Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday and the Material, Kabala Girl.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

This is as cold as I have ever seen and I live in the warmest part of the European country I reside in. Up in the mountains it is 20c colder than here and it's -10c here, even with the bright sunshine. I went to the town dump the other day and had about ten different boxes of things that had to go into different metal bins. I'd seen some work gloves on my way out, the invisible was looking out for me, but I said, “Nah”, ...big mistake. By the time I was done I could not feel my hands. I went to the supermarket after and was in a just bearable agony, as the life came back into my fingers. Smartly, I had ordered some ski suits a couple of years ago and they are just the ticket. I'm not going to say that the cold can kiss my ass; that sounds like the wrong thing to say somehow.

It's Super Bowl Sunday today; one of those big national events, where that small margin of the culture that is enjoying the results of a concerted effort to destroy the country, are gathered to celebrate their excesses, see and be seen ...and hopefully there will be enough money left over for cocaine and a six pack of imported hookers. There's an amusing segment here from a good old boy about why The Pats are the most hated team. The last segment features a suave looking guy who nails a certain feature about human nature.

Mr. Visible hasn't paid much attention to football/sports over the last ten-twelve years. He saw the Super Bowl in 2008 and a few games here and there but his attention has been on other things. Somehow, visible has known that The Patriots would go to the Super Bowl for several months now. The last playoff game with The Ravens, who had knocked them out once before a couple of years ago, seemed to be the biggest hurdle. That had to be one of the strangest games I have ever seen. There was no rhyme or reason to them actually winning that game. In the final moments, Billy Cundiff shanked a chip shot from near point after range... inexplicable. It would have sent the game into overtime. The Pats might still have won but they were doing their best not to. Tom Brady looked like he had just been promoted from The Pop Warner league. It was embarrassing and spooky at the same time. A reader said that the game has been fixed since Myra Kraft died and was quoted as having said around that time that she wanted to see The Patriots beat The Giants in this Super Bowl. This was well before anyone knew what the results would be. I don't know about fixing games but that is a lot easier in basketball than it is in football; far too many players and imponderables, unless you get to the quarterback. Of course, the owner was a Tribe member. I almost hate to bring it up. I probably don't have to bring it up, the exception is when they don't own whatever is under discussion.

I happened by the web site of a fellow I used to collaborate with artistically and noted that all mention of me was gone from his website. The one project he left up had no author mentioned. All the other efforts were in place. These are the injuries we receive and the price you pay (cue The Boss) when you don't compromise in favor of your seeming best interests and point out the obvious; which most people don't want to know about, talk about, be in the same room with. Of course, the end result of this is a general enslavement, when literal death does not apply, to go with that matching three piece suit of the already enslaved heart and mind.

I realize that I could probably be a well paid and successful writer by now, had I played my cards right and done some kind of religious suckup dance but I was never able to pull that off. I'm a pretty good actor and made my living at it here and there but there are some roles where I just don't make the grade. I suck at sucking up. Somehow they can tell I am not sincere. Then there's that internal, electric feature that puts the woo woo into the hoodoo, even if the hoodoo lacks the apparent voodoo. That's the thing about the different color grades of magic, voluntary (and in my case) involuntary. People ignorant of the subtle aspects, invariably mistake one side for the other, based on their own innate predispositions of which they are generally, uniformly unaware. It's human nature to ascribe characteristics to others that are active or latent in ourselves. We tend to see what we most likely would do.

I think to myself that it is possible The Super Bowl halftime show could be worse. They could have Lady Gaga instead of The Material Slave Girl. Yes, The Material Slave Girl is something of a historian. She wants to go in chains to darkest Egypt, even though Darkest Egypt has been long gone these many years. Egypt was originally called Kemet, or Kermit, if you like frogs. It seems they had a few of those at one time. These days, many Egyptians call the place Misr, which I think is short for Misery, which misery has come their way via the same highway most everyone else's misery comes from these days. But, of course, even with the incredible weight of evidence that proves this beyond any and all doubt, I must be wrong to believe my lying eyes.

I am very much noticing the shifting of those seeking to be sitting at the tables after the tables turn. I see the sudden and dramatic shift in conscience among those where conscience is not actually resident. I see what's going on. I wish I didn't. I see the new trend that's showing up, where the culprits are not the culprits but just more of the victimized and duped and once again, no one knows who it is that's really behind it all. I always used to think that when you did provably bad shit all day long at the expense of everyone else around you and when there was major historical evidence of repeat offender status, far beyond that of any other entity on Earth, that some of the blame; some small portion of the blame? Well, that would apply to red-handed reavers to whose doorstep the evidence leads. Now you could say it's all Satan's fault, cause he's coiled up in the atavistic regions of a certain collective, reptile brain but now it appears there is some kind of detached puppeteer, shadow group, whose names we are not allowed to know, who have been responsible for all these things and likely have always been responsible for these things and everyone else is not only innocent but deserves special understanding for being used in such a disgraceful fashion against their will. I'm pretty perplexed, given that I am not perplexed, nor am I a well paid and successful writer either.

