Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Halitosis Winds from the Corruption Choir.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

There I am, wading through the news today. I go to the Dark Side Media first. There, I get to see the fluff balls, blown around in the Halitosis Winds. It's a dreadful stench that wafts from that toxic dragon's lair. The flesh of his victims rots between his sharp and adamantine teeth. The flames pass through the channels of the teeth and continuously reheat the fetid barbeques of times past. The wind that blows from the dragon's mouth, is the sum total of a choir that is singing the final movements of Hell's Unfinished Symphony. This man is singing second tenor behind the first lack of wisdom tooth on the left side.

In the fetid regions of the lower astral's, largest septic tank, creatures like the aforementioned, are birthed to be Nemesis to the human race. You can hear the sump pump, playing, like a demented didgeridoo, as it processes them into the manifest, where they become ducks in the cosmos's shooting gallery. You may not think so and they may not think so but it is so. You see, well... a lot of you have been wondering for some amount of time; why is everything taking so long? Why do circumstances and events creep along like molasses going uphill in January? Why has the long abortion, of fabricated history, gone on and on, without respite, resolution or anticipated revelation? As to the latter, that's an individual matter. Revelation and degrees of awakening have been going on for a long time. The other two are individual as well but... it's true, things are grinding on and on, like a bad rap version of Alice's Restaurant or Visions of Johanna but... as we all know, sooner or later, later becomes sooner or sooner becomes later. In the meantime, it's going on like this to give people time to wake up and to see what they will do, because it is all for the purpose of demonstration.

A lot is riding on this demonstration. More is riding on this demonstration than most people imagine. This has been coming for 26,000 years and has involved at least three separate periods of historical record, of which, most of us possess some slight knowledge only of the one we are in. Now I know that many people don't believe in this sort of thing and a surprising number don't even care. They want to get laid and have a hog nostril's pizza with extra cheese, along with a six pack of Budweiser afterwards. The whole procedure shouldn't take more than an hour and it only takes that long because you can only drink so many beers in so much time; most people anyway. It might have taken longer, if there was more going on in the sexual dynamic but... it's mostly only about emptying the tank, so that you can become fish food, if that makes any sense. It doesn't make sense, not any part of it. This is the world we have to live in, whether we engage in these things or not. It's easier for the moment, for those with that slice of hog nostril pizza, dripping from their hand. Hmmm, are the hog nostrils running? Did they catch a cold from all those hormones (grin)? It's not so easy for us who are seeking to just pass through and avoid those hog nostril pizzas and the people eating them. We can get pretty intimidated by the sheer weight of the numbers of those, being led around by the nose, by the message of the choir, singing in the dragon's mouth.

The thing to ask yourself, the most important question you can ask yourself is; what am I doing at the moment? How have I been spending my time? How do I intend to spend my time, especially if I've been doing some version of the horizontal hula, followed by artery clogging comestibles of a low order? That's also what this protracted period of time is about; second chances that can result in expedited turn arounds, where you can Fed Ex your Karma in another direction. You've heard the phrase, “as above, so below”, I'm assuming. What that means is... well, let me give you an example. I could give you living, breathing, walking around examples but let's just take a short excursion to the land of analogy.

Let's say you work on Wall Street, for a bank, or for a major corporation. You've gone up the ladder, like some of the living, breathing, walking around examples have gone up another ladder. As you progress, you get more and more pieces of the pie and all of that is based on the results of your efforts, dedicated to the profit of your Wall Street employer, the bank, or the corporation for whom you work. You get a certain level of health care. You get a car. You might get a house. You get paid vacations and perks associated with that vacation. You get membership in certain clubs. You get bonuses and you get promises. You definitely get promises and... given the company you keep, you get a philosophy and an argument for all the things you do and many of them are backed up by more than the status quo. These days they are backed up by laws, brought into action by politicians, bought and paid for, for that very purpose. It sounds like a sweet arrangement. You could see how a lot of people might go for it.

Those of us working for the other side (metaphorically speaking, since there's one force in charge of everything, at some level of the process) often have some difficulty in seeing the perks and the bonuses, if you've only come so far up the ladder. Well, that all has to do with the level of commitment, which is best exemplified in a saloon door, meaning it swings both ways. Things change if we do and they improve accordingly, as we do. If we're not seeing the things we think we ought to be seeing, then there's something wrong with our performance, or the way we see things. We need to up our game and clarify our perceptions. There are all kinds of people working on Wall Street, for the banks and the corporations who are not upwardly mobile (reverse metaphorically speaking) and who are not getting the perks. They're not successfully interpreting the song that the choir is singing, from between the dragon's teeth. That's also happening on both sides of the fence. The first thing anyone should ask themselves when things aren't going the way they want them to, as fast as they want them to, or as dramatically as they want them to is; what am I not doing, or doing wrong?

