Friday, April 27, 2012

Alabaster Dream Castles and Fewmets under Glass.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your nose always be cold and wet.

(as I am on the near verge of publishing my new novel, “The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine” I am looking for a publisher who will also have an option on the most recent book published. Failing any takers, I will just self publish with Amazon- or someone similar but I throw this out there, in hope of some kind of Kevin Bacon connection where someone knows someone or is someone and wants to get engaged with me in making it happen. Our phone lines are now open, metaphorically speaking- grin-)

We routinely see effects but not the causes. They are often hidden from view, along with motive and background. Satanists, like pedophiles, do not announce themselves as a regular affair and they are often the same. Messing with the young is a major priority with Satanists and they are often high up the ladder in temporal power and rank. This is why you hear about sexual molestation industries and child murder and disappearances, only to have investigations get quashed, wind up in a dead end, or disappear from the news. Important political and financial figures, are either practising Satanists or the tools of Satanists and they control law enforcement and the investigative press, along with the press in general. We know who owns the world press and entertainment business, so it is no stretch to presume that they are Satanists and they certainly are the poster children for, “by their works ye shall know them”.

Over recent years there have been child sex scandals in England; Scotland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, the US and other places. The same group of Satanists that were behind the slave trade a few hundred years ago, are deeply engaged in present day human trafficking. Indeed, one particular country has the highest global incidence of forced sexual slavery within their borders. It's no stretch to presume that they are deep into the child sex industry as well. As time passes, I come to find that all of the historical rumors about certain people turn out to be true and this is why there has been such a relentless push to create laws to protect them, while at the same time, they push for 'more than legitimacy' (actually primacy) of alternative sexual practices. You can argue and demur or hide these things from yourself all you want, they're still true, whether you want to accept it or not.

Some years ago there was a rash of disappearances of young girls in France; hundreds of them. Their faces were on posters all through the land. As is usually the case, it all got covered up and forgotten about. This tells you that powerful agencies and individuals are involved in it. Once again, you can assume, presume, that this involves, Satanic rites, torture and murder of the most hideous sort. The reality of blackmail, intimidation, fear and brutal persuasion taking place, behind the scenes, at higher levels of the social spectrum, is off the charts. It’s ubiquitous and influences political and social policies all over. In England, social services are taking away people’s children by the hundreds, just because they can. It's the same in Kalifornia, where they regularly place the child with the abuser in opposition to all legal and common sense. It should be obvious, Satanism is at the root of the affair. Psychopaths at high levels have been shoehorning lesser creeps into powerful positions, in the judiciary and law enforcement for some time. There is a general, pervasive and comprehensive plan going on.

A lot of the horrors and injustices of modern life are fuelled by corporations. These conditions are the logical result, in times of material darkness and Satanism is the logical religion of those so engaged, like Monsanto (My Satan), who recently bought up the largest bee research firm so that they could control the information and statistics, that would automatically convict them of the crimes they intend to conceal. You are literally, literally dealing with, 'sick fucks from Hell'. The prevailing mindset around the world, by those in the power to work their will upon others, is truly sick.

Behind the scenes, as well as 'in your face', people like Alan Dershowitz, Elie the Weasel, Abe Foxman, the 9/11 crew and names too numerous to mention, are observably behind the twisting of the social and cultural dynamic, into an unrecognizable swamp and concentration camp. The neocons of the last decades and members of PNAC, are all represented by large numbers of the same genre. Because all of these things are so, and much more, there are more and more laws being created to defend the Satanist and their locations from the operation of justice and exposure.

Of course, there are exceptions in every class, race and creed, concerning obvious and irrefutable bad behavior. However, when you consider that 94% of Israelis supported Operation Cast Lead, you can see that the exceptions are anything but the rule. The amount of terrible intention and policy, as indicated in this link, is awesome in scope and application. This blog goes only so far in proliferation. Most of the leading 'alternative' news vehicles on the internet, avoid publicizing this blog, for a specific reason that the author does not need to mention or explore. Does one compromise honesty for publicity and public profile? It depends on who you are. It depends on what you're made of and who you work for and depend on.

For a good many years, certain facts and realities have been concealed and under wraps. Suddenly, in recent times, it is all coming out. If you want to know, you can know and the actions and operations of the enemy of general humanity are being revealed daily. There has to be a reason for this. As has been mentioned here many times, when that great and irresistible force for cosmic change and transformation comes precipitating down the planes, it pushes and sweeps out the dark entities concealed there, into manifestation for a specific purpose. That's where we are and that’s what's going on. You're watching it happen and judgement is the reason. This should fill the hearts of those troubled souls with optimism, who can't make head or tail of what's going on and find themselves slipping into a depressed mindset of 'no exit' and the suffocating darkness of false surroundings.

