Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Event Horizon in your Windshield Drive-By Monitor.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I’ve been watching everything from a distance and that means you only get what your mind tells you might be happening but you can’t really see anything. There are some good features to being outside of the crowd. If they go nuts you don’t have to worry about getting away because you’re not there. That’s one of the reasons I avoid crowds but not the main one or even the secondary reason. Then again, you can’t take someone’s pulse from a distance. You have to rely on what you hear. This means you have to trust the source of your information, get another source or… not care if you are being lied to because you don’t really want to know the truth in the first place. You want to be reassured and if bad things have to happen on your watch, or due the actions of someone who represents your interests, you want it justified. Dead babies don’t grow on trees. It takes a strong man to bring a camel to his knees.

When I used to do my TV show in NYC, Woodstock, NY and some other places, via the postal service, the main feature of the show was that I channeled seven different characters and each of them gave their take on the world situation; the inner and outer space situation, the world of black ops and so on and so forth. One of the characters was Omega Fortunatis and he was from outer space. Each of the characters had a different hat and some of them had sunglasses. Omega wore lit Christmas bulbs wreathed around his head. It was called Mr. Visible’s Neighborhood and there used to be an example from the early days up on Blinkx but it appears to be gone now. Ah, never mind about that. The point is that I’m going to do a little Omega today and make some predictions concerning things that ‘I think’ I can see and as these things have gotten closer in time they look even more like what the outline was suggesting from a greater distance.

Here goes; a significant number of people are going to stop paying their taxes come 2010. This is going to cause serious concern in the leech industry. Money is going to dry up for public services and crime is going to get bad. It’s going to get worse than it might have been because people don’t have the money they need to get by. They don’t have the money they need because corporations like Goldman Sachs, the banking industry and the government have stolen what they had, while outsourcing and downsizing have buggered the manufacturing base and made the jobs disappear. An honest government could have prevented this but you don’t have one of those.

I’m not going to tell you anything new and I’ve said most of these things before but… they weren’t in the wing mirror then and riding in a Peterbilt truck. Please note that objects in the mirror are closer than they appear and so is the invisible divine agency which should be of some comfort if you are the sort of person who needs to know that sort of thing. You could find this out on your own but most people are too occupied with the details of getting by to go looking for the source of all the things they are having such difficulty finding and acquiring. End digression.

You’ve heard about the suicides in your gratuitous wars. You’ve heard about the ten million dollar bat mitzvah that the body armor guy had for his little darling and you probably heard about what kind of a beautiful human being he is, just as you have heard about Halliburton and Blackwater, now operating under a new name that the other Prince had considered using but didn’t. You’ve heard about dissension in the ranks and the games being played with soldier’s finances and health care. Well… what you have is a whole lot of really pissed off young men and women who know how to use guns and also know who they have actually been fighting these wars for. Next year there is going to be a lot of trouble coming because of these people.

There was an interesting article in the S&MSM recently (are there still people that don’t know why I call it the S&MSM? Does this help… S&M MSM?). This article was listing the places in America where there was the greatest disparity of wealth. In other words, they named places where there were a lot of very rich people and a great many more poor people. There are going to be some serious problems in these places. They were kind enough to also list those neighborhoods where there were a lot of stinking rich people, like Greenwich and Bridgeport, Connecticut. They didn’t mention Saddle (bags) River in NJ but I will. Once the leech industry has done for the middle class and lowered that forty ton press on to the heads of the poor they are going to take Willie Suttons advice with some modifications.

Consonant with the results of the forty ton press will be the Houdini that gets pulled by Social Security and other violence ameliorating services and this is going to be because the people who brought you Tungsten Gold are already looting that area of the system. Some of the individuals that are behind this truly believe they have a Get out of Dodge Free card. Some of them have reservations in one of the Morlock hotels and some of them still think they can trust their bodyguards. A good portion of them have dual nationality and they’ll be headed in that direction but there’s a surprise coming for those folks just like there is for the card carrying, Morlock hotel residing, bodyguard trusting assemblage. You can think of all of this as a sort of Shadenfreude Christmas.

People are going to start losing their minds in public. The reasons for this is that they didn’t have control of them in the first place and also… the real climate problem is going to intensify and that is the mental and emotional climate which the external climate is only a reflection of. This might help you understand what I mean. When you see something external from you are you actually seeing it there? No, you are seeing it in your head. There is the impression of distance and all attendant features extended but all of it is actually being experienced and processed in your head. Take this concept and play around with it and see if you get anything.

There will soon be an epidemic of candid shots featuring deep exposure of prominent operations and individuals. Think of it as the Tiger Woods debacle on steroids. This Climate Gate is the tip of the iceberg. Things like; ‘the’ holocaust survivor- population explosion- industry and the core industry itself, 9/11, international Satanism and it’s connection to organized religion, child sacrifice, The Pope’s wilderness defecation experiences, various mind control operations, the lying media and so forth and so on are all going to come under the Klieg lights. One of the big reasons for this is ‘panic in the ranks’. Subsequently there are going to be assassinations that make the much ignored murders of all those micro-biologists look like no big deal which, apparently they weren’t. Things are going to be a big deal now, where before they were not. A whole lot of things are going to become more important than they were. They were always important but most people didn’t give a shit because they were focused on the head bobbing up and down in their lap or occupied at the other end of the process. It is going to become clear that there are more important things than bobbing heads when other things begin to disappear.

There is a place in that remarkable work, The Lord of the Rings, where Frodo says something about Bilbo not killing Gollum. Gandalf says something like, “Pity? It was pity that stayed his hand.” It’s a beautiful teaching point among so many in that brilliant masterpiece. We all know how that turned out don’t we? We know what happened with Frodo and Gollum at the end don’t we?

