Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bent Spears, Empty Quivers and Ahmadinejad.

Before I get into the body of today’s article I want everyone to-


As I have often repeated here, the attack of 9/11 was engineered by American Neo-cons, Israeli Mossad agents and certain members of British Intelligence. The overwhelming connections between these forces and the roads that lead back to them via motive, means and opportunity; not to mention the cui bono accruing in the following years have been exhaustively detailed in many locations and can be had from Google with just a little finger work and the mind’s attention. That a great many people are too lazy, frightened or stupid to do the work has nothing to do with the reality of the matter.

If you need a good starting point for your inquiries, provided you can find your balls and pull your head out of the sand, I would recommend traveling to

What Really Happened and Signs of the Times as well as visiting the truthseeker link from which this article is reprinted.

Let us revisit Ahmadinejad’s recent appearance at Columbia University and the United Nations. Let us consider his introduction by the catamite Bollinger and the hostility that attended his presence wherever he went. Let us consider the accusations leveled against him and what he said in reply.

There are three major charges leveled against the president of Iran. The first is that he is alleged to have called for the destruction of Israel. The second is that he is a holocaust denier and the third is that he is a representative of a country that is seeking to build a nuclear weapon.

As to the first charge; Ahmadinejad NEVER called for the destruction of Israel. The actual quote is "The Imam [Khomeini] said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time." You should note that he is actually quoting Khomeini and not making the comment himself and that further, the Iman didn’t make the quote that the media reported either. Basically they are calling for “regime change” just as America’s illustrious, bobble-headed leader has been doing since he first became a turtle on a fence post.

As to the second charge; Ahmanedijad NEVER said the holocaust didn’t happen. His concern was that scholars should have the right to investigate what appears to be number fudging among those who have been using the holocaust to blackmail the nations of the world and to justify the genocide of Palestine. He also was concerned that people were being thrown into prison for questioning features about the holocaust that appear to not match up with the facts.

Why should people be imprisoned for questioning this particular holocaust when they aren’t imprisoned for questioning any of the others? If people aren’t put in prison for saying that aliens are in control of their lunchbox, or for saying that Bush was involved in the Matamoros killings, then why are they put into prison for this? My point is that people should have the right to be wrong and to be proven wrong, no matter how deluded they may or may not be.

It is worthwhile to point out here that over the years the actual death count at Auschwitz has been consistently lowered and that the official Red Cross figures do not match up with the figures provided by the usual sources.

Personally, I do not concern myself with the numbers and circumstances of this ‘particular’ holocaust but am more concerned with the fact that all of the other holocausts don’t seem to have mattered. I’ll wager the holocaust in The Congo is fast approaching the commonly given numbers of this holocaust.

Not only did America cause the Cambodian holocaust but they went on to petition for Pol Pot to be admitted to the U.N. as the legitimate representative of the Cambodian people. That’s nice... That’s sweet... America and many other nations stood by while the holocaust in Rwanda took place. The ADL recently had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the public eye to admit that the holocaust in Armenia actually happened; thanks to the courtesy and courage of the people of Watertown. We should note that of all organizations in the world, the ADL should have been the most sympathetic to the Armenian holocaust but let’s not let irony get in the way of vested interest.

If the Zionist interests do not exert an enormous influence over world affairs FAR BEYOND what their numbers ought to provide then why are people being imprisoned for asking questions about a historical event? Shouldn’t they just be debated or their argument destroyed by the facts? If the facts are conclusive then how can anyone denying something against provable fact be any kind of a threat? Hello?

As to the third charge; it is a fact according to the IAEA that Iran is not making a nuclear device. Could they conceivably one day get involved in such a thing? Are they not now living under nuclear threat from Israel who does not belong to the IAEA and who refuses any investigation of Dimona and who has imprisoned for many years the man who revealed their nuclear program? Hello? ...but they are not making a nuclear weapon; given what they are facing now, without having given any provocation, I’m impressed at their restraint.

Finally, as to a possible fourth charge that they are arming Iraq insurgents. Try as the neo-cons might, they have been unable to prove this and I would add that the Iranians have every right to do so in any case. America launched a pre-emptive war against Iran’s neighbor based on fabricated intel. They have so far killed one million Iraqis (another holocaust) and displaced four million more. Now they are attempting the same against Iran. Previously they invaded Iran’s other neighbor and even a moron ought to be able to see that the point of this sandwich was to get to the meat within; that being Iran, as they mount their grand conclusion of decimating Iran and Syria, all at the behest of Israel using the currency of American soldiers and at the cost of America’s reputation for their bloody ends.

