Saturday, April 21, 2012

OK2BME, like, Totally, in Sticky Wicket Township.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be free of politically correct rhinoplasty.

We all want a better world, except for those who think this is one, or for those whose version of a better world involves the modern equivalent of foot-binding, under the disclaimer of freedom. A lot of things that are going on purport to seek and provide greater liberty, freedom and joy, by promoting very minor elements of the culture, into the forefront of concern, to the disadvantage of everyone else. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It's understood that some ages are more impressionable and if you want to control a culture, you have to take control of the children, since you already have control of the adults kinda, sorta but not in the same way. A serious researching of that site, noting all of the elements from the texting friendly typeset name, to the broader vision and present state of expression; utilizing a forensic lens, at the hands of an objective and impartial mind, reveals a lot of interesting dynamics.

Communism in all of its horrible works, from The Bolshevik Revolution to Pol Pot, came about through the efforts of the same people, pushing the multicultural, politically correct water buffalo through the China shop of our collective harmony and well-being. This is inarguable. What might be arguable is why and to what end? They say that the normal human IQ is100. That's the 'mean', so to speak. Of course, you have to factor in that normal is no longer normal in an overall sense. It's in transition and it's also in therapy. There's good therapy and bad therapy and in Kali Yuga you get more of the latter than the former. You get more bad leaders, more bad or not fully competent masters.

Those whose IQs and awarenesses are higher than the vin ordinaire will have a field day with this. Some people are useful tools. My personal ambition is to be a useful tool. I would like nothing more than to be used by a wiser mind to a better end. Many would look at such a subjugation with horror, imagining that they were losing their freedom, while giving in to their appetites and desires, as if that were an expression of freedom, rather than an incrementally, binding course; nice shoes! If people understood how they got trapped, they wouldn't get trapped in the first place. Usually it has to do with some kind of quid pro quo, go along to get along, instead of being mindful of the intention of, 'just passing through'.

And why is this site called Smoking Mirrors? Initially, the author could not get the blog 'smoke and mirrors'. So he picked Smoking Mirrors, in an idiot-savant kind of away, it turned out to be something more connected and meaningful anyway; given Tezcatlipoca is also known as smoking mirror. Things like this happen to me often because of the path I chose. I had parents, schools, governments, religions and cultures trying to pound my helix peg into a square hole, just like the unfortunate generation going through the PC foot-binding of the moment. It's 'certainly' likely that cui bono is at the root of the matter and all wiser minds will follow the money. If the person in question disappears then maybe you found someone authentic. Otherwise, you find what you find, with precious few exceptions, outside of alien incursion and divine intervention.

The author has no real position on any sexual matters being engaged in by consenting adults. None of this is about that. The author has no real position on Semitic matters, except when they are not Semitic. The author doesn't care one way or the other about a great many things. He could, but experience has taught him that it isn't any of his business. It only becomes his business when it intrudes on the business and efficacy of his just passing through. By observation, the author notes that it intrudes upon the majority, with relentless consistency, to the degree that it seeks to turn the whole world into Sticky Wicket Township.

Evil and selfish interest likes to conceal itself in the midst and deflect the slings and arrows of undesired misfortune and focused attention by making it appear that an attack upon them, is an attack upon all of them when they are not them. Most of the world of the moment operates off of artifice in order to secure what it is after. The ironic feature is that there is enough for everyone, but not if some select few want far, far more for themselves than they will ever have the opportunity to spend or enjoy.

The whole nature of evil; that which we can mostly all agree upon as evil, is to leverage and shoehorn itself into positions of control where it can force the progress of its intentions. Good things flow naturally with ease because of the oil of good will that collectively lubricates them. Nasty, sausage manufacturers, practicing law, need to be in a position to make what they want happen because, neither the cosmos, nor most of its inhabitants, has any authentic, unforced, interest in these things, at any time, when normal is still more or less functional. So the key is to redefine the meaning of normal.

This is a great big world, while at the same time, being a tiny speck that you can hardly see on a good star map and maybe not at all, depending on the star map. There's room for all kinds of things and I don't doubt that there are actual planets where, if it means that much to you, you can go to and freak freely according to your tastes. It is to be understood that hungry ghosts do not always know that they are hungry ghosts and people in Hell might often not know where they are. It is to be considered rather the rule than the exception. Now, personally, I don't know anything but I do know someone who does and for me that is more important than anything I can imagine. There's an old saw that, “the proof is in the pudding”, also the 'putting', I might add and since I have had occasions too numerous to relate or remember, that applies in my case, as it does in any case where anyone, meets anyone who knows more than they do and I might add that the quality of the knowing is very important; speaking of smoking mirrors

In my novel, The Darkening Splendor, there is made mention of contact between two individuals, during The Renaissance. You do know that 'renaissance' is French but it's used as a word in English.? A magic mirror is used to show that two men knew each other from past lives. Art imitates life, life aspires to excellence and what we get is the evidence for the purpose of demonstration.