We project the causes of our misfortune outward from ourselves. We are always seeking the source of our discontent, in the people and activities taking place outside of us. This is the primary weapon of the corruption choir; divide and conquer. They control the revolving, rotating finger that points to the enemy straw man of the moment. They were all those extras acting in “The Man who would Be King”, everyone was always pointing upstream to the next village, which they insisted was pissing in the stream that ran from the mountains down through every village. That's what we have going on these days. The corruption choir is singing about this kind of thing all day long, because they make their money off of the product of collective human belief, in what is not real. Their power comes out of their capacity to convince people that up is down and back is really forth.

The scheme is simple. The dynamics are unchanging but... it's like a three card Monte Game. The game is always rigged and operated by quick handed, legerdemain artists, yet the suckers return over and over again. How is this possible? How is it possible that people are sucked in again and again? Glamor is the culprit. The endless changing fascination, in the same thing, repackaged and made brand new. It's the real thing, only different. It's new and improved. It's sculptured, shrink-wrapped manure, formed and reformed into every possible permutation and all of it, is for the purpose of endless distraction, whose primary purpose is to take your attention off of your most important concern. What might that be? That's what you're here to figure out. It would spoil all the fun of discovery and it might not even take in the first place, if I were to say anything. In many cases, it hasn't so far. That's another mystery and made all the more intriguing by the passage of time, which keeps marking critical points of passage and keeps accounting for personal placement, as time runs out.

These things have been said over and over by any number of people. They've been said in every generation. They've been said better and they've been said simpler and they have definitely been said with less humor and literary embellishments. Neither of these are necessary to the point but individual style is all part of the program (grin). The good news is that this can be heard from other faucets in the cosmic plumbing apparatus and a diligent search will surely provide fruit. On this side of the fence we like to promote the competition because we don't see it as competition. That puts us a step up on the competition. You've already been notified of the names of many of the principals alluded to just now, so we don't feel the need to list them again, especially not here, at the end of whatever this particular entry is supposed to be.

I've been wrong so many times, about the timing of seemingly guaranteed events and I believe I delineated the reasons for that previously but didn't associate them with my own failure at being Nostrildamus. I'm not going to go out on any kind of limb again at the moment, especially since I don't have a saw in my hands. It does feel tense though, depending on what you consider to be safe harbor and whatever distance may exist between you and it, given that you don't carry it around with you.

End Transmission.......

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Terrance said...

Hello this time of lies and deceit, your guiding principles of reliance on the higher self is really all we
somethings got to give and when it does our world as we know it wil never be the same again! Thanks for your sense of humor in these dire times.....

Rob in WI said...

"These things have been said over and over by many different people. They've been said in every generation."

So true. I was very close to my grandfather (1896-1966), and learned a great deal from him. The game is rigged. He encouraged me to read many things that were being suppressed, such as "The International Jew", and the writings of Eustace Mullins. Sort of made it impossible for me to receive a proper indoctrination. For that, I am forever grateful to him.
Technology has improved the dealer's ability to hide the queen, but hopefully, Mr. Apocalypse has turned up a corner, and the dealer won't catch on.
Be well, Visible and all, Rob

Rob in WI said...

Forgot to mention Smedley Butler.
Read "War is a Racket" in high school. Thanks to Pop.

grassapelli said...

It's happening, sure enough, but not as fast as one might think it could or should happen. Further, I think 2012 my be seen as the pivot when the Great See Saw comes back up.

Just having finished reading Source Field Investigations by David Wilcox, I'm surprised by the extent of the scientific back up for Total Woo Woo.

Anonymous said...

my belief:

david wilcox is not the reincarnation of edgar cayce....get over that bit of disinfo...exactly what he is....?????? I DON'T KNOW

madelic nuill

Navin R. Johnson said...

Another on fire production from the Vizter. I'm swearing off the hog nostrils and swill beer. In an earlier post you mentioned prayer. I applied for poor peopl's healthcare in January, prayed about it and was approved. It is through the county hospital and is revoked if too much money is made or for moving out of the county. It is only good in one year increments and you must apply again after the year is up. The goal was to get a wisdom tooth out and get some eye glasses before McHealthcare kicks in a couple of years. It turns out there were some problems that were unknown to me. All from the hog nostrils and buttwiper beer intake being above and beyond what is needed. The doctor is a beautiful human being and makes me think there is some hope for this failed world if people like that exist. Thanks for these essays and lessons, they have helped immensely. Enjoy yourself over there in Shangri La.

Anonymous said...

to be sure, as events continue to unfold - and in more dramatic fashion than heretofore experienced or even truly imagined by some of the demographics of today's world - many will find themselves nostalgic at best for these, the days of anticipation and impatience.

best advice, as you have re-iterated to the winds, is to spend some of this time coming to terms with who we are, what we're about, and where best to guy our wires in the eye of the approaching

your 're-minders', as ever, appreciated.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Say it however you are moved to Vis, it is always amusing to see you approach the point where words completly fail.

At some point you must become mute, silently pointing at the obvious, or not. *grin*

I'll take the blame for the delay, I'm just not yet ready, as if I ever will be...

