Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Zombie Apocalypse on the Streets of the Great Satan.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Like I've said any number of times. I love irony. It's everywhere these days. I believe I also said that the definition of stupid is being unable to register irony, unable to know what it is or where it is. It's sort of like not being able to see who you are and what you are. Zombie themes have proliferated in recent times, on the big screen, in video games and now on the streets of The Great Satan. You can get into the melee while police stand by, exactly the way the IDF stands by, when settlers abuse Palestinians but you can't film anything.

You can't tell any difference between governments and corporations these days. Government spy agencies and corporate spy agencies- macht nichts, except that the corporates are probably more comprehensive. On the heels of finding Zuckerberg is related to the Rockefellers and world class scumbag Greenberg of AIG, it should come as no surprise what Schmuckerberg is up to in his fiefdom.

It's amazing, the things that are going on. It's amazing, the things that are permitted to go on. So, it's not surprising that a corporation that used to employ hit squads in South America (and probably still do), would also be engaged in pernicious mass murder, via theater concession stands and whatever homes the resident zombies take them into. 44 teaspoons of sugar in one theater drink!!! Is that crazy or what? Imagine putting 44 spoonfuls of sugar into your mouth, one after the other. Meanwhile, celebrity junkies of another sort, with their own idea of sugar, let us know what a man who can afford anything really wants. Yack! There's not much irony more ironic than celebrity irony. No mention was made about how much the donation was from this ambulatory clothes hanger, best known for her charming and personable way with others. We are drowning in irony and hypocrisy. It surrounds us. It sucks all the oxygen out of the room.

How do you manage to hold on to integrity in a world where it is held in contempt and punishable by law, along with generosity and compassion? What a world. What a world! There seems to be no evil that goes unperformed, or under performed. 40,000 criminal cases! Zounds! Now we learn that Barracuda Sotero is, in fact, Joseph from ancient Egypt. He's gwine take you to the promised land which is, in fact, a personalized six foot hole in the ground, unless you wind up part of a crowd and the hole, of necessity much be made larger.

I have my blogs on Google and obviously, Google is a monster. I've been using G-Mail and they've been messing with my emails. They've been cutting off access to my sites. My sites have been labeled as dangerous, which, I suppose they are and I wouldn't have it any other way. They make it impossible for many people to comment. Probably I should migrate my blogs to some neutral location, or to my website. I'm using another email. It stands to reason I shouldn't be associated with this Israeli-CIA owned operation. I generally don't pay much attention to most of this because I know these instruments of the infernal have their hooks into everything these days. It's hard to know what to do.

The internet came along and made it possible for people like me to be heard. They weren't expecting that on their way to world domination. Now they're all dependent on it and can't figure out how to limit or control it. All the corporations are relying on it. It's a sticky wicket and there's yet more irony. Irony is waiting around every corner. As you anticipate running into it the moment you turn the corner, irony also is sneaking up behind you. These days it is probably in your underwear when you wake up in the morning, if you wear underwear, I don't, I prefer to use toilet paper instead. Irony is stacked up over every airport, is backed up on every freeway and lined up around the block at every department store in a permanent Black Friday state of possible chaos breakout at any moment. People can't see it because when you hide the truth from yourself, irony is also simultaneously concealed.

That brings me by mere accident (I think) to the subject of coincidence, which you often see in the company of irony. Many things are most clearly defined by their association with something else. Many things lead from one circumstance to another. We are a composite, not so much of the things we've said and done and the places we've been, as we are of how we feel about them, how we remember them. Few people remember the past as it happened. We color our memories according to our ongoing motives and intentions. It's called justification. There is little hope for a positive future, according to my value system, if one is opposed to a frank analysis of the past. Life is a continuum of error repetition and error correction. The wheel of fire accompanies the first part and the spiral into the light accompanies the second, or the former and the latter if you prefer. Yes, there are purgatories, holding tanks and limbo zones aplenty; astral slums to rival the largest favelas here or elsewhere but there are only two general directions and you're going in one or the other, one or the other. You're going consciously or unconsciously and there are examples of both in both directions; consciously good and unconsciously and consciously evil.

