Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scum of the Earth, Blood Hungry for the Kill

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

(I hope this pleases all the people who wanted me to stop writing so often (grin). I'm also hoping that control of my books will happen again soon to please so many of you who keep asking why you can't order them. Worse case scenario I just republish everything and offer them through a new venue; this means simply changing the way you get them. In the meantime. I have the digital versions of both available so, simply contact me by email and I'll get copies out to you at 10 Euro a pop- 30% off previous offerings (such a deal!).)

Now that's what I call sanity; in an age of rapidly vanishing disappearance, it used to be you would only get what you were seeing and now you're only seeing what you're getting; it's that sooner or later effect I was talking about, except I wasn't talking, I was typing. I'm making a kind of pesto from a leafy plant (Ramsons, Allium ursinum — also known as buckrams, wild garlic, broad-leaved garlic, wood garlic, bear leek, and bear's garlic — is a wild relative of chives native to Europe and Asia.

The Latin name is due to the brown bear's taste for the bulbs and its habit of digging up the ground to get at them; they are also a favorite of wild boar) called Baerlauch, that grows in the woods around here; toss in the olive oil, Parmesan, walnuts (cause unless you work on Wall Street you can't afford pine nuts) and secret ingredients and thinking about how I now intend to make my own catchup and mayonnaise, because of all the caustic ingredients in the store model. It's either that or give up the things I put them on, which isn't likely in the short term; thinking handmade French fries here, or pommes frites as you prefer. It's macaroni and cheese today, with the Baerlauch pesto, so it should be a good day (grin), now, ...on with the show.

Israel's first, last and only single nationals, 'the bought, sold and blackmailed' John-John McCain and psychopathic murdering scum of the Earth, Lieberman, are blood hungry for the kill. It's certainly something Lieberman can't 'Passover'. He likes them dead and preferably tormented and tortured first. There are few men on Earth as evil as Lieberman and the rest of them are his compatriots, from the same shitty little weasel world he comes from. Once again, it can't be said too often; ISRAEL DID 9/11!!! ISRAEL DID 9/11 and we have all the proof in the world!!! Do I have to say it again? Israel did 9/11 and they are behind the financial meltdown, with their generations entrenched, banker elite and they are behind the run up and performance of getting all recent wars fought by other countries on their behalf! Period it is and end of story and we do hope this story ends soon, with them no longer being in a position to do anything, ever again, anywhere, period, period.

I'm sick and tired of having to say this over and over. I am more sick and tired of a public so stupid that they can swallow the endless lines of horseshit that fiends like this keep delivering, steaming warm on a garnished plate, served by automatons with garnished salaries. This has already been completely scrubbed from the MSNBC website, where I saw it only half an hour ago. Here we sit folks, surrounded by slick, porcine weasels, with bloodstained mouths, surrounded by dumbass mouthpieces, playing taps for themselves and their associates, out of key and with no mourners, as the curtain begins to come down on their drawn and quarter-fucked destinies and it couldn't happen to a better bunch of scoundrels, scum-slugs and diseased donkey shit on toast, with roasted Tribe sluts alfresco, delicious and delectable, served hot or cold, like revenge upon the latter, with some introductory Borgia soup blessed by The Pope. Let's take a little walk with him, while he goes for a shit in the woods. Meanwhile, one of his associates wants to make sure of what time it is (I'm not into time, dude), while he makes the watch disappear but not the reflection on the table top. This is the kind of thing evil does to itself, with funny hats on its head. It gets worse and worse, for one of the primary sources of evil. They're scrambling, they're ♫jumpin' and jivin' on the floor♫ of... the stock exchange and everywhere else as they try to get out of Dodge, on their way to that mystical and mythical 'home on the range'. The only choice they have is world disorder and wars up the wazoo. They don't count the dead and dying with Satan on their side. Yeah, lots of people don't believe in God but everyone believes in The Devil. In Kali Yuga that's what passes for The Divine.

Heah comes Mr. Apocalypse, with his walking stick, while Ehud Barak has got his hand on Michael Fassbinder's dick. He's got his recreational periods, when he isn't orchestrating things like 9/11 with Dov Zacheim and the rest of the crew. Did I happen to mention that Israel and MI-6, along with the usual clowns, did 9/11? If I happened to overlook this, I apologize. Should I forget to remember that I might have forgotten to have said it, I'll endeavor to remember again, as we go along here. I might have forgotten, you know, given that the general public can neither remember, or even think, in the first place. Talk about thankless jobs, I have one of those but my invisible friends appreciate the effort and the hardened and legible footsteps in the dried mud, on the way to Shambala, are more gratitude than I have any right to expect in the first place... eh? Can I get an Eh-men? Can I get a witness among the witless? Do you think you could hear the music any better with that ipod jammed up your ass? It's a Kim Kardashian world, where one of the most talentless rap artists, in a bankrupt and craven, tits, asses and gun-ho's can fall in lust with her in a gung-ho, hooyah, strictly for publicity way. If it ain't P-Diddy, it's not truly inauthentic and poorly written and performed ...only trying to be.

As we go along, something absolutely sick and sinister is happening in Japan. Why aren't the world's greatest experts on the scene, seeking to contain the damage? This I do not get. I don't get this at all. Is this so relatively unimportant, that it doesn't matter, in terms of being one of our most number one priorities? Why do I continuously keep hearing about one fuckup after another, with no experts from around the world, deeply engaged in fixing the thing? Someone knows things I don't know, which is no great surprise. On and on it goes, with one strange, inexplicable thing after another, with no operating instructions, explanations or disclaimers, attending any of it? WTF is going on? WTF us going on?

I know we've got phony alien invasions coming up, unless they are the real deal ...and that would explain a lot, especially if it has already happened. We know the minds of all the real life villains, in our contemporary horror show, of what passes for reality, have already been possessed by the entrenched, lower astral dark lords, who have guided the twisted agendas of the ones we can see and have been seeing for thousands of years. Now, here comes the Lord of Light with his broom. He's going to clean all those long infested demon rooms, that have been playing on the internal Walkmans, with no shut off, or pause buttons, in the heads of those so co-opted. Don't worry about the outcome, since it's all already sorted on the upper end and only needs to be precipitated down, as we are dwelling in the echo and aftermath but just don't, collectively, know it yet. So it goes hermanos y hermanas it goes.

