Monday, March 12, 2018

"That's Just the Way it Is, Some Things will Never Change."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings dear friends and my apologies for being inconsistent with my offerings of late. I attempt to explain this in today's radio broadcast, so, no point to go over it now except that I am going through dramatic spiritual changes and they are displacing everything I was doing at this time. When you spend the majority of your life seeking the ineffable the ineffable is going to show up and at a certain point the impact of that presence is going to intensify and accelerate. You can depend on this because it has been my experience and I have proven it to be true to my complete satisfaction. I am telling you this so that you may know the veracity of it. No one has the exact same experience. It is all personally tailored. Not everyone will rise the same heights that is determined by the angels who measure the whole of the character of the person and signed off on by the ineffable who controls all things. The angels are an extension of the will of the ineffable.

The reason that the story goes that the ineffable set Adam higher than the angels is because Adam was given free will, which is not exactly free will but consists of only two choices; to serve the ineffable or to serve self interest. One should already be aware of who the ruling authority is in both options. This accounts for all the suffering you, or anyone, will see in this life. Always remember too, “that even the devil is turned into an angel of light at the given moment.” Fundies and the Zionist psychopaths have altered that phrase for their own purposes and interpreted to mean that “the devil can appear as an angels of light at the given moment.” a careful study of the first version will tell you the truth of it and so will my own personal revelation that the devil works for God. He is an employee and if you know anything about god and his absolute inviolable authority, you know by extension that this must be true. It's academic and the fruit of true reason and proper use of logic.

The world at this time is exhibiting what it always does at the fall of a culture. The appearance of dysfunctional sexual behavior is always a hallmark of these times and if you had access to occult history it would be plain. What we have is false history, created for mind control and the callous applications of enslavement and life (such as it is) and death. Those who construct all of the fabrications, under orders from the infernal one, do it for the purpose of perpetuating human misery and serving personal gain. Imagine what it must be like to manufacture a war for the purpose of financial gain.

Everyone must convince themselves of the truth that god is real and embrace it without the possibility of argument because- it is so. Failure to do this puts you in the hands of your tormentor. Why... would you want to do that? As Buddha said, “all life is pain caused by ignorant desire.” One has only to read the words of the great world changers to know everything they need to know. The problem is, because of self interest, most people do not want to know and then suffering exists to motivate them in the right direction. It's as simple as that and pretty much anything you wish to know is. There are some fundamental, seeming, exceptions like the laws of Karma but it amounts to the same thing over a more protracted period.

People have their fixed ideas of what enlightenment and illumination are. However, not having experienced them, they are really ignorant. One thing I can certainly tell you is that it is exceedingly rate for the whole thing to come down on you at once. It usually appears in stages and depending on how it is handles and to what ends it is put, on that depends whether it continues or does not. There are admonitions one should pay SERIOUS attention to. Even those who have risen to high spiritual stations can be cast down and disempowerd, just like that. This is one reason that abject humility is so important for it is often the cause. The less humble one is, the less likely one will get good council and rather becomes an example of a lesson for others to profit by. The same can be true of those who adhere to the true way of the heart. Never be confused of fearful that god does not hear you or will abandon you. God is not like everyone else. God is not like anyone else, except somewhat like the very best of us in miniature. Everyone else may abandon you and I have seen this personally. It was never everyone but it was most of those I thought were my friends. It is only in extremity that we learn who our friends are.

I used to bemoan my life and the Promethean suffering; perhaps that is hyperbole but it wasn't to me. Suffering is relative and it is not often that we can know the true impact on anyone. Once again, “I don't know” is one near perfect mantra. I can't even recall how difficult and painful so many portions were, The memory has been obscured but now despite everything that did and did not happen, I do not regret any of it. I am grateful for it. The ineffable in his divine compassion burned away so much of my karma and transformed me from a reckless fool into something else, the like of which I do not know at the moment but what I do know is that Gratitude fills my days and nights. Often I will wake up with cries of gratitude and certainly at night it is one of the first considerations to occur.

