Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dancing with the Retards, Fry Cooks and Sewer Felchers.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

First something from the maestro of bon vivant and raconteur too, Patrick Willis, super morphs Dobie Gillis via some kind of Lawnmower Man transfiguration.

From the intermittent capacity to clearly see, as it applies to me, in the wreckage of a mind not comprehending and then comprehending, if only for a short time... some things are becoming more and more clear to me. Those engaged in preposterous staged events, fully delineated in various locations, are being puppeteered, not by the usual Zio-illuminati, no longer free mason cabal of AshkeNAZI swine but... by mysterious cosmic forces. It has to be because, no informed and more or less rational operator, would stage such patently phony events and expect to get away with them. This includes the recent Boston Marathon, false flag and all the other low jinks, these crepuscular zone cretins get up to. I'm talking about purpose of demonstration, done in such a way, that even those too stupid to operate a cellphone and talk at the same time, have to catch on at some point. These things are dumber than network TV (owned by the same fry cooks and sewer felchers who switched their media) and that is saying something. I am, personally, on virtual network TV most of the time, Dancing with the Retards.

The good has been seldom among us of late. The bad has been long running, ubiquitous and turbo charged iniquitous, as seen through the lens of one of the internet's more inimitable authors. There has been a sea change in the atmosphere of our moments. It is hard to tell and hard to accept that this is all positive and for our collective good, especially if that means the departure of a great many of us, for the collective good. The ugly among us, positively identified numerous times, of course must go, to their Hell below. The impossible to evolve, must simply dissolve, into an oleaginous slime on the sidewalks of our time. Forensic scientists, who might later investigate the composition of that slime, would find it to be an aggregate of Coca Cola, PCB's, trans fats and rat shit. In future times they will discover that the combination of rat shit and Coca Cola, is an intelligence inhibitor that turns human beings into a kind of non directional, ambulatory Kudzu, or Morella Faya. It's like the Day of the Triffids with Monsanto GMO Limpets, crawling up their spinal column like The Tingler.

Folks, all the bad news is good news. The IRS scandal, the Central Bankers- tick fest, the false flags, the insane putsch for profits of the soulless, Terminator corporations, the epidemic pederasty of The Church, the foreclosure scams, the destruction of the job markets, all of this is good news because... the materially addicted would never get off their wide load asses otherwise. Shoppers, you can get your Wide Load Jeans out of the Omar the Tentmaker section, over at Wal-Mart, Kmart and None too Smart LTD. The cosmos, in it's own inexplicable fashion has dumbed down The Apocalypse, so that even you can get it. You who can't chew gum and suck your thumb at the same time, take notice. Well, Hell, even I might find that hard. Then again, I don't do either of those things so... I don't know how hard that really is do I? It probably explains why so many of them opt for just chewing their thumbs.

“Someone call 411”! “Remain calm”.

We have that peculiar advantage of being able to see, in excruciating full color, just how terminally inept and evil our leaders are. It's everywhere to be seen, unless you've been living on a steady diet of Kentucky Fried Chicken Butt Rings for the last twenty years, for some reason that tends to make you someone who can't outrun their uncle. Well, then again , you do wind up with a kind of family unit for succor. Who's your daddy? Why that would be Craster.

It's all coming down on the well deserving heads of creatures like Michael Bloomberg, Shell Soul Adelson, the Rothschilds, Little Georgie Sorrows and sundry, are all warming up in the on deck circle, before the guillotine. You can't effectively compare these lower life forms to anything remotely human or animal. There is nothing in the animal or plant kingdom that behaves as they do, nothing comes close for sheer mendacity and guile. They're all here for the purpose of demonstration. They are here to act out on the world's stage for the enlightenment and elucidation of all. They are being driven by forces unknown to them, into horror upon horror of irredeemable actions. Their Karma is blacker than night in some alien jungle, where there is no moon nor stars to shine. Their deeds span many lifetimes and finally, finally after such a length of time, they have appeared for an accounting. They are trapped in flesh with nowhere to go and Pinhead awaits on all sides. It's going to be a Cenobite smorgasbord, the very necessary acupuncture of judgment come round at last.