Ok, that's enough rambling from me, I'll just slink back under the dumpster here in the cul-de-sac.


bholanath said...

hey Nostrildamus,
et's a good one, bro.
Workin' on a mix of the bad rap visions of johanna with the demented didgeridoo, but I'm a lame engineer.
Your analogy reminded me of Margin Call and the 'philosophy' expounded in the Ferrari.
Oh yeah, Glamor=Neptune (heh)

RC said...

Very nice.

Can't disagree with a thing you've written.....which says nothing about you or me or my taste in writers who believe the truth hides in open sight but unless someone points to it no one looks, and their relevancy/irrelevancy to the latest homo sapiens molt in progress.
I still find it most amazing that there are so many lovely unused nuclear weapons just lying about, lonely in their bunkers. My trust in humankind hasn't fully bottomed out yet..... but they're giving me next-to-nothing for positive re-appraisal.

Thanks for the excellent commentary.

brokenbeat said...

Vis, I apologize if you already received this post - it's just that I'm not sure it was properly transmitted. I had a bit of a communication snafu that I'm chalking up to the waning days of retrogradis mercuris. Of course, I don't discount the possibility that you did receive it...perhaps I am blurring the boundaries between SM, PD and VO. To me the political, social and spiritual domains are inextricably linked in a seamless continuum. Peace be unto you, my brother...

Oh, those darn distractions! It just wouldn't be the same without them, would it? They're integral to the process and manifest in manifold...there's the blingy acoutrements...the staged melodramas where you can get out of your seat in the audience, cross the proscenium arch and make a cameo appearance...the insidous fear-based ones that lurk about and hide in waiting for just when their specially-tailored body/mind/spirit suit can do the trick (and they always seem to get their chance to work their magic, don't they?).

And then there are those special distractions, reserved for those on the path of seeking. How easily one can can be enamoured of the glamours of the siddhis. And  the elitest pride that can swell with the acquisition of esoteric knowledge will certainly lead to stumbling if not a fall right off the path. Dellusions also can be easily had from the messianic to to basic grandiosity of not giving the glory where glory is due. Then there's the anxious, impatient expectations. And these deadly serious matters require a demeanor to match, right? It takes relentless self-observation to proceed with humility, forebearance and levity and the wisdom to recognize signs on the trail as just that, the recognition that the map is for all those who can see, and that it's just the map, not the territory!

If distractions weren't enough, there's our own nature and character. Our weaknesses and even our strengths can be our worst enemies. This is where most of my work lies, and it is foundational to all the rest. Knowing better makes being less than I can be shameful - I'm not living with integrity and it hurts my soul. Lack of discipline and perseverance makes for halting progress on the trail and there are times I find myself with bloodied knees looking up the trail wondering if I will make it before nightfall. At those times I feel pathetic and nearly succumb to wallowing in a state of helplessness. Finally, I have to look away from the path and lie on my back to take a break. It's then that I find myself looking up and remembering that I am not alone and there is help for the asking even if it is just to hang on a little longer. Such dark nights of the soul lead to better knowing myself and indicate where there's "room for improvement". Then it's back to my concious prodding me to act with integrity. 

Is the path this hard for all, or is this just my own form of torture?


John V.


kikz said...

@rob in WI

great reading list including some ustace mullins on one of the more recent posts on kenny's sideshow..

a link to .pdf of quigley's tragedy & hope is there :)

enjoy y'all..

Anonymous said...

john v,,,,same as you,,,,,thing is with us humans after living in the time of turning the world into a great big toilet,i suppose one small peek into the great perpetual forever ,touching that beauty that is divine and exists beyond what ever our imaginations could ever come up with,our egos can become all high and mighty,the ego forgets it can only experience greatness,it of itself is not great,,,i suppose greatness could only ever be percieved by smallness,,must be something to do with the dynamics ,,,could that be why the sages of the past were humble ,..maybe from that position their reach into the great ever was very far,,,

anyway good day people,
gratitudes and respects,,,neil

Visible said...

Kenny is always a great source for things. He's one of the real warriors on the side of all that is good and true.

Anonymous said...

Here's what has always puzzled me about the Mayan Calendar and the "End Times" scenario.

It's a matter of historical record that the Catholic Church confiscated most of the Mayans' astronomical records (and everything else as well). That's what the church (and anybody in control) has always done - burn books, confiscate records, hide the truth from the sheeple.

But...somehow...they let the biggest piece of Insider Doomsday Information in history, out into the open, for all to see?

Why? An oversight? A little, "Oops, we let that one slip through the cracks?" Or do they just care for us so much, they wanted us to be forewarned...


Visible said...

Two things immediately come to mind. One of them is if getting rid of all the information was the point there would be no pyramids anywhere. It's the codes that count in the first place and who says they understood those? Would they be like they are if they did. Second of all, they're not in charge. It isn't up to the Catholic Church, the Jewish mafia or any other tinhorn organization. They are only the distraction. Divine reality and truth rule, period. I'd have been toast many times already were that not true.

