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The Industry of Guilt and the Way Beyond.

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The first thing to keep in mind when trying to understand devious intent is that things are not what they seem. The definition of the word ‘devious’ makes this perfectly clear (irony alert!). Lately, I’ve noted a great deal of effort being made by some parties to lay the blame for the world’s ills at the door of The Vatican. I’ve no doubt they’re involved to a degree but I do doubt they are behind the whole scheme of troubles being visited upon humanity. The Israelis say, “by way of deception ye shall make war”. War’s not just guns and bullets, canon fire and dead bodies; war is any kind of conflict stirred up in the mind, set fire to in the heart and manifested outward in enmity and aggression. We’ve heard of ‘war of words’ and ‘war of ideals’. War is always going on at some level and finding the obvious outlet in whatever place is most disposed to the action.

In order to understand life and the purpose of it, you must understand the presence of conflict in most every endeavor. You are introduced into a world that is perpetually at odds with itself so that you might discover the hidden harmony that lies behind everything that confronts you in your environment. Most people are at war with themselves. It’s not a great leap for them to be at war with others.

A big part of the present financial skullduggery is to reduce a particular portion of the population to extremis. The disappearance of jobs; the devalued currency, the home repossessions and all attendant misery of the times has an intent beyond mere subjugation of the population; beyond obsessing the mind with survival to the point that they lack the time to focus on who is causing it. One of the main and unspoken reasons for the financial crisis is to make the military a desirable option. Where else are you going to go where you will be housed and fed and promised an opportunity for the future if you survive? It’s not rocket surgery, grasshopper.

Combat desensitizes the human heart. It’s a form of pornography whose intent is to damage the human spirit and kill the soul and that’s what ‘they’ are ultimately all about, capturing the human soul. They can’t actually kill it but they can make you believe it is dead. Remember I was discussing guilt not too long ago? Doing grievous injury to others is a definite guilt builder. Guilt is one of the foundation stones of organized Christianity and it is certainly a whip hand of The Vatican.

When I lived in The Jewish Rockies for a number of years, I used to hear a lot about Jewish guilt from various and sundry. I never understood what they were talking about. Now I do and I see the reason for it too. I believe I once said that to be born a Jew was a particular birth whose keyword is ‘redemption’. Everyone born a Jew comes into this life on this planet with a debt outstanding and the opportunity to serve humanity in unique ways. When they fail in this and give over their industry to self interest and predatory actions upon their fellows, they have failed in their commission and guilt will attend them.

You might well ask where I get this sort of information. You’ve got a great many facilities that you are not using. You’re not using them because you are reliant on the common tools. It’s easier that way. It’s why you’ve lost your telepathic abilities for too much dependence on physical speech. There are deep pools in the human psyche that can be accessed by those intent upon doing so. For most people, the carnival; the life lottery, the hopes and dreams machine and the bright lights of unlikely promise are preeminent in their thoughts. It’s the hamster wheel and the carrot and the stick. It’s the mechanical rabbit and slathering, racing hounds.

No one is going to end war on this planet. It’s a foolish notion. This is why the Bhagavad-Gita states, “Nothing is better for a warrior than a righteous war.” People think the Indian caste system is an anachronism and maybe it is. I suppose they’ve never studied the pecking order in the UK and elsewhere. There’s a caste system wherever you go.

These viral plagues that are being loosed on humanity are not accidental. They are being time released in locations around the world by the same forces that have manipulated the financial system and performed all of the false flags and started the horrendous and unnecessary conflicts around the globe. Are they part of some temporal organization that’s been around for centuries? I hear all kinds of things about that. Are they members of a particular race or religion? I hear all kinds of things about that too. To understand ‘who’ and ‘what’, you must study the nature of the human mind. You have to study consciousness and how it operates according to impulse and motive.

All human minds are conditioned to some extent. All human minds have doorways that lead in various directions. Everything dark and everything bright is contained in the human mind. There is a phrase in The Lord’s Prayer that states, “Lead us not into temptation.” This seems to indicate that whatever we call God is part and parcel of everything. He’s the voice in the garden and the snake in the grass. It’s all a part of the mystery and marvel of manifest life.

We are placing way too much emphasis on the physical representatives of evil in our times. We give them power when we do this. These men and women have no power and even the appearance of it can be shut off in a heartbeat. This whole presentation is about your being observed as to whom you will serve. Physical existence is a trial and a test. We don’t seem to know that we are being watched every moment and that everything we think, say and do immediately adjusts our course and all that attends it.

The truly wise understand that nothing belongs to them and that they are nothing except in respect of what they would choose to emulate. This is how some people can give away everything, including themselves and count themselves rich beyond imagining.

There is a fundamental truth that must be grasped and, if you cannot, then you will remain in the soup one way or another. Everything is under control, down to the slightest detail. Everything that happens to you is a testing whose object is to free you. Our fear and self-interest compromise us time and time again. It’s time to let all that go. Everything is in our minds and it is there that we can gain a partnership in control over everything we encounter. The one who set this up wants to give you the keys to the kingdom but you have to believe it is really happening. Guilt is one of the big obstacles. It should help to know that every great master who has walked this Earth has a secret life of shame from which he/she came; water under the bridge.

None of what is happening right now has to touch you. Whose camp are you in? It should be perfectly obvious what is going on. The fact that it is not is one of life’s enduring mysteries. All these secret societies and powerful individuals are anything but. They take their marching orders from a place in the mind. They are tools, bad tools, but tools none the less. Why do you think so much of the world is dancing like a chicken on the griddle to get your attention? It’s because of your soul, baby.

You’re carrying a mighty power around with you, or should I say it is carrying you and you are entirely unaware of it; because your attention is on everything else. Drive relentlessly and fearlessly within and see what it gets you. The way out is the way in.

