Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Talking about The Black Window Spider Family and Sundry.

Dog Poet Transmitting........

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Let's start off today testing your gag reflex, as you peruse this bit of fellatio, being performed by the media, which is wholly owned by those who dispense these hum jobs on themselves. Here we see a registered and labeled, cold blooded psychopath, being given the Disney/Norman Rockwell treatment. They just love to transfer those skills they practice in The Valley, for profit, into the area where they practice another kind of pornographic, pubic relations. Speaking of pornographic events, practiced on your unwilling posteriors and trembling Jello minds, here's another gorge raising event brought to you by the same people WHO ALSO destroyed the previous structures that used to occupy that space. Yes, it can't be said too often; Israel AND the world wide Satanic Zionist Conspiracy to enslave and/or destroy humanity, with the assistance of bought off politicians, corrupt intelligence services AND- the stupidest general population that has ever lumbered mindlessly, across a poisoned and plasticized landscape, in concert and cooperation with each other, attacked the United States on 9/11. The same players also did 7/7 and The Madrid Train station bombings... all these locations were guarded by the same Israeli Security company, whose job it was to facilitate the carnage, in honor of whatever bloodthirsty demon they were making the living sacrifices to. Behind all these actions, lies The Black Widow Spider Family, the arch Satanic bloodline present on the planet today; that would be The Rothschilds. There you have it in plain, daylight style. Believe it or not ...it's your call. Embracing a lie puts you into the same pending destiny-environment of that lie. Cutting a lie loose ...well, you do the math.

You know, I believe I will say it again; Israel, The World Wide Zionist, Anti-Human Conspiracy and assorted shit golems, did 9/11, under orders from The Rothschilds. Hmmm, you know what? I think I will say it again, this time in all caps. ISRAEL, WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF VARIOUS NIMRODS, UNDER ORDERS FROM THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY DID 9/11. Let's retroactively put that in Bold type, yeah, lets.

All the criminal banking scams and action that have taken place over recent times and probably at all times before, were ordered or engineered by the Central Banks, which includes The (NOT) Federal Reserve. Should you be inclined to use a little industrial strength graphite, 3 in 1 Oil, WD 40, or a blowtorch, to remove your ass from where it has bonded with the Pleather in your easy chair, you can probably find out which genetic abomination owns all of The Central Banks.

I'm supposing there are some who might feel I am being somewhat redundant and repetitive of late. Perhaps there are some who feel I might be stating the case too strongly? Possibly I should be more understanding and refer to these murderous fiends as, simply confused, misunderstood- ♫Oh Lord, Please don't let me be...♫? Perhaps I am lacking in (fundie) Christian compassion and am missing the amount of pressure that these people have to operate under every day, while they spread death and destruction globally (there aren't enough hours in the day)... or simply take their time and engage in grievous torture first but... then again, there just isn't enough time ...and surely I should have some kind of empathy about that.

Yes, here I am talking shit about those who make shit look like lobster bisque, when I could be sharing recipes (for lobster bisque?), giving seminars (for a good chunk of cash) on visualizing prosperity, presenting pay per view tantric workshops over the internet, or whatever it is that people do when they have no concern for things like this because... because... uh... uh... uh... fill in the blanks.

Well, I'm not going to stop beating this drum, until some sizable portion of the sleeping classes, gets off their sizable asses and starts putting up stickers in toilet stalls, with internet URLS, bus kiosks, buses, police cars, store windows, military vehicles, definitely Homeland Security Nazi-mobiles, pre-schools, elementary schools, high schools and college bulletin boards, workplaces, national monuments, state and national parks, utility vehicles and should you be capable of larger artistic endeavors, feel free to hang banners from overpasses and apply creative graffiti everywhere it will take the application.

Your government is making war on you, under orders from the criminal nation of Israel and their sponsors, The Central Banks, who are presently stealing whatever they can get their hands on. This is taking place right now. It has been taking place for some time and it will continue to take place and become more and more and more extreme ...until something or someone stops them.

I know these blogs would probably receive a lot more positive attention, if I were to devote myself to talking about fashion, posting recipes and providing the ravenous public with miracle diets, as well as links to professional stomach stapling clinics. I have thought long and hard about this. How can I serve my visitors and reading public in a more useful way? How can I attract the denizens of The Heartland to my little corner of the internet? Should I have a looping country western soundtrack going 24/7. Sim, will you look into that?

