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The Norway Spiral and the Ticks on the Run.

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I’ve been getting emails about the Norway Spiral; what I might think the cause was. My definitive answer on the subject is, “I don’t know.” I do know that the idea that it was some sort of UFO or supernatural celebration of warmonger Obama’s (rhymes with Osama) receipt of the bankrupt, Nobel Peace Prize is probably not true. It could be true if the UFO’s were from some Klingon race or if the supernatural force was Satanic in nature and they wanted to make a statement in support of the man’s murderous adventurism at the behest of his Zio-Nazi handlers. That would make sense.

I suspect that there is going to be an ever increasing amount of ‘signs and wonders’ appearing as we get closer to whatever it is that we are getting closer to. Most of these things are likely to be holographic projections and the result of other disinfo efforts to scare the public and keep them in line. The bad guys are at each other’s throats these days, as they should be and there’s no telling what that’s going to initiate. The biggest concern of the moment is the pending assault on Iran. Israel likes to celebrate their holidays with bloodshed and suffering visited upon their neighbors. We’re in the zone at the moment.

I don’t know when they are going to do this but it is going to change everything. The world changed dramatically after they pulled off 9/11. It will change even more dramatically after this. There are pressing reasons to attack Iran, sooner rather than later. Zippy (the Pinhead) Livni got charged with war crimes in the UK. Then, PDQ, she got uncharged, due to the not at all (and don’t you say it is) powerful Israeli lobby. Even if it’s not happening, it did happen. Barak- one of the main players in 9/11- is being charged in Austria. Some numbers of psychopaths from the Kingdom of Rothschild - known as Israel- are also on restricted travel.

In the US, they passed a truly humungous Defense Spending Bill (which didn’t even include the surge) designed to protect that country from a manufactured terrorist threat which the neo-cons are carefully and not so carefully manipulating at the public expense. Fat-faced, alcoholic lawmakers are arguing about how transparent the national health care bill can be. Do they just turn it over completely to the insurance and pharmaceutical firms to run or do they hide that fact and how much of it do they hide? It’s becoming increasingly clear that no matter how much money they charge the public, there is not going to be enough for them. I suspect they will cut a deal with First Premier Bank and everyone will be able to pay with their credit cards. If you don’t have one you can get one.

Ever since it became clear to me that Israel intended to attack Iran. (and that’s been a long time now) I have had the unshakeable sensation that it is going to turn into the biggest backfire in history. The thought comes into my mind that there is something ‘they’ don’t know and that something is going to affect the result in a truly momentous way.

We don’t know what the lost souls are cooking up in the back room. I want to point out that there are several back rooms and several groups that are not only opposed to you but to each other as well. You see it every day now. You see them going after each other. You see, if you are paying attention, all the little messages they are sending each other. People should take heart from this.

Many of us think of evil as a unified force. After all, it appears to run the whole world at this time. It’s actually a collection of well entrenched, tick-like creatures, who have each attached themselves to some large body of the public. Each of them has become bloated beyond recognition. They are well past the guy in Se7en with his face down in the spaghetti bowl. Ticks don’t have a shut off valve. I understand that they do fall off on occasion; must be some sort of occupational hazard. These are super ticks so they can still move from one group of people to another if they’ve sucked their present host dry. So we wind up with that territorial imperative problem where one group of ticks object to another group coming over for an extended buffet, uninvited.

These days everything is getting seen and heard. We’ve got hidden video transmitters and cellphone cameras and we’ve got the internet to transmit it everywhere all at once. It’s gotten out of hand and they are trying to put it back in the bottle but that’s not going to happen. They’re getting nailed right and left and they don’t like it one bit. Tony Blair is being compromised and exposed all of a sudden. Now we find he’s got that new startup company for global warming; well, they all do, don’t they? He makes that ‘oops’ comment about Iraq and one would have to say that things aren’t going well for Tony at the moment.

Al Gored can’t even appear in public anymore without We Are Change or someone else getting in his face. He sets himself up on a shitheap of lies and as the crowning moment approaches, someone leaks all those emails from East Anglia. The next thing we know the scientists are at each others throats and both sides have large S&MSM backing. There’s a war on people and it’s not the ones we’ve become familiar with. Powerful people are coming out of the woodwork and saying the unexpected. The Baroness on the EU Commission has made some challenging statements about Israel. Lord Monckton is all over the place.

How did a certain group of people come to be in charge of the media and so many facets of commerce and industry? They own the banks and they can print as much money as they want to and loan it out to those who owe them fealty. This is why the central banks don’t want their operations scrutinized. They are counterfeiters who bought the world with phony money. To solve this problem, the central banks must be eliminated. After that, these monster operations will fall under their own weight. They stole so much and then bought so much paper, which inflated to such a degree, that no one knows how bad it is but there is the implication that there is no value at all in most of what they are engaged in. A lot of the money is now as worthless as they are. What we have now is the propped up appearance of value.

The kicker is what is going on behind the scenes. You can get some idea of this from studying what is showing up out here. I was much amused by Putin’s comment to Berlusconi about how manly he was during his assault. You have to understand something about Russian humor to get this. Steam is hissing out of the weak points in the apparatus and inexorably the charade continues. The public humiliations are a daily affair and the recipients clamor for more air time so that they can add to the spectacle of their state. Don’t tell me that something unknown to the players isn’t at work far and wide at the moment. They are running out of options and the space to exercise them in. They are left with the usual false flag capers and some varieties of science fiction events to loose upon the minds of those that it is becoming increasingly harder to deceive.

There are billions of people who are engaged in some religious faith. At the end of the Cliff High interview, you heard a remarkably annoying woman demonstrate an example of one. Millions of fundies are looking for a sign and it is likely they are going to get a few. My expectation is that several cabals of ticks are industriously engaged in cooking up supernatural spectacles to take a convincing control of their attention; set it up, verify it and then work it and milk it. I suspect that is coming really soon and Christmas is a good time for a five hundred foot Jesus in the sky, along with representatives of the other faiths.

