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Corruptions, Tyrannies and Madnesses of the Kali Yuga.

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What is real cannot be told or shown and what appears is not real, it only seems and the more it seems, the more real it becomes to us and then we wander in a world of seeming appearances for so long as we believe they are real.

On it goes... surgical bombing strikes and random bombing of desert sands where only the corpses of scorpions remain because the really poisonous life forms have run for the borders of Israel and Turkey and Iraq. Meanwhile the former residents of that beleaguered land are being leaflet bombed by Satanic Banker planes that tell them there is a new life for them in the European Union. The causes of their distress are the Americans, The Crown Colonies and Israel who runs the first two out of Tel Aviv and London. Well dressed and well fed, demonically possessed, former human entities, scurry about The City in London and every satellite city where they cause world wide havoc without a care. For some reason, a great many of them are unaware of what they are responsible for. They think they are fighting the good fight against some shadowy enemy but actually they are taking their orders from a shadowy enemy who creates all of the rest of the shadowy enemies. They are paid well though and they live a privileged existence and they get away with all manner of crimes that they would otherwise not avoid the consequences of. It's a sweet deal as far as they can see and they are only allowed to see up to a certain point because... coiled in the backs of their minds there lives a consciousness that defines the parameters of their awareness for all that they think and say and do.

We know who is behind this migratory exodus, it is George Soros, one of the chief operatives of the Rothschild Network of Satanic Bankers and... as you can see, the consequences of this are horrendous and going on all the time. Here you see the real insanity of political correctness. Now some might say that all of these incidents of violent outrage against native born citizens of these countries are fabricated to make the immigrants look bad. That hardly seems realistic when those pushing for the immigrations are also the ones ordering the press and police not to mention the names of the offenders and who advise the courts not to prosecute. It can no longer be argued against, whether the orchestrators of these conditions for criminal offense against the public are Satanists. By their works ye shall know them and that says all that needs to be said about who and what they are. These are not the ones committing these rapes but rather the ones fomenting the favorable environments for them to occur in. Oh... this is not to say they don't get up to that sort of thing because they do. They torture and kill young boys and girls very often in places throughout the UK and other European locations and many, many other countries to which they travel for this sole purpose.

Unlike the savage migrants who commit these acts of sexual outrage against the members of the countries that have granted them asylum (Yes, I can call them savages and I don't give a damn about political correctness. I am, of course, not referring to all immigrants but only to those so engaged in this horrific behavior.) and who do it out of an uncontrolled animal passion, these others of which I speak, do it for pure malice and to propitiate demons that confer protections upon them as the result of blood sacrifice made in their honor. They know about these sorts of things because they have teachers in those arts with a long tradition in these kinds of behavior. What is presently happening did not simply come out of the blue recently. The planning has been in the process of coming about for centuries. In the ranks of the dark brotherhood are seers and mystics of different ranks who are able to see ahead and who are also informed about what lies ahead through the ingestion of different substances and being possessed by infernal entities who then inform them about all kinds of things. It is a truth that these entities lie as often as not but they don't lie all the time. They tell the truth often enough to be effective at getting listened to and being sought out.

If you go back into the histories of certain large occult organizations and brotherhoods you find that they have had predictions about the times in which we live from a long while ago. These organizations might once have been more or less legitimate fraternities that only became corrupted through the passage of time. This is what happens in Kali Yuga. The Tibetan system might not have always been as corrupt as it became when the Chinese finally invaded but by that time they were pretty corrupt and their treatment of the ordinary Tibetans with their feudal system was brutal. Most people don't know about that side of it. It's kept from the public view and instead we get the version of Tibetan Buddhism that they want us to hear. I don't know if this new construct is something novel and a break with the earlier patterns; some kind of a renaissance? All I know is what was going on previously. Once again, it is the pattern of the Kali Yuga and you see it in all of the religious traditions and all of the political and economic traditions... ever deeper corruptions and the tyranny of the few upon the many. This is just how it works and because of all that has been and all that it is, there is a result that is part of the process of all of these corruptions and tyrannies and madnesses.