Well, dear reader, I don't have to do any of these things. I don't even have to continue with these things that I do. We are in a time of forced awakening. It will come to those who are already so inclined and it will come to those whose resistance is adamantine and resistant past the point of surrender. It is going to come to the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. It's going to come like Hell and High-water and all those things that attend the end of one age and the beginning of another. It's going to come because it is destined and inevitable. There is no defense against it. There is no hiding place and no secure fortress that can be raised or discovered, which can protect anyone against the certainty of their own destruction which they carry within them.

We have endured and suffered more terrible and unpleasant things than any of us can now remember. Repeatedly we close the door on a lifetime and then forget all memory of it, once we are loaded into the chute for one more followup. We walk about and engage in all of those normal and abnormal things that arouse our passions for performance, mostly, totally unaware of the recording secretary that accompanies us in every moment of the days and nights that carrousel until the amusement park goes dark, just as we are unaware of the means of our liberation, which also accompanies us through that carrousel of days and nights.

It is the most curious thing how we can be surrounded by compelling and corroborating evidence of so many things, all of which combine to paint a glaring portrait of what is. Even all of what is not, confirms what is. Every lie, no matter how truthful in appearance, or how ridiculously transparent, is proof of the truth for those who know how to analyze these things.

We do not have to live on our knees at the whims and pleasure of psychopaths. We do not have to go in fear of those whose greatest power is in their ability to generate fear. Once we have understood and confronted our fear, they no longer have any power. They only get away with what they get away with for the purpose of demonstration, for a specified period of time, until the time arrives for their spectacular and final downfall and that time is not far off. Allowing these fiends to instill fear in you, ties you to them and that is the point of the whole affair. Pretending they're not there and worse... sidling up to them and looking for a piece of the action, will produce certain results that you can depend on. Making yourself believe that you have to cut deals with these monsters, in order to survive, might grant you some time in the short run ...but will surely damn you in the long run. Take any or all of it for what it's worth, based on how your value meter reads this sort of thing.

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Visible said...

Your comment did not go through... ??? Please post it again.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

What's there to be afraid of? We signed up to be in this cesspool of limitations, and if we're not here, we're somewhere else, and somewhere else is better than here. Trust me. I've seen it.

Well, depending on your mindset, and all. It helps to overcome the programming of stupid self-destructive social traditions, not that one set of clueless asinine parents tried to get me to become, and remember what you really are. At least my other set of parents who I lived with later let me be myself and didn't try to get me to be some idiotic, brain dead Stepford creature. And my, what I accomplished for it. (MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph describes the mark of the beast phenomenon of Rev. 13 or 14, somewhere around there. If you don't take the mark, you can't buy or sell. If you DO take the mark, you face the wrath of God. I've been preparing for the former scenario for most of my life, and I'm still not sure if I will have what it takes, when push comes to shove.

The deaf, dumb and blind worker ants in the cities will cave in without a whimper. Their cotton candy version of God would never expect them to endure such harship. Besides, didn't god place the powers that be where they are? Our preachers and teachers tell us it is god's will that we obey, so there you have it.

Either the mark will soon be upon us, or it is already here but not fully enforced yet. It won't be long now.

David V

Unknown said...

YES IN BOLD PRINT ALL OVER THE WORLD...without end ,amen. Having said that, when I confront the mountains of corpses from the last war to end war, I can't help but feel that all is lost as far as preventing any of the "Billions about to be served" from their appointments with Mass death. Was the greatest generation the most foolish generation? Here we have one Tribe ruling over all the other tribes by first destroying their tribalism. Look at American families. Most are scattered all over with no family cohesion to act as one. So we are atomized, alienated, and left to our own devices to fail or find a way to serve their tribe. No one cannot serve. Its almost an impossibility at this point. If you shop, you serve.
The murderous bolshevic Jews from Russia have invaded the US and are doing to it what they did to Russia and Germany twice. If they failed to stop it, what hope for Americans who still think Nagasaki saved lives? Where is that great American exceptualism now? I remember the bloodlust in people after 911 which I realized at a farmers market in Long Beach. Scary. That same bloodlust can be stirred up anytime for their purposes as the coming mother of all false flags will prove. So I don't have much hope there. But I figure if I reach one kid and stop him from joining the army then I have succeeded. Reagan didn't win the cold war. The Russian people did by refusing to go along with their nightmare anymore. Vladmir Putin may turn out to be the savior of the west. That is the only bright spot I see out there. Thanks for telling it like it is Les.

