Sunday, April 17, 2011

Terminally Twisted beyond Recovery or Redemption.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘A dog rolling in shit is a contagious metaphor of the times’.

You knew they were sick and disgusting, beyond the comprehension of the general mind but I’ll bet you didn’t know they were this sick. They are and they do it with a straight face (is that a pun?). They want to make sure you have all the facts concerning the important things that have happened in the world and this is another one of those. The end is definitely not far off. That children of the age of 12 should be given puberty retardants, so that they can make the decision to change genders is truly mind-numbing. I guess I’m just not in touch with the times because this sounds as wacked out as anything I have seen lately and I’ve seen a great deal that ‘almost’ competes with it.

Here’s what you should say, loud and clear, the next time a TSA agent wants to grope your child at an airport check in line; “See darling, this is the bad stranger we were telling you about. If any grownup tries to touch you like this person is doing, you will know that they are perverted. We can’t do anything because they have guns but you should look at this person and remember what a child molester looks like. This is why we do not want you to talk to strangers or get into a car with someone you don’t know. Remember this person’s face and all the faces of the rest of these people in uniforms here. They are child molesters.”

Another thing you can do is fall to your knees and begin praying, “Oh Lord, please burn these perverts where they stand. Look, look at these criminals running their hands over the private parts of children. Lord, we know that the politicians and the predatory rich do these things in private for their own amusement and in honor of Satan but now they are doing it in public through proxy troglodytes. Lord, smite them dead! Smite them dead Lord.”

These are both first amendment rights of freedom of speech and religion. You’re on safe ground here.

Another thing you can do is to perform a play by play. You hold your hand up to your mouth as if you had a microphone and you talk in a loud whisper as if you were covering a golf tournament; speaking in a phony British accent is good, especially because they are the ones who want kids to get puberty retardants. Then you say:

“It’s an intense moment, he’s running his hands all over the child’s arms and chest areas. Look at his technique. You’re watching a master folks. You can see his focus as he looks for evidence of arousal. He’s got his hands at her tummy now. Oh that’s nice, that’s what you look for. See the subtle tracing of the fingers at the edge of the hara? She’s looking at her mother. She looks like she’s about to cry and now you can see the attendant is getting hard.

“Yes! There’s definite evidence of movement at the TSA officers crotch. The camera man is moving in now and we can see what looks like a electrified Vienna sausage trembling from the current. He’s inserted two fingers into her trouser top and the other hand is moving up the leg and now the child is openly weeping and… wait a minute! Wait a minute! The officer has just cum!!! Oh my God. Oh what a moment sports fans. The child is sobbing. The spectators are cheering and the officer has run for the scanning machine for a little cleanup. Folks that’s incredible. I’ve seen some fantastic things; the Bobby Thompson home run, Pete Rose’s 4,000th hit and even the Paris Hilton tape but this tops them all. Let’s see if we can get the officer out here for an interview”...

Then you can fake an interview.

None of these things are against the law, which doesn’t mean they won’t arrest you but they’re going to arrest you sooner or later anyway, aren’t they? They’re going to arrest you for not being a pervert, for not being a thief and a murderer and any number of other legal forms of behavior that are now against the law.

Max Keiser was at it again, calling for bankers to be hanged:

Max Keiser is an honest man and a hero. He’s a man of courage, conviction and integrity. Just look at the comments from the other members of the panel. Some of the people that should be considered for hanging were right there on the show. Look into their eyes.

If you have read this far and considered what’s been presented here and if you are not completely asleep; you know there’s a good sized mountain of similar events and conditions. You know that what you see happening is happening. You know that the moment of international crisis cannot be far off. It’s already here with The Gulf of Mexico and Fukushima but I’m talking about something larger yet, to be followed by something larger yet.

Some mentally deranged individual is screaming at me, twirling silently like an apple in space (grin) because he’s not getting into the comments area. He’s super pissed at me because, allegedly I said it was all going to get better in April. I certainly never said that. I said it was going to get worse before better shows up. Meanwhile today is April 17th. It’s only a little over halfway through the month; then is occurred to me that this is part of the general harassment inside my computer and through mediums of access. They’re trying to frustrate me. It’s possible. He’s angry, depressed and sounds suicidal and it’s my fault because I said it was going to get better (“did not”, “did”, “did not”, “did”, “did not, nyaah nyaah, I can’t hear you”), which I didn’t say and now it hasn’t gotten better AND… it’s my fault. Someone even put up a new blog at my site and didn’t even mention it to me.

Quite a number of unusual things are happening, in and around me. I can’t pay too much attention to it because then, even functioning would become problematic. I’m mentioning it because it is a sign to me that all kinds of things are about to happen, possibly. I don’t know but that is the sense coming to me through my own secure airways. Although I am not telling you it is getting better, I do want you to watch out and make sure you are somewhere you want to be (inside and outside) and that if it is increasingly on your mind to be somewhere else that you consider it carefully. Of course, there are billions of us here and whatever happens can happen anywhere (not necessarily where you are) and… as we can see from Fukushima and The Gulf, everywhere.

I’m putting out the internal word for a few million bucks, to get something together for those who want to at least try to live in this world but not of it. If it happens it was supposed to. If it doesn’t happen, it’s not necessary and I’m good with it either way. Something of that sort will be happening in my life soon, which doesn’t mean it will be crowded (grin).

Take a moment to reflect on how crazy these people really are. The ones who are eating each other alive in the financial markets and elsewhere, following the competitive lines of the tenor of the times, will be literally eating each other, given the necessity. IN some cases, mere opportunity is enough. Some of us are reverting to atavistic savagery in every sense and some of us are preparing for entry through a portal into a new state of consciousness. It’s not necessary to get all worked up about the ubiquitous insanity, denial and blindness that are everywhere to be seen (another pun?). Your road is stabilized by the posture of your own balance. The solidity of the road is an extension of you.

I’ve made it clear what I believe in and rely on. I don’t need to run through that again at the moment. Everyone has some kind of a belief system that self justifies their words and actions. All of us have come up with some personal system that was generated by what we went through and how we reacted to it. We could all use a little more light on what we are and where we’re headed so, however you acquisition that light, be about it. It seems like light and darkness is a personal thing and also a matter of preference. Some people are much more comfortable doing what they do in the dark.

It’s about as Looney Tunes as I have ever seen it, lately. It’s hard to imagine it could get a good deal worse but it can and it probably will in some places and… an ‘across the board’ general increase also seem likely. Some of you are stressed to the limits of your endurance. Take some time each day to commune with yourself, at the beginning of your day and at the end. If you’ve no time in the morning, get up 15 minutes earlier. With the night end you can do it before you go to bed. Try to catch 15 minutes in the middle of the day. I am telling you this because this is critically important to your well being and state of mind. Do it and you will see just how much help it provides. If you are not doing it and you are having problems, you now have something of great help and value to employ.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Anthony Lawson is another honest man doing his best to wake people to the Truth.

Here is his latest tilt at the neoBolsheviks running YouTube and their censorship of Free Speech:

Anonymous said...

I suppose when them dogs start rolling round in excrement their doing one thing,and one thing only,preparing for the hunt...

respects ....neil

Noguru said...

Les, this is terrific. I haven't even finished reading it and just had to say I will use your quote about the TSA child molesters next time we're in line. My son's 2.5 and I've been dreading the experience he'll have.

amarynth said...

