Sunday, February 19, 2012

Succubi Hallucinations in Cellblock 99.

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May your noses always be in the wind in the moments when the world changes.

What am I gonna do? What am I gonna say? Must be something in there that hasn't made it's way out yet into this potpourri of weird shit stepping on the heels of the weird shit in front of it. I'm going to say a little about the astrological situation. I am not your usual astrologer. I am an esoteric astrologer so, when people are handing out their pronouncements about Neptune in Pisces, I get a different picture and if you will bear with me for a moment I will give you my take. We are leaving the Piscean age. We are passing out of the transiting period into the early days of what's going to stick around once the rest of it is gone. It is only fitting that at this point, the illusion machine and the boundary remover should enter its home base for a final house clearing. As is ever the case, things happen two different ways. When you are wrong they go wronger and when you are right they go better. Neptune's got a lot to do with drugs, hallucinations and WTF!

Most astrologers try to put all of this into the context of a personal relationship to what's operative. I try to see it as it hits the whole nine yards. Since I don't have much personal left, the whole nine yards tends to apply more to the way it hits me. Keep in mind that Neptune is the sea god and the sea is the great subconscious. Keep in mind that things which appear in the world have a tendency to come out of nowhere and suddenly be everywhere. Well, that's the subconscious for you. It percolates like the hot lava at Kilauea, sooner or later, coffee is ready. That's why the Hindus have that red dot in their forehead.

What we are about to see is the fate of illusions when they come up against the inexorable force of the cosmos. Some of it is going to be tragic and some of it is going to be funny but mostly it is going to be a breath of fresh air. That's going to be exhilarating and scary at the same time, like someone switched your oxygen feed with a nitrous oxide canister. I'd say that Neptune is a lot like nitrous oxide. Welcome to Cartoonville.

The negativists among us, and there are many, seem to believe we are all screwed. They are missing an important part of the equation. Those of you with real mathematical skills know that it all makes sense and when you get to algebra, onward to trig and then into pure theory, you can shoot around corners, even when you can't see what's there and you can make suspension bridges that are pretty much like modern bras and you can probably figure out why things like this obsessed Howard Hughes so much (grin). Math is nothing more than what we've been up to in apportioning and parceling the female body. After all, that's Mother Nature, or it used to be. Now we got boys in bikinis insisting that they can be here as a stand-in, since she's toothless in the alley and being gnawed on by rats. This isn't going to last long but you have really missed the point if you've missed the reality of that and no doubt I will hear about it for having said this and it's really not a criticism but an observation and acknowledgment of the fine job that's been done on us by those who never liked her to begin with and who punched her teeth out and shot her up with Fentanyl in the first place. Well, she has her teeth back and the Heparin Lock is gone from the back of her hand so watch out.

When you twist Mother Nature too far out of shape, you get Kali. This is no indictment of people's desire to perform the rituals in their own way. As I have said, many times, this is a phase. It's the same thing that happens when you get born black, yellow, white or brown for the purpose of demonstration. It's the same thing that happens when you wind up speaking a new language every time you show up. The point of the affair is to smooth your edges and also to wake you up to the fact that we are all one body. You abuse the feminine principle at your peril because there is no way back into this world except through a woman and she can be Hell on wheels when she has to be.

At the present moment, every major religion, except two- and one of those comes out of the other; at the present moment, every major religion sees the feminine as something to dominate and abuse. This is why a lot of men meet only bitches and are cynical and pissed off because she isn't doing what she used to do, which is just lay there and take it. You could have had a willing and eager partner in the exercise but you had to be on top. Well, you're not on top. It turns around. It always does and those who get pissed off about there being nothing but bitches, should have caught a clue when they were turning them into bitches in the first place. Some of us don't meet bitches cause they don't have our house number stamped in their forehead and when we do meet a gargoyle or two, we tip our hat and ease on down the road with black Dorothy and her pit-bull Toto, who keeps screaming about “Hold the Line”. The way it goes with lines though is that they get snorted up, sooner rather than later, if you're spending too much time in the john getting your hair right.

You mess with Mother nature at your peril. You mess with her representatives at your peril. You turn her into ho's and bitches and you will get something you never imagined in your darkest nightmare. Your bowels will turn to water and you'll be in Cellblock 99 where they keep the freaks. Just because you're on Wall Street today doesn't mean you won't be there tomorrow, metaphorically and karmically speaking. You'd be surprised at how Ladders and Chutes plays out in real life. You can go from oil lord to galley slave in seemingly no time at all. Some people have terrible luck. They're just standing there when the death goes down and the next thing you know they're being fitted up for a felony murder jacket as an accessory, on both sides of the entendre. There's all kinds of bad shit that can happen to you. You could be born as Richard Dawkins or get half lucky and be born Daryl Dawkins. Anything can happen.

See, lifetimes are like suits of clothes. You can be suited up in anything for the purposes of demonstration. You can be standing on the gallows and screaming that you are an innocent man but you're not, are you? It's just more of that math that shoots around corners. Let's take lil' Georgie Porgie Bush. He's got hundreds of lifetimes coming that you don't even want me to talk about. Those people at Monsanto? They will probably be born with two heads and no legs about ten thousand times and get kept alive just in case they want to do a sequel to “Freaks”. This is karma in your face. This is the karma no one wants to hear about and everyone wrings their hands about and cries out, “Lordy, Lordy, it ain't fair and... there is no injustice anywhere.

I've had a hard life up until not so long ago. I couldn't make head or tails of it. I come to find that God fancies himself a meat tenderizer. Sometimes karma can fool you. Anyone who thinks they can make sense out of it beyond a certain point of conjectured potential is one more fool with a clipboard building Mother Nature a better bra. You don't have to go too far past America to understand what's so fascinating about breasts. America is all about cleavage without the nipples. Over here in Europe you see the whole boat in most parks on a given sunny day. Nudity is a big deal in the US and so is the kind of force used to herd the residents. Muslim countries have a similar constraint and young boys come into the picture the same way they do in The Catholic Church. Both of these come out of the Abrahamic tradition, which is the same motive force pushing the envelope for the satisfaction of beer soaked layabouts addicted to the products from the places they shoot the films in ranch houses in Studio City and West Hollywood. But no one gets connection? No one gets the connection? I'm pretty clear about why I like the South Seas, how about you?

Keep in mind that all of the bullets, other weapons and indifferent violence comes out of this same thing. Yeah, that's right. Mess with the sex force and you will see how fucked up it can get. It's all about controlling the sex force in all the wrong ways and that's how you get impotent 'freaks' with rubber truncheons wailing on their fellows and don't tell me tasers aren't sexual.

It's all about sex and messing with Mother Nature; “don't stand so close to me”. Keep it up and see what happens. Now, it's perfectly fine for a sadhu to walk off into the forest and spend his time fighting off succubi hallucinations, till the real thing comes along. It's another thing to set moral standards for yourself and your offspring, while the people running your lives sell you all the bad shit and... and... you don't have a clue do you? You don't see it. You've been paying kosher tax on your libido since you got here and you haven't been free for more than 15 minutes or an hour or two since and you got all those psychologists and doctors and philosophers and deep thinkers 'splaining how what it is is what it is. Well, take it from me, that ain't what it is and never was.

Sooner or later you're going to catch on, probably when “The Stand” becomes your timeline reality and Randall Flag and Trashcan Man does their thing. That's the funny thing about the Apocalypse; it's never convenient. Just when you thought you could sink down into the pleather with one more Bud Tallboy; you would have two but you need one for your dick... just when you thought it was okay to slurp, swallow and pork anything that was standing still and in your reach, that damned old Mr. Apocalypse is knocking on your door with his solid silver wolf's head walking cane and you know you got to get the door. You don't know why or who but something about this knock has authority to it and it's not the same authority as the corporate police who protect all the drug shipments and get wild assed on the entrepreneurs who don't have permission to operate here cause the usual fuckheads own the street.

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Anaughty Mouser said...

Greetings Visible.

Keep on keeping on as long as possible.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

In the end of times there will be wars and rumors of wars. There will be great earthquakes. The light of the sun will be blotted out. Immorality will run rampant on earth.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be a fun day here in the comments section.

Paul Von said...

A very interesting perspective.