Anonymous said...

Hello Vis,

I mentioned a week or two ago that I'll be in Deutschland for a few weeks from May 19th.

Can I drop by and say hello the first weekend in June?

I'll email very soon you if you're OK with it. Don't want to intrude or impose.


Visible said...


I already told you it would be way cool and you are invited to stay overnight at my house as a guest as well.

JerseyCynic said...

I've been gagging all morning

Rich Manhattan moms hire handicapped tour guides so kids can cut lines at Disney World


I'm going to go catch up and watch a few episodes of Revolution. It's getting veeery interesting. They actually said "prick" on nbc prime time!!!

I'll let you know what happens...

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis, you missed the one about Angelina Jolie getting a double mastectomy just incase she gets breast cancer. Probably the most important story of the day!(Sigh)

With love and un abrazo


Visible said...

actually, I did not miss it as much as I ignored it (grin).

spiller23 said...

A very interesting documentary on the work of Physics Professor Steven E. Jones looking into what brought the buildings down on 9/11.

Anonymous said...

thanks again for exponentially transferring heaping quantities of HOPE for all those who laugh at these demented purveyors of the stool sculpture deity cult...


great suggestions for the energetically challenged, who yearn to BE SOMEBODY...and can't quite find square one...



lightandlongshadows said...

Dear Les,
Shit and Shinola on the Banks of the River of Darkness

A sincere thank-you, I think I'll listen for a fifth time.

Anonymous said...

What's going on in that library photo, Les?
You are just one inch of thumb flex from flashing a pair of visible baphometal horns.
What gives?

Anonymous said...

Someone has to say it man, thank you.
Sometimes very loud and in rhythm.
Sometimes just real loud.


Visible said...

gee, did you not read the last 20 times I explained the kundalini mudras having to do with the hands? Go read about Hinduism and kundalini. I don't mean to be rude but this gets tiresome. So does the accusatory tone. The is ONE FORCE expressed as good and evil. You make the call which one you think I might be.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Viral Denial, When the Revolution Come.

david griffith said...

Hi Visible - I’ve been uneasy since my last comment in a previous post. I’m sorry that I’ve implied that somehow your articles diminish in value because many sense or know of the things that you speak about so clearly.

Not true. It’s not just the quality of your articles but the ongoing consistent universal content. Your enduring voice matters.

Second apology for linking your love of creating music to mine. I didn’t mean to appear to chuckle at your concerts for God and Invisible friends. I do the same myself - for God and the Tree-ferns - - and often find myself thanking God when I surprise myself with a few unexpected notes of beauty - or the plectrum ceases, for a moment, to have a life of its own.

There are so many moments that I - sort of - sense but miss until later because my enthusiasm gets in the way.

God having a sense of humour and sending a small royalty cheque is fine for me to enjoy but to post it on your site is questionable and that’s part of my unease.

So - sorry about that.

Perhaps a very small concern in the greater scheme of things but it matters to me to apologise and redress the balance.

Cheers - I’ll go quiet now.

Visible said...

Jesus, David, I didn't even notice and don't know what you're talking about. It couldn't have been very egregious. Don't sweat it. Chances are that I probably got what you really meant, given that resonance thing (grin). Be well.

JerseyCynic said...

WATCH THIS VIDEO!! (if you want)

"Thousand Hand Bodhisattva Dance"

edited out original music and added soundtrack by Steely Dan.
(The dancers are all deaf)

here is their story

" Being deaf and mute, these disabled female performers endure pain and suffering in vigorous training, simply to deliver a message of love to mankind. "



ChewyBees said...

A previous poster (anon) wrote about the mark of the beast in reference to what that could be. He didn't know, and quite frankly, neither do I.

Take a moment, if you will, and instead analyse what must be done in order for a man to deny God and instead accept that which is not God, which could be interpreted as a mark of the beast.

IMO the closest any of us will come to the Source, or the Creator, is Our Self. It is the Great I Am. It is only through this singular channel that any individual Man can reach God, and from there the Infinite Energy that is God flows from the Man outward in Infinite Projection and Harmony.

