Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8th Radio Show and a Little Extemporaneous Dog Poet.

Greetings Citizens of earth; this is the Dog Poet, transmitting from the Sirius Cluster, via the mothership and then via the small translation pod hiding in a magnetic cloud bank somewhere in Southern Europe. I suspect it’s giving the terror agencies fits. You’re aware of these terror agencies. They are based in London, Tel Aviv and Washington D.C. they’re the ones that do things like the Oklahoma bombing, the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks as well as the Madrid Train station. You only need to look up the security firms at work in these operations to see who gave the Manchurian Candidates and Tavistock graduates their VIP passes. Afterwards, the mop up men in black went around and killed the patsies so they would have bodies to display for the Schmoos in the pleather recliners getting the mind injection programming from the S&MSM media.

Well... apparently the world stupidity index has risen... or is that ‘dropped’? ... as you prefer; whatever the direction of ‘more stupid’ lies in ....because now they want you to believe; they certainly can’t be counting on me to... they want you to believe that a single- non combat, medical officer shot about forty people with a handgun in a military base. Hey, maybe next time they’ll see what they can get at a police station. You have to realize, a military base is not a fast food joint. Now they are saying this Major... this psychiatrist, had ties to 9/11 terrorists. Yes, they said that in the UK Telegraph yellow sheet yesterday. We’ll have to wait and see if a Mossad or CIA connection can be established and then we’ll know if he was connected to certain terrorists. Wait a minute... they’re talking about Muslims. Well that’s meaningless. Muslims didn’t do 9/11 or the other things and so it goes. I’m glad I put the single italics around ‘more stupid’ because you might have thought I was talking about ‘more stupid lies’. Well... either will work, I guess.

Dog poet visible had a bit of a crisis over the last couple of weeks. Unable to get his medication, which treats the condition he undergoes when the alien mind Jedi’s fix their rays on his location, he had to resort to things the sleeping class use to numb all sense of objective awareness and the higher centers with... horrific results. Visible is limping but he figures he could still go a few rounds if he had to. There just wouldn’t be any double reverse back kicks in the equation. We might throw in a few rhetorical back kicks this evening so make sure you’re wearing your kendo, mind Kevlar at all times.

I don’t like to let my readers and listeners down but... even though I am an interdimensional being, temporarily housed in a human form, it doesn’t mean I’m not human too... just like you, well... most of you. I couldn’t do the show last week because of severe technical problems, which I could not solve and this was compounded by my having to rely on the legal and approved medications as protection against the astral assaults of a certain group of mind Jedi aliens. I appear to have solved that with a little mind control of my own but... these are not ordinary times. Then again, when you look back at human history for the last so many thousand years; it does seem like one relentless, goose-stepping of international banker armies, working through a dark nobility bloodline. This is not to suggest there is anything noble about them. It’s just what they believe themselves to be. That’s about to change although, I don’t know exactly how.

Readers of this blog have been getting angry with each other lately and that, I believe, is due to the pressure of the moment. It’s the old sad tale of using multi-pronged confusions of disinfo, from seemingly oppositional points of view, to get that ‘house divided’ thing happening. My friends, we have one ancient enemy with a large collection of demonic assistants and his greatest strength is our weaknesses. We do have the resources to command this force back into the darkness from which it came but it’s less likely depending on the degree of darkness within us. Now, just as forces of darkness can overtake the human mind... and we have seen many examples of this, it stands to reason that the forces of light can do the same thing. We have only to invoke them and... not waver.

You have heard the ancient saying that, “it is always darkest before the dawn”. I submit that that is the position in which we find ourselves at this time. We’ve got hybrid, laboratory engineered, flu viruses and we are finding that the cure is worse than the flu. This is some kind of multi-creature amalgam that probably looks like a Griffin on a really bad hair day. We’ve got banker inspired wars going on all over the place. We’ve got specific outbreaks of insanity resulting in injury and death and all being blamed on Muslims. It so happens I know the Muslim community pretty well and they do not fit the profile being presented. Certain other groups do, however, fit this profile very well and we can see them in action every day.

The bad news is that they haven’t even released the really nasty flu yet and they haven’t done their worst in the killing fields of the Middle East or in the target locations where acts of violence serve to control the public mind through fears and lies about various patsies and straw men. It’s also useful to turn the frustration and anger of the populace against a designated target and keep their attention off the people who are actually doing it to them. All these things need to be said because there must be a counterpoint to the engines of death and despair in the hands of the psychopaths who presently imagine themselves to be in control of things. They are soon to find they can’t even control basic body functions and they will destroy each other, so it behooves the discriminating to gain some distance from these bloodstained clowns.