I figure that some of us are going to sleep in well appointed featherbeds, by dint of birth, effort or natural talent. I suppose like anyone, I wouldn't mind that, so long as it didn't come at the expense of some folks having no bed at all. I wouldn't mind a lot of things, as long as they didn't come at the expense of another, but we are in crowded house, dog eat dog territory. It's an expected perversion of human nature to scrabble and plot for personal gain, in the midst of more than enough for everyone.

My life and the, slowly coming into focus, image of what lies ahead, is not in my hands, it never was apparently. All the disconnected, seemingly unrelated events that compose the fractured landscape of my life, no longer seem disconnected or unrelated. It's all of a piece. I suppose it seemed disconnected, since I was disconnected and composed of several parts that got separated from the whole, by virtue of life's hard hammering on a fragile clay pot. Love is a natural adhesive and, given time and some degree of consistency and serenity, the cosmic magnetics will make the timeless adjustment into whole cloth. My heart bleeds for all the broken and fractured beings, who don't understand the mysterious possibilities of the journey of life and who bow out of the force of the wind and the rain for a compromised cubbyhole in Dreamville. There are certain features and qualities that define a real human being. Lose them, surrender them, for a mess of pottage and you're no longer human. You're in a gray area of transit, where the loss of these qualities and features is noticeable as you go. Once given up, these things are difficult to regain. It's a slippery slope, where the things you traded them for, war against their return.

I have a deeply seated desire to forgive. I am not in the same position as those who have lost everything to the industries and designs of evil men. Forgiving and forgetting are not the same things. There's a lot that goes by the wayside as the result of confusions bred in disordered times. What would seem to be the most important parts of a person, are sacrificed on the altar of disingenuous causes. Windup soldiers march into flames and explosions, with no understanding of the truth of the matter. Their sacrifice was as pointless as the unexamined lives that permitted their passage into anonymous graves. These days they simply bulldoze them into a landfill. Someone ought to be standing by in a clown suit with a kazoo to play Taps.

I don't know where we're going and very few others do either, no matter what they say, or what authority they appropriated to the purpose of saying whatever it is they are saying. I suspect that every one of us is going to learn some significant and lasting lessons soon. Some of those lessons are going to be welcome surprises, having to do with endurance and persistence in the right course. Some are going to be serious and unexpected surprises, having to do with callous and indifferent harms, given out like they were Halloween candy, by real werewolves and vampires.

We're so used to seeing the sun rise in an external fashion. It's going to be something else again when it happens in another location.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Visible

Though I know nothing about the stupor bowl, some of the links reminded me of that thing you said about us usually "figuring out what someone is going to do" going by what we would do. Being a part of the Middle East for the last forty six years has taught me that sometimes what is started by CIA and MI6 is not always completed by them. The Arabic and Persian languages are different from the Anglo Saxon in that they work like "quantum physics"--a sort of quantum thinking in many directions at once. So the "givens" can lead to many different end results and actually have in the past century taken a different turn--sort of like a judoka using his opponent's weight to defeat him. I think many western logicians are going to be a little surprised how their plans are spiraling into something they can't recognize. Then add the God particle, that is some faith in the ineffable, and watch how things wind down... Hopefully that is what we are headed for in the next few months.
From a far outpost in Lebanon,

Roy said...

Thank You

GodSend said...

The solution to all of life's mysteries and problems and the fulfillment of all hope for a better and beautiful LIFE can be found. It's simple, really - but not easy. It's just a matter of deciding Whom to follow, no matter what! (The 'no matter what' is the hard part).

"To live is Christ - and to die is gain."

"There is no other name by which we must {can} be saved."

"Seek - and you will find."

The Super Bowl is a side show. It might be an interesting game, though!

T.S. Garp said...

I might gather up a few thousand and go down to the stupor bowl village, whoops wallet says wrong answer. I'll be hangin' with Guitarzan and peoples instead but I think I'll get three sheets to the wind and not even care what the score is. It is wild weather here too Low Viz usually it is 30 degrees here for daily average this time of year, it has been 50s-60s for the past week and sun is shining today, which is good for me since I'll walk to the mancave and get shitfaced drunk. It works for me but I don't recommend it for anyone else. And the winner is...the advertisers and price gougers. MVP goes to Das Heimat Schutze for keeping us safe (sniffle). Report any suspicious activity comrades you know like maggot infested dopesmokers (hat tip to Rusty/Pills) or middle eastern looking Hajis. My corporate death burger and 72oz diet poison drink grows cold, I must run. Carry on Low Viz! Bleaargh!

evolvingdoor said...

hiya Vis,

the suave looking guy is Doug Flutie. he did pretty much nail a certain aspect of unevolved human nature. i'm of the mind that no matter what the score turns out to be, both teams and their fans end up losing. i wish a different kind of success upon them. some of those involved (probably very few) may be experiencing that kind of success. if so, i hope that it spreads enough to cover the spread.
peace, love and music to you,

Anonymous said...

bernie taupin, through the instrumental offices of elton john, posed early on two fundamental questions that continue to underscore the work of today's small remnant of important artists, not the least of which to include yourself.