I wrote this some time ago, but purhaps it is resonant >

From the Book of Knowing

To the women, I say this:

Be gracious to the entity you have invited
Share with them, a moment of wine
Do not neglect the man who is aging
Nor fill his mind with frivolous desires
A dishonored man, is a raging beast
And will soon make a widow
of every young bride

To the man, I say this:

The woman’s world, shall never be your own
You have come to tend her garden
Do not mistreat, what you do not know
For her ways are curious and deep
Every curse upon her, will thicken your blood
And in every insult, you will become mired

Intellect is bound in the world of form
Consciousness enfolds, all of existence
Locks and chains, are abstractions of the mind
Eyes that cling to form, yield nothing
When spirit and intellect, divide
The hunter’s tool sings of his death

As so you have entered the gate
So too, shall others follow
As so, you have come away
So to, shall they gather
Every seed shall be in accord
And every binding, shall be loosed

Anonymous said...

G'Morning Preacher Man Vis,

I just finished the re-read of 'The Stand'-unrevised version... many have already bowed down to 'the dark man' personified by Randall Flagg in the book.

Just YESTERDAY I was bringing up Trashy in conversational regards to those 30,000 drones said to be or soon to be patrolling our skies for reasons unknown-really-to the citizens and others in our lands. hahahahah

Whoever got the taxpayer money contract to build and deliver those drones is on a first name basis with Mr Flagg.

Those who signed the contracts, built the drones, signed the 'laws' for their creation is on first name basis with Mr Flagg.

Funny that I had forgotten the end of that book... with Mr Flagg emerging from THE SEA to a new set of players in a new world for him to play with.

Whenever the shift occurred with the anti-life regime encompassing more than 50% of the ratio of soulless v souled humans I've experienced nothing but trouble from those in 'professional' life.

Pathological liars and unabashed thieves. Sloppy though. Very sloppy. Like they believe they are protected by someone or something-of course hidden masters-that has their back.

One thing about these times are-they're standing alone under the light right now. No one will know their name when it comes time for their judgment. Of self. Through the light that is shining down on all of us right now.

Time to show who and what we really are. And those who act like 'demons on meth' are not going to stop until they are stopped.

Humanly it is not possible to stop them-imo-they've got to stop their selves. They've got to dissipate their selves. We can't get our hands/karma dirtied with their outcomes. They've got to do it and they will do it their selves.

Even the NUKE that took out old trashy and the rest of the dark ones didn't take out Mr Flagg.

Very fascinating re-reading that book thirty plus years now after its original presentation. So much more critical on how it can go-due to sloppy pathological liars and thieves 'just doing their jobs'. heh!

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis,

Intense resonance in today's post, as in the past couple of years. I've been reading your blogs and commentors.

I love you, man.

I don't contribute much in print, but I contribute daily to those who surround me.

Because of you and your readers/commentors, All here have contributed to the positive vibes of life around me.

Thanks to All.

walking hawk

biggee said...

'where have all the nipples gone, long time passing...'

nice post, les

Clarity said...

I am so looking forward to that breath of fresh air.

Each day I read your words, I am thankful for the gift you share with us.

Blessings to you, Visible, and to all...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Negativist? How? Seeing what is being destroyed? That is a good thing. The worst that can happen is things keep on going as they are. And like you said, life is just a suit. Your innate self is forever, though not in the same form.

Damn right about eager, willing partner being turned into a bitch by the former alleged ally wanting to be dominant. Heh-heh-heh. This bitch lost the battles, but won the war big time. The bastich ended up being VERY careful after a few stunts I pulled. And I'm still salting the Earth, though the worthless wastoid is no longer in my sphere. No, never mind. I'm Agent Oranging and DUing it.

His replacement is being treated like a prized 2000 year old painting, however. (Pretend I didn't say that. I have a reputation to maintain. 'MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, WHO'S THE BIGGEST HAGGERSNASH OF ALL.')

Anonymous said...

Visible -
Once again, channeling the ether like no other... Haven't posted in a while; haven't had much to say and you're saying it all so well lately.
Anyhow, my wife had left this up for me:

The Jan.22 entry rolls nicely with what you're talking about... It all really is under control.

Thanks for hosting at your oasis!

Allison said...

You touched on a litte bit of everything, where to start. I would like to say I had completely transcended the horrors of this world as I wait upon the masters call, but I get freaked out by it all. The whole "this is not my home planet" mantra enters in daily. I like the first paragraph talking of astrology. It is a subject that is just now entering my consciousness after 4 years on the path. The extremity of the bizarreness around us makes sense in the context of your exegesis. The death throes of an age are perhaps, by law of coorespondences similar to the death throes of the human body. I waited out a loved one on his death bed years back, liver cancer had triumphed and his body lie languidly for weeks, waiting to die. On the day of his death, his whole body began to seize and his heart rate skyrocketed. It was as if the inherent life force of his physical elemental was obliged to try one desperate surge of energy before it was overcome by the inevitable transition. Perhaps this is why things are so over the top batshit. Pisces is giving all its got as it dies? Its all a mystery really.
The karma thing is especially a mystery. How bad would the karma of a George Bush be in Kali Yuga? The karma of the world is complete shit during this age it seems. Does grace enter in if an intransigent cloven hoofed human monster is actually brought face to face with his deeds and feels the pain he has inflicted on other, and is sorry? Is karma punitive, educational, both? Very mysterious these laws. All I know is that I want out of this system as soon as possible. It is hell here for the partially awakened.

Anonymous said...

Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present. -- Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

Anonymous said...

Having recently embarked on my secret mission to let go of all encumbrances and finally accept the fact of the coming and going of the light/winds. The Fact that BE STILL AND KNOW is TRUMPS... Know ye not that ye are gods? Aleph is gratefull.

Anonymous said...

After yesterday's trip to the woods to bring home some more fuel for the heater and the cookstove, i dropped by the local pub for a couple Grain Belts. Got to talking with a couple of 30ish dudes from the area. One of the guys is a ringer for Mister Clean ~ needs the big gold earring, though.

First time meeting Clean was at the selfsame pub three or four years back. He'd recently returned from Iraq. Was in a tank at Fallujah. That's the place the Brass sent in all the funhouse boys and blew the place to pieces and shot practically everyone in sight cause n on accounta that was the place where the Iraqi patriots had caught some contractor mercenaries and hanged em from a bridge.

Clean opened up a bit last night after i'd brought up the subject of depleted uranium and how Iraqi mothers there no longer ask "is it a girl or a boy" just after giving birth. These days it's "is it normal?" Seems that D.U. has this way of messing up the chromosomes, the DNA and everything else in the bag. U.$. military brass have known about the effects for decades. Do they give a shivering shit?

First time meeting Mr Clean i noticed a certain glow-on to his complexion. Something abnormal. Over the months i learned he had 'served' at Fallujah. Last night he told me that for over a year after coming home he was downing a quart of whiskey daily. He also kept a .45 close by at all times. He's more resigned to his situation now. Knows he has only so much time. Most of his rage appears to be internalized. One of these days we're gonna have another talk. True, he was a volunteer, but at the time he was young, dumb and full of cum. His karma isn't so good, but what about that of the recruiters, of the brass, of the execs at the WarDefense industries who make the shit?

What kinda multi-armed bitch will the string-pullers who have deliberately weaponized d.u. as a matter of national policy gonna face? The genepool in Iraq will be poisoned with this shit for half of forever. I'm wondering how many of these warmongering bastards will next emerge from the womb to some poor woman by the banks of the Euphrates who asks her doctor "is it normal?"

Yes, Vis, Karma's a bitch.

-stickman 1 Pisces, 33 Anno Eros

gurnygob said...

Les I might not explain this very well so please be patient with me.

The part I do not get about the karma thing is this. If we are to accept that everything that happens to us or them or whomever, is some sort of justice, good or bad, for pass deeds in a past life then it leaves little room for compassion.

I went to a play last night called "Ballymurphy, The Aftermath". The play centred on the shooting dead of 11 unarmed civilians by the British army's Parachute regiment in Ballymurphy Belfast at the start of Interment in 1971 over a period of three days. The actors played the role of family members of the victims, each giving account of their experiences in the hours and days following these brutal murders. As I listened to the harrowing accounts of what took place over those three days my heart was breaking as I struggled to fight back the tears. I thought my old feeling of hatred towards the Brits would surface once more in my heart but they did not, all I felt was a deep sorrow for these people and the injustice they have suffered to this day. Not one solider has ever been charged with these murders and the names of all the victims remain blackened by the claim that they were armed and where shooting on the Brits when they were shot. All the victims were shot in the back and one man who lay injured on the ground was later executed by having two bullets pumped into his head, one behind each ear. Another man was shot 14 times in the back. A woman had half her face blown off, lying wounded in the street for hours she ended up being shot multiple times and left to bleed to death. A catholic priest who received permission from the Brits to attend to the aid of the first victim was himself shot dead. I could go on all night about this. It was heart breaking to say the least.
The point is, if we were all to except this as some sort of poetic justice then why should we be concerned when things like this happen, why bother to cry out for justice for the People of Ballymurphy, or Gaza or anywhere else? It's like there is something missing, some part of the Karma thing that doesn't add up. It's a strange sort of justice when you don't know what it was you did in your past life that you must suffer such injustice in this one. Feeling compassion for others must only be for fools like me. Sorry Les I just find this one hard to understand.


