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Play 24 Hour Miniature Golf at Auschwitz.

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Last night's radio show is now available for download.

Well, they got their Auschwitz sign back, in 3 pieces and I know the whole world just feels like it has gotten an early Christmas present. Oops, I don’t think you can say the word Christmas any more can you? That sign needs to be replaced anyway, with one that says, “Lies make you filthy rich”. Reading this tawdry, unctuous sop to a people who manufactured several holocausts much larger than the one they claimed they experienced, saves me the trouble of pushing my fingers down my throat to offset an intense state of internal nausea because it’s just that sick making that I don’t have to do anything at all. The upchuck is inspired to seek the light on its own.

I don’t know why we don’t hear about the Bolshevik murders of tens of millions and the holocaust in the Ukraine. I’m not sure why we are not notified about who the membership of The Young Turks were and their impact on the Armenian holocaust. For some reason we never get informed about who the bankers and banks were that pushed for and bankrolled the major world wars and probably all the others as well. We certainly are discouraged from pointing out what’s happening in Gaza, at the hands of these blood thirsty villains, in broad daylight... every day for the last 61 years ...and it all gets blamed on the Palestinians. The way I feel about this, I wish you would take that holocaust of yours and stick it up your ass and set it on fire (poor choice of words?).

There’s a damn good reason to control the press, as you can see.

What I notice is that they’ve got almost six million of the worst of them all together in one place now and who knows what serendipity that might imply. Maybe they’ll be able to really get those numbers finally, before they exterminate the human race or most of us are driven to suicide from hearing about this holocaust over and over and over and over again. How come there are now so many more holocaust survivors than were actually liberated from the camps?

Here’s the way it is. No matter what may have or may not have happened during the second world war- going on 70 years ago- you; the chosen... are no longer owed anything at all. You have milked this cow till it was dead and continued to milk it until the flesh came away from the body and nothing but bones remain. Now you are stealing milk from somewhere around the corner and demanding that we accept that the cow can never die. The cow is immortal. It appears that lies are too. I’m going to go take a Pina Colada enema and then a dip in the Auschwitz pool, while I think about what I want to say next.

The gig is up. You can peddle your lies and your engineered publicity stunts and your false flags to the permanently stupid and the terminally insane but you can’t peddle them to me or any of the rest of us who have the great pleasure of observing your bad behavior every day and... I hate to tell you this but you are going to be exposed and ass whipped in ways you never imagined and it is on the way as I speak. Since this is the apocalypse and that period when the one you worship gets a portion of what is owed to him; I think you know who and what I mean, you are going to find that the more you beat this dead horse and milk that dead cow the more that fewer and fewer people are going to believe your outrageous lies. It comes with the time and the territory.

Personally I think Auschwitz would be a great place for a gay disco, a Berlin leather bar or... let me think, a full contact miniature golf course. That’s the ticket!!! There could be all kinds of obstacles and cool effects. You could get Spielberg’s special effects people to come in and set the thing up. He could shoot a movie about it at the same time. He could call it, Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Anne Frank’s Ballpoint Pen. Steve’s good to go on this, after all, he recently claimed there were now 350,000 holocaust survivors, which is about 3 times the number that was liberated from the camps. New Baron Munchausen’s are claiming up to a million these days. I’m thinking that you’re pushing for a final figure of six million holocaust survivors and that will be the point at which the anti-gravity machine goes ballistic. We can bring Escher back from the dead and he can paint it; six million dead and six million surviving and they are moving on a Mobius Strip with black and white birds flying overhead.

Back to the golf course; you can claim that all of the sand in the sand traps is actually the ashes of the dead from the crematoriums. You can have hazards along the lines of liquid soap, water traps made from the original, discredited product. You can have lampshades of human skin that pop up out of the ground in front of the course of the ball. You can have blue-eyed twins that come out of the bushes and steal the ball and then run off with it back into the bushes and then you can run into the bushes and do bad things to them.

Each hole will have an entire theme motif. There’s Doctor Mengele, injecting concrete into a young girl’s veins at the nineth hole. At the tenth hole you have the mass graves with animated zombies. At the 13th hole you have the Treblinka exhibit, where you have to find the hole using a gas spectrometer. You can take a point off your score if you can locate any human remains. At the 16th hole you have to accurately estimate how many gas chambers and crematoriums were necessary in order to realistically gas and burn the amount of people that were supposed to have been gassed and burned; this determines the angle of the playing field and the success of your putt.

This is what Auschwitz was always meant to be. You go talk to the people at the Ritz Carleton about turning all those buildings into hotel rooms and you put together an ass-kicking, restaurant with a major league Saturday night, champagne breakfast buffet. You can do it. You have no shame... no, don’t be modest... you don’t.

So now you are about to get in your planes and head on over to Iran and kill a whole lotta new people. You can’t fly over Turkey since you tried to kill Yippee I oh tie Yay Erdogan; not your smartest move. You’ve had a good run. You pulled off 9/11 and blamed it on the Arab Muslims. You did the London Tube Bombings and The Madrid Train Station. You did the U.S.S. Cole and Mumbai. You crafted the lies and twisted the necessary arms to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. Your settlers can kill Palestinians, without a word of protest from your captive governments around the world. You can even have the IDF and police standing by in case some Palestinian objects to the treatment and no one says nothing... I’m guessing you are sky high on your own freedom and ability to do just about anything to anyone without any reaction at all. I’m guessing you have pushed arrogance to previously, unguessed heights. I’d say you are right where you need to be.

You did all these things and got away with it. You’ve got people coming out of the woodwork with fabricated stories about your holocaust, who get caught in the act and all those so called anti-Semitic events that you are behind and which you get caught at and it still doesn’t matter. How cool is that?

I’m here to tell you that Christmas is on the way for the rest of the world and that does not bode well for you. Invisible armies and flesh in presence, both are arrayed across the worlds and dimensions against you and baby, your time has come. My advice to those of you who consider yourselves, ‘members of the tribe’ and who have remained silent all around the world in the face of constant, unremitting evidence of the things which I and others have told you is... you better wake up. Silence is complicity here.

I take my hat off to those, all too few, of you who are actually working against the psychopathic engines of mass murder and world domination that your, so called, family members have been up to. All debts are going to be settled and there is time for almost anyone to come to their senses and make whatever statement is in their power, to not only save another but perhaps your own ass as well. That window won’t stay open forever. Dusk is already falling.

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Anonymous said...

I remember hearing not long ago that Putin stated that Iran was not afraid of Israel attacking. Hmmm I wonder if Russia has already given iran something that will give them that confidence. I hope so...

As for the numbers, well you know with that new math you can say anything. Or maybe, if you are dead you get counted as two.

Israel is going to be under water in a few years anyway. Flood Ii, the sequeal.

Word ver: gatelie

How appropriate!

Anonymous said...

Nobody does it better. You blew the doors off with this one.


Anonymous said...

A Little Holiday Uncheer, Brought To You By Obama And His Gang Of?

"A Visit from St. Obama"
By Dave Lindorff:

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land
Not a creature was stirring in Afghanistan.
The bedrooms were bunkered with piles of hard stones
To protect from attacks by the Predator drones.
The children were huddled, afraid, in their beds
While visions of night raiders danced in their heads.

Mama doffed her hijab and I doffed my hat
And we both settled down for a rest and a chat
When out in the yard their arose such a clatter,
I sprang to the door to see what was the matter.
Away to the entrance I ran 'cross the floor,
Pulled on the handle and opened the door.

The moon hadn't risen but up in the air
A chopper was shining a light. Such a glare!
And what to my wondering eyes did appear
But a whole gang of men, armed and dressed in black gear.
With a tall skinny guy who was wearing a pistol,
I knew in a flash: it was General McChrystal.

More rapid than eagles his raiders they rushed
And they grabbed me and trussed me and kicked, hit and pushed.
"Frisk him! Blindfold him! Remove him! Get going!
And tear up his household! See what he's not showing!"
They frightened my wife and my kids just for kicks,
And slaughtered my goats and a half dozen chicks.

Then away they transported me up in the air
To a far-off location and I still know not where.
They duct-taped my eyes and my arms and my feet,
And left me alone in a room with no heat.

That was a Christmas some four years ago,
And I've been in this hellhole so long I don't know
What my hometown still looks like. I hear it's all rubble,
From air-raids and car bombs and other such trouble.

But yesterday morning I was told by a guard
That I'm going home soon and should not take it hard.
It was all a mistake, they just had the wrong chap, and
Since my name is Achmed, well, "These things can happen."
Now I hear that the head of the American nation,
Obama, has ordered an Afghan escalation.
He's sending another 34,000 men
To ramp up the effort to "help us"...again.

In the spirit of the season, he said, by the way,
That the first of these new troops will arrive Christmas Day!
This Nobel Peace Prize winner thinks it's just great
To unleash these new killers on that special date.

He and McChrystal both claim this invasion
Is to make us all safer and to build us a nation.
But how can that be when they're raiding our houses,
and bombing our weddings and scaring our spouses?