It would be a poor world that held no blow jobs, especially of the kind, freely given, for the sake of appreciation for whatever you were appreciating, especially in a 'hold me close and don't let me out' sort of a way; given that the engines that drive the machines are actually going anywhere. Some of them might be. I do take exception to fucking round with people before they are in a position to know what's going on in the first place but... that's been going on for a long time too, courtesy of Kali Yuga.

The world of the moment is all about distortion. It's a living, breathing morphorama of 1984, where war is peace and whatever it takes to convince people that up is down and back is forth, is in progress at the moment, although I wouldn't call it progress. You know this and I know this but a whole lot of people don't know this and they have their reasons. Heh heh, there was just a roll of thunder when I wrote that and there hadn't been any till just now; interesting times.

The fools of the moment, in the world of the moment, couldn't be more confident of what they are about. They have most of the guns and money, what could go wrong? They even make sport by putting a guy named Obama (rhymes with Osama) into the White House, as an 'in your face', you won't see it anyway kind of a thing. The thing I always try to keep in mind, when I am engineering anything is that I am operating under directions, otherwise it’s called manipulation and then, you are the one being manipulated. That’s how it works. That's how quickly you can get switched over from one server to the other, if you don't mind how you go. I had someone accuse me of manipulation while I was in the process of doing them a service and that is another hallmark of Kali Yuga. Twisted shit happens in dark ages. People who think they're tuned in would argue that we live in enlightened times, with all kinds of broad parameters of tolerance that you can embrace willingly, or go to jail for not embracing sooner or later. They'll tell you we got iPods and high wire, allopathic medicine that not only fixes nothing much but delays it too. Well, iPods and computers, like guitars and anything else, are only so useful as the uses they get put to and only as effective as the hands they are in.

Tolerance isn't acceptance and freedom isn’t license, except that maybe they are for the moment. What it really comes down to is... does it work or not? That's the point. Does it work? Does it produce and what does it produce? Is it self-perpetuating? Is it entropy or is it one of those nice infinity sigils? Is it real or is it Memorex and did you have to fuck a Xerox machine to get triplets?

You can let other people figure this out for you and they will, or, you can figure it out for yourself, either way, you're going to need help and help is on the way; that’s the cause of the delay, in all this looming ominousisity. One day follows the next. One moment follows the next. One person follows another. That will do it for the moment.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings to all Truth Seekers :

Please help me help others, Exactly WTF is SEMITISM...anyway ?

...does it look something like this ?

My hope is, too, ..."My personal ambition is to be a useful tool" a major utilitarian way for the purposes of Good Faith advancement..of Truth & Justice

Ducks, ducks, ducks...

oh yeah, happy 4/20


Peter said...

hmmmm, gotta wonder, is it gonna be a bumpy ride after this post?
we'll seeeeee.....

David Spoey said...

OmniSpo loves your writing. Wish the MainStream Media would hire authors like you. Do you write stream of consciousness?

Visible said...

Oh yeah- and you will note in the article what the Bishop from Birmingham was before he became a Christian. Some twisted conjectures and lots of hard facts to support it too.

Visible said...

There is even a Visible blog called Streams of consciousness.

Anonymous said...

What's that Vis, you mean this Visible Streams of Consciousness?

PSO said...

I keep feeling like on the edge, close to the edge...down by a river..

Anonymous said...

Just what is “Political Correctness?” Political Correctness is in fact cultural Marxism – Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms. The effort to translate Marxism from economics into culture did not begin with the student rebellion of the 1960s. It goes back at least to the 1920s and the writings of the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci. In 1923, in Germany, a group of Marxists founded an institute devoted to making the transition, the Institute of Social Research (later known as the Frankfurt School). One of its founders, George Lukacs, stated its purpose as answering the question, “Who shall save us from Western Civilization?” The Frankfurt School gained profound influence in American universities after many of its leading lights fled to the United States in the 1930s to escape National Socialism in Germany.

Anonymous said...

Visible, thank you. I confirm my sanity here as well as gain nourishment. I saw this today. ( I guess it falls in with the War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength crap. New category; falls under "Seizures are Healthy". The sad thing is over a year ago, my daughter told me she was pregnant. She was hurt because I wasn't all excited at being a "grandma". I could have tried to explain it to her, but it wouldn't have done much good, as my family thinks I am "nut job". Three months after my daughter told me she was pregnant, she lost the baby. Honest truth was, I was relieved to hear that bit of news. Yet, I think it is sad....
Love to All - Serena

Visible said...

No, I mean this one.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Looks like you have a sticky wicket spacebar on your keyboard, Vis. Or was that just a visual to enhance the title? Your words are always welcomed though ... even when they run together a bit. (grin)

I once tried to clean my keyboard with rubbing alcohol and lost the numbers 1, 2 and 3 and the vital scroll down arrow.

