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Five Hundred Lawyers on the Bottom of the Ocean.

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We’re going to wax a little philosophical here today but in a temporal sense. I’ve been watching all this happy horseshit that passes for reality that is anything but. One might ask, what is reality? Go ahead. I guess I’m not talking about reality per se. I know it has something to do with truth. Somehow it’s also connected to the virtues; the possession of the virtues and thereby has something to do with conduct and right behavior. We have heard from religionists and moralists, philosophers and ethicists and all kinds of people who give the impression they know what they are talking about. We’ve increasingly heard more from humanists (who appear to be anything but) and spokes(persons) who represent what is politically correct and is also, anything but.

We’ve heard about the seven deadly sins. I suppose they are called deadly for a reason. We also have things like the Ten Commandments and the Eightfold Path and you can find variations on the theme all over the place.

In America they have something called The Constitution. I’ve got one myself and it’s doing pretty good right now; thank you very much. My impression is that this constitution was created along with The Bill of Rights and god knows what else to protect the rights of the individual and to generally create a never, never land of shared equality that will burn forever in the warm, alcoholic night of the American Dream. It could have, I suppose, except for one thing and that is ‘lawyers’. Shakespeare had it right when he said, “First we kill all the lawyers.”


Now some might put up an argument against this and mention politicians, bankers, religious leaders or whatever but... none of these could accomplish much in the way of their avaricious and evil schemes without the help of.... (Drum roll) lawyers.

what The Constitution has become is a big wedge of Swiss cheese or maybe a honeycomb, something with a lot of canals; thruways and byways and any fucking ways that you can. There are little paths and wide thoroughfares that are traveled by lawyers who move through and across them like rats move through the subways and subterranean pools where all possibilities of perversion lay waiting for those so inclined. You have to be a lawyer though. You get a plastic clip-on ID that lets you through the gates of the Cloaca Maximus which is the present entrance to The Constitution.

You’ve got your Circuit Courts and your Superior Courts and you’ve got your Supreme Courts, where they interpret the law ...and all of the judges are former lawyers with, I guess, the occasional exception. You’ve got big law firms and small law firms and independent lawyers. You’ve got very pricey, high end law firms and discount ambulance chasing law firms and... as they say, “You get what you pay for” and you certainly pay.

Some of us have the means to pay whatever it takes to get ‘our will be done’ and some of us cannot. In some cases you have very large corporations which can afford to pay whatever it takes to make what they want happen. I direct you to the famous case that concerned the breakup of A.T. & T. (in this case it seems that City Hall had the means and endurance) Major corporations like Monsanto can bankrupt and destroy you regardless of such amorphous considerations as right or wrong because more lawyers are at work for deeper pockets; also without any considerations of right or wrong.

Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter what the law says. It doesn’t matter what The Constitution says. It doesn’t matter what the evidence or the witness says. What matters is how many lawyers you can afford and for how long. They come upon the scene and work as pipe-fitters and justice, like water, will flow in the direction it is compelled to. Everything that has gone down in America, as well as England and other places has been because of the ability of those with the greatest swag to hire the most lawyers to origami the law into whatever shape they desire.

The law has no meaning and all of the concepts associated with it since Hammurabi is mere window dressing on a temple that fronts for a combination casino and brothel. The idea of any fine or noble foundation upon which to base any concept of civilization is nothing more than a dead rat in a silver chaffing dish because the structure can be altered to fit the needs of whoever can hire more lawyers for a longer period of time.

I heard an interesting statistic the other day (don’t know if it’s true). “There are now more people in law school than there are people presently practicing law.” Until the law is made that curbs the potential for manipulation of the law being forced to operate in defiance of itself, things will remain as they are ...on the way to getting worse. A further complication is that laws are being made by people whose loyalty is to the most powerful interest in the room. How can the structure be reformed and made sane when the process is in the hands of catamite politicians (most of them former lawyers) in service only to the most powerful interest in the room?

Can we expect those who make the laws and who later move from the public sector into the private sector to work for the most powerful interest in the room; can we expect them to... make laws that curtail the ambitions of the most powerful interest in the room? This is how so many former lobbyists are now being appointed to head the government agencies that regulate the industry with which they were previously associated. If you study the uses to which petroleum is put, you will find yourself astonished at how many products and operations it is involved in. Lawyers are made of petroleum jelly and like WD-40 and duct tape they can be used in ways that would continually surprise you.