"is the nightmare black, or are the windows painted?" and "is it in your conscience that your after?"

(fittingly enough from the album 'madman across the water'.

so kick back (if you can)you've more than earned the momentary respite, recline, luxury even of tonight's viewing.

enjoy the game.

Kevenj said...

So Les, if you have not really paid attention to sports for a while why your interest in this game?

Stay warm over there!

Timster said...

Uh...all professional sports are rigged. You really think for one moment that the tribe that owns these teams and the media behind them would ever consider leaving the outcome of all their investments to chance?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Very nice poem.

A "Visible Stream of Consciousness"

Anonymous said...

-10c you say. Well the oil volcano in the Gulf of Mexico killed the gulf stream and all Europe is suffering the consequences. Get used to it, or if you can't handle the cold come back to Gods' country the good old USofA.

Did you hear average tickets for the big game were $2800? Read where you could snatch up last minute tickets for a mere $10,000. What a deal. I'll bet hot dogs are $40. I might watch some of it, don't have much else to do at the moment and it is cold outside, 44f.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

-stickman sez:

"I suck at sucking up". Know the feeling, bro, but wish i'd come up with that. Seems you're so connected, Vis, that you get to the good stuff long before most anyone else.

Never been much of a football fan, myself as it is a concatenation-celebration of just about everything i find objectionable in Amerikkka., It's the ultimate in corporate, its incredibly armored, militaristic, bombastic and even imperialistic. Pro football is the grand celebration of materialism and greed writ large for an audience of muscle-bound minds and slobbering hyenas, drunk on more than just booze alone. And who better to fan the flames but the Material Girl? You sure hit it on the nose there, bud.

Bud Blight and Miller Swiller and all the other noxious emanations of industrialized ingestibles will swell up their profit margins today as Murrikans by the millions swill down the suds and chomp down the chips. For the gambling set, the chips will be seen as mere chump change today as they go for the over, the under or the spread while all the flashing lights, buzzers and bells explode their plastichrome and neon nirvana into all that glitters spangling the blow-dried, gel-set perms of the Eye of Newt and the mangled metaphor of Mitt's Mormon minions in their yellow and brown streaked Holy longjohns mimicking mezzuzas and flocks of sidelocks.

Oh, it's a circus alright, with cavalcades of clowns; highly wired acts; dancing bears; prancing Ho's; highly paid Hillaryious harridans and a host of highschool dropouts all looking for the easy way out by sucking up to the slotmachineguns cluttering up the cashinos while the hypnotic hype high-fives the hyperspace cases as the list of the U.S.S. Republic pushes 87 degrees off Corpus Christi.

Meanwhile, the little guy behind the curtain busy with his levers and buttons keeps a sharp lookout for young fluff from Kansas and noxious little dogs.

Rob in WI said...

It seems very obvious to me that pro sports are fixed. The influence of them on the control matrix is too important to be left to chance. Your contention that the number of people and variables cannot be controlled is the same argument used to dismiss all "conspiracy theories".
You're back in Europe? Thought your next stop was SA. O'well, be well, and stay warm, Visible.

Visible said...

Sorry, I'll need something more concrete as for the game fixing, even a handful of rumors would help but there aren't even any of those and, there's a big difference between a sporting context and a conspiracy assault. First of all, it starts out as what it is, it doesn't turn into it later through sudden shifts in motive and intent.

Richie (Dana) said...

For today, let's just forget all about those millions of rotting corpses and millions more maimed, disfiguered, displaced "brown skinned" people and celebrate. The big game is a source of national pride and a symbol of Americana.

The "cheap" seats run about $2300 going up to $15,000.
Box seats, up to $650,000.
Fans will spend about 3 billion.
70 corporate commercials at 3.5 milliom each.
War mongering, 23 second, military might, death dealing, jet fly by in a show of our superior might, $450,000.

Why do I get the strange feeling that I do not belong on this planet?

Fuck Sports!

Eat, Drink, and be Merry, for tomorrow.......

Anonymous said...

Youre back on the "truth waves" again! Feels good, no?
Your writing skill is paying you far more than any worldly currencies can. Im placing you in the company of Hemingway and Ezra Pound.
Thank you


DaveR said...

Here you go stickman, George Carlin on football. "It's the ultimate in corporate, its incredibly armored, militaristic, bombastic and even imperialistic." Very true, but you say that like it's a bad thing...

As for fixing the game, nobody promised you a fair game. Professional sports are part of the Entertainment Industry. The fixes are subtle and mostly engaged to maintain viewers, in the short and long term. The teams know this and the management and the league and the advertisers.

Blowouts are bad for ratings. You can see it if you know where to look. Invisible fouls, questionable catches favoring whoever is behind, provided they're way behind. I usually pick the winner at the coin toss. The low camera on the losing team. Makes them look bigger and meaner since everybody cheers for the underdog, unless it's a small, weak country that we're bombing the shit out of...

