Monday, September 10, 2007

Is the Boogeyman Early or is Halloween Late?

I don’t think I have seen such an amount of strange goings at the same time in a very long time; maybe never. The last time this happened was 9/11 and I didn’t see any of that until afterwards.

There’s this stranger than fiction aspect to the nukes in flight. Here’s an excellent article where you can inform yourself if you aren’t informed yet...

... and here’s the nukes.

Does any of this seem strange to you? I’ll tell you what looks strange to me, grounding entire air defense squadrons of fighters on the 14th of the month when it is bombers that were involved. Read the first link above and you’ll be in the picture. The other thing is how did that squadron commander get control of those nukes? There are all of these fail-safes and protocols in place so; who waved them through? Who waved them through? Surely someone would have been named. Surely this is the sort of thing the press would be right on top of... surely. “Don’t call me Shirley.”

And then, like a jack in the box, up comes the animated corpse of the long dead Bin Laden in a video that stops for minutes at a time while the voiceover continues unimpeded. What you are to take away from this is that when Bin Laden pops up it means another terror attack is about to happen. Right on cue, the head of the CIA announces that Al Qaeda is planning another terror attack.

Meanwhile the Fed is pumping money into the system like no tomorrow because of an immense financial crisis that isn’t being discussed at the level it really exists at and Israeli fighter jets are violating airspaces all over the Middle East and America and ‘unnamed allies’ are all upset with El Baradei and there’s booga-booga here and booga-booga there. It really feels like the carnival has come to town. The carnival has come to town folks and the freak show is the big attraction.

I could put so many links in here that there wouldn’t be an article when I was done. Maybe you should head over to What Really Happened and Signs of the Times and inform yourself. Look over what’s been showing up in the last couple of weeks and then see what your reasonable mind makes of all the happenings and signs.

Shortly before all of this the History Channel did a smear job on the 9/11 truth movement and that is because no one with a brain in their head believes the official version any more. You can see who owns what in the media here and then you can speculate on why whoever owns the History Channel felt that they needed to do a big disinfo special at this time. Then you might remind yourself that fascism occurs when corporations control the government. Finally you can check out this 3 part rebuttal of the History Channel’s hit piece here, here and here.

Okay, that’s it for the links. Have you checked out some of what is available for you here? Have you looked at the two major sites that I included which give a comprehensive view of all the news the mass media has spun or ignored these last weeks? Then you should be up to speed.

Let’s add to the whole picture the strange legislation that put the country solely into the hands of lil’ Bush should anything go wrong enough- according to him- to implement it. This happened around May 8th. Think about what happened to Posse Comitatus and all the other weird things, from Ashcroft’s sickbed to grabbing your property if the government feels you are supporting terror and… ask… yourself… why all of these things; all of the things I have mentioned so far and what is presented in all of the links has been happening. Remember too that Bush only does what he is told.

Is it all coincidence? Is it the result of the workings of deep and penetrating intellects with big hearts who are trying to protect all of us from an army of people who hate your freedom? Is it the natural out-workings of the collective mathematics of life? More likely it is none of the above.

This blog has been at pains to point out the psychopathic players behind all the smoke and mirrors. I don’t think that needs to be done one more time. This blog has mentioned a number of times, what an ordinary citizen can do; collectively strike in such a way that the money and product stops flowing. I don’t expect the ordinary citizen to do anything about any of this until they are forced to and the good news and the bad news is that I suspect that’s going to happen. I suspect you will find yourself in this position.

Trends are indicators, folks. It you watch trends you can see patterns. Life is composed of trends and the more successful among us are very mindful of them. Various organized groups of the successful often engineer the very trends they profit from. Depending on the industry they are a part of depends on the trends they engineer or manipulate. Observing the passage of trends can have a lot to do with your level of comfort and often whether you survive at all.

Right now, booga-booga and strange unexplained events have become trends. Those who profits off of the blood- sweat and tears of the rank and file know that there are certain primal instincts that you can always appeal to. You can generate a collective response from the public by inflaming desire or instilling fear. It’s a little more complex but mostly it has to do with activating people’s appetites or amplifying their fears.

Are you hungry yet? Are you scared? Most of you aren’t even thinking about any of this. Most of you are going along with the program the way sheep go along with the program until the day they become lamb chops; that’s part of the program too. Is there any truth to the fact that that bomber left with six nukes and arrived with five? I just put that in there because I love how it makes the rah-rah lemmings scream with outrage. People are talking about this though. People are saying there are weird things happening with Fosset’s missing plane and that unheimlich ‘flight of the nukes’.

