Sunday, November 29, 2009

Copenhagen and those Tungsten Filled, Gold Bar Twinkies.

We’ll be doing a hammer and tongs, Smoking Mirrors flavored radio transmission this evening. It should be available for download on Monday evening. It makes sense to have a companion mirrors to counterpoint the broadcast.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The climate, data tinkering scandal, continues to implode as red-faced, finger pointing, dissembling scientists run out of the burning building, faster that Tiger Woods, in advance of his wife with a 7 iron ...and with bad knees on both accounts.

Once, these august emblems of pure scientific inquiry were wide-eyed children, dreaming of Nobel Prizes, dancing like sugar plums in their heads. Like the long tradition of other lying collectives, which date from the Royal Geographic Society and before; these graft-taking scoundrels have done their industry proud. They found what they were supposed to find and they said what they were told to say by the governments and corporations who provided the grants and salaries, in advance of their complicity in one more gargantuan, public rip-off.

They are joined in spirit by their comrades in the AMA-Pharmaceutical combine with their Tammy Faye flu and toxic vaccines. They are joined by their comrades on Wall Street and the banking world with their toxic mortgages and tungsten-filled gold bars; the accidental Twinkie. They are joined by their comrades in the heroin trade, as the opium flows from the killing fields of >Afghanistan to the sidewalks of Main Street, USA. They are joined by their comrades in the halls of government, as the wars expand across the Middle East.

Yes, these honorable men and women are joined by other soulless husks in suits, from every industry and field of endeavor, whispering as they go, “Me first, you later... maybe.” They are attended by a plague of lawyers who swarm like locusts across the looted plains. It’s The Treasure of Sierra Madre, with thousands of deranged lunatics grasping at the swirling dust of imaginary gold... trampling their fellows, elbows sweeping to the right and the left as they belly up to the trough, snorting and stamping and sodomizing everything in their path like overcrowded rats... eating their own children, stabbing the household pets with forks and dancing to dissonant symphonies that sound like John Cage on bad acid.

Some unnamed hero dropped a dime. Some pissed off former comrade had finally had enough of those bankrupt, lying swines. Here they are, these men of complex learning and fine reputation. Somebody said, “Hello Sailor” and they went right up the stairs. They took off their clothes and they rolled around on the stained mattresses in the burning shame of their moral incontinence. They got on their knees and they did the job and they took the money. They weren’t set up like Randy Cunningham and James Traficant for opposing the juggernaut of Ersatz Israel. They went willingly and laid it on the line for the corporate dime.

Few cities in the world look like Copenhagen at Christmas. It’s a wonder to see and all the uptown panhandlers from around the world will be walking around with their hands out; looking for Santa to reach into his bag for their just rewards. They lied their asses off. They sold their souls for a pallet of tungsten filled gold. They want what’s coming to them. They earned it. There will be no dissenting voices in Copenhagen. They will all be of one accord. The liars and thieves will toast one another for their tireless efforts on behalf of themselves. The faceless thugs in the black, Kevlar jumpsuits will be at every corner, just looking to break some heads, already half tumescent in anticipation of the crack of batons on available heads. They are damn well going to kick some radical, hippie ass. If they can’t fire up the crowd, they’ll send their agitators into the midst of them to get the party going.

Fleets of hookers have flown in from Ost Bloc and there will be young boys and girls in the back rooms for discriminating tastes. There will be dominatrixes and red ping pong balls. It will be a three part mini-series called, “Blood and Semen”. There will be buggery and skullduggery and animal abuse. There will be Satanists in the shadows and dancing in the streets. There will be talk of money and necessary deaths. There will be crimson-faced martini-drinking, fat men riding on the Heart Attack Express. There will be groping and fumbling in the dark, as the Horned Goat of Mendes rises above the city and smiles on his frolicking children in the bacchanal below.

Obama (rhymes with Osama) will be there, grateful that there are no Russians who won’t shake his hand and there will be a raging epidemic of lawyers. There will be lawyers everywhere; in the closets and under the beds, rising out of the cisterns in three piece suits. There will be thousands of pens on automatic pilot, moving across thousands of sheets of paper. There will be sheets in the wind and sheets on the beds, where robot armies of lawyers will copulate with demons and there will be drowning polar bears in the canals. It will be The Devil’s Mardi Gras, swept by a wildfire of unbridled greed.

I will not be there and you will not be there. We will receive no golden, tungsten Twinkies. They will speak of us though. They will talk about what to do with us after the fix goes in. I fear that the world is top heavy. When it falls it will crush itself under the weight of the plunder.

\They howled and screamed about Chavez wanting the legal opportunity for a third term. However, in New York, Michael Bloomberg got permission to do it ...and the public didn’t even have to vote on it. I guess it depends on who you are. I guess it depends on who you are.

Well, my friends... absurdity piles on to absurdity, like some confection designed by Gaudi. There are no boundaries to contain reality. Reality is running for its life, with thousands of lawyers in pursuit. There is no way to predict just how crazy it might get before critical mass is reached. How does it maintain? How does it continue? I am astonished that it can hold itself together. It is a scientific marvel far beyond the abilities of the global warming guys. This unreal fiction, formerly know as life, is breaking every law of physics. This is far beyond small airliners bringing down enormous skyscrapers at free fall into their own footprints. This is the wonder of the age; this tragi-comic fantasy. Is it held up by invisible wires... force fields... blind faith? “I guess but I just don’t know”.

Can you imagine being in the position of having to explain this day after day? How do they do it? Well... December brings us into a very different vibration than any we have known before. I won’t be commenting on that at this time. Suffice it to say that something entirely new is going to be added to the equation and you will become increasingly aware of it. Certain doors are opening and certain energies are going to be pouring out and... how is that going to affect what is already off the charts?

Strangely enough, I feel good. I don’t know why. Things don’t look all that good. The world has the appearance of a starving wino with a serious case of delirium tremens. The world looks like George W. Bush trying to ride a six foot unicycle. The world looks like it needs to go into detox before it has a nervous breakdown. The world has got the shakes and it really needs a drink. The world is knotting its tie around its wrist and then tossing the rest of it over the back of its neck. It’s pulling the tie with the opposite hand which is pulling the wrist, which is attached to the other hand that is holding the shot glass; necessity is the mother of invention, maybe blind need is too.

The Global Warming Magical Mystery Tour is headed for Copenhagen and I’m headed out to the front of the house to work on my succulents in the various planters. I’ll be missing all the parties and the meets and greets. My invitation never arrived so it looks like I won’t depart; no complimentary, tungsten filled, gold bars for me.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Wow! This has to be the best Smoking mirrors in a long time, if not ever. I downloaded the Obama handshake thingy. Whenever I need a boost, I'll fire it up.
BTW Les, I can post in Safari but not Firefox.
Rev. John

Rebel 4E said...

Superb Post!

I bet with all those Hookers arriving in Copenhagen there'll be plenty of opportunities to take covert 'Snaps'( say Cheeezze!!) for their secret family photo albums.

Can't wait to listen to part deux

“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it.”


Visible said...

Radio shows are now independent of the Smoking Mirrors posts so it's all new but nothing you haven't heard before.

john said...

Nice one visible. The Obama handshake thing was so funny I had to watch it a good few times.

It has been interesting to see which news organisations have been covering the climategate scandal, or not as the case may be. The Uk Independent which has a whole section devoted to climate has made no mention of it so thats them knackered.