Still, like I said, something is loose that they don’t understand and can’t control. It keeps pulling their pants down as they are explaining themselves. They look behind them and no one is there. It’s uncanny. I celebrate it. I’m on the side of whoever is messing with the ticks. I’m on the side of whoever is exposing the banks and all the corporate extensions that lead out from them. Truthfully, I’m on the side of Harmony and Balance. We won’t get there without what is off balance, finally manifesting in some kind of ‘Bush on a Segway’.

Take heart from all of these strange doings. The ticks are on the run and it’s hard to run when your belly is full of blood.

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kikz said...

'They look behind them and no one is there. It’s uncanny. I celebrate it. I’m on the side of whoever is messing with the ticks. I’m on the side of whoever is exposing the banks and all the corporate extensions that lead out from them. Truthfully, I’m on the side of Harmony and Balance. We won’t get there without what is off balance, finally manifesting in some kind of ‘Bush on a Segway’.'

i intend to enjoy the 'shoa'


*deep inhale* ahhhh.. i luv the smell of burning hubris and irony in the morning!

Pstonie said...

Awesome post, Les.

It's time.

Anonymous said...

I believe the spiral displayed in the sky above Norway is a preview of more similar such phenonma to come. As Les said, each future hologram displaying a major religious figure... as the rats behind the scene prepare our new homes in the Haliburton/Brown& Root gulags that have been designated around the US.

In two or three years most things as we know it will possibly come to an end for most of us, if the webot is correct. But on the bright side, many known sewer-rats can be eliminated the old fashoned way before then.

I don't know about others, but I personally do not want to find myself standing in line, to greet St. Peter, beside George W. Bush or "the obanination" when the end comes. It would be much nicer for all if they are sent out early... as an advanced party.

Fortunatly there are still a bunch of ole rat hunters around that haven't been fooled by the fireworks in the sky and will be standing by with fireworks of their own:)

an ole rat hunter

jackruby64 said...

Here is a link to a very well done documentary about some amazing UFO phenomenon that have been taking place in Norway since 1981.
This film is well worth watching, as it depicts the ongoing scientific research into the unexplained phenomenon. It seriously blew me away.
James aka jackruby64

John said...

Les, if you haven't heard the Rik Clay ("suicide" shortly after interview) interviews I highly recommend them. Details he provided suggest something similar to what you describe as planned. Rik was 24 I think and just hit the scene revealing many insights and speculations, happy guy, then right after big expose interviews....suicide.

Dammerung said...

It's scary stuff to think about. Iran has been BAITING Israel for some time now. Remember that ridiculous claim of Ahmedinejad, that he was going to build another ten reactors? Ha! Iran can't afford that. So why'd he say it? Just to bait Israel a little further.

Why would Iran bait Israel at all? What do they KNOW?

First, Iran has spies everywhere in the ME. You'd better believe that there is an Iranian spy under every manhole cover in Iraq. They know US troop movements. They know our weapons. They know our ground tactics. They know our crippling reliance on air power. On the flip side, the American/Israeli Axis knows hardly anything about Iran's capabilities. What's their strategy? How many UAVs do they have? How accurate are their missiles? Are their missiles really guided by some dude with a cellphone, able to home in on a US base in Iraq?

I think Iran is baiting Israel because they know, barring WMDs, they could sweep through Iraq and add it to their territory while crippling the ability of Israel to project force outside of their borders. Hezbollah took the war to Israel last time. No matter how many bombs they dropped on Lebanon, Hezbollah was able to keep the theater of conflict on Israeli soil.

People don't get it. Iran is no fly to be swatted. It's like waking up one day and trying to attack France. Iranians are smart, brave, determined, and better equipped than we realize.

Visible said...

Jesus, Dammerung, your grasp of reality is tenuous at best. Israel is a bloodthirsty monster. Compared to them Iran is enlightened and whatever Iran may be doing is justified in light of Israel's mad dog behavior. The world would be a better place without Israel in it. It's not even a country. It's an organized crime syndicate with a little genocide for recreation

James Ledyard said...

Me too... I love it when anyone messes with those ticks.

The recent Spiral in the sky was probably, as you noted, a test run of "Project Bluebeam"... that giant holographic slide projector in the sky cooked up by the thugs over at NASA and the CIA.

I have to laugh.. after reading about the Taliban who hacked into the Drone Program with $26 software bought on-line.... duh...?

What would happen if the boys over at the CIA had a little too much to drink one night.. and instead of a picture of a UFO or JESUS in the sky.. they inserted a slide of Mickey Mouse by mistake?

"Oh god.. it's the UFO Mouse.. run for you life"... :-)

John said...

Here's a kind of summary of Rik Clay's ideas regarding false flag, bluebeam, haarp, 2012, Zion, Olympics etc.

wv: thysigne

John said...

@Liber8tor, lol. Personally I'd like to see full length re-runs of 'The Three Stooges' projected holographically by Bluebeam. At least they have some value.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les and All,

Great post.. I really enjoyed this one...

The "Demon Hoarde" wants to war with Iran so bad, that they accused them of knocking down the Twitter social network.

On top of that, we have YET another Spy in the FBI giving away Top-Secret information. Want to take a guess of the nationality?


Take care and stay blessed,


jackruby64 said...

Dammerung, the Iran situation is truly scary stuff, total agreement with you. I noticed yesterday when they "broke" the story of "Iran- backed Iraqi insurgents" hacking into the video feeds of US Predator drone aircraft, there was emphasis on the "Iran-backed" Iraqis. Now today, it appears that Iranian troops have captured an Iraqi oil well.
James aka jackruby64

Anonymous said...

An angry Howdy Doody Swivelhead hits hollow in blizzardy Copenhagen....
Hugo Chavez laughs at the Emperor with the 5th Ave. mannikin facade and sniffs, "Ridiculous! A joke!" He might not smell of sulphur like Bush, but he stinks nonetheless! An empty suit. Tony has to get back & change domain name on Low Carbon Capital Fund... news quickly goes out Iran is seizing Iraqi oil wells... a new Gilbert & Sullivan opera, "Reptilians in Disarray" in the making.

Dammerung said...

You seem to be mistaking me, Les. I have little love for the nation, so-called, of Israel. I think they are building a future in which they join the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. In 200 years they will barely warrant a half a page in history books, if they continue on this course. However, I was trying to offer a realistic assessment of the situation. Iran is deliberately baiting Israel to attack because Iran believes it can win and become the new regional ME power.