Richie (Dana) said...

Well, I see Mr. Sickman and I are on the same page today. You said it much better than I.

I feel a bit nauseated just thinking about it.

Visible said...

I would definitely need to see that article before I budge an inch from not knowing. I've seen plenty of teams with more penalties win plenty of times. I have seen questionable calls. The Giants got some bad ones both times they played The Packers last but still won when it counted.

Lee said...

I'm saddened by the disparity between the Have and the Have Nots. The Super Bowl is an example of that. Those who love sports and have the money to spend on it, is beyond me.

I thought about this a few days when I was out for beer and pizza. A young man asked to sit at my table. I ordered a pitcher of beer with the last few dollars I had. This young man was homeless and had the look of sadness in his eyes.

I took him to a house that is abandoned so at least he can stay warm. I gave him my "Homeless Survival Kit" that I made for myself. It contained some canned foods, a lighter, flashlight, knife, hammer,and some other odds and ends.

I had a hard time sleeping that night because I was concerned about my friend. I was also concerned about the very few last dollars I had left on me. Well, thank goodness, the Invisible hand that watches over me, jumped in. I got a call early in the morning to do some cleaning and hauling for my old boss.

I kept thinking about my poor and homeless amigo and the next day I went out and checked on him. He was gone and all the things I gave were there. Well, perhaps things got better in his life and he went home?, I was thinking.

Big events like the Super Bowl, holidays, and Christmas, means nothing or very little to me when there are poor and homeless people.

Mitt Romney mocks the poor by saying " our poor" people. As if they were personal possessions. Perhaps he spoke of guilt for the thousands of people his investment firm, Bain Capital, made poor.

I hope this post goes on. Zio-Grinches are at it again and all this time I thought Les didn't like me anymore. (chuckles)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis and All the rest,

The washed up cabalist 'material' girl is doing the halftime 'show'. 
Backstage, the puppet masters are probably calling it 
'the halftime spell/seance show'. 

Maybe even the 'black pope' will be there,
did you know that it's being played at the:

Lucas Oil Stadium in   Indian/a/n/polis?

Mr. Lucas sure gets around. 

I wonder if the corporate whores in the skyboxes have any 
special way to rig the game? We will see...

Love to all,
dw in  t a h o e 

Rob in WI said...

Hi Visible,
I'm a Packers fan because it's a residency requirement. Really don't care. As for fixed games, look at the baseball playoffs. They got maximum commercial time. Every series/game, milked it to the max. To not include paid sports in the conspiracy/control effort would be an anathema for such a cunning clan. Pro sports is a con.

Anonymous said...

sports are a good thing. football has more in common with a game of checkers than it does with war. the music business has had more casualities than the sports business.

sports and competition in general are necessary for the health of the human spirit. sports makes people stretch to their limits of endurance and performance like no other field of endeavor.

I don't see where anyone gains anything by fixing the outcomes. it's only a game. the glory is short lived and in the long run the results don't mean much.

willie said...

GodSend and Tebow - perfect together!

Cpt'n Spadgett said...

Hey Vis,
You turned up in my dreams the other night. I was at the doctors surgery waiting to go in, then you came out dressed in doctors attire and called my name. I forgot all about why I was there and we chatted away about how the divine places circumstances in our lives to help keep us on track. Hmm, anyway was good to talk with you.

Hows Poncho?

Much gratitude


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

About that weather. In the Bay Area of Californication Land, winter has not started yet, and I don't think it will. We've been having early April temps. It's also so dry, and the hills are still brown. If we don't get nuked to Kingdom Come before hand, we are going to have some incredible fire conditions this summer, and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the local area burns up. I'd be terrified to live on some of the 'estates' that surround us; though we will probably burn up too; being how close we are to the areas.

Stuper Bowl starts in an hour. Life is going to be very annoying until it's over. The people that surround us in our little 'sardine can' of a neighbourhood get very rowdy and show off their negative IQ numbers to the hilt.

Maybe I'll take a long walk in the canyon park beside us.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when i think you can't do any better you out do yourself. I have also wondered who this strange behind the scenes mob was that is fooling all the people who run the newspapers, banks, corporations, churches and just about everything else. They must be a sly bunch to do this without ever dropping a name.
Sometimes the hypocrisy is overwhelming.

Yes some do have a built in radar to change the subject when it reaches unacceptable bounds of thought that infringe upon their self made prison. I know this feeling well. They call in doom and gloom among other things. That sums up quite a bit.

I definitely feel Mark Twain had nothing on you when it comes to summing up the idiocy of the day.

Referees do watch out for the Vegas line when things are out of hand through the use of phantom holding calls and other things, offsides etc. This happens in college ball also.