You attack us with drones that kill innocents daily
Send out death squads to hunt us, and lock us to jail
Leaving families to worry if we're even living,
While you torture us, starve us and then want forgiving

When it turns out, as with me, you got the wrong guy.
And meanwhile our families were left there to die
Because no one's around to earn money for bread.
And you wonder why people want Talibs instead?

You say you have brought us democracy? Right!
If a corrupt drug cartel counts, then maybe you might
Have a point. But I think that Karzai and his kin
Are much closer to gangsters than they are to Abe Lincoln.

Merry Christmas America! Happy New Year!
Enjoy your days off. We're in hell over here.
But I think you will find, as this old year is ending,
That your President's "good" war is only beginning.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

Hey Les and All,

More disturbing news:

Take care,


moon said...

Very conferting words Les...
...what say you .... What say you... Aragon shouted at the army of the dead. And they swept under his comend the armies of the vile and eveil Mordor...


Anonymous said...

Now thats what i call a full broadside and bang on target.Well scripted les really enjoyed this one.Can not wait to see the big day.

Anonymouser said...

Les, you got ALL that right!

Rebel 4E said...

Top Notch Vis!

2 Words...
Qui Bono?


Anonymous said...

A collection of media lies in 7 languages.


Timster said...

Worthy of comparison to the Great Gonzo himself! Brilliant essay, Les!
Mine was an clumsy ill-written sarcastic blurb in comparison..I am humbled before you!

Anonymous said...

When you're at the top the only direction left to go is down.

Visible said...

Last night's radio show is now available for download.

Jan Liwacz said...

The Auschwitz sign should get updated to "LIES WILL SET YOU FREE"

The incident was most likely a provocation to weaken current ruling elite by rattling Polish sensibilities. The response on Polish blogs centers around Polish-Jewish relations. A long list of mutual grievances that just will not die. Also, quite predictably, some Jewish groups call the theft an "act of war". The conflict is much more visible and direct in non English speaking countries of the world.

The official explanation is that the theft of the sign was ordered by a "crazy collector" through the internet. Sounds like damage control, we may never know the truth as to who ordered it, but it was not a case of simple vandalism.,80273,7385774,Kradziez_w_Auschwitz_byla_przeprowadzona_na_zamowienie.html&prev=_t&

The reason to doubt the "collector" story is that an order was placed, but delivery had not been negotiated, hence it was cut into 3 pieces for the sole convenience of the thiefs.

Also, it is doubtful that the sign has any monetary value. Besides, the Auschwitz Museum has a replica it had used in the past.

A good place to start looking for the "collector" is in Warsaw's corridors of power.

Anonymous said...

When I read your Blog I get the feeling there is hope for Mankind

Anonymous said...

Goldman Sachs wants even more for ... for doing "Gods Work"...

Or else they will take their ball and cry to mommie!


ThinkingWolf said...


chuckyman said...

Thank you for this post Les - delivered as only a true wordsmith with the compassionate belief in the plight of the real victims of these golems could deliver.

I think that the whole holohoax saga is a vast cabalistic spell on the rest of humanity. The attempt to insinuate the magik number of 6 million was attempted after the end of WWI also (before you ask I can’t find the original archive link).

I do not consider myself a Christian in the terms that the organised scamsters would recognise. I respect the man and his message – not the vast edifice of power built despite his message. Having said that I also think that this is a unique time of the year when many of us may feel a warm outpouring of love for our fellow members of the real human family. As many tighten their purse stings the real message of the holiday might just sneak out of the gaps of the prison bars of commercialism.

To counteract some of that spell let us focus on those inhabitants of the Gaza gulag. They (and all the people of the region) have been sacrificed by the rest of the world so that they may be left alone.

Currently a convoy of supplies is trying to make its way to Gaza at this moment. While we tucked into our food and booze this time last year unspeakable horrors were inflicted on these people. They are STILL living in the rubble of that devastation. This blogger is on the convoy and they need our help.



Origen the heretic said...

"What I notice is that they’ve got almost six million of the worst of them all together in one place now and who knows what serendipity that might imply." Oh yes. Would it not be both ironic and soul satisfying to see them at last achieve their bullshit 6,000,000 number?

In line with the first comment (anon 6:03 PM) Joe Vialls said several years ago that the Russians had installed 20 nuclear armed Onyx cruise missiles in Iran, but the launch keys were in Russian not Iranian hands. The Onyx is mach 3, carries a 250 kiloton warhead, and is basically unstoppable by our so-called missile defense systems. One Onyx = no Tel Aviv or at least an uninhabitable one. I take (took?) Vialls with a large grain of rock salt, but I pray every time I read about another Zionist crime (several times a day) that he was right about this.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

back to hell another day
things come together though
energies play
people coming in
more people see
the feeling of a truth
thats what they come
to be
like flowers
on the eternal meadow
blowing in the wind
of where peace flow
mother natures love
is wize and old
difficulties she overcomes
easily solves
supplies humanity
like a never ending charity
we repay her
in the practice of
wickedness and savagery
when we know better
we was always told
deep in our hearts
most have forgotten
their soul
sold it to fill
the pockets with gold
lost in deceit
went to the cold
they need to come back now
into the warmth
because we have 2012
shift of the pole


John said...

Burned my retina and made my ears ring reading this. ;)

Anonymous said...

sow this seed
say this peace
love my people
south north west east
every day
all day long
in this heart
try to sing a song
deep inside
jay bird fly
play with bees
sing song in sky
harmonys of the spring
natures truths
always bring
peacefull presence
truthfull lessons
the power of the light
our natures essence
allows our love
to flow free
practice our peace
amongst our fellows
underneath were one
one day all men
will shine like sun's
woken from their
endless slumber
higher nature's
truth wander
eternaly walk the
heart's of men
old and wize
natures medicine


Anonymous said...

Ok, I think we all have had enough of Goldman Sachs. Maybe they should ask God to pay the rent since they are after all, doing his work.

WV: sevens

iconoclast said...

lol, well put; Kudos.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les

After following you for awhile, I notice that you have you own fan-base, groupies, yes-men/women, and what-not...;-)

Are you sure you are not sitting on a pedestal surrounded by the whsiper of Grima?


Cheers to you
mf of kl, my

New Reader said...

-Off topic

Was the Berlusconi attack a false flag?

Anonymous said...

CITY workers waved £10 notes at G20 protesters today as thousands descended on London's financial heartland.

This was in April, 2009.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
Magnificent job!

Deacon blues - I loved the poem.

Can anyone tell me the best source for figuring out the "young turks" connection to the Armenian genocide? What is the evidence that a certain group did this?

E Vero

Anonymous said...

I want to than k Rebel$e for the link. Very powerful. But, the key point, and there is a lot in this video, is that the Zionest criminal network is not perfect. they make mistakes. Often their own creations turn on them. I think Les alluded to this many times. :)

WV: wingate (had liegate before)

Anonymous said...

The horrific evil wrought by the Tribe, all over the place, has now become so obvious...actually no, it's much, much more than "obvious"; say utterly predictable, in fact somewhat "boring", that I almost don't blame the Tribe anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think they're even "human", for what it's worth, but at this point, especially with something like the internet, i.e., the whole world at our fingertips, I really have to ask: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF GOYIM THAT INHABIT THE WESTERN WORLD?

Why are these small-minded, small town assholes still joining up "to serve" the monsters, for example?

What kind of mental/moral defectiveness is it that makes someone volunteer to go on a Zionist crusade on the other side of the world senselessly murdering Arabs for the Tribe?

What kind of mental/moral defectiveness is it that compels the teachers in the local school district to teach the kids that Osama did 9/11 and fire brought down the buildings?

Let's face it, when it comes right down to it, the Jew supremacists themselves are nothing but a pathetic bunch (and a small bunch at that) of baby-killing cowards (thanks, Hezbollah, for the many examples); what makes them so dangerous are the millions of mentally and morally defective small town folk willing to follow them to hell and do their feral bidding.

When the shit hits the fan, it won't be the Jew, but your small-minded, small town neighbor shooting you down in the streets for the Jew.

I think I need to get away from this country full of defective, delusional assholes, lest I share in their looming comeuppance.


Michael Santomauro said...


Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides By Thomas Dalton

In this remarkable, balanced book, the author skillfully reviews and compares “traditional” and “revisionist” views on the “The Holocaust.”

On one side is the traditional, orthodox view -- six million Jewish casualties, gas chambers, cremation ovens, mass graves, and thousands of witnesses. On the other is the view of a small band of skeptical writers and researchers, often unfairly labeled “deniers,” who contend that the public has been gravely misled about this emotion-laden chapter of history.

The author establishes that the arguments and findings of revisionist scholars are substantive, and deserve serious consideration. He points out, for example, that even the eminent Jewish Holocaust scholar Raul Hilberg acknowledged that there was no budget, plan or order by Hitler for a World War II program to exterminate Europe’s Jews.

