Monday, December 14, 2009

To Know the End from the Beginning.

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I was trying to explain to someone once about what happens when you go too far down the road with alcohol and certain drugs. It’s no different than what happens with the intoxication of power; the pursuit of sexual satisfaction, gold fever and whatever obsession might come to mind. I was telling this fellow that it was similar to the way the water swirls in a toilet bowl. At first you encounter certain events and phenomena and there may be an exception that occurs once or twice. As you continue down, what was an exception becomes commonplace and then a new exception will occur. Then this exception becomes common place. The lower you swirl on the side of the bowl the more the environment changes until it suddenly gets very dark and then stays that way.

You can think about domestic altercations; a bar fight, a DWI, a blackout, divorce, job loss, homelessness, insanity or prison and then… death. The usual descent is gradual. This is how people will come to some point of desperation and wonder how they arrived there.

Surfers and divers experience a particular condition that can be caused by extreme wave action or some other factors where they no longer know which way is up or down. So it is that people climbing up the ladder of personal power and personal influence might actually be climbing downward in a cosmic sense which would, sooner or later, become personal. Sometimes people think that steps they are taking are going to protect them and find that they succeeded only in putting themselves in greater danger. Some people think having a lot of money will make them rich when it winds up making them poor in everything that counts.

Men and women born with great physical beauty often come to rely on it and never develop the other qualities that actually make them attractive in an enduring way. Once their looks are gone, it’s a sad affair. This is the judgment of Nature. However, it is possible that when one kind of beauty would ordinarily fade, it becomes illuminated with another kind of beauty. There are realities about life that it is valuable to become aware of, unfortunately most people never do.

What happened to Berlusconi yesterday is a watershed moment. This won’t be the general impression. In most minds this will come across as an anomaly and one of the things that happen now and then to those who are in the public eye and whose public actions have a certain amount of controversy to them. It could be said that all public figures have a certain amount of controversy attached to them, just from being public figures.

The very rich and powerful have put themselves in a most undesirable position. Instead of making sure that the underclass has enough to get by and then keeping all the usual distractions in operation, they have overstepped themselves. Their greed and lust for power and wealth and their disdain for public opinion, which they demonstrate by their arrogant disregard for what others think; believing themselves to be above the reach and judgment of those they consider beneath them, is going to come back on them with a fury. The King Louis and Marie Antoinette mindset never goes out of style with those driven mad by vanity and self-interest. It comes with the territory.

Most of the time, they can keep this in check and go right on living their privileged lives by recognizing the limits to which they can abuse the ordinary lives. In this age of material darkness they have lost their perspective. They have over reached themselves. They have put themselves in peril by placing themselves too far above their fellows and basically… sucking the oxygen out of the living room of life.

They have continued to steal when they already had more than they could ever need or ever spend. They made public displays of their wealth, while showing a calloused indifference to the plight of the people they stole their money from. They have awakened a beast in the hearts of the populace. This beast has its own intelligence outside of the minds of those in which it has been kindled. They are only the means. The beast is the awareness that drives the means to the end. This is how unruly mobs suddenly coalesce as if they were possessed of intelligent purpose. All of a sudden they have leaders and a structure. It seems to come out of nowhere but it does not. It is the natural response to conditions set into being by people who should have known better and did not.

When you set about repressing people’s freedom of speech and movement, you have created a problem. When you make their jobs and their savings disappear you have created another problem. When you send men and women to fight wars for profit or to serve the interest of a foreign nation that sees them as less than human, you have created another problem. When you fail to see to the aftercare of these soldiers you have created yet another problem. These are only a few of the problems.

Many times, the rich and the powerful have considered themselves above the law and secure behind their walls and under the protection of their guards. Very often this proves to be untrue. Often enough the danger is behind the walls with you already and simmers in the hearts of those charged with your protection.

The rich and the powerful could go on indefinitely were it not for their arrogance and sense of impunity. It’s not rocket surgery to understand that you have to make sure that ‘the people’ have enough to get by on. No sane leader would let the banks take away the homes of the people when they caused the problem in the first place. The worst of times in which to behave this way is during the presence of an apocalypse because it is then- due to a little understood working of the laws of Nature- that we become exposed for what we are. We get seen at what we are doing. We wind up at another level in the swirling bowl and the exception becomes the rule.

Though it may not be apparent at the moment, I believe we will look back on this Berlusconi incident and say, “That’s when it started.” Some might say it started in Copenhagen or it started in East Anglia. You can go way back and say it started there or even say that it hasn’t started yet but… I think this event has set a number of wheels turning in the collective mind where the beast is laying with one eye open. World leaders would do well to consider reversing the course of their self-serving ways. The rich and privileged would do well to consider their behavior and how vulnerable they are.

The bankers and Wall Street clowns should seriously consider a sea change in their day to day relentless, buggery of the lumpen proles. Once critical mass has been reached, you don’t get any ‘do-overs’ …and you don’t get to rewind the tape. As Omar Khayyam said; “The moving finger, having writ, moves on and not all your piety can lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all your tears wash out a word of it". World leaders and international bankers are not calling me on the phone and asking, “visible, what should I do here?” They are not consulting with any of us who might do them some good. They would prefer to pay those who will tell them what they want to hear and how they can get out of this with everything they have and still more. It’s not going to happen.