I have a few football forums I frequent, you know the type, "you got the wrong link dude". Around here many people are basically singing to the choir. On these type football sites you have the opportunity drop some daylight on those who don't know which end is up. Surprisingly you find some here and there are most appreciative of even a Rense link. You have to be careful here though as mods don't really care for too much of this. You have to stick and run and the links you leave should always be rather noncontroversial in hopes they actually look over the site and find something worth reading.

I recently had a discussion on one site concerning vaccines that went on for 3 days. There was a handful of readers that indicated they had never been involved in a debate so lively. If nothing else some of them finally realized that shots might indeed have them doing the St. Vitus dance. So it was an effort not wasted. It helped me also to not feel helpless watching people maimed and disfigured. There is a significant number of people out there who actually believe vaccines immunize people against disease and think it is totally absurd to think otherwise and yes they have college degrees and are college students.

Nobody will attack you any more vociferously than a med student on this either. Generally they ask, are you a doctor? I generally respond no but I am literate and can read various opinions of doctors who do not agree with you and are in possession of a conscience.

Well anyway, how are you doing FUD?


neal said...

You know, there is some bowl, if you run your finger around it, just an appendage, that works, that is also something, in the air.

It looks this math, do not look there, just the thing itself.

I told you not to go, that is dangerous, OK, and saturian satori never waits, just this dance.

She calls to your ribs, spare parts, you always knew this would hurt. Why does the rest of this discount the effect of all of this?

She is my mother, turning around, you will learn to swallow that, but I will worship, and death cannot argue for too long.

Anonymous said...

While I am here, I put a link on one of these sites to the treatise by the French researcher on the role of copper deficiency, forming of blood cells etc and how this leads to the various elements foisted on the diet of depleting copper such as GMOs and Fluoride.

They thought I was crazy as hell for a long time until I kept on pointing some things out using other sources until gradually none wanted to discuss this any more. In effect the majority decided I must be right and it was time to move on.

There is one girl who is definitely a demon over there who provides recipes on how to cook things with coca cola. After introducing aspartame to this discussion she no longer wishes to discuss anything with me.

Visible said...

Poncho's fine Steve, he says, "thanks for asking", only he didn't say it like that.

I don't buy that the games are fixed. I never proceed without evidence and when I need evidence that I suspect but don't have I engineer events to reveal it. I can't do that in this circumstance (grin) but I accept nothing that I do not possess a burden of proof concerning. I played sports all my life and I can tell you that many games were surreal for going to the max and the last moment.

Instead of knocking everything from the culture until I can't enjoy anything, I simply reject the pandering commercial aspects and focus on what remains, if anything.

Visible said...

You know, this post wasn't about the Super Bowl, that was just a passing reference, setting the tone so to speak. I kind of wish I hadn't brought it up (grin). As I see it, the chances are good that the opposition will trounce my team. This is where the imponderables come in but... like I said, I'm not actually watching it for the contest. I am but I have felt for some time that there is another reason. I don't know what it is and may miss it when it goes by.

Rob in WI said...

Yes, Visible, I have done the same, (played sports), but not for big money and fame. I was never good enough to be offered such. Know a few people who were, and the contract was; do as you are told, keep your mouth shut, and enjoy the money. When I really had it nailed into my head was Darrin Nelson of the Vikings obviously dropping a winning pass in the endzone (1987 season), so that Washington went to the stupidbowl. Fun to disagree. I think Pro sports are an integral part of our education. Best always, Rob

Anonymous said...

I had to look up the word harridan. A good and useful word. Thank you.

My cousin had bad knees and a bad back for life because of injuries in high school football.

"These are the injuries we receive and the price you pay"

I on the other hand went surfing for 32 years and there was a price to pay for that, too. My skin and a couple internal organs got laid on that altar. Surfing did prevent me from being any good at the "corporate or religious suck-up dance" you mentioned and that was a fine result. So the balance beam trembles at the fulcrum point.

Jackson Holly said...

Excellent post ... as always ...
got me waxing poetic about
the sun and moon and stuff.


one short stroke of the sun
the day is done.
mother night pulls her
warm, dream-woven
blanket of stars
over my unbelieving eyes,
whispers a gentle lullaby
and I sleep.

tomorrow my golden father
of the western temples
will come again
to redeem my aching body
from the darkness
that pains my sight
and save my soul
from passionate
mother night.

Anonymous said...

I just checked out the final minutes of Madonna at the Super Bowl. Pretty damned pathetic I'll say.

Captions put on my old TV tube had displayed some type of prayer song. Her big bang moment showed her drop down some smoking hole.
That marked the end of the half time show. I didn't actually hear her 'cause I had Mr.Hank Williams Sr cranked up on the radio.

Not the only one.

Billy G. Ellipser

Thanks, Les

Visible said...

I didn't watch a moment of halftime but I would tend to agree with my detractors that they do have an argument. It kind of goes back to the Whore of Babylon. I saw what changed the dynamic, after all, I played the game. Maybe I am stupid and maybe I am hopeful but it doesn't matter in the long run. And isn't that why we are here?

Rob in WI said...

