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Turbo Stupid and the Dominoes of Interactive Evil.

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Sometimes you just have to open a posting with some good news; a great example of functioning humanity. A lot of people talk the talk but very few walk the talk. Here's someone who does. I have to continue to remind myself that the criminal Crass Media, owned by the largest genetic aggregate of criminals on the planet, taken from the world's smallest demographic, necessarily avoid positive examples of humanity. What they like to do is take the nastiest shits among us (individuals much like themselves) and pass them off as decent life forms when they are only monsters pretending to be decent life forms and failing miserably; much like the Orcs being copies of Elves. We live in a world where people like this are our role models and are put forth as more deserving than people with actual talent. People with actual talent though, they're likely to be less likely to 'play the game' and the game of the moment is corrupting mass consciousness, denigrating humanity and perverting the norm to the point that the norm is seen as abnormal.

I have no idea what's going on because I keep having to read things like this. Is this true? As an indication of how screwed up things are, I wouldn't be surprised to find that it is. I don't see the argument that because he's gay (if he is) he required a She Male as a wife. Various points made in this article seem a little questionable but I don't know, do I? What I am increasingly coming to believe is that the creeps and creatures among us are much worse than we presently imagine. Perhaps, at one point, in the unremembered past, they were no more than mere footpads and side-street bullies but now, possessed by the emergent demons of Hell in their full press assault on humanity in these end times, they are dark beyond human possibility and capable of horrific acts that beggar the imagination.

There is no bottom that cannot be reached by the architects of this cultural decline. Every time you think raw sewage has found its final permutation, they lower the bar. We live in a world of Turbo-Stupid. You have to degrade human intelligence to a marked degree before you can sell them something like this. Is it true? I don't know. We do know that there is something seriously bullshit about Sandy Hook. There's something seriously bullshit about nearly everything being reported or promoted by the Crass Media and The Powers that Think they Are. There is so little that is real that one has to seriously wonder what is holding it all together. It's like some gossamer web that could be torn apart by a hummingbird's fart.

The tumbling dominoes of interactive evil are something else. You get to thinking there may well be something dark and demented under every rock, at work in every basement and waiting in the tree line on every country highway. Criminality and abuse of the system is everywhere to be seen and that is because the people who are now in charge of the visible (seeming to be in charge) are morally bankrupt to the degree that the measuring oscilloscope field has flatlined. There's no pulse, which probably accounts for all the zombie imagery that populates these times. People are huge fans of zombie culture in video games and movies and however it is that they celebrate the undead. I haven’t got the slightest interest in zombie culture. Where is the attraction in lumbering forms, usually dragging a leg and always as fast as whoever they are chasing? Then once they catch whoever they're chasing, they tear them to pieces with their teeth and devour them. The whole idea is completely impractical for any number of reasons I won't go into because I consider the whole idea stupid. If only what is actually going on were only a fantasy but... it is not. I comfort myself with the knowledge that none of it is real in any lasting sense and I also comfort myself with the knowledge that I'm not seeing the whole picture cause... practically no one does. You need the architect himself sitting in your head to do that and he's real particular about where he hangs out.

It is incredibly hard to know what's going on. On the one hand, the light is breaking through in the most needed locations; meanwhile, these irredeemable shits flooded Gaza by opening a dam. It wasn't enough to pump raw sewage there. Yes, on the other hand the press toward global instability marches on. There's no telling what's likely to happen on any given day in these times. The tide of destiny and the shifting pulse of humanity are moving inexorably toward change. The cretins in power are marshaling their forces of oppression on all sides and in every area of activity. Somethings got to give. Sooner or later the planets are going to align in such a way that the world will never be the same afterward. It really can't be that much further up ahead. I don't think any of us thought it would go this long; proof positive of an invisible hand and still... it's made no great difference in public perceptions.