Some of you may be feeling squirrelish and girlish and the latter is okay if you’re busy texting at the moment or getting ready for the prom but I have to demur because I wasn’t born one. If you are, then, even then, that might not be the ticket right now. You need to know what you are about. There’s an old C&W song that says, “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” In this instance your belief system is what is going to be tasked. It’s the point of this whole exercise to begin with. I don’t see how you could arrive somewhere if you didn’t believe in it in the first place.

The one thing The Devil cannot abide is scorn. It may be what made him red in the first place. Let him know what you think of him by having the courage not to be like so many of your fellows in this time of trial.

I’ve handed out certain PDF gifts in the past. I have one now that I hope will recompense those of you disappointed with your ALTA experience. It is in the Western tradition, Christ associated format but… there is no one from any faith who will not get something from this and it couldn’t come at a better time. Email me.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, one can see things at a distance.

But one can change it, can't one? One can change it by Will and Intent, eh?

I don't like, at all, the idea that all this is coming on and we have no poewr to change things. This is what the ptb do, all over the media, they present the events, and we accpet it. I mean the people like Celente - and such. They seem to know what's going to happen? I wonder why?

What the heck? Don't we have ennough on our plate - without accepting bad things?

No matter what, there ARE going to be Climate changes- there's no doubt abut it- we've gone as far as Nature will allow- but the things from the scum govs, we do NOT have to accept!

let's all dream it to be different! As long as we don't intent harm to others.

We can dream can't we?

Visible said...

Don't send your email addresses in the comments section; email me at

Visible said...

If you have a moment you might want to go here and vote NO! for The Chia Pet President..

ThinkingWolf said...

Please, an NBC poll??

The "results" surely will remain pure - NOT.

Excellent verification: kinglya

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you Les for your words.
I saw that early video of you and your multiple characters - it was great - you were years ahead of your time just like Aaron Russo.
Could you arrange with a glorified webcam to begin posting Mr. Visible's Neighborhood again now?

Anonymous said...

If you blame the devil for the things you sometimes do wrong then you are lost, in my opinion.

You are responsible for the things that you do and no one or nothing else.

If there is one fundamental thing that people should know I think that would be the most important. Take responsibility for your own actions because it's the lack of responsibility that put us in this mess in the first place.

The devil is a creation of religion, and we (should) all know who created religion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Things surely are speeding up. Even just reading the on-line MSM (UK) and looking at the Comments, it's pretty obvious that a lot of people have not only woken up to what the PTB are doing/have done, but they're also pretty au fait about the truth of the subjects you mentioned, especially 9/11.

Btw, did you read about Obama being greeted by demonstrations when he went to pick up his War Prize?

And I wonder if Phony Tony Blair is hearing the footsteps of Doom? The Chilcot Enquiry is pretty toothless, but it's bringing an awful lot of shit to the surface for all that! We knew it all along, and now it's gone public.

Approaching the Event Horizon just about says it all. Thanks, Les.

S. Cat

Anonymous said...

Btw, went 'here' and voted 'No' as I had a moment.

The 'No' vote had got only 37%.

Hhmmm...trolls? rigged? just plain stupid?

S. Cat

simon said...

without going to the shelf for the fellowship of the ring, I think it was 'pity'. Something along the lines of –

"It's a pity bilbo didn't kill him when he had the chance"
"Pity?, it was pity that stayed his hand. Many who die who deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too quick to hand out death as punishment. No one can see all ends.

something like that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les and All,

Great post.. You spoke about the times of great unveiling...

Well, it's funny that Erik Prince from Blackwater was just outed as a CIA Operative.. He is not too happy about that...


Take care and stay alert,


Visible said...

Thank you Simon, that's close. I did remember the last part but it wasn't connected to whatever it was I was doing.


oooooh... the devil's not real. Are you? Same thing. Every self assured; "I have all the answers and there is no spiritual war and I'll take another pint of 'Invictus'" kinda guys are all walking and talking representatives of this thing that doesn't exist (Cue the Usual Suspects)are representative of it.

I have the benefit of a few peeks behind the screen. I am guessing that you do not.


People!!! this is not an ALTA type document. I thought I explained that. t\This is a spiritual text by a realized individual that you can apply to your life no matter which GODFACE you believe in.

You'd be best served by reading the meditations in the back. I memorized them some time ago and look what they did for me (grin).

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the devil...

Boulderdash said...

I guess the S&MSM is right there on program. Last week I made a comment how much more blatant can "they" (the hierarchy enslaving us) be...

Well, here is today's AOL headline...

"Obama Accepts Peace Prize, Defends War"

We are not far from the Orwellian endpoint..."War is Peace"


ZenHG said...

Mass hysteria, fear, anxiety, anger, rage, violence, these are powerful little devils and seem tasty to some.
The same reason one hand says one thing and the other says something different, division, fuel for the fire so the feast is on.

The tide is turning to a tidal wave turning to a tsunami that will crash hard, subside, and leave those left howling in the aftermath of madness.
It is everywhere, blatant, yet ignored by the majority; listening to the pulpit puppets as they go about their business, sheep fattened for the feast to come.

Certainly they have a choice, or do they? Choice is a trademark of every corporation that espouses such a doctrine.
No thought, no word, no deed is our own, we're all copywritten properties of the monsters behind the curtain that we're told to ignore.
Not that it doesn't exist, but it is played off as though it were 'no big deal.'
When it all comes down, it will be a big deal, but too little, too late...

