Thursday, December 3, 2009

Your Endangered Mass Media needs Your Help.

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Zionista, Henry Waxman, says that the media needs government help. After I stopped laughing, I reflected on the hard and incontrovertible fact that primarily Zionist-Jewish interests control 96% of the world media. Waxman says, "We cannot risk the loss of an informed public and all that means because of this market failure" (more laughter). I don’t know what informed public Waxman is talking about but it wouldn’t be in America unless, all of a sudden, the American public has switched off this endangered media and migrated in a large, bleating mass to the alternative, internet news sites. I haven’t seen that. The official stockyards and approved grazing areas are still packed full of head-bobbing sheep. The resurrection theme of Easter has a different meaning for sheep; lambs in particular.

However, the mass media is losing revenue so some migration or simple avoidance must be taking place.

Here is a damning and seriously news-worthy article that exposes who did 9/11 and there’s no mention of it in the endangered media. It had disappeared from its original spot yesterday with the notice that it couldn’t be found- now it’s back up- so I’m going to link it twice just in case. This is the same free and independent media that’s been whitewashing the climate scandal; except for Sump Pump Murdoch’s crew who represent the emergent elite at war with the established elite. You can’t tell the players without a score card and the mass media prints those too.

This is the same free and independent media that shilled for the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Iran. This is the media that has been caught out in more proven lies than I can count. This is the free and independent media that didn’t cover the Gaza genocide and turns a blind eye to what has been happening in Palestine for 60 years. Still, in this case, they are definitely too big to fail. If they fail, then who can the government and the corporations use to keep the people in line with the official program of lies; corruption, wholesale theft, mass murder and the ever encroaching suppression of the freedom of movement and speech? More importantly, what will Israel do to continue its total control of American domestic and foreign policy? How will they continue to convince Americans to send their children to die in their wars? The mass media is far too big and important to be allowed to fail.

Just a couple of years ago, Obama (rhymes with Osama) said he was going to end these opportunistic wars abroad and bring the troops home. Now he’s got a new war in Pakistan and he’s sending 30,000 more, presently warm, bodies into the Graveyard of Empires. Obama (rhymes with Osama) says that we have to eradicate Al Qaeda at all costs. This is a good tactic. Since there is no Al Qaeda, it will be impossible to know when it is eradicated. Since the CIA created Al Qaeda, they can have Al Qaeda show up anywhere. Now that they have decided that they want what is under the ground in Somalia, you can be sure that Al Qaeda is going to appear there with thousands of insurgents just looking to drag American soldiers around Mogadishu, behind their souped-up Toyota trucks, the way Hector got dragged around Troy and the free and independent mass media will be there to give you the big picture.

Obama (rhymes with Osama) says that the troops are now going to come home in 2011. That’s two years down the road but due to collective agreement by White House and Pentagon psychics and soothsayers, they know just when it’s going to be okay to pack it up and relocate it somewhere else. When your politicians are guaranteed and proven to be lying sacks of shit, you need an information industry that trades in nothing else. You need professional shit chefs to mold the shit into tasty morsels of sustenance for the people who have become accustomed to eating it if you serve it to them warm.

Let’s not leave out Great Britain and their colonies in Canada and Australia, nor should we forget most of Europe. They are all beneficiaries of the same endangered media and all of them are incorporated territories in the extended empire of The Lizard King.

I’ve never been a fan of Jon Stewart because the media has long been in the practice of setting up seemingly dissenting voices in order to give the appearance that there’s controversy and disagreement in the ranks. Bill Maher is a good example of this. Now they’ve got big alternative media voices that say Hollywood is under the control of the Saudis (more laughter). Some of these ‘controversial’ media figures get seriously outraged when you tell them that Israel was behind 9/11. Meanwhile, these voices that present themselves as representing the truth, rail against the establishment, while serving its needs at the same time. Jon Stewart goes after the Climate scammers but then he dissembles. Sure, the scientists deliberately lied and performed a consistent fraud but... global warming is real. Right, Jon.

The amount of people telling the truth at any time has always been a small minority. There’s no opportunity for advancement and very little money in it. What it comes down to is that the world is the world is the world. The currency of the world is lies. Whether you are telling the people that a war is being fought to further democratic principles and to free an oppressed population or whether you are telling someone how beautiful or talented they are, when they are not... but you have your reasons... it is the common currency of the realm.

Product manufacturers tell you that their product is better than another. This hamburger tastes better than that hamburger. This soft drink is the real thing. The Russians eat their children. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. The truth is that just about everything is a lie. We get comfortable with that. We agree, for the sake of harmony and mutual benefit, to agree on certain lies instead of uncomfortable truths. It’s just easier and safer. People who go looking for the truth often find more than they bargained for. Sometimes you don’t see them anymore.

Unfortunately for the liars among us, the force of the apocalypse is at work. It’s a natural force, just like the wind and the rain. We don’t understand how it works but we don’t understand electricity either. There are a great many laws of nature that we don’t understand but sometimes we see the sequencing of a power or a process and we can put it to use. The potential in electro-magnetism is immense. There’s immeasurable potential in a great many things that we don’t seem inclined to fund because certain people are already making a great deal of money from other things that would be rendered obsolete if we looked a little deeper.

There is more than enough of everything on Earth to insure that everyone has enough but... that would mean that a few of us couldn’t have too much. Our endangered media has been very useful in holding out the idea that any one of us can be like the chosen few if we just get creative and apply ourselves. That’s another load of shit but shit is both the fuel and the product of the endangered media and they have got a cutting edge catering section that ensures a new and improved palatability every day. Except... except they’re endangered now and their lies are being increasingly exposed to the public eye. As bone dead stupid as a large percentage of people have proven to be, even they are waking up. That’s what the apocalypse does for you.

Whether it’s Tiger Woods, or an increasing number of political and corporate figures, something is pulling the curtains aside. Something is busily at work exposing what has been hidden for far too long. Those whose fortunes and positions rely on concealment are not amused but... what can they do? They don’t know who is doing it and they don’t know how to stop it. The very things they rely upon to keep them hidden are being used against them and this is one clear indication of how evil destroys itself. The moment I heard about Tiger Woods, my mind put it together pretty much like it now appears to be. We all have this facility but we can only use it if we use it on ourselves first.

What I am getting is that if you have been a good little boy or girl, Santa is probably going to come and see you and if you haven’t then Santa is going to put the ‘t’ in his name before the ‘n’ and the last ‘a’ after the ‘t’. That’s how it looks to me.

Now, we’ll be returning you to your regularly scheduled programming, already in progress. Make sure you’ve got a lot of catsup and mustard. It helps to make it go down easier. I hear hot sauce can be effective as well. Also be sure you wash it down with a nice cold can of Bush Dark. Everyone knows that beer tastes better in a can and this new brew is just like the original Bush. It's the same thing only different. It's the perfect compliment to a steaming platter of the same old same old.

