Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm going to Copenhagen but I can't take You.

Dog Poet transmitting.......

The Manchurian President, Barak Obama (rhymes with Osama) is going to Copenhagen because Lord Rothschild and his vampire and werewolf brotherhood needs financing for the government, which they intend to utilize to enslave the human race. They don’t actually need the money because they can and do print whatever they need whenever they need it. However, they do need for you to be in a state of penury because it is easier to get your attention that way and it has the benefit of removing the middle class from the equation; effectively getting rid of it.

This band of bloodsucking, self-styled aristocrats, has been around for awhile. They sleep in gold lined coffins at night and don’t actually exist as individuals or human beings in the first place. They are the habitation of demons. I’ve made the chain of command pretty clear at this and other blogs. The demons work for the temporal archetype and that archetype is a mask of darkness that veils the light of the one, ineffable divine. Bad guys need something to believe in too.

There is a consciousness that could be called Rothschild, Kissinger, Rockefeller, Murdoch and the rest of the hyena, demi-gods of the underworld. It’s conscious of itself as what it thinks it is but its motive power comes from what runs it; the same way it wants to run you. In order for it to run you, it has to have your permission and there are ways that that can be acquired through atavistic fear and palpable threats, which can’t actually be carried out unless you give your permission... or permission comes from higher up for whatever reason that might concern you.

I don’t know if Obama (rhymes with Osama) has an implant in his head. I don’t know if Rahm (definitely not) Emmanuel has the remote control in his pocket, like Andy Card did with Bush. There’s a lot I don’t know. It’s kind of like when you run into a thug on an empty street at night and he has his hand in his pocket or behind his back. You don’t know if he has a gun, a knife or a club. What you do know is that he doesn’t mean you well, regardless of the weapon he intends to use on you.

Because the populations of our times have become addicted to convenience and comfort they are easily motivated by fear of the loss of them. Because of the confusion of the various conflicting messages that are presented from the hydra heads of the seemingly diverse, single media machine, people have become divided against themselves and lack the unified will to pierce the appearances and see the manipulations taking place behind the productions.

No matter how clear it might seem to many of us, there is something about authority where a part of us still believes that the predators in power have a right to be there. No matter how clear it is to us that the votes are fixed, when they need to be, and that the laws exist to control people and have no impact in relation to those perverting them, we still somehow believe in the equity of these laws. No matter how many lies we hear that are proven to be lies on the following day, we still think there must be some truth in them.

So, Obama (rhymes with Osama) is going to Copenhagen to press for punitive, financial legislation against the peoples of the world while, at the same time, it has been revealed conclusively and convincingly that global warming is a scam and the people involved have been caught in the act of perpetrating it.

The hydra-headed, bitch media is remarkably silent about this, except to spin it according to what they want the public to believe. Some aspects of the single media complex (masquerading as competitive units) are simulating outrage about the scientists who have been caught cooking the weather books. That’s just another cloud bank blowing in on a different wind that is part of the same manufactured weather system.

The logical and reasonable response of the people should be to storm the castles of these monsters and drag them into the streets and hang these wannabe Mussolinis from the lamp posts. All that remains, when the government is in the hands of sewer rats and when the laws have been compromised along with the democratic process to where they can no longer be used to protect the rights of those being abused by the system created to serve and support them, is the Ceausescu Remedy.

Will this be implemented by space aliens; evil turning upon itself or a massive up-swell of armed and pissed off citizenry? I have no idea. What I do know is that no one has ever taken over the world and no one ever will. The tale of the Tower of Babel and the record of Alexander, among others, is all testimony to this.

I’ve never fancied myself a part of an angry mob, as a member of a leader. I’m the sort who gets on his water buffalo and rides beyond the gates of civilization to await the unfortunate outcome of one more failed experiment in collective living. With everything that I observe these days, I’m not even angry. I don’t know why that is. Something tells me it’s all going to be sorted out perfectly, en masse and in the minutest of circumstances.

I hate to admit it but it makes me laugh when I hear Obama (rhymes with Osama) say the word Al Qaeda; as if there were such a thing. I shake my head and present a rueful smile to my indifferent monitor when I hear the word, “terrorists”. There aren’t any terrorists except those employed to give that impression and who dress up as those they intend to blame for their acts and who work for Israel, England and the United States; along with various lackeys that serve their interests within the machinery of different governments around the world.

Whatever small terror operations there might be are no more than a police matter; not something requiring armies employed to destroy and torment entire populations in countries whose resources the international corporations covet.

It is bewildering to see important puppets, like Sarkozy and Merkel, along with the rest of the mind slaves, engaged in pumping up the lies and hysteria. They know full well that they are lying and the people who work for them know they are lying and they all nod back and forth at one another as if what they were saying was actually so. It’s a marvel... it really is.

These people are made differently than you or I. I couldn’t do these things for any amount of power or position. I couldn’t imagine doing this. It just wouldn’t happen. They are able to do this without any problem at all. They go to bed at night as if everything were exactly as it was supposed to be and then they get up and go out and do the same thing all over again. It is truly a mystery to me.

Obama (rhymes with Osama) should really dress up as a NASCAR driver. He would look so much more authentic in a jumpsuit plastered with corporate logos. The pledge of allegiance and all the rest of the songs and governing themes should be adjusted to reflect where the loyalty really lies. The military anthems should reflect what the wars are actually for; “From the halls of Rand and Monsanto, to the shores of AIG. We will fight for corporations on the land and on the sea.” Well, you get the idea.

The most astonishing thing of all is that these people (if you can call them that) actually think that this time it will be different. It has never been different, ever, but they are sure that this time it will be. I can only presume that the same force, which has sent them on the road to their certain destruction, has also blinded their minds from the obvious and filled their heads and hearts with the necessary hallucinations to insure their continuing on that ancient road to the place where all insane ambitions and vile actions eventually lead the practitioner. All I can say is bon voyage and may you fully experience the presence and performance of that which you so richly deserve.

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Zoner said...

"These people are made differently than you or I"

That can be the only explanation, can't it? I mean, really, these creatures are simply a different creation - maybe one that was here first or arrived somewhere along the way and decided to stay because the pickin's were easy.

I don't know. I will thank God that their methods and motivations are completely foreign to me (or at least on a much smaller scale. Desire is kicking my ass but there is no bloodlust or drive for domination over others, just the strong desire to escape somehow).

We shall see how it works out this time.

Gotta find a suitable Water Buffalo I guess.



Martin said...

Mr Visible, thank you for sharing both your vision and your talent...

If you wrote novels, they would be classic page turners; your writing engages the reader, and not a word goes to waste.

Each new chapter is a revelation, and each new revelation is more lucid, powerful and meaningful than the last...