Just because things look a certain way does not mean they are. Most people's take on most things is derived from their obliging integration into the mass mind perception of what is going on. That's not what's going on... anywhere outside or there and not even in there.

Anonymous said...

illuminatas trying to own greatness,without ever having been in the presence of greatness,,trying to buy greatness from the position as to own it,,,all the while selling the part of themselves that is great in the process,,,,greatness to these illuminatas converts to a few pretty carpets some nice cars with buttons ,,a big house,,,maybe a yacht or two,,,,whilst it seems they have never experienced greatness......that is really stupid,,,

anyway sorry for keep going on...neil

Anonymous said...

dont know if you have ever visited the pyramids lord visibles,,,when i visited the giza pyramids inside the great pyramid,i had a feeling i was looking at something from the future,,,strange


Anonymous said...

Your faith is inspiring. It is steadfast and true. xoxo Dee

Anonymous said...

cesisenc tantch
via Homer..

The disinformation in all its subtle and overt forms continues unending.

This is a perfect example of how conditioning works.

Why doesn't everyone know these things.

Especially how truly stupendously magnificent the pyramids were when they were manifested.

This little glimpse into reality offers new perspective as to how civilized and advanced the ancients really were.

How ironic this is from Cracked magazine!

whatever said...

Pure poetry, Les! Just fantasmagorically beautimus! If this was "for demonstration" I say please keep on demonstrating, brutha'! You're building a New World Order, here, and it is the one we want.

Write on!



Rob in WI said...

"I suppose greatness could only ever be perceived by smallness", "Depending on the dynamic". IMHO, this describes our relationship with the ineffable. Your comments are most profound.
Thanks, and be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Here's a modern (circa 1600) very wonderful representation of the ancient world's colorful sculptures as opposed to the pathetic faded alabaster and stone we're all used to seeing so that we might be subtly conditioned to believe the ancient world was less advanced and so very primitive as compared to our not so brave new world.

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, is a 2500 years old city.


Madurai Meenakshi Temple, Tamilnadu Photo Gallery


Meenakshi temple in Madurai – photo gallery, photos

whatever said...

Beautifully written, Les! I think that most everyone that frequents your site is concerned about primarily the same thing. And that is, "How in this world can anyone believe that killing a human being to advance the political, social or economic standing of another human being to be a positive or vital force upon which we can base our lives as human beings?" Dog eat dog? Natural selection? Manifest destiny? I believe that your followers and readers (and I count myself amongst them) have evolved beyond these out-dated human fantasies/fables. But I believe that the real truth is, these modes of operation are simply the tools of our controllers and are continuously propagated willfully and purposefully by them, for them, and will continue to be forever, if we don't stand up and say STOP!

Although it is comforting as HELL to hear someone say that "good will always win out over evil" and that "victory is just over the horizon" and that "'tis only a matter of time", history does not support those statements. If "good" ever had her chance it was when our country dropped the A-Bomb on Hiroshima and murdered 500,000 human beings after Japan had already surrendered in WWII. School children were cauterized on their way to school. Mothers were petrified reaching in to laundry baskets. The victims were 90% innocent civilians. Living, loving, wonderfully vital humans just like you and I. Where was "good" then? That's only one example, and as you well know, there are many, many more.

"Good" cannot win on it's own. It requires "good" people participating and taking actions to make it happen.

Though your writings may inspire another JFK or Smedley Butler or MLK or Hitler (he was not the evil bastard we are told) and I hope they will, until someone stands up tall and proud and says "follow me in to this battle and we will win" this war cannot be won. We are six thousand years in to the battle and only just realized who the enemy is. And it is only because of the WWW (grin) that we do. We out number them 6000 to 1, but they have all of the tools of propaganda as well as their damned lying history. We definitely need poets, Les, and you are the Five Star General. Write on!

And inspire some Leaders and Warriors.

We're REALLY going to need 'em!


Rob in WI said...

Hi all (again),
Now that the memory of my grandfather has been stirred, I can't shut up. He was a Teamster, a truck driver involved in the Union conflicts of the '30s. Self educated, he was able to see that "worker's rights" were just a vehicle to manipulate their compliance, and acceptance of small concessions, as long as the owners, and compliant "union leaders" got the profit. He also learned that communism, which was supporting the Union movement, was really a trick, a trap, to put us into a new slavery. I understand now, what he was warning me about in the early '60s. Thanks for your indulgence, if you chose to indulge, and be well, Rob

Ray B. said...

neil, Thursday, April 05, 2012 1:13:00 AM

I am slightly jealous. I got to the Giza complex around 1990, and the Great Pyramid was closed to entry for a year "for maintenance" (yeah, right). This was not long after the new discoveries in the "air shafts", and I figure that TPTB wanted unlimited 'exploration' time.