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Smoking Mirrors Mirror.


Mouser said...

Thank you Les for the truth about the main stream media.

I would like to add and /or reaffirm a few points.

The Americans are doubling down on a busted straight.
They know they are a fallen empire but are denying it to themselves.
They say to themselves - look at all this fire-power! We're not in decline and we will show anyone who does not kow-tow to our wishes just how unconfortable our superior fire-power can be!

The Federal Reserve is exposed and floundering.
The American dollar as the world reserve currency's days are numbered.
9/11's WTC7 reveals it was an inside job - making American leaders murderers of their own people for percieved geopolitical gain.
The war in Iraq was not based on WMD or yellow-cake - its result has been to turn all of the conscious world against American hedgemony.
Osama Bin Laden died of complications to kidney disease in December 2001.
Al-Qaida is actually a mixture of CIA, Mossad and MI6 doing false flags.
Bush and Soetoro are just puppets for the financial world elite.
Global warming is a fraud, Al Gore is a lying, spoiled rich kid equally corrupt as Kenny Boy Leigh.
Copenhagen's carbon tax treaty is the cornerstone of the NWO where America will just be another brick in the wall of communism - devoid of any middle-class.

Raising on a busted straight - the USA has lost its way and is forcing Canada and the rest of the world to follow it off a cliff at gunpoint.

Anonymous said...

Good read.

Check this out: Jacint@ / 1972 (do a search and see what develops!)

I got: 6110@344pm

Which, to me reads as: June 1st 2010 @ 3.44pm

Is this a[nother] Revelation?

Not sure...for there are many decepticons out there. But, when one applies some logic to unfurling events--revelations--as per the thrust of your recent articles, it does in deed suggest that something rather spectacular will shortly unfold.

On what I post here: cum grano salis; use your own discernment to come to your own reasoned opinions. Don't just 'swallow' whatever dainty dish is put before you. D'ya ken f't I mean, jim?

And most of all, folks, be not afraid. He said that and He meant it. DG

Pax y'all.

pax verbum

Visible said...

Well; responding to a comment I just posted but either disappeared or is in another post... One wonders. about certain things.

I read an article some months ago about where the bulk of Jones's advertising comes from and also how his PR person is and it was (if true) eyeopening.

I try to avoid speculation because I just don't know but when I see a lot of smoke it is not mirrors that I first think of.

Anonymous said...

Les, there was a mile high sheet of ice where I was born. But that was 11,000 years ago and it hasn't been seen since! It may have had someting to do with Geico cavemen driving SUV's! I hear the ozone hole wasn't around back then!

This little gem might make a few readers here get a chuckle, especially the commentary!

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU Les!!! Real Zionist News by Brother Nathaniel K has an AWESOME article regarding Alex Jones (again, controlled "dissent") and why the ADL IS PROMOTING HIM!!! Alex is spared the proverbial fianl nail in the coffin as the ADL NEVER refers to him as an "anti-semite", which is THE number one tactic to take down your opposition.

Visible said...

Here's the Brother Nathanael. piece which serendipitously also has a link to the Lorie Kramer. article which is the one I was referring to earlier.

Read 'em and weep.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best
Oh yes, the vile, odious, putrid, stinking, pernicious, excrement-full bags of methane gas that we all know and love. The same assholes that inculcate subservience of Western peoples to moles sitting in back rooms, the ones who treat the brave and honorable as targets for bombs dropped from ten thousand feet. The assholes who pretend to be "best friend" to those within the American Imperium, while keeping silence about the economic forces which are driving the majority of the inhabitants of the West into poverty. I guess that's better than being in the East, serving as a target for bombs which are being dropped at the behest of the very same forces..
Exploit the people you can and kill the ones you cant exploit. Or steal organs from. That's the mainstream media for you. Defenders of the liars, cheaters and mass murderers of the world. Those frigging, stinking, dishonorable, low-down scum sucking liars, profiteering off of the public's ignorance. They claim to be against hate-they are spreading it. They broadcast sympathy for some, they deserve none from anyone. They are partial in their coverage, incomplete in their evidence, deceptive in practice and they no longer deserve to occupy space and take up good air except as an example of a monstrosity in a wax museum somewhere. They don't even deserve existence as a tool of war, which is what they've been used for in the West for decades. To serve the interests of deception, economic servitude and intellectual bondage.
Expecting truth and intellectual content from the mainstream media is like looking for a 7 course dinner on the floor of a dog kennel. It ain't gonna happen.
They don't even deserve a decent burial

Anonymous said...

Agree with you that an apocalypse is coming soon, but totally disagree that some higher spiritual entity has anything to do with it. Humans are going to do it to themselves, without any outside help at all. There will also be no one around to help Humanity clean up the mess.

People seem to have this bizarre and completely unsubstantiated attitude that some higher life form is guiding Humanity, whether good or bad. This is absurd, which is not to say that there are not higher life forms. They just do not care, as they have there own realities to consider.

Animals, who do not possess Free Will, survive as a species because of a developed group consciousness (instinct). Humans, who do possess Free Will, are going to perish as a species because they never developed a group consciousness (too much ego). It really is that simple.

The self chosen ones have a group consciousness called Lucifer, which is why they always seem to control everything. However, they are parasites and need goyim to feed upon in order to survive. After they bring about the slaughter of enough of the goyim, they will starve to death as their host will not be around for them to feed upon.

The self chosen ones should have trained the goyim to join them in their group mind, but instead led them to degeneracy. They will pay for this eventually as their food will poison them. Humanity is doomed.

Anonymous said...

Les --

People will not change their minds as long as they sense that they share the mass consensus. I spent 30 years in mass media (major newspapers, magazines, cable and film) and have won numerous major awards -- yet when I tell my family and friends that the mass media are congenital liars -- They sneer at me. They question my sources -- when they wouldn't know a vetted source if it bit them on the ass. And when all else fails they pull out the conspiracy theorists card, or the racist card or the anti-semite card. If I won't back down they then suggest I have anger issues, issues with my mother, negative energy -- anything to avoid the truth.

Last night one of my oldest college friends was on the phone. He asked me what I was reading. I told him I was reading this fascinating book that posits Homer's opus' were actually transcribed from Celtic bardic tradition. He backs this up by pointing out that in 1200 bc Troia, which we know as Lisbon, was largest city in Europe, Hercules can be identified as coming from that Atlantic area and many other factoids that back up the case. My friend, who is a historian, immediately began yelling at me about the unassailable legacy of Greek culture, Homer's genius, Greek and Turkish archaeology... When I calmly began rebutting his arguments with claims from author I WAS READING, HE FIRST YELLED SOME AND THEN HE HUNG UP ON ME.

Hidebound -- and this over something that happened 3000 years ago.. So forget changing the masses minds and work instead on changing yourself.

If we ever have a "Network" moment when someone kidnaps a bunch of these perverts and interrogates them on live TV -- MAYBE that would work, but I'm not holding my breath.



greencrow said...