This book is especially relevant right now, as “Holocaust deniers” are routinely and harshly punished for their “blasphemy,” and as growing numbers of people regard the standard, Hollywoodized “Holocaust” narrative with mounting suspicion and distrust.

The author of this book, who writes under the pen name of “Thomas Dalton,” is an American scholar who holds a doctoral degree from a major US university.

This is no peripheral debate between arcane views of some obscure aspect of twentieth century history. Instead, this is a clash with profound social-political implications regarding freedom of speech and press, the manipulation of public opinion, how our cultural life is shaped, and how power is wielded in our society.


Michael Santomauro
Editorial Director
Call anytime: 917-974-6367

Steve B said...

Origen said
In line with the first comment (anon 6:03 PM) Joe Vialls said several years ago that the Russians had installed 20 nuclear armed Onyx cruise missiles in Iran, but the launch keys were in Russian not Iranian hands. The Onyx is mach 3, carries a 250 kiloton warhead, and is basically unstoppable by our so-called missile defense systems. One Onyx = no Tel Aviv or at least an uninhabitable one. I take (took?) Vialls with a large grain of rock salt, but I pray every time I read about another Zionist crime (several times a day) that he was right about this.................... What has to be understood here is, the evil mudslime who engineer all these ill's care not whether there is a Tel aviv or not. Understand that they have no loyalties to anyone or anything. The real tragedy is that what they preach about the "Holocaust" is believed by many jews, (as in all "education systems, they are brainwashed) We see soldiers of all nations commiting horrendous acts against their brothers and sisters, but we must understand that they are robots, the passion and love that they were born with has been yanked from them by the very same slime that makes you go to wal-mart and buy a playstation with the latest "shoot' em up" thrown in for free.
As Les said........"their days are numbered", whether Joe Vialls was right or not their days ARE numbered, regardless of whether tel aviv is around or not.

Love and Peace to all

Steve B

gurnygob said...

Re: Posted By: Deacon Blues

"A Visit from St. Obama"
By Dave Lindorff:
All I can say is wow! Great poem, some people have a way with words.
Yes Christmas is coming and I expect there are a certain class of “people” who would rather not hear about that fact. They have done their best to turn it into a commercial frenzy of greed and for the most part, at least on the face of it, they have been successful. However, there is something much deeper that kills them. Something they hate and wish with all their hearts would just go away; and that is the real meaning of the season. Take away all the modern commercial trappings and what you have left is a time when the rest of the world celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, The Son of the living God. From Palestine to Alaska and any other route you care to take, the Son of man is being honoured. Even in the ruins of Gaza there will be, huddled together, poor families with merger trimmings still giving thanks to God above for the birth of their saviour; and as for the Zionist Pharisaic Jews, what can I say? How about “Have a Happy Christmas.”

As for the rest of you. Weather you believe or not. I wish you all a holy and peaceful Christmas in the spirit of Christ Himself.

Ps. Les I don’t know about a miniature golf course, I’m into fishing myself and these shores and rivers suit me just fine so if they do do it, I for one will not be partaking.

Maybe they should take that sign and stick it on one of their border check points leading from Gaza; it would make more sense there.

Michael said...

It's time Germany told the jews to get lost, better to give the billion Euros to the victims of jewish genocide in #Gaza

Tzolkin said...

In some countries saying things like these is a crime: denying of the holocaust.

Not that the thing is actually denied, but even having doubts about the official story is defined as such.

A very liberal forum in the Netherlands ( removed a link to this article I posted there (of course without any noticfication or stating a reason on the place where the link was).

And then the Dutch dare say in their infinite arrogance they are the most liberal country in the world...

That's the world we live in. It's a crime in itself.


I've never seen you this poisonous Les. And I'm not sure whether this is the right path. It's a rant which will alienate many people from your stuff.

People know these things and those who don't know will never read beyond the title of the column.

I would suggest you reconsider whether you really want such aggression in your future messages.

Visible said...

For those who may feel that it was indiscreet of me to publish this and for one who mentioned that it was filled with 'aggression' and, what the heck, for the anonymous one who thinks I have Grima Wormtongue at my ear;

I don't know what I'm going to write before I write it.; I have an idea in mind and that it where I start. I've noticed that a lot of the time the article (or whatever these things are) just takes off on its own.

I could mince and parse my words; a lot of people do. I could let fear of various possibilities shy me away from what I have found to be the truth, to the degree that I am able to comprehend it. That course leads to a job with Newsweek somewhere down the road.

I do this for free and it takes a considerable amount of my time; all the blogs, the radio shows, the songs that don't get sold in stores and the large body of emails from people wanting responses to all kinds of things and which I am not as timely with as I should be just because of all the time it takes to do the other things.

In the meantime I have actual life duties with the dogs and the property and all the things that come up when you live here in this bandwidth of existence.

This posting may have been more intense than most but it wasn't specifically aggressive. It pointed out conditions that should surely be considered in the context of this Holocaust Industry which is a 'for profit' operation. It was also satirical and one might say there is a bite to it which, I guess you could say was aggressive but... I view aggression differently. In the meantime, all of us are subject to far greater aggression from those featured in the post than anything they get from us.

I suggest, if you are unaware, that you take a look at the life of Martin Luther (who was a priest) and observe some of the things he said and did. I think many people are unfamiliar with this as well as being unfamiliar with what a lot of people have said and done over time.

If Grima were at my ear then I wouldn't have written this. Another says I could alienate my readership. Doesn't this imply that I should cater only to a certain level of interaction and stay away from the controversial so that people will like me?

No matter what you do, people will have an opinion on it. Nothing I said was untrue but most of it is ignored or denied... that doesn't change anything though. I suggest that my real intent is in the last paragraphs. I also believe something is coming that does not have to go down the way it might if enough people wake up... even bad people.

Because I do this for free I don't have to cater to some standard and this has always been a take it or leave it location. Some might find it very difficult to put what I do at Visible Origami together with what I do here or at Petri Dish. The bottom line is that I am employed by someone who has always guided me through my life. My allegiance is there and nowhere else. If I am put into difficult situations because of the course I am following it will not be the first time. I don't like bullies and liars who use their money and influence to hurt others. These are the same people that send others to fight in wars they will not fight in and who created those wars to line their pockets... which of us is the more obscene and aggressive in this respect?

TruthIsLife said...

About a week ago was an anonymous piece at your site which adressed the zionist problem with the same intensity and honesty as this piece does.
I cut and pasted the piece at the "Daily Paul" verbatim in its entirety hoping to incite discussion and a wake up of the self professed enlightened liberals at the "Daily Paul". The quoted piece was posted by me and deleted by Michael Nyström three times - and the third time I was banned (for life) from the "Daily Paul" as Mouser.
I asked for an explanation and was told bt the site's moderator that freedom of speech only applied for controversial points of view that the moderators agreeed with.
In other words I could not state my opinion or post disfavorable quotes about zionists = no freedom of speech.
I am so glad Les that you dare to print the truth - free from zionist advertizing influence. Everybody else seems to be omitting and/or high goose-strepping around "those who call themselves jews, but who are not jews".


Anonymous said...

Over here in Canada, the media is starting to get a little confused. It seems to think we are now Americans and cover more events in the US then in our own backyard. More and more Canadian TV news is showing life in the US through a fictive filter, (I don't give a shit how fast Obama's dog can run in the snow, or that Americans aren't getting enough advice on how to use medicines!)
Its getting to the point where we are going to have to take back our own country from those using stealth, and stock & trade.
America is a killing machine, and its people are too stupid to end the corruption inside their own country to even care they made torture legal and trillions are missing. Americans are so brainwashed they only hear the words "we are the champions" even when they are covered with blood.

Nowadays in Canada, the public gets to hear over and over how Iran's religious hero might have been taken out by Irans political leaders.(they even got in some sharp close-ups of his face. something we're never seen the media here ever do before)
They keep trying:
"Iran is training terrorists" (Xe-Qaeda) FLOP

"Iran is sending missles into Iraq" FLOP

"Iran is arresting lost tourists as hostages and taking over Iraqi oilwells" SQUISH

"Iran is killing its Holy leaders" wait for it..

Our media is in the top bricks of the zionist "rich men"s pyramid, next to British and Chineese news. When our media keeps harping the James Cameron films "The lost tomb of Christ", it clearly shows they are working overtime to help sink Christianity as fast as possible.

But the people in Canada still have a clear + good grip on reality. Meaning we still listen when the inner warning bell goes off. Yes, we have same sex in Canada, but people here understand the conflict in glorifying dysfunctionality and corruption.
If they think the public will soon see the conscience as the enemy, they are in for a surprise.

Billy G.

Anonymous said...


Here is a good place to start regarding Young Turks.

Also Sibel Edmonds has some good material. Use your search engine. lots out there.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

What if Everyone just kept their Mouth's Shut?.

Anonymous said...

Russia suggests Israel be taken out behind woodshed............