Do not despair, my friends and do not complicate the message and overburden yourself with unnecessary minutiae. Keep it simple. We complicate things because of the vanity of the mind. The mind cannot know the higher truths. It is capable only of pure reason, or direct transmission of the greater mind. It is the heart, in its secret chamber that true wisdom and so much more is to be known to the capacity of the one experiencing it. We do not all have the same capacities and abilities but we all can aspire and arrive. To enter the kingdom of heaven, you must act and behave as a resident of the kingdom now. If you are not their in corporate being it may be unlikely that you will arise there. Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground.

The greatness and majesty of the ineffable cannot be comprehended. This is part of the basis of true and enduring humility. When you know there is one so much greater that you and ever will be, you cannot but experience true humility. This is true perspective and it gives me equal portions of sorrow and amusement to see people pretending to be god and believing that they did what happened for them by themselves; not realizing they are intended to be used as an object lesson. One must realize that existence is perfect regardless of the imperfections we think we see, or the illusions and delusions we suffer via our crippled and constrained emotions. Lennon wrote a lot of garbage after Yoko hijacked his mind but he did write that song, “Crippled inside”. Of course many may not agree with me on this but you probably have not heard the near half dozen albums he did with Yoko. They are unlistenable and more offensive that thug rap. This does not take away from his earlier genius and powerful contributions to life.

One has only to give a clear eyed look at the present state of the culture to understand the present state of the culture. Those in the majority who do not see this are motivated by some level of self interest and it is not opportune for them to see things AS THEY ARE.

I'll end this a few paragraphs short of the usual because I have said what I came to say. I wish you all well in your journey and may the lord smile on you.

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Karen Norman said...

Dear Vis,

You claim satan serves God and you are correct, because everything works to the good of God.

Having said that, this does not mean those who serve satan are going to Heaven, because Christ clearly informs us that satan deceives his followers and shuts the kingdom of Heaven in their face, which is exactly what I see.

(Matthew 23:12-13).

(Acts 7:48-51).

Those who belong to satan worship Man - In 1303 A.D. Pope Boniface VIII said in his infamous Bull ‘Unam Sanctam’, “We declare, assert, define and pronounce to be subject to the Roman Pontiff is to every creature altogether necessary for salvation… I have the authority of the King of Kings. I am all in all, and above all, so that God Himself and I, the Vicar of Christ, have but one consistory, and I am able to do almost all that God can do. What therefore, can you make of me but God?'

The name ‘Vatican’ means ‘divining serpent’ from Latin Vatis=diviner, and can=serpent, fulfilling Revelation 13:2. “The dragon (serpent) gave him (the Roman Catholic Church Pope) his power, his throne, and great authority.” Popes title of Vicar of Christ is the ‘antichrist’ in John’s epistles. The word ‘antichristos’ is the Greek word for Antichrist. Translated into English it means Vice-Christ or Vicar of Christ, which the Pope has claimed as his title.

(Peter 2:1-3).
(John 10:1).

'What does the worship of Tammuz have to do with the sign of the cross? According to historian Alexander Hislop, Tammuz was intimately associated with the Babylonian mystery religions begun by the worship of Nimrod, Semiramis and her illegitimate son, Horus. The original form of the Babylonian letter T was †, identical to the crosses used today in this world's Christianity. This was the initial of Tammuz. Referring to this sign of Tammuz, Hislop writes:

That mystic Tau was marked in baptism on the foreheads of those initiated into the Mysteries. . . . The Vestal virgins of Pagan Rome wore it suspended from their necklaces, as the nuns do now. . . . There is hardly a Pagan tribe where the cross has not been found. . . . [T]he X which in itself was not an unnatural symbol of Christ, the true Messiah, and which had once been regarded as such, was allowed to go entirely into disuse, and the Tau, "†", the sign of the cross, the indisputable sign of Tammuz, the false Messiah, was everywhere substituted in its stead. (The Two Babylons, 1959, p. 198-199, 204-205)’
(John: 18:36)

Those who belong to God worship God (Romans 2:28-29). 'Then the LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” (Genesis 2:18). The Shekhina(h) (also spelled Shekina(h), Schechina(h), or Shechina(h)) (Biblical Hebrew: שכינה‎‎) is the English transliteration of a Hebrew word meaning "dwelling" or "settling" and denotes the dwelling or settling of the divine presence of God. The Shekhinah is the feminine aspect of Divinity, also referred to as the Divine Presence.

