob in WI said...

Visible y all,
I think, among the dystopian novels of the 20th century, that Ira Levin's "This Perfect Day" best describes where things are headed. One has to read it to connect surveillance, data management, and drugging to the wunerful world we live in today. There's lots more, including the almost unanimous "desire to comply", which makes active surveillance unnecessary. Its a good read, compliments of a tribe member. Anyhow, be well, all, Rob

Anonymous said...

Visible said:

"......... which counterpoint and oppose, in a prediction dance, of what the commonplace WILL DO and then, of course, there's you. Are you predictable?"

Only one I know predictable is (Macko | Whacko)!

Who is (Macko | Whacko)?
What is  (Macko | Whacko)?
Where is  (Macko | Whacko)?
How is  (Macko | Whacko)?
What is  (Macko | Whacko) doing?
Whom is  (Macko | Whacko) doing with?
How is  (Macko | Whacko) doing?
When is  (Macko | Whacko) doing?
Where is (Macko | Whacko) doing?

GM.B Roses and Love from Bifrost


Visible said...


I must have missed the rancor and sneering you are talking about. Things often go on right in front of me and I don't see them.

Thank you for an eloquent and heartfelt piece of writing by the way.

I have added so many disclaimers to my treating with this subject that I won't add more. It's like when the real terrorists (Zionists and attendant) hide within the larger body of those identified with them. You seek to surgically address the issue and then the wider chorus resounds as if you were wholesaling the bunch.

I speak only from experience when discussing subject matter such as Jews, Gays and particular demographics. It is why I don't simply curl my lip in distaste at the whole subject. The sheer astrological force of the feminization of the age is something to contend with all by itself.

I deal with the indwelling feminine myself at all times because Kundalini is a female force.

At oft times I like to recall and occasionally mention my friend Kenny O'Brien, who I lived with and provided service for during the last year of his life, dying from AIDS. It was a terrible thing to see. He came from a rich family, now living in Savannah, Georgia and my oh my were they duplicitous.

Then there was the contingent in the town of Woodstock, who presumed I was like Kenny because they always saw me around with him and I caught some amount of flack for that, not the least of it from Michael Lang's 'town pump' daughters. He was a piece of work too. If one were to be compelled to speak no evil and say only the good, I would have to be silent on the subject.

Some of the most entertaining times I ever had were with gay people in uptown parties in NYC and elsewhere. The incredible powers of observation so many of them had, translated into sidesplitting laughter on my part from the repartee.

This is a difficult work here and had I been more sophisticated and 'worked it' to my own advantage, I would be much wider read and far more successful these days than I am, which is not much at all. It takes someone with few desires to live on what I generate. There's got to be a logic to this but until now it has escaped me. Digressing.

In any case, I'm sure the general readership is more open and understanding than may appear to you at the present.

Even with all of my pains to delineate the matter I have lost important readers because of this subject

Once again, thank you for the quality and content of your comment.

Alan Jong said...

"Hey Lucifer -- Auroras were spotted in Kansas last night.
difficulties getting pregnant. Everytheir health and well being."

Hey JC,

Keep in mind a rainbow is a stars' soul. All those disciplines about chakras' and meditation, are a way of stimulating your light body, and activating consciousness in your physical body through subtle mindfulness. Every human being on the Planet orbits one of the seven chakras' of the Sun. It's our individuated souls, that manage all the involuntary processes and cycles of our physical human bodies at the cellular level, but at the core of our being we are still hot molten elements which are connected to infinite energy. All of us are on what amounts to being a merry-go-round in the Sun. At some point those Souls have to move beyond the conditions of duality.

For instance the crab nebula,it was a big wave of energy that eventually brought us out of the dark ages. Stars like that don't die, but in order to move to a different part of the Universe, Galaxy or otherwise, it has to shed all it's matter, which it recollects from an infinite source further along it's path. That's all supernovas' are. And they break down in a way that will distribute their energy to maximize absorption by the local sector, of the galaxy, and every star like our Sun feels the wave when something like that happens. Human Beings are sheltered relative to what is happening in the rest of the solar system. If you could feel Earth's spin, you would realize it's a miracle life evolved on here, part of it is due to atmospheric pressure, another part to gravity, but our DNA/RNA extends beyond what is manifest of it in our bodies, that is how our souls propagate maintenance at the cellular level, from as far away as the Sun in real time. In other words the individuated soul, is propagator of our individuated Prana. (cont)

Alan Jong said...