Shit on a shingle. It's what's for breakfast, with five kinds of fried pork specialties like they put on those full English breakfasts. Yeah, that's that other center of total darkness, that operates as the world financial brain center; The City in the heart of London. This is run and operated by the same vampire siphon, lampreys that run that fictitious, shitty little country in The Middle East. You can read all about it here as a free download and you can get tons more here. If you want to know, you can know, if you don't want to know, well... there the majority of you are already and you will then be brought to the state of knowing the hard way, as 'knowing' is conferred upon you, by the forces of change, which insist, that's right, positively insist that you know, whether you like it or not. That's going on right now. It's going on pretty softly, compared to how it will be going on shortly. It's your call. I know you're not reading this but it is in the air, if you care to listen. You'll hear soon enough it any case, whether you are reading this or not.

Myself, I'm looking at those hard fixed footprints and that's all I need. We've all got our priorities and that happens to be mine. I made my choice and I'm happy with it. I could have gone in a lot of directions from here but this seemed the most advantageous, since I can always come back in, if I want to. One should always go to the opportune in the first place, lest that option be removed in the process of procrastinating, in respect of all of that sublimating in the first place. Did I mention that Israel did 9/11 along with their damned and doomed associates? Well, in case I didn't, let's leave that as our parting shot, in respect of that ain't all I got. Wham, bam, thank you Mam!


End Transmission.......

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Visible sings:

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Anaughty Mouser said...

It's such a blessing to know there are you and many others thinking the very same thing at the very same time. Your words have wings Visible!

Clusterfu*k extraordinaire with the majority of the 7 billion here not having a clue as to what is coming down. The West...what a joke. Raping the rest of the world for their resources so the west can have plastic sh*t they can buy, use and throw away tonne after tonne.

We are a sad example of civilized people. Look at the merkins and tribe a$$clowns now sarting a war against Syria. A kaleidoscope of myopi. The golden years of the 40's and 50's are definately over - the fate of Rome awaits. In the end the only export from that empire in demise was war. Sound familiar? Oh, Merkins also export Holywood fantasy but that genre has gone the way of vampires and hungergames - nothing to see here folks, just move along.

It's so pathetic it's hard to even comment on anymore. Kudos to you for your ability to keep on pounding out the truth. Seems all those who don't already know the truth DON'T WANT TO KNOW. They just want their footbal, beer and Cardishans...

Half of the world doesn't have food for dinner or clean water to drink and the other half is consuming more than they need four times over.

How will this all end? Well, there has never been a gun or a bomb that wasn't eventually used so murder is on the menu. It's been on the menu since the Obelisk (sp?) was inscripted with a half billion as the optimal population on earth.

Imagine there are people centralized in the city of London who are this very minute plottinghow to exterminate 6.5 billion people. Who gave them this right? My belief in a higher power prohibits me from believing they will succeed but their quary is HELPING them to achieve their murderous goals. It is all to macabre. The bombs are ready, the FEMA extermination camps are ready, the politicians are bought, the elections are solidly rigged, the pandemic viruses are ready.

Pease stop the world, I want to get off. Visible I hope your saucer is fueled up and ready to go. I heard there are millions of planets in the Milky way which would accomodate life.

Is that mister Apocalypse coming over the horizen with his walking stick a banging as he goes?

Lord help us.


Anonymous said...

yeah, yeah, yeah.

certainly the pecking order of the dogs of war is mossad, mi6, cia. just as sure, their masters live nowhere near israel. still, point well taken.

but the intuition that dwells more quietly within, that which is for myself the source of any real calm, confidence, or sense of well being, continues to remind that there are no 'victims', as such.

difficult to sell, solvent just the same. we are all props in each others' plays. if someone approaches you with a gun and intends to fire, the chamber will be empty or otherwise fail, if their action is outside the realm of your own true intent and purpose.

the choices we make prior to (re)incarnation, and ongoing, are the determinants (aside from divine grace) to what we experience, consistent no doubt with that which we are still in need of a little re-minding, now and again.

that which may be perceived as bad news by some is ... that lays full responsibility at our own doorstep for what we experience and how we feel.

the good new is ... if it is not 'others' (ultimately) 'keepin' a brother down', then we have it within us to consider different avenues of thought and action

i'm not a big fan of the 12 step groups - or any other denomination for that matter - as they are just another dependency oriented religious substitute. however, i do subscribe to the jungian precept at it's core that calls for rigorous self-honesty as the key to the 'kingdom within'.

Roy Nichols said...

yes.....and while i,m here, typing...threw my watch away after seeing Easy Rider....your in the groove ....One Love, Roy.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you again this week Vis... went to the link for the warmongering liars advice column-good to see reading the comments that most get 'them'.

Japan is always on my mind. Every time it has rained or snowed since 3/11/11, I think of Japan.

Every time it hasn't rained or snowed... I think of Japan.

Every time my kid wants to go for a run... I think of Japan.

Read a horrible news piece about the radiation levels in Boise and relayed it to my neighbor-who wanted to stash his three horses on my back lands IN THE FIRST WEEK OF DECEMBER in big snow country.

I let him but was a bit intrigued as to why he'd want his horses tromping around in the usual 3/4 feet of snow-BUT IT NEVER CAME THIS YEAR. Three very fat and sassy and happy horses grazing out back still-having taken out about three acres at least of waist high grasses during our IDAHO WINTER THAT NEVER WAS.

So I'm reading this report about the high levels of radiation in Boise and get called out by him to my back area and thusly relay this to him and he tells me that 'SIX young women related to the women his wife works with all lost their gestating fetuses in utero this year'. AND THEY ALL GOT IT THAT IT WAS RELATED TO JAPAN'S HORRIFIC NUCLEAR DISASTERS shared with the world.

This is what matters to me. What the Sun is doing with massive flairs IN STEREO too are catching my attention.

What the monsters who are very obvious to me are doing-trying to spread as much death, misery, DU and other deadly contamination as fast as they can-seems to be symptoms of whatever is already come our ways.

I tripped on your comment on your other post with everyone sharing how they move and work the energies through the chakras... WHAT ENERGIES WOULD THEY BE? The energies are from the connection-one that can be hard to hold onto in these very stressful times.

I was so wibbly wobbly last week that I lost my connection or had a feeble hold on it but that seems to have turned around yesterday-Tuesday.