Hey all, that's why we are here.
Thanks for the forum, Visible!

Anonymous said...

pierre said (one bottle, and what to say?).

superb post, Vis, really.

(dribble alert but what the hell.)

(cue movie Rollerball for the cynics, and WHO made that movie? (95% chance of a lazy guess))

comment Yep. MMM! Yah! . and so it is.

more the merrier in the awareness 'game', but why for Fks sake do they not so name? scared of repurcussions and sanctions causually imposed on the 'truthers' and truth seekers and what of actions? first awareness then actions follow, but bro' do you know, they stack the circuit including my wizard of Oz delusions, lack of confidence, culture dissipated, habits malformed or withered on the vine, only one bottle, are these dribbles really mine? the hope springing internal that the truth will gain ground, the wheels turn round, the holiness being found upon the rock, the balast, the thing from which it all came, the Divine, yours and mine, approximately named. else is nothing, from nought goes to nought, the things that IS, cannot be bought for silver gold or deceptions, 'cause then it 'aint, from whence it come not, it 'aint no saint. and the IS of which I should speak, even coyly or shyly, these don't appear to be the times, when fine style is rendered highly.

wv: aurnp. vino burp, some aural truth perhaps.

Richie (Dana) said...

Hey Vis,

I kinda feel that I started this negativity.
Actually it was Stickman and I together as we were writing at the same time.

I did not mean to be critical of any of you for watching the big game. I do know that you watch with different eyes.

I have never been your detractor, and I am not about to start now as you are responsible for changing my life and for that I am grateful.

The whole thing just pissed me off, not to mention, I have been depressed. No one can beat a Pices for depression crap and that is the truth.

Actually, I did try sports back in the 70's. I remember Terry Bradshaw throwing amazing long bombs in the freezing snow and Lynn Swan making incredible catches and running like a gazelle. But that must have been another life. It certainly did not last long.

Anyway, please forgive.

Unknown; It seems we are neighbors as I live in Hayweird CA, which would be part of the Bay Area.
I am certainly not against us ever meeting if that is something that interests you. I actually have never met an aware person in person....Is that sad or what?.....sheesh

Thomas said...


razor-sharp you are becoming, in my humble eyes. And... so Loving! :D

I saw the half-time show, and even wrote of her ritual in my journal, in a small bar surrounded by graffitied illuminati symbolism and lush green trees.

two things I feel like saying. The zionists and the israelis are among the most, if not number 1, brainwashed segment of us, in my understanding. And the situation that they are in at the moment really looks like that of the straw-man of the age. When the zionist dream is clearly seen to be and to have been the delusions of tricked power-hungry madsters, and the catholic church is broken open like the rotten egg it is, then the blind will really start spitting at the names of God - "We TOLD YOU!"... blah blah. Projections. So far, there is only Now, yes? :)
To everyone, better dispel your doubts beforehand...

Then, I will say that all spirits/conscious Beings, and not just the Source can be contacted. The "dark one" is a friend, of that I am certain. A Brother for the Light. If anyone was so inclined and curious about it, they could ask... Don´t do it at home, kids, unless you have your third eye with you and Heart open to ALL, is all I´ll say... & I DONT KNOW ANYTHING!

Praise JAH!

Many thanks, Les
and to All, Love, Blessings and wishes of the conscious Lights Presence.

Neal said...

Loose ends were called tight ends, back in the day, but they were just in love with the cheerleaders. All that effort, running in circles in this heat, that is funny, later.

We have some pictures on those walls, but what was painted on the bandroom was broadcast to even this son, and that lion is still sort of scary, I did not mean for that to last this long. Still, there is some pride, just for that lion.

covkid said...

Hi Vis and all,

Nice poem Vis.
In the company of Hemingway ...maybe.
For me you are Shelley and Keats incarnate in the finest tradition of classical poets and poetry.
Now isn't that something?

Aperture Free said...

Thanks as always, Les.

re the dreaded sports topic - not fixed, manipulated. I sense magic. Energetic & numerical. The best owner/sorcerer wins.

Visible said...

Hey, don't feel bad if you think you offended me, I don't even remember it in the first place. I'm like that, thank god. I don't usually feel injuries from others because I am not their target, they are. I'm just a reflection. I mirror but at this stage of the game I don't react much, so I guess I'm not much of a mirror either.

Never met an aware person? Look in the mirror. I changed your life? I hear that at least once a day. I didn't change anyone's life, they did. I can tell you exactly what I am. I'm a mirror that resonates. You look into me and I look into you. The only difference is that I like what I see. Think about it.

I didn't get to be a mirror because I worked at it. I got to be a mirror because whoever was in there, blocking the return image, got beaten out of the being and just to make sure, god dropped the best acid ever made into the space and did a serious Windex over and over.

Being a Buddha or more precisely a bodhisattva is the simplest thing in the world. There are more of us running around at the moment than at any time in a long, long time.