Laws have to be made that demand instantaneous imprisonment for specific offenses. Laws have to be made that allow for the seizure of all assets (similar to when you are arrested for drug offenses). Laws have to be made that demand immediate severance of the individual and corporation from every field of endeavor they operate in. Today you can go to prison for many years for just about anything; the more ridiculous the circumstances the heavier the penalty. This reflexively includes loss of one’s job and public censure through the press; regardless of whether you did it or not and regardless of whether you understand it or not. So this relentless impetus to create hate crime legislations (in order to silence criticism) and forbid a parent from kissing their child in public must be turned to what is useful. It must be set so that it cannot be manipulated except at a very, very high cost. How are you going to do that? How are you going to do that? Revolution is the only option really. The unfortunate thing about revolutions is that, once the tables are turned, quite often the same people are still sitting there.

This manipulation of the law has turned it into a character from the movie, “Freaks”. It is now a capricious and unpredictable landscape where almost anything can happen and does. I honor only the laws I believe are reasonable. I have no country and no remaining loyalty to something that has morphed beyond recognition. I move through this world with the constant awareness that I am in a Monty Python skit directed by John Carpenter and written by Clive Barker.

In the end it is Nature upon whom we must rely. Nature has laws too. Nature is God’s mirror- lest you think I left the ineffable out of the equation. We’ve been in uncertain waters many a time before. None of this is new. It has come to the place where the ridiculous and absurd are commonplace and an adjustment is in the works. It is definite and certain and will become apparent in a fairly short time. The closer you are to the natural balance of life, the less you will notice this adjustment. The further away you are the more dramatic the experience of coming into balance will be but... come into balance you will. You lawyers have my sympathy. You and your pimps are about to meet the Mac Daddy himself in one form or another and experience what you have visited on so many others.

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John said...

We have advanced so far. There is only one real true Law, and it can be derived from what many know as the Golden Rule. "If it doesn't hurt anyone it's probably ok."

Again, I see the ugly hierarchy subverting and perverting the original truth.

FortHoodFalseFlag said...

Allahpundit at Hotair blog said...

"20091105 Update: The circumstantial evidence mounts.

This certainly jibes with what Terry Lee told Shep:
Federal law enforcement officials say the suspected Fort Hood, Texas, shooter had come to their attention at least six months ago because of Internet postings that discussed suicide bombings and other threats.

The officials say the postings appeared to have been made by Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who was killed during the shooting incident that left least 11 others dead and 31 wounded. The officials say they are still trying to confirm that he was the author. They say an official investigation was not opened…

One of the Web postings that authorities reviewed is a blog that equates suicide bombers with a soldier throwing himself on a grenade to save the lives of his comrades.

The $64,000 questions: What was he doing at Fort Hood among the population if he thought suicide bombers were heroes? And why are the feds tipping the AP about this if they haven’t even confirmed that he was the author yet?"

The above updates occurs on the day of the shooting at around 6:00 pm. The FBI jas released information about the damning suicide grenade article by the DECEASED major Hasan.

BUT, BUT, BUT at around 9:00 pm on the day of the shooting Hasan is reported to have survived despite the four bullits in him.


The FBI is caught negatively profiling a man hours after he is believed dead - by he wasn't dead!

What will happen to the FBI when Hasan hears and reads about the lies the FBI has been spreading about him? And why would the FBI be spreading on the Associated Press (MSM) that Hasan write articles about suicides and bombs?

Fort Hood was a false flag.

It took me over five years to realise the 9/11 attacks were a false flag, and a little less than 5 days to realise Fort Hood was a false flag.

At least I'm getting better ;)

Thank you Les for putting up with all my posts about this.

Anonymous said...

Loved it all most notably the very last sentence:).


LOL my word verification is "thers". Well that's just what I was thinking. They are going to get thers.

Anonymous said...

Now you're getting to the crux of the problem, LV. I asked google what the total # of lawyers in the USSA was and she said (by end of 2007):
I then asked google what the total # of practicing lawyers was in Japan (less than half our population):
In fact, I'd heard that the USSA has more lawyers than all the other nations in the world combined. I suppose the same goes for the # of military hirelings & for the "defense" budget. All these huge numbers do seem to come together to make an infinite amount of mischief and mayhem, don't they?
WV: foono!

Visible said...