Today, Wednesday April 11, Pluto goes retrograde. I spent some time on the ephemeris the past few mornings and was really interested to note how long a planet holds a degree whilst changing gears. EIGHT days Pluto will be at 9 degrees Capricorn, 34 minutes. 9CA34... for eight days total.

If this degree point holds anyone's attention please note that it can be very disruptive to our life force when the planets change gears or signs. Lots of that has been going on these past few weeks.

love you,
the gardener

Anonymous said...

Sick - Shit - Fuck . . .!!!

...channeling Sam Kennison, Roger Miller & Jesus Christ, ?

Why just last night in Burbank the little Yids @ Starbucks were so into their attitude thingy...

the natural reaction like unto RAP is an immediate thought of annihilation....its' coming...

The ovens are ready to receive the least six million a day until this detritus and filthy rotten scum is outta here...

back in 01 Sept ...eighth a Fri morning, Florida Sen. Graham was on CSPAN to talk about the 40 Billion FRN budget for the "Intelligence" sphere OID, OMG !! {nearby in Upland was an ONI facility which saw this ditty}...

Reported by "AL QUIDA" psychophant Joel C. Rosenberg in 18 Aug 01 -

"A group of American business and political leaders are building a pro-Israel media "war room" in Washington, D.C. The group will be called "Emet" — which in Hebrew means "truth." Emet will try to address biased media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and also make the case that the conflict, while serious and important, pales in comparison to the larger geo-strategic threat posed to the United States and the West by Iran and Iraq, both of whom are trying to build and/or acquire weapons of mass destruction. Funding Emet is Leonard Abramson; he sold U.S. Healthcare to Aetna in the mid-1990s for $8.9 billion. Abramson has recruited a powerful board of directors, including Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot; Les Wexner, founder of The Limited; Edgar Bronfman Sr., who once owned Seagram's; and Lou Ranieri, a major Wall Street player who now co-owns one of Israel's largest banks. Also joining the board are Jeane Kirkpatrick, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, and Jack Kemp."

You may recall Paul Simons' Graceland Album Music Video on MTV for the Boy In The Bubble ..."a loose affiliation of Millinaires and Billionaires"...[The Global Crime Syndicate hell bent on promoting the AGENDA of the Stool Sculpture Deity Cult...calling themselves "Gods Chosen People", 90% of whom are descended from "Japhetic" proselytes]...

IN THE OVENS....!!! {Matt. 13}

The so-called "Jewish" State cannot be "ISRAEL" for one simple reason - "THEY" are not even from the Tribe of Judah...

One more time for the Children in the Hospital...Why and or how is the efficacy of hating TRUTH a tenet of the Religion of the Stool Sculpture deity cult...?

Matthew 7, even.

mirror mirror on the wall...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of aliens, this will be something to ponder when the grid goes down.


Anonymous said...

Dig this "CHUTZPAH"...

Ray Locker,
managing director,
Investigative Project On Terrorism


11:30 A.M.

Panel Two -

Deborah Weiss, Attorney and Policy Analyst, Vigilance, Inc, on "The
Organization of the Islamic Conference. Defamation of Religion and

Daniel Huff of the Legal Project on "Saudi Libel Terrorism and
Constitutional Issues"

Sarah Stern of EMET on "The Saudi Penetration into Academia and Title VI of
the Higher Education Act"

Kyle Shideler of EMET on "The Saudi Penetration into Washington's Think
Tanks and Policy Shops"


oh yeah a ...ring of fire...and a "RACE WAR"...!

Anonymous said...

PS- for your 'I'm making a kind of pesto from a leafy plant' (which sounds totally vital and yum) do you use the entire plant or just the bulb?

Love you,

the gardener (with a perpetual metallic taste in my mouth since 3/11)

Anonymous said...

keep repeating the mantra

all for the purposes of demonstration

practicing the navigation of 4D -- 'hypnogagia'
is an opening not a defined psychobabble term -- listen to the visuals -- listen
as though you were listening to the instructions on how to exit a dark cave into the clear pure sun of day -- listen visually -- listen so that you are able to 'connect' with the source the same way listening to another person on a deep enough level allows true communication -- a sensing of their inner dimension. you can do this with the Source. It is the intent. don't interrupt -- don't think of what you should say - don't let your 'mind' race ahead to fill in the details and jump the 'conversation' to a lesser conclusion -- there is no conclusion -- stay open to listening and the guidance and the manifestation and this is how you prepare to navigate the 4D with awareness and understanding.....

all for the purposes of demonstration -- how could this world be anything else? the lunacy is being cranked higher and higher so even the most DENSE (3D oriented) among us finally get it ....

we get high (4D) with a LOT OF HELP from our invisible friends.....

liz in l.a.

Richie (Dana) said...

Scum of the Earth would be the understatement of the age.

When you once achieve personal victory over the "fear factor" thingy, what emerges is the incredible stupidity of these fucks.

They can have all the money and power on this earth and it will never remove or hide the scum and blood that covers them.

We are about to witness a "FAIL" of epic proportions.

My mind is on the DIVINE.
Thanks Visible

Neko Kinoshita said...


It's all good Vis, but I always thought that Israel did 9/11, pretty much from the first day...


Anonymous said...

For those who read Visible's ciao at the foot of this post - Selah - but don't intuit his meaning - try that link, then ensure to listen to his song...

Visible said...

Hey Gardener; The included links indicate that you can eat every part of the plant; just went out and picked 3 or 4 more kilos for blending with olive oil and garlic for freezing. Ciao!

Patrick V1.0 said...

I can't imagine what events would be enough to wake up the likes of this budding genius . Hence I expect something of a magnitude unimaginable.

Fukishima is the slow kill. Madame Curie was much like the current population of the planet today. Unaware of the dangers she was exposing herself to. Simply because radiation is invisible, has no taste or smell or immediate discernible effect. Regardless the effects were inescapable and led to her death. The same will be true today.

There can only be one conclusion with regards to the lack of attention that Fukishima is receiving from the ones so concerned about their populations health.

The same people who keep us safe from whole milk using guns and ensure that adequate fluoride is in every bottle of baby formula are now ensuring that we get our daily dose of wholesome radiation.

Visible said...

