Thursday, September 22, 2005

Basra and the Playing fields of Armaggeddon

The raging tempest of fire and blood; the burning heat of bombs and blasted limbs tumbling in the air, yeah, they’re just a bunch of fucking Muslims, not even shit in the eyes of the Christian god. That great Christian God of the red faced pigs in tailored suits with expensive watches, fake hair and slick serpent voices proclaiming the majesty of the one they would bugger and crucify, over and over again given the chance. Each day they crucify anew.

I do not know the truth of it. I do not know whether God is what I imagine God to be or whether I only imagine and hope and wish. I do know that if there is a God, he or she is not the one trumpeted by these dead-eyed murdering lizards.

Basra. Have you heard of Basra? It’s someplace in Iraq. It’s the place where the other day two rat-fuck British soldiers were caught red-handed with a carload of explosives; CAUGHT RED HANDED. They were arrested when they should have been torn apart by the crowd. They didn’t go easy, they killed a few people before they were captured but they were just Iraqi’s. They were arrested by civilized men doing their job in this war torn, paranoid landscape of fear and pain and blood.

And the British; slave masters to the new world, vicious occupiers of Ireland, colonial brutes without conscience or mercy, opium warlords and creators of terrible mischief in countries around the world… the British scum went and raided the police station, killing those in their way and liberated these jackals camouflaged in Arab garb; but no Arabs were they.

Did you hear about Basra? Well, if you read the blogs or go to websites managed by courageous men and women; if you go to or any of the all too few organs of truth in the telling, then you know. But if you get your news from the mainstream media then you don’t know, because nowhere is this mentioned. You pack of rotten scoundrels. You dirty, dirty Godless fucks. You stinking shit-eating weasels. You child-murdering abominations upon the planet.

Goddamn you! Here are your terrorists! Here are your terrorists!!! Tony Blair you slick, pompous, blow-dried freak of nature; you slimy, slithering snake. The New World Order, thank you very much.

I don’t care how you call it, coincidence, bad luck, the judgment of God. Have you seen the badges of the New Orleans police department? Why look at that, a crescent and stars. It does make you wonder. How ever these forces of nature are coming I hope they pound the living shit out of the American landscape. I hope the oil refineries and drilling rigs are destroyed. I hope gas costs you $10.00 a gallon. When this hard winter comes I hope you freeze. I don’t care if you are rich or poor, I hope you freeze. I hope you starve. If a million of you die then that is a good thing, if that is what it takes. If you support these evil, satanic fucking scum, if you tolerate it, if you remain silent, if you are too stupid to catch on I hope you suffer and suffer good. Whatever it takes to wake you the fuck up, so be it.

Rage, rage Hurricane Rita, lovely Rita. Blow down the goddamned house. Bring your friends. Hear me oh nature. Hear me whatever forces of Nature there be, break this countries back. Humble these selfish greedy, indifferent fools; kill their families, destroy their homes, ruin them. The hurricane is pointed right at Crawford but will it get that far? Please, please do it, rip that drunken pimps house in the air and scatter it to the winds. Rip up the White House, tear the Capitol to pieces and lay these demons in human garb low.

Let the lives of Americans become so disordered that they cannot fail to see the connections between their suffering and these men and women whose job it is to protect them. Drive the public into a furious rage so that they storm the government buildings and drag these clowns into the street; so that they strip them naked and tar and feather them and beat them bloody with djamboks all down Pennsylvania Avenue.

George W. Bush, Tony Blair, you sick fucks from Hell, may you go down in agony and cry for mercy and release and may there be NONE.

Yes, I am just one more lonely voice crying in the wind. This is all I can do. I cannot remain silent. I cannot accept what I see. The contempt I feel for the Christian Right and the Zionists is beyond expression. While you are at it Nature, open a hole beneath Jerusalem and sink that twisted piece of shit down into the bottomless pit. Holy land my ass; fuck the holy land. Fuck the holy land with massive throbbing rabid camel’s dicks. Fuck this culture that thought it was okay when they arrived there, courtesy of the rest of the world; who thought it was alright to go around murdering Arab families until they fled for their lives and who then poisoned their wells with cholera and other lovely life forms so that they could not come back.