The biggest problem for many people is their sense of time and history. They're only here for a little while and they only know what they've seen and, in some cases, read ...and those are only words on paper, aren't they? Words on paper don’t usually have the impact of experience and direct observation. Justice may have come and gone many times but not recently. The human mind operates under great limitations and the presumption and arrogance of self important pundits and intellectuals, muddies the water for everyone. The educational system is now a mechanism of forced indoctrination. The press is a regurgitating fiction that vomits its scabrous fluids, all over the perceptual facilities of that large mass of lemmings, who can't pat their stomach and chew gum at the same time. Armies of mouthbreathers surround us, with one hand on their dicks and another on the remote control. Budweiser is their aqua vitae and McDonald's is their prophet. Their attention moves from the exercise of one appetite to the next. Stupid truly is as stupid does and is. No personal impetus will wake them from their squalor and slumber, where they drool on the pillow and fart in their dreams. It is the perfume of their fantasies, reveries and succubi/incubus couplings.

Maybe I'm being hard on the human race; a three-legged, Mr. and Mrs. Potato-Head sack race, with no finish line. It's no easy job being me and includes a level of frustration, caused by witnessing time lapse ignorance, unfold like a toxic plant. It’s a poison ivy culture that you can't help but brush up against; lacking a water buffalo to ride out of town on. I don't want to write about this shit but someone has to. I want to write about beautiful supernatural experiences, taking place on surreal landscapes that, unfortunately, for the most part, live only in my imagination. It’s no alabaster dream castle, to live under the unspoken scorn of your, euphemistically named peers, simply because they lack the courage and fortitude to answer the call, or lack the will for discovery, as to who they are in essence, opting instead for fatuous presence.

I'm not cut out for discussing stock options over Bombay Sapphire, gin Martinis at the country club, or how to offshore my conscience, in order engage in incestuous tête-à-têtes with meat puppets. If only they knew how wonderfully indulged we all are, by residence in the Kali Yuga and the slack we are being cut, we would have our shoulder to the wheel in relentless fashion. Never forget that those who love much are forgiven much. Love is a curious thing. It's not entirely a matter of affection and indulgence, or the essential impetus wouldn't amount to much. It’s not exclusively Romeo and Juliet any more than it is taking a bullet for something more important than your addiction to the belief of solitary lifetimes, like that would ever make any kind of sense. One could say that going in circles is no different than surfing a Mobius strip but they would be wrong. Not knowing why they would be wrong is the key ...but where is the keyhole?

Awakening is coming, pleasantly or unpleasantly, it's coming and the determinant of that, is whether one is participating in it or not. Having to recognize unpleasant truths, or being compelled (for some reason) to point them out, is not the same thing as feasting in the high tower, with those who ignore and avoid them, due to self interest and some material bottom line. That should be evident but it's not. I'm supposing the amenities in the high tower are pretty agreeable, for so long as the tower remains standing. Some metaphorical and literal Himalayan recess beckons me but I am as yet without my Frommers or Lonely Planet place-map and particulars. Hopefully language is not a problem, like it is here. One of these days, cry on Zion and Babble-on too. In the Reeperbahn of the moment, the whore of Babylon is the it girl. Cue the soundtrack and mind the bitches and ho's, metrosexually woven together like Popsicle sticks, in all those gender inclusive ways.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

"There are some things worth fighting for, Mr. Frodo"....

I'd like to relate a few mixed metaphors like the bartender in Boondock Saints....but me head is splitting...

When it comes to nailing it, your gift is a proverbial sledge hammer

..truly a gift from the Divine Providence that even the lost sheep can REAL TIME

One more time for the Children in the Hospital

"The paradox concerning the nature of Objective Validity is by design and degree Instinctual"

Truth needs no Defence....Davy.

tmcfall said...

Wow! I'm going back to read that again a few times today. You are in my mind or I am in yours, oh never mind, we are all one mind and out of our minds.
Thanks Vis, had to post a few quotes from this on my Faceplant page just to stir the pot.
Tom in Tempe Arizona
waiting patiently for the pot to boil over