Yes, of this world but deliberately and carefully engineering a slight dimensional shift .. a small shift - and to use a saying from the christian tradition .. where we can Walk with God and all of his or her friends. I agree, a further level of insanity will be hard to find but it is going to get more insane. I think of Clif High's words .. people will be standing in the sun, just drooling until someone comes to lead them away.

I always thought that it is not a good thing to completely cut off from the world. After all, this is where we live. But I'm changing in this. We need to create a different paradigm and actively shun these clowns because it is beyond recovery or redemption.

Somehow Gerald Celente's words fit this morning:

What gets me, is that even though I personally thought I was fully prepared for this phase, mentally, spiritually and physically, I still reel under the swirling darkness of it all. And I have reduced reading and listening to crap, alternative or otherwise, and spend more time doing service things. But still, the prevailing winds buffet and howl and how to trim the sails remain unclear because the wind herself is expressing the chaos and the water is too deep to just anchor and sit awhile.

We have to build our communities. This is the only thing that remains clear for me.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, ....... the minimum you can do is ask the searching agent to change into a new pair of blue rubber gloves before they touch you.

Them dar folk sure know how to ruin the tourist trade.

Humbug I say,

Tom frum

Billy said...

Hi Les,
I haven't commented in a while but I've been reading your posts. Your writings resonate the truth about the events happening all around me. As far as the links in this post go, nothing surprises me anymore. Society's sickness deepens with every moment, all I can do about it is to deepen my relationship with the Master of the Universe. Who or what that is, I do not know. I only know a powerful force is at work within me, and if I can realize that fact on a moment by moment basis my mental state is greatly improved. The tragedy in the Gulf, Fukushima, the wars, the revolutions, and the economic fuckfest are only precursors to the big change. I really believe that the only way to survive the coming onslaught is to be connected to another dimension. Thanks for what you do, I know I am not alone.

Insanity In A Sold Out World said...

Thank you Les.

Just so.

The more I dig the more I realise just how far everything has got from anything that could be considered a good moral path.

As a world and as individuals we have taken so many wrong forks along the way we now find ourselves completely lost in the forest with absolutely no idea how to get back to where we once were.

Maybe the answer is just to stop, accept we are lost and to build a log cabin and begin to live in harmony with nature right where we are - completely off the grid.

The old saying of the more that you know, the more you realise what you don't know seems very true.

In my personal case, the more I learn, the more I realise how badly corrupted and oppressed the world is by the khazarian Rothschild PTB.

Instead of freeing me, the increasing knowledge of the truth is somehow paralysing me physically and emotionally. I find myself allergic to all that is knowingly or unknowingly controlled by the Rothschilds.

And that is just about everything.

Regards, Mouser

amarynth said...

And then this arrived in the email box

bholanath said...

"It" is over the top for sure, and this post is over the top too. I still fly sometimes, but have those homicidal thoughts in the airport. Your suggestions are good and I'm sure can be adapted to the situations.

What I'm wondering is: what is your (and others') take on the "Monotheism and Holy War" torture and murder of the Italian peace activist? Another "little known" faction in Palestine, said to be connected to al-CIAduh (which doesn't exist). It's really ugly, and possibly another "Israhelli mistake" is scarce.

su said...

yes - into this world but not of this world.
it is unfolding this way.

Ben said...

Les, All,
For the past few days I've been driving our adult daughter to work (her car's in the shop) and this has been a good time to chat. She recently mentioned how "extreme" things have been lately... the politics, the weather, the economy... the uncertainty of anything.

We discussed this for a while and came to the conclusion that this is good. This is a manifestation of the Apocalypse, the Revealing, the Unveiling, the Revelation. These "extremes" are good for it is by them that one will learn what one has for a foundation.

If one's foundation is "unshakeable" all the extremes will leave one untouched. Some years ago our daughter, my wife and me decided to make Jesus the cornerstone of our foundation... all the rest of the "edifice" is built on that cornerstone.

Now, this does not mean that we will come through the Unveiling unscathed... we might all be dead next month or by the end of this week. However, we will remain untouched; our spirits will return to Father Creator.

The thrill and absolute delight for us is having no fear of the future; we know extremes will roil the surface but, as has been pointed out many times, this is all according to plan and our Father's plan is perfect.

Hang the bankers? I suspect some will be hung either at the end of this age or the beginning of the next... mayhap at both the end and the beginning. It intrigues me that Jesus started His public ministry by scourging the money-changers. He also did this towards the end of His public ministry just before the bankers and lawyers had Him hung and nailed to a tree.

We are living in absolutely wondrous times; lift up your heads for our Salvation is near.

Anonymous said...

There definitly are some sick motherfuckers running around this planet, or running this planet, I should say. I feel like I've been 'protected' for a few years now. Tryin' to walk the good path with you all.
Thank you Les for helping me on my journey.
Thank you commenters also for adding to my mental/spiritual protection.

I love you all,

Walking Hawk

Gtpsy Scholar said...

"An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come."
- Victor Hugo
Fractional reserve banking is parasitism by the bankers. A scientific paper.

End the Federal Reserve private central bank of America, end all private all fractional reserve private central banks world wide.

The business of the Rothschild family and all his banking associates is 100% corrupt, just like his forefather Bauer in Hamburg was a 100% criminal but was allowed to thrive because he gave a cut of his illegal businees of usury to the Royals and their governments.

Everyone on the inside got rich.

250 years later, the Bauer/Rothschild criminality is imploding the world, bankrupting the merchants, foreclosing the citizens and keeping >50% of the world earning <$2 a day.

Indeed, an idea whose time has come: private fractional reserve banking must end completely.

Visible said...

My first thought; of course Israel did it. He was a much loved man and had contacts the the flotillas. It's the usual message being sent.

Anonymous said...

"None are more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Look in the mirror, hand on your heart, answer the question.

Anonymous said...

"if you look around the room and can't tell who the sucker is- you're it"
- gambler's aphorism

Anonymous said...

"if you want to continue to be slaves to the banker and pay the cost of your own enslavement,
then let the (private) bankers continue to create money and control credit."
Josiah Stamp

Creation Of The Private Central Fractional Reserve Bank Of 1913 said...

1. Do not call it a cartel nor even a central bank.

2. Make it look like a government agency.

3. Establish regional branches to create the appearance of ecentralization, not dominated by Wall Street banks.

4. Begin with a conservative structure including sound banking principles knowing that the provisions can be quietly
altered or removed in subsequent

5. Use the anger caused by recent panics and bank failures to create popular demand for monetary reform.

6. O er the Jekyll Island plan as though it were in response ot that need.

7. Employ university professors to give the plan the appearance of academic approval.

8. Speak out against the plan to convince the public that Wall Street bankers do not want it.

Anonymous said...

"The current nancial stripping of
economies and environments across the world exhibits, in fact, all the hallmark characteristics of a carcinogenic invasion."
Joseph McMurtry

"The cancer stage of capitalism is not a metaphor. It is a rigorous description of where we are."
Susan George

Josey said...


That is a great idea. Prepared statements section, for those occasions when people are being abused. It really makes sense and exposes the ridiculousness of what is happening at the time of the incident.

Brilliant, fits in with the shunning approach that Clif has been mentioning.

I think it would have a big impact.

Thomas Jefferson said...

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power [of money] should be taken away from the
banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs."

Thomas Jeff erson

Anonymous said...