Those richly deserving it are about to reap the whirlwind and it does not have to happen… yet they insist upon it. Have it your way and welcome to the cosmic Burger King where you are on the menu. There are people closely placed to all of these people, in critical positions, who do not like what they are up to and will betray them without regret when the opportunity comes. I do not envy those who think themselves impervious to the storm. In other time they could simply throw a few of their fellows to the crowd. These are not those other times.

A hard rain is going to fall, as a poet once said. Times of great change are filled with a combustible unpredictability. The degree of severity is still in question and much could be done to militate against the worst case scenario. Will an epiphany fall upon those who need it the most? Will they push their chips to the center of the table and declare that they are all in? Will they actually believe that where a certain amount of force is not working that they only need to apply more force? Will they listen or must they feel? I don’t have the answer to that. One can only hope that somehow they will find one before it really is too late.

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Auberon Barnable said...

You are quite right Les. They have been forced to show their hand. They could have implemented their Prison Earth scenario without the economic harm and it's sad to see that it was this which finally woke the people. I guess the PTB thought that if the people had to work 3 jobs to make ends meet they wouldn't have time or energy to do anything else. Of course many can't even hold a single job in this depression and they are ripe for the Truth.

The pot is not yet boiling and their incremental methods have been ditched for a mad charge through the gauntlet. Little do they realize they are not an unstoppable force and at the end of the line there is an immovable object.

"History is a race between education and catastrophe." Interesting that H.G. Wells who wrote that also wrote "New World Order" describing their ultimate plans. Double-Speak at its best.


Anonymous said...

Les, I predict 2 million hits on Dec 25 at 1430 Zulu.

The Canadian-U.S. Border is about to "open".

Exxon has purchased XTO to hedge the loss of american interests bidding on Iraq oil fields.

And finally the house of Rothschild will get their due. In the words of Christ, re-translated: "Give to them their just desserts for nothing".

Pstonie said...

An economist on TV put it quite beautifully yesterday. To paraphrase:
"When the tide pulls back you can see who's been swimming naked."

Anonymous said...

Dubai just got a bailout. Lets see if it's going to be money (siev) or buckets needed due to global warming.

The Doktor said...

The band has begun to tune up their instruments, and the Big Show™ is near (how near, only one can speculate). I personally believe the opening acts have been completed and the Headliner™ rolled out onto the main stage, now being readied for the curtains rise...

Should be a good show, Les, see ya at the final Curtain Call™... *winking*

Peace Brutha!

tim said...

I can't find where you originally said "they are doing amazing things with electro-magnetism." You're not talking about a machine, are you? Electro-magnetism is light and you are refering to light workers, right? I love your subtle communications....

Anonymous said...

"Will they listen or must they feel?"

Im saying they will have to feel it? The eyes and ears can fool us. The elite live in the senses and have no faith within. Its kinda like darth vader? Luke was right, they still have love within, we all do, by listening to the heart, they can change?

The Fool

Dammerung said...

This impulse has always been quite beyond my conception. Is amassing billions of dollars like trying to get the high score in the Pac-Man game at the local arcade? Are they really just a bunch of spiritual adolescents trying to scratch their name into a redwood? They strike me as pathetic nerds, worse than LARPers, more banal than Ren-Faire goers or SCA. Some people spend their time with fantasy football trying to boost their stats; well, at least they aren't impoverishing the whole world at gunpoint. They couldn't catch up with a common thief in a hundred years.

Why do they do it? Someone handed so much power just because of a last name ought to be wise enough to rule judiciously and discreetly. How hard is it to keep the fat, stupid sheep from grabbing torches and pitchforks? Standing up for themselves is againtst their fundamental nature! Hell, these tools turned those faggot loser Iraqis who spent Gulf War I surrendering to CNN cameramen and using their underwear as white flags into brave and determined soldiers. Insanity!!

Anonymous said...

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us."
- Albert Schweitzer

How true - thanks for all you do Les!

Anonymous said...

One report has it that all those secret KBR-Haliburton detention facilities might actually be used to house the people who built them and their supervisors.What beautiful Devine irony that would be.


word verification-thingip.Omg.

Origen the heretic said...

Well Les, I think you have to view what's happening in the light of the goal of "the maximum misery for the maximum number of people" -- a worthy satanic goal, and one which is being achieved rapidly -- meaning that it's not just a case of simple greed. Heretofore this was only achieved in certain regions of the world but is now becoming worldwide. I think you're dreaming if you think there's any hope that the bastards are going to change their ways. As you yourself pointed out, arrogance pride and vanity have made them blind to any possible consequences. And we all know that psychopaths have no empathy or conscience. They mimic these and other human feelings, but cannot grasp them at all. Ain't it wonderful how things work? God is an iron, and the wonderful irony here is that the very qualities that allow these sickos to get away with their crimes against humanity will be the ones that enable humanity to exact reparations -- a long overdue poetic justice. I have to smile as I think about poor ol' Algore running away in Chicago, Berlusconi getting a face full of justice, the Obomba handshake thingy et al. Hopefully, it's the start of something BIG. At any rate, it's damned entertaining.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

Hey Les and All,


Just ran across this article. Take a look...

Take care,


Hank said...

I've known addiction, and in my previous non taxable job I saw it up close and personal in many others. There are two basic groups of addicts. One group, and the majority I think, reaches a point where they look in the mirror and realize their addiction and they see the death and or destruction it will bring them if they don't stop. I'm lucky, for I was one of these.