Though I would personally put no one beyond redemption, I do get the suspicions that some number seems to be. When there were demonstrations by protestors in ‘The City’; that area that houses the financial district and is the financial nerve center for the whole world, traders and associates were leaning out of the windows of their offices and sneering at the people and waving money in gleeful indifference to what caused the protestors to be there in the first place. You see this kind of disconnect all the time now. You see it in the way the MP’s and members of The House of Lords were bilking the public in a truly pornographic manner in their hour of need. You see it whenever Hillary Clinton opens her mouth and the same can be said of Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the thieving hypocrites elected to serve the public interest while serving no ones but their own.

As infuriating and dreadful as this behavior is and, I suspect we don’t know the half of it, we can’t let them make us like them. We can’t allow fear of them to influence our behavior or, we effectively become their servants. The self interest and conniving is epidemic. The lies are like veritable tsunamis washing over the human consciousness. The depraved cruelties and murders are beyond the scope of definition. This is how it is in times like these. A great writer once wrote a book about times like these and his opening line was, “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times”.

Think about it. In times like these our true nature is revealed. In some, the higher nature will come forth at the presence of adversity and extremity, others will, metaphorically- and maybe not so metaphorically- drop to all fours and behave as only a human, no longer human, can behave.

This is not some random thing my friends. This is the fulfilling of destinies, the running of the demons and the coming of divinity. Those who persevere and endure are going to get a great big surprise and so too will those who do not. Thus ends the blog portion of tonight’s show. I’ll be back with the more extemporaneous in about a heartbeat. You can catch the radio show here tonight.

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Anonymous said...

CIA connection? Les you missed this one.

"Interesting to note in these reports, however, about Major Hasan is his past psychiatric training, paid for by the US Military, at Virginia Tech University where he graduated from that schools Center for Applied Behavior Systems with a degree in biochemistry, a school which FSB reports have long warned “is most likely” one of the US Department of Defenses top PSYOP training centers and where in April, 2007, it suffered the worst school massacre in US history when a Chinese student named Seung-Hui Cho, reported to be a subject to mind-control experiments, single-handedly gunned down 32 fellow students."

And among these “experiments” conducted on US Soldiers by their government, and according to FSB files was a “research specialty” of Major Hasan’s, one was one called Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control Electronic Dissolution of Memory (RHIC-EDOM) which was pioneered for the US Military in the 1960’s by New York University Professor J. Anthony Deutsch who…“indicated that the mind is a transmitter and if too much information is received, it shuts down.

By the way I have a gmail now Deacon Blues

Visible said...

Actually I did not miss that, I read a long article on it a couple few days ago. I can't mention everything but it will show up here sooner or later as it just did. There's a lot more to the story too concerning Fort Hood and what he was up to... or is said to have been involved in.

Anonymous said...

Greetings to the Dog Poet,

English is my second language and my spelling is rotten. I wanted to tell you that I´m very fascinated by your writings. Not suprised or horrified by the facts you present but from your stamina and deep sense knowledge and your full open force of kundalini power all garnished with a fantastic sense of humor and the crazyness that comes with a true killing instinct. You make me cry and laugh. Thanks

Well, from my horizon, things are no different or better here in the Ratschielded monarchy of Sweden then what´s been reported from various western countries. The MSM has in ten years time reach such a deplorably conformity that it is laughably and sad. I praise them for doing this because it will make people wake up. Like you allways point out, the power of karma is ruled by your actions.

I´m gone from here in a while. Have a pocketcruiser in the carribian. The best islands down there are those that have plenty of Rastamen onboard. The moral among those are higher than many people think. Vegeterians, religious and so on. Sometimes they hate the white boy, but often it´s no problem to fix that. St:Vincent, Dominica, Carriacou. In Uganda area ´The Mountain´s of the Moon´ right on the equator, extremely fertile, rains every day, cheap land...don´t know why I mentioned that.

My very best Regards

Anonymous said...

Now I know!
The Blue Mountains of the Moon is the homeplace of the Hindu God Panteon.


Anonymous said...

Les --

Just caught as much of "Meet the Press," I can stand (about 5 minutes max) and one of the pundits said the word in Washington is that Obama's made up his mind to send 30,000 more troops into Afganistan. T

This is the planned staging ground to go into Iran, which is on their southern border. I find it interesting that this week India (another neighbor) dumped their dollar holdings and bought practically all the gold on the market.

In addition, Russia just passed a first-strike nuclear bill that gave the military the OK to go "first strike" if they felt the international weasels were getting ready to do the same.

Add this to the Fort Hood debacle and I think you get troops rebelling because they sense the ball is rolling on a nuclear attack on Iran.

Peace Out,


Visible said...

I hate having to say this over and over again but... this is Smoking Mirrors. There are specific blogs for specific perspectives. The listener will find if they listen to the second half of the show that precisely what was requested was delivered. I have a certain thing in mind by putting only half the show up in text. Of course, I'm just feeling me way but we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les and All,

Great post as always... Thanks for keeping us informed.

A few post ago, I made a comment about many of our so called leaders are "possibly" on the payroll of the Global Elite or in league with Rothchilds and working toward a Luciferian New World Order..