This is why I say, or rather this is why I am told that there is no single collective outcome in the drama except to say that at some point none of us will be here but... that might not be accurate because surely some of us will be right back here again due to the dynamics of coming and going. Anyone who thinks we are only here for a single visit has no grasp of how things are and why they are. If we were only here for a single visit then nothing would be as it presently is and none of what is would make any sense at all. Prodigies would make no sense. Variations in intelligence and the possession of gifts and the lack of them would make no sense. Well, we could go on and on about what makes no sense according to that schematic but my job is not to convince anyone of anything. It is only to convince myself and this I have done and I have studied the writings of the wise as well as comparative religion and all sorts of variations in perspectives and outside of fundie speak which seems to agree with itself in all of the seemingly diverse perspectives that are out there, the opposite also applies in all of the legitimate traditions. They all agree as well, even if you have to go back a bit to see that. Furthermore, I personally have direct experience of other lifetimes so I have put the question out of my mind as far as I am concerned. Sure, maybe I am the only one this has happened to but that would be absurd and we have the recollections and writings of many other souls who say the same.

A commenter at Origami said something about this today and was mostly accurate, if not comprehensive ...but even if he or she had filled pages with what was said it wouldn't have been comprehensive. True comprehensiveness comes only through interior search and it isn't something that appears in your head like the works of Thomas Aquinas or the Mahabharata. It is something that appears as a wide angle, panoramic view that has expanded and expanded until it is a picture beyond the capacity of words to convey and that is why it has never been conveyed in words by those who have that perspective. Sometimes the understanding of it is transmitted from consciousness to consciousness as it does from guru to chela. Sometimes it comes upon one as a mystical revelation, granted from the celestial realms by grace or some manifestation of benevolent fortune. Sometimes, for whatever the reason it just happens like what is described in Bucke's, “Cosmic Consciousness”, or James, “Varieties of Religious Experience”. Some of Bucke's ideas might seem dated now or they might have been the promise of roads not taken because this is the Kali Yuga. It is not for me to decide.

I don't share the idea of the status given to Whitman but that is just me. It might be due to my lack of appreciation for Whitman's poetry in that I was not moved one whit by it and was very soon bored every time I attempted to read any of it. This was also the case with Joyce and some others. Maybe I had previous experiences of these works and wanted no further part of them. Certain authors have always bored me, like Steiner, Wittgenstein, Kant and quite a few others. I would feel the scent of death everywhere in their writings and sought a more clear atmosphere of uncluttered thought for myself. This is probably the influence of Lao Tzu and others of the Eastern persuasion of thought. This is what works for me and the other does not. Previous to my kundalini awakening I was caught up in the area of western thought but afterwards, it never interested or applied to me again.

Heaven and Hell are states of consciousness. To quote Omar Khayyam, “I sent my soul into the invisible, some letter of that afterlife to spell and by and by my soul returned to me and said, 'I myself am Heaven and Hell'” This makes them no less real in terms of experience. I suspect a time comes when we clearly see and then pass judgment on ourselves but I do not think any of this is fixed across the board. There is a lot going on that we don't know about. The Bible is clear on how ignorant and blind we are.

As you can see, we slipped away from the temporal into the philosophical somewhere in the course of this posting. Although there may seem to be little relevance between the different considerations, perhaps there is at least a natural progression out of the one and into the other, even if it is only my disenchantment and disgust with the one and my fascination with the other.

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Anonymous said...

My last reply to Thomas did not get posted for some reason.

Vedic Astronomy posits that Rahu, or the black sun if you like, is the cause of lunar eclipses. As far as being able to see the curve of the earth with your naked eye, that is subjective. Perhaps you are seeing what you expect to be there. There have been many experiments done with spherical trigonometry to measure the curvature that have failed to find any. And, surely, the "flat earth theory" has been around longer than the bible itself. And, of course there are paid agents pushing this information. There are paid agents pushing 911 truth, but that don't mean that 19 Arab hijackers did it....

I suggest anyone with the intellectual integrity required, actually look at the arguments. I thought it was a joke or psyop when I first considered it. But, condemnation without investigation...

Listen to this

Eric Dubay seems to be on the level


missingarib said...

Vis,it appears to be the end of the beginning.The tribes intense nuclear fires of hate,greed ,violence have radiated out visible and cloaked vapors into western governments and populations. The Soros handbook to understanding the irrational(grin) is but a page out of his tribes protocols.
"The Crown Colonies and Israel who runs the first two out of Tel Aviv and London. Well dressed and well fed, demonically possessed, former human entities, scurry about The City in London and every satellite city where they cause world wide havoc without a care."
The three spiritual meltdown radioactive elite cities the moral version of the China syndrome
Fear Of The China Syndrome

[Music & lyrics: Mieszko]

Shutting down reactors
"Pure" energy for you and me?
But they continue secretly

We carry the disease
And it's your job to please
The mass demand for energy

The battle now begins
Over cities that are free
The war where no one wins
The blood-letting begins

Alarming light, a storming blaze
An accident at an early phase
Their secret now revealed

While cancer spreads the toxic rain
The masses needs remain the same
An easy lesson hard to learn

The battle now begins
Over cities that are free
The war where no one wins
The blood-letting begins

The battle now begins
Over cities that are free
The war where no one wins
The blood-letting continues

You say "Heaven and Hell are states of consciousness." and I would add are stages of consciousness in the collider we call liberal capitalism as espoused by the chosen ones.

