Monday, February 13, 2012

The Currency of Lies on the Information Highway

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May your noses always be hoses for the crack cocaine of ineffable love.

They are banging the drums for a Syrian genocide. Whoever it is that CONTROLS THE PRESS is largely behind this. Well, you wouldn't even know about it otherwise, would you? When certain elements want to call attention to their version of things (scrolling down to the graph should suffice), they use the information highway. They back those big lorries up to the loading docks and news that is tailored for the East Coast, heads in that direction and news intended for anywhere else, according to the subjective qualities of the residents, is shipped in whatever direction. What they do is very important to them because their profit and continuance depends on it. They have gone to a lot of trouble to form a general mindset which automatically vindicates them, regardless of what horrors they can and do get up to.

There are basically three kinds of people on the planet, in terms of those who can be affected by mind control. There are those who believe whatever they are told and there are those who question what they are told. Then there are those who pay little or no attention, whatever their reasons may be. The reptile overlords do not have to be concerned about everyone believing what they tell them. They only need be concerned about a desired amount being influenced, in order to carry out the policies they wish to see implemented. These days, not even that is important because they just say and do whatever they want to do and then they explain it to the coalition of the willingly duped.

Life takes work. Some work at it and some do not. Some consume as an avocation and some only eat to live, rather than living to eat. This is a critical line of demarcation. If you are in the first group you can be easily led in 'any' direction that you believe your satisfaction lies in. If you are in the second group, you know to some degree, that these people do not have your best interests in mind. Since their chief interest is self interest, which they demonstrate daily, it stands to reason that your interests don't come into the picture, except as lures and incremental rewards for being a good doggie.

Let us take a metaphysical glance at this reptile, serpent, snake thing. The serpent is a symbol for the radiant energy of life and it feeds on itself. It's always there, whether it be kinetic or potential. This is the force that simultaneously results, all over the planet, in either bondage or liberation. Those who have this force awakened in them, sooner or later come to a crossroads where a choice must be made as to how one will apply this force. Depending on the quality of the luminosity of the age, the percentages move in one direction or the other. Since this is THE PRIMARY FORCE in existence; and physicists will tell you the same thing, it has many avenues of expression open to it. The basic argument that goes on and on in two different mindsets is whether this force is conscious or not. That is the sole determinant of whether one has a spiritual bent or is a materialist. You don't have to be an exponent of the common definition of materialist to be a materialist. All that is required is that you do not believe this force is conscious.

Okay, this force has two main applications. Let's call them self interest and liberation. In the one case it will stop at a certain floor of the apartment building and it will operate there. Some practitioners can move between several floors. Certain floors are cut off to them because of the nature of their intent. No floors are cut off for the other practitioners, nor do they behave in similar fashion.

The people oppressing everyone else, are using this force in a particular manner and they have a magical tradition that is employed in the exercise of their activities. They well understand the necessity of the control of the currency. This grants control of everything else upon which the transfer of currency depends. If you control the currency and the information highway, you control the world, or you think you do. Once again it comes back to whether you think a particular force is conscious or not. Nothing I am saying here is in dispute with mainstream physicists.

If this force is conscious then it is conscious in everything, latently or kinetically; awakened or unawakened, conscious or unconscious. If that is the case, no destiny, or the final result of any ambition is ever in doubt. This is why I say that life is for the purpose of demonstration. You are observing the logical and inevitable outcome of self interest run riot. You are watching the outworking of the destiny of disinterest and every kind of interest. You are watching the destiny of nations and leaders, outworking like a mathematical formula.

When a new age comes into being, new powers attend it in the collective consciousness, for the purpose of demonstration. Those new powers are starting to manifest in a small portion of the population at this time. To what degree it will finally come, in the short term, is unknown because the ball is still in play and probability or game theory is operative for those who get a kick out of that sort of thing. There are a lot of different ways to play God but, one thing for sure, people really like to do it, no matter how badly they perform. They believe that results dictate whether something is elegant and beautiful. I call that art for fuck's sake. In the long term, the majority of humanity will possess these powers as a natural accessory. Those who have hot-housed their growth, already possess these powers to one degree or another.

We get some degree of nihilists, depressives, apathetic chipmunks, doomsday junkies and the various and assorted from the Whitman's Sampler collection, of negativists, who lack some formula or another to give meaning to what they see and which might provide a means for interpretation. They will limp along and spread bad vibrations, until one day they trip over it, or it lands on their head with enough impact to penetrate into the important part of their being. Everyone is wearing different colored sunglasses but they are all operating under the radiance of the same sun.