I am no executioner, nor the punisher himself, I am a recording and testifying herald of the state of things and things to come. It takes no fantastic insight or special powers to see these things. All it takes is an enforced detachment from the smoking darkness, born of material fires, which clouds the vision, the reason and the heart. Many of us, few by comparison, see these things. We, we remark, we step back from the feeding troughs of these generations of vipers. We gain that required distance, which automates the objective reasoning capacity. Fate and destiny are determined by intention and direction. I also believe as Heraclitus said, “Character is destiny”. You want to change your fate, change the way you go about things and change the things you pursue because... that defines you. That defines you.

Our words and actions all come from somewhere. They come from a motive force. That force is inspired by a particular objective. Sometimes there are several objectives at work, depending on the subtlety and combination, of calculations toward a result. It's like games, where more than one strategy might be at work, or where one strategy appears to be at work, as a camouflage for other intents. We see this in politics and the marketplace all the time. In both places, those planning to fuck you good, will have a comforting arm on your shoulder and a good grip on your elbow. You'll be the recipient of a hearty and false bonhomie. They'll look at you with the eyes of a lizard and make promises they have no intention of keeping. Much of the time they count upon your willingness to ...believe because you want to believe so badly that you tell yourself all the wrong things, discounting evidence that indicates other agendas at work. I know this well on my own part, from things past but in some cases still present.

We live in the contemporary time zone of dark shit. It is sometimes so dark that the darkness compresses to a point where the shit catches on fire. Regardless of what we may see in the present and regardless of the grim years of the recent past, there are immutable laws in operation. They are inexorable. They are fixed in action and design, the same as the course of the planets are and prescient minds can chart such things in every area of enterprise. Things rise and fall in cycles of endless change. Change is the enduring constant of all times.

It does appear, that the rapacious and insincere are triumphant in all aspects of endeavor in these times. They are nothing but hungry ghosts in temporary ascendance. They are crucibles of appetite that cannot be satiated. They feed and feed like the man in the hamburger joint in Interstate 60, with the same result. They are damned and doomed, as surely as their acts convict them in the highest court of all. If there were swift and certain justice at all times, then fools would never be encouraged to follow them. The superficial would not be inclined to be seduced by transparent artifice, thus depriving us of the lessons their courses bear. I know it sounds screwed up and it is. The simple truth of the whole affair is that we live in a world of false appearances. What we see is not what is and this disconnect between the false and real, is what accounts for all of our suffering and misfortune. Appearances are a blind, the reality is behind... appearances. It's like the world of fashion and the lure of the locations, where such bizarre and ridiculous costumes, get celebrated by the witless and excluded. The excluded celebrate in their dreams of inclusion. These are their heroes. The witless celebrate because they are included. They are equal to the task of wearing clothes and shoes designed by men who hate women. It's a hotbed of lust-bots who like to fuck stick figures, with heroin eyes that perpetually stare into a personal emptiness. They are the vacant, animated billboards of end times, all of them walking their cat named dog.

Many of us are more than a little confused. How did such vacuous, vain and ignorant egonauts get into such well paid and publicized roles? How is it that the talentless have replaced everyone with talent? How is it that mediocrity has been raised to an art form? How is it that so many unconvincing performances can pass for convincing professional acts? Why is the music so insipid and redundant? Why are the books so execrably predictable and lame? It's intentional. It's quite intentional and... so is everything that is happening and it's good news. It's very bad news for the shortsighted. It's very good news for those who can see the long term intentions of the benevolent cosmos, as it sorts and slots everything to its just and lasting reward.

End Transmission.......

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Dublinmick said...

It sounds like this thing is getting easier for all concerned. One of the more humorous comments I have seen lately was some guy on aangirfan blog's comment section. He was from the UK and indicated he went down to get some veggies and the girl a the stand said the London head chopper thing was a joke and most everybody who had stopped by said the same.

The clincher was he noted the girl at the veggie stand seemed barely literate herself.

Anonymous said...