Our group did get into the second pyramid, where I had a strange experience. From the middle of the underground chamber, I 'saw' four adept-type beings, one positioned in each corner of the room, while we were there. They were not moving. The energy was quite high, and the group was almost bouncing off the walls without knowing why. It was definitely NOT a tomb.

If the universe allows me, I would love to get into the Great Pyramid and 'feel', with all that I have read about it since then.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

whatever said...

Les, and here is an addendum (assuming you posted my earlier scribe).

To wit: I have learned, and so have you, to question every single piece of history that I did not personally witness myself. Even then, knowing what I know now, I reserve opinion. Please, let us be ever questioning about events deemed "historical." The victors write the history books, as you know. And since the history that is transpiring in front of our very eyes is written as a lie, we can only imagine how big the lies are that were written prior. Damn.

Question everything. Everywhere. Every time.


Anonymous said...

Afternoons in Paradise lately. It is humble work with #2 spade, garden trowel, plastic planter pot and wheelbarrow. Yet, it satisfies. Strange it should be that way if you happen to think about it when your mind is attuned to conventional programming and attitudes.

Paradise is not about money. It is not about owning nice things. Sometimes, though, it is about creating nice things and living in honestly perceived harmony with the natural world. Echo Ridge has happy frogs. Right about now they are my noisiest neighbors. On occasion through the day their chorus is overmatched by the cry of the loon, the wacky quacky of a pair of mallards, the insistent pronouncements of a couple of Canada geese, or the prehysterical, dinosaurean croaking of a duo of sandhill cranes.

Happy frogs celebrating April, and amplifying Aries just about hafta be healthy frogs. Was working on what looks to be my first exclusive pepper patch. It had been a smallish bed originally dug up by a friend who now homesteads in Brittany, who happened to have precursor energy surging when he and a carload of friends camped out here for a couple days several years ago. Extended a bit over the years, the bed had become a pretty nondescript and quackgrass ridden minor producer of tomatoes, blackberries, celery and a not so awful very giant pumpkin.

Beginning last fall and now in high gear, the bed is getting a major workover. Everything is dug up. Quack roots are removed one by one. Edging is dug to mineral soil level. A 'moat' surrounds the bed. Stripped out soil is replaced at the base with clean, freshly dug peat from the nearby frogpond expansion. Sod from the edgings goes to a rebuilt shoulder on the frogpond. Some extra soil goes to the nearby strawberry bed, along with necessary weeding. Weeds go to nearby compost stretch.

Occasionally, members of the Puss Department or the Ooftwaffe show up to pass the time. Some of the cats are longhair types and suffer snarls and snangles this time of year. They need pulling. Ahhh. Relief. Both poofs and oofs need inspectigation for ticks.

Pretty interactive scene here. Early Spring. Flowering crabs and plums are getting fat in the budstock. Truth, harmony and beauty all need celebration. So does a little love.

-stickman 16 Aries, 34 Anno Eros

Richie (Dana) said...

John V,

Your last sentence sounds like a plea for help, except I know it is not.
It sounds like that age old question, Why?

Visible and some very fine souls who lurk here have helped me to see two things much more clearly.

God is real and God is Love.

You may totally buy the first, but the second one gets out of reach sometimes. If we could just get it right for once, it easily would eclipse all material suffering.

As only a recognition of your thoughts would prompt me to respond, please know that I understand and stand at your side.

This reminds me of a Visible exhortation to "ENDURE".
The "real" world has been decidedly unpleasant around these parts of late. After a bit of thrashing about, my only response would be gratitude to the Divine.

Stay the course Sir, You have friends.

God Bless


Anonymous said...

watching them move through routines undeterred, listening to dreams as yet undisturbed of a future their children will never inhabit.

more invested than ever in their consensus standards, their banks,
their malls, and all the swill they can swallow.

they are ... the committed. they should be. they would be, only, clinically insane is now the new norm. make no mistake about it.

bringing this to their attention is the only real crime ... as 'other matters' have since been rescheduled for our dissociative infotainment.

so, "i'm just sittin' here watching the wheels go 'round and 'round ..."

watching a train wreck in slow motion.

it's ... well ... mesmerizing ...

Anonymous said...

Peace and harmony to those who love truth..and Justice well said as could be....things are not always what they seem...

"Just because things look a certain way does not mean they are. Most people's take on most things is derived from their obliging integration into the mass mind perception of what is going on. That's not what's going on..."
!! Well done !!

Again...and Again

"Our love our hate perhaps its' sin...
Time and time and time again...


Sergej said...

John, of course the path to knowledge is hard, that's why it's only for the few. As Jesus said, "choose the narrow path".

Les, this was one of your best postings but I'm missing that distinction - demonstration is only for those with the eyes to see and ears to hear, which are few. For the rest it's a (painful) lesson at best. Only few can and will awake, the rest will remain "food for the moon". Just saying, since for some non-regular visitor it kinda reads like -everyone- will awake and we know that's not the case. You should make that clearer IMO.

Sergej said...