Yes, my friends, there are those who do evil for the sheer joy of it; Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice (both Rices), Schumer, Cantor, Bloomfield, Silverstein. I could go on and on and there's still Israel, England, Canada and Australia, France and what not. These are your Satanists. Some are born into it and others gravitate toward it because it is their life course, as determined by prior actions and intentions. My apologies for leaving out so many of the other dedicated shitbags like Bandar, Daddy Bush, Shitwityahoo and so many more, not to mention epically evil corporations. They come to their zenith in Kali Yuga and are destined 'to fall like Lucifer'.

It is a freakish vision to behold, these driven agents of the darkside, with their appearance of power, their fortunes and command of police forces and armies, coupled with the state of the art technologies, they seem unbeatable. (It was having their technological evolution outstrip their level of moral evolution that led to the downfall of Atlantis.) From an external perspective it might seem so but... from an internal perspective, attended by the inescapable truth that there is only one source of power in the universe, the vision is quite different; “greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world.”. Even in my darkest moments and... I've had a generous share of them, beneath the chaos and confusion, the depression and despair, there percolates an irresistible optimism and an unquenchable joy that no shadow or specter can diminish. I catch myself sometimes, infuriated at my impotence to affect existence on behalf of my beloved Poncho, or to alter the course of my pending migration, not to mention the horrorshows I encounter in my virtual journeys every day; the woman who deliberately gave false evidence in so many criminal cases, which is linked in this article, is an example of breathtaking evil. Every day they seem to lower the bar. Every day they give more and more examples of their utter depravity and... what is that, my friend? What is the point and purpose of those examples? It's evidence, evidence.

You can see life as a random happenstance of events, or you can see it as a vast panoramic film, scripted by mysterious force. There are arguments for both positions, although the former position is generally one that suits the pursuit of self interest as well as the preeminence of ego over all competition. There are several questions that are difficult to answer in support of the first position. If there is no ineffable, how come there is a Devil, worshiped and served by some very hard pragmatists? Isn't this phenomenological universe a balance of opposites? Isn't it a balance of opposites going out of balance and coming back into balance, sometimes in a very harsh manner? Also, what are we to make of Karma? How does there come to be Karma without some kind of over mind? How do we interpret, “as above, so below'? If there is only evil with an operative overseer, why does evil always fail in the end? If the deck is stacked in that manner it goes against common sense to simply go by appearances. Also, consider that physicists have scientifically proven that existence is 'thought-born' and that everything is made out of the same mindstuff vibrating at a different frequency... doesn't that tell us something? Doesn't that infer something? For myself I have no argument going. I have conclusively proven what I believe/know to be truth. In any case, the only person I have to convince is myself. Everyone else can make up their own mind- ♫most likely you go your way and I'll go mine♫

I've also convinced myself of why people believe other than I do. The primary reason is religion. For some reason people confuse religion with the nature of the ineffable. They are two separate and distinct things. The other reason is the condition of the world. The usual argument is that there is no way God can exist and permit the things that are permitted. That, of course, is all Karma and this is Kali Yuga where Karma gets sorted and where things are sordid. Things get settled in this time zone that have been back-burnered for many years. This particular segment is The Apocalypse, where all of these considerations get revealed to us, in an ever more insistent fashion, because the greater portion of us do not want to see or hear and that's where the Black Kali Friday comes from and Miley Cyrus, along with all of the other two dimensional cutouts of entertainers, politicians and twisted rich, in unholy love of lucre, that runaway Shekel Flu for which there is no vaccine.

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Anonymous said...

one light in a dark valley...

reflected on the mountain of evidence only a full on dingbat
could deny

Chris Davis thanked "God" and said his mother told him to surround himself with good people and good things would happen...

{dig that scriptwriter}

cast lead @ the Iron Bowl....


I always liked the way you were so kind to those tub-o-lard housewives in Alabama.



messianicdruid said...