Anonymous said...

Visible, I am in flat footed awe at what you can do. You constantly surpass yourself, when it seems impossible, you do it. I am absolutely in awe. That whole wordplay about suspension bridges and bras and the inference to Jane Russel and Howard Hughes. How many people will actually catch that?

This is an intellectual's epicurian delight. It's a smorgasbord of word colors and obscure references that meld into something only a French impressionist would understand.

I take my hat off to you. You just explained western culture in a few paragraphs that a library of books didn't look at for what it is and will always be remembered as perverts because of it in the days to come. There is no sexual perversion that is worse than engaging in the act under false pretenses and pretending that the same tired arguments for proflicacy and indulgence still serve when they have never served anyone but the abuser. Major kudos to the scribe of our times and to generations still unborn.


Anonymous said...

Again you have clarified some of the weirdness inside & outside my head,I know where I want to stand,(but not entirely sure were I'm really standing sometimes)Vigilance is important, (along with self honesty)I mustn't give in to delusional wishful thinking (wishy-washy Pisces) or anything else that distracts...
Anyone exercising common sense can see that abusing Mother Nature is SERIOUSLY ill-advised (it's weird how simple common sense flies out the window when enough self-interest is generated)....
the weirdness is predictably speeding up...

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Yesterday, at the Cascade African Film Festival, I saw two films about Somali refugees in America.

"Broken Dreams" is about the dozens of teenage boys and young men from the Somali/American refugee community who have disappeared from their homes in America, to be later found dead in Somalia. The US government/puppet media version of this story is that the Somali/American immigrant boys were recruited by Al Qaeda and brought back to Somalia to fight for Al-Shabaah (the Youth), a subsidiary of Al Qaeda.

The Director of "Broken Dreams", Fathia Absie, a former radio announcer for the Voice of America's Somali-language news service, spoke and answered questions after the film was shown. The 38 year-old Absie, who has lived in the US since 1988, is very "bullish" on the USA.

When I got a turn at the microphone, I said that I had a comment rather than a question. I reminded the audience that on December 8, 2010, a Somali youth named Mohammed Usman Mohammed had been recruited by the FBI to attempt the Christmas Tree Bombing in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square. The FBI made the plan and supplied a fake bomb to Mohammed for the provocateured attack. I said that many people assume that Muslim radicals recruited the young men to go to Somalia, but we should all consider the possibility that the FBI recruited the young men and sent them to Somalia as another provocateured incident.

Then Fathia Absie said that she considered anyone who would agree to commit violence to deserve punishment, and the FBI provocateurs are doing a good job by trapping them.

I replied that it was unfair to blame the youths and forgive the FBI provocateurs. I said that the USA wants to destabilize Somalia. That was the end of our conversation. There were about 200 people in the audience (many others had left before the Q and A), and only a half dozen people applauded after I spoke. A young Somali immigrant told me that he really liked what I said.

Note: most of the Somali/American youths who have gone back to Somalia could not afford the airfare, many of them are minors, and some of them who died in Somalia were found shot in the head, execution-style. The US government claims that some of the Somali-American boys have served as suicide bombers for Al-Shabaah.

Visible said...

GurnyGob, I read two sentences of that and the rest is for people interested in color commentary. Of course compassion plays into the mix. The whole point of the matter is to show compassion because that is the best example that we who have not fucked up can bring; not to say we don't fuck up in our own small ways, we just don't fuck up in the big ways.

When I take some good coins out of my pocket and give them to a guy with his cap on the sidewalk or help out someone who turns into a big irritation or pain in the ass shortly after, I never say to myself, "That person is where they are because of what they were". I never think that, though it is absolutely true. I never think my contribution will make any difference or that all the people I took into my home who sold me out just cause the man made them a better offer, are undeserving or bad or good. It's none of my business. When I give or serve, it's for Krishna. It's my small offering in my small way to let the ineffable know that I haven't forgotten that there but for fortune goes I.

People will routinely disappoint us. People will break our hearts but it is our own expectations that do us in. Don't expect anything. Don't for a moment think or feel that somehow anything you do is some kind of hedge against the future.

God does not like self interest and insincerty. Trust me, the divine does not like these things any more than self righteousness and pride. He definitely doesn't like pride, when small self important men prance about in their temporary authority, dispensing false justice like they were gods and do not understand what is coming for them.

Think about this, when you think about compassion or any of the virtues; do you do it because you have to and because it is expected of you or do you do it because that is the most natural expression of what you are? Therein lies the difference between presence and pretense.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. Just watched the Wizard of Oz/Darkside of the Moon thing yesterday after a year or so of not seeing it. What seems a bad situation can have a happy ending. Here is an example of that from here:

Please copy 3 paste if you love dogs. Best to all, from Minnesota.

Clarity said...


Thank you so much for posting this!
Jan. 22
And please pass on thanks to your wife as well.

This touched me and brought me some peace, understanding, and clarity (something I continue to try to achieve...)
It also provided me with focus for the coming days, and a reminder about my goals and my intended and hoped-for destination.


DaveR said...

Here is the link to the current interview on Whitley Streiber's site: This (as always) is up for free for a short time and lasts about 50 min. The subject hunts ghosts and has an interesting story to tell regarding karma (the suitcase bit) and afterlife in general, through specific incidences. If what she tells is true then karma may very well be voluntary as I've mentioned before in this space (though long ago it seems).

If karma is voluntary then supposing that persons such as Dick Cheney will get their payback through multiple lifetimes of suffering may well be false. The may just leave it at the door and never be bothered with it again.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I haven't read all your posts from beginning to end, though I've read quite a few of those past. This is kind of a personal question, and I have a feeling you might not answer, and I don't care if you don't put it up under comments, but will you tell us who you are a direct conduit for? Who is working through you?

Reader said...

Greetings Mr. Vis.
What you say about Neptune seems true, but very "spotty." For one thing, Neptune has no sense of humor. "Illusion" is a word that is Neptunian, but what we're really involved in, here, now, is "delusion."

Those in power are deluded into thinking that they have power, and those who are under the boot are deluded into thinking that they have NO power.

The new age (aren't you disgusted at the connotation that has been attached to those words?), the new age MAY indeed be on the horizon, in the same way that the 17th Century monarchs were (relatively) soon to be (mostly) overthrown.

We will probably see only the foreshadowing of the Great Change during our (current) lifetimes, not that you've said anything to contradict that.

It seems inappropriate to conflate femininity with Neptune in spite of the linguistic associations between "the sea" and "the mother," etc. Neptune is more like "one sex fits all" -- a universal love that doesn't distinguish between cleavage and bulges. Also, one doesn't find that Neptune is any more an agent of "karma" than any of the other forces. Karma seems to be based more on INTENT than on facts or events; (Georgie Bush probably isn't much different from anyone else in terms of karma: INTENT requires a bit more than he can manage. More likely, he is EXPERIENCING his karma, and will continue to do so).

You might also have mentioned, BTW, that today the Sun is conjunct Neptune, and that perhaps INSIGHTS might be more readily available for those who are looking.

Thanks for the various thought-problems!

Rob in WI said...

I like the term "haughty", because it combines pride, insincerity, and self righteousness into a single word. I'm sure you've used it in other posts. There are far too many haughty people around.
Best to all, Rob

gurnygob said...

Thanks Les, I will get my head around it yet. What if one has fucked-up in a big way, do you think karma can be negated in the future by good works now. In the past I did 'penance' out of duty and fear but I would like to think that my compassion and love, which I believe are sincere, are natural expressions of the real me. I don't want to come back to more suffering unless I really have to or God wants me to help, in which case I would like to have a big red telephone with a direct line to his house although I might settle for a Saucer Pod. (grin)


Visible said...

Gurney Gob, good works can very quickly reduce the level of one's debt, sacrifice is even more impressive but most iomportant;y it should be kept in mind who we are seeking to impress and he has seen and heard it all. Don't worry about it. You're one of the good guys. We all tend to inflate the actual level of our crimes and most of the time they are against ourselves.