Unknown said...

Holy smoking mirrors...a new group of Military, Law Enforcement, and civilian patriots have finally stood up to take care of the problems facing America.

Visible said...

I've got so many things going on simultaneously that I am prone to misinterpret the intent of a comment now and again. If that's the case I apologize. That said, I don't think Iran is baiting Israel. I think the Israeli controlled press likes to give that impression. I also don't actually know what Iran is intending for the region. If I were Iran or Iraq or anyone in the middle east I would be doing everything I could to sabotage the efforts of the west and the controlling vampire mind of Israel.

It's like when I hear about Palestinian rockets and suicide bombers. They have every right to do these things.

Anything these abused countries choose to do is perfectly okay and nothing they are doing comes close to what is being doing to them.

Anonymous said...


'*deep inhale* ahhhh.. i luv the smell of burning hubris and irony in the morning!'

Very clever! I love this!

Les, Good Column!!!

Anonymous said...

Dammerung...good observation. Klauswitz couldn't have said it any better.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best
When things get worse for TPTB, they probably intend to float as much religiously-appearing phenomenon(using advanced technology, possibly derived from places like area 51)into the public's consciousness as possible. Not only to fool, motivate, influence the rubes but also to divert attention from them. As well as to be able to pit those they've deceived by such methods against those who have had genuine contact with certain forces/powers/energies/consciousnesses.
And, to be able to discredit, point the fingers, at both sides in order to raise the public's ire and skepticism against any belief system which does not continue to recognize and acknowlege them as top dog on this planet, world without end.
Misdirection, deception, keeping others in ignorance. That's TPTB's playbook.
A good way to discern how perceptive a collective of humans is, is this-have they identified those responsible for the conditions they are suffering from, or not?

Dammerung said...

Right and wrong is totally irrelevant, and so is justice. The AmerIndians were perfectly justified, perhaps, in their resistance to Anglo incursions. But that doesn't matter. Power has always overmastered justice.

Maybe it's wrong to resist evil at all. Jesus taught us to repay evil with goodness, and he taught that goodness is never the result of evil. One of Hezbollah's rockets hit an Israeli train station and killed 8 commuters. It didn't ask, before it exploded, what their opinion on Israeli foreign policy was, or how they as individuals related to God. Such violence does not discriminate between good and evil persons.

On the other hand, perhaps non-violence is a kind of Enemy propaganda to frighten us into meek compliance. Maybe it's the wicked who benefit when the good refuse to employ violence in defense of their lives and property. Maybe that's why there's so much State-based worship of Martin Luther King; after all, he totally failed to bring equality and justice to blacks in this nation.

Maybe there's no moral implications at all and human beings are like ants. Red ants fight the black ants, well, what of it? God doesn't care about their deaths or burial rituals, and offers antkind neither Heaven nor Hell. Can we with a straight face imagine an ant-heaven of honey bowls and spacious mounds with a benevolent Queen ruling over happy drones?

Well, as for me, I have no answers whatsoever. And don't worry about offending me through misunderstanding. It's hard to communicate tone in this medium.

Anonymous said...

Gee whiz Les, you are almost up to speed. One little problem my friend, when you mention space aliens and the like it is difficult at best to take anyone seriously. "Project Blue Beam" is a NASA creation that can project three dimensional holograms on the salt layer in the ionosphere. UFO's are the order of the day because when the NWO runs out of hobgoblins to keep the populace alarmed then a threat from space is the next terror frontier. All of these sightings are true and correct but there are no real space aliens just holograms. Several investigative reporters have looked into this phenomenon and have been rewarded for their efforts with an "Accident." DEAD MEN TELL NO TAILS!! By even talking about UFO's like they really exist is to unwittingly assist the NWO with their takeover of civilization. Truth hurts but I couldn't let you go on uninformed like that. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

humans have been hitting the snoozzzz button for way to long

sometimes you have to beat them on the head and take away the covers

and when they wake up the first thing they say is fuck you

the asswholes are just doing their job

we are not doing ours


Visible said...

Since 94% of the Israelis supported the Gaza massacre, there can be little doubt that those commuters were culpable.

When did this rocket hit the Israeli train station? the rockets I know about mostly hit empty lots; giving the impression that they may well have been fired for propaganda purposes.

Propaganda, sock-puppetry and all sorts of things are alive and well.

I hope you're not going to tell me that no rocket hit an Israeli train station because that would be disingenuous.

Jide said...

Great post as usual, Les.
I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the "Smoking Mirrors" song.
Lots of energy in this one!

(come on people, listen to it!)

Visible said...

"It could be true if the UFO’s were from some Klingon race."

Does this sound like I am promoting an alien event or that I am being sarcastic and perhaps ironic. I appreciate your not wanting me to stumble any further into the dark being as misinformed as I am but I'd appreciate a more careful reading of my work.

Also, anyone who says in a blanket statement that there are no aliens makes me wonder about the possible limits to their omniscience.

I've had contact with inter-dimensional aliens in the company of witnesses. However, you will note that I stay away from much mention of aliens and flying saucers in my day to day presentations. If they're in the mix, fine. if they are not, fine. I catalog all that stuff under the heading that, "I don't know."

The evidence of space visitation in most ancient cultures suggest there is something to it. Of course, the government could have used a time machine and gone back and put them there so they could use it now. For some reason I find that unlikely.

Dammerung said...

Since 94% of the Israelis supported the Gaza massacre

If it kills 7 who did and 1 who didn't, is that an acceptable rate of losses? I fear that if you start down that road, where you end is with the mentality of Israelis.

Philip K. Dick wrote....

"The Empire never ended."The Empire is the institution, the codification, of derangement; it is insane and imposes its insanity on us by violence, since its nature is a violent one.To fight the Empire is to be infected by its derangement. This is a paradox;whoever defeats a segment of the Empire becomes the Empire; it proliferates like a virus, imposing its form on its enemies. Thereby it becomes its enemies."

When did this rocket hit the Israeli train station?