Now I'm just going to listen. Today's song is one I haven't heard yet.

Visible said...

Okay folks, the text wasn't like that when I put it up, somewhere between the song going up and my making a few minor corrections the post, with true irony, turned into a sticky wicket. The elves are working on it, I hope (grin).

In the meantime, at least you can figure out what I was saying.

Stella Blue said...

Visible said:
"My personal ambition is to be a useful tool. I would like nothing more than to be used by a wiser mind to a better end."

Indeed, Wise One, you ARE that useful tool, and Spirit moves through you while you are "just passing through." Nice shoes! by the way '->)

You said before about "Reversed Kundalini" and that really grabbed me and made sense. I'd been calling it "stuck in the root chakra" in terms of the gay explosion. And I ask myself, "What would Jesus do?" And the response comes: "Teach!" He would explain the Reverse Kundalini phenomenon on this Earth plane of depressed existence in parable form. I do not believe he would "judge"--but rather have mercy, and teach. "Those who have ears to hear, let them hear."

Evil is indeed on the move, and so few can even discuss the concept of Satan, much less that "he" rules this world. Whenever I bring up that discussion, the other person's phone will beep or go dead, or they will interrupt and have to go. People can not really get into discussing Satan or Evil (with me anyway). It's been happening a long time; it's one of my litmus tests.

Viz, you wrote in 2005 that "commercials for things that kill have the impact on a stupid mind of things that give life." (So much confusion, I can't get no relief...)
Beelzefucker is Lord of the Flies, and Rules the Air via Verizon these days, and The Hunger Games is being added to curriculums in schools as required reading. Teach us to kill, teach us to hate--keep those subliminal messages churning, making Lies seem like Truth. "What's puzzlin' you is the nature of my game..." Mean it.

1 Cor. 13:12 "For now we see through a glass darkly (in a mirror)..."

Your teachings, Viz, are profound, witty, wise, and full/rich. You are a Wise Fool Nomad out there, shining your Light in the darkness.

The Gnostic Gospels said somewhere that it took God seven tries to create this world because He could not balance Judgment with Mercy.

I have a symbolism of our Omniverse being like a 33-1/3 vinyl record album. The hole in the middle is Source (or that still silent Zero Point like the center point of the lemniscate) toward which we progress. We, our planet, and our Milky Way are the first cut on the record--way on the outskirts (lunatic fringe ;), and the diamond needle is worn and has lint on it, and the first cut is scratched. So that Marvin Gaye, singing "Woe, Mercy, Mercy, Me-eee--Things ain't what they used to be-eee" just repeats and repeats and repeats, going "Woe, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy..."
We are stuck in that groove. It's like being depressed under the thumb of the Jolly Green Giant. 3-D. The density of matter.

And, I, too, am in the world, not of the world--just passin' through. Shinin' a light on the rocky shore wherever and whenever I can, for those who have ears to hear. I once was blind, but now I the attics of my life.

Visible said...

Stella Blue, that's one of the most beautiful things I have ever read and makes you one of those soul brothers. who understand what you are doing. The Kumbahmela is an earth point gathering similar to that swirl in the greater space and the whole thing trembles in an eyelash somewhere; not that I believe that. I just know it's all far more awesome, incredible and wonderful that I can imagine, so I don't mind sloughing through the trenches as I have had to do. At least I'm not sloughing through the trenches of war. That battle is over.

Stella Blue said...

Dear Les--wow, you moved my heart with that reply.

I just checked back because I felt judgmental (grin)--truly. And thought I'd best clarify. And then I see your reply. What a nice surprise. Thank you, Kind Sir! Ditto back atcha for everything you write, sing, speak on radio! I am blessed to have been led to you.
You are currently "making my days"--I am becoming too reclusive: I don't like going "out there."

Anyhoo--here's what was troubling me: all snails are hermaphrodites. And it IS true that we humans, too, are hermaphroditic! We have feminine and masculine--not necessarily integrated. And Anima wants it's Animus for complete union. I was told by an astrologer that fire and air signs are masculine, and earth and water are feminine; and if you do your natal chart, find out which elements you are lacking because those are what you need to balance yourself! Profound. I have found this really applies as well when forming good or disagreeable friendships.

And how can one criticize or judge or evaluate someone like Chastity Bono (what a moniker to have been bestowed at birth, eh?--under her/his circumstances) who really IS Chaz?!

I have no clue. Maybe a soldier was killed prematurely on the battlefield in WWII and reincarnated too soon in the body of a woman? I have a lesbian friend who claims just that. We call her "Fernando."

Joking aside, though--it's a troublesome one.

BTW--I thought your stickygoo run-together on the post was totally cosmically apropros. Kind of like reading Gertrude Stein without punctuation. And even if you just ran the thing as one solid sentence--dude, we'd figure it out!