The Prophet in the Gospel, when questioned about the greatest commandment, immediately answered (paraphrasing) to Love God. He then followed up with Love Your Neighbor as Your Self. Now how do those two things tie together, as I don't feel those ideas can possibly be anything but congruous.

How do we Love God with all Our Heart, Mind and Soul? My answer is that we Love Our Self with all Our Heart, Mind and Soul. And to do that we must treat Our Self with the greatest Admiration, Caring, Development and Understanding, in the physical, spiritual and metaphysical senses all at once.

This is why we are taught to treat the body as a temple, and never defile it, harm it, poison it, or destroy it, but instead treat it as the most prized possession gifted to us, and that which gives us life.

It is why we must also feed and nourish our Spirit with only the most prolific of holy intent, as if we were always Communing with the Source whenever we channeled programming into our minds through our physical, and metaphysical senses.

Through these two actions, we glorify Our Self, and we glorify God. The two are synonymous. If we do the opposite, and go on a 3 month booze and chase the ghost crack binge, then we defile Our Self and therefore defile God.

Which leads to the mark of the beast. Much of what we allow to happen to our mind, body and spirit are willing choices based on what we believe in. All beliefs are agreements we have made with ourselves about what is true in our world we are living (dreaming). What we choose to believe in is what we will use as an excuse to glorify Our Self, or destroy Our Self.

When a man believes in sources of power outside of I Am, sources that rely on the participation of Man in order to thrive, then he is taking a huge risk in giving up the I Am in favor of that which is fictional, and parasitic. We encounter this every day with news, religions, governments, fads, diet, relationships, interactions and so forth. Undoubtedly we all have things out there that take our God energy and turn it into some systemic profit for fictional organizations, entities and images, to our own detriment, and for some at the cost of their life, the greatest and only gift they can ever truly have.

Here's the kicker. Despite our iniquities, or "sins" as they are called, we are still capable at any time of breaking those agreements (beliefs) and taking another path. Those little contractual agreements are only one sided contracts. We say "no more!" and the power of the agreement is dissolved. What must follow, and this is essential, is forgiveness. Before we can ever give forgiveness, we must first forgive Our Self, as it was Our Self that provided the agreement platform to allow that sin to occur to begin with. No one else can forgive Our Self, be it the pope or the pauper. What follows forgiveness is repentance, meaning we make a new agreement to never enter into that old agreement again.

So perhaps the mark isn't a single thing or action, but all the things and actions which we loop through over and over again, taking away God's Energy and destroying God's Holy Creation.

ChewyBees said...

Addendum to the above...

When we read writings such as produced by Les Visible on his blogs, they are very revealing, sometimes scary, and often times uncover evil within our midst. It is our solemn duty to protect and secure Our Self, and to do that we must be aware of the enemies against Our Self.

Channeling this type of programming into our minds may seem counter-intuitive to Love, as it requires a standoff and often times threatening position to other men. This is necessary because the passive stance of ignoring it and hoping the whole thing will just pass, and the gods or the aliens will come down from the sky and rapture us all away while Blondie sings, is akin to walking naked with a porterhouse strapped to one's back through the Serengeti. Like it or not, the outcome is going to be grave, despite how much chanting and praying goes on to some external, disconnected source.

We must be vigilant in the protection of Our Self. We are our own security. Even a feeble old lady, if channeling God's Energy to others, can secure her I Am through the willingness and Love of others. Where most of mankind has gone awry is in allowing strangers to convince them that they are as safe as can be because those strangers said so. There's pigs, dogs, sheep and wolves out there (or so Pink Floyd has told me), and they're all shape shifters from one form to another, all to get a man to offer over his I Am in exchange for any number of deceptions. The fact that it continually happens under the same guises in ever greater degrees is the most concerning, which is why we must always be searching for the truth, and that which is not truth.

The first place to look, drumroll please...Is Our Self.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Jesus Christ ALWAYS put God before self.

Jesus never jumped over God to put either himself or anyone else at the forefront. He told it like it is, that we're basically rascals, we're in a heap of trouble and rescue is through God, not our miniscule selves and our conjured up imaginings and self aggrandizements.

Not just personalists such as Jesus and Muhammad, but also the great historical impersonalists such as Adi Shankaracharya and Buddha take refuge of God, through either His personal or impersonal energies, but certainly not through their miniscule individual self with its pinprick potency.
Not even Lord Brahma can breech Ma Durga's fortress of Maya. By perfect design.
But we can? Dream on.