While my own sight is perfect (for a man of a certain age), my vision is awful - and however this story ends (are there any happy endings ever?) I want to thank you for telling all of us near blind people what you see so clearly.

Martin UK

Anonymous said...

Great post Les. Those gold lined coffins they sleep in at night might be gold plated tungsten! Same with me every time I hear some shill say Al Qaeda, war on terror, terrorist I automatically shut off. They are full of shit and have nothing relevant to say. We all know where the terrorists reside.

I've been reading David Icke's Tales from the Time Loop. I've only read 100 pages. So far not that much in it I don't already know. One thing he said that I found significant was an experience he had at the River Dance performance in Ireland. By "chance" he was seated next to president Carter. Quote:

"I stood up and shook Carter's hand because something urged me to look into his eyes. To my astonishment, and I can only describe it from my own experience, it was like LOOKING INTO AN EMPTY SHELL."

I would venture to say there are a lot of empty shells in government, MSM, clergy etc. How does a "human" become an empty shell. Easy, these "bloodsucking self-styled aristocrats" were never human in the first place.

"Whatever small terror operations there might be are no more than a police matter......"

If you recall in a weaker moment during the presidential "debates" John Kerry said basically the same thing.


Anonymous said...

I apologize for this item being off-topic. Here's something linked at WhatReallyHappened that I think Les and people here will be interested in . . .

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

nina said...

As we went round the holiday table heads bowed, minds fubar, pockets empty, hope a mirage of puff pastry, it came to be my turn, rhymes with burn, what am I thankful for? My little speech was prepared in advance, the children's sunken eyes of malnutrition awaited anxiously, the platter spilling over with dirt cookies crumbling, rhymes with rumbling, on grandmother's linen cloth ... I am thankful my Earth dream took such a strange twist and that Vizzy is in it wearing turquoise slacks.

su said...

Finally something to be grateful for.
Different creatures to them.
Different programming.
Same programmer.
Grace I believe.

Anonymous said...

Who's this? Truther. What happened? Did John Q. Public get straightened out about 9/11?

We had a problem. We tried to do everything we could.


You know what I mean. He's gone, and we couldn't do nothing about it.

What do you mean?

He's gone. He's gone.

[angrily smashes mouse on computer monitor repeatedly]


Anonymous said...

I once read somewhere a few years back, that the human body was not built to lie.

That there is an actual negative physical reaction that takes place when a person tells a lie.

The more the person lies the more this effects that person.

I tend to believe this theory, due to how I have seen countless news stories of celebrities and politicians getting cancer or other kinds of horrible diseases.

Those are the human ones.

Then there are the celebrities and politicians that do not seem effected by the lies they matter how many they tell.

Those seem to fall into the "built differently" category.

Empty husks of skin pretending to be human, but built differently.

They don't get diseases because they are a disease.

Anonymous said...

well hubris always goes before the fall. and they are nothing if not vain and pridefull, non.

obama rhymes with osama. got it
sheesh, write a song already!

psychegram said...


That one got the blood up.

It struck me too, the climate talks going on even as word of the hackers' find in the mail server made the grudging lips of the MSM. I don't care how they tried to spin it, a lot of people who didn't get it before, got it when they came across this. My mother, for instance, who just emailed to tell me that she'd changed her mind.

The tipping point is coming. One lie after another ... exposed, in the open, for all to see. It's one thing if it's every once in a while, but there are so many of them now ... certain conclusions will be drawn about the true nature of our elites and then, there will be consequences.

One person after another is getting the shot. They haven't started dropping dead around me but then I didn't really expect that. But I've noticed, a lot of those who have gotten it, haven't really been themselves lately, in a nebulous sort of way.

I wonder if they'll try to roll out mandatory vaccinations later on? They've already gotten, oh, 20% to line up voluntarily (in this country at least) so why not try and get as many people to do of their own free will as possible, up until the effects really start to kick in of course at which point ... maybe then? Or maybe not, because we'll be shining a spot-light on every move they make.

Anonymous said...

Les and Zoner,
"These people are made differently than you or I".
Well, this guy has the best explanation for it that I have found so far:
Check it out!
Andrzej Łobaczewski is his name.
It's worth googling this guy and even reading his book.
Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Well Les I firmly believe that there is never going to be a majority willing to rout out those responsible for what's happening. I don't like like to credit the creatures with the thought that there plans were so good to pull all of this off without a hitch. But it seems to me that a perfect storm of sorts is coming together for these vile bastards, and like you, I don't know which way things will roll either. I do have a very strong gut feeling that even though they certainly have numerous contingency plans, in the end their evil, greed, mental instability, and a laundry list of other things will be their ultimate undoing. Unfortunately I'm sure there will be much havoc unleashed by these vermin when they finally see there empires crumbling.
Stay well

Anonymous said...

In 1967 the student Benno Ohnesorg was shot during a demonstration by a police officer
named Karl-Heinz Kurras. Over forty years later it has been unveiled to the public that Kurras
actually was a Stasi-agent…
The ensuing years with appearance of the RAF and its implications for the german Zeitgeist were ridden by ideological contradictions and culminated in the “suicides” in Stammheim.
Everything was and still is being monitored...conclusions and resulting currents included.

Erik said...

Hi Les and All,

On Copenhagen and ClimateGate .....

Spotted this on Watt's Up With That Blog.

The poster of this: Heidi DeKlein - ROFL

(Melody: I am a Believer - Beatles)

I thought science was nothing more than fairy tales
Meant for someone else but not for me
Facts were out to get me
That’s the way it seemed
Disappointment haunted all my dreams.

Then I made this trace
Now I’m a believer
Not a trace of doubt in my mind
Hockey stick – ooh!
I’m a believer, IPCC-er and I lie.

Who thought data had to be a static thing?
Seems the more I changed the less I plot .
What’s the use in tryin’?
Just fix the maths again.
Medieval sunshine is now rain.

And I saw my trace
Now I’m a believer
Not a trace of doubt in my mind
Hockey stick – ooh!
I’m a believer, IPCC-er and I lie. :)


Anonymous said...

"The logical and reasonable response of the people should be to storm the castles of these monsters and drag them into the streets and hang these wannabe Mussolinis from the lamp posts."

They are Les, they are. Unseen, but to the keen eye very visible.

November 25, 2009 (LPAC)—Not since Henry Kissinger fled a team of LaRouche organizers, in the back of a delivery truck in New York City's Central Park in the early 1980s, has an obese fascist moved so fast to escape an angry crowd, as Al Gore did today in Chicago. Appearing at a bookstore in the downtown Loop, Gore was confronted by a team of demonstrators from a grass roots group called "We Are Change," as he was signing his latest fascist screed on the global warming swindle. Gore bolted from the bookstore, raced down an alley, jumped into a waiting car, and tried to speed off, with protesters chasing after him and banging on the car. Midwest LYM organizers, who were also on the scene to confront the global warming swindler, provided an eyewitness account of Fat Albert's flight of fear.