Okay, then circumstances will have to tighten up to get that public awareness. What could be more attention grabbing that something like that while millions are losing benefits, pensions, EBT's and their living conditions? Though the consciousness in America may have been shut down, it is not the same in Europe where everyone can see what's happened in Iceland and Hungary. You may be absolutely sure that those in government in Europe know which way the wind is blowing, as far as public concerns may go. Add to this the damning evidence of Snowden's files and the bad feeling they have generated and add again to that the notable success in the Icelandic economy and the anticipated same in Hungary and I see a lot of countries about to say, “Fuck the bankers”.

What I don't get about Snowden's files is why so much is being held back for so long. Now the NSA is talking about granting him immunity if he returns and gives the files back. Is it possible that a greater portion of the files haven't been seen by anyone but him? Could that be remotely possible? Would any intelligence service, especially Russia, just let those files sit there all this time? Does Snowden carry them on his person everywhere? Aren't there state of the art sleeping potions that would put Snowden out for long enough (especially if he was already asleep) to copy the files? This doesn't make sense. What also doesn't make sense is what CIA operative Assange's femme fatale shadow is doing superimposed over Snowden's. Double hmmm. There is so much perplexity going on around that whole issue. I do not believe for a minute that the elite were behind Snowden in the first place. The bad press around the world cannot possibly be something they were looking for.

I think the 800 pound Tyson's chicken in the room (that can't walk and has breasts bigger than Beshine) is the backroom strategizing going on about Israel. Israel has become a pain in the posterior for every other country on Earth. I feel secure in the belief that Israel is doomed and- ♫Oh Happy Day♫ Yes, I think the time has come when the Powers that Used to Be have seen the porno graffiti on the wall in that dark toilet stall on Pluto where all atavistic fears reside. There are far worse things than George Michael lurking there. I believe that it's a matter of self defense at this point. Israel generates bad press like Carter's does little liver pills. They have become an unacceptable liability for their other kindred doing the nasty all round the world. Judgment upon the Moloch of the Middle East might deflect rising world anger toward the Golden Calf Brigade. There is also a minority good side to these peoples who are not without the power to do certain things. Why they have been so reticent for so long is beyond me because their own survival is at risk if they don't show themselves making some kind of effort. It is appalling that so very few of them are expressing the necessary outrage at those operating in their name.

The thing that strikes me the most, in my observations about life, is the degree to which most of humanity is on rails, without either the will or inclination to step off them. It's similar to the fact that you never see any of the top people in governments and other powerful positions stepping forward and admitting to the terrible crimes they have witnessed and engaged in. It just doesn't happen. Except for Smedley Butler we have few examples of courage shown from high position. Henry Ford would certainly be one but... so very, very few. What power could be so strong as to hold all of their conscience, remorse and regret in check? Of course, a goodly percentage have none of these and are well disposed toward heinous acts of all descriptions but... you would think there would be some number who were pressed forward to speak, regardless of the dangers, especially in these times. I understand that their families are threatened as well... even so.

In the face of so much looming cataclysms of all sorts there is so little reaction among the masses. They can see, should be able to see what's happening around them but... nada. They just continue to channel surf and hit the shopping zones. The power of the dream web is very strong. Some few of us are lucky indeed, truly fortunate that we have broken free from the sleep chambers and can see what is afoot. It might not save us but we will depart with our eyes open and hopefully our hearts as well.

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Anonymous said...

wonders never cease...


and Jesus said...

"Put Them in the OVENS"..!!

what's more is,
thanks to the ecclesia of
Les Visible ....many, many
people {held hostage}..on Earth who love truth resonate positive LOVE energy that turns the "JEWISH" narrative to ashes,
which resembles the look on the character playing the First "Lady"...

don't eat the yellow snow

Joyeux Noël


Anonymous said...

wow thank you visible
it is all so stupefying that your nailing it down constantly is all the more marvelous.


Anaughty Mouser said...

Early season's greetings my good sire, Merry Christmas. I echo Davy above, your wonderful truth telling turns the Khazarian bullshit into ashes.

Did Jesus really say put those who are the synagogue of Satan into the ovens to burn? Tares or terres means thistles and pricks doesn't it? Ah well these fake Jews will get their just deserts to be sure.