My friend, I am pleased that you were big enough to shake my momentary irritation off and keep on choodlin.

And you have made the necessary adjustment to and I thank you for that.

I caught on to 9/11 very early because my bullshit meter was ticking so loud I couldn't get to sleep until I went and read the gauges.

Anonymous said...

"Not all lawyers are bad. The problem is just that 99% of 'em ruin it for the rest of 'em."
-heard that somewhere

A factoid seen at the end of film "American Violet":
96% of the 2 million+ prisoners in USSA are there 'cause of "plea-bargains".
Prosecutors are lawyers too.

And the vast majority of "judges" are connected to sick-ass "military intelligence".

Also: Seven million Americans have been arrested since 1995 on marijuana charges and 41,000 of them are rotting in federal and State prisons. Thousands of other pot users and sellers are confined in local jails as well. Police arrest someone in America every 36 seconds on marijuana charges, with a record 872,000 arrests made in 2007, “more than for all violent crimes combined”. 89 per cent of all marijuana arrests “are for simple possession of the weed, not for producing or selling it.”


Unknown said...

Follow the money, Follow the money, all these benjamins that are going to high-end lawyers, well, some of it must be going to the evil elite(ahhrrrg, the bad guys) and the concealed powers that be that are the real powers behind the throne of the one the judge sits at, huh? P.S.- There are a few good lawyers and judges out there still, at least the ones who represent average folk and not the big corporations. I had a couple of them save my hide for very little money when I was in a bit of hot water. I got a feeling old Mr.Greybeard in the Sky had something to do with that too.(smile)

Hank said...

Freaks. I loved that movie. When I saw a man with no arms or legs roll a perfect cigarette with his lips and tongue, I knew anything was possible. Or did I?

If someone had told me at that time that some of the things that are happening today would happen, I might have passed out from disbelief.
If someone had told me that a congressman would be able to stand up in front of people with a copy of the constitution in his hand, and quote from the declaration of independence, and have the people swoon with patriotism, I would not have believed it.

I have reached a much higher level of belief in the unbelievable, and they, meaning most everyone but me, STILL surprise me with their lack of.....well...everything. There are times, when I am not reading something posted here, that I am convinced that humans have lost the ability to think. I have no way to measure it because my incredulity meter broke a long time ago. I think it was when that guy said, "I wouldn't believe that, even if it were true".

As for the law, it simply no longer has anything to do with reality. Hell, reality no longer has anything to do with reality.

Then what? That's what I ask at the end of every mental scenario I go through. They succeed in turning the US into a police state. Then what? So when I get to what seems to be the end game for the monsters that run things here on planet earth, which is enslavement of everyone, then what?

Are they so caught up in the game of acquisition that they have never considered what happens when they get it all. Have they no concept that the waste product of what they are doing, will kill them in the end.

Technology gets more and more advanced and complex, and humans keep, by design or design flaw, getting less and less intelligent. What happens when humans get too stupid to service the technology?

Personally, I can survive. I can make fire many ways. I can build a shelter. I can find food from what there is in nature. I know how to find good water and I know rudimentary medicine. I can survive without technology, and can do so without killing my fellow man, but most people in developed countries can't. It's a sure bet that the fat cats that run the world can't, so when human society dies, and we are once again reverted to hunter gatherers, then what? Peace my friends.

Anonymous said...
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John said...

Back in 01 my first thought was, "Oh what a perfect ploy to start a war." But, I quickly was sucked into the Corryvreckan of the MSM.

Edo said...

"I honor only the laws I believe are reasonable"

Every human being has an intrinsic knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. Follow those rules and humanity won't go far wrong.

I'm with you Les!

Visible said...

Josh *(and all). I purposely left that out of the post (there are some good lawyers) because I knew it would come up.

I happen to know several decent human beings who are lawyers but this we can take for granted about every spectrum of the human race. One of them also helped to save me from a mandatory 60 prison sentence on charges which no one in the history of the state had ever been acquitted before.

Also got the get out of jail ticket from the man upstairs. When 'the man' gets involved... whoa! all sorts of surprising things can and do happen. I still find it difficult to believe what happened actually happened but... I was there, i saw it happen.

Anonymous said...

Les, if you don't mind, could you share your incarceration record a tad with your audience? You elude to it every now and then and I was just wondering what charges the beast had trumped up against you?

