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To be Versed in Putinography and Relative Affairs (not affairs with relatives)

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There is this sector of the alternative, socio-political community that never has anything good to say about anyone. It doesn't matter who they are, the subject is always under suspicion and these people seem to go out of their way to find something, anything, that will besmirch the reputation of anyone and everyone. I think of them as virtual nihilists. Somehow they have lost the capacity to enjoy life and everybody else looks like a freeze dried shitbird to them. 'Oh iridescent shitbird, spread your stinking wings. Let your droppings rain down on us, with other lovely things. Please don't pull an Icarus and leave a shitspot on the sun. Since I find no good inside myself, it extends to everyone'.

It is a rare bird indeed who walks among us with no stain on their raiment. Such is the nature of existence in this locale and has to do with the imperative of Karma. This is the plane of working things out, painfully or otherwise. There are a lot of armchair quarterbacks around these days, especially now that anonymity, gives such a perverse Dutch courage, to our propensity to throw shit without much thought or reflection, as if we were monkeys in a cage, which, in fact, far too many of us are. The motivation for this kind of thing, is resident in our frustrations with all the things we come up against and handle so badly. Some of us have actually played the game and know what's involved and are less likely to be armchair quarterbacks. I experience a certain amount of dismay and disappointment, when I see people who don't know what they are talking about, diminish the efforts of those who can scramble out of the pocket and hit that wide receiver in a tight cover 2, while the biggest, baddest and fastest cats on earth, are coming after them and looking to do them harm.

I am tolerant to a degree, concerning those who are under so many pressures in their lives that they are compelled to lash out, simply because of the pressure and seldom because they have come to a reasoned and measured observation, based on research into the life of anyone. It is obvious to anyone in possession of a functioning brain (you do run across such people now and again, not often perhaps, but you do encounter them. Heck! Sometimes, if you are lucky, you need look no further than the closest mirror.)

I see Vladimir Putin as the kind of quarterback who can scramble out of the pocket, to the opposite side of his throwing arm and then throw off the wrong foot to the other side and hit his receiver, arguably the most difficult throw for any quarterback. I see his critics, as people who couldn't do his job anywhere near as well but are convinced that they could. I see Vladimir Putin as a man, through comparing him to his peers internationally. By this comparison alone, he winds up, 'looking good, peckerwood'. By comparison to Bwak! Obama, John, 'this swiftboat won't float' Kerry, ShitwitYahoo, Hillary, 'crack open another cold, dead Foster” Cliton; the sold out and compromised, how far is the Old Log (cabin Republican) Inn, compromised and blackmailed, Senator Lindsey Graham (cracker brain), John, 'looks like his head is going to explode', McCain. These are all warmongering, chicken hawk cowards, except for John Kerry and John McCain, who are simply warmongering cowards. Putin is not a warmongering coward. He is trying to prevent war. For this alone, he deserves respect. I know he kicks himself for not starting earlier with Libya and that he is damn well not going to let it happen again in Syria. I know one on one, he could put any of these characters down in real life, without breaking a sweat ...but then... so could I, so that's no measure of anything.

He kicked the oligarchs out of his country.

Here's a finely crafted headline, “Russia moves to criminalize Holocaust denial”. Note how it says “Russia” moves. As if the truth were not that it is only a single disreputable and criminal, Tribe Member, psychopath named, Boris Shpigel (backed up by the men in the shadows). Note the disclaimer: “recently submitted his resignation after being elected president of international rights group 'World without Nazism,' as Russian laws do not allow senators to hold leading posts in foreign or international organizations”. He isn't even in the government anymore. Also note this garbage statement, with absolutely no attribution, or facts attending; “Russian law enforcement has also noted a rise in nationalist sentiment in society, and called for rapid approval of laws to combat this threat”. Here's the website for this dubious org. You pretty much know that whenever the phrase 'human rights' is a part of the title, it is a virtual certainly it is for the suppression of the same. The listing of creeps and criminals associated with this org, seems to have quite a collection of the usual suspects.

Of course, Putin, in his particular fashion, said that they would never forget the Hollowcaust. I imagine that that was because 60 some million Russians, were exterminated in the preceding hollowcaust, caused and carried out by Zio-Ogres. In my understanding of Putin-speak, this is probably what he was thinking about, the mass murder of tens of millions of his countrymen, by the arm-twisting financiers of the illegitimate state of Israel.