Make no mistake about it. This little encounter is typical of the kinds of things going on all over the country, as the fascists who brought you the near-destruction of the United States and an onrushing global Dark Age, are no longer walking the streets, smug in the belief that they are literally getting away with murder. The mass strike dynamic is playing out in thousands of ways, every day, and the recent revelations about the "smoking gun" emails from the East Anglia University global warming propaganda center, have made Al Gore's life a little more miserable.

As Percy Shelley wrote in "The Mask of Anarchy," "We are many, they are few."


Anonymous said...

Hello Les.

The mental image of B.O. in a NASCAR suit with the logos all over is just great. I'm gonna be seeing that every time he pops up on the idiot box.

Thanks for the blog, fella. Really good stuff. You are a torch in the murky cellar.

Mark0))) in Worcestershire, England.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les

I remember reading in "the Gifts of the Jews" that the most significant contribution Judaism and Christianity have made to our mindset is the idea that time is linear, leading from point A (creation) to point B (armageddon) in a predetermined way. Most other mindsets operate on the basis of ever-recurring cycles such as we see in the natural world.

While I agree with most of what you say, that no evil empire has ever successfully taken over the world, I do not agree that this guarantees that it will never happen. I do agree that in the end they must be defeated, as decreed by God. But Biblical prophesy allows for the distinct possibility of an evil empire ruling the globe (though not all the hearts) as we reach the end of the time-line.

Yes they will certainly come to ruin and their destruction is assured, but before that happens they may well seem to succeed for a time.

If we see a one-world government, it will not mean that the "cycle" has failed, but that we are finally at the end of things as we have known them for millenia, that the earth's days have very nearly run out, and that the hyenas in charge (and everyone else who has ever lived) is about to be judged by the creator.

Organized religion may be thoroughly corrupted, and that is part of the evil plan to discredit belief in the Creator, but God is who He has always been, namely, The One to whom we must give account. No amount of disinformation or wishful thinking can ever change Him, no matter how it shapes people's erroneous opinions about Him.

His name for Himself is "I am that I am". His Son is Jesus Christ, the name to which every hyena, tyrant and ordinary citizen will bow. We can wait until that day to bow, as our last act before we are destroyed, or we can bow to that name now and begin working for Him. This one decision overrides every other decision we will make in our lives, because it is the only one that will determine our fate eternally.


Mouser said...


Scarlett said...

I absolutely LOVE the image of Obama (rhymes with Osama) in the NASCAR uniform. Wouldn't things be so much easier if ALL politicians were forced to wear the corporate logos of the companies/groups that own them? Though I suspect that it might start looking more like a German concentration camp with all those Star of David armbands they'd be sporting ...

Anonymous said...

Hi from Copenhagen, Les and hang arounds!

For me, you have become "A Light unto the Nations", a highly appreciated dose of Sanity and Truth, I thank you from the Heart!
Big Time!

"There is something rotten in the State of Denmark", as Shakespeare wrote, and its still True.

And theres something to be learned from "Hamlet" where the quote comes from.
Listen to the Spirit of Vengeance, and its all gonna end in death and disaster.

The media hype on global warming has taken on gargantuan proportions, its everywhere, the papers, the boom tube, the trains, the busses, the metro, even the kindergarten: "hitler youth" clad in neon green vests, with the message "save the climate" on.
Im about to puke all over!

The eurocrat top meeting will result in the same state of affairs in this city as last time they blocked it with their creepy crowley presence: Bloody euroscum all over, in black limo pimp mobiles with MC escorts, blocking the traffic for us sheeple, a shit load of eastern european hookers flewn in to keep the scumbags happy, and lots of other crime the police will have no time to take care of.

Hey! If were lucky, they might even proclaim Global Government so we can "save the climate"!
One of the latest headlines in MSM today: "Scientists in schock, global warming much worse than thought!"
Fuck em, its all bad religion!

Freaktown of Copenhagen, Christiania, what are they gonna do?
Have a "global warming bottom meeting", thats it.
Clueless nazi hippies.
NOTHING worthwhile is going on here!

I hope youre right, that this web of lies soon will collapse, but im afraid it wont happen before the shit hits the fan big time, with enourmous suffering in its wake.

If you come to Cph, I invite U, be my guest, have a J.

Shivaloki Tarnhari

John said...

How do we address the problem? Re-education camps for the psychopaths??

word verification: bondere

FuckObamaAndTheNWO said...

"CO2 increase lags 800 years behind the increase in temperature."

"The past decades have seen a relative and actual slight DECREASE in temperature."

Al Gore is a Goddamned fucking lying asshole!

Rothschild and your whole Goddamned corrupt cartel and zionist cabbal FUCK YOU TOO!

Hank said...

I'm all about the water buffalo. Find the farthest place from any and everywhere, hunker down and wait out the storm.(that would be the shit storm that is about to engulf the masses)

They are not like us, those masses of cannon fodder. They willingly buy their tickets and stand in line at the slaughter house, and press their way forward, even as the stench of death fills their nostrils.

It was one of the hardest things for me to accept when I realized that most people are not like me. I don't know what exactly makes them different, but they are. They believe the most incredible lies, and do so to the point of being willing to kill you if you don't. They are brain and soul damaged, and simply no longer have the ability to see and feel and think, if they ever did.

I am, as I am most of the time, uncertain as to whether they are the defects, or whether I and the few I have encountered that are like me are.

My glimpse behind the curtain came with 911, and the revelations as to the true nature of not only America, but mankind in general have transported me to some alternate universe. You know, where you get that feeling that the body snatchers have been here and missed you somehow.

Like you Les, I smile a sad smile of disappointment when I hear Obama bama bobama banabana bobama even speak the words al qaeda, or refer to "terrorists", because it reminds me that he is with them, not us, and that he is just another runner for TPTB in the big relay race to the apocalypse. Unfortunately our pleas for sanity come across sounding like Willy Wonka entreating no, stop, don't with the perfunctory blase. Obligated by our true caring for our fellow creatures to speak, but firm in the knowledge that it falls on deaf ears.

Yes, give me a home where the water buffalo roam, where my only involvement will be watching the smoke rise on the horizon.

"The wheel of time turns and ages come and go, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the age that gave it birth returns again."

Robert Jordan; The Eye of the World.


kikz said...

'The most astonishing thing of all is that these people (if you can call them that) actually think that this time it will be different. It has never been different, ever, but they are sure that this time it will be.'

it is comforting, even humorous...

hubris, always trips on its dick.

*evil grin*

boulderdash said...

"I shake my head and present a rueful smile to my indifferent monitor..."

