Sunday, December 22, 2013

Yahweh's Boys, the Wide Boys from the Temporal Swamp.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Stupid is an interesting thing. This is interesting in and of itself because stupid people lack all but the narrowest dimensions of interest and are themselves also of little interest. What's interesting about stupid is say... when you put it on a graph to measure it against itself, something else, or time and circumstance, stupid doesn't behave like other commodities that rise and fall depending on market fluctuations, or any trends. Stupid doesn't rise or fall, it just flat lines. Stupid is a marvel of consistency. It also isn't worth anything so you can't put a value on it. Barack Obama and the people who work for him are very stupid and there is one positive result from that and that is that they are unintentionally funny on a regular basis. The downside is that they are consciously and unconsciously dangerous to most other life forms. Speaking of unintentionally funny. You'd have to go some distance to top this, complete with singing fag-hag and screamingly funny sexual innuendos, along with amorous gazes at zones of anatomical interest

When I say dangerous, I mean very dangerous due to the outrageous influence of an enemy combatant agency running American foreign policy What they like to do is pass into law dictates that command the nation to perform should certain conditions come into play as automatic and irreversible policy. AIPAC is the spearhead of the American Nazi Party and if you think so then you're anti-Semitic and it doesn't matter that they aren't Semitic and only play one on TV, for the purpose of superimposing themselves upon the disappearing features of the people whose land they stole and whom they are presently performing genocide upon. Once again, Irony raises it's shaggy head, in an etymological fashion, when we note that these Earthy representatives of the Klingon Empire are called AshekeNAZIS. We didn't have to make it up. It's what it is and truth in advertising.

Continuing in the vein of Irony. The funnier and more ridiculous conditions become, the more dangerous the situation is. Things like this are sidesplitting (pun intended? Wow! that was totally accidental) when you find out that fat people are buying designer yoga pants and as their thighs rub together they expose their genitals. What's even more funny is that though you can see their genitals, they can't, for obvious reasons, except when they look in a full length mirror and sometimes, not even then. No, this is not politically correct but it happened so... not only is the truth anti-Semitic but it is also not politically correct. The Truth it appears is a social misfit and an outlaw. Whenever The Truth shows up, trouble is sure to follow and The Truth is certain to get into trouble, that's The Truth and it always has been, whether you're Socrates, Jesus Christ, or even bit players like myself and others who come here.

Unfortunately for The Powers that Be Going Down (borrowed from a reader) there is one time when The Truth appears and it's trouble for all those who formerly made trouble for The Truth because The Truth reflexively commits that most terrible sin of being, 'bad for business' and causing unwanted scrutiny upon and exposure of, those whose actions go contrary to the greater good. A pig in a frock coat is still a pig and you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. That time is The Apocalypse. That is the one time of transformation and upheaval where accounts are settled and that time is the time in which we are inflamed in agony or rapture, depending on your relationship to the fire. Truth is a fire and it's main occupation is to burn away dross. It's not in the business of causing agony or rapture, those are mere by-products of contact with it.

Day by day, I am, by turns, both horrified and amused by what I come into contact with. Some of it saddens me, like the loss of iconic life forms (irony alert). We'll be looking at a sanitized biopic whitewash of him some time real soon. Probably along the lines of the way out of proportion reminiscences of the artistically irrelevant Beastie Boys Yes, The Apocalypse is heating up. Fire is an important component of The Apocalypse and as I've been saying for a long time, fire is a dual use element and it's up to you what side of that equation you are on. Of course, fire is multifarious in the application of its utility but... for the purpose of my point... so on and so forth.

On the horrific side, you have the deranged and demented religious maniacs supported by the Zionist owned American murder machine, apparently shoveling some 80 Syrian citizens intro ovens. These are the forces that Israeli and Saudi psychopaths are funding via the currency machines and oil industries they rely on to finance these things. Meanwhile, since they own the State Department and pretty much everything else, there is no real opposition to these insanities. One can only shake their head and wonder how long such things will continue. These are the sorts of incidents taking place with the full support of compromised tools like John Kerry, John McCain and a majority of congressional bobbleheads who've been video-taped or recorded doing very bad things to adults, children, household pets and who knows who and what they've defiled in the process of defiling themselves.

Irony... Irony... I'm going to make a prediction here. Should this cutting edge minister decide to take 'Minerva's' offer he will shortly find himself the most sought after administrator of gay marriage rituals around. In fact, he will find it unavoidable. I'm wondering about this California bishop. She's a member of the same church; won't they defrock her too? I'm guessing that she made this offer due to the fact that she is a bishop and can only move on the diagonal. It makes sense, in a nonsense kind of a way.

