Thursday, February 16, 2012

Easter Bunny, Jesus Jerky on a Gone Dead American Train

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Few things sum up American culture and the decline of the west as well as something like this. America isn't really a country. Most people aren't aware of that. It's a time sensitive experiment, having a material experience. There is no real tradition. Everybody came from everywhere else and brought their traditions with them. Of course, there was a tradition already in place, which needed to be destroyed, so that something crass, creepy and crepuscular, could eventually morph into the Twilight series of sexy, sanitized vampires, with a really high fuckability index, in a public humping offer on Dow Jones. Of course, they're not the vampires that sucked the life, love and liberty out of this failed experiment, they only play them on TV. The real vampires slink through the marketplace, with their bendable flavor straws in hand, looking for the necks of opportunity, in a no neck paradise of stunted proles and Easter Bunny, Jesus Jerky for communion wafers.

We're here in the land of the free, on bended knee, in the First Church of the Dual Nationals, where routine mass murder is 100% kosher. Well tan my noahide, pilgrim. It's looks like you are the Thanksgiving turkey.

I can feel the bottled outrage over my telepathic landlines, picking my way through the politically correct landmines, in search of one temporary piece of sane and sober Earth to stand on. Tiny nano-tech gerbils are having a rave in my colon, which leads to that uneasy, wish to be pleasing feeling that Richard Gere probably gets when he's standing in front of the Daily Lama and trying to figure out the punch line to one hand clapping. Yes, I can feel the outrage of all the patriotic, Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dums, sucking on their thumbs and spanking their monkeys to a red, white and blue, nightmare vagina, violated by mutants with farm implements, that makes Last Exit to Brooklyn read like a child’s bedtime story by comparison. What right do I have to trash this great nation under Zog? Well, I have no right. Actually, lets say I have no rights, left. Bush and Obama have taken care of that; political Siamese twins in a hot oil, mud wrestling match; I can't believe it's not mud! They're wrestling in the flatulent winds of their diseased imaginations. They have no shame and they have no sorrow and karmically speaking they have no tomorrow. They are the conductor and engineer on a gone dead train and Hell follows after. The definition of stupid is anyone who still thinks Obama has anything in common with anything he said, during his hope and change redundancy moments, prior to all the new wars and relentless economic violence he's unleashed on the public at the behest of his Wall Street masters.

Lloyd Blankfein is now the “national corporate spokesman for same-sex marriage”. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then his face is a looping stream of endless invective; a phrenological masterpiece of ad hominem, directed at everyone and everything. He's been granted complete latitude. Actually, the literal definition of Blankfein's idea of gay marriage is, “Go fuck yourself” and I think you're supposed to do it in front of a mirror if you are so inclined and I believe I can confidently declare that an unfortunate number of you are ready, willing and able, I'm going to suggest you blow up that photo of Blankswine, as a romantic enhancement for your private interludes. Think of it as a kind of creative visualization of a literal truth because Blankswine is already doing it to you. According to some forms of math, one might compute that you've got at least a threesome going on already.

There is no country called America, or the United States. There is no such place. There are no laws. There is no constitution and no bill of rights. There is only prostitution and a bill of goods. The organ harvesters own the asylum and the next stage is where you begin to eat each other for the amusement of the ones who led you to this Meek's Cutoff; this Donner's Pass. You followed the loss leader and now you've got bar codes on your ass. You're surrounded by scanners and scumbags. Welcome to your dumpster diving future. Welcome to the time of the tattooed gangs, with chapters in every city. They're just waiting for their moment to storm the gated communities and bazooka the banks. ♫Send in the tanks, don't bother, they're here♫

Oh, am I being negative? Have I missed the whole point of this sea to shining senility diorama? Surely I am a heretic and damned for all time, singing like a canary in a goldmine. I should get a job, probably a hand job would do. Why don't I take a pass and just buy one for you? It's a handjob, blowjob, snowjob world. No job too big or too small and despite the fact that Blankswine has to hire a circus midget or a nine year old boy from Isfahan to do the honors, I'm not going to say that size matters when you're looking for motive to become what he is. Let's just say there's a connection.