Q. It's still all just a conspiracy theory.

A. As Lincoln, front-line expert on slavery and liberation, warned ominously, "the money power conspires." History abounds with real conspiracies, and to paraphrase Santayana, those who do not learn from them are doomed to repeat them. (On the other hand, it has also been said "history is written by the assassins"). Anyway, a thorough investigation
does not imply belief in a conspiracy.

Money holders have the right
and imperative to enforce the integrity of their system. It's their money.

Josey said...


Remember that guy who was in constant communication with the ET's, what was his name?

I wanted to go back there and read about that place in Australia where people could retreat too (or is it to?)

Thanks Les,

BTW, I'm feeling good, not anxious, depressed or fearful.

I believe that in this time of awakening that "extra powers" will be and are being "awarded" to those of us who have developed a "consciousness" to be able to use them for "good".

And it's this fact that they know is happening (TPTB or TPTW) and are most afraid of. The "dark side" has already awarded their "special powers" and that's what we see in the world now.

But, the side of light and goodness, and compassion, and wisdom and kindness, has kept the "powder dry".

I somehow know this is absolutely true and you are an important part of it.


Bob Chapman said...

They (Rothschilds) are destroying the strongest economy in the world in order to make people accept world government. That is what they're doing.

brian boru said...

People never expect things to get as bad as they can get. What German in 1939 could have imagined in his worst nightmare how awful things would be six years later? What Russian in 1914 could have imagined what the jews would do to his country within a few years? Who in Europe in 1347 could have imagined what it would be like a couple of years later? Because it has never happened to us in the English-speaking world we can't imagine a situation where there is no food in the stores or no fuel in the gas stations or the electricity not coming on or our money being worthless paper. We don't realise how thin is the veneer of civilisation and how vulnerable it is to sabotage by the monsters behind the veil. I think that very few will be psychologically prepared if it does happen, even if they are somewhat physically ready. The monsters are willing and able to reduce the world's population by billions and to enslave the survivors. They have already brought about the death of hundreds of millions over the last century. There is no evil that they are not capable of carrying out. Your advice to become spiritually prepared for the test is what we should focus on now.

Neko Kinoshita said...

I’m glad to see,
It’s not just me,
Dazed and confused,
and quite often bruised.

It could be that the fact that I must continually interact with the mechanisms, is increasing my disquiet to a level where my self-directed frustration just bursts out.

I’m not ready, but it still not coming fast enough.

Hang in there gang, we all know where we’re going. And who needs a map, when you have a guide?

Hmm, I do find time in the early morning, and I try in the evening as well.
That Mid-day thing could be a problem, but I think you have a point there. Finding a chance to clear the dust from my mind, in the middle of a day consisting of shifting it about, appeals.

It is a very pretty day in the cul-de-sac, there are just so many things to do I cannot decide where to start…


Richard said...

Vis, more visible by the day.
Keep it rolling, and not in the shit , it never has been in my experience, but in the Rose garden of your Heart, man, it smells better every day.....
Thank You.
In the moments when my heart falters, as it did yesterday when the Grey came around, reading your latest work of the day, is the catalyst to take me to the Garden of the Father/Mother and as always the scent is beyond description...... And straight to the Heart
Woof,wooof, woooooooooof, from the Dog Nation

Anonymous said...

hahaha that Max Keiser video was great! Psychopaths think they're in full control but their body language will ALWAYS give them away-right when Keiser was yelling 'HANG THE BANKERS' the Goldman Sachs man put his hands in his pockets where they stayed for quite the long while. lol that was great!

With the psychopathic nation and all the worker bees and drones eager to do their 'jobs'-it is always just a great big test. Gutless cowards unless ganged up as they will always be-you will NEVER see a gangster psychopath work one on one against a healthy normal. Like the TSA creeps 'just doing their jobs'.

There is always an outey-not subjecting your children to them is one way-I mean they would have all the data on your child with the airline ticket you purchased for your passage. Do you really like the thought of ANY of these employees having total access to your vital business? They get a child with gutless parents that might be worth some $$$ to them and have your address and any other info they could achieve just through the ticket info.

Noguro??? if there is any way out from subjecting your child-too young to know or remember who he really is-I would not avail him to these predatory psychopaths who are just 'doing their jobs'. Look at it that way please!

All capable of these assaults on families and children are capable of everything imo. And the test is: at what point does a parent 'just say no?"...

Rob in WI said...

"Welcome into this world, son, here,
let's just cut off the end of your dick." For many, if not most, males born in US after WWII, the attack on our sexuality begins the day after birth. I can't find this subscribed in the Protocols, but bet its part of the agenda. ALL genital mutilation and gender tampering should be stopped for those who haven't reached the age of consent, and fully understand and agree to it.

Anonymous said...

Once you've been beaten down to a pulp and left for dead-mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually by the many who will lie, cheat, steal, kill and their masses of enabling toadies and get to witness/experience the cold lack of interest-let alone compassion by those in your immediate surroundings let alone those who are tax paid big bucks to help you.... when you feel or know that you are 'already dead' then you can approach the Universe as the empty vessel ready to be filled up with the supercharged flow.

Be the flow, of the flow... rather than just a bobber in the flow... :) Got to get it that the only way to do things, react, act is to live life like you've ALREADY died. Realize these times are for availabilities to walk your talk-show yourself... who and what you are.

Many times the real play-the real show isn't about YOU anyway-it's about everyone who comes in your realm. Do you? help? harm? exploit? mock? console? tend? decimate with words or deeds? Blame the victims and defend the predators? Advocate for the devils or meditate for the angels?

So many have been knocked to their knees-laid flat on the ground due to the abuse and all ensuing confusion... when they haven't done anything 'wrong'...

These are the testing and telling times. It will get as worse as it needs to enable every single stinking human on this planet to show what and who they really are.

Spotlights are on all of us here at this time. Who are you-really? WHAT are you really? Most don't know until they are really tested. Live life like you've already died-so you have as few regrets about what you DIDN'T do as possible.

Anonymous said...

The TSA goons are accustomed to hostility. Don't give them what they want. Don't feed their power trip.

If you're straight, then pretend to be gay/lesbian. If you're gay/lesbian, then flaunt.

"Oh, honey, you have magic hands."

"Are you enjoying this as much as I am?"

You get the idea.

And be loud about it!

Mouser said...

"The people of the United States do not want this war. They want the war in Afghanistan and Iraq - two other wars for Empire — ended now.
They can see through the lies of the government that says the country is so broke that tens of thousands of teachers, nurses and other public sector workers must be fired.
Yet the same government, pursuing a global imperialist foreign policy that benefits the biggest banks and oil corporations, has limitless funds to invade and occupy the lands of other working people."


Do NOT allow your sons and daughters to go and die in the name of privat corporate profits. Not in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan or any in other country where khazarian zionist Rothschild international bankers want to send American soldiers.

War for the rich by the poor has got to end. Kai-Moon, Obama, Brown, Sarkosy, Harper and all the other 'leaders' are sold out to a global government of international bankers. They are doing exactly what they are told by Rothschild and company.

They do not care about the injury and deathes of the invaders or the invaded.

Just say no.


Anonymous said...

That homosexual 'joke' is about as funny as saying the advantage of thalidamide kids is no finger marks on the walls (frown).

What about growing a pair and saying to the TSA agent "if you so much as touch my childs genitals or private parts I'm going to break your nose."
And if the TSA agent ignores you, break his or her nose.

Wouldn't take three such incidents to end the whole bloody pedophile-lite thing going on at airports.

The TSA is guity on lack of legal grounds for search of person, and sexual misconduct with a minor.

People of USA stand up for who you are.

