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Evil Passing and the Planetary Kali Yuga Blues.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Why does CIA-Wikileaks operative Sarah Harrison seem to be joined at the hip to Edward Snowden? Apparently they've been surgically separated recently. Never mind. Never mind.

Okay, let's stay with the relevant issues. Certainly the economic situation is worth thinking about. Then there's that mysterious ghost rider in the sky, Planet Niburu, AKA- Planet X. There's the truly ridiculous and there's the scholarly. I won't be there linking the scholarly, I'll leave that to you. Someone asked me at the conference about this planet. I forget what I said but it was probably something along the lines of, “I'm not going to worry about it”. I spend a lot of time hanging around the drugstore at the corner of Shit and Shinola and I hear things. Of course, since most of it's bullshit I won't bother to share any of it with you. Planet Niburu was supposed to come along as an exclamation point on the New Age plot synopsis for the end of the Mayan calendar on December 2012. Now it is scheduled to arrive in 2016 or 2017, thus giving us a welcome several years for idle speculation and maybe a few business opportunities, depending on your areas of interest and degree of self interest.

I haven't got a clue as to what is coming. If I measure the potential for dreadful possibilities in relation to the degree of materialism, juxtaposed by collective ignorance and indifference, I would say we're looking at a pretty good body count, more or less, probably more. I've no way of knowing how much awakening is going to take place, due to Mr. Apocalypse and the increasing rate of taps from the one handed drum roll of his walking stick. John Bonham ain't got nothing on him. My theory is that Mr. Apocalypse, like most incarnate archetypes, has a pair of invisible arms, with attached hands (of course) and that accounts for the presence of what appears to be an impossible number of percussive hits coming from what might seem to be the action of a single appendage. All this aside, I'm of the opinion that you could hit certain people on the head over a million times without an appreciable change in consciousness. That's just how it works, or should I say, doesn't work.

I don't know. To me it just seems like it's going to go on and on. Maybe that's a personal thing and won't be the same everywhere else. I keep getting the feeling that no matter what happens some places will remain untouched. Now... where those places might be, I wouldn't hazard to guess. Some of them, no doubt, will be in outlying areas and some of them will be more of a “How the fuck did that happen?” variety. It could be that whole areas remain intact while other areas cease to be entirely or... nothing at all might happen and we will simply expire from boredom in the process of waiting for something to happen. What I plan on doing is going on with my life, trying to make each day as productive as possible and hope that makes some small difference at all in the scheme of things. Well, if it even makes a small difference in me, I'll be grateful.

It isn't the easiest thing in the world to have a running commentary on a world I never see except second hand, through media and whatever more esoteric means of observation may be available to me (grin). Seriously though, I can feel it going on out there, out there, wherever out there may be. It shifts around these days. Evil has no single port of call. It goes where the materialism is and also where the materialism wants to be. It goes where it's been going since it first arrived wherever that was and where it got greeted with open arms and it goes where it's never been, in order to see if there's anyone around who might develop a taste for it. It moves in next door and it moves in down the street. It comes in though the front door and goes out the bathroom window, most thoughtfully opened by the last person that flushed the toilet; one might hope they opened it. It doesn't actually arrive anywhere that it's not been invited or being waited on.

All sorts of less attractive characteristics can attract it, even fear can attract it, without having done anything to be frightened about. Fear makes evil in residence very possible because there is small likelihood that evil will be inconvenienced in any way during its stay and also, given the fecund climate of fear, which is very fertile ground for evil, evil can be fruitful and multiply. Evil likes being fruitful and multiplying as much as it likes leaving town once it's done. There are other fields to plow after all and new and localized evils will surely sprout up following evil's departure. You can think of evil as something like a year round touring reggae band, except that would be politically incorrect, so we'll compare it instead to anything you want to compare it to that leaves unwanted progeny in its wake. After awhile it's all a familiar part of the landscape. It's been there long enough to be considered part of the scene, even though there was a time when it's presence was unknown … and gratefully so. Yes, it's the curse of the familiar and evil is well aware of the power of that. What shouldn't be takes the place of what used to be, until what is is a perversion on the power of now (grin) and finally it appears that what you have is what you've always had. That's not true but it looks like that and everyone around you acts as if it is and before you know it there are laws set up all over the place to protect those perversions on the power of now, to legitimize them as it were.