"I will make JERUSALEM a cup of trembling unto all the people round about ... And in that day will I make JERUSALEM a burdensome stone for all people ..." [Zechariah 12:2-3; "

live long

Visible said...

If your comment did not get posted that is because it did not come through and this is not unusual. As for your flat Earth theory, I have one question; "what happens when you come to the perimeter? Do you just hang there from gravity? Also (why not) how do you explain night and day and sun rising?" Also, what is on the other side of the Earth? Finally... why is the supposed core of the Earth hot? How would there be enough pressure id it were flat. Also, how do we account for ocean depth? In any case, it couldn't be flat if the ocean is miles deep and then the Earth beneath it has to be deep enough to contain the oceans. I could go on and on as many questions come to mind. 'Respectfully' I cannot shake the thought that you are fucking with the readers because of the outrageous absurdity of the claim. It defies all the laws of rotation and if the Earth were spinning like a Frisbee then there would be no night and day. I am especially interested in where I have said the moon landing was not a hoax. I have never come out one way or the other, except when engaged in humor which should seem obvious. This I also find troubling. I think it is safe to say that no one is going to buy that the Earth is flat.

Anonymous said...

I came across the Rosacrucian Masonic Lodges being "illuminated" by the Satanists as much as the other lodges.

Streets of London echoing in my mind
"so how can you tell me you're freeeeee
and for you that the sun doth shine
Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the bank vaults of London
I'll show you something to make you change your mind.."

Anonymous said...

those are all elementary questions and just show me that you haven't given it a look at all. As I said before, check out the work of Eric Dubay. Check out the International Flat Earth Research Society. And for god's sake stay away from the Flat Earth Society.

Seriously, all the knee jerk reactions any sane and intelligent person would have such as you have pointed out, crumble away under careful scrutiny. You have to go deeper than, "what if you sail off the edge?"

I don't have the time or inclination to prove this out to anyone who will not take the link I provided and give it an honest look. Or, don't look. I sense the 'even if it were true, I wouldn't believe it' psychology at play on this topic. 'Holocaust denier' and 'flat-earther' do have similar rings to them don't they?

we all have our own litmus tests


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

no, it's the sun that is the frisby, and the turtle upon which the earth rests kicks the sun up just before dawn, it swallows it at dusk. it's elementary, dear watson, like de-induction, or in-deduction. the moon of course is the wafer of the Christian communion, the turtle eats that and ejects it too, part of the sun rubs off onto it, the craters are worm holes. the turtle is Ninja and radioactive, that is the heat. I could go on but I am afraid someone would believe me.

Anonymous said...

check out the UN logo, and the yin yang symbol.

I'm not fucking with anybody. The younger readers with fluid sort of intelligence will pick up on the truth of this model right away. The older, or those unable to admit to being fooled in such a monsterous and elemental way, will not look at the proof. Then, they will go on to tell you there is no proof. As far as you not coming out either way on the moon landings, I remember you implying. So either you have not given it an honest look, or your Internet intelligence tests have lied to you. I doubt the latter. So, we all have our litmus tests. I implore everyone to give the model an honest evaluation. That is all.



Visible said...

"I remember you IMPYING" What they hell does that mean? and how does that dovetail into humorous commentary? Look... continue as you wish. I am not going to dignify any of this with further inquiry, especially when you won't answer my questions. The world ain't flat. Period. Planets rotate around the sun and have axis'. Younger readers with 'fluid intelligence'... ? heh heh... you're funny. I don't know what you're up to but you are up to something. More than several times people who have been long time commenters here have suddenly come out of the woodwork about something or virulently attacked me (that hasn't happened here... yet) and I was warned about this sort of thing awhile ago. I won't ask you not to promote this here. People can make up their own minds. However I SERIOUSLY doubt you win any converts.

Visible said...

Long time readers here know that I have been suspicious of Jim Stone from the getgo. I also know that a lot of you have time on your hands (grin). So you might appreciate this Concerning Jim Stone.