Visible said...

10:50 I've got no beef with your beef with that comment but threatening to punch them in the nose won't do any good at all unless you have enough of a crowd to overwhelm them and make a citizens arrest which would call national attention to it, that would have an effect.

what would really work is to have national no fly week. The public is making all of this possible. If they pull their heads out of their asses and refuse to get on a plane things will change quick.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Most excellent post today Vis.
It's our time to shine as the wheel (karma)turns on a 'dime'.

Let's not forget that tonights full moon and spring tide are at 'full pull' power. I have a feeling that all of the hypercritters in Marin county will soon be finding out what is or is not sustainable, for reals.

Let's also use the temples, the ones we have had our entire life(between our brain), to keep our thoughts positive because April 19/20th are soon to be here and we have the ability to magnify their intentions for us and throw it right back at them.

Love to all,
dw in Tahoe

Anonymous said...

warming fire
freshened wind
gracing circle
reach within
springtime gathered
hold of trust
brushing nature
roll and thrust
rush of starlight
golden streams
beaming mountains
holding dreams
weaving love
constructing waves
paving roads
push and sway


Anonymous said...

"that homosexual 'joke'" was not a joke.

The TSA goons expect hostility. They have been trained to deal with hostility. They have not been trained to deal with enthusiastic compliance.

"Gee, you folks really have a rough job, don't you? Would it help if I dropped my pants/removed my bra?"

"I feel so much safer, with you folks' doing your job. Some people say that you are perverts and molesters, but not me. Here (throwing arms wide open) go ahead and do your job."

In short, mock them. And do it loudly!

Kim said...

Following on from Josey @ 7:36pm:

"Prepared statements section, for those occasions when people are being abused..."

Vis, perhaps the best brains behind your store might consider selling a line of Smoking Mirrors branded T shirts emblazoned:

“It’s an intense moment, he’s running his hands all over the child’s arms and chest areas...

...she looks like she’s about to cry and now you can see the attendant is getting hard...

Never mind having "prepared statements"...

Just make sure at least one adult (and preferably all adults) in your party wear the T's through check in...

Let me throw the question open: who reading this would be prepared to buy such a shirt, wear it at the airport and use it as a prompt when the occasion arises?

Who would buy one for their friends?

Perhaps some philanthropic millionaire among Visible's readers could put up $$$ so that hundreds or thousands of these Ts could be given away at airports all over....?

Just thinkin'

Anonymous said...

As kids we used to do combat scenarios and battle simulations with GI Joes and Action Jacksons.
We openly played with explosives and had secret handshakes and decoder rings.There was no TSA back then but we would still run if we broke a window.We even liked the police and thought they were cool.We wanted to be them like Starsky and Hutch,Baretta or even Kojack.There has been much change but at what cost in hope.I appoint you king of the world Les.Now all we need is an iceberg.Good luck Les.

masterymistery said...

you'd have to be a stone or a rock if you don't think there are strange, horrible, bizarre, evil, stupid, worthless, things happening with increasing frequency within our sick and dying culture.

We've lost so much in recent decades, lost so much of what might have been redeeming features of a culture that otherwise is destined to consume itself, and then th3 world, and then shit the world and itself out of its own arsehole.

It's happening, people. It really is. If you're of a mindset that enjoys metaphor, you might be tempted to say the apocalypse is upon us.

masterymistery at
cosmic rapture

Anonymous said...


Why restrict the wearing venue to an airport? It could be worn anywhere in public, just like a T-shirt that reads "9/11 was an inside job."


At a nearby airport...

“It’s an intense moment..a TSA goon’s running his hands all over the child’s arms and chest areas...

...she looks like she’s about to cry, and now you can see the that the attendant is getting hard..."


In this day of ubiquitous inkjet printers and cheap T-shirt transfer media, anyone could custom make his/her own.

Anonymous said...

Just remember that, when you’re standing on the edge of existence, deafened by the screams of a tormented world, nothing but bleak plains of sorrow sprawling endlessly before you, and behind you, the cracked shell of your own soul. Remember: it’s going to get better.

Goodness, what came over me? Sorry about that, vicar. Another slice of cake?

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt suggest this seriously for the sake of the kid, but if the kid was mature and you had explained beforehand, you could pretend to be a classic stereotyped pervert. put on a Groucho kit, long coat, hate, hands in pockets rubbing yourself up and down, panting, going "yeah, yeah, go TSA. grunt grunt" etc.

spoiler altert: I love Keiser, but he did indicate on one episode of the Keiser Report, albeit indirectly, that 911 was done by a bunch of Arabs in planes.

other disappointments for the litmus test. Australian expat long time anti nuclear activist Helen Caldicott on recent (youtubed) video on Japan and the nuclear problem.

and my favourite Fukushima reported Arnold Gunderson on a recent vid (a lecture room with a band in the next room - maybe only available to donators) - straight out said that he believed 2 planes hit those 2 buildings, so he's not a conspiracy nut.

I'd like to see a pirate broadcast that interupts everything for a half hour that tells the truth about 911. like Goldstein in the theatre in Orwells 1984, or the "They Live" alternative TV show. then there's no excuse. Then a Macarthyist inquisition "Do you belive in the official version of 911 or have you ever associated with people who do, after viewing the 911 exposed video".

looking for even 1 minute of perfect silence/bliss/child_at_divines_feet and if that's the last thing I do my life would not have been wasted.

Rabbit said...

I guess a lot of people can't see the apocalypse for the catastrophes.

We're in the midst of it folks and even now it is far more serious than surface appearances might make it seem. It is going to get worse, much worse before it gets better though. We have not even reached the point where the evil power is ready to topple, over reach has not yet been reached.

Before the year is out, Fukushima will not be the worst news of the year, and then not long after that probably it will begin to dawn on people that Fukushima WAS after all the worst catastrophe of the year, it was just not recognised at the time thanks to monumental efforts of the media and PTB.

Nice to know you're keeping trolls out Les, and amusing to think of the fury they must feel at being refused permission to vent publicly on you cyber front lawn.

Rabbit said...

@Rob in WI

Hey you bloody crackpot, get a few facts straight before you start mouthing off in ignorance you twit.

Circumcision does not involve cutting the end of your dick. The foreskin is removed and if you want to have a debate about the relativ emerits of that, whether for health, asthetics or symbolism, then no worries but you'll be reduced to abuse and rhetoric as all losing causes are.

Perhaps you think the human body is so god cratedly perfect that it should not be tampered with? Tell that to your dentist and see him grin.
As for the hygiene, it is actually ENFORCED in the military in some circumstances for porecisely that reason, and as an adult operation is much more serious and even dangerous.

I am circumcised and so too my sons, although nor eligious reason was there. My father and his father also were. My grandfather was circumcised in the army, during WWII. I do however not wish to get involved in what others do, I think it is not my right to dick-tate (sic) to others, unlike some I don't feel a need to make others look like me. Do you feel intimidated by ouyr more handsome helmets? I can understand that. :)

I have never been refused sex by a woman because I was circumcised but I have a couple of times known wom,en who would not have permitte it otherwise.

Get over it Rob, I don't care what you do with your dick, just keep your hands and mind for that matter, OFF MINE!

Just Sayin' said...

"An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come."
- Victor Hugo

Visible, the fact that you are here and blogging sans advertising and have over 3 million visits to your Smoking Mirrors site alone, is a confirmation that there really is an idea whose time has come.