A few other reasons why I can't stand this vermin; and vermin they are. They cut off my comments and access to the sites regular. They fuck with everyone full time everywhere. They murder tens of millions. They lie about what happens 'to them' and what they do to others. Everything that's ever been said about them, no matter how evil or outrageous is true- and worse. No matter what happens to them, and it will, it won't be enough. I could go on and on but why bother? They're doomed and their power diminishes by the hour. The gates of Hell are opening to welcome them to their native land. Bon Voyage.

Anonymous said...

....and it may seem simplistic, BUT How DID came to this point where he and his ArseWipes have SO much power? If you're reading this along with the Other comments, then I think YOU KNOW the SIMPLE Answer.......

Anonymous said...

Indeed Les and setting NEW standards for TACKY and FICTION in an 'election-type-thing' year.


Visible said...

It looks like awakening is happening on all levels. Terrific!!! You go girl (grin)! This is what I like to hear.

Also, is one of my people. also exhibiting similar qualities and I could give you so many more, you have no idea. How cool is all of this? Very, very cool. Alhamdulillah, or would that be alhund-dulillah? Oh yeah, they're coming around the mountain when they come and I can hear the sounds of the chariot and the horses snorting. I can feel the wind of transformation that announces them.

Visible said...

They print the money and they are Satan's chosen people. It's Kali Yuga but what the fucksticks don't get is that that cuts both ways. For the purpose of judgment, the darkness on the inner planes that actually runs this shit is all being pushed outward into manifestation to be judged in the flesh. That's why there are so many stolen cars on the highway of life.

Visible said...

Darn! I forgot to put in that Sunday's radio show is available for download. The link is now in at the end of the post.

Anonymous said...

Visible, absolutely no one does it better or with more conviction, so much conviction that the conviction all by itself convinces. You might want to add that you were talking about Kanye West when you made the latter reference to P.Diddy. Yea buddy, I notice things like that. I don't know if everyone else does.

Thank you for knocking it out of the park every single time and doing it with integrity, humor and wit that I and no one I know or come across possesses to that degree. There's no question where that comes from and that is convincing too. Rave on you untouchable miracle from who knows where. I know where.


Doug Pearson said...


Richie (Dana) said...

May the Divine ruler of this universe Bless and keep you Mr Visible.


Anonymous said...

'Sufficiently advanced stupidity, is indistinguishable from EVIL'- Packwood's Law. (For those of you who do not agree with this: Jesus loves you! Go to the church of your choice, and wait. Don't forget the collection plate- it is right inside the front door.)

missingarib said...

vis,the sight no just the smell of the plate the scum are eager to serve up will, should, give the average man indigestion.
The Long term ingestion of the savories of the scum media will eventually lead to pharmarama of the prozex variety -ahem the battle rages winning over the hearts and minds
thank you for that which is not merely bread -live long

Visible said...

So, tell me... Why aren't we making a movie making a movie, given what is now possible? Considering how economically feasible such a thing is, all we need is the camera operator. Of course the money has to show up but, how hard can that be? Everything else is everybody else engaged in the project for a piece of the action; something to do, while I'm passing through. I get dibs on the soundtrack, with help, of course.

Visible said...

Yeah it's happening, more and more, steady as she goes.

brokenbeat said...

Liz in l.a.,

Your prepping for 4D navigation technique is interesting.

When you refer to hypnagogic state, are you referring specifically to the falling asleep transitional state? Some use that term to also refer to hypnopompic (awakening transitional state), but I often experience a similar state while in meditation and wonder if you might be doing this in an upright meditating position.

When I experience this state in bed, it is difficult for me to sustain it at the ideal "depth". If I don't employ some awkward technique like holding my forearm up, I either fall asleep or if maintaining conciousness enter a WILD, although usually for just a short time (I have had better success with true lucid dreaming in the early morning hours and lucid semi-dreaming in a hypnopompic state is not that rewarding for me).

When I encounter a similar state in meditation with the visuals, I find it all too easy to daydream and have to repeat "maintain" (awareness) and "allow" (experience) to not get into a mindless mental masturbation session. I have visited some interesting states (such as Yoga Nidra) and had some fascinating experiences, but I am very much a clueless tourist there and intend to explore the more fundamental, yet more fruitful areas (for my level) before returning. Building awareness of my connection, gaining knowledge and receiving guidance is my intent. And having some ability to navigate in 4D will come in handy...right about now...

So your speaking of listening intently and remaining spontaneous and prepping for navigating in 4D intrigues me. You mentioned using the "all for the purpose of demonstration" mantra. Is that (or another suitable mantra such as mine) just to get you to that place? I don't think I can listen intently if I'm chanting to myself and if I stop, I could lose focus. Perhaps that delicate balance comes from a "loose concentration" that I have yet to master. Any additional instruction is appreciated.


John V. (in L.A.)

Gregory F. Fegel said...

The music of Tucker, the singing, piano-playing dog, is of a much better quality than many people might think. His piano and vocal compositions might win an award at an avant garde music competition. If Tucker were my dog, I would record all of his sessions, and get them transcribed into notated scores. Tucker's "art songs" could be sung by operatic singers; they could even be orchestrated by someone who knows how to do that. It might also prove fruitful to find lyrics to match the vocal lines of Tucker's songs. One of these websites could possibly provide some lyrics for Tucker's songs:


Recently I became acquainted with the music of the Italian composer Giacento Scelsi (1905-1988), which some readers here might like. I have archived performances of Scelsi's compositions in a file on my "gregoryfegel" youtube channel. Listen to Scelsi's "Aion", or "Uaxuctum", or 'Konx-Om-Pax", or "Pranam II".

Some of you might like the music of the Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996), some of which I have also archived on my youtube channel. I recommend Takemitsu's "Spirit Garden", "Dream/Window", "The Flock Descends Into the Pentagonal Garden", "Bryce", the Viola Concerto/"A String Around Autumn", "And then I knew 'twas Wind", and "From me flows what you call time".

Sim said...

These two got a dinner.

Richie (Dana) said...

"One should always go to the opportune in the first place, lest that option be removed in the process of procrastinating, in respect of all of that sublimating in the first place."

This is the kind of stuff that we are talking about here.
Very profound.....if one has the ear.

The above statement is contingent upon full devotion to the Divine of course. That would be the ONLY way things work out.

There would be a certain magic contained in the words in addition to the spaces between. As a matter of fact.....I highly recommend reading the spaces considering that which is contained therein.