Thanks for all the good work.

Erik said...

Hi Les and all,

In the run-up to Copenhagen, I have kept a keen eye in the last week on the developing story of 'ClimateGate'.

This perversion of Science (as I at least know/knew it), was shown clearly in the 'leaked' e-mails and code examples. This Revelation left me in a kind of 'WTF shock and awe'.

I have stumbled upon a blog post that explains clearly how this all was deliberate.

Climate Change and the Death of Science - Elizabeth Bury


So this is not science as we know it. Science has to re-invent itself as a political tool, just as it was under Hitler and Stalin. Scientists must learn ‘as quickly as possible’ what will please the political elite, and serve it up. As one Richard Fernandez has written:

All in all, the notion of “post-normal science” seems like a complete contradiction in terms or a perversion of the standard definition of science as commonly understood. It appears to be an elaborate and dishonest attempt to pass off the preferences of a single group as some kind of pseudo-science. There’s a much simpler term for this dishonest phrase: politics.

Post-normal science is nothing but a cheap and lying term for a political diktat; for the rule of the self-appointed over everyone else. Whatever truth “Global Warming” may contain it has surely been damaged by its association with this disreputable and vile concept which brazenly casts aside the need for any factual basis and declares in the most unambiguous terms that whatever values it chooses to promote constitutes a truth unimpeachable by reality and a set of values that none dare challenge.

---end snip

Read the full article here (and weep ...)

'I am Mad as Hell and .........'


Unknown said...

I can look around and see a lot of this myself. I am confident in your transmissions Mr.Visible. True. And dark. And comical as ever. And thanks to all who contribute here at Smoking Mirrors. It helps make it a fountain of knowledge and experience from which to learn from. pond owl

Mouser said...

Hey, the laws of science were suspended on 9/11 according to NIST and Popular Mechanics and the sheeple bought that tungsten twinkie, so it just stands to reason that TPTB would be eager to further use "science" to prove their own geopolitical and NWO administration (carbon) tax goals.

It worked once and the sheep barely said 'baah' - so why not hi-jack the whole of the scientific community on this the permanent finessing away of global personal freedom for 96% of the sheeple.

It angers me that the 2% who know that all these climat-gate manufactured data are totally lies but that even that 2% will be forced under the global administration tax of the NWO.

P.S. I would sooner spit on Al Gore or Barry Hussein Soereto or Rothschild than to shake any of their hands!

Zoner said...

"Big Al" Gore the greenhouse punk,
kool-aid served and eagerly drunk,
climate science exposed as junk,
truth waves rise - who'da thunk?

Have fun, guys and gals. Plot, plan, pork and preen - you are going down.

And not in the fashion you might prefer.


Erik said...

Hi Les and all,

I just finished listening to the latest interview with Lord Christopher Monckton by Alex Jones.

Though I myself have strong reservations about Mr. Jones, the interview is well worth listening to in it's (lenghty) entirety.

We in Europe have already been 'royally shafted' by the recent Lisbon Treaty. From the warning by Lord Monckton the same could be true for the people of the US if Obama happens to sign the Copenhagen Treaty. (As I understand it the effect could be the signing away of your Constitution)

I would recommend to listen to at least the second half of video 5/5, here Lord Monckton provides his summary on the situation and the possible actions against it.

The link to the interview:

Les and all, what is your take on the apparent recent change in Jones' reporting? It looks to me like he has done a 'U-turn' since ClimateGate?



Visible said...

I wouldn't know what to tell you. I've listened to Alex Jones for maybe five minutes total and that was awhile ago. I don't really know what he was like before or after one thing or another. I wouldn't know what to measure with or against.

Lord Monckton said...

Monckton said that the agenda behind the global warming movement was to set up a communistic world government which will be run by people who “do not care how many people they kill with their policies” and that their goal is to “do away with democracy forever by stealth using the excuse to save the planet.”

Gibb said...

YES ,I was thinking the same thing. There are to many things they are trying to do. We are being messed with. I don’t trust anyone period.

TO THE PEOPLE,,,This Is another distraction. I just two weeks ago figured out what they are doing..I was wrong about gun confiscation..This is their grand plan, It’s about taking over the USA. They are forming a One World Government at this very moment. Has anyone noticed all the things in the news? They are causing all this stuff to distract us, it’s like a PEZZ DESPENSER (candy). Look at the timing. Sotero and his treasonous friends are doing everything they can to infuriate the American people.
Their plan is to make us so mad we will start shooting. It's all a setup even Sotero acting like he is going to take our guns so gun sales will skyrocket and have. They want to declare martial law so that everyone that has a gun and will use it will fight to protect our country and freedoms. Of course the national guard/police/military will follow orders and shoot American patriots. After millions of Americans have died. The UN and the new world order will send in PEACE KEEPING TROOPS TO “HELP” and finish taking over our country. There won’t be anyone left to stop them. All the patriots/police/national guard/American troops/ WILL BE DEAD. 9/11 was a hoax, and they left a trail of conspiracy bread crumbs on purpose to give us a cause to kill everyone. They have planed this out in detail in think tanks. They are getting impatient because they can’t seem to get anyone to start shooting. I think they will commit a false flag event soon to get it started. We need to show our police/military what’s going on. Steer them to OATH KEEPERS.
Information is our best defense against these traitors. We must remove them from power NOW. Why isn’t the FBI arresting these people ?

Anonymous said...

Les --

Per the good doctor Klimov's medical classification of the term degenerate in rigorous scientific terms and in regards to how low can these bottom-feeders (ha) go?

I would like to add the following observation re how dangerous to overall society is the degenerate population and how low are they willing to take us down the rungs of hell -- the inescapable conclusion...Clearly as low as it takes and takes and takes...

In view of this cripplingly bad behavior, I think it necessary to start making distinct classifications per Klimov -- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly dENGENRATE.

And I also think it prudent to start ENCOURAGING GOOD degenerates to self-identify -- to come out of the basement if you will.

As Klimov POints out so cogently (and theoretically leaves unstated) -- is that healthy SOCIETY PROFITS FROM THE IMMENSE CONTRIBUTIONS OF THE good degenerate population.

issues involved.


Dean said...

"Al Gore is one of the major scammers. “In May Al Gore traveled to Tel Aviv, Israel to pick up $1 million. That’s the amount he received for winning a Dan David Foundation award for his environmental work. In his acceptance speech, Gore repeated his long-familiar sentiment, “We do face a planetary emergency.”According to Bloomberg News, Gore had less than $2 million when he left the vice presidency in 2001. Today his fortune is more than $100 million (Fast Company, July 2007)” [Ref.22]”

Follow the money, it is a scam. Junk science for profit.

WhatABeautifulDay said...

The real Earths lungs are the ocean, we get more oxygen from the ocean than any rain forrest, the issue isn't about real enviromental 911, they're the ones making genetic modified foods, cutting down old growth forrests, depletted uranium, the list goes on and on.
The real issues are the CO2 is not toxic, do you get it,
no one nation or the whole planet should pay the tax on CO2,
it's a scam it's about and only about getting a world government to cull the worlds population down under 500 million
they are luciferian do you get it they hate humanity they love death understand?

Robert said...

Les... Well said! Change is a-coming - and, soonet than TOTB would like... Peace.

FoolMeOnce said...