God is the only one who is able to bring good out of evil circumstances. The tension in creation is allowed temporarily as a training aid.

Ginnie said...

Lately everything you write makes me think of "The Nobody".

Had to go read it again today.

The people who post in your comments are somehow closer to me than the people around me in person.

Amazing this thing called spiritual gravity.

Coming "out from among them" and being separate somehow resulted in no separation at all!

Irony...with gratitude!

Anonymous said...

Kinda odd,(though perhaps not really,) I notice that for the last 4 or 5 weeks you have been linking to the exact same articles that I have been reading/cringing over just the day or so before...
That lady with the one good eye, actually kinda shocked me with the degree she verified my darker suspicions in regard to the current state of the justice system.(You know, given enough time, they'll be all too glad to give her her old job back, after 'all is forgotten'.)
I'm cautiously optimistic that won't happen for reasons you have already stated.
Much Love, & keep Well,

Anonymous said...


Visible said...

icle, one two...

Unknown said...

Is this thing on, or is that a banana in your pocket?!

Anonymous said...

Les, I wonder if you can find a source for that item about Zuckerberg and David Rockefeller. I looked around and could not find anything.

Visible said...

Did you consider clicking on the link right where it is mentioned.

David V said...

Interesting that you link to a Preston James piece from VT. Have you read any of his other stuff? He's a bit "out there", by conventional standards (whatever "conventional" means), and he could use some serious proofreading, but he's one of the very few who at least tries to put it all together. By "all" I mean that he includes things like ETs and alien hi-tech, secret gov't bases, possible war in space, anunaki or luciferian spiritual meddling, and so on.

David Icke does similar, but uses different terminology. He comes under fire from many directions, but has a lot of truth to offer. The truth is where you find it...nobody has a corner on it, and everybody has biases and blind spots.

I have thought the same, for a long time, about how the best proof that there is a God is the certainty of the evil and satanism we see practiced by the rulers, almost in broad daylight nowadays. The difference is that the Creator works by creating, not by destroying. reation is often hard to see while it's in progress. It's that still small voice that Elijah heard after the whirlwind had passed.


I always at list skim over your links. Many of them are things I had already seen before they appeared here.

Anonymous said...

He He sorry about the TEST, just checking. Internet has been odd lately. Great Read Visible, It put me in a good mood. Sticky wicket he he is that what you get when you where underwhere, for give me. Irony great word, I prefer ironical I love to fling that word at people and see the reaction. Dam I wish I could spell worth a shit. Keep up the good work brother.

from a remote part of Oregon

Thomas said...


this is not to argue, just to add my view. God is not to be understood, in any way, except as the source of Everything. It's just a word, but it's the One Reality too. Paradoxical, it seems, but I "guess" it isn't ;)

anyways, I'm just mincing words. I believe what you're describing. Thanks.

All the best, everyone

Smyrna said...

Schmuckerberg has a very punchable head. And that Dookhan woman is exhibit A in the case for phrenology. Wasn't Bill Clinton sired by Nelson Rockefeller?

Anonymous said...

I love the mythical stories surrounding the overnight tech billionaires (like Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and those two douchebags who allegedly founded Google, etc.). The sheeple eat that shit up. "By gosh, Marge, did you read about that Zuckerberg fella? Started up this social network thing in his DORM ROOM at COLLEGE...and now he's a BILLIONAIRE!!!!! Only in a America." And of course it's all bullshit. You have to be connected to old, big money or military intelligence to get a leg up on anything like that. Become a billionaire with your own idea? Hahahahaha. No chance in hell. If you have a great idea and you aren't intimately connected with the snakes at the top of the greasy flagpole, they will just freaking steal your idea. Happens all the time. That's what they do, that's all they do. The NSA monitors every word that's typed on the Internet. They monitor every phone conversation. If you have a great idea, believe me, some spook will steal it, pass it to some insiders, then they will work it up and put some straw men out front who will play the role of the "genius founders of the company". Years ago I came up with three great ideas for new products. I sat down one weekend, and dreamed them up. Shot my mouth off about them over the phone to everybody I knew (this was 25 years ago). Having limited funds, I went to work on only one of the three product ideas. At the time, I regularly read this magazine that ranked the top ten best-selling new mail-order products in the world, every month. So after I had been working on my new idea for a couple of months, I picked up the latest copy of the magazine, and all three of my ideas were ranked among the top ten best-selling new mail-order products for the month - even though none of them had existed only a couple of months before. At the time, I couldn't figure it out. How in the hell could people come up with the same ideas that I had, when they hadn't existed up until the time I came up with the idea? Well now I know. The point is, only the snakes at the top of the greasy flagpole get the money and fame that comes along from ANY great ideas. Thinking everybody can be a billionaire, is like thinking everybody can be president of the USA. It's delusional sheeple daydreaming, and it's heartily encouraged by the assholes at the top who steal anything and everything that isn't nailed down.