You could, I suppose, put the entire country in an orgone box built by Geppetto, cause someone has to sit on Pinocchio's nose and all we need is a little help from Escher and the whole country could groove at the same time. There are all kinds of ways and means, that even now, could turn this figment of a bankrupt imagination, into the country it never was. Were the dead and disorderly to suddenly rise in spirit from their graves and inhabit all of the empty minds, presently wandering like Thorazine queens up and down the corridors of the world's biggest open air mental institution; when they're not just standing around like foreclosed and abandoned houses, then maybe, just maybe, a humming, insect resonance of serendipitous awareness might fortuitously sweep through the collective consciousness and all over the world, these temporary zombies could march on the Central Banks and deliver some what for, right now. I'm dreaming, I know but... ah, a conflagration devoutly to be wished.

Or... suddenly it might occur to enough of 'them' to just step away from the consumer machines and whatever desks and workbenches they're stationed at and just wait, just wait until the whole nasty apparatus comes to a silent halt. Or then again, possibly, all those deluded soldiers, tumescent with guns, could just lay down those guns and walk away and wait. The entire nation needs to turn into a flash mob but that's as likely as people ceasing to eat at The Heart Attack Grill, just cause someone got a little gas. That's all it was, there in the most foreclosed and empty abandoned lot in the entire country and deservedly so. Or, you could just shit in one hand and wish in the other. Or, magically, some electro-magnetic wave of awakening could sweep across the land, leaving no mind unchanged and the people could gather at their polling places and shout out their votes on the way into the booth and shout out their votes, after leaving the booth and wait around, with everyone waiting around, until the voter fraud army has to hightail it into the high, wide and lonesome, where the rattlesnake politicians and Gila Monster bankers would then be having their potluck, rubber chicken dinners for the foreseeable future.

Yeah, there could be all kinds of 'or's, if not for the 'ifs', 'ands' and 'buts'. Coulda, woulda and shoulda also play their parts in this horrific and depraved circle jerk. In a sane and reasonable world, the Blankswines of this world would no longer be in this world, 'or' marooned on a nuclear atoll somewhere that nobody goes. In a sane and reasonable world, none of the things that are happening would be happening and America might even be a country there, instead of a failed laboratory experiment, sitting in the back of Jeffrey Dalmer's icebox in a covered dish, waiting for Dalmer to get the late night munchies after smoking a PCP laden joint made out of lint and human hair. America is a serial killer's wet dream. It's a star spangled torture chamber, where the sane and sensible are hunted for sport.

It's been my pleasure to ring your bell, run off down the sidewalk and leave you with this flaming paper bag, outside your doorstep this afternoon. It is my fond hope that you will stomp on it to put it out and then enjoy the fruits of your efforts at your leisure. I didn't need to write this. I could have just gone down to the Heart Attack Grill and hooked into the pacemaker wireless, for some internet surfing, while I waited for my order to arrive but Las Vegas is a long way from here; though not far enough to suit me.

As the sun sinks into the Fukushima charged waters of the once blue Pacific, we bid you adieu from those lands that sent the first hungry conquistadors and sexually iced up religious nuts to populate the formerly beautiful with the presently ugly. As the ship of state also sinks and the passengers drown in their gins and tonics, let us offer a closing prayer that nothing like this ever happens again but... that would be wishful thinking, wouldn't it?

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis narrates:


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

So hilarious, yet so true. No one could have set it better. Waiting for that conflagration with you.

DaveS said...



I gets goose pimples when you rant like that. Wonderful take on horrible things.

I'd say you're channeling Mr Apocalypse mumbling to himself as he heads this way, swinging his stick and wonderin' why these human fools won't learn?

This era's time nears its end and like most things kept alive beyond its shelf-date, it has a foul stench.

Visible, sir, you ain't addin' to the stench. Your words are like Clorox to those who do stink.

Peace and... (fingers crossed)


Anonymous said...

someone told me it's all happening at the's madness i tell ya...madness. cold cold cold blue eyes crying in the rain....lots of blue eyes crying...that pale skin isn't going to get them into heaven. it might just get them skinned! wha happpppened? asks ricky. lucy starts to cry.

okay here's the plan. we gotta have a plan. here it is america. nobody say nothing! act normal. pretend it is all a-okay okie dokie. don't give an inch. smile with locked jaws. deny. lie. medicate. be fucking rational. shut down. narrow your eyes. oil your gun.

whaaaa haaaaappened??????