Agreed. There is a near endless supply of oil that is constantly being brewed deep beneath the earth’s crust.
If you think that dinosaurs died off in massive numbers in areas of the ocean that are thousands of feet in depth – and are now being successfully turned into huge oil fields – then you need to analyze the Russian Ukrainian model of abiotic oil.
Wake up. There is an endless supply of what should be cheap energy. The oil companies have fooled you and you are falling into another of the NWO’s control efforts.

Coal IS a fossil fuel. Oil is not.
The Russians are drilling so deep they are finding oil in rock strata that was formed when there was no significant life on earth. Where the fuck did it come from?
The truth is oil is formed from a natural process in the earht’s crust.

The UN, built on land donated by the Rockefellers, based in New York to be close to the “Elite” scum banker puppet masters. F the UN, the IMF, and every other banker based power organization currently destroying the planet.

We are led by traitor scum, banker infiltrated filth, grasping at every straw (global warming) to accomplish their treasonous ends.

A.k.a. the NWO.

Mouser said...

I've got a really bad feeling about Copenhagen.

If America's Commander-in-chief, Barry Hussein Sotero, signs the Copenhagen carbon tax treaty, despite the fact that global warming has been exposed to be a fraud - I fear the world is verily headed for rule under a corrupt world government using fascist military control with no more middle class.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, Al Gore's eldest daughter Karenna, married Andrew Shiff, a descendant of JACOB SCHIFF On July 12, 1997

Jacob Schiff was the Jewish New York City banker and traitor to America
who financed the communist revolution in Russia in 1917.

Jacob Schiff gave $20 Million Dollars in Gold (worth Five Hundred
Million, $500,000,000.00, in 1999 dollars) to LEVI BRAUNSTEIN, also known as
Trotsky, and Vladimir Ilich Blanc Ulanyoff, also known as Lenin.

Vice President Al Gore Jr. is the son of former United States
Senator Al Gore Sr, whose major benefactor was Armand Heimer [aka Hammer],
who in turn was the son of Dr. Julius Heimer [aka Hammer], founder of the
American Communist Party.

To this day Al Gore Jr. presents the "prestigious" HAMMER award
for Government Efficiency.

It never ends.

Incriminally Sane said...

How blind does one have to be not to see all the things going on in today’s world are merely the final push of the GLOBAL AUTHORITY to create MULTIPLE PERMANENT TAXES as a way of maintaining the continuous cash flow program to keep the WORLDS PEOPLE in perpetual debt before the official GRAND OPENING of the GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.

This is the GLOBAL VERSION of THE SIXTEENTH AMENDMENT that authorized the Government to implement the dreaded INCOME TAX for the American People and this is the SAME SCHEME on a GLOBAL LEVEL and if you don’t stop this, YOU WILL BA THEIR SLAVES FOREVER!

THERE IS NO TURNING BACK ONCE THEY GET THESE TAXES that include ENERGY, Health Care, Carbon, Natural Resources, FOOD and Hundreds more perpetual taxes that make you a slave.


Rebel 4E said...

Oil be damned (o__0)
Ssssshhhh! Don't tell the children...
Secret Hidden Technology....(anti-gravity)
Abundant free energy, had it for years...
Ahhhh! but where's the profit in that laddy?

The Future is Sweet for the Scientific Elite.
Don't want those shabby C02 producing peasents cluttering up the place we!
We SHALL cut emissions by 85%
(for the hard of thinking.. 85% means Us..the poor..cattle..meat on the table)
Welcome to the new religion ....'Earth Worship'

Hmmmmm! fits the bill nicely.


mick said...

You said you feel good but don't know why.

I know why.

You feel good because the world you described in this piece is being taken apart.

It may feel as though it's at its most powerful right now, stealing trillions of dollars in broad daylight and telling us, the people, to fuck off if we don't like it.

But the recent thefts and the impending wars are not a sign of strength, they're a sign of desperation, of their world careening out of control.

When people kill the weeds in their lawn, they spray poison on them. But the way the poison works is that it makes the weeds grow much faster at first. If you didn't know what was happening, you might think they had turned into super weeds. They haven't. They're dying, root and branch.

The Bad Guys at the highest levels are more frightened right now than they ever have been in history. In official history. Because things are happening that they don't understand.

The being who released the climategate emails was not one of their bureaucrats overcome by guilt. It was something they don't understand, and they are accusing each other right now. As with the tungsten. And the weaponized vaccines.

So be of good cheer and keep doing your work.

You're not a heretic, you're a hero.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to point out that AGW isn't the only 'scientific' scam. The list is endless: evolution, big bang, fusion powered stars, black holes, dark matter/energy, archeology, geology, NASA, etc and so forth. 'Science' research is funded by the money boys/governments -- with good reason. You can't allow some nerd in a white coat to discover something that would upset the apple cart and give the world a high standard of living or give the population something that could be used against TPTB, or even let the population see the truth. The occasional one that does can be easily handled under the current system. It appears to me that they screwed up by allowing the internet although they're working on that. Can't have a free press and a police state now can we?

A major purpose of war, aside from the money the assholes make, distracting the people, and so on is to reduce the standard of living of the population. And it's been very successful doing just that through the millennia.

And thanks Les for possibly your greatest ever Smoking Mirrors!

Rev. John

HisNameIs said...

Barry Hussein Soetoro.

Anonymous said...


I guess that is at the heart of our discussion, "What exactly are they and what is their history?".

We have the following:

They are the very ancient descendents of Atlantis (the evil faction who abused the tech). They then were known as Sumerians, Babylonions, Egyptians, historical Kings / Popes etc, but are human nonetheless. Thus, the power structure sits with the Royals (primarily Windsors) and the Vatican / Jesuits. This is the explanation that Alex Jones prefers.

They are descendents of a more modern tribal people who were called the Khazars at one time, but are generally the elite Ashkenazi Jews of today. In particular, the Rothschild clan and their vast extended family which includes the Rockefellers and essentially every notorious name in banking / industry of the last 150 years or so. They are human (albeit majorly inbred) crypto-jews, who are largely behind the scenes controlling the public figure heads. This would be the most commonly held view by "Truth Seekers" on this forum.

They are reptilian creatures that are an offshoot from Dinosaurs and are very ancient to this planet. Their evolution has made them bipedal, very intelligent, and able to shape-shift. They were the true ancient leaders / Kings / Royals of all known cultures. They must consume human blood to keep human form. They have blue blood themselves. This would be close to what Michael Tsarion and Stewart Swerdlow believe.

They are other dimensional entities that we would call "reptilian", who must inhabit / possess physical bodies of humans to interact with us. They are essentially shape shifting energy vampires and have been with us for thousands of years. Thus, all of the Elite (Windsors, Rothschilds, Pope, President etc) are possessed and controlled by these demons. This would be the David Icke explanation.

They are various human beings, not necessarily related by blood, but tied to a genetic predispositon to evil and being psychopaths (up to 6% of the Western World), who strive for power & control. They are very intelligent, great mimics, can quickly recognize one another, but lack empathy, sympathy and most emotions in general. This is the Ponerology explantion.

They are physical aliens from other planets who inhabit / control the leading human beings of all cultures. They may look reptilian to some, but they are physical and do have advanced technologies, including cloning and various frequency manipulations. The World War 2 era was when this major infiltration began. This is the basic premise of the movie "They Live".