Many people were/are in the same boat as you, and I am quite positive your story would be an interesting read.

Either way I respect your decision because it does put a bad context on the person when someone hears about their run in's with the boys in blue, even though they are just rent-a-cops controlled by the beast.


Visible said...


I've gone into it other times but never comprehensively. the short version is that I ran afoul of Scientology while also speaking out in the park so I was manipulate into a situation where I was charged with violating the Marijuana Tax Act and given 2 to 10 which got turned into a Zip-6... six months to six years. Split town every time I got out and would not do probation or parole so it went on for awhile. Finally got a pardon from the governor.

Years later doing standup comedy with my band I got a little too outrageous for the environment and one fellow offered the police his services to set me up in exchange for a plane ticket home. Facing 60 years for several rather large cocaine buys. I'd been told the Oahu mafia was going to kill this guy unless I helped them out just temporary like. Didn't sell coke or anything else and never have really; wasn't very good at it but... I knew people.

They got over confident because no one had ever walked before. We sort of pulled the rug out from under them but you could see it was invisible hands at work. I think they are still shaking their heads. I walked.

There were a few other situations of being in the wrong place at the wrong time but not being involved except to be present.

funny thing is that with all of what happened, I have no record at the end of the ride; I hope it's the end of that ride (grin).

Telling the whole tragi-comic tale would take awhile.

Joe Bloggs said...

Lawdy, lawdy, Les

I sword your pixels and sithed to Myselfishness: That's mighty fine write on; double damped Ham eye! Watt a light! Highm on fire!

You're beaming radical radiation and kindling kindreds upon thoughtsands upon billowinds of fans to clear the stench after mind Farter who flies - and it churns out, was a sucker4cess

Anonymous said...

Hi Les --
Nature is the key and it provides all we need. A truly remarkable scientist from long ago was Viktor Schauberger. His inventions may be helpful to all of us in the future.

Anyways just trying to help. Thanks again for another thoughtful post. Mud

paolocaruso said...

One of the insightful bloggers on your site predicted that the hero Officer Kimberly Munley would turn out to be a Jessica Lynch. And indeed she has, as an Army major has come forth to claim he shot Hasan four times outside the building at Foot Hood.

Something is really strange about this whole story.

paolocaruso said...

Great Article Les, Lawyers suck. According to a post on a blog, there are over a million lawyers in the USA, while only 22,000 in Japan.

Lawyers and judges should be replaced by a tribunal of ten qualified and educated people, in addition to a jury of peers. Lawyers should exist only to advise clients in private, and should remain anonymous to the judge,jury and courtroom.

SOTT.net20091112 said...

Concerning Major Hasan of the Fort Hood false flag:

"But it's far more likely that Hasan was never invesitgated because he never wrote the web post; the obscure comment was fabricated and attributed to the patsy after he was chosen as the new face of Terror"

Rebel 4E said...

'I move through this world with the constant awareness that I am in a Monty Python skit directed by John Carpenter and written by Clive Barker.'

Bloody brilliant!....I feel exactly the same way...Ha Ha hah ha hah ha aaaaarrrgggghhh!!

Since Labour came to power in the U.K.rain they have created approx 3605 new laws, that's almost a new crime everyday......plenty work for Satan's scum suckers here.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it was even all over HuffPost this afternoon -- Kimberley Munley, supermom, and all the rest was a big fat lie:
"Kimberley Munley did NOT bring down
Ft. Hood killer " (Well, duh!)
WV: terbu

james said...

The fundamental problem is the "Common Law" system itself. Fashioned over the centuries by lawyers for lawyers. As you point out well, Les, they facilitate all the corruption.

The Common Law system is an "adversarial system". It's a two sided contest. A sporting event wherein the side with the most money can buy the best players, as Les said. They need all the pomp to hide the lack of justice and dignity in all this.

In the European system, the judge runs the show (not the lawyers) and asks all the questions. Lawyers can address the court at the start and at the end and that's all. The judges are trained separately and are not lawyers.

The Common Law system is at the bottom of all the institutionalised corruption and needs to be abolished completely and replaced with the European system at the minimum.

DumbGoyNot said...