Because one is a vegetarian doesn't mean the bull won't charge.

This never ending cyclic repeating over and over and over of birth, death, disease and suffering (karma) arises from our own pathetic attempts to be the big authority/God ourselves.

How's that working out?

Humans have four inherent defects.

1) subject to delusion
2) making mistakes
3) cheating propensity
4) imperfect senses

A person who has himself for a guru/master has a fool for a disciple/student.

Of course people can achieve tiny quickly passing (I've been happy three days in a row!) results, but this is hardly proof of ourselves as a real and perfect remedy to relieve our suffering.

Fall on your knees, indeed, but surely not to the mirage of your own portrait as God.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice Les. The ROTHSCHILDS! The real DEVIL and his pitchfork is Israel.


ChewyBees said...

(Homer) Thank you for posting. I assume you were responding to my post, which I appreciate.

Your words ring true, except for a few, and significant faults.

The basis of your arguments is set upon words written by men long dead. One of those men, for example, named Jesus Christ, never wrote anything you referred to. He didn’t have an autobiography, and even if he did, it would have been manipulated and interpreted as a movie on the cutting room floor. There is absolutely no verification of the authenticity of the men that did write about his life. That said, I still read it, and apply it, where necessary, to my life.

I challenge anyone using the bible, the gospel or any other work written by men to be the truth, as the Word of God. There is no possible way that any of it can be proven, except by faith and belief. The entire subject is based on a “believe in what I do, or be cast into hell” argument.

The same thing goes for any other culture’s writings. We review the wisdom, and then we apply it. There is an impossible task of taking writings from strangers and then making them the absolute truth. Granted, the truth is there, sometimes in great amounts, and sometimes not so. It is up to the I Am to decide what is the truth and what is not.

There is no way a critically thinking man can accept that words in a book are the absolute truth, particularly when the authors are mystery men of interpretation and interpolation. Every man, individually, must create his own truth based on the beliefs he is shown, and what most honors his life. His life is of God. His life cannot be of the orders and commandments of the interpretations and determinations of strangers, and sorry but, that includes you.

The idea that “I have met Christ”, or “I know the Buddha” are ridiculous. If either of those two images were alive and speaking (wherein you could never prove they were what they claimed, nor could they) they would heartily recommend searching within Your Self to find the answers.

I readily admit I am far from knowing the mysteries of the Prophets of every culture. In my estimation, I am a neophyte. I find, I read, I place a determination and I try to add or subtract from my own puzzle. When I think I have answers, I teach. When I don’t, and new learning comes forth, I learn. And then I teach.

I know no answers, in the swing of things, but I know the cycle. I only know my own truth. I think it has validity, but it is plastic, and capable of subtle, or imminent change. If you or anyone else could provide me with concrete evidence of that which was counter to what I believe, then I tell you the truth, I would change. The amount of change I put my heart through on a regular basis is gradual, and I am always searching. I believe in God. And I believe in Me.

To conclude, I never recommend holding One’s self before God. I never said anyone should act as God. But to allow God to exist above one’s self because of writings on paper is delusion. Prove to me that God exists on paper, and then I may change my opinions. We are all equal as God, and we are the Image of God.

When that equality is squashed, so some can use paper to crush others and steal their power, then there is another god that exists, and it is named Lord.

This is my way.

ChewyBees said...

I came back here, after clicking to Zen, and had to post again.

So sorry for making your comments post a platform, Les Visible...

How different is it for a man to allow an advertised image of politician or religious figure to be anything but the savior of his life? How many deluded people decided in their hearts that Bush was the answer to their increasing woes, or that Obama was on their side because he was a brutha? How many times must we hear that we must answer to a religious man's calling or suffer eternal hell?

Images are simply a creation of strangers into the human mind. Every single image in your mind, as the reader, has been created by something or someone to tempt you you to agree to something. No? Pull up any image of anything, and then counter that claim.

From when we are born we are taught images. Our entire belief system is based on the images that others have taught us. Original thoughts are rare, if not impossible.

Where God comes in is when we can break away from images. Because our entire belief system is contrived from strangers, this is the necessity of our ability to commune with God.