I get this same feeling when listening to the talking heads on the car radio. My son often points out to me that they can't hear my rebuttals on the other end of the radio...

John said...

True or not, Benjamin Fulford has some interesting things to say today.

"The old traitors and Nazis just don’t get it, do they?

The traitorous Nazi stooges in Japan have been trying everything in their power to steal money from the Japanese people in order to hand it to the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate. According to Black Dragon Society members the traitors trying this are: former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone and his son, former Prime Minister Koizumi, former BOJ vice president Toshiro Muto, former BOJ governor Fukui, former Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka, and Yoshifumi Nishikawa, ex-president of the Sumitomo-Mitsui Banking group. They are trying to cash Kennedy silver and gold-backed bonds. The Japanese police and yakuza have been informed and we strongly recommend to these traitors that they resume their lives of retired gentlemen of leisure instead of going to jail.

On a different front, although it is still not fully confirmed, we have reason to believe George Bush Senior and his wife Barbara have been killed. That means the new Nazi leadership consists of Henry (Heinz) Kissinger, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Ben (deputy Fuhrer) Bernanke and that whole crowd of neo-con neo-Nazis. If I were them, I would be very scared right now.

When Paul Wolfowitz came to the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan, I asked him the following question: “In the Plan for a New American Century you called for a huge military build-up despite the end of the cold war. Shouldn’t that money have been better spent say, ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction?”

The entire assembled press and diplomatic corps issued a loud nervous giggle on hearing this question while Wolfowitz for a second displayed an expression of sheer terror. Wolfowitz later used 911 and the “war on terror,” as his excuse but that look on his face told me what I need to know. He knows he is being a very bad boy. I would like to tell you Wolfowitz that you had better surrender before it is too late. You can surrender now and appear before a truth committee in exchange for amnesty or you can wait until the wheels of justice slowly but inevitably grind their way towards you and you get the death penalty. The same goes for all of you Nazis. Surrender now with dignity or end up like Mussolini or worse."

Visible said...


this is the second time I have heard that George Bush Sr. is dead. the first time was connected to the Ft Hood shooting and it was said that Bush was killed over something having to do with 'Chinese boxes'. Wouldn't it be a very simple thing to establish whether this is true or not?

Or will I be hearing that now there are clones acting in their places. If it's true it's good news but I don't know what this means and this doesn't tell me anything. It jumps from one thing to another without anything given as substance for the premises.

Editor said...

I once was frightened for the future of humanity. Now I am not. In a world of illusion it is hard to find hope. Maybe reading your blog has helped me some. But I also now see that the lies of the elites are getting more and more obvious. In that process the truth is being revealed. I had this unusual feeling inside of me last night.I was filled with hope for the future. Like you often say, the how is unknown. But I can feel it. Maybe it is god, maybe it is something else. But I thanked the universe for my amazing experience of existence. There is nothing to fear but...well you know rest.

Thanks for the inspiration

Anonymous said...


(continued from previous post)
... I was so desperate to prove to Father BRown that I was a new man that I called him and asked him to come over as I had something very important I wanted to show him. The good reverend rushed right over and as I answered the front door I got a assaulted by a tremendous attack of GAs.

I opened the door hoping that the gas would pass and greeted the august member of the cloth with a cleaned jaw as I tried my best to keep the unwanted gas under control. The good father shook my hand and said:

"My Good Boy -- You have something important to show me?" And it was at that exact second that I cut one of the worst SBDs of this or any other life. The good reverend swooned and I caught him in my arms.

"I guess our meeting has gone over like, like soME kind of an ATomic balloon," i STAMMERINGLY AVERRED.

"At times like this -- silence is GOlden," Father Brown managed to stammer. "What pray thee is the matter? You have4n't been listening to that LED Zeppelin again, have you?

Flummoxed for a response I lamely countered.

"I haVE a bad cASe of MOno."

... (more to come later)

Piers Corbyn said...

UK astrophysicist Piers Corbyn:

"Carbon dioxide levels are driven by temps, not the other way around. There have been big peaks in CO2 in past...carbon dioxide is actually a good thing for the world. More CO2 makes plants and animals more efficient."

Dartainian Winslow said...

L.V. there was an idiot box tv in the background yesterday and it had a monsanto commercial saluting the American farmer. I almost fell over laughing. A family member gets enjoyment out of the electronic hearth or I wouldn't have been near it. They enjoy it so I try not to step on their enjoyment. It is like these cul-de-sac don't get too drunk you might go the neighbors house at night subdivisions since they all look the same. These places will be called pines, woods, estates, crossings, creek and whatever the name of these eye sores it is what they had to destroy to make it. So it is par for the course that monsatano to salute the farmers that they destroy.

Anonymous said...

I wrote this up a few years ago, I could write a book and make some money but fuck it. 2/3rds of mnakind, goodbye. Odium.

Anonymous said...


“In the author’s opinion, Ponerology reveals itself to be a new branch of science born out of historical need and the most recent accomplishments of medicine and psychology. In light of objective naturalistic language, it studies the causal components and processes of the genesis of evil, regardless of the latter’s social scope. We may attempt to analyze these ponerogenic processes which have given rise to human injustice, armed with proper knowledge, particularly in the area of psychopathology. Again and again, as the reader will discover, in such a study, we meet with the effects of pathological factors whose carriers are people characterized by some degree of various psychological deviations or defects.” (Lobaczewski, 42)

With very few exceptions down the ages, discussions in moral philosophy - the study of right conduct - have failed to systematically investigate the origin, nature, and course of evil in a manner free from supernatural imaginings. Evil was often considered something to be endured rather than something that could be understood and eliminated by rational measures. And - as Lobaczewski demonstrates - the origin of evil actually lies outside the boundaries of the conventional worldview within which the earlier moral inquiries and literary explorations were conducted. Evil requires a truly modern and scientific approach to lay bare its secrets. This approach is called “ponerology”, the study of evil, from the Greek “poneros” = evil.

The original manuscript of this book went into the furnace minutes before a secret police raid in Communist Poland. The second copy, painfully reassembled by scientists working under impossible conditions of violence and repression, was sent via courier to the Vatican. Its receipt was never acknowledged - the manuscript and all valuable data lost. In 1984, the third and final copy was written from memory by the last survivor of the original researchers: Andrew Lobaczewski. Zbigniew Brzezinski blocked its publication.

After half a century of suppression, this book is finally available.

Political Ponerology is shocking in its clinically spare descriptions of the true nature of evil. It is poignant in its more literary passages revealing the immense suffering experienced by the researchers contaminated or destroyed by the disease they were studying.

Political Ponerology is a study of the founders and supporters of oppressive political regimes. Lobaczewski’s approach analyzes the common factors that lead to the propagation of man’s inhumanity to man. Morality and humanism cannot long withstand the predations of this evil. Knowledge of its nature – and its insidious effect on both individuals and groups - is the only antidote.