Then there are the ones that see and are either unable to quit, or they simply don't want to. Either way they continue to the inevitable end.

Those who are in power today, and those that have reached the level of obscene wealth are in the latter category. For what ever reason they cannot or will not quit, and have decided to eat the cow instead of just living on the milk. They want it all, and they want it now. They have become the collective Caligula and have shown no indication that they ever read that little bit of history.

There is and has only ever been one fate for those who insist on reaching too far and trying to grab too much, but for some unfathomable reason the lesson is never learned. Those who continue to try are like bugs trying to stop a car by flying into the windshield. There is always another who is convinced that those before them simply hit the windshield the wrong way, or not hard enough. Get out of the way, let me show you how it's done.

It would seem that the addiction to power and money is just as destructive as heroine or cocaine or alcohol or Russian roulette. From watching so many addicts for so many years, I don't hold out much hope that the ones in power and pulling the strings will see the error of their ways, and choose to live, being happy with milk.

Ironic that those that have cultivated ignorance in others in order to commit their dirty deeds, should now fall victim to it. My mind tells me I should derive some satisfaction from that, but my heart simply cannot embrace it. Peace to all.

Rebel 4E said...

"They have put themselves in peril by placing themselves too far above their fellows and basically… sucking the oxygen out of the living room of life"

They can't help it....
They're all Oxygen Thieves!

Who's Smiling Now?

Anonymous said...

I was really depressed today until I read your piece Les and you lifted my spirits! I want to be there when this hard rain falls and let it wash away 35 years of persecution by Uncle Scam!

moon said...

Hey ...dammerung operators... Update your software, your programed speaches and pre-paired monologues are seriously outdated.


Dammerung said...

Kheireddine said...

nothing brings a smile to my face quite like pissing somebody off. But I still have politesse - I'll use a knife and a fork when Salome brings me your head.

John said...

Interesting what I found today:

"I have been following the Ukraine story very closely and it looks really bad. It looks like a government attack of the population with black pneumonic plague. Weaponized viruses, with Spanish Flu added to the old H1N1, have spread. They even have different shots for the population and the government. Shots for the ministers do not have adjuvenant. Shots for population does. This is in the German mainstream press where people are pissed off angry. Also, giant aerosol airplanes clouded the skies one day before a massive outbreak of 1.5 million cases overnight. Many witnesses, and lots of documented phone traffic of masses of people calling in to the radio station in real-time reporting the sky being clouded by 747-sized airplanes. Having 1.5 million people all of the sudden come up sick overnight is impossible without that huge cloud in the sky. Reports that as many as 1500 are already dead, but the government is not reporting it properly, suppressing information with the martial law orders. All of this is documented all over the place. Martial law was declared and there are forced vaccinations, even though the vaccination is part of the problem, not the solution. A third party can even catch it by being near someone who had the vaccination. The vaccinations add to the cocktail of viruses in the system and are a part of the strategy. They will need the militias to put everyone in quarantine.

US Military planes were the ones spreading the clouds, flown by Ukraine pilots. Indian and Pakistan Air Forces forced down the planes and found them fully outfitted with cloud duster hardware. The US government demanded the planes be returned since they belong to the USA. People are coming down with highly elevated fevers around 130-140 degrees. Their lungs are full of blood and are pitchblack like coal when they die. Speculation is Ukraine is a trial ballon, like a live fire exercise, and other targets will follow, possibly with much stronger concoctions. Just like the Ukraine version is stronger than the Mexico City version, the next release could be much stronger still. This is the biggest story since 9-11 and the mainstream news is conspicuously silent, not even reporting on the basic uncontested facts about numbers of sick."

tom said...

Brave New World – 2009

already here?!

Visible said...

That sounds really wild John. You should always include links for things like this.

It does tie in with my contention (oft stated) that they haven't released the real flus yet. They're waiting till February for that.

Saman Mohammadi said...

It started with that Iraqi journalist throwing his shoe at Bush. And now Berlusconi is getting it. I won't be surprised if somebody in England throws a football cleat at Blair's face. Soon, everybody in attendance will have to duck, because those flying objects in the sky are not from another planet.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it common for those who want positions in high office they always end up pleasing themselves rather than work for the public.

Watching the news, I laughed out loud as I watched Berlusconi try to get a look at the person who the media kept saying was mentally unstable. See, when DC Madam's, bio-chemist's, weapons inspectors, and any other type of person who makes Big Brother angry they end up dead, controlled media works it out to make Big Brother come across as untouchable, not crazy.

Seeing Berlusconi stand up looking around for his attacker was the high point for me. I could almost hear him yell that he would have his revenge, his bodygaurds stuffing him back into the limo before he could rant some more about how him being the imperial master of Rome and that no little peasant will dare touch his Caesar-ish holy crown and ever get away with it again. "NOBODY!!"


Anonymous said...

Argentine President receives death threats
wv: dopel

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Reading about the Berlesconi thing was really spooky after reading 'The Shape of Things to Come', because this is what was prognosticated - not Berlesconi per se, but the mass of ordinary folk turning on their rulers.

When you wrote that we will look back on the Berlesconi attack as the moment it all began, I was nodding my head in agreement. And then Truth Excavator mentioned the Iraqi who threw his shoe at Bush, and suggested that maybe that was when it began.