I don’t know who did what, when. I don’t know the identity of “the man who squats behind the man that works the soft machine.” There are a lot of things that I don’t know and I’m happy to admit that. We don’t do advertising here. We don’t answer to a paycheck or write in hope of one. We just wonder a lot and we hope to make you wonder too. We would like you to be more informed. You might not wind up knowing any more than we do but at least you’d be wondering what the Hell is going on and maybe the more we all wonder, the more the smoke and mirrors will look exactly like smoke and mirrors.

Whatever is going on it is beginning to ratchet up. There’s an increase of tension and excitement. It’s kind of like getting to that part of the film where something is about to happen. If nothing happens you feel let down. Well, hopefully nothing does happen in this film. I would prefer that.

We need to wonder more and we need to ask more questions. We need to be less satisfied with the bullshit we are being fed. We need to stop being a nation of people that are glad to eat shit as long as they serve it to us warm. I don’t expect you to do much now. I hope you will act when the time comes and I hope the time never comes. For the moment it looks like the Boogeyman has shown up well before Halloween. Keep thinking; keep wondering and why not start being better informed?

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Anonymous said...

A nuke in the San Andreas Fault... Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Things here in the states are indeed approaching the Warp Factor 5 Level of Insanity and Fear Mongering.

That B-52 that left the North Dakota base was orininally reported to have 6 nuclear tipped Tomahawk cruise missiles.

When it landed, reports were that it only had 5??


Something's up and unfortunately, some American's are finally going to see the light.

The light from a 150 kiloton thermo-nuclear weapon.

Don't doubt for a minute that the Bush/Cheney Junta would have any misgivings about nuking an American city.

Look how many human beings they've slaughtered in Iraq. Look at how many more they want to slaughter, both in Iraq and Iran.

Add in the imploding housing bubble and mortgage crisis and we're set royally for another "Pearl Harbor."

One chiling sign is the absence of the Dark Lord himself, Dick Cheney.

He's been out of the news for over a week. Is he hiding out in one of his secure, undisclosed bunkers like Hitler did in the waning days of WW II?

But Hitler didn't have nukes at his beck and call to help eliminate problems.

Look at it this way: If Cheney had no compulsion or remorse about shooting a friend in the face, what do you think he'd do to some people he didn't like?

Unknown said...

Leave it to you Visible to pull all of this disparate shit together nice and tidy. Don't need to thank you because you know I am constantly grateful to have it put together for me. I'm heading back to Ireland this evening and I'll be in the west country for as long as I feel like I may want to stay.

Anonymous said...

I think this situation is very sad. My grandad fought as an American marine in WWII, and he would be turning in his grave to see the U.S becoming the very thing he fought against all those years ago.
Thankfully, i am an Australian so at least from a personal point of view,the U.S poses no threat to me and my children in the short term. But the political party most likely to win the next election here is ideologically opposed to the U.S, and that is where the danger for us lies. If we (Australia) turn against the U.S or slip into neutrality, i won't be surprised if we start getting nailed by "terrorist" attacks *cough* CIA *cough*
The U.S liberated the Germans from tyranny in 1945 . But who will liberate the Americans? The American people hopefully, otherwise many many millions will die.
If the American people can remove the entire U.S congress and senate and replace them with people they can trust, disband the CIA, and make the NSA fully accountable to a congress that is truly of the people for the people, then the world will be a much safer place.
Won't happen though, will it...

Anonymous said...

"The time is out of joint".

Who will come to set it right?

Anonymous said...

Les, that was a fine article to which I have nothing to add. Sorry to go off topic, I just wish to make a comment to the Australian fellow -

I hate to tell you this but Kevin Rudd is not ideologically opposed to the neocon agenda. Remember Mark Latham? THAT was ideological opposition. And what happened to him? He was assassinated in the media. Can anyone even remember the actual reason why he had to quit? Apparently he didn't express his commiseration about somebody's death. Honestly. Ask anyone you know who's death it was. Nobody remembers. But it was front page Murdoch news at the time and Latham's time was up.

Recently, Rudd had a day-long meeting with Rupert in New York. Rupert doesn't come to you - you go to him. And a week or two later Johnny Howard starts getting headlines (and still is) about how he's a lame duck. Put two and two together. Rupert checked out Kevin and gave him the nod. And Howard knows it. Look at the guy. He looks beat don't he? He is beat! The fix is in. Rupert has decided.

Rudd has said half of fuck-all about Iraq, Afghanistan, the war on terror. As far as I can tell he's broadly for it. Or he opposes it like the American Democrats oppose it. And lately he said on his election ad - "I support the independence of the Reserve Bank and interests rates being kept low". What an extraordinary thing to say. Firstly, it's a meaningless oxymoron, and secondly - are Australians crying out for the 'independence' of the Reserve Bank? Where might this topic rank in a list of concerns? At the bottom? Lower?