I realize that this is a most unusual Smoking Mirrors but… we are talking about smoke and we are talking about mirrors. How is it that you can look at the great deception and tell yourself… that that is what it is …and still carry on as if it were real in spite of that? That’s another enduring mystery.

What is coming is going to break down all of these false constructs and delusions. Ergo, it is far better to meet it on the way than to have it act upon you. One needs to see that all of this, despite its fearsome and unpredictable appearances, is for your benefit and your liberation. Help is all around you at the moment and there is more on the way.

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Anonymous said...

Well done again our friend! I can really appreciate paragraph 3 and would like to add this link.

Thank you.

InIsTheWayOut said...

Mr. Les Visible,

You never cease to amaze me. Yes it is a different kind of SM but in a wonderful way.

'the way out is by the way in'

Wow! there's a really huge message written so simply that most will miss it. Permit me to underline it:

The way to live free in this world is to honestly look inside oneself and honestly admit what is right and wrong, and then try FOR REAL to live according to what we truly believe is right and wrong. Only by this voyage to the middle of us - and living our life consistent with what we find there - can we begin to tap into the phenominal power God has put into each one us - released as we live consistent with the person we really are.
Every emotion you have ever felt together is your soul.

Thanks for the words to make us stop and think.

Yes Les, life is a test to help us go in to who we are and LIVE there.

P.S. Thanks for your radio program last night on Feet to the Fire

Rebel 4E said...

A mule doesn't like to plow.
But he likes carrots.
So you hang a carrot in front of his eyes.
A mule without a carrot gets exhausted.
A mule with a carrot spends a long time being tired.
I've lost my appetite for carrots along time ago.


ThePowerIsWithinYou said...

Les -

"The way out is the way in."

Anonymous said...

The Elves Have Found A New Way to Say


Ashkenazi(Non-Semitic)Jews said...

This guy has really nailed it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Les, another great essay. I have heard it said that there is a big difference between regret and remorse. Guilt is when you feel bad for doing something that you know will make you look bad to others. Remorse is where you do something to make you look bad to yourself.

Anonymous said...

War is waged both in heaven and earth and in men'ss minds as well as their hearts and souls...Mencius

I report you decide

Anonymous said...

i meant to say another astounding satsang. Ahroooooooooooo

Word Ver: palmo

Boulderdash said...

Thanks Les, for another great essay. This one really hits home on the consciousness dimension.

If we can continue to laugh at the comedy being played before our very eyes, the current world will likewise continue to crumble as it has been.

Thanks for guiding us through the process.

Jim G.

Boulderdash said...

On the flu vaccine meme, I thought this might interest some of your readers. It is a video of a Benedictine nun who is also a doctor and public health expert explaining the sequence of events in the swine flu arena. I think she is a credible presenter of the info. In Spanish w/English subtitles.

The first three videos have been transcribed here:

Anonymous said...

When reading rumormillnews I would suggest throwing salt over my shoulder afterwards. They also thought the war was just a great thing and torture could be overlooked if it could "save lives."

Anonymous said...

There is much more information on the flu vaccine in the above than sister Campanas can come up with and it was out there early and often.

By the way theflucase says the WHO is panicking over how the word is spreading, this the Vatican instructs the good sister to play the hero. Information follows the vatica and Rmn it doesn't precede it. just a thought.

Eugene said...

Thank you Les. Your words are sharp, caustic truth, and yet poetically beautiful to the soul.

Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The way out is the way in.

I love nutshell lessons that have an impact.

Hank said...

Much to my regret, I once shot a cow with a pellet gun, right between the eyes. Other than a little puff of smoke from the dust on the cows head, no one would have ever known. There was absolutely no reaction from the cow at all. It never missed a single chew of it's cud, whatever a cud is.

I, more often than not, get the same reaction from people to whom I try and relate the message in your essay. The search within. The power we wield by virtue of belief and attention. Most of the people I encounter are so immersed in physical life, they have no clue what I'm trying to tell them. They have no understanding that simply by paying attention to something, they give it power. Believing it gives it enormous power.

Sarah Palin gets media coverage that brings her to the attention of people, but she ends up having power that she gets from the people that pay attention. The truth about 911 gets no coverage in the media, and therefore has little power for lack of attention. Sarah Palin derives even more power from those that believe her, and are willing to act on her behalf. The truth about 911 loses even more power because of the number of people that don't or won't believe it.

We have, or should I say, ARE the power. We have this power because of our connection with the creating force in the universe, and if we do not focus this power, it ends up where ever it ends up. The thing is, even though those who do not focus their power outnumber those that do, focused power is much more powerful. It's why a small amount of good, always seems able to overcome a large amount of bad.

I've said before that we, because of our connection to the creative force, have endemic knowledge. We know good from bad, whether someone teaches us or not. We do not need confirmation from others. We do not need to read it in the bible or the koran or the bagavad gita. We do not need to be part of a group that agrees with us. All we need is within. Unfortunately, for those anomalous reasons Les mentions, far too few of us surrender to it, and let it guide out lives. Far too few of us have the courage or the faith or the belief or whatever it takes to stand alone in the storm, firm in the knowledge god has given us.

Stop giving power to those lies you see and hear every day by letting them capture your attention. Sarah Palin does not exist, unless you want her to. Be careful where you invest your belief, and to whom you give that much power. Give it first to yourself, and be firm in the knowledge that others disapproval cannot alter your worth. You are gods creature and a product of the universe, and no human can take that away. The only way you can lose it, is to give it away. Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

Just got an email this am. from my best bro who's hangin' with the 'wizards' in Ecuadorian Amazon, in which he remarks -

"When ever a community member doesn't feel 'right', either _____ or _____ immediately cares for them, simply and effectively. A crying baby will be cared for and will be sleeping in it's mother's arm in ten minutes. There's never a question of what is the cause. It's always the same. It's a spirit that is interfering with the life force, so they remove the offending spirit. It's always spiritual. All of it.