Evil is nothing if not facile and adaptive. It's truly chameleon like. Evil knows how to dress the part. It's social haute couture and celebrated from Paris to New York and Milan to Marrakesh, everywhere that the low life enjoys the high life at the expense of all other life. The legislatures and legal systems are all in line with the program. It's a shame but that's how it goes when you got those Planetary Kali Yuga Blues. Alcohol magnifies it and useful drugs minimize it. Everything is backwards and upside down.

It is a time that takes forever to run out of time. It's a time that land forgot about the people from the land with no people, for the people with no land and that’s less of a problem when you drive away all the inhabitants that used to live there in order for it to be no longer populated. Evil is a fellowship of kindred spirits and families whose genetic predisposition is toward the practice of it. It is composed of everything and everyone whose attraction to the density of matter is greater than their attraction to anything else. Naturally they would seek to control the diamond market because these stones are the only thing that is harder than their hearts. If coal is the last repository of forgotten evil in an archaeological sense and which, just like oil, burns quite nicely for good reason, then diamonds are the most concentrated and compressed expression of evil in a dead material state. Diamonds are a cosmic symbol of glittering indifference. There's nothing beautiful about them. That's all manufactured. All they are is white shiny glass. They don't have anywhere near the allure of other precious stones. They are celebrated for being rare when there is nothing rare about them. What they do is lock up the mass of diamonds in vaults so there will be the perception that they are rare. They are not. They do have practical, technical applications however.

Diamonds are not a girl's best friend and they are certainly not a black man's best friend. That got proven quite well in South Africa when the Tribe members behind the plundering of the mines enslaved and brutalized the natives in order to build their empire. They'd maxed out their investments in the slave trade some time earlier and needed to move on to new and even more profitable horizons in the same general locations. Of course, with the legal and moral constraints taken off of the industry, they're back in a big way with the sex slave traffic of the moment. That's got a big ass United Nations seal of approval decal slapped on it. There's no depravity that the servants of evil will not sink to. There are no limits of conscience because there is no conscience so engaged. It was the victim of a mysterious crib death; ♫Don't you know we're riding on the SIDS Express♫

Oh well, another day, another posting, one more Jeremiad wafting out of the wilderness, some kind of future consciousness bomb, hopefully timed for a world more open to the possibilities. It can't be anything like the world of the moment. There's little room for complex meaning and none at all for simple meaning; meaning what? How would I know?

Well, there’s always tomorrow. As I sit here this evening, I tell myself there is always tomorrow but that's not true. One of these days tomorrow won't come. One of these days tomorrow won't come for each and every one of us. Some rare and infinitesimal amount of us will pass into that place of the eternal tomorrow, into that day where the sun rises forever and never reaches mid heaven. Some greater amount of us will pass into another day where the sun goes down and does not come back up and the rest of us will wander through a gray twilight, coming and going, over and over, through fogs of perpetuating self delusion, in search of light, in search of clarity and an end to confusion. Will it come. We shall see... where that applies.

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Anonymous said...

So I was watching an old episode of "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" on YouTube last night, and in this episode there was this monster of Indian origins who could read the thoughts of a person, and then appear to that person as their lover, or friend, or whomever. And then the monster would devour their flesh. So Kolchak is in an art gallery looking at Indian artifacts, and he asks the curator what a particular piece is, and he says, "That was when Kali flowered." Kolchak looks at him with a look of incomprehension, so the curator says, "Get it CAULIFLOWERED???" Pretty good old TV show, although it was better when I was a kid. Visible maybe we should call you the Night's Talker, you seem to do a lot your work in the evening (wink).

Visible said...

Only very recently. Yes, I used to watch the Night Stalker. It was a well done show.

Anonymous said...

Your sober depiction of evil is so convincing that I googled some expressions therein because I thought you quoted one of the great works of literature. But it genuinely came through you obviously.


Visible said...