Speaking of Tiger Woods...I was thinking...why are most of the girls who bring these guys down jewish? Monica Lewinski, and this latest one's first name is Rachel and the last name seems suspicious.

Is it because they are set up and/or compromised in order to provide convenient fodder/diversion for the press? Also, there always HAS to be a black man who is found to have feet of clay. Wait till they get around to Obama.


Visible said...

People also seem to have this bizarre and completely unsubstantiated attitude that some higher life form is not guiding Humanity.

Origen the heretic said...

Well, we'll see what happens, but it looks like more taxpayer money is going into the Jews' pockets. I rejoice every time I read a story about TV ad revenue down or a major newspaper in financial trouble and firing staff. Even better news is that this trend started BEFORE the current 'recession' i.e. depression. That was a great link to the Waxman story; I laughed my ass off. That man is seriously ugly both physically and spiritually. I showed his picture to my dog and she ran to the door and howled to get out even though it's -12F (-24 for Euro types) outside. Global warming strikes again.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

The Alex Jones link seems a bit over the top (those darn Jews again!). True he has changed step in the last half year now. The joker face was a "counter opps" image for sure. The use of Hollywood actors should be more than enough proof he has sold out. Still the fear over "Jew" controlled media is just plan silly. Its true, but a system has been created so anyone crying foul has to pull the race card out, and you cant win at that game, sorry? It will be interesting to watch how the new ACTA stuff will affect his writers? He and his staff never do much but post other stories and then give some spin to them?
Thanks for the link Les, the history of Churchill and England is a great one to look into. The best part of that story is in reporting how far back one needs to look, if they want to run around crying about "Jews?" Im not trying to be a dick, but this isnt anything new, it goes back thousands of years?
I should add, as Im about to piss everyone off here, its not worth bitchin about the top of the pyramid if youre still at the bottom of it, or with in it? The internet, and forms comms, all the junk a Walie world, the food you eat, all of it is given to you by the same forces you all are bitchin about. Till that loop changes, cry all you want, the "Jews" wont mind, they'll just call out the ADL and laugh at ya for fuckin ya both ways. You get what you ask for?

Origen the heretic said...

@Anonymous 4:13 PM:

Obviously you haven't lived around animals very much, or you wouldn't say they have no free will. I'm familiar with all the Thomas Aquinas bullshit and it's just that -- bullshit.

Rev. John

Visible said...

More bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Free Will or group consciousness? Great post!!! Im thinkin its just about correct too. The ego is king in these days and the group consciousness forgotten. One problem, the two can be as one and arent set againist each other unless you give into the current group think about "God." Higher life forms arent affecting anything within our own human growth, we are? At some point humans got sidetracked from becoming the next "higher life form" by the ego and left brain? Im not sure that free will is to blame, more the misuse of it?

Visible said...

"Higher life forms arent affecting anything within our own human growth,"

I'm afraid I will need defining proof of that. Proof that refutes my direct personal experience of the opposite perspective of which I have frequent hard wired evidence otherwise.

It always astounds me when people can make blanket assumptions which contain all embracing knowledge of the circumstances of others outside of the reach of their perception.

Many things can be both true and untrue depending on whom they are happening to or not happening to.

Anonymous said...

True, blanket effects only just hit the target and true you and your personal experience is more than anything shared here (and should be). Im saying the group mind and the whole of human interaction isnt guided by an outside force willing some plan? Yes a group of silly black magic boys is dont their best to talk us into the riches of the ego, but that still on a personal level? There are tons of factors, yes, that still effect us and even other life forms too, but on that same personal level.
Les Im sure Im more wrong than right, but the point stands, we dont need look to others actions or higher life forms for answers, they are within.

Anonymous said...

Ooops more,

A better way to say this might be;
We are the higher life forms we seek or think are affecting us. We just downgraded over the last few thousand years thanks to the help of misleading ideas of the self, the ego, and the creator. Put it in any order you want?

Anonymous said...

"The best disinformation is 90% truth."

That statement is a crock of shit. Any time you read something that is actually 90% truth you are doing real good. Even the stuff you read here, you think it is 100% truth? None of us know even half the truth. Alex Jones is obviously ass buddies with Zionist elements but so what. So are well over half our political figures. What else is new? Jones' material introduces people to the world of "alternate media." What the people do with it is up to them. Most Americans probably blow it off because they don't really think, they have feelings and opinions given to them by the MSM. A certain percentage will see his videos and a light bulb goes off.

I always tell people they will never come close to understanding what is going on until they understand how the Jew fits into the scheme of things. Jones almost never mentions the Jew but he still creates foot soldiers for the cause. When they investigate further maybe they will pick up one of David Duke's two fine books My Awakening and Jewish Supremacism and they will be on their way. Or they could bump into Smoking Mirrors from an Alex Jones link. HA HA HA HA HA HA

Jones is high profile and the Zios love him because he keeps them out of the mix. Also his Jewess old lady might cut his fat ass off if he bad mouthes Jews.


Anonymous said...

When Humanity was given Free Will (Original Sin), they were left to themselves to evolve. This is what leaving paradise is all about. Animals have it easy, because they have instinct (except for domesticated animals that appear to exhibit Human like traits at times) and act according to Nature.

The higher beings, like the super conscious Sun and Earth for instance, wish for their children to figure it out for themselves. That way they can become true co-creators. If they interfere too much, Humanity has no chance to learn anything.

If you wish to communicate with a higher being, just go outside and meditate upon the Sun and Earth and how amazing they are. Open yourself up and let them flow through you, much like a child does with loving parents. Most people denigrate this as paganism, but it is what guided Europeans before Middle Eastern religion was forced down their throats.

McCob said...

Hey, Les, Kudos on your column. It's not only the msm losing credibility, it is also: the gubment, the military, acadamia and civil authorities.

About the apocolypse: Hal Lindsay wrote Late Great Planet Earth back in 1970 where he postulated end days would come in 10 yrs. Well He was wrong. In fact up to this point in history anyone who proclaimed the end was near has been wrong. There has always been war and treachery. Greed, injustice, corruption and murder are the price of civilization.

I am staring to wonder if the stories of otherwordly conquest and apocolypse are just chimeras to scare the unwashed masses. Maybe these world class criminals are just thugs. Just common goons that history has put into a strategic postition. I don't think they want to kill us. Who else would they have to steal from?

Another thought I would like to share. This is a lyric from a song called 'Pied Piper'.


Maybe we are in the Golden Age but our perceptions are being manipulated to throw us off. Maybe we are our own worst enemies. After all, tptb have no power accept what we let them have. Socrates felt that all answers come form within. Maybe we all need to look inside ourselves more.

Another thing: I really love reading the posts of your readers even the ones who disagree with me. I wish everyone well.

Anonymous said...