Finally, we have combinations of the above explanations mixed with very hi-tech which has been passed down for many generations and probably originating from the "Atlantis" era, which the true Elite has always known about, but has been in good/evil hands alternately over vast periods. This tech was "revived" by the Nazis in the modern era, which then spread out to groups with Nazi connections (CIA, NSA, MI5/6, Royals, NASA, and so on) before it spread to the Russians, Asians, and Mossad. Consequently, the World is now awash with frequency manipulation, cloning, biochemical manipulations, various forms of mass poisoning, directed genetic mutations, exotic energy weaponry, possible time travel, and a host of bizarre things. Because the core Elite group are natural pyschopaths and are so inbred, we see the predictable themes of homosexuality, sadomasochism, extreme cruelty, mental instability, an insatiable hunger for power and revenge, addictions, and other deviances.

My question is, RJ, what is your view based on direct observation and involvement with some Elites? Who or what is pulling the strings?



freerangehumannoyd said...

I want to thank you for being among the hands that have been poking and prodding me in the last few years of my groggy awakening.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mark said...

Look its like this, we have to take a stand to stop this carbon tax.
This thing in Copenhagen is the pretext for the New World Order. The whole thing is a lie.
We are not the ones causing "climate change" (they changed the name from from "global warming" as there is no more warming of the planet).
I will list out a few sites with proof so you can see the films or order them.
This is the last stand guys and girls.
We have to be peaceful and just spread the word.
Let people see the evidence. These "elite" are very clever and have been around for thousands of years planning this.
Go and have a look at these sites.

Visible said...


I suppose you are welcome but I'm not quite what you are asking for.

Truthseeker said...

They are descendents of a more modern tribal people who were called the Khazars at one time, but are generally the elite Ashkenazi Jews of today. In particular, the Rothschild clan and their vast extended family which includes the Rockefellers and essentially every notorious name in banking / industry of the last 150 years or so. They are human (albeit majorly inbred) crypto-jews, who are largely behind the scenes controlling the public figure heads. This would be the most commonly held view by "Truth Seekers" on this forum.

Anonymous said...

Doc --

Overall I would have to most in general agree with your following statement as regards 90% of those involved in the degenerate overthrow to a fully anal form of government-- --

"The World is now awash with frequency manipulation, cloning, biochemical manipulations, various forms of mass poisoning, directed genetic mutations, exotic energy weaponry, possible time travel, and a host of bizarre things. Because the core Elite group are natural psychopaths and are so inbred, we see the predictable themes of homosexuality, sadomasochism, extreme cruelty, mental instability, an insatiable hunger for power and revenge, addictions, and other deviances."

But that by no means describes the other 10% of the participants -- these people are "alien and trans dimensional" in direct proportion to their ability to augment their natural/unnatural human states with bio-electric advances pertaining to every function of their body/mind.

You don't need to be reptilian to dose yourself in mescaline/DMT, summon up through infernal ritual cyclopedian demons and give your beating heart to them --with the aid of their drugs, they visualize and anthropomorphize these beings. Take DMT and you'll see the possibilities...

So therefore I find this the most disturbing conclusion of all.


Mouser said...

Here's why I have a bad feeling about the Copenhagen summit.
If Barry Hussein Soetoro signs the Copenhagen carbon tax treaty it will nullify the sovereign power of the constitution of the United States of America, and in turn the individual state powers of each the other countries in the world.
Even if the US senate does not ratify the US president's written affirmation he will be able to go to the US supreme court and pass into law the contents of the Copenhagen treaty in the US.
Once the constitution has been overshadowed, nothing will ever be able to bring it back again. The US will gradually become one of many countries under the control of the one world government.
All of this beginning with the signing of the Copenhagen treaty.

Anonymous said...

Very true truthseeker. There is no convincing evidence the Atlanteans were all evil like some insist and include all of the Nefilim/Annunaki. Cayce indicates one of the major archetypes of Atlantean civilization were what we would refer to as the Native American Indian of today.

Some say misuse of the crystals which lie buried beneath the Atlantic today in conjunction with the Giza pyramid caused the catastrophe. It could well have been the normal axis shift that comes every some 36000 years.

The idea also that all Nefilim were evil reptilians out to enslave humanity is a common theme by some who arrive at this assumption by simply a reading of the 12th planet and then fill in the blanks themselves. The fact is the tablets themselves indicate Ninurta, credited with removing the capstone of the pyramid due to his belief that humanity would be better off for it, was a close ally with Antu of Sumerian anthology and referred to at the time as the Lord of the Universe.

Whether it is the same figure who incarnated as Krishna, Jesus and others, well to each his own.

I think most would agree it is a war of principalities. I am sure dark entities are continuing to reincarnate among most major ethnic groups at this time. By their fruits you shall know them.

Joe Bloggs said...

Nice1 1es, not to mention all the usual unusual good commentry. Dr.F esp. today I feel

Anywaze fax 2 amaze:



middle age spelling, Køpmannæhafn


So: Net, Copenhagen gets to be a saggybag escort for a gross bunch of mercernaries pumping out a load of hot air AND CO2too boot buy the buy, and maybe sell a few more souvenir Little Mermaids, too.

Speaking of witch, The Riddle Murmurmate will vacating Denmark next March for an 8 month holiday in China. Symbolism, anybody?

Ah, silly me - it's cos they wanna study her so the minitures don't have their flippers pointing the wrong tao, as some of the souvenirs Made In China, do.

There's a decent, not-so-full-frontal of her on my Sirens In The City post, if anyone would like to wave her goodbye

Anonymous said...

You outdid yourself on this one Les. While reading your message I was thinking about those gold plated tungsten bars. I read where there could be as many as 1.6 million out there. I'll bet the GLD ETF is sitting on a shit pot of them. In their prospectus it's stated they do not guarantee the purity of the gold bars held.

While we are on the subject of the bizarre how about the S&P 500 PE ratio. (price of stock divided by earnings) Have you noticed the S&MSM never mentions this anymore? Maybe it's because the PE is 147!!!!!!! Historically during normal times (if there ever was such a thing) the PE would be around 15. When times were bad it might drop to 10 or lower. During good times we would see it 20+. We are in a depression with a good chance the economy could completely disintegrate and we have this unprecedented 147 PE!!! The S&P index is at 1091, if you applied a "normal times" PE the S&P should be around 110. In other words it is overvalued by 90%! We don't have free markets anymore it is all manipulation.

"I am astonished that it can hold itself together." Me to!!


European American said...

Let's see now.
There was Watergate...
The White Housegate
Department of Homeland Securitygate
Anti-Defamation Leaguegate
The White House Cabinetgate
The IRSgate
Federal Reservegate
Trilateral Commissiongate
Council on Foreign Relationsgate
United Nationsgate
Fox Newsgate
Ms. Feinsteingate
National Bankers Assgate
American Bankers Assgate
Her Royal Highnessgate
Wall Streetgate
Bill Gatesgate

Tip of the ice berg, huh.

Imagine when all the gates open up.


gurnygob said...

Hi Les.
I read somewhere that you can now buy a catalyst-convertor that fits over the rectum of your average cow and there’s a smaller version for sheep. I even heard you can get one for your old granny. Think of the money it will save us on carbon taxes when Copenhagen passes. All those methane-loaded farts causing global warming will be a thing of the past; I think it’s a great idea. It’s just a pity they could not make one for Al Gore’s mouth considering the amount of shit that comes from it.