When I got sick the other night they asked me who I had passed on the walk I took that day, where I had gone and so on. Then they took it out. Simple. No need for the emergency room. This is in house healing."

Seems these uncorrupted people have little need for a father-in-heaven when they have a mother-in-earth; and little need for holy books when they have the book of life in nature all around and within them; and no glorification of outer warfare when their healers are internal spiritual warriors.

We've come a long way, baby....down, that is.

the iconoclastic cantankerous basterd,

Unknown said...

Thanks Les,

I don't know if it's just me noticing this, but many of us seem to be going through the same hoops in sync.

In times of great tests, we tend to forget that in fact "there is none else besides him (creator)", and that no matter how devious they are made to look, or even if their deeds are rotten, they are all the creatures of Creator.

The trick is to perceive how the exterior world is entirely a product of our own perception, and to readjust, to put onself in His shoes, and figure out how one goes about loving ALL his creatures.

When all is said and done, the results are already in, and LOVE is the only engine of survival. So either we continue the suffering, or correct our individual desire, in order to bestow the same to all. For after all, it is said: I the Lord do not change. Meaning that the light is at rest. Which leaves the creatures in a position to either correct themselves in order to draw more light. Or to keep fighting imaginary ennemies.

One point that you make which I feel is a key: By imagining this great unwielding power behind the major disruptions which are hell bent upon smothering us, we give them much more power than they actually posess. Not only that, it is my experience from being around some of these power hungry individuals, that in their own perception, they are doing their best with the tools that they have given themselves.

As we come nearer the crunch, many will start feeling that we are all connected, as in one global soul, and that in fact globalisation is unescapable because it is the law of development of nature. We are now preparing, those of us ready to transition to 4d, to move into a state of permanent telepathic communication with other entities joined by the same desires. Love is what keeps the pieces together, in that realm.

Those who do not unite, will remain separated and have very little input in the next realm of ascension towards the infinite light.

Thank you once again and do Take care!

Visible said...

Well perceived Daniel. I'm glad you showed up I wanted to ask you to send me a link to that translations site so that I can put it up on the blogs.

There's some very sharp commentary here this evening (my time) and it warms my heart to see it.

Anonymous said...

From an article on VeteransToday, a quote from journalist Chris Hedges:

"[In war] I rarely saw moral courage. Moral courage is harder. It requires the bearer to walk away from the warm embrace of comradeship and denounce the myth of war as a fraud, to name it as an enterprise of death and immorality, to condemn himself, and those around him, as killers. It requires the bearer to become an outcast. There are times when taking a moral stance, perhaps the highest form of patriotism, means facing down the community, even the nation."

Read whole article "Welcome Home Soldier, Now Shut Up!":


Anonymous said...

Than you, LV. A much-needed glimpse of what Really Is.
Once we recognise the Oneness of all, the single Source of all phenomena, and learn enough not to give power to any ephemeral aspect by investing thought or belief in it, what should we do as social beings, sharing this round of life on the planet with other humans, animals, plants, rocks, all sprung from the ONE creating Mind?

In practical terms, what is our duty to, what is our responsibility with regard to, our fellow-humans and fellow-animals, to the earth and all that's on it.

Realising the truths you have expressed so succinctly and elegantly, cannot be enough. How live by and to demonstrate those truths and not be just solipsistic?

gurnygob said...

Re: Anonymous said...
"Seems these uncorrupted people have little need for a father-in-heaven when they have a mother-in-earth"

If they did not have a father in heaven they would not be here in the first place.

wizards' in Ecuadorian Amazon.
aren’t these the same wizards who practiced human sacrifice to the gods of the earth at one time?

Our Father in heaven created the nature for us to use not to worship.

great post Les.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful once again.

"The way out is the way in."

I recall some 4 words from the Bible which summarized much the same thing:
"Be Still and KNOW." Always love that phrase.

I envy your time and efforts at both enlightenment and service to others, Les. Thanks.

I'm reminded of my own imperfections and frailties when asked, "why don't you like to dance?" and I respond with, "I could dance fine if I could just get rid of these arms and legs." The soul dances, rejoices and leaps but the flesh draws is back down.

It is difficult to let go; to allow the demon spawn to continue on their way unopposed. Alas, Thanks for the fresh air Les.

Anonymous said...

I have not only read the veterans today piece the "mick" hammering the bottom of the comment section is me.

I have been over there a bit lately don't ask me why, I don't know. Some of the opinions there amaze me.

Anonymous said...

A few verses somewhat related to todays theme:

"When we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence; where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world."--Joseph Campbell--Hero With A Thousand Faces

"Any single path truly taken leads to all the others. Even then, you will find that outward and inward become the same direction. The center of the wheel is everywhere."--Robin Morgan--The Burning Time

"It doesn't happen all at once," said the Skin Horse. "You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't often happen to people who break easily or have sharp edges or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand"--Margery Williams--The Velveteen Rabbi

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

I could not disagree with you more. The sacrifice cult has found it's way into most areas of the world at one time or another and the modus operandi is generally the takeover of said society.

Would you be sophomoric enough to label all of America as satanic, the cult of lady Gaga?

In Tibet the "red hat" llamas are a cult that has always been among them. They steal children and sacrifice them for their energy. They drain women of their life force. I don't think you would find many fellow travelers who would join you in labeling Tibetan tradition as satanic however.

As to using nature or worshipping it you once again are excercising word play. The only misconception as to whether the Amazon Indians are using nature, worshipping nature or simply being a part of nature exists only in your mind.