Oh, yes, these soldiers were undercover. The explosives in the car, the explosives no one will talk about? Why, they were just storing them so that they wouldn’t fall into the hands of terrorists. It is becoming increasingly clear that the point is to beat these people down until all that remains are the silent acquiescent slaves of the New World Order. These are your terrorists. You know what? UP THE IRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May London burn in unquenchable flames, may Washington drown in toxic sewage equal to the sewage these demagogues spew. May senators and congressmen spontaneously burst into flames and run screaming down the streets, may the corporations fall and may the stock market crash and break into a million pieces. Whatever it takes, whatever it takes to bring these hyenas down. May this whole lie of a false and worthless culture perish; if that’s what it takes, if that’s what it takes.

I can hear the music of Revelations playing in the background. I can see that Armageddon rising; that must rise before the real Jerusalem can come. It’s in the air and it is sweet music indeed. This dense, corrupt, materialist society has got to go. This culture that thinks it no big deal to rape another country simply so that they can drive nowhere in massive pig-mobiles- polluting the world with their insane garbage; four percent of the population creating 25% of the pollution… fuck you.
It’s okay with you that there were no weapons of mass destruction. It’s okay with you whatever they say. It’s okay what’s happening to the money in New Orleans. You don’t care how corrupt it all is, you just want your piece of the action.

Well, your boys got caught in Basra the other day and now the Iraqi’s have proof of what they’ve been saying all along. But you didn’t hear about it. It’s not on the news. The roving Israeli hit teams aren’t on the news. The real jobs of all those independent contractors/mercenaries, you don’t know what that is. The oil now pumping from Iraq to Israel, you don’t know about that (note to the freedom fighters- blow that fucking thing up). Why America went to war, you don’t know the reason. None of this is in the news. The photos from Abu Graib; this enormous picture album which makes you wonder how they had time to torture with all the photography they were doing. That’s not on the news either. You have no right to know and that is why it is on the news.

Armageddon’s okay with you too, even though it’s not on the news either. But you won’t need to see that on the news and you won’t need to hear about it. Maybe I can’t do anything about any of this but I can damn well say my piece. I want my words down on paper and virtual paper with my name attached.

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Anonymous said...

We are kindred spirits, you and I, Visible Origami. You have come out swinging once again, and have delivered a literary knockout punch.

Anonymous said...

but it is all rubbish. a rant based on unknown sourse drivel. the british soldiers are out doing the best job they can to help the iraqi people. they also have to be a able to protect them selves, but they are helping the people in every way they can. i know, because i was there.

Anonymous said...

It's a pity, that someone so vociferous and obviously quite literate should confuse the actions of some people in the army with the views and demeanor of the bulk of the British people. Also I find it interesting that you mention Ireland (Northern I assume) and the "IRA". Being British and having lived through the IRA bombings in England I can assure you that the two situations that you are refering to are different ... in as much as the 'English' government (and people) wanted to get the army OUT of Northern Ireland a long time ago, but the majority of the people living there didn't ... yes, they actually voted on it, and the IRA tried to disrupt this voting by bombing ..of course. So I think what we had there was a MINORITY of people trying to impose their will on the majority through violence ... now what's that called? ... oh yes, TERRORISM! Which funnily enough was being funded by both Americans and Syria at the same time ...rather ironic don't you think?
Ok so the British have made some mistakes and committed some atrocities in the past and I would like to think we have learnt from them, but so has every other Country in the World at some point in time. So if you still think the British are "Scum" please let me know your Nationality (or religion) and I'll do some reverse name calling from your Heritage. Oh .. and just to fit in with the tone of your post, .. why don't you research your facts a little better you brain-dead fuck wit?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you rant is true or not, but I definitely believe it is how the Muslim world sees the West.
America could really be screwed.