As Sgt. Joe Friday used to say, “Just the facts mam.”

Now if someone, anyone, can dispute- specifically- anything I have said here, I would welcome it. I would be improved by knowing I had been wrong because... once having seen it to be true and then adjusting my position- I would become right. Does this logic confuse anyone?

Should anyone have a reaction to something I have pointed out here, it would please me greatly if you would point out, with attendant factual support, just where I have been misleading. Responses from visceral locations and brain farts from the reactive mind aren’t what we’re looking for, “just the facts, mam... just the facts.”

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Anonymous said...

On and on it goes!

Visible said...

Thank you Tony. I saw that yesterday and had Greg Bacon not sent me the link on which I based today's article I would have been writing on this. It's next up, as things stand at the moment.

Anonymous said...

bloodcurdling! Thank you visible, expecially for the strong words on what the President of Iran actually said and all of the reasoning in the followups. Sterling work!!!

Anonymous said...

Sir; This is a remarkable piece of work. I have never seen these charges clarified and then explained in such a short and succinct manner. You have nailed it.

Dr. George Ryan

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les,

I was wondering about the hate everyone spewed at the Iran leader, as I am not to familiar with the man. I also always wondered why the holocaust was the one sacred cow that cannot even be discussed ( I still wonder).

At this point my hope is that several high up military leaders that still have some respect and dignity left, come out of the shadows and spill the whole story to the proper press. A united front that the o'reiley's and other propoganists can't make go away by yelling.

In fact, are we to the point where it will take the military to finally say "we are here to protect the people and these politicians must all go."

Anonymous said...

check this out!

I've never seen anything like this before but it makes all kinds of sense now.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:02PM

You're close - but not yet! SEE! my website (PROPHECIES section) for when the patriots in the American Military will come to the rescue! :) But we're beginning to SEE! signs of their existence (6 nukes at Barksdale and Peter Pace).

Jamilah Kolocotronis said...

Great post. It's nice to hear a voice of reason among all the cacophony of the misleading and misled. Thanks!

Joy said...

Only slightly off topic. Has anyone ever seen a Hollywood movie about communists, Gypsies, or Slavs dying in the German WWII camps? I guess they don't matter either.

Anonymous said...

Now all we need is for you and a few other rational people to be hired as a reporter... fat chance, unfortunately. Thankfully, we have the web. It's too bad that we won't be able to use it like this for much longer.

Anonymous said...

I suggest that Israel is actually a Crusader state, set up by the sponsor of the previous crusades, the Vatican. The Holocaust provided the emotive cover to set up Israel using Jews who don't descend from Abraham (Khazars etc). Hence, making discussing the Holocaust a crime, the sort of thing the Vatican has often done in the past. The Vatican wants to turn everyone into Catholics whether they like it or not, hence the present attack on Hinduism, Orthodoxy, Bhuddism and real Christianity. The extraordinary power and influence of Zionist Jews (who don't descend from Abraham) can be explained if they are in fact hitmen, stooges and/or dupes of the Vatican. Have a read of and

Anonymous said...

Can I add also that for the fourth "charge" Bush and Blair have both said on more than one occasion that US/UK special forces were in Iran and that it has been revealed that America is financing terrorist organisations that target Iran such as the PKK.

I think that Iran has every right to retaliate in kind, those special forces aren't there sowing blossoms on the wind but most likely killing key targets, destroying assets and passing intel to home readying for a nuclear/conventional attack.

On the other side, yes Iran is a tough place to live in, yes the women there get a tough time as do gays and others BUT it is also a democracy, the government was chosen by the people under international scrutiny, they could of chosen Mr Moderate again but instead chose a leader they thought would protect them from American terrorism.

And thumbs up to the Iranian President, he has done a tough job well and faced down the most aggressive power on this planet, we know how it will end but we must not forget the Iranians were defiant to the end.

Anonymous said...

forwarded your above mentioned link

cowboys back in saddle

UK assists

will be able to sleep better, all of our bones have been rattling for 6 months under intense pressure not seen but felt in the blogosphere

...Thank you

Anonymous said...

You say the same things as the antisemites. For instance about the Holocaust: 6 million Jews were burned alive by the nazis and you dare to compare this to a "lunchbox"?!!!???!!! Moreover, even the Pope admits that we Jews have been chosen by G.d so don`t compare our suffering with that of some blacks in the Congo jungles ok? I hope it is clear enough for your discriminative, narrow and egotistical spirit.