EndTheNationOfIsraelNow said...

I suggest Israel be taken out front and center before the entire world - their pants pulled down and spanked to with in an inch of their life!

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best
One thing I've noticed is that if one is not constantly at all times subservient to the Zionists and what certain Jewish organizations in so facile a manner term "the Jews"-then that makes one a threat.
And their actions against such "threats" are designed to maximize either confusion (which leads to immobility) or, more commonly, fear, and in countries that have what they want yet havent awakened to the threat they pose, guilt.
I see in Lebanon, Iran, Russia and Venezuela a new consciousness which is impervious to guilt(tossed around so freely by those under discussion), not afraid (of the Zionists) and aware of who is trying to cause them grief.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice one Les. As long as you're resurrecting Escher, I figure with all them body parts and skin they harvested, they could put together a nice facsimile of Ethel Merman - she could sing 'There's No Business Like Shoah Business" right at the front gates.

When I first heard the story about the sign, I figured there would be one of the tribe involved. I notice they haven't identified the culprits yet.

I immediately thought, well, maybe they're going to replace it with one that says, "only Jews died here - 80 million of them"


John said...

Anon 340:

Whew! I can breathe a sigh of relief. I was most worried that Les was the Grima, not his readers.

Visible said...

The next addition to the forthcoming easy listening jazz album. Also a first take...

The Walls.

survivor said...

I am so sick of hearing people make fun of the holocaust like it didn't happen that I'm going back to the woods now to live with the wolves who raised me.


Anonymous said...

please let all of us say a special christmas prayer for the master truthsmith .- les.
as to critics of this particular piece, may i suggest have no personal experience or understanding of moral courage ?
it took plenty to create, write and post this piece,
and it also reminds us of the power of satire and wit in this age of corruption and a time of decay.
may we all find the strength of les and shuffle off our own weak and slavish natures.
what can you do to topple the tyrants ?
that will be the feather your soul is weighed against after your release from that mortal coil friend /-)

Anonymous said...

A Most Interesting Read:

"Beware The Psychopath, My Son"

By Clinton Callahan

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great one Les! I always look forward to viewing reality through the lens with which you write (did I say that right?!) And thanks so much for even mentioning the Armenian genocide and the jewish connection. I am a 3rd generation survivor of that genocide and only recently discovered fof myself that connection. It all makes more sense now. I honor your courage to uphold your integrity.

Anonymous said...

The article - man what is there left to say really all is said and done.The unveiling.The truth indeed sets you free nothing can touch that in this realm or any realm for that matter.
All power is given unto you.
Here in Canada the director for Yad Vesham is a nice gentleman by the name Yoran AshkeNAZI.
The music- how do you do it man!multitalented performer artist producer director...
That horn section...the vocals...the Les look on the song reminded me a little of Monk.Although Coltrane reigns supreme for me -love supreme.
Man you are good.


Hank said...

Ahhh, the holocaust. Another of those places where public elective ignorance runs rampant.

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine, a friend of 50 years, about this very thing. Dave is a great guy and a good friend, and in most cases intelligent and open minded, but there are certain areas where he simply cannot allow his mind to go. The holocaust is one of them. He is convinced that it happened just the way the jews tell it. "I've seen the pictures" he tells me, "they speak for themselves". I ended the discussion by asking him to show me ONE picture of a German soldier killing anyone in an interment camp. Show me one picture of a body with a bullet hole out of all these pictures of the supposed murdered jews. I told him to get back with me when he found them.

That was 4 months ago, and I still haven't heard from Dave. I don't think he has changed his mind, but I also know he can't find the pictures I requested, because they don't exist.

I have to give it to them, these zionists. They do know how to sell bullshit. They understand how the human mind is wired, and they take full advantage. Show the people a shocking picture, tell them a story, and the story and the picture get embedded in the mind as one. Once that happens, the human mind is hardwired to defend that perception, even in the face of evidence to the contrary, and prying the two apart is like trying to get the Kool Aid back out of the water.

However, like many others, I have felt a disturbance in the force. It would appear that the ignorant masses do have a functioning bullshit meter, whether they are aware of it or not. Record gun and ammunition sales in America stand as mute witness to this fact, and as you have noted Les, if the jews who are aware of what Israel is doing don't speak out against it, they are going to get lumped in with, and pay the same price as the bad old zionists, once the 'gig' is up.

Let me see...start with a large amount of deliberately dumbed down, ignorant masses, add a copious amount of guns and a heaping helping of stealing all their money and sending their jobs overseas...a substantial sprinkling of blatant, in your face with your money, elitist excess...mix thoroughly, bring to a boil, and you have a wonderful recipe for disaster.

Campbellstein soup, umm umm good.

Actually, you all go ahead, I'm not really hungry. Peace.

brian boru said...

I don't know how you could be overcritical of this monstrous, parasitic life-form that is responsible for so much suffering and chaos. Words, pleas, the truth, demands for justice, all have no effect on these vampires. Only a gun pointed at the kike's head will make him listen, and only pulling the trigger will make him stop for good.

Anonymous said...

Hello @survivor 5:18 PM

I am Sorry , Can I comfort You maby with a link to more Holocousts with even more Deaths ?
Done by israelites , but that is no concern , is it ?
Or a nice Story how israelites do tear Children and Mothers , Families a part all around the World while abusing Them ?
Did You Know , jews are the only Childpornproducers in the World ?
Not with their own breeds of course!

And Author , Nice Said !
Thank You for Your Support to All Victims of the evil ones !

Anonymous said...

I just found this:

I'd appreciate any better articles on the zionist-armenian connection.

E Vero

Anonymous said...

E Vero

8:41 PM

Look at , that has got Loads of History about the criminal jewsekte

Maby You Find There about Armenians also , I Remember Some Like That

Visible said...

I'm recording another album called "Movie Soundtracks of the Future" (seriously grin) and so I've retooled this tune The Love.

very rough first cut which is why I stuck a harmony on but this is my work place here. Doing 3 to 4 new CD's gonna have them done in a month.

Karearea said...

Coming as I did to the subject of 'the' holocaust very late in life, I had none of the conditioned responses against dissenting views that many others do. After some years, and after inadvertently and successfully influencing others to study the same subject, I took a break from it; on returning, something about the whole story reeked of "too good to be true". the predictable human incompetence present in any large group seems(seemed?) to be absent from the group in question. It was almost as if resistance to their schemes had been deliberately withheld, and for an impossibly long time.

The answer may lie in the spiritual-religious forces behind germany's attempts to throw off the shackles pre-1940. the keys to the problem are hidden in plain sight in the works of Devi, Evola, et al. The historical clues revolve not just around germany's industrial expansion post wwII , but in the orchestrated protection of the nazi scientific community and their integration into american society after the war, in such organisations as Nasa, CIA, etc.

In a nutshell, Germany had the capacity to win wwII, but the Thule society realised that the ultimate outcome would be negative, and not just on the material plane. If you could foresee a greater victory in throwing the war, would you do so? The Germans did. Surrender or loss as a strategy for victory is unthinkable for most anglo-saxons, but the continental europeans aren't so simple. An example of this is the surrender by France, saving Paris, the jewel of France, from ruin. And probably saving France in her entirety. [readers are encouraged to find a copy of "winners" by Arnold Arnold for a take on game theory and just how winning can be losing and vice versa. I think that the germans were aware of these patterns]

France sacrificed her rooks and bishops to save her queen, Germany made the ultimate sacrifice of the King in order to win on another plane. it amounts to Vicarious Expiation on a national and racial level. I am willing to be convinced that it is not so, but I have been for some years of the view that "The Jews"[a label which ultimately applies to archonic forces] have been permitted to grow in power and influence, that impediments have been removed from their ostensible progress to achieve an awe-full and incredible victory. the occult significance of holocaust denial laws in countries which really should not have them should thus be clear.

Les has termed the accumulation in one place of the instruments of the aforementioned archonic forces as 'serendipity'. I posit that it is clear evidence of the cosmic karma-go-round.[IOW: be careful what you wish for- we all know the story of the boy who cried wolf]
Some have commented about how it's time to "deal with them" but I caution all of you not to invoke something's wrath before the appointed time. We can easily paint an entire group of people with a broad brush, but if we as individuals make the mistake of assuming guilt merely by association, there will be a payback. But all of you are free at any time to NOT deal with these people. to NOT help them. to NOT believe them. Premature acts of vengeance will only get you in a heap of trouble.

Visible said...


Anonymous said...

In 1915 my grandfather stood over my great-grandmother's dead body- orphaned at age 6 he lived to tell a remarkable story and was one of the last known remaining survivors of the Armenian genocide up until his passing away this month at the age of 101 yrs old.

A few years ago a made for Lebanese TV production (My Name is Aram) was aired with my grandfather narrating the remarkable saga of his life and it helped raise some awareness towards the plight of the Armenians, but alas he was no Jew so his voice isn't nearly as important as that of an Eli 'Weazel'.