This incident took place during the July War in 2006. Don't get me wrong, I deeply admire Hezbollah. It's the first time an Arab militia has managed to successfully defend its nation from an Israel invasion. I'm just... asking questions, morally speaking. Someone earlier in the thread implied that I have a gift for military analysis. If that's true, shouldn't I hide under a rock somewhere (almost; as I am?) The "gift" of military genius, as demonstrated by Machiavelli or Sun Tzu, is a dubious gift at best... bad powers, bad people. Seems like a gift that leads to Hell.

Visible said...

There's no telling who that was who painted you as a military genius and you aren't talking about anything military here which leads me to suspect more than I'm going to elaborate on.

I think you're engaging in sophistry. In fact, I'm sure of it and so I'm not going to interact anymore but I will say this. How is it that you are discussing 8 dead Israelis and not the war crimes in which Israel was engaged in in Lebanon? How is it that the situation in Gaza doesn't surface here?

I'm done with this.

Dammerung said...

I don't mention the Qana Massacre, Les, because it is without justification. No sane or reasonable person could argue that it was anything but a naked act of aggression against civilians. On the other hand, the Hezbollah missile which hit the train station was justifiable - there exists a reasonable argument in this case for self-defense. I don't bring up Gaza for the same reason - that Israel has engaged in naked aggression on caged civilians virtually incapable of defending themselves is self-evident. There's no argument there.

As to whether I am engaging in sophistry, well, of course I am. The Sophists were highly respected philosophers before Western culture became pathologically obsessed with coming up with some one, single Truth against which there is no contention. I am demonstrating a contention that should be taking place within ourselves about our actions and their consequences. Can good ever be the product of evil? Can the killing of one Israeli person, or one Lebanese person, who is a pacifist - ever be morally justified? The more clearly I see each side of the argument the less certain I am of either.

Masher1 said...

Well it looks like Dead Man Musings Received the Blogger Axe. I sure would like to read the page that brought him down. You had it posted as:

But the whole Deadmanmusings blog is gone.

Guess he must have hit a seriously verboten button for them to nuke his whole blog 100%.

Too late though most of us read it all anyway. And F blogger We will read him on ANOTHER site soon enough.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the 8 killed at the train station were miitary reservest on their way to report for duty. Done...

Word V: Crazest

If is pointing at me, whoppee!

Anonymous said...

I suppose when lies and chaos
have ruled for so long
if truth is added
it cause disaray
that is what the elite
fear the most
the truth and what it entail
I suppose
when you practise
delusion and chaos
you go against your self inside
we all make mistakes in the
world but most right their wrongs throughout their life
these people who lead wont learn
in fact they just keep practicing
the same
they could never be a union
cos in themselves they are insain
there interpretation of their
existance is just to take
and kill and hide
raping the earth
of everything
not knowing mother nature
is inside
a foolish thing
to sell your soul
to fill your pockets full
of slime.
but soon they will learn
what happens when you
practice along them lines
up to them what ever way
better to come back
from the divide
join your brothers and sisters
just stop trying to perpetuate
this crime


Anonymous said...

Now Obama has been brought to heel. Good boy. Israel's obedient House Nigger.

Livni's complicity, indeed direct involvement in the continuing, sheer, vicious and unapologetic Holocaust of the people of Gaza and the West Bank, the True People of The Land, which involves the deliberately targeted bombing of schools and hospitals and the use of flesh-eating white-phosphorous, is nothing beyond the extraordinarily evil and inherent mentality of an alien people, the Ashkenazim, whose forefathers were never of Semitic descent, and who, by mere virtue of their hatred for the creativity they possess not within themselves and must steal (as Einstein stole the best ideas of uniquely ingenious German physicists) from real human beings everything to justify their existence as bandits and thieves, is typically indicative of sociopaths who vent their spleen and anger against those they despise as real creators and genuinely hard-working producers of wealth

When we talk of Livni, Meier, Begin, Rabin, Netanyahu, Sharon (and treasonous dual American-Israeli Fifth-Columnists such as Paul Wolfowitz, Raul Emmanuel, Michael Chertoff and Ben Bernanke) and the founding mass murdering terrorist of the Satanic state of Israel, the antichristic and European-hating Ben Gurion, let us never forget that we are dealing with representatives of an illegal sect of International Usurpers who have brought our entire world to the very brink of not only financial bankruptcy, but right unto the Abyss of nuclear Armageddon.

Poor little nuclear-armed 'Israel', which has even threatened to destroy the entire world unless it gets its own petulant, screaming and kicking childish little ways. Let us, as gullible Christians and westerners, who have been taught to hate all Arabs (the true Semites and the real Children of Shem) release a flood of tears so great for those much-abused hook-nosed destroyers of orange groves and the builders of a hideous wall of evil between themselves and real, suffering humanity, drown them all in a deluge of our overwhelming sympathy for their sheer Christ-murdering cunning and arts of manipulation, blackmail and bribery.

Let us, as Christians and westerners, never forget their hatred towards us and forgive them for their apparently harmless wisecracks; for surely, these lovable Edomites and Turko-Mongols, who were never the Children of Israel, must be joking when they say:

"We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force." ­ Israeli military tactician and professor Martin Crevald

Let us consider the ponderings of the Bolshevik Jewish racial supremacist, Menachem Begin:

"Our race [speaking of the Ashkenazim false Jews and Edomites] is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves." ­ June 25, 1982, as quoted as an enhancement of Rabbi Schneerson's racist claims in the 'New Statesman'.

Yet Satanic asslickers, such as John Hagee, Barack Obama and the demonically selfish and unscrupulous Hillary Clinton, will not hear one word against a people who have always, and will continue, to despise hard-working Americans and Europeans. Let's name just a small sample of the Jews who have hated and despised America; who have betrayed, and whose ilk will always continue to betray, America and the English people:

Visible said...

Jim Corr just sent me this Concerning the Norway Spiral.

jackruby64 said...

Les et al,
Please check out this site
There has been an ongoing scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon in Hessdalen valley in Norway. This is the area discussed in the documentary I posted earlier.
James aka jackruby64

Just A. Human said...