Anon by sheer Ornery-ness,
Thanks, Les, for continuing to type forth!
Many have slipped into a sluggard state like me.
We Know, we know, what canya doo abouddit?
Pink Floyd.
We came to understand.
Another Brick in the Wall.
The Residents.
I'm thankful I don't have the responsibilities/heartbreaks
of kids. I saw no survivable future.
So we have some time/energy to share
whereas parental-units don't have any.
Do you wanna ignore the impending doom?
I'm kinda resolved, after much reading
and following of the Fukushima situation.
Nobody wants to hear it, know it, deal
with fallout contaminated food, water.
Me neither. fuhgeddaboudit. So, it's
party like it's NineTeen NineyNine! huh?
Now we are warned of the asteroid
May can goods!
"His mercies on thousands fall".
cosmic magnesium hot spring rubs to ya.
Jack Schick.

Bravo said...

Les you wrote: "You can't effectively compare these lower life forms to anything remotely human or animal"

Haven't the systems of symbiosis and parasitism been around since nature began, intertwined like ying and yang?


Anonymous said...


I thought coconut oil was helping Poncho's it goes.

In discussions with the 19 year-olds, I tell them that anyone who is not depressed in this sordid state of the world, is sick. The drugs for depression/anxiety make it worse. They have witnessed this in their friends.

By the way, we walk our cats like dogs, even though their names aren't 'dog'.


Anonymous said...

Is there a Malady Called Tri-Polar Disorder?
Seems it the Type the Cake-Walk Proponents suffer from. Let me offer a Round of Double Haldols. 5 0f 6 chambered Russian Roulette Games Afterwards. No Big Bother for Orwellians.

Visible said...

The coconut oil seemed to help in the beginning. Now he has had nearly 40 seizures in the last 33 hours.

I sat with him for a long time trying to effect some healing earlier and surprisingly to me, he seems much better and has only had one since. I hope this is the end of it for the moment. It's impossible really to comment on it at the moment.

He never had more than 7 in a day before. The vet says, as long as they are brief in duration there's no point in even coming in. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

dear vis

i doubt you apply this shit to poor poncho -- but if you have ever used frontline etc for fleas there is a good chance this poison causes seizures and sometimes kills.

prayers for poncho and you.....

liz in l.a.

zepheri said...

Alright, I guess that dream last nite with the downs syndrome kids ejaculating on each other makes perfect sense now, these odd dualities seem to be everywhere now.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Used to have a cat that walked with us when we lived in San Jose. He's walk anywhere that was in his territory, but he refused to go beyond. he walked off leash, stayed with us, sometimes he'd run with me, we'd play predatory-prey in the courtyard, I'd have to spoon feed him sometimes, and he moved on to the next realm on April 28 of this year, on the balcony next door from rhinotracheitis. He ran away after the last attempt to treat him. It was a painful transition, but he's quite happy now. He's let us know.

Well, duality does need it's villains. I've accomplished a Hell of a lot in the name of revenge against those villains. Some of it is eternal, for even if non-profit underground, media successes never go away.

My villains have served their purpose. Now they are all in eternal exile from me and mine. I also had a better life than any of them since I didn't play their stupid SHALLOW, BRAIN DEAD, TRADITIONAL games, and am currently existing in a state that most can't even imagine, though it has nothing to do with money. It has to do with the most valuable commodity of all that people don't even acknowledge unless you tell them. Discretionary time. Well, knowledge is more valuable, but I spend that time getting more of that, so hey!

Yes, in the realm of duality we need the bad with the good, and we can either clean ourselves up in the experiences in the cesspool of live, or revel in the sewage.

All I have left for this realm is contempt. As in, yucky-poo, get me outta here, I never wanna see it again.

I guess that's close enough.

wiggins said...

Love you Les..............come back David Ruffin. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to read your latest, in that I had pretty much the same conversation with some friends last night. I, for one, feel that we are moving toward something that will demonstrate the power of the cosmos to one and all. The birth of a new age is loud and messy, but the rewards are worth the effort. I appreciate your ability to speak the truth, and I think you help more people than you realize.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you for your fine post.