As i nauseatingly observe an exaggerated and questionable holocaust being exploited in the name of evil and greed, it is disillusioning that the Armenian genocide still has yet to achieve worldwide recognition.

We want only for our holocaust to be recognized for what it was- nor more, no less. The Jews seem to see theirs as the gift that keeps on giving and never miss an opportunity to shove 6 million in your face as the zionists continue to justify further atrocities against the Palestinians in what is turning out to be a genocide of their very own. Shameless irony.

That being said, I thank you for the mention and i commend you for being the relentless purveyor of truth you so consistently and unequivocally demonstrate in every single one of your SM essays. I haven't missed one for the past 2 years. This is my first post and i guess this is the essay that sparked me to break my 'comment virginity'- this one got me extra excited. You are the real deal- it is beyond obvious. I hope your strength allows you to continue sharing your unwavering gift of synthesis and delivery, for many years to come.

Regards from Montreal,


MerryChristmas said...

Politically Correct Holiday Greeting

Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, gender
neutral, celebration of the winter holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/solstice persuasions and/or traditions of others,
or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all and a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset
of the generally accepted calendar year 2010, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America and other Western countries great (not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country
or is the only "America" in the western hemisphere), and without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical disability, religious faith, choice of computer platform,
or sexual preference of the wishee.

Legal Disclaimer: By accepting this agreement, you are accepting these terms.

This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal. It is freely transferable with or without alteration to the original greeting. It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for him/herself/themselves or others, and is void where prohibited by
law, and is revocable at the sole discretion of the wisher.

This wish is warranted to perform as expected within the usual application of good
tidings for a period of one year, or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting,
whichever comes first, and warranty is limited to replacement of this wish or issuance
of a new wish by the wisher.


(Name withheld for legal, social and cultural considerations)

Mike James part 1 said...

"The Alamo against a Jewish New World Order, the Leaderless Resistance in Europe, is growing in strength daily. Observing the essential rule that no human being should ever be harmed or injured, furtive attacks on the institutions of the State, parasitic investment centres, Jewish-owned banks, and symbols of Zionist power, lone wolves have the authorities in a panic. Thus, for fear of inspiring a popular revolt, few of these pro-human attacks are reported by the mainstream [German] media. There's a dictatorial blackout on a silent national revolution. The Parasitic Elites are running scared.

But a thousand tiny bonfires doth an inferno make. The flames are not yet visible; but within less than two years they shall light up our chemtrailed skies that will be seen from continent to continent.

Within the hearts of each and every woman, there exists an Alamo: something deep down inside of you that tells you to resist the lies of Zionism, International Socialism, the NATO War Machine, the Jewish Federal Reserve's daylight robbery of the American and British people, Nostradamus' Black Pope (Barack Obama), the official 9-11 report, and the lobby pushing the myth of Global Warming (now neuro-linguistically renamed 'Climate Change').

Let's take an incisive and radical look at ourselves as Americans, English, Scots, Welsh, Irish, Cornish, Europeans, Canadians, Australians, and New Zealanders. We have nothing of which to be ashamed; and everything of which to be proud.

Let us no longer entertain or even countenance the idea of 'white guilt', for it was we, and we alone, who, from the beginning of time, brought order, culture and civilisation into a world devoid of real thinking human beings.

(Kenyan president) Moi, whose most favoured form of torture was to imprison a dissident in a cell filled with warm water and leave him for weeks without any nourishment until, from sheer hunger, he was forced to eat his own water-logged, rotting flesh. I also became accustomed to seeing, arbitrarily executed by the police on even the merest suspicion of theft or the non-observance of curfew laws, dead children covered in flies, lying for hours by the side of the street until a local (white-skinned) Catholic or Protestant priest insisted upon the immediate attentions of the almost non-existent ambulance services.

If you, as intelligent, young and educated [Kenyans] run away from the country that was yours as of birthright, and if you fail to stand your ground and fight for an independent and prosperous nation, your families and your future children shall despise you as cowards.

(continued Mike James)

Mike James part 2 said...

...only under the most extreme of exigencies...(Kenyan) anti-regime critics who were authors and poets had their fingers surgically removed... You must fight, and, even if that means losing your life, at least it was a life worth living.

"The government," I told them, "encourages violent resistance because it gives them an excuse to legislate into law all manner of oppressive measures that will emasculate your ability to fight back against the system.

But, should it ever become necessary to defend yourselves, your families and your country against the financial rape of the International Jewish Bankers who have sequestered almost every natural wealth-making resource with which the True Creator blessed [Kenya], then fight. But if you choose to fight, do so with the best attack weapons available and the most superlative strategic and tactical advice on hand. A national revolution, if efficiently deployed, saves lives.

...victory does not belong to the strong, but to the swift.

...exact a double-whammy: a revolution from the 'bottom' and a military coup d'état from the 'top'.

...a bloodless patriotic, anti-globalist revolution.

I am, over twelve years later, similarly pained and aggrieved that the American, French and British governments have not decided to point all of their nuclear missiles in the direction of Tel Aviv, despite the fact that Israel has admitted to having every single one of her nukes targeted at every European and American city? Blackmail, anyone? No wonder every newly-elected American President cannot wait to ensconce, as deeply as possible, his tongue deep into the anal recesses of every passing Jewish-Zionist asshhole.

Israel, is an illegal Mafia state. It is a criminally barbarous Bolshevik entity that collectively celebrates, religiously and otherwise, the mass slaughter of Goyim (mostly Christians) and the real people of Celtic Judea, the Palestinians, one of whose foremothers brought Jesus into this world. The so-called 'Jews' who currently occupy former Palestine aren't even Semites. Their forefathers raped goats and cows for shits and giggles some 1200 years ago in the far reaches of sub-Mongolia. They birthed the gypsy race, an inbred clan of natural thieves and tricksters. They hail from disparate regions in Asia Minor. They are not 'Jews'. They are impostors. Pretenders. Thieves, murderers and liars.

How should we treat this race (and they admit that 'Judaism', an anti-Christ demonic religion, is based upon racialist criteria and not upon religious integrity)? A One-State solution, would, in my eyes offer the best solution.

...millions of money-grubbing, litigious, parasitic, hook-nosed Israelis land on my doorstep in Germany begging for preferential treatment. The alternative is Lady Renouf's proposal to send them all back to Asia Minor.

(continued Mike James)

Mike James part 3 said...

"If you read the Bible very carefully, God admits to having made a monumental blunder: the creation of this anti-human race, the Edomites (and later the Ashkenazim) who, together, for the sake of biblical simplicity, collectively became known as the 'Jews' (not to be confused with Celtic Judeans or Judahites). God despised them. He hated them with a vengeance. Like all brilliant computer programmers he tried to delete these Trojan horses, viruses and assorted malware from the face of the Earth. Really, God has used systems far more advanced than 'Steganos Erase' to free us of these contaminants. But they have a subsystem 'rootkit tendency': always creeping back again to infect God's perfect Operating System.

One year after 'Operation Cast Lead', during which the American taxpayer subsidised the supply and delivery of 850 tonnes of flesh-eating white phosphorous that reduced healthy little Palestinian children into mummified corpses, a sign is stolen from Auschwitz, which was one of the best resourced labour camps for non-patriotic Germans that boasted some of the world's best recreational and health facilities. How fucking convenient. How timely. Goddamn those nasty, horrible Hitlerites!

And yet we all know that the Ashkenazim used this ruse to solicit sympathy at a time when the world is finally awakening to their unending tirade of lies and obsessively self-centred psychopathology. Out with the violins and let us light candles unto the eternal suffering of this uniquely untouchable race that has stolen every penny, cent and dime from the day we were born.

Hey, look this way and that. It's all about us. We are Jewish. Our 'unique suffering' is now the world's religion. We, whose forefathers never set foot upon Palestinian soil, are the Chosen amongst all others; and don't forget it: we control your money supply, your media, your publishing houses, your education system, your medical services, your pharmaceutical companies, your judiciary, your film industry, your airwaves, your television channels, your music industry, your defence budgets, your intelligence agencies and each and every one of your governments.

We, the Ashkenazim-Freemasonic Jews control the minds of your children, and any criticism levelled against us is brutally punished by statutes existent within international law, though we ourselves give not the slightest fuck for any resolution weighed against us in any foreign court of jurisprudence. We laugh at you. You are putty in our hands. You are gormless, dumbed-down, stupefied white-shit believing anything we tell you.

Oh, and by the way, we have nukes pointed at all of your capital cities. Clever little bastards, ain't we? We have the world by the balls. You will never be anything more than white trash.

White trash?

They've forgotten the Alamo."

Mike James

GoingPostalOnZionists said...

Remember why we celebrate Christmas and stop aiding and abetting those who seek to interfere in our religion, our culture, our holidays, our families, our children, our parents, our husbands and wives, our places of employment, our unions and associations, our democratically electected government representitives, our police forces at home, our armies abroad, our banking institutions, the spending of our taxes, our educational system, our public and private media, our entertainment industry, the history of the world as we know it, and our right to believe in and worship God and Jesus Christ in the manner we choose as Christians.

