Friday, December 25, 2009

Dear Santa, here is My Christmas List.

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It is Christmas Day and for me it has already started as a day of miracles. I walked across the field to pay a visit to “Black”, the ancient, German Shepherd that I am taking care of and when I came in through the steel doors into the garden, he got up on his feet and came over to greet me. For the last several days he couldn’t get up at all and I had to lift him but there he was today; up on his own and reeling like a drunken sailor, listing to the windward side but staying afoot and I could not have been more pleased.

This made me think of the power of the invisible and it also made me think of that time in our lives when we are young and we believe in people like Santa and the Easter Bunny and sometimes we even have invisible friends, I still have invisible friends, so I know that part of it is real. I’m not so sure of Santa and the Easter Bunny, even though I did see the film, “Harvey” and I know about the legends. The same could be true of Santa; he might just be different than the commercial Santa or Billy Bob Thornton’s Santa. Maybe you are this kind of Santa?

Maybe Santa exists for some and not for others and maybe Santa will exist for me today because I have a Christmas list. I know it’s late to be asking but where there is life and breath there is hope, so I’m going to put my list out here for what I would like to see happen in the coming year. I’m not asking for myself in most cases but I am going to ask for a couple of personal things.

First, I am going to imagine myself climbing up into Santa’s lap. Santa is really large in my imagination and he would have to be because I am 6’4”. I’ve gotten myself comfortable and Santa is asking me what I would like for Christmas. The first thing I would like is for him to do something about The Middle East. There’s a troublesome little country over there that doesn’t believe in anything except getting what they want and experiencing an ugly form of sexual release at the murder and abuse of those they have walled up inside of a 24 hour, genocidal ghetto. I would like you to give these people a really hard spanking Santa. I would like you to take away everything they have and scatter them to the winds.

The next thing I would like Santa is for you to expose a good portion of the world leader’s secret lives to the eyes of the world. Santa, I would like you to strip them naked and humiliate them in such a way that they can never assume another position of power and are ashamed to show their faces in public afterwards. Santa, I would like Polaroid’s of bad behavior screaming from the media and going viral on the internet. I want each new outrage followed by another. I want them ruined Santa. I hope you don’t think I’m being mean but millions of lives will be different if you do this and those who follow them will rule in apprehension of the same thing happening to them.

Santa, I would like Goldman Sachs and The Rothschild banks rendered bankrupt and everyone who works for them made homeless and objects of ridicule to everyone they meet. I want them to be given pariah status, Santa. I want ‘just about’ everyone who works in The City in London to be reduced to being 2 feet high and I would like their skin to be turned a fluorescent, reptile green.

I would like every celebrity and athlete; every public figure that has been indifferent to the suffering of others to have their lights and talents dimmed, big time. Santa, everyone who has sold out to the dark side and who skates through this tormented world on their bank accounts and phony smiles, I want them to be marked on their faces in a way that everyone who sees them will know what they are.

Santa, there is a whole lot of child abuse and much of it is not recognized as such but some of it does lead to that child growing up and wanting to work for some big corporation or engage in all sorts of things that bring harm upon their fellows. I would appreciate it Santa if you make it so that children can no longer hear the voices of parents, teachers and mentors who steer them on the wrong road of life.

Santa, I would like the lips of all of the world’s pernicious liars to be sealed so that they may never utter another word. It’s okay if you make them sound like frogs when they open their mouths. I’m flexible on that. Also Santa, a lot of people are abusing animals and they are much loved residents of The Devic Realm, who came here to serve, amuse and comfort humanity. Meanwhile Santa there are all these hypocritical agencies like PETA and Greenpeace and others too. I’d like you to give all of these animal abusers and useless front organizations a serious taste of poetic justice. This includes all those charities that collect for the needy but who never give it to the needy. In respect of this, I would like you to destroy the Holocaust industry. Let the truth about it come out in such a way that public rage sends these criminals looking for dark holes in the Earth to hide in.

Santa, can you make Global Warming a personal thing? I mean can you make it so Al Gore and the rest of the opportunists have to live with the sensation that they are in a sauna most of the time without anyone else being affected?