(Matthew 22:11-13)

(Mark 13: 1-2)

I am not trying to destroy Man’s temples, I am trying to save Man :o)

Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for hanging-in-there and continuing to post while in the middle of "dramatic spiritual changes." Not easy. Appreciated...

My take on why the ineffable set Adam higher than the angels (if true) would be Experience. Remember, the planes where this is said to be 'spoken' are waaay above SpaceTime. As such, that level of the ineffable has 'vision' all the way up and down the Timeline. He/she/it knew something...

My educated-guess is the building of Compassion through Experience. Some higher-types liked it where they were. No death, no suffering, etc. Steady state. Just carry-out 'impulses' coming from on-high. Simple. "Just Do It" as it were...

Alas, these higher-types were also the most dangerous in the omniverse. They had no ingrained compassion, because they had not 'lived' both sides of any event (in a physical body). Kill and be killed enough, injure and be injured enough, etc., and you feel differently about doing-it to another (an other). Ingrained compassion, the hard way.

Once you have worked yourself 'up' again (or been assisted 'up'), you can be trusted to sit at a "higher table" and offer kinder-gentler-'wiser' alternatives to the "Just Do It" pass-through actions to be carried-out by those who have never made the earthplane-trip. Compassion through Experience trumps Raw Power. My guess...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

JerseyCynic said...

Thought of you when I heard this song.

Dog’s Mind. David Byrne American Utopia. I saw him live Friday night. He’s still got it.

And I see you tonight. Boy time flies and you still got it!!!

Visible said...

Good grief! Karen, I never even remotely implied that

Karen Norman said...

No grief here Vis, I was just providing clarification :o), because I thought it was worth mentioning that just because satan serves God does not mean those who serve satan serve God. Satanists serve their self, as you have stated, which is why it amazes me that so many intelligent people are willing to put their faith and trust in the global corporate satanic elite and their institutions. All I can derive from that is that intelligence alone cannot get you home, but it can get you into heaps of trouble.

John 10:1 clearly tells us that only those who are of the sheep fold and the good shepherds/right handed path shall enter into the narrow gate/Kingdom of Heaven.

I can only conclude that people who work for Man must have no faith in God or God's promise of eternal life. How sad :o(

I would have thought the evil at the top end of society, and the dismal state of affairs we currently find ourselves in, is a testament to the evil present in this world. Maybe my mind is feeble, but I could only deduct that for there to be such overwhelming evil in this world there must also be overwhelming good.

Irrespective of what I think about the world system I will say this for it, it is wonderful for separating the sheep from the goats, which only adds validity to the Bible for me.

Luv Kazz

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ayuh! What draws you? The spiritual, or the material? Well, I confess to still longing for my non-existent nose hair coat, tail, nose whiskers and braidable nose hairs, but hey. (It's not like I'm asking for the moon and the stars. Sheesh!)

Suffering. Well, during my 5 years of living with a psychopathic cunt who should have been spayed the day she was born; at least it helped me live an easier life in some ways. I got RPGed. (Reverse Programme Generated). Everyone goes right, I go left. It eliminates a lot of problems. How much easier is life with no credit card, desire to buy a house you can never own in the u.s., no stupid keeping up with the Jones' mentality, no crotch droppings, no high maintenance, bimbo-esque time/money wasting garbage (With my unmodified self, what you see is what you get. Unfortunately I can no longer grow five inch armpit hairs, but that's life. Threatening to strangle people with 2 inch armpit hairs as opposed to 5 inch armpit hairs if they don't agree with you on various issues just doesn't carry the same weight.), which reminds me. I forgot to comb my hair today. Wait a minute.