It's not "Happy Holidays" - it's "Merry Christmas".

NEVER agree to take the CHRIST out of Christmas!

Greg Bacon said...

How much blood can a blood-sucker suck?

Op-Ed: U.S. Congress must act to help Holocaust survivors
By Ileana Ros-Lehtinen · December 20, 2009

WASHINGTON (JTA) -- Although more than 60 years have passed since the world witnessed the atrocities committed by Hitler’s regime, many Holocaust-era compensation issues remain unresolved. One of these issues includes the continued failure of insurance companies to pay Holocaust survivors or families of victims for policies purchased before or during World War II. This is one of the enduring injustices of the Holocaust.

For more than 60 years, many European insurance companies have unfairly denied claims, arguing that Holocaust survivors and their families lack documentation -- such as death certificates -- needed to prove policy ownership. But such requirements are unfair and even disgraceful considering that the concentration camps in which many of the Holocaust victims perished did not issue death certificates, and that many of the assets and documents owned by the victims were confiscated by the Nazi regime.

In fact, in many cases, the only surviving records of such policies are in the vaults of the insurance companies, many of which shamefully refuse to disclose the names of Holocaust-era policyholders....

I have the privilege of representing a district in South Florida, home to one of the largest communities of Holocaust survivors in the nation. Many of the survivors have approached me expressing concerns and frustration over the failure of the insurance companies to settle their claims.

To address this problem, I introduced a bill during the last Congress, along with my colleague U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.), to require insurance companies that do business in the United States to disclose the names of Holocaust-era insurance policyholders. The bill also allows Holocaust survivors or their heirs to sue the insurance companies in U.S. courts....

I will soon be introducing a Holocaust insurance bill similar to the one that was introduced last Congress. It is time for everyone on Capitol Hill to stand up for Holocaust survivors and the families of the victims by passing this important legislation as soon as possible. Failure to do so would tear the moral fiber of our political institutions and tarnish our country’s long-standing commitment to justice.

We will never be able to erase the pain and suffering caused by the Holocaust. But we can help restore a semblance of justice and dignity to those who had everything stripped from them during one of the darkest chapters of human history.

The number of living Holocaust survivors decreases drastically every year, so any further delays are unacceptable. We must act now to help Holocaust survivors attain a level of justice and prevent insurance companies from being unjustly enriched by the atrocities committed by Hitler’s Germany. Complacency is not an option.

(U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) is the ranking Republican on the House of Representatives' Foreign Affairs Committee.)

Sure, we'll get that money together as soon as you and your kind pay back to the USA the cost of fighting and winning WWII in Europe.

And pay 'reparations' to the surviving family members of the 416,000 American troops that died during WWII.

Let's see, about 5 TRILLION ought to cover that bill.

Visible said...

Hey Mike;

My emails keep coming back. Would you email me?


Anonymous said...

And right on cue - Iran says "secret" nuclear document is a US forgery.


Rebel 4E said...

Hi Les
Mike James is another excellent,articulate writer who's not afraid to tell it like it is. I'm 99% sure he was born in my home town.


Scarlett said...

I believe something is gearing up -- but my hope in some cosmic force of justice intervening is waning by the day. I want to believe, but I guess I am just so burned out by the corruption that it is hard to imagine that there is anything salvageable in this world. Maybe that is the point -- maybe it isn't this world that should be the focus, I don't know anymore.

What I do know is that all these stories about Jewish con men conning fellow Jews makes me think that the time for America is coming to a swift end. It seems to me that this is nothing more than a ruse which has allowed these "victims" to move money out of the country quietly and without being subject to taxation or penalty. Also the "Russian" mob that recently stole millions from Citibank is just another means of wealth transfer. I suspect very soon there will be a mass exodus of the Chosen -- and it won't be to Israel. My guess is China. As the world's rising superpower -- they offer the fresh blood that these parasites need.

Anonymous said...

Israel outsourcing the occupation


Anonymous said...

Andrew: You are intelligent and astute. But I can't believe that Germany or anyone else could ever crush the russians. Napoleon's downfull was at Borodin just outside of Moscow not Waterloo were his "Le Grande Armee" was just a shadow of what he once led. Even though the russian army gave up the field Field Marshall Kutozov proclaimed victory and saw that Le Grande Army had been inflicted a death blow.

I have read enough Tolstoy and Dostoyevski to see that the russian character is quite unique in the world. Rather than submit to Napoleon's rule the citizens of Moscow went and stayed in the woods, even the gentry, and bore extreme hardship. Everyone else Bonaparte conquered were content to lick his boots.

Moscow burned because it was a city made of wood and the fire department just wasn't there. So, once the fires started there was no stopping them. Napoleon "the genius" was unprepared to stop the fires because he was stupid and arrogant, to dumb to set up a fire brigade so he had to abandon the city. Also when Napoleon entered Moscow there was at least 5 mos of supplies that would have gotten his army through the winter. earlier, Smolensk burned because of a french cannonade again depriving his army of needed supplies.

The worst battles on record have occured on russian soil and still they keep going. I have to admire that.

There was no official scorched earth policy perpetrated by the russians.

I got this point of view from reading War and Peace.

the facist war machine of the ww2 era lacked a steady supply of petroleum. They were doomed to fail from the onset. German soldiers took benzadrine daly and they went to shit pretty quick after only a few impressive victories. By 1944 the ranks of the german army contained old men and school boys.

The d-day invasion never would have worked except the german army was pretty much spent by 6-6-1944.

The germans had an antiquated surface navy with no carriers.

The german war machine was like a big tough looking boxer who does okay in the first couple of rounds but just can't make the distance.

Also, it is not the fastest nor the smartest nor the strongest who wins wars but the one who endures.

i have to admit your ideas are new to me and I find them interesting.


Anonymous said...

so we bang this drum
and have no fear
the truth will wake
many men this year
its sound vibrates
waves resonate
our higher nature
our natural state
things are more clear
we become sincere
serve with honor
our lives are steered
by mother nature
the power of creation
or the fathers light
of any particular equation
the elite dont know
they sold their souls
serving evil to fill
their pockets with gold
their time has come
they should stand down
come back to earth
back down to the ground
but I doubt if they will
we'll see what they do
one thing for sure
to all the people
I will stand true.


Eugene said...

Rev 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Rev 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

chuckyman said...

WOW McCob. I like your posts and please don’t take this the wrong way.

The start time of operation Barbarossa kicked off late. The German Army had been delayed elsewhere. After reaching as far as Borodino – just like the grand armee, they were halted by the weather. I don’t remember which Russian writer said that “Russia’s greatest generals were November and February”.

Moscow was the hub of all of the rail lines in the USSR. This was the logistic crown jewel. Although the communists had shipped many of the industry back towards the Urals they could only transport heavy industry on the rail lines. The German army lost the race against time and weather. Moscow was the prize.

Many soldiers literally froze to death as they were only carrying summer dress as the armoured advance had outpaced the logistics trains. The Wehrmacht did not rely on motorised transport as completely as the western armies. Many troops still used horse drawn transport.

The calibre of the German war machine was frightening. Why do you think the Russian people shudder at the mention of the price paid by them to win the Second World War.? Check out the number of THEIR war dead. The Russians won the land war in Europe. The allies helped mop up afterwards. I can say that as my grandfather helped to do just that.

These are the raw details of the pain and conflict suffered by those involved. Churchill played a huge part in both the instigation of civilian casualties – the first aerial bombing of civilians – as well as the refusal to negotiate an end to TOTAL WAR. Check out the true lineage of that Bastard – and I mean that in its literal translation.

End of hissy fit


V Word= pherm

Visible said...


You are spot on. If ever there was a true sonofabitch his name was Churchill. Had he been around during the IRA period of the Irish troubles he would have taken a higher body count.

You know, I wept tears of joy and danced around the room when I heard about Mountbatten. I was "up the IRA" in a big way for years; no, I do know there were thugs engaged and the kneecapping and sundry were not to my taste but war makes for strange circumstances.

You can't be a pussy and look at reality at the same time. Why I digressed into the Irish thing is because something always happens in all conflicts that goes past what the initiators and participants expect. The gruesome aspect is well represented in the Russian/German conflict. I have seen many photos of men frozen at their machinegun nests and worse.

Still, the worst I can remember is what happened in Belgium and France and which led to Flander's Fields... "where poppies grow"...

Ben Elton (who I think is Jewish) is one of my favorite authors. His satirical and flat out laughable writing is beyond compliment. When I hear people compliment me I think to myself they probably haven't read Ben Elton (surely someone will trash him now)... in one of his latest books (about 2 or 3 years old) he writes a tale about a soldier from that conflict. It's well done.