UFO,s swooping around and Aliens landings have been a common amusements theme. Many respected readers put a lot of credence in them. May I suggest that the stories of UFO’s, Aliens and Supernatural phenomena are just pat of the process of “clownification” and “dumbification” of the masses.

Mars may have the ingredients for life. But, intelligent life form is NOT very probable. No other planet in our solar system can support the life as we recognize it (due to distance from the Sun and gravitational forces). As for the Extra-Stellar paying homage to us, consider the following facts:

The nearest Star is 31 trillion kilometers (31,000,000,000,000 km) away from our Sun. A Spaceship (UFO) traveling at a linear speed (we, the Earthlings, don’t have the technology or means to achieve an inter-space-sustained linear speed beyond an hour at the most) of 100,000 km (1.6 km = 1 mile) per hour will take approximately 3,500 years to travel that distance. Would you like to believe in UFO’s?

If a life form had the know-how to be able to reach the Earth from outer the space in a manageable time, it would have been a blink for that life form to “clear & clean” this planet for their possession.

Please, stop buying into the myth of UFO’s and Aliens and “supernatural” phenomena. Supernatural, speaking with mathematical precision, simply means breaking or bending the laws and rules of the Nature. Doesn’t happen. Can’t happen. Won’t happen. Nature ticks with absolute precision. There is NO tolerance for any variations or deviation from the set rules. If there were, the Universe would have ceased to exist long time ago.

You may like to read more about The Universe and about ourselves with the point of view of physics at (No promotional intentions – I sell nothing and want nothing. Just write for the fun of it!):

I am/not word veri: sarke(!) said...


ExposingThemselves said...

"Still, like I said, something is loose that they don’t understand and can’t control. It keeps pulling their pants down as they are explaining themselves."

Les, sometimes you are sooo funny!
I'm still laughing at the imagery of those words.
Keep up the great work and I wish you and Susanne a very merry Christmas.


Just A. Human said...

As an addendum to my previous comments:

Please get rid of this induced belief that “Someone, Something, Some Supernatural Event or Persona” is going to come to save us and take us out of our miseries. The same devils who are responsible for the miseries of the humanity have promoted this passive and pathetic way of thinking.

It is your mess my friends. Pardon me, but it is your shit and you have to clean it yourself.

Anonymous said...

What at a bitch to live in the sticks with no access to a computer genius. My computer was installed by such a genius as we get in the world to-day. I just knew when I heard this genius utter the word Oops that my new computer was knackered. I am sure the word Oops was not in the manual. So this is why this scribbler is limited to reading all his conspiracy while you people are able to view, plus hear. For this reason I am limited to reading of the Webot, on my old warm up computer. Being limited to reading only I suppose would have benefits, but it would be nice to be lazy, and just look and listen.
I was reading recently as to the Spiral in Norway and some buff was of the opinion as to there being an event due in northern Europe. This is of a prophetic nature, coupled with the thought, that this Spiral is not of this world. He did also write of Nostradamus which would tell us of the dangers to the Swiss people as to them leaving in a hurry as their country is in danger. The scribbler not being a buff would not have any idea of those events, but I am wondering, if the Collider in Europe were to have had a problem, and it needed an exhaust for venting purpose. Do those buffs have control as to their creative mistakes, and errors.
I have heard of the Hopi, I think it was, who have warned the UN of the dangers of bringing artifacts from other worlds, coupled with the dangers of our wars on the Great Earth Mother. There are also numerous prophecies of the danger coming from the interference of the earth within our world, as we would disturb that over which we have no control. "I suspect there will be even more signs and wonders", I too suspect you might know there will be more sights and wonders. I also suspect you might expect them in the near future. But what is a buff to do if those sights and wonders are proved to be not of this world, and slightly more than mere mortal production.
Perhaps we as a specie should have traveled past the point of, you did that to us, now it's time for us to do this to you. Which leads me to wonder as to the unrelenting torment which is put upon the brown people of our world. What is it which would drive such as the puppet Obama and his masters to inflict such horror on the Muslim world? Could it be that the Iranian President is right in his "madness" of thinking as to the western powers are trying to eliminate the prospect of the "Enlightened One" of the Islamic Eschatology? Could this be the thinking madness of a world gone completely over the edge, and yet it would have its place in the asylum of our world thinking?
I am within hearing of a thankfully out of view teevee, of the theft of the symbol from a holohoax factory in Poland as I scribble. It leads me to wonder of the purpose of the stealing of this piece of the media industry, and if there is to be more mileage to be gained from this than the holohoax shooting in the US of times past. It would appear those ogres in our world will grasp at the least of symbols ere they are lost in the tide of the present. Hopefully this is a sign of the future, whereby those who have ruined our world would take, and hide, more of their symbols and servants as they vacate the landscape, and leave the land a little more pleasing to the eye.
Your analogy of the ticks is very apt. If I remember rightly they were a curse and no mistake. They would have a habit of the infesting of child and his dog. They would bury themselves in the most private of places. most of the time it was with unwanted eyes they would be removed.The dog at least would show no embarrassment and was delighted with the relief. The pleasure and relief with removal of said ticks was nothing like the joy of flicking the parasite into the open hearth.

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, Asskicking piece my friend !!! Very high powered.

All your writings are great, they help us all connect the dots.

Yes, I was told long ago, by a very wise person...
" even your enemies have enemies"

I was listening to Public Radio self promotion where a guy named Weinstein said " we are here to bring you objective reporting.". And I thought.. "yeah... right" But I knew that thousands of other listeners.. even their most liberal dedicated contributors where thinking the same thing.. " yeah right" why are their so many of them owning, producing, spinning, interpreting and defining the news?

There's going to be blowback. and guys like Rahm Emanuel and Whiney Liberman ar going to be the blowback poster boys. I can feel it.

The Doktor said...

Unbelievable... you even get inundated here with the same tired old axiom of "My God is bigger & better than your God!" or something to that same effect...

Checkpoint y'all... there is but ONE, yes read it, one Creator ONLY... and hundreds of 'religions'... hrrmm... what's wrong with this picture?!?

Wake yourselves up NOW - your very existence is certainly at stake...

[insert Standard Mgmt Disclaimer here:] "Your actual mileage may vary..."

