Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In the Time of the Dark Fiends

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

'I realize Origami is supposed to be next up but I have to go with what strikes me on occasion'.

I screwed up, this is not the Dick Morris that worked for the Clintons, that explains my befuddlement; talk about Neptune at work. But he looks so much like him, at least I thought he did. Heh heh, oh well, that solves the mystery. Well I can't rewrite the whole post which I would need to do so please bear with me in my moment of mental delocation. Let's just pretend it is Dick Morris, no, can't do that. Since I can't come up with a good excuse like God made me do it or the dog ate my homework, I'll leave it to you, the reader to make my excuses for me. Once again, sorry. No less than five readers swamped right in to point it out to me. The guy seems to be well known. I never heard of him. Carry on. I'll try not to operate any machinery today.

Oh my goodness, look at this. Isn't this the same guy who used to work for the Clintons and then became one of their biggest enemies? There's also something about a hooker and The Dick but I don't remember the details. I imagine that he does though. As I recall, it was big news at the time. I seem to remember that this guy, The Dick Morris LTD was/is a political hatchet man. I wish I could remember the scandal with the hooker because I can't see where it's any kind of a big deal when two hookers get together, it's more like professional courtesy. The political hookers are quite fond of the act of 68; you blow me and I owe you one.

Anyway, what The Dick is saying is riveting and I do not recall any political hack, of any stripe, ever getting close to what The Dick is saying here. It's more than a little strange that he would be the guy saying it. As I recall, if memory serves, The Dick is one of the sleaziest people in the business and that is saying something given the business. Then again, that's what they do, they give you the business, metaphorically speaking. You get the business end of their going out of business, everything must go, all sales are final. And just as in The Big One, 'operators are standing by, they'll be kneeling in a minute'.

The Dick is actually talking about the Kabala. I have never heard anyone mainstream talk about this. As you all know, the mainstream flows directly into The Cloaca Maxima and it also flows directly out of it too. It's a loop that operates on the principle of shit in and shit out and sometimes shit sideways, which might be the result of ricochet or some other logistical imperative.

This is the day of the dark fiends, or rather, the time of the dark fiends and now one of the dark fiends is talking about the other dark fiends. Does anyone else find this to be stranger that fiction? I've long been predicting that a time will come where there will be all kinds of people pointing at each other and telling us what they did. There is a cosmic pressure being applied and it is intensifying by the day. Consider the meaning of Apocalypse; uncovering, unveiling, this means by any means necessary. Full exposure is coming because that's the way it is in these kind of times. Along with that is going to come enormous screw-ups. Things are going to go very wrong in a way that was not the original intent.

I'm really shocked. Some of you might think it is no big deal, but for me, this is huge. This seems to indicate the beginning of all that is mentioned in the previous paragraph. What needs to be kept in mind is that in every transitional period, factors do not appear all by their lonesome. They are attended by complimentary forces which serve to enhance their impact.

Besides talking about the kabala and a worldwide conspiracy of fellow travelers, he talks about the gay movement and how it is being spearheaded by these same people. This is something I have mentioned many times to mixed reaction. He says that they are saying Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the world. The Dick says it isn't that and my first thought on the matter is that that would apply to San Francisco, where you have to be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. But this is an epic statement from a hired gun talking about the Hole in the Wall gang and it turns out to be a glory hole. He is confirming everything that has been talked about at this blog. Now, this guy is inside. He would pretty much know what is going on, given his connections, which I would guess are pretty vast. He has to be taken seriously, despite his terrible reputation. There was a fellow who worked for Reagan who was notorious for digging up all kinds of things on Reagan's enemies. His name became synonymous with nasty political gamesmanship. His name was Lee Atwater. The Dick is a lot like this guy. Okay, by accident I have come upon why The Dick and the hooker thing was a big deal. Wow! Now I remember. Yeah, that says it all about The Dick. There was this guy that used to be a comedian called, Dennis Miller. He now appears with Bill O'Reilly on a regular basis. Dennis had a reverse epiphany after 9/11. The Dick had a reverse, political epiphany at some point a few years ago and turned with a vengeance upon his former boss, Bill Clinton. The Dick and Dennis Miller have a lot in common. If you haven't seen what Dennis Miller does these days and the whole persona of his being; the way his face operates speaks volumes. Something bad happened to a lot of bent people over the last ten years and it's all due to 9/11.