Love To Push Those Buttons said...
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Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible, lately on turbo and high octane, even without the shipment of the K (irregular delivery, blame DHL ), but then Kundalini does the trick.
Much gratitude arises spontaneously, once again. Every time that doubt arises, synchronistically you are on the subject, and new force and and energy become infused in the daily struggle to face those engaged in child abuse. Indeed the water buffalo option , especially should he be of blue hair variety, beckons daily, but then what will future generations opine?
North of Sedona and Flagstaff, many White buffalo have been born, visited by shamans from around the world, portents of good, say the Hopi (and others ), yet the descendants of the Grand Puta, seek the red Heifer, ever since the prophecy from their Babylonian Homeland.
This being the year of the water Dragon, perhaps we should call her a Dragoness, water is Yin after all, and all hidden in the depths will come out, 'Hell has not seen the Fury of a Mother scorned'. My bets are on the Dragoness, the cats is out of the bag, and when it comes to claws, size matters, more so with fury of the Heart.
Anyone else having deja-vu's with a slight off-phase component to them?
Woof woof from the Dog Nation, Siempre Fiel.
May the Rose Garden of your Heart always be in Bloom. Shiva / Shakti tango is on.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Let me try that again, where the whole comment makes sense:

Law enforcement. Blah. Good, disturbing video on it, apt to send you into a fury, though many who read this and WEH have probably already seen it.

Stupidity? Like. . .putting the strap horizonatally around the sides of the box to close it, as opposed to vertical to actually seal the flaps of the box? Or an inability to remember a before and after cut-off date no matter how many times it is told to you? (Not you personally,but. . .)

This is what I saw on my last job gig. I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or run like Hell in fear. I wish I never had to come out of my den again. Sheesh!

And they always pick on those who can't defend themselves.

Yo! Calling all 'Scanners' who are working for the right side. I think it might be conducive if you can make a few heads explode!

(I told ya yesterday I personally do typos when in an upped state. Previous version of this proves that.)

Clarity said...

Visible, holy crap!
This is more perfecter than perfect. Yes, I did say that.

You say it all just as it is - pure 100% truth. No skirting, sidestepping, slight omissions, minor twists or adjustments. It's full on, dead on, right on, in your face honesty. It's there for anyone and everyone to see. Those who don't do so by choice.

You put it out there clear as day, crystal clear, clear as a bell - no ifs, ands, or buts about it. A word magician is what you are, with the ability to express pure evil in a most extraordinary and captivating way.

I told you that you were in rare form. You outdo yourself blog after blog. I see this as a most positive sign.

Like you, Tom, I will be rereading this one for sure. Keep reading and believing - eyes off the pot. You know what they say about that...

Visible, you know...

Love to all,

Anonymous said...

You are on a roll Mr V. I haven't digested Wed's Petri dish yet.
I want to comment on that if I may.
I want to thank you and everyone who commented there AND I mean everyone. It is so uplifting to know I am not alone. I mainly feel isolated and frustrated and sorrowful.
Your work and your readers and their comments rejuvinate me and give me the hope that often eludes me as I meet the (my) world each day.
Thank you all
Love and Peace and Joy are on the way

Eamon said...

I'm not cut out for discussing stock options over Bombay Sapphire, gin Martinis at the country club, or how to offshore my conscience, in order engage in incestuous tête-à-têtes with meat puppets.

Classic stuff, amigo. As for Ash and the Whine, I'd like to propose a toast to the author and to the Author, who will, in his own truly-inimitable manner, accomplish the things envisioned in your wonderful narrative.

Anonymous said...

why don't you just say what you mean? (grin)

strictly speaking, the debunkers are right. there is no 'hidden' agenda. overt is indeed the new covert in the consensus land of nod and denial.('a nod's as good as a wink...')

while the state of our state falls to nothing short of a full blown techni-colored/sensurrounded no holes barred (as it were) blow your top, blow your top pisser ... still i prefer the good grace of 'seeing'.

besides, really, after a point what choice does one have?

sad to see levon leave the building. a centerpiece of pure americana.(see 'shooter')

don't know if you've noticed, but you've just about got the stage to yourself, anymore.

no fear when you know who you are.

Visible said...

Stage to myself, now there's a mystery to unravel. Maybe sometimes cluelessness is a good thing, depending on the answer.

Anonymous said...

Dear Beloveds,

Back in 1983-Pluto went into Scorpio and that was when the great purgings from the memories of the many who were raped as children began pouring out in a huge tidal wave of horror stories making it to the mainstream media.

When Saturn enters Scorpio again this October-it will also be the Saturn return of that timeline of 1983's issues.

I was doing a lot of family based astrology counseling during the early 90s and so many revealed their stories about fathers and stepfathers who 'just raped all the kids-boys and girls' and about the mothers who all seemed to work the evening shifts-pretending oblivious to what was going on in their homes with their children and these horrible abusers of them.

Expect a huge tidal wave of dealing with these freaks who don't stop- who've been able to hide, divert and distract. With Pluto in Capricorn sextiling the Scorpio energies emitted via Saturn-I predict the heads will finally begin rolling (Uranus in Aries) as more and more TRUTHS about the predators hits the etheric and material mind/soul sets.