Love and Blessings,
Stella '-)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Methinks Stella Blue is special. Very special indeed..

Richie (Dana) said...


I concur.

Nicely fits my defintion of "True Being"

Stella; If your heads swells upon reading this, you will be worse for wear. (grin).

Visible; Gratitude Sir.....


Richie (Dana) said...

This fits your post today perfectly.

Rob in WI said...

I thought the missing spaces in the the text were intentional (by design of you or the ineffable), to kind of mock OK2BME. Seemed quite appropriate. What consenting adults do is their right (as long as its not interfering with the rights of others), certainly, but pushing this PC BS on kids is very wrong, IMHO. I remember something of a flap in 1984,
where they were saying, "See, Orwell was wrong, and newspeak, thoughtcrime, etc. were a dystopia we have avoided." Riighttt. It was "springtime in amerika" or some such crap. Owell, bewellall, L. Rob

Rob in WI said...

I concur, Stella Blue's comments are special; hopefully understood and appreciated by many.

Stella Blue said...

Awwwwww, Guys! '->) xoxo

Y'all go wash up and I'LL save France. (teehee)

John Rambo said...

What do you think about Breivik? He claims he did that massacre out of selflessness and "love for Europe", but it seems like bullshit. Actually, it seems like a psy-ops. Anyway, it's very difficult to figure out what is what anymore, and who is playing for who's side.

Almost makes you want to just say fuck it and forget about all of it and just live your life.

Anonymous said...

A crusty old biker out on a long summer ride in the country pulls up to a tavern in the middle of no where, parks his bike and walks inside. As he passes through the swinging doors, he sees a sign hanging over the bar:

COLD BEER: $2.00
HAND JOB: $50.00

Checking his wallet to be sure he has the necessary payment, the ole' biker walks up to the bar and beckons to the exceptionally attractive female bartender who is serving drinks to a couple of sun-wrinkled farmers. She glides down behind the bar to the ole biker.

"Yes?" she inquires with a wide, knowing smile, "may I help you?" The ole biker leans over the bar, "I was wondering young lady," he whispers, "are you the one who gives the hand-jobs?"

She looks into his eyes with that wide smile and purrs "Why yes, yes, I sure am".

The ole' biker leans closer and into her left ear whispers softly, "Well, wash your hands real good, cause I want a cheeseburger".

Anonymous said...

I always understood that satan was the prince around here. Just occured to me that, technically, that sorta makes this place.....hell? Yeah, that explains a lot of things, actually. - Sam

Anonymous said...

If satan rules the world, then satan makes the rules. If I break the laws made by satan through the rules does that make me a saint, or a criminal? Laws are rules are they not? If I was executed for breaking the rules while trying to escape would I then be a criminal killed running, or a resisting saint martyred? With the idea satan rules the world comes the realization that all resistances against the flow is resistance against evil. Somehow that just doesn’t compute; didn’t god too give us rules?

Visible said...

don't ask me caaaaaaauuuse, I don't know. When I do, I will tell it true.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Visible and all.
Something for you all.

I liked the song Vis, glad to not have known her or her sister.


Eamon said...

"The Gnostic Gospels said somewhere that it took God seven tries to create this world because He could not balance Judgment with Mercy."

It may seem a lesser point to some (or all), but God's infinite wisdom, His omnipotence, etc., excludes all possibility of His being incapable of achieving His desired end.

As for the saying about the pudding, visible, the actual saying is that the proof of the pudding is in the tasting or eating. No, 'tis certainly not a big deal, but the truncated version of the saying, which is now used more widely than the full version, does not really express the original idea. If you find this info useful, either now or in future writings, wonderful. If not, so be it. Godspeed, my friend.

Paul Von said...

Hey Richie (Dana)

The link you included in your post was interesting>

Yes, another interesting link- which concurs with perhaps thousands of other such links- many of which are in conceptual agreement with tens or hundreds of thousands of people- who have no clue. There are hundreds of millions of unwitting participants in the techno-matrix of the present situation.

If you folks wish to enjoy a more beneficial future, than the one offered by the techno-ghouls of your times, the process is fairly straightforward:

1. Turn your electronic equipment OFF, and leave it off. All of it. Especially communications equipment.

2. Refuse to purchase products you DO NOT NEED, or whose function you DO NOT technically understand.

3. Refuse to financially support; or physically utilize, ALL forms of commercial or non-essential air trafficking and air travel. In other words: Totally shut down the airline industry- permanently.

4. Refuse ALL immunizations (translate as attempted DNA tampering) offered by the medical vampires currently in power. These bastards are mutating your DNA, and that of your children.

5. Stop funding the idea that government is a necessary or desirable 'evil'. Government isn't evil. It's just a social function you must learn to quit funding with dead brains and mutilated bodies.