Here's what happens. You are faced with unexplainable and massive inconsistencies in the official story. There are several ways you can go with this. You can look deeper into it and eventually discover all kinds of things, including who did it. However, if you are employed by these people, you have to buy the official line. This requires rebar reinforced denial. This makes you crazy and forces you to say very stupid things. It forces a complete adjustment in your personality to where one side of you is no longer communicating with the other side. Another option is that you can be indifferent. The pressure of apocalyptic change bears down directly on the denial state and causes an increasing difficulty in every area of life. It is as if you were driving a car and your left hand wants to go one way and your right hand wants to go in another and they are wrestling for control of the wheel. Meanwhile the driver is screaming out of both sides of his mouth, engaged in two conversations that accompany the force of each hand as they fight for domination.

I'll be really interested in what the reader has to say about The Dick video, as well as your opinion of my Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical ListLovesong for Madonna and "Surfer Joe" (link below). There has been a decrease in the humor quotient pretty much universally these days. People are more apt to get mean than to laugh. People are much less tolerant of anything that isn't operating on rails. People are far too sensitive about control issues. Any sign of anything being outside of a person's control, generates a fear factor, regardless of the outcome. Part of this is because insanity and violent, compulsive behavior is on the rise. People are losing it daily and doing terrible things to each other, their own families and what have you. Going postal is taking upon itself a flash mob patina. Pressure is bearing down and this pressure is for exposure. This doesn't just mean exposure to others. It also means exposure to yourself. It means confronting yourself but... if you can't do that the pressure will get worse and worse until it impacts on the weakest link in the chain.

Despite the usual problems that existed before 9/11, there was a carefree climate in Zionist occupied America and the other satellite, catamite countries. Following 9/11, a shroud of darkness has fallen on the lands referenced. Step by step, every freedom that formerly existed has been repossessed just like the houses. There hasn't been any reduction of this process and it is being implemented by the people who did 9/11 for that purpose. I'm stating the obvious but it needs to be said over and over. It needs to be shouted from the rooftops. The people doing bad things know about the Apocalypse and what it brings, so they are considering the destruction of Israel, even though this invented people happen to be Israeli, at least in a mindset. Something of this size and significance would remove the increasing focus on all the terrible things that nation has been engaged in and confer a lasting bonus of greater victim-hood that would be pretty hard to counter. This is the intent as I see it and The Dick is not talking like he is by accident and I doubt it is on his own recognizance either.

One of the things that doesn't get talked about a lot is who the people that were killed at the Pentagon were and what they did for a living and what was housed at that specific location. The same applies to all of the agencies and businesses that existed at The Twin Towers and Building 7. The destruction of records and ongoing investigations was a primary motive for the attacks, along with turning world opinion against Muslims and granting motive for endless war in certain locations. It was also to create sympathy for a certain little country whose antipathy for Muslims is relentless and enduring. It greatly benefited them, which is another primary motive for their having done 9/11.

I keep shaking my head about The Dick's Youtube address. I can't get my head around his mentioning the kabala and worldwide conspiracy, involving world control and control of a sexual agenda. It's surreal that he would be there saying these things. I get the strong impression that he was ordered to do this. I imagine that more is coming from various sources in the same manner. Having seen this I am suddenly confronted with the reality that just about anything can happen now. Am I confused or overreacting? This seems like a really big deal to me. I have literally never heard a single mainstream sewer rat come anywhere close to what's being said. I don't guess that many people have seen it yet but they will.

Neptune is looming very big at the moment. I find myself having to be personally careful due to the sort of things that come along with Neptune. It's similar to walking around in a nitrous oxide cloud. There's that anything can happen and probably will sensation. The inside and the outside are both foreign and new. How about you?

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Vis, this guy isn't Dick Morris of Clinton Triangulation fame.

Anonymous said...