Everyone was fine when I mentioned Pelosi, Obama, Bush, Gordan Brown, Clinton, Palin, Mccain, Romney, Sarkozy, etc..

But when I stated Ron Paul, some didn't like that accusation.

But anyway, for the guy who stated that he searched all night for Eustice Mullins interviews and couldn't find anything about Ron Paul, so he felt I was posting incorrect info.. Well, sorry, but you missed one.. or maybe 2 or 3...

Just know this.. If someone makes a statement and "YOU" can't find info on it thru your research, doesn't make it less true...

Anyway, enjoy this 2-part Esutice Mullins interview...

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Also, found a little stuff on Paul Craig Roberts too... Take it for what it's worth.. I make no claims one way or another..


All I'm saying is that, Folks, we need to be real careful as we proceed down this slippery slope b/c the rabbit hole is deep.

Also, here is an article on a possible 2nd shooter at Ft. Hood and his round up w/ "men with suits".

Thanks and God Bless,

Red Pill

European American said...

I would not care to be in the shoes of Nazi Pelosi. Did she get set up to get reamed or what? "They" let her loose on P & P (Prozac and Power) and boy, did she pull it off. She'll be one of the first up against the wall when the natives flock to the streets. It's going to be prime time bloody.

Is anyone seeing signs of a Depression outside? I've noticed food stores are having sales on food, but just selected foods that appear to be aging on the shelves. As for the diversity in food selection, go down an aisle and see for yourself. Milk and potatoes.

Are "pop up windows" running rampant, or what?!? My computer seems to have some kind of virus and it's beginning to make me sick just to turn it on. All the stories have this contagious residue that comes on to the body and before you know it, blood pressures up, thoughts become foul...I don't think it's going to improve anytime soon. Be careful what you put your attention on.

Yes, Les, that last thread seemed entropic. I enjoy coming here but this place has it's "moments." I would think that sifting through some of the garbage that comes in could rattle ones cage, if one was caged.

Ahh, a taste of the bliss...something innocent and soothing here.

Keep it coming, LV.

Anonymous said...

Red Pill -
It you really believe yourself that Ron Paul is on the take from a Rothschild tentacle say so.
I do not agree because Dr. Paul is making alot of problems for the federal reserve (a Rothschild controlled private central bamk).
If you were a corrupt globalist why would you fund an agitator who is drawing all kinds of attention to your own corrupt control and plans. Would that make sense.
Ron Paul wants to abolish the fed and NOT replace it with the SDR, rather for congress to controll and issue the currency in the US a they did prior to the Rothschild takeover of issuance in 1913.


Anonymous said...

Les --

I got turned onto this amazing doc from your last posters. Just watched and I'm crying, shattered. Genius.


Especially noteworthy now that they're cranking up the war machine again.

Here's You Tube Link (has Japanese scroll on side.)

Here's Amazon link. Read the comments! You can pick up a used dvd for $1.98. Do it -- show it...

FALSEFLAG!!! said...

The Fort Hood shooting is looking more and more like a false flag.

Best explanation from the bits of facts one can gleen through the disinformation from the MSM is that Hasan was a patsy who fired no shots at all (sic).

That two or three government agents (most likely Mossad - to remove the killing of unarmed American moral complecation) dressed in army fatigues with rifles in the trasit terminal suddenly began shooting everyone including Hasan, and two civil police who rushed in. The rifle gunmen after a few short minutes of semiautomatic fire (>400 rounds) slipped out of the transit hall and were transported by a black SWAT van with engaged siren and bluelight at very high speed out of Fort Hood.
One of the civil police survived - although she has no recollection of shooting Hassan.
Hasan is rumoured to have survived.
If Hasan is the patsy he will NEVER be allowed to utter a single word EVER.
The reason is that he will disclose that it was not him but the two or three government agents who shot up the soldiers in the transit hall.
Hasan will be suicided.
Dead patsies never talk.
Compare Oswald.

Cui bono?
The Rothschildean, American, Zionist beast who needs public support (money) and more troops to go and kill the browned-skinned people to steal their oil and ressources and to make their country to agree to control by the private international banking cartel.

This was a false flag by the very same folks that brought us 9/11. No more, no less.

Anonymous said...

Les, The Texas incident had to benefit someone. It was well planned and executed. Coincidentally, this meeting was held in DC a day later.

chuckyman said...

A bit of good news – for me anyway. Mike James has just sent an article into The Truth Seeker. I have wondered where he had been but with Rixon incommunicado I had no way of asking


V word= naders

Anonymous said...

I too have spent some time in the muslim community years ago,I met some of the most generous peace loving people I have ever met.When I left,I left with a vibrant moved spirit and an unquenchable thirst for the truth,sitting down playing chess drinking tea with them,moved me for the better I will always be thankfull to them.
peace and love to all neil

Anonymous said...