I could be way off base about how things are going to turn out. I am not predicting sunshine and trade winds for the planet entire. It could get very mean and ugly in certain places and my observation of the mental and emotional makeup of the inhabitants, tends to indicate that it will get like that because nothing else, of a gentler persuasion, is persuasive. If you keep on marching past all of the signs that say, “The Bridge is out” you will definitely walk right off one kind of cliff or another. When people persist in going the wrong way they will absolutely come to a bad end. That begs the question, which is the right way and which is the wrong way? Obviously, there are a whole lot of wrong ways and it's likely there are much fewer right ways. Don't ask me to explain why there isn't an even balance here. Just imagine you are on the highway and that you can go off the road at any point, via exits, rest stops, the side of the road or whatever countryside lies beyond.

I hear all kinds of theories every day. People send me videos and articles. Most of the time I can't get around to them. I have an inner mechanism that weighs things. If the weight is off in relation to what is on the other scale, what I am measuring it against, then it's off, until I learn differently, or come to understand that some higher law applies to my former system of measurement. I say 'former' because I am in a constant state of adjustment and if you are not; you are not growing, you are not evolving, you are stuck.

I take my philosophy for existence from the sun. it just shines, period. Of course, I don't achieve that with any regular consistency at this time but it is a fine ambition. One should note that shining does not always result in positive reactions because it can often shine a light on dark places that resent exposure and which can become remorseless and then, amplify in action, the very conditions and qualities that were exposed. Life can be unpredictable for the unpredictable; word to the wise.

Everyone is responsible for what they consider important to themselves, if only because it affects their behavior and behavior has consequences. Sometimes those consequences are desirable in the face of greater consequences. Everyone has to decide for themselves what they will and will not risk. Given that people risk their lives for worthless things every day, this is just one more of the puzzles that attend the human estate. Another puzzle is why people will accept common and obvious fallacies in place of the obvious alternatives, or why they would accept as truth, something attended by a host of provable lies.

Things have progressed to a different stage now and larger events are imminent. These events are being manipulated by those in control of the currency. However, the manipulators are themselves being manipulated by the one gathering the evidence for their prosecution. It's either very simple or it's hopelessly complex. One thing for sure, wherever it appears to be hopelessly complex, someone is involved in making money off of it.

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Anonymous said...

the sun shines bright on my old kentucky home

DaveS said...


You're a shining light glowing with truth. Thanks for all you do.


Eamon said...

visible: "If you keep on marching past all of the signs that say, 'The Bridge is out' you will definitely walk right off one kind of cliff or another. When people persist in going the wrong way they will absolutely come to a bad end. That begs the question, which is the right way and which is the wrong way? Obviously, there are a whole lot of wrong ways and it's likely there are much fewer right ways. Don't ask me to explain why there isn't an even balance here."

The signs are there and, as we know, they are still being ignored by most. The signs will get larger and more numerous and, eventually, they will serve as gigantic hammers which infallibly hit their intended mark.

As for the perceived 'imbalance' with respect to the number of wrong ways versus right ways, etc., it might serve to think of a man standing upright, or seeking to go from point A to point B. There is only one angle at which he is, in fact, upright, but there are limitless angles at which he would not be perfectly upright; there is only one straight line between point A and point B. To be sure, even the best of us do not live life in such a way as to take the shortest path between the two points, but, thankfully, God is patient and kind and offers all kinds of assistance to us when we wander from the path. Hope to see y'all somewhere along the line, but especially at the long-desired end of the right road. Making it there is the greatest adventure imaginable where this short life is concerned. Once there, all the hardships of this life will be as a dream and the real adventure, so to speak, will begin.

Anonymous said...

What you are saying is that, like the moon, you take your light from the sun. And we, being your satelites, are the lunatics...

I certainly don't mind--I have always reminded people of that word... Thanks for spreading the light.

Visible said...

That's how I see it E and pretty much what I've been told also.

Clarity said...

Dear Visible,

Today is one of those days where I feel like I am in a fog and am having trouble functioning. This fog was making me question things this morning, and it matches perfectly with what you wrote today... as it so often does.

There are so many people heading for the cliff, I wonder, on days like today, if I am the one headed in the wrong direction.

Thanks for helping me continue on one of the "right ways".


You're a shining light glowing with truth. Thanks for all you do.

Perfect, and I second that!


PS - Visible, I ordered your book from Amazon last night - I like having a hard copy in hand. But being impatient, I also got and downloaded the ebook version. I just got to read a little of it, but it's already good. <3

Anonymous said...

How long before FOX News starts referring to those Iranian Navy patrol boats as 'homocide boats'?


Just sitting here waiting for another Gulf of Tonkin 'Incident' to oh-so-convenienty transpire....

Anonymous said...

I love how you spun this from your last origami. You are a great philosopher.

lightandlongshadows said...