Vis, I do not believe that the Morris of the Kabbalah vid and the Dick Morris of the hooker saga are the same Morris.
I've been conversing with the Morris of the video you posted for about a year now and have watched many of his video's. The guy of the Hooker fame is not the same guy.

Anonymous said...

Les, I don't believe that is the same Dick Morris who worked for the Clintons.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Morris Herman has been reporting about things zio new world order for a while now. He did some great live interview segments with honest local people in Lybia ans Syria which TOTALLY contradicted the zio mainstream media lies.

Morris supported Qadaffi the whole way through the false 'Nato bombing to protect human rights' in Lybia. He has denounced the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. He denounces the foreign mercenaries killing civilians in Syira in order to get another 'no fly zone' to cause regime change.

Please tell a little of the background of Morris Herman being connected to the Clintons. This is the first I have heard of it.

Thank you for your post.


WWS said...

Dog Poet:

You are correct that Morris has many connections; however, he is not the Dick Morris of foot fetish fame.

He is a chronicler based in London who strives for that truth which is too often unobtainable.


Visible said...

Oh shit! Sorry folks. Well, that explains it but he looks so much like him.

The Cosmic Player said...

For a moment there, I thought I woke up in a parallel universe.

Visible said...

Tell me about it. This kind of thing almost never happens to me. The last time was years ago with the bogus tale that Bush was a serial killer in Matamoros. I'm blaming it on Neptune.

gurnygob said...

Les I am surprised you are surprised. As I recall I left a link in the comments box some months ago about Morris. I have been following him from the time ZATO went into Libya. I will admit I am surprised that he is who you say he is, if indeed he is. I thought he was just a regular guy. I like what he says and as you said he seems to be one of the few, like yourself, who is shining the light in the right places. He had some great, on the ground, contacts in Libya while ZATO was bombing the shit out of the place and did regular updates on the situation as it unfolded. I like him; actually, I like him a lot. He seems to have his finger on the spot and isn’t afraid to say it like it is. You should go back and watch some of his Libya stuff if you get the time. This guy is one in a million and very brave, if you ask me. Living in the heart of London and speaking openly like he does. You and Morris and a few others are the only ones I trust for news and views. Christ still has my soul and he is the only one I trust with that.

Love you all.


Sorry, I just seen the other comments, it looks like he is not the same Morris you know. You should bookmark this guy Les and check his videos and rants, he is good.

Anonymous said...

You need to pull this post King Mosabee.

Delete the whole thing.

gurnygob said...

ps, I forgot to say....

You’re a dick! grin


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

It is the same dick. Make no mistake. Accept no substitutes. Void where prohibited. No money down. Hurry while supplies last.


Visible said...

I do not operate at the command of anonymous.

Terrance said...

Hello Visible.....I've been wrong so long it looks like right to me!'s hard to keep your sense of humor when your getting squeezed from the shadows!.......onelove

Anonymous said...

"...and a time to every purpose under Heaven"

Visible said...

Here's the other Dick Morris. I guess in a bad light they kind of resemble each other if you put glasses on them both.

Astrologers were warning me about Neptune. I'm going to have to pay careful attention form now on or until I get used to whatever this is.

DaveR said...

Lovesong for Madonna. I can't seem to get it there (dropbox). Is it elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

Vis, we all screw up, but we all don't admit it. Just another lesson, shame on the moon. Thanks for being real. from Minnesota

L.L.O. said...

Ha! So you ARE human after all! (grin)

Visible said...

Okay, I fixed the link for the songs. Here are the links to the individual tunes Surfer Joe.

Love song for Madonna.

We Shall all be underground.

Big God and Mr. Fate.

Rob in WI said...

Seems there is confusion between Benny Morris, Dick Morris, and Morris Herman. Understandable, as Morris is such a common name. Please leave the post as is, there's too much of value to lose. Besides, it'll make for some fun comments, and as you state, there's a real dearth of humor these days. I worked with a guy named Dick Morris, who would have identified kabbalah as a cocktail.
Be well, all, Rob

Visible said...

Less than human sometimes.

Rob thanks for the support, I intended to leave it up for the very reasons you gave.