Unknown, for reasons that should be obvious, I can't answer that but you don't need me to.

European American said...

On a lighter note...

Imagine how one might feel after 81 straight nightsof this.

A nice way to spend an hour every evening before bed.

Transcend the poor quality of video/audio/special effects, and align oneself with powerful, cosmic principles gleaned from Nature. A real treasure!

Anonymous said...

Les being Visible,
While Jim is watching,
What have they done to the earth?
What have they done to our fair sister?
Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her,
Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn
And tied her with fences and dragged her down.

Clarity said...


I understand your confusion. I am a logical thinker, and too often trying to figure out things that are not part of our logical world can make me feel crazy.

I don't know if these will help you, but I have two things to share.

*I recently had a past-life reading done. I had asked a follow-up question after speaking with her and having time to think about things and make connections to my current life. Part of her response was this:

There really is nothing you (or any of us can do) but consider who you are and the relationships you've been in as being Divinely Inspired. Sometimes there is just no way and no explanation as to why things are as they are in our lives. It may be as simple as - someone has to play the victim and someone has to play the abuser for certain types of growth and evolution to occur.

If you think about it the victim will most often be surrounded by a circle of compassionate people while the abuser will end up punished, isolated and filled with guilt/shame. On the Soul level, we choose how we will learn our lessons. Someone raises their hand to be the victim. Someone raises their hand to be the abuser - and BOTH choices are Divine Inspired at that level.

*Actually, I just thought of something else. I was taught, and I don't know how accurate this is, that when we choose our lives, we sometimes choose more difficult lives. It can be that living this kind of life can help us grow "at a faster rate", if you will, or "help to burn off karma". We are thinking in our 3rd dimension minds, in our physical incarnations, and to live through what some people have experienced might seem like an unthinkable option. But from a soul level, it is much different. The soul understands the process, and in the total scheme of things, our time and our experiences on earth in each life is a tiny blip of your soul's experience. To choose to be a victim in the play you watched might have been something that soul felt would be helpful in its growth. To choose to be a family member of one of the victims may also have been a positive in terms of soul growth. It may be difficult for the physical beings here, but it is done according to plan for each soul to evolve.

*Finally, I saw a very interesting video that was a compilation of several people who had near-death experiences. Each one shared his/her experiences. Rather than going through story by story, it was broken up into snippets - the beginning experiences (most were above their physical bodies looking down on the scene below, for example). Next, most went through a tunnel, and those experiences were shown.

While not every experience was exactly the same, it was clear that they were all very similar and had some basic things in common.

Almost (if not) every one talked about reviewing his/her life. They felt the feelings that they experienced at that time, and they also felt how others felt as a result of their actions. I cringe at this part, because there are many things I would like to take back and do over. But the common theme again was that God did not condemn them for anything they had done. He only expressed unconditional love and asked them, "What did you learn from this?"

So while it might suck while we're in the middle of things - whether we feel badly about something we've done, or whether we've been through a difficult experience - in the end, it is all for a purpose, and it is all according to a divine plan, with the goal of learning and growth.

I don't know if that is helpful to you, but it did help me a bit.

Visible, I know there are different variations of beliefs within this area. Please feel free to comment on anything with which you disagree here, whether you disagree with the information that was shared with me, or whether I misinterpreted something, or did not express it clearly.


Sliver said...

I had a strange dream involving you, Les, last night. Strange how you always tap into what we readers are thinking (and where we're at) when you write your works.
-Sliver (Lacey L. from Facebook)

Visible said...

Jesus, Clarity: there is so much truth in what you just said that my jaw is still unhinged. Don't you ever doubt the course of your inward road. You can't say things like that and not have a powerful guide and invisible friends and I definitely know what I am talking about here.

I know that certain portions of your life in the right now are the sort of thing to create insecurity and that agonizing internal struggle wherein we have to decide whether to be true to others (read false in all ways except for immediate gain) or true to ourselves.

Listen closely grasshopper, staying convinced of your inward course will result in the salvation of everyone you care about, not doing so leaves all of you at the mercy of the tides. Since you are the only one in your family with the conviction to question what ought to be obvious as lies, except before the eyes of those who bought into lies that causes the truth to be hidden, you're doing a bangup job. Keep in mind that certain events on the near horizon are going to fundamentally change the way everyone looks at things.

And thank you for being decent and kind to that man. He is carrying the burden of something that does not rest easy on his conscience. It's pretty easy to dispell that sort of thing but the insular cavity that contains it for personal torment is inviolable; meaning we can't go in, they have to come out.

gurnygob said...

Thank guys for the help.


Eamon said...

"M-O-O-N...that spells whatever God wants it to spell for each person, from moment to moment."

All is and will be well.

Richie (Dana) said...

Way to go, the stuff dreams are made of.

Now then Mr. Gurneygob, do you not see that you are surrounded by friends?
Put away those 'needs' to please some earthly, material responsibility.
I need to explain that I have smoked enough cigs and drank enough strong drink to kill 4 people and I still do not have complete control of that. I entered this current fray via searching health related matters. You see, even though I was trying to kill myself the Divine decides I live and gives me certain things, and most important, reasons to continue. There is many a day that I wake and think it to be my last. I get in my car to get on the freeway and think that I may not make home. This is when I begin to see each breath in and out, as God's gift. You live today because he wants you here. And it is for a reason.
Relative to what I have researched, It is probable that your heart related problems are not related to smoking at all. How do you feel now? Knowing that all that guilt was possibly misdirected?
For once, just listen.....
God is a way nicer guy than you can currently imagine.
Know this.
You will be healed completely.
It is possible that this could happen on this plane of existence.
You have the power of creation.
Remember Jesus said that if we just believe we could move mountains.
Your DNA can be re-written in 30 seconds, “in the twinkling of an eye”.
This is not a material, “real world” thing. It is spiritual.

A connection to Divine will take away all fear and confusion. If he sees that you need to live tomorrow then that is the way it will be. You see that we are just like you? we all, only have the next second, by God's grace. That is all it ever was, or will be. The loss of this physical body is nothing when you already have all.

Hey, please forgive if I sound like your priest or any other authority figure. This is not about religion. Think of it as a step up. All I did was read the comments and wrote down what I was told to write.

Visible does that all the time and I truly appreciate it.


Visible said...

Jesus Christ, Richie,

I don't know how much more of this dead accurate, dead center truth I can take. Something ia going on here this evening where we are lifting each other to rise to the occasion. Ordinarilly, the cosmos does that but we nevr get the fellowship benefit. I'd say tonight it has passed all the unanswered expectation unfulfilled that I always go to bed with.

Tonight I would say that the promise of what I am seeing here lets me off the hook of giving a shit anymore and for that I am grateful; not that I don't care. I wuldn't do what I do if I didn't care but just tonight I now know that it doesn't matter if I'm here or not anymore because the message is coming alive through this telepathic resonance in so many hearts that it cannot be defeated by war planes tanks or septic lies. It's about to really take off in a whole lot of hearts.

Bear in mind that less than ten percent of us have accomplished nearly everything that has happened and more than half of that was definably evil. Just imagine what is going to happen when this resonace kicks in and becomes a force to reckon with. Their day truly is over; don't let the gates of Hell hit you in the ass as you walk through the door.

Excellent sentiments, Richie, your very best to date. The bar is getting seriously raised this evening, maybe I should talk about tits more often

Andrew of Sydney said...

Hi Les,

I finally listened to the radio live for the first time, lunchtime here. Thank you for your work, your writing and broadcasts which are very helpful to me personally. Many of the people who write here put up some great links too. It's a great virtual community you've created, resonates with me at this time. I'm quite excited about the things to come, clarity is becoming clearer! Best Wishes to all.

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling this was going to be a cool Smoking comments day.

Visible said...

Sometime in the next few hours we pass 4 million visitors. Thank you people. Visible is headed to the bunkhouse. Those of you many hours before us here, enjoy your moment in the sun. It is all about to change shortly and we'll soon see whether the conviction of our fate meets the demands of what happens or whether it was bullshit all along. I am heavily leaning toward the latter.

Mike in the 517 said...

"I've been funny, I've been cool with the lines. Ain't that the way love's supposed to be?"-from "Jessie's Girl"

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

touch of the Lord Buckleys here in this sporgastboard of a post. splendid as usual.

I'd read a few years ago that doctors had told Fallujah women not to have babies, there being an 80% mutation rate. and just like the sands in a broken hourglass, what goes around comes around.