Read an interview with the author, Andrew Lobaczewski.
Copyright 2008 Red Pill Press

Joe Bloggs said...

Dear Les, Wish you were here...
(well not really cos you're ear, dare and heavywear, write?)

I'm hear though and Hive hurt the Germmen & Sweetish coppers are coming too cos their vans are more rugged and wotnot... not that I'll be joining the festivities - a wee bit too gay for me, O'Kaye?

And if there's any fascist faggots out there getting their knickers in a twist; get gay, okay?

[Middle English gai, lighthearted, brightly colored, from Old French, possibly of Germanic origin.]

fag·ot also fag·got (fgt)
1. A bundle of twigs, sticks, or branches bound together.
2. A bundle of pieces of iron or steel to be welded or hammered into bars.
tr.v. fag·ot·ed also fag·got·ed, fag·ot·ing also fag·got·ing, fag·ots also fag·gots
1. To bind into a fagot; bundle.
2. To decorate with fagoting.

European American said...

Ahh, it's hunting season again and the "great white" hunters are out with their Benelli Super Black Eagles mowing down the enemy (those vicious ducks) and it starts just before the sun comes up. Kinda' sounds like 'when all hell breaks loose" when the masses wake up and put to use those billions of guns they got in this country.

Saw "The Road" on Thanksgiving Eve. Hmm, the "kid" needed to loose his baby fat in the cheeks for it to work, but the cannibals sure added some spice. Would you eat someone if you were hungry enough?

Gold dropped, but is headed back up. What would you rather have? A pile of worthless one hundred dollar bills or a pile of worthless Gold?

Looking to purchase a decent laser/flashlight for my HK Mark 23 today. Pre christmas gift to myself.

Still waiting for someone, other than myself, to begin removing heads from the selfish and the greedy. Any volunteers out there? I didn't think so.

Funny how life just keeps going on, regardless. Best to be established in the Self, I would think.

Heyam dukham anagatam!

Anonymous said...

I have gone over a few well written warnings in the past urging readers to watch for the signs of things to come, that I for one with hundreds of millions have never turned my own back on.

The terror choreography is being carried out by men in suits and a law degree or two, men and women who will defend it's child killing, luciferian chanting psycho-eccentric's even before God.
The devil itself is entering this world. And the leaders are all under its control. They want your soul, not your money, and you will now have to decide whether you can live in the lies and give their private world of gated communities and bohemian ceremonies a shrug of the shoulders, or you can help them to look twice and rethink along with the rest of the ever growing publics multi-conscience that we are not sheeples, we are rhinos. And we will break through those old walls of ego's to prove to them we don't like being made fools of. God gave the jews a chance, and they chose satan. How the devil keeps from laughing as it mocks God's plan, when the false Christians cover the zionists for protection. Not all Christians pass the test, but many still have the foresight to what is still right and wrong.

William G.

Visible said...

Odium, you need to rephrase that. I can't let extreme anonymous ad hominem through but you're welcome to say the same thing without the string of invective.

Anonymous said...

Dogpoet some more weird goings on in the tech department. To comment on wordpress you need an account now I guess. One of my favorite anti-Obama blogs "obamboozled" or oh bummer is gone as of 1600hrs Friday the 27th. Is wordpress and google the only choice for blogs. I knew when finding this blog it was rare and something special, hopefully it never goes away! Thank you for your writings and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

been watching new nature program on sky about arctic cicle presenter let it slip the ice caps in winter were twice the size of austrailia funny the climate police had me belive they were the size of my back yard and shrinking someones telling lies
keep the faith les

Anonymous said...

Weigh it on the heart, that is pretty much what I did when I encountered your site. I didn't need to run around and ask people about it here and there. It was the same with the thetruthseeker.

I am not multi-talented but I can tell when someone is telling the truth. I have developed a very high level of immunity to b.s. talk over the years.

Most have probably seen this one but Karl Schwarz lays it out pretty well. Millions dead and 56 trillion to the arms companies and checkmate.

John said...

Yeah, Les I've heard the Bush thing before also. That's not what caught me but the general tone of his article, but given the times I shouldn't be surprised.

ooh 'denses' word verification

Anonymous said...

Between this bizarre story about Tiger Woods and that bizarre one yesterday about the "Palestinian" man and his wife crashing the White house dinner, it seems that certain evil someones are now sending a message, a threat to Obama.

Anonymous said...

. people.

we live the vision
of an eye
that is infected
no heart
we are for ever in debt to it
to death
to the wicked witch
of the west
all men slaved
most men detest
their chained
the wicked witch
rips hearts from chests
many claimed
by the lies it use and profess
it use obama
sold its false charmer
it use the lie of osama
against the people
as a harmer
causing drama,hells farmer
better to
learn the calmer
the ancient armor
from a lama
from protectors,healers,
menders who center
shine inner sun
transmitters ,focal receptors,
of the flow
travel road
with natures load
better not sell soul
for gold,
cos natures old
she made the four winds blow
when she speak
all men know
they glow
because elitists
what you repeat is
your wickedness
and deceit
the hell you feed us
through you
chaos and death seep
what you think
it doesnt matter while
your true nature sleeps
so peace
come to waken with seeds
sprinkle hearts
with essence
your'll see
cos all men just
want to be free
awakened hearts
so men will defend
who they are
and who you
try to spend
so sit down
think what you have done
its the end
renounce your wealth
and put down your guns
and descend
cos man see the signs
realises and despises
the truth chant
draws nearer till it arives
sounds are clearer
people more sincere
universal sums
is what you
should hold dearer
or you wither
back to from where you came
you worship death
through material gain
fools game
you give man a bad name
when you maim
and practice evil
your insane.

...peace to all....

Anonymous said...

if Benjammin Fulford was outing anything he wasnt s'posed to, he'd be offed. his "insider" stories are just that, stories.

Visible said...

That is very strange about Tiger Woods. Given the incongruity of the story, I would have to say that someone beat him up.

I didn't realize that those reality TV twits were Palestinian. That's pretty strange too. I don't see why Israel would be upset enough to kill Obama; they're the ones who would be likely to do it after all. He seems the proper toady but maybe there are things going on behind the scenes. with Biden (who does look a little like Lyndon Johnson and is a similar type of career hack as well as an Israeli buttboy; like Johnson (U.S.S.S. Liberty) was well... heck, I don't know. They're all going down. I just don't know in what order but... they're all going down to that condo complex at the center of the Earth.

Anonymous said...

Ever see photos of LBJ and Golda Meir side by side?

Separated at birth or what!

Anonymous said...

just heard on the radio that polar bears have been cannibalizing the young ones recently; because they're starving due to global warming. oops excuse me,climate change.