I was at Camp Casey 1 and golly gee did I stick out like a diamond in a dog's ass.
After wishing Cindy well, and I still do, I argued with Code Pink about their bogus sign on the front yard of the Peace House. It said "when Clinton lied, no one died." They got angry when I brought up the local Arkansas body count, his and mad Madd's sanctions which killed half a million kids in Iraq and oh, as an after thought, Kosovo and the gift that just keeps on giving. DU. Wasn't Fat Albert in on that too?

This was before lunch...
After lunch I had a chat with Alex Jone's right hand man Kevin Smith and his "friend" who sat there the entire time staring a hole through me with his dark sunglasses.
I told Kevin that Alex, him, his bodyguard, the Israelis and 99.9% of the Jews could all kiss my ass.
Then I went back to Austin and had sex with my girlfriend.
So, there is a silver lining in every cloud, but I knew that.

Anonymous said...

When I think of American print and TV media, I envision an egg eating snake with yolk slinging from it's nostrils trying to barf-up the dinner package and you can see in its eyes that it is already thinking about where its next meal will come from. And its guys like Jon Stewart who's job is to keep you hungry, only serving appetizers with lots of air-filled egg whites, his job is to let the angry people, who might take to the streets, to use him as a vent for frustration. Stewart still has a job on TV because he works for the same people that sell media manure, and he must be making master happy otherwise he'd be out the door in a flash.

John Swinton, back in 1936, couldn't take the heavy burden of a conscience that most "intellectual prostitutes" are contracted to set aside, when he made clear the most important part of the MSM journalist (if you want to keep a job) is "to lie outright," and quietly live those lies that being a tool for rich men requires.

Also, James D. Guckert, aka Jeff Gannon, the gay prostitute who owned sex sites (all with a military theme and all offering his sexual services) it's been reported he managed to stay in the Whitehouse with Bush over a hundred times, probably taking dictation with George on one end and his wife sitting there at the other, her watching the whole thing, coming up with jokes about milking horses. Often the first to be called on by Bush at those famous scripted press conferences, Guckert is the perfect symbol of the entire media circus this past decade. Anchor sluts with hiked up leather skirts doing windmills on life sized cardboard cut-outs of cameramen and pimps wearing masses of gold teeth working the board is the true media Mammon.

William G.

Anonymous said...

"If you wish to communicate with a higher being, just go outside and meditate upon the Sun and Earth and how amazing they are. "

That works for me too!!!!

Origen the heretic said...

I stand by the statement "The best disinformation is 90% truth". In the case of A. Jones for example, he is mostly preaching to the choir, so he's not giving out much new info to his audience. The 90% truth keeps them there, and keeps their attention off the main source of the problem. Same thing with Pills Limburger.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

When I read that fat extraction article I thought about the liposuction thing, especially when I saw that fat ass on the article you linked to. The dollars didn't add up. I remember reading about a plastic surgeon in LA who conducted numerous liposuctions and was using the extracted fat to power his vehicle. That might be bullshit too. Anyhow I think I made some sarcastic comment about Corleonestien being the Italian connection. HA HA You do stay on top of things.


Rebel 4E said...

Jason Bermas...'Info Warrior'...Lmfao!

Nuff Said,


Anonymous said...

Rev John said:

"In the case of A. Jones for example, he is mostly preaching to the choir, so he's not giving out much new info to his audience. The 90% truth keeps them there, and keeps their attention off the main source of the problem."

People on this site seem well informed. Do you think when they watch an Alex Jones clip it "keeps their attention off the main source of the problem." The "choir" knows what the problem is, as I said in a previous post he serves to recruit new soldiers for this "choir." "Many are called but few are chosen." These few (maybe more than a few) go on to get it figured out.



Discussions on Canadian Sovereignty, Culture, Jurisprudence and Government

Statement of Purpose

The goals of ANTI-ZIONIST CANADA are:

1. To document, expose and eliminate all forms of Zionist infiltration and influence in Canada with an emphasis on every level of Government, the Judiciary, the Mainstream Media, Academia, Corporations, Banking and Cultural Institutions.

2. To restore faith, honour and integrity in the Rule Of Law.

3. To liaise, support and assist allied individuals, groups and coalitions within Canada also involved in similar goals.

4. To work for and lobby for the elimination of sec. 13 from the Canadian Human Rights Act and insure that Freedom of Expression in Canada remains sacrosanct and guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

5. To foster and build a Canada-wide Peoples’ Network as an effective, independent watchdog to observe in a vigilant manner ‘public’ and ‘political’ party policies and programs to insure that the racist, supremacist Zionist agenda now being promulgated by federal pro-Zionist parties such as the Conservative Party of Canada and extremist Jewish Lobby groups within Canada such as B’nai Brith Canada, the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre is exposed, halted and eliminated from Canadian politics.

6. To expand and to share these goals with other nations globally who are also experiencing similar problems with Zionist infiltration and control of their governments and Institutions and Media.

7. To ensure that the Internet remains absolutely free in Canada for the use of every Canadian to express their opinions and beliefs.

Group home page:
Group email address:

Origen the heretic said...

I should have added that you won't find many of Limbugger's crowd listening to Jones and vice-versa. They each have their segment of the populace to disinform. I seem to have mis-spelled Limburger, but maybe it's better that way.

Rev. John

European American said...

I still can't believe that we have a white president, that just so happens looks black (what does that make him?) with the name B. H. O. (I can't even write it any more) leading this once "great" country. Actually, I don't know if it's ever been great, but back in the 50's when I was innocent, naive and playing in woods behind my house, everything seemed golden and magical. Anyway, I want it to be golden again. I want to walk in that proverbial back yard again and feel totally at ease, natural and fearless. Am I dreaming?

I have some guns. I went out shooting just my .45's yesterday. I don't hunt animals. Animals are innocent and always tell the truth. I eat chicken and fish. If I had to kill them to eat them I would be a vegetarian again. What a contradiction I am. I only have guns to defend myself and humans that might be defenseless against the "sadistic savages" that Les exposes. I would defend animals if need be (maybe not necessarily chickens or little fish). I pictured shooting a human yesterday at the gun range. It made me sick. I want to be innocent again. I don't want to have guns. I want to live in a world where guns are no longer necessary. I'm weird.

Yogasthah kuru karmani

Visible said...

Over at Petri Dish I mentioned about how I have to had to repost comments several times to get them to take over the last couple of weeks. As soon as I mentioned it it stopped. I don't know what to think and assumptions are pointless but I just thought I'd mention it. Haven't had a single repeat of the problem in some hours now.

Joe Bloggs said...

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BackToGolden said...

European American -

We are seeing the beginning of a social revolution. This revolution will spread to politics. It is happening under our noses.

A revolution involves five crucial elements: (1) a new view of sovereignty; (2) a new view of authority; (3) a new view of law; (4) a new view of sanctions; (5) a new view of the future. Any revolution that does not involve all five is more of a coup than a revolution: a substitution of new rulers for old, not a change in the system.