Mainstreaming what's not mainstream is the disorder of the day for Tribe orchestrated alternative sexual political games designed to break up the family unit and that means going public when possible. I put this link in mostly for the right sidebar which is a classic demo of how the Tribe owned media works this angle. Of especial note is the one referring to that paragon of truth in journalism, Geraldo Rivero.

The truth will not be denied and the Zio-Troll Army is trotting out its last gasp red herring to divert public attention from their own crimes. Yowsah! the demon chickens are coming home to roost! Merry Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!! Sizzling reindeer steaks, Annie! Daddy Warbucks is headed for the gibbet.

As was noted here in a very recent posting, Pharmaceutical agents of material darkness have compromised the whole medical establishment; of course, they were compromised long ago when they left off of healing and reversed Hippocrates about 'first do no harm'. The moment profit begins to compete with performance, performance is doomed. It goes downhill until you've got people reading Freud as if it applied to people in general instead of only to specific genetic schematics and even then it is hopelessly lost in the symptomatic. Of course you promote is as causal but it ain't. Causal inquiry and treatment requires no such complexity. But... but... how can you play God unless your procedures mystify the patient? How can you make money when Nature provides everything needed for healing free? Aye, that's the crux of the matter! It's the same with cancer research. First of all there were none of these cancers before all kinds of things went haywire in the last century, especially bad diet and no awareness of 'stress'. Cancer is a cash cow, it makes billions of dollars for charlatans and- of course, like 'Law' it is heavily populated by Tribe members. Go where the money is! Go where the money is! God, the cynicism and arrogance of these people is epic. Merry Christmas!!!

Occasionally I'll hear from the Hasbara Brigade as I did the other day. An incensed member, a foot soldier in the Tribe-Orc Army let me know that if I would only let him debate me he could prove everything I said was false. He said he had the proof of books over a hundred years old. His point was that the age of the books proved their veracity. In all his argumentative screeds at me, he never once provided a single bit of evidence. His intention is endless argument without substance, backed by the insistence that since someone wrote something down and the Tribe published it, it must be true. Logic and Reason, as demonstrated here (grin) must be published over and over again. It will vibrate in the ether. If it is true it will resonate outward and distill in the air. It will precipitate into the great unconscious where it will bubble away until the steam of it's essence rises into the self conscious arena. I once read, (paraphrasing here). "If you were searching for something, even if the only person possessing it was in a cave, high in the Andes in Peru, you would be led there if you were persistent in your search" By the same token, if something were true, it would remain true and possess its own unique vibration, which turns all argument against it's existence into smoke. This is actually science. The real defeats the unreal but possibly only in the cases of those seeking it. It also defeats the unreal in them while they look.

So, certain things have to be said because if they are true, they are true and anyone looking to refute these things (an impossibility) is welcome to present their case here in this forum but only with an established identity are they going to be responded to by me. I don't argue but I will state what is known and though I may not know the whole truth about any matter, I generally know what is not true. As far as 9/11 goes, the evidence is a slam dunk as to the players. AND though we may miss 'some' of the players, the overall population is well known, both Tribe and conspiring gentile. I guess we could say they're all Yahweh's Boys, the wide boys from the temporal swamp. Business as usual here is... business as usual. Merry Christmas!!!

End Transmission.......

Song: Merry Christmas!The Pogues' Fairy Tale of New York


Anonymous said...

"We are going to see a great number of articles in the future from so-called experts and public officials. They will warn about more violence, more kidnappings, and more terrorists. Mass media, the armed forces, and intelligence agencies will saturate our lives with fascist scare tactics and 'predictions' that have already been planned to come true." - 'Conspiracy theorist' Mae Brussell, 1974

(Whilst in the midst of a far-reaching investigation into the Presidio molestation case, Mae was hit with a fast-onset cancer and died on October 3, 1988; she was 66 years old.)

Check out the comments section underneath the article in that link above, for some interesting "alternative conspiracy theories"...

Anonymous said...

poke 'em in the eye one more time for the children in the hospital..

you'll get what Lot got...

a pillar of salt for a

significant other, grin.

here's a sacerdotal epistlemological inquiry you may help with, given the nature of the congregants herein...
assembled by virtue of their
"resonating frequencies", and all

how many times did Sara dutifully conspire with Abraham to conceive


just wondering.



Visible said...

I'd say it depended on how much fun he was having.

Jenny said...

good one Davy- nice answer Vis...merry Christmas to all! I love how you throw that phrase out there when needed-just in time-jen

Visible said...