BTW - tremendous post Les... thanx again for being the Lightning Rod that you are... ;-)

paolocaruso said...


I just had to point this out Les,
the sign was ripped off from Auschwitz. BTW the MSM is oddly playing this down.

In fact this is a very embarrassing sign for the holocaust industry.

The other day, I posted somewhere that I was watching video of a banking protest in Chicago, and the camera focused on a guy who must have been a shill was carrying a sign the said JEWISH LABOR council or something.

And I thought of the gate at Auschwitz because the term JEWISH LABOR is an oxymoron. they generally do not perform labor. they make their money through financial dealings, media, insurance and medical quackery.
Those jews, I know that are in the labor profession, through their extraordinary capacity to procure financing from their friends in finance, quickly move to ownership of the restaurant or electrical firm.

I think they stole there own sign. More and more these days, people who view that sign "Arbeit macht frei" it starts their brains thinking what was the original intention of the sign.

Anonymous said...

playing games that are wicked
to manipulate and starve the poor
their dreams built upon the desires
of total domination constant war
deceiving the people continuously
on a satanic conquest
using methods that normal people
just would not ever accept
justify their reasons
to their insane sacrifice
to lead man on a wasted journey
through the whole of his life
to serve their greed
their every whim
the truth is everyones a slave
I think most will agree
we all rebel against something
its deeply engaged
through the divisions of society
they disrupt the underlying peace
by continualy dividing
with everchanging twists
the poisons deep within them
it needs to be released
mother nature does her work
through man or tree or beast
its in them the medicine
but they dont even know
mother nature surprise them
waken them with a show
who knows when or where
but she is everywhere you go
so come on elite dont be fools
your'll just trip
over your own toes
come on in
back where you belong
your natural mode.


Anonymous said...

Well, as for aliens I used to work 500 feet below the ground at a government facility and there were things there that did not come from this world. Can not say anymore.

Anonymous said...

I never called anybody a genius. I merely thought Dammerung's analysis of the mideast situation was insightful and I had never thought of it that way before. I don't believe there is such a thing as a military genius.

Personally, I think someone should be dead for a few generations before they are called a genius.

(McCob, usually when my 'puter lets me)

Visible said...

My first thought was that they took the sign. Just as when I hear about some anti-Semitic act I reflexively assume that they are at it again. I remember in France when there was a spate of such events and police investigations revealed that they were all staged. Of course the excuse was that the participants were one of the now ten million holocaust survivors and what they did was due to grief or stress or some excusable item.

When I hear a rocket landed in an empty lot in Sderot I always assume they fired it. I realize that's cynical on my part but after the 2 or 3 hundredth time I just assume it now.

One of the things that has always fascinated me is that I have never heard any explanation for why the Red Cross came up with around 300,000 Chosen dead in the camps. That is violently ignored; can I say that? "violently ignored"?

It's like the way the plot on the life of Erdogan by Mossad has led to the present state of
Turkish Israeli relations. It just doesn't get mentioned. Few relationships were of more importance to Israel than that one. Soon that criminal empire will be no more and it will be like Springtime all over the world.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post, as usual. I see that New Years Eve brings a Blue Moon, I wonder if this most rare of occasions is of significance to the psychos that be?

Anonymous said...

"Time wounds all heals."

Anonymous said...

Love this post, Les. Thanks.

The spiral over Norway reminded me of the article on the Truthseeker a while back written by that Norwegian politician about the massive underground base in Norway. Don't know why it should, but there you go - thought associations!

Glad you mentioned Bliar. He's beginning to look more and more like the Ancient Mariner to me, lol! Again, I get this really strong feeling that he's being hung out to dry having served his purpose. Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke, imo. But if Blair topples, who will be the next domino, I wonder?

And the next? And the one after that? And the one after that? Damn it! Can't we do them as a group?

Best, Les.

S. Cat

Anonymous said...

If you've had a look at the Norway spiral photo, then you also need to look at the film that comes with it. The photo looks impressive and unusual because it appears to have been shot with time lapse photography, so you the spiral leading into the air and then the spiral in the sky.

If you look at the video, it looks very much like a missile that has misfired and is spinning around in circles. Now look back at the pic, and it really does look like a misfired missile.

I'm not saying things like BlueBeam don't exist or that there are no UFOs, just that it's worth being cautious with these things. A spiral in the sky would be a pretty pointless thing to create, and its hardly along the lines of a 2nd coming.

Just my 2 cents :)

SaveTheWorldEndIsraelNow said...

Wouldn't it have been interesting if a Canadian church group had lost its funding because of its negative comments about Palestinians.
No huh?
Thought not.
The only logical solution is to end the state of israel COMPLETELY not with bombs, but by recinding their 1948 UN (signed by them) charter which they have not upheld whatsoever.

Visible said...

that is exactly my position. I don't know. I know they have certain technologies and I know they intend to fool us because that is what they do. Since I know that the presence of the divine is an internal thing I'm not much concerned with the spectacles. It's just performance art with an ugly twist. If people buy it then that is their lookout. We can only speak to the listening and we hardly have the bandwidth or exposure to reach very many.

It is especially disheartening when the alternative media which should be publicizing genuine voices avoid doing so because maybe they aren't as free and genuine as they make out.

Rebel 4E said...

Space is a very big place
Do interplanetary/dimensional intelligent Alien lifeforms exist...?
I don't know!
Maybe....maybe not,

'Only the madman is absolutely sure'

Visible said...

This is the actual oathkeepers site. Someone put some other link up somewhere around these blogs and I thought I would add this just for clarity.

Oath Keepers.

Visible said...

Yes it is and I am convinced that there are other forms of life though my contact has only been with the inter-dimensional (that I know of).

Still, people are welcome to their opinions. However, every time I see sweeping all or nothing generalizations I just nod my head and go my way.

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

I tend to think it all exists somewhere. Just because it doesn't text us or tap on our windows means nothing. I hear a lot of voices- maybe I'm crazy and maybe not- and some of them are wiser than I... so if they are imaginary then I don't know what to think about that.

Rebel 4E said...