Adam Kokesh (Khazarian tribe member) is planning to lead a group of American gun rights activists into a July 4th slaughter by the military/police, as a final catalyst to breach the second amendment by bogus barry and the marionettes.

flying cossack said...

those who find peace in an unjust world are at peace with injustice

try as you might, wherever you go, you wont find your peace in this world lesvisible, you are too healthy ... and this isnt something im telling you, rather, its something i learned from you

your last few posts have made me laugh harder than anything since i was 8 or 9 years old ... the only reason you are allowed to go on is because you entertain the devil just as much as you do the better parts of god

this world is a comedy to everyone ... many people ask, how come god allows so much suffering? ... the answer is simple, what suffering? ... put in the context of eternity, 80 years of suffering is less than the prick of a needle ... very brief pain followed by very quick healing

of course, it wont always be entertaining to everyone ... those who are always working will always be entertained ... those who are accumulating without working, well, they are going to pay for their entertainment one way or another ... and they will have to pay for not only what they took with iniquity, but for the efforts required to extract payment ... and they WILL work, even if its as bacteria in fertilizer

Rob in WI said...

Regarding staged public performances, I think we should include Ms. Benjamin's heckling of BO during his speech on Thu. It was a pathetic attempt to demonstrate BO's respect for freedom of speech. What a joke. If the incident wasn't planned, she'd have been immediately removed. So, we have these attempts to shore up the false image of guvmint propriety, mixed with the fear agenda. Scare, then sooth, is a classic control technique. From what I've studied, its particularly popular among pedophiles. It makes perfect diabolical sense. Keep the populace from maturing, so they can be kiddie raped. Done ranting.
Be well, all, Rob

Jackson Holly said...

Things are not as they seem,
we are beings lost in a dream,
a scheme, a myth, a fiction
from once upon a time
long ago and far, far away.

Something is amiss in this world,
something important, forgotten,
paradise lost, or stolen, or hidden.
This is not metaphorical.

“This matter is by the decree
of the watchers, demanded
by word of the holy ones:
... that the living may know
the Most High ruleth in the
kingdom of men, delivers it
to whomsoever he will, and
gives power to the basest of men.”

This is not allegorical.
Post-diluvian hybrid offspring
organized this servile planet
with deceit and make-believe,
they diminished our intellect,
demolished our history,
left Earth dangling in space,
a damned man on the gallows.

We are amnesiacs, stacked
naked and pell-mell in
the slave ship of State.

neal said...

Then there is that slow genocide of the invisible church, that is just a false flag, everyone cheers.

They are killing my brothers and sisters, you say that is what is coming, maybe just you.

It is hard to hack reality, and not sniff out the ones who just refuse the gift, or take the fifth.

You will not like this when the commandment to be angry overwrites your sense of belonging, you will not survive, yes, tears will result, but there is nothing that can be done for you.

My god, only this kind of cruelty can justify, and makes the always another chance get to be nothing at all.

It is always like this, you should know better by now, now that it is upon you.

Anonymous said...

"Folks, all the bad news is good news. The IRS scandal, the Central Bankers- tick fest, the false flags, the insane putsch for profits of the soulless, Terminator corporations, the epidemic pederasty of The Church, the foreclosure scams, the destruction of the job markets, all of this is good news because... the materially addicted would never get off their wide load asses otherwise."

That is 110% correct. I came to the same conclusion, years ago, after going blue in the face trying to get through to friends, family, fellow workers and yes, even church goers. As bad as it is getting, here in the USSA, a very large number of people still aren't getting it. I really think that most of of them won't get it until they are totally stripped of everything and herded into railcars on their way to the concentration camps or guillotines.

David V

Anonymous said...

The Buddha said that if you understand the heart of the Lotus Sutra, you will see bodhisatvas equal in number to the Sands of the Ganges. The sun is on the rise again. You can not stop the morning. The dam may be almost bursting. Critical mass?

Anonymous said...

The Britney Spears Snuff Film At The End of the World.

david griffith said...

hello Visible and invisible - wrote this as a slow song - perhaps suitable for dancing to this article :)


The lines are getting longer
For the poor and dispossessed
As the men about the kitchen
juggle sauce for more is less

And it’s nowhere near better
As the vultures hold and swoop
On the nearest hapless fellow
drinking cruelty soup - cruelty soup

Hi ho - here we go
Another cup of soup you beknighted blighter
Hi ho - here we go
No bread roll - draw your belt in tighter
Hi ho - here we go
Have you got the strength left to be a fighter

Toodle -oodle ooo - - Toodle -oodle ooo

The beat is getting stronger
As the war drums coalesce
And the call goes out for heroes
Nothing more and nothing less

And they’ll say the fight is sacred
And they’ll say that we are right
And they’ll want to shock and awe you
Into...... “ Darkness is Light” - “Darkness IS Light.”