Anonymous said...

all the tastes
of men who chase
a beast in haste
their in a race
they will lay waste
the human race
with greed they're laced
no truth is based
their inner space
unable to peer
earths true nature
they're bound by fear
they dont know
sold their soul
broke with lies
to attain gold
higher nature
soon draws near
banging drum
chanting spear
fire started
the north wind blow
seeds scatter
then they grow


computer down be back later

Erik said...

Hi Les and all,

Mike Rivero has created an 'Epic' piece:


IMHO a must read for everyone.


Anonymous said...

I hate to sometimes think the more information the public gets the stupider it grows. But we must bring into the picture the evil and twisted souls and minds working to bring about a modern marketing of evil using the old ways of the king of pain.

The UN+US(christian+zonist)sanction / instigated wars between many Muslim nations, how they set up dictatorships after much bloodletting , always threatening take out it's proxy puppets that don't make master happy. Putting on a confused form on the face that Hitler no doubt wore for the rest of the war caused by the Americans getting involved in the war they helped him start. It is now obvious to even the most lazy people of today's world , this very moment, NOW ,just how corrupt the system still is.

Were we not warned of these moments we now see before us?
We know NOW we the public cannot rely on the media, nor the politicians and its army of lawyers, all of them NOW waiting for the public to cross the line.

They can pretend to look us in the eye's while reading from the tele-promt, but they can't look us in the face when we crawl out from behind the illusion that TV has created, to meet them halfway.

NOW is the time to prove to them the masses has the guts. They got caught too many times in the intertwining of lies; WMD's, kangaroo courts, protecting child killers, men who sell childrens bodies and babies organs, h1n1, 911, privatized drug cartels, and mafia-style manifestations lobbying life to death for a few pennies, stealing money that the public hasn't even earned yet in the work place that is slowly being shipped to communist countries. When will the public decide it canot rely of such a corrupt system to correct the situation? NOW is the time.

It is time to make citizens arrests. Not with guns blazzing, or people holding up signs and throwing stones into car windows. It is time to gather together for the same values, and love for all that is the truth. Madoff was a warning to them. How the fantasy of being untouchable is not real at all no matter how many high priced lawyers the elitist have. As I mentioned, it is obvious our leaders have gone insane, but this doesn't make them beyond our reach, and must be brought to justice.

The final will be when they try to force the tax for the bogus climate bill to those who have too many channels stuck in their heads. Focus on the spoiled brats running the media, banking empires, the easy sidetracks used by those in the business of creating diversion, because the public needs to sound together.

NOW or never.


tim said...

You are correct about hidden technology. A good introduction would be "the world of free energy" by Peter Lindemann and "the truth about ZP technology" by Adam Trombly. Both articles are on the web and discuss the technology and the reasons why it's hidden. Oil my be more important than you think; I'm not really defending it, just stating facts. Whether we realize it or not, oil is the reason there are almost 7 billion people on Earth. Apart from the engines for cars, trucks, planes, etc, oil/gas is absolutely necessary for industrial farming. Oil is used for pestacides and natural gas for fertilizer. Mechanized machinery using diesel for planting/harvesting. We all know this is unhealthy, but 97% of crop yeilds would vaporize without oil/gas support. The ruling elite are absolutely obsessed with controlling the population of us sheep. If they were to share ZP technology with us plebs, we would only multiply further, and that will not be allowed. The population must be culled and then the elite will share this technology for mostly their benefit.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best.
The gold bar scam is older than the hills. Scam artists in New York City perfected it during the 1800s.

Writing about the Soviet Union, Solzhenitsyn said that nothing got accomplished there except things the regime stated were important. "This canal is being built on the initiative and order of Comrade Stalin" (referring to the white Sea/Baltic Canal, built by slave labor).
It's not surprising that the greedheads are going to get more and more irrational as they begin to realize that they just might not get as much STUFF as they did in the past.
The regime of the US/Israel/UK today is flailing, just like a business nearing bankruptcy. Ever notice when a business is beginning to flop, the owners get more and more irrational? And the fiat money/fractional reserve system is flailing, too. Heck, I see little difference between gold plated tungsten and the slugs and paper being passed off now as money. What's good enough for the average people buying bread should be good enough for the governments of the world, right?

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best
One problem I see is people valuing STUFF over human relations. I can understand this attitude as far as strangers go, to a degree. Call it a stage one goes through. But there are or should be boundaries, standards, a sense of relative importance of one versus the other. As we do to others, thats how thing get laid on peoples heads. Cause if we are ONE in energy and consciousness, then materialistic stuff takes a back seat. There's a differene between having a full belly and being warm and dry versus having the biggest round of cheese on the block, right?

Anonymous said...

"Yes, these honorable men and women are joined by other soulless husks in suits, from every industry and field of endeavor, whispering as they go, “Me first, you later… maybe.” They are attended by a plague of lawyers who swarm like locusts across the looted plains. It’s The Treasure of Sierra Madre, with thousands of deranged lunatics grasping at the swirling dust of imaginary gold… trampling their fellows, elbows sweeping to the right and the left as they belly up to the trough, snorting and stamping and sodomizing everything in their path like overcrowded rats… eating their own children, stabbing the household pets with forks and dancing to dissonant symphonies that sound like John Cage on bad acid"

Sorry to quote a whole section, but DAMN that sings as it slings!



Anonymous said...

Starting Page/IXquick down. Is this a signal 1000?

Anonymous said...

"There is no convincing evidence the Atlanteans were all evil"

True, but we create ideas where there are none now? Some say its a cycle and some say it was brought on by their actions? Misuse of anything can be harmful and we all do this and this not "evil" per say? I see your point but wonder if you want this outcome, or idea more than the truth, which none of us will be able to see or share?
Its pretty clear that a race of men was created by the "Atlanteans?" If not, than my point is just my fabircation? Ask yourself why or how any form of life is correct and not "evil" for such actions and work?
A few suggest that we are the product of this work and an "evil" is within us now. A force not natural to this earth? That is a reason for humans struggle to be in balance with the mother?
Many have look at the issue thought themselves and not history or facts? I think this is a better way to look at "evil" anyway? Those that do, can find parts of themself to be "alien?" Now it a big step to link this one culture of old to this understanding above, but it a start?
Again, some say that a few "men" wished to understand their masters and come to terms with the new form of life, they became. We can call them many things, "son's of serpent" is one? A great many teaching of the east are to help us tame the "evil" within. Yoga, the tao, and even Buddha helps us in this way?

Anonymous said...

This comment refers to climate gate: If people were grouped by vocation the most dishonest group would be scientists/engineers. People were better off before civilization. Randy from Michigan

Joe Bloggs said...

Podcast exhilarating at an accelerating rate, philovelocity approaching nova

Jolly good show!

Anonymous said...

Hey Les Visible, tripped on to your blog recently, it is a good place to be. Keep on, Liz

Visible said...

Some number of people trip here but we try to stay away from the hard stuff (grin)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Les.

I had a painful conversation today with someone that I occasionally talk to about “conspiracy theories” and such things. He is very tolerant, but politely poo poos “that Matrix-y stuff”. I asked him how he felt about the global warming sham with the latest revelations. He shrugged and said of course that goes on. Humans are inherently evil and you have to expect a certain level of corruption and dishonesty with regards to power. I think that a lot of people who believe they are smart think that way. War, corrupted politicians and the occasional Enron are a part of life. Some have, some don’t. Some eat, some starve. He started telling me about Rick Warren (of “Malia and SA-SHAAA” fame) on Meet the Press this past Sunday. He said Warren lives in the same house that he’s had for 16 years. He doesn’t take a salary. He donates large sums of the cash he’s made from The Purpose Driven Life to a foundation and gives back to organizations all over the world. Oh and he really fell in love when Warren admitted he “made a mistake” when he voiced his personal opinion about being against gay marriage. Isn’t that great that he was able to admit he made a mistake?