That it HAS begun is all that matters!

Blair thinks that nothing can touch him, even after his admission that he would have joined Bush in invading Iraq anyway. Let's pray that Blair too gets his Ceaucescu moment!

Oh yeah!

S. Cat

wv: burita - isn't that a snack food?

Anonymous said...

There is a madness in beauty to be sure. I have often looked at the faces of people to which I might be having a conversation, and would wonder of the perception of either of the partners as to the beauty of their love. It is thought by most of us as to being in love so the outcome would be marriage. For the most part love has little to do with the act of marriage with people of my generation. For my generation (50s 60s) it was more a matter of, tradition, courtship, and sex. The thought of love would have been a miss-understood idea. Love I think is a matter of learning, and respect which will be earned by those lucky enough to learn it as they progress through their marital, and family routine of daily existence.

I had recently had reason to speak at a wedding in my family as to the bride, and groom. The thinking I supposed to any who would listen would have went something along the lines of.... Any young couple to-day getting married should bear in mind the following... The love they think they have for each other is nice to know, but in reality they should try to first and foremost develop friendship as the love they think they have is most likely buried in a piece of poetry, or their favorite song. Pointing to my own circumstance I would say it was as a result of friendship and complete trust during the best and worst of times. I was surprised at the response as I had assumed this would have been the thinking of most of the people there, but I was proved in error.

Mac (continued below)

Anonymous said...

Forgive me Les if I derail here but you have sent me off on you another tangent of sorts. You speak of beauty and it makes me ponder my own thinking. My better half of some 40 year has a beauty which I still seen on my first meeting her. This beauty never could be marred by lines of time and hardship. With the right thinking it will grow stronger in time. Pots of dosh could not create love, it is more an unwanted necessary and least part of the relationship. This is where

I find it hard for to understand the logic of our elites. They take more than they need or could use in their lifetimes, to the detriment of those would hold them in esteem. I am trying to put this in context without being condescending, and hoping to explain a thought.

I found myself cheering when I saw this event with Berlusconi. This also makes me sad, as to see this intelligent individual who would bring this on his own person and wonder why. All our parishes have those elite of our times, they would give reason for us to hate those who did no harm. We have hate to spare here where we were given to hate the British, as the British were given license to hate us. All for unnecessary wealth for despotic lifestyle. Indeed a time of darkness, when those who have achieved all and more than they wish. The distractions are mundane when there are no more distractions to amuse, and they have to devise new methods to feed their own depravity.

They have hopefully, though I am reluctant to say it, awoken something in the masses, and the embers in your living room are getting new oxygen, trouble is we have had this sort of hatred in our psyche for far too long. This is where I believe our peace process was a part of sinister thinking. The last of the hardliners were given a comfy seat which they would meld into, and the weaponry would be put beyond use. The hatred and divisions which were fueled here had run their planned course, and the war mongers had new peoples to conquer. None of the events in our lives are accidental, there are always people planning new methods of control. TPTB have no real way of knowing the outcome off their latest mischief, but they do have a better vantage point than the Sun King of his time, and the adept use of pitch forks, or pikes are no match to their arsenal.

Omar of the moving finger would indeed be worth a visit to the orchard, of his last refuge, to get his slant on all this. We are in times when the die is well cast and we are not too certain of the outcome. We could only try to be true to our Gods if we have any, and ourselves in particular. Hoping always to choose a clear and civil path. This path would of course be a bit less difficult if the servants would move slightly, and thereby leave the master a little more exposed. The master is not fit to rule if he is unaware of the distress his peccadilloes are causing to his subjects.


Odin's Raven said...

Orlov, (he of the brilliant 'Closing the Collapse Gap')is predicting imminent impoverishment and social collapse, especially in America, with grim fates for the elite hiding out in well stocked cabins. See

LanceThruster said...

It seems that the the behavior shown demonstrates that the abusers feel that it's not enough that they should win, but that others should lose. The pain and psychological trauma inflicted is a plus.

European American said...

It is said (by many) that the numbers of humans have exceeded the carrying capacity of Planet Earth...over population is the issue.

No, over population is not the issue. Ignorance is the issue. Ignorance of how to live sustainably.

If the consciousness was there, here, we could even add a few billion and still coexist with all creatures, big and small, in perfect harmony.

The Queen of England is about to experience a change in Her plans...along with OhBombah.

psychegram said...

My thoughts exactly. Seeing Berlusconi with his face smashed in by (it turns out, possibly with symbolic overtones) a souvenir model cathedral has awakened something primal in people around the world.

In the world I grew up in, such things simply didn't happen. Sure, leaders might be assassinated from time to time (by intelligence operatives), but this was rare and citizens didn't just walk up to political figures and assault them. Such things weren't done.

(Though the opposite might happen. Jean Chretien, the gang boss-esque prime minister of Canada throughout most of the 90s, was notorious for personally man-handling citizens who got in his way.)

That footage of Berlusconi bleeding all over the place, visibly lost, confused, disoriented, terrified, all vestige of his arrogant manner erased, has been seen all over the world. A powerful thrill is rippling through the collective psyche at the site. It will not be long before others decide to do similar things to their own corrupt and deceptive despots, and with every blow the frenzy will only increase.

Anonymous said...

World leaders and international bankers are not calling me on the phone and asking, “visible, what should I do here?”

Well, perhaps they really should!