The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross. for those with a problem integrating psychedelics with spirituality... or is that religion? Yeah, probably religion.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
compulsive debasement
disfunctional crime
debilitated suffering
confusion is blind
societal breakdown
degraded misuse
communal detachment
institutional abuse
fabricated system
falsehoods false law
a war on for heart
where unity forms
of awe that inspires
the vast great immense
questions of universe
the wide feilds of sense


Sunday, November 27, 2011 7:00:00 PM

Thanks Neil.

Thanks Vis.

Visible said...

This is a very interesting lady. if you have the time to read her take.

Visible said...

wow! thanks Homer.

Unknown said...

It's spelled Yahveh. Yah ha veh is how it's pronounced.

Anonymous said...

The Lordy Jesus spoke to me while I was trimming my nails yesterday. He said, "Cletus, stop watchin' Nancy Grace and get your ass over tuh the Walmart and pick up one of them white-trash broads who has six chilluns by six different baby daddy." So I went over tuh the Walmart and started rubbin' my dingus up against the backside of this fat blonde in the baked goods aisle. We ended up watchin' porn in my trailer till six in the mornin', drinkin' Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, and doin' the horizontal mambo like wild monkeys on crack. And then this mornin', when I woke up, lo and behold I saw Jesus's face in my Eggo waffle! And the white-trash broad saw it, too - just before she power-vomited like a fire hydrant and sprayed my trailer walls with gelatinous goo, which eventually took the shape of the Virgin Mary, complete with that hoodie thing she's always wearin' in them religious oil paintings! The Lord sure works in mysterious ways.

David V said...

The Hannah Michaels article is close but no cigar. It concerns things that I was taught as a child, and variations of which I've been studying for most of my life. It contains errors and omissions (as do most other such discussions), maybe due to lack of scholarship or maybe just in order to make everything fit a predetermined solution. One glaring error, right at the beginning, is the date of Nebuchadnezzar's carting off the Israelites to Babylon. This happened in 604 BC, not AD. Maybe it's just a typo, yet she appears to use this date as the starting point for calculating the ending of the 1260 day period to land on 1917. Also she totally ignores another important time period, the seventy weeks of Daniel, as well as the 2,300 day/year period mentioned at the end of Daniel. And so on. Her ideas are interesting, to be sure, but much of her supporting info can be interpreted in other ways.


Visible said...

Yod heh vau heh is the name. It comes from the Tetragramaton. How can you not see this when it is exactly the same thing. I'll stand by my better scholarship on this one.

As far as Hannah's thoughts on the matter my point was that they were interesting and they are. The UFO doctrine is all through all holy books. That's long established. What the truth is is hidden in obscurity.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The Vedic records are extensive as pertains to "UFO's"
Huge detailed works complete with mathematics and technical writings. It is history..

"The knowledge of aeronautics is described in Sanskrit in 100 sections, eight chapters, 500 principles and 3000 shlokas. Great sage Bharadvāja explained the construction of aircraft and way to fly it in air, on land, on water and use the same aircraft like a submarine. He also described the construction of war planes or fighter aircraft."

Vimanika Shastra

The Vedic science of flight - Part seven (of seven)

Visible said...

Yeah, what he said.

Ray B. said...

I just found this interesting article.

"Disclosure from the Senior Editor of 'Veterans Today'" by soldierhugsmember (Sun Aug 18, 2013 5:52 am)

shm: "For some time now, Gordon Duff has been putting out info on extra terrestrial life and UFOs in his interviews. The first I can remember was an article in VT on the UFO war in the Pacific which he followed up with an interview on Coast-to-coast with George Noory.

He's now given an interview on the Mike Harris show on 14 August which is a real doozy. I think he's been given the task of going public on ETs and in this interview he talks of the elites having struck deals with corporeal and non-corporeal entities.

Here's the link for the show:

I've done the transcript which I shall also post in this thread. Duff came on to talk about the recent scandal of the military in charge of America's nuclear arsenal having failed a safety inspection."


Within the mentioned transcript, the following stood out for Ray:

GD: "This is what came out in a briefing. I'm saying I'm making this up because, if I don't, the EU Times, Julian Assange, whatever, they won't be talking to me anymore.

What if, accidentally, someone would say, 'Look at these different kinds of things [UFOs]. They come to Earth, but none of them really mean us that much harm. They are just clumsy. They don't really understand what's going on. They don't understand people.'

And then we find there are other entities. They live off vibrations. They are very powerless - but they communicate with specific people, and they attach themselves to elites.

What do they live on? They live on what you would call negative energy. 'It's not like good and evil.' They get power. They feel pleasure. They feed - I'm doing something of a 1968 'Star Trek' episode - on anger, fear, and hate. 'They're not evil.'