Oh and John, you might like to read some Ouspensky, "The fourth way" (easy to find online as a pdf) answers many of your questions and will help you endure.

Stella Blue said...

As the batwing doors swing both ways into and out of Gotham City, we hear the cry: "Holy Wars, Batman! Another bullet for Jesus!" while upwardly nubile root chakra squatters at the Draconian Lounge pick the parsley from their teeth, having just dined on soggy Kundalini with clam sauce. Meanwhile, we on the Lunatic Fringe (umlaut on the "u" = grin)sometimes vibrate to the altered frequency in the quantum enharmonic notes and silently understand.
Digging your sound as well as your words, wisdom, and humor, Sir. Beautiful music! So grateful I was mysteriously led to you only recently, les visible--unawares and cosmically, and am catching up as best I can.
Blessings, Stella Blue

Ian James said...

Alright Les,
Up to your usual standard, you're getting quite good at this. I especially like the song though I've taken to just reading the lyrics as a poem. I enjoy the silence.
Sorry I've only just got around to reading this but I've been chatting up your sister, I hope you don't mind, my intentions are... mostly honourable. She's playing real hardball Les, so I've had to call in some big guns. I haven't worked this hard for a long time. Wait till she finds out I get two wives, she's gonna go ape. shhhhh.

Bless you & your motley crew; keep making waves, they're being put to good use.

Ray B. said...

stickman 16 Aries, 34 Anno Eros, Thursday, April 05, 2012 5:28:00 AM

Thank you for your Earth poetry. I was a gardener for the first half of my life, until I got 'distracted' by other things. Your thoughtfulness in how you 'recycled' your garden(s) brought up some good memories for me. Thanks again.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

"....take your attention off of your most important concern...."

The discovery that the torah and the talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity.

God is FREE! No doctrines required.


brokenbeat said...


Thanks for the considered response and sincere caring.

I have evermore steadily remained in a state of gratitude and don't blame others or God for my state of existence. I am relatively fortunate and am not consumed by greed either. I have many talents, some which I spent, some I buried and some I invested. At the end of the day, I
assume full responsibility for my life and am a victim only of my own failings. I don't pity myself and fully intend to reach my more meaningful potentials and I appreciate the encouragement to endure.

Ultimately, I have intended to help others, but have done that less than I could have and this is an area of growth I am engaging. This sharing that I have started doing here is
an effort in that regard. I am a very private person and don't facebook, tweet, etc and this is my first serious foray into commenting online.

I have helped others in my own way from time to time and have a knack for counseling and guiding - truly listening, heart-felt consideration and sincere response - and it has made a difference and is appreciated. I'm toying with doing that beyond the random manner I have so far, but that may not pan out. I am seeking more ways to be of service and am not sure what form that will take. It may remain simply being my ever-growing self.

I know God is real and have experienced his love, but recognize that there are evermore depths to fully knowing God IS love. In my meditations - and I have done many variants and combos with sometimes glorious experiences (although meditating more regularly is a goal) - I go through phases of contemplation, affirmation, prayer and communion. Gratitude and thankfulness is the bedrock and I have had instances of deep communion when I have felt a merging of my Divine aspect with the One and it is stupendous. I am swimming in a sea of love and that sea is in me. It is tough to leave that state. This is a heart-based experience, not a samadic rapture (I've tasted some form of that, but only rarely and long ago and I'll save that for another time).

Thanks once again, Richard. I will endeavor to know the reality of God = Love and will endure with gratitude.



brokenbeat said...


Thanks for the suggestion and I know there are answers to many of my questions there. My closing question was somewhat rhetorical and was intended to encourage feedback and sharing and it has done this.

I have read some quotes and excerpts of Oupensky's "In Search of the Miraculous" and intend to read it in full as I am always enriched and informed. I have read Boris Mouravieff's "Gnosis" and seek out Fourth Way websites and writings. A commentor on these pages once hipped me to which is a terrific site which I highly recommend (the reading list alone is worth the price of admission).

I have read a fair deal of Casteneda's work and a close friend is a follower and has been a great resource. I resonate more with the Fourth Way and appreciate the eclectic mash-up of Sufi/Hindi/Buddhi/Christi. I also enjoy gnostic themed books (Phillip K. Dick especially) and movies such as The Matrix, The Adjustment Bureau, etc.

I know has a deservedly mixed reputation, but I have learned a great deal there (I've learned one CAN drink from a poisoned well, but a healthy discerning liver is required). The COINTELPRO article is worth reading all the way through.

Thanks again, Sergej. I will read more Ouspensky shortly. I am doing the Fourth Way work albeit in fits and starts. I'd even engage in the Fifth Way if I met the right woman although it sounds next to impossible for this boy! Read "Gnosis" for an idea of what is entailed.



Visible said...

Anonymous, there are rules that govern the content of what you are permitted to say. The same does not apply to a 'verifiable' entity.

brokenbeat said...