The "Matrix" could not functionally exist without electronic equipment. I have a 38-year history in analog circuit design at a component level, and have an extensive background in many other areas of electronics technology. I’ve studied audio acoustics, wave propagation theory, and have often utilized computer assisted CAD design since 1992. I have concluded that electronics technology is THE major social and environmental disaster of our times. My conclussions regarding the use of electronic technologies, have become personally ironic in the extreme…

In short: Turn the damn junk off, or you will certainly kill what remains of any reasonable or sustainable life on this planet. Thank you for your time.

Paul Von

Denny said...

John Rambo 4:17: AM

"Actually it seems like a psy-ops"...

AHEM...! AHEM...! (Sorry, I've got something in my throat...)

tmcfall said...

Speaking of 'The Darkening Splendor", is a sequel in the works? Hated to see it end.....

Visible said...

I will certainly be glad to go fuck myself because I don't know which way is Brooklyn. That you took the trouble to say that to me puzzles me 6 ways past this Sunday because the point was made whether by analogy or metaphor, if you catch my drift. I'm probably over sensitive and just doing the best I can.

Visible said...

The sequel turns out to be another book and it will be out in about a month.

Stella Blue said...

She's baaaaaacckk...

"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread..."

Yes, Sam, this Earth could indeed be an aspect of Hell! Or Heaven and Hell, both! and we go through it on this plane, for the learning, for the Soul development and lessons.

As for the latest Anonymous--nice diatribe; got me to thinking, so wanted to comment.

Matthew 5:38-39
"Ye have heard that it hath been said 'an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth': but I say unto you that ye resist not evil; but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also."

My take is that God (His/Her Androgynous Self) is ever-evolving, not stagnant. And that in gifting us Free Will, made in His/Her Own Image, that we chose Evil. (oops...major disobedience, hence shame and guilt--the Devil's toolbox) That's the Original Sin. And we will THINK it whether we actually do it or not. Off the Mark.

So--God says to Him/Her-Self: "How can I fix this?--I know! I'll come down and incarnate in the flesh and become the sacrificial lamb without blemish, taking on the sins of the world, and thereby they may have redemption!" Changing the Law of Moses from eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth retaliation, into turn the other cheek and love one another. Well, it sure was a great teaching; but, are we even yet capable of it?? Hell, NO!! We'd rather kill the son-of-a-bitch! And in Islam, even blow ourselves up for Allah so we can get all those vestal virgins to fornicate with once we reach (where again?)...

It's way too deep a topic to banter quickly. I mean, resisting not evil can also be don't feed what's holy to the dogs (or pigs). But your questions, Anonymous, were definitely thought-provoking. Got me out of biting my tongue '-)

"Twisted shit happens in dark ages," says Visible. The proof is in the puTTing (I might add)--be careful where you step, there may be a pile of dog shit over there.

Anonymous said...

Israel Again and Again Slaps a Cowardly America

Denny said...

Paul Von 6:02: PM

No one is prepared to do this, including yourself (evidently).

Try prying the electronic gadgets from the hands of all those (especially female) teenagers out their and they'd require therapy for the rest of their lives.

It'd be like advising women not to have shit stuffed inside their breasts compliments of charlatans masquerading as doctors.

No one is going to switch off their laptops no matter what it eventually leads to, but I agree that like all the rest of the poison they're pushing on us, it's all contributing to the slow but sure degeneration of our health and wellbeing.

Incidently, had it not been for computers, I'd never have known half the things I know now regarding what their up to and who is responsible for it all.

Now I do know, what am I supposed to do about it anyway apart from informing others who all think I'm delusional..? I guess that's the challenge for those who do the research and pierce through their imperceptible stealth - ie remaining positive and sane as if none of it is really happening.

siamsiam said...

one you can tell the family:

guy walks in to a vets with a parrot he has just bought

says to the vet this parrot doesn't talk

vet looks at it and says that parrot is dead

impossible says the guy, i just bought it

ok, says the vet lay it on the floor

the vet then calls for his labrador dog

the dog sniffs the parrot then nods to the vet

yes, dead as a post - says the vet

what does that dog know - my parrot is alive i tell you

ok, says the vet and calls for his cat. the cat walks past the parrot and looks it up and down looks at the vet and meows.

yes, says the vet 100% dead

Ok, says the guy is suppose your right. how much do i owe you.

300$ says the vet.

what 300$ just to tell me my bird is dead.

oh, no - that includes the lab report and the cat scan :)

Anonymous said...


"The illusion of liberality persists. Yet all one has to do is challenge the “national security” prerogatives of an ever-expanding American empire – as Binney, Applebaum, and Poitras did – and suddenly one is transported into the world of It Can’t Happen Here, Sinclair Lewis’s masterful evocation of what a distinctively American dictatorship might look like, Orwell’s 1984, or some other dystopian vision of a totalitarian future. Reading these warnings today, one cannot escape their archaic air: not because the visions projected in these novels turned out to be wrong, but precisely because they have already come true."