I got NEws for them. Bears have cannibalized their young ones longer, wayyy longer than anyone of us ever heard of global warming or al fuckin gore. Or at least that is what they used to teach.

they want us to care more about polar bears than we do Palestinians or Africans or hungry, or disenfranchised people all over? right! more lies, propaganda and distractions. they can fuck off he

Besides, why in fuck are we sposed to care about climate/weather changes when THEY play with the weather all the time. That too is old "news". Goes back far, way back to cloud busting over the prairies lonng before the "great" depression.

whatever. I don't believe shit they report.
U'd hafta be a shit -eater to beleive it. hardeeharhr

Anonymous said...

Les qutoeHe seems the proper toady but maybe there are things going on behind the scenes.

Exactly. imo

I don't care for the sonofabitch. ALL politicians suck in my books. ALL. Especialy at that level. C'mon.

Still, I think he might be waffling on Iran or something or other. And those "warnings" especially that breach of security with a possible future Palestininan patsy setup, is just too convenient, if u ask me.

Maybe he just needs to be reminded WHO really is running things?

Anonymous said...

The worldly hope men set their hearts upon turns ashes, or it prospers, and anon.
Like snow upon the deserts dusty face, lighting for an hour or two, is gone.

Something like this were the words of one Omar Khayyam. A virtual unknown in the modern western world. He was elevated to fame in our world by Edward Fitzgerald in the 1800s. Fitzgerald liked him as he reminded him of the lore and myth of the Celtic tradition. Omar when offered riches in the Sultanate of Alp Arslan on returning from his wandering, rather chose a shady spot within the palace grounds to continue his studies. In his time the so called Christians were about to set about the capture of Jerusalem in the name of Christendom. There were of course Merkels, and Sarkosys in the time of Omar, for there have always been such filth which are so easily given over to evil. The only difference in our time our so called leaders will hide behind their generals, who in turn will send our children out for the common good of our way of life.
It seems as if it is much simpler in our time to use the thinking of such as Omar and such like to create the methods by which we would send heroes to such great heights, only to kill the defenseless and innocent, not knowing or caring lest there were a child to carry on the thinking of such as Omar amid the mayhem. It is I fear much easier now in to days world to create bogey men in the mind of the masses. With willing media to de-senseitize our children, and brain-wash our adults. Constant sequels and death in the movies where no one really dies as James Bond will lice another day, even if the face and action seem a little different regardless of the new movie.
Reading my own Celtic history I recently came upon what must be the first Celtic Terrorist. It would appear he would give no end of trouble, even as he went about his mission of corrupting the great minds of his time. It may have been all of 1500 year or so ago, but then in the world of evil and its workings it may be but a hop and a skip away. Pelagius was his name, and it would appear he was a well traveled and devout thinker. It seems he would not quite fit in to the accepted norm. It is said he is buried in Palestine so it may be possible Omar might have heard of his teachings . Which would lead to the question of time and space in the scheme of things.
Unlike you I would have been part of an angry mob at a time in my life. It would appear it is part of my society, or would have been were we not fooled into a peace plan which will soon to be seen as a slight error of judgment. I would like if I could ride my buffalo of into the wilderness and return when it has all cooled off. That would be the easy route, but a people should, and must get tired waiting for the great Creator to realize, we are not going to change, we have fucked it all up and the evil have all the cards. Not forgetting the dealer is in the pay of mankind's greatest enemy. Makes one wonder, if the same Creator gave us free choice, among other things. Did he throw in greed just to see how we would use it ?

Anonymous said...

Les reading the comments. As a point Psychegram mentions mandatory vaccinations.
I have read recently in my country there is a law which states TPTB can do this.
This law was enacted in 1947.
Forward planning?

Anonymous said...

L ets H ave C hoas
no reason for con CERN
its just the biggest fucking machine ever built
god partical
other demomsion
when that door opens you'll have your ansewer

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what you mean Les, forgive my stupidity. I was just hoping you might read what I posted and gain some more info to your world, like I try and suck knowledge from every corner I can. Odium.

Anonymous said...

Les --

Speaking about cloud buster technology... How about Wilhelm Reich of orgone box/universal etheric vitalizing force fame?

In late forties/early fifties he was working with micro amounts of radiation in conjunction with his little-discussed cloud busting machine that made it rain on cue. The Maine Farmer's Association was so impressed ther started paying him to make it rain.

Needless to say, shortly after, he was rail-roaded to prison, given the longest sentence ever for alleged crimes -- AND THEN HE WAS FOUND DEAD IN HIS CELL THE DAY BEFORE HE WAS TO BE RELEASED.


Anonymous said...

Well Said, My friend.....I have rode or is it ridden that water buffalo for a long time...the last 30 years, for a family....but I will be here for the party and I think it will soon begin...."change is constant and the constant is change".
Keep on Truckin! The Big Dog in the Fish!

Unknown said...

Why hang the bastards from lamp posts and pass up a perfectly good opportunity to make some money?

I would pay to fly to Washington and be given the opportunity to shoot peas from a pea-shooter ($20 per pea shot)at a naked Dick Cheney who was housed in a large publicly available cage. I'll bet there'd be a line-up around the block on a daily basis for people from all over the world who would pay for the opportunity to cause Dick or George or Condaleeza wince in pain. I'd pay extra for politicians I really hated. What a vacation!

Anonymous said...

In the early/mid 90's I followed the RHIC experiments.
(Relativistic Heavy Ion

Up in Brookhaven NY, at the time it was THE prime collider.
Collided gold ions at 97% speed of light in a "big bang" simulation.

There were many protests and the project was even put on hold twice due to scientist's fears of some anomaly. "Perturbations of the universe" was one concern. Black holes another.

They proceeded and achieved their mini big bang with unusual results.
No black holes, etc.

Now they are upgrading to be the world’s first electron-heavy ion collider.

Check it out.

Just past in Google (RHIC)

James Ledyard said...


Someone had mentioned David Ickes book, Tales From The TIme Loop.

(Thank you to whoever posted it over on Origami)

I had read the book a few years ago, but I had forgotten many of the points he made.

Icke does a good job (as usual) of connecting all the dots around the Illuminati. He leaves no doubt as to where all roads lead.

He also relys heavily on quotes from Michael Talbot's book "Holographic Universe", a book that's been around since 1992, but is a wonderful read. I'm reading it again and discovering new informtation.