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, Dog. I dig your style. Wish there were more of 'your kind.'

Termination coming right up said...

It was Terminator 2 where John Connor & Co. were being hunted down by remote control drones in America.

The ZioPsychos do like using their Hollywood movies to give the cattle previews of what they have planned for them.

Terminator 2 had an obvious 9/11 predictive scene as well. Just as did The Matrix with Neo's passport expiry date; the final two minutes of Fight Club, and others . . . but who cares, right?

Anyway, back to what's up next - all those guns in private hands will be no use against the kosher government's armed drones. Coming to a residential area near you sooner than you think.

Brought to us by our gullibility? greed? whatever.

marilyn said...

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any."
~ Alice Walker

...and that's what i'm up against...your words resonate with me on an almost daily basis..hugs to you, les visible

Anonymous said...

Ladies & Gentlemen,
Normal service has been resumed. Carry On.

Clarity said...

Holy shit,Visible!
(Sorry DaveS, but the "f" word just didn't cut it.)

You have once again worked your magic with words, calling it all just as it is. America, the same as it never was.

While appropriately dark, I'm not going through the crap I am at home for nothing... and by the way, are you psychic? Because the shtf last night.

I really like the flash mob picture and I choose to head for that rather than Vegas, or the nearest greasy burger joint. If I was ready to give up, I might supersize it, extra fries please, and what's for dessert?

I often ignore the doorbell anyway, unless I know who's there and it's worth my while.

I'm not giving in or giving up, not without a fight. If things head downhill fast, my GPS will be preset for a brighter place of light and love. Whether I make it or not remains to be seen, but that is my intended destination. I hope to see you there.

Flash mob anyone?


Eamon said...

An gem of an offering today, my friend.

"It's been my pleasure to ring your bell, run off down the sidewalk and leave you with this flaming paper bag, outside your doorstep this afternoon."

I have this image of a cosmic tocsin which is, by means of communiques like this, ringing louder and louder with every passing day. To be sure, some do not even hear it and some try to ignore it. Still, the ever-growing sack of flaming excrement will soon become an ubiquitous inferno -- and this shit will definitely stink, filling this moribund world with a stench foul enough to wake the dead and kill many who pretend they are alive. Before the really big hammer falls and the house is cleaned and order is restored, all possible excuses for not hearing the tocsin will be removed. Those who obstinately refuse to humbly respond to its call will then be removed.

Keep ringing the bell, visible -- keep ringing. Some will not make use of the help made available to them, but that is between them and the One who offers help to all on the kindest terms possible.

samo said...

A child in New Zealand picks up a fistful of dirt and smiles at the glittering earth. It is moist and warm and he shapes it into a ball. The ball softens and rolls down a hill into a puddle of water. Across the valley from the boy a woman is washing dishes in her house as the television in the next room screams for attention. The woman smiles as a breeze lifts through her hair and lands on her kitchen table, spinning a folded paper dog that her son left there. The television goes dark. In a camp across the water a few hundred miles north, an old man sits in a cage, nodding off, listening to the sounds of hollow feet on solid floors. He rests his head there against steel bars that began to give, then fall. Then disappear.

A man standing at an intersection in a large city holds his gaze on the walk light across the street. He loosens his grip on both his briefcase in his right hand and his telephone in the other. Above him high in the sky a small finch is fluttering in the light of the sun, dancing in the warmth. Almost at the same moment, a dog stops barking at another five hundred miles west. The dog’s tail begins sweeping the air and he pants some and lowers his head and circles the other dog. They nod to one another and rub heads then sit. A meadow clary, in a gathering of hundreds of its own, lifts it’s head to God and stretches it’s delicate petals. A falcon watches a crow pick at some smaller animal near a creek mouth in a golden valley basin. He tells the other to stop, we no longer need to do that. The crow cranes his head eyeing the smaller bird, blinks, drops the meat from his mouth and takes flight.

A truck holding a man and his daughters curves around a long steep turn high above the valley floor. The man smiles and laughs at something grand in his mind. A small but growing thought. The daughter nearest him asks what he’s laughing at. His laughter builds to a heavy shuddering cry. An in-between laugh. A half-cry. A wonderful feeling. He turns to her smiling with wet eyes. Love so bright and full. She knows, and knows why too. They all start laughing.