Santa, probably a lot of the people who read this will have things to add to the list that I forgot and I hope you will see that their wishes are fulfilled.

I would like to see peace on Earth for those who carry peace in their hearts and I would like for the rest of them to either wake up or get what they bring in an instant karma sort of a way. I would especially like for all the evildoers to have their acts and intentions turned on them right while they are seeking to carry them out. I would like for all the people who take themselves so seriously to not be taken seriously by anyone else. I would like the poor and troubled of this world to find that, all of a sudden they have what they need and for the privileged and well to do to suddenly find that what they need and desire just isn’t to be found at any price.

Santa, I would really appreciate it if you would expose the S&MSM completely and in such a way that no one goes there to get their news anymore. I want you to cause the talking heads to freak out while they are reporting the news and be forced to tell the truth about the news and themselves and to admit that they were lying before. I would like you to be creative with this. You know what I mean.

If there is an illuminati, Santa; if there is any kind of reptile, dark alien, secret clubs that are behind all of the bad shit that’s been going down I would like you to destroy them. I know that sounds harsh but I am sitting on your knee and this is my Christmas list and you are Santa. It really does look like you are filling my Christmas stocking even before I ask.

Santa, I would also like all nuclear weapons turned into Turkish taffy and all of the fighter planes, tanks and missiles and automatic weaponry turned into Belgian chocolate and we’ll see what happens when they fire them up or the sun hits them. This should apply across the board to all chemical weapons and crowd control technology. There is one circumstance where it’s okay for them to work and that is if they use them on each other; the bad guys I mean. It would have to be precise and surgical but they claim these things are anyway so, once again, please be creative.

For myself Santa, I would like you to remove my shortcomings and grant me the divine qualities and remove the obstacles to my self-realization and I would also like the power to heal. I’ve got a couple of mundane requests and that would be to see that I can get my Special K whenever I need it and would you see if you can locate a recording company and a publisher who are not members of that group that has done me so much harm with my work in the past? I’ll just whisper in your ear now a few private requests that I don’t want going out over the public airwaves and then I think I’m done. I do want to thank you for that incident with The Pope. I believe you are already answering me in various ways.

Thanks for listening to me Santa and I want you to know that right in this moment I believe you can do everything I just asked you and I believe you will do it too. I can already see some of these things happening but, for whatever the reason, I felt like I should come to you and so that’s that. Merry Christmas Santa and say hello to Mrs. Claus, the elves and the reindeer.

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Visible sings: It Always Breaks Your Heart by Les Visible♫ It Always Breaks Your Heart ♫
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We are going to pass 2,000,000 visits with this post. The first million took four years and the second million less than one so... hmmm, forgot what I was going to say. Thanks for coming around and making this place what it is. Merry Christmas one and all, it feels even better to say it since you aren’t supposed to say it anymore because it offends the people who temporarily iced the guy whose birthday this is supposed to be but which is actually on the 21st or 22nd. It was a long time ago so... you know how it is with dates.


Rebel 4E said...

Wow! That's some list you've got there Les....(-___-)
That's the thing about Old Santy Claus...
He knows if you've been bad or good.

Merry Christmas.
Best Wishes.

Visible said...

Rebel 4E

Would you email me when you get a chance?


Anonymous said...



moon said...

Les I will forwored your list to God and I will CC oussama bin Ladin for him to be inspired from the nobility of your wishes.
N C to you All,


Kevenj said...

A most noble list, Les.

May you and your family, human and otherwise find increased strength, courage and joy this coming new year!
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!
Congrats on 2 million
(& no snark this time around!)
word ver: pustorm

John said...

Thank you, Santa and Les.

Here's a brand new article from David Wilcock, "Disclosure Endgame"

Zoner said...

Wow, 2 million visits here, and just barely a quarter million on Origami.

I guess some prefer the subject matter found here, and it certainly is a place where most would at least easily recognize the feelings produced by the subject matter.

I hope you get everything you wished for, Les. That is what I'm asking for this year, since I could not add a single thing to your list. Not sure if it's the naughty or nice list that has my name on it this year, but here's hoping that the ones who do the tallying that matters can truly see what resides in the heart.