I think this will help you distinguish between the triad. There are some who propose a theory that Chief Seattle did not write this but whoever did knew what they were talking about.

Anonymous said...

Excellent essay. Real soul expression.
"One of the main and unspoken reasons for the financial crisis is to make the military a desirable option..."
What I always believed. Thanx.

Combat desensitizes the human heart. It’s a form of pornography whose intent is to damage the human spirit and kill the soul...but they can make you believe it is dead.
You have spoken a great revelation here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Transmission encoded.


Anonymous said...

will write tomorrow,
have had a hard day today
love you everyone
I'm sending peace every way
so please take some
it is always free
it will nourish
the heart so
please open and receive

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick - thank you for the links to the Desiree Jennings healing from dystonia.
More importantly, for mentioning your comment to the "Welcome Home Soldier" article. Your long post was unflinchingly and uncompromisingly honest. I hope it makes many ponder.
Thank you, again, LV, for your posts like today's and the exchanges you make possible.

Anonymous said...
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simon said...

Hi Les,

Another good, and very thought-provoking, post. I think I've read just about every smoking mirrors you've written for many years now and I've never been sorry, or disappointed, for the read. Time well spent in my humble opinion. But I'm going to risk the sharp edge of your pen (or keyboard finger!) on a small point in the text.

I disagree that the indian caste system is 'just' an anachronism. And although other societies, like my own country, England's, do evolve, impose and enforce rigid top-down class systems, they are different from the Hindu Caste (or maybe just less evolved). This is my reason.

Abrahm and Brahma share the same historical root.

And just as Abrahm's people, the jews, claim to be Gods chosen people, more important, more human than the rest of us and therefore entitled to do as they wish and take what they will -so do the Brahmins claim essentially the same.

The caste system of the Hindus is the entrenched cultural acceptance of this falsehood. The Hindu caste system is a vision of how the zionist' jews would see the world run. For them!

It is, of course, a deliberate lie. Its purpose being to excuse/explain their behaviour and avoid the wholly appropriate guilt that comes from lying, cheating, raping, killing and stealing to own and dominate everything that can be seen, touched, tasted or thought of.

In my opinion this ancient, ancient belief/lie ("Them"), and more especially the willing acceptance of it, is the very definition of cancer. And it is consuming not just humanity, but also our mother earth herself.

No offense meant to anybody, just an opinion.


Visible said...

Thank you all.

Actually Simon, there's no problem because what I said was "PEOPLE THINK the Indian caste system is an anachronism and MAYBE it is. I suppose they’ve never studied the pecking order in the UK and elsewhere. There’s a caste system wherever you go."

I was trying to communicate a personal tendency in belief without actually saying so... failed again as I see.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les

You said "Combat desensitizes the human heart. It’s a form of pornography whose intent is to damage the human spirit and kill the soul".

There is much truth in this.

Even the great King David, who despite his sins was declared a man after God's own heart, was soiled by his battle experience.

Although he earnestly desired to build God's temple, God told him he would not be allowed to do it because "He was a man of blood".

That job was given to his peaceful son Solomon.


Anonymous said...

...anybody acquainted with "The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind" by Gustave Le Bon?

Anonymous said...

While watching TV recently I noticed Bono out for a stroll with the leader of the country from hell which is in reality named after a people in old Gods time. It was of course Mr Yahoo of Israhell. I noticed the same Bono some time back as he did his gig with Mr Obongo who is the leader of the satellite state, of said country from hell. It seems it is fitting to celebrate the fall of the Berlin wall by the Obongos, and Yahoos while the world conveniently ignores the longer wall which is in Palestine, which is built in modern times for the protection of the hell which is set to enslave us all. Sorry I digress, and derail, back to topic of intent.

Some years ago I remember this same Bono as he was introduced to the public for the first time. It was a popular TV presenter who "found" this new band. This same presenter who is now in retirement in a nice government sponsored job to which he was never suited, for most of his life has set the thinking of generations for eons. This same TV hack has for most of his life controlled the media and left his control in safe hands with the suitable placement of fellow hacks to carry on his thinking. All of those hacks are held in awe and are for the most part feared by the political, clerical, and intelligent elite of our times. Again I digress.
I read somewhere recently as to this same Bono and to where he has Jewish ancestry on his mothers side. So this could lead one to assume that there is perhaps a plan of sorts at work here. This scribbler always assumed there was at work in the parish of Ireland a hidden hand which would guide and test the British speaking public, thereby seeing what would be the reaction of the mainland British, and then the English speaking world. While the reader might think this folly, one should remember the "draconian" legislation of the 70s in both the parishes of Ireland, and the UK, and the easy passing of those and following laws.

Anonymous said...

This will lead me to think of one Bob Geldoff, and his similar rise to fame. The reader will no doubt point to his Trojan work in pursuit of his fellows. Well the scribbler would point out, if there were true justice in the world, then those who the people hold in awe would be redundant. This is where the mass of the world is in error. We as sometimes thinking beings give credibility and status to vain-glorious cretins which in turn are being used to guide us. If the reader is in doubt as to the guidance of modern thinking, then said readers should look to the spawn of Geldoff as in his celebrity off-spring. Here be intelligent control of modern youth. Celebrity born white trash with bodily functions in replacement for intelligence.