(cont) to, JC,

I got carried away here, if those Auroras unit at the equator, that's the beginning, not the end. Those five years would be the last call for those who desire to be parents. At some point the skies round the Earth, will carry broadcast from the higher dimensions, until Earth's dimensions match. The Astral dimension along with the temporary material dimension, go dark, and the solar system gets absorbed into a permanent material dimension. Bodies don't age after that for one, so aging here kicks in reverse. Some people will not survive the absorption of their own souls, that would be the only recourse, because once the astral goes way, they can regenerate a body then, on the Earth. Also though to our eyes, stars in the sky may appear distant from one another, at an energetic level, all the stars in the Galaxy connect, or touch. The way in which your eyes without entropy generate your sight, and distribute color to generate your field of vision in constant pace of light speed. Across the Galaxy all stars connect relative to real time as opposed to light speed. Yeah, Third dimension is always an option even when you're in a higher dimension, so those of you who wanted to raise children and be parents will have those options open again. The Universe will always be expanding.

All walk-ins (Souls from Higher dimensions)on the Earth can observe even Human mating patterns from Venus. The only thing you can choose is your parents if you're incarnating from a higher dimension. Souls from higher dimensions, can only know how evolved the souls are, when they choose parents. They can't determine race or income status, nothing of that sort, just which Chakras' the Female, and male are magnetized to, in the Sun.

If you die on the Earth, and need to reincarnate, Venus is the waiting room, it assigns 1-9 month waiting periods, that basically keep you just in the state of the unmanifest soul, meaning souls are still in the sun, but have no physical bodies. Anyway 10-18 months is how long it takes to reincarnate on the Earth, and souls subject to the cycle can't choose parents or anything, but they do not bring Karma from past lives. The final determination of that is the situation you are born into. A computer determines that.

At the most organized level of consciousness across the universe, it's a computer, that was created for that reason, to organize consciousness. The Human souls in the Sun, are machines, Your physical body is all it can build, as a result of the species it is coded for. It was Mankind's embrace of reason, that triggered enlightenment. Studying and dissecting nature, is how machines came into being. Eventually our machines will connect with the operating program of the Universe, God is the programmer of the Universe. That's Just the way it is.

Alan or Elias, I embrace both names, I am Lucifer's Boss™.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Truth and Lies in a Material Culture.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Lucifer's Boss (haha), please forgive the chuckle.

Why not petition the Supreme Programmer Himself?

Why interface exclusively with material energies/impulses/programs?

Why volunteer (free will) to keep being recycled by impersonal energies when we ourselves are not impersonal?

By volunteer I mean continue actions/programs which guarantee samsara.

Of course, being persons with free will to just say no is in itself, the rub. That each of us as individuals personally have to appeal, hat in hand so to speak, to the Supreme Programmer for deletion from the material matrix/program.

Until then, it's recycle up and down into different machines (bodies) where we can continue to futilely attempt to replace/imitate the Supreme Programmer.

By definition that ain't gonna happen.

Alan Jong said...

To Homer,

Addressing all questions here,

God the programmer is the Tree of life in the Garden, The Garden right up to the design of the tree, is the program. Human Beings are the flowers that grow, and wither from the programmers tree into the Garden.

The Human Being, at the energetic state, not bound to the degradation
of duality is a co-creator with the Supreme programmer. Some Animals in the higher dimensions, don't have genitals, or gender any more.
Everyone Human Soul on Earth prior to incarnating was half of a pair, the other half entered a higher dimension right away. From that initial conception, Celestials' play a role, only to reboot you, prior to being born again on the Earth.
The only power Human Beings unlock is higher expressions of co-creating with the supreme Programmer, entropy dissolves. There is no other Power than that, everything else destroys itself. In duality, co-creation, and destruction are bound at some level, because the battle ground is consciousness where ignorance propagates. Ignorance is destroyed in light, or exploitation.
In a higher dimensional platform, Humans have jobs, some design animals. All the pets you've had, and loved, that passed away are saved by virtue of your Love. They in spirit form step off the 3rd dimensional platform along side you, and You are allowed to find new vessels for them, give them wings if you want, up to recreating them, at the age they most appealed to you.
Love is Eternal, People who absolutely know that, are projecting towards their evolution, by refining themselves, through love.
Understanding that, every individuated Being in the entire Human Race, is a flower on the programmers tree, is the point, I am getting across.
The destiny of our species remains one of co-creating. Signs of progress are subjective, until they are not, that first sign will be Auroras, from the poles of the Earth, connecting at the equator. While instrumentally, I function at some level in the dimensions I refer to, I can only relate information in the abstract.