Well that certainly helps to make my day. I nearly always, barring moving too fast or having my mind elsewhere, bracket quotes in italics for provenance otherwise

Anonymous said...

Nice read Les. I notice at WRH this. Possibly the wedge in the door for corporations to rid the world of governments and replace them with themselves. A future where individual governments of the day become 'terrorists' to the media and an item to advocate 'war upon'?


Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Of the 'oh so many' paragraphs ins os many postings that have been poetry in prose of the tap-dance of fingertips on keyboard, the last paragraph of this posting .........

Perhaps the most accurate of all 'prophetic' offerings.

Gratitude arises spontaneously.

Is it because of such constant and frequent use of the 'first person plural' ?

Indeed, time for Shiva/Shakti tango, Kali the conductor of the orchestra, appears to be very near indeed. Trusting that all who are invited to the dance are shining-up them dancing shoes. 'Sur' is on the speakers.

Be well, Be Alert. Love

Anonymous said...

Hey Visible, what astrological sign are you...? Just wondering. Have you ever seen "The Sentinel", 1977 film. You can watch it for free on YouTube. Very interesting cast (including Ava Gardner, Burgess Meredith, the delicious Cristina Raines, Eli Wallach, Jeff Goldblum and other notables), as well as some extremely quirky goings-on. Not to mention a couple of truly scary moments. Anybody who is interested, can watch it at this link.

Anonymous said...

lasers day one.

ashes to ashes...

truth and love

endure forever


Visible said...

"lasers day one"= a quote from "Time Bandits"

I saw The Sentinel, don't remember much about it except that there was a house involved. I think the one I saw had Michael Douglas in it, must be two of them.

Visible said...

I'm a Leo, pretty much all Leo and Libra. Rising sign is the opposite of sun sign and Moon in the sign that rules the moon

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
all the tastes
of men who chase
a beast in haste
their in a race
they will lay waste
the human race
with greed they're laced
no truth is based
their inner space
unable to peer
earths true nature
they're bound by fear
they dont know
sold their soul
broke with lies
to attain gold
higher nature
soon draws near
banging drum
chanting spear
fire started
the north wind blow
seeds scatter
then they grow


computer down be back later

Monday, November 30, 2009 8:06:00 AM

Another random poem picked and posted by walking hawk.

Thanks Neil !
Thanks Vis !

Pete said...

Amazing post LV ! Sie sind ein groß Genie !
Regarding Snowden and other "seeds of future controlled opposition" I use the LV litmus tests. If that were the only gift you bestowed to human consciousness it would be a good one.
I'm like you ; all I have to do is look at their pictures and I know all I need to know. It's the analytical mind versus the synthetic mind. The occultist, if brave, develops a synthetic intelligence that beats the analytical (western) mind all to hell.
The Kennedy assassination is a wonderful example of these divergent epistemological approaches to knowledge or what the individual "knows."
I watch the infinite hair splitting and all I can say is that the whole Jack Ruby killing the supposed line gunman does not in any way fit or feel right. That's all I need to know in a situation such as that, or any other conspiracy. So, with synthetic intelligence we know all , ja ?
I think you are right regarding just about everything. Then again, that's probably why I read your redoubtable prose. As esotericists we are both the student and the laboratory and that necessitates fearlessness and a certain loneliness. It's the loneliness that brings me here. I live in the Bible Belt of the U.S. and it's nice to be able to connect with like minds.
It's one if the oft ignored virtues of the material aspect of Kali Yuga, all this technology that enables us to be seekers and finders while sitting at home on the computer. We don't have to go to the Himalayas to find each other. Pretty trippy, nein ?
I liked your approach in your lecture at that conference. Basically that we all agree on the same points, so skip to what we can do in a positive approach to combatting evil and materialism. Again, sie sind ein groß Genie alt Freund.

lightandlongshadows said...

Did you catch this:
The Saboteurs
By Chris Hedges

Worth a read, imo. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Tempting as it may be.

Thomas said...

it might be hard, but DAMN (BLESS!) you're good at it!

thanks for you last posts too.

Much Love
Peace everyone

zepheri said...