But what is that idea? Can you try to put it into words? I am asking in sincerity without any hidden motives or agenda. Just what is the idea whose time has come?

My opinion is that it is an idea that concerns who creates and controls money in the world - the life blood of society. For he that controls money and its creation controls most of everything else man-made in this world.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

There is a group of families including the Rothschilds who do in fact have almost absolute control of money around the world.
Money is in fact a real kind of power. The world we live in is being shown with each passing day to be more and more corrupt.

Perhaps the idea whose time has come, the reason you are here blogging, is that the oligarch system of the control of money must end. The creation of money by a small group of private individuals for all the world has not worked. It has lead us to where we are today: a world drowning in corruption and steeped in famine, homelessness and death.

The absolute corruption which has prevailed must end. The only way to end the evolved corruption present at all levels of human endevour is to end the absolute power.

But therein lies the rub. Those who have been corrupted absolutely do not want to let go of the power they have over the world. How can the world rid itself of those who have total power?

Is there any way? Would not a coup d'etat of those highest up just give way to others taking their place soon after? The idea whose time has come must not just cut the head of the beast, it must also provide a viable alternative to how the world would work - how people treat each other as individuals and groups.

None of the ism's work. Nor do organised religions. So what is the answer to this question? If we cut the head off the beast (if that is even possible) what shall be put in place to enable society to live in harmony with itself and with mother earth?

These questions are banging around in my head because it is not just to identify the problem (Rothschild and company), or to remove the problem (coup d'etat), it is also paramount to have a viable alternative to put in its place.

What is that alternative? We must know what we will put into place before we go cutting off any heads - otherwise we are just demolishing a house with no blueprint of what will we erected in its place.

Proper planning prevents piss poor performance. What is the plan for the post-Rothschild future? This is not a moot point.

What is the idea whose time has come?

Make Ready The Guilotines said...

Evelyn, Jacob, Nathan...

Just how many Rothschilds are there and what is the power structure within their family dynasty?

MM said...

I would be going totally bananas right now if I became emotionally/mentally invested in current events. I'm fortunate in that I made the choice not to engage with the world at large in the same way that those with families and nine to fives have to.

I care about the increase in the suffering of sentient beings and I play my tiny part during this growing tide... at the end of the day my mind and heart aligns to focus on the one and only thing that matters to me. I tend to keep away from all these other divergent interests. I try to be single minded, TRY.

We all have our particular role(s) to play here. We do what we can with what we've been given. Just play the part given you from on High and shove all the other stuff. That's all.

And this!:

That made me smile HUUUGE. It really did. Thanks Amarynth.

Also this:


To my Dog Poet friend: Your words have become a preternatural harpist upon the strings of my finely tuned heart... it is inexplicable. It's one of those RWS 3 of swords/Ace of Cups deals apparently. I don't think I could dislike you if I wanted to... I know 'cause I've tried very, very hard. sigh, oh well.... play on then. But please, use a halcyon touch?

There's nothing you can do that can't be done.
Nothing you can sing that can't be sung.
Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game.
It's easy.

Nothing you can make that can't be made.
No one you can save that can't be saved.
Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time.
It's easy.

Nothing you can know that isn't known.
Nothing you can see that isn't shown.
Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.
It's easy.

All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need.

Anonymous said...


I am circumcised (and I don't mind) too - happened apparently for medical reasons - but the key word in Rob in WI's comment is, in my opinion 'consensual'.

The fact is that non-life saving surgery is a business for corrupt doctors, money to the bank, practise with knife, and no skin of their bones, pardon the pun. I should add that I wouldn't mind doctors making good money if they weren't so often tools for Medical Industrial Complex and the pharisees.

Circumcision is not Divinely ordained either - look up John 7:22, nor is it in Koran.

Snake Sage

est said...

jes and jud

'you played your part well,
right up to the lynching'

'and you,that was some dive
you took,for the good of all'

'i just asked the axis,
he knows everything'

'you know,i've been giving it some thought

i'm wondering - will they remember us ?'

'oh yes they will - you who sold his soul,

[for thirty pieces] - and i who bought it back'

'do you think they know
we're one and the same ?'

'oh - most certainly,
they are finding out, now'

Visible said...

I guess I missed the whole circumcision interplay. I read the comments before I post them and I still don't see what's there a lot of the time. Yes, those of us born into military families went under the knife. It's a health issue because later, when you're in the military and waiting in line outside one of those overseas brothels, they want you to have every advantage.

Neko Kinoshita said...

The purpose of circumcision is to facilitate rape without injury.

Just thought you should know.


Anonymous said...

Amazing to me how many men will defend the stripping off from their penile glans and the amputation of their foreskin while they were a neonate still coming out of the shock of using their lungs for the first time.

This new phenomena to the human male species has only been commonly done to the Gentile infants since the 30s or so. The first time their mothers surrendered their babies for the blood sacrifice demanded by the medical system that went allopathic the same time as circumcisions became routine and for many the difference between 'hick' or 'high toned'.

My family was military too and both my brothers were scalped (when the doctors did it freehand using circumcision torture board and a scalpel) and neither circumcised their own sons due to the damage done to their PENISES.

I didn't allow my son to be circumcised either-I really did not feel I had the right to make the call to take away the 90% of the nerve endings of his penis at birth nor subject him to the harm caused by messing with the fused skin on the glans (shiny part under the head if circumcised).

My son is a teen and hates his own dick due to peer pressure... being different... though I tell him to wait until he's experienced sex 'a few times' before he does anything drastic with it when he is an adult.

I don't think uncircumcised is 'ugly' ... at all. I've seen a few 'ugly' too tight circumcised dicks in my time though. They really went crazy with the scalpels with the Boomer boys though.

And I thought it was really PERVERTED AND SICK that the docs, until recently wouldn't even use NOVACAINE on the babies... saying they 'didn't feel pain'. I think the idiot allopaths are still saying 'babies don't see until whatever months old' though too!

Plenty of parents are thinking for themselves and if they are in error by not circumcising their sons then at least there is a remedy to that-which their sons can choose to do when they are adults.

And no Rabbit, I don't consider the 'dentist' in comparison to subjecting your infant to an irreversible amputation of any body part. I don't believe in piercing baby's ears either. Let them make that choice for their selves.

This country's population has NEVER been as ill in every way as it is now. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. And I DO see the decline in all of the above from when the Rockefellers took over Med schools and it switched from homeopathic to allopathy in the 30s coinciding with the circumcision procedure-first time mom allowed a stranger to cause harm and pain to her brand new baby. 'because it looks so much better'.

Mark of the beast if you check out the pediatricians who were behind the 'health advantages' of circumcision.

"Fight for their right to mutilate their own children's genitals"... sigh

H.A.A.R.P. - Not Just Earthquakes said...

"240 tornados in the US in three days"

A haarping we will go,
A haarping we will go,
Hi ho the derio -
A haarping we wil go!

Anonymous said...

Someday, the children of the new sun will meet the children of the old. We can only hope they give each other a wide berth.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

Purifying the Pump for the Apocalypse Factor.

Visible said...

Well, circumcision... hmmm. One of those things where there are two camps and never the twain shall meet. I'm a little puzzled by the comment about circumcision and rape being without injury, since the size of the head is increased through circumcision. Since I'm already on the other side of the procedure, I will at least give a tip of the cap to my attending physician who was a real artist (grin).