As witnessed these past thirty years-the predators don't stop, can't stop until they are stopped. Lights shining on them with no place for them to run and hide is what is needed and will happen. They've got to self destruct. They've got to self disintegrate.

The planets and their energies are just parts of endless cycles. Each one setting up the next-step by step-inch by inch.

It has become more and more common to hear about what it is that is wrong with these people. They are psychic and material vampires-soul suckers-the utter anti-life.

It is becoming harder and harder to function in their present layers of power over-but the wheelbarrow has been so overloaded it is past the tipping point and balance is not one of their strong suits is it?

the gardener

WarmZephyr said...

Vis, your "Ministr-'e" of exposing evil bullsh*t has already spread throughout the rotted land - and is even being beamed out into the galaxy via 'sh*t-pile-radio.'

It's a balm to our souls to hear your irreverant,garrulous zit- punctures and the song just put a spring in my step...keep 'em coming!

~RIGHT ON - Rock on, my beloved *ANGEL* courtjester. The whole universe is your court~

Oh Sh*T...I just found out that Satan is female. (sobs) D*mn it, I just broke a nail...

Anonymous said...

you know. folk-tellers is either droppin' like flies, forgettin' what they once knew, discouraging, or frettin' over in the corner.

you're still out there on the chopping block, and as max once so succinctly put it;

"we god bless you for it!"

Visible said...

Okay, in the ballpark of my suspicions but it's not really my fault; meaning I can't take credit for it, I don't have any choice, I'm only following orders (grin) as opposed to ordures and fewmets.

Up to a certain point you believe yourself to be motoring under your own power, that's where the striving and concept of arriving comes from. Then, after a certain point, you know you've not got nor never had no power and it makes the whole thing a great deal easier but it also puts you beyond the point of no return; not that that's a bad thing.

brian boru said...

I don't know whether it would be of any use to you Les, but I know that Harold Covington has published a number of his books independent of mainstream publishers. He might have some pointers.

Anonymous said...


" laws yes." there's nothing 'they' would like more than to beat 'the balance' of consequences.

but in the long(inter-dimensional) run, as you said, it's not their strong suit.

has no one told them that you cant beat the House?Q

Chinese Sneakers said...

Just a heads up for those who care. The parisian branch of the $in-dick-it has gotten its marching orders and is getting all set to take their turn riding the liberator machine into Syria.

>>"Alain Juppe, the French foreign minister, said he was giving the peace plan put forward by Kofi Annan, the United Nations envoy, which includes sending hundreds of monitors to Syria, until May 5 to show it was working.

That is the day Mr Annan is due to make his next report on the mission to the UN security council. Mr Juppe said it was the "moment of truth" and if the Syrian regime were not complying with the plan's terms France would seek a resolution under Chapter 7 of the UN charter.

Chapter 7 permits the use of force, and was used in the Libya campaign, though it can also mandate non-military action.

'This cannot continue indefinitely. We want to see observers in sufficient numbers, at least 300, deployed as quickly as possible,' Juppe said. "If that does not work, we cannot allow the regime to defy us."

Mr Annan has already reported to the council that Syria had failed to withdraw weapons from population centres in violation of the terms of the April 12 ceasefire."


One might recall the presenting layout of the grand geo-strategic chessboard. To topple the Mullahs in Persia, they must first clear away the opposition in Syria. And what better day is there to kick off those festivities than the esoterically significant 5th day of May.

Anonymous said...