So people, please listen to the tunes and tell me what you think. It's comic relief.

Visible said...

It's perfectly simple, you can play it right there or you can download them. I checked it out and tested it myself. Is something still screwed up? It should be simple as can be. I put the right link into the post and the four complete are hotlinked here in the comments. May, Neptune is really doing a number on me. I walked out to the garage, Susanne had just left to go to pilates and then to play Bridge and I went to check on the door. I looked at the door and it was closed. Then I came up on it and nearly walked into the edge of the open door, thank god I had my hand out. Freaky shit is coming and going like this is Grand Central Station.

These last two months have been. Like the man said, "I picked the wrong time to stop snorting glue". Actually it's 'huffing' but I don't think he said that; obviously not a real Testor's head. Back in the day I knew these stoners. One of them was named Billy Rocker; his actual name. He used to sniff something they called Carbonen. It was something like car exhaust.

As long as I just sit here in this chair I will be okay (repeat 3 times) (grin).

onething said...

OK, the link on this blog worked. Not sure what to say...I have no opinion on Madonna because for some reason our paths have never crossed. Perhaps I should watch something...

WV: helly. Ha, ha, it's getting awfully helly around here.

Anonymous said...

Vis, a fine, fine vis-i-tation nonetheless. Should have included that in the 4:16 comment. You are the BEST!

Anonymous said...

DreAmeoba sez…
If I had a nickel for everytime I got my facts somewhat garbled,(as the saying goes)& with the purported ruling planet of my purported Sun-sign being in the fore lately,well your description of it being like a cloud of N2O is quite apt.
Anyway I think your Love song for Madonna is totally hysterical!!!
(I found her troubling ever since "Material Girl"which I think kinda tells you all you need to know about her)I could go off on a rant on her & how socially destructive she seems to have been over the years,but I'll just leave it at that.
(not like I'd be saying anything new…)

Visible said...

Well, listen to Surfer Joe too, that's the really funny one. How am I supposed to be animate in my other art if I get no feedback. Look, I'll put some sweet stuff up too.

Visible said...

Okay, I put some more up, this is all stuff from when I first started recording on my own. Of course, the obvious band cuts were from my time with Les Visible and The Critical List. I had the fine advantage of working with some of the best musicians on Maui. Somehow, my life took a left or right turn when I came to Europe and became a hermit. There have been good things that have come out of that but I lost a lot too.

lightandlongshadows said...

The Evolution Revolution

Rob in WI said...

My inability to receive video led to my confusion that the linked video was Morris Herman and not Benny Morris. Most all of Mr. Herman's posts are video. What little text I found (w/o spending hours), at least indicated he he knows how to spell Qaddafi and Jamahiriya.
Benny and Dick M. make an interesting pair, though. They are the same age, and do look alot alike.
Benny is a vacillating zionist shill. Dick is a vacillating republicrat shill. Both are media and lecture circuit whores.
There's bound to be a whole lot of overlap.

Anonymous said...

neptune is OK.

avoid uranus.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Morris of the youtube channel 108morris108 (wonder why 108?) is one of my go-to guys for information. I didn't even know his last name until now and I still don't know much about him except the opinions he expresses. I have been going with my gut (not always dependable) and trusting him, probably because he appears to be genuinely against war and supports the Palestinians.

wv: "sordsmeg" -- No idea on this one except it sounds funny when you say it out loud. Perhaps the sound of a sneeze from Gollum?

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis

Oopsy Poopsy Shit happens.

Question :

What's the difference between a Lawyer and an Onion ?

Answer :

You cry when you cut an onion.

Madonna Spagonna . I don't give a shit. I am afraid of pointy cone tits though.

Still Love ya Bro.

Patrick V1.0

gurnygob said...

Les I listened to 4 or 5 lines of that love song for Mad-donna. Boy I’m getting worried about you, that was sick, but,,,,,,if the shoe fits, which in her case it does, then the song is justified. Still it’s way too scary. I don’t even want to think about it. (boak, boak)


Anonymous said...

Either way Dennis Miller is a liar portraying who he is. From normal seeming and seeing person to that hyper right wing shill job that he is now. I cut off that vid of he and O'Reilly short---gag.