The people who gave us Jack Abramoff, Bernie Madoff, Kissinger, down on their luck art students, creative blackmail workers who still target American politicans and those who have a lust for life, the people who sell children and the vital organs they would need in order to live, the media mafia and Hollywood, and the people who keep telling us to give them our gold and jewelry for some cash and who's lawyers run around mocking the lower classes working in the highest positions of Governments, and piss on pictures of Jesus and pass laws that tell Christians if they donot fear and worship the zionist jews at the same time, all could end up fined or go to prison. Well, the moment of time they live for is almost up.

God has tested his (so-called) "chosen", even gave them a couple thousand years to smarten up, but they have failed misrebly.


Joe Bloggs said...

Les Visible, Sir

I hope toon high you are right and that we soon can confirm that they are so busted that they'll never work again and be so broke that no-one will want to fix them again.

Even my old Dad is pricking his ears up and smelling the expresso as it zips along the track right on time. Might be his new glasses or just the fact that the troops always gets out somehow.

When I sent him a link to your cleaver blogs he said:

What? The dickends are finally going to be ousted? Are those end-wipes really gonna get their noses rubbed in their own mess after all?

You betcha bottom doohlar, I said, just ask Les - you certainly bettered me - I prey you're game for an indirect chat, well, I delude myself we already have - not that I'm much more than a puddle of pee trying hard to lay a tributary to your mighty river, but that's an exceedingly small detail, not even a water-droplet on the arm of a snowflake resting easy on the mighty avalanche those poorich zoles are skiing on, or below - but not for much longer

I wander

Time to take a hike and fish around, I wish you a very good evening, Sir.

Joe, no G, no I - just black and a flying saucer of cream

Anonymous said...

more smashed lives
more pandemics
if were not careful
we will all be infected
eternal chaos
I think thats the plan
but our higher nature
covers all that life span
life span all
theres no getting away
demons devils evil
the truth will leave them slain
unable to do what they once did ritual killings
and raping kids
but they wont stop
until the fee is due
their infected with greed
they drank the wicked brew
of the wicked witch
that used their feeble minds
see she was already dead
the infected are just left blind

Anonymous said...

LOL word verification semite

Chucky it is not just you, I have emailed Rixon two or three times over the years but now the mail comes back. I don't think he is mad at anyone it may be he doesn't want any more viruses in his server.

There is always some good info on the web but nobody delivers it with humor like the dog poet.

I still laugh about kentucky fried asses melting in their lazy boys.

Anonymous said...

Les, I would just like to remind the Media about what happened to this guy.

veritas6464 said...

Papa Damballah... Nice to see you are a little steadier on your pins. Oh, NotRedPill: Dr. Ron Paul, has achieved nothing, not for the appearance of 'want of trying'. He has motivated many with very little resources, he has been almost totally ignored by the MSM. Here in Oz, the senior researcher of SBS a MSM television Station (just prior to the Oz elections)did not know who he was; I KID YOU NOT! However, false opposition like false flags is part & parcel of psyops. Better we waste our time chasing 'Lost Leaders' (Print media, advertising term whereby an advertisement offers 60 litre refrigerators for a hundred bucks, yet when the sleeple rock up drooling, cash in hand, they are told "all sold out, however we have these 65 litre fridges for 150 bucks" - classic bait & switcheroo.) I doubt Dr. Paul is worth the spit. I am not judging or criticizing him, I have a pragmatic approach to fighting wars. he just isn't a weapon i would invest any time in, like rocket batterys at Waterloo, very exciting and moderately intimidating and as much a threat to our troops as theirs. Not worth the effort due to minimal technological sophistry and efficacy. which is why the Israel weapon of choice in their war for sympathy against themselves are DUMB rockets. maximum spec-fx, little threat of actual collaterals. If I were to stage a raid against me i would arm my assailants with BB guns that flashed and made machine-gun noises (batteries not included) and I would return fire with RPGs, whilst i wailed and weeped and gnashed my teeth at the persecutedness of it all; Oi Oi Oi vey! now then, my new Meds are kicking in and I will take this opportunity to appologise for my blubbering emotive invective recently, and yes i am probably guilty of blurring the lines between blogs also. I thank you for your captaincy, glad be part of the crew 'on Oars' on this battered Trireme, still pulling my weight, i hope!

Free free Palestine!


John said...

Chucky, that's a cool article you pointed out. Thanks.

hehe, word verification dingrich

chuckyman said...

DM he might be English be we can’t all be blessed.

I like this guy – Mike James. He has put up with a lot of shit and he is personally putting his ar$e on the line. With all the hate crime and holohoax laws about I would need to think long and hard to post as I do if I lived in Germany. With the new regime in United Socialist States of Europe (ESSE) it may force my hand.