Carmenisacat said...


No one can hurt the Iranian people because they are the seat of Allah's justice.

You have to understand what we the Shia know and you will then have absolute faith:

The US cannot and will not wage an actual war on Iran. They might keep bellyaching alot and looking like mighty sore losers but they won't make a war.

In order to fight a war you have to:

1. Allow the Occupier into the country (as they did in Iraq and to some extent Palestine) and

2. Have to have a willing enemy to fight with you.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Visible said...

Hi people;

I have to say a little something here. I don't know if this is accidental or deliberate but several recent comments have had the phrase "holocaust hoax" and other comments that are very provocative and which I know will bring not only a certain kind of heat but will give amunition to people who might want to paint me in a certain light.

I think I made my position on this subject pretty clear in the essay. I can't let certain things worded a certain way appear here. I know for a fact that there are some out there who are quite deliberately going around to certain blogs and putting subtlely worded comments out in order to stop the blogger from telling the truth.

They run off to Google or other places and raise hell about comments and suggest that my putting the comments in means that I support them.

Now, I'm not afraid of these people and I always say what I think and don't have flashing banners and smilies dancing on my page as some sites that are looking to get paid do. I'm just here to tell the truth as I see it and to talk about the issues in the way it occurs to me to do.

I don't want to censure anyone. There are other ways to phrase what you want to say than some of the ways I have seen all of a sudden. I got got three such comments in the last however many hours since I put this up.

It could well be that you aren't one of these people. I'd like to ask you to phrase your responses a little more carefully if you want to see them here. You can still basically say what you want to say you just can't say it the way you said it.

I ask you to bear with me on this. I'm not being a chicken shit. Personally I just don't agree with the way you put it. I've got nothing bad to say about Jews per se and I don't really concern myself with that particular holocaust except to notice how it is being milked for money and power. I'm more concerned with the holocausts taking place right now.

If you think I'm wrong in with-holding commentary let me know and I'll reconsider. It is especially a concern of mine when you are anonymous. When you are identifiable or connected to a blog or something where we can see you are a real person that has a lot more to do with whether you get printed here.

I will contact Google and see if it matters in terms of this blogs survival whether I print every comment or not. If it's just a matter of a disclaimer I'll do that. I don't want to censor anyone; that's their job.

Anonymous said...

Look it`s very simple. You are with us or against us. If you decredibilise the Holocaust you are against us. Nobody has the right to decredibilise the gassing of six millions Jews and I`m happy to see that more and more countries send in jail those who dare to do it. Don`t forget that the "freedom of speech" stuff was invented before the Holocaust happened. Now everything is different and will be different forever.

Visible said...

See, this is what I thought and why I said what I did. It's disinfo agents at work. Here are the bloodthirsty souls that want to destroy millions.

There are many holocausts, this is just one and I am not with you either way.

I thought you were up to something, trying to slip in certain kinds of speech so that you could then attack it.

Explain something to me. How come the number outside of Auschwitz got lowered by so many million over the past years; that's a fact. Does this mean the number stays the same anyway. I'm honestly confused. Maybe you can enlighten me. Is that your last name by the way... anonymous? I love it when people stand behind what they say.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2:06PM
What a load of shit.
If I am stupid enough to want to think whatever I think - that's my business.
I can think what I want. You can think the opposite if you want.
I will not go to jail for my thoughts or placing them in any readable form or spruiking them, even.
I think the world is flat!! Put me in jail?? What a - words escape me.
Put you in jail. /expletive/ wit.

Anonymous said...

This's too much.
'Now everything is different and will be different forever.' Dick-head.
A lot of people were murdered, so f*****g what??
A lot of people get murdered all the time in wars!!
What's different about the people who were murdered in WWII to all the other murdered people from past wars?
Nothing. Nothing you moron.
Boy I'm wild Visible, aren't I.
Murder is murder and should not go unpunished. As currently in Iraq and Palestine!!!
And will not go unpunished.

Anonymous said...

That's all that red cordial I've been drinking.

Anonymous said...

Courtesy of Ariel Sharon and The Israelis.

This is just one event among hundreds, perhaps thousands

Robert Fisk was one of the first journalists to be present at the scene of the horrific murders in Lebanon, September 17th, 1982. He has published a number of books and currently writes a column for The Independent newspaper. The following is extracted from his book, Pity the Nation.