Meanwhile police forces are being sliced in half as law enforcement jobs are being cut, crime is on the rise to which the undermanned police force cannot respond, even when they are not tazing some innocent old lady on 4th avenue or getting a polish job down on sprague while their families are at home all warm and snug having their brains sucked clean by the glowing magic box in every single home.

I have been lurking here for some time, but lurking tends to get old and creaky.

Anonymous said...

You can lead an idiot to self destruction, but they do not have to leap off the cliff. Americans let all this bad stuff happen to them. They could cook their own food, read or meditate instead of watching TV, take a walk instead of looking at porn, etc... .

They will watch several hours of TV while eating greasy takeout and then tell you they do not have enough time to cook their own food. They will spend half the work day surfing the web and then complain that the boss demands they work overtime. They will babble about how Jew morality is destroying the US, but then watch Seinfeld, SNL, and Fiends reruns.

It is true that Jews worship their Lord Lucifer, and it is also true that so called Christian ministers and Priests tell them to worship the Chosen People, but do they have to behave like robots? The Infinite Creator made the world difficult for a reason. You can only extract Gold by exposing dross to Fire.

The real purpose of life is to walk through the valley of shadows and maintain the straight line. If you walk too far of course, you die, both physically and spiritually. This is not Calculus!

Humanity has failed its test as a collective. This does condemn everyone, as salvation really is an isolated incident. One must wake up and become one's own master through the exercise of Free Will. There is no other path to enlightenment.

Anonymous said...

NYC is broke no cash no candy...
So says the 'guv' David Patterson.


vingstr- 'vingstar'

Anonymous said...

Please insert the word "not" between "does condemn" in the last paragraph.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying there's no evil force, I'm saying it's probably not the guy from the bible.

I feel this evil is part of ourselves, and we must recognise that before we can truly face it.

McCob said...

"If you won't stand up for all this radical crap, then you better stand for something or your going to be trapped, trapped in a world that you never made". Tod Rundgren

anon 436....there is truth in what you say...but, sometimes it's hard to know the right thing to do. often times people are fooled...I think there is a devil and I think it knows our weak spots...evil can be seductive...look at the fascination with vampires running rampant in the american youth culture

McCob said...

boulderdash--our fearless leader escalates a war and gets a peace prize...I could puke!!!

Anonymous said...

I voted no, but it didn't post as it seems you must register for this 'newsvine' thing and I really don't want spam from NBC coming in my email. No matter, seems 63% of the world is duped already. But I suspect the 'yes' votes were paid shills.

O'Bomb'em motto:
War is Peace
We KILL to save lives!


McCob said...

I am an american and I am proud of it!!! We have our problems, that is for sure. That is because we are human and that means we have flaws and we make mistakes. Many americans are good people who work hard and are devoted to their families. A lot of people don't get the 911 thing because it is complicated and they have jobs and families that need tending. They don't deserve to be derided. Another reason people look away is that if the truth were generally recognized the govt would fall apart and there would be chaos in the streets. We are in the trick bag...but I think we will find our way out. I hope!!!

Les, I would praise your column but you already know.

clayonic said...

You said,We have a dishonest Govt. preventing us from getting the job done right. You are playing right into the hands of the shadowy Govt. and the Zionist Media when you use that wording. The US Supreme Court made it perfectly clear that the Govt of the USA is the Constitution of the USA and that's not dishonest as those we entrusted in our Government.

Anonymous said...

Okay, maybe I just don't understand what you're saying. What exactly is the problem with seeing evil as part of myself and feeling that I should be responsible for my possibly evil actions in order to make them less evil? How does it make me an agent of the devil?

Zoner said...

Man, catching 2 minutes of the radio this a.m. as I was driving my kid to school, I managed to hear Obama doing his "justifying" thing and it made me really mad for a second.

And then I remembered that it was exactly what he promised while campaigning. He said that he was going to go hard into Pakistan and he kept his word. What a disaster we have on our hands and 67% of those polled on that site think it is all good? Jeebus.

At this point, all that is left is to keep as strong as possible and give over what remains of my compassion and energy to whatever cause is shown to be the right one, by the only one who truly knows and hands out these assignments. It won't be advertised on the S&MSM, nor will you find sign-up sheets or light refreshments at the gatherings.

In this time of opposite-world, my only hope is that by being a complete failure by the standards of our current societal model, I am prepared to serve my true master when things flip upside-down. I see now that the one thing that matters most cannot be taken from me unless I allow it to be, and all the rest ceases to have any value anymore. I am a total loser, and am grateful for it.

Someone will need to help pick up the pieces if we are still here after the events to come. I humbly ask to be shown where my strengths are most needed, and I promise to tend to that precious gift that allows us to be here in this experience. When properly tended, the flame warms and I see the potential power of all those who have taken measures to preserve it coming together to light this place up. Burn, baby, burn!

Thanks for putting me through spiritual boot-camp, Commander Visible. I know I complained about all the push-ups a few times, but it was worth it. I await further orders from the Commander-in-Chief.
(His name does NOT rhyme with Osama).

Thank you all. See you around, eh?


work makes you free said...

Capitalism will save us it is the one TRuE way. Now get back to work there is nothing to see here.

Visible said...

Agent of the Devil (grin);

If you eat a hamburger that hamburger becomes part of you so-

You could say that you are the hamburger but at one time you were not.

It should be a simple thing to see that there are forces for good and evil in the world and it is no great leap to assume that urges felt by many millions of people over time might have crystallized into a consciousness. It so happens that many of the wisest people who ever lived admit to both sides of the equation and I suspect I will have to take their lead even if my own experiences did not bear them out; which they do. I have met both... up close and personal.

I apologize for shooting from the hip. for all I know you're a great guy and we could probably hit the clubs and have a ball but...