You told us the part about the snake/serpent/thing but what about the eagle/falcon/soaring part. I want to hear about the eagle....

Webster Tarpley said...

'Here in Syria on a fact finding mission...civilians are reporting terrorist snipers are attacking and randomly killing civilian men women and children...not the Syrian government'

There you have it from the horses mouth. The Mossad and CIA meceneries are killing civilians to justify another Libya-like invasion by Nato and company.

Stop the murder. Stop the madness. Stop the wars. Stop the zionists.

Anonymous said...

Les !

What is the correct way to live ?



Peace & Gratitude, Dude.

Richie (Dana) said...

Hello Visible,

"If the weight is off in relation to what is on the other scale, what I am measuring it against, then it's off, until I learn differently, or come to understand that some higher law applies to my former system of measurement. I say 'former' because I am in a constant state of adjustment and if you are not; you are not growing, you are not evolving, you are stuck."

This is important stuff Vis. It is within the realm of my belief system that we should one day be the living breathing, embodiment of the Divine. All the scriptures and sayings of the sages through time will no longer be nessesary at some point. I would never be critical of those who quote them, but would like to point out that they are frozen in time. Reading something or listening to anothers interpetation are entirley different than living and breathing it in real time.

This is not meant to be critical in any way. It is only an ideal I hold in my mind, and seems a worthy goal.


PSO said...

I was talking to myself the other day.
I'm going to share it.
and yes, I probably am going to share things that other readers have just thought of recently- as Visible has been explaining to us in a couple of his blogs these past several days.

--here it goes-
I don't sit in judgement on the folks that came before us. Yes, they will sacrifice their own. Yes, they do it in Love (the love that their species is yet able to handle). Do you know how many mammals and other related species will do that? I don't sit in judgement on them either. I DO however sit in judgement on the Fundies and their twisted god's self sanctimonious appetites.

It is no different than if some stranger came and tried to impersonate me- to my family.
Go for it! No problem! BUT, if you can't represent me properly, you can't represent me at all. I would rather cut you off and send you back for some harsher conditions. Selfishness and disillusion of self is a cancer and -unless we wish to become the Perfect Body -all working as a WHOLE in balance and harmonious relations, we have NO PART in it.

Give me a toothbrush.
I'll clean the baseboards and dirty grout. BUT don't sit there and tell me I do it for god.
Hell no!
I do it because it makes it look pretty and clean.
I do it because I want and desire the owner to be proud of me.

If I am going to have the better toys, I better treat the mundane as royalty.

ps. I went into your mind today Visible.

Can anyone recommend ME to a great psyche Ward? I be needing it now...

psssT Anyone been thinking about how lately many thoughts are upon the self? It is very strong warning to make the changes NOW, ASAP, ANYTHING that your heart has been telling you -you need to mend or fix- NOW. For instance, I smoke ciggerettes for 32 years straight. I always tell people God loves to smoke.
BUT, lately I tested myself. I asked myself if there was anything that I needed to change -or anything that I longed to change (as in yearning, desitring too.)?

Well, guess what?
I answered rather quickly (dammit) , "I would like to see what living without smoking would be like".

So now I am tasked to prove I am the change needed in this huge body we call Milky Way.
So I set out to quit.
I have quit 500 times.

In other words, friends, I have just found out I am a hypocrite. I just found out I am weak. I just found out that I am holding and esteeming something -some 'THING'- greater than my affection and Love for 'Father Love' and 'Mother Heart'.

I was made to burn. HE told me that long ago. A Tare that KNOWS.. Trust me when I say, it is truly a lonely place -where I am at, YET- all that stands in the way of 'Poof! you are gone!' and 'Enter my Beloved', is a a smoke :(

I can't seem to quit smoking.
Please, what advice can you give me that worked for you -assuming you went before me on this road???

can Smoking Mirrors help me quit smoking tobacco? I am in fine condition, it is just disturbing to not have total control over this vessel, the vessel of dumbass, no ass, O'Neal..

Rob in WI said...

Re. comments we exchanged yesterday.
I agree that the One Divine embodies all qualities, and is both God and Godess, as well as that which Visible coined "Mr. Apocalypse". My intent was to poke fun at those who consider the masculine and feminine to be human qualities that are exclusive to male and female. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Be well, Rob

PSO said...

Holy shit Visible, sometimes I am just frikin manic. You probably shouldn't publish my last comment, nor this one -but I leave it to you. I went off topic I think and some of the newer comments I just read indicate to me that my post is foreign to the best use and purposes of this blog. What the CIA is doing is also killing me slowly inside. Hard to explain. It pulls and is heavy. Why do they despise us so much, to kill so much beauty? And the animals..Oh my, what is so monstrous to snuff splendor?