"I tend to think it all exists somewhere"

I concur...(-____-)

“. . . there are periods of history when the visions of madmen and dope fiends are a better guide to reality than the common-sense interpretation of data available to the so-called normal mind. This is one such period, if you haven't noticed already.” R.A.W


Visible said...

Seeing as I've been both (grin). Well, not heroin but as an avocation for many years in the spirit of inquiry and under strict supervision; even if I was unaware of it.

The madman thing is a pre requisite to comprehending the ineffable because it doesn't often take root in the rational mind.

Odin's Raven said...

Regarding possible alien influence, you may be interested in the website
which claims to have discovered, by analysing the reversed speech of important people, that (inter alia) aliens own the rest of the universe and will prevent humanity from landing on the moon or planets. I cannot assess the reliability of these claims, but the site contains some thought provoking stories - including that 'false flag' nuclear attacks have been planned by the US government.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

This may seem off the subject but I don't think it is really, so please bear with me on this. There are three principalities (powerful fallen angels) mentioned in scripture, Antichrist, Jezebel, and Death and Hell.

The principality of Antichrist is the spirit of idolatry that seeks to kill the human spirit (which is basically the human conscience and capacity for relationship with the Holy Spirit). The ancients called him Baal, and the later Babylonians and Assyrians called him Bel. And even later the Greeks called him Cronos and the Romans called him Saturn. The peoples of all those periods of history understood that he had power over time, the seasons, and crop success. At least two things the peoples of those time periods had in common was they made figurines, icons, statues, and idols to commemorate him, and they celebrated his soverignty during the winter solstice (our Christmas season). The Greek name 'Cronos' is the root word for our word 'chronograph, (clock).

The principality Jezebel is the spirit of seduction that seeks to kill human warmth, reason, and decision making. The ancients called her/him Ashtaroth, and the later Babylonians and Assyrians called her Astarte'. The later Greeks called her Aphrodite and the Romans called her Rhea. The peoples of those time periods understood that she/he had power over female fertility, female control over men, and power to wage war. The peoples of those time periods made idols to commemorate her that usually had a sexual connotation, and they celebrated her sovereignty during the spring equanox (our Easter season).

The principality of Death and Hell is the spirit of rejection that seeks to kill the human body. The ancients called him Moloch, and he had numerous other names throughout history. The peoples of old recognized his power in failed relationships, war, disease, and death in general. His proponents throughout history celebrated his sovereignty during the fall equanox through the end of fall season (our Halloween).

As history bears out the three principalities operate pretty much as one so that wherever the power of one of them is evident in a culture or nation the other two will be there close by. Whenever one of the principalities gains ascendency in a culture, a nation, a corporation, a religion, etc., it will seek to prop up a human figurehead to represent it and through which it can speak and manifest.

In the book of 1st John the apostle made the comment that there are many antichrists. And so there are, in practically every nation, as the leader of the nation. Jezebel sets up her figureheads too, Madonna being the primary one here in the US.

The principality of Death and Hell has his favorites as well, mainly as people who like to hurt other people. And there is overlap so that one leader may represent all three of the principalities, people like Netanyahoo or Obama (rhymes with Osama).

Anyway, the events that are unfolding before our eyes now are all about the long awaited appearance of the final ruling antichrist. He will have his Jezebel counterpart going before him to usher the masses over to him. Hopefully most thinking people will be able to spot them when they appear and not fall for their charisma.

Anonymous said...

Riddle of the Arctic roll solved as Russia admits 'one of our missiles misfired'

Read more:

King of Clubs said...

I like the metaphor of comparing the elite to ticks. Suits them.

Still don't see their decline any time soon, unfortunately, at least not absent a full "peak oil" induced collapse that takes us all down.

Keep skewing them anyway, though.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the 'Stolen Sign":
The thing I got out of the S&MSM report was that 'they' had a back-up replica sign ready to reinstall.
Was this a 'staged event?
Naah, they wouldn't do that would they?

Anonymous said...

It's worth looking into both of the so called "Oath Keeper" sites. I don't have answers but there are some very clear differences between the two. The site mentioned by the poster (a newer site) has many articles speaking of an enemy who has infiltrated America, while the older site (the one you mentioned) has been promoted by Alex Jones (who is suspicious in my book). Also look into who is behind the site you mentioned. This may help:

david wilson said...

There is a reason for all this and it is hidden in plain sight, in fact it is hidden mostly behind the sun, having arrived in the summer 09 it was visible all summer to those looking. Here is just one of the guest appearances:
This is the reason for the mayhem and madness, suggest a rapid reading of sitchin and a quick look at jordan maxwell to familiarize yourself with what all this means.

Better Built Craftsman LLC said...

I have to take issue with what Just.A.Human said. Typical limited linear thinking of the professional skeptic.

Measure a quark. Changes the outcome. Changes the spin of its companion INSTANTANEOUSLY across the universe.

Horatio, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Just a Human....A quote from a famous author to ponder.

"If everything in the universe made sense then nothing would happen". Dostoyevski

Personally, I believe there is more to the universe than what natural law can explain.


James Ledyard said...

Update: Pyramids and UFO seen in sky over Kremlin, here's some video

The ticks never they?

Anonymous said...

Death to the idolators?

The evil Baal and all that.
The only reason Baal became evil to them was due to the barbarians who in their ignorance made Him evil.

Jesus knows who Balaram is..

Jesus didn't worship Himself.
Jesus told you all not to worship Him.
Why do you then?

"Only my Father is good."

That's the incredibly immense problem with Christian based usurping and distortion of ancient eternal spirituality.
So-called Christians have no idea just Who this Father Jesus loved so much really is.
What? Do you think Jesus is talking about some ghost or imaginary concept?
He's talking about His Father. Everyone's Father. A Person. Not a bunch of made up nonsense with a bunch of made up rules and regulations.

Christians, Jews and Muslims know virtually nothing about Him, what He looks like, his eternal associates, His paraphernalia, His eternal past times, His incarnations. Nothing.

New kids on the block. Bullies with their machines and MATERIAL sciences.

In other words; very superstitious.

Visible said...

Well, finally I'm in a creative state again (musically speaking) so I'll be putting up rough examples as I go along with each one. This was a first take (there are probably certain indications of that... heh heh)


moon said...