I've also read up on the Civil War in America... this shit has been going on for a long, long time now and as much as I want to exercise compassion the time has come to go after the people who make this shit possible. If the people dying and crippled by this shit are too stupid to see what's up then maybe someone should be their advocate.

By the way... There's another great book worth reading by Irvine Welsh called "Filth". It should definitely be read by anyone UK-side. You will be grabbing your ribs and gasping for air I promise. Sorry about digressing, I just got up after a nap and it's near 4:00AM and I had to read a lot of the comments that came in and I got chatty... heh heh. Now I think I will go fix myself a Campari and blood orange. That's one of the good things about living outside the crowd control... you can do as you please

Still no K... heh heh/

NotEltonJohn said...

Les -

Merry Christmas Eve, Ho Ho Ho!

"It's five o'clock in the morning dammit
Look at me
You nearly had me roped and tied..."


Anonymous said...

Chucky---I love any good hearted truther!! As I am a flawed human being I often make mistakes. I try to read challenging books and expand my mind. hopefully, I learn from my mistakes.
From my take on reading Rise and Fall of the 3rd reich (over 3 decades ago) it was necessary for the germans to take Stalingrad in the south of russia near the Caspian oil fields. Plus they needed to control the Don and the Volga rivers to tranport the oil. They also stalled at Leningrad (st. Petersburg). Kind of like the monkey trap were the monkey gets his paw caught in a bottle because he was trying to grab some food in it. This is where they lost in russia and in fact the war IMHO. The fact that the german army wasn't prepared for the cold showed that their generals weren't very smart at all. The Germans were also embaressed in North Africa. They needed a navy. Any super military power needs a strong surface Navy otherwise you can't move large amounts of supplies across water. I believe Harry Truman made a remark one time to the effect that all generals were dum sons o' bitches. Tolstoy in War and Peace remarked, "There is no such thing as a military genius. Just because a guy gets a supply wagon to his troops on time doesn't make him a genius." Napoleon went into russia with over 600,000 soldiers and by the time he made it out of russia he had less than 30,000. Napoleon, showing himself to be the coward that he was, cut and ran out from his troops (poor fools were devoted to him). The biggest military blunder in history until the germans invaded. I hear close to 20 million russians died during ww2..

Do you have any idea why the germans didn't invade Switzerland? I mean there was gold there and banking records for a lot of western financiers and industrialists. What kind of barbarians were they???

This is just my humble opinion.

I have no resentments nor any other hard feelings; quite the opposite. I welcome criticism and communication. If I can learn something. I am always up for that.

I hope you have a good Christmas!! Onward and Upward! The truth will out!

McCob; AMATEUR historian

Anonymous said...

chuck and les---100% in agreement on Churchill. I read somewhere that he was a member of the Thule Society along with many in the Nazi hierarchy.

I was a soldier for 2 yrs in the US Army. I was in during Viet Nam (8/72 up to 8/74...Viet Nam ended for the US in march of 73) but I didn't go into any combat. Stayed stateside mostly. I have often thought that when I was a soldier I probably could have done some horrible things if I had went to Viet Nam. I was just a kid and I was being ordered around by older, stronger and smarter men. I tell you the idea of crossing a sgt major (you think fighters and athletes are tough?!) is very scary so as a young soldier you just do what they say. I don't think I was strong enough when I was 18 to do the right thing. I am sure if I went into combat I would have ended up like so many vets who just get ate up by guilt and remorse not to mention the memories of the shear horror of combat.

Israel is a monster...but

(The above is a preface.) I don't hate any culture. I don't believe their is a superior race or culture. All nations are guilty of crimes. I don't think there is such a thing as race. I don't hate jews nor do I think they are intrinsically evil. Of all things on this planet I love women more than anything! And I don't care what color they are. And I don't hate children not ever not for any reason. I do believe that in the same way the italians have the mafia that there is a similar entity in the jewish culture. Only they are much worse! Just as Italians in little Italy were scared of Lucky Luciano I am sure a lot of jews are really scared of the jewish goons who they maybe know about but wish they didn't. I do not judge the jewish people and if they have been intimidated then they have only commited a sin that I have been guilty of.

About the English. I don't think the english are bad people. But their empire cetainly has done some bad things. Didn't the sassanagh bitch Queen Victoria sit on her fat ass while the Irish starved? All the while there were ships in Southhampton and Liverpool harbours loaded with foodstuffs.

Look what we americans did to the indigenous north american natives.

Look at what the russians did to Ukraine. Or maybe what the Turkish did to the Armenians. It is not just jews. "We have met the enemy and he is us." As Pogo once said.

Maybe there are a few angels amongst us. I sure aint one of 'em. I think most people have some evil in their hearts. Some will to do wrong to someone or themself. It might be lying to a girl to get her into bed. Or maybe you drink too much. Maybe you tell jokes about ethnic stereotypes. I have done all three and yes I am ashamed, I truly hope God forgives me! I think the bad people get power over us because they have the strength of the sum total of all of our individual evils. There isn't enough jews in the world to create this humongous mess on their own.

(gee!!! ww2 to napoleon to vietnam to england and I am all over the place...but I am going to post this anyway.)

I think despite the crap the world is a beautiful place and I thank God for this life. I love any good hearted truther!!! You are my comrades! I love Jesus though I am not a Christian because I really don't understand it. And I love my home which is the USA although I know we're (remembered the apostrophe) a mess and we can sure be a shallow and vapid people. But we have good points, too. If life didn't have challenges it wouldn't be worth living.

I love all you guys; all GOOD HEARTED TRUTHERS!!! and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!

Especially you Les! You are a HERO! and I don't care if I do sound like a toady.


Anonymous said...

chuckyman--You do realize that German army tactics and japanese naval tactics were devised at the american war college by american military scholars?

and 20% of german battlefield trucks had Ford logos on them

wanted to share that

Cap Matifou said...

Please let us not forget there were real flesh an blood people deemed expendable by the zioelite. They were needed to be destroyed to forge the moral pedestal the surviving "victims" can stand upon. So the common everyday nondesirables were talked out of revolting, packed onto the trains by their own psychopatic leaders. Who then ensured not to react on any warning about camps and death trains.

The messages the Zionists ignored: Rabbi Weissmandel's plea for help

JoyToTheWorld said...

McCob -

Beautiful words brother at this wonderful time of year and man.


veritas6464 said...

Ciao Les,

McCob: Re; the time and place of the Napoleonic wars - Most European governments and monarchies were sick of the Jews; this is a fact - don't buy into that shit that Boney was in with the jews; he was not. Usury was destroying the fabric of Euro society, hence the support not capitulation of the Euro Monarchies. Remember he crowned himself Emperor; he wasn't against royal title! Le Grande Armee was incredible, picture this - 10 thousand rank and file of the Infantry of the Line and New Guard and Old Guard advancing at 'Support Arms' to bring to bare the greatest volley of fire-power ever known - Austerlitz! 9 months of intense strategy that culminated in one of the greatest victories against overwhelming odds ever recorded! Russia/Austria GONE! The Din created by the almost simultaneous staccato rattle of gunfire would have caused lesser men to SHIT! BOOM,.. BOOM,.. BOOM,.. BOOM,.. BOOM..; Baldrich's poem!(B.Elton)
The Ver-Macht: BLITZKRIEG!! Achtung Panzer! Can you imagine being atop one of the lead Tracks bouncing and lolling cross-country, firing on-the-run at a foe battered by Stukas and Pak 40 antipanzerkanon? War is hell and a drug - Sine Pare!
Give me Von Paulus and Rommel, give me General Nero and Hannibal - and the Ver-Macht, and 'two taps' on that jew bastard muppet Schicklegrubber! One through the mouth to sever his brain-stem and the other through his bastard-yid pump. No more wars, no more Usury, no more children crushed in rubble in Gaza!!


Oops, some of the stuff I read tonight is Marshalling Music to my ears Vis' - truly.

Alternatively: The yids will cease and desist with their shit and...Love light and Peace!



Annsie said...

Whenever I feel bogged down and depleted of energy after reading about the corruption in the world I always visit a site called Conscious Media Network. You can view the many interviews from people of many backgrounds.There is something for everyone, David Icke and Michael Tsarion appear here too..It always makes me feel more better.You don't have to subscribe as most of the interviews are free. Regina Meredith is another highly evolved lady, much like yourself Les, although you are more manly of course.....Viewing the interviews certainly has helped waken me to our true potential.There is something here for everyone..Enjoy

Mouser said...

Peter Eyre said;

"...I know in my heart that this is just another day for you (in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan) either living under the terror of conflict, torture, rape, breaches of human rights or simply harassment. on the other hand do not have a meal today or what you have you give to your children.

Mahatma Ghandi once said:

"There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of Bread"

he also said a very inspiring comment for those who live under a cloud of terror or duress:

"You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind".

So how does one even attempt to send a greeting to the people of Gaza, West Bank, Iraq, Afghanistan and all those distant lands that have succumbed to the excessive greed of the west?

How does one apologise on behalf of United Nations and the international community for not standing up for you in your hour of need?