Visible said...

Amen on that.

Anonymous said...

Back on the subject of overnight billionaires, etc. This is somewhat related. So, about 18 years ago I was in this movie, had a featured role playing an FBI agent. It was a terrible movie. Anyway, the producers asked me to sit in on the continuity process at post-production. I got to know the main producer fairly well, and we started talking about screenplays one evening. I told him I had a treatment (a treatment is a synopsis of a movie idea, usually about 10 pages or so, which includes what the movie is about, the characters, how the plot progresses, the ending, some of the dialog, etc.) He got interested and told me he was going to Hollywood the following week and he was going to pitch a few studios on some treatments he already had, would I mind if he took a look at my treatment? Being a naive asshat at the time, I gave him the treatment. The screenplay was about a lawyer who took this magic potion (by accident), and could only tell the truth from that moment on. So yeah, I gave him the treatment and Jim Carrey's "Liar, Liar" came out about about a year or two later - the movie mirrored my treatment almost word for word, including some of the dialog. The funny thing was, the movie I was in, which this producer co-produced and starred in, was a Jim Carrey wannabe "comedy". But yeah, all of this was just a coincidence. (Not.) Like I said, these snakes will steal anything, and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that most of them having tiny penises, no discernible talent, and a massive amount of ambition. It's a well-known fact in the music industry that most of the mega-talented (allegedly) composers and arrangers are plagiarists. Quincy Jones, for example. The guy hires various people to come up with arrangements for various songs. Then Jones takes the arrangement he likes best, uses it for the final score of the song, "produces" it (using engineers who actually know what they are doing) and takes credit for the whole fucking thing. This is not the exception, it's the rule in the industry. My sister used to date a guy whose father worked for Quincy Jones as an arranger and composer. He lived very well, made over $100,000 per year, but he enlightened me more than once about how Quincy and other big names, rip off people's work and take the credit (and the money). The same thing happens in the art world, many big name painters pay underlings to paint the actual artwork, then the big name painters put their own names on the paintings. This fits right in with the idea-stealing thing I mentioned in an earlier post. I guess their motto is, if you can't beat 'em, STEAL THEIR SHIT and take credit for it. All it proves, in the end, is scum floats. Look at the top of any field of endeavor, and you will find the scummiest psychopaths in the world. Politics, business, music, art, religion, etc. What's amazing is they continually pull it off. They use the MSM to brainwash people into thinking that these "bigwigs", who are in actuality marginally retarded and completely bereft of any talent or creativity at all, are geniuses. Einstein, Zuckerberg, Gates, even Thomas Edison (who plagiarized basically every great idea that "he" ever had), the list goes on and on. And it all fits an agenda, usually centering around a massive dumbing down of the populace, or the creation of a massive surveillance state. Makes me wanna sing, "My Country Tis of Thee"...let's all sing it together now! Ready? Me either.

Visible said...

There are some despicable thieves out there. My experiences with the music business taught me that.

Eudoxia said...

It's hardly surprising that Zuckerberg is related to Rockefeller......psychopaths of a feather etc. and you are right Smyrna he does have a very punchable head.