Your police state is here - lap it up!

If you don't like it, we have 450 million hollow-point rounds to change your mind.

'Land of the fee, and home of the slave'

Ray B. said...

Paul Von, Sunday, April 22, 2012 6:02:00 PM

"I have concluded that electronics technology is THE major social and environmental disaster of our times."

Thank you for this comment. I read widely, simply to see as many 'twists' as possible on things. I had never thought about it in precisely that way. Books could be written just on that comment. It will be interesting to see how a his/herstorian a thousand years from now will weigh this. Did it 'come in' neutral, or was there malice aforethought?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Thanks for the earlier comments, Stella Blue!

Visible said...

God is afoot and there is magic in the air. Someone sent me this in relation to my having mentioned that God had told me he was going to do some really funny things. It doubles down with the fact that it is OK2BME2, if you catch my drift concerning this smoking mirrors post.

Expect a whole load of this to continue happening because just before I got this in an email I was talking with the lord about similar things, not that I should be considered to have his ear and voice but if I did that's how it is. Take a good look at all kinds of similar things of differing style like the ss Colombian hooker thing and the Afghan killing spree.

Anonymous said...

For Denny & Siamsam:
I remember listening to a female comedian who was discussing “breast enhancement” and how ridiculous she thought the practice was. She continued on about just how prevalent it was these days. She knew this because the first time a new male companion had touched her breasts, he commented that her breasts felt funny. She responded, “yeah, I know; they’re real.” --- Serena

Morethanamouthfulisawaste said...

Let's talk about breasts for a moment. Done properly the implants are under the breast tissue beside the pectoral muscles so that the breast fells totally normal to the touch.

B cup is the way to go unless one has matronly hips where an C cup would be acceptable. The less cup the more youthful the result.

D, E and larger cups give a 'tits on a stick' impression and should be avoided.

Proportional, non-sagging breasts stay in place for life and add a great deal of physical attraction to any woman.

Firm, champagne sized breasts are wonderful!

My $0.02.

Richie (Dana) said...

Paul Von 6:02
I believe I will be hanging on to my electronic equipment for a while yet, at least until those psychic powers ramp up a bit. (grin).
You see, that is a huge reason that I arrived here and it is greatly appreciated. I do understand your points but they are dealing with ‘physical’ items.
It is interesting to me that you bring up Cad software as I have been immersed in that for many years and became quite proficient. I was recently forbidden to do any more drawings by my company which really blew my mind. At least I was aware enough to thank the Divine for this development at the time.
I have since recognized that my immersion in that 3D world was a sort of cul-de-sac that admittedly fed my ego and kept my blinded to some important things. So you see that I actually do agree with you on a certain level.
It seems most important to me now that we gage every experience, story, or situation with the ultimate litmus test of Love or Fear. It is all about vibration and the TPTW use the vibration of fear to control.
Love on the other hand, will literally transport your Being out of here.
I would like to encourage everyone to see that we have nothing to fear. All those negative emotions and results of fear based living will simply evaporate in the presence of the vibration of Love. I do not care how much money, guns or “power” you may think you have. It will all be transmuted away from those who subscribe to the Divine.
Visible is not the only one with invisible friends as there are many out there cheering us on. I cannot wait to meet them.
Hang on my friends, we are almost there.


Paul Von said...

Hello Ray B.

You commented: "It will be interesting to see how a his/herstorian a thousand years from now will weigh this."

There are many reasons I have become so adamant about the dangers of electronic equipment. When the cumulative impacts of design materials, manufacturing processes, consumer’s usage, and ultimate disposal of the product are all added up, the human and environmental damage is enormous. The damage to human DNA presented by electromagnetic fields, also affects many other life forms…

In addition to the environmental damage being done, the application of these technologies has morphed into a concerted effort by “World” governments, to control- manipulate, and render helpless, the general population. There are many ranges and levels of pulsed EMF being used specifically in psychoacoustic programming methods. Cell phones, wi-fi systems, smart meters, and many ‘wireless’ devices are involved.

In terms of environmental damage alone, it is highly improbable there will be scientists or other sentient life forms left, to examine what took place on the former planet Earth. I am not overstating the dangers.

Thank you for responding to my post. I've been attempting to warn people of this impending disaster, for over 25 years...

Paul Von

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Paul, Ray, et al:

I've read reports and opinions which state that not only wireless, radio-wave electronics are dangerous, but also wired electronics, such as transmission lines, household wiring and appliances, and practically anything electronic, are also dangerous. Ergo, if it's electronic, it's dangerous. Lots of people don't like "the vibe" around big transmission lines, which has made some real estate locations a "bargain". If a real threat is posed by the big transmission lines, what about the smaller ones that hang over urban streets and sidewalks almost everywhere?