And to bodhati. I don't want to get into a pissing match with you and I apologize for my unswerving doubt on this issue but I ain't buying it for a minute. Things I don't know about I don't comment on. That is why there are no postings on the moon landings by me, cause I don't know. I did write a post saying there is no moon but anyone who reads it can tell it is satire. To me, theories like this just play into the hands of the controllers but I am the sort that agrees to disagree. I never did agree with the Fukushima thing. My only concern with the moon landing, fake or otherwise would be if anyone died and no one did. My position is that the whole manifest existence is a lie that the mind perpetrates on itself to avoid the shining light of the almighty. I'm just a grunt who writes what I am inspired to and no more. I personally have no real meaning in any of this. I'm just a footsoldier but I am absolutely sure that I don't work for anyone but the betterment of my fellows. Some could argue about how effective I am at it and I will agree that I'm not the best at what I do but my integrity and convictions are not to be questioned without proof and I await that at all times.

Smyrna said...

@ Bodhati.

I live in the southern hemisphere and the days are presently getting longer. If the southern hemisphere and ultimately Antarctica are the perimeter of the Flat Earth, then how can that happen?

P.S. I only observe one sun passing across the sky.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I am with Visible all the way on this one. The world is round and I will add that I have a degree from MIT in physics and the math is there for anyone who understands it.


Smyrna said...


Here's an article on Whitman for your perusal. It may or may not explain your loathing.

Visible said...

I haven't read it yet but I wouldn't qualify my feeling as loathing. I don't know him that well. All I can say is that his poetry felt so contrived and empty of the sort of thing that moves me in poetry that it bored me to tears.

Visible said...

Your link doesn't work.

Smyrna said...

Take 2. Whitman

Anonymous said...

when you come to the edge you are met with an ice wall which is Antarctica. Think of the ball earth unfolded out into a flat plane from the bottom. There is no gravity - only density. Sun rise and set is just the thing moving out of your view. The sun and moon move over the flat plane in the pattern of a yin yang symbol. Think of a long hallway and how all sides tend towards the middle. It is just perspective. I don't know how your question of the oceans dept has any relevance because nobody said how far down it goes. We cant even get past the crust, but I remember making models in second or third grade showing the mantle and the core. So, who knows what is on the other side of the earth? Not me. How is the core hot? I don't know that it is. The whole point is, the surface has no curvature. Period. The earth is not spinning like a frisbee or anything else. If we were not indoctrinated since our births, we would believe what is easy to believe. The earth is a flat motionless plane and the bodies in the sky rotate around it. They have us because of our incredulous natures on this one. It must be a real hoot. they just give us equations and explanations ad infinitum ever since Copernicus. Sure, the sun and moon look like the same size, causing perfect eclipses but that's just because the sun happens to be 400 times the size of the moon and also 400 times further away. And gravity has the power to hold things in orbit and stick water to a ball. Why can't anyone show this magical property on a smaller scale? The sick truth is, there is no proof of a spherical planet earth, unless you take a lunar eclipse as proof or a NASA photoshoped cgi image. There are many proofs of a flat earth. The controllers have managed to bs their way around these with convoluted explanations like 'superior mirages' and a lot of big numbers. Most people can't understand it so they just take the word of the authority. I bet a fair amount of you have a copy of 1984 on hand. Flip to the back and read the part where Winston is confronting the man behind the curtain. The dialog is priceless. I'm sure there are some metaphors for Ray in Lord of the Rings.

I don't know what you mean by humor in regards to the moon landings. You said something along the lines of people believing the black budget to be 50 years ahead of what we are privy to, and so making to the moon with the computing power of a pocket calculator is a moot point. How do you feel about those that don't come out either way concerning the jews or the holocaust? Do you feel the need to inform them if you respect them?

Seriously, I have made this place my home for a long long time. Vis you have enriched my life beyond measure. The comments section and links there have given me so much over the course of years. I have gotten some great advise more than once. I am trying to obey my urgings in pointing out this flat earth thing because it has taken hold in me. Take it or leave it. I'm done now. I'm not qualified to prove it to you. I dropped names and links. I just ask you look for yourself with an open mind at something that is guaranteed to make any human balk. Perhaps I was naive. No disrespect or harm intended.


Ray B. said...

(I would put the 'flat Earth' discussion as a way to move Vis' placement on Google's search results waaay down the list. Same with the 'fake Moon landing'. Both are part of Google's new 'judgment' process on site reliability. Hmmm...)