If by chance the reader would have made it thus far in my ramblings I will try to point as to where it would hope for a meeting of minds. Where we live in the world today means little. Our parishes are all connected as we are being used by cretins at the behest of evil men. My government and elite, your government and elite are one and the same. By way of note, I read recently where there are 300 millionaires within the US administration, this is the same in all our governments.My local government representative hack last year spent 90,000 euro in expenses. This, from this fools thinking is in a time when the pie chart of wealth is being consumed by the same old same old.
It came to my attention in my reading recently as to where someone mourned the loss of one John Lennon. While I will admit to his incredible talent, I will not mourn the loss of what I would consider to be the loss of one of the real useless eaters. Lest any should jump to his defense, it is but a name in a long list of useless people on the attainment of fame. This fame is attained firstly from talent, then as a result of a collection of paper money power is achieved. At their pinnacle of fame they will then dole out in piece-meal fashion, their gifts to the poor of their choice. Like I have said before, the pie-chart is just so big. There are just so many slices to be taken from the whole, if the greedy among us would take more than their share, then we have hunger for some who are late arriving.

I most likely have no idea as to where this would fit in your scheme of things Les, but this being the site that it is, with the myriad of thought which you create within your sphere, I just think it may fit in, for it would appear the scribbler has fitted in to few places in his time. However now in my redundant years I am old enough to be forgetful of the silly things I have said in my time. I am also too old to be corrected for the mad things I say as it could be put down to stupidity.So Les if you think it worthy, put it up for perusal and correction if necessary.



Anonymous said...

Hi Les once again i just want to say thanks in this boot in face endless hammering world i live in i hear your words and know its just a little angel whispering in my ear wake up wake up thank you for being you and i have always thought that anyone of us that raises themself raises all of us what you do is a good thing

Thorpe said...

Actually war will end on this planet. Perhaps not in my lifetime but there is a plan and it isn't the one run by humans. War will one day become disgusting to all of us.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best

Your take on guilt and Jews is interesting. I always thought guilt was a tool used by certain Jews to divide and dominate others. It took a certain amount of energy on my part to persuade others to reject imposition of guilt.
Guilt the Anglos, use(and abuse) the blacks and climb to the top. That was the playbook in California during the 50s 60s and 70s. Now that they think they've gotten to the top, their playbook has changed.
Yor pointing out the inner consciousness of guilt-inducers appears right on the money.

Visible said...


I won't say yeah and I won't say nay because I don't know but I do know that war has already ended in every heart where conflict has been put to rest but until that is true of all hearts there will be no end to war. Not even in the luminous yugas was war extinguished (I don't think), But there are places where war is unknown.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 252:AM
On the contrary thank you I am always happy when someone sees some benefit to my rambling. One of the button pushers for me over on veterans today was an article by a nurse. Her qualifications were spectacular, educator of nurse, traveled the world etc.

The article was about the WHO working hand over foot to get enough vaccine ready to save the world from the dreaded pandemic. My first reaction was all this education to simply be duped by big pharma and urge war veterans to accept it. War veterans who have already lost parts of their body and soul and this is the advice given.

I left some links there and much to my amazement I was informed that I was simply part of the problem as in the useless lumpen proletariat interfering with the solutions offered by herself and the medical community. It was a response I should have expected as I have had nurses, doctors in the family and have friends whose wives are nurses.

There is always that smile all knowing self assurance from those who have ready nursing 101, they have it all figured out. All figured out by those who simply say roll up your sleeve and jab people with substances of contents unknow.

I began leaving links and responses from her slowly became fewer and finally disappeared into the void.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, Yes , that's the trick, the key, the answer in plain sight.
Like Dorothy in OZ, the shoes are there at the end of our very feet.
Be still everyone , the power of huge transformation lies within.
We've been lied to , deceived, and manipulated for too long, because the nature of our very brains make us easy target for hypnotic suggestion.
Just like your nightly slumber can't last forever.
This millennial slumber will wear off too.
Thank you Les for keeping a light on in the window for those of us who need to know your waiting up for us.

DumbGoyNot said...

There's an ancient proverb that says 'We hate those who we hurt.' That's because the hating is a skewed defense mechanism to offset the guilt that results from hurting someone else. A person with a healthy conscience will move toward repentance, but a person with a skewed conscience will continue in the hating. When the hurting is done by one group against another, especially behind some sort of religious dogma, the hate-hurt agenda is soon exploited by the demonic realm and then driven into an ever increasingly higher gear that begins to cascade over onto any people who don't go along with it. What we're seeing happening to the Palestinians now is only a preview of things that are going to happen to the rest of us, unless it is stopped there, and soon.

Anonymous said...

Les --

Just read this interesting take on WW1. A GOOD REMINDER OF WHO ELSE (besides the Zio-bankers) IS BEHIND MOST WARS -- THAT BEING THE FAKE ROYALS:

"ONE NEED ONLY RECALL THAT WORLD WAR ONE may be understood as a family feud of gargantuan proportions between the the Von Hohenzollerns in Germany, the Romanovs in RUSSIA, THE VON SACHSE-COBURGS (FAKE ENGLISH ROYALS THE WINDSORS) and the Von Hapsburgs in Austria, all of which families were intricately and inextricably interrelated through decades of intermarriages. Kaiser Wilhelm was thus a cousin to Tsar Nicholas and to King George, a nephew of Queen Victoria, and a distant relation of Kaiser Franz Josef of Austria, King Leopold of Belgium, and King Vittorio Emmannuel of Italy. In one light, WW1 was a civil war between the interrelated Houses of Europe.


John said...


This is interesting :

"China quietly introduces new financial system

China has stealthily introduced a new financial system based on the renminbi which is well on its way to becoming fully convertible, according to a high-level Chinese source. In addition, China is purchasing 10,000 tons of gold to back up a new fund designed to develop and market heretofore forbidden and suppressed technologies. The fund will be based outside of China and will be controlled by prominent members of the Chinese overseas community. The gold purchase will take some time because of the logistics of transporting it and the Chinese wish to test it thoroughly. Both the Chinese government and MI6 now confirm reports that much of the gold sold by the Federal Reserve Board over the past decade is in fact gold plated tungsten.