What we found inside the Palestinian camp at ten o'clock on the morning of September 1982 did not quite beggar description, although it would have been easier to re-tell in the cold prose of a medical examination.

There had been medical examinations before in Lebanon, but rarely on this scale and never overlooked by a regular, supposedly disciplined army. In the panic and hatred of battle, tens of thousands had been killed in this country.
A war crime

But these people, hundreds of them had been shot down unarmed. This was a mass killing, an incident - how easily we used the word "incident" in Lebanon - that was also an atrocity. It went beyond even what the Israelis would have in other circumstances called a terrorist activity. It was a war crime.

Jenkins and Tveit were so overwhelmed by what we found in Chatila that at first we were unable to register our own shock. Bill Foley of AP [Associated Press] had come with us. All he could say as he walked round was "Jesus Christ" over and over again. We might have accepted evidence of a few murders; even dozens of bodies, killed in the heat of combat.

But there were women lying in houses with their skirts torn up to their waists and their legs wide apart, children with their throats cut, rows of young men shot in the back after being lined up at an execution wall.

There were babies - blackened babies because they had been slaughtered more than 24-hours earlier and their small bodies were already in a state of decomposition - tossed into rubbish heaps alongside discarded US army ration tins, Israeli army equipment and empty bottles of whisky.

Where were the murderers, terrorists?

Where were the murderers? Or to use the Israelis' vocabulary, where were the "terrorists"? When we drove down to Chatila, we had seen the Israelis on the top of the apartments in the Avenue Camille Chamoun but they made no attempt to stop us. In fact, we had first been driven to the Bourj al-Barajneh camp because someone told us that there was a massacre there. All we saw was a Lebanese soldier chasing a car thief down a street. It was only when we were driving back past the entrance to Chatila that Jenkins decided to stop the car. "I don't like this", he said. "Where is everyone? What the f**k is that smell?"

Just inside the southern entrance to the camp, there used to be a number of single-story, concrete walled houses. I had conducted many interviews in these hovels in the late 1970's. When we walked across the muddy entrance to Chatila, we found that these buildings had been dynamited to the ground. There were cartridge cases across the main road. I saw several Israeli flare canisters, still attached to their tiny parachutes. Clouds of flies moved across the rubble, raiding parties with a nose for victory.

Down a laneway to our right, no more than 50 yards from the entrance, there lay a pile of corpses. There were more than a dozen of them, young men whose arms and legs had been wrapped around each other in the agony of death. All had been shot point-blank range through the cheek, the bullet tearing away a line of flesh up to the ear and entering the brain. Some had vivid crimson or black scars down the left side of their throats. One had been castrated, his trousers torn open and a settlement of flies throbbing over his torn intestines.
Eyes open in death

The eyes of these young men were all open. The youngest was only 12 or 13 years old. They were dressed in jeans and coloured shirts, the material absurdly tight over their flesh now that their bodies had begun to bloat in the heat. They had not been robbed. On one blackened wrist a Swiss watch recorded the correct time, the second hand still ticking round uselessly, expending the last energies of its dead owner.

On the other side of the main road, up a track through the debris, we found the bodies of five women and several children. The women were middle-aged and their corpses lay draped over a pile of rubble. One lay on her back, her dress torn open and the head of a little girl emerging from behind her. The girl had short dark curly hair, her eyes were staring at us and there was a frown on her face. She was dead.
Another child lay on the roadway like a discarded doll, her white dress stained with mud and dust. She could have been no more than three years old. The back of her head had been blown away by a bullet fired into her brain. One of the women also held a tiny baby to her body. The bullet that had passed into her breast had killed the baby too. Someone had slit open the woman's stomach, cutting sideways and then upwards, perhaps trying to kill her unborn child. Her eyes were wide open, her dark face frozen in horror.

As we stood there, we heard a shout in Arabic from across the ruins. "They are coming back" a man was screaming, So we ran in fear towards the road. I think, in retrospect, that it was probably anger that stopped us from leaving, for we now waited near the entrance to the camp to glimpse the faces of the men who were responsible for all of this.

They must have been sent in here with Israeli permission. They must have been armed by the Israelis. Their handiwork had clearly been watched - closely observed - by the Israelis who were still watching us through their field-glasses.

How many killings make a massacre?

When does a killing become an outrage? When does an atrocity become a massacre? Or, put another way, how many killings make a massacre? Thirty? A hundred? Three hundred? When is a massacre not a massacre? When the figures are too low? Or when the massacre is carried out by Israel's friends rather than Israel's enemies?
That, I suspected, was what this argument was about. If Syrian troops had crossed into Israel, surrounded a Kibbutz and allowed their Palestinian allies to slaughter the Jewish inhabitants, no Western news agency would waste its time afterwards arguing about whether or not it should be called a massacre.