2 meter diamond python has taken up a daily afternoon residence at the entrance to my abode. I always wanted a gargoyle. amazing how I walk straight past him without seeing him, even though I am ALWAYS on the lookout for the dangerous species. I never underestimate my blindedness at a given moment, and that's only for the obvious things.

w'ere off to see the Wizard, before he comes to see us, all for us to see ourselves.

wv: unfortunately (methinks) I wont do any more of these, these new ones are too metallic. they were fun before.

Doc Boughton said...

What have you been eating in the last 30 days or drinking or smoking? (grin) just when I want to hang up you pull off something quite sensible and then.....keep writing and thinking my friend.

Eamon said...

From "The Stand":

Glen Bateman: "Sorry! It's just that… it's just that we made such… such a business of you, and it turns out you're nothing more than another cockroach, scurrying around, running little roach errands!"

All is and will be well. Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

u/r IVmclLes & friends, been reading for years, don't comment anywhere but couldn't stop tonite. Just too ontarget all the time..yes, the ONE will succeed. As always. Neil, Samo, Marilyn, DaveS,guryngob & so many others, thanks 4 ur poetry, thoughts, & knowledge sharing over the yrs. Been awake for 7yrs now, over 45 if counting since knowing was Sag warrior/Sci guy here many times. Why is same shit each time?? Humans have SHORT memories unless using generational/verbal passdown, as we lost our quantum link gens ago, except for "those lost tribe"s. Who's lost???

NC Mn/Wi, "occupy state/nat parks/forests" s/b the thought 4 those of us in MN/WI w/no bernanke$$ 2 buy land. Look at ur topo maps, got running water, got 1st Nations(ur only friends) near, got forests?

over 60+, in pain, but nothing matters except how this era ends and what u can contribute 2 rebuilding a sustainable world.

So much teargas in '67-69 Chitown that have no fear, not counting 2 many past life deaths in name of "justice", 1 can only carry on, Krishna and the universal 1 have all in control. Most of "my" ka-tet is here & awake.

"we have all been here before"
and the "divine matrix" wishes ur input. Speak now or be forever silent.

wv: "fficeyo some" yo Y then some more


Richie (Dana) said...

Mr. Visible,
considering the fact that I am a guy......
"tits" interest me.
Thank you so much for what you do.
The truth of things is upon us.
Of course you know that anything I said was not my doing.

You are not done yet Sir.
Just a bit more, and then we are where we wished.


Kevenj said...

Peace. Interesting.. albeit cut short F2F tonight.

Anonymous said...

good vibrations,people.....
and thats beautiful stuff european american,, the whole of india come's to a complete standstill,so everyone can watch the ramayana,,,,beautiful


Anonymous said...

Isaiah 29: Coming soon?

1Woe to Ariel, to Ariel, the city where David dwelt! add ye year to year; let them kill sacrifices.
2Yet I will distress Ariel, and there shall be heaviness and sorrow: and it shall be unto me as Ariel.
3And I will camp against thee round about, and will lay siege against thee with a mount, and I will raise forts against thee.
4And thou shalt be brought down, and shalt speak out of the ground, and thy speech shall be low out of the dust, and thy voice shall be, as of one that hath a familiar spirit, out of the ground, and thy speech shall whisper out of the dust.
5Moreover the multitude of thy strangers shall be like small dust, and the multitude of the terrible ones shall be as chaff that passeth away: yea, it shall be at an instant suddenly.
6Thou shalt be visited of the LORD of hosts with thunder, and with earthquake, and great noise, with storm and tempest, and the flame of devouring fire.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! America is all about cleavage without the nipples! One is hard pressed :) to find a bra that isn't made out of that oddly shaped poly foam!
I hate those things!
I think they took all the left over shoulder pads from the eighties, (because they had a surplus of them,) melted them down into these impenetrable Robo bras of the now...
I've been ripping out the foam...
Who knew?! I still have nipples!

Good Stuff Visible :)

Anonymous said...

relax, it is only a game of rol .

Tom Lowe said...

I believe that all souls will at some point be retrieved through time travel and other technological advances, including medical ones, and made perfect, one and all.

It's a cosmology with a basis rooted in physics.

Anonymous said...


was a little late to the date, today.
took the letters right out of my mouth.

Anonymous said...

like a worthless fortune
a pocket full of lies
incorporated stances
miscalculated divides
in deviant positions
the court of own dismay
demeaned misunderstanding
the suffer and the strain
under constant misdirection
of needs that neednt want
worthlessness misvalue
the sudden burning taunt
of lies that set foundation
the house where satan falls
on a journey into nowhere
chained to its own walls


Shakespeare said...

"As if you were dismay'd: be cheerful, sir:
Our revels now are ended. These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits and
Are melted into air, into thin air:
And, like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capp'd towers,
The gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep."
- The Tempest

Anonymous said...

Dear gurnygob~ as for the 'compassion' 'thing'... the only way to achieve ingrained compassion/empathy is to have lived/died every single stinking aspect of experience that would cause one's soul to know it, be it, live it without cause for a single thought about it.

BE the one executed in the street, BE the shooter of the executed, be the dearly beloved wife of the shooter and the executed, be the child of the shooter and the executed with all the attachment strings of emotional cause which cause further strings of experience as the soul works out its experiences in which to grow so full and wide with the knowledge of every single experience able to be derived from the action of SHOOTER V EXECUTED.

And so on and so on with the endless abilities having a human body vehicle presented to these souls working through a human meatbag.

Eventually with enough experiences scalded into our souls-expressed through our hearts in working life times-there will be no desire for any anti-life actions of any kind.

Leaving an injured butterfly to die on its own-alone will cause as much pain in the witness as that encountered by the butterfly during its death-or beatitude if that is what is felt instead of pain.

All the vices and sins of this world would and will become moot points once enough meatbag encased souls reach a level where most crimes and harms become simply unthinkable-unactable behaviors indicative of great sickness in need of great healing.

The reactions of those knowing of the executions-hiding, defending, revenge, denying, enabling, hating, rewarding... just the acts of executing others can provide rich experiences for those who are involved or involving their selves to choose what they are going to do about it.

It is a very heavy experience to be a souled human. Only by living all the aspects of the experience can one hope to achieve empathy and compassion. imo...

the gardener

Anonymous said...

I believe God created the heart of man so that he might have a mystery to ponder. Think about it. Men are the only things in the universe that aren't predictable. We are just full of surprises.

People talk about progress and evolution. Progress to what? What is perfection?

Some might say perfection is boring.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To the gardener:

Being compassionate toward injured butterflies is relatively easy, compared to being compassionate toward swarms of (malaria-carrying in some places) mosquitoes.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

How very odd that humans can imagine, feel and in deeds surpass every degradation of the basest animalistic beasts, exceed the savagery of the wildest tiger consuming its food as flesh and blood, yet at the same time somehow believe and insist on retaining the false pride and ego of never having being nor ever will be anything less than human..

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To McCob:

If you think that perfection is boring, try dysfunction -- it's downright hellacious.

"There are many here among us
Who feel that life is but a joke
But you and I, we've been through that,
and this is not our fate.
So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late" - Bob Dylan

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fegel, I don't even know what perfection is. And I didn't exactly say that perfection is boring. I do know dysfuntion. A mental health professional told me once that I was bipolar. I have had mental breakdowns and substance abuse issues. I wish I was always smart and brave but unfortunately sometimes I fall short.

So, what is your idea of perfection? How would like to spend eternity?

Good luck to you in these trying times.


Philopolymath said...

I took your advice and read up on Brother Lawrence..Walter Russell and I concur.

Visible said...

You're a decent guy, McCob.

Richie (Dana) said...

Hey McCob,
I actually thought your comment regarding perfection was quite intuitive.
I have said before that without evil we would not know what good was. This would lead one to believe that we “need” evil. I know that to be incorrect.
If we never see evil again we will be just fine.
There is a train of thought that true souls would actually choose this plane of existence in order to kinda get on the fast track to the Divine. In that particular instance I could imagine a soul who had survived in the universe for thousands of years and perhaps the perfection was a bit boring compared with the opportunity to join the battle of the ages between good and evil and actually help others. This personal experience would surely help this true being to understand the nature of the creator much better.
It is the walk in the moccasins thing.

If you look at the huge spans of time this little shithole is nothing. As Mr. Visible always says, “It is for the purpose of demonstration”.

All we need do to escape the trap is to simply believe.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To McCob:

You are indeed a decent guy.

You wrote: "People talk about progress and evolution. Progress to what? What is perfection?"

I don't know what the end-game of perfection is, exactly, but I do understand, to some degree, what the process of progress or evolution toward perfection entails.