If you’re still reading you may wonder what the point of all that is. Well, then you’re thinking the same thing I was as he was talking to me. I think I saw some MK Ultra Super Duper Mind Control shit at work. Trigger: “global warming is a lie”. Instant disassociation and Rick Warren’s soothing voice saying, “hey, if I hang out with them they can’t be all bad right? Go back to your purposeful shopping."

It made me realize how many people I know will not do well when the shit hits the fan - whatever that means. The denial is deep. Deep.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nobody said...

Les, an absolute cracker! The best fun for ages.

Edna said...

The Maya are going to be focusing on IRAN this coming Full Moon... they give the date of 2 December, which is tomorrow. They are doing a sacred site attunement for the ancient city of Esfahan in Iran, and everyone is invited to join them, sending our love to Esfahan at the time of full moon rise in our own part of the world.

chuckyman said...

I loved the radio broadcast Les. You certainly didn’t miss and hit the wall (grin).


Anonymous said...


I haven't seen you here before but I welcome your comments and may I say I understand exactly what you are saying. I was looking at an article the other day and the author mentioned that people today who depend upon MSM for their news could be compared to adults who still believe in Santa Claus!
I sometimes get the feeling I am talking to a separate species around me.

That is a simple statement but at the same time very profound. Not only that but many people using a computer still have no idea which alternative news to turn to. We debate this right here among ourselves frequently.

There is a great battle going on for control of the mind and the spirit. The great game is taking an evil turn and for many people who are not even attempting to keep up, it is going to be very shocking for them very quickly.

I talked to an old friend the other day who after many many years bought his own cell phone finally. I asked him why at this stage and he said to save some money. I asked him if he had factored in the amount of deduction in his health coverage as brain tumor operations can be very expensive.

The point is there is a vast amount of things out there today that can harm you for no other reason than the culling of humanity. There are wifi and cellphone masts going up everywhere, haarp and so on to change the frequency around you to something other than schumann resonance. There is a vast assortment of chemical compounds in our food that keep getting worse everyday.

Most of these compounds rid the blood of copper which is THE essential mineral for forming blood protein as well as a host of other deleterious effects on the human body. This process is helped along with aluminum and teflon pans. People don't use coppe and iron pans much any more. We don't know much about the effect of teflon in forming blood protein.

Some evil genius out there somewhere does however. He also knows that a combination of all these factors are going to present us with a future man who is diseased and dying off. If you try and explain it to this future man he may well call you a conspiracy theorist. Some call this process the great dying.

I began commenting here when I realized my own daughter was about to give my grand daughter a gardasil shot. Then I started my own blog as a line had been crossed on a personal level. This nano particle vaccine they are now pushing is the magic bullet in the Lusifer arsenal in my opinion. Not only that they are discussing whether to make it mandatory. They are pushing it especially for young children and pregnant women. Millions have already been sterilized and maimed, Russia is considering dropping out of the WHO.

There are many great sites on the web but I like it right here. I find more people worth conversing with and actually have something to say than any site I have ever encountered and it is all due to Les Visible.

As the dog poet says sometimes you run out of things to say and this is one of those times.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

Milking the Last Bloody Nickels from Enduring Lies.

NewReader said...

-Dublin Mick

"That is a simple statement but at the same time very profound. Not only that but many people using a computer still have no idea which alternative news to turn to. We debate this right here among ourselves frequently."

FWIW, I consider Les Visible's works good. What Really Happened, thr UK TruthSeeker site, CounterPunch and Signs Of The Times.

If you wish to know more on HIV/AIDS rethinkers. There are sites such as NewAidsreview(Science Guardian).
Alive and Well Aids alternatives and Justice for EJ, by the late Christiane Maggiore.
Henry Bauer's AidsSkeptic.
Rethinking AIDS. NOTAids! Hank's you bet your life! Guinea Pig Kids.

If you do decide to go down that rabbit hole, good luck, 'cause the rotting MSM HIV/AIDS corpse stinks so bad, your nose hairs will burn out.

Anonymous said...

New Reader yes I know. I have been reading Rixon for about 15 years. I do not acknowledge what really happened as they do not recognize smoking mirrors, therefore they do not exist for me!

Until this matter is resolved there will be no links to whatreallyhappened on my blog and I cannot consider it mainstream blogging. LOL

I have been reading a long time also and I can rarely find anything to gripe about over there. I don't know how Laura finds the time to do all that research.

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick said:

"The blood drinking reptilians have always been among us and it is very superficial in my opinion to assume whole societies as being of this nature."

No it isn't. James of the Wingmakers talks about whole worlds which are populated by soulless clones. A clone can be "made" smarter, faster, stronger etc. and over time either through war or natural selection can crowd out souled individuals.

That appears to be the game plan here on earth. The demons want to wipe out 90% of the human race (Georgia Guidestones 500 million people), only leaving themselves and a few plebeians to act as surfs. Kind of like what Edgar Cayce said about the Atlantean sons of belial creating the Things to do menial tasks. In the grand scheme of things anything and everything is possible.


Visible said...


It makes me wonder why I still have the WRH link up in my sidebar menu given that Michael cut me off without a word and no explanation.

SOTT got someone new in charge of what news they carry and that person 86'd me too. Paolo at stopped reprinting me because she got annoyed at my Iran timeline. An Editor at People's Voice .org dropped me because he said I was teaching my readers to perform magic. The only site left that links me regular is Truthseeker. David Icke puts me up now and then and on rare occasions Rense but that's it.

Anonymous said...

Your entire post sings with divine verve and energy. More power to your pen! Spread the word dog poet!

Zoner said...

Crap, I missed the magic lessons.


Anonymous said...

Les, The main issue is that maybe WRH is working on other issues may be that his site is more so geared toward a goal that "maybe" is as important as yours. You cannot teach english and math at the same time. Yet the goal is about the same as far as observation is concerned. Kinda funny that you need a "quarterback" and a "wide receiver" in football to accomplish the same goal. Nuff said. We are all in this mess together. Let us ALL work this out...Yours truly, anon. (just a little fella) WV: mathee

Visible said...


That's not the point. This is someone I was in regular contact with for several years. There was an intimate and friendly relationship. On various occasions he commented on having a different perspective than I but said, "I love you all the same." or words to that effect.

He posted every single Petri Dish and Mirrors except one or two over all that time. Suddenly- and with no warning he cut me off completely and never gave me any explanation and did not answer my inquiring emails. This latter is the issue. i could care less about whether he links to me or not; that's irrelevant. He's free to do as he chooses about that and I have no opinion on the matter.

Meanwhile, a regular reader who visits my sites has taken it upon himself to post most of my articles to the site. I never had anything to do with that and was surprised to see it. It's funny how things like that happen.

Anyway... it's the complete lack of communication and explanation from someone that I was on intimate terms with.

McCob said...

Hey, Les, I wanted to respond to rev John's Post---scientific scams are a pet interest of mine. Rev. John---I agree with everything you say in your post. Especially the Big Bang theory and Evolution. Most scientists (maybe all) will say anything for a grant.