OK. I'm back.

Lovely post. I must also add we have been rescued from the depth of despair again at the last minute. Happens periodically. I was expecting it, but must admit I don't take it for granted. Trying to live on half of what it takes to live here with a low paid job all alone for the most part (Seasonal job of my nose-poo didn't amount to much.) didn't do much for us, but at least now we have the basics covered with the nose-poo becoming employed year round. (Right after a Pagan ritual. Only took a couple of days. Those rituals do work if you're in sync with the Universe, All That Is, or whatever.)

Now if only society, media, and even our bloody parents quit programming us to be stoopid.

What a concept!

Well, what ever. Nostrils up!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I understand, it's kind of like saying; "Well, you do realize water is wet?" or,"Did you know the sun shines in the daytime and also produces heat?"

Anonymous said...

Bill C. said,
Les, you've hit the nail on the head and, IMHO, speak from your heart where I believe our Higher Power speaks to others through us. Recently I read this quote on Insight Timer; "Your life is not about you, It's about the people you touch!" So, so apropos for living a HP centered life. Thanks for all you do and this person, Bill, you've touched with your honesty and truly God inspired words. Bless you and all who read your blogs!!
Bill C.

Somebody said...

Speaking of gratitude, I'm always very grateful for your messages. They always strike a deep chord , like nothing else. Especially this latest. Been in a bit of inner turmoil lately , and this has settled it .

Kray Z8 said...

Greetings, Dog Poet!

Glad to hear the process continues with you. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. The relative length of your post is unimportant; it's quality, not quantity.

Your mention of Satan and the influences thereof tied in with a book I read years ago. It was by a neo-Pagan and very well done. She maintained that the dark one was in fact one of the original archangels and serves at the "right hand of God". Not just in the past, as the Abrahamic religions would have it, but then, now, and always. He is the ultimate arbiter of those who would be worthy of communion with Source. Not by exclusion, mind you, but by accommodation. He makes it easy for those ruled by self-interest to indulge in everything from simple sensualism to the most powerful of esoteric practices. Thus, those who focus externally for gratification and fulfilment either learn the pitfalls of these methods, or take them, and are taken, to their ultimate conclusion. I think we are seeing a lot of this right now in our culture. It ties in to what you so aptly pointed out; that either way, it's controlled by the same Being. For purposes of demonstration indeed! Could go on at some length, but I won't. Suffice to say those who deny and/or repress their spirituality have nowhere to turn when the materialism construct begins to unravel.
Vis, your thoughts are stimulating and provocative; a gift of merit and worth to a seeker like me. Thank You!

Ray B., I sincerely agree with your point of the importance of experience to forming compassion and empathy, and after all, a unique point of view.

Love To Push Those Buttons, glad to hear of your recent blessings. Keep tuning in!

Peace, Love, Energy

Anonymous said...

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From : Salvatore

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Thank you, Namaste back, and may Vasuki lick your nose. You ain't lived until a snake has licked your nose. Yes, I was so lucky. . .once. At an exhibit. I went nose to nose with this gorgeous little snake, and got an experience of a lifetime. Of course right after, I had to put up with a shriek from my stepmother; along with a slap upside, but it was worth it.

Chicks! I swear. Can't understand 'em worth a dayam.

Anonymous said...