On flat Earth: Earth's circumference and diameter was measured geometrically by Eratosthenes around 230 B.C. From Wikipedia:

"Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the Earth without leaving Egypt. Eratosthenes knew that at local noon on the summer solstice in the Ancient Egyptian city of Swenet (known in ancient Greek as Syene, and now as Aswan) on the Tropic of Cancer, the Sun would appear at the zenith, directly overhead. He knew this because he had been told that the shadow of someone looking down a deep well in Syene would block the reflection of the Sun at noon off the water at the bottom of the well. Using a gnomon, he measured the Sun's angle of elevation at noon on the solstice in Alexandria, and found it to be 1/50th of a circle (7°12') south of the zenith. He may have used a compass to measure the angle of the shadow cast by the Sun. Assuming that the Earth was spherical (360°), and that Alexandria was due north of Syene, he concluded that the meridian arc distance from Alexandria to Syene must therefore be 1/50th of a circle's circumference, or 7°12'/360°. ...
If we repeat Eratosthenes' calculation with more accurate data, the result is 40,074 km, which is 66 km different (0.16%) from the currently accepted circumference of the Earth."

Also, here are the exact calculations needed to do this measurement from anywhere on Earth...


On fake Moon landings: Best refutation is here, and scroll down to the bottom of 15 Oct 2015:

"Here are the facts: NASA released ALL 10,000 of these "newly released" [Moon landing] photos, in lower detail, BEFORE 1995, TO BE SEEN BY ALL ON THE BRAND NEW INTERNET. I picked through many of them with great interest. And even at lower detail, the photos were pretty good - far, far better than anything that could be found on the web 20 years later because whoever ran the moon hoax psy op somehow expunged them, and planted a fake seed of disinfo saying 'NASA lost them'. Well, if NASA 'lost them', how can it be explained that here they are again, ALL 10,000 OF THEM, with 20 years of 'improved detail' allowed by much greater internet bandwidth?

The source of the studio 'fakes': NASA ran the Apollo missions at least 20 times each, on the ground, before launch to make darn good and sure the astronauts knew the routines and would not screw up in space, where mistakes will kill. These sessions were photographed and filmed in as realistic as possible studio settings so the astronauts could see themselves doing their routines before doing the actual live mission, and know exactly what to do to fix their mistakes before they could ever be a problem in space. This was so well publicized on TV and in the press that EVERYONE KNEW IT and it was even taught in public school, which had textbooks that showed photos of the studio sessions and photos of the actual missions. So the moon hoaxers have plenty of fodder for people who just do not know what the reality of it all was, and can therefore be deceived into thinking that it never happened just because yes, there really is studio footage available to fool people with."

Anonymous said...

You cannot convince someone of the Truth. They must see it with their own eyes. It's understandable KNOWING and then wanting to share with everyone out of Love.

Some are still clinging to the hope that satan and his occult will let them in the club.
But they won't. God is opening many eyes.

The satanist wannabes? Pray for them.

As above, so below. That is the satanist way.

Anonymous said...

Mr visible

The flat earth is the consciousness awakening you have been waiting so long for .. It changes everything

Anonymous said...

Bodhati linked to a radio broadcast about the Flat Earth notion, and that radio broadcast was done by Veritas Radio.

Veritas Radio is featured on History (formerly known as The History Channel) -

The History Channel is owned by the Hearst Corporation and Disney, via a joint venture. Pretty easy to connect the dots there - whatever they're selling, it isn't the truth.

This doesn't mean that the flat earth notion is untrue. Anything is possible. We could probably put our money together and send a balloon equipped with a camera up into the stratosphere (or beyond), and snap some photos. Short of doing that, how does one get proof? If the earth is flat, hey, I've had girlfriends who were's what's inside that counts. Is the earth being flat going to drastically change our lives? We already know that the media lies about everything. In the end, isn't it about the things in which we choose to invest our time and energy? Chasing MSM lies is pointless, to my way of thinking, because there is no end to it.

It's an interesting notion, however. If anybody wants to pitch in for that balloon experiment, I'm down for it. I'd like to send a drone over the North Pole, and snap photos, too, just to see if there's an opening up there (hollow earth).

Anonymous said...

Nationwide is on your side, but I think they may be in discount double check territory. Still, if you're an 'early riser' you may be able to catch some of the last quarter.

Anonymous said...

right, I really just wanted to lower these sites on google's rankings. Can't put anything
past you guys. I guess N aSA's telemetry data was somehow expunged too? I guess these psyops guys also switched all the real moon rocks with fakes. Sneaky bastards.

Actually, in all seriousness, maybe they are playing both sides and exposing themselves to a degree. Hegelian dialectic and whatnot. I would go more in depth, but I don't want to upset google. I'll just leave one clue - something about the camera recording when it should not have been, inside a blacked out N aSA craft, with masons setting up a shot of earth through the round porthole window. Were they only in low earth orbit or were they forging a rou nd earth? Or both? All the worlds a stage. Let us remember to cling to the foundation of peace through utter humility. Let us repeat the mantra 'I do not know'. They tell me I live on pl anet e arth.....but, how the fook do I know?