William Wilson said...

hi Les, best

now the Federal Bureau of Prisons is saying Madoff "fell out of bed"

pretty funny how the Feds squawk just like their handlers want them to

Les, you, your family, those here have a nice Christmas

Anonymous said...

Agape oudepote ekpipto.


James Ledyard said...

Merry Christmas Les, may we all receive peace on earth.. goddwill to men.. it would sure be nice.

I am hoping for a gift of disclosure. I think the PTB are running out of steam and $$$, I think we are going to hear something in the near future (Jan-March) a long awaited message.

We will also convincingly argue that perhaps the number-one reason why the truth is about to come out is that the primary group responsible for the UFO cover-up can no longer afford to keep it a secret.

It costs a lot of money to harass, intimidate and discredit the opposition on such a huge issue as this, for such a prolonged period of time -- and the group responsible for the secrecy is now functionally bankrupt, and is being systematically taken down by opposing insider factions who want Disclosure.

Peter said...

***I want you to cause the talking heads to freak out while they are reporting the news ***


Dammerung said...

I'd like to see Earthly power flow naturally from spiritual power, instead. I'd like to see the war between the good spiritual beings and the bad spiritual beings become suddenly, undeniably, universally visible so that no one can deny it as no one can deny the sun or moon. I'd like to see people start manifesting abilities seen only in stories; to fly, to generate fireballs, to breathe underwater.

The enemies have held power in this world through the entirety of recorded history. How amusing it would be to turn the table with one push.

Greg Bacon said...

Ex-CIA Operative Warns of Terror Attack
Also Tells 60 Minutes U.S. Needs Partners On The Ground In Pakistan To Take Out Taliban And Al Qaeda

(CBS) A former CIA operative with the most direct experience fighting al Qaeda on the ground and who predicted the 9/11 attacks has "no doubt" the terrorist organization will strike U.S. soil again...

Logan's story, including a rare interview with the head of the Afghan intelligence service, will be broadcast Sunday, Dec. 27, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

"There will be an attack in the homeland …sadly…I think we'll be hit again," says Crumpton. Asked by Logan whether he had any doubts, he replies, "None." The former CIA man on the ground in Afghanistan days after 9/11 says the future attack could be greater than the one that killed nearly 3,000 people on September 11, 2001....

The next 9/11 type false-flag will be nuclear. It will have to be bigger and more deadlier than the original. And it looks like it's just around the corner. They'll waste an medium-size American city and blame it on Pakistan or Iran and they'll get nuked into oblivion.. and the Bill of Rights will be toast, along with martial law being declared.... and the Internet suspended, but only on a 'temporary' basis, until some 'security' software can be installed.

After that, on the 'Net, you'll be able to read and comment about Britney Spears, or the Super Bowl or some Hollywood celebrity, but forget blogs that make you think and ask questions.

Anonymous said...

Dear Santa,

My wish is that you grant Les his wishes. Oh, maybe for a day you culd make everyone only see the truth, speak the truth and live the truth. That may be more than this world could handle but its worth a try.

Blessings to all,


ps: Les, on to 10 mil! Tell Putin hello when you meet him. I think if Putin was Santa you would see that little troublemaker in the ME get a spankiing. Hey, it might happen anyway. :) I vote to make Putin this years Santa.

John said...

Excellent analysis of the Norway Spiral above.

Non autonomous Thomas said...

when the going gets easy
and how tough it was getting there is forgotten
then the good canned get spolied
go bad
and from there on to rotten

evil is in the building and doing its best to do its worst or whatever - and hey, it's just a flipping job, okay? First you flip 'em and then you improvice (giggle)

stay frosty

on the surface things may appear to be pretty ugly but that's only because Old Smugly has got every1thing snugly wrapped up in Hiss Own skin stewing in their favourite juices, skewering their own up close and personal judasses etc.

have a haarp nuke year

Punch Drunk said...

2 mill hits - ouch! Yo pain the price of fame, man. Good work.

the BCth said...

John, thanks for the heads-up on Wilcock's latest. What an awesome Christmas present!