I responded to the tone of your comment. I tend to do that now and then and this was one of those then.

Anonymous said...

since you're getting really childish callng obama the chia pet prez, i vote for calling you based on your looks, the junkie guru. lol

btw why not just call him buckwheat and out yourself as the racist that u are

Rebel 4E said...

Politicians Always tell the Truth, the Whole Truth & nothing but the Truth,
Bankers are doing the Lords work,
There is Change We Can Believe In!
Yes We Can!
Israel is our Peaceful Friend,
War is Necessary,
Greed is Good,
God is Dead,
The Meek Shall inherit the Earth,
Man Made Climate Change is Destroying the Planet,
T.V is Ed-u-cat-ion-al,
I'm too sexy for my shirt,
War is Peace,
Freedom is Slavery,
Ignorance is Strength,

Have a Merry Bloody Christmas & a Happy New Year (O___o)

Anonymous said...

As usual ..another illuminating piece from the Prophet, Les you are so on target' everything we see smell touch hear and experience takes place inside the head... there is no out there, only in there will the truth come forth and that is for us to discover.And you are spot on Prophet...
God keep and Bless You Less..

Anonymous said...

I don't know, personifying good and evil seems like the start of trouble to me.

Someone is faced with a moral dilemma and they could do a good or a bad thing. Whether these two forces are injected into our consciousness via an outside influence, or whether one of the two is more attractive than the other, the hypothetical person could pick either. We either have free will or we don't. It's this person's judgement that will eventually lead to a good or an evil action.

Once people get someone else to blame, they get to go "Aww shucks, devil made me do it." And then feel satisfied that once again, the problem is out of their control.

Then again I also believe that I am the burger, but also that I already was the burger and the burger was me long before I ate it.

Visible said...

"I don't know, personifying good and evil seems like the start of trouble to me."

Are you saying you don't do this reflexively every day? If so I want to sit at your lotus feet. Catch my drift and use what is useful. it doesn't have to be confrontational.

Oops... looks like I hit a nerve with that Chia President thing. Here's a headsup pilgrim. I grew up around black people before they were even in the schools pretty much because I grew up on military bases. I also did some years in prisons where the inmates were mostly black and walked out of there unfucked... must be a reason.

All kinds of people have curly hair you dingbat.

Now, there are some things you could call me on but this is not one of them and as I have said before... when the time comes and my profile is much higher than it is now and that is not so far off... I will rely on my close friends in the black and Jewish communities to tell what they know.

Let's leave it at that.. shall we?

Oh, one more thing... fuck Obama and his psychopathic murdering ways and his pandering to the former slave traders whom he serves... fuck him. Fuck that slick talking. pimp walking, lying conniving piece of shit. If I were black I would be deeply ashamed.

I've got my flaws but racism isn't one of them. Three of my greatest heroes are black... M.L.K., Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali. My spiritual heroes (for the most part are Indian and Chinese).

Find something real on me and come with that. You're in the wrong part of the state with this.

Unknown said...

Heh Heh, so Omega wore lit christmas bulbs wrapped around his head, huh? That's funny because I swore I saw a dancing elf with lit christmas bulbs wrapped around his entire body dancing in someone's front yard a few christmas's back. I was taking a walk at sunset down a quiet country road when I saw him. He had lit christmas bulbs wrapped around his entire body and he was dancing. I blinked, looked the other way, and then looked back and he was gone. When I got closer to the yard I looked at the few decorations in the yard and they were all immovable, they were all fixed and stationary, plus they weren't wearing lit bulbs in that manner, so there's virtually no way I could have been mistaken in what I saw. Just a funny memory I wanted to share. bearwalk7

Not A Slanderer said...

Anon 10:47 -

I spent five days 24/7 with Les and his wife Susanne not long ago and not a moment of racism occured.

So fuck you in spades!

Correction said...

24/5 not 24/7.

Katya said...

Every now and then the divine [as you call it] touches someone and my take is that it has touched you. You blow my mind and then you do it again. Some of us owe you almost everything and I am one of those.

Rebel 4E said...

Hey! That fucktard Bush had one!

Big Green Bush

gurnygob said...

Les I didn’t know you were a Muhammad Ali fan. You learn something new everyday. He is one of my heroes too. Pity he had to be black though.. (grin)

I’ve just started reading that file you sent. It is challenging me already, I expected it would. I was told once that if I wanted to really find God I must be prepared to put aside all that I have been taught. Not that what I have been taught is necessarily wrong, but so that He can reveal Himself to me without my preconceptions.
I am prepared to except that some of the things I have been taught could be wrong but what if it all turns out to be all wrong. I think this is the problem faced by many people seeking the truth, be it physical or spiritual truth. It can be scary. The truth cuts so deep and leaves a scar, but I would rather have a few scars in this life than lose my soul in the next.
I will leave that in His hands.
Thanks for the file.

John said...

When I heard that an organic garden had been planted at the White House I was furious. They get to eat freshly grown, healthy, organic, definitely heirloom nonGMO delicacies while all of everyone is shipped the toxic fauxfood to eat? But, then I found out that it was a big organic watermelon patch, and I felt much better.

Anonymous said...

Today Mr. Obama got the nobel prize for peace. His speech would have been better titled 1984.... Now you better hold on to your seats because you will not believe what he JUST DID...,-Obamas-DOJ-files-amicus-brief-upending-Nuremberg-Protocols

WV: smsms

Anonymous said...

How on Earth could Mikey Jordan be anyone's hero? What has he ever done, besides lie, cheat, steal, gamble, and beat up his wife (oh, and play some good hoops)? Does putting a rubber ball in a hoop mean fuck-all to anyone anymore?