Have you noticed that agnostics/athiests have contibuted little or nothing to civilized development. Practically all civil engineering constructs from antiquity were built by superstitious people for religious purposes. (Pyramids, Parthenon for example)

There is no unifying principles in agnosticism. I am sure there have been a few athiests/agnostics with some impressive accomplishments but collectively agonostics and athiests are pretty much a bunch of feckless bums. And I believe that the ptb want to replace belief in a Divine Creator with believing the universe works to a bunch of arbitrary physical laws; a proposition they can't even come close to proving.

Death to the New World Order
Long Live the Revolution!!!!

(formerly Randy from Michigan)

Anonymous said...

Les, You have several web postings that may be a bit more "different" than be it....That is what counts and I might say personally, good on you. Same with Mike. Honesty counts, especially in this business. Bullshit walks and thats the final answer. You are both both walking the walk and talking the talk. I might remind all parties concerned that many hands make light work. Including different ideas and web sites. "Thats what really counts" signed, a little guy. who else will do it??? wv: Something to do with ice cream....jerrys
wv: jerrys

Anonymous said...

I don't know Les. It looks like everyone wants to play dodge ball with what you said and just let the whole thing slide on out of sight. I hear ya though and I get where you're coming from. I've never heard you dis Mike once and you definitely haven't made it a feature in any of your blog statements. You got a right to wonder and when people bring it up and somebody did then, you got a right to your say. That is a double especially when you don't tag any criticisms on to it.

Anonymous said...

Fud very true I can't argue with that and it looks like they are well on the way. 40% of the people in Ottawa just took the vaccine. That is 40% who will be a goldmine to the medicalcrats bedore they die a painful death. You are no good to them healthy.

Interestingly the claim is 1.3 percent took the shot in Isreal. That is what they say anyway, of course they are smarter than the rest of humanity. Most likely the shots they ordered were a donation to big pharma for the good job they are doing. I mean you just can't up and say nobody in Isreal took the shot can you?

Anonymous said...

Les that is good to know and, peoples voice will no longer be linked by me in the future.

Rense and David Icke are safe for now but being watched closely as I am loyal to all five of my die hard readers. grin!

I am going to use my influence with Chucky at Flogging Dead Horses and urge him to do the same. We will show them.

I love you guy! (in a straight up kind of way of course)

Masher1 said...

I feel WONDERFUL! Times are catching the evil. Payback is coming on a divine wind of hope. May you all have a breath of recovery from the good lord too. Times are coming. Palestine WILL be! Freedom WILL be rekindled. Scumbags will be a Horrific Example to us all left in there place. Grand will be OUR God guided recovery of humanity. We will have our world back with a VERY harsh warning about the lessons we all need to learn.

Times are coming. Hope is OURS!
Palestine is free. Will You be there?

European American said...

"Arming Goldman With Pistols Against Public"

"The banker had told this friend of mine that senior Goldman people have loaded up on firearms and are now equipped to defend themselves if there is a populist uprising against the bank."

It would make for a great movie! "The Road" meets Wall Street.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'd like to say thanks to formerly Randy, and point out further that as Les says, it's all a scam. I mean everything -- education, religion, history, science, politics, business, medicine, sports ad infinitum bullshitus. As far as dumping God goes, that's the name of the tune alright, along with any consideration of a spiritual dimension. But take the BB for instance, We've got this little kernel of stuff, smaller than a proton, and that contains all the mass/energy of the future universe. Through some magic quantum fluctuation it explodes and delivers our universe -- no God necessary. The major fault with that idea assuming the scenario to be true is that they never bother to consider the source of where did the laws come from under which this process must of necessity operate or where the kernel came from in the first place. Sorry, Charlie, even if your fairy tale is correct you haven't eliminated The Man. Ssshh, don't look now boys, but The Man is in you. And look at evolution; just shows you don't need modern communications to pull off a giant scam whose major purpose of course is to deny the existence of the Creator. Evolution's got more holes in it than a truckload of Swiss cheese, but the establishment has sold this scam to the world. Punctuated Equilibrium my ass. One other thing in this line -- the very fact that time exists prove the existence of a Creator outside of time or are we supposed to believe this magic kernel was timeless and then ensnared itself in time when it exploded. Santa gon' be good this year.

-- END RANT --

Praise be Les,'s got a link to this article; I must not have been the only one to find it an outstanding example of a superb collection.


As I explained to Les once, I use the title Reverend as a means of poking establishment religions and prodding the likes of Pat Robertson, John Hagee. Jerry Falwell (must have worked good there :) et al. I is orficially ordained in the Universal Life Church and I gots my certificate of ordination to proves it.

Rev. John -- Cast your bread upon the waters! Donate $10.00 to Rev. John, and God will send you back $1000.00 or more. Send $100.00 and you will receive at least $10,000.00! Send $4000.00-$5000.00 and get that new home you've been dreaming of. Yes, dear friends, any donation made here will be repaid by Our Lord at least 100 times over. Act now before the Rapture!

chuckyman said...

Sorry Les & DM. I feel bad as I linked to WRH in a post yesterday on Climategate. Not too much damage as only DM and 1 other will read it anyway (grin).

Noted for future reference.

Rev John. We micks had a wee problem with a fella called Rev Ian Paisley. He bought his doctorate in Canada in the 60’s. Do-gooders can be a right pain in the ass.


V word = vannu

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

She's so Heavy, She's your Mother.

Visible said...

The Reverend Ian Paisley; yet another beautiful human being. He's a Zionazi that put together the Friends of Israel organization. I refer to him as Agent Orange.

Unknown said...

Phenomenal post! Thank you :)

chuckyman said...

That would help explain why Jean Marie Le Pen (the president of the French Front National) smacked him one in the European Parliament. I don’t normally cheer fascists but I did laugh that day (grin).


V Word = sedsheme (weird)

Anonymous said...


"The new vaccine consisting of squalene is nano which can effect the DNA"

Can you share more links on this? I say youre on to something but vaccines arent the only way this happens or could happen? One can change their own DNA with thought, and many people are controled by group thought thus no need for needles just a TV?

The Manbearpig of the NWO said...

Global warming is a hoax.
The warming data was skewed, doctored and fudged to give a false result according to the desires of the research funders.

Copenhagens 'carbon' tax is in reality the economic cornerstone of the one world government. The Copenhagen tax IS the first administrative tax of the NWO.

The PTB know the only way to get the sheep to accept a new world tax is if the tax is camoflaged to be to save the earth.

Climategate proves there is No global warming occuring.
CO2 rises 800 years AFTER the earths temperature does.
The earth's temperature follows a sinusoidal warming and cooling curve over hundreds and thousands of years.
The last decades have seen a DECLINE in relative and absolute earth temperatures.

Climategate proves there is NO need for a global carbon tax - except to begin in earnest the NWO administration tax.

Alex Jones said...

“It’s…it’s easy to have some little bitty website and use a fake name and sit there and…you know…talk bad about Jews all day and enjoy yourselves…uh, you know…getting your kicks ’cause you live in, you know…a…a one room apartment and your mad at life or whatever and wanna blame us…you know.”

N.B. He actually said "us" instead of "them".

Alex Jones' Prison Planet enterprise is 100% owned and operated by Zionists NOT by Arabs.