Anonymous said...

MUST talk about Flat Arse aka Flatus Arsus Theory. Vital to effort to expose the cult ruining the planet. Must attack....must...must...

Alan Jong said...

Only trolls espouse a flat earth theory because to them the earth is flat. I don't doubt we can or did make it to the moon. My understanding of how the body regenerates itself, the cause of cellular regeneration results from Earth's orbiting moon. Sending any life past the moons orbit might cause a degeneration of that process. I would hope before NASA or any space agency sends Human Beings past the moon that they will have tested the effects of that space on other species like monkeys or Dogs. If my understanding is right the animal would lose it's immune system, and its ability to replace its living cells and DNA, and die shortly after leaving the lunar boundary.

Anonymous said...

Bodhati. Recently, just out of the nowhere, without reading any internet incitements I flashed on the 'flat earth' concept and sensed the earth as flat plane as you described. It was a weird sense of a laughing wow, like this the biggest joke on us all! Still laughing. Let go of attachments and wikipedia and imagine that the wow factor is alive and well.
Still reading but not commenting much
Liz in L A

Thomas said...

I made a mistake in my last comment: even on a spherical earth, the horizon is not going to look curved, due to simple geometrical considerations. I listened to some of this guys arguments, Bodhati, and I have to say he reminded me of the saying "keep an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out". The theory he proposes is not self-consistent by any stretch, and besides, it is far less elegant and beautiful than the generally accepted model, i.e. round earth. It seems to me that it stems from just pure contrariness, paranoia and distrust. I can understand this angle to society, sure, having been there myself, but, really, to think that EVERYTHING that comes out of official channels is a deliberate lie is simply another brand of ignorance than uncritically believing everything that comes out of them. I did what you adviced, and heard him out, at least enough to make up my mind completely, and I am not convinced in the slightest of the rightness of his conviction, nor do I agree with him and the interviewer that the generally accepted theory has been "shot full of holes" by their arguments.

If I were you, I'd return to the thinking box. Scientific theories have to be internally consistent. Sure, you can reject science altogether, but that's not really a very enligthened position. Although everything can be said to be magical, computers, e.g., are not made with magic, but with scientific knowledge, and physical work.

And although I agree that scientific materialism is a blind alley, this does not mean that everything that science has come up with should be rejected! The actual empirical relationsships of the physical universe, such as the laws of electromagnetism, gravity and others, all of them fitting neatly together in a self-consistent fabric, do in fact neither prove nor disprove other dimensions or discarnate intelligences, God, and more. That many scientists are also materialists (and thus, actually quite unscientific, since materialism is merely a belief) also does not diminish the actual findings of scientists.

But, does it even matter at the moment? I don't feel like arguing about it. In the end, "no-one can convince another". I'd rather listen to Vis, and try to follow his example of endurance and faith and Love of the Divine, through thick and thin. That's what's going to matter in the long run, I am sure.

Alan Jong said...

Our Human bodies are made up of 60%-75% Water. That same force which causes the oceans to swell at high tide, the moon has an affect on our bodies as well. The effect the moon has is the growth and regeneration of the body itself throughout an individuals lifetime. So where I'm coming from is the fact I don't know how our bodies would regenerate outside of the lunar boundary which the Almighty designed life to exist within. On the cosmic certainty of cycles from one Yuga to the next, changes which coincide with that include a reKalibration of the moon, pun intended. Earth axis would change from 23.5 degrees to 34.5 degrees, and we would mutate according to that change.

Anonymous said...

Well if the earth is flat and we live in a dome and the earth is the centre of the so called universe .... it's pretty hard to deny a creator isn't it?

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

hardly worth our trouble here, but regardless of any pissing into Stone's punchbowl, the 311 litmus test is still the greater for me, moreso than 911, due to the implications and results (death of the Pacific and maybe everything else as it pans out), which is defined as show me the 100X Kobe 9.1 Mag quake damage apart from the Reactors and Tsunami damage. nadda. not one building as far as I know. oh, most of that energy was attracted to NPP's only and the rest was absorbed by the tsunami.

We do not have the public forum to debate and iron out these things, last ones were Germany in 1921 when Einstein ran away from accusations and invitation to debate that he stole his stuff from Poinclare (Bjerknes Einstein book). After which we rely on THEIR media - eg New York Times - rather than boots in the halls.

Though as Basil Fawlty said to Manuel, I could spend the rest of my life having this conversation.