Visible –
Have to agree – after all, we’re witnessing the effects of the Synagogue of Satan. Which also makes me think of PKD’s theory about this really being 33 AD, we’re just under the thrall of the Demiurge, clouding our minds while God patiently waits for us to return our focus where it belongs.
Gardner –
Wow, that was some seriously powerful synchronicity, on a couple of fronts. One, before I started reading the comments, I was hoping you’d have left a comment w/ some links (you dig up good information very routinely), but instead you left this bomb. Sorry, but there’s absolutely no other way I can talk about it but in those terms, because I’m dealing with these very issues myself.
I was also sitting here this morning thinking about writing, and what I would write about, and then I read this post of yours and knew where I had to go. Two years ago, I began the process of pealing back the emotional, psychological scar tissue, and it lead me to exactly what you were describing. As a young boy, I was victimized. Whew, writing it still makes me sigh.
I’ve related this to Visible before, in private, but with this post and what Gardner brought up, seems worth sharing. After coming to this realization, I sought out some counseling and guidance. I went through some EMDR therapy (as I’ve so often found w/ the medical community, things start out well, but greed/selfishness eventually manifest themselves and the profit-driven nature of American medicine comes out), and during one of the sessions that was focused on the perpetrator, I had an amazingly vivid and extremely powerful vision.
In the vision, I saw a city in flames, and astride the city was a Balrog, with the letters YHWH emblazoned on his forehead. Fear was emanating from it like waves of heat from the fire around it. A calmness started to wash over me, though, and I looked down and saw that I was clad in armor, with a shield in my left hand and a powerful sword in my right. Turning my head from side to side, I also noticed that I had powerful wings. That’s when I knew who I was – Saint Michael, ready to battle the dragon.
After that session, I was very shaken. I went home and went to take a shower, and that’s when my wife noticed scratches on my shoulder blades, where I’d felt the wings rising out of me. Did a little research and found that it’s happened before (there’s a note about it in the St. Michael wiki page). Very comforting and reaffirming, too; nice to know I’ve got powerful friends.
Today, with my monkey mind finding out about electromagnetism fueling similar states as entheogenic plants, I can foresee the great revealing of the Apocalypse being a major pulse from our sun, enabling all of us to “see” what’s been hidden. Those who’ve experienced this state before will be shocked and in awe, whereas the majority will be terrified and outright bat-shit crazy. I imagine something along the lines of They Live, sans the glasses, along with a few of those Balrogs making an appearance. But we’ll also get to see those mighty Angels of Might. Should be an awesome spectacle, regardless.
Take care and thanks for the space to share!

Anonymous said...

them 'ballparks' can be tricky, depending on which way the wind blows.(grin)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for callin' the bastards out.


Machiventa Melchizedek

Visible said...

Here is some 24 carat shit.

I realize that there are some talented rap artists out there but having accidentally heard (before I was able to leave the room) Kanye West and having, unfortunately, see P. Diddy on American Idol a couple of years ago I can say that I experienced definite nausea from the contact. This link corroborates my feelings and the article is trenchant and spot on concerning where we are these days.

Visible said...

Yes Zen Gardner is an impressive resource and one hell of a fine writer. I feel distinctly honored that this person graces these sites; that's 100% sincerely stated.

Thank you Brian, I'll check that out. I'm hoping there's at least one small publisher out there who isn't afraid of the Moray eels that are epidemic in the industry seeking what they can suppress and deny. Since this novel goes after that element in a way I've never seen in a novel before (which was the point of including it) it needs to be someone with some stones.

Erik said...

Hmm Vis,

You using words today that happened in 'my' current reality, (again) hammered the message home ...

Thanks for that my friend ;)

Anonymous said...

As far as CPS 'stealing children' via the federal gov's bounty paid for them to do so-a wonderful woman lost her life-her husband too for exposing the outrageous behaviors and then investigating them and making a report and dispersing it through Phyllis Schaffley's group the Eagle Forum... Schafer was MURDERED FOR THIS ALONG WITH HER HUSBAND-here she is on a 4 part video with Alex Jones

the gardener

so they can steal your kids, make money off of it for their selves and their gov orgs and you have no recourse because it is all a rigged done deal. THAT AINT RIGHT!

Visible said...

Hey Erik! Long time no see. Nice of you to drop in.

lightandlongshadows said...


You're not alone. Far too many of us wandering around, far too many wind up on the scrapheap broken and denied.

Thanks for sharing

take care

Richie (Dana) said...

Love and Fear

I would like to address this to Love to Push your Buttons in that “Den” and Linda who both expressed some fear today. I do not claim to have everything figured out, nor is this a judgment of any person or condition. It is simply my state on this fine day the Divine has gifted me.
First of all know that our Divine Creator loves each of his children very much and wishes only that they have exactly what they want. You actually can have anything you want, you only have to ask. This is where your freewill comes into play because you must choose what it is that you desire. What is your desire today?
Mr. Visible’s Kali Yuga is like Christmas for the Universe. It is the best time to convey your desires. You get to choose your own Christmas presents during this time. Since you are a Divine child of God you have always chosen what you thought was best for you to reach the ultimate goal of meeting your creator face to face. In fact, though you may not remember, you actually chose to be here during this most exciting time in the history of our planet. The real funny part about this is that you both have already chosen your presents and I am only trying to help you recognize just what you have chosen. I can assure you both that you will receive those presents.

Question; Do you believe that a tiger is evil when it kills a water buffalo for food? Most of us think nothing of that. It is just part of life on this planet. Would you deny the tiger his food and cause him to die? We currently have some tigers in our midst that use you for food. They cannot exist without you. It is in their nature to kill for their dinner. Push Your Buttons ran to her den to hide from the tigers, but for some reason has emerged. The answer of why, you are possibly starting to see. You have made the choice that you would rather die than live with these Tigers. I am exactly the same in that regard.