Oh irony is in abundance at the moment, particularly for Nitwityahoo. Without linking them here just go to Rense and look out for an article called Bomb Israel with Truth. It will take you to Press TV and they are all there. BRILLIANT! One link below.

Ray B. said...

I love synchronicity. I just started reading the series of articles on 'Space War/Aliens' by Preston James over on Veterans Today, last night.


Vis: "It was having their technological evolution outstrip their level of moral evolution that led to the downfall of Atlantis."

I'm going to zig sideways on that quote. My left brain has always warred with my right brain on the existence of Atlantis. My intuition (and Higher Self) has always been on the existence side. My intellect pulled out maps of the Atlantic Ocean and ruled out any substantial landmass there because of miles-deep abyss almost everywhere, short of the continental margins. (Possible mid-Atlantic-ridge isolated islands, due to lowering of sea levels during Ice Ages...)

The above also ties in with the 'Flood' myths. The Sumerian cuneiform records of a global flood are unequivocal. This event remained in the 'global' consciousness long enough to be picked up and synopsized into the Bible, much later. However, I once did a calculation on how much water volume it would take to raise global sea-levels past Mount Ararat heights (let alone Himalayan height levels). It turned out to be an absolutely huge amount, bigger than a main-belt asteroid's-worth.

In light of the above, my current leanings are on the 'screen memory' side. Along the line of Vis' "physicists have scientifically proven that existence is 'thought-born'," I believe that 'something' happened in both cases - possibly even the same event. This is kind of hard to put into words, but I suspect a screen memory is at play in our very existence 'here'.

When a person moves radically up or down in consciousness (without earlier experience in the new area), the mind scrambles to make sense of the new 'environment'. It makes the best 'correlation' that it can between what is really there and what was previously known to the experiencer. That is cited as to why numinous experiences tend to reflect the religion/culture of the participant. Psychologists also often find this where a 'victim' cannot bear to face the (emotional) memory of a traumatic experience or tormentor. Similarly, 'screen memories' are often found in the UFO-abduction world. An owl-face is often substituted for a grey-face, for example.

I believe that we are facing something similar in the Atlantis/Flood events. Something happened. Enough clues exist. It was traumatic enough that it marks a major division: Before and After. However, the way it is remembered does not make conventional sense. It feels like a 'screen memory' to me...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Steve Johnson said...

The attack on your blogsite was done by google inc.

Happened to me about around now about a year ago on my main websites: and I found Google web bot txt webcrawler reports at the exact same minute that " infected" php files were uploaded in through a wordpress/drupal CMS update flaw.

The purpose for listing mine and other truther websites I believe was to de-list them from google indexed searches as once they are earmarked as containing malicious pages, they automatically are removed from the searches, and once cleaned need to be re-submitted from scratch.

Its called online Defamation and it happened to Zen Gardner at the same time as you.

My guess is they *(The tentacles of the all pervasive octopus) are getting insanely desperate to silence alternative media because to many sheeple are starting to wonder about the farmers real intentions after they finish grazing.
Keep up the great work!!


Dodgy One said...

One who has no connection with the creator has no ability to create. Evil and greed know only how to take and destroy, deluded that having a collection of things is creative when all it is in reality is wasteful hording to the point of rendering the collection worthless.
I wonder when those that once thought capitalism really is that weird would wake to the concept of co-operation and sharing. So that then together we can create rhythm and rhyme beyond comprehension of these mortal coils.

galen said...

Hey, ain't it funny, when all the hoopla dies down and there we are just standin' there with our own self? Us and it, whatever it is. And it all spins and turns and we begin again, chasin' down the hoopla, when it's what's in between that really has the stuff. And it's hoopla-less. Both course and soft, very big and very, very little. It's glue and dissolution, true and full of doubt. It has audience, from us, but we don't always know we're watching. Sometimes it has to be written about. An attempt to define the undefinable. A walk through Jello to get to the pudding. It tastes sooooo good, if it hasn't gone bad. We come mechanically, spoon in hand. Once in a while the mechanics are halted and we take a breath. Oh yeah, we don't know. We never will. And still we look for love.