Visible, regarding your last comments.....with 40 years of construction I may qualify for any sets needed.
After all, I have been building "sets" for the play my entire life. (grin).

Truthseekers said...

Boy I look forward to your posts - they make my week. I have become a fan with a few other friends of mine who have discovered your "blog". The thing that is impressive, other than your eloquent use of words, is your embedded links. My gosh your links rock. I have shared them with numerous folk in Facebook forums. You always have some informative tidbit that I was unaware that blows me away. Please keep writing and label those who don't appreciate your work as "jealous" :) Peace and Love

Anonymous said...

Right on, Dude. Repetition is the order of the day. They can't say they weren't told. They choose to abandon the future. Their children will count them for that. On the other hand it is partly not their fault. God help us all.

Thank you, Viz.



Stella Blue said...

I'm just a layperson, but as I watched the 2nd plane hit tower2 live on TV, and then the televised whisper into dub's ear while he read to school children and his non-reaction, and knowing the nature of controlled implosion demolition, I was immediately suspicious of this as an inside job. CheeseDoodleDub who elected himself with the help of his friends was not popular at all, until he stood on the rubble with a megaphone, declaring we'd get the evildoers. The Wash.Post Nasdaq page on 9/10 had the graph of stocktrading below the floor. Our military was sorely in need of rebuilding--badly! And nothing short of a Pearl Harbor episode was going to enlist the sheeple into supporting an "unending!" global! war on terrorism. From the get-go the bin laden videos looked to me like Max Headroom propaganda. The media started running every old movie that showed the twin towers--generating huge sentiment in viewers' minds. IMHO, the elite who control the World--Bilderbergers & Trilateral Comm.--are the top of the food chain here. And the very scary control-the-ignorant-masses Patriot Act was created and implemented without debate. If every Pres. since Carter has been indeed hand-picked by said elite, then we are totally helpless; it's sick & corrupt beyond belief, and we are powerless--even if we were to amass a majority. 9-1-1 was a Skull & Crossbones virtual reality video game "drill," if you will, to test local and global response to our gullibility. Even the # is an inside joke--the number of our own emergency response system--a number that sticks symbolically in the ignorant mass mind. And, we lose. "Sorry Ground Control--mission aborted for lack of critical mass; but keep beaming your Light out there--it helps." Let the Hunger Games begin.

Stella Blue said...

Wanted to clarify: I didn't mean to imply in my earlier comment that there is not/was not a Zionist agenda in complicity with the USA; but that the puppet-master is perhaps a larger world-control organization--in charge of monitoring everything: money, energy, resources, countries, people, weather.

The current ChemTrails may be dispersing nano-particles of barium and aluminum on us right now!--two of the ingredients in thermate/thermite found at Ground Zero. That spraying agenda, in addition to controlling the weather, may very well be to reduce the population, having first padded the pockets of the 2nd largest Industry: Medical.

I very much enjoyed your link, Viz, & watched "Zero--An Investigation" with great attention. I had not seen that one before. I just don't think, from my limited perspective, that the lie will ever be debunked nor that the populace-at-large are capable of such conspiracy belief. I know I get shot down all the time until I just stop talking about it--unless there is someone with ears to hear.

Nevertheless, I try to stay close to the spout where the Grace comes out, and trust that in the much larger scheme of things, that Divine Plan will take care of it's own Elect. As far as our beloved planet? Well, I kinda think she/Gaia is sacred, too; that doesn't mean she couldn't use a good cleansing. The Hopi elders called the 2012 phenomenon "The Great Purification."

Anonymous said...


i have long been curious about the visuals that would spontaneously come to me as i lay in a transitional state about to go to sleep -- not so much upon waking -- but if i were to take more time 'waking' this would probably be true too. but i go to sleep slow and in a relaxed state and generally wake up fast and get out of bed. the images i would see were usually of long ago times and people i did not know who were dressed in period clothing -- horses sliding backward down a mountain -- a war -- people in victorian dress -- images that were 'outside' my consciousness -- images i had definitely not seen in 'real time' -- images i could not recall from film or literature (they were also too 'pure' to be derivative from something i had previously 'seen' in a film etc) it was all very curious to me and the explanation of hypnogagia felt weak. and most people in a position to 'know' were so dismissive of these states it felt wrong. so years have passed and over time i knew how to slip into these states at will -- lately it has become a prominent part of my growth as i have worked to consciously develop it. after reading colin wilson's book on pre-history -- atlantis to the sphinx -- and his detailed discussion of how the right brain and left brain work i felt the images came from my 'right brain' (i am left handed which may account for something) -- and that the right brain faculty is our gateway to the 4th dimension -- or rather -- the conscious merging of left and right brain -- so i have been doing that and have been able to have these images during meditation during the day which was quite cool -- and like i said in earlier post -- i find 'listening' visually like a good listener -- not interrupting the flow of images..letting them come at their own pace..not being so excited i interject a pattern...but just absorbing them seems to strengthen the process and i believe it is a prelude to navigating in 4D --

all for the purpose of demonstration is visible's mantra -- i just repeat it whenever life on this planet gets too ugly....but it does fit nicely with receiving right brain images....

glad you found this interesting


Anonymous said...


As for reducing the population--no need for chemtrails. They now have Fukushima. Weather modification efforts may now be directed towards steering the jetstream to optimize the dispersal.


Josey said...


Your post today, along with "Shalom Amigo's" and VT's "Ghost Company" updates (also today), leaves me dumbfounded.

I just am left speechless.

When you consider Japan's nightmare is/was no accident, you begin to realize what lenghts...these creature's will go for more destruction.

Rob in WI said...

Thanks for making me aware of the site. Interesting stuff there.
Be well, Rob

Kurt said...
Burning radioactive debris does not destroy the radioactivity. It merely spreads it.

Gundersen says that radioactivity from the burnt debris will end up not only in neighboring prefectures, but in Hawaii, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington and California. Gundersen said that burning radioactive debris is basically re-creating the Fukushima disaster all over again, as it is releasing a huge amount of radioactivity which had settled on the ground back into the air. In addition to burning radioactive debris, Japan intends to build tents over the leaking Fukushima reactors. While this sounds like a way to contain the radiation, it would actually funnel it straight up and spread it globally:

Richie (Dana) said...