All I can do is what I always do: I keep writing...but I have to say much of what I do falls on deaf ears.

To all those sitting around a nice fire in the safety and comfort of your own homes...I hope you will all spend a few minutes to remember all those less fortunate and reflect on their suffering or levels of poverty.

To all those living under the cloud of conflict and suppression I sincerely hope that your day will come and that one day you also may enjoy the basic things in life that we take for granted.

I hope that during this special period you remain safe from harm and that someone, here in the west, listens to your pain and suffering.

To all I wish...that 2010 may change your life and bring you all that is important to you and your loved ones.

Christmas is a special time of the year when everyone expects something magic to happen.

Magic is kindness of our words that comforts those who cry. Magic is generosity of our action helping those in despair. Magic is sharing our happiness and sorrow with others. It is giving and receiving of the universal love. We often forget how powerful we are.

Merry Christmas and Magic New Year!

Peter Eyre - Middle East Consultant

chuckyman said...

To McCob. Where do I start? I really enjoy your posts. I am as much an amateur as anyone else. I also should not be left unsupervised in front of a keyboard.

The Eastern front is a fascinating study. I think it represents a monumental battle of epic proportions wherein most of the landmass of Eurasia was laid waste. WWII was won and lost on its blood soaked fields. Many areas around the Kursk salient are still haunting places today. Note - I am not discussing the war in the pacific –a war with different aims and objectives.

Both Stalin and Hitler had much in common. In my opinion the lesser evil lost. Communism and Zionism were twin pincers of a movement with a common purpose. Similarly the German economy could not be allowed to escape the clutches of the usurious banking system. Setting them up to fight was the desired purpose of the TPTB. Stalin (real name Djugashvili - son of the Jew) has ceased pushing for worldwide Communist revolution. Eradicating Germany would get that moving again. The German people were to be removed as an impediment to the long-term plans of TPTB.

The problem in understanding this period is that so much of the “official” history is utter BS – naked propaganda. Much emphasis is placed on making the “Good War” story stick. I would recommend this article from John Kaminski’s site. It is an excellent insight to the working of the British Government at the start of the war.
The parallels to our current time are very apt. I find it interesting that the stories of the Allied War Crimes are now coming to light – murder of millions of German POWs etc.

To Anonymous @ 6:14 AM. During periods of 1941/2 much of American industry was short of ball bearings as they had been shipped to Germany. The Luftwaffe needed certain fuel additives that could only be supplied by a famous American company. Prescott Bush (W’s granddaddy) was up to his neck in liaisons with the German high command. There are even rumours that GH Bush was an adopted son with German origins. ( - take this site with a pinch of salt)

Les, the death of Mountbatten and the other events of 27th Aug 1979 were sweet revenge for the murder of innocent civilians in the Bloody Sunday massacre of’72. Revenge is a brutal but very human emotion and all too common in wartime.

Churchill did mange to add his own twist to the Irish struggle. He managed to deny the Irish Treaty delegates any room to manoeuvre and when the threat of civil war loomed he provided the pro-treaty side with artillery. A vile, vicious and treacherous individual.

On a lighter note, I have seen Ben Elton perform his comedy live. A very funny man and his books are not only humorous but are scathing in their commentary. He has lampooned lots of self important groups, everything from the Environment lobby to the X(cretia) factor shows.

Finally, have a Happy Christmas to one and all.


V word=nentste

Sambhava said...

Mike James.....
You mentioned in your latest article how they got you earlier with their toxic vaccines. DON'T let them get you with their toxic cigarettes too. As this world needs more people like you, please think twice before wrecking your health (and anyone else's) and handing over any more "nicotine addiction" money to the vermin responsible.

Anonymous said...

veritas6464---Scholarly and well put. You have given me much to think about. I know not how Napoleon rose to power. I live in a rural area so there are no libraries of any consequence wrt any deep or arcane knowledge of the past petaining to episodes like the Napoleonic wars. I rely on the internet and Tolstoy. Tolstoy intimates that if Kutozov as opposed to Czar Alexandr had been commanding the field at Austerlitz that the outcome would have been different. (And by the way the Spanish stopped Napoleon, also.) Because of Alexandr's youth and impatience he fell into a trap; Napoleon counted on that. I think Tolstoy is one of the most impressive intellects I have ever been exposed to. I tend to take to heart what he says.

As I understand it Napoleon was a bunkrupt who came out of nowhere. Where did he get the money to raise an army and get his propaganda machine moving if not from the Rothchilds? Who as I understand it banked both sides during that era. I don't really know what the Rothchilds and their minions want or wanted...maybe they just enjoy hurting people.

I am on your side when it comes to the rogue state Israel. they have gotten away with for too much for far too long. I hate that my country has become their lackey.

I don't admire Peacocks like Napoleon. I don't admire Hitler. Hitler (a speed freak) always reminded me of a loudmouth barroom drunken know it all. Only he wore a nice military uniform with riding boots and pants. Rommel was quite a handsome man. All aristocratic in his military garb; cigarette holder jutting out. Not a whole lot of success for this peacock however.

Me, I have no taste for battle. I will walk out the back of a barroom as opposed to standing up for my masculine pride. I am not so scared of having may ass whooped as I am scared of cops, judges, lawyers, dentists. I can hold my own against your typical brawler but cops!? no way!

And hannibal wasn't very successful either. He could command the field well but he lacked the forsight to understand he would have to lay siege to Rome if he was going to win the war and not just a few battles.

By the way it is nice to make your aquaintance veritas6464. I do read your posts and I can see you are well read.

I am enjoying this discussion but I can't help but feel I have been digressing.

Chucky and mouser: i hope you guys don't mind if I consider you pals.

Anonymous said...

cap matifou--I take your point

chuckyman said...

It would be a pleasure McCob and likewise.


Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

The Christmas Presence under My Olive Trees..

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
caracal said...

Add this to the list - Egypt has apparently denied entry to the Gaza Humanitarian aid convoy which is currently stuck in Aqaba Jordan citing that it needs "Israeli permission" to enter Egypt. WTF???

Since when does a (supposedly) sovereign country (albeit stooge) need Israel to decide who is or isnt allowed in their country? Silly question? I thought so.

Mouser said...

To all who consider themselves friends:
A sincerely warm Merry Christmas is wished to you and yours!

The only good truther is a good-hearted truther.

ALL welcome!

Anonymous said...

"The bottom line is that I am employed by someone who has always guided me through my life. My allegiance is there and nowhere else."

Pray tell?

One lie wrapped up in a hundred truths; that's the diabolical way.


People of America: read the abridged version of The Gulag Archipeligo...the part to remember is where the author ponders on what the outcome would have been had they (the masses) hidden in their rooms cowering whilst the few <> knocked on the door in the early hours.

The author reckoned that if they (the masses) had only got off their collective (ha!) arses and lay in wait for the few, it would only have taken a relative few nights for order to be restored, and for the NKVD and their ilke to be swinging from the nearest lampost.


Whatever you do, folks, BE NOT AFRAID...for He knows what's what; so, just make your peace with Him and trust in Him...and then, you'll see what real Power is, and what Truth is - revealed.

Pax Vobiscum and Merry Xmas y'all!!

pax verbum

Visible said...

pax verbum...

Talk is cheap. especially so when your audience is narrow and mine is not.

SoldierofYah said...

"I wish you would take that holocaust of yours and stick it up your ass and set it on fire"

Seconded. Excellent article Vis.

The Holyhoax is a gigantic fraud from beginning to end. Yes, Jews were put in camps (along with tens of thousands of gypsies, poles, communist partisans, and others), but there was no deliberate plan to exterminate any of those people. The reason for emaciated bodies was typhus epidemics that raged near the end of the war.

Some of my favorite evidence:

Jews at NY Times claimed "6,000,000 jews were facing extermination by massacre" in Russia in 1919

October 31, 1919 article in The American Hebrew journal warns of "holocaust" of "6 Million" Jews in Romania, Poland and Ukraine in 1919 at end of WWI (article specifically uses term "holocaust" and and refers to "six million")

On that magic 6,000,000 number:
The Kabalistic-Occult origins and purpose of the Holocaust™ dogma, and the 6 million number

Now, as to the Nazi party...the truth is breaking on that front as well. They were controlled opposition - funded, controlled, and lead by members of "the tribe".

Why would the Jewish-controlled Nazis put jews in camps, you might ask? Well...some "persecution" of European Jewry was absolutely necessary in order to scare them into moving to Palestine (Jews being perfectly content in Europe, and Palestine a desert wasteland at the time). Thus, the myth of the Holocaust served as the pretext for the founding of the state of "Israel" well as the financial rape of Germany via extorting billions of dollars in "reparations", etc.

The Nazi-Zionist Connection: The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler - Documentary video by Jim Condit, Jr.

"Adolf Hitler - Founder of Israel" by Hennecke Kardel



Zionism, 9/11 and The War on Terror Hoax

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