Can any of us break the bonds that society has tasked us with, including, patriotism, religion, the fads of the clique and our personal masturbations? Any time, any where. The necessary element cannot be mammon gain, but must be spiritual gain.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..


I say good luck to you! and I truly mean this!

Anonymous said...

Sri Isopanisad - 07


One who always sees all living entities as spiritual sparks, in quality one with the Lord, becomes a true knower of things. What, then, can be illusion or anxiety for him?


Eamon said...

Chewy Bees,

Although I like and appreciate your spirit, it is FAR too riddled with pure subjectivism, which, to put it mildly, is contrary to reason and destroyable in a New-York-minute by anyone with rudimentary training in logic and metaphysics [and it is crystal clear you have had NO such training]. You do NOT (nor does anyone else) "create" the truth. Your mind either conforms to reality or it does not; if it does, you are sane; if it does not, you are insane, at least to the degree that your mind fails to conform to reality. Do you honestly believe that 2+2=4 because you believe it is so? If you do, I cannot even begin to help you see how amiss your take truly is. If I were about to crack your skull with a cast-iron skillet, would you dare to deny the cast-iron nature of the concrete object that was about to smash your skull, or would you blithely tell me that you, oh 'divine' one, create reality and deny that your own brains are about to be scattered on the floor? Goodbye...let's talk again when reality is the goal. Cheers :)

ChewyBees said...

(Homer)Thank you, but I am not a luck person. I am not one that is gifted sans effort. Whenever I play luck I am disappointed.

That might just be a gift in itself, as to be gifted things without working in the mental, physical or spiritual sense is the path to despair.

Rather than luck:
I wish you the Blessings of God. I wish you the Wisdom of God. And I Wish you the Purpose of God.

A quick story. A scientist once cloned an acorn seed. He planted the two identical seeds in the same place, using the same fertile soil, and the same environmental conditions. He applied the same water to each every day, and spoke to each seedling from sprout to sapling for a full year. After that time, despite his greatest effort to make it so, the trees were not the same. In fact, they were so dynamically different that there is no way anyone would accept that these were cloned trees!
If you and I went to the same studies, read all the same books, had endless discussions and mutually agreed that we believed in the same thing, guess what? We still would not believe in the same thing. Every man's belief is different, even if they attend the same this or exhort the same that. Every single man on this planet has a unique belief system. Not a little unique, almost 100% unique (I cannot determine the margin).

When men decide that their belief system is correct, and that others that do not believe in it must be convinced at all costs, then inquisitions are started. People are tortured, burned at the stake, beheaded, and otherwise terrorized into absolute acquiescence toward that which was never provable in the first place.

If it's a necessary satisfaction, then I believe in your image of Christ. If the opposite must be given, then I disbelieve in everything I have written here, or ever written. I readily admit that I am just as FOS as anyone else. This is not the first time I have said this.

I willingly forgo that everything I have ever believed in, might be, or very well could be, a total and complete facade.

Behind every curtain is some waddler pulling levers. Or it is not so. It is the truth, moment to moment. One believes, but does not solidify. One solidifies, then becomes petrified.

ChewyBees said...

Via Pink Floyd...

Hey you! out there in the cold
Getting lonely, getting old, can you feel me
Hey you! Standing in the aisles
With itchy feet and fading smiles, can you feel me
Hey you! don't help them to bury the love
Don't give in without a fight.
Hey you! out there on your own
Sitting naked by the phone would you touch me
Hey you! with your ear against the wall
Waiting for someone to call out would you touch me
Hey you! would you help me to carry the stone
Open your heart, I'm coming home
But it was only a fantasy
The wall was too high as you can see
No matter how he tried he could not break free
And the worms ate into his brain.
Hey you! out there on the road
Always doing what you're told, can you help me
Hey you! out there beyond the wall
Breaking bottles in the hall, can you help me
Hey you! don't tell me there's no hope at all
Together we stand, divided we fall.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Virtue, Integrity ...and What we Get.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes, perhaps I should have said good fortune and best of health to you! in lieu of 'good luck.'

Bad habits die hard, if at all.

Anonymous said...

They, the wolfs clan, are playing us like checkers for a long long time...

We were blinded by their gadgets and seeming powers to dominate nature.
They then started circus shows in temples...
Magic tricks using steam and pressure, to give the illusion statues are crying blood, or statues are flying using magnetite.
They even brought back the dead...