I know the answer.
But it is still too hard to accept.

I love you Visible brother.
May Love reign down on you, and keep you snugly warm.

My first dog friends' name was Champ. He was German Shepard/Husky that loved to keep the guard and play with the family.

He is the only friend I know that died with visions of me in his heart.

May we ALL have visions of friends in our heart -when- we- transmogrify.

lightandlongshadows said...

PSO, "I can't seem to quit smoking."

I can tell you this much, there's no way around it, no way under it, no way over it. You have to go through it. It's a lesson in persistence if nothing else. Nicotene is one hell of a drug, it's like a hyper-active child that just won't leave you alone. Enjoy the experience, I'm doing my best (and succeeding btw).

Anonymous said...

Could this be another approach for Israel to start the war with Iran?

All the MIG-29 aircrafts were taken out from Hungarian military service by the end of Dec 2010. 8 of them were put on a closed bid sale in August 2011, but it's unknown if they were sold and if they were, to whom.

Also, the whereabouts the rest of the aircrafts is not public either; there were originally 28, one crashed, an unknown number were cannibalized for spare parts over the years.

Jody Paulson said...

(re last post)

I'm sorry, Bread and Circuses, I just don't buy that. Total hopelessness doesn't help anything. It's not what happens to you, it's how you react to it. Even if there really is nothing that I can do about the world situation I'm not going to leave this life without being able to say, "In whatever way I could, I did something to make things better." As Gandhi said, "There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."

Rebel 4E said...

"Life takes work. Some work at it and some do not. Some consume as an avocation and some only eat to live, rather than living to eat. This is a critical line of demarcation. If you are in the first group you can be easily led in 'any' direction that you believe your satisfaction lies in. If you are in the second group, you know to some degree, that these people do not have your best interests in mind"

Hit the nail on the head!

Vis, if i'm browsing other sites and I come across a title for a post e.g.- "The Currency of Lies on the Information Highway."...
I always know it's one of your posts...
Just saying (-__-)

Anonymous said...

Visible sounded like Yoda in this one. This is one of those posts that's going into the bookmarks for later reading, like one of those epistles in the back of the bible - like James and Jude, right next to John's Apocalypse.


Anonymous said...

@anonymous 8:27

Bless your heart for posting this!

"Why are there Hungarian MIG-29 in Israel?

Carrying of MIG aircraft to Israel gained a more dangerous meaning... Israeli pilots will do this with the Hungarian aircraft... transformed into Iranian aircraft supplied with colours and ensigns like that, as if they would be Iranian aircraft.
A spectacular, well recorded attack against the american (navy)ships when Iranian ensign are visible on the planes would be enough for the public opinion to require immediate counterattack by NATO."

Everytime a potential falseflag is identified makes it more difficult for Zato to start WWIII.

Visible said...

Someone just left a comment at the radio blog that is one of the nicest things I've heard here.

Anonymous said...

@ lightandlongshadows said...
"You told us the part about the snake/serpent/thing but what about the eagle/falcon/soaring part. I want to hear about the eagle....'

The snake, the winged disc, and the double head eagle are all mixed together. They are part of the "black" bloodlines. The falcon holding a snake is pretty simple, the bloodlines know and control the world with divine knowledge. They rule in your place so they take the symbols of the divine, like dragons, the tree of life and its snake wrapped around it. The winged serpent is coming to mind.

As symbols carry tons of info, so to does a bird flying. You might be able to find your own info within that image and thats best.

The falcon and eagle are grouped with scorpio but can mean any "fixed" sign too. Birds are sometimes seen as belonging to the sun or heavens, and thus are somewhat fixed in that nature.


Visible said...

"The falcon and eagle are grouped with scorpio but can mean any "fixed" sign too". This is incorrect and the rest of it is vague and inconclusive. However, the original premise is wrong. No one rules in the place of the divine without the permission of the divine. No one possesses divine knowledge that the divine did not grant. there are perversions that operate, poor and ineffective shadow copies but essence is sacrosanct.

Clarity said...

Dear All,

Please forgive the simplicity of this post. A year and a half ago, I had no basically interest in history or politics. Five months ago, I woke up. I've come a long way in a short time.

It felt good that I was able to identify the BS Iranian plot to assassinate a Saudi national as soon as I heard the story on the news. Now it is not enough to recognize it after the fact.

There are many who are aware of the strong possibility of a false flag attack on our ship, and we know the details. I agree that exposure can make it more difficult to pull off, but unless it can get out to mainstream media, I see them being able to get away with it.

I am having a hard time being aware of this and not being able to do anything about it. If any of our men die, whether it be 1, 19, or 1,900, it seems that it will be that much more difficult and that much more senseless having known in advance.