The battles for the hearts and minds of men are being fought today in all five areas.


YourProblem said...

Joe Bloggs -

May I recommend tabl. Risperdon 10mg 1x1, it's kosher and has few neuroleptic side effects.

Anonymous said...

To find truth in today's media look in the opposite direction.

Earth is entering major long-term global cooling also called ice age. That's why temperatures are cooling not heating.

This has been known since Geolophysical year 1963 research drilling ice cores in Greenland and Antartica. Public funded research that is still kept top secret.

Ice ages dominate planet earth for 100,000 to 200,000 years. The intermittent warming periods, like the one we are currently leaving, are geologically of short duration 10,000 to 15,000 years.

During warming intervals population explodes and civilization expands. When the next ice age begins population is reduced as availability of human habitable space and resources are limited to equatorial zones. Abrupt shift of ice ages and warming periods cause catastrophic conditions and starvation. Human survival is reset to prehistoric subsistence.

The elites who control knowledge are promoting global warming but are themselves prepared for long-term global cooling and ice age. For the chosen to survive population must be culled to reduce competition for scare resources.

Anonymous said...

Les, my post just disappeared. I had to hit resend button three times. My computer gave me no option. This has happened to me frequently, like almost every time I try to post here. Just wanted to let you know.

Visible said...

For well over a year now, Zio-zombies that work for blogger have been messing with my sites. The tactics vary. That they are doing it is beyond question because so many different problems could not be accidental. The point is to stop commentary and to discourage the readers; to cause the readers to think I am not posting their comments.

I do not doubt that people have been driven away by this. In some cases people can't even get the page to load or so they tell me.

I've no solution to this so I must just limp along as best I can. Sooner or later they are going to have their acts come back on them but that's out of my hands too.

Visible said...

Here is A great site for in depth commentary.

Anonymous said...

"It had disappeared from its original spot yesterday with the notice that it couldn’t be found- now it’s back up- "

Ha! Watch out that the contents haven't been changed from the original.

"Obama rhymes with Osama" - oh, do you mean aka "Black Jesus" aka "crazy obama" aka "Barakhenaten"?

Origen the heretic said...


I'm weird too, and a recluse to boot. I don't hunt anymore, but I have to tell you, I'd shoot a human before a deer if the need arose. God willing, I'll never have to do that. I eat meat, even though I know I should be a vegetarian but I'm too damned old to quit now (very lame excuse). Most of the people who eat meat aren't willing to butcher it -- a problem of unintegrated values. I'd probably eat a lot less meat if I had to butcher it, if for no other reason than laziness. As I used to tell my mother who wanted to be a veggie but couldn't/wouldn't give up the meat, every time you eat bacon or steak or whatever, you're condemning some poor cow or pig to the slaughterhouse. You sound about my age, and I don't think the golden times will be back in what's left of our lifetimes, but that's OK, God's got it covered.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the repeat of the ice age post. I thought it disappeared so I rewrote it because I think it's important to understand in the context of all that is going on. Again, apologies.

Visible said...

Oh my goodness

heh heh, check this out. The shit has really hit the fan behind closed doors (cue Charley Rich

Origen the heretic said...

Oh Les, the Gore cancel is priceless, and the comments are even better. I have to say though that the picture made my gore er gorge rise.

AreWe F***edYet said...

The internet chapter of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), a secret copyright treaty whose text Obama's administration refused to disclose due to "national security" concerns, has leaked.

It says:

1. That ISPs have to proactively police copyright on user-contributed material. This means that it will be impossible to run a service like Flickr or YouTube or Blogger, since hiring enough lawyers to ensure that the mountain of material uploaded every second isn't infringing will exceed any hope of profitability.

2. That ISPs have to cut off the Internet access of accused copyright infringers or face liability. This means that your entire family could be denied to the internet -- and hence to civic participation, health information, education, communications, and their means of earning a living -- if one member is accused of copyright infringement, without access to a trial or counsel.

3. That the whole world must adopt US-style "notice-and-takedown" rules that require ISPs to remove any material that is accused -- again, without evidence or trial -- of infringing copyright. This has proved a disaster in the US and other countries, where it provides an easy means of censoring material, just by accusing it of infringing copyright.

4. Mandatory prohibitions on breaking DRM, even if doing so for a lawful purpose (e.g., to make a work available to disabled people; for archival preservation; because you own the copyrighted work that is locked up with DRM)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the entirety of the Internet "user-contributed material"?


WishTheyWereF***edNow said...

Did you know one of the biggest (zionist) banks in the US recently financed making bombs that in reality kill (almost) only civilians?

They should realise that but by the grace of God it could be their family members being maimed and killed.

“The deadly trade in cluster bombs is funded by the world’s biggest banks who have loaned or arranged finance worth $20bn to firms producing the controversial weapons, despite growing international efforts to ban them…

Goldman Sachs, the US bank which made £3.19bn profit in just three months, earned $588.82m for bank services and lent $250m to Alliant Techsystems and Textron…

Last December 90 countries, including the UK, committed themselves to banning cluster bombs by next year. But the US was not one of them. So far 23 countries have ratified the convention.”


McCob said...

A pet peave---I hear the media refering to golfer Tiger Woods as an "athlete". If golfers are athletes then so are chess players and pool players, tiddly-winks players,...,etc

Visible said...


I'm going to have to agree with that one hundred percent. Golf is not a sport. It's a game. They're very touchy about that but it doesn't wash with those of us who have played contact sports.

I have always thought that they should combine gold courses with graveyards since that's where they're headed and golfers are the walking dead.

I'm bound to offend someone but the theft of water for golf courses and places like Las Vegas (and I know a little bit about what's going on there) offend me.

I'm guessing there's a great deal of skill involved in golf but, as many recovery programs have proven to be lately, they're places to cut deals more than anything else. One of the main attractions to golf and country clubs lies in the people you can keep out.

gurnygob said...

Ladies and gentlemen, Big Al has left the building.
No doubt, if this is true there will be some really rational explanation as to why he can't make it. Maybe he has gone to Antarctica to save that stranded polar bear. You know the one, the polar bear standing on a very small lump of ice looking like,,,”Help me Al, I can’t swim.”

Inter Continental Exchange said...

Before ICE (Inter Continental exchange), the average American family spent 7% of their income on food and fuel. Last year, that number topped 20%. That’s 13% of the incomes of every man, woman and child in the United States of America, over $1Tn EVERY SINGLE YEAR, stolen through market manipulation. On a global scale, that number is over $4Tn per year - 80 Madoffs!
Why is there no outrage, why are there no investigations. Well the answer is the same - $4Tn per year buys you a lot of political clout, it pays to have politicians all over the world look the other way while GS (Goldman Sachs) and their merry men rob from the poor and give to the rich on such a vast scale that it’s hard to grasp the damage they have done and continue to do to the global economy.”