It was very interesting what Bliar said yesterday... 'oh, I'd have invaded anyway'...

So why the lies? Why the dodgy dossiers? Why did he need to fabricate if he was gonna do it anyway?

That creature needs lies, like we need oxygen. This crap about 'invading anyway'... yet more lies. A weak stab at trying to be vindicated, and committed to 'the cause'.

He is on his own, naked in front of the supernova. In the words of Mr T, I pity the fool.

Mark M in West Midlands, UK

Anonymous said...

another warning rothschild
and all your silly men
sitting their trying to justify
what you represent
and when them people
all find out
as they surely will
what you have been doing
on this earth
what do you think
will be revealed
now your family
has told you stories
about how your hated so
and we are all animals
your god says
that you can kill us
where ever you go
but that to me
sounds like fairy stories
made up by evil men
lower nature is always lit up
where ever higher natures sent
so renounce your wealth
put down your guns
come back into true life
serving death is a
dead mans game
better to serve
your life in right
your in a position
to do so much good
and if you do
I would forgive you
and i'm sure
other people would
so come on
come back in
you know you really can
cos at the end of the day
your the same as the rest of us
just like a grain of sand.


Anonymous said...

$85K+ to travel with VIP's, watching, protecting, serving. Hands stay clean, rarely a bead of sweat gathers on the forehead. Bragging rights to friends and family.."what does your son do?..oh, he's with the Secret Service/Xe protective services..he's a body guard..(adoration abounds). Contrast with- your son is in prison?..what did he do?..he killed a VIP at Bechtel/smoked a Senator.. There in lies the reality of why tyrants exist. Their bodyguards are pragmatic individuals..easily rationalizing, even voicing out loud-to hell with humanity, I got to eat.

Anonymous said...

Fear not.

What is happening in this crazy
world must run its course.

Watch it all take place without
becoming a part of it.

Our Father knows best.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the person's comment "without becoming a part of it" , has obviously chosen to flee rather than fight.
All those in the past who were murdered by the hand of communism had no choice, as America today has no choice but to be a part of the neocommie ("fifth column") of the illuminati. The people in power are satanists and very much enjoy molesting and killing children and babies for its master. Using satanist symbolisms in commercials, kids shows, music, pornography and movies they flaunt their rise in power before the world. America and NATO is fighting to see who can please master the most and keep the people paying for it all. So everytime you purchase a soda, a video game or even a bible, you are very much a part of it all.

Les, you know the part in the movie "Lord of the Rings" right before the fall of the fiery eye, the ring had ended up back in the hands of the one who got it all started. Well, it was the ring of fire that ended the reign of Lucifer and brought its world down into the sphere of fire. So will the ring of fire of our Mother Earth destroy evil and harvest its crop in the wink of an eye.
Nature, not man, has a wonderful way of correcting things, like slapping away a parasite digging into the skin.

Billy G.

Anonymous said...

Your wish for them of a reprieve is honorable, yet we should bear in mind that if they were to be allowed a second chance they would do it all over again the same way only faster and harder.

I only hope for the downtrodden to suffer less than they do.


Pstonie said...

They're just egomaniacs, plain and simple, as far as I'm concerned. Like all of us they're pain averse but unlike all of us they are unwilling or unable to consider another being's right to live in the least.

They have the sickness that they're trying to give us. They believe that they're special and whatever construct they have in their minds will be sufficient now and for all time.

When they realise that none of the material wealth actually makes them happy, they think about what their competitors have (there's always a bigger fish) and conclude that they must simply have more to be happier.

Also to some their lifetime of wealth accumulation must seem like a gigantic investment (what they've done to attain it) and the only option at that point must be to buy in further.

Money is used to buy out of responsibility, but as people are about to learn, it's just another form of debt.

Anonymous said...

thank you wise men
for your words
in my minds eye
they fly like birds
up into the never ending sky
to ask the wind
to gather high
mother natures
work to be done
open hearts like inner suns
open woken
make them whole
with connection
of eternal soul
higher nature
living light
wise old river
of insight
rise inside
the hearts of men
waves of peace


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir or Madame Rothschild,

In spirit of this holiday season, and for the sake of humanity and yourselves, It is time for a worldwide forgiveness of debt.

Humanity is a journey with which we learn lessons from the "presents" we receive daily.

You have taken from us all and now must give back.

A little "Humility" goes a long way. It is time to do the right and great things.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les;
Much as it would nice to think that the average working person has had enough of the crass behaviour of the so-called "Elite", I think the Berluscone incident had more to do with his boorish behaviour in the Queen's house than anything else. He was being given a lesson in manners in full view of the world public.

Visible said...

Berlusconi did something to Elton John?

Just kidding.

I don't know the story whatever it is.

I do know that they are turning on each other because I can see it... here and there... nothing direct or substantial but indications nonetheless.

gurnygob said...

About the Berlusconi thing.
I was wondering about his reaction to getting his face cut up like that. It looked painful at first, but I think it was more shock than pain. When he got up on the sill of his car and was franticly looking around for his assailant I thought, what an arrogant bastard he is, he could have been dead. Most people in his “high” position and facing a similar situation would have been very unlikely to pop their heads up for a second look. Then it came to me what it was that was pissing him off so much. After the initial shock was over he suddenly realised,,, *Hey, this face cost me hundreds of thousands of Euros for plastic surgery; and some shit head has just ruined it!!!!
Vanity is a terrible thing.