I'm a rare bird. The jury is still out (in most minds-grin), whether or not I am a shitbird but... as a rare bird, I am a fan of Hugo Chavez and M. Gaddafi, as well as Vladimir Putin. I even think much more highly of Fidel Castro than most other politicians. I noted all the doctors that Castro sent to so many countries in need and how he responds to calamities abroad. Please take what I say in perspective. I pretty much have contempt for the political and religious theater ...but I know there are those who have done what they could and that is a critical thing to be aware of, that they 'did what they could'.

You may like Putin and you may not. You might be aware of what he's been up to; “by their works ye shall know them” or you may not. That's your opinion, informed or otherwise. What you believe in this instance, is neither here nor there to me. I make up my own mind. I don't have it made up for me. For the moment, and in recent times, Putin has been one of the few entities, standing in the way of total war on humanity. He could be a whole lot worse. I do not speak to what he might become or how he may, or may not change in future times. I speak only of now and by comparison with the fecal freaks, already mentioned, he is far more preferable and has my thanks for getting in the way of the pernicious agendas of some very bad customers. I feel like he's someone I wouldn't mind having a drink with.

Let me digress into the supernatural for a moment and give my enemies and detractors some more fuel to lay at the doorstep of the possibility that I am batshit insane. When I went through my otherworldly experience in Italy some while ago, which lasted several weeks and brought me to death's door, I saw on several occasions, the astral forms of various deities and beings, colorfully vibrating on our back lawn. Off to the side was standing Vladimir Putin, by the cactus pear tree. He stood there quietly and cloaked in mystery. I know we talked but I don't remember what got said. There were no other figures from his particular. occupational demographic. I took this to be significant. Whether the whole thing was a projection of my subconscious, a hallucination, hyper-real or... some combination of all of them at different times, during this arduous and long period of occurrence, is unimportant. It had a powerful effect on me and I am unlikely to ever forget it. Vladimir is kinda like Joe Cool, the way he comes off.

Let's remember something about politicians that is forever true and which most people do not acknowledge or are even aware of. They do not act or speak like people do in most other positions. They say things for effect. They do not say certain things. They intentionally say things to particular ends. They play games because they are operating upon one of the most complex and critical gameboards of all. If you've ever played the game of 'Risk' you get an 'idea' (only) of what they are dealing with. Politics is the art of the deal and it's a dangerous turf by any measurement. Take the time to research what was going on with the oligarchs when Putin first ran for office and the sequence of following events.

I don't mind people criticizing Putin and using real facts to support their stance. That comes with the territory. I do mind people, disingenuously making it appear that he did something he didn't do, or painting him as something he is not, by way of glaring omissions; the crime of omission. What Putin might say, when standing beside genocidal maniac Shimon Peres is one thing. What he actually thinks is another. He could well be laughing up his sleeve.

There are a number of prophecies, concerning Russia and coming times. One might profit greatly by looking them up and considering the implications.

I have no difficulty saying, “I don't know” and that is the case with Putin, I don't know. I'm only going by what I've seen and as I said ...and which I am going to repeat yet again; the comparison between him and the shitbags he has to deal with.

You are free to agree or disagree with me. This is all just my opinion based on what I've seen. All I ask is that when you criticize someone you have at least put some amount of time and energy into gaining some kind of back-story and that you deal in facts and not wild speculations or 'off the cuff' claims that you want to shoehorn into people's heads without anything whatsoever to back it up with.

Thank you for your time in the consideration of this. My name is Les Visible and I approve this posting.

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marilyn said...

i'm with you on this one, les. actually, i've been with you on many of your postings. :)
i admire the same ones you wrote about. i would include the president of iran,too... i have seen that if you do for your people instead of the higher-ups, your time on this earth is shortened.
it doesn't matter if the higher-ups are the bankers, the corporations or the governments...they are all a cancer on our earth and our hearts.
glad your poncho is still alive and loving. my mother had a white spitz in her younger years..very bushy tail!
thanks for all you do and sim, too.

Anonymous said...