Hi ho - here we go
It’s not just happening in a far off country
Hi ho - here we go
Take a look around we’re the hundreth monkey
Hi ho - here we go
How long .............. how long .... How long ....... how long
Will this go on.........

The lines are getting longer and they’re getting out of line.

Farmer said...

I dont know, but my beans sure are looking good this spring, despite that fireball from hell reigning fire down from heaven.

Farmer said...

Sewer Felchers. Thats funny.

Nick said...

I've been away from commenting but not from reading your essays and readers comments.

I usually feel that what I might say has already been said.

This one is exceptionally brilliant insightful enlightening.

Your friend in Cyprus


I wonder if that vegseller's stand is in Powis Sq. where I used to go to buy my veggies from. One corner of the square was/is the Woolwich barracks entrance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les and others,

I've almost completely revised my theory about mind control, which I've linked to here once before. I now see that the system is ancient, external, and responsible for our concepts of and experiences with God and Satan and such "supernatural" entities.

It plays both sides: dark and light. It uses our bad impulses for its own purposes, but it also uses our good impulses and takes advantage of them just as well. It's truly the great deceiver whose existence Descartes sought to disprove in vain.

I believe it uses quantum entanglement for mind control. This is why it's power is limited and it requires all these mind games to remain in power.

Please read my blog carefully and with an open mind. We need to bring this stuff to the attention of as many people as possible so that technological countermeasures can be invented. People need to also be aware how pertinent are Christ's words about bad thoughts being sinful: thought creates neuronal connections, so that thinking bad thoughts a lot will allow the system to mind control you into performing misdeeds much easier without your even realising it, because you've then given it the neuronal connections it needs to succeed:

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Accessories of the Darkness in the Devil's Playground.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis.....A long time reader but never one to comment but after reading about your poor dog, Poncho, I felt I must pass on a website I came across...It seems lead poisoning could well be one of his problems... causing seizures.... is it in the water,etc?. I have no ties with this, like so many of your fans, love you and the work you do....many thanks for everything........hugs, Christine

Anonymous said...

Vis, miss your radio show...

In regards of your companion friend - might be a good idea to try MMS (Jim Humble). In the body it breaks down to table salt and oxygen. Table salt will come out with urine. Oxygen will knock off any viral or bacterial (not all) infections, etc. That way you will eliminate infection possibility. Have been taking it for years and healing a few with first signs of cold/flu. Might work. Good detox too.

Not sure if you can order one in Europe as colloidal silver is outlawed there.


LorieK said...

First & most importantly, much love to you and Poncho, Les.

You said "Day of the Triffids" One doesn't usually hear that more than twice in a week...something's in the air. It happens to be one of my most favorite films, yes, I'm weird. I even have an embroidered version which hangs in my home. Blurry proof of that statement can be seen here. For those not familiar, a fair synopsis can be found here.
Besides the haunting melody of the ice cream truck, one thing I like about the story was what solved the problem, and saved the day. A simple solution. As Bill Masen said, as he leaned over the railing at the top of the lighthouse overlooking the sea, "You hunt, you search, and all the while, the answer is right in front of you."


I know y'all must wonder about the ice cream truck now. You can hear it at 1:11:00 here

Grab a hose everyone.

niijii said...

Hi Vis and all,
My happy hermit world has turned into bum fucked Egypt. Turning a crusty page I guess. Wish I were Poncho. Thank you for your works.

The inverted pope said...

Hi Les Visibles..
I wake up every morning and I try to make sense of my dreams. A certain dissonance ricochetting in my head. It's like I've lived all my life enclosed in a room, reading about the wide wide outside but paying it no mind. There is a door to the dide that has been wallpapered over with a picture of a window. I'm scratching away at that wallpaper and starting to see the thin outline of a doorframe. But the door is locked and I know a key exists somewhere but I can't find it. But I desperately want to open that door, because another room lies beyond. I look through the keyhole, the picture is murky, but I can make out strange outlines.