Mandocello / Stella,
On the subject of chemtrails…..

This site proposes a possible reason for them. I will leave the veracity to your discretion, but the possibilities are fascinating. When you look at stuff like this it can lead you to believe we are doomed, as in the Fuckyou- shima thing. When that happened I really turned a corner on this stuff because I “live” in California which is being irradiated everyday now.

Bottom line is that they want this body that I currently inhabit to die. Human life is fragile at best so the process does not seem too difficult to achieve.

I arose this morning because the Divine willed that I should.
Tomorrow and every day after that are completely in his hands as well.
If he wills it that is the way it shall be, in spite of ANYTHING these demons come up with.

Someone always has the last say in any situation and I can assure you it is not them.


Webber said...

Just like to add, one reason the elite would want to trash Japan is that they have developed a car that runs on water. Could cut into the war machinery profits. The other thing is don't underestimate the extra planetary objects that are passing close to us.

Anonymous said...

devoted running circle motions
opened springs of butterflys
multicolored lantern bristles
truths brush far and wide
a running tip of filling full
liberations fullness weaves
lifting up on ocean winds
dynamic plumes of nature beams
the calming still of wonders touch
heart of all things grow
a flash of living paradise
fill the peace inside of know
a blow of rising inward free
the dancing green of spring
playing streams of harmonizing
stirring source within


Denny said...

Richie (Dana):

"Someone always has the last say in any situation and I can assure you it is not them"

Thanks. I know this to be true too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rob in WI. I was led to from the
it must be a # thing. Glad you liked.


Rob in WI said...

This morning, (Th in usa), my clock radio blared "bomb scare at world trade center 2". I thought, wow, maybe I traversed a dimensional shift during the night. Turns out, the news reader made a mistake, and it was "world financial center 2, in NYC". How wunerful it would be, to wake up and explore a world without the vulgar blight of 911, and the subsequent nastiness. O'well, there's always tomorrow morning... maybe? Be well Visible and all, Rob

Anonymous said...

This is the time to be here.

Billy G. Ellipser

John Rambo said...

Les, my man, CHECK THIS OUT:

She's a hot sexy Asian girl ROBOT. And she only costs 100,000 dollars.

Not bad, considering many men lose much more than 100,000 dollars in divorce battles.

So actually, it is now cheaper to just buy a sexy female ROBOT than get married to a real woman.

Kevenj said...

"Do you think you could hear the music any better with that ipod jammed up your ass?"

I just blew out my sip of beer all over my computer screen!!LMAO.

ps. you owe me for 1(one) computer keyboard & 1(one) heineken...

brokenbeat said...


Thanks for the elaboration. Detailed and epic drama your seeing there! That was not at all what I imagined from your first post. Sounds entertaining -- too bad you can't export it directly onto a media so you could share the images. Pretty amazing, really...seems more than mere imagination could generate...perhaps you are tapping into some other space/time hyper-dimensionally. Fascinating.

I have not experienced anything like that in waking consciousness, at least so elaborate. Occassionally, a detailed face will appear, like an impish grinning man with an air of wisdom and a sense of caring but jesting as well. My seeing in my mind's eye comes and goes. Sometimes I can't even picture something at will as I once always could. It concerns me, but almost like a blind person compensating with other senses, I have acquired more feeling-sensing.

Anyway, that's altogether different from what you are experiencing. I trust you are grateful for your ability -- whatever it is -- and I hope there is growth or some benefits beyond passive observation. You spoke of a type of conversation and a sense that you're learning 4D nav skills, so apparently there is more than to just be awe-struck

take care,


Anonymous said...

Dear Les

I rarely post a comment though I used to for a short while. I am a never-miss-one regular and long-time admirer of you and your writing, songs and radio. I have not the inspiration to adequately express my appreciation so I won't try to. Only that, at the least, it is Great.
We have also exchanged a few emails over the years.

A few weeks back I came across something someone had written but had syntax and grammatical errors that prevented a proper understanding. I realized the piece contained an important message so I kept it on my computer and this morning came across it again. I will save you from the details of the hole I'm in but the way things have been the last few days, it is more likely the case that I was led back to the piece. So I read it, editing as well as I could.

It is quite lengthy and I don't know who actually wrote it. I am adding it below because it's message struck me as a great message but others may not. If you think it is then please feel free to choose posting this email in it's entirety or not or whatever.

I am re-declaring my love for you and the commentators your sites attract as well as many of the silent visitors as I do hundreds of times every month.

The entire untitled piece (those who read it will know the best title it could have!) :

There is a place like nowhere
Deep within
A place of eternity there inside
A sacred spot in a world of time

Go deeper inside it
Go deeper yet
The soul gets inside you
If you wish for it

Go through the fear, the anger and the soft sweetness which conforms you and makes you choke like a wild animal trapped within a cage, you go deeper and deeper yet... You swirl down into the abyss only to discover that the deeper you fall, the more real it becomes.

The world you leave behind seems to dissolve and lose its solidity, lose its cycle of self-explained sense which enslaves you into conforming and ties you up in roles of playing roles of the pleaser, the judge, the master, the slave.

Leaving these masks, these roles behind, you dive deeper into it, you suddenly feel sparks of the true-you greeting you, with the joy and love only truth presents.
You see the programming, the sadness, the dark days with suicidal ponderings fade away together with all the expectations. That was never you anyway.

You start to feel alive, a sensation-thought long forgotten. Like a glimpse in the corner of the eye you could really never reach, making you even sadder, believing it to be an impossible thought... Now it is there! Reality, Truth, Waking, you feel the love and you become the love, you dive even deeper and everything within and without dissolves into that love and that truth, you feel how your heart has become a gateway of connection with the Universe swirling around you and inside you as your heart is born again.

worthiness rising from within, you feel your soul inside you looking out through your heart, sensing the world, connected, one with all, connected to love. Pure.


Anonymous said...


You feel your spirit guiding you to remember. Yes you remember as it all comes back, it is like it was never gone, all that you left behind already dissolved, melted into the uncreated, all that is left is here and now, where you feel safe, where you are love, and you know.


We are here now
We are together
You are safe
You are loved so deeply that words could never tell
Feel it
Be it



There might be something resonating, there might be none...

There has never been such an inflow of cosmic energy as right now, well at least not since
pre- Atlantean times.