Everyone showed up for the big event. The simple part is just to reflect. Stop the reactive mind, cease wanting anything and see what happens. You could be there in an instant if... heh heh, yeah, well ♫how bad do you want it? Not bad enough. Of course, wanting it doesn't work either. That's why god made me absolutely clueless about the symbolism and even the history of the whole process before he did it to me. After that I ran into all the connections. Still running into the connections.

By now it should be patently obvious that I send back what you send to me; mirror, eh? Your thoughts go in and out of my head/heart all day long. There's nothing blocking any of that with me. If you think I'm good at this, what does that say about you?.

The real reason any bonafide mirror is unfailingly humble is because they are in the presence, without their own presence. Watch yourself any time you are talking to another person and then watch yourself when you are alone. You can clear up any personal mystery about yourself very quickly as soon as you can forget yourself. After all 'you' don't exist in the first place.


Covkid, you made my day. You made my day just showing up. I thought I had lost you, simply because you showed up after the reality of the situation I had put myself in (oops, I didn't put myself there) dawned on me. Still, everything could be just as it was and even better in a heartbeat if some other people's hearts were still beating.

Interesting that you mention Shelley and Keats. I think of the triad now and again, you left out Byron. That night on the lake and times in that castle with Mary surface now and again. Very interesting story for those who like to explore the details of other lives. Most people don't study things, they just absorb the common tale which is nothing compared to what really happened. If people would only look a little deeper into life and themselves, they would see the same thing in both directions.

You honor me by putting me in that company. I don't deserve it but it feels good none the less. I feel pretty good this morning. I've been waking up thinking it was Christmas day for a couple of weeks now. I don't know why but... that can't be a bad thing. Off to The Petri Dish. See you all in about an hour.

Anonymous said...

May Visible never becomes invisible on the net, Amen!
What on earth is going on in the brain of people when presented with such Madonna spectacle?They claps and waves their flags!!Pathetic fools!
Come on this was a blatant Isis Ceremony, with triple goddesses, even all seing eye was shortly projected on floor scene!
Not to forget the headline catching phrase:MIA swore and shows middle finger shock: Come on, her video name is Bad girl.... and she swears in it also!!
I really don't want to be in Madonna shoes when she cannot hide her wrinkles anymore, she is so full of narcissic nastiness!!!!
Well soon this magic and energy they use is going to turn on them and zap them on their butts!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

Les, a little off topic but I am going to exercise my right to free speech.

Now for the free speech part... They all can go to hell or israel.

GodSend said...

"Your thoughts go in and out of my head/heart all day long."

That's right, Les, and it's a "like it or not" situation. The words/thoughts are implanted as soon as your eyes read the words and they are transmitted (planted in) the mind for sure and (maybe) the heart. Then they just lie there, waiting to be watered and if/when you "see the true light", certain seeds will grow into beautiful flowers of truth. God's Grace determines if the right thoughts see the light and grow into flowers of His truth - or whether others will grow into wild weeds and choke the truth buds (and you) to death.

Images work in a similar way - but enter the subconscious level. That's why a picture is worth 1000 (or more) words. That's how THEY control our subconscious and program it to blindly obey. Those ALIENS (Zionist Slimeball Satanists) are a clever and diabolical pack of humanoid, reptilian raptors.

Visible said...

Truth Seeker; if you're looking for truth please consider what any competent psychologist or informed person will tell you. We see in others what is true about ourselves and that is what turns us off. I use this as a guide to understanding people. Do you notice anyone else generally saying what you just said to me? If it were true don't you think they would. I post nearly every comment that comes in. I didn't post yours because you said it was only for me but I would have. But no one else is saying these things to me. Think about it.

Secondly, what is the point of telling me how you struggle to read my posts over such a long period of time? It sounds disingenuous. Just don't read them.

GodSend said...

Jesus Christ is FAR more than the ultimate Bodhisattva and FAR more than all Buddhas rolled into one! All perfections are made perfect in Him (and ONLY Him).

"I AM the Alpha and the Omega - the Beginning and the End."

"No one comes to the Father except through Me."

Why follow anyone else?

Visible said...

Godsend; I sense you are about to go manic, like the phases of the moon. Feel free. I understand that you don't know very much about comparative religion and your fear grips you to the point that you have no wiggle room but I assure you it is the same god behind all the window dressing. Keep in mind that those who do not respect the competition know very little about what they profess to be informed of and... if you thought I was comparing myself to mahaavatar Jesus Christ you are sadly mistaken.

I'm tolerant of all faiths because I understand about the many roads up the mountain. When you don't get that, you become intolerant and in danger of first oppressing others and then persecuting them. Stick with God is Love and you'll know as much as any of us ultimatgely do.

GodSend said...

Fear?.....what fear? Fear of what? "Manic" phases of the moon? Since when?

But since you mention THE mountain (of Truth) and the many roads that lead up it (you sound like an ecumenist), here is a more complete description of it:

You're on the way up but sooner or later you'll have to shed ALL your baggage if you want to get to the pinnacle, where God dwells, so-to-speak.

Visible said...