...just wait til the carbon tax credits via the Copenhagen treaty fire up the NWO - serfs? ain't seen nothin' yet!

McCob said...


I wasn't all that long ago when pro golfers shared the same sort of stigma as pool sharks.

Odin's Raven said...

There's a nice article at
on why big organisations so frequently generate corrupt statistics,(Hagbard's Law)and about long term climate variations.

Visible said...

I grew up on military bases and my father was the First Sargent sort of a guy so all the soldiers knew who I was the Top Kicks son. As a result I hit the Day-rooms early so you can imagine where my pool and ping pong skills got to. You throw in my prison time (where I considered myself a monk in a strange monastery) and related incarcerations and of course the skills continued. Nothing ever happened to my thumbs though.

I applied myself when I was in prison and related to meditation and an aesthetic lifestyle. I ate just once a day and fasted a lot as well... Didn't eat any meat which made me popular with the guys at my table... ironically or cosmically they were the biggest and hardest guys in their which transferred some very cool protections. That was some movie.

Evanmjones said...

Is there any reason given for why he canceled?

They say there were not enough takers for the US $1,200 admission fee and he couldn't hide the decline! ;)

Visible said...

I think we can be pretty secure in the assumption that Climate gate is an enormous shitstorm and I don't think Big Al likes shitstorms; no word on whether they are caused by global warming.

The ticket explanation doesn't wash when you consider the limelight he was expecting to bask in.

chuckyman said...

On the subject of Alex “pussy whipped” Jones, I would like to remind folks of the quote on the front of Rense’s website.

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it." – Lenin

Check out the Protocols of Elders of Zion. It does not matter what BS defence is given on its authenticity because its effects have been spot on –for over a century.

As for the poster from 5:08pm (which everyone else had the good discipline to ignore) WTF! If you truly think that the followers of the Pharisees have been expelled from 109 locations since AD250 because they are “misunderstood” you need your head examined.

When profit surmounts the sanctity of human existence we find one group only in the thick of it.

Sorry to the rest of the posters for the rant.


V word = uplufyth (similar to the sound I made when I read the post from 5:08pm)

Anonymous said...

Once the new man, a Muslim from Kuwait, sat down beside me at the jail dinner table. He was about 6'10" huge beard and all that was missing was the giant sword and turban. Without even looking at him I nonchalantly stabbed the sausage off his plate with my fork. All the bad asses, who were already trying not to look at this giant too hard almost shit.
Muhammad just looked down at me and smiled.
They didn't get it..
We became friends and what a friend he was. My card partner. Him and Willie Nelson's brother Doyle.
Sometimes it's those little things that matter..

mkurbo said...

So let’s see –

if your pro-AGW, its hide the decline,

but if your Google, its hide the increase.

If its Al Gore, you just hide…

Lot’s of hiding going on !

Bob N.Y. said...

So I am watching the news, and I hear this couple has crashed the White House affair. Then I am listening to O'reilly talk about Obamas speech on the increase in troops. This after delaying almost three months. "His heart wasn't in it"
Are these two items connected. If Obama did not want to increase the troops, then perhaps a little lapse in security would demostrate how vulnerable he is, if he does not do as he is told.

ecph said...

A reader at Washington Times knows why he had to cancel:

“Unfortunately it is due to a family illness. Mental illness. His.”

Gail Coombs said...

Okay Boy and Girls, those who are in the USA that is, it is time to kick your State Legislatures in the rumpus and get those State Sovereignty Resolutions passed. There is a turf war building and we need to take advantage of it. If we can not kill Cap and Trade at Copenhagen, if we can’t kill it in the US Senate, we CAN kill it on a state level state by state just as Real ID was killed .

James Griffin said...

Uk Foreign Secretary “Miliband the Deluded”…he of the “science is settled” is still on the bridge of the good ship Global Warming with this rousing speech to rally the troops….today he has attacked former ConservativeTory Chancellor and leading sceptic Lord Lawson with the words….
“I think it is profoundly irresponsible for people who have held, in the case of Nigel Lawson, positions of high office, to be doing what they are doing,”

Apparently he is blissfully unaware that troops and rats alike are leaving the sinking ship……
Captain, Captain….we’ve been hit by an iceberg!

Anonymous said...

In Al Gore's event cancellation photo, does he not remind you of Jack Torrance in "The Shining" ? ? ?

Also, you said, "The potential in electro-magnetism is immense." Have you seen this material . . .

If these guys are right then the large-scale structures of the universe aren't mainly gravitational, they're electromagnetic.

Origen the heretic said...

Hell's bells people. Lighten up on poor ol' Algore. After all, he did invent the internet and AGW. The poor thing just got run out of Chicago. Him probably needs some recuperation time. And yeah Les, he no doubt doesn't want to fiend I mean field questions at the big demon gathering. I have to reiterate -- that picture on the link you supplied would make a maggot puke which BTW is the one the Danish paper printed.

Re Golf: If you have it, listen to George Carlin's "Golf Courses for the Homeless" on his "Jammin' in New York" album. Although he was an atheist, he's definitely one of my favorite people. I reckon he's found out different now.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erik said...

“You wouldn’t accept that at a grade 9 science fair…” – CBC finds a moment of clarity on Climategate

IMHO this should go viral (grin)


Erik said...

Off topic ....

Dublin Mick;

From your earlier posts on that subject I gather you know plenty about 'alternative' Medicine.

One of my acquaintances, an 18 year old 'lassy', is suffering from severe joint pains (also in spinal chord).

The doctors have told her 'she should accept this as a given' i.e. no cure!

Do you (or other readers) have any ideas on this please?

If you prefer to discuss this offline Les has my e-mail.

Looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions,


smile edna - an anagram said...

I've been thinking about something interesting that happened the other day: I was talking to this old black lady who works at the corner store, and somehow it came up that she couldn't afford a television, her old one had broken, and the cost of the new flat panels made owning a tv prohibitive. The man behind me in line agreed. He didn't own a tv anymore either. Nor do I.

Now they're talking about paywalls for access to Internet content. Go for it!

Will the mass media price themselves out of the market for poor Americans?

God, I hope so.

ToHellWithTheNWO said...

Although the global warming fraud has been exposed and sent Al Gore into hiding, Soetoro and the other Rothschild/illuminati head-of-state puppets are going to meet in Denmark 7/12-09 to try and pass into international law the Copenhagen carbon tax treaty anyway.


In other words the NWO is being lied into place by a bogus global warming carbon tax orchestrated by the Rothschild lead private international banking cartel.

And the controlled main stream media isn't reporting a single word about this completely corrupt "carbon tax" which is in reality the cornerstone of the NWO - an administration tax.

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more - not for me and not for my children.

Better to die on my feet than live on my knees. Give me freedom or give me death.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright and Sporting Wood.

John said...