In his two recent films 'The Obama Deception', and 'Fall of the Republic', he uses three terms zero (0) times, they are.
1) Israeli
2) zionist
3) jewish

Visible said...

What is that in relation to?

RedHerring said...

"We are at the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history. War and economic depression constitute the real crisis, yet both the governments and the media have focused their attention on the environmental devastation resulting from CO2 emissions, which is upheld as the greatest threat to humanity."

Since we know CO2 caused global warming is a complete hoax, the governments and media are intentionally barking up the wrong f***ing tree.

Don't look over there at muslim murder and sovereign financial disintegration - look over here... the sky is falling! Official White Horse Souse

ElephantInThe Room said...

"Why is the ADL Promoting Alex Jones?"

I have wondered why Alex Jones avoids everything in the recent revealing article entitled:

Israel did 9/11- a brilliant piece of work!.

He has the same atourney as the Canadian whiskey making Bronfmans and is rumored to be wed with a jewish woman.

He is said to have verbally destroyed a caller who pressed him to acknowledge the fact that Mossad was very likely invovled with 9/11.

Anonymous said...

Well if Alex Jones is going to appear here, here's a link to a great article about him:

Brother N. is right, the best disinformation
is 90% truth.

Rev. John

Visible said...


and he says the Saudis control Hollywood. That alone qualifies him as a disinfo agent.

Some time ago I praised him here to see what would happen and readers jumped all over me as they should have.

You don't see him in my sidebar. He's never been there.

His contacts and his rep do explain his enormous exposure though.

I stay out of that sort of infighting because it's too much like beating a dead horse. It's like getting into am argument about whether Barry Manilow is gay.

MoneyForNothing said...

"The Multibillion Dollar Carbon Trading System

The carbon trading system is a multibillion money-making bonanza for the financial establishment. The stakes are extremely high and the various lobby groups on behalf of Wall Street have already positioned themselves.

According to a recent report, "the carbon market could become double the size of the vast oil market, according to the new breed of City players who trade greenhouse gas emissions through the EU's emissions trading scheme... The speed of that growth will depend on whether the Copenhagen summit gives a go-ahead for a low-carbon economy, but Ager says whatever happens schemes such as the ETS will expand around the globe." (Terry Macalister, Carbon trading could be worth twice that of oil in next decade, The Guardian, 28 November 2009)

The large financial conglomerates, involved in derivative trade, including JP Morgan Chase, Bank America Merrill Lynch, Barclay's, Citi Bank, Nomura, Société Générale, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are actively involved in carbon trading.( FACTBOX: Investment banks in carbon trading | Reuters, 14 September 2009)

The legitimacy of the carbon trading system rests on the legitimacy of the Global Warming Consensus, which views CO2 emissions as the single threat to the environment. And for Wall Street the carbon trading system is a convenient and secure money-making safety-net, allowing for the transfer of billions of dollars into the pockets of a handful of conglomerates.

"Every major financial house in New York and London has set up carbon trading operations. Very big numbers are dancing in their heads, and they need them to replace the "wealth" that evaporated in the housing bust. Louis Redshaw, head of environmental markets at Barclays Capital, told the New York Times, "Carbon will be the world's biggest market over all." Barclays thinks the current $60 billion carbon market could grow to $1 trillion within a decade. Four years ago Redshaw, a former electricity trader, couldn't get anyone to talk to him about carbon." (Mark Braly, The Multibillion Dollar Carbon Trading,, 5 March 2008)"

Carbon credits = money out of thin air (just like the Federal reserve)

(...and your chicks for free ;)

Origen the heretic said...

Is he? :)
If someone e.g. Limburger, Savage, Jones et al have access to a large audience, you may rest assured that they are doing the work of TPTB. Guess that's why you don't Les. If you did, I probably wouldn't wait around to find the cyanide in the cookie.

BTW, I'd just like to say that this is my #1 site on the net, and I would like to thank all of the posters here for taking the red pill. (I didn't see Matrix but I know what the red pill is)

Rev. John

Visible said...

I'm thinking that that explains a few other things because nothing else does.

In years past, my inflammable behavior was enough of a reason for me to be off the guest list of polite society but these days I have to look for other reasons and there are only so many other reasons.

G. Barr said...

Good one V. The shit is really starting to pile up. I think we will be drowning in it before it is over.


tim said...

Alex Jones has always confused me. He believes in the Illuminati, or whatever you want to name it. Whatever name, it represents the very top of the pyramid, the international bankers and all the wealth and royalty that represents it. How can you exclude the Rothchilds from that? You also have the Rothchilds controlling the Vatican bank for almost 200 years. So you have the jewish influence, the Catholic influence, and the European royalty influence all controlling the people endlessly with wars and their money. The common Jew is not responsible for that, just like the common European. I've never considered this site to be anti-Jew; it's anti-Zionist. I have the utmost respect for Aaron Russo, for example. Les says this all the time.

Mouser said...

Aaron Russo r.i.p. was one of the very first truth seekers back in the 80's and 90's. He was a Sephardic jew (Spanish ties).
I also have the utmost respect for Aaron.
A great candid interview of ca 47 min was done just a few months before his death from cancer in 2007 - warmly recommended.
Aaron Russo was indeed a freedom fighter and he was a jew.

Having said that, Alex Jones would be far more believable if he would just confirm that Israel was behind 9/11, and that the NWO is being lied into place by a bogus global warming carbon tax orchestrated by the Rothschild lead private international banking cartel.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
petkov said...

Global warming IS real. I am an ordinary person who has NO reason to lie and I have been feeling the global warming for the last 4-7 years at least. I live in Bulgaria and we have had very warm snowless winter for the last 5 years.
How do you explain THAT, smart guy?

For the last whole month we have hade tempertures 10 degrees above normal. How do you explain THAT, smart guy???
How do you explain WHY we had a summer here with temperatures in the upper 40s when the highest have been in the 30s. How do you explain THAT? Remember the heat wave in France from 2004? How do you explain THAT?
An ordinary person JUST like me posted on spaceweather com that he is in Netherlands and they have had the warmest November in record.
He is an ordinary person. he has NO reason ti lie. How do you explain HIM????
I will debate aANYone who says there is NO global warming.
I dare you all.
Come on, I open a challenge.

Come to me and debate me.

PPS. Oh yeah why isn't whatreallyhappening Rivero NOT linking to your posts anymore? he no your friend No more or what?
Got a falling out or what, pals?

Visible said...

Petkov; in all modesty, I would mop the floor with you and not need half my brain.

Here's a clue though.. random examples picked out of the air don't signify anything. I'm guessing that the increase in heat where you are is the result of all the hot air you produce and wouldn't be reflected anywhere else because- and this is a feat- there really aren't that many accomplished blowhards like yourself around.

I let this comment by you through because it was less vulgar and vituperative than your usual fare. Don't get cocky though.

You're actually lucky that I don't post you because the readers here would tear you to shreds.

NewReader said...

My condolences for the 86-ing all around.

With SOTT I don't know, perhaps you could e-mail Laura Knight-Jadczyk? Much of your work resembles theirs, though much blunter and coarser (to each his own).

They do seem clannish, but then again, they've been attacked or "sabotaged" by a wide group of people in the last few years*.Doesn't really explain why you should be ignored though.

*The Bridges affair, Hepin affair and the Montalk affair, where the French authorities were "tipped" off to their connection to the Montalk site, which advocates the the use of weapons and revolution, big no-no in France.



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