Les, I am sincerely asking for all the same things, especially for peace to come to those who carry peace in their hearts! Interesting link on the origins of Santa Claus - as a native Finlander, I was regrettably unaware of his shamanistic roots...

The new year will see many changes indeed. I look forward to them, and to many more of your writings.

Merry Christmas to all!


Karyn Weese said...

Thank you for sharing the wonderful news about "Black"; I think a lot of people were sending positive energy his way because of your article yesterday. When combined with more nourishing food plus your love and attention, all helped him feel better today.

Finding your blog has been a great blessing to me this past year; you are an incredible inspiration to many, as evidenced by the visitor counts and comments. Thank you again so much for your words and music!

I hope you and your family experience a new year filled with joy and abundance.

Merry Christmas!


John said...

Hey, I'm glad Black the doggie is better today. I'm just siting here with 12 dogs and I'd have to count the cats and kittens so I won's give a number. Still reading this Wilcock article.

Happy day it is too. I was worried since the sun has sat at its lowest point of the year for the past three days. But, I see that it has risen again from the tomb as it does every year on the same day.

kikz said...

love the list...

happy solstice to all....

hail the return of the sun!

p.s. we also enjoyed the 'pope bowling' and cannibalistic voodoo of the 'early' hi 'black' mass, replete w/plaster baby jeezuz who sported opposable big toes and golden nimbus (lightning bolt)emanations protruding directly from his skull!

we had such fun reminding the kids how/where all that gold had come from, as they know the real history but had never seen the 'hi season's' play and its evidence on display.
pope bowling, cannibalism, holy crumb catchers, beanie/fishat prada costume changes, symbolic solid gold menorah, gold rings to kiss, and even a celtic plaid adorning a mannequin in the outdoor creche...

truly, the best free show on earth :)

John said...

There are some minor errors so far in the Wilcock article. The analysis that he references regarding the improbability of this being a missile seems sound. Wilcock, in his discussion, however, mistakes rotational speed/frequency with propogation speed of the spiral from center to periphery. It's a minor, almost semantic error only in his discussion but not in the basic sound analysis on which some of his discussion is based. I posted a comment to the article. Hopefully he'll get an editor/proofreader to fix this minor error.

Liz said...

Dear Les, I have it on good authority that you will indeed get your Christmas wishes....Brightest Blessings, and keep on keeping on.
Merry Christmas,

zhisheng said...

I reckon Santa will work in his own time and his own way.

And that is for the best, because as you are wont to say, we don't really know too much in the way of detail.

I suspect you know that Les, and that the list was somewhat "tongue in cheek", but not everyone does.

moon said...

Dear God grant Liz her wishes..

Anonymous said...


All the best for 2010.

Good to see all the fellow Canadians following your website.

Anonymous said...

You just never cease to amaze me and for the person who said Les was just being satirical I think he meant every bit of it. Just because he is asking doesn't make it happen but I hope it does.

paolocaruso said...

Buon Natale Les !!!!

I hope you get your wish... I also wish to see people like Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Lloyd Blankfein, William Kristol, Jane Harman, John Kerry..etc. covered with tar and feathers, walking aimlessly, amongst angry taunts, in the public square. Is this too much ask???

I want to see the day when official public housing representatives, inform the owners of homes in the Hamptons that will now have five other families living with them and their lawns will be turned into vegetable gardens.

I think we are going to get our wishes.

Tante belle cose my friend.

Origen the heretic said...

Dear Santa:

I know I've been a bad boy this year, but I hope you'll fulfill my Christmas wish list anyway since I'm not asking anything for myself. I just have two items on my list after I eliminated illegal comestibles, to wit:
1) Please replace all the menorahs in the world with holograms that detail all the crimes against the Palestinian people that run 24/7.
2) Whenever John Hagee and other TV preachers get on the air and start humping for money, replace their program with one that details their lifestyle, shows their income tax records and their respect for their moronic followers.

Since Les has been a good boy this year, I trust you will honor his Christmas list which I don't have the balls to ask for in my current bad boy state.

Merry Christmas!

Rev. John

Visible said...

anche a voi

Seen Dr. Zhivago recently?

paolocaruso said...