Mr Les Vis. Just when I think you have said it all you come around and do it again. Amen:). I look for your words everyday and when I am rewarded with a new page I can hardly wait to read it. Thank you again and again. As I have said before I have been reading your stuff for a very long time and I am in awe of your growth. I know where your inspiration comes from and that is why you continue to turn out
Truth. All your hard work is paying off as the only joy that can come this way is being a voice for god. Meanwhile interesting take on Satan. You have been saying it but I did not get it till now. So maybe Satan was not a fallen angel as religion has taught us but an angel who grants us our desires should those desires be in his capacity to render. Those are the desires of the materialistic and the ones that do not serve god but serve one's self. Cool indeed , I can embrace that concept easily. On another note of no importance whatsoever, sometimes I have trouble understanding some of the comments here, meaning they are way over my head and I can't follow a lot of them. No matter. It doesn't change anything Just Sayin.

Gene Lamoreaux said...

hehe... heaven or hell... theres ever only the now. What the now is, depends on who one is now... :P


They who need to be apart from others who seem different see it as their heaven while in reality its their hell... where comes growth when surrounded by homogeny? :P

Cheers all, and I more or less agree with Rays callout of compassion via experience... if ones not suffered, ones less likely to treat the others seeming suffering with the right respect it deserves to be able to bring the other thru it... not for self, but so the other can see its not as bad as they imagined it might be... if its done for some selfish end, then the other only learns that those who claim to help just take instead... and that screws both in the process... and not in a fun or good way... :P


Visible said...

It could be that sometimes out of your head, or over your head or even under your head is what is actually going on. Generally, mostly, I just STATE, take it or leave it. I've no use for argument. Somethings I don't argue, I just walk away. If I keep arguing I am a moron. Sometimes I argue so I am probably wrong. I don't care about what someone thinks or that somebody can play their game association of existence as this theme or that theme. Sixteen levels of multicolored bullshit. I do it sometimes. Some do it much more, or less. Some things are true, commonly agreed. Some things are not commonly agreed. Say what you got to say, if it has some value I will certainly take it. If it smells funny, or pretentious, or if people are talking about things in a way I have never experienced them, well, I don't know but I will find out if it happens to matter to me up the road. God Bless. (grin)

Karen Norman said...


'Satan was not a fallen angel as religion has taught us but an angel who grants us our desires should those desires be in his capacity to render'

Satan is a fallen angel whose job is to lead humanity astray. It is in this way satan separates the goats from the sheep. Just as satan leads men to war in giant blood sacrifices, satan leads his followers to perdition. It is not until satan has abandoned his followers that they realise the full measure of his deceit and lies. Satan uses his people to take control of this world, full well knowing that when he achieves his agenda he will destroy them along with all those God is not protecting, because such is the nature of pure evil.

Although satan's system is cylindrical in nature, meaning it has two faces (Janus the two faced war god - satan builds human farms to house and fatten the sheep so he can come back a couple of centuries later to sheer them), This system goes around and around until it becomes global, which it is on the verge of doing now. Satan now no longer needs the builders because satan's agenda has always been to exterminate all of humanity, except the higher ranking satanists, which satan needs to feed off in the abyss.

Satan's plan to completely exterminate humanity will not be fulfilled, it never is, because satan and his demons will be chased back down to the abyss before he succeeds. At this point only those who God chose as first fruits, and the remnant of humanity which God saves will be alive. Once satan is removed from the surface the Golden Age will ensue. Those who remain will spend the next 1,000 years attempting to raise their energy to a high enough frequency to enter the 5th and 7th dimensions. Those who do not, because not all who are born in this time will choose God's ways, will be used to restock this dimension, at which time satan will come up out of the abyss and start his process all over again for another 6,000 years. The very top satanists go down into the abyss with satan (elite's underground installations), the rest of his followers are sacrificed to facilitate his getaway. Those who serve satan will be born back onto this plane, because as Jesus informed us, life is eternal, so they will come back as the people they once victimised, to experience the pain they inflicted on others. Heaven and Hell are different dimensions running simultaneously on this plane. Whether one finds their self in Heaven or hell depends upon them.

The good news is not all of satan's followers belong to satan. God has strategically placed his/her people among satan's, so at the appropriate moment they will awaken from their slumber to realise that they are actually the one's who are in Babylon II, not the people, as satan deceived them to believe. Since evil can only be destroyed from within, when God's people awaken and come out of Babylon II it will fall.