I can't always control my brain's pull to the logical side, and so this very simplistic question continues to bother me: Can we do anything to warn our troops? Would it even matter?


End the Fed and Rothschild zionism said...


Russia is already an allie of Syria as well as Iran. When Zato invades Syria a fullfledged war will ensue with Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan and Syria against Zato and its allies.

At the point WWIII begins, including a conscription draft, Soetoro will defacto take over all three levels of government and he will declare martial law.

THAT is what all the FEMA camps are for. ANYONE not supporting the zionist allies will be deamed an enemy combatant and will be rounded up an put in FEMA concentration camps.

There will be bombs falling on US soil and on all nations who bomb Russia and her allies. Bombs will fall on the UK and Europe and the enemy combatant law will be invoked tere also. Perhaps rendition of antizionists to the US or elsewhere.

So f*cking crazy!

For what?

So that a zionist new world order can be offered as a the saviour/solution to WWIII.

How many millions/billions will die?

Honedtly, who supports another war? Who wants this?

The 1%.

So now the 99% are going to tear up each others asses in a thermonuclear way.

Nice eh?


Ben said...

Vis, All,

Great resonance and some really good comments.

I like this about there being three kinds of people in the world and I believe it carries through in all things "spiritual". What I've learned is that people are either open to things of the spirit, indifferent to things of the spirit or hostile to things of the spirit.

What are "things of the spirit"? I don't know, but believe it to be those things which are beyond us; beyond our knowledge, beyond our understanding, beyond our earthly senses.

I also believe that God, the Divine, the Ineffable, is that which opens our eyes, ears and hearts to the things of the spirit. Those whose eyes, ears and hearts remain closed is due to God's absolute sovereignty. It seems to me that God has always used a "remnant" in achieving His purpose; it also seems to me that it can take many generations for this purpose to be fully manifested. I strongly suspect we are now at a time when we will see some pretty awesome manifestations occur...

Having our eyes, ears and hearts opened does not mean that we are special or more beloved; I believe it means that we have a greater burden and, I expect, we should have a greater humility.

What I have learned through the years is that which is stated in Ecclesiastes: "For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief."

I certainly do not claim wisdom, at least not as the world measures wisdom; however, the knowledge I have obtained in the last twenty years is grievous and only by turning this burden over to God do I find peace... and that peace comes from knowing, as Vis has stated numerous times "It is all under control."

Anonymous said...

Nicely said.
And in wonderfully simple layman's terms.

Anonymous said...

As always, the so-called "future" remains the same, unknown. Aside from the fact that one day you'll be dead. Deader than 9/11. Deader than the notion of the 9/11 perps being exposed. Speaking of death, did you hear that Whitney Huston died? Apparently she had a great set of "pipes". The nouveau rich just can't handle it. I grieve not.
Have you considered that the repeated threats of imminent war serve no other purpose than distraction? Of course you have. From High's webbots to a large number of internet theorists, the threat of war, a George Patton, larger than life war, looms LARGE. I'm not buying it...never had, never will. When they can commit mass murder, i.e, a controlled demolition live on television and then bomb the living shit out of countries that had nothing to do with it, well, the "war" has already been one. The threat of the "big one" allows for all the petty atrocities to continue unabated. NO avatars, NO christs, NO ascended masters. NO apocalypse.

NO kidding.

Anonymous said...

PSO, I quit smoking after 30 years. It's really very much a simple method that I used. First the desire must be there. What I did was, every time the urge enters your mind, and it will often, just don't act on it. Just keep doing whatever it is you're doing and the urge will leave the same way it came. Just do not act on it. Hope it helps..........Jimmy

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Here's the Ananta Sesha Naga the Serpent of Infinity, the World-Bearer, the Mount of God, the Ayur Vedic Revelator and Healer

In ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics Hari was represented by the Hawk. Throughout the ancient world God was represented by or directly connected to Eagles, Hawks, Condors, Thunderbirds, Roosters, Geese and Swans.

missingarib said...

vis we have but these musicial questions to drown out the sound of the cries and cannons.

I don't know why nobody told you
How to unfold your love
I don't know how someone controlled you
They bought and sold you.

I don't know how you were diverted
You were perverted too
I don't know how you were inverted
No one alerted you.

I look at you all see the love there that's sleeping
While my guitar gently weeps
Santana asks these questions so beautifully

-God willing we may find a way to deny this push to conflagration.

once again thank you

PSO said...

@lightandlongshadows: Thanks for the encouragement!
Ben, you have some wisdom brother that seeping through your post.
Maybe we are the road?. The show? The Life Song? The grave?, the pit?, Sheol?, the body of our death? ALL of it that pertains to death and dying and life and living.
Visible speaks of balance, the lack of it and why?