So, in case anyone missed it and is interested, here again is the download for PDF , Tales From THe Time Loop.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

draw peace in
breathe peace out
focus compassion
have no doubt
it runs from calm
through the arm
into palm
then pours out
north west,east south,
healers shout,
peace chant loud
with devout
truth been found
men dont know
what its about
enslaved their truth
by clowns been bound
slave ship taken
by a witch with a cloud
off to death
elitists proud
but a storm rages
a storm from the ages
flip back time
nature always amazes
so dont you see
to see the see
the you and we
we need to be
all be free
cos when the storm come
natures drum
bang bang boom
wont be fun
better try
live right
shine inner sun
drop all gun
unweave the web
we have spun and harmony to all....

obama sold
sold to the cold
but he might wake
if the word will take
cos words
like birds
fly different worlds
different times
different days
open waves
atmosphere change
but who knows when
nature mend

kikz said...

"Pelagius. It seems he would not quite fit in to the accepted norm. It is said he is buried in Palestine so it may be possible Omar might have heard of his teachings . Which would lead to the question of time and space in the scheme of things.

Pelagius/Caelestius aka Morgan/Kelly
were very forward thinkers in their day. the first 2 in xtiandom to negate the romish council of nicea's 'original sin' bs.

geographically - they well could've taken tea w/Omar.

also, not out of the realm of possibility to think pre 415, they and Julian of E. visited w/Hypatia/Theon and co. at the Alexandrian Library :)

perennialism is an ancient tapestry:)

m_astera said...

(Melody: I am a Believer - Beatles)

Not even going to google this.

"I'm A Believer" was a hit by the Monkees, the Beatles had nothing to do with it.

I'd guess the songwriters as Boyce and Hart.

Anonymous said...

Don Croft makes his own cloud buster RJ

Anonymous said...

Yes, RJ, correct again about Reich.

Regarding an above comment about the assassination of Bush Sr., I will say that the Sheeple of the Western World within the relatively near future will have to deal with the disturbing FACT that human cloning has been possible since the mid 1970s at the latest. And although it seems beyond unbelievable, it is very much more than likely that these fully functioning clones have been in the public's eye as well known "People / Leaders" since the late 1970s at the latest, which dove-tails nicely with a strange little phenomina called "cattle mutilations". In fact, there was a famous incident of a meat puppet commonly referred to as "Jimmy Carter" collapsing at Camp David due to really excessive running, but his legs would not stop running as he lay on his side half dead. Before and after pics were taken by Sports Illustrated and published, although finding these pics on-line or back ordering the issue in question has become impossible (I forget the edition #). This strange ordeal was even parodied in the movie "Stepford Wives" with Matthew Broderick.

I realize that this will be one of the more challending paradigms anyone will ever deal with, and it puts a big wrench into many garden variety conspiracy theories that many of us assume to be true, but the time is almost upon us to tackle this thorny, if not wildly diabolical, issue.

Keep an open mind as this unfolds.

By the way, let us not forget the very reliable reports that Henry Paulson was shot in the chest and killed the Christmas before last for his massive money frauds... A meat puppet at the least was killed, of course, and maybe another meat puppet continues on, or maybe the original has been in public since, or maybe even a hologram, but the Paulson event was and is NOT unique among THAT crowd.

I wonder what RJ can contribute in this area?


Travis said...

European American:

Please let me know when the Knights Templar, Friday the 13th moment is here.

Another thing I can't get my mind around is that the US has the largest gun owning population on earth, but apparently they can't figure out how to use those guns for their intended purpose.

Flashlight recommendations are simple and short: Surefire lights

"Still waiting for someone, other than myself, to begin removing heads from the selfish and the greedy. Any volunteers out there? I didn't think so".

Count me as your first volunteer. I have a CheyTac .408 that doubles as a guillotine ;)

You are very correct in saying:

Pain which has not yet come is avoidable.

Hit me up on the blog.

Anonymous said...

If it is true, that in our original true nature, in our soul, we are free sovereign cosmic eternal unique beings of light, then we must ask THE question. Dark (evil, demonic) forces have the mission (most are not aware of this!) waking us up out of dream, trance, hypnosis to the truth and to our light. So thank, forgive and bless them. They do not know what they are doing: pathetically dead in their soul. Starving, a bottomless gaping dark hole inside. Their wounds are covered up by craving for unlimited total control, power and obedience over life and every single human being. THE question on any intruding investigation by these forces or their representatives is: : I require that you ask me my PERMISSION, to interact with me.
Harry, Brussels, Belgium, E.U.

Anonymous said...

It is my hope that one of these days the story is told by he (and I'd bet it was a he) who masterminded the coronation of a junior senator with a company-man voting record, a middle name matching that of the nation's #2 enemy, and a last name rhyming with the nation's #1 enemy - using a mantra adapted from Sammy Davis Jr's book title.


Anonymous said...

"waking us up out of dream, trance, hypnosis to the truth and to our light. So thank, forgive and bless them."

You are kidding right? I am perfectly capable of waking up at my own pace, without being poisoned, imprisoned, watched herded, murdered, ad infinitum.

I think this mind set is also a form of the conditioning process handed down. No when they leave here they need to be herded onto a hell planet where their only food is each other for about half of infinity. Some placed where they can steal the body parts of each other and gouge eyes, cut off arms of rock throwers.Some of the waste from the end of this age should be saved to chemtrail them with periodically.

They should never be allowed human bodies again as they are a danger to the cosmos and creation.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Manfred Gooseberry said...

Startrooper L.V. you are right on, the cut out cardboard condo maze is Helvete. Hell just found a funee page don't view if your drinking a beverage or having a bowl of cereal.

reenie said...

Benjamin Fulford

Anonymous said...

Doc F

Regarding cloning, in general the thought of two of me is two more than I am interested in -- but let me say this about The Meat Puppets (one of the great rock groups out of Arizona notwithstanding) -- as long as bio-engineering and science in general is hung up on closed-end system approaches they will always be doomed to failure. Only open-ended bio-engineering sets the catalyst in motion -- does not try to out-think the mind of god.
The same applies to the doodoo reductionist thumb-twirling of the Cern boys. Cosmic dynamics is an open system and balance between implosion and explosion is key to tapping the source...

It is much more likely that they are using the DNA database to find living DNA matches (real doubles) then brainwaSHING THEM, CHIPPING THEM AND ADDING NECESSARY PLASTIC SURGERY.


Visible said...

Gee Petkov,

How's the traffic at your blog? World still flocking to your door?

Anonymous said...

Who's Petkov?

Visible said...

He's one of only two people that are banned from here for so long as he continues to behave as he does. The other is The Appolonian.

It's not that Petkov is abusive and bilious. He is but that is not the whole reason. It's that he's irrational and a pathological liar and distortion agent.

In this most recent post he was screaming about me being a liar because I am supposed to have said that Obama is going to Copenhagen to sign and international carbon tax accord. I never said this. I have no idea what Obama will do, I was merely referring to him going.

Petkov apparently missed this though, Obama (rhymes with Osama.