"Your attitude, our attitudes, will certainly be noted Les", yes least he accepted the situation gracefully and didnt piss off the local komisar too much.

But he did get to shack up with Julie Christie in their little ice palace for the winter. I mean who needs rubles under a furry polar bear blanket???

Its all what you make of things. And quite frankly.. good compatible enthusiastic engaging companionship is what counts...90%.. food and shelter the other 20%. For all the half billion the Harmans have, the poor bastard still has to live with a venemous shrew like Jane.

The revolution is coming.. no doubt.. but the trick is to keep it out of the hands of the gatekeepers and the same cabal that ruled the USSR. Hugo Chavez has the right idea.

Anonymous said...

seasons greetings to Les and all. 6 billion hits on smoking mirrors et al.Thats what's in my letter to santa.Our endgame.


Anonymous said...

and in the night sky
way beyond
a little star
wander along
sing a song
to send the waves
all the universe
paths and ways
his job he always does
weaving peace
a symbol like a dove
you feel him in their
when your heart is still
with nature song
he sing with skill
this little star
he was one of many
mother nature
wize and ready
our little problem
should calm down
should have a think
who wears the crown
and it's not a man
or a beast
mother nature
flower peace.


Anonymous said...

May the God of all that is good and wise protect you and keep you from harm.
May your fine words of truth strike fear into the hearts of the wicked and merciless.Let them be once and forever exposed for their evil and completely corrupt deeds.

Peace and Long Life Les
Many Blessings to you Brother

Merry Chritsmas

Anonymous said...

merry christmas to you all
all the love in the world
to you all.

gurnygob said...

For, this day, is born to you a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord, in the city of David. And this shall be a sign unto you. You shall find the infant wrapped in swaddling clothes, and laid in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly army, praising God, and saying. Glory to God in the highest; and on earth peace to men of good will.

veritas6464 said...

Ciao Papa... How cool is the that for 'Black' the Shepherd. Such lovely news. Well done.
I normally get a laugh on the Dish, that Gore line about his 'own private sauna' - yuk yuk yuk.
Oh, the guys that posted those links to the Norway spiral thingy - problem reaction solution, when the next one appears and the sheeple all bleet about the cover-up and demand the truth, then the PTB shrugs and says - "Aliens exist watch the sky tonight" - get the message: Blue Beam buddies BLUE BEAM!

Fingers crossed you get your wishes Vis; Harvey is one of my favourite flix. Mr. Smith goes to Washington is also worth a re-watch.



sandy said...

Wonderful talk with Santa. I enjoyed it tremendously as I've enjoyed other posts here on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Les, I want what you want. For ALL you do, thanks. This place is an island of sanity in a sea of information sludge.
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

You're a hoot man. Al Gore and company with perpetual hot flashes. I liked that pope bowling comment too. This site is not only informative but funny too.

Sounds like old Black should be put down. I had a twelve year old basset hound that I loved dearly but he got so frail I had no other choice. I kept him going as long as I could, probably too long. It would be interesting to give Black some heavy doses of colloidal silver. Couldn't hurt might help.

A week or so ago there was some discussion on Scientology. There is an excellent interview on Camelot with "Dane Tops." He was with L Ron Hubbard from the start. Evidently Ron was on a mission to "save the world." His organization was sabotaged........ anyhow check it out when you have time. It explains a lot. I'm going to head over to Wilcocks.

I don't know if being alone could be considered a good thing. My wife and I moved to a different state a year or so ago. Neither one of us are working and if it wasn't for my daughter and her family moving here recently we wouldn't know any one. Life can be weird, millions of people and........ You do what you have to do. Merry Christmas Les and all.


Becbeq said...

To paraphrase grandma, "from your lips to Santa's ears!". One more addition I'd like to see. Exposure of those who concocted the poisonous soup for profit that sinks almost 1% of our young ones into autism and those that work so hard to hide and protect them. For the parents of these children, five minutes in a room with the perpetrators and no questions is all I ask. Please? I've been very good this year...

moon said... that is news...thanks for the heads up..I mean it and I am not joking, thanks.