Good god I just thought of Middle EAR[th].
Does it pertain?
No coincidences, is what I keep hearing

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

maybe Im a bit thick but I still don't quite get the gist of the purpose of the demonstration, so a big post one day on that for the 101's would be appreciated. I can guess, same as the crucifiction to draw our attention to the essentials, to mock the trivial lifes we mostly lead, demonstrate the nature of nature (the power positive) a lesson for the rest by making examples of the worst, instant karma rather then next time around, proof for those that need it....boils down to why the divine gives a rats about us rats in particlar.

and yes it's harder the more aware but there's icing on the cake and possible benefits from the inner voices, like getting off that ship SS Titanic , or not getting on it.

maybe not belief in an entity per se is my dilineation, but a knowledge of the otherness within and the limitations of "I say" this or that, Jung's attitude towards the unconscious mind was my enlightenment, emphasising always it is unkown if not "conscious", the latter term being somewhat of an abstraction anyway I reckon.

wv: imbases. the grand chessboard, war games, eyes in the evil Mr Potatoe Head, get ready for the boiling seas followed by a divine mashup.

gurnygob said...

What PSO said...

From gurnygob.

You better read this...It could save your life.

I feel for you. I have been smoking for 40 years. A year and a half ago I had a heart attack, blocked arteries around my heart. I ended up in hospital six months later, had to get a triple by-pass. The operation near killed me. They had to cut my two legs open from top to bottom in order to harvest enough good veins to perform the by-pass. I have a 12" scare on my chest.Recovery from a by-pass is not very nice, trust me. I was told that if I wanted to live I had better not let another cig pass my lips. I managed to stay off them for 3 weeks and have been smoking ever since.
I am already feeling the pressure again on my heart and basically I am wondering if tomorrow will be my last day on earth. I have a wife, 3 children and 3 little grandchildren. I am only 51 years old. You would think that I would wise up and stop being so selfish? I spent most of last year wondering if I would make it to this year. Now I spend my days wondering if I will make it to next week. I wait every day on the heart attack coming; and it will surly come one of these days, of that I have no doubt. There you go; I just lit up another one as I write this to you. I wish I had better news for you, but this is your future if you don’t get off them. I ask God to give me the strength every day to get off them and I know his help is there but I just can’t seem to do it. The fight has gone out of me and now I just wait to die. You say you are in fine condition. Well my friend, I thought the same until my heart started pounding at 4am one morning and I had the biggest fright of my life. If you want the advice of a hypocrite then get to hell off them before it’s too late. I was lucky in a sense, many people don’t get a second chance, yet despite that I still smoke. Please don’t wait to see if you are to get a second chance, it may not happen. I use to walk in the countryside, up mountains through valleys and along rivers every chance I got. It never accrued to me that my heart was in danger; I could walk for miles and miles. Now I sit in my house 24/7 unable to do anything except sit on this fucking computer and listen to fucking Les Visible. (grin) sorry Les.....but it true. Get off them quick PSO before your heart starts doing summersaults and you feel it’s about to explode through your chest. Don’t end up like me living in fear of each new day and wondering if it’s going to be your last.

BTW Nice post Les.


onething said...

"It could get very mean and ugly in certain places and my observation of the mental and emotional makeup of the inhabitants, tends to indicate that it will get like that because nothing else, of a gentler persuasion, is persuasive."

I was more or less thinking this very thing today, about how blind a lot of people are to the horrific things that American forces are doing, with their indifference/complicity. How much murder can people remain oblivious to? And so, I thought, if we are all in a position to choose between good and evil, and people aren't choosing, then you up the ante till it finally affects them.

Clarity, I am curious, you worry about any of "our" men dying. Is it OK then if other people die?

Warn our troops. I'd warn them that when you volunteer to go occupy other countries, you might get killed. But probably not. Our wars are really massacres.

As to quitting smoking, I have heard that some people get success by switching to natural cigarettes first because a lot of the chemicals they put in them are addictive also.

Lee said...

Hey PSO. Try that Acai berry juice. A couple of capfulls in the morning with your favorite juice.

It's expensive but it worked for me two years ago. It made me nausea whenever I tried to light up a cigarette. I hope that works for you. The pills or capsules do not work nor does the powder. Use the juice only. It is a very powerful antioxidant.

Take care and God bless you.

zazz said...


What kind of new currency would you propose for a new world?


Kevenj said...

Thank you LV, your words have made incredible waves on other's lives, especially mine...don't give up the fight and get another memory, if nothing else.
I hope I do not offend you with this suggestion.