A gun melts in an open hand and falls to the ground as dust that rainbows in the light. Zoo walls in every city fade to nothing, allowing soft blue sky to pour in. A border crossing goes missing along a desert road, men with bombs and guns along with it. The entire concrete wall with steel ribbing where the crossing used to sit sinks into the dirt below. Men in suits and uniforms high above the street, or deep underground, sit at long tables surrounded by mirrors of themselves. They began to howl their regret and sorrow to the air, to one another. They huddle into brotherly hugs, crying and professing affection for all things.

Women caress newborns with joy. Light reflecting light in the faces of love the world has just born. Everywhere children play, worries lift, and fears dissipate like fog after the midday sun. Dry water wells fill and overflow into gardens and thirsty fields. A mule wakes from a dusty dream and finds a pail of water near a small hill of corn just under his nose. A boy embraces a small cedar tree with his arms crisscrossed over the other, hands gripping his shoulders, and whispers, I’ve always loved you.

Sighs of relief are heard across every village in the world. Like the ecstatic cries of lost children coming home, and mother’s hearts returning to use, the world takes turns welcoming the sun over horizons around the globe. Each one a smile pulling their faces into laughter, a whimper of fullness, and gratitude. All begin to dance. A beat so low and long and thunderous it rattles bone and vibrates up the spine of all living things. All feel it. All know the beat. It goes on like this for a very long time.

Visible said...

Please go to this Facebook page containing A serious load of shit. and fight the propaganda of those looking to bloodbathe Syria.

Anonymous said...

Dang it, Vis, there you go again, nailing it.


That's the second post in a row in which you mentioned gila monsters. It must be stated here and now that for reasons unknown my favorite movie of all time is The Giant Gila Monster

Visible said...

Yes, this does qualify as kinky.

Anonymous said...

Vis~You're smokin'!!!

Samo!!! YES!

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Samo: Thanks for the beautiful vision.

Visible said...

Well, I could have told you this, with footnotes. but my examples would have been different. Basic primary tenant of immortality is that you look like whatever you want to, given you want to be seen in the first place.

DaveR said...

"Since the US is spending large amounts of money in placed like Afghanistan and has pissed away mountains of cash in places like Iraq, one might even wonder "To what end?" Are you a terrorist or something?

The answer is in the question! Pissing away taxpayer money IS the point! That's because our economy is so overbuilt that without artificial demand from wars, famines and other artificial shortages, (earthquakes?) prices would fall to more reasonable levels and humanity would figure out that we don't need new software every month or three, and that there is another way to live besides manic."

WV - ?How does this prove I'm not a robot?!?

Anonymous said...

Oh , to be jewish and gay..!!!!

Hugo Chavez's allies start smear campaign against Venezuela's new 'Jewish and gay' opposition leader
Henrique Capriles, 39, won Democratic Unity primary election on Sunday
Denies claims he was caught in car having sex with another man in 2000

" Allies of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez have started a smear campaign against the country's new opposition leader - by questioning his sexuality and mocking his Jewish roots."

" Capriles - the grandson of Jews who survived the World War Two Holocaust in Poland - defines himself as a centre-left 'progressive' who admires Brazil's 'modern left' model of free-market economics with a strong social conscience."

" Another state radio commentator, Adal Hernandez, wrote a vitriolic profile of Capriles, highlighting his Jewish family background and titled The Enemy is Zionism. Capriles, a practicing Catholic

( yes , of course !! ) ,

has not responded to the profile.
One cartoon, retweeted today by a senior Chavez aide, showed Capriles in pink shorts with a Swastika on his arm, squaring up to a much larger, muscular Chavez. He often talks emotionally of his grandparents' escape from Nazi repression.
Capriles comes from a wealthy family.."

Read more:


Anonymous said...

Tight rant Vis . +1 Internets for you.

All hope is not lost though .

Watch This inspiring story of one mans fight against the police state.

Patrick V1.0

willie said...

Uh better get on the phone with Ray Kurzweil and inform him that 200 supplements a day, millions of dollars for synthetic hemoglobin and organ transplants, and nanobots will not confer the physical immortality that he so desires.