Anonymous said...

~Everything Is Now Different, But Nothing Has Changed~

"When The War Began" By
Pearls Before Swine:

When the war began, she worked in an office and played the violin on her own time
But the winter came in on marching feet, she met him and was gone
He was gallant, he was fine
Turned the summer days to wine

She came from a small town near Turino
She wore a white dress and the church was very large
In the town square a garden grew flowers that could push even through the snow
And like the flowers she was free
She had no one to please

The summer passed away, he was called to the front
Wrote two letters but no more
His child she could feel, but did not allow herself to have
And she remembered in the night a little girl in white

The war stood like a cloud with many brave officers and she knew them all
But their gallant white horses grew muddy and gray
And in the garden in the town
Marching soldiers pushed the flowers down

The war came to an end and there were no longer summer days or wine
And she worked in an office but did not play the violin on her own time.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

I agree, Les. This is the moment.

You made an incredible observation about the fact that knowledge of an impending disaster can make them act with total abandon. Perhaps they believe the 2012 end-of-the world hype and they figure, in their own twisted way, that money can buy their way out of it.

But the one thing that I see that ties together all of these events, including the silly Tiger Woods humpapalooza, all boils down to one thing sadly lacking in the world today: personal integrity. These people don't have any. And they probably never will. It's time to accept the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Love your writing. Yes, the elite are blood-sucking bastard varmints, no doubt about it.

Where I disagree with you is in the happy ending you see coming. In the most polite way possible, I think your revenge fantasies will go profoundly unsatisfied as things get worse and worse.

Like Orwell said, the proles will never rebel, never get wise. You introduce a spiritual element into things to even the score. Kind of reminds me of Dante, who put all his political enemies into Hell.

I wish you could do that partner. Wish you had your flying saucer and your downloadable akashic records, and so forth. Don't see any of that happening, not soon, not even if Western Civ goes on for another thousand years.

There's keeping up the faith and there's wishful thinking.

Sure is fun to think about it though. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Exactly to the point when you say there are people 'close to these people'. I wonder if readers are aware - or recall - the incident regarding the British Foreign Secretarys Middle East Advisor being arrested and charged with anti semolinaism. He was working out in a London gym when a news item refering to 'four by twos' commiting further atrocitys in Gaza came on. He instictively blurted out: 'Fucking four by twos' unaware there was one particular fellow within earshot.

Anyhow to cut a story - he was arrested charged and is now seeking work.

What makes the incident more relevant is the fact that Mr Millipede (British foreign Sec.)- whos father by the way (being a life long marxist theorist) was the main author of the New labour agenda - hails from a very jewish family.

So yes Les you hit the proverbial on the head. Those certain people may wish to consider who indeed is close to them and what are their real views?

Anonymous said...

Off topic, u ever seen a UFO Les? I've seen a lot this past year and even have them on tape, I just wish I could load them up, I don't have a ilink/firewire port on my PC for my miniDV.

They'reee herrrreeee!


p.s, I'm still drinking!

Foolish earthling, karama will get me, if I don't get her first!

Anonymous said...

Oh if u get time, jewtube "UFO shocking pilots", some good stuff in there.


moon said...

it takes more than that to "piece" me up.

baab said...

open season begins?

moon said...

The baab is open in deed, to "cross" over to the next level. It is wide enough to accommodate entire humanity but TPTB presume they are the only ones entitled to pass thru it, and since they only see the door with one eye they are not capable of grasping its real dimensions and depth. They rush to the door as if there is no tomorrow the same way they rush into the latest opera or play performed by the most acclaimed artist, they rush into it just to beat the rest of the PTB gang members and brag about it after the show while drinking cognac and blowing smoke in the blue lite of a rising down.
baab, thank you for your post on your blog, the eye of the tiger, the blue horse, the Irish gangs, the red horse and the white hand are only the letters of a decaying alphabet soon to be instinct.


Anonymous said...


I should know better. If the History Channel is playing something,then it must be bullshit....

I've just come to find the David Icke is working for MI5, I listened to that fuck, he taught me a lot, I never bought he's reptiitlain shit, although it did make sense, in...

If a radio frequenecy can transfer through the wall, then if you can transfer YOUR vibration frequency, then you can literally walk through walls....

Some bird on jewtube was saying he, and HER are MI5 agents.....

Even William Cooper said it, and I'm far more incline to believe Coops than Icke.....

Icke has given alot of good info though, regarding, Problem reaction Solution....that is all though...

Makes me wonder.....

Stay alive Les, but then again, if you're dead, it's because you're too real.....perhaps you're just another arm of the "agency"

P.S, I just ordered "The Day the Earth Stood Still" both copies....not that it matters, cause the Web bots are saying we r screwed, but I'm starting to think that they are just another part of the "arm"..

Go figure...

I'm so alone....


Anonymous said...

This just in;

'British Court issued Gaza arrest warrant for former Israel minister Tzipi Livni.'

She was apparently due to give a speech in London at some Jewish conference or other, but called it off unexpectedly.

Gee, guys, do you think she could have been tipped off?

The plot thickens...and the net tightens.

S. Cat

Guy said...