The end of Rothschildlandia? We can only hope. But the would just move their headquarters of evil inc to S.America or Africa.

The moneychangers must be dealt with once and for all. They are not my master nor are they anyones. They are usurious bastards trying to ruke the world by putting everyone else in debt to them.

Fuck you Rothschild. Usury is sin. The Federal reserve is a den of vipers and evil.

Burn you bastards, burn.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Visible,

Another from Neil.

Anonymous said...
oh they try and try
and try again
blind lead the blind
following rothschlids men
we let them lead us
we know they're not true
but know one care's
well only a few do
but things get done
things get said
life changes in effect
they try to dominate us
but they never really will
due to their nature
all the blood they spill
they go against themselves
to do them things
what are they thinking
more evil deeds
I dont think so
not for me
I wont go their
to be deceived
cos that is lies
and that dont work
better open eye's
clean away the dirt
what rothschild do
and his men
the higher
they put themselves
the more they will descend.


Monday, December 28, 2009 8:39:00 PM

first random, past poem picked and posted by walking hawk.

Thanks Neil.

Anonymous said...

Season's Greetings, Viz....Hope all is well with you.

Otherwise good men can be moved to going along with bad things if their families (children) are threatened. Or they can be duped with some convoluted rationale.

I think people have always been fucked up. Some might say we are nothing but bags of selfishness walking around on 2 legs. Not my view but I can see where some might think this.

The downfall of western civilization began to accelerate in the 60's. I think the tipping point came with the release of the movie, "Night Of The Living Dead." From that point on all of the stops holding back lurid violence, deviant sex, graphic ultra-violence and prurient nudity from mainstream culture disintegrated.

Respectfully Submitted, McCob

Anonymous said...

tares are weeds that are indistinguishable from wheat until they bear their fruit. They're bearing their fruit now.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Snowden is looking more and more like controlled opposition every day, huh? Beshine looks horrible, in my opinion. Some of the hottest chicks are the really good pole dancers. They're super defined, powerful, and have the perfect builds if they don't mess with themselves surgically. How much hotter or more perfect can you get than this?


Nice time to be here for the purpose of observation, mostly, huh? Well, and waking people up on their terms via a blog. If they don't wanna know about it, they don't have to go there. If they do, the informations there for them.

Ginnie said...

I am eagerly awaiting...The Farting of The Hummingbird!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Visible! Always a tonic for the soul. Jeff

Anonymous said...

This is for the smoking-mirrors...

Well, as regard to Snowden. The last thing I heard was that Russia would grant him temporary asylum, but only on condition that he stopped 'leaking'. Nothing I have heard since has changed that. Except for one day he just started leaking like a sieve. Obviously I missed the memo on that one!

If Snowden is for real, and I tend to think he may be, I think he is possibly nothing else more than a useful idiot. He is certainly more real than glory boy Assange for sure. So let us give him the benefit of the doubt, and say he is for real whilst dismissing the fact that he may just be a total plant to really let the whole world know that every phone call they make and every email they send is being monitored real time, with the full complicity of the top IT companys. Hell they are even steaming open your letters!

So let's say he is for real. And Russia has granted him asylum. Would they not have said to him: Look old boy, you have got yourself into a bit of a pickle haven't you? Now here is what is going to happen - We will grant you asylum as no one else who is not a super power will be able to, and in return you vill tell uz everyzing you know!. No idea why they have started speaking in bad German accents, but you know, nothing else makes any sense in this day and age, so anything's possible ;-).

So at the very least, what ever Snowden knows, Russia will know. That dog won't hunt any other way. Whether he makes it public is neither here nor there. But you have to admit, this is all very damn convenient for the powers that are holding on by their fingertips. And that includes Russia too.

On a slightly different note, but prompted by something else you said in your post, did you see Roger Waters of Pink Floyd sticking his head above the parapet and comparing Israel with Nazi Germany? Caused a bit of flak to be flung about of course. That was it, people that walk the talk. He seems like one of them. He's probably got a new album to sell or a tour, but hey, we can forgive him that.