They have subjugated us, and hidden many secrets!
We are like moths, captives of a fake light...
We went against nature, and placed our trust, love, admiration, and money at the feet of charlatan shaman...
Was the first charlatan Zionist?
Or Zionism was created due to it's repression?
What does not kill you make you stronger...
We created his grand vision.
His grand scheme eventually became ours, negating nature along the way ...
We live in a Grand Cult, a destructive, out of control science based one.
That is why some are so blind...
This cult is so Anti-nature.
Look what we have become!
They stunted woman with tight chest thingies and high heels...
Made to look like promiscuous child undernourished...
Fake everything is the law for woman...
Fake hair,lips,eyes,chicks, boobs, bum, nails...
Wow! isn't it telling?
Woman, representatives of nature had to be crushed, so we can have illusion we own Baba Yaga!

2012 has been the awakening of positive voice in my head...Like you said Visible, internal voice that was mocking and judgmental turned into a soothing one!
This voice steers my soul!
It became more obvious around 2000, i went into reading over drive.
I bought so many books! My house is full of them...
Impulsion buy of books while surfing internet...
Like a quest, so many subjects,
health, politics, religions, Rennes le chateau and multitudes of occultists one.
100s of books, so many opinions...
Which one possess the truth???

I have realized NOW:
They all do contain some...
This voice has helped me understand the bigger picture...

Now it is giving me the reasons why i am and others the way we are...
The grand scheme...

And this truly help me love others and accept whatever is coming...
I am not a slave,
and life is not about accumulation of matter...
This is truly understood by my soul now...
A force truly understand us fairly, and is always there, in the shadows for us.
Death is not punitive!
You must understand not through your ego but soul, not the head but heart...
If you can you will be free.
For life to be eternal and appreciated cycles are necessary...

It is possible, in the same way our bodies are reused by nature forever, that when pain or pleasure is felt, a power, energy is released, feeding universal consciousness...
Surrender to nature...
Life is full of emotions, because in this realm the energy of universal consciousness is created.
it is powerful stuff you know!
Tremendous energy is needed for creative though to go on and on.
Yes, it is a tough job, but so necessary...
We will benefit from it, but... only when we die...

Seen the cartoon: The Lorax?
I loved it, shows the state of things...And girl named Audrey like me hi!hi! Ego boosted somehow.
Have you seen Cloud Atlas? Samsara? Lately many profound movies...
Movies like books also contains some truths...

Keisha, a pop banana artist, released a song just before Conn. school shootout , advertising the merits of death.
She went into panic mode, telling MTV she was forced to sing this song...
Unbelievable Ah!ah!
It seems they want people to commit suicide...And it is working!


Ray B. said...

I have just found and 'enjoyed' the discussion between ChewyBees and Via Homer. Thanks to both!


Eamon: A personal point to add to your comment on reason and logic.

"If I were about to crack your skull with a cast-iron skillet, would you dare to deny the cast-iron nature of the concrete object..."

I have been fortunate enough to have had several instances where earth-plane 'rules' were temporarily 'voided'. The most ostentatious (so far) was the car disappearance, right in front of two detail-oriented witnesses (Liz & I) in broad daylight. This demonstrated beyond denial that other, Higher modes of 'reason or logic' are out there...

I would 'recast' your observations to say that most of the time we are 'snared' within what Rupert Sheldrake called 'morphogenetic fields' - in this case, what might be called society's collective consciousness - and the 'rules' of that field apply. The skillet and the skull act as expected within that 'field'. For unknown reasons - until we are Aware enough - we periodically 'break out' of that field and other 'logic' applies.

So, I both agree with you and disagree with you... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

ChewyBees said...

Mr. Les Visible...

My final comment on this particular blog post. I must say...this is what it's about.

I am not right. Not in the least. Everything I have said is pure conjecture, regardless of the fact that it is purely what I believe.

I release it all, and I give all that challenge it full potential to create their own belief system. If you find a modicum of thought in anything I have ever written, then let's boogie.

If you cast off everything I have said as nonsense, then I can only hope you have something greater to teach than the tribal methods of criticism.

Either way, see you in the future, as this post is in the past, or yet present, if you are reading it.

My good Sir Les Visible, you inspire me, I write. You give me a platform, solace, and space to commune...Time to read...

messianicdruid said...

If God could save everyone, would He?




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