The function of the MSM (mainstream media) isn't to inform but to create division moslty via the 'us vs. them' ploy. Once the factionary lines are drawn the media goes to work stoking the fires of debate (division) as a means of distraction away from the real fire, the hidden Illuminati fire of world conquest that is burning down our national sovereignty (not just America's national sovereignty but all national sovereignties). The media in their role of bait and switch is the primary enemy, yet most Americans, Brits, and Europeans rely on it for their 'information.'

Little do most people realize that the Illuminati own, either directly or indirectly, all major media, from Fox News and the BBC, the New York Times, and all major magazines, all the way down to the smallest hometown newspapers and radio stations. It is through their disinformation campaign that they maintain their world rule, mainly by using it to manipulate everyone into putting their trust in the system. And of course to engender in the public a subconscious psychological distaste for suspicion and/or dissent, to the point now where most people don't want to know what is being done to them.


Anonymous said...

another shackle for the slave
a respected ally of the elite
the law maker and lawyer
most bow to their greed
tony blair he was one
and look at where he go
killing maiming raping
with the hell he sow
to sell your soul
to make hate grow
in the middle east
or any where for that matter
is just working for a beast
a demon or evil or negativity
any word you prefer
cos realization is always free
to the truthfully concerned
so to sell your soul to death
to fill your pockets full of gold
to me that dont feel right
that is a blockage on the road
the living light
I feel inside
a guiding force that surrounds all
true nature see
it guides all men
through out life
if only men
would let it lead
what a world
a paradise
what a place it really
could be.

Anonymous said...

Less you have noticed an amazing thing, but even more amazing is that public defenders in some counties become judges in the next county over. Then the state prosecutors from the next county over switch and become private attorneys right next door to the other county. Most politicians are lawyers and the majority of presidents were lawyers. There is 88,000 lawyers in florida alone. AMerica has 95 percent of the lawyers in the world. They are in the occult and run the world. Lawyers are in fraternities of the illuminati.

Odin's Raven said...

Wasn't it Kissinger who quipped that it's the 90% of lawyers who get the rest a bad name?

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

Here's an excerpt from an article I read last night that I think you and your readers would find very interesting, written by a former CIA operative, turned whilstleblower. Keep in mind that another former CIA operative turned whistleblower made the statement that all the major media pundits (e.g. Bill O'Reilly, Shawh Hannity, etc.) were, or are, CIA operatives. Here's the excerpt:

Sexual blackmail only works when the society is condemning towards others. It is not the abstinence of fidelity that the CIA is after, it is the condemning of others it is after.

Condemning is a form of hate and the CIA provokes hate and condemning as a way of controlling others. It is a mind control technique that can then be used to get people to fight wars etc. against their best interests.

The CIA is looking for “handles” into a person’s psyche—an emotional issue that drives a person to act. Then it exploits it. It also creates handles by funding songs and lyrics into existence. That is another whole level of mind control directed at a population instead of individuals. Dr. Sue Arrigo former CIA high-level operative, turned whistleblower, Source: Secrets of the CIA's Global Sex Slave Industry, Part 2, posted on the Conspiracy Planet website


Wisdom Paradise said...

Pure Unconditional Love for Self and other Self is the solution, no matter what the problem.

We are All One. Love One Another.

FortHoodFalseFlag said...

-The four bullets in Hasan came from the CIA/Mossad gunmen - not from the civil police.

Black Sgt. Todd is a civil policeman.

The 'new' official story is by the NYT - not by SM - therefore as MSM, like politicians and lawyers, if they're communicating they're probably lying ;)

Anonymous said...

Scene the law up close and the conjurors in the courtroom really know the condition of shameless. The now thing is to dress like a visit to a craps table is interchangable with the courtroom.Somehow the inexplicable seems more normal when presented by near fictional charactors.This shows, you have to get uneducated to see and be real.Thankyou Les.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what is coming next, will they say he has been reading Smoking Mirrors, Kenny's, Thetruthseeker, 12th bough, campfire, goon squad and a few others, it drove him crazy?

LOL these goons are shameless.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm 9o IQ Ziolawyer flashes his 60s hypno coin at the ziojudge, "oy eye ooyaa blubba" goes the ziojudge and slides his ziopen over the ziodocument signing it into ziolaw without reading it.
"where am I supposed to live" asks the homeless man's T-shirt. lol

Robert L said...