I would be very happy to be the next body to disintegrate.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Scathing satire by Low Viz. I did in fact laugh out loud, now I think I'll cry. You were born in the US and have all the right to criticize it that you want. Like Lord Humongous said in Road Warrior just walk away. The smart people are getting out before the gate slams shut. Glad you made it out Low Viz may you live long and prosper. \\//

Allison said...

Your one time observation that americas cities are urban concentration camps was a real eye opener for me. It is so true as I work in one. The American theatre of the absurd is growing logarithhmically by the day. The heart attack grill, sheesh. You cant make this stuff up.

L.L.O. said...

"Now who could that be?" *opens door*
"Ah! Flaming paper bag! *Stomp, Stomp*
"Hey! What the- Damn you Visible!!!" *Shakes fist at air*

Visible said...

You have to imagine the graphic, which looks like a Mercedes SmartCar done in pink with a 550 sunroof-

"Renault and Ford have joined forces to create the perfect small car for women.

Mixing the Renault 'Clio' and the Ford 'Taurus' they have designed the 'Clitaurus'.
It comes in pink, and although the exterior appearance might vary, they're all pink on the inside.

The average male car thief won't be able to find it - let alone turn it on - even if someone tells him where it is and how to do it.

Rumor has it though, that it leaks transmission fluid once a month, and can be a real bitch to start in the morning even with mechanical starting devices! Some have reported that on cold winter mornings, when you really need it, you can't get it to turn over.

New models are initially fun to own, but very costly to maintain, and horribly expensive to get rid of.

Used models may initially appear to have curb appeal and a low price, but eventually have an increased appetite for fuel, and the curb weight typically increases with age.

Manufacturers are baffled as to how the size of the trunk increases, but say that the paint may just make it LOOK bigger.

This model is not expected to reach collector status. Most owners find it is best to lease one, and replace it each year. Many prefer to just rent one occasionally especially when they are traveling out of town on business trips."

Submitted by the Bhoster.

Rob in WI said...

There must be something seriously wrong with me, for finding this simply hilarious. Great work, thanks.

Visible said...

I don't generally like this guy but he is on fire here. He won't name names or the forces at work because he couldn't keep talking, could he?

I understand but I will say this much. The bad guys can kiss my ass because I and my author will have them for lunch and that is not too far away.

Everything is under control for the purpose of demonstration. Wake up fools, or suffer the consequences. I don't think I can make it more plain.

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back in the land of the Black Pope.

Origami yesterday such a blast, not as much as Santorum's -yes that sometimes frothy mix - friend Tim Tancredo that endorsed Santorum and suggested bom***g Mecca and Medina.

Just wondering when Baron Hans Van Kolvenbach - the Jesuit General (read military arm of the Vatican)is going to be profiled on Profiles in Evil. Do people even know of this scumbag sequence of demons?

So let me see Abrahamic religion sanctioned murder:

Talmud: burn them olive trees and poison their wells.

Koran: 1 level jihad against one's soul, next level against the tax collector, and next to the infidel (that would be the rest of us)

Catholicism under the Pope - the religion of love:that abomination of the desolation that is Roman Popery and its extermination of the Hindus, Buddists, Celts, Saxons and Anglo and Sandinavian cultures of the world.

Blood oath of the 4th degree Jesuits:

And so the Knights of Columbus
And so the Knights of Malta

Now THESE ATHEIST JESUITS (rather than the irritating john-come-lately Abrahamic cult that is non-sufi Islam and the paranoid, screwed up baby pen** cutting - Rome worshipping Talmudists) is the real source of the scourge on mankind.

So do digest the Council of Trent and the Protocols of The Secrets Of The Elders Of Bourg-Fontaine - the daddy (of about 20 or 30 such protocols including the Elders of Zion) of this unmarried, mostly of a certain orienation of this all male group. And see what really needs to be protected in this world and why.

Apparently poking peoples eyeses out was a fav with the Jesuits - takes me back to the wrteched India-bashing movie, hated ny decent people everywhere made by poverty-porn enamored Jesuit - Danny Boyle - nice touch there - the most horrific scene being the eye gouging scene, superbly and subtley as the white van with Om conspicuously printed on the side pulls up and lures the slumkids into mutilation for profit.

Satan's greatest enemy lies east of the Jesuit General and to its west - and that is why reducing them to nothing is priority number one - doomed to failure of course.