Interestingly, I ran into Miller and his wife while thrift storing it in Ventura in either 2000 or 2001... he is a small man but his HANDS are actually so disproportionate to his body they looked like a deformity. Like a boy's hands, not a man's hands.

We were on a crowd filled sidewalk so had enough eye to eye to see each other. His hands were REALLY small-

It must have been pre sell out as I wouldn't have even looked at him if it was after. It was a shocking transition. He seems very comfortable with his position of today doesn't he? hmmmm

the gardener

Visible said...

Gee, thanks for four or five lines, I'll bet you got the big picture well ahead of time. You people have no problem listening to Frank Zappa or Warren Zevon. You watch comics whose every other word is fuck. You got banal entertainments that ought to have fuck Jackhammering over the sound track but somehow, my work, done 15 years ago is prohibitively frightening. that must mean it's real.

gurnygob said...

I liked Surfer Joe, it was sad when he died. Go, go surfer Joe!

We Shall all be underground-----------------sick, boak boak. Get back on your meds!!

Big God and Mr. Fate---------------sounds like it could fit right in with the ‘Order of the Odonata’ or something.

Entertaining if nothing else.


DaveR said...

There. See how you are? You solicit comments, then BAM!!!

Well, I listened to your stuff.

Anonymous said...

The worldwide control net doesnt start in Israel. Its has a few big nodes in the City of London and some in the Rome.

Israel, like the US, or the EU was created by this control net for other goals and will in time be sacrificed for a larger aim.

Just because the Roths have takin up homes in Israel doesnt mean they want to make it the center of the world. The Roths live everywhere and have moved into and out of most of the important nations though history. Moreover the Roth are the Pinkertons of the modern day? Just one family of many. They are the strong men for a new cashless world.

Israel is an actor on the world stage just as Iran or China is, but its been made the antagonist for reasons. To stir up hate and fear and to make Islam fight back. In this way NATO and the US can blame Islam and bomb them. God knows I feel for Palestine, but the killing there is to throw more gas on the fire.

We all know that Islam doesnt support fiat cash or compound interest. We know that Zionist have funded the Nazis, the Communists, and Cronie Capitalism. Why? One world government with no rights to land or a means to create wealth. How could one be talked into that deal?

To make this happen, the Zionist have to create chaos and then give people an answer to it. Israel is the machine, with the Us's help, to create that turmoil.

Les I been fighting with you about the real masters, the Crown and the older system of Rome. As I have said, Israel is being played and used. The Zioboys know this.

You know the reason for the holocaust? A great many Jews didnt believe in a nation state for them till they had a messiah. The Zionist said to hell with that idea and to hell with anyone that gets in the way of a new nation for them.

Who give them that new nation Les? Great Britain did. Who hides all the texts and stories of the past form us about the true nature of the middle east? Rome does.


Visible said...

And? Maybe I will become a dentist, I'm getting used to it being like pulling teeth (grin). Oh right, I left the grin out last time, well, I am doing about three things at once at the moment.

gurnygob said...

I liked Surfer Joe, it was sad when he died. Go go surfer Joe!

We Shall all be underground-----------------sick, boak boak. Get back on your meds!!

Big God and Mr. Fate-------------sounds like it could fit right in with the ‘Order of the Odonata’ or something.

What lightandlongshadows said...
The Evolution Revolution. Les you could take a few lessons from those guys, their good.

BTW I don’t listen to Frank Zappa or Warren Zevon whoever they are. I like Queen though, does that count?

I don’t want to listen to the rest of love song for Madonna. My dreams are disturbed enough.

Your getting some stick tonight Les,,,,,hee hee. Love you


Visible said...

GG, I'm aware of what is happening and without being provocative I am handling it the best I can but others forces are at work with the intent of doing me serious harm. I ought to just write about it but I'm trying to hold out on that. However, the steady stream of WTF emails is getting a little uh... uh... I don't know. God's watching and working. I don 't need to do anything myself.

gurnygob said...

Think I doubled up on some of that last comment. Shit, whatever you have must be spreading.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of getting stick...