Shazaam! You know it is all fucked up when an ex-KGB agent is the last hope. Everyday Russians are just like the rest of us and are not foaming at the mouth and waving hammer and sickle flags. If humanity get can't together long enough to take out bankster globalist scum then they deserve what is coming.

Anonymous said...

I'll take Comrade Putin over Obushma anyday:

Visible said...

Afterwards it occurred to me that I had left off Ahmadinejad whom I also admire. Thank you for pointing that out and the warm supportive words.

Yes Sim, I feel bad about not having just gone on and on about him but I knew that might embarrass him being as he is so modest and self-effacing. he's been one of the truest and best friends I have ever had and he walks the talk. I don't see many who do. he's unshakeable in his devotion to our joint efforts. he really does deserve a lot of the credit, if credit is due (grin).


I hope everyone will take the opportunity to listen to today's song, loud so that you can catch the lyrics. I am sure it will make you laugh.

Shaolinlite said...

What does James Cagney, Peter Lorre, and Vladmir Putin all have in common?

Black belts in Judo, bro.

Flip ya for real!

Anonymous said...

Les (I feel adressed more or less)

Yesterday I quoted Benjamin Fulford about Putin (5/27):
(…) The fact the pentagon refused to send troops or weapons to help Israel overthrow the Syrian government, despite being ordered to do so by the State Department and Senate, is another clear sign. Instead Russia sent its Pacific fleet towards Israel and made it clear to the Israeli government they would find themselves in a war with Russia (and no US help) if they did not back down (…)

Sounds all very good yet a little too good to be true. (Still have a very faint hope Putin is the way BF paints him here) but Papy, a fresh Finnish anti Putin ‘new kid at the –Darkmoon- blog’ opened new vista’s- which I already had btw- on WP .

Here is a review from the winnipegfreepress on a book about Putin of Masha Gessen a Moscow based writer.

The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin

(…) Russian journalist Masha Gessen paints a picture of a thug who could be a poster boy for the deadly sins of pride, wrath, greed and envy (…)

Putin a ruthless despot cloaked in a democratic shroud

(…) The Man Without a Face should be required reading for anyone who wants to know more about Putin and Russia's current predicament. It will frighten the daylights out of anyone who assumes Putin has any true democratic leanings, any regard for human life and any desire to satisfy anything other than his own lust for power (…)

Writes Greg Lockert 03/31/2012

Putin- who secretly build a billion dollar palace at the Black Sea coast- put the moneylenders out of Russia and put ‘their’ money in his own pocket and the pockets of his clique. While much of the Russian plebs roam the street homeless.

Les, since you’re a fan of this man, the glass of wine that you like to drink with him will not contain any polonium.

Jai Arunachala.

CIA O (gj)

Danila said...

I a man
american living in a formerly closed city in Russia. Many of the folks here do not like Putin because of his economic policies. When they ask me why I do like him, I always reply that he is one of the few leaders in the world who absolutely understands the endgame of US imperialist repeat of the Roman Empire. Russians still study history in school so they catch my drift right away. Sometimes they are naive enough to ask me my take on Obama. Bad idea. So many have informed me that I have destroyed their long held myths about the US. Same thing for the myths about Russia going the other direction to friends and family in a positive vein. Putin da Obama nyet

Visible said...


Yes, Hugo Chavez had the same problem with the same people and so did Ahmadinejad.. I don't know the entirety of Putin possibly neither does he but I know what I glean and my intuition is usually spot on.


Bejamin Fulford is a wack job, as for books written by people, one has to consider the agenda and also who controls the world of publishing. I would probably research that author and check out there track record. One always finds out surprising things.

Anyway, like I said, in many ways the same thing. It doesn't matter what people think of Putin, all that matters is what I think of Putin. The truth will out. He's certainly not a thug. Obama is a thug and we see the results of that in the American street. Russia has a different style and the people who oppose Putin are the criminal overclass who are restrained for looting and pillage by his policies.

My main state is to agree to disagree. Like I said, more or less, Putin- compared to who?

"Surfer Joe hunh! Surfer Joe hunh!"

kenny said...

Not so sure about this. Larry King joins up with RT. Maybe he will interview Putin?

Check the comments.