In a world that rationalises this and that, I am finding it difficult to remain sane. And what makes it worse is that those in my immediate environs seem to have adapted to the state of things as they are. I keep wishing for the mighty smiter to come and do his smithing thing, but I also realise that the solution to the decadence that grips my everyday will ultimately come about by collective consensus.
So when you speak about this power of the cosmos aligning itself to bring about an equilibrium, I can only rationalise that this event is currently working through the collective conscious to bring about a desired result. Because I never used to feel like this, and my thoughts never scattered like this. At times, it is quite daunting, but at other times, it's liberating. Not knowing, yet intuitive at he same time.
One thing is clear. More and more, I have courage to think about and confront that which I feel is fundamentally flawed. An ever decreasing circle of friends, and for the grace of god, there go I (sigh).

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I was just fooling around here, and this came out. I wrote it just before I actually went to sleep, sitting up a few times to finish it. Think it took about 20 minutes, and I am NOT proud of it. Just havin' a bit of silly fun, and I declare it 'public domain', and I suppose this is a good blog to throw it on.


My mama is a bedbug,
My daddy is a flea.
My uncle is a skeeter,
Who will feed off of yer knee.

We is all bloodsuckers.
We want our pound of flesh,
And we want to bleed you dry.
Nothing's ever enough.

My granny is a tapeworm.
She'll eat your insides out.
My aunt is a big fat tick
Whose tongue soon your skin will route.

We is all bloodsuckers.
We want our pound of flesh,
And we want to bleed you dry.
Nothing's ever enough.

Big sis is a juicy leech.
She is insatiable.
Never happy, always more,
Fulness quite untenable.

We is all bloodsuckers.
We want our pound of flesh,
And we want to bleed you dry.
Nothing's ever enough.

(Man, I thought I was through with this sort of thang, but ya gotta do what y gotta do or the Otherside will NOT leave you alone.)

Tyler Vincent said...

“The common view, which differentiates between body and soul, is the product of the analytical, rational mind that cannot, by its very nature, perceive the unity of the living person. Whenever man is looked upon as a thing – a thing, moreover, logically determined – we lose sight of him as a Person. It follows that if we do not perceive him as a unique, living whole, we not only cannot help him on his way to self-becoming, but we fall into the fatal dilemma of dualism. With its rational distinction between the physical and spiritual aspects, dualism separates man into two different entities. This logical view of man can so mislead us in our practical evaluation of people that we tend to regard another person as important only in respect to the significance of his functioning in the world and to ignore his existential requirements. To reverse such methods of thinking is far more difficult than is generally supposed. High-sounding platonic assumptions of the unity of body and soul are no more useful here than our ineffective modern attempts to oc-ordinate the practices of medicine and psychology. We shall not achieve any valid understanding of a human being by adding what we can deduce from the living corpse to our knowledge of the bodiless psyche. The concept of the unity of body and soul is the product of discursive thinking. It fails to take into account that vital Person who is to be met in another as a thou or experienced within ourselves as an I. Such an attitude makes it impossible, either theoretically or practically, to come to any understanding that could do a man justice as a living person.

When we meet him as a Thou, when we are able to see him in his existential relationship to the world and to life – only then does man as a Person appear. It is possible now to see him as an element in a system of interrelated parts whose order has no relevance to the order so dear to the rational mind. We can, indeed, never do a man justice with our rational understanding alone : our direct participation in his life and suffering is necessary for this. Only when he is present to us as a Thou can we feel and sense him in his personal, human existence, where he, like ourselves, is striving for happiness, meaning and fulfilment. When this happens we recognize him a brother who is also on the Way, bourne along, by destiny, as we are, towards the goal of becoming a true man – which is to say, a Person. A doctor for instance, will lose sight of the human being if he looks at the patient simply as a case.”

The Way of Transformation – Daily life as a Spiritual Exercise. P. 54-55

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for your poems and song!
I know fresh homemade milk kefir is very good for nervous system and for so many other ailments it is good idea to drink some everyday!
also i ozonate my house...
My daughter has cerebral palsy so seizure i know...I have oxygen generator and stay with her, sending her good vibs.
THC good also(grin)

Visible said...

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