@Mac (anonyms),
to the genious nurd of the disinformation word I say:
Scru you big fart face...scram....shoo shooo.
Excuse me Les & All, but his coment was not even worth the 2minuts I spent reeding his shit(worry again for the R language).

tim said...

Have you ever seen the "Phoenix Lights"? 10,000 people in Arizona saw one hell of a hologram. I'm an electrical engineer and the longer I study electricity/light, the more amazed I am of the limitation of 3-dimensional physics on multi-dimensional reality. Quantum physics essentially says that reality is the process of infinite possibilities. I know they will use all sorts of technical bullshit to lie to us as always, but be carefull of any sweeping generalization.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Out of the Darkness and into The Light..

veritas6464 said...

Greetings all, and Buona Sera Papa Visible. Firstly, Dammerung: follow these links:

It is almost impossible to hit the Yids with anything at all, and definitely not a bottle-rocket; unless they want the 'strike' for photo-ops. Prior to and subsequent to service with my Regiments Recon' Troop I had the embarrassing role of pretending to be a member of my Regiments AA Troop 'Ant-Aircraft Troop' - we never had an AA Troop, we used to provide a presence with lots of 'radio noise' NO SHIT - we pretended to exist because our government wouldn't pony-up for Air Defense for our Tanks and Cav' tracks. I know a bit about rocketry; and Dammerung you are lost brother - The Yids run everything and the Iranians have not threatened another nation in at least 400 years, and they are not baiting anyone. Oh, I use to play the game of "not all jews are zionists". Well, if my countrymen were murdering thieving child-molesters - I'd be kicking their arses - if you let it happen you are an accessory - if we put enough pressure on the soft-yids they will figure it out - which they are doing. That when pay-back comes they will get sucked into the bone-crushing vortex - we are born into a 'world' ruled by Satan - and War is Hell! Check out the pix of Gaza's children. Death to Israel's cowardly Army and Air Force and then we march on Tel Aviv.

Hey Les - We win; it's written - we just gotta make it happen - everyone plays their role huh?


moon said... hair is still standing as I am writing this..
WTF kind of reaction on my face, sorry.
I will tell you honestly what I think: you are a military man, fed up with the pencil heads runing the show behind the scene...I realy admire that and apreciat alot your comment.
A worior not a solder is talking, that is very reassuring.
But you had to blow it...all this thing about marshing to tall aviv.. I agree this is not the motive of the e-volition (as I like to call this revolution), taking down Israel is not the war for every one. We all have our reasons to uprise and stop accepting the bullshit the media and leaders are hamering us with day in day out.
We all have our own batles and we all know that each one of us knows better his turf and please be my guest and Kleen and sweep your streets from the filth of fear.
As long as we agree not to "shoot" at each others, as long as we are all "one team".


veritas6464 said...

Ciao Papa com-esta?

Kheireddine: I do not intend to "WTF" your face - nobless oblige. However, follow these links and remember - Israel exists because criminals made it so.

The administration of that gangsters hideout are no more concerned with the welfare of real H'ebre'ws and Shems as they are with the little children of Gaza or Dresden (WWII). Please accept my apologies for expressing myself a little too dramatically regards the seizure of The Knesset in Israel. While those satanic monsters continue to blackmail the weak-knee'd and corrupt politicians and corporate crooks of the world: My attitude toward stopping them 'dead' in their tracks - will not ammend!

70 years of bullshit, stalling negotiations and nothing - they are laughing at our weakness and gullibility - the only time these Zio-nazis ever pull-up is when they get whacked. If g-d wrote this script, then so be it: "Deus Vult".

If I could manifest it "love, light and peace" would pervade the world on a zephyr; like the delicate perfumed breath of a thousand beautiful Spring days.
There is much love in my heart for all of you with whom I share this 'World'. My fear for the safety of 'my' little girls 8 and 5, drives me...


moon said...

veritas there is something moving you all right...fear for your girls future. That is a valid motivation that doesn't necessarily involve the fact of Israel being an extention of a much more devilish kind of eveil.
just look up before fiering down the barel, you may regret shooting inoscient targets..we wouldn't want that for sure.
Keep your prioreties right.


Kevenj said...

Greetings Les,

Which Cliff High interview are you referring to? Anyone?

moon said...

I am not letting you go Veritas, with a name like this how would you! And this name happens to remind me of an other eteresting name "illuminaughty" or something to that effect. Do you know each other by any chance? Because I would like you to tell him something: he is dangerous to humans and he likes feeling all dangerous and slick, and he is not willing to willingly let go his bad ways and stop hearting life. Tell him if you hapen to know this guy that he represent a serious threat to the e-volution, he will try to suduce you into forgeting your reason to be mad at the wrong doers and your born right to make him stop from hearting peole.
You remind me of him Veritas and I think this name doesn't fit you at all.
Just speaking out loudly here so sorry if I unecessarily and unwillingly offended anyone.


Anonymous said...

Dammerung stated: "Can the killing of one Israeli person, or one Lebanese person, who is a pacifist - ever be morally justified? The more clearly I see each side of the argument the less certain I am of either."

Well, that's apparently because your "moral reasoning" skills are lacking.

Here's a moral quiz for you, Dammerung:

Harry has some neighbors that he doesn't like, so he decides to throw firebombs through their windows, hoping to make them die or at least go away. It doesn't matter to Harry who might happen to be in the house, or who gets maimed or dies, accordingly.

The neighbors complain to the police, but, as it turns out, Harry happens to be the mayor, and owns the police, so nobody helps the neighbors.

In desperation, the neighbors decide to fight back, and throw a firebomb through Harry's window. One of Harry's "innocent" children happens to be at home at the time and gets killed.

Who's responsible, or at least, mostly responsible, for the death of Harry's kid?


schachlied said...

David Wilcock has posted an e-book on the Norway Spiral, and you're right -- there ARE gremlins behind the scenes pulling down the pants of the NWO faction!

Disclosure Endgame

Anonymous said...

Les, come back! Please! We miss you and love you.

Anonymous said...

hi Les, love your stuff, im kelly from liverpool england, for as long as its known by that name, it should be renamed asleepville! keep up the good work, lotsa love kel x



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