I wonder if NASA knew in 1969 that we'd have the internet and a 'truth' movement, should they have put on a FOR TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY logo on the bottom, or do they like to mess with us anyway. Trust abused is trust lost in any case ala JFK.

oh, select images with Pumpkins. Happy VoodooWeen.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 3:12 PM - exactly!

Liz - Right on! I also live in L.A. and it can really weigh on you. I remember reading a
Kubrick quote somewhere were he says that the city seems to have a
malignancy hanging over it.

Thomas - fair enough

Anon at 1:53 AM - exactly!


Anonymous said...

pierre said (Ground Hog's Day)

came across this one in my reading's , thought it appropriate.

"Lo, the poor Indian! whose untutor'd mind
Sees God in clouds, or hears him in the wind;
His soul proud Science never taught to stray
Far as the solar walk or milky way;
Yet simple nature to his hope has giv'n,
Behind the cloud-topt hill, an humbler Heav'n,
Some safer world in depth of woods embraced,
Some happier island in the wat'ry waste,
Where slaves once more their native land behold,
No fiends torment, no Christians thirst for gold.

To be, contents his natural desire;
He asks no Angel's wing, no Seraph's fire;
But thinks, admitted to that equal sky,
His faithful dog shall bear him company."

The author of this book I am finishing off , Robison, Proofs of Conspiracy (1797), was comparing above to that of the Immuminati inspired/run/financed revolutionaries of France etc.

"While Pope's poor Indian hopes to take his dog to heaven with him, these Illuminators hope to die like dogs, and that both body and soul shall be as if they never had been".

viva la devolution.
yes, your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of ellerberries (Python), I fart in your general direction. soul trophy? I already got one, you English kanigit.

and this one came up on Makows this week.. another for the positives and (relatively) innocents.
My Neighbor Totoro.

Smyrna said...

@ Bodhati.

I live at 37 degrees south of the equator in Australia. Yesterday the time between sunrise and sunset was 13 hours and 39 minutes. Today it is 13 hours and 41 minutes.

Further south in Hobart, Tasmania(42 degrees south of the equator), they had 13 hours and 59 minutes between sunrise and sunset yesterday, and today it will be 14 hours and 2 minutes.

This makes perfect sense mathematically for the spinning, tilting spherical earth model.

Please explain how this can occur on the flat earth model espoused by the likes of Eric Dubay, Jeranism, Wayki Wayki etc. It is the big Achilles Heel and elephant in the room of their whole house of cards theory.

Flat, Spherical, Hologram, Computer program, Imaginary; What ever the case, I KNOW I am living in a creation.

Anonymous said...

Uh...I just watched that first video with the Eric Dubay interview. And all I can say is we've definitely been hoodwinked...and last time I checked, "hoodwink" wasn't a Yiddish word.

Visible said...

Even better, the next video is going to feature one of the other big deceptions we have been victimized when they expose the truth that the moon really is made out of green cheese and inhabited by invisible rats, which explains the craters. They discover this last through Kirlian photography.

Eudoxia said...

Bodhati I know people who are passionate about the flat earth theory, but that's all it is. I for one don't really care for science in it's current form either but when I saw all the information my bullshit radar went off the charts. Good indication it's tribe nonsense. I'll go with Smyrna and Viz on this one.

Visible said...

It sort of blows my mind that this has even come up. I don't know what to think. I want to be friendly and understanding. God knows there are time when I have not been and I am trying much harder in these times. I am not always successful, especially when times have been stressful as they have been over recent weeks. I've little control over any of it except to endure and be focused on the almighty and completely reliant. But... this particular thing seems so outrageous and absolutely impossible and wack that I don't know what to think. That it even has appeared blows my mind. It is just beyond anything I would even remotely entertain as possible. I would say that I know it is not so and there isn't all that much I am as absolutely certain of. So my take at the moment is just to not engage whatsoever. That seems to be the best course.

Anonymous said...

Mr Visible ...

Flat geocentric earth ... we are loved, protected and cared for.
Spinning ball earth ... Life is a random outcome of a meaningless universe of which we are only a tiny insignificant speck in its vastness and we could be destroyed at any minute by rogue asteroids. Somehow the atmosphere developed from a rock hanging in a vacuum and a whole bunch of comets hit the earth and gave us oceans .. Gravity being a so called weak force somehow manages to maintain orbital paths of all the moons and planets even though they are being dragged by the sun through the galaxy at tremendous speed. If the moon can pull the water on the earth creating tides where does that gravitiational pull begin as we see the astronauts in the space station are weitghtless a few hundred miles above the earth. The sun is a supposed ball of burning plasma and fusion explosion at its core yet somehow it is as regular as a thermostat and remains as coherent as a planet with its sunspots and rotational features .... Speaking of asteroids did you ever wonder why all the supposed "craters" are round ... Don't any hit sideways? There are no asteriods ....