MLK is a given; Ali has had his moments for sure and deserves some mention; JORDAN??!! Les must be a Chicago sports fan big time...

snarky the klown said...

L.V. I have been looking for the Obama chia since last winter. Walgreens pulled it before I could get one. I found a jpg of it on tubes of interweb it looks like he has some kind buds for hair hehhe. Yes the Obama (rhymes with Osama) chia is real! Anyone who criticizes the Dalai O' Bama, the pope of hope, the One' is a national socialist racist! That is getting as old and stale as blame everything on Bush. Don't blame the puppets but the pullers of the strings.

Visible said...

I admire Jordan for the positive influence he had on the youth. We are all tarnished and, given his position and possibilities he has behaved pretty well considering what others have done.

I've never supported a team because of where they were located.

DumbGoyNot said...

Most Americans think that the CIA is an extension of government authority that is there to protect them, that they are their friends. If they only knew that the upper echelon of the CIA are some of the most evil people who have ever lived, and are certainly not their friends. But even if you presented the evidence to them they wouldn't believe it because they've been being brainwashed all their lives long not to believe anything on this order of negativity toward the government.


GoodForTheGander said...

Pakistan's Bhutto stated in a MSM interview that Osama Bin Laden died in December 2001 - a few months later she was assassinated (by Blackwater agents?).
Now it comes out that she stated the truth.
So she was killed for telling an inconvenient truth?

England's Dr.Kelly stated in a MSM interview that Tony Blair knew there were no WMD's when he invaded Iraq - a few months later he was assassinated.
Now it comes out that what he was telling the truth.
So he was killed for telling an inconvenient truth?

Al Gore falsely proclaims that he is telling an inconvenient truth. Therefore, according to the above (anti)logic I think he deserves to be assassinated ;)

Manuel Valensuela said...

Millions of us know we owe our fruitful and gluttonous lifestyles to war, to the suffering of billions and the imperialist mechanisms controlled by us, yet many of us refuse to change our ways, refusing to act in opposition to the Empire, refusing to acknowledge that our lifestyle was born in sin, in human misery and in the invasion and colonization of alien lands. Living inside the belly of the beast, using and exploiting its many riches, living its comfortable reality, yet refusing to alter our standards of living or our comfortable existence, refusing to amend our crimes and stop our exploitation of the planet, we remain, as always, fully complicit in the crimes and destruction and misery unleashed by our government. Remaining silent, indifferent and ignorant to this reality does not absolve any of us.

Through silence we merely acquiesce to everything done in our name. Our failure or unwillingness to alter our ways, our inability or refusal to change the direction of this nation and the continued indifference or complicity to the plight of billions has unmasked us all. This hidden truth lies at the heart of us all, making us a nation of warmongers, one and all, of amnesiacs, one and all, of pampered and spoiled primates, one and all, a citizenry unapologetic in its complicity and acquiescence to imperialism, war and destruction through our excessiveness, comfortable lifestyles and deafening silence.

Manuel Valenzuela said...

We are a nation asleep at the wheel, drunk off our self-exceptionalism and gluttony, ramming head on into the massive trunk of unthinking self-destruction, our arrogance blinding us to the giant cancer in our midst, addicted to materialism and television, every day dumbed down further, unwilling to learn about the world outside our infallible bubble, creating a snowball rolling downhill, gaining momentum and growing in size, in its path eviscerating the dreams and hopes of the future as well as an American past that once offered humanity a glimmer of hope in an ever-dwindling and myopic world.

Anonymous said...

Russian missile test? Fucking bullshit…..Sum Of All Fears, where Russia takes the blame….that shit was a hoax OR project blue beam. All the worlds countries are untied, Putin knows he can’t beat HARRP, no one can…..they are united through fear, Iran and North Korea seem to be the odd balls, hence why they will get fucked up soon, or like N. Korea are being fucked up already through sanctions and bad propaganda…….How easy was it for them to lie about Iraq having WMD’s? too easy, now this “climate change” bullshit????

I said to myself tonight, “ Would you rather EAT shit? Or SWIM through it? meaning do you swallow what you are told via the big screen? Or do you question it via the web? Allah swimming through shit to find the truth rather than swallowing it whole, I don’t mean allah as in islam by the way, I should say alas! Closer to Atlantis…

Anywho, I’m going to watch some UFC, peace out dead peeps! Oh I’m so out of the blue……”spiral out”….”keep going”…..Lateralus.


P.S, I should give up the drink.

brian boru said...

Hey Les, I just listened to one of your songs for the first time. You're pretty damn good!

Zoner said...

Put me down for a hearty "Fuck You" to our prez Obama, too.

I feel sorry for him.

A tool in every sense of the word.

I can't even believe any of this is real anymore.

We have entered "Opposite World" big time.


McCob said...

dumbgoynot....CIA --- Criminals In Action

McCob said...

I just saw an interview where Larry Holmes talked about his fight with Ali. Ali took a severe beating. Larry Holmes visited Ali right after the fight. Ali was beat up and laid up in bed. Even so he still taunted Holmes, "Holmes, Holmes, come hear Holmes, I want you Larry Holmes." And so on. Larry Holmes was cracking up as he told this. One has to love a guy like that.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best- reading your articles, tying it in with other information, gives the impression changes are coming.
what do people, materialistically, really need? Clean food, water, protection from the elements(clothing and shelter) health care.
Not a bunch of "stuff". Aren't there enough resources to handle these basic needs of everyone on the planet?
The greedheads have been systematically raking the cream off the top of the bottle for years, some might say they've taken the entire bottle, the cow, too. They've taken-and converted what they've taken into gold bars and machines to protect those bars.
A worldwide Intifada, against the Zionists, greedheads and war-mongers might be productive of some very beneficient consequences

Anonymous said...