For its part, the renminbi is now convertible with South American currencies, the rouble, Middle-Eastern currencies, the yen, South East Asian currencies and African currencies. “We will slowly introduce our new financial system in parallel with the old one and hope that people steadily migrate towards it,” the Chinese official says.

Meanwhile, the latest G20 meeting ended in acrimony and chaos. The leadership of the West is in total disarray and will remain so until the Federal Reserve Board’s bankruptcy becomes visible even to brainwashed section of the Western public. This is now expected by January or February. Both MI6 and a senior Chinese government source now predict the collapse of the Federal Reserve dollar by that time.

We are also hearing various reports that many Pentagon and other US alphabet suit agency figures with both US and Israeli citizenship have recently fled to Israel. Things are coming to a head."

Visible said...

Yes, isn't it extraordinary. All this is going on and much more and yet life just goes on like it always does, albeit with a bit more strife, a little less prosperity and an indefinable tension that is easily counterbalanced by alcohol and mind fantasies...

And they flee to Israel and it never occurs to them that they have put themselves all in the same place. To quote the great Lawrence Olivier in Marathon Man..."Is it safe? is it safe?"

Anonymous said...

I have to write a poem
I cant help it its just there
it floats around inside of me
inside the inner air
I had a war inside of me
sometime ago
but mighty peace stood by my side
and made the war go
and now each day
all day long
my forever lasting love
guides protects
it fits inside fits like a glove
sometimes I do fall off
but peace is always waiting
for me to climb back on
my inner love for every one
grows and grows its getting strong
so I feel sorry for the man
who does not know
he's at war in inner self
I myself have been their too
peace is the only true wealth
and when we find that place
all of us as one
oh that day
will be filled with truth
the inner sun

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeff Gates war vet. said...

"Despite appearances, it is not America that is at war in the Middle East but Americans loyal to this nation who were sent to war by a foreign government imbedded inside what remains of "our" government."

European American said...

This is what I think...

Nick said...

For me, for many reasons, this is the absolutely greatest piece ever on Smoking Mirrors. It's beyond thanks, it's beyond words. It's resonance is 10 Richter.

verification word 1:wardoble
verification word 2:mickelu

(both are uncanny connections for me)

Anonymous said...

you see all of those war makers
killing children causing strife
inside them selves broken
making death instead of life
raising hate with evil
they never felt the inner sun
for complicated matters
Its best to sit and bang the universal drum
and call all the peace makers
all the people with inner light
the medicine men
to chant the river
of peace the mighty light
to charge the heart
of war makers
and weave with peace
right through
cos they just dont
they are polluted
using lies instead of truths

Pundit said...

We had the G-20 just a few months ago leaking the fact a new world curency "SDR's" (special drawing rights) will soon be implemented by the Rothschild cartel owned IMF with the physical World Bank (already built) in Switzerland.

Up to a few months ago, all oil was (by international agreement) bought in US dollars. And the dollar buy/sell exchange rate was dictated to the buyers and the sellers by the US federal reserve.

This gave the US a free cheque book so to speak with which they could prop up the US standard of living.

The federal reserve, which is controlled by Rockefeller who is in turn a primary Rothschild agent in the US, in about to fold. One hears much Wethepeople chanting about 'end the fed'.

But if Geithner and Bernacke simultaneously close the federal reserve after allowing the dollar to fully crash AND begin instead with SDR's - it is just out of the frying pan into the fire.

Since 1913 it has been:
Rothschild > Rockefeller > Federal Reserve > US dollars > We the people

Coming (before 31 January 2010):
Rothschild > World Bank > SDR's > We the people

There will be no difference of who issues the money and therefore who actually controls the US government making the laws for We the people.

Oh, with SDR's - the US economy will no longer have the free cheque book ability to prop up the US standard of living. And since the USA has no significant manufacturing left - nothing we make that other countries want to buy and can afford, the US standard of living will fall overnight.

The middle class in the US will be wiped out. Just corporate/gov't elite class (4%) and the serf class (96%). Percentages based on the number of people and their children in California with access to "exempt" auto licence plates (ca 1,000,000 of 50,000,000 - 2% plus two children gives roughly 4% of the California population pay no speeding tickets, tolls, parking etc).

The NWO elite will be around 4% of the population. The remainder will be erfs with radio frequency indentification (RFID) chips under their skin.

Please see Aaaron Russo's fantastic interview film (ca 1 hr 45 min ) made a few months before he died (2007).

USA: From world reserve currency nation with a viable, healthy middle class to a banana republic with the flick of a Rothschild pen.

The SDR's will be implemented most likely before 31 January 2010, barring a 'wake the flock up' miracle, according to all the signs of the times.

Anonymous said...

The are tricky the last word verification Cersera

. CER- Centre for European Reform
"A London-based think tank devoted to improving the quality of the debate on the future of the European Unio

Cer-sera...........EU to live.......sera to be in Spanish

New word ver reedgio

Anonymous said...

All stupidity stems from self-deception.

...which explains how otherwise intelligent people can be so dumb or behave so stupidly.

Lying to yourself when you actually know better but telling yourself differently in order to "justify" something you actually know is wrong... now that's stupid.

grazie, ciao

Anonymous said...

OneNess Needs Usness


Anonymous said...

Hey everybody!

Tom Kean is serving up pancakes. But first you gotta clap your hands 11 times per second. Ready? Go!..........

No, there ain't no pancakes... but the whole kitchen IS covered with f**kin' flour.


Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Taking Refuge in Green Tara.

Anonymous said...

Papa Damballah,’re straddling the star gate sir; Between the Origamic and the Semantic you are delusional (A false belief or opinion: laboured under the delusion that success was at hand. 3. Psychiatry: A false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence) as to your quasi-geographical position. I do believe your recent malady opened a vulnerable portal, and you are sick:

O Rose, thou art sick!
The invisible worm
That flies in the night,
In the howling storm,
Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy:
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.