Or is his message not to the Australian people? Perhaps it's a message to the privately-owned Reserve? 'Don't worry boys, You may continue to own the money supply. I won't buck the boat, like that 'crazy' Latham.'

And as the US falls, so shall the once great Australia. Liberal, Labor, doesn't matter. Fortunately, a degree of that Australian ex-convict culture still survives (which is to say fellow-feeling in the face of authority) and our depredations upon each other will be restrained. The US with its history of viciousness will be far bloodier.

Anonymous said...

In the words of the song:

There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear

Plus ca change...

Here are a couple more interesting facts for you to add to the pot and mull over.

First, it seems that the Israeli airline, El Al, has cancelled all flights departing New York on September 14. See:

Second, the Israeli security and terrorism analysis site, DEBKAfile, has this tickertape banner across the top of its main page: "Notice: From Sept 11, DEBKAfile reporting will be confined to special security events. We go back to normal routine coverage Tuesday, Sept 18." See:

The Isralis always seem to know quite a lot about such "events" before they happen (they have even been known to send out teams to celebrate them and record them on video), so perhaps we might justifiably allow ourselves a little anxiety over what may be in store for us during the next few days.

Visible said...

Well, then there's this;$sessionid$SMXEHQ05XDPLPQFIS0HRVQWAVCLN0IV0?_requestid=18370

Anonymous said...


Your link doesn't work for me - the end of it is cut off (in my browser, at least). If it is a problem for anyone else, then you might consider converting it to a tinyurl link (see

Joy said...

It doesn't look good. Hopefully this smokestorm will pass just like the false alarms of August 2005 and March 2006. Admittedly, sooner or later, the trigger will be pulled.

Visible said...

That link was for a list of all the flights that ARE flying out of New York to Tel Aviv on that day.

Wow! thanks for that tiny url site. That is fantastic!!! Now that is something I haven't seen before, what a great idea.

Anonymous said...

If you use the Opera browser (shameless plug coming up) then you can have the Tinyurl site either as an instant access side panel or a floating "widget". I guess something of the sort may be possible in Firefox, but I don't use that because I find that, for me, Opera is the perfect sufing tool, particularly because of its note taking feature. (And Opera is free from

P.s. Unfortunately I don't get any commission for promoting it.

Anonymous said...

The dial is wavering in the red zone, given the nature of how events usually take place, which has been generally candidate interviews, weather everywhere except where you are, then a Pope/Schiavo/Jacko blitz, then a few nonevents, a little Paris, a few lines on Birkhart and Stern, some transexual human interest and now we have this onlaught of seemingly unrelated, ugly and impossible stories accompanied with journalists' innuendo. The media had no problem leaking there was going to be a major AQ alarm coming on, but nobody explained how this would be presented to the US population, the very people who are supposed to be believing in an entirely different encyclopedia of official glowing explanations. Its only natural given the magnitude of the onslaught that people would jumble the events together and discover, often by chance, whole, plausible theories encompassing everything swirling around them. These "theorists" are definitely onto something. I've noticed that what they say is usually what we come to find, sooner or later, is exactly what is going on. Then, we have our own thoughts and feelings to add to the mix. We feel that we are straddling parallel universes, one foot on shaky ground and one foot in quicksand while listening to the Mambo #5 which was about many girls but was only one song.

Visible said...

I'm going on the road for around ten days so I don't think I'll be putting up anymore posts until then. I also won't be able to list any comments although someone here at the house may well take care of that so send them in.

See you when I get back

Anonymous said...

Jah Guide.

Joy said...


The El Al story was a disinfo red herring. The regular El Al NYC-Tel Aviv schedule is Sunday through Thursday. El Al is observant and never flies on the Sabbath. There never was a Friday 14 September El Al flight to cancel.

The Sabbath is sundown Friday - sundown Saturday. NYC to Tel Aviv flight time is 10.5 hours. Time zones add another 7 hours for + 17.5 hours total. So there is no marketable Friday departure from NYC that can get to Tel Aviv before sundown. If you left NYC at 6 am, you wouldn't land in Israel until 11:30 pm, long after sunset.

Anonymous said...

The cacophony of the dichotomy reeks of Tavistock to me

Visible said...


i'm on the road at the moment and I won't be doing anything here until next weekend. So.... carry on and just enjoy your life as you can.

Rick Glover- don't send in ad hominem attacks just because you can't get over not being able to put me in prison those years ago (or is this David Mowry? it can only be one or the other) Sign your name and I will let you do so and I will append your biography after. How's that sound?