Joeds said...

Hi Les, You have the power to heal already, all you have to do is learn how to use it.

I found Qi Gong helpful but all you really have to do is will it and bring in Qi from the universe. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't if it isn't supposed to.

nonserviam said...

Hi Les

I've been reading your stuff quite a while now but haven't posted a comment.

Just wanted to say thanks for your always thought provoking, inspiring words.

Happy Christmas Sir! May the Divine light of the eternal Christ consciousness which is reawakening in men and women all across the world continue to guide and sustain you.



Odin's Raven said...

Many thanks to Mr. Visible for his service to humanity and other forms of life. Let us hope that he becomes all the more effective in the coming years.

That's quite a lot of work to request from Santa. Perhaps he will need to visit Olympus and Valhalla to request assistance from Zeus and Thor, whose Thunderbolts and Hammer could be very useful. He might even be able to persuade Orion to visit, bringing a new dog.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflection in the Petri Dish-

It's Howdy Doody Terror Time!!!.

John said...

Santa, I know Christmas is over, but something is still wrong. The Big Wall Street Bailout Firms have about 173,000 employees. Their bonuses will be 36 Billion US dollars. Why are they getting paid more than the whole economy, for example, of Vietnam which has 84,000,000 people?

Thank you.

word verification: impur

Masher1 said...

Congrats on 2 Mill again Les. Merry Christmas.

Visible said...

Thanks... 500 to go.

reenie said...


I would like to add two more things to the list.

1. Santa,could you find a real special gift for Senator joe lieberman of Connecticut? Maybe something like the present you gave to madoff.

2.Help my sister find her good old dog Maggie (she has been missing for 3 days now)

Love, Reenie

Visible said...

Reenie... Joe Zio's ships are going to come in shortly under black sails.

I am very sorry to hear about your sister. May she find her dog this very day.


Juicey Fried Fred said...

Dear Santa-Les

All I wish
Soto speak
Is today and say
Fangs fur all the goodies
And now as the scrolls roll up
Yarroohwords remain cutting edge
Salutenguard n peppered with resoulvexshines

Anonymous said...

Here's a nice gift:

Regards and Merry Christmas,

Visible said...

This fellow Allan R. just sent me the screen capture for 2,000,000 hits. Now that is pretty cool.

Masher1 said...

i thought you would get a charge out of that one Les.

Anonymous said...

Les, they are about to take council as they are losing the war. A must read.

Visible said...

I did and

they are;

reverse answering.

It can hit almost any moment now.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! 2 million!!

Nice accomplishment!


Anonymous said...

anon 11:41

I do enjoy your poetry! God bless you! I think of Les as the bricks and you as the mortar in between.


Anonymous said...

Les, about Black...1/2 an aspirin a day. Some buttermilk will help him, too.


Michael Austin Melton said...

Les, you are my uncompromising,Intelligent, and undeniable hero. You, my dear fellow, truly know what its all about. Thank you for your insights.

Hank said...

Sorry Les, but that Santa thing is a sore spot for me. It's the first lie I remember being told to me, and by people I loved and trusted. Of course in retrospect, it may be the one event that caused me to question everything, and made me who and what I am today. Maybe I should just get over it, since I really don't mind being who I am.

In that spirit, I would like to make a couple of requests for Christmas myself. First, since I like animals better than I like people, I would ask Santa to make everyone love animals as much as I do. There would never again be a case of animal cruelty or neglect. No more whaling, or dolphin slaughters by the Japanese or Danish. No more baby seal slaughters to make coats for people that don't need them. No more circuses or poaching or illegal trade in our fellow creatures. No more going off on vacation and leaving Black out in the weather.

Second I would wish for an end to greed. Have it simply vanish from the face of the earth and the hearts of men. I feel pretty certain that most of the things you wished for would not even exist if greed were gone. No more wanting more than you need, or things you are not willing to work for. No more people having so much that others have to do without.

That's all I want for Christmas, but when I think of how big the boxes for them would have to be, I guess I'd be happy with just one. Peace to all, and may what you put out come back to you ten fold.

Anonymous said...