I missed your earlier comment and am addressing that now:

I do know the narrow path is hard (and is meant to be) and only a few will persevere. Learning and growth is only accomplished by overcoming obstacles or by fully understanding and integrating the experiences of others (some karmic debt can be satisfied in this manner).

This path of growth is likely to extent into other realms if one has demonstrated their evolutionary worth in creative individuated expression as opposed to being taking another go-around on the samsara rollercoaster, or worse yet assimilated into undifferentiated primal energy (that's the shortcut back to God, ironically).

I have spent some periods of time on the smooth wide path, and even lulled into somnambulism. Odd thing though, I find it to be harder than this path when I have moments of lucidity. It just doesn't suit my nature and I am drawn back to the twisty, rocky narrow path.

There are times I simply sat between the paths refusing either and in a few desperate times have ventured over close to that nasty cliff. But inevitably I find my back onto this path although usually closer to the trailhead and I have to cover familiar ground again. Knowing the way, I can make good time and then once again find myself in unfamiliar territory.

I'm getting more comfortable with stepping forward in the darkness, but when I lose my footing I have to screw up my resolve to press ahead. Hearing from others such as yourself who are fellow travelers is encouraging and welcomed. Vis has thankfully provided a bulletin board beside the trail where hiker's can post their inquiries and findings.


John V.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz asked:

“Why has the long abortion, of fabricated history, gone on and on, without respite, resolution or anticipated revelation?”

That’s and easy one to answer Judge.

What we put our attention on and give our emotion energy to, is what we create in our lives. That is a FACT whether its an individual or the whole 7 billion of us and only more so.

This shit vortex sewer sucking everything into it is because we are unwittingly being pulled into the manipulating agenda of the MSM, unwittingly fuelling their sick agenda with our innate divine powers of manifestation.

One can’t blame them for using us this way…. it’s just too obvious and too easy for them and none of us even want to wake up to the game at our expense.

Better to get that football game on the teevee and fetch me a Budd.

The long awaited apocalypse sunshine promised is only possible when 90+ percent of this flotsam has been phase shifted into a more suitable domain to their attention span.
If you want peace … feel and hold your knowingness attention on peace (especially if war is about you). If you want rain, feel the mud between the toes of your feet and smell the damp earth. It’s called the minimal juvenile cosmic level of personal poise in mastery and will be criteria to play the new game at the next level.

Just like the story of the farming community suffering their longest and severest drought. All were called to pray for rain at the local community church but the only who showed up with any faith, was the 12 year old girl who brought her umbrella.


Visible said...

That was a rhetorical question. All of them were.

Ray B. said...

brokenbeat / John V., Thursday, April 05, 2012 6:27:00 PM

"I am seeking more ways to be of service and am not sure what form that will take."

One way that I have found 'around' various unknowings and quandries is as follows. Apologies if you are already doing something similar.

On a particular subject, gather up as much info as you can, including positive and negative feeling aspects around it. 'Insert' all the above into an 'energy ball' or equivalent. Go into as deep/high a meditative state as you can. Then, when it feels right, 'toss' the ball up into whatever you call higher energies/entities with a statement like "I've done as much as I can with this; you take it from here." Then - and this is important - release all anxieties or questings on that subject. 'Know' that it will be taken care of, in some way.

The only 'tricky' thing about using this is that the answer may come back in an unexpected manner. Go for the emotional "ting" that tells you it is the asked-for answer. Then, walk into it, with thanks.

It does work...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Whether intentional or otherwise deception often masquerades as "complexity". Deception inherently begets complexity, as in the liar who has to keep track of each individual lie told and to whom it was spoken.
The use of complex metaphors, although not inherently deceptive, can still cloud the "issue."
The problems I have in this writing pertain to:
"Hell's Unfinished Symphony", "fetid regions of the lower astral", "this has been coming for 26,000 years", "those of us working for the other side" followed with "metaphorically speaking, since there's one force in charge of everything" - even that children getting pummeled with hammers!) "not upwardly mobile" (reverse metaphors)
I could go on, metaphorically speaking.

Would you care to go for a walk in 100 degrees Farenheit or -100?
One of course would be lethal.
No need to improvise and spread some metaphorical jams.
As "above" not so "below".

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Viz said

"That was a rhetorical question."

It was understood to be rhetorical but was answered for purposes of demonstration. (grin)


Visible said...

Well, of course, that makes it okay then (grin).

Torus is having problems with math again. If he doesn't get the sum he's after then the system is flawed. It's like when someone floods the carburetor, obviously it was poor design by the manufacturer and not the result of a lead foot under orders from self will run riot. I'm recommending you memorize Invictus and repeat it over and over. Who know? It might come true.

brokenbeat said...

Ray B.,

Thanks for the suggestion - that's an interesting visualization for "Let go and let God" whilst in meditation.

I have found prayers and manifesting to be answered in unexpected and sometimes nearly elusive ways. I've had amazing success with manifesting (I'll save the details for another comment down the line if apropos), but don't actively engage in that for somevtime as it is one of
those glamours with which I didn't want to become enamoured and I see it as being part of the left-hand path.