This very day, is the day where even those we know under many names, but generally could be referred to as suppressors, have actually made the conscious choice to open up their hearts.

They are actually realizing that they have always lived in fear, that by wanting to be master they are already also a slave. That they were fear-mongers, spreading fear amongst 'humans' because that was the way they lived their life, every minute... in fear.

Opening up the heart changes everything. You can never go back.

Now our suppressors are remembering too

The have already joined the circle. The circle of truth, love and power.

Change is now, everything will change.
The inflow will energize the journey, it is direct.

Everything becomes easier in the sense that the energy's focus balances the whole you... Big time.
Angels in human form will feel this very deeply today.

Humans created after the Atlantean fall will start to re-align towards soul contact (because now even those who constructed the slave-master paradigm have choosen to be helpful in removing the echoes of slavery that we carry within our physical body, and they know better than anyone how that is programmed.

This is a day of quite celebration and deep reflection within.

You know, we are actually creating a heart with the internet... A BIG ONE...
All of our amazing hearts are opening up and connecting.
Here and all around Earth, it goes around the Universe...
So many beings from all the Universe have joined, because they feel the truth in their hearts and have to act upon it.
They know that what is happening here will have a ripple effect on the entire creation... A wave of truth and joy... Aint that something beautiful, and we are all doing it... By going in there, deep, sensing the truth, and creating inside out... Now

I am humble and so grateful for being a part of this, and for being in it with you.


Can you imagine your heart re-awakened into being truly connected?

Creation flowing into its natural form of being crystal-like, filled with love, joy and fun.

Our body, soul and spirit balancing, creating a simpler and profound way of living, inside out.

A place for true sharing, for true growing, for heart to heart connections.
It is what we were truly created for from within the depth of the Great Spirit.
Ask your spirit-essence for guidance, you will know, from the heart.

Never alone again.

Feel the warmth within that beautiful amazing heart of yours, feel it like a warm loving embrace from within, tears and laughter, sun and rain, you realize that it was always true when they said that all is connected, you are connected, you are so needed beyond words and you are so loved, also beyond words... You feel the love and the care emanating through your body, you feel a deep sense of

Nick N.

Smyrna said...

Brilliant work there Vis. I tell you what, I have a brother 19 years older than me. He is around your age (born in '49). His name is Ian. He has always been a seeker and what not, been up a few dead ends and so forth, but always seeking. I don't see him or talk to him all that often in recent times, but a month or so back I told him about you(, anyway we were at a funeral of an uncles today and he was very thankful of my tipping you to him. He has been clued up about the 'Tribe' for a long time, but has been slumming it at Prison Planet etc,(he hasn't been inter-webbing too long) and finds your voice very refreshing and inspirational. He was asking me about you etc. I just said that you are an American in Paris who is the most switched on dude on the planet and stay tuned. Cheers Bloke!

Visible said...

Here's a little something for those Friday the 13th slow news days.

I hope my absence from daily posting is pleasing those who feel I do it too much.

mike m said...

@Richie (Dana)

Chemtrail City down in my neck of the woods with a tri-county population of about 6 million is going strong with flights. I would be nice to see some enterprising soul take a couple down with a rpg every now and then.

I consider those who operate the crafts who spread the chemtrail to enemy combatants and need to be dealt with as such.

But if you point it out most people aren't even curious about why those trails are being spread or what they could be composed of even when you watch the trails start out in a straight line then release little puffs that morph into a cloud type formation.

At this point I don't give a fuck what these psychopaths do anymore, I guard against their influences, but it is really shocking how many do not give a fuck. I have a hard time talking with with people sometimes because they are only interested in trivial bullshit.

Ray B. said...

Nick N., Friday, April 13, 2012 3:08:00 PM

Thank you for that great 'meditation'! I am cutting/pasting it for future inspiration, etc. (with your permission). Someone inside was just jumping up and down and saying, "See, someone else gets it!" Whoever originally wrote that piece (and you, for your recognition and editing care) was quite an enlightened being. And, it is quite true about the former 'bad guys', also. Quite a time to be alive and participating!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

dave1010 said...

And then there are those going thru withdrawal symptoms.

Anonymous said...

A whole lotta shakin goin on.

Hang on.


Anonymous said...

wot about the rest of us?
more more more!

Anonymous said...

lord visible,i would pretty much say,the world loves what you say,in its fullness its like a vast pull upon the strands of an awakened mind,,,

plus its very much needed,plus its like a tremendous adventure

anyway gratitude and deep respect...neil

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis,

How about Us that need your daily posts?

I Love You Man.

walking hawk

Clarity said...

Nick N.~

Wow! My first thought is that you need to become a regular poster here... but maybe by waiting you saved up enough to create something powerful.

Your entire post grabbed me and held on, from the A in Anonymous to the . after the N. At each thank you, I was disappointed to be at the end of your comment, and then there was more. I can't say why you found that piece when you did, why you revisited it this morning, why you chose to share it today, and where all your other thoughts came from, but from beginning to end, your words touched me deeply. Maybe as for you, it was just something I needed now. The number 13 has been significant in this and past lives, and today is the 13th. I don't know if there's a connection there... or with the fact that today, the 13th, was the funeral for my 13 year-old nephew who took his life one week ago. Between that and something else very big happening in my life, I have been a bit shaken up. I don't know about your hole, but somehow, I have a strong feeling that what you wrote today will be helpful for both of us. I know it has for me... and I will pray that it is for you as well. I extend my hand to you in love. Please, take hold, and allow me to help pull you up. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to share all that you did.

Visible, you know I love you, and am eternally thankful for everything you do. You are a constant presence in my thoughts... Going far beyond reading your words here, I look to you for guidance as I travel along my path. When faced with challenges, obstacles, decisions, and during reflection, I go to what I have learned from you here. The life you have lived and have chosen to share here becomes an inspiration for me.

To All~ I read each and every comment with anticipation. You have wisdom, knowledge, and experience that you willingly share. I learn so much from the comments that I consider them an integral part of every post. Most importantly, it's a place I can come where I know I fit in with others whose minds and hearts have been awakened. There is much hope shared here, for which I am thankful. With each day, the news bring more discouraging stories, but I know that things are being taken care of, and it is a joy to live without fear.

Love and blessings,

Steve said...