All the best Les. I enjoyed your video of the talk you gave in London. You came across very well. I recognised a face or two from the crowd as well from a former life. Genuine people doing their small bit. Other walkers of the talk.

Be well.

Old Boy.

Anonymous said...

Another great piece Les. I'm ashamed to say I'm a long time lurker that visits your site everyday. To be honest, I'm so overwhelmed by the state of the world, I'm torn between never visiting again and trying to live happily ever after, or dropping out of society and finding a nice cave to hide in.

I just left Amazon, where I purchased your book, Spiritual Survival in a Tempural World. It will be a gift to my wife of 34 years. She has never read anything like your words before and I look forward to her insights after she's done.

Anyway, thanks for all you do and I hope this coming year brings you much joy.


Anonymous said...

"I think people have always been fucked up. Some might say we are nothing but bags of selfishness walking around on 2 legs"...

If we replace the word "selfishness" with "want"...or "need" I see nothing wrong with this...

Maslow showed human motivation is based upon the following, in sequence...

1- Safety
2- Security
3- Belonging
4- Prestige
and finally...
5- Self-Actualization

When we learn, as a species...that necessary "want" and desires are normal, natural and acceptable, we will begin to teach the human race how to interact in a cooperative see to the "needs" of all mankind...not the selfish, ego-gratifying Pomp of our corrupt leadership.


RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves - the Life of an Insane Family
p.s.- there is a great online video that wa sput out 12/14 about the 390 lb Gingerbread Christmas Cake that was produced for The White House...what an embarrassment we have as a goevrnment...

Visible said...

Yeah, I'm giving Snowden a pass as well for the moment. It's the things he's got going on around him that I wonder about and the inconsistencies about not leaking and continuing to leak but.... I'm sure plenty have seen what he has.

Visible said...

Yeah, I'm giving Snowden a pass as well for the moment. It's the things he's got going on around him that I wonder about and the inconsistencies about not leaking and continuing to leak but.... I'm sure plenty have seen what he has.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "It is incredibly hard to know what's going on."

I just ran across an article within which was a section that 'hmm-ed' me. I reproduce it below (with slight punctuation changes). To me, it may illumine the 'foundations' of some behaviors in the world - especially the last quoted paragraph. (I should add that this is but one category of Gnostic. The term covers innumerable 'heresies'.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.


"Simply put, Gnostics make a sharp distinction between matter and spirit. In this division, or dualism, matter is evil and spirit is good. As God is good, he is incapable of producing evil matter; so, the universe and our Earth were made, not by God but by the Demiurge (a satan-like figure). This deftly explains why there is evil in the world, a problem Christians are forever having to explain given their belief in an all-powerful God. Similarly, being pure spirit, God is incapable incarnating as a physical being. According to Gnostics, then, Jesus was therefore a purely spiritual entity.

Most, but not all, Gnostics hold to a variation of this basic cosmological notion. From this point, however, two broad perspectives have developed.

One holds that, if matter is evil, then a believer should seek to renounce anything that relates to the material world. A severe Puritanism prevails, which at times has even included mass suicide by Gnostics of this kind. Some Gnostics of this persuasion believe that, as a form of matter, human bodies are also evil; all the more so because they entrap good spirits. Sex is just rejected, because of the danger of reproduction and the creation of yet another human body - which will mean incarceration for yet another spirit.

Somehow, another group of Gnostics managed to turn everything around - arguing that, if the material world is evil, then it doesn’t really matter what we do with it. This antinomian approach has produced a number of sects through the ages, which have adopted an extremely libertarian world view in which indulgence is celebrated."

Anonymous said...

When I use the word 'selfish' I mean that they want more than they need and they fuck over others to get it. Nothing wrong with looking out for number one.


Anonymous said...