Somehow the moon magically is exactly the same sizie of the sun in the sky and rotates just enough to always have the same side facing earth ... lol.
This issue is at its core not one strictly of science but of a spiritual battle between the Big Bang atheistic darwin loving materialists and scientists and their God of Gravity .... and the followers of our true God who have finally had the sleep removied from their eyes.

As much as you hope this will not go away and it will either be proved or disproved shortly in the revealing of truth on this plane ....

Anonymous said...

“The earth is a stretched-out structure, which diverges from the central north in all directions towards the south. The equator, being midway between the north center and the southern circumference, divides the course of the sun into north and south declination. The longest circle round the world which the sun makes, is when it has reached its greatest southern declination. Gradually going northwards the circle is contracted. In about three months after the southern extremity of its path has been reached, the sun makes a circle round the equator. Still pursuing a northerly course as it goes round and above the world, in another three months the greatest northern declination is reached, when the sun again begins to go towards the south. In north latitudes, when the sun is going north, it rises earlier each day, is higher at noon and sets later; while in southern latitudes at the same time, the sun as a matter of course rises later, reaches a lesser altitude at noon and sets earlier. In northern latitudes during the southern summer, say from September to December, the sun rises later each day, is lower at noon and sets earlier; while in the south he rises earlier, reaches a higher altitude at noon, and sets later each day. This movement round the earth daily is the cause of the alternations of day and night; while his northerly and southerly courses produce the seasons. When the sun is south of the equator it is summer in the south and winter in the north; and vice versa. The fact of the alternation of the seasons flatly contradicts the Newtonian delusion that the earth revolves in an orbit round the sun. It is said that summer is caused by the earth being nearest the sun, and winter by its being farthest from the sun. But if the reader will follow the argument in any text book he will see that according to the theory, when the earth is nearest the sun there must be summer in both northern and southern latitudes; and in like manner when it is farthest from the sun, it must be winter all over the earth at the same time, because the whole of the globe-earth would then be farthest from the sun!!! In short, it is impossible to ACCOUNT for the recurrence of the seasons on the assumption that the earth is globular and that it revolves in an orbit around the sun.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (124-125)


Anonymous said...

The going really gets weird when you realize how far out your mind can go WITHOUT drugs! An open mind is the ultimate trip because you are truly, sincerely willing to say I DONT KNOW. Maybe ultimate sincerity no holding back ego attachment to any consensus but the Divine creator is what really gets you to the next level of consciousness. Maybe letting go of the far edge of the earth is the pass go point? But then I truly don't know.
Just a Kook

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I think I have to stop reading the comments on this post. I'm getting a headache.

I've been up in an aeroplane. I've been to Europe. In fact, I was feckin' BORN THAR! I see further ONoTHE CURVE! Why should it flatten out? WHAT REALM ARE YOU FLAT EARTHERS LIVING IT????!!!!!! I don't think it's this one. Gods, and there people supporting this flat Earth stuff on some of my forums who seem so intelligent in other ways. I think some people are starting to short circuit, or sumthin'!

Anonymous said...

Hello all!
Much love.

Smyrna said...

@ Bodhati

You still haven't answered my question. It is unanswerable within the constraints of the flat earth model given by Winthrop there. Under that model, nowhere south of the Tropic of Capricorn could ever receive more than maybe 6 hours of sunlight per day.
It is total Kool-Aid.

Anonymous said...


the problem is, you are living upside down.


Thomas said...

The thing flat-earthers don't get is that the Earth is HUGE. As in HUGE! Even if you are 30 miles above it, this is still only ~ 1/260 of its diameter, and thus, the curve will look approximately like that that same ratio. It is imperceptible. In essence, the circle around the earth is so enormous that the bit you can see will look flat.

And how in the world is the flat-earth a better proof of a Creator?! That is simply flawed logic. Is the Universe not beautiful like it is? Certainly more beautiful than the flat-earth geocentric model, in my opinion. I think I get it, though... If the earth is flat, and the Universe is geocentric, we are far, far more important, also individually, than if the Earth is just one out of innumerable similar planets. Hence, the flat-Earth geocentric model is more nice for the ego. Beware of the ego! Tricky, tricky.

Be well

Ray B. said...

I think bodhati is confusing Earth with Terry Pratchett's "Discworld"... (I heartily recommend that series of books.)

Visible said...

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