But in Beirut, the victims were Palestinians.

The guilty were certainly Christian militiamen - from which particular unit we were still unsure - but the Israelis were also guilty. If the Israelis had not taken part in the killings, they had certainly sent militia into the camp. They had trained them, given them uniforms, handed them US army rations and Israeli medical equipment.

Then they had watched the murderers in the camps, they had given them military assistance - the Israeli airforce had dropped all those flares to help the men who were murdering the inhabitants of Sabra and Chatila - and they had established military liason with the murderers in the camps.
Robert Fisk is a columnist for The Independent

Anonymous said...

ah, I see, your holocaust. Too bad you couldn't understand what the writer was trying to say.

Here, have a look at this

Tell me what you think of this. This is okay isn't it?

Go on, tell me what you think. Tell me they deserved this happening to them.

Anonymous said...

'If you discredit (to show to be undeserving of trust or belief) the Holocaust you are against us.'
This is not the point. The WWII holocaust happened.

'Look it’s very simple. You are with us or against us.'
For the above Fisk article type massacres and the lies (nuclear weapons) and the viciousness and the posturing of innocence and the disregard of UN orders etc. etc.
I am against you! I am against you.

You are not of the Jewish faith. No practising Jewish religion person would do such things. You are a pretender. You are like the Christian Right in USA. You don't practice what you preach. You use your perverse interpretation of the religion to perpetrate and justify your atrocities. You are a criminal and must be brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

The comments here that I have most problems with, Les, are those that purport to be from stereotypically arrogant Jews. The arrogance of the comments is so extreme that part of me wants to get stuck in with a riposte, but another part of me refuses to believe that any human being can be so obnoxiously arrogant and thus concludes that the comments must be intended to be interpreted as judeophobic parodies. I guess you might have the same problem.

On the topic of your latest essay, I am surprised that you didn't mention the reports of an Israeli company being in charge of security at US nuclear storage facilities (see: Given suspicions about the other Israeli company which had charge of the security at the airports involved in the 9-11 "hijackings", I find it interesting that this new company also provides security for Chicago's O'Hare Airport. Remember that clairvoyant prophecy about Chicago being the venue for the next (but this time nuclear) 9-11 which would be blamed on Iran? Since the "terrorists" came back to get the World Trade Center (after the failed 1993 attempt), wouldn't it make sense that they (whoever "they" are) would next go for the Sear's Tower, which was slated as a target in both the Bojinka plot and the 9-11 plot?

Of course, all of this may be wild speculation (just like the non-flying on Fridays El-Al planes turned out to be) that, hopefully, comes to nothing. But, just in case it should happen, we need to note these things in advance, so that we may be less easily deceived as to who could be responsible.

Visible said...


I've known about that for some time. I haven't mentioned it because it hasn't gotten mentioned-if that makes any sense. When I write whatever I write I usually don't know what it's about until just before I start. And I never know how it's going to wind up until I'm done. I noticed at a certain point that all of the posts were pretty much the same length and that's true at each of the blogs. It's just how it happens.

Probably that will come up in the context of something else at some point. Wny are the Israelis in charge of so much sentive American security issues; especially after they have done such a terrible job?

Anonymous said...

Hi, great article. Its interesting that one of the New Zealand Isreali spies was a naval diver. with reference to your truthseeker link and the fact that Cheney is banking on an Iranian retaliation. I am friends with an Irainian in London(UK) and he served in the Iranian military, his brother still does. He tells me he is 110% sure that Iran has "TWO" nukes aquired from outside Iran. He tells me that Iranian policy will be to deploy these nukes ASAP, before military systems become degraded. This means that the NWO are banking on Iran hitting Israel with nukes...thus allowing the US to strike back.

The NWO sacrifice of Isreal is another Pearl Harbour, Holocaust and 9/11. The big question is how well kept are these Iranian nukes?

The other way of deploying a false flag nuke on Isreal would be by ship just off the Israeli coast/ in port. Hence my interest in the diver.

My email is,

Anonymous said...