They guy has been consistent and has got balls. It seems like he has paid a price for it but he also has nailed his colours to the mast. As a long-time admirer of Padraig Pearce I like his stuff. I would like to let this guy know that some of us like his stuff


Vword= slynater

cok said...

g'day les,good read as normal.just one thing.i think this nasty little gang has already dropped the test tube on the flu it seems to be getting worse by the day in the ukraine,and nieghbouring countries.can't post a link(novice)but if any body would like to know more type ukraine and world pnemonic plauge information,not alot recently,but do the math.something does'nt add up for many reasons i'm sure you'll work it out.thanks and whereever you are take care not vaccines.

SemiAutomaticRifles said...

"The Fort Hood office of the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command is seeking any military or civilian personnel who may have left the scene ... with gunshot damage such as damaged privately owned vehicles, personnel clothing, etc.," investigators said in a written statement. "CID is also seeking any military or civilian personnel who may have inadvertently left the scene of this incident with material that could be used as firearms residue related evidence such as shell casings inside the boot, etc."

'We're afraid some of the witnesses who saw the two riflemen shooting unarmed soldiers make report what they saw. We're even afraid someone may have pocketed some rifle shell casings which are longer than handgun casings. The reason we cannot have any stories of rifles and certainly not any rifle casings is because the present (completely untrue) cover story is that their were no government agents with rifles gunning down soldiers. We've got our patsy and we've got our heroine and none of them had rifles so that any talk of rifles will not be tolerated and any rifle shell casings must be given back to us because we are denying they exist.'

nobody said...

Hey Les, take your pic of me as off-topic for this piece, or late for the last one, but I thought you might like to know about Kay Griggs. Someone over at my place pointed me at her and she's been doing my head in since. Here's a good start point.

Long and short - she's the wife of a super heavy colonel who spilled the beans on assorted high-crimes and misdemeanors in the military: gay cults, mkultra, drug running, lots of bad ugliness.

None of it is super new (actually her main interview predates 9/11) but it fills in a lot of gaps. See if you groove on it. Ciao Ciao.

Anonymous said...

This guy is for real people if any of you want to take a look at this. He is sticking the smoking mirror in front of some kentucky fried asses!

I am trying to help him too!

veritas6464 said...

Papa Damballah.. Hey SARs now that there is some serious 'Humint'(pro-"Hugh-Mint") (Human Intelligence Reports), little people coughing-up long-rifle shell casings is 'boo-coo'(Hey, half-Bird, explain this one; BOO-COO,?)HUMINT!!

Oh, The Yids are shelling Gaza today, fields full of Jesus's own bloodline while they tend their fields, they are testing and adjusting their range and MPI's (Mean-Point-of-Impact), why, they are testing the Media Muppets and they have moved their heavy guns and are ranging them for "Fire For Effect", "Fire Missions", when they get the 'GO'!

If we can't stop them in Gaza, all our 2 and 4 year old children will be enslaved as sacrificial sex offerings - tortured to death! READ THE FUCKING TALMUD!!!

As for your local community, we are now engaged in world-wide holy-war against Lucifer's own Ork Army! If you think you can go it alone on your front garden or on your Landing; go for it. Otherwise PRAY and I mean: focus your energetic soul on the Yids and remember the Gaza mums & children and their Muj' husbands and fathers that are taking the bullets for us; slobs that are safe in our western enclaves, for how much longer, who knows? 'they came for the Palestinians first'(New spin on an old poem).


"This is not a war, this is systematic GENOCIDE"!



FortHoodFalseFlag said...

Five days after the event at Fort Hood and not one single eye-witness has said they were shot by a hand gun.
Because the >400 rounds came from semi-automatic rifles fired by three (suspected) Mossad agents.
The Muslim patsy did not fire a single shot because he never had any type of gun.
All he had was an orthrodox muslim name and profile.

The crazed muslim with a hand gun crying out Allah Ackbar as he shot wildly is manufactured.

The rambo heroine cop shooting the crazed muslim is manufactured.

The three (suspected) Mossad riflemen were supposed to kill the muslim patsy. At first the MSM reported they had.

This was a straight forward false flag by the CIA and Mossad (again!) to support the war in the middle east to steal oil and resources and to force a Rothschild controlled private central bank upon the remaining five countries in the world.

Five days later now and still the only reports saying there was a crazed muslim with a handgun who killed 13 and wounded 31 others are from "anonymous official sources".

Not one single eye-witness has confirmed the MSM (dis)information of this false flag.

Anonymous said...

Les, The Brer Rabbi speaks. Where can I find a good Hound or two? :).

paolocaruso said...

How does a guy shoot over 40 people with 400 rounds spent with a 357 revolver ( 8 rounds?) and a clip fed pistol in the other (each clip with 10 to 16 shots).

The 357 weighs a ton and he couldnt possible reload a revolver.
With a heavy 357 in one hand, how can he change clips to shot of even 100 round, no less 400.

And this guy was not used to firearms. This is another 9-11 bullshit story. It stinks really bad. And with whiney boy Lieberman doing him up as a terrorist.

First the major is dead and then he is alive and in stable condition. ( he is probably really dead, and they will create some implicating last words which connects him to Iran or their creation of AL Qaeda).