Visible said...

Say it ain't so Joe, the loverly (gasp, snicker)Masha Gessen is an AshkeNAZI Tribe member.Let's see what I can find out about the rest. However, what did I say about who runs the publishing world? Here's the deal, if The Tribe don't like him he's a good guy.

Visible said...

Well, that's a little deceptive, Greg Lockert only reviewed the book but it's like his review is being used as some kind of reinforced corroboration. No offense intended, just thinking out loud.

Now this
"Putin- who secretly build a billion dollar palace at the Black Sea coast- put the moneylenders out of Russia and put ‘their’ money in his own pocket and the pockets of his clique. While much of the Russian plebs roam the street homeless". You posted this with no attribution and no quotes and no literal proof. let
s go see what I can find out about that.

Visible said...

How did it go from one billion to 350 million?
Putin- who secretly build a billion dollar palace at the Black Sea coast- put the moneylenders out of Russia and put ‘their’ money in his own pocket and the pockets of his clique. While much of the Russian plebs roam the street homeless. And why are all the articles from British Zionist newspapers?

What does this mean? r Ponomarenko, dismissed links to Mr Putin as "rumours and journalists' fantasies".

He said he bought the complex from three owners after they asked him to invest because they had run out of money.

Mr Ponomarenko said that he bought the complex, which he described as a "holiday centre", from Nikolai Shamalov, a friend of Mr Putin, and two of his partners." It appears this palace may not be Putins"

Looks to me like a lot of smoke and no fire-

"Alexander Ponomarenko, the former owner of the Black Sea port of Novorossiisk, told the Kommersant business daily that he bought the complex through a Cyprus-based company he controls.

Mr Putin was accused in December of building the palace for himself with the proceeds of "corruption, bribery and theft".

In an open letter to Dmitry Medvedev, businessman Sergei Kolesnikov, alleged that the villa was built for Mr Putin's "private use", likening the structure to one built for Russia's tsars outside St Petersburg. He alleged that the cost of the palace was $1 billion (£600 million).

A separate investigation last month by the liberal Novaya Gazeta found documents that linked the building in the Krasnodar region to the Russian government, although officials have denied this".

Visible said...

Okay, I suggest you do some reading about his so called estate and who is saying it. I've wasted enough time going through this I'm not even going to bother posting what I found, anyone can find it on Google.

Look, please don't think I'm on your case. Is this Richard by the way? I'm just being plain speaking and pointing out certain things that pretty much closes the case on all this for me. Typical

Anonymous said...

I'm certainly no expert on Russia, but it seems to me Putin has actually done a lot for his country, instead of letting a certain tribe loot and destroy it. Guess that's partly because he knows they've done it before. He strikes me as being one of the few real men who are called "leaders" in current times.

Visible said...

Okay folks, listen up. I have available this 70 hectares of pristine land with water (a biggie) in a place where everything grows, except pineapple and mangoes and they grow right down the way.

I am interested in ten hectares (25 acres) and I have another fellow interested in 10 hectares. There are five more parcels that are available. There is a modern road coming in and that means the prices and value are going to go way up, so... I don't see how you can lose. This is in Ecuador and no point in searching for it because it's not listed.

There are some number of cool expats in the area, I met one and she is out of sight, core deep good and switched on in all the right ways. She has a male friend who owns the parcel next door and he looks cool too.

You can build what you want and all those legal technicalities, though, as always, a pain in that particular anatomical location, can be dealt with. Let me know if you are interested in this. I suspect the parcels won't last long. I am near certain that I can get my end of the scratch together.

I am slated to go to another country and that's still on, if I ever hear from the guy again (grin). I really like him so...that looks like my initial foray but... this other looks very promising, so... if you got about ten grand together; cost is around 7,000 something and there will be, probably some tax and you need to get there and have some backup so better than ten grand is a good idea because we should all be independent and capable of pulling our end.

I am very serious about this. I really like this lady for the person she has convinced me that she is and THAT is the big thing, the right people make it what it is in all the best and worst possible ways but... we're not going to let the latter happen.