In other news, M and M have hooked up - that would be Microsoft Bill Gates - geoengineering thepanets climate and Monsanto -
Whole Foods, Stonyfields and Tom Vilsack come together - emphasize on the "come together" right now to unleash genetically modified food in the land of the free and destroy the truth in labeling movement here. Huffington Post reports.

Notice how quickly Demi Moore's courages effort to stop child sex trafficing met with demise - after Ashton and then the downward personal spiral.

So watch that Jesuit General Kolvenbach and trace the 4th degree Jesuits and minions worldwide to defeat the SHADOW. Time has come,

Durga Durga.


Visible said...

People got on my ass about Profiles in Evil, before I got to even do Profiles in Good. Especially, Susanne counts in my actions. I'd be a different person without her guidance. She knew that vipers were after me before I did. She always guides me. She knew that Mexico was a mistake. My gift is aftermath and 'on scene' tactics. Point being, I could care less about totem forces. I throw down shots with the bad man himself; we both work for the same infinite but we definitely deal with different shit on different days.

Anonymous said...

March 20. The Iranian oil bourse begins to trade oil for anything but U.S.dollars. The zioborg are on full tilt as a result. They've gone way beyond the point of anything human.


mike m said...


A little town called Chancay on the Pacific coast and north of Lima.

Just south of Chancay is a Hare Krishna settlement that was amazing.

I was lucky enough to visit there a few months ago and have had that place on my mind ever since. In fact most places that I visited in Peru had quite the effect on me and I cannot wait to go back.

If the chance is ever offered I recommend that you take it.


Ben said...

Vis, All,

Samo, thanks so much for your beautiful imagery. I sense a certain prophecy in your words.

gurnygob said...

Both you and Celente firing on all cylinders, all in one day. Too much, too much, my brain can't take it. Must be something in the water.

great post Les.

Also........What samo said... that was a nice vision.

You could add to that.........

"meanwhile 2000 miles away in Belfast Ireland, gurnygob was sitting in his back yard soaking up the morning sun and silently praising God for the birds and the bees when all of a sudden Christ appeared to him and healed him of all his brokenness and the two of them spent the rest of that day walking in the hills while Christ explained the scriptures and answered many questions that gurnygob put to him and they became great friends."


Anonymous said...

man Visible, this one got onomonopia goin' off in my head, like demolition-charges in a Larry Silverstein wtc building ...!

and the ref to the facebook propaganda by the gov official in Syria - wonder what the equivalent gov official type in Bahrain is saying; is he talking about the locals there getting shot, arrested, imprisoned tortured to death, all for expressing their desires for some freedoms (where's the UN, where's the ZATO invasion, where's Hillarious, ...?)

Rob in WI said...

We're not proud of the cannibals in WI history, but it was nice of you to mention Jeffry Dahmer.
He once went to the homo bar, found a target, and asked "how about doing dinner?". "Sorry, the target said, I'm in a relationship". "We can work with that", said Dahmer. "Why don't you both come by for lunch. It'll be my treat."
Jeffry's demise, with a broomstick in the eye, is the pride of WI incarcerated. Sick and sad, but that's life in Visibles inspired post. Be well all, Rob

Richie (Dana) said...

Tear down that house Mr. Visible
You are like a giant with a huge machete hacking down the overgrown lies. Simply awesome.

I do know that many of you are having difficult times right now.
I was thinking about the possibility that some people here will not see death.
It seems we are so close to the end that perhaps this shortens your "Life".
I have no idea if I may be one of those and in a certain way, that matters not.

Here I ask some questions to you all. Did not Mr. Visible paint a very accurate picture of the world in which we live?
Does it not stand to reason that the pictures he painted to show us the Divine are not perhaps just as true?

From my own experience...Perhaps we start to really believe. I can promise you that just a few minutes enjoying the peace that passes understanding will do the trick.

Thx Vis


Lee said...

Dear Mr. Visible.

You mentioned three things I was thinking this very day.

1...Donner Summit
2...Serial Killers
3...Train Wrecks

*Donner Summit* because I was thinking of the cannibalism and that location is only a few hours from me.

*Serial Killers* because I was thinking of how the self righteous psychopaths justify murder. Example: "I only kill sinful women".

*Train Wrecks* because this is the spiritual condition of the current house situation.