God really is in control of everything :o)

There are advantages to housing the Shekhina, one of which is the advantage of seeing God's plan more fully as it unfolds. If you doubt what I say, time will tell :o).

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Kazz , Thank you for your lengthy reply.
You quoted me as writing "Satan etc " but my sentence actually started out saying "So maybe Satan etc" In other words I was not emphatic nor was I making a statement in terms of a truth. It was more of a contemplation. That being said, I have no wish to challenge anyone's personal beliefs. We should believe in whatever rings true to us. I believe that God is too vast and complex for me to understand. Maybe that is not the case for you, At any rate maybe all roads lead Home if the path is righteous. I find my way very slowly by putting one foot in front of the other, it's a snails pace perhaps. There is no way for me to have a handle on the whole picture from where I presently stand.
You are blessed to have all those answers with such a strong conviction. I carve nothing in stone because I simply do not know anymore then I know which is not much

Ray B. said...

Kray Z8, thanks! On your comment on "the dark one" and his status/position, I wrote a review of The Shining Ones: An Account of the Development of Early Civilizations through the Direct Assistance of Powers incarnated on Earth... by Christian & Barbara Joy O'Brien. The O'Briens have a unique book, in that they posit that the fabled Anunnaki are from a higher plane or dimension, rather than the usual Sitchin-oriented spacefarers. (They are vague on the 'process' of descending.) Concerning "the dark one", they say [p.41-2]:

"The Material Universe and the two immediately higher regions, the Astral and the Causal, are ruled and administered by the Negative Power - 'Kal Niranjan' - under a mandate from the Supreme Being ... While he cannot prevent a determined Soul from contacting a Perfect living Master, and obtaining spiritual liberation, the Negative Power, nevertheless, serves the important function of 'spiritual filtration'. It is his task, allotted to him by the Supreme Lord, to ensure that no soul gets past a given point in the spiritual ascent without first having attained the proper degree of purification. To this end, he is permitted to trick and mislead the unfortunate soul in order to keep it trapped in the endless cycle of transmigration."

(The mystical system of the above concerns physical, astral, causal, and 'the mind' regions, followed by two spiritual regions.)

So, within the O'Briens' educated worldview, the 'creators' of our very civilization came with a very mixed agenda...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Karen Norman said...

Dear Reggie,

When one sees with their inner eye it opens them up to worlds that were once unseen. It took a long time to arrive at where I am today, and I have to tell you, a longer time to trust this journey. I got to where I am through travelling at a snails pace, because slow and steady, when coupled with righteousness, wins the race Reggie :o)

The most important aspect of what I sighted above is that under God's system people's free will is honoured, because at no time does God force anyone to follow him/her, which is one of the most outstanding differences between satan's rule over Man and God's loving guidance within Creation.

In all honesty I cannot take a speck of credit for what I do. For some reason God seems to have managed to find a use for me, which I am very humbled by. I could do nothing if it were not for God. None of the gifts I have can be attributed to me, they come from God. I do nothing on my own, I am simply a conduit that works very hard to provide an appropriate vessel for the Divine to shine through. When I can get out of the way by hog tying and gagging my ego that is :o).