If it is so that 90 percent of the nerve endings are gone, I would have to say that circumcision was the right move in my case, considering how much it was employed, even with only a ten percent factor. Back in the day when I was in a steel cage match with my kundalini, about the direction she was supposed to go in, it was a brawl of the century. I'm glad the good guys won; gives me a chance to aim for St Ignatius Loyola land.

I'm figuring I was circumcised so that I wouldn't make the other guys in the shower room any more uncomfortable than they already were (grin).

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

Yes, the psycopathic demons in fancy suits are running the show for the moment...

as their energy pool depleats they will exhibit more and more crazy...and will continue their exteme (wars and destruction) to keep their energy pool alive...for they feed off of the energy of the light workers wallering in this we release from the emotional bodies they created...

I find the opposite happening my inner voice gets stronger each passing day...always ask for "PROTECTION" as a light worker from these my senses strengthen I can see who is who...demons are easy to spot by their actions but take a good long look their evil shows up in many ways...very soon all workers of the light will not tolerate those of the dark and will become more and more repulsed to be anywhere around them and a great divide will has already begun there will be NO turning back...

I am waiting with great anticipation for my inner voice telling me where the portal door is to the new world and it is open for business...

and those of the dark (demons, minions and robots) will beg to be the sht the dog was rolling in compared to facing the promised Judgement Day.

Best Wishes Always

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Les:

In the good old days at least in the movies the bad guys were hung or shot before a firing squad, now they are given special contracts and pension agreements for outrageous sums of money or they end up prime ministers or presidents.

Oh, for the illusion of justice and fair play and the imaginary good old days. Dodge City is currupt like hell and we no longer have any Wyatt Earp to clean out the shit.

Kind regards,

Visible said...

Wyatt Earp is either in jail, dead or on the run.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes, that would fit very well into the current world paradigm.

Anonymous said...

One area where the predatory psychopaths have gotten totally carried away is with the blatantly crooked judges, courts and all other so called 'officers of the courts' and that is with the county and state divisions of CPS... they are literally stealing peoples children and bonusing when they adopt them out.

With absolutely NO recourse for the families to fight back for their children due to the privacy laws set up.

Congresswoman Schaefer was found dead along with her husband in Georgia after she started aggressively shining the light on what was going on. "Murder/Suicide" it was declared before their bodies were properly chilled.

Maybe that's one devious reason TSA is so blatantly working over the small children? Parents protest and their children are taken away?

Some systems get you and you cannot get out. Intact. Never the same again.

Who, but other psychopaths, can tolerate working in court systems in this country? Law enforcement where they are insiders to a lot of the wrongs that are taking place and they're the bully muscle backing up those court orders etc?

They've successfully gotten rid of any who might have any morals or even a soul in order to do what they do with such brazen actions. And all tax paid public employees.

Another brave man, Richard Fine, who is revealing the corrupt judges in LA county, CA-

Protect your kids by keeping them out of any dangerous situation-which would now include the airport procedures imo...

Do whatever you can to keep out of the legal/court systems... they're totally run amok with the most predatory soulless wax mannequins doing total evil for the avarice inside them that can never be quenched.

Be wary of relocating to new to your regions of this country where you will be seen as prey by the locals.

Be aware that the preying upon the sick, disabled, dying and dead is aka as BIG BUSINESS to all the sharks in legal land. Estate theft is one of the dirtiest of America's dirty secrets-that and stealing children to adopt out for bonuses to CPS divisions and their employees.

Anyone who thinks 'that can't happen to me' think again... it can and eventually will visit your home if you have anything anyone else wants.

Anonymous said...

Circumcision is symbolic castration.

It has no medical or hygienic benefits at all. The idea that nature has so badly mid-designed the primary male reproductive organ in mammals over the last xx-million years or so that cutting the skin off the end makes for an improvement is wrong and there is zero scientific evidence to support it.

It is the mark of the favoured slave. Eunuchs were castrated because they were given the run of the pharoahs'/kings' palaces (in order to manage and run the place, do the books, bank - and steal - the money etc.) and with access-all-areas you couldn't risk one of them slipping one of his own into the blood-line. After a while castration was replaced with circumcision.

Given who runs america you could see why it was introduced there and was (still is?) more or less compulsory.

Another effect is that coarsening the glans penis - the absolutely most sensitive part of a man's body - means that soft, gentle sex, through the penis, is no longer possible for the circumcised, and sex needs to be more vigorous, aggressive, even violent, to achieve satisfaction.

I have a theory that if you did a survey of violent male sex offenders, a statistically significant number, more than the population's average, would be circumcised.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons both israeli and american male society is so aggressive and violent.
You could see why the military might go for it.

With no experience to draw on myself, I wonder if anyone has experience of both and can say whether they think circumcised men are more aggressive and physically insensitive during sex, or the uncircumcised more sensitive? Or maybe that's just too off-topic.

No offense meant, after all those of you without nature's protective cover didn't have any say in the matter.


Visible said...

I have never been given the impression that residents of countries who do not preform circumcision; most of Africa and the Middle East are noted for their sensitivity and care as lovers; quite the opposite in fact. I seriously doubt that circumcision or the lack of it plays any part in collective sexual aggression or violence but I will guarantee that the countries that do not perform it to any great degree or at all are routinely more violent. That's not ever subject to debate. I'm not implying that the lack of it causes the violence. It just so happens that that is how it is in those cultures. Rape is much more epidemic there, statistically.

Anonymous said...


That's a good analysis. I recall reading about the overrepresentation of the Tribe in p*rn and some p*rn actress (herself Jewish) stating to never have met a Jewish man who wasn't - as I recall the words being used - a 'sex-obsessed rabbit'. It might reduce the capacity to attain fulfilment via physical sex, hence the need for more? Israel also has staggering amounts of sexual violence, both toward Jewish and especially Palestinian women.

LV, Muslims do practice circumcision, ever since some scribe invented a Hadith about it, and it is also practiced in lots of (Muslim) Africa for same reason.

Nothing personal meant, so no need to feel like an ox got gored if it didn't get gored.

Myself, I think it's because Satan lost his dick at some point that his Synagogue is pushing semi-castration to everyone, but that's just me. :)

Snake Sage

Visible said...

I am referring, and I thought I was pretty clear but the problem might be that the argument doesn't allow for it- to continental Africa with the highest rate of rape and the lowest percentage of circumcision. I think a little excursion through The Congo and the South African area where the rape of virgins is considered a cure for HIV will clarify my point. I don't know what oxen have to do with this but there is no area of more pervasive sexual violence than Africa and it has the least circumcision. Let me see, is there another way I can put this; two or three ways? Or should we just focus on my mention of the Middle East.

Visible said...

It appears that less than 20% of South America is circumcised and they're notorious for sexual violence as well. This whole idea that circumcised males are more predatory and violent sexually sounds like total crap to me and also an argument being made by proponents of the one against those of the other. Its a real reach and I haven't seen one statistic, reference to a single study and it is a blazing and irrefutable fact that bacteria is much more likely to breed in the uncircumcised because of the warm inviting area of the foreskin. If it's kept clean that's one thing but in may places it is not and there's an aggressive push in a lot of countries in Africa now for widespread circumcision because of HIV and other things.

The only aggression I see concerning circumcision is in the conversations intending to damn one over the other. I don't care one way or another about the subject and have no interest in it and can't fathom what it's doing in the thread of this post as if it were relevant to anything here which it's not, except for a brief mention of comical intent. It appears to have about the same hot button passion factor as abortion.

Anonymous said...