SalphaSilexus said...

We are the shake and baked, crawling king snakes, purposefully percolating upon the shaken floors, let off at the crossroads of whores. WHERE oh Where, is the fucking DOOR? As usual, I have no fucking clue, what about you, R2?

WV: "porazoo" Poor-a, Poor-a zoo, about to be burned, west, east, north and south, of Timbuktu.

MachtNichts said...

You have said it all, Vis, again. I try not to judge people who are on a different path than I am. Who is going to stop them if not they themselves. Otherwise, oh no, lemmings! Which does not mean that I even think I am on the right path.

But I do think that life was never meant to be a struggle. It is a means of exploring all kinds of things. It also seems that endeavour was hijacked by control freaks who were given an operational licence on a dog's leash for a long time. Now that dog's leash will be pulled back and everyone (hopefully) will see that this particular dog has no teeth.

Where telepathy is concerned, I absolutely think it is working. So, come on over, Vis. But you have to share my space. And beware of the intent, yours and mine. Love Silvia

cersh - certainly shit is going to happen

lightandlongshadows said...

That's rough stuff there gurnygob. Must be a real deep down pain you're nursing for the fear of death to be so ineffective.

I've been watching the cursor blink for a couple minutes trying to think of something helpful to say but we both know it's up to you.

Take care

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

The Torturous and Byzantine Road of Self Deception.

Anonymous said...

"everyone has to decide for themselves what they will and will not risk."

mostly folks seek their own historic and current level (same) through what they they feel, think, and do. rarely other.

this channel provides, among other, the suggestion that one might stretch for ... more.

just ask our friendly neighborhood toastmaster ... he knows.

Anonymous said...


I quit smoking 23 years ago. I do have advice, FWIW.

First, accept the fact that the desire to smoke may never go away. I still want a cigarette sometimes.

Next, move the cigarettes from where you usually keep them for easy access. Don't throw away every cigarette you have but keep a few in a place where you know they are but you have to go out of your way to get to them.

If there is a behavior that goes along with smoking you will need to modify that. The hardest part for me was not having a cigarette with my coffee.

Cold turkey works for some but not others. If you absolutely need one the first few days - try smoking only part of it and then put it out.

Brush your teeth a lot or rinse with mouthwash often. Some people are less like to want to smoke immediately after cleaning their mouth.

Don't give up. If you backslide don't beat yourself up - just start over. If you truly want to quit you will succeed.

I think getting rid of every cigarette in the house makes you want it more. Knowing they are there if "you really need one" is better. And feeling guilty if you backslide can be self defeating.

For what it's worth...

Anonymous said...

@ PSO - true story, with LV's permission:

Quit smoking/my story -
About 30 years ago, after smoking for 22 years, and up to 2.5 packs a day, I attended a stop smoking seminar put on by a fellow employee after hours on his own time but in company space.

Three sessions paced 1 week apart.

First session: basic plan:
Write down the three main reasons you want to quit on a small index card.
This is important for what follows, so make it real.
On another index card, you are to write down each and every time you smoke, how you feel, (anxious, nervous, just ate), and rate from 1 to 5, how badly you want that cigarette 5 = meh, 1 = I would kill for this cigarette.
Keep both index cards with your pack of cigarettes;
read your list of quit reasons as you rate your desire. In one week, you will be amazed how many cigarettes are eliminated. After 3 days, I had only 1,2 and 3 rated cigs, and by week's end, I was down to about 10 a day.

Second session:
Pick a date in the next month that you want to quit.
From this day on, smoke and rate your cigs as before except, each new pack must be a new brand.
No returning to previous brands, no A/B switches,
each new pack is a totally new drug delivery system.
Review, rate and record your smoking as in prior week.
By the end of this week I was down to three a day.

Third session:
This was really a "Good Luck" meeting.
The plan had been delivered, we reported our progress or lack thereof, and most of us remaining had our quit dates still ahead.
Mine was the next Saturday.
The presenter was off to give another set of sessions elsewhere in the company, and we were on our own from here on out.

Well, by the time Saturday came around, I was down to one a day.
Saturday dawned bright and sunny, and I went to the beach for my last
After I smoked it, I in my best Catholic Act of Contrition mode, asked God to please help me quit and stay quit. Well, there must have been something more than sincere contrition in my request because,
guess what, He did, and He has.
Now far beyond lapsed-catholic, the memory brings tears of gratitude to my eyes.
Good luck PSO, it's there for the taking.


PSO said...

Thank you so much!
I have a plan now!
I am truly blessed for having sought help through a Visible Blog. ;)

The caliber of help here can't be garnered elsewhere AND EXCEEDED, unless someone came to my house with IBOGAINE, LOL!