Can't you just see the kabala material girl getting caught with a strap-on pegging a twenty year old arm candy bi-guy?

Now there's an album cover for the Lovesong for Madonna!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the cosmic humor today.
The Morris confusion brought a powerful message via the video, regardless of the narrator.
The mis-identification, in my mind, is to no detriment to either the Morris message or to yours.
The Madonna song was/is for me, more of an art piece than a humorous effort.
The concepts juggled are, for my slow mind, too involved and too worthy of investigation to permit an outburst of laughter; more like reading a deeply satiric text with complex linkages - except for the donation solicitation about 2/3 thru, which is so essential for fundy broadcasts of any kind, which gave me a chuckle, and prompted me to watch the screen for the website address to send my pet pics.
All in all, a very engaging piece of performance art.
Thank you very much for all that you so freely share with us.
I come to your pages with a real anticipation of pleasure. I am always satisfied.

Rob in WI said...

Got this from a niece, so don't know if its true. Madonna hooked up with some bogus kabbalah guy to sell string wristbands, books, workshops, and trips to Palestine. True? Did she then make a video; "Ethereal Girl", done to the tune of "Material Girl"? Think I heard this around 10 years ago.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I liked Love Song For Madonna better than Surfer Joe. Don't mess with you, huh? (That's OK. I've done revenge songs, too. They tend to be gut busters.)

I personally don't hate Madonna. Wouldn't want to be like her, but whatever. To me, she's just another OK 'attention at all cost' rocker (though she has quite a few annoying tunes) whose albums I will never buy. She can be quite obnoxious I have found from a few of the videos I saw when I keyed in 'Is Madonna a bitch', but so can I be obnoxious, though in a different way.

Don't ask. You don't wanna know.

Well, OK. I have been known to lick my plate in a restaurant, with ostentatious slurps. Recently. Once I bought a root beer, and I asked the little old Palestian lady whether I should burp inside or outside. She said inside, so I downed the root beer in one draught, put the bottle down, got down on bent knee, spread my arms, and let 'er rip. It wasn't bad, volume wise. I think I was around 48 at the time. And that's some of the tamer stuff.

Some of us never grow up.

Anonymous said...

yeah!!! the devil's advocates are comin' out! guns blazin', it's their time now!

true enough, their time may well be at hand.


'to where one side of you is no longer communicating with the other"

or ... to even imagine there be 'sides' at all, the eternal, infernal, internal debate.

to divide one from oneself, the ultimate psy-op.



or not.

"everybody knows the secret ..."

Clarity said...

Dick Morris? Works for me!

A Dick by any other name...

"I wish I could remember the scandal with the hooker because I can't see where it's any kind of a big deal when two hookers get together, it's more like professional courtesy. The political hookers are quite fond of the act of 68; you blow me and I owe you one."

I admit it - I thought 68 was a typo. I should have known better. ;)

We are being dicked around by so many dicks, and Dick Morris deserves anything you pinned on him, right or wrong. Your words still apply, although perhaps a minor adjustment is needed.

Sorry for the language, but... you started it.

Thanks again for another great one.


Clarity said...

Dick Morris? Works for me!

A Dick by any other name...

"I wish I could remember the scandal with the hooker because I can't see where it's any kind of a big deal when two hookers get together, it's more like professional courtesy. The political hookers are quite fond of the act of 68; you blow me and I owe you one."

I admit it - I thought 68 was a typo. I should have known better. ;)

We are being dicked around by so many dicks, and Dick Morris deserves anything you pinned on him, right or wrong. Your words still apply, although perhaps a minor adjustment is needed.

Sorry for the language, but... you started it.

Thanks again for another great one.


Anonymous said...

Sorry,I didn't initially notice your other songs at the time of my last post.
"Surfer Joe" was indeed a hoot,I kinda like the concept of a ho-daddy extraordinaire catching such a wave that he disappears with angels to Valhalla(or whatever you prefer)
"We Shall All Be Underground"hits really close to home with me,but it sounds more like what that post-punk "scene"seemed to degenerate into.(the more "original" practitioners, were/are suffering from delusions of relevance.)Gee,I feel a bit like I'm being overly mean to my old friends(& enemies)!
Perhaps I should mention we too were annoyed/amused by the more ridiculously "nihilistic" types.
I think "Big God and Mr.Fate" was my personal favorite though, I can't remember hearing such a funny, yet prescient parable in a long while……


DaveR said...