Royal Dutch Shell just won a large oil contract in Iraq. Here is a little gem from 2005. Scroll down and read carefully. It also involves citigroup.

Anonymous said...

Went to a theater back in the day to see the 'Thiller in Manilla' live broadcast. I come from a boxing family. Ali was a hero in our house.In the theater my brother and I were the only white people. It was a great night. :)


Anonymous said...

I did receive the pdf on The way to the kingdom of God.Talk about timing. I had been searching and now my soul is resting content in the knowledge that I am on the right path.
I recommend all of us get a copy of this e-mail.
On another level you are right about Jordan-we all are tarnished but there was a spark there for greatness, but what do I are my teacher.

Thanks again,


Rebel 4E said...

Smokin' Joe Frazier all tha way!!


McCob said...

Buster Douglass knocked "INVINCIBLE" Mike Tyson on his ass!!! If I ever meet Buster I will treat him like a king. I was impressed...and I still am.

Visible said...

Too many shadows and not enough light. Anonymity does not have the freedoms of real people; pouncing about under the pretense of being informed. Back into the shadows that birthed you.

lightandlongshadows said...

Hit a nerve?
Insights are for everyone, awareness is a natural birthright; free.

Take care Les Visible

Visible said...

People who don't stand behind their intentionally nasty commentary are cowards and it has nothing to do with awareness. It actually indicates the opposite.

lightandlongshadows said...

"intentionally nasty commentary"
Sorry you you interpreted it this way, nothing nasty intended.
Simply relating to what you've been saying and talking out loud to myself, don't worry about it.
I have my own house to clean.

Take care Les.

Visible said...

In that case I sincerely apolo9gize. I suspect I drew that conclusion because of the trend of previous comments.

I'm always willing to take someone's word in matters like this.

Anonymous said...

"The findings suggest that being male or female is not a permanently fixed state but something that has to be continually maintained in the adult body by the constant interaction of genes to keep the status quo – and the gender war – from slipping in favor of the opposite sex."

This is an important discovery by Dr. Weinstein and Dr. Goldstein. It seems if you turn gay you can blame it on a gene switch and not perversion. Your wife will understand because she could also switch. (show her the article in WRH) With this blockbuster finding they should strike the word perversion from the English language. What will they discover next? Hell, gene switching might explain all kinds of things. I read where this poor guy was thrown in jail for plugging his neighbor's horse. It could have been perfectly natural gene switching which caused this behavior.

On another note, I live in the Pacific Northwest and like a lot of places in the US it is COLD. Lived in Colorado for seven years and never saw temperatures continue like this. It snowed two inches six days ago and the snow is still on the ground. Absolutely no melting even on sidewalks. (highs 16F) Usually snow will melt by noon. AllGore was right, that global warming is a bitch.

We have homeless people sleeping on the sidewalks, and families sleeping in cars because the shelters are full. We can spend billions each month in Afghanistan and Iraq but no money for these poor souls. Wow, and trillions to bail out banks. Anyone stupid enough to think we have representative government must have the genes in their brain switched. At least the homeless can go get a free H1N1 flu shot. Can't figure out why with a relatively mild flu they are free this year. Always had to pay in the past.

Well there is a lot of things I don't understand. Nice to have Les.


Odin's Raven said...

Here is a strange rumour that Siberian shamans say that the Blue Whales are singing the death song of humanity.

War On Iran? said...

First, if Israel thinks they can take on a nation of 85 million Iranians, they need to get off the drugs, booze, arrogance and punch-drunk Zionist-moron power trip. Israel cannot defeat Iran with conventional weapons. Iran is very close politically and economically to Russia and China, with each having huge financial interests at stake. The Bushear Nuclear Reactor was built by Russia, there are many Russian technicians there and have been all along. Any attack on that facility will kill Russians as well as Iranians. China has $400 billion in oil and gas business with Iran and has even built a new port at Gwadar.

Secondly, any attack by the US, possibly even if they are aiding and abetting an Israeli attack, could see a massive Iranian army cross the border into Afghanistan, the Baluchistan province of Pakistan and into Iraq. It could well make the US concept of 'troop surge' look impotent as our US troops are suddenly swarmed by millions of really angry, justifiably angry Iranians. They may well be joined by Russian, Indian and Chinese forces that already know that the US Global War on Terror lie is all about resource theft and control.

Checkmate US/UK - you lose said...

In Pakistan's ethnically turbulent Baluchistan province, the Chinese-built port at Gwadar became fully operational this year, turning an isolated sandy peninsula on the Arabian Sea into what could become the country's principal commercial port.

Run by the Singapore Government's Port Authority (a favoured Chinese partner), Gwadar has opened up new sea-borne trade routes to Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, along with China's partners in the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan) and its own, land-locked, north-western provinces.

But with a total investment of around $1.2 billion, China's interests are more than commercial. Gwadar comes complete with a new naval facility that both the Pentagon and India's Ministry of Defence expect to house Chinese warships.

China is taking very clear steps that signal it will control its energy future for their own economy, rather than being controlled and manipulated from London, DC or Wall Street. Again, that is their lawful right to do so.

Of course, India is alarmed because they have built Chabahar port in the Sistan-Baluchistan of Iran (just west of that Pakistan area) province to get Iranian oil to their nation, and now have to face China for competition over the Iranian oil supplies.

The strategic reason for putting these ports in is because of the stupendous military and geopolitical stupidity of the US and UK.