If Visible allows it, I will post a follow up report on the Petri-dish a few weeks from now.

Again, my heart felt thank you -and I am so blessed to meet like minded spiritually LED sols/soles/souls here.


ps. Vis, Thank you also for your advice on your new blog post at the Reflections in a Petri Dish Blog.

Stephen said...

PSO I have another suggestion I don't think was previously mentioned .... start treating your cigarettes as the drug they are. When you light one up, think of it as administering a dose of nicotine to your body. Take a hit and hold it in ... then take another hit and hold it in ... maybe a third hit if you aren't already a little dizzy :)) ... and then put the cigarette out.

After awhile you'll get another urge for a "dose". Do the same. Merely take 2 or 3 hits at a time, hold them in til you are good and "dosed", and then put the cigarette out.

PART 2: Make it inconvenient to get your dose. For example this winter I have only been administering my nicotine doses outside in the carport. It's cold out there. lol But I decided to dose only outside.

So now I only take a couple of hits at a time, and only outside. In the cold. :))

In two weeks I have gone from 1 pack a day to 1 pack every 3.5 days. My record between packs thus far is 89 hours.

The habit started off in small doses. For me, I know it will end that way too.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Masters, Mechanisms and Meaning.

Anonymous said...

Just a fun F.Y.I. for inquiring minds. Has anyone out there heard about the new movie soon to be released called "Act Of Valor", starring real Navy Seals? Of course film-buffs know that actual experienced military have been used before. Ex.Platoon, Full Metal Jacket. But they are usually retired and are cast as much for their charisma and experience as well as acting ability. But active duty? These aren't background or walk-through. And by the way what's with Spielberg and all these world war 2 and we were heroes movies? Never Korea or Vietnam and I never see Platoon on broadcast or even cable anymore . Hmmm...anyway kids don't really pay attention so much to movies anymore anyway the games are where the real playbooks are. I wonder what glorious message and signs and symbols will we see in this new movie "Acts of Valor"? Things that make you go Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add my comment to the PSO support group.I smoked for 15 years before giving it a break due to poor lung conditions, I say a break as I believe there are two types of people: smokers( the ones who got hooked) and non-smokers(the lucky ones who just never saw the point of it all). I was 30 years old( diagnosed after severe coughing bouts for nights on end)with the lung age of a 75 year old, and because I was in great shape my body simply got by on whatever oxygen it could get, the obvious problem here was when I no longer could maintain my fitness due to ageing. I've been cigarette free for nearly 6 years, but I recognise that I will never be a non-smoker, so the dangers of going back are always there.
Two types of quitters:
1: haters(those guys who foam at the mouth at the site of a smoker).
2: sympathizers(those who feel great sadness at the site of a smoker, especially on cold winter mornings huddled together outside in the rain).
Both miss smoking in equal doses no matter what they say, especially so the first group.
My advice if I can give you any is simple: balance and moderation.
Live healthy, exercise regularly and eat nutritiously good food (lots of fresh produce). Have yourself checked out regularly and if you have good lungs and a strong heart, regard your cigarette as nothing more than a naughty little vice. I know people as strong as oxen who have been smoking for decades. But those types are rare and normally made out of much stronger fabric.
Les, as always great post and thanks for taking the time.


Anonymous said...


I am 57 yrs old and in very good physical health (knock on wood!)

I quit smoking completely and rarely if at all ever miss it.

I started stealing cigarettes from my dad when I was 6. By the time I was a teenager I was smoking 1 to 2 packs a day.

When I was in my early 20's I wanted to quit so here is what I did:

I substituted the flowertops of the hemp plant, commonly called marijuana, for tobacco. Instead of smoking a cigarette I would roll a joint and take a few tokes.

Imediately my tobacco consumption went down. Instead of a pack or 2 a day I went down to 2 or three. cigs a day. After a short while I was able to quit for weeks at a time; then months. Once I went 2 full years without a cigarette.

Eventually I quit buying and turned into a mooch. But it wasn't that bad because I didn't really smoke that much. By time I was in my mid 40's I completely stopped. It's been 13 yrs

I did end up getting a hemp addiction but I recently quit that, too. It was only a couple of days of being overly anxious and bitter. I threw a fit or two.

LIfe sucks when what you crave isn't what you want. Now what I crave is good food, clean air and water and a little lovin' every now and then. And these things are exactly what I want.

Marijuana is a 'magic herb'. It can be a godsend for many. It healed me not only of nicotine addiction but also from some rather pernicious emotional and mental problems. It helps a lot of people. Just don't use it for pure escape or get greedy with it.

Also, the quality of marijuana varies greatly so you might want to engage a stoner friend to help you get started.

Good luck.



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