Anonymous said...

Virtually screaming back at you!
Verry good release. Peace to you.

Anonymous said...

That's nonsense to say it's unreported in the media - it's been all over the BBC for the last 3 days, plus all the online newspapers like the independent, thetimes, guardian, mirror to name but a few. Check google news if you don't believe me. It may also interest you to know that not every Briton nor every American is in favour of the occupation, so indiscriminate destruction like the IRA's or the hurricanes that you so laud with such glee don't help much. A helping of clue wouldn't go astray before you spit your incoherent insults at anyone within range.

Anonymous said...

It's people like you who make the actions of Bush, Blair, and Sharon possible. Thank you for being a resource for all that you despise.

And thank you for making the tragedy of Arab peoples a little less heartbreaking for me personally; knowing that there are self-rightious, chest-beating young men like you getting hurt in the process.

Anonymous said...

You hit the God damned nail right on the head, Origami. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

They say only %5 have the needed will and attention-span to take a long, hard look at the world without the proverbial rose-tinted glasses or the illogical good vs. evil, black and white mindset.

I personally believe we have this capacity because we've always refused most of the programming laid down by our corporate masters, by our schools, by whatever religion we were forced to endure and even by our parents (who meant well of course).

I'm gonna take shot here:

Logic is your strength, but you're not much for numbers, yet you feel that you probably could be.

Your IQ is in the 120 area and I'm guessing your personality type would be Questor or Fieldmarshall Intuitive. Most certainly one involving a great appreciation of beauty and intellectual pursuit. Incidently, you see yourself as more intelligent than most and you're probably right.

You can spot a liar a mile away and you can read body-language and expressions quite well. And all you have to do is listen to the little voice, if you know what I mean.

If a human can be said to 'enjoy' being disillusioned (or informed, whichever you like), you're that human.

You've done some kind of freaky drug haven't you?

You just had to try the experiment for yourself right?

You simply HAD to see what the hell the big deal was and find out why the elitist bastards so wants us not to. It was simply irresistable yes?

Were you in the void? Was it grayness suspended on a sound in a smell of taste?

If you haven't already, you'd probably enjoy the works of Aldous Huxley. Please read Brave New World, you'll love it and please note the year it was published.

You are a great thinker.

Know it.

PS. I'm really not trying to be a smart-ass here, I'm just thinking out loud ;)

Anonymous said...

You speak the truth

Anonymous said...

with all due respect, because i don't know you, i need to ask what else you've done to help the abused people of this world besides indulge in your rather vivid emotional life?

Anonymous said...

Mate you've really got to chill out and stop spouting so much rubbish!

Why spoil an article with a few reasonable points by filling it with loads of what is, basically, bollocks?

Anonymous said...

with all due respect, because i don't know you, i need to ask what you have actually done for the abused people of this world besides indulge in your rather vivid emotional life.

Anonymous said...

with all due respect, because i don't know you, i need to ask what you have actually done to help the abused people of this world besides indulge in your rather vivid emotional life.

Anonymous said...

"And thank you for making the tragedy of Arab peoples a little less heartbreaking for me personally; knowing that there are self-rightious, chest-beating young men like you getting hurt in the process. "

these are evil words indeed. may your god forgive you.

Visible said...

let me clarify a few things folks. this is about the British people only insofar as they support these things. I have a number of close English friends. i am sure they know 'what' I'm talking about. Try to read between the lines I don't hate the English. I don't actually hate anyone. I am just PISSED OFF.

Don't tell me it's all over the news; not the part about their being dressed as Arabs and in a car full of explosives. That is not in the mainstream news.

As for the other points I've no need to address them. You've got your opinions and I have mine. Anything I said here though is backed up by fact except for the imprecations.

And what have I done for the suffering in this world? That happens to be my job and this blog is part of it.

It is time for revolution. America's founding fathers foresaw this day; that is where the right to bear arms comes from. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, "The tree of liberty must occasionally be watered with the blood of tyrants." i will leave it to your imagination as to which tyrants I may be refferring to.