I hear a bit about Putin from time to time hear. You all need to dig a little deeper on the lifetime KGB man. Putin? Ya right.


veritas6464 said...

Visible, my congrats anyway...
checked here because I was concerned you weren't in control.

Fool me.


Nayon said...

I love you so much Les, you have no idea. This article is a great gift for everybody. Thanks for your marvelous visions and wisdom you provide all year, and this wonderful humorus plea for some honest worthy demands for a change.

Looking forward to your 2010 finger tapping!
Happy new life!

Annsie said...

Merry Christmas Les, Thanks for the great blogs, I find I can no longer tolerate the Main stream News, besides the misinformation/disinformation, its the fact that they only ever cover dreadful stories which makes one feel that there is no hope for humanity.I know the aim of the game is to demoralise everyone and its certainly working.Here In Ireland the scale of child abuse that has been exposed by the Murphy Report pertaining to the Catholic Church is astounding(tip of the Iceberg I suspect) the Bank Bailouts is one of the biggest Rip offs of the Irish people although I heard a funny guy saying he put his card into the ATM machine and it said Insufficient funds and the guy said "Is that them or me?".....You just have to laugh!

It has been said that we get the Government we deserve and I am not sure its wrong..The apathy by the population is incredible, they mumble among themselves and whine and bitch but do nothing about it yet When the Republic of Ireland was put out of Qualification for the world cup because Thierry Henry cheated using Handballand suddenly the uproar was deafening....Facebook sites set up to demand a rematch and that Henry should be banned etc etc...Of course FIFA just laughed at us... another Italian in charge....Its a sad state of affairs that we don't set up these sites demanding the resignation of Brian Cowen and his muppets ruining,,,eh I mean running the Country....Ah well, Sorry for the whining. Your Bloggs and most of the comments lift my spirits,Thanks again Les....

Anonymous said...

My wish is that lawmakers would recognize along with the medical community that the very act of sexually abusing a child is in itself psychopathic. Only then will we understand completely what has to be done with the molester.

Anonymous said...

Financial times names Goldman Sachs CEO "person of the year". for doing gods work.

Anonymous said...

The Latest From:

~Kirwan Articles~

"The Holidays & All That Jazz"

December 26, 2009

In forty-eight hours we’ll arrive at the one year anniversary of the last major Israeli attack on Gaza that has still not been resolved. 12-28-08 was the day that Israel decided to end the resistance to their tyranny in Gaza last year; but they failed!

“Israel is claiming that its citizens alone, in Palestine, are the only ones with a “Right to Live.’ That is an arrogant lie that belittles the rest of the world as well as the Palestinians, but it goes to the whole issue behind this massive war crime. Israel says it wants peace, yet it refuses to cease its heavy-handed seizure of Palestinian lands, the starvation and privation of the Palestinian people by land by sea and by total control over the air space above Gaza. The Israeli army pulled out but their absolute control over every facet of Palestinian life amid the 1.5 million people of Gaza has intensified, to the point of constituting one of the most horrific holocausts in modern times. Now with this new and more brazen attack upon a captive and defenseless people Israel has lost all rights to anything like ‘a legitimate state’ within the world community. If, in fact, Israel did not have the unrestrained support of the criminal-enterprise that is the current government of the USA – none of this could be taking place!”

In the last few days Israeli planes have been dropping leaflets again; warning the population that another attack is coming. Apparently the wider world has chosen not to pay much attention to this latest round of new belligerent-barbarity from the unfinished but still savage state of Israel.

It’s been one-hell of a year for Americans and the world this year. Some might remember that this was the to have been the first year of major changes that Obamanation, the hope of the free world, was going to bring to the world and of course to America. But just like Israel’s last attack on Gaza, he too failed in every aspect of his plans for us: except for the-killing-of-the-innocents part of it.

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Posted By: Deacon Blues

su said...

Have lit a candle so that your wishes to Santa come true.
Each and everyone of them.
And we must all gather in celebration of Santa's success.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a list that should be on every mirror, in every house. It should be viewed daily to remind us of what is lost, and to serve as a guide to what we need to regain.

Waterlily2012 said...