"And" what? I'm not stepping into that bear trap.

Peter said...

An old "new wave 80's" song titled KING OF WISHFUL THINKING seems appropriate. Wouldn't it be nice if it was the hooker saga cat?
Incidently, the group singing that song ,GO WEST, has another song titled WE CLOSE OUR EYES which to me, epitomises the supremacy of the gay mafia.The song, the music, the lyrics especially.... shimmer with commanding power.The 80's in New York City was when the gays came to town and took the power away from the Zionist mafia declaring, who the real powers that be are. (the aids epidemic was served up as the "proletariat explanation". However, something else was occurring that still remains covered. Read those lyrics to "We Close Our Eyes" and witness how the gays saw themselves during those years.

Thomas said...

hey Les...

we all screw up sometimes... even the angels make mistakes, I am told...

In my eyes, you are simply being presented with the consequences of being wrong in that way. Luckily, you're not only as good as the last post *)

I had something similar happen to me today, visiting "the city of God" in Mexico City. Beautiful, very energetic and holy pyramids...
I crossed under "no pasar" by Inner Order on the pyramid of the moon and got thrown out afterwards... I did get to finish the ritual, though, without being touched. Afterwards, I was presented with simple unbridled greed by a one-eyed man in a restaurant, but presented to me so clearly that I could actually see it. The Creator reacts as it does to teach us where our flaws lie, and in this case, what I was being shown was not to face money-eyes with charity, and save my bleeding heart for the special cases (first I thought I was shown that I had been greedy by crossing where I shouldn't, but that was not it). Mysterious, truly, but Truth, I see. I had the lesson with time already (as a vision of not watering a plant on poisonous ground when you can water one in healthy earth), but with money not before today. The return trip was very revealing afterwards, synchronicity starting to play in and God showing me It's eyes and love.

My suggestion is to bless all that happens as a lesson from The Divine, but I'm sure you can figure it out yourself.

I'm not sure the revealing will be as you imagine, but we shall see... powerful forces are holding the curtains, and maybe all is not to be revealed in the material world. I have no idea how the Divine will play It's hand, haha - but play It shall, I guess...

anyways, thank you, dear Les,

To All, All the Best

Praise the One Creator! Allah Jah Jehovah Universe YAY YAY YAY!

Anonymous said...

It's alright Vis. I got caught talking to myself just the other day. Having one of those hobo moments that usually only happens when alone. I just went with it. I think the exposure this Morris fellow gets on your blog might serve the apocalyptic purpose and help spread his words.

abe in ela

wv: inglaq - the sound eminating from the back of a politician's throat as they attempt to say a few words in hebrew to an aipac audience. Inglaq to you all!!

Cici said...

reading back over your comments..cracking up. I miss you. I'm for real crazy, huh? I know we've never met but still I miss you when you're gone, even if it's two for one day and yet when we connect (it's as if), we've clearly been talking 'cause you mention most of what's been on my mind and recap and pick up where I left off in my discussion with myself. And having a way with words, the way you have a way with words really does it for me - in a totally healthy non-katz way.
luv u lots.

Anonymous said...

well, Visible, i been readin your works for a few years now and was beginning to think maybe you're not a human (in the positive sense); now it's confirmed - you is

just in case this one comes your way, here's another Morris who's not a Dick and speaks out publicly

"The Neocon Zionist Threat to America"

Kevenj said...

Hee hee. Actually it proves you are not only human but above taking the heat from your f*up.
No worries dude.

Anonymous said...

You may have missed a line on the Madonnathon,,,, "Haven't you guessed me yet?
I'm the slime oozing out of your TV set."

FRIGHTENINGLY Zappa'esque. Serious, I had chills.

Anonymous said...