RJ, fascinating. I'm glad you're on to Homer. In ancient times it was well known that the voyages of Odysseus were to such places as Scotland, Ireland and Scandinavia. Charybis is the whirlpool of Corryvreckan. The Phaikans were Vikings....

Anonymous said...

Erik I am no doctor but I have tried it all. I list quite a lot of sites on the blog. There is the doctor who cured the Washington cheerleader Desiree Jennings who was dying from the flu shot. They say sometimes the vaccines themselves can cause joint pain. She might try the doctor that cured Jennings with iV therapy consisting of anit-oxidents, natural anti-biotics and a few things I have a gmail address on the blog.

They say sometimes a virus in the joints can cause it. People are saying some good things about MMA also.

Safflower Oil - (Safflower Oil Chart)
Safflower Oil, (cold pressed, keep in a dark bottle and cool place), ingested daily,1-3 spoonfuls, will help to oil the joints and internal workings of the body. It keeps us running well and the damp weather out of our bones. A well oiled person should shed water like a duck and damp weather and stiffness should diminish. We found this to be Amazing. It works for us.

Zoner said...

Well, we've been made to pay for the continuation of our own financial enslavement, so why not have us cover the cost of the mind-fuck too?

Can you even imagine what joy this must bring to the folks that are watching this spectacle from their towers and bunkers? It must be funnier than shit to watch all the "little people" sweat and toil and die to perpetuate the methods of their own enslavement.

Enjoy it while you can can. When you have finished squeezing us little guys, be sure and turn on each other so we can have some entertainment, too.


Anonymous said...

Erik, check out . . .

These are *free* special reports from Natural News. I believe that to read some of them you will be required to subscribe to the website. My recommendation is, go right aheead and subscribe, it's free, and you'll get e-mail newsletters which are truly excellent. I have no personal connection to the site owner or the website, except I am getting the newsletters, which are great, and have read some of the free reports, and (just as you said in your other post) IMO this is info that should go viral. :)

Regarding what you said about your acquaintance, when I imagine myself in her situation, then the reports at that link (above) that I would especially want to read would be: "The Healing Power of Water," "The Healing Power of Sunlight and Vitamin D," and "The Truth about Aspartame, MSG and Excitotoxins."

Open up the "Water" one, and start reading it (it's actually an interview), it's way more interesting than the title might suggest. :) Then check out the other two.

And here is a website I recently discovered which looks very useful to me. (Again, I have no personal connection with it.)

The site owner is a practitioner who will do consultations, but requires the consultee to first read some chapters that are posted on the website. Check out the introductory page (linked above).

Three times I have done colon cleanse and detox programs similar to the one mentioned on that site and have had major good results myself. The type of medicine we were brought up with has suggested to us that we have to anxiously search and search for exactly the right cure, for exactly our particular symptom. But actually, instead of that approach, we can create the generic good conditions (including some cleansing) for healing to occur, and then healing is what naturally happens very reliably . . . even in cases of 'big problems' such as cancer, long-term 'undiagnosables', etc.

The poster formerly known as ellis

Anonymous said...

sorry people loads to do
be back soon


Visible said...

There's a new visible-streams-of-consciousness up-

Rapping E=[Mc]2 Upside Your Head.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erik said...

Wow, Mick and 'Ellis'

Thanks's a bunch guys ....

I now only wish I have come across Les' sites and you before I myself had 'regular' cancer treatment last year.

That went pretty OK, but then something else went wrong ...... or right?

I had a series of 'two by four' events that 'forced' me to reconsider my (material) life and focus on the spiritual path. I listened .....

I will do a more proper introduction as comment on the next VO post from Les.

Again Thanks to you and Les,


Masher1 said...

One Mp3 says it all in spades, Even for the news whores.

F the S&MSM!

Long live real truth borne by common men.

Good post Les.

ToHellWithTheNWO said...

Al Gore is dead - just like the global warming scam - but the Copenhagen carbon tax is still alive.

Why? Given that Climategate has shown changes in the amount of CO2 lag 800 years after a rise in temperature and that relative and absolute temperatures have in fact decreased over the past decades.

The carbon tax is alive only because it is planned to be the cornerstone of the NWO - it is the administrative tax to be levied on every person in the world.

It is a tax that will be paid into the World Bank which will pay the administrative costs of the NWO.

Remember the World Bank is privately owned in the same manner as the present Federal Reserve - that is by the Rothschild led private international banking cartel.

The 'fed' will be terminated when the American dollar collapses fully.

The World Bank and the IMF will then be the issuing body for American (as well as world) currency.

The NWO means 96% will be serfs (paid slaves - devoid of private property or wealth), and 4% will be corporate/financial/gov't elite.

Once President Obama signs the Copenhagen carbon tax treaty the American constitution will be overshadowed. Once levied, the carbon tax will be neverending - even when a new party is elected to power.


Anonymous said...

Obama - 5th St. anorectic step n fetchit mannikin lying sack of shit. Drone bombs falling fast and heavy on Pakistan tonite. Somali and Iran next.
Word verif.: Liter
Liter of napalm, liter of plutonium,
liter of Obongo death voodoo, liter of swineflu nanoparticles.

Mouser said...

It is so sad that the once greatest country in the world has resorted to killing women and children and the odd insurgent by unmanned drones that bomb in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
This can only be called immoral cowardice on the part of the American government.
What has happened to the United States of America?
The intertwining in an incestuous manner with the Israeli war machine has corrupted America to heights unimagined twenty years ago.
This is all so sad to observe nomatter where in the world or from which country or religion one belongs.

MadAsHell said...

"Countless people will hate the new world order and die protesting it."
H.G. Wells, The New World Order 1939

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

What's this Button here for? Oops..

European American said...

My gauge for any so called "sport"...

If you can smoke while you are playing it, it ain't a sport.

European American said...

Although, from "my" sport...

a classic

Anonymous said...


By Robbie Robertson & Leonard Peltier--From the album: Contact From The Under World of Redboy-1998

You know we have a million stories to tell
I'm just one of a million or more stories that could be told

Sacrifice your freedom
Sacrifice your prayer
Take away your language
Cut off all your hair
Sacrifice the loved ones
Who always stood by me
Stranded in the wasteland
Set my spirit free

My name is Leonard Peltier
I am a Lakota and Anishnabe
And I am living in the united states penitentiary
Which is the swiftest growing
Indian reservations in the country

I have been in prison since 1976
For an incident that took place on the Oglala-Lakota nation
There was a shoot-out between members of the American Indian Movement
And the fbi and the local sheriffs state troopers
Two agents were killed and one indian was murdered

Three of us were charged with the deaths of the fbi agents
My co-defendants were found not-guilty by reasons of self-defense
My case was separated and I was found guilty before a jury of non-indian people
The prosecutor stated that they did not know who killed their agents
Nor did he know what participation Leonard Peltier may have played in it
But someone has to pay for the crime

There's a lot of nights that I lay in my cell
And i can't understand why this hell this hell and this terror
That I have been going through for twenty-one years hasn't ended

Sacrifice your freedom
Sacrifice your prayer
Take away your language
Cut off all your hair
Sacrifice the loved ones
Who always stood by me
Stranded in the wasteland
Set my spirit free

But yet I know in my heart that someone has to pay sacrifice
To make things better for our people
The sacrifice I have made when I really sit down to think about it
Is nothing compared to what our people a couple hundred years ago
Or fifty years ago or twenty-five years ago have made
Some gave their lives
Some had to stand there and watch their children die in their arms
So the sacrifice I have made is nothing compared to those

I've gone too far now to start backing down
I don't give up
Not 'til my people are free will I give up
And if I have to sacrifice some more
Then I sacrifice some more.