LOL, this is a great list! I truly believe they are reptilian hybrids and that is why their bloodline is so important. Most will think this is nuts, but in doing much research into ancient history and religions, studying symbology and the origins of words, it certainly isn't too far-fetched to see.

So many blogs you have written I always want to reply to, but have been so tired or busy I haven't been able to. I want to wish you Happy Holidays and I am glad you are making the last days of an old dog much happier.

I sure hope Santa grants all of your wishes and upgrades them for free! ;-)

Santa'sWishList said...

Great wish list Les!

I wish with you that all your wishes, in spirit and in fact come true during 2010.


Anonymous said...

Lets see..... Goldman Sachs Ceo, Lloyd Blankenfein who does gods work was named person of the year by The Financial Times.

Then this:

moon said...

Fool you...shouldn't be hard to do when you are by yourself. FYI "Les" is like it sounds exactly: it is "many" and all of the "Les" of the world are not hiding and they are very "visibles".
You should know by now that what ruins our lives are the like of some who looks at the world and people living in it as if they are a prize, a loot for the conquerorNGO take. Veritas you should know by now that the "measuring dicks" game is not in play in this blogg (if you havent noticed yet.


pot said...

Funny how one of a persons earliest memories as a child is an adult conspiracy that lied to them about Santa Clause, along with the tooth fairy.

The parents were victims of the conspiracy themselves, which was petpetuated by the MSM and enertainment industry, thus making them obligated to buy toys made in Japan, then Hong Kong and now China (Santa moved to China due to Global warming) to sustain the myth and transfer wealth to Asia, and the banksters, who gladly gave them credit cards to make said purchases that some could not afford (before credit cards some stores allowed you to buy on credit). I mean, nobody wanted to tell the kids that Santa does not visit their house, there was pressure to buy, buy, buy beyond your means.

And to make it worse, December 25 is the birthday of Mithras. Jesus was born in September (one estimate from the 1990's was September 11). The Christian world was duped into celebrating a pagan holiday, which is also the same date that celebrated Horus. The common root is the ancient celebration of the return of the Sun God on Dec 25. Today we celebrate the birth date of the Son of God, or is it the Sun of God. And people say there is no such thing as conspiracies.

Merry Mithras, or is it Happy Sun.

hANOVER fIST said...

Absolutely with you on the Special K, bro!

Anonymous said...

For: zpaolocaruso - Yes, I keep seeing the "R" word (Revolution) in so many blogs & history does repeat itself.

There's even a new book just out that's about American's standing up to federal tyranny & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution. It's a great book if you value your freedoms & want to take a stand. I recommend it to everyone. It's a political thriller that shows our destiny.

Unknown said...

Les, you posted once this incredible map that shows the expansion of Israel territory over the years. I want it, can you repost the link? I am looking through the archives and haven't found it yet. Thank you, love the Christmas List. :)

Visible said...

'ere you go dearie-

The Shrinking Map of Palestine.

Anonymous said...

uhm, it feels funny to discuss a time and date and content of working name .. 'out demons out' here on the comments section.

Our small forum is available (Les, if you do not like this, please just delete) ..

We did a process a few weeks ago, 6 countries and all kinds of mind numbing time zones. It was wonderful and everyone created a powerful spiritual vision, creation and manifestation together. We created a decree, did some personal clearing and energetic shielding, connected all together via auras and spoke our decree out loud .. 10 or so people, 6 countries, one 24 hour day.

Our small forum is available if you would like. This is the work that we do.

Denise said...

Genius! love this post,hilarious and well thought out.
P.S. The pope getting tackled by that lady, made my day :D

Lukiftian said...

A very happy new year Les, and I hope you get at least some of what you want.

Congratulations on your two millionth post... but don't you think it might be time to rebrand yourself?

Picture this... lights... sound welling to a crescendo... and then...

Lester, Zionist Molester.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!!!

Edna said...

A belated little something for your Christmas stocking, Visible. For doing more than is commanded of thee... and at times even being chivalrous :) oh, the tweezer-lipped cross-dresser is going to whine about this too, but Santa and the devas heard you loud and clear.



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