Wen Ao Long said...

I told you a long time ago that this rampant evil was endemic to this world, and you mocked me as delusional. Now look who is delusional. Evil is evil, it needs to be destroyed, it is not a "balancing factor" to make spiritual growth possible, it is not the naturally occurring counterpart to Goodness.

Admit it now, or confess it on your knees later. Doesn't matter which. Not to those who Know anyway.

Lee said...

Responding to Anonymous.

Intellectual theft is rampant. Back in 1975 I made sketches of a hand held electronic notebook reader/encyclopedia\ My dad went with me to an attorney to apply for a patent. The fee was $10,000 for the application, which I could never afford.

It was the forerunner of the Smart Phone.

I even made futuristic sketches of jet fighters with a blue beam weapon coming out of a turret very much like what is current today.

Even some of my obscure comic routines I come out with seems to have been copied.

Either our thoughts or conversations have been hacked, or both.

Visible, you mentioned even in your deepest darkest hour, you still had some hope in the ineffable. I am glad you shard that because I don't feel so alone as before. My last episode with homelessness and abandonment really tested me to the core.

The feeling of loneliness and hopelessness is overwhelming.

Visible said...

Nejat, I have no awareness of you pontificating to me previously from some illuminated high ground, or any locale for that matter. Maybe you were so elevated that your words did one of those invisible ink things? Anyway, you've got what sounds like it could be a Hindu name. I suggest you read the Bhagavad Gita and take it up with Krishna... or look for parallels to things like 'lead us not into temptation'

Threatening me in the name of someone else whom you are probably not on speaking terms with (and don't name), while messing with the actual message implied in my statement isn't going to have any impact on me

I'll see you on your next visit here five or so years from now or however long it was, ten years? In the meantime why not include a website where you spell it all out for us and we can also buy the DVD's. Chances are I may be selling DVD's soon. We could do dueling DVD's! Kool!

You kind of remind me of that Schweethart Jong from Facebook who is all torched with me because of his misconception on my position on the gay thing. He said something like, "I've read you for years but the light appeared in my heart and mind and now I know you are a fucking piece of shit and a lying sonoabitch if not the anti-Christ himself." This is what the light in his heart told him. Maybe you can understand now why it tends to hurt when I laugh. Laughter may be great medicine but one must be careful not to over do it.

Visible said...

Wow Lee, that's something but... remember, you never lose something that is yours. If it gets taken from you or stolen it will reappear up the road in dramatic fashion.

I've had plenty of intellectual property theft and... in the shades of gray department, people borrow from me all the time online but I got it all transmitted from elsewhere or on loan to begin with.

This is why I say, the praise of others is nice but nothing that is steadfast or lasts. It comes and goes. Like Kipling's said of praise and blame, you have to "treat those impostors both the same." Praise from above is what counts and there's no question of the taste of the one conferring it either.

It's as rare as hummingbird's teeth but it does await the intrepid and unflagging warrior. It can't all be criticism and good advice. There has to be the occasional "good boy" and the pat on the head. As one comes up against greater tests or passes certain roadmarks the really meaningful good words become more frequent. The creator knows you need them, especially if he's not giving you anything else... yet (grin).

Eudoxia said...

Keep up the good work kids..........I just love it here! I downloaded Dracula the TV series, very interesting indeed - worth a look.

Anonymous said...

for're in tune with higher realms than this materialistic plane.

receive, enjoy and celebrate the ineffable and don't dwell on the rank, rabid marketplace...

you are love

Anonymous said...