You can write Leonard at:

Leonard Peltier
U.S. Penitentiary
P.O.Box 1000
Lewsisburg, PA 17837

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

To Erik --

"I now only wish I have come across Les' sites and you before I myself had 'regular' cancer treatment last year."

I believe the people are telling the truth who say that human bodies naturally can and do clear up completely, even after major injuries, even if or when the injury has been inflicted by an invasive medical treatment. We just have to learn how to notice whatever the things are that we are doing that PREVENT healing and rejuvenation (for one example, eating 'foods' that contain toxins like aspartame and MSG), and abstain from doing those things, while shifting towards a regimen of pure water, sunlight, exercise, and 'alkaline' diet -- and the body can then regenerate even structural parts like bones and nerves. To many in our culture these 'healings' seem they must be either frauds or miracles, and that's because the healing capability that we have within our own nature has been so thoroughly suppressed, by chemical toxins and incorrect 'medical treatment.'

In your earlier comment you said, "One of my acquaintances, an 18 year old 'lassy', is suffering from severe joint pains (also in spinal chord). The doctors have told her 'she should accept this as a given' i.e. no cure!"

Now I once roomed with a guy who had been in the Peace Corps in Papua New Guinea where they have real shaman-type operators. And from what he said, it sounded like these were not your enlightened Yoda-like shamans but more like indigenous lawyer types who would cast curses on people for a fee. And my roomate said, these curses worked, because (a) there is a reality to the so-called spirit world, and the shamans actually know how to work with that, and even more to the point, (b) the curse-victims are culturally conditioned to believe, 100%, that if a shaman tells them they will die, then they will die. So when a shaman points a chicken bone at someone and says, "So sad for you, you have three days to live," what will happen is, that person will get deathly sick and die in three days' time.

Now compare our western medical situation. Your acquaintance's 'doctor' pointed his-or-her chicken bone (MD status, with all that's implied by that, in our culture) directly at her and pronounced the magic spell that you quoted in your comment, "'she should accept this as a given' i.e. no cure!"

Comparing this directly to the Papuan witch doctor is not some kind of colorful exaggeration, do you think? Is it not actually the very same dynamic in action? Only, one could rightly think that the western 'doctor' is WORSE, since the Papuan guy is doing his whole business with deliberate predatory clarity, whereas the western 'healer' is operating inside of much major self-deception, thinking "I'm a professional healer," while in sober fact she-or-he is cursing people so that they stay sick, and/or get sicker, and/or die! -- which the 'doctor' does by feeding them the thought: "I am incurable," in such a way that the person actually takes that on, AS their own belief about themself! -- 'trusting' the 'doctor' and therefore succumbing to the doctor's diagnosis, in exactly the same way that the Papuan curse victims 'believe in' the shaman's power to make them die and therefore die.

Anonymous said...

[continuation of above comment which got cut off by the wordage limitation]

And you can when tell a person has adopted the doctor's curse AS their own belief about their own condition, when they respond to it by saying THESE magic words:

"The doctor gave [me/him/her] [X amount of time]."

Haven't you heard people say that about themselves? "The doctor gave me three months." I have heard people say that (or similar) and have been blown away by the grievous falseness of believing that 'the doctor' could 'give' someone EITHER a certain amount of life, OR a definite limitation on life. But this is the first time in my life that I have ever said anything about that, and I promise I will never again hear that phrase of ritual curse-acceptance come from someone's lips without pointing out to them what they are mistakenly saying about their own life.

Now let's suppose there's some brave patient who hears their doctor tell them, "You have three months to live," and courageously decides to challenge that (poisonous) advice, and their own life circumstances, by following a natural healing program. The doctor's death curse, aka 'diagnosis', may well have put the patient into a fearful and (even worse) *deadly-serious* frame of mind concerning their 'condition'. And that very mood may be a factor that would deflect them AWAY from considering and following the very type of program that would work for them. In other words, the MD/shaman has tricked them into believing, as if it were actually truth itself, that they 'have something' which can only be treated at a cost of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, and even then will probably kill them within, say, three months. Inside of that belief (with all its heavy fear, emotional melo-drama, and SERIOUSNESS) the person may fail to recognize the validity of a program that’s simple and inexpensive, and includes no remedies except pure water, sunlight, exercise, a shift in diet, and the perseverance to continue the program through all emotional ups and downs (and against the advice of doctor, spouse, family, friends, and the entire mass media) to the point where the condition clears up by itself.

The poster formerly known as ellis

Anonymous said...

to leonard peltier
and to the indian chiefs
all the native people's
who were
broken by the beast
who knows his way
plays the day
knows its nearly time
infecting mankind
with deception
create waves
back through time
so I ask you native peoples
I know you are awake
mother nature loves us all
but the beast has come to take
with our peace together
spun around all in time
maybe mother natures
will bring more sight
to the blind
I heard your heartfelt message
so I thought I should respond
I cannot help it I love all
peace is for what I long.


Anonymous said...

the dinosaur media is not to big to fail but to failed to be big... hence the downsizing.

Erik said...

Hi Ellis,

Thanks for your reply.

My thoughts exactly ....

I am off to the pub now.



kikz said...

'our western medical situation. Your acquaintance's 'doctor' pointed his-or-her chicken bone (MD status, with all that's implied by that, in our culture) directly at her and pronounced the magic spell that you quoted in your comment, "'she should accept this as a given'

i think the western collective term is...

no-cebo effect as opposed to the placebo effect.

anybody w/physical probs should look into bruce lipton's youtube series (7vids) 'Biology of Perception'.

apparently 'will' can override disease (genetic transcription/activation mistakes/errors).

dr. lipton shows that we are not slaves to our genes, but merely inept "wizard's apprentices" aka Fantasia. :)

Anonymous said...

A lot of people read the newspapers, but how many of you look at the (tiny) legal notices. In most countries the Government is requires to publish rule making proposals/legal ads in several of the major/local newspapers. Take the time to get beyond the cartoons/funny pages and read them. If you take the time to review the legal ads, and get the word out, a lot of issues would get the attention they deserve before it is too late. The reason a lot of bad laws are passed is because they begin by publishing this under our noses and we did not pay attention. Borrow fresh newspapers if need be.



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