Great article on slate today about a raisin farmer in cali getting a six 6 six figure fine for selling raisings. Heard it through the grapevine that it was all about price controls and never calling fascists, fascists. Apparently the people who paid for the commercial
dictate how many each farmer has to let them take off there hands each harvest.

marilyn said...

hello les and all,

a leo and libra! i'm libra, too.
i've quit watching, listening and talking about the 'news''s all the same..if i never hear or see another thing about what's happening, i'll still know 'who done it'...i used to believe the saying, 'think outside the box' but then i discovered there is no box. it's all in your mind.
been working on solutions but people are afraid of solutions and change. they are ok where they are and not willing to step outside their box. lol...oh well, as soon as i can figure out security for my girls, it will be onward.
evil is rampaging around the planet. it has control of the banks, governments and corporations with religion and the media taking part.
gonna take a lot of love and work to save our ass. if fukashima and the nuclear industry doesn't finish us off first.
much love to all.
ps. loved your part of the s,s,s truth program.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Lost a week of on-line due to U-kash lock out from my wheels.

Les Visible, This post is fantastic! You capture the questions of the optimist in a fresh, honest fashion. A true literary joy to read from beginning to end.

Even an ace poem from Neal in the comments.

Love this place man.


vw: Byzantine dtfwou

Farmer said...

The hammer is working.

Who knew a skull could become so thick. So that is why I used to slap myself. Duh...

Ray B. said...

Vis, that was an excellent piece of thoughtful introspection, turned outwards (if that makes any sense). Thanks.

Vis: "What I plan on doing is going on with my life, trying to make each day as productive as possible and hope that makes some small difference at all in the scheme of things. Well, if it even makes a small difference in me, I'll be grateful."

That is my stance, as well. I know it to the depth of my bones that 'something' (I call it the Turning) has been carefully crafted, put in place, and is primed and ready to go. However, I have to get on with my life, even in the face of potentially huge change. It is a very disconcerting feeling...


Vis: "Evil has no single port of call. It goes where the materialism is and also where the materialism wants to be."

The "One Ring" effect... (rueful grin)


Vis: "...until what is is a perversion on the power of now (grin)"

I was reflecting on that just recently (grin). On how so many teachers have stressed the need to be 'in the now'. And, the potential for that truth to be abused in the name of whatever gratification of the moment. A quandary.

This kind of reminds me of the unstated 'corollary' within any democratic attempt. It not only requires the state to be worthy of the citizen's support, but also requires the citizen to be worthy of being a part of the state (honor, integrity, consciousness level, wisdom, etc.). The classic 'what came first, the chicken or the egg' situation...


Vis: "[Evil] is composed of everything and everyone whose attraction to the density of matter is greater than their attraction to anything else."

Again, another phrase deserving to be emblazoned everywhere. (This whole posting is a jewel. Thanks.)


Vis: "[Evil]'s been there long enough to be considered part of the scene, even though there was a time when it's presence was unknown … and gratefully so."

Turning (sorry) full circle, it will be interesting to see whether any changes will be of the blink-out/blink-in variety (where evil is then only existent as an 'antibody' effect in our souls) or whether we have to do the aeons-long climb-out the hard way. I am hoping more for the former...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

zepheri said...

Eggs adapted to land through a hardening process. The egg came first the chicken came after.

Teresa said...

Hi, Vis,

The paragraph that starts with 'Well, there’s always tomorrow' reminded me of this (I started humming the song as I continued to read your post):

The poem is in the youtube comments.


insiam said...


I spent an hour or so checking out various interviews given by Chris Hedges .... and i can tell you he fails the all important litmus test.

He aslo promotes the lie that Bin Laden was shot in his hidey hole compound and buried at sea. So go figure. For such a highly acclaimed intellectual he sure is dumb!!!!!!

Just for the Record said...

"...through a hardening process." Ya'. right.

Anyway, seems pretty certain that evil is in port at yokosuka for a command performance over here.