There are more variables at play than circumcision in Congo and South Africa, of course, and Europe and Asia aren't so rapey (circumcision is pretty rare among non-Jews in Europe).

Oxen were mentioned because someone who is circumcised (I am too) shouldn't reflexively reject it's negative aspects. If they don't apply, I'm not talking about you, in other words.

We are far more than our physical bodies. So ultimately it is of no consequence, at Spiritual level.

I think generally your posts have been getting better and better, so its not like I don't highly of you, I'm trying to complement the issue. Same can be said for practically all the commenters here - poetry and logic (whichever is your cup of tea) are both getting better by strides.

Hmm, perhaps saying thank you every now and then would be good.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

It could be total crap - but I'm suspicious of everything that is demanded and pushed by Pharaoh's scribes.

I'm happy to stop arguing about it.

Visible said...

One of the reasons I seldom have a problem is that I very deliberately fact check my work and I do benefit from a lot of intuitive assistance. One of the first things I did was go to Wikipedia and check the facts according to them and others about things I don't expect them to lie about although they lie about many other things. Then I deliberately misrepresented certain facts because I figured if opinion and conjecture are a good basis for argument then factual error also has it's place in such a conversation. I probably shouldn't have done it but in my own way I was trolling. I'm not pleased with a few things at the moment and this is my way of getting down to the level of certain individuals so that they can convince themselves that they are right.

I think what I'll do is go away for a bit and do some things that entertain me. Most of the time all this is is work.

Sergej said...

Man, how crazy can it get? In all this dirt you have nothing better to do then to discuss such non-issues like circumcision... gowd.

I got circumcized as an adult (medical reasons) and had a lot of sex before that so I can tell you with certainty that it makes no real difference regarding feeling, sex, aggression or anything such. Nor are "90% of the nerves gone", that's preposterous. We're talking about just the skin, not the sensitive area at the tip. All the difference it made is hygienic, no gunk under the foreskin in case you don't have a chance to wash yourself for a few days.

That aside, now the actual thing I wanted to write about: all this "it will get better soon" and the religious mumbo-jumbo is slowly but surely making me sick. Be it the laughably bad comedians like Ben Fulford and David Wilcock, or the alien-talkers like LKJ, or the religious nuts dreaming about "ascension", it's all just pure bullshit.

To you Les I give some credibility only bacause you indeed admit that it has to get much worse before it gets better. In the next moment you're losing it though - what you are missing is that every time it got "better" in history, it was just a brief period and it always worsened yet again soon afterwards. So your hope for a better future sounds just like wishful thinking to me, despite the fact that I really like your writing and the personality it resembles. In my eyes, you're just being naive.

What do we get in "revolutions" (insert your favourite term instead)? Just another set of faces and the same mechanism driving us back into darkness - greed, egotism, narcissism, nest-building. Nothing more than the stuff that has driven our evoultion all these millenia. Most of human race are just apes in funny clothing and more developed language skills (and anyone who read Dawkins knows that the primary driver for that was to become better at lying and deceiving in order to lure in the opposite sex and provide advantages for increasing the family gene pool).

Yes, the world is sick. No, there are no higher powers, aliens, spirits, monsters or anything such involvolved. Only HUMANS are involved, our more or less instinct-controlled little egos. The extent of that control is the only qualifier regarding the dark or the bright side or whatever shade in between. The rest is group dynamics. Nothing mysterious at all about all this.

I agree that violence alone is not the solution, but sometimes it will be necessary as a defence. The way of the boycott and shunning can succeed, but not all the way. See strikes in spain last year where the army came in and forced the airport workers to continue doing their job. See the perversion of Ghandis work. So at some point, violence will be called for. Hopefully not too much of it, but it will be necessary.
I don't like the prospect, I have survived one war and have seen the full extent of psychopathy, suffering and death as most of you could not ever even imagine. Not like in the movies at all, it's just pure misery for everyone but the small bunch of criminals profiting from it or getting a hard-on while they carve their hate into someone's face with a sharp shiny blade.

And basically most of the would-be prophets and "I know god"-people and "I have super-duper secret info"-people out there can go fuck themselves. All just a bunch of utter bullshit.

To the readers - you just need two little books in order to understand the whole dynamics of this. "Sperm wars" and "The Red Queen". While there are some failures in both of them (noone's perfect after all), this will give you a pretty good outline for undersdtanding our history and our current reality and why all this is not about to change any soon.

Yes, I'm being negative right now. Whatever. I'd love you to prove me wrong, since I hate being depressed, but I don't believe anyone is able to do so constructively.

Visible said...

Sergej; This is a planet of strife and discord and I've never said different but what I don't get is how you got the impression I planned on hanging out here. It certainly does get better and it stays that way, depending on where you are. I have said a number of times that a mini golden age is coming and I would think that meant that something less golden would follow it. I'm getting tired of explaining myself. I think the only solution is to not do this for awhile and see how I feel about that. It's a lot less hassle and things for me are better than fine anyway. Everyone else is welcome to what they've decided on.

Sergej said...

Les, this post wasn't directed at you specifically, it's just your "faith" that the mentioned mini-golden-age will come that seems naive to me. No need to explain yourself either, as you say everyone is free to believe whatever he wants to.

I don't have an impression that any golden age is about to come and even if it does, there will be very few of us left to enjoy it.

What got me pissed was rather the bullshit I read today on Fulford's site, Will-cocks site and some nonsense by LKJ about chemtrails being just contrails and "everyone who believes anything else is a nutjob" or something along these lines. Utter bullshit. All these people are clearly disinfo and I'm saying this from a strong position of knowledge, no fanaticism.

It's dirt wherever you look, especially on the self-titled "truther" sites and that bothers me most. That Will-cock guy is even selling that "aliens-will-save-us-tomorrow" and "just do the work" (yeah, do the work baby) bullshit as books and DVD's and THOUSANDS of people are buying it and going to his "ascension seminars", for f*cks sake, how stupid can people be? After all these centuries of being fooled by ridiculous belief systems they readily jump the next one, don't they ever learn?

That's why I can't agree that there is any hope, it's the naked facts talking against it. The cage might get an upgrade, but it still remains that - a cage.

Anonymous said...

Les, if it's time for a rest, a hiatus, a whatever you wish or need to do, please do what's best for you and your intimate relations.

Your stamina is incredible, your patience is remarkable and your service is commendable!

As you know, to many you are, like it or not, a spiritual guide.

Sometimes the kids should be left alone for a while, for their own good.

Just saying..

And thanks!


Anonymous said...


you said –

"and anyone who read Dawkins knows that the primary driver for that was to become better at lying and deceiving in order to lure in the opposite sex and provide advantages for increasing the family gene pool"

You are absolutely wrong. The primary driving Force of evolution is co-operation.

Survival of the fittest, apart from being a meaningless truism, is the Abramic's (sic) and psychotics' excuse for murder, theft and rape. There are fifty trillion cells in your body and every one of them competes for resources to survive. But it's their co-operation that makes for a single human being. If you want to get food for your family and tribe, or water from one side of the desert to the other, then you need help.

From the simplest prokaryotic bacteria colonies, through true multi-cellular organisms to the most complex of human societies it is co-operation that has guaranteed survival over competition.

the pseudo-religious and pseudo-scientific belief in neo-Darwinian, survival of the fittest, struggle and blood competition, guarantees only death and ultimate failure.

The Selfish gene is the gene that gives you cancer.