So, like I said, imagine, visualize and the company of kindred souls will add that titanium support and security that we all need. You snooze, you lose but... there are two other parcels next door available, one is 25,000 for I think 40 hectares and I can't remember what the other is. I've got some pictures but they are too close up to show much but my spidey sense is tingling.
Another plus is that the natives are super friendly.

I know this probably sounds weird but I'm thinking come December I want to have 5 to 8, more or less voices to wander through Lady Natures yard and sing Christmas carols. You don't have to be a Christian, You just have to be able to sing and I can help with that and possibly others can too. I've got an interesting way of making it possible for anyone to find their voice (discovered it myself). it is really amusing when you find out what it is.

How cool would that be, wandering the path and stopping in driveways and singing these tunes? Think about it.

Like I said, I'm slated for another location with someone I was destined to meet. I believe that connection is rock solid but I haven't heard from him. That doesn't mean I can't get to the location for Christmas.

Who;s in? This IS going to happen.

katz said...

first, I found a place for you to move to:

Most awesome place, I've ever seen...

also, I love Putin. if only we had a man like that to take power in DC!!

Putin is a real man. He has testosterone. I can tell that from a great distance.

If Putin had to eliminate someone, there was a real reason to He has beaten the oligarths and run them out of Russia. He has turned around the Russian state, and created a new strong military, where once there was junk.

Putin is no thug.

Obama is a faker, and he has NO TESTES at all. Obama walks like a wanker. Obama loves old white men to kneel before him. that power gets him off. his wife is one of the ugliest females that ever was bred in Chicago. it is obvious that they have most likely NEVER had sex.

Obama is a gay boy, who lies about who he really is. his closet is huge,and even so, his ego can't fit in it.

ok, that's it. all I have to say.
part of that was not very nice.........sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Visible, I'm in agreement with your assessment.
Some days, I think he will save America from itself, on other days, he just does what he says he will do, and never seems to violate his own stated sense of purpose.
Totally unlike the "O", who will close Guantanamo, some day, maybe, if only it wasn't so hard.

There is a sense of quiet resolution from Putin on every media exposure I've seen, whereas most of the rest of them are such obvious poseurs/players/frauds that it is almost laughable if it were not for the mayhem, pain, and death they cause.

I don't know anything but what I am allowed to see, and what I do see is for the purpose of demonstration.
Time will tell.

Thanks for all you so freely offer, I am grateful for your thoughtful writing.

kenny said...

My brother-in-law's brother's wife lives in Ecuador while he is still up here working.

She comes back for visits but wants to stay there, living very well off her social security and even has health insurance for a fraction of the cost here.

She likes the people and lives among them, not in an expat or gated community but has gotten to know a number of Americans there.

She sold me on the place.

With the right people it sounds like a viable alternative. Best of everything in making it happen.

Visible said...

Is this the Kenny, solid gold integrity and a litany of impressive qualities too numerous to list? How cool would it be to have someone like you there. Off the charts!



kenny said...

Thanks for the welcome but my wife is not yet ready to move. We'll stay in place for awhile, family ties and all.

I like Ecuador as an option but the one concern is that the country is portrayed by the US gov and media as 'socialist' and that makes it ripe for a destabilization plan. Hopefully the people there will hold their ground.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Les
I had intended to email you yesterday to see how Poncho was doing after reading that he was having seizures and had been put in an induced coma so he could rest and heal, then the vet woke him up after 5 hours and you had to tell them to put him back under for awhile. Well I wound up having computer issues (Tuesday) and didn't get it fixed until last night, so I am just now emailing you.

Anyway, Poncho's up and doing much better. I am so happy for Poncho, You and Susanne.

Reading about his seizures reminded me of our first dog, Sasha. She was half Spitz and half collie... such a sweet beautiful dog. For 11 years she was fine and then out of the blue she started having seizures. I had to drive her from Austin Texas to Waco Texas where we had just moved from. Sasha literally had one continuous seizure the entire ride. I had one hand on the steering wheel and one on her to try and comfort her the entire drive.

When I got there I had to leave her and drive back to Austin because I was in school and working and couldn't ditch. I wish I had stayed. When I got back to Austin my wife called me from her job and told me the vet had called her to let her know that Sasha had died.

I look back on all that went down and I suspect that he put her down to spare us... whatever... still sucked.