Do we have a definition for evil here: That's someone that feeds off anger, fear, and hate.
How does good and evil work? 'There is no good or evil.' There are simply entities that attach themselves to powerful people, who protect them, offer them eternal life, offer them a position of pleasure and power in an afterlife, protect them in every imaginable way.
Are you noticing this? All of the talking points here - anti-imperialist, communist talking points, the whites, the conservatives - it's not about left or right. It's about maintaining a level of slavery and human suffering ... I'm calling it evil. I've been told I shouldn't call it evil; that I should believe in relativism. That non-corporeal entities live on vibrations, and they enjoy fear and suffering - and they have their partners, the wealthy elite.
We have rulers. These are rulers that are in league with non-human intelligences."

[Note that I have not researched Gordon Duff. I leave it to Vis and others to 'vett' him.]

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas, Happy solstice.

missingarib said...

Vis , my friend, have a merry Christmas ,and from the bottom of my heart ,a hug and another hug,and another hug, may we both see the light of a just world for our generation, our children and grandchildren.
"If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also.…

May the love of peace , justice,and mercy always be our sustenance ,attire and dwelling .

amen and amen
live long

bproman said...

Feliz Navidad and may your shot glass be filled with some tequila or mescal in the new year.

galen said...

A truly enlightened state of being:

1 min


Anonymous said...

Excellent series of posts, Vis. I especially like your tone of late.

Merry 3rd day of Christmas All (btw I know xmas is sposed to run from 12/25 thru 1/06 (Orthodox xmas) inclusive, but from an elf's perspective, let me say that 12/21 - the point at which the light begins to grow again - thru 1/01 makes a better timeline)!

Btw: the ancient Hebrew name of God was unspeakable, so He was referred to symbolically via the Tetragrammaton: yod he vau he. The vowels are left out, so the name is usually translated as "Yahweh," or "Jehovah," but, remember, it is an unpronounceable name, so wtf - how you say it is a moot point. Just sayin.

SJ Palmer

Visible said...

That feature wasn't part of the discussion, nor was location or hairstyle.

Berna said...

Merry Christmas everybody.

Anonymous said...

This link makes reference to Jeff Rothschild's active online censorship of NWO dissent, as well as claiming that he was attacked by anarchists recently, accusing him of war crimes:

If it hasn't happened yet, well the writing's on the wall....

one of my vwords was "visible"!!!

Brian Crossland said...

Ray B @15.
Re: UFO's.
That mirrors Stuart Wilde's(God rest him) take.
That they were essentially non physical entities who fed off fear and importance.
Apparently best way to deal with them was to moon 'em.


Eudoxia said...

LOLOL at the Christmas buttons classic Viz!

Merry Christmas good people :-

Anonymous said...

Hows your kid getting along ?
walking hawk

Eudoxia said...

@ Walking Hawk

The docs have let him out for Christmas, they've postponed surgery until the 2nd January, they have to fly special equipment in. The tumor is right in the middle of his brain (third ventricle) they are going to try keyhole surgery first, get as much of it as they can and take a sample while they are in there as they don't know what it is yet. What I can count on is more of the same, the game plan changes all the time. He'll have 3 neurosurgens working on him so we wait and see what unfolds. Thanks for asking WH - how is your brother?

Great post Viz, have a lovely xmas day everyone.

Anonymous said...

fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking.
Doctors installed feeding tube this week and their going to start radiation and chemo soon within the next couple of days. I sent much info about all natural cures and such but had little time. My brother told me he didn't notice anything wrong until he had a hard time swallowing about a month ago. So he made appointment to get checked out and 2 wks. later got in to see whats up. X-rays showed almost fist sized tumor in throat above lungs by then. Stage 4. Also a couple suspect lumps appeared in leg now.
I send healing to him and your son for recovery and turned info on my brother over to a group of remote healers to see if that can help.


I told my brother he may not be kickin' ass, but he ain't kicked the bucket either.

I'm just here (earth plane) trying to help and heal and make this place a better place for future generations. Very interesting, lots of work to do. Lots of fucked up people but I can only do what I can do.


I Pray All who stop by here has a Spirit filled 2014.
Be a positive example for the rest of the fucked-up human race.(laughing)
Ha Ha
I have escaped the grasp of the hand of death many times so far in this life, so when he finally gets a hold of me I hope I have enough time to laugh and say,
" Ha Ha, Finally ? "

walking hawk

Thanks to you Vis for this Sacred Space, Place.

Thanks to All you people who search for truth.

Kate said...

Make the snowflaky things stop. PLEASE!



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