Is this a coincidence or not? NO, this synchronicity is pretty much common with those of us who are in tune and follow your work.


Clarity said...

Visible, or anyone,

I was interested in the Immortals link. Once I started reading, my thoughts went to Saint-Germain...scroll down, and there he is. I had done some research on him, and most reports do show contact with him as recently as the 1940's to possibly as late as the 70's.

In the late 1600's he ascended into the 14th dimension and transmuted into an immortal angel. Instead of serving in the higher dimensions, he chose to join the Great White Brotherhood of Light, preferring to stay earthbound until all humanity can ascend.

He had many incarnations including Joseph, father of Jesus, Merlin, Columbus, Roger Bacon, and Francis Bacon. The unknown source of his wealth came from his knowledge of alchemy.

Regarding soul liberation:

"But before these great promises of soul liberation and peace can be realized on earth, we must pass through yet another period of earthly turmoil. In the year 2000 the Great Cosmic Beings responsible for earth decided to accelerate the pace of earth’s evolution to make up for the various setbacks encountered during the Piscean dispensation. Time will fly, so to speak, but the temporary result will be a world engulfed in insanity.

"What will appear to the material eye as a collapse of the financial, economic, and political structures in the world and the rise of terrorism, war, and plain insane behavior worldwide must be interpreted as a grading process, the weeding out of the evil influences on earth, the separation of the tares from the wheat. At the helm of this momentous purging of earth’s dark forces is the Great and Holy Master Sanctus Germanus again appearing at this particular flashpoint as he did in past history to guide and protect us at the threshold of the New Age."

The story says that his wealth, and others, was placed into different accounts: the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, the World Trust, bankroll/prosperity programs, global settlement funds and/or NESARA.

I also read that the Pentagon was hit in the location of the offices that were coordinating the implementation of NESARA.

Does anyone know if there is any truth to this? If so, can you direct me to any sources of info. that I can check out?

Thanks all,

Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz said...

ansgdenmmcddWith all these antichristian blasphemers on the loose no wonder the world is going to end soon. Maybe then will they shut their satanic mouth.

Morton Throckmorton said...

LV have you been keeping up on this Makow vs. Rense everyone is a hasbarat zionist troll controversy it is laugh out loud funny. People get all touchy when you take away those free hits and links. The juice are probably havin' a good laugh too.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Dave R said: "Pissing away taxpayer money IS the point!"

I totally agree. The arms and security business is a scam. Nation-States such as the US, UK, and Israel stir up conflict, or create conlict, so they can sell arms to the combatants, and tax their own citizens for defense.

The US, NATO, and Israel are addicted to war because their favorite corporations thrive on war.

Locally, police forces are becoming militarized to combat fantasy threats.

JLOC said...

Indeed Mr. Visible...Indeed
Sorry I just like to say Indeed hehe
Great post, Thank you

Anonymous said...

L. check this page out I just found while serfing around. You might already know of it:

Anonymous said...

"the entire nation needs to turn into a flash mob" HOW TRUE !!!

Les, every word was absolutely brilliant, true and enjoyable.

still LMAO !!


the BCth said...

Fucking brilliant. These blogs are on fire!

Watching from the cheap seats, laughing and crying, just plain grateful to be here,

Zebedee said...

Great stuff Les, thanks!


Iris said...

I feel strangely better, or at least, less alone in a toxic atmosphere. Within and without, there's a war on creative free will and that's why your posts shake me out of a stupor. No one writes like you. Got the newspaper out of the mailbox after reading "Easter Bunny" and the sub headline was "Art Gallery Owner has been charged with setting her business on fire"
Your self-description from "Impass" reminds me of Durer's "Melancholia" Thank you for sharing your heart. Your new book will be finished. I'll start a painting, etc. just to be perverse!

Michael Cecil said...

Clearly, such an expression of "venom as an art form" is *not* particularly "hilarious" nor "entertaining"; and is not *nearly* as uplifting as would be a focus upon a more positive perspective--rather than a projection of evil upon the *already* evil.

Unfortunately, sometimes "venom as an art form" is the only available option for a consciousness that has been viciously and egregiously deprived of the Knowledge of Truth by the censorship of the mainstream, 'alternative' and Internet media.

Visible said...

Well gee wiz, I take it you are opposed to the occasional one off and none of the other things I talk about at the other blogs indicate a wide range of expressions and interests?