God is going to grant our request.

If we want to slap some labels on these tigers we could call them Demons, Evil, or Dark Ones. I personally view them as adolescent in the choices they make. Please try to understand this as if you were their creator. They simply have a few lessons to learn. This is the best thing I could come up with at this time to answer Lee’s question as to describe “The Purpose of Demonstration” coined by Visible.

Do you see how the Dark Ones helped you to see the differences in order to make the choices you did? It is a little like shopping for clothes. It is natural to want to look your best, therefore pick some clothes that “fit” you properly
You are made in the image of your Creator. The choices you make are your Creation and God will do everything in his power to help you manifest that creation. He also has many “Invisible Friends” that Love you very much and do everything in their power to help you as well, always respectful of your freewill”, they cannot help you if you do not choose that.

To be continued.......

Richie (Dana) said...

Love or Fear……… Continued

We have all been very busy the last few years discovering exactly what the Dark Ones creation and choices are all about and we want nothing to do with it.

As they rely on the mechanism of Fear to achieve their goals, you now know that Fear is your biggest enemy and hindrance stopping you from achieving what you want. Fear must be banished because it opposes Love.

To this end our “invisible” helpers are helping the human race banish this distraction so that you can see the Light clearly. When you see them all arrested you will know that we are really making some progress.

The reason you cannot currently see your invisible friends is because they reside in a different dimension that is filled with Light and Love and where there is abundance for all of creation. My dear friends that is your destination. That is what you chose and you WILL receive.

As you move away from this plane please know that the Dark Ones cannot follow you. You are not in any danger and you have many friends protecting you. Can you feel them yet? You are surrounded by the greatest Love and there is nothing to fear.

God Bless you All,

mike m said...

This has always been my stance when dealing with one of those tay-sachs carrying, beenie wearing, hooked nosed smelly assed motherfuckers:

"Just as Britons, Americans, Canadians, etcetera are responsible for the crimes that their imperial governments commit (whether for “Israel” or otherwise), Jews are responsible for the crimes of the Zionist entity because it proclaims itself to be “the Jewish state,” it carries out wars of expansionist aggression in the name of protecting “the Jewish people” and its military and intelligence apparatuses carry the symbols and markings of the Jewish religion. If the usurping Zionist regime does not speak for the totality of World Jewry, then, obviously, World Jewry should speak out as a collective against it. Never has such a collective ever even remotely came into being; not once. In fact, the polar opposite is true.

A popular phrase in Solidarity discourse is “Not every Zionist is a Jew and not every Jew is a Zionist.” While this indeed may be accurate, it deserves an addendum. No matter how unsettling it may be, no matter how offensive it may sound, facts are facts, truths are truths. And the facts and truths say, unequivocally, that most Jews, unfortunately, are Zionists; most Jews support “Israel,” a racist, exclusivist, chauvinist “state” built on lies, massacres and dispossession of the Palestinian people; a “state” which discriminates and carries out atrocities against non-Jews on a regular basis."

Thanks for the link, Vis.

Peace to all who seek it.

Anonymous said...

Les, if I was not catholic i would say you are the Christ. Brother, o bhodisattva, be well. Thugh you are not the Messiah, you are a genius, and sorely needed as prime time approaches. A thousand blessings upon you. Amen.

the German Farmer

Dave said...

Just wondering why there was no mention of multitude of Islamic atrocities performed daily throughout the world and the why there was a mention of the neo-com but nothing of the neo-socialist.

Also, is Israel the only country in the world that has been responsible for aggressive tactics?

Just wondering whether this article is deliberately unbalanced or unintentionally so?

Anonymous said...

Say what!? Has anyone else noticed this reference in the link to the Monsanto story?
"While its primary goal is to control the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV) infection crises, Beeologics’ mission is to become the guardian of bee health worldwide."

Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus!? The bastards aren't even trying to hid the fact they're going after the bees.
Someone even named the scourge after them.

And while on related subjects, here are a couple of good stories from back in 2006 about how the Chinese, and by extension the Iranians, would deal with the world bully America, and by extension Israel, when the time came.
It's not as though they haven't had enough time to prepare for the party, which could be over s lot quicker than anyone thinks.
Good stuff Vis, you're clearly on a roll and I never miss anything from the Gardner.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention "Babble-on." A couple nights ago I had a dream where I was in a big building and people were erecting a huge seal (not the marine kind, though a huge seal erection is an amusing mental picture). It said "Washington, DC" across the bottom. When I looked to the top, it said "The Whore of Babylon." Considering who owns DC, that seemed pretty appropriate. Thanks for more inspiring words, Les.


david griffith said...