Its fractal equivalent in the body of Gaia is religious capitalism. And Dawkins' "Church of Science" religious mania for the primacy of DNA has been fundamentally and irrevocably undercut by, of all things, the human genome project which has conclusively proven that although there are over 120,000 proteins in your body (that do everything) there are only 30,000 active genes in your DNA to make them (that's just a few thousand more than a fruit-fly and less than some species of grass). Genes are just the factory floor

The 'control' of your expression (physical and behavioural) is epigenetic (above the genes).

It is your physical form AND your energetic interaction - co-operation - with the environment that drives Evolution, not some blind, meaningless, aspiritual and hopeless mechanism.

And yes, of course your right, violence, aggression and selfishness are necessary for life - when that life is stressed by lack, or threat. But when not stressed then they are counter-productive and co-operation will always be more "profitable".

I'm starting to rant, so'd better go

Google epigenetic and see Bruce Lipton, PhD. on youtube


Anonymous said...

Just have to follow up.

The next word verification is "ingod"

... we trust


Anonymous said...

You've been amazingly prolific and so profound these past few weeks. Thanks for being here for me through this last weekend.

Sergej-just for the technology alone, these times are different from any other.

Something is going to break-I do my damndest to make sure it isn't going to be my back.

Outrageous energies abounding... many magical involvements that are coming faster and more obvious to those like me.

Keep up with the energies or you'll get stuck here with the Muggles!

I like to query Lynda Hill's Sabian Symbol 'ask the Orator' when I'm stuck -it's been really prescient for me the last few days

Miriam said...

You have spiked a lot of attention Visable, ah well.
Some are new and need to be eased into their own Truth/Heart, others may be shills.
Always hard to say.

Take time off, yes, if you need it, but understand that this is how it will go as people wake up and start walking thru your door.

The awake people here will be here to add to the background higher energy levels and hopefully help rather than add to the mania.

Don't forget that we are all being pushed to higher energy and break out into 'sweats' at times...

wv: unoughy~ (un-owie)uncircumcised boy babies, lol

Sergej said...

Simon: i said primary driver for the development of _language_, not for the evolution. Cooperation would work in the ideal world, but there is and always will be a certain amount of preadtors among us and they f*ck up the whole thing. It's the doves and falcons analogy in Dawkins work or the few percent of psychopaths in Lobaczewsky's Ponerology. In the realm of cells it would be what we know as cancer.

I'd be happy if the world would work solely through cooperation with no parasites/psychopaths/malign elements, but in our reality it's the dirt that always rises to the top. Probably because they feel no empathy and are thus unconstrained by conscience.

Hank said...

"As a world and as individuals we have taken so many wrong forks along the way we now find ourselves completely lost in the forest with absolutely no idea how to get back to where we once were."

Mouser, I believe the problem there is that where we once were was just as much a lie as where we find ourselves now. The world has never been what we were told. History, religion, archeology, evolution, the origins of mankind have all been manufactured for what now appear to be dubious and nafarious purposes.

The 'good old days' were, as they are now, constructs in our imaginations created from the lies we have always been told.

Like you, I always thought that the truth would be liberating, but have instead found it to be isolating. I find that I have less and less in common with other people, even people I have known and loved all my life, and indeed mankind itself. I love that log cabin idea, but I would prefer it to be on another planet.

People can be extraordinary, but mankind is something to be feared for it's primitive, brutal instinctive nature. It's why we are not yet welcome in the galactic community.

Unfortunately, until we as a race, are willing to not only look at, but to see ourselves for what we really are, there in no hope of changing into the creatures we have imagined ourselves to be. We will continue to be the race that has not yet found an attrocity we are not willing to commit. Peace to you my enlightened friend, and to all who come here.

Anonymous said...


You're right, it was about language and not evolution per se. I should have paid more attention (story of my life).

But I stand by my point that co-operation is a (the) main driver in the development of life. A predator is not the same as a psychopath but, unfortunately, I can't help myself from agreeing with you that the bastards do always rise to the top, that they are fucking it all, for all life. And that there is no one dragon of Theirs that a hero of Ours can slay and restore the wasteland to the garden it can always be.

If you can think of a filthy rotten "conspiracy" that could possibly be played-out upon the human race, then it's probably up and running. The Zio-ogres just sit on top (?) of a very large pile of shit-heads.

BUT that doesn't mean any of Us have any excuse for lying down, giving in and just letting it all happen. Even if it is not how I feel now (very depressed, at all that goes on and especially the complete apparent lack of any opposition or even complaint) - there is hope. There are more of Us than Them .

It is always darkest before the dawn and NO-ONE knows what the sun will bring.



Anonymous said...

Sergej, there is a valid point in considering at least some people who claim to be 'Spiritual' naive, and any system/worldview needs to separate wheat from tares.

However, what is currently known as a 'scientific worldview' might be better descibed as 'Church of limited science', where gatekeepers like Dawkins are heavily promoted, while ones such as Lovelock, Lipton (thanks simon), Vernadsky and Chardin are routinely ignored in MSM.

Second, if you observe carefully people like Dawkins, contradictions appear. He is a man who is simultaneously held up as a honest researcher yet says that 'our' intelligence evolved for selfish purpose of lying.

Or the 'pacifism' of that overrated hack Einstein, or the fact that people actually think that Einsteins - who claims to be an atheist or agnostic Jew - rebuttal to Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics: has any value ": "I, at any rate, am convinced that He [God] does not throw dice."

These are not trustworthy people and their theories are full of holes too.

What is presented as a 'rational' worldview is merely a clever ideological worldview. Real science - and real scientists- are generally humble because they realize how much more there is to know.

Snake Sage

Visible said...


While you are wading thru that(grin); you seem to be Russian so could you find out for me if Vladimir Putin actually does read Smoking Mirrors, a Reuters journalist told me that he does and every day I see 'Russian Federation' on the list several times. That would make my day if true.

ChewyBees said...

Here I am, bottom 10 again.
I keep seeing these doggy squeak toys at the store. They're the kind that are super-sensitive so if you barely touch it, it lets out a shrill. They come in all shapes and sizes, I prefer the 9 inch wiener dog myself. Simply stuff the thing in a strategic place, and when the molester gets there the alarms go off and it's squeaks-ville.
Maybe that's something I should market, the 'anti-TSA-feelasqueaker', except capitalism makes me physically sick so if anyone else wants to give it a shot, you have my blessing.

Anonymous said...

can I plop this here...
this video is coming up with the goods for sure. (through WRH)


Anonymous said...

and a better link


Steve said...

Hey Les,

I was thinking the other day, that a good marker for when this all goes down the tube in one last air sucking whirl pool is when you have the New Shangri-la. Not that it is a given that will happen as nothing is, but when/if i see you set up in a community, Im going to buy an extra bag of rice.

Visible said...

A New Visible Origami is up-

Ironies, Epiphanies and Satya Sai Baba.

Visible said...

There is a new Profiles in Evil up-

Orders from Hell; the Western Zio-Ogre Judiciary.

Mark @ Israel said...

What has the world gotten into? It's disgusting to imagine TSA agents molesting a child at the airport. Why do we allow children to have sex change and is there a need for gay history to be taught in schools? Many people have really become perverted these days. But sooner or later, they will have a taste of their own medicine.

Anonymous said...

Quoth Visible: "Max Keiser is an honest man and a hero."

I certainly beg to differ. May I suggest that you read this?: Max Keiser, Alex Jones and their Lackies Scamming People AGAIN -

(Whole bunch of links to other Stathis writings here: - including more on Keiser.)



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