In conclusion, I recognize that I spun wildly out into the realm of passionate fire. Readers of my blog know I have this capacity. But quite often I am measured and restrained and my Visible Origami blog- seen in the menu, expresses my deeper passions and more of who I really am.

I'm tired of punk politicians who wouldn't last five seconds with me or the people I know in real life; prancing about like war heroes just because they can sign marching orders; everyone of them is a fucking coward. I can talk the talk because I can (and do and have) walked the walk

This needed to be said and I am glad I said it. if you want to be offended good, maybe it will get you off your ass and doing something, because if you are not then your opinion means nothing to me.

If I offended you I am sorry but only if you aren't one of the people I am talking about.

If you want to rag on my heritage, go right ahead. I left my country of birth, America, because I am not a fascist and I will not live under fascists. I have no heritage. I am a citizen of the world. Maybe I shouldn't have said what I said quite the way I said it, agreed. But I am angry, that's just how it came out.

Good day.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I thought it was only me who thpought that way. A kindred spirit indeed.

As for the british weasel population, well fuck them. Watch them scurrying to protect their NAZI queen. Skum.

Irish Holocaust.

Anonymous said...

Has there anything happened yet in this absurdly sick war that in hindsight not turned out to be be far beyond the most daring speculations of the most cynical minds?

Aware of the (compartimentalized) running P2OG operations and Rumsfeld's vehemently denied (and thus either true at minimal or far worse) "Salvador Option" death-squads turned loose in Iraq one still is amazed at the arrogance of not taking in consideration the slim chance of getting caught, even by a police they trained themselves.

On the bright side is that the spin this time was of terrible quality, very transparent and stands diametrically on (is this English, I don't know..) the ongoing propaganda effort that it will inevitably cause some grave problems in the near future.

Anonymous said...

How can the West do such thing? It is sad and heartbreaking that people are bomb and maime for the sake of the so called "WMD"... "removing a dictator"... "spreading democracy"... and the latest, "fighting terrorist". So what is new with the West. What is wrong is wrong.... you guys can't simply rationalise the wrongs that have been done.

Anonymous said...

I'll sing you a song of peace and love
Of a land that reigns all lands above
May peace and plenty be her share
Who keeps us all from want and care
Oh, God bless England is our prayer

When we were savage, fierce and wild
She came as a mother to her child
Gently raised us from the slime
And kept our hands from hellish crime
And she sent us to heaven in her own good time

Now, Irishmen forget the past
And look to the day that's coming fast
When we shall all be civilized
Neat and clean and well advised
Oh won't Mother England be surprised?

Anonymous said...

Oi ! TrueBrit ! Shove it up your arse. Most of the "IRA" bombings were done by, or at least with the help of, BRITISH secret services. Wake up, you Fucktard.

Anonymous said...


I agree that it may have to take all the tragedy and devastation that you've dscribed before Americans wake up and retake their country. But, it is a mistake (albeit understandable) to think that only Americans can be this indifferent in the face of all the evil their government spews forth.

The average person, in America and elsewhere, can only be blamed so much. Don't forget that the average American is practically an indentured servant, spending almost all his time working to feed himself and his family and pay the INTEREST on his debts.

You're right on the mark with Bush and Blair, though.

God bless you for your sincerity.

Anonymous said...

Such beautifully written viciousness. Hats off.

You should feel free to include that worthless stick puppet John Howard when you mention Bush and Blair. Sure he's only a jumped-up, self impressed Mini-me but he deserves as much shit as everyone can fling at him.

Anonymous said...

power!!!!! oh my God. You are the most inspired and forceful writer I have ever encountered. I believe I understand you completely. I know you didn't mean the harm, you meant the impact of your words on the reader. Nonetheless, no matter how forceful and outraged you were spot on.

The fellow who was sniping at you about the IRA bombings probably doesn't understand that you meant to praise them philosophically. Am I right?

God bless you. You are in a class of your own. I will return here faithfully.