Does anyone choose paedophilia anymore than heterosexuality or homosexuality is chosen?

The effects of abuse reverberate within me still. It isn’t something that I display. It isn’t something that has crippled me completely although it certainly slowed me down in terms of trust and hesitation so there’s no denying the profound impact.

The only conclusion - of sorts - that I could come up with had to do with limitation and freedom. Perhaps we can’t help what we are but we can choose whether or not to act on those impulses which have such obvious hideous consequence.

Can a paedophile live a noble life? Strange line of thought but you think ‘strange lines of thought’ while looking under the surface of your own mind. Perhaps a paedophile who ruthlessly denies expression of his sexuality can live a noble life.

As to what to do with serial offenders - ‘never to be released’ is the best I could come up with.

I like the female form. I’m old enough to know that sexuality is somewhat fluid so an occasional thought about men doesn’t faze me.

Thankfully, children remain children for me.

This isn’t an easy subject and leaves me feeling slightly shaky just writing this. Perhaps it’s useful ‘for the purpose of demonstration.’

Anonymous said...

What can go wrong will go wrong!

From the US SS partying down with unpaid hookers to the massive "raptor" deployment in the middle east.

Life goes on and the powers that be are now the powers that were.

It is happening all around.

Wake up - smile - say hi to the sun in the early light - breathe deep.

Look around and note the young ones taking ownership. They are there working behind the curtain - not wearing ear buds - not performing a rehash of "wild in the streets". They do not need to do so because they entered into this time knowing their duty accordingly.

It is clear. It only gets murky when we insist on viewing from the old perspective,

Vis - never underestimate the number of cradles that are shaken

Kevenj said...

I totally agree. Budweiser sucks..

Btw, Nice end to your book Les!
As far as funding for your new book-
Perhaps you should be on "Sharks"?


MiaBellezza said...

Another great write-up. This one I can understand, but then I'm kinda thick! :)

Vis, re your book ... the only thing I can add is that you might also consider a downloadable Kindle format of your book on Amazon. This is very popular now. In fact, you could add an Amazon ad for the latest Kindle on your sites too and make some commission. BTW request your readers who have purchased one of your books to please do an Amazon review. This helps a lot in future sales.

"The press is a regurgitating fiction that vomits its scabrous fluids, all over the perceptual facilities of that large mass of lemmings, who can't pat their stomach and chew gum at the same time." Support "Real News" and make a pledge if you can to:
I just pledged $50. Yes, I'm a Canuck but the real movement will come out of the U.S.
Also check out Affiliate info at:

cack frass and frottels said...

I had to look up fewmets. That is funny like that time my brother made a paper mache turd and I thought it was real. I'm enjoying some Friday night Vicodins and it feels so good. Is there really anything bad about feeling good? With love from the vinyl siding castle in the heart of the hologram empire.

Stella Blue said...

"Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk
I'm a woman's man no time to talk;
Music loud and women warm --
I've been kicked around since I was born.

And now it's all right, it's okay,
And you may look the other way;
We can try to understand
The New York Times' effect on man.

Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother,
You're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin'
Stayin' alive, stayin' alive --
Ah, ha,ha,ha, stayin'alive, stayin' alive --
Ah, ha,ha,ha, stayin' alive" ...

Kudos, Viz! The Wizard '-) ("His Holiness, The Wizard"?! why the f-not?! Stage all to yourself and all (grin:) One-Man Show. All Credit to the Ineffable still Understood & Notwithstanding)

"It's a poison ivy culture, that you can't help but brush up against," as you so wisely said. When you're ON, Baby, you are ON! Top of your/His game...and you give it for what? what?? FREE!!!

Love & Blessings, Hugs & Smiles! (Pretty bright response for such a dark age, eh? So, thank you! You keep us smiling, laughing, wondering, exploring, even when you dig way deep into the doodoo.)

neal said...

Ritchie, all tigers are waiting to be presuaded, or just reminded. Not by doors, or machine intelligence, they just want to go home.

Keyholes, that is this department, put a jumper in a still place, well, don't blink, or become some consequences, and watch us cry over this.

Cannot use language, or even just pictures, these days, only jumping, and waiting for those who are always so damn close.

You know, they have to save certain parts of these kids, the wirlwinds inherent cannot be replicated, even with all that dark tech. Some of you here are pasted together with those parts, it has been ongoing for much longer than you would believe.

Anonymous said...

post your so-sh, if everyone wants to bust out of the system, post ss# flash mob style, mothers day, may we

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, Friday, April 27, 2012 2:32:00 PM

"There are some things worth fighting for, Mr. Frodo..."

I got shivers right up my spine with that one. Thanks!