Perfection is self-realization, which we hope to achieve by seeking answers to the questions of "who or what am I?"; "what is the purpose of life?"; and "how do I become more aware, conscious, and self-motivated, and less motivated by the animal passions (drives and instincts)?". Seeking and finding the answers to those questions is the progress or evolution of the soul.

Psychological perfection, or perfection of the soul, is a total
awareness of the universal Oneness and an absence of fear and craving. There may be more to it than that, but I don't know, because the education and emancipation of my soul is a work in progress, and not a done deal or a finished product.

McCob, you also wrote: "Men are the only things in the universe that aren't predictable. We are just full of surprises."

The intelligence and occasional altruism (including altruism toward other species) displayed by many animals shows me that the soul or consciousness is not unique to human beings. The behavior of animals and humans is not entirely instinctive. It is "unpredictable" due to the choices made by the soul or consciousness.

How would I like to spend eternity? Free of fears, for sure. I'm still trying to figure out if there are any desires at all
worth nurturing; that's my current dilemma. I suspect that the Bhagavad Gita might provide the answer to that dilemma.

Best wishes, GF

P.S.: I am certain that universal Oneness does not include any permanent realm of evil. Evil is a temporary state caused by the denial of the soul. The Upanishads mention "the killers of the soul", by which is meant the "deniers of the soul". The soul is eternal and deathless; it cannot be killed, but it can be denied.

P.S.S.: Eternity? That's right now, isn't it? :=)

gurnygob said...

I am very touched by all the comments and help, thank you for taking the time. Some strange feeling running through me at the moment. So much of what was said resonates greatly with my heart but my old catholic head still struggles to process some of it after all those years of indoctrinated guilt and hell fire. What a strange world we live in. I guess some of those soldiers I spoke about look back in deep shame wishing they could have those dark days back again so they could do things differently. I certainly feel I would like to change some of my past. The notion about us choosing our lives is not new to me, I have heard of this before but not in the same vein. Richard, Clarity and Les and the gardener, anyone I missed, thanks so much for your love and friendship and understanding. I will do my best to take these snippets of wisdom onboard. Praise Jesus.


Anonymous said...

My clumsy analogy is thus :

Remember as a kid trying to hold a football or basketball underwater in a swimming pool ? It's easily possible , but not for long !


Visible said...

Remmber this Gurnygob, Jesus is all about forgiveness. It's forgiving ourselves that is the problem. Things done in wartime tend to resound in the human conscioueness past endurance. It can make us mean to others. We have all broken the golden thread of compassion, simply because we did not turn it upon ourselves. I know you are not much for eastern religion but nothing would serve you better these days than to read Sri Sri Prabupads translation of the Bhagavad-Gita; just the beginning will do. Nogbody died. They weren't alive to begin with but I guess that all comes down to what you call alive.

gurnygob said...

I will look that up Les and have a read at it.


Anonymous said...

Hey pop fans ! :

The pop-charts according to jews :

6 million days a week – the Beatles

25 or Six Million – Chicago

One in 6 million – UB40

Only Six Million – Craig Douglas

6 million ways to leave your lover – Paul Simon

I cant drive six million – van Halen

In the year six-million – Zager and Evans

Route 66 million – Chuck Berry

When Im Six Million – Beatles

6 million is the magic number – De La Soul

6 million minutes to midnight – Iron Maiden

Six million little girls , sitting in the back seat ..The Avons

1 , 2 , 3 , 5 , six million , senses working overtime – XTC

well , Im sure you get by know where Im going with that ! Other suggestions most welcome …


Anonymous said...

You Les, I believe that I met you around a week ago. You could have acted like a man and apologized to me for what you and your friends have done to me since my birth. You didn't. You shook my hand, as if you were honored to meet me, as I would be honored to meet me if I was someone else, but then continued to lie about your identity and why you were in my city. I've read many of your opinions throughout the years, agreeing and disagreeing with many. I have a question for you and your standard of morality and right and wrong. Is it right, to torture a child of the divine, since birth, at the hands of the government? Is it right to use satellites and electro-magnetic energy to puppet people who don't agree with you or go along with what you want them to do for you? Is ok to torture them constantly with these devices, use gang-stalking, fear and intimidation tactics, hurt their families and friend for no reason, hurt them constantly and relentlessly because they don't agree with you? That is the American way Les and what I have physically observed Americans do to everyone since the day I've been born. Now what if this person who all this is being done to simply realized that because people like you exist and do what you do to myself and probably others, there is no hope for the human race or Earth, and the best thing that could happen is the human race gets wiped out so that people like you couldn't do what they do to anyone else anymore. I know you are one of the real bad guys les, despite your idealistic views and what not. I am just an educated construction worker just getting by. I don't hurt people, use EMF weaponry, use authority to hurt and destroy or anything you and your friends do. You want to know who the enemy of the human race and Earth is Les? It's you and your circle.

Anonymous said...

And something else that differentiates you and me Les. I know what is going, I discuss it with others, but I don't force feed it to them like you. I don't get involved or take sides. In my home, I have Muslim, Jewish and Christian religious symbols standing side by side with each other. I don't crap on people because of their skin color, ethnic backgrounds or beliefs. If I don't like someone, I don't have anything to do with them. I don't gang-stalk them. Harass them, fly helicopters around them, threaten, intimidate or use fear tactics on them. But you do Les. Who is good and who is bad? Everyone I've helped in my life has hurt me. Anyone whose lives I saved, literally without them even knowing turned around and tried to hurt my life. I adored America growing up and I always wanted to be in the military until what America did to me at The Citadel and until I realize that America attacked my hometown and my favorite landmarks in the world. Not Muslims, Jews, Soviets, Chinese or any other hyped up bogus threat. America and Americans did all of these things. That's why I don't care for America or Americans anymore. Are you really naive Les to believe that America is the good guys and everyone else is evil? Are you naive enough to believe that some kid from NYC who struggled with the evils subjected to him constantly by the US government, who managed to graduate from Americas "patriotic school" and then managed to get into a doctorate program to have that ruined by the same government and now works as a construction laborer is the bad guy? Lol. If so, you are definitely part of the evil and will be dealt with by Satan. Satan and GOD do the same thing but differently Les. I know the real divine becuase I am a part of it, despite how much you hate it Les. I don't have to threaten you or your friends or intimidate you or gang stalk you into agreeing with me. Because I'm not evil buddy. You are Les. You know that deep inside. I hope you realize that Les. GOD and Satan hate evil, neither of them agree or support all the atrocities you and your friends do in their names. You can dance with demons, trip on acid and shrooms and call it a divine experience, or you can embrace the real divine Les and see that you are what is wrong with the world and why all humans will pay the price for you and your friends. Sorry Les, but I know that I am good, and I know that what you do, I couldn't. That is why I am part of the real divine and don't need to advertise it or convince people of it. But you, you have to advertise and use fear, pain and violence to get what you want. You said it yourself via innuendo in your blog. GOD hates you Les, and so does his dark angel, Satan. Trust me.

Visible said...

My friend, obviously you are troubled. You're not alone. I'm troubled too. A lot of what you say about me doesn't make any sense. Certainly I am flawed but quite differenly than you picture it and I have nothing to do with America. America slam danced me like a handball off of prison and mental institution and miltary walls. I'm surprised there is enough of me left to write this. I'm not engagd in any of what you list and don't know how you get that.

What I aam is a pastiche of fractured personalities driven by a love for God, whatever that is and a fascination with all of the mysteries that attend the entity.

I can be entertaining and engaging and I can also be a pain in the ass because I don't have the filters most people do and I don't have the boundaries that conventional people might wish I did so I mostly keep to myself because I can be a tad erratic on occasion. People either really like me or they don't like me at all. I'm not sure how that's all going to work out but I don't feel all that distressed or bad about it. I'm not everyone's taste.

I really do wish I was a better person but I can only be what I am for the moment. It's not easy being me and that's why there aren't that many of me around. I am trying to do better. Hopefully the divine agency will step in. I could use your prayers more than your curses. It's that work in progress thing and probably for the purpose of demonstration. Hopefully the demonstration doesn't go the wrong way.

gurnygob said...

Anonymous said...@ Tuesday, February 21, 2012 5:42:00 AM

I don't know who you are but you are a very strange person and your words regarding Les are very strange indeed. If I had to sum up the person of Les Visible I certainly wouldn't have employed any of the descriptions and characteristics you used, unless perhaps, I had a fascination with a big wooden spoon and was intending to mix a thing or two, if you get my drift. Everything you said is the opposite of the Les I have come to know.