The first problem is figuring out which electronic usages are dangerous, or more dangerous, and the second problem is weighing the risks against the benefits. Risks versus benefits will be controversial, given the popularity of electronic technology.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

As with public nuisances such as noise and local air pollution, there is a difference of treatment between the economic classes vis a vis EMF pollution. In the poor, mostly apartment and shared-housing rental neighborhoods of inner Portland, there are big cell-phone towers in every neighborhood, and some apartment buildings host an array of EMF-transmitting equipment on their roofs. A mile away, in the upper middle class Mt Tabor neighborhood, with homes starting at $500K, there are no cell towers, and the Mt Tabor neighborhood has a community campaign to keep the towers out.

Denny said...

There, they're, their..... I must be getting senile.

Talking again of breasts, I was up at the "mammography" department of the local hospital and took a look at those in the waiting room. The women sitting and waiting to be irradiated (along with a good chance of getting breast cancer from the scan itself) were all covered in toxic make up, their hair destroyed by toxic hair dye, wearing toxic clothes and shoes that are obviously designed by demented circus clowns, chewing toxic chewing gum and of course all clutching their latest EMR smart phones.

I also read a report, stating that it is now much safer to feed babies with bottled milk rather than breast milk, because of all the heavy metals and other toxins in female breast tissue.

Add to all this the silicone implants and I'd say it'd be far safer living with an inflatable doll.

Anonymous said...

re: electromagnetic dangers

Bear in mind the inverse square law. If you hold a cell phone 1cm from your ear you get X amout of electromagnetic radiation. If you hold it 2 cm from your ear you get
1/4 the amount. At 3cm you get 1/9 the amount. At 4cm you get 1/16 the amount.

Thus the intensity is proportional to the inverse of the sqare of the distance. And that goes for all electromagnetic emissions.


bholanath said...

Irony alert:
Yesterday Obummer gave a speech warning of the dangers of evil regimes that use high technology to repress their citizens.
It was at the holocaustic museum.

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, one could surmise that the Egyptians and other cultures did not build the pyramids. These earthlings did not have the technology at the time, nor do we now. And in all their writings on stone walls, describing everything down to the smallest details, they omitted to write about how they built their pyramids. Odd, doncha think?

In terms of immaculate conception, artificial insemination is more probable. Yes, I do believe evolutionary spirals occur every once in a while, but it's hard to reconcile our brains that are comprised of different evolutionary species without considering the probability of direct manipulation. Take for instance, rh- blood (missing rhesus monkey factor). Blue Eyes ~ if we evolved from apes and monkeys, where did the blue eyes come from? And if brown eyes are a stronger factor than blue, why do blue eyes keep occuring with such high frequency?

I continue to enjoy reading your blogs, as it continually confirms my link to the collective consciousness in the usual serendipitous fashion.

Ray B. said...

Paul, Gregory, Mandocello, all:

Everyone is making good points. Thanks for the extended replies. We educate everyone, in this manner.

My main concern is with the potential for distraction from higher goals. I have long thought that the 'bad guys' work very hard to keep us 'occupied' from birth to death in order to preempt higher seeking. Thus: If you 'leave' at equal to lower consciousness compared to what you arrived with, they 'win'.

I try to keep this in mind when I feel all the attractions of the electronic world. Stubbornness is essential in a very deep sense. (To misquote Gandalf, "You... Shall... Not... Win!") I am very fearful for those that do not have this inner 'knowing', especially the young.

(Distraction applies across the board, of course, but we are talking electronics here...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Denny said...


Re "Inverse square law"...

At least this allows some room for protection (unlike that even more insidious source of damage to everyone's physical and mental health - ie the highly toxic mercury in everyone's MOUTH).

Visible said...


I tend to believe the same, with a few caveats that I don't have time to get into at the moment but probably will eventually as we go; working on Petri Dish at the moment.

Love to all you hard working people out there. It won't be long now, ♫Yeah, yeah, yeah, it won't be long♫ Just saw the film "Living in the Material World" about George Harrison. riveting stuff. I used to live pretty close to him in Nahiku near Hana Maui. Never met him. Met Olivia's brother a few times but... like Willie Nelson, it wasn't meant to be.

Paul Von said...

To Richie (Dana) Ray B. Gregory F Fegel and interested readers >

Thank you all for responding to my posts regarding EMF and ELF induced dangers. The use of electronic harassment, and the consequences of induced neurosis on the general population, are only known to a very small segment of the population in our current form of the Matrix. Also, please be aware that my concerns are authentic and very well researched. Here is a short list of links for further information. Take the time to peruse the articles, and please pass them on to those you love and care about. Tip ‘o the pen, to the gentleman who makes this forum possible. Thanks Vis.

Paul Von

Gregory F. Fegel said...