I can Quote the latest from Visible "Truth Lies, and Material Culture"..Here

By definition that ain't gonna happen.

"We're given a length of time to experience and to decide what life means to us. We're all going to find out something, or find out nothing, depending on who you believe and, as I have said ad infinitum, that all depends on what's in it for you, according to what you are after; what you value, what you hold dear, upon that rests your fate as well."

Be Well,

Anonymous said...

anon at 0813hrs aka Knives and Lillies or Buttfrost of Norwegian black metallers the lame nutless poseur descendants of vikings who shame their ancestors and can't play one chord

Whois macko/whacko does he play quarterback like Joe Flacco? Does he groove on a fat sacko of smacko? Is his pipe full of cracko? Does he trip and fall and wracko his packo? Does he have a micheal jacko cd in his stacko?

JerseyCynic said...

whoa LB cool beans!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Dream Fog and the Cemetery Future.

JerseyCynic said...


I'm a heterosexual female with a husband and 3 children. My best friend from high school was gay. actually most of my pals on the girls track and field team were gay. My college roommate figured out she was gay during the course of our collegiate years. My favorite all time landlords out of all the many places I've lived, were gay. all my favorite teachers that my children have had over the years have been gay. HELL - last night I just found out Eleanor Roosevelt was gay

I'm watching the HC2 channel's series 10 Things you didn't know about ___________ -- omg it's a riot!!

the point I'm trying to make is that I'm sick of the msm's "twist" for lack of a better word, on homosexuality. "back in the day" in was not even a topic of discussion. There were newspapers back then? Were there headlines that read Eleanor is Gay? I don't know - I doubt it. I never once heard a single mention about who was doing what with who -- IT NEVER MATTERED. why does it matter so much now? I'll tell you one thing.... I am seeing many young female teens now announcing that they are not gay .... they are just having a non traditional relationship at the moment. I know some of their parents and they are having a difficult time supporting their child's current dating partners. I'm sorry, but I blame the msm. I'm sorry you "feel a subtle unease belonging here, and other places". I most DEFINITELY know how you feel. I feel like that just about everywhere I go lately.... in the world outside this window that is. Gotta keep remembering: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" .

I am glad you expressed what you were feeling. The moment I hit publish comment I wish I had expounded upon the statement. Like I said, I don't even notice the difference between gay and straight -- never have -- but NOW - present day -- I just started paying attention to this so called "gay agenda" and I think the msm needs to knock it off already. GOD, KAREN!

the gardener said...

Speaking of "diversity (rhymes with perversity)"

here's one I ran across yesterday whilst doing a little grazing. "the 6/22/13 U.S. Coup Plot Revealed"

This "coup" really equates to wholesale death and destruction, by the hidden hands, who though run the tv mills from which all these plots are 'revealed' via tv plots, movies etc...

"They" get wholesale info run through their grist mills of data sifters and sniffers from our: cell phone calls, texts and data (of which consumers pay out the freaking nose for), all communications via computer (funny they did NOT mention standard USPS mail or package deliveries as THAT is ILLEGAL! HEHEHEH) ... "We get info via tv shows and other 'entertainment' via the same bunch who own everything and everybody the rest of us only get to consume.

Did run across traitor exCongress dual citizen hag Jane Harmon operates the 'dailybail' or whatever site, noticed a while ago as "news" is quoted off that site all the time and its name is really similar to the DAILYMAIL ...

So we, in our endless run of doomdates can look forward to seeing if 'our savvy intake and ferocious output derails another false flag event' on the 11th, 21rst, 22nd or 23rd of June-yes this month... latter dates coinciding with Summer Solstice AND the Full Moon Cancer/Capricorn axis.

As per gay agenda... though it wasn't ever really talked about 'back then' I noticed in the daze of mandatory showers, regardless of the nuisance or ridiculousness of the operation of 'running through the trickles with the hand towel sized rough rag given to you AFTER you relayed your number to what, in our high school, would be one or another bull dyke sitting at teenage girls crotches level... that it seemed like these 'showers' and they were MANDATORY unless you were on the rag and stated it seemed to be more for them than it was for us.