The Iran ­ Pakistan ­ India Pipeline, or IPI, is in doubt because it is clear that the US intends to take over Afghanistan and the Baluchistan region of Pakistan. Brace yourself America, the US game plan of military domination to get oil domination will fail.

That is what the pissing match is all about and the US and UK are losing, checkmate, the damned game and lies are over.

Pens and contracts are burying the US and UK. Due to the lies the morons concocted to launch their greedy plan, the rest of the world is laughing while the Empire Masters sink in the pile of shit they alone created. The rest of the world has moved on, won, and did not fire one single shot.

This insanity will only stop America when you 'the people' wake up, grow a set of balls and make it stop. DC is way out of control. Anyone that thinks otherwise is an idiot that does not understand anything but where they live and probably not even that.

Martial Law 2010 said...

US President Barack Obama has issued an order to his Northern Command's (USNORTHCOM) top leader, US Air Force General Gene Renuart, to 'begin immediately' increasing his military forces to 1 million troops by January 30, 2010, in what these reports warn is an expected outbreak of civil war within the United States before the end of winter.

"According to these reports, Obama has had over these past weeks 'numerous' meetings with his war council abut how best to manage the expected implosion of his Nation's banking system while at the same time attempting to keep the United States military hegemony over the world.

The EU Times article continues by saying, "To the fears of Obama over the United States erupting into civil war once the full extent of the 'rape and pillaging' of the american people by their banks and government becomes known to them, grim evidence now shows the likelihood of this occurring much sooner than later."

The Times story goes on to say that there are "over 220 million American people armed to the teeth and ready to explode."

The Times article concludes by saying, The coming civil war in the United States is being virtually ignored by their propaganda media - the US is heading for collapse.

In a column from entitled "Arming Goldman With Pistols Against Public," written by Alice Schroeder "I just wrote my first reference for a gun permit, said a friend, who told me of swearing to the good character of a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. banker who applied to the local police for a permit to buy a pistol. The banker had told this friend of mine that senior Goldman people have loaded up on firearms and are now equipped to defend themselves if there is a populist uprising against the bank."

There is no doubt that the American people have good reason to despise these international bankers epitomized by Goldman Sachs. Even one of Goldman's poster-boys, Henry Paulson, US Treasury secretary and former Goldman CEO, admitted "[People] were unhappy with the big discrepancies in wealth, but they at least believed in the system and in some form of market-driven capitalism. A complete meltdown could lead people questioning the basis of the [whole] system."

Schroeder opines, "The bailout was meant to keep the curtain drawn on the way the rich make money, not from the free market, but from the lack of one. Goldman Sachs blew its cover when the firm's revenue from trading reached a record $27 billion in the first nine months of this year, and a public that was writhing in financial agony caught on that the profits earned on taxpayer capital were going to pay employee bonuses."

Schroeder concludes saying, "And if the proles [proletariat: plebs, working class, peasants] (sic) really do appear brandishing pitchforks at the doors of Park Avenue and the gates of Round Hill Road, you can be sure that the Goldman guys and their families will be holed up in their safe rooms with their firearms."

Is this why Barack Obama is beefing up USNORTHCOM? This would help explain the reports of all those potential detention camps that have been constructed (including the abandoned military installations that have refurbished security fences, guard towers, etc., around them).

Has the American people's disgust with these crooks and thieves within the federal government and Wall Street reached a boiling point?

There is no question that people are angry, and for good reason.

The fraudulent financial policies of the Federal Reserve and its lackeys in the White House and Congress have literally bankrupted the country.

The Federal Reserve Bank will be disbanded and replaced by the World Bank at the end of January 2010 causing the American dollar to devalue by ca 50% - that is to say, if it costs US$1.25 to buy 1.00 euro now, it will cost US$2.50 to buy 1.00 euro when the World Bank takes over.

American savings will be halved (in converted foreign currencies) and the cost of all foreign goods will double.

Visible said...

Not that I don't think things like this are possible and/or in the works but it's good to have some provenance and know whether this is coming from Sorcha Faal, or some other location.

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

The Flaming Dumpsters at the End of the Line.

John said...

Anon 2:26, references please.

Anonymous said...

"Senior Goldman people have loaded up on firearms and are now equipped to defend themselves if there is a populist uprising against the bank."

HAHAHAHAHA that is hilarious!!! It takes more than owning a gun to defend yourself. These fat ass bankers would be up against x-military and individuals who have owned and used firearms all their life. They would do as well arming themselves with the Koran/Bible.

I've been out on the range with people who aren't familiar with weapons. These people can be dangerous to themselves and others. Would you go hunting with Dickless Cheney? Feeling at home/comfortable with a gun isn't something that comes natural. In a way it is like learning to golf, it takes practice/desire/time.

"Not that I don't think things like this are possible/in the works"

Everything 226 wrote is pretty main stream, no new revaluations. Sucha Fool is usually way out there, completely unbelievable, full of shit. To anyone who pretty much has it figured out the disinfo crap is a form of entertainment. If you can take reading Sorcha Faal they/it is a classic example. Once you are out of the pen they can never put you back in.


Origen the heretic said...

Anon 2:26:
If you'e going to post Chuck Baldwin's letter, you should at least give him credit.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...


Thank you for e-mailing me the .pdf file. I appreciate it.

The article that Anon 2:26 AM posted is from Chuck Baldwin. linked to the article.

-- Alexina

Anonymous said...

Fud always gets my attention having been imprisoned with him in German barracks. Go Fud! Visible I am happy to be sharing the planet with you at this particular time.

Anonymous said...