My rambling on aside, I am so thrilled for you all. (As I write this the tears swell in my eyes again.) I've been very emotional and sad for some time now. We just lost our cat Simba in February and my nerves are kind of shot. Throw in the fact that we're living in hell, evil and stupidity reign supreme (temporarily) and this first waver is really done with this place.

Reading your blogs really helps me hang on. It helps me know that I am not alone and that someone understands what my life has been like all these years.

Blessings to you and Susanne and Poncho. Give him a big kiss and hug for me.

Big hug for You and Susanne too. I hope your able to get some sleep and rest soon. Hang in there.
Someone in Texas gives a damn.
May God, Goddess, All There Is bless you and your family, your music and blog

Thanks for the lifeline!!!!!!


Don Reeves

Visible said...

Wow Don!

Thank you for that beautiful heartfelt comment. I felt a serious hit of emotion overload when I read about your departed friend.

After awhile, all one comes to is a serious desire to somehow help alleviate some of the suffering on this planet. I guess that's why all the highest beings want to be healers and Jesus Christ is the archetypal model. I'm not a Christian but I love him dearly.

Once again thank you. Sometimes comments trigger all sorts of things in me because of whatever is leaking out between the words.


Meanwhile (sigh, sniff) isn't anyone going to say anything about Surfer Joe(sob)?


Visible said...

Well, you are on the guest list. I hope I didn't embarrass you with my commentary on you. The good news is that I meant every word of it. I should have said it to you a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Yet one more thing we have in common, Les. I posted on a message board that I admired Hugo Chavez and what he had done for his people and damn near got crucified upside down for it. I like Fidel Castro, too. I admire leaders who stand up to the United "Snakes" Of America.


Visible said...

JenX, heh heh. that's clever. My
EBay ID is Jentile.

kikz said...

and then.. there's this.....

Visible said...

(grin) yeah I saw that. Those people are really insane, which will cosmically eliminate them. As Nietzsche said, "Those whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad". They definitely qualify.

Anonymous said...

Putin seems like a cool dude, check this one out:

Some female protester took off her shirt and ran towards Putin, and Putin looked right at her (and her tits) and said "Oh, I LIKE this one, this protest!"

If that fag Obama said something like that, the femnazis would be all over him, screaming for his blood. But no, Putin's a bad mofo, a real alpha.

zepheri said...

martin @
allways sunny in philly with cheeese

redhom 1899

Skepticfrog said...

"quite a collection of the usual suspects."
Good grief; they are ALL Tribe members. All Jooskies, no exceptions; reads like the member list of a Synagogue. I could check out a couple in other than English languages and yup, they are of the Tribe - even if their names do not immediately nail them as Jooskies.

Our European world and culture now feels like like a filthy, alien infestation of vermin - and I'm being reasoned and kind...

Skepticfrog said...

To Jai Arunachala.

The problem with Gessen's book:
First, none of the stuff is documented.
But what's worse, Gessen is/was supported and sponsored by the oligarchs - who had to leave Russia otherwise they'd end up in jail.

Now what did the American press said about the oligarchs "plight" and "persecution" under Putyn?
Here it is: "The Russians don't care because the accused oligarchs are Jewish and the Russians are antisemitic". (Rightfully so, Remember Churhill's article in 1920: (paraphrsed) "The Bolshevik coup of 1917 in Russia was a Jewish coup" - ultimately resulting of butchery and killing of people of unimaginable proportions: 25 to 50 million)

Now guess of Gessen's ethnicity.
Yup, you got it. So as a good sayanim she does their bidding - of course. The Tribe has a vicious hatred of Putyn since he does not let them rape and pillage Russia - like they'd like and want to, and are actually doing at other parts of the world.

I can just imagine the wild plots they're hatching daily (and hourly) to do him in...

China and Russia are closed to them for vice, robbery, thievery and pleasure-killing for now. Must drive them completely insane...

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Fulford a wacko, well, you say so, it does not mean that he is.

BRICS- the alliance of 180 countries under the umbrella of Brasilia, Russia, India , China, South Africa- he was the only one who reported about it in its infant state in Monaco and Switzerland.

Putin was recently in South Africa at the recent BRICS conference.