Who controls the MSM? Some will say Israel; some will say elitist families; some will say the intelligence agencies (i.e. the NSA and the CIA, primarily). Whatever the case, the MSM is the brainwashing conduit of the mindfuckers. The more prominent a story is in the MSM, the bigger the lie. The Snowden affair has been all over the MSM since it first broke. Anyone who claims that Edward Snowden is on the level, is either terminally naive or working for the mindfuckers. It's damned likely that the Snowden story (and a most definite "story" it is), was choreographed to create even more Draconian surveillance agencies, like the one being created behind our backs, right here. It's extremely curious at first glance, that most of the big-name online "truthers" seem to have no clue that this might be possible, and cling to the notion that Edward Snowden is somehow on the level, even though they also claim, 24/7, out of the other side of their mouths, that all the MSM does is lie. (Which proves once again that most of them work for the previously mentioned mindfuckers...)

Anonymous said...

Children Of Tomorrow

Children of tomorrow
I apologize to you
On behalf of those in my time
For the things we didn't do
We didn't stop the tyrants
So your fate could be prevented
We watched them steal our freedom
By our silence we consented
We didn't choose to circumvent
The doom you've not escaped
While the Bill of Rights was murdered
And the Constitution raped
Some of us were lazy
Others too afraid
To think about our children
The ones we have betrayed
I guess we were too busy
To be concerned or care
To try to ease the burden
Of the chains we made you wear
We could have been good shepherds
When the wolf got in the fold
But we watched the flame of freedom die instead
And left you cold

I'm sorry we were timid
My selfish generation
We left you but a remnant
Of a free and prosperous nation
I'm sorry for our actions
Like cowards we behaved
We could have left you freedom
Instead you are enslaved
Children of tomorrow
Descendants of our land
I'm sorry we allowed this
The fate you now with stand

- Anonymous

Visible said...

Leave it to anonymous to be dead certain about something it has no input into while being speculative about who owns the media, where any search of ownership shows Jewish ownership of 94% of it and that's beyond question and proven by hard data. Let me point something out, making claims that anything which appears in the mass media is compromised is an opinion, it's not a fact and I see no facts presented. Aggressive and arrogant, not to mention bombastic rhetoric sways no one around here.

Anonymous said...

Every now and again a real asshole shows up here and I guess you know the backstory on this. It's clear what is taking place.

also anonymous

Thomas said...

as long as the direction is correct, full steam ahead! Doesn't matter if we get there today, tomorrow, or in a million years.

best of luck to All

Visible said...

Studying the first portion of that megalomaniacal rant it's pretty clear it's a Hasbara. Everything else was a smokescreen. Invariably they never identify themselves.

messianicdruid said...

"In this division, or dualism, matter is evil and spirit is good."

another POV:

walter washco said...

you summed it up nicely Vis.

"The power of the dream web is very strong. Some few of us are lucky indeed, truly fortunate that we have broken free from the sleep chambers and can see what is afoot. It might not save us but we will depart with our eyes open and hopefully our hearts as well."