I just got a note back from Morris108 and he says he suddenly got a lot of traffic over the past 24 hours.
If anyone deserves that traffic, it's him.
Balance, pure balance.

MachtNichts said...

Okay, I took it all in, trying to digest.
Remember we had a full moon. Beautiful to look at. Sinister in it's implications.
Can't tell you either way about the recordings. I am of selective hearing, some gets through, some doesn't. Mistakes? There are none. May the force be with you, Silvia

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

maybe I should have posted a comment before reading the comments, still, the inpression was this guy was genuine (that integrity thing), and quitely spoken - considering the content matter (ie with God).
I had a Morris politician once ask me if I knew who I was speaking to. these days i would quickly ask if he was a tribe member.

you might have go the fact wrong, but it's the "kind of thing" once expects once the jeanies come out of the bottles.

wv: sphal. also of the middle eastern language, it might mean truth out of the anus (and therefore no mucking around about it).

Anonymous said...


Glad you decided to leave the posting intact—a very good read, indeed! :)

"Lee Atwater"—wow. Talk about a name from the checkered past; the story of his death-bed renunciation of his entire professional life was the subject of an excellent Esquire piece, back in the day.

San Francisco as Gay Mecca: no doubt. But a city which comes closest—in fact, I believe it surpasses it—in terms of its Gay Establishment is Washington, DC, hands-down. In addition to its very evident homo culture, you gotta remember: it's also probably the world's biggest closet.

Am downloading your Madonna song as I type this—at the Yugo-like pace of 8/kps—WTF! (big grin)—I have no doubt you are worth the effort.

Finally, speaking of same—just read today that she is kicking off her next world tour in Tel Aviv. Quite so.

Cheers from over here.

108morris108 said...

You have reinvigorated the adage of "There is no such thing as bad publicity" - I've known of your work for many years - although as of late I have forgotten how to read - Thanks a million - I wish you continuance in your strength, uniqueness, insight and awareness.

Anonymous said...

When people truly love you it is not for your strengths but for your faults.

Neptune? Wasn't that Mickey Mouse's dog?


Visible said...

Patrick, heh heh, well, some good came of it. That was a powerful message he gave out on that youtube thing.

Anonymous said...


you are correct, sir! precisely so.
sorting the puppets from the masters. good show.

israel: camp rothschild, reptoid getaway (scarsdale two step). poster child for anti-semitic (nay, contra-human) behavior.

the 'last resort' of faux victim consciousness.

the strawman that broke the camel's back.

(will that be one hump or two, in your goat's head stew?)

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

To Rely Upon the Ineffable.

TI said...

"Quite frankly, I think that Satanism is just an excuse for pathetic, dysfunctional, ugly, retarded people to justify raping women (and children), because they couldn't attract women of their own accord."

Anonymous said...


not to forget. this is neither a zionist nor jesuit, but luciferian deal.

material vs. Immaterial

madonna holds up the cards. 13 rounds

(not much of a fight, but one helluva show!)

don't lose focus, don't lose heart.
may be a new world order .. but just OneLove from the start.

Anonymous said...


Er, what just happened? Me & my cat are going back to bed - it's freezing here. No wait, I don't have a cat. I do need a dentist though. Let's just spit on them all.



Anonymous said...

Breaking news! Carlos Santana cancels planned trip to Israel!!!!!,7340,L-3841916,00.html

Everybody please contact him and thank him profusely!!!!!

p.s. I liked "Love Song For Madonna" a lot. It was like a lullaby for crack babies.

Anonymous said...

Les! I, too blame Neptune for posting that Carlos Santana cancelling the Israel trip is "breaking news" actually happened two years ago! Oops, my bad. Oh well, my heart was in the right place!!!

Anonymous said...


I got a laugh out of Max Keiser a week or so ago on the Keiser report when, commenting on the SOPA act, said that Hollywood was run by suits who moved to LA because they couldn't get laid in New York.

wv: smenita. a sentimental/dyslexic version of dementia.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,I knew a surfer joe,me and him surfed the north shore in the mid 70s .Use to drop a bit of meskalito choof on maui waui than beat up on 10 feet pipeline Man those were the days.



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