I don´t know if you are strictly referring to your home country with respect to lawyers, DA´s, Judges...but if you knew my odyssey in Germany since 2005 and ongoing, you´d be beyond schocked. Most persons who hear our tragedy do not believe it, without exception. We have been through 3 lawyers, 2 DA´s, two investigations, (fraud, overbilling 300%;police intimidation, one ex Stasi agent acting as our own lawyer who sold us to the opponent and sued us. In other words a hostile campaign with total support from the legal community. The irony in this whole destabilizin affair is..when I look out the window of the court room and glance downwards, I can imagine where the Nuremberg war criminals were executed, meaning ...their ghosts are still wandering the chambers of the court building.

Visible said...

Is that you? There's something about the syntax and... of course, the name. Welcome if it is.


I think the figure was 99% in the quote.

Greg Bacon said...

What The Constitution has become is a big wedge

More like a pork wedgie that is being shoved up our rectums till we bleed, sight of which turns on the rapist and they really start banging away.

Visible said...

A new Reflection in a Petri Dish just went up-

Wandering in the Mist of our own Confusion.

TheMediaIsTheMatrix said...

Dumbgoynot 1:21 -

All true and very well written. Please allow me to continue the thread.

Posit: The CIA and Mossad are both teams in the Rothschild NWO playbook to achieve complete economic, political, media and military dominance over all mankind.

1) The Kennedy assassination in 1963 was carried out by CIA/Mossad for Rothschild interests.

2) The 9/11 attacks in 2001 were carried out by CIA/Mossad for Rothschild interests.

3) The Fort Hood shooting in 2009 was carried out by CIA/Mossad for Rothschild interests.

Turn off the MSM - question everything the 'authorities' have said to be true.
Seek the real truth.


Anonymous said...

Nature bats last my friend.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best

It's gotten to the point long ago that when the MSM says one thing I automatically think the opposite is true. The Fort Hood incident, first thing I thought was "another false flag to demonize Muslims"

Organizations like the ADL must think we the people are extremely stupid and cannot discern that they and their allies are playing the same tunes from an extremely limited repertoire. I suppose they think that by the time people catch on to their deceptions the hate crimes laws and their enforcers will be waiting in the wings just ready to be put into play. They just might not succeed

Anonymous said...

German law where truth is no defense. Zundel's attorney Sylvia Storr, I believe I have it right. I have to look that one up again on and post it, was given two years herself as her defense of Zundel violated the law.

She announced to the court that it was a great honor to be sentenced to prison by the likes of you on behalf of the great German Nation and her people She refused to recant (shades of Joan of Arc upon the stake) or Randall Wallace being butchered upon the cross.

She is now considered by many as German's Joan of Arc.

Visible said...

I thought she got 3 years. Did they knock one off? Brave lady that. How absurd can it be to put a lawyer in jail for defending a client? Then again, if it means a lawyer is going to jail... just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Les, The best explanation for the word "reality" that I have come across is this line from a "Sons Of Chaplin" tune: Bomp Bomp Chomp~~

"Reality is just a concept that truth will always replace."


"Walls & More Walls"

Mother, do you think they'll drop the bomb?
Mother, do you think they'll like this song?
Mother, do you think they'll try to break my balls?
Mother, should I build the wall?

Mother, should I run for President?
Mother, should I trust the government?
Mother, will they put me in the firing line?
Is it just a waste of time?

By: Pink Floyd

And the TRUTH is: everything is now different, but nothing has changed.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Visible said...


Anonymous said...

Everyone thinks lawyers are detested now? Just wait until they get their training to prosecute "Hate Crimes" under the new unconstitutional Hate Crimes Bill.

When the SHTF in this country and anarchy reigns, attorneys are going to be the first to be strung up by their toes.

Blue-eyed said...

"Five alleged 9/11 plotters to be tried in civilian court in New York"

When I read the head-line for a split second I thought wow, they are going to try and prosecute the five dancing Israelis who were set up with their camera on a tripod before the first plane hit the towers to find out HOW THEY KNEW and why they didn't report it and thereby svae thousands of immocent lives.

But as I glanced down I saw it was Muslim names which I know is crazy because they didn't have any thing to do with 9/11.

I left the site thinking the real five that should be on trial for the crimes of 9/11 were Bush, Cheney, Rumsfelt, Rice and Zakheim.

I wonder if there will ever be the equivalent of Nurenberg for the real 9/11 criminals?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If I might use a term coined by Kahlil Gibran, when it is all over someday Stolz will use the milky way as a foot stool somewhere in the heavens and the maggots
who sent her to jail probably won't even be able to see that high. Taking it further they probably won't see anything on a planet so dark they can't see each other.