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Why nobody has turned on their, likewise, rotten compatriots in arms: probably because they're in that deep and still foresee no consequences, the majority of the minion types. They are unaware of what the rotten shot callers may just be aware of in regards to the whole operation turning sour. They're all a bunch of fiends, The Powers That Be Going Down through many a terminal vector, and the minions will just keep on plugging away, unaware of any consequences, having faced none because of a rotten justice system, and they'll just keep on taking that for granted, which is quite stupid, but that's who they are. Meanwhile, there is something I call the "conscientiousness-off" going on with what happened to "normal" people, as to what I'm seeing in terms of advocacy for positive change or taking a picture of your dinner on social media, where I do try at least let the gangsters who want to know everything where I stand, whether it's cops being veritable knights errant, doing "what they want" Eric Cartman style, or the Pacific Ocean becoming a deadpool, there are very few responses from "fellow" americans in my vicinity. At least foreigners talk to me about current events rapidly spinning out of control, but that says something rather inferentially empirical at this point about the typical american, and I can't say I can commiserate too much with them if something happens to them karmically, given that they like to laugh at my take on things, "truther" style. Everything isn't a crazy conspiracy until the dim wits find out, through experience, that they can't follow plot lines about being plotted on, then it's a "different story" once they get effected, which I'm sure I'll hear and not handle that too well, for my part. Basically, as I've said before, there's never been a higher input to output, dividend ratio for being introspective and honest with yourself philosophically, and let the hive mind go hive blind. It's their free willed choice to always stand rather, existentially flat-footed, as to what I strongly intuit about their collective psyche, and I pray for them while they take a reality, to them, about the truth which may be comprised of many big lies cobbled together, for granted too, scoffing in my direction all the while. Not a cute scenario, but I'm not going to ruminate anymore about what's going on there: not much. Whatever happens to Earth if there's a larger cosmological plot, we'll never get very many details unless we want to do research. Many don't. No matter what's going on, and it's highly scripted I believe, if the aforementioned, self-proclaimed, "sane, normal" anti-truther types have to have a bit of a forced "epiphany" to snap them out of whatever spell they're under, it WILL NOT BE A DIFFERENT STORY ABOUT A DIFFERENT PLANET IN A DIFFERENT TIME CYCLE just because they went that dumb about following plot lines about being plotted on en masse, and then they get effected by Earth's NO HELL ON EARTH POLICY a smidge pejoratively. A little vague, veiled and crazy sounding, my statements, but I do have some personal, anecdotal direct details, albeit intuited, that the dirt bags stepped in some cosmic shite and have "handily" pissed off many folks "from not 'round these parts". Just a part of the dirty-ass veil getting lifted all at once, and "oh the surprise and irony" amongst many people then. The members of the good parts of the Cosmos play off of the "irony" of, like the Mad TV sketch, "lower expectations" of the masses. Steel yourselves some more while you can, folks. Keep the mind open for many a possibility if you would, bearing good intent, obviously, and keep on being rather cynical of what's to be heard from official, "authoritative" sources.

Lee said...

The Humming bird fart. Now that, is the definitive description of the Air Kiss.

insiam said...

Re. the pics. of Obama and the Danish bird at Mandela's funeral gig.

How about this for a more likely scenario: Obama is chatting with the person sat next to him - as would be expected. later Mrs Obama asks her hubby to change seats as she would like to chat with said Danish bird. Maybe about girly stuff. Nothing more than that.

Come on - lets imagine anyone of us being at a funeral for several hours and some fecker sticks a permanant camera in our face. Would we not be snapped laughing, looking sad, looking miserable, looking goofy, ....... Any self respecting (ha) hack can then give the moronic sheep any story which may titalate their fancy.

Also, in general gay men do not fancy trannys. This place is heaving with wall to wall trannys and i can say without fear of contradiction that you would never see a gay man with a tranny.

A total non story in my opinion :)

Visible said...

That insiam is why I thought that rap was bogus. She may be a female who is also a tranny in some psychological manner but otherwise it's a big reach, just the kind of thing that's put out there to muddy the waters.

the powers that be going down; I'll be using that.


The hummingbird fart seems to have connected with it's own resonance (grin). Michael even used that as a lead in at whatreallyhappened. Always pleased when inspiration passes through me on those occasions (grin).

Anonymous said...

Daily reminder that the Holocaust was a HOAX:

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Merry Christmas from the Empire of Flesh.

the gardener said...

RE: Mandela's ceremony-what caught my eye in the pics was how Chelsea Clinton was in front row but Jimmy Carter a few rows behind her.

The Junior High 'selfies' were just for diversion or for the 'one minute of hate' we're so easily provoked into having... lol

In the meantime I've been turned onto this Book of Aquarius pdf by another Robert Phoenix friend.

Then if you want to go there -this interview between Webre and Kling about that Mandela ceremony and the "Vatican's setup for the reboot of currency" makes for interesting background listening.

the gardener

Skepticfrog said...

Snowden's behavior makes perfect sense. There are some semantics involved in "not to disclose any more info", however it is perfectly logical and fits.

The Russians told Snowden: "You can come to Russia, but only if you tell/give us all the stuff you have and know, and in turn, you cannot tell to no one else. You disclose nothing to others other than us, from now on."
So now boy, start singing...
The only 1 yr asylum is a prod to make sure he sings and fast, b/c if he doesn't cooperate, he'll be deported with dire consequences of his well being.