With prayer, these days I don't get too specific and ask for more general help with courage, guidance, protection, etc. If I have any preference for an outcome, I ask only for it to pass if it is aligned with the purpose for my incarnation and growth. I have learned to be very careful what you ask for, as the old adage goes and may expound upon that one day.

One of my enduring challenges is knowing just what it is that I want or recognizing what actions I should take. I have been living with more equanimity and that is all good and fine, but peaceful acceptance is passive by nature, and I am striving to be more engaged and active.

Your suggestion is appropriate for my quandry and I shall try it. Gather, surrender, release, knowing, then follow serendiitous opportunities or synchronistic clues that resonate with my authentic self...following the "path with heart" per Casteneda.

Thanks again,
The Divine in me honors the Divine in you,

Anonymous said...

I am not going to argue or debate with your opinions or the way you conduct yourself Lester. But you are really connected to and partake in some evil stuff here on Earth. I think you are neck deep in the evil and wickedness, and you yourself don't know what is up or down unless your masters tell you or force you to do so. If I say something you don't like, you and your evil circle threaten me through the satellite operated remote neural monitor or you try to scare me by bringing weirdos around me who speak some pscychologically scare-tactic like dialogue. Or you fly a helicopter near me. Or you have some cops drive near me and give me a dirty look. Or you mess with me in my dreams through some machines, satellites and electronic signals. All you have done was solidified the fact that you are some evil lemmings. I also have noticed that you shit on Jews a lot, and you probably hate America a lot as well. You have probably hurt or killed a lot of good people in your lifetime, signing you up for you know what when that breath of yours runs out. Me, I'm not evil, but I sure can recognize it. What you have done to me and others, I wouldn't have done and didn't do. I think that when all the lights go out in the world, you and your friends will get lynchmobbed, good ol' boy style. Like the days when they would hang blacks from trees down south. As for blacks in America, they too are connected to this evil shit as has come to my attention, and they too are working on destroying America from the inside. Because of that, I am voting for Mitt Romney, and am supporting Israel and the real Jews 100% so that they can destroy this Aryan thing and its enablers once and for all. You may break America, but the parts of America that remain will nuke your asses into the ground when the Apocalypse gets started. Peace. Go fly a helicopter or try to intimidate and use scare tactics on me, because thats your kali yoga. Fucking with people all day, right? You sick psycho.

Visible said...

I put in that last post for your amusement. Obviously if you are going to 'pose' as a nutjob, your syntax has to be in order. You have to deliver a genuine feel. This is someone spoofing with us as most of you can probably tell just by studying the arrangement and the departures from the usual sequencing in specific pathologies.

I would say, 'nice try' but it's not professional.

Anonymous said...

RE:poster @ Saturday, April 07, 2012 4:37:00 AM

Then you've chosen the right selection of the selection. This country won't be totally flushed down the royal poop chute without a theocratic ruled blood atonement en masse.

Just like the Civil Wars built on the theocratic led ones called The Inquisition that moved plenty of people from one continent to this one.

If you resonate with Mittens-you are resonating with the theocracy who believes THEY are the real Jews. hahahahahahah good luck with that and them.

You know how everyone knee jerk identifies "Idaho as being a white supremacist state"? It's because it is a Mormon theocratic stronghold. Mass people DON'T know that but it is true. And since their beliefs about black people parallel this poster's views of them I'd say that he is resonating with his own kind of black magic.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Les said: "Torus is having problems with math again. If he doesn't get the sum he's after then the system is flawed."

No, not at all. Life operates within a very narrow bandwidth. Too much above or below = no life.
No amount of invocation to Sol Invictus can change this fact. Trite assertions such as "as above so below" are conducive to endless wordsmithing, yet a more practical example demonstrating the inherent flaw in that assertion brings derision. That's ok.
What was the rule for using stepladders? something like 2 feet out for every three feet up... (?)
The "as above, so below" principle appllied to a real-world example of "building" would leave the faithful potentially dead if not bruised bloody, and fractured.

Anonymous said...

The Coming Race Wars In America

If you want to know who gains from starting race wars in America, this link is a must read:

Anonymous said...

Re: "The Coming Race Wars In America"

I only have one objection to the link that I just posted regarding how zionist Jews benefit from fomenting race wars in America. The author of that article was right on point about everything except his/her statement that "Fundie Moslems retaliated against Zionist-headed American foreign policy via 911". That wasn't the exact quote, but I give the author a pass because to be fair, it was written years ago before even many awake people knew of Israel's hidden hand in 911.

I keep hearing about race wars being started in Florida. Anyone who cares to do the research will find that most so called 'neonazi' websites are false flag psyop wars to incite race hate and to keep the dupes and tools fooled as the racist zionists scramble for cover and try to buy more time. I pray that most Americans won't fall for this crap. May the scales from from your eyes!



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