Anonymous said...

pierre said..
I love it when you talk dirty.
the hope is that "ever again" will, if this slab of a world gets thru these nasties, be genuine and part of a positive culture.

wv: (very proxtr) mm, maybe it is a robot now, proxy for satan.

Anonymous said...

Micheal Cecil , you say so little with so much bloated prose ! I immediately heard the harmonised voices of Kenneth Williams , Brian Sewell and possibly Quentin Crisp ( on cowbell ) as I read your " fart-in-a-diving-suit " contribution !

Hope you are no relation the the brilliant Malcolm Cecil , who was responsible for all the lovely synth squidge on Steve Hillage and Stevie Wonder's best stuff :


Thomas said...

walking on the putrid waters like this... haha! An eloquently poignant take on the Circe Grotesque!

thanks Les
Best Wishes to Everyone :)

Anonymous said...

What our man did under the order and benediction of our priests is nothing but no less then genocide, imagine how much we conquered, how much more whites are there? White rabbit says some wants to destroy white race! I don't think so, I still see lots and lots of white people around unlike Amero-indians lately! what comes around GOES around!Here in uk they are all complaining of armed teens with no respect for the weak and girls acting like John wayne on a bad day, well there you have it again without fault karma in action.Don't they see that wrong wars and killing of innocents will not radiate good vibration onto its own?We copy our own leaders and many will become as evil as our own generals!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Under the Big Tent at the Circus of Appetite and Ignorance.

Anonymous said...

pierre said.. oopos I mean "never again" (ie holohaux)

Paul Von said...

Hi all,

This is what your efforts are creating.

Cauldron Dance

Round and round the demons dance
On cloven hoof and dainty feet
Twisted word and hungry mouth
Skin and hair and bone and teeth

Stir the Cauldron, stir the night
To stew of death and blackness bent
Feel the fire, feel the heat
In this the place of discontent

Yea, the fire burning bold
‘Neath the life of lives untold
Cast thy spirit to strange winds
And ne’re do they cease

Pray they speak the twisted tale
Keep thy heart in lonely jail
Turn ye mind all dusty pale
And proffer no release

Round and round they gad about
Rend thy life to mournful rout
Evermore they heap the flame
And bargain with thy peace

Even so, ye pay the price
Speed thy soul to sad device
Lent to hell and poor suffice
By sore elected priests

Canst thou perceive the wicked glance
Whence ye cede thy soul to chance
Yea they caper; yea, they prance
And spit upon thine eyes

Anonymous said...

Les, remember that film with James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman idiotically named "wanted" because whoever created that film was also a part of the same evil that has harassed me my whole life? Remember how both side thought they were good while the other was evil? Remember that scene where they are both fightin in the train in Europe, and their kicking each others ass real good and making some good entertainment while all those people on the train got killed so that these people could play heroes and good guy bad guy? Well, you are part of those heroes crew who are turning everyone and everything into your collateral damage. It's for that reason I never worked for America's and its "good guys". Because everywhere they and you go, people suffer, get killed or hurt. You are not good Les, you know that you are evil. Me, I abstained. All I wanted was a normal life, and people like you ruined that for me since birth. You know fully well what you have done to me since childhood. You are the ones playing with pagan black magic, electronic sorcery, gang-stalking, threats, coercion, mind-control, blackmail, violence and every other evil, not me buddy. I am here for something else. Why you claim to be Les, you know that I actually am. Both GOD and Satan are on my side. I am the balance Les. I have both the real light and dark side of the divine on my side. You didn't know that my Dad is Lucifer Les? And who is my mom Les? Who is she? Why is it that my family and myself are so influential in this world yet we hold no official power or authority over anyone? How is it that I do what I do? Think really hard about my birth name, my ancestry and my genetics. Think how all nations and races are somehow united through me. Why is it my word and will is so powerful? Why would governments drool for me to join their ranks, why would secret societies try to influence everything I think and feel? Are you getting scared or are you happy that I am here? If you are scared Les, then you are bad and I am the divines response to you, or the beginning of their response. If you are good, then I am your best friend and ally. Know who it is that you threaten, coerce, harass, blackmail and the likes Les. Because you are treading on what you should be kneeling and bowing to. Trust me buddy.



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