Article :

Headline: Highest Radiation Level Ever, Lethal In 20 Minutes, Recorded Outside Fukushima Reactor

"With all the excitement about Japan's soaring stock market (if plunging wages), crashing non-digital currency (leading to soaring energy prices), recent passage of an arbitrary secrecy bill ("Designed by Kafka & Inspired By Hitler"), and ongoing territorial spat with China, it is almost as if the Abe administration is desperately doing everything in its power, including some of the most ridiculous decisions taken by a government in recent history, to hide some key development behind the scenes. Such as this one perhaps: NHK reported today that TEPCO said radiation levels are extremely high in an area near a ventilation pipe at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. TEPCO found radiation of 25 sieverts an hour on a duct, which connects reactor buildings and the 120-meter-tall ventilation pipe. Putting this number in context the estimated radiation level is the highest ever detected outside reactor buildings. People exposed to this level of radiation would die within 20 minutes."

We'e simply radiant over this latest news.

insiam said...

@lightandlong shadow ...

Here is Mr Hedges promoting Nancy pelosi's celebration of Bin Ladens death!

Anonymous said...

Litmus test-associated with google in any way shape or form=rat, traitor to humanity.

tobeover said...

"Some greater amount of us will pass into another day where the sun goes down and does not come back up and the rest of us will wander through a gray twilight, coming and going, over and over, through fogs of perpetuating self delusion, in search of light, in search of clarity and an end to confusion. Will it come. We shall see... where that applies." - Les Visible 12/07/2013

Les, the above quote from your post stuck a pensive chord within. Many of the lucid dreams I've experienced are in this gray place where, for me, the challenges and temptations do abound. Only recently have I walked through these places without a hint of emotion or personal reaction, atypical of past experiences. The non-participation had exposed the illusion and stifled the energy theft.

Progress in the positive direction with much more to go.

Thank you!

Ray B. said...

Loosely related to your posting, I just ran across the most interesting query over at "Veterans Today" in a Preston James' article: (slight punctuation/capitalization changes)

"So, the big question is: If they* ARE human, why don’t they ACT human? And if they aren’t human, WHY aren’t they human?"

A most profound summation...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

*they: "these zionist Banksters and their anointed NeoCon Israeli-American citizens"

Eudoxia said...

Excellent post again Viz. I'm totally over the fear driven Nibiru saga. I keep telling people who continue to raise the subject that there is no mention of Nibiru in the original Sumerian tablets. This ficticious planet is pure Sitchen conjecture nothing more. My information comes from a book written by Christian and Barbara O'Brien, called The Shining Ones, they used the interpretation of Samuel Noah Kramar and George Barton (google them). It is worth mentioning that the O'Briens were disciples of Maharaj Charan Singh Ji and they had his blessing to write the book so I don't think profit or fame were motivations for the O'Briens and if it wasn't based on truth then a Sat Guru would not endorse it I wouldn't think and that's good enough for me. The book is worth reading and it has an abundance of information in it including the negative hierarchy - the Archons (by name) - you wont find that in too many publications about anything. Naturally it contains information on the Annunaki, who didn't come from Nibiru, nobody knows where they actually came from other than they descended from Mt Hermon. Should anybody be interested in reading it then please don't get it confused with a book by the same title written by Phillip Gardner. you can get a copy from The Golden Age Project here:

My motivation for recommending this book is purely to assist in destroying another establishment/tribe lie.

Ray B. said...

Also, on the same link as in my last posting, I just found a Comment by Afshin Nejat, who had come down on Vis a few Blogs ago (and made subsequent Comments). I thought it might explain his worldview:

“...[Preston James] equate 'evil' with 'anti-human', and therefore conflate the moral status of those who are predators upon humans (such as Reptoids) with those Beings who understand the innately evil nature of humans (these biological, ego-controlled containers). Gnostics do not side with the evil nature of any predators, including humans who are predators themselves. It is a fiendish hierarchy and it turns out that humans are rather low on it, but JUST HAPPEN to make ideal 'containers' (or not so ideal) for Spirit Beings who are not contrived in this universe, but are forcibly held within it, gradually drained of their energy in 'worlds' where they are forced to 'evolve souls' in bodies, through multiple incarnations, amid other ensouled but UNSPIRITED containers (rest of humanity), so as to attempt to extract algorithms which ensure maintaining and enhancing such forcible containment of Immortal Spirits which have an INNATE moral nature, and did not in any way evolve or emerge into existence in this physical universe, which is created by an 'evil mind' who is the creator of all races of physical beings, including the reptoids and greys etc.”