You Messaged me twice on facebook, and all I did was respond to you, I still have the messages, both on my facebook account, and on a picture, don't go putting words in my mouth or misread my statement. First of all I am pansexual, and I have no interest in dating or seeing anyone right now, or in the last two years. I don't believe in God or Christ, so why would I believe in an anti-Christ or call you that? The first time you messaged me you called me a snake. Which I let slide because if it's true of me, it's true of anyone according to you God is a snake, isn't that the case? Anyway I am agnostic about God, but I see Christ as nothing but a fool, written about in myth. That being said, You have the right to write whatever you want, all I've tried to mention is you should see the side from the heart, not every ones life experience in this world has lead them to feel about it the way in which you do. If you can acknowledge that, then you are well on your way to understanding your wrtting has a limited audience.


Anonymous said...

Sugarmountains, Greenmoutains, Gates, Rockefellers, - file that under - how does a tiny minority do it?

Visible, is there another way to donate to you besides the tribe-owned paypal? I try to avoid all things that contribute anything to the tribe

Visible said...

Jong, that's a much tamer response than anything I got from you previously. I said the man on the beach told me "God was a serpent". A snake implies a different context and as far as the anti Christ thing goes that was an inference. I'm still stuck by the irony of you talking about coming from the heart and the foul and slanderous things you said to me. I don't really care. Occasionally people say nasty things about me and occasionally people actively dislike me for whatever their reasons are. I'm more concerned about false representation.

Visible said...

I've been knocked off teh internet all day, just got back on, very weird. The whole of our principality, hundreds of kilometers in length was down but only Vodaphone. The line for all other companies was up so why wan't my line working if the wireless was the problem. Oh well.

Anonymous said...


God Is Life Force.

Don't you get it yet ?

It's that simple..!!

walking hawk

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

If There is a Devil, the Devil is Your Mind.

Anonymous said...

All for the purpose of demonstration.

As for fakebook and the lame malignant narcissists who use it they get what they deserve.

You could try turdpress wordpress but they spy as well and will shut down any blog that disrespects the Kenyan bathhouse messiah.

As for the comments there is a runaround sometime where the captcha is so small you can't read it or it keeps saying you entered the wrong captcha.

No use for a name, deal with it.

Wen Ao Long said...

It doesn't matter what was said before, not to me anyway. I see that you don't have a wishy washy attitude about evil, as I once supposed.

It turns out that this article provoked me to see more what you are about, but only after reading your next article which is about identifying the Devil more efficiently.

My recent communions with the True Self, the catalysts for the improvement of which I am unabashedly public about, have given me insight into your work that for various typical reasons were missing before. I like cheating and taking short cuts against evil.

Knowing what I Know now, I am able to see that evil is made dimmer when one Light can properly see the Light in another. I have recently been reading the Bhagavad Gita (magical snippets of it), on an instinct really, so I'm glad you reminded me.

Salutations, and I'm now back to the front. I'm also front to the back, but that's yin side. Can't talk about that one.

Anonymous said...

Afshin Nejat reeks (to me) of a psyop posting.
It was intended to work on two or more psychological levels.
The first half is to lower defenses, the second half is a stab/attack with a veiled death threat (begging for your life ON YUOR KNEES) with your mental defense down. There is more(!) undercurent (messages) but this will suffice to expose the intent.

This particular vermin is a real piece of shit. However, I think in the long run, he'll do the begging on his knees...

David V said...

Pansexual? Sex with cookware? The mind reels at the possibilities...If you got the pan, baby, I got the sauce! Gives peter pan a new meaning...

The light that burns within me tells me that I must have swallowed a miniature flashlight with my chimichanga. I THOUGHT it was kinda tough, and the sauce was way too blue!

Farmer said...

I am getting calls now from the Indians about life insurance for seniors, instead of them wanting to help fix my computer problem.


I suppose this means I am moving up in life.

Anonymous said...


Referencing Greenberg/Zuckerberg claim: See below:

This is sourced at wellaware1 – dallasGoldBug – a disinformation site. Tap Blog update states this is a con.

Visible said...

"Deal with it."? I deal with all kinds of things but, truthfully, most of the time I don't notice things like anonymity unless it's attached to dark ravings of sordid provenance.

Visible said...

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Dancing in the Suburbs of the Valley of the Shadow of Death.



Zionism, 9/11 and The War on Terror Hoax

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