Re: inverse square law, it may apply to cell phones, laptops, and appliances, but many people claim that the broadcast EMF waves are harmful, saturating the environment with EMF pollution. If that's true, everyone is being harmed by EMFs, regardless of whether they personally use cellphones and laptops. Personally, I don't know if the EMF broadcast proliferation is a big threat or not.

I have wondered if the White Nose Syndrome (WNS) that's decimating bats might be a result of EMFs intefering with the bat's echolocation and communication (which operate within the same frequency range as EMFs), leading to starvation, leading to WNS.


Many people think that the Pyramids and other architectural wonders of the ancient world must have been built by space aliens, because they don't think that ancient humans had the technology to do it. I think that those who believe in the space alien theory of human history should spend less time reading uninformed, speculative woo-woo, and more time reading articles about real archeology. Here's a quote from an article about ancient Egyptian building techniques; it shows evidence that the Egyptians themselves, and not space aliens, built the Pyramids and other structures. It seems unlikely that space aliens would sketch a building design with a red ochre crayon, or draw a building design on papyrus.

"The drawings on the left were found by the French at the quarries of Gebel Abu Feida in 1789. These pillar capitals, destined for a temple at Denderah being built by Cleopatra, were sketched with red ochre on the rock face in half the natural size.
The ground-plan of the tomb of Ramses IV is extant. It was drawn on papyrus at a 28:1 scale.
When a Ptolemaic temple at Qalabasha in Nubia was moved block by block from 1961 to 1963 and rebuilt elsewhere, the ground-plan of the building was discovered. The architect had again used grid lines and the laying of the blocks was accurate to 7 mm according to K.G.Siegler who checked it out. The foundations were laid down straight with the help of strings, then they scratched the ground-plan into the surface of these foundations according to the grid lines. A list of the required blocks with their measurements were sent to the quarry where they were trimmed with great precision."

The disbelief that our ancient ancestors could have built those amazing structures reminds me of the disbelief among some people in modern "Developed" countries that people in "unDeveloped" countries are capable of civilization, high culture, or self-rule.

positive spaces moderator said...

I got to your blog as I'm looking for people who may be interesting in commenting about the issue of smoking in public places.
Reading over your looong and interesting post, I realize the name of the blog is anecdotal, but as you seem to be very socially aware, and so articulate in your writing, I thought you may still find it interesting.
If you are, please visit and hopefully leave a comment with your opinion.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami awaits-

The Long Way up the Mountain on Memory Lane.

ChewyBees said...

Here I am, posting at the end in response to previous posts with authors that likely wont return. Oh well...

In response to Paul Von, or Von Paul, depending on your political affiliation, about the mental addiction to electronics worldwide...this is all part of it.
Electronics, as well as government, religion and science is a part of the giant yank away of dis-reality (passing off of liability), revealing the true reality of total liability.

Since you are well-versed in electronics, you will know how incredibly susceptible all microchipped devices are to electromagnetic radiation. We all know about EMP bombs, and a great book for the aftermath of that is

Few though consider the potential catastrophic, world altering effects of a massive bombardment of electromagnetism.
Imagine every microchip not secured in a military level shield being fried instantly. That's every powerplant, every power station, every computer, every cell phone, every home appliance, every TV, every part of the transportation and delivery infrastructure, every mechanical farm tool, every automobile, every airplane, every building, every thing. Even the military will suffer to an extreme unimaginable.
You can either mentally, and physically and spiritually handle and live through such a catastrophe to a civilization that is made up of electronic junkies, or you'll be running around your yard shaking your fist at the sky because Starbucks is closed and your sugar/caffeine fit can't be met.

Aside from an extinction level threat, like a Fukashima super nova, or nuclear war, or massive release of laboratory disease warfare, or an environmental collapse, (all are not out of the question, and may coincide), I see the shock and awe of an electronic collapse as an incredible test of the true nature of men, and will reveal their intention in this life.
That aside, most of us were hip deep in this before we even realized there was a 'deep in this'. The whole idea of abandoning all and living in the woods is posted by someone on a computer. That too is telling, and like the rest of us is a sign of seeking validation.

My comments are that too, so that is not an accusation. I feel we all come to Visible, as well as many other places, seeking validations. It is why Visible (my observation here) has many times wondered how he can keep saying the same thing over and over again in a different way to appease us all. We keep coming back, demanding the same message in a different hue, because we are validated by the congruency to our own conclusions on the subject matter.

I hope to teach because it makes me life. I hope to learn because it also makes me life. These are my validations. Here I learn. Sometimes I pray to teach. Sometimes I just ramble. Who am I to say, anyway?
Teaching without learning, and vice versa, is as incomplete as an iPod without iTunes.

Illuminati Agenda said...

"I had parents, schools, governments, religions and cultures trying to pound my helix peg into a square hole..." He he - me too, I wasn't a particularly pleasant time...



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