Les, I really enjoy your eloquent diatribes. I must admit that when i saw Segrio getting spanked I was surprised, not that someone would do that to such an odious little shit. But because the mainstream media bothered to make an issue of it. Talk about giving people an idea. Hmm I wonder what would happen if I kicked the living fuck out of Tony Blair or Gordon Brown??? But my main reason for poking my head above the parapet and commenting on a blog that is no doubt monitored by the forces of darkness and logged by the NSA, is to say that I truly felt a shift. I saw an individual speak for many through the medium of violence (which is so last few milenia) and speak for the many. I wish that it didnt have to be so, I widh that those with power and wealth could use it responsibly, I so wish that I didnt get a warm feeling of satisfaction when I visualise the current and former prime ministers of Britain swinging from lamposts like that other famous podgy Italian dick(head)tator Benito Mussolini. I wish that things could be lovely for everyone, but alas I fear it must be bloody Revolutions across the globe. But remeber folks a revolution always comes back round to the start again, then we end up having to hang another asshole who should have known better.

Peace out

Guy Jones

moon said...

to odiums.

New Reader said...

Anonymous, you seriously need to read People's History of the United States. Not only will the proles rebel, they will scream for blood. This time around, you have both the "peasants" and a vast, rapidly disenfranchised middle class losing everything. That's not wishful thinking, that is reality.

The problem is, as the saying goes. "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss" and all that entails (shudders).

Our world is primarily ruled by psychopathologicals. Both the natural born, genetic trait subtype and the genetically prone to conversion type. They represent just 6% and 14% of our population respectively, but by a massive scale, are responsible for an overwhelming amount of all normal human suffering.

Aside from that, revenge fantasies don't really enter into this. Our Solar System is entering an endgame of very large-scale changes. Climate change is occurring, but not for the reasons we've been told. Have you noticed the gigantic increases in odd sky phenomenon lately? UFO sightings are way up. Noctilucent and other types of clouds are showing up in far greater numbers and areas than ever before. Asteroid/Cometary swarming is beginning to occur at greater and greater rates. Our planet is responding to all and so are we humans.

The psychopathological PTBs are somewhat bewildered by all this, they know far more than us "proles" yet are still following plans based on wishful thinking that are going to bite them in the ass big time. This time around, ALL of them are fighting and scratching to the top of the heap. Problem is, they don't fully realize there is already a "King of the hill" and he/it is perfectly willing to sacrifice and dine on them (literally) so he/it can take over.

No, I'm not talking about "god" at least not the good aspect of the Divine Cosmic Mind (shudders).

SiamSam, How dare you reference Millipedes to that psychopathological!

Millipedes perform a valuable detrivore function, recycling nutrients back into the living ecosytem.

brian boru said...

I think that it is most unlikely that the people who are responsible for the death of a hundred million plus souls over the last century and vast cultural and environmental destruction are likely to have a sudden change of heart. They believe themselves immune to consequences, unlike their victims.
I wish that I had your optimism that they will pay for their crimes. Stalin and Mao died in their beds. The jews have been causing immense suffering for centuries without ever really paying the price. Why now? They've even threatened that they will take us all down with them if it ever looks like they will lose their power. They certainly have the ability to do it and there can be no doubt that they are evil enough.

Anonymous said...

A rascally leader of an ancient land gets his teeth smashed in by the 'church' and a(nother) deranged man smiles.

A weired blue whirly light illuminates the northern night sky with a whorly whiteness, then, in a blink, a portal opens: Hello, is there anybody there?

Blair = Bliar = Bleedin' Liar = Lyin' B.

Truth will the end.

Make your peace with The Lord, folks, and Be Not Afraid. First as a Lamb...

Pax Y'all!

pax verbum

John said...

@New Reader 2:55

I've been wondering what is going to happen with Sol. Maybe he should leave and we can have Jupiter turned back on. Maybe Gaia can take over though all by herself. Maybe some kind of binary system?

lol word verification "singl"

Anonymous said...

Les, Water issues in the middle east are about to get much worse.

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

A Ruminations upon the State of our Lives.

moon said...

A word of advise, be optimist but not naive nor dupe. People, all people, must have the chance to know the truth, even the truth about themselves. If a PTB wana be (those around TPTB) want to get out of their mindcells in time.. well they should have the chance to do that, to "defect" in away. We should lend a hand to them.
TPTB per se are hopless creatures, doomed to destruction and they know it. they are not called jews by the way, they have no religion and they believe they are what "other" creatures call gods...or aliens..something that humans can not with there tiny brain capacity grasp the magnificenss of being a part of TPTB club
Bullshit gibberish PTB reasoning. They are not curable, unlike the wana beZ.


Anonymous said...

The ruling elite may be corrupt and murderous and all the rest but if any of their so-called victims, the downtrodden, abused and poor suffering masses think they're somehow, as if by some magical granted free pass, going to be transported to some higher realm, attain some heavenly reward, even as they show up dressed in animal skins, their breath reeking of flesh and blood and liquor, well, maybe they ought to rethink that.
Perhaps there's one or two things in this philosophy which stinkeths.

Anonymous said...

This should be required reading. It explains a lot.

moon said...

Rich and poor scale is/never was an apropriet way for understanding the world. The ruling elite covers a wide range of people from a building generator up to 33 and beyond type of generator (of some sort).

Anonymous said...

And some bad news:

'Israel demands that Britain change law on war crimes.'

buried on the back page!

So Israel admits to certain actions being 'war crimes'; i.e. the Gaza bombardment and all that followed. Interesting!