MossadHandguns said...

Yes a false flag but the weapons used by Mossad were likely handguns.
They are easier to conceal and the eye-witnesses will be able to confirm they were shot with a handgun fired by a brown-skinned man in army fatigues.
I agree that the Muslim patsy never had or fired any gun and that the Mossad gunmen were extracted via a SWAT like vehicle out of Fort Hood.

McKenna Fan said...

Got some serious Star Wars nerdiness going on here.

Lest, Les, you continue with this rhetorical device.

The evil Jedi are called the Sith.

The Lords of the Sith.

Sith Lords. Thanx!

May the Force Be With You!

FortHoodPseudoFalseFlag said...

If we could have been a fly on the wall in the transit hall at Fort Hood last Thursday we would have observed a very curious event.
Four brown-skinned Mossad agents in American army fatigues with handguns yelling 'Allah Ackbar' as they killed 13 and injured 31 others.
Curious because the Mossad agents are jewish not muslim.
Why would four jews yell in arabic as they shot unarmed american soldiers and two civil police?
Well, it is the phenomenon labled "false flag" where a country attacks itself pretending to be the enemy.
The sadest part, after the loss of life at Fort Hood, is that it is the zionists who are attacking America and blaming it on the muslims.
It is therefore a "pseudo false flag" - just like 9/11 - by the very same folks.

paolocaruso said...

what happened to the two other suspects they captured... then released. Obviously they didnt grab the two red haired freckled faced guys in fatigues. They were dark and arab looking ( but were actually the real mossad agents that were carried away under the guise of being arrested and then let go)
WHY NOT IDENTIFY THESE TWO SUSPECTS ??? Where is the media on this?
Who were the two released suspects??

paolocaruso said...


If this was some planned terrorist attack, by a well educated arab who had foresight to buy weapons etc.
Why did he choose to shoot lowranking grunts who were not in killing jobs like infantry.

I havent seen one officer reported shot.

A false flag would easily sacrifice a few low ranking soldiers. They have done it many times before.

caracal said...

Much, much more to Fort Hood than meets the eye. Have a look at the 6th Oct & 9th Oct reports regarding the Chinese Currency Boxes.

If this is true (and its as credible as anything else Ive read about Fort Hood)the sh*t (about a million tons of it) is about 3 days away from the Cosmic fan, and the "reality" that most people live in is going to go through the Cosmic shredder like there's no tomorrow.

caracal said...

Something else was going on at Fort Hood simultaneously folks. The "muslim terrorist" performance acted out on stage, had nothing to do with what was going on behind the curtains except to provide a cover. Absolutely mind bending stuff but since nothing else ties up, it might be worth checking this out (Nov 6th& Nov 9th update):

Anonymous said...

Les, My Sister in Law was in the Army (an MP) about 19 years ago. One evening she was called out to the perimeter fence in a remote location on the base. When she arrived, 5 of her counterparts accosted, brutally beat and repeatedly raped her. She was left for dead. She managed to crawl away and was found barely alive. After brief medical treatment she was confined to her room and guards were stationed outside. She was not allowed any outside communication. This lasted for several weeks. She was also told by her superior that if she mentioned this incident, she would face a charge of "Destruction of U.S. Property" (her badly beaten and raped body).

Months later she did get a lawyer and one of the 5 broke his silence regarding the beating/rape. She was awarded an early honorable discharge and a cash settlement.

Today she still helps homeless veterans (on her own time and money) with rides to the VA etc.

I believe witnesses at Fort Hood have been given similar instructions to keep quiet.

Visible said...

Please don't multiple post the same thing AND vary the nicks. I'm going to monitor a certain trend I've been observing; not this particular one but I am noticing something so if you should find yourself not appearing it's because there are more relevant pastures for you to graze in.

Hank said...

"drop to all fours and behave as only a human, no longer human, can behave."

This is one of those rare places where we differ. I have come to believe that a human, no longer human, is the only one that can act any other way. Being on all fours, metaphorically or not seems to be their basic nature.

Anonymous said...
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LetHasanTalk!!! said...

This is what we will hear very shortly.

'Hasan hung himself in his cell. He left a suicide note that said he was very sorry for everthing he had done and that he wished he had not listened to the Iranian terrorist cell that put him up to it'.

The CIA and Mossad are NEVER going to let major Hasan say a single word because the whole false flag would be revealed.

Fact: Major Hasan did not fire one single shot on Thursday 5 November 2009.

NOBODY except anonymous official authorities have said he fired a single shot. Go back and read carefully - not even General Cone has said Hasan's name. NO-ONE with a name has ever said Hasan had anything to do with the shooting!


The shooters in this false flag were (very probably) Mossad.

Hasan will be suicided before he can say anything. Watch and see.

Anonymous said...

RJ, Sorry about accusing you of possibly being that evil Apolloniana, but after reading your post about the wicked satanists from down yonder, I could not help myself.~~NO HARD FEELINGS~~?