Come on Michael what is the hold up, it is harvest time let's get it on.

word ver: incacko
This thing must be an inverse I-Ching

Anonymous said...


"Congressional Action Against Torture"

~Net Tightens Around Bush And Accomplices~

Cheney, Amnesia sufferer ...
or pathological liar?

The Indict Bush and Cheney movement is on the move!

Ninety-six organizations and prominent individuals have signed on to a call for Congress to take action against torture. They are demanding that Congressional subcommittees subpoena Bush, Cheney and others so that they must answer for their criminal acts.

A huge thank you to everyone who is helping this movement grow.

The action by the 96 organizations comes only weeks after a large coalition of human rights organizations and prominent lawyers sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder urging him to hold firm against pressure from Dick Cheney and others to narrow the scope of a Special Prosecutor investigating Bush-era crimes.

This growing wave of action has been set in motion by the thousands of people who have tirelessly lobbied Congress, collected petitions, and taken to the streets throughout the country. These efforts must lead to real accountability for the top-level officials behind the most egregious violations of civil and human rights of our time. They must lead to indictment.

Cheney is really feeling the pressure! He has tried to escape justice by endless evasions.

A recently released FBI summary of a May 2004 interview shows that Cheney either refused to answer or "could not recall" the facts 72 times. Seventy-two!

Cheney’s severe memory loss is symptomatic of the epidemic of lies and deceit that spread under the former Bush administration. It is high time we stamp out this disease.

Scores are rallying under the flag of justice and accountability raised by our movement. People are marching shoulder to shoulder to bring about real change. We must continue to build on this momentum.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

James Ledyard said...

Les.. how come messages are not going through?

I typed in all the letters as required?

Anonymous said...

David Chandler's videos are irrefutable. WTC 7 was in freefall.

Anonymous said...

This is off subject in the narrow sense. But a worth while read...Tungsten Filled Fake Gold Bars


eleach- The majority of lawyers/bankers and many others. Word verification.:)

Anonymous said...

Anon I wouldn't count on quick movement by Holdren as his 1972 book indicates we have little time left for the earth, we must reduce world population by vaccine and chemicals in the water supply.

It is 2009 and I would venture he feels really pressed for time right now.

Meanwhile see Burgenmeister's site:

8 More Dead In Sweden From Swine Flu Shots

Comments from a Swedish Citizen, I personally hope that the Russians will intervene, using GRU assault brigades to take control of Sweden if the WHO tries to force stuff here. I prefer Russian occupation to dealing with our scumbag Quisling traitor government agencies.

Justin I am always happy to see a reminder on the gold bar fraud. It is to the point where trying to find real money is becoming smoke and mirrors...oh wait!

Anonymous said...

I trade a lot of emails with John Rubino over at and he sent me the following regarding the link I posted up.

"Yeah, wild story. It may be overblown though...yesterday I talked to a guy involved in gold storage who said that bars are melted down to make coins all the time and so far not one of them has turned out to be fake, so he thinks it's a myth. We'll see soon enough I think."


Visible said...

I guess hope springs eternal and the truth be damned. Anyway, just to let you know Sorcha Faal.... that's code for 'such a fool'. It's actually a fellow named David Booth and if you search around you will get enough background on him.

This Sorcha Faal personality was created to spread fantastic lies and seems able to still do it. anyway, just to let you know.

Anonymous said...

I know Les that sorcha/he/she is shady. Her stories are about 90% comedy but on occasion she come out with something like Lenin smuggling Marknokovs carbon formula for thimersol out to the west.

I have yet to see this mentioned anywhere on the web other than there except a breakdown about her article on

If you read it is comedy and look for a morsel you will be fine but I would never take sorcha as the final authority on most things.

I just ran into something I had to restart, I began a post here and the cursor began automatically back tracking and erased everything. Has anyone ever run into this before?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Randall said...

(yep, the same Randall)
I don't comment much anymore here.
But I read everything (except Dark splendor past chapter 3, VERY hard for me to be in the mood for any fiction these days, when nothing written can surpass the absurdity of
But that S&M was some great writing.
Flowed like honey oil.
Peace gone.

James Ledyard said...

I hope it's not too late to get in a few lawyer jokes?