I don't like having to ban anyone but I also don't want to subject the readers to recurrent streams of pointless invective and, when someone is demonstrably wrong just about all the time it's no easy thing to have a back and forth with him. Mostly he's upset because no one pays any attention to him but it's no wonder.

Big Ears said...

The rent in the fabric has been around for some time now.

As Lord Nelson said when he put his telescope to his blind eye:
". . Hell, it's geting dark in here !"
But if he had put his telescope to his good eye and looked up, he might have seen it from this perspective:
Les Visible makes a brief appearance in his saucer at the very end.


Big earS

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

"Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty?" I don't know if you have discussed about the Copenhagen Treaty, or if any of your readers have brought it up, but below is a link to an excellent video (a short 4:12 minutes) regarding the upcoming signing of the Copenhagen Treaty.

If what Lord Monckton (in the video) says is true then I think it is extremely important that this message get out to everyone:

-- Alexina

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

"bholanath" here -

This is not exactly on topic to any current blogs, but I thought perhaps you might want to bring this to the attention of readers, as you (and others) are already well aware of the subject. You decide if and where to post.

This is a new article just put up in last couple days regarding "Beyond Dutroux", CIA connections, and the identity of "Dr. Green/Greenbaum":

Beyond Dutroux.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you are saying RJ, but I disagree. I think the cloning would be very much like in the movie "The Island" with Ewen McGregor, at least in general terms. Quick production, then programmed appropriately. Souless of course, with no aura. No ethics or morality. Not used just for spare parts, of course, but for a growing number of relatively complex activities.

In this way, the meat puppet clones are quite literally the husks needed by THEM, in order to be animated and function in this World. Meeting them, as David Icke said of his "Jimmy Carter" experience, would be quite startling, which is why they are generally segregated from us and only presented to us on TV (as an aside, I know someone who met Hilary Clinton and shook her hand and was quite shaken by it in a negative way). As well, I would assume some originals were in the position to chose their clones for their mundane tasks; in other words not all situations were "hostile take-overs" and ended in the original being disposed of. Also would be an excellent way of faking your death, wouldn't it? I mean really, with many billions and all the material possessions imaginable, do you really think they want to spend all day long in Congress, or the House, or the Oval Office, or in some Bank, or in some Boardroom? I think there are many other places they would rather be; places with no rules, no laws, no cameras, no restrictions.

All very strange naturally, but we have to start letting our minds digest this.

Again, let's keep an open mind.


Anonymous said...

Dr. F --

While I find your observations bracing and well informed, I differ with you not so much on the science (although I still feel closed system bio-engineering results in fatal man-made mistakes -- which I guess COULD explain Carter's running fit) I view the meat puppet/reptilian royal arguments as precise metaphors that don't necessarily translate to the real world.

Having had a lot of experience with these people -- their main sources of pleasure come from inflicting controlled UNDESERVING PAIN -- to mostly innocent victims.
Sacrifice, bloodletting usury mass murder, bio genocide). These perversions are PALPABLE, REAL WORLD AND OBSERVERED FIRST HAND BY ME -- a grew up amongst a lot of these people at prep school, at Cape Cod, Beacon Hill, Wellesley etc.

They were ALL severely tortured BEFORE they acquired those soul less gazes -- and they fully intend to torture other REAL PEOPLE in order to --on a base level GET EVEN --AND THEN ADVANCE THEIR SADO-MASOCHISTIC HOMO-EROTIC URGES towards FULLY ANAL CONTROL.


Anonymous said...


I guess that is the question, "What exactly are they and what is their history?".

We have the following possible answers:

They are the very ancient descendents of Atlantis (the evil faction who abused the tech). They then were known as Sumerians, then Babylonions, then Egyptians, then historical Kings / Popes etc., but are human nonetheless. Thus, the power structure sits with the Royals of the World (primarily Windsors) and the Vatican / Jesuits. This is the explanation that Alex Jones prefers.

They are descendents of a more modern tribal people who were called the Khazars at one time, but are generally the elite Ashkenazi Jews of today. In particular, the Rothschild clan(ne Bauer) and their vast extended family which includes the Rockefellers and essentially every notorious name in banking / industry of the last 150 years or so. They are human (albeit majorly inbred), crypto-jews, who are largely behind the scenes controlling the public figure heads. This would be the most commonly held view by "Truth Seekers" on this forum.

They are reptilian creatures that are an offshoot from the Age of Dinosaurs and are very ancient to this planet. Their evolution has made them bipedal, very intelligent, and able to shape-shift into other forms. They were the true ancient leaders / Kings / Royals of all known cultures (Atlantis, Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt, Rome, and currently). They must consume human blood to keep human form. They have blue blood themselves. This would be close to what Michael Tsarion and Stewart Swerdlow believe.

They are other dimensional entities that we would call "reptilian", who must inhabit / possess physical bodies of humans to interact with us in this dimension. They are essentially shape shifting energy vampires and have been with us for thousands of years. Thus, all of the Elite (Windsors, Rothschilds, Pope, President etc) are possessed and controlled by these demons. This would be the David Icke explanation.

They are various human beings, not necessarily related by blood, but tied to a genetic predispositon to evil and being psychopaths (up to 6% of the Western World), who strive for power, control, cruelty. They are very intelligent, great mimics, can quickly recognize one another, but lack empathy, sympathy and most emotions in general. This is the Ponerology explantion.

They are physical aliens from other planets who inhabit / control human beings of all cultures who are the leaders. They may look reptilian to some, but they are physical and do have advanced technologies, including cloning and various frequency manipulations. The World War 2 era was when this major infiltration began. This is the basic premise of the movie "They Live".

Finally, we have combinations of the above explanations mixed with very hi-tech which has been passed down for many generations and probably originating from the "Atlantis" era, which the true Elite has always known about, but has been in good and evil hands over vast historical periods. This tech was "revived" by the Nazis in the modern era, which then spread out to groups with Nazi connections, such as the CIA, NSA, MI5/6, Royals, NASA, and so on, before it spread to the Russians, Asians, and Mossad. Consequently, the World is now awash with frequency manipulation, cloning, biochemical manipulations, various forms of mass poisoning, directed genetic mutations, exotic energy weaponry, possible time travel, and a host of bizarre things. Of course, because the core Elite group are natural pyschopaths and are so inbred, we see the predictable themes of homosexuality, sadomasochism, extreme cruelty, mental instability / disease, an insatiable hunger for power and revenge, addictions, and a host of other deviances. These themes have been documented at the highest levels of every major culture of the last 8000 years. No coicidence, for sure.

My question is, RJ, what is your view based on direct observation and involvement with some Elites?



Anonymous said...

"Once you have seen the extent of yourself, it is much easier to understand how the world got the way it is."
Words of a true master!!!!!!!!!!
The Fool



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