Say Les, Are you going to give a prize to the two millionth visitor of your site: Smoking Mirrors?

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...
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Ire Leaphin said...

Potcast great ash useyawl, Mr. V.
Anne the main pixLink post is so elixirsquent I blue a fuse! Reely.

Vickytoryus wheel be but perhaps this entails everywon will have to cinchronic or schwinn andoor wave some flak, holiday in campbodyeah! Key tags to the comedown: I demand my right to carry RFID and never leave home alone without id.

"Sector 666, we have a Logan."

"Roger that, Chip, Raytheo to a crispy cinderella."

Shoot up and down the chutes; sorta loose it allah maytricks - before the meek get sleek and rolls royces are exchained for model beehive your fan, Man

Anonymous said...
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James Ledyard said...

Thanks Dublin Mick and LetHasan Talk... it is heartining to hear positive feedback.

I hope Major Hasan has a good body guard.. because someone is going the go in there and do a "Jack Ruby" on him.

I want to hear his side of the story... but I think we all know what reallly happened.

"The Ft. Hood Shooter is Awake and Able to Talk.."

Talk like your life depended on it.. like our lives depended on it.. spill your guts and don't hold nothin' back..

Anonymous said...

The abomination of desolation. I have long had this one linked on my blog. I can;t vouch for all of it but it is interesting reading. I bring it up because it was mentioned on this anti flu site by a French Researcher
C.A. Bouthillier on Flesh and Stone detailing a newly filed lawsuit by French citizens against persons unknown they believe are trying to kill them.

It is filed under Contre X French law which means they are not sure who is trying to kill them yet.

DestroyingOurselves said...

Come and walk with me.

Rome wasn't built in a day - and it didn't fall overnight either.

History shows us the decline of the empire occurred over time with small identifiable events that retrospectively are clearly seen as signposts of what was happening.

Let us now look at the present empire. Although there are many signs and events there are three I want you to focus upon - two in the past and one in the present.

The very first is the last shot entering president Kennedy's head which was captured upon the McGruder film. The exploding head shot has been fired 90 degrees different from the empire's account. The Warren commission confirms it is very unlikely a single man Oswald was to blame. Looking at the last shot on film one can see the final shot was a state of the art exploding tip sniper's bullet - not from Oswald's bolt action riffle.

The second is building seven of on the eleventh of September 2001. The amature film of the descent of the 47 story high-rise at freefall speed symetrically down was achieved by controlled demolition.

The third is still going on, and the reason for this talk. The event is being described by the empire as a lone crazed Muslim soldier. Twenty five eye-witness testimonies will likely be procurred that Hasan killed 13 and wounded 31 singlehandedly. The empire's story will be accepted and the man will sit in jail for the rest of his mortal life. History will someday reveal that Hasan never even held a gun on the fifth of November 2009. The event was staged and carried out by government agents in order to garner support for the empire's war of exploitation against middle eastern Muslim countries.

Years after the empire has fallen, historians will point to the Fort Hood shooting together with the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 as three pivotal events which the citizens of the empire ignored which were crucial to the fall of America.

Thank you for walking with me.

Still alive said...

One thing the "news" failed to mention is that Mr. Hasan was assisted by Lee Harvey Oswald and little green men from mars during his rampage.

The end of the born evil ashkenazi khazar virus is coming quicker than the nutjobs think.

And Les, I believe sometime in the past you wrote that you have contact with Mike James in Germany. Prior to reading your post I read his. PLEASE relay to him that there are many people glad to see he is writing again and that all people with a soul and ability to reason support him (and yourself and others) 100%.

Fight the good fight everybody.

Highma Hatman said...

If you happen to be a Bop Dilettant like I am - I mean I was inspired2 and still luff to zit in my zimmer and puff on the oralorgan and hum to a strum, yaketeeyak... wellwaht I'm trying to say is, shure wrong, Highmean right - it's a brilliant song and what I wanna say is that the roughmixness only makes it better and I love the hat.

ps I don't have much time for all meolderoes cos Uhm all wrapt up in meownshit but Hive noticed Bob seems to be becoming more and more hymnself; getting to the - or a very fine neatle - point, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Doubtingneil here again, apparently from somewhere different than all those around me (excepting of course the wisdom chorus here!), we inhabit the same space and time frame mind you, but what I see as opposed to what "they" see is shockingly different.. For instance: in the wee morning hours this weekend, our elected reps decided that the gov "health care plan" the one which forces the already strapped middle class to pay for a level of health care which the gov will decide on the threat of jail times and fines, ( which stresses me out even worse, and increases my comestible intake) making my already fragile heath not worth a s--- in a toilet. You can see clearly that this will be a vehicle of our continued bondage, another chain of the powers that be to weigh down the common man in his soon to be futile existence.
The ministry of truth is cranked up on the most recent false flag on our nations soil, a shoddy case of psyops at best,the official( or should I say offal) story falling apart at the seams even as the talking heads conjure up their false bile and invective towards the mostly innocent targets of their rage. And even more surprising is the lack of awareness of the event by the people I associate with on a day to day basis, not seeing another nail in the coffin driven home (accompanied by maniacal laughter from the curtains stage left those satanist basterds) of our already bought and sold freedom. thirty pieces of silver, (might be real valuable in the future) for our honor? Really?