AND my big mouth could not/would not put up with "Ms man's bermuda shorts wearing, red lipstick and pinky finger man ring wearer" with her salivating tongue that closed to my naked 15 year old bush... I protested it and thinking back on it realized THAT was when admin started getting after me as Girl's PE teachers were the avenue to Admin positions like Principal which several of them later became.

No telling what kinds of documenting cameras etc are in place in these techno times in the high schools, junior highs of this "diverse (rhymes with perverse)" country.

I had gay friends tell me back in the 80s that 'many teachers are gay' I noticed that but didn't care as long as I wasn't being mandated to parade around NUDE for their 'number taking' ...

as far as gays 'being better parents' or whatever... at least with them there isn't going to be any 'whoopsie' conceptions-got to be conscious long enough to plan for that conception resulting in a child unlike the bulk of the 90% or so who just find their selves pregnant again and again and again.

As long as surrogates aren't slave baby makers for them or anyone else and children aren't being stolen from their real parents through child protection services who make the big bucks on their baby dealings I don't care!

the gardener

Skepticfrog said...

Kieron - post#15

This is what I resent from your kind:
The hijacking of an important and widely used word of the English language: "gay". I speak OTHER languages in addition to English, and they all have that specific word (some more than one) to describe the emotional state, which used to be the meaning of gay.

It can be at times frustrating. My mother tongue is extraordinarily precise; English compared to it is an ungodly, vague, foggy mess, unable to express the tiny emotional flutters of the soul/psyche, which I can do with such utter ease in my mother tongue - and if I don't find the right word, I can agglutinate.

Where am I going with this? You have a really crude/vague language - English. (That is why the "lawyerese"; it's nearly impossible to be precise enough for writing law in such a linguistic mess).
So, to make thing worse, you (homosexuals) expropriated a critical word to describe a specific human emotional state and replaced it with NOTHING.

You in fact, have debased the (English) language.

I find language a critical and unique human faculty. Debasing language is debasing humanity.

As an aside:
I think part of the difficulty of Anglosaxons' learning foreign languages is rooted in this inability to understand and distinguish the richness, layers and shades of expressions of most other languages, as they (Anglos) are imprinted and conditioned to function in a simpler (therefore cruder/vague) linguistic environment.
For example: How can you distinguish the difference between "Vous" and "Tu" (French)? Some European languages have three(!) versions of "you" (not gender related!) depending on a bunch of factors - especially familiarity, and social ties or social standing - and it gets much more complicated from there to boot, because of the specific variant of the "You" used will define suffixes down the line (even choice of words) in the sentence, but do not want to go there and elaborate here. However, it's not complexity for complexity's sake. It is only for the preciseness and richness of content and expression.
I also have been linguistically conditioned the same way, however, in my case, I look for preciseness of expression; on the other hand, that's what I've been imprinted.
In English, for me, it's immensely frustrating to give vague approximations of things and emotions I could express in my mother tongue with consummate precision. So when you remove the "gay" description from the already "limited" English vocabulary, it really pisses me off.

the gardener said...

Speaking of the TRUE COUP in this country of 1963 whose gov players got us all here where we are today, this piece will make your gut tweak to and fro seeing how that big old good boys club really plays.

good comments on that site too- great picture of the sneering LBJ caught while Kennedy was speaking.

Great telling on how it works when someone (Kennedys) want a big player (LBJ) out of office.

They can take O man out anytime they want. Whenever it is most advantageous for the weasels wanting to pop up into power.

Skepticfrog? My dad had the same issues with 'gay' as well. It is funny noticeable how the few women I've known named "Gay" (often short for Gaylene) epitomize the classic usage of 'gay'... same for women I've known named "Joy"... words have power.

Back in the 70s when I had my issues with the mandatory PE showers in high school I just used 'bull dyke' though some of them weren't bulls... just thought it was real strange they'd have bull dykes taking numbers at crotch level in the shower rooms.

the gardener

PS-"Payback" can be mighty swift and cruel with any 'pushback' you give the crypt tenders. But always on the sly-secret weasels run these shows.

ChewyBees said...