Your talents as a writer are not diminished: this was not there intention; the intention was to use you as a conduit for confusion. Your powers of rationality come through as a murmur of recognition of the incongruous. None the less, you need to cleanse. As I have (I do not for a minute infer that we are on the same plane or that we have any particular connexion; dopple-gangers not withstanding). None the less; you are energised by a viral are exhausted and yet you have a seemingly new energy that is driving you. Any moron knows that the catholics are long since dominated by the yids – yamulkas, Hello! Did you know that the fundamentalist yids won’t allow school children or Banks in Israhell to us the ‘plus’- ‘+’ symbol, because it is too suggestive of the cruciform. Truly, these monsters are the spawn of Satan whose authority we are all born into. Oh, it started some months ago (see; the battle in the valley of the shadow of the hill of Megido), the distant rumble of artillery has not reached your ears as yet. Only the rumours of wars have you overheard. Pseudo Babaji at Origami is not your friend. And you sound like a raabbee. That is to say (for your fawning masses) that interpreting scripture as an academic polemic is redundant. Pharisaic vanity is our prophets’ pet-hate, you know it. Also, a number of colleagues and I are traveling to Palestine shortly, we would enjoy your company as our payed guest (call it a 'fact finding tour', grin). This will give you a better perspective on why, what for, and the nature of War – let me be the first to interview you subsequent to witnessing your first child casualty. Then post a Blog. (No malice at all in this comment, you are too valuable to me and mine to ostracize). Truly, the invitation stands.

Free Free Palestine!

"Il Nomini Spiritus Sancti"


Knight Adjutant – The Knights Templar of Australia.

Anonymous said...

Papa Damballah... adagium: to my previous - Dublin Mick "The tragedy is that there can be no redemption for the murderous frenzies committed at the behest of psychotic leaders". HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU KNOW?! Oh, Eugene; "Hierosolyma est perdita" Not yet mate, read your scriptures, not yet mate, and it never will be!

Free Free Palestine!

T3E - Mad Monk!

Visible said...

If you took the trouble to read the text you reference more carefully you wouldn't find yourself exposed as someone who doesn't pay attention; resulting in bankrupting their position.

In the meantime, poncing all about the stage like a martinet dressed up for some private Halloween does not enhance the credibility.

Visible said...

I'm going to spare you the embarrassment of your latest drunken rant as well as apologize for having what you seem to desire so much for yourself.

I'm also going to spare you future outbreaks of this particular herpes of the mind. It's been noted- and not just by me- that proponents of wack traditions from obscure and distant periods of time who like to play dress up with the past as if it had something do do with the present do... generally... go mad eventually.

Green doesn't suit any of us as a skin color but you'll just have to manage the best you can.

Anonymous said...

In my great-grannies time way back in the 1800s, my granny had her eyes covered by her mother as there was a man on the road who it was said none should look on his face. The reason for this being, the man was known to have been involved in the very gruesome murder of a child.

Well as in all communities, and small parishes, the dog on the road will know the truth while the authorities will not. It was often said in our house by my mother than none should use the name of Satan as it gave him strength once the word was uttered. This is a sort of reverse of, Lead us not into temptation I suppose, as the word of he who should be nameless, as my mother called him gained prominence for the instant, which could be also timeless in other realms.

This murderer I might add, was never brought to justice but was ignored to his death. His death, and the death of the woman involved with him had a supernatural twist if I were to recall the story as was told to me in other times. This story and the story of my grand-fathers death from the Spanish Flu are in a small way testament to the times we live in. My reasoning in this thinking comes from reading lately as to the possibility of the Spanish Flu being man-made, whether accidental or designed. As my mother would say, we will always have evil men and poverty amid us as evil is the cause of both.

You are most likely right in your thinking of our earthly travails not being caused by religion, or any particular ethnic people. No, all our woes are caused by greed which is driven by evil in the minds of men. Is it not interesting to note our troubles are for the most part created by men. This is where I become cynical of our "stars" of the worlds stage, our political "elite", and our so-called intelligentsia of the world, even our most revered clerical "elite", are so easily bent to the will of this evil. What is I wonder is the cause of our condition that will lead the few of the planet, to lead the mass of the planet to chose the road which, leads to such miserable choices for the whole of the people.

As usual I have no idea as to where those thoughts will lead. So I leave it to your judgment as to posting. Perhaps there is someone out there who could shed some light on the fact of why we have so many among us who would seek pleasure in chasing stardom through talent, or earthly wealth, and on their achievements they lack either. As ever I am wont to believe you when you say it is in control, but for my part I am still seeking some form of evidence other than what seems for the most part pie-in-the-sky.



Anonymous said...

mr t3e
and how would u know
who made u the master,what was that some sort of demon or filth you just said,
to wash a mind
with peace and life
to fill a heart with love
not strife
to open a portal
in the mind of men
les peace maker
wise man and friend
mr t3e that was negativity
its time to think its time to see
we are all in this together
all as one
uselessness and ranting
just divides us
and more lies are spun

Visible said...

Greetings Friends;

I just had a pretty acrimonious exchange with an occasional reader and commenter here. I couldn't quite make out exactly what his point was because he was none too specific (relying on invective and insult) but it appeared at first glance that he might have taken immense offense at my mention that some believe the Vatican to be behind the ills of the world cause he went off howling about 'yids' controlling the Vatican. I might have included that comment, now that I think of it.

I was presenting a comment on something I had been hearing from others, not stating a position of my own. I seldom if ever even mention the Vatican. In any case the guy was deranged and unhinged and never has been that tightly wrapped in any case.