Things just keep getting stranger around here.


onething said...


I am thinking about your question, and it seems to me that your confusion may, perhaps, come from Christian theology which dismisses those souls who are deemed "bad" as being done, going to hell, and compassion or love not being in the equation.

Instead, think of all of us as being on a learning experience, learning wisdom, and this wisdom takes many lifetimes to acquire. When you suffer the just deserts of your actions, it teaches you that what you do to others causes pain and that the pain isn't fun when it happens to you. This bit about compassion pretty much boils down to really getting it that other souls are real.

It is also important to bear in mind that even though the soul may have some karmic recompense coming to them, that when it does they are innocent persons in this lifetime in which they are suffering. If there were no compassion shown to them how are they to learn love? We learn as much by love as we do by "punishment."

We are presented with this contrast repeatedly, and finally begin to choose. To understand which is better.

Then too, showing compassion is a way of forgiving ourselves. Who knows what I have done in lives past? Am I worthy of forgiveness?

Forgiveness and repentance are the keys to the prison cell.

T.I. said...

Dear doctorate construction worker,

You are right that psychoelectronic mindcontrol and harassment is one of the worst scourges on earth being perpetrated by the zionists against pro-peace/anti-war citizens.

You wrong in thinking Visible is involved in this people cooking torture of targetted individuals.

onething said...

Gurney and all,

After reading Clarity's post further down the line, I'd like to add that we should not assume a suffering person is getting something they deserve. They may indeed have volunteered as a sacrifice and be a very advanced soul. One of the good reasons we are warned not to judge.

Even if they are not, they will be in the future. It is to that future soul that we should give our treatment. In some ways we are clambering up the mountain, and in some ways we are being pulled up. When we are compassionate, we are pulling that soul up.

As to the forgetting, I rail against it constantly. I hate it! But I do see that the process we are in of becoming wise would not progress very well if we always could see the prize. We must submit to the delusion so that we take the game seriously. I think of it as being like an actress who forgets her real life each time she has a role in a movie, and only remembers herself and all her previous movies after each one is finished.

onething said...

I forgot to put into my last post:

"God sends his rain upon the just and the unjust. Be ye therefore perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect."

Yes, Clarity's post was great, as was Vis' reply. I personally think that the sin against the Holy Spirit is negating the inward road as you call it. I base this on Mark chapter 3, in which when Jesus heals people he is accused of having a devil. In other words, he is acting outside of the authority of the religion of men.

The inward road is the only way in! Therefore it is a great spiritual crime to deflect people from it.

onething said...

Oh man, my thoughts go faster than I can type them down. I meant to explain that the reason I base that on Mark chapter 3 is that right after they accuse of him of healing by the aid of a devil he says a thing or two about if you're doing a good deed it comes from a good place and then says that all sins are forgiven but blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

I think that the Holy Spirit is the spirit of God, the carrier of the divine, the uncreated energies of God which is accessible to us and can quicken our spirits to an awakened state.

It is the divine feminine and the divine masculine. It permeates and penetrates the whole cosmos, enlightens the mind and brings the soul to a state of exquisitely sensitive conscience and kindness. It is how we come to know something of God. It is the key to the bridal chamber, it is the door.

Spirit of truth, Spirit of freedom, it is the unity of the universe, literally. It is purity.

You breathe it in with every breath.

Clarity said...

Where on earth did that post come from? Anonymous' post is so bizarre, I feel like I'm in an alternate reality right now. It's almost as if this person thought of everything you are, Visible, and everything you stand for, and then twisted it as far away from reality as possible.

Visible, your posting that says an awful lot about you. Your response, though, is far more telling. How easy it would have been to attack and defend. Instead you responded with respect and compassion. You were honest about yourself and your perceived flaws. You were humble.

Everything, from your word to your tone is a testament to how wrong anonymous is. I just learned so much from reading your reaction, and hard as it will be, I will do my best to use that as a model for my own reactions. I can be very quick to go into defense mode, and this is something I am working on. Again, thank you.

Visible, you know you are in my prayers, and Aninymous will be too.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

The comments of Anonymous at February 21, 2012 5:42:00 AM and February 21, 2012 6:07:00 AM read like those of someone who is mentally and emotionally deranged. I would treat this person with great caution, because Chapman and Hinckley were of this type.

His comments are full of "red flags": paranoia, a sense of persecution, a deep grudge with wild blame-casting against unrelated and innocent people, delusions of grandeur, a belief that he is an agent of God and that others are Satanic, and making not-so veiled threats; this guy is the dangerous stalker type. Beware and handle with care. I would take this matter very seriously; people like this can be highly focused and motivated in their irrational behavior.

Clarity said...

Visible and All,

There were things I wanted to say that I held off on posting because I was afraid they would be lost after a new blog went up. Well that didn't work!

Visible, I read the first two words you wrote: Jesus, Clarity, and I though, "Holy shit, I really screwed that one up." I read a few more words, and I cried. I often feel I am floundering here. There is obviously a lot to be learned. I took two classes, read a few books and didn't know what was true and what wasn't. I just went with what felt right to me, but I didn't think about it much except to try to live my life as a good person. It felt good to see that my instincts are on the right track, and to know I have help, even though I am not consciously aware of it (though I'd like to be), is both reassuring and comforting.

Visible, my guide apparently is powerful, as you said. Frankie was my mother in my most recent life, or at least the most recent of the three shared with me. She died when I was about 8, and wished she could have protected me. I was abused for the second time in three lives, and I died at 13, also for the second time in three lives. I was with my mother after that, and now she continues to protect me. In fact, she intervened in my life here, when at 13, she saved me from what appears to have been a sudden accident that would have taken my life.

Your words helped me tremendously, as I struggled with what to do. The advice I hear most is your family comes first. How do I reconcile it with what my purpose is here? I have a responsibility to myself, and I have a responsibility to the Divine, and to each person on the Earth. How does doing the right thing for the world not help my family? I did not see them as being mutually exclusive. You are the only one who stressed the "me" and reassured me that following my path would be what would keep my family safe. If I understood your words correctly, it's not necessary for them to wake up and see truth as long as I continue to stay the course. This releases a huge burden from me. You know I can't thank you enough, and you know I love you.
Oh, and tits don't do it for me, so you'll have to figure out what else it might have been that got such a reaction. (grin)

Richie, what a compliment! I thank you. Your words were so honest and so right in the mark. I don't see this as just friends here. I see it as love. Each person who posts here with good intentions is doing it out of love - love for each person who visits here, and love for humanity, as each time someone here is touched and affected in a positive way, that in turn spreads outward, touching so many more.

Gurneygob, I am hard on myself too, and I was "reprimanded" by Visible for questioning myself too harshly. I think we do need to question ourselves to make sure we're on the right path. Instead of punishing ourselves, though, we need to find the learning opportunity from that experience and try to apply it as we move forward.

To anyone who made a positive comment, your words are appreciated. I am humbled, as I come here and learn so much from each of you.

Love to all,

missingarib said...

vis, that's the sound of the red white and blew flapping in the wind of change.
life on the planet is under assault -eastern arts offer the edge

help chase them "crazy bald heads outta our town" as marley sang.

thanks for your constancy.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dishis up-

Red Tea for the Gillerman

Visible said...

We backtracked the IP of that person and it turns out to be connected to the virtual community at O know more than I am saying which is why I am not saying more than I am saying (grin). We're in good hands. I should have left one of the 'o's' out of good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les, this its me, you know. I just want to let you know, that after Huessien is done being President, I will be President of the United States of America. After Huessein come Ali. And I'm perfect for the job Les. I'm a Citadel graduate. I went to high school near West Point. I am Muslim-Aryan from New York City, born and raised. I used have Jewish and Soviet ancestry. My first name is Jew, middle is Muslim and Last name is Aryan. The Aryans I come from used to be Buddhist. Interesting isn't it, how that could happen? Only in America buddy. I just want to say thanks for inspiring me to go after and fulfill my real destiny, which is to the President of the USA and leader of the world. Thanks buddy. You know my name, write in my name on the ballot in 2012 as I will write in my name and so will a bunch of other people. Then vote for me in 2016, OK Les? You want real Presidente? Vote for me. Vote the divine into power, because it's destiny that I rule and return things to equilibrium so everyone can have their cake and eat it too. Me for President, Yeah !!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I will be cool with the Illuminati and Aliens and everyone else as Presidente. Vote me.

2EyesB4One said...