No really, that is my name.

Anonymous said...

Raging! Raging! Kick some colonial imperialist ass!

I too was in Iraq and it is worse than anyone knows. We did bad shit. i saw a lot of it, including Abu Graib.

I agree with you one hundred percent, "If that's what it takes. If that's what it takes." Oh yeah, if that's what it takes.

DigitalSpy said...

Tell us how you really feel

Catnapping said...

Hats off, Les.


Anonymous said...

Well, it seems that you have some loyal followers. Can't get this kind of rant anywhere else that's for sure. I do understand your passion but I don't expect to make sense of the inhumanity only so far as to realize that God gave us brains and free will and those in power in the US and the UK have chosen to not use one and to abuse the other. As for tar and feathers, I thought of that too, but on reflection, I don't think that is harsh enough and I do believe they'll all get their comeuppance if not in this world than in the next. Therein lies my hope.

Anonymous said...

powerful stuff.

Anonymous said...

No I disagree.

I want to see Bush and Blair and the NAZI queen of england hanging and burning in this life not the next. Screaming in pain on CNN and Faux and the BBC at prime time.

It should be a deterrent for any future potential demagogues.

Anonymous said...

"but it is all rubbish. a rant based on unknown sourse drivel. the british soldiers are out doing the best job they can to help the iraqi people. they also have to be a able to protect them selves, but they are helping the people in every way they can. i know, because i was there."


same person goes on to post several more messages of this fashion..
If you believe so much in what is going on "Over there"
Feel free to fucking go back.

Anonymous said...

Hey Visible - anonymous of evil words here.

I'm glad that you don't hate the English, although you've written a massive (and very eloquent) piece to the explicit contrary.

The truth is, though, that I understand you only too well. I believe that the primary reason for what is happening lies squarely with the western civilian, who refuses to take responsibility for a master-government which is harming not only himself, but also so many others, in other parts of the world. The average street-serf is generally not brave (nor coherent) enough to face up to the uncomfortable fact that he ought to do the difficult, unpopular thing. Much like the average Arab, Chinese, or Columbian.

This makes it tempting to take the word "reason", and then morph it into the word "blame". IE, to say that, because the UK civilian is at fault and responsible, it is fair to blame and hurt him - as your rant explicitly implies.

Whether you mean it literally or not, that self-rightious pitfall is exactly what your enemies want you - and others like you - to fall into. Because by doing so, you're playing into the civilian-vs-civilian polarization which the shadow-hands so eagerly want to achieve.

To spell it out: the manipulators aren't just trying to manipulate the peoples of the US and the UK into being docile. They want to manipulate YOU too, into writing as you just have. By the standard of polarization of civilian populations, your rant is very much a success story for them; all the more for it being exceedingly well-written, thus likely persuasive to others like you to engage in like-minded, Old-Testament-style chestbeating in the future.

I believe a real God would forgive and judge us not on how "evil" our words sounded. But on to what effect they were put.

I pray that you see why I believe that your considerable skill at writing, your well-placed anger, and intelligence can easily be (and intentionally are) manipulated into assisting what you wish to fight.

I know - you're pissed, and it feels right to "speak your mind" (IE, to rant, in what seems like an inconsquential forum). Well, I'm pissed too, actually. Even so, I will apologize for my evil words. The truth is, I bother to criticize you, only because I feel exactly as you feel.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who called me a "fucktard" .. well if you have proof or even documented 'discrepancies' that might indicate that the British secret service (now would that be MI5 or MI6) aided in the bombings of the IRA then I'm anxious to have my eyes opened. Also whilst you are researching please try to improve your vocabulary

Anonymous said...


Please read the following :


Note also that the Colonel Kerr mentioned therin is now stationed where?


Anonymous said...

Ach, what a pile of ranting this is. And sweet music it is to my ears. I once would have written such as this (and before this great interweb I did) and it warms my heart to see the passion flow. Keep it up.