Now, why would the Russians want that disclosure restriction?
1. B/c no one knows what and how much they know or got from him, and they want to keep it that way. (Wouldn't you?). Knowledge is power, especially if the other side knows that you know plenty, but don't know the particulars (and of which are of those the nastiest andmost damaging).
It gives some people in DC, London and elsewhere sleepless nights, of course.

2. The Russians release tidbits of info as they see fit, either through Snowden, or on their own; doesn't matter which, to advance some particular agenda, or to demonstrate that they know certain sticky and/or embarrassing/damaging stuff.

3. This info can be, and is likely used as a weapon, to prod or to restrain.

Right now, Snowden is a tool, but he is the Russians' tool.

Noticed, that since Snowden the anti-Putin/Russia rhetoric has abated? Have you noticed that they didn't attack Syria either, b/c the Russians were supporting Syria?
I happen to believe that the Russians got plenty from Snowden, with him being muzzled, they can and are using the info judiciously, too keep the carnivores at bay.

Visible said...

That's more along the lines of what I think as well.

Skepticfrog said...


"Soggy potato chips".
The wif has a dick. It's not ideal for the dude, but better than the oyster, and he can get around the tits.

The guy has been set up and groomed for the job. He is supremely vulnerable (therefore controllable) - which makes him IDEAL for the job - on three fronts: The birthplace/birth certificate, his sexual preference and even his real papa. There are some other smaller things, but these are the most potent.

He probaly told his handlers, hey, for the job I need a wif, but I wouldn't know what to do with her, it's kind of awkward, and she may sing to boot. So they likely said: Here is the next best thing we can do for you: You can have a guy with tits, looking like a female. That way "she" is under control too, no danger of disclosure.
Problem solved - kind of...

However, if I'd be "her" physician, I'd fear for my life especially after 2016...

Ray B. said...

Skepticfrog, December 16, 2013 10:19:00 PM

Brilliant summary on Snowden. I agree. Also, fear of the unknown is a very powerful control mechanism. There have been innumerable occasions where 'fear of what the other guy MIGHT know' has shaped the future.

I see it as a slight 'return on karma' for the alphabet agencies, because of the "Glomar Challenger" false disclosures. In my opinion, that 'drilling' ship hauled up a complete Soviet missile submarine which had gone down in the Pacific Ocean. Then, really-amateurish videos were released, diagramming how the sub had broken up on the ride to the surface and they only got the forward section. (Yeah, right.) This kept the Soviets haunted by the unknown, similar to the Snowden 'threat'. Karma's a bitch...


"The guy has been set up and groomed for the job. He is supremely vulnerable (therefore controllable) - which makes him IDEAL for the job - on three fronts: The birthplace/birth certificate, his sexual preference and even his real papa. There are some other smaller things, but these are the most potent."

Another excellent summary. I would add, if he is the real father, the value of two young daughters. In one of the original "Stargate" series' episodes, General Hammond resigned his post unexpectedly. When queried, he responded that some men in an official car had picked up his grandchildren after school the previous day, and delivered them safely home. He knew what that implied, and resigned the next day. (The situation was turned around...)


On Michelle: I have met (to my knowledge) two men who have hormonally and surgically altered themselves to a female physique. For those two, while the shape was female, the energy-sense was definitely male. This was very different than a masculinely-oriented (in a archetypical sense) biological female. For what it's worth. I get a feminine energy-sense coming from Michelle.

Thanks again for your penetrating analyses (sorry about the pun)!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

insiam said...

well skepticfrog - you seem to know the full script re. mrs obamas bits and pieces. no questions. perhaps a change of name to certainfrog - ha :)

trouble is that she speaks like a woman and i have never ever ever ever (think thats enough evers) spoken with a tranny that can sound like a woman. they just cant do it. i speak with trannys every day (very convincing in many ways) as they work in all sorts of regular jobs out here.

if one can't recognise a tranny by appearance then the 1000000% dead give aways is when they speak. That my friend is just a simple truth. But hey dont let facts get in the way of the ludicrous :)



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