Some of us oldsters like Fud knew it was all bullshit long ago. It seems to be a self propelling nightmare however. We have to find the enemy and strike him down whoever and wherever he may reside.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Sorcha is entertainment only but I would never advise anyone to totally ignore it. She/he did come up with Lenin smuggling the fluoride formula out of Moscow to destroy the western mind. This is a legit fact. You have to throw in some legit facts of course to legitamate yourself.

Sorcha is good comedy and I never miss an issue. Actually she advocates a compound in the Blue Ridge for survival. My thoughts are hey get them all in one place and finish them. Her plots with tool sheds and the works, well you don't own them.

My thoughts about the apocalypse is well almost nobody is going to survive so why get worked up over it. Hell I am in Florida and Cumbre Viejo can go down at any time. I am not moving. The idea of running around averting the apocalypse is anathema to me. Bring it on. Lets do it!

Anonymous said...


It is good to know that we as humans, sons of Adam, we make discharge of the same nature of the universe.
Our discharges are natural, biodegradable, recyclable, the OS doesn't need any ad ons to operate proficiently,
no alien interference is required for the human body to transform matter into discharges/matter.
As humans we discharge matter in its three basic forms: gaz, liquid and solid.
Zero waist of matter, 100% of matter comes in and 100% of matter comes out. Matter transformed by passing
thru us, thru our operating system, digestive, respiratory, atomic level. It transformed to another basic form of matter
necessary for the creation of other matter we interact with in our surroundings (trees, birds, air, water, earth...).
In that sense we are as sons of Adam recycling beings of matter. And while our system operates this transformation
our body create energy. Energy matters. If we do not recycle correctly the matter coming in we will have a poor energy
production supply to our own survival and the survival of other matter/energies that requires our recycling abilities to regenerate,
to be transformed for a matter to another those participating in this eternal cycle of energy.

All of that is true for matter that is materialized in our 3D world. 100% of matter comes in, 100% of matter comes out and energy is created from this
transformation process of matter into matter, from dusk to down, from dust to dust.

Dysfunctional humans do not follow this golden rule, 100% in 100% out= optimized energy production & absolute harmony (ultimate heaven).
Dysfunctional human beings are not the crippled ones, the retarded, the handicapped, no, the dysfunctional human being is the worst conductor
of energy, of recyclable energy. 100% of matter/energy comes in and maybe 30% of matter/energy comes out. The 70% remaining in the body/soul
builds up into fat and, around our necks, our wrensgh, ankles and around our hearts. Those who stocks gold and silver are the fat glocking our development,
they are the fat that engulfs our hearts and making our blood pressure rising to death.
Those who stock gold and silver prevents the recycling process, the transformation process from matter to energy, they hold back in fact bad energy in our
human society. With all the fat that surround our humanity every little step for man kind feels like an endless tiring effort to move forward or to evade danger.
More than 70% of their non recycled energy is stocked in banks and religious institutions.

As a Human Body we should be agile in order to evolve or to "fall" into our next step, this is how we advance and we transform.

My advise to all the visibles and invisiblest is to wake up, it is time to loose the Fat, both
physically and spiritually. Forgive and do not seek revenge, and just stop taking any more bull shit and be ordered to transform it into more gold!!!

It is time for the Leviathan to rise.


Anonymous said...

Looks like theyre finally breaking out the torches (and pitchforks) both at UC Berkeley (the president's on campus residence -- "we really were afraid for our lives") & the "A" crowd in downtown copenhagen.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

The Coat of Many Colors and the Body Beneath.

Also we are on the radio tonight here
Feet to the Fire.

or you can download it here Visible's Radio Show archive. in a day or so.

Origen the heretic said...

"My thoughts about the apocalypse is well almost nobody is going to survive so why get worked up over it. Hell I am in Florida and Cumbre Viejo can go down at any time. I am not moving. The idea of running around averting the apocalypse is anathema to me. Bring it on. Lets do it!"

Just so, Dublin Mick. I've got a ringside seat with one foot in the grave and I don't give a damn. If the bastards will let me alone, I'll leave them alone, but that's up to God. Payback is a beautiful thing, and it looks like the human race is about to get theirs; the pendulum has been pushed way too far out of line for too long and now it's going to swing back cleaning out a lot of crap on the way.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

Berlusconi e colpito.... deer in the headlights/terror look, blood on his face.....
the torches and pitchfork crowds arrive in Italia!
wd verif: fresca!

Visible said...

This thing with Berlusconi is the beginning of something that is going to become routine.

There is a tremendous rage around the world that is being directed at the ruling elite and they are soon going to be feeling like hunted beasts.

Origen the heretic said...

That BBC video of Berlusconi was better than the Obama handshake thingy. You're right Les, the prols will probably get a number of them, but the ones at the very top won't be taken down by the peasants. I trust (and hope) that blowback will hoist them on their own petards.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

@anon 5:47

good one.

Burnie said...

Thanks Visible,
My thoughts used to be predicated somewhat by my assumption that there was a CHRISTIAN god although I did not name him as such I was to young for that. Now I take a much different approach to belief. Which is, I don't know what is and what is not, just that I am neither, and open. Evil exists as well as good within as well as without and what you say in the comments about this evil forming a conscieneness is close to the mark, just as it its opposite does the same. It just seems that evil gets all the "good" press, while love and compassion walk silently along dong what they do. The paradox for me is the balance sheet seems weighted towards the negative which gets me into thinking that everything is not necessarily local but infinite and I can only see a part of the whole. Simply this, we swim in a sea of conscienceness with blinders on.
The difference might be that evil eats itself and its perpetrators because, this guy wants to believe, that conscienceness gravitates upwards with the collective drive towards a natural state of of love.
Just sayin' (maybe too much and badly)



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