The understanding of our situation slowly forces its way into my heart. If les feels that he is only partially illumined then I am fully engulfed in the sleep of the dead.I pray every second to wake up hoping for the Creators mercy. A heartfelt "well done Les" adding words I hope to here one day by Him, Her It, "my good and faithful servant.

Greg Bacon said...

America is a nation that lives, survives and thrives on violence. We've got a long and checkered history of using massive force against people and nations we didn't understand, like or just wanted to steal what they had... Just ask a Native American, if you can find one.

GW Bush is responsible for murdering over one million Iraqi's and his punishment is to enjoy a luxurious government paid retirement with a healthy pension and making 'speeches' to other war mongers for 10-20 million a year.

The only difference I see between what Bush did and the Ft. Hood shootings is one of numbers.

During "Operation Desert Slaughter" Part 1 & 2, I watched dozens and dozens of Americans clapping and cheering loudly watching the TV feed from Baghdad when our US Air Force was blowing the hell out of Iraqi's, so why cry now over a dead baker's dozen?

So go ahead America, pop a top, and clap and cheer some more at the latest bloodbath, enjoy yourselves!

After all, it's harvest time.

Visible said...

There's a new offering in the Petri Dish.

Fort Hoodlum, Fort Hoodwink and those the Gods Drive Mad.

Hank said...

The authorities have determined through interrogation of Major Hasan that not only does he have an arab sounding name, and is a Muslim, but he actually knows how to spell al qaeda. What further proof is necessary to conclude that he is not only a terrorist, but connected to al qaeda at the highest levels. I am convinced that with further interrogation they will find that he is also involved in the Iranian nuclear program, which will be undeniable proof that Iran wants to place a nuclear device in the heart of America. Cry havoc.....

The really sad part is that there are Americans stupid enough to believe this kind of thing. Peace.

Anonymous said...

A Thought For The Day:

An Old Native American Saying:

"361 treaties have been made~361 treaties have been broken."

And who can you really trust-in, believe-in and depend upon?

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Visible said...

there is a new Visible Origami up-

Climbing to Freedom through the Devil's Horns.

Anonymous said...

Here's an article that some of you might find of interest.

"Traitors, Treason & Disinformation"

By Jim Kirwan

November 10, 2009

Jane Harmon is both a traitor to this country and a committed criminal who has used her position in this government for decades to destroy the rights of US citizens while elevating the agenda's of the Mossad (first), and the CIA as well as the black-op that was behind the events of 911, and beyond.

The disinformation being generated by the Cheney-Bush and now the Obamanation administration's had roots in their determined efforts to destroy anyone that disseminates any portion of the truth behind what took place in this country on September eleventh, 2001.

The horribly botched collection of stories behind whatever did actually take place at Fort Hood needs to be thoroughly studied by an outside investigation (something that is no longer possible), because the FBI, and virtually every agency with the technology and the expertise to do a real analysis are all complicit in the treason behind the events of 911 - up to and including especially the White House, the Congress and the courts that stole the presidency and put GW Bush into the office ILLEGALLY on 12-12-2000. They did this by stopping the vote count and then declaring Bush the winner. The Supreme Court had NO AUTHORITY to interfere in a presidential election, regardless of who asked them to intervene: That "JOB" belonged, by constitutional authority to the Congress, and ONLY to the congress of the United States.

EVERYTHING that has happened to this country and to people everywhere since 911; is a direct result of that attack upon the Constitution, and the people of this country and the world. Millions upon millions of people round the world have been tortured, maimed, dislocated and murdered because the CRIMES of 911 were never treated as the crimes that they were and still are because there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON MURDER; against the stability of this nation and the world.

Yesterday the left-over-dictator from that era brought his wife to Fort Hood to capitalize on the continuing-problems-of-Fort Hood; by secretly going there to thank the troops for their heroics in uniform. Those 'troops' would be the current day descendents of some of the hundreds of thousands of troops that he personally was responsible for murdering over the course of his eight years in office (the stats kept by the department of war are also a collection of lies and disinformation that fail to include the whole picture of the continuing war on Iraq that has been going on for eighteen years, since it was begun by his father in 1991).

Read the complete article at:

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

Deacon I read Kirwan and he is doing his best but there is only so much that can be done. The time warp is speeding up and in the words of Greg Bacon it is harvest time. (I like that one Greg)

We try though we try. This is a conversation I had with a nurse. Nurses know more than I do because well they have a degree in nursing.

Anonymous said...
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RealOathKeeper said...

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