Also, as the British government is made up of mostly dual-nationals, Israel's 'demand' is likely to be met.

S. Cat

Anonymous said...

Swine flu fraud uncovered.

New Reader said...

-Dear John, (sorry ;-P :-)

I've no concrete idea what the eventual outcome will be.


Agreed, there will be wanna-bes that wake up their hearts and say "screw 'em". There will be plenty more that will remain blind; lusting after the dangling carrot. Also, "TPBs" have been unified against us for the most part for the last few generations. That unity will fray more and more as factions within them begin fighting among themselves much more intensely.

Biological_Unit said...

A weired blue whirly light illuminates the northern night sky with a whorly whiteness, then, in a blink, a portal opens: Hello, is there anybody there?

It was a rocket doing a fuel dump.

I saw a similar sight about twenty years ago. It was verified to be a Japanese rocket.

Anonymous said...

To know the end from the beginning.... I wonder if they will use the multi-billion dollar bonuses as a hedge too.

Edna said...

Perhaps there is a moment that something begins (like the shoe thrown at Bush), and another moment later which could be viewed as the tipping point... when critical mass is reached...and after that the increase in movement is something like an avalanche.

Boffomet said...

i think none of the top families or their spiriual advisers are autonomous, and certainly none of the mechantile class or their hired protectors. we are dealing with a spiritual possession that will never permit a change of heart in favor of Man.

moon said...

new reader i couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Let's see how this goes over.

Anonymous said...

Just in on Yahoo news. This is how they're doing it in Italy, apparently.

"A young man with mental problems (hmmmm?) managed on Wednesday to reach the hospital floor where Premier Silvio Berlusconi was recovering from an attack,(how?, one wonders) and police were questioning him, authorities said……

….the man....apparently is a supporter of the premier. A search of the man's parked car found "hockey sticks and kitchen knives," (how convenient) the official said.(Why would "a supporter be carrying kitchen knives on a visit to the premier? Surely flowers would have been more appropriate??)

Since Berlusconi was assaulted, some of the allies in his conservative coalition have been urging the government to crack down on Web sites that contain material inciting people to political violence or hatred. (Ahh yes. That includes anyone who dissents from the satanic NWO cesspoolthat we are all drowning in, no doubt)

Poor things, they're really dredging the bottom of the barrel on this one aren't they?

Visible said...

Hi folks;

A regular reader sent me this link.

I'm going to put this up on all 3 sites. The interviewer is a testy sort of a guy (not with Cliff but, you'll see) however to hear Cliff speak about various things is heh heh... well. I don't know what to call it. You be the judge.

Clif High Interview.

Pstonie said...

Biological_Unit, so either they lied twice (NNNNoooo! They would never!) or fuel does not obey gravity.

Moe "the wheel" Shrevnitz said...

L.V. I was reading a story about a lawyer who represented a subprime mortage lender being killed in a home invasion. The article claims he was targeted for representing a banksta. I couldn't believe the comments. There were people saying hang em high from every lamp post, string em up on meathooks with piano wire like Hitler did to the July Plot conspirators. These are people who probably don't know what an IP Hider is and they are saying kill em all on the open tubes of the interweb! There is something changing in the climate of consciousness today as Malcolm X would say.

Rebel 4E said...

Just finished listening to Cliff High on that radio show and I think I may now officially be suffering from E.O.T.W.F.
That is 'End Of The World Fatigue'


Peace, (I hope!)

European American said...

Queen Bee enters, frothing at the mouth. The vile stench from bloodlines aged in pus and rot. Her venomous stare from eyes parched red, scans the anxious audience.

"Off with her head!" yells the panting crowd.

The blade shears through the green flesh coming to a rest on the solid timber below.

Biological_Unit said...

fuel does not obey gravity

The fuel is traveling at orbital speed. It won't fall like a stone !

Anonymous said...

All very sobering Les

Anonymous said...

Your first paragraph describes Social Engineering (memes/psyops etc) well.

Memetics is an interesting science and I suggest the readers look into it. would like to post a related link.

Anonymous said...

I will follow up with the subject of "Perception Management".

Anonymous said...

My advice to myself is to take your advice and abide by it.Would that be alright by you?



Visible said...


I ask myself the same question.

Anonymous said...

~Reality Is Just A Concept That Truth Will Always Replace~

An Update On The Health-Care, Joe LIEberman Crisis:

"Senate Unveils CompromiseCare™
Healthcare Policy"

By Andy Borowitz:

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) - The United States Senate today unveiled details of its health care plan, tentatively called CompromiseCare™:

* Under CompromiseCare™, people with no coverage will be allowed to keep their current plan.

* Medicare will be extended to 55-year-olds as soon as they turn 65.

* You will have access to cheap Canadian drugs if you live in Canada.

* States whose names contain vowels will be allowed to opt out of the plan.

* You get to choose which doctor you cannot afford to see.

* You will not have to be pre-certified to qualify for cremation.

* A patient will be considered "pre-existing" if he or she already exists.

* You'll be free to choose between medications and heating fuel.

* Patients can access quality health care if they can prove their name is "Lieberman."

* You will be entitled to natural remedies, such as death.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

These are the guys that "WAG THE DOG". just google them.

Anonymous said...

Turning a crisis into an opportunity....

John said...

Wormtongue: Why do you lay these troubles on an already troubled mind?



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