We certainly are moving into the age of 'knowing'. For me the difference between 'believing' and 'knowing' comes from putting what you learnt into practice. One can play them silly car games on the computer all day long but that does not mean they will learn to drive a car correctly. At some point one must bite the bullet, get in a car, and actually drive it. The words of the masters like Jesus are like this. When you immerse yourself as much as possible in their world you undergo a shift in your consciousness, which is very dangerous if you have not first cleansed your vessel appropriately, because holy texts are not written like other books, they include a blessing, but they also include a curse. The Bible states that if you eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil surely you shall die. The Bible is the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In ancient Egypt the Book of the Dead held the same information as the Bible, it was all about the weighing of the heart ceremony, which I know I was put through. This is the nature of the gauntlet satan makes us run. The shekhina saved me. Without the Divine feminine within I would have been dust, so I did not get to where I am on my own, so if I seem strong in my convictions it is because I have come a ways on my journey. Putting into action what I was learning is what facilitated my journey, but many have perished in this way so it is not a journey for the faint hearted. One must test everything, and have no attachment to any outcome to adjust their mindset to the highest frequency, how high that is will depend upon the individual. A good intellect, courage and heart are fundamental requirements for this journey. For me to move forward and 'know' what I do today I had to get my butt off the couch and jump in at the deep end, which meant getting messed up a bit, maybe even killed. Nothing in life comes free.

It seems my personal adage of, 'if your not living on the edge you are taking up too much room', made me a perfect candidate for God's purpose. I also found it was integral to be a free thinker and be free flowing, because you can't serve God if your days are filled with appointments. One must simply go with the flow, have faith, love God with all their heart, and be 'unhinged' enough to put their self in harms way. Not a job that many seem to find enticing these days. After all, satan offers sex, wealth, standing within the community, popularity, and many other material benefits.

I still choose God.

Where this will take me I do not know, but I gotta tell you Reggie, it is one Heaven of a ride :o).

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

It's all about me! ME!!! Meeeee. Meeee. I I Me Me Mine!!! Oh sure and god too, sort of, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous ..
It's all about me! ME!!! Meeeee. Meeee. I I Me Me Mine!!! Oh sure and god too, sort of, maybe.

What ya talking about?

Karen Norman said...

Dear Ray,

' ensure that no soul gets past a given point in the spiritual ascent without first having attained the proper degree of purification...'

God's failsafe mechanism is what stops people from spiritually ascending, not the satanic elite. Only those who have purified their self can connect with the Shekhina, God's holy representative on this plane. It is through the indwelling Shekhina/Holy Spirit that one is sanctified, because she is the garment that is required at the wedding feast (Matthew 22:12-13). The satanic elite are doing everything in their power to break into the higher realms so they can take Heaven over, but it will never happen because the global satanic elite are blind guides. Man’s systems are run by men who disregard the law: justice, mercy and faithfulness, because they are full of greed and self-indulgence, which makes them blind guides (Matthew 23:23-24).

The satanic elite’s system is not there as a filtration system, it is there to capture all those who are on the ascent, to deviate them from their course so they can be captured to serve the satanic elite. The satanists capitalise off these people’s shortcomings and utilise their strengths. Through satan’s catchment system satan is able to steal souls that were searching for God and turn them against God, which is why Christ said, '...Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You traverse land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are...' (Matthew 23:15).

Remember Ray, life is eternal, the global elite did not create this system to protect Heaven, they created the system to amass an army against Christ’s second coming, because the satanists know that just as we have 24 hour periods we call a day, we have cosmic periods of dark and light, that last roughly 12,000 years a piece. The elite knew for the last 12,000 years that eventually the light would return, which is facilitated by the return of the indwelling Holy Spirit within Man, so the elite have been amassing an army large enough to overcome God’s people to stop the light, so they can retain their standing as kings in this world.

Wake up Ray, if this worldly system served God do you really believe it would control this planet by force? Where there is force there is no law, and where there is no law God has been removed. One can only serve God by walking within the law, once one acts outside of the law they become an ‘outlaw’, a man of lawlessness, irrespective of what title they use, or whether they have a shiny badge and uniform. All titles are an illusion, all that really exists on this plane are men and women, the rest are merely masks to hide the persons true identity, in other words satan system is one big lie!

What is honourable about serving pedophiles who rape, torture, and kill children?

The people humanity need protecting from are the one's who are running this satanic system, but this should not surprise anyone because satan always turns everything upside down, so the victim is the criminal, lies are truth, and evil is good.

If you swallow that shit Ray you are not the man I thought you were.

Luv Kazz


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