The above is a distinctly Zoroastrian (or their later variations, Cathars & Bogomils) viewpoint. In it, the world is an INHERENTLY evil place - including our physical bodies - and we are 'prisoners' down here, whose main goals are to awaken and 'escape' back to our natural state. Some Gnostics are descendents of this 'line'. This is where Afshin Nejat is coming from.

This was an ancient 'heresy' to the Roman Catholic church via the Cathars. After all, the Pope was the head of the earthly power structure of the time, and hence the most evil man on earth according to Cathar 'Illumined Ones'. And, the Muslims went after the eastern Bogomil version as they expanded. Both are all but extinct in the 'open' world.

(Since these 'authorities' went after them so savagely, I am inclined to think there may be some pearls of wisdom within. (Since these 'authorities' went after them so savagely, I am inclined to think there may be some pearls of wisdom within. However, within my universe, God/Source is within nature and our bodies. So, I respectfully disagree with some 'content'.)

For what it's worth...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the Mayan calendar is that they did not have a zero, therefore the events they predicted actually happen in December 2013. Yikes!

missingarib said...

Be thou blest, (Bertram) Vis,

and succeed thy father In manners, as in shape! Thy blood and virtue Contend for empire in thee, and thy goodness Share with thy birthright! Love all, trust a few, Do wrong to none; be able for thine enemy Rather in power than use, and keep thy friend Under thy own life's key; be check'd for silence, But never tax'd for speech


This transitional head space, time space, mind space without reference. Events people and locations photo shopped. Fame no longer operates in fifteen minute increments and the children invoke new words to describe who, what ,where, when and how .

The age has become a hall of mirrors , with the push of a short line of people behind solely responsible for forward direction.

Courtesy of "free education", until post high school ,admission to the hall was hard earned- some of us meet in the class room ,some of us meet in the hall,some of us meet in detention -some of us meet in the yard - and some of us meet on your pages --

i am grateful to meet you
live long

Eudoxia said...


Anonymous said...

Anything that is widely talked about, or even marginally talked about, in the MSM, or in New Age literature, or on popular "truther" websites, is bullshit. Mayan End Times, Niburu, the "original" Sumerian tablets - if it's widely or narrowly discussed and wholly believed in by various esoteric groups, it's bullshit. The finite morsels of real truth, were vacuumed up and hidden away by secret societies of one kind or another a long time ago (Masons, Rosicrucians, Knights Templar, the overseers of the various faux religions, etc.). They parcel it out by degree, to anybody who drinks their Kool-Aid and works for the team. If it's coming from the MSM, New Age gurus, or "truther" sites, it's all controlled from the top down. The elite own and control all of those venues. Why this is so hard for most people to grasp is beyond me. I guess they want to believe that somebody who is well known, and selling books and doing lectures, is the real deal. I guess they want to believe that the powers that be would let such people wander the earth freely, divulging the actual truth. Logic isn't the guiding light for most people - their emotions, and their inability to understand mathematics, seem to always get in the way. And this is evidence of programming and conditioning on a nearly unfathomable level; a level that is clearly beyond the view of those same misguided (or co-opted) gurus whom their followers blindly worship.

lightandlongshadows said...


If you're looking for the whole truth to come out of the mouth of another you'll be waiting a very long time. I've noticed it's spread around like stars in the night sky and is silent.

galen said...

Hedges no pass litmus test

Ray B. said...

Eudoxia, December 08, 2013 4:45:00 AM

"I keep telling people who continue to raise the subject that there is no mention of Nibiru in the original Sumerian tablets. This fictitious planet is pure Sitchen conjecture; nothing more."

I keep telling people that there should be two parts to the Sitchin story. They should be judged separately; not conflated.