And for all those cowards who will not post their names but are happy to give critisism, fuck you all and I hope you burn in the fire filled pits of hell reserved for the likes of you. The world is dying, not of pollution, war, or poverty. It is dying because of indifference and a willingness to believe all the bullshit lies that the media spews forth. Go back to watching WWF/Friends/whatever the fuck drug the methadone metronome pumps into your brains. Go back to sleep and act surprised when you wake up to find that it has all gone to hell in a handbasket.

You may well be offended by the passion in this post, no wonder for true emotion and passion probably scares the living shit out of you. It threatens to wake you up from your opiated TV coma. Well wake the fuck up and see what is done in your name. The best, dirtiest, evilist fuckers in the world came from this sceptered isle - jeebus we (I use 'we' loosly) fucked over the whole world with our 'empire' by slaughtering and destroying while calling it civilising the heathen. Gaius Julius would be proud.

Keep up the ranting mate. It is a breath of fresh air.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir

I have been reading your blog here for a little time, but I can tell you that everything you feel is felt all over the world.

I am way "down under" but the things you express are being felt here too. Our prime-minister is telling us that a terrorist attack is inevitable!

Day by day freedom is eroded but the great majority dont realize it. That must be the result of an ageing population - they are all in the throes of Alzeimers.

I am scared, because we have a government which is happy to lead, as long as it is in the fashion dictated by George W Bush.

Peace on Earth, and please know that you are being heard.

Catnapping said...

Wow. 36 comments, and almost all of them...anonymous. You must scare the hell out of people, Les Visible.

Anonymous said...

well well i hoped to find someone speaking the truth and i found it here, i read what truebrit said its idiots like him that make up this disgusting so called world so blind to the facts, i really beleive peolpe like him either know the truth and choose to ignore it or there just plain ignorant either way its a waist of your time i still live in this country called the US i'm in planning stages to get out i tell you this which im sure u already know there are very few of us and if you didnt know now you do i recently had a huge spirtual slap in the face its funny because most of who do know have always known, i think we sometimes choose to ignore facts because of fear maybee i speak for my self who knows? anyway when this slap took place i awoke to be surounded completely by the demons of this world is so sad in a way to know that this world has nearly been consumed is it? anyway its good to know that we all havent been consumed! keep fighting i will.

Anonymous said...

Don't you see what we are fighting against? Muslim extremism is an ultimate evil, they preach a religeon and qualify all their evil violence with their book, their book tells them that lying, cheating, violence, anything is justified if it spreads or defends islam. Why is the whole world more disgusted with the abu graib scandal (it was wrong, people are in jail now, justice has been served) than the evils that islam extremists commit? where is the outrage to what these evil islamists are doing and trying to accomplish? Where is the justice? Do you know what they are trying to accomplish?? Don't tell me they are just angry, it goes beyond that, they have zeal for death. I'll tell you, they would very much like to have an islamic caliphate spread over the whole world and everyone subjected to the law of the koran, stripping the rights of all people and subjecting them to a single way of life. These are the people fighting and blowing shit up in iraq, many if not most of them not even iraqi, but come to the front lines of a fight they've been yearning for years. do they care how many civilians they kill? do they care how many children are killed? no. they care about nothing but spreading terror and confusion. It's amazing to me how successful they have been at gaining public support (yours, a hearty support) for their cause. How do they gain this support? By blowing people to bits, and then claiming God has authorized them to kill. How can you support this?!

I will say that it has been messy, and mistakes have been made, things have not gone according to plan, did we even have a good plan? but there must be some effort to put a stop to this ideology. Compassion for your "freedom fighters" and your hopes for their triumph and your hope for the west's downfall are sick indeed. Lets stop for a moment to imagine what would happen to the iraqi people if the US just left (terrorists would control the towns, another dictator would rise to power), and let's also remember how their life was before the US stepped in. Good God, it's got to be a little better now... they have their own government, decided by the people! now if those damn terrorists would just stop blowing shit up. yes it's been messy, change is not going to be accomplished without sacrifice, as it has been through all of time.



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