I know they are crass and insenstive and politcally incorrect. Good. I hope so.

Q: What's worse than a bus full of lawyers going over a cliff?

A: A buss full of lawyers going over a cliff with one empty seat.

Q: A dead skunk and a dead lawyer are lying in the middle of the road. How do you tell the difference?

A: There are brake skid marks by the skunk.

Thank you...

Visible said...

A reader sent this in and I have to share it with you. I'd never even heard of these people before but it proves they are out there.

Show of Hands- Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami posting up-

The Coming Storm and Visible Origami Radio Show.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting piece Les

There is no justice at the behest of man, there are rules of accordance, perhaps, and if you have the monetary and beneficial influence behind you, those rules are very fluid indeed.

I have from a very long time ago realized that there is only justice if you have money to provide such, for all of us methane producers we have a circus…. We are allowed to play along, we are given the impression that in the presence of lady liberty we will all get a fair shake that she is blind to all manner of man and her intent is to get to what is right, what is just and yet we have seen in too many occasions she has taken a peak at who has provided the greater fare to those who stand for her. For those who can’t pay the players she can smell your poverty and metes out the appropriate justice… justice rings for those who can pay to strike the bell!

Les I have read a lot of articles on your site, I read a lot of articles on the blogosphere, and if there is one article that should, that does deserve to go viral in my humble opinion it is this one. Perhaps it is not one of your finest, but it is a message that the general populace needs to read and then comprehend (sigh)….and therein lies the problem….

Good and just Lawyers...well I regard them like I do UFOs, people have seen them, there is often talk about them and a few have been subjected to them, and yet I will hold out really believing they exist one until I witness one myself....

The creator is the final judge and shall decide justice for all in the end….



Anonymous said...

Les, Here is an article from someone in-the-know that sums it up PERFECTLY! Think John Adams and screw Wolf Blitzer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the youtube Les I may put that on my blog for the benefit of all five of my die hard readers.

Do we know that is not melting them down and putting tungsten in them? Just a thought.

What is black and brown and looks good on a lawyer.........a Rottweiler.

Visible said...

Mick, I don't know if you sent me your blog link or not yet. I can't remember a great deal of what I do. I just finished recording the radio show and can't remember what's in it so... if you haven't, you should because then I can put it in the blog list and you won't have only five readers.

Anonymous said...

Les looking at this I meant to say my five die hard readers and which include I think Chucky and John. It was meant to be humorous not plugging my blog. But the address is

It is only a couple of months in the making but they are coming along. Take a look at it give me an honest opinion if you think I am wasting my time.

I post most of your articles but especially the best ones becasue people may not read them all. I have tried to link at the bottom here but it never works out I don't know how to do it.

Stewart Rixon has nailed the Hasan bit I encourage everyone to check this out. It is a long one.

Anonymous said...

I left Stewart's link off

I posted the whole darn thing at veterans today because they have been going on and on about Hasan since it happened.

HolocaustBelieverNot said...

Holocaust - the 'official story':

By SmokeNMirrors (London)

Any truth - or should that be "truth" - which needs to be enforced by law is by its very nature not truth at all - for if it was truth there would be no need for enforcement. Never has been, never will be.

Truth simply is. It's what happened. And what actually happened is always believable, even if sometimes worthy of further thought. This particular story - and let us be absolutely clear about this, it IS a story - is quite simply not believable. This is exactly why it needs laws to support it. And thus we have our confirmation: the story is not true.


caracal said...

Just in on Yahoo news. This is how they're doing it in Italy, apparently. Wonder how the "theatre of the absurd" will play out elsewhere? (Italics mine)

"A young man with mental problems (hmmmmm) managed on Wednesday to reach the hospital floor (how, one might ask?)where Premier Silvio Berlusconi was recovering from an attack, and police were questioning him, authorities said……"
….the man.......apparently is a supporter of the premier. A search of the man's parked car found hockey sticks and kitchen knives, the official said." (how convenient. Why would "a supporter" be carrying kitchen knives on a visit to the premier. Surely flowers would be more appropriate?)

Since Berlusconi was assaulted, some of the allies in his conservative coalition have been urging the government to crack down on Web sites that contain material inciting people to political violence or hatred. (translation - anyone who dissents from the satanic cesspool that we're drowning in)

poor things - really dredging the bottom of the barrel on this one aren't they?



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