The trillion dollar lawsuit of Neil Keenan (still going strong) against the Fed cabal was put in the spotlight by BF as lone wolf. He has his foolish sides as we all have, I give him still more than the benefit of the doubt, but a wacko,imo, no.

Hopefully BRICS wil make FED & Wallstreet etc. fall, but is that dependent on the person of Putin, with his false flag in Chechnya, Pussy Riots, Litvinenko etc. and his billion dollar Black Sea hut? I doubt it.

Russia yes. Putin plays ‘l’Etat c’est moi’. Fortunately Putin is not Russia.

Les, btw as a kid I read a lot in the books of Paul Brunton, who once asked Ramana Maharshi something like why don’t you spread (the Vedanta) Teaching around the world like Adi Shankara did in India. Ramana responded, someone wil come up. MMY is/was that Jagadguru, Worldteacher.
While you were in India during the recent Maha Kumba Mehla the Maharishi Smarak was inaugurated at the other shore of Allahabad.

Jai Arunachala.


Visible said...

Yes, Skepticfrog, that was my point but I was being a little tongue in cheek. Those are face cheeks in case anyone is confused. The fellow posting I know under different circumstances so I don't know if he's pulling my chain or not.


As for Bennie Fulford, yeah, him and the white ninjas (snicker) and the Rockefeller interview. he an Sorcha Faal were 'separated at birth'. Yes, Benjamin Fuflord is a wack job.

Here is a very long list of resources. If this URL does not come out, simply put 'Benjamin Fulford Disinfo agent' into Google, you'll be reading for the next several days. Now this has been common knowledge for some time.

I am assuming you have read some of his outrageous statements et al. it is hard to imagine that you believe what he says. I certainly don't

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Crazy, Crazy for Feeling so Screwed, Blued and Tattooed..

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Another reason I don't think it does any good to keep on hammering the 'up-in-your-face' criminal gang (e.g. the politicians and govt. officials who are regularly shown on TV news, even the 'good-guys' like Putin) is because most of them are actors who are paid enormous salaries to keep the ye olde 'us vs them' charade going, in order to keep the masses always distracted from seeing what's really going on, and from discovering who the people are who are responsible (i.e. people who hardly anyone ever hears about). Another reason, as I said before, is because the criminals at the top are being controlled by powerful evil spirits so that they couldn't do any differently than they're doing even if they wanted to.

This may seem like it's totally off the subject but I don't think it is: I have a 33 year old stepdaughter who (with her little 2 yr. old daughter) moved back in the house with my wife and I and has caused lots of problems, all of which stem from her unbridled selfishness and narcissistic sense of entitlement (which is the primary defining symptom of narcissism). She's exceptionally attractive which serves to amplify her sense of entitlement. So for over a year I continually hammered her about her narcissistic and incredibly selfish behavior, all to no avail. It did no good period. All it did was cause her to hate me, and what was worse was that it really upset my wife. She hardly ever smiled any more and she acted like she wanted to cry a lot of the time.

Then one day last fall my mentor told me "You should stop being confrontational with your stepdaughter because she's under a spirit (in her case a Jezebel protege' spirit) so that she couldn't change her behavior even if she wanted to." So I took his advice and totally (well, almost) stopped hammering her, and now six or seven months later she loves me, and so does her little daughter (she's 3 years old now), and my wife is the happiest I've seen her since we met in 1998.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Putin wants to save the bees ... that's all I need to know.

Anonymous said...

What a subject title, right? I have been posting comments on your webpages lately as "JenX". I know that there is another Jen that posts regularly, so I added the "X" so that you won't confuse us.
What my subject title was referring to was the frequent occurence of me checking Smoking Mirrors or Visible Origami and reading something that either applies directly to what I am going through right now, or something I was thinking about that very morning before I read the column. Damn, Les! How did you know??? lol

I didn't want to post this publicly on the board because it sounds...crazy. If I ever log on and see you wrote about what I dreamed the night before, I will REALLY get freaked out! Emoji

Jen Tastic

Anonymous said...

LV, don't forget Omar Torrijos of Panama also. He was resisting the coke smugglers through his turf. He was assassinated by plane crash by the eternals. It's in "I Was An Economic HItman" by Perkins.



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