Dear Visible,

Who is saying you post to much? You could never post to much in my opinion!
I have just come back from a 12 day meditation retreat. I do remember saying just before I left, in awe, not as any type of criticism, that your output is greater than my input. Please, I hope this was not taken as you post to much.

The Origami post where you left your music and your interview with Robert is one of the most beautiful things on this planet. I finished reading/listening to that with such a feeling of respect and Love for you that words fail me. The whole world needs to her your message Vis. You could never post to often.

If in my life, I can somehow live it so as to help you in your mission, I would consider it successful.

I am working on it.

As it does not seem enough to just leave words of gratitude. Actions speak much louder and this is all I want to do. I am only limited by my imagination and courage.

Deep Respect

Anonymous said...

thanks for your works Visible!

apologies if this is a repeat;
for any interested 3:29 minute video;

"Gandhi On Jews And Hitler"

(also see, in same vid, what Gandhi's grandson has said and the consequences for his speaking truth)

Apocalypse be upon "them"

WWS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I come to your site everyday looking for your words and this week and I miss reading your regular writings. Hope you get back to that routine because your words have been a big part of my life transformation.

Kevenj said...

WTF is this? You are accused of posting too much? By whom?
Your posts are much looked forward to in these flatlands dude...everyday, 2x a day, 5x a day if you are guided to say it, then say it. It's not like there's nothing news worthy these days to report...

neal said...

So if those lower ones get stuck here, in this place, waiting for judgement-then that begs the question, which maybe keeps on down the lonely road. Now that is irony, but where it meets, that could be something happening.

Have lost gun, have to travail, the judge is always looking for the lost ones, in lost places, and sometimes it looks like it has always been this way.

Not to judge, but where the hell has my pony gotten off too?

And the dog, not to judge that situation.

That is just crying out for less distance, I know that is not much, but still hurts like hell.

I miss you, that is where this is trying to be, and I do not believe it, maybe another judgement call.

Anonymous said...

My mind is lurching like a speed freak debutante with a broken stiletto high heel, hitchhiking on the skid marks of the Hershey highway after reading this latest missive and scanning the comments.

Last night, there was a lightening display and thunderstorm of apocalyptic proportions. It's strange, because typically when that happens, you'll find me cowering under the bed like a little bitch. But oh no, not last night, my compadres. It was one of the most fierce storms that I've ever had the luck to experience, and rather than hiding under the bed, I blasted African drum sessions dedicated to the mighty Yoruban Xango ('Chango') and then paid my respects to Thor with some obscure Nordic Wotan devotee metal band. I became some kind of tuning fork for the forces charging the atmosphere, and had an epiphany that all of the distraction and sleight of hand is just a circle jerk of self deception and delusion for cheap tricks trapped in a peep house of broken, cocaine dusted mirrors.

No matter how much the Powers that Wane (wank?) try to delay the inevitable, sparking the powder keg of racial tension in America so that they can hide their crimes and pit their sworn enemies against each other and then abscond with the booty after the dust settles, Charles Manson swaggers and struts stroking his beard, sneering and jeering,"Warriors, come out and plaaaaaaaaaaaaay" because "helter Skelter *will* be the soundtrack for those who stayed at the fair for far too long.

Gunter Grass is exposing the Great Oz as an ass-grabbing axe murderer who looks stunned that he's been busted up to his knees in a bathtub full of bloody pantyhose. Mel Gibson is back in the news saying vewy, vewy naughty things about certain people, and the laser beam of TRUTH is back on those who'd much rather scurry in dark, damp places like the atomic cockroaches that stalk nocturnal urban wastelands where nouveau homeless people are discarded like garbage and garbage is lovingly housed in attractive cans marked "Recyclable", "Compost" and "Trash".

The people who make laws praying that you'll break them so that they can "use your children like squeeze toys"(one of your best lines ever, Les) would rather resort to the Samson option (I actually have heard more than two civilian tribe members say that 'that shitty little country' will use nukes against everyone before they permit the world to turn on them for the 110th time) than have them exposed castrating children who report sex abuse from the clergy in 'developing' countries like this:

Whew. I believe that I've said more than a mouthful and if last night was any indication, those who'd love nothing more than to turn the whole world into a cattle call for an a$$-2-mouth pillow party are being paged by the One on line 666.

-Farik Nasty

John Rambo said...

Some interesting facts I just read about.

Hitler was a vegetarian
Hitler was anti-feminist
Hitler was against the Freemasons, Illuminati, and Zionists

More I read, more it sounds like Hitler was a good guy and quite an enlightened leader.

Could you address the topic of Hitler in a future post, if I can request that of you Les? Thanks man.

I sometimes wonder that Hitler was trying to usher in a golden new era of freedom, peace, and enlightenment. Anyway, what are your thoughts?

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

Bad Spaghetti-O's, Bad Poetry and Tribe Slime Culture.

Visible said...

Thank you all for the support. I truly appreciate it and certainly didn't expect anything like that in volume.

John R. I would have to give that a lot of thought, especially since it is all out there already.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

John Rambo:

A lot of people claim to be vegetarians who are not vegetarians, and Hitler was one of them. In fact, it might be that the majority of people who claim to be vegetarians are not vegetarians. Particularly if we define a vegetarian as someone who never eats meat, fish, or eggs. The word "never" is significant here. Do a web search for "Hitler vegetarian myth".

John Rambo said...

Hi Greg

Yes I know that, I read that Hitler did occassionally have a slice of ham and he ate eggs as well, but the signigicant thing is that he even addressed the topic and identified himself as a vegetarian.

He may not have been a pure vegetarian, but he was close enough and that is quite significant.

Anyway, Hitler sounded like quite an amazing man and I will be reading Mein Kampf to try to understand more about what his vision for the world was.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Hitler's cook and others who knew him said that he liked eating sausages and other meat on a regular basis. Not even close to being a vegetarian. I guess you could say that Hitler was a vegetarian the same way he was a Christian.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Something I've thought of for while. Israel seems to be a testing ground. Are you loyal to Israel for her promises (bribes) and the illusions she offers? (In other words, are you a sell-out?) Or will you stand for what's right regardless of the cost, which may be your incarceration, you reputation, your life, whatever. Israel seems to her herself the serpent in the garden, as far as the analogy goes. (I LOVE snakes. Alive, and not on a plate.)



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