Hi, great article. Its interesting that one of the New Zealand Isreali spies was a naval diver. with reference to your truthseeker link and the fact that Cheney is banking on an Iranian retaliation. I am friends with an Irainian in London(UK) and he served in the Iranian military, his brother still does. He tells me he is 110% sure that Iran has "TWO" nukes aquired from outside Iran. He tells me that Iranian policy will be to deploy these nukes ASAP, before military systems become degraded. This means that the NWO are banking on Iran hitting Israel with nukes...thus allowing the US to strike back.

The NWO sacrifice of Isreal is another Pearl Harbour, Holocaust and 9/11. The big question is how well kept are these Iranian nukes?

The other way of deploying a false flag nuke on Isreal would be by ship just off the Israeli coast/ in port. Hence my interest in the diver.

My email is,

Visible said...

New Essay here-

Anonymous said...

Old joke, but still fun to keep in mind.

"What's the difference between George Bush and Ahmadinejad?"

Ahmadinejad is an elected leader.

What is fun about this is that it is just the simple truth. One was elected, the other was selected.

Big difference.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les, fun and games huh?

Speaking of holocausts, my favourite argument stopper is to cite the mass starvation of the Kulaks in the Ukraine in the twenties - a death toll of 20 million. Stalin's appointee for this gig was a jewish fellow by the name of Kaganovich. Irony doesn't just run rampant, it bars up and blows a load. I particularly recommend this line of attack since it utterly sidesteps any possibility of being called a 'denier'. I just ask the question, "How come we've had more holocaust movies than I can count but nobody has ever even heard of an event which makes the holocaust look like an also-ran? I can't see how they differ apart from the fact that one has Jewish victims and the other has a Jewish victimiser? Are Jews special and Kulaks not?". Works for me.

Apart from this, I'd just like to remind everyone of the Liberty affair. Following the Liberty's distress call two carrier-based air sorties were sent, one of which was carrying nukes. The BBC documentary Dead In The Water (on googlevideo) includes interviews with crew members who discuss it. Insofar as nuclear protocols were broken lately, they were broken then also. And bringing up the Liberty serves several functions. It amplifies any point made about this affair, puts the kibosh on any 'unprecedented accident' angle, serves to reinforce the Liberty's place in the historical record, and, of course, is another nail for zionism's coffin.

Otherwise Les, you continue to make my day and I drink a beer in your honour.

PS Keep your eye on Jonathon Cook. This Bent Spear is the piece of the puzzle that was missing in his otherwise brilliant recent article.

The Sea Dreamer said...

Thank you for the Wayne Madsen link, Smoking Mirrors. To Godsend, waiting for the ethical and honourable portion of the American military to intervene:

What should such fellows as I do crawling between heaven and earth? We are arrant knaves, all; believe none of us.


Anonymous said...

Could there be a scenario where regular forces conflict with the mercenaries??
Now that's something for down the track!

Anonymous said...

No, just because Iran is not fond of God's Darlings in Israel, just because Iran hangs teenage boys who kiss and stones young girls who fornnicate is no excuse for genocide by Amerika/UK by Depleted Uranium seeding.
But it will happen anyway. You see the Holocaust leitmotiv in each part of Ken Burns' "The War" on PBS -- even before it allegedly happened! 911 Official Mythos & The Holocaust are busy industries, get the Galileo House Arrest or worst to speak against them.

Anonymous said...

It's as easy as Orwell: "Some animals is more equal than others. Some pigs is more equal than others." The Squeaky Wheel gets greased. So the Jewish Holocaust happened. Acknowledge it. But so did Stalin's Ukraine holocaust. So did Mao's. So did Pol Pot's. So did Rwanda. So did the sad Congo's. So goes Zimbabwe.... So did Yugoslavia. Now it looks like it's Burma's turn. The question is what makes one single 'holocaust' so much more special than the others? (Hint: Look at the Talmud for clues.)

Anonymous said...

thanks tony, but you know that the truth in todays world don't go anywhere, it is the lie's and prpaganda that the MSM the world over that would be recorded into the pages of history, million of millions of man,women and child that have been killed in bloody savage wars throu out our so called civilized history, as the powerful and the rich sub-humans take the lifes of the poor definsless humanty, we make hero's of those savage killers, we place them above those who lost all to the blood sucking kings and lords of our history, the zionist master race see the rest of humanty as GOUYMS a beast-man a sub-human worthless of any sympathey.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting and related article which I just came across:

Fabricating the Pretext for Another War
Ahmadinejad is Not My Enemy


I had any number of Yossarian moments this last week as the entire apparatus of respectable opinion unleashed everything they had at President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. But what has Ahmadinejad done to me or anyone in the U.S.? Nothing that I know of.




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