He later went on to tell me about how he makes wheelchairs out of broken bicycles and all the good work he does on this planet selflessly serving the greater good... reminding me of what Christ said about people who trumpet their accomplishments; "verily they have their reward."

Then he threatened to kick my ass, being one of those 'men of convention' that Lao Tzu speaks of. When you don't comply, out goes their fist to enforce compliance. I've had a lot of people offer to do that and any number who have tried so I'll just take that the way I always do. I'm always sorry to see things come to that state but you just deal with it as it comes.

It could have been the spiritual angle that has been creeping into the temporal blogs lately. Some people are really offended by that but it's what I am.

He seems to consider all of the readers here to be fawning sycophants and he heaped what abuse he could manage on my head for not meeting his expectations. This leads me to have to say something here that I hope will remain with the reader as time passes.

As surprising as it may seem to some, I don't work for them. I am not here to meet anyone's expectations. I am not a trained animal that performs for the benefit of anyone's tastes or amusement. This fellow seems to feel betrayed because I have held off the blood and thunder of late and am not banging the gong for war against whatever enemies he thinks we shared at some point.

I know how it can happen but the reader should be advised that I do not write to type to satisfy the instincts of people who think I owe them that. I don't.

I write what I feel at the time. There are trends and perspectives that come and go. I don't know what I'm going to write until I do.
No matter what I do it will disturb someone and that's just how it is.

I don't encourage people to say the things they say about me. I don't even respond to it and I don't think about it. Unfortunately there are any number of people who are ego-challenged by it happening. I can't do anything about that.

If you do have a problem with me you should email me and be specific because most of the time it arises from a misunderstanding and is easily sorted out.

Generally when a person wants to make a public spectacle they aren't interested in sorting anything out. Then again, in cases of megalomania, as this appears to be, there isn't much one can do except be clear and direct which only enrages them more.

So, if you aren't batshit insane or just out to do damage for damages sake, you have only to communicate with me. I am very willing to receive criticism and even change something about myself whatever the case may be. I'm just interested in getting up the road. Anything that helps in that regard is welcome to me.

Hopefully I've been clear with this. There have been several incidents lately that aren't related to anything real and have been the product of drunkenness or some combustible intake or just the result of a costume party gone wrong. This doesn't mean there are not some sincere and useful observations offered in good spirits. Should that be the case then there are ways of going about it that are far more likely to be successful if success is what you are after.

Anonymous said...

Les, ignore the flak...I might have just located a publisher for you. Also check out the book mentioned ;)

WV: catorle

RabidCommentators said...

I wonder if some of the strange postings represent a sort of stage fright the really big wedding is about to start and even those of us who know a chunk of the truth are nervous about the last scene to begin.

Peace, Mouser

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! That's my next door neighbor!
He'll settle down when he tires out. Always does..

Last time he went off on me was when I mentioned that if you lean in real close and take a peek, you can see the 729 bar code embedded in, well, just what IS that the Pope is wearing on his head?

Micheal Rivero said...

What Obama is saying is that everything they have done so far is making the economy worse.

The exploding National Debt is from the trillions handed to Wall Street, and spent on wars and Israel.

Psychosis is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

The two previous central banks nearly destroyed the USA. Why did our government authorize a third one?

And where are the leaders with the courage to undo that mistake?

Visible said...

Would Michael Rivero misspell his own name? that's the $64,000 question.

EndAllWars said...

Scientists have found that man cannot survive longer than 72 hours without water or more than 3 minutes without hope.

Why do you think there are so many suicides amoungst army veterans.

Stop all these insane wars. Teh PTB are killing all the soldiers either physically or for the rest of their lives mentally.

I'm mad as hell as Aaron Russo used to say.


Michael Rivero 20091118 said...

"What Obama is saying is that everything they have done so far is making the economy worse.

The exploding National Debt is from the trillions handed to Wall Street, and spent on wars and Israel.

Psychosis is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

The two previous central banks nearly destroyed the USA. Why did our government authorize a third one?

And where are the leaders with the courage to undo that mistake?"

Anonymous said...

So many doppelgangers here little rhyme.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les these dots are sure not hard to connect. The link went dead fairly rapidly also but I already had it copied.

The President of the United States, Barack Obama has shares in Baxter, the company many say is responsible for the h1n1 swine flu pandemic. Back 2005 Barack Obama bought $50,000 worth of stock in two companies.

Right after he bought the shares also in 2005 Barack Obama (still a senator at that time) introduced the first comprehensive bill to address the threat of avian influenza pandemic. AVIAN Act (S. 969)

Then it makes it even more interesting that over $60 million dollars was awarded for a vaccine against the bird flu (2007) that at the time did not mutate till afterwards.

The guy sure knows his planning, I guess that is change you can believe in. From investor to President.

2 more women in Portugal have miscarriages directly after swine flu shot.

New Hitachi chip fits right into a syringe. What a surprise. It probably has an alarm clock feature to wake you up and let you know it is time go go to the work camp.

Lukiftian said...

If conflict desensitizes, then Les, why do you fight?

I like it. When I fight, I feel alive.

War has its place. Be its master, not its bitch.

Visible said...


when one is intentionally dense; either due to a certain amount of sociopathy or whatever the reason may be, nothing is served but a perverse, entertainment factor. You know quite well what I meant. it was even spelled out in the text.

I'm not sure if you think the level of the general reader here is less than it actually is or you just like to skateboard over people to see if the have sensitive skin. I don't much care either. I'm just noting it for your edification.

Carlos Willinais said...


MORE 'CHICANERY'! YET, THE 'Intellectual Pundits', ARE NEVER 'Kind To M.E.E....!'

As An 'Accident/Coincidence'!)

PEACE! 'crlwllns'

p.s. 'They Don't Call m.e.e. "Krazy Kasey", Fo Nuttin!



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