All will be unveiled by the Almighty Divine creator of all, and ALL the deceivers of Humanity will be exposed - especially those who use the guise of New Age-ism to deceptively persuade people to unknowingly embrace Luciferian ideology.

Fortunately there is still time for those deceivers of real spiritual seekers to repent, but it seems the corruptive powers of the darkness are too strong for most.

...i guess the accuser and deceiver of men that we call Lucifer - who has never and will never be a bearer of light - promised them protection from the true Divine, or maybe he fooled them into believing he was the true Divine.

Well, here's to those who hold true light and goodness in their hearts, and who will recognise and reject the 'utopian' Luciferian Doctrine when it's thrusted upon us - for those are destined for the Kingdom of Light.

The serpent will never be as powerful as the Creator of All, but he can try :)

K.L. said...

To the guy on the tirade about Les...
Umm, maybe you watch alittle too much t.v.?
Too many cartoons?
Chill out man...gettin a bit heady within the illusion/delusion.
Its all good. Hope ya feel better gettin that off yer chest.

my opine, you can tell me to go fuck myself.
i prob will. ;)

Anonymous said...

So Les Visibles were you a bully when in primary school??? LOL!
Is that you Henry Makow? LOL!
Loved this new post, it is super charged by the emanation of Les Visibles invisible Shakti...
Your cosmic energy is blessed you know? It inspired me too post this long comment taken from various places that inspired me; here we go, sorry for this!

The Tantras says"the female principle antedates and includes the male principle, and this female principle is the supreme
Tantric doctrine said mortal women are "life itself" and goddess like, because they embody the principle of shakti.
Final union with the shakti was at death!
Many old traditions said not even God could become the supreme lord unless shakti entered into him.
According to Brhadaranyaka Upanishad, in the beginning only the Purusha existed. He was as wide as a man and a woman embracing,

and divided into 2, from which came the husband and the wife. The images of this creature shows "him" to have been another version

of the primal Androgyne, male and female in the same body, the right side male and the left female according to the classic,

worldwide gender division.Other stories said Purusha as a male being would have to be intimately joined to the female nature

spirit Prakriti before he became a viable life form. Similarly, all hindu gods, including the allegedly supreme Brahma, were

helpless unless bonded to their female halves, their shaktis, who represented the great goddess as Bhavani, "Existence". "Brahma,

the great immaterial Whole, is a passive, contemplative male figure, who is powerless without his wife shakti, who is energy in

motion.Whereas Indian arts often shows the original concept of the androgynous deity, the image faded from western civilisation

even thought myths referred to it. There were, for example, the two sexed people of the golden age that Zeus severed down the

middle to punish them. And there were Adam and Eve, modeled on the Persian Androgynous pair Mashya and Mashyoi, created male and

female both together in at least one of the two or three different creation stories in Genesis...
The real secret of Hermetic power was androgyny.Like that of Oriental gods, Hermes's efficacy depended on his union with the female soul of the world like the Aphrodite of his archaic duality.Secret sex rituals were to become part of what was later called bardic romance, based on gnostic belief that Adam and Eve were originally united in one body as Hermaphrodite- which means the union of Hermes and Aphrodite, male female principles together- and that the biblical account of Eve's removal from Adam's body realy meant that a jealous Jehovah tore them apart because he envied their bliss!!!


Anonymous said...

In more Patriarchal times, Purusha was revised away from the original Androgynous form, and represented as a giant outline filled

in with hundreds of little men: that is , the male-female "person" became a collective "man."
Krishna incarnation of Shiva, born of Devaki, "the Goddesss",announced by a star and by angelic voices, presented with gifts by

sheperds and wise men, hailed redeemer, first born, Sin Bearer, Liberator, Universal Word, Survivor of a slaughter of the

Innocents, probably the original one on which the myths of Sargon, Moses,Nimrod, Cronus, Mordred, and Jesus were based.
BUT unlike the western Christos, Krishna was an erotic god.His adventure with the Gopis(milkmaids) present a classic of religious

pornography(grin).His favorite mistress was the insatiable Rhada, "Elephant-woman", another form of Maya as the cosort of the

elephant god Ganesha.Also he met the sacred kings usual sacrificial death, his blood fructifying the earth... One of the Hindu

notions of creation was that all things arose from the action of male firesticks (Agni) twirling in the female groove(Ambika-Kali)

or the fire god who brought fertility to kali's water element.
Neptune (Agni's child) bearing the trident, symbol of the triple phallus displayed by any god whose function it was to mate with

the Triple Goddess. In India, the earliest records, the trident-bearer was shiva, bridegroom of threefold Kali.In the west, the

trident passed to such underground or abyssal gods as Hades, Pluto, Neptune, and Poseidon and after them, passing to the christian

devil, their composite descendant. Celtic Myth retained the original phallic significance of the Triple Key to the Holy Door.

The early church attacked most bitterly the many pagan faiths that made sex a central holy sacrament, enacting union of the great

Goddess and her phallic consorts.Tertullian denounced"the whore-doms of Eleusis," and Eusebius condemned "the unnameable rites of

the mysteries, adulteries and yet baser lusts."Yet Plato and his contempories had worshipped Eros, god of sexual love, as "the

most venerableof the deities, the most worthy of honor, the most powerful to grant virtue and blessedness unto mankind both in

life and after death."
Christian abhorrence of sex began with the fathers of the church, who insisted that the kingdom of god couldn't be established

until the human race was allowed to die out through universal celibacy.St Jerome ordered:"Regard everything as poison which bears

within it the seed of sensual pleasure." St. Augustine pronounced the doctrine that "concupiscence" is the root of original sin

and the means of transmitting Adam's guilt to all generation.Augustine even said sexual intercourse is never sinless, even within

marriage.Augustine didn't invent this doctrine.He got it from Gnostic Manicheans, to whose sect he belonged before his conversion

to ortodoxy.Gnostics taught that the souls are entrapped in flesh by the mystery of love and lust, through which all the worlds
are enflamed. This teaching probably came ultimately from ascetic Jain Buddist yogis, who enjoined the same precept as the first Book of John: Love not the world, neither things that are in the world... for all that is in the world, the lust of flesh, and the
lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not the Father.
The church promulgated legends about Saints so devoted to chastity that they preferred extreme physical torment to sexual



Gregory F. Fegel said...

2EyesB4One said...
"All will be unveiled by the Almighty Divine creator of all, and ALL the deceivers of Humanity will be exposed - especially those who use the guise of New Age-ism to deceptively persuade people to unknowingly embrace Luciferian ideology."

What is New Agism? The Luciferian ideology -- does that include the hate-filled Christians and Muslims, bigoted Jews and Hindus, and greedy Buddhists?

If, by New Agism and the Luciferian ideology, you mean materialism, I agree with you. If you are saying that Christianity is the only truth, I don't agree with you.

Visible said...

Ergo, the alchemical marriage.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, this is the person, that you love to belittle, threaten and tease all day long. I noticed you talking about the ineffable and I'm going to give you some advice whether you believe it or not. I am descendant of the dark side of the force. The real dark side. It's confirmed that I am the son of Lucifer/Satan on Earth. Just look at what's real. My dad was born on 3/21-Nowruz-The vernal-equinox. I was born on Halloween, 10/31. Some call it the devils birthday, and other weird stuff. I really am the divine on Earth Les. Some think I am Archangel Michael since my father is Archangel Lucifer. Some think I am Satan himself. Every monkey has got their own opinion, but one think is for sure, I am the real deal when it comes to the divine on Earth. Everyone has known that since I was born and tried to take advantage of that and profit from it instead of respecting it and bowing down to it. Some think I am some fictional "Luke" from some star wars movies. Some compare me to Christ, although I know for a fact he never existed and that Christianity is a total lie and that no entity of the divine would every save mankind. We know for a fact that aliens have been in hiding and are returning to Earth as part of the deal they have with the divine to replace humans. If Israel and Iran go to war, that's their biz, not yours or mine. They are both big boys and they can take care of themselves. If World War III breaks out, it is neither your biz or mine Les. I suggest you stay out of it as I will. As to the ineffable, I know GOD exists. I pray to him almost everyday on my hands and knees as a Muslim. You should really look into Islam Les, and see past the b.s. since you depict yourself as some national inquirer type. Islam is real, conveyed by the Archangel Gabriel. It's truths are real. Perhaps some Arabs have warped the goodness of Islam, but it is good. Whenever I pray to GOD, I feel good and I know that GOD walks with me. No pressure because I'm not trying to convert you, but really, look into it if you want real peace and happiness buddy. Later.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Govindam adi-purusham tam aham bhajami



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