First is the unambiguous 'data' from the cuneiform tablets that tells of one-on-one physical interaction between the Sumerians and their 'gods'. This is, of course, the Anunnaki (or Elohim in the Bible). It is hard to deny the stupendous amount of references, so the entire corpus of evidence is labeled as myth by 'scholars'.

Second is the Sitchin interpretation of where the Anunnaki came from. I never bought into the '12th planet' (Nibiru) supposition because I took a senior-level course in Astrophysics. The orbital geometry, collision events, gravitational interactions, etc., are all wrong. Sitchin is way out of his league here. In my mind, the origin of the Anunnaki is up for grabs...


"My information comes from a book written by Christian and Barbara O'Brien, called The Shining Ones; they used the interpretation of Samuel Noah Kramar and George Barton."

I have not read that book yet. I will try to obtain it. Thanks.


"It is worth mentioning that the O'Briens were disciples of Maharaj Charan Singh Ji and they had his blessing to write the book..."

Not having read the book yet, I would only have this caution: Everybody has their own 'slant' on things. Sitchin's worldview does not have interdimensional entities; everything is 'physical'. I might expect the disciples of a religious leader to have the opposite bias; everything is ultimately 'non-physical'. Just a caution.


" has an abundance of information in it including the negative hierarchy - the Archons (by name) - you won't find that in too many publications about anything. Naturally it contains information on the Annunaki, who didn't come from Nibiru, nobody knows where they actually came from..."

Excellent. You are getting my curiosity up. It'll be interesting to bounce the two interpretations around and see what feels 'right'.


"You can get a copy from The Golden Age Project here:"

I did try both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and both do not carry it. I will have to go to the 'source', it appears (grin). Thanks again.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

lightandlongshadows said...

Ray B. said...
Niburu = Sirius in a binary way?

Annunaki = Neters in a transcendent way?

Eudoxia said...

@ Ray B

For a bit of further information, Christian O'Brien (COB) states very clearly the tablets were badly damaged in sections and a lot of data was missing. If at any point COB uses assumptions he states that the tablets were damaged and no data was available to fill this gap so we
can only surmise that this may have occured etc. He states that some areas of interpretation are assumptions and at no time does he try to palm this off as fact to the reader. It's a large book 750 pages. COB was a geologist and coming from an academic background he's well researched and you can tell.

With regard to our caution in regard to religious leaders etc - yes I understand your concern. My point being here is that the O'Briens were not out to create karma by lying or bearing false testimony and this becomes very obvious from the onset of reading. Also, I read a book many years ago called Path of the Masters by Julian Johnson - it was about the Sant Matt Gurus and I was sufficiently impressed with their level of being. At any rate it's beside the point, The Shining Ones is about the Annunaki not Sant Matt. It is an outstanding piece of work and definitely worth the effort and time to read, and you are dead right - the origin of the Annunaki is most certainly up for grabs!

On the subject of the negative hierarchy I might scan it from the book and email it to Viz, it might be an interesting topic for discussion at Origami.

Cheers Ray B

From one academic COB to another Ray I'm fairly certain you will appreciate the information.

Eudoxia said...

@ Ra B

The Prescott article very interesting and even more interesting are the comments. I saw the one you mentioned and there are a few there regarding Tesla. Recently I downloaded the series Dracula my, my now that's interesting. It is loosely based on the Bram Stoker version only this time Dracula has Tesla technology and the mysterious order Draconis akka bankers are the vampire the plot thickens remarkably.

insaim said...


a liar or a deciever will cover deciet with lies. that makes them a liar and a deciever and round it goes.

those that promote liars and decievers are also decievers.

Eudoxia said...

@ insiam

How do you know who lies and deceives? I guess that generally depends if you have a demon in your general sphere of existence or not..........they are masters of projection simply because they have nothing good going for themselves.

Danimel said...

Do you ever wonder if you did nothing but read articles for a period of time in the past for a couple of years and tuned out the current times would you feel exactly the same way you feel now about the impending doom. It just seems that today's doom is no different than yesterday' doom nor will it be any different than tomorrow's. I agree there is an evil hand at the wheel of the world's future but it also seems as if that has always been the case. It doesn't appear there was ever a time when the people in the highest places of power were not engaged in war and campaigns against humanity to some degree. What makes today any different than yesterday in that regard?

lightandlongshadows said...

Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one. Friedrich Nietzsche

I love fundamentalism

Visible said...

Providing whether your name is spelled correctly or not that would be the answer. Not to mention that today is certainly different than earlier times and the same person is answering a lot of these comments.

Ray B. said...

Eudoxia, December 09, 2013 2:21:00 AM

Thanks for the additional info on the O'Briens, etc. It sounds interesting. I have been aware that various Anunnaki authors seem to take the Sitchin translations as a jumping-off point and proceed down the path from there. Unfortunately, being unwilling to invest half a lifetime in becoming a Sumerian language expert, I have to come at the material from a second-remove basis. It is frustrating sometimes...

"On the subject of the negative hierarchy, I might scan it from the book and email it to Viz; it might be an interesting topic for discussion at Origami."

You have my encouragement on that! Thanks again.


lightandlongshadows, December 08, 2013 11:53:00 PM

"Niburu = Sirius in a binary way?"

Synchronicity is a funny thing. Eudoxia had inspired me to go out on the Internet in various directions, and I ended up at an article by William Brown: "The Sun's Astral Companion; A Model for the Sun-Sirius System" [2009]. In it, he makes a case for the precession of the equinoxes being caused by the long-term orbiting of the Sun and the Sirius binary-system about each other. (The combined Sirius stars being much more massive than our lone Sun, it is more like we are orbiting them.) I do not know whether the gravitational math works out, so if anybody knows of a paper whether somebody crunches this out, please let me know...

"Annunaki = Neters in a transcendent way?"

I am not familiar with "Neter" in more than a cursory way. I found this brief essay on Neters:

"A neter is a bit like a god or goddess only more than that. A neter represents the spiritual essence and principles within all things ... All these neters are voices calling us to remember their existence within ourselves, offering a reminder that through understanding their significance we can understand our own significance ... We then become able to hear the call of the neters and follow their guidance, to hear their resounding call to us to become something other than nothing."

If I read you correctly, you are suggesting that various god-principles manifested on Earth for a time, much like Rama or Sita are viewed in the Hindu religion. Is that what you are referring to?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

lightandlongshadows said...

Here's some useful advise @28:18, I apply it to everyone, always

Don't worry about me though I'm just a Joo schill, that has to be the answer - right?
take care y'all
Good luck Visible...

Farmer said...



Mr. Mcgranor said...

We should lose the tribe and chief for individual-autonomy; rather then seeking substitutes for the tribe and chief.

Visible said...

I consider Jacque Fresco to be one of the finest men I have ever met. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't know anything about him.

He's 97 years old now, I think and he can't hear anymore but his spirit is bright and clear. The ineffable sent him an angel in the person of Roxanne to look out for him; as it should be.

Everyone should see the film "Future by Design". He gifted me a copy and his book is splendid too.

Visible said...

Shut up with that mindless ranting about using Google being a litmus test. Where do you buy your food? Where do you buy your clothes? Are you supporting slave labor? Are you eating meat? Are you supporting slaughterhouses? I could go on and on and catch you in a world of hypocrisy. What I do is dependent on what 'I' do, not the brand of car I happen to drive here and there now and then. Furthermore, anonymous has no rights of criticism.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Hanging Bodies and Dark Towers of Radiating Torpor.

Anonymous said...

Les, I came across this today, it is full of confirmation's of that which we already know to be the case with these reprobates. Toward's the end of the file, what are the odds of that young man's hometown(you will know it when you see it).peace

Visible said...

I was just reading about hasbara troll Brown Moses disinfo boy a few hours ago with the Seymour Hersh thing.

Unknown said...

Another link connected to the one I just sent you Les, you are so right about the stink, they no longer can cover. Their spin on the wannabe porn star lol. I love it. You are awesome dude.

Greg Bacon said...

Listen to Ken O'Keefe talk about the banksters evil in stark terms.

Anonymous said...

If pranking on a world stage was a pro sport we'd had a new champion. Enjoy.




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