There is a large difference between personal attacks (a person is called out by name and character) and attacks against an organization or culture. I rail against Federal daily, does that mean every single Federal employee deserves the spotlight of my anger? Absolutely not. It is the reason I rarely, if ever, name names.

The key here is to not take things personally. When a person does that, they give power to the spell of the words. When a person dismisses the words (dis-spells), then the words cannot possibly have power. This goes for all things verbal and written, but particularly written. The reason all these mountains of paper legal statutes have universal binding over living men is because living men believe in the nonsense.

I tell you right now that if any thing I read on a regular basis takes a shift to something distasteful for my intellect, I cut it off, forever. It's happened so many times I don't keep track. If reading it is harming me or even keeping me static, then it's time to move on.

Hurt feelings are sorrowful, and those feeling need to be addressed and healed. Where it all goes off the rails is in deciding who is responsible for the feelings?

If I attempt to hurt someone with words, the only way I am capable of that is if they accept my words as power. When it comes to healing those hurt feelings, some external soothsayer isn't going to get the job done. In essence I need to forgive myself before any other forgiveness can take place. Who was it that put me in the position to be so fragile and vulnerable in the first place? What's even more remarkable is how often we as humans are hurt by people we have never even met before, imperfect strangers posing as gurus on the blogosphere.

Build your truth. Be confident in it. Allow it to be flexible, but don't allow it to be shattered by the words of others. Allow it to be firm, but not so petrified that it cannot grow.

...And remember, everyone else is just as FOS as you are.

Rob in WI said...

I found your comment very interesting, not because of the "gay" subject, but the problem with communicating in different languages in general. Anglo is my native tongue. In "learning" other tongues, I have been stymied, because the choice of words to express the desired nuance don't seem to be there. One can only be fluent in one's mother tongue, IMHO. Maybe that's why Esperanto didn't catch on; it made the box too small.
I enjoy your comments; thanks.
Be well, Rob

JerseyCynic said...

I find this whole "cultural immersion" concept very amusing -- especially here in the USA. I can't even begin to count the various "cultures" I see living around me -- ALL still practicing their ways and still communicating in their native tongues. I have yet to get my hands on one of these "cultural manuals"

Sometimes I wish the whole world would all agree to take a 6 week vow of silence just to see what happens!

“If false teaching leads to tyranny and we cannot discover absolute truths, what can we teach that is not open to the charge of propaganda? The answer is: the diffusion of ideas is propaganda, whether fascist, communist, or democratic. The democratic hope has always been to raise the standard of gullibility, to sharpen judgment, to confront opposite propagandas.” Jacques Barzun - Of Human Freedom

omg gardner

I'm so stoooopid really -- now I understand why the track coach started an after practice "shower team" -- jmj -- completely over my naive head, I guess.

I'm sure you have seen the 2009 documentary

The Kennedy Assassination - 24 hours after
-- to me, it's so obviously ALL about lbj....

JerseyCynic said...


just read that VT piece. 6/22? PTL I still have a few more shopping days left! I was going to try to get everything done today. I've been watching Revolution series with my eyes wide open. First time I've stuck it out with a series like this -- I usually can't stomach these ruthless shows with their sick and twisted messages -- ONE STEP FORWARD 2+ STEPS BACK.

I was thinking the 12th since they finally made it down to the 12th floor of the "tower" having been "stuck" on the 11th floor -- the levels go down in number rather than up -- Randall, the "patriot" and former defense secretary launches the missiles ( you only see him press the #5 and #7, which = 12 on the keypad) because "a house divided against itself cannot stand" and then blows his head off! the missiles are heading towards georgia and philly "which will then leave the east coast up for grabs". Final scene takes place at the US colony guantanamo bay in cuba. Here we see the "shadow" of Mr. President as he is told "it's time to go home".

don't know.... it just seems so obvious. I've never seen Jericho.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis. It's JenX. I wanted to reply to this post a few days ago, but for the life of me could not find the link to the ad that I wanted to send you. I finally found it. This ad:
actually hung in my local mall for months. Subtly programming the masses of asses for perversion or acceptance of perversion. Your posting was spot on.

Farmer said...

Wait and see was the 9 months before birth.

Pertaining to everything else.


What a FUBAR stream of utter FUBAR.

Lets hope the sharks start eating each other soon, as I am already seeing "blood in the water".



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