Richie (Dana), Friday, April 27, 2012 8:54:00 PM

I enjoyed your posting that sought to help out 'Love to Push your Buttons' and Linda.

"The choices you make are your Creation and God will do everything in his power to help you manifest that creation."

I agree. This is where the 'bad guys' are really cunning.

I have a model which I call 'the two levels of forgetting'. At the first level of forgetting, you remember that you have forgotten something. At the second level of forgetting, though, you do not have any memory of having forgotten something. It is effectively 'gone'.

The bad guys have been relentlessly pushing the human race further and further into the second level for thousands of years. Real memory of who we are is now restricted to scattered pockets. This is the 'fatal flaw' in expecting the average human to make enlightened choices. If I 'broadcast out' on only two percent of what I am, all-God will happily manifest within the two percent.

One of my 'mantras' is to ask all-God to reveal what I have forgotten (second level). This is my way of 'evening out the playing field' with the bad guys, as well as re-growth. The 'intent' within this 'vague' manifestation-call has produced some really life-changing info and insights. If you include 'what I really need to remember NOW' in the mantra, it is even more helpful.

I hope this can be of use to you (all).

Another thought (sorry): Rather than the metaphor of tiger and water buffalo (which plays into 'prey' fears), I might suggest the metaphor of shark and dolphin/porpoise. The shark is indeed powerful and deadly, and deserves respect. But, the dolphin/porpoise can 'take down' any threatening shark by bashing them right where they are weakest: their gills. This is an image of personal empowerment, which is needed in these times.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

Making Friends with Mr. Apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ray B.,

I'll be adding your 'remembering' requests to my focused intent meditations. I have found these very simple requests to have profound impact on the divine plane.

the gardener

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, what's happening and I'm pretty sure (because this is happening continually to my computers and I don't believe in coincidences, and I know a fair amount about this shit and pay attention to anomolies) is that anyone who contributes to alternative media or other projects that the guberment doesn't like gets shit downloaded on their computer so they can track you. Last time I donated to an alternative science site I was hit and tracked into my blog site (the site keep beeping the hell at me to get out and I did, but too late), later to learn that, to the day, that blog site was hit with one of the worst bugs they have in their 7 year history. Now this might be ordinary hackers looking for credit card and bank info, but is so unbelievably persistent that I have to wonder if it is happening to everyone, but they wouldn't notice what's going on, or am I an "interesting person"?

Trojans not turning up, but Norton Eraser is always finding the windows.exe file being corrupted. It fixes it, only to get fugged up again. So the best thing is to delete my prior message with the link and this post, only if you wish.

I was hit again last night for the same thing. I don't mind the hit on this my laptop, but it manages to travel over to my working computer, which I do mind. Bastards.

Richie (Dana) said...

Ray @ 6:49
I appreciate your wise response.
Your comments on memory are excellent. I believe the entire human race is retarded. I do not mean stupid. It is more like held back. Think of the 4000 suppressed patents.

It makes total sense to me that there are Divine workers out there that are currently helping to free us from this prison. That is why it is so important that the current batch of parasites that are incarnated at this time be rounded up and incarcerated in the physical as well as spiritual worlds.
I have very strong feelings that this is happening right now.

Your prayer for total recall can then be answered in a careful, controlled, and safe environment. The mass amounts of information are likely to shock many humans so it must be done very carefully.

I will happily replace my metaphoric animals with yours. Besides I have always like dolphins anyway and they are extremely intelligent. Some even say they are as smart as we are. I love the empowerment of my “victim”. (grin).

My real intent here is the Creation aspect.
Our thoughts and feelings are creations and that is the power that runs this reality.
These powers have been stolen from us and used for the selfish gain of the few.

Once the veil is lifted and we see who we really are the “knowledge” of Fear will be suppressed and controlled by much higher parts of ourselves powered by Love. This is where the magic starts and I cannot wait. We ALL have this within.



Ray B. said...

the gardener, Saturday, April 28, 2012 3:11:00 PM

"I have found these very simple requests to have profound impact on the divine plane."

Indeed. I have found this to be true, also. It opens the floodgates.

It must be crazy-making to be a 'good guy' sometimes, what with the 'directive' that the injured / shut-down party must ask for help first (grin). At least in the classic model of good guys...


Richie (Dana), Saturday, April 28, 2012 5:12:00 PM

"My real intent here is the Creation aspect. Our thoughts and feelings are creations and that is the power that runs this reality. These powers have been stolen from us and used for the selfish gain of the few.

Once the veil is lifted and we see who we really are, the 'knowledge' of Fear will be suppressed and controlled by much higher parts of ourselves powered by Love."

Wow. Very profound. That is it in a nutshell. Congratulations!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

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