For those of you going 'WTF'? I've had a couple of runin's with the law; many of you know this. What you may not know is that these came about as a result of individuals that I helped out and who resented me so much for my generosity that they tried to have me put in jail for life or killed. Why people do these things... who knows? But they do. Now one of them, no doubt hounded by guilt is sending me strange messages that could only come from a small circle of people due to the info contained. I hope we get a response with a name folks, mainly because the story is so interesting and because the bad guys lost- at least they did the last time.

Ayway, just pretend I'm not here- which I'm not and have a good time. Later.

Anonymous said...

To look at just one aspect of all this, it's extremely interesting that the government talking heads are continually saying that an attack is coming. That it's going to happen. That people will change their minds about the phony War OF Terror after it happens. Why in the f*** do they care about people changing their minds, anyway?

Here's the really interesting part, though. They all say that they know it's coming, etc. Exactly HOW IN THE HELL DO THEY KNOW THIS? Where are they getting their info? I guess if somebody in the media could actually be bothered to ask them this simple question, they'd probably be fobbed off with "can't tell you -- delicate sources, national security, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda . . ."

And how in the hell can these alleged attacks happen, IF THEY ALL HAVE SO MUCH INFORMATION?

Could it be because they are the ones that will actually make the attacks happen, or allow them to happen?

On both 9/11 and on 7/7/05 in London, there were drills taking place that mimicked every single thing that took place in the attacks.

Does anybody really believe that anybody OUTSIDE OF GOVERNMENT could know that these drills were scheduled, exactly when and where they were to take place, and know the details to such a degree that they could pull off an attack that followed the drill's script to a tee, as if they flipped a switch and seamlessly turned the drill into a real-time event? Anybody that could really believe this has nothing between their ears. And as Greg said, Cheney has dropped out of sight. This guy has got to be the most secretive VP in this country's history, and he was in complete charge of all of the drills/war games taking place on 9/11, which actually placed false blips on FAA radar screens. When in the f***ing hell was anybody ever given the authority to do this, shown how to do it, or allowed to do it? Are you kidding?

On both of these occasions, America's Fascist Mayor, Rudy "The Recycler" Giuliani, was right near where the attacks took place. I don't believe that this is simple coincidence, either.

Any city that sees government/military forces gathering in any numbers should make sure that their guns are locked and loaded, and they should be on top of them like hawks. And no city in the United States should allow any so-called "terror" drills to take place anywhere inside its limits. The plot here has become far too obvious.

Anonymous said...

Just recently found this is tragic to feel fully powerless with regards to these events. If there wasn't children and grandchildren and people that you needed for them to see without a veil in front of their eyes that we all may need to flee, I would flee right now. When the US falls, though, every other country will fall eventually, so there seems to be no safe place. All we really have is what is within. Hopefully, we will find we are made of finer courage, honor, and trust. Trusting in the One who keeps us 'though a thousand may fall at our side or ten thousand at our right hand'. It is a sad state of being to watch people blissfully going on with their lives, unaware or uncaring of the signs of the times, and being one who looks at events with eyes wide open. It gives a person a huge lump in the throat, tightening in the chest, and strong desire to fall down on their face before The Creator. I don't profess to know everything or even some of everything, but one thing I am sure of is we have a Messiah and He really does love us right where we are. Someone else may not have that belief...please don't mock mine.

Anonymous said...

Superior writing, absolutely top notch. You're going into the bookmarks. People need to start doing something or life as we know it is about to end. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

insert new essay on front page, tired of waiting.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what he said, what's going on here. Usually there's something new every couple of days. I'm jonesing.

The Bilderburgler

Anonymous said...

That comment from someone "tired of waiting" initially sounds aggressive, doesn't it, but I think it reveals a person who is anxious about your safe return which would put them back into their own comfort zone.

Anonymous said...

LV said he was on the road this week... gotta have a hobby besides
this I suppose!

Anonymous said...

While Les is away - we can play. Right?
Gun control.
I have never owned a gun in my life. >60yrs.
I have fired one three times in my life.
1. When I was very young, by accident. <10, it was a blank.
2. <20 testing a rifle (it was French and a beautiful piece of engineering).
3. <20 clay pigeon shooting (trap shooting)
By nature I am adverse to guns.
Given the direction of current law enforcement and the change in the mood/direction of the people/government maybe it's time to change my attitude.
Or is it just that because I am older I'm unsure of my self-preservation abilities (paranoia).
False bravado is a bit of a worry. That I am armed (and dangerous?) is a bit of a worry. What would I do, confronted with a situation that I may use said fire arm?
My gut reaction (very reliable, I am told) would not be armed and go down in a screaming heap yelling ‘Don’t taser me”. Could still possibly be alive or not.
With a gun in my hand – well the outcome is ‘they’ are dead/wounded or I am.
No, won’t get a gun. Still the urge is strong.



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