Godsend, I have no quarrel with you. Your be all and end all dichotomy doesn't float among aware seekers and you've been abusive in the past about it but you will note, I have never sought to diminish your faith in Jesus Christ. I'm hoping our discourse this time can be amicable. I love Jesus Christ more than you know but he's not 'my way or the highway' with me.

I know why you come here. You can't help yourself. You see the intelligence level of the seekers who come here and their honest confusion about what is what and you think it's a gold mine of souls to win for Christ. I understand what's going on and I don't disapprove. God is a lot bigger and smaller than any religion. I know you must have had a real scare at some point and that is why your parameters are so rigid but God is much more flexible than you can imagine.

Don't confuse Jesus Christ with St. Paul. I'm not saying he's wrong, I'm just saying don't confuse the two.

mike m said...

Mr. Vis, I won our little wager on the game and get first shot at "eye of newt" but since you are such a good sport I will defer to you and let you wreck all kinds of deserved havoc on his swollen gourd.

Peace out

GodSend said...

We agree about many things, maybe even most things, if you get right down to the nitty-gritty.

"I know you must have had a real scare at some point"

I have had MANY scares but what started to turn the tide was the (painful) discovery that being a bodhisattva is not the solution to The Puzzle of human existence. I tried many alternative solutions (including religions) but they all fell short of the mark. When you truly SEEK, 24x7, huffing and puffing and desperate, you WILL find (the ONLY right answer to The Puzzle). There is only ONE answer but that doesn't mean you become intolerant or persecute others - you try to point them in the right direction, repeatedly, if necessary.

The reason I come here is you, primarily. I don't need to tell you why! ;)

Visible said...

I did say that I expected them to lose somewhere in the comments here but I will gladly give a hand heel thrust- in place of a fist which only amateurs and people who lose their temper resort to- to the newtsters kidneys, once I do the twist around (like we did last summer) via the expected first strike by assisting shoulder and hips to go along with the program and maybe just once he will fall to his knees and cry out to god. How does anyone get that fucked up?

Visible said...

I like most of that but when you say Bodhisattva was a factor I know you are just being fanciful in the attempt to make a point. That was certainly not even a tangential factor. Jesus fits the definition of Bodhisattva, look it up. I don't want to quarrel with you but I have an instant meter gauge that goes off and shows the reading the moment that 'anything' comes across my screen. It is extremely unlikely that I will 'come to Jesus', seeing as Jesus was a person and Christ is a station.

Mike in Michigan said...

At the very end of the Madonna halftime "spectacular", the lights faded out, as a trap door at center stage lowered Madonna into the abyss, and on the field, blazed an illuminated (pun intended) "WORLD PEACE".

I mentioned to the other people with whom I was viewing the Super Bowl that I couldn't imagine a more appropriate and receptive audience for enacting "WORLD PEACE" than the 70K-some spectators fortunate enough to have tickets to gain entry to witness the event in person.

There was also, on the edge of one of the upper concourses, a sign stating "REPORT UNRULY FANS - SEND TEXT TO [...]", and I was thinking, "Yeah, I'd like to see a sign like that put up at Lincoln Financial Field. I'm sure the famously gentlemanly Philadelphia Eagles fans would eagerly comply, and generously support those who comply with reporting rowdies in the cheap seats".

Cpt'n Spadgett said...

When I used to train Tong Long we would mainly use a Goy Choy to the Kidneys.
The Hand heel thrust, which we used to call Poc Sou, was more focused to the chin with a twist on impact which timed in with the final extension of the hips up through the shoulder and out the other side of the intended object then returning with a Pai Sou where on the return off the hips the shoulder would follow bringing the blade of the fist hurtling back across the point of focus. This then sets up the Gow Choi as the elbow raises and the hammer part of the fist comes billowing down to pass on through. With a few years of practice this becomes very fast and extremely powerful.
I've never used it in a fight (never had a fight since I learned how to fight) and I practiced many techniques in the two and a half years I spent training there but this was a very central combo, trained by beginners and advanced alike. Spelling may be out on the "terms" its been over 8 years since I left the academy. Sifu got greedy and money became the focus, pity.


Visible said...

Steve, I sense you got the gist of my point. That it happened to occur at another blog posting is not critical to the point.

I used to study Japanese jujitsu before I discovered Hapkido. The one thing I remember from Japanese Jujitsu was the balance thing. Over reaching was the classic feature that played into why the science worked. That was all good and well on the mats.

Why I like Hapkido is that it deals with right now. There is nothing speculative about it. It deals with what you come up against, not what you do on the mats. I have seen many a street fighter take out a karate expert just this way. It is not linear. And, I might add, street fighters do it every day.

GodSend said...

I didn't say that Bodhisattva was a factor for me. Certainly Jesus was a sublime Bodhisattva but He was A LOT more than that. Being the perfect embodiment of the Perfections does not begin to adequately describe Who He was (and is). Supernatural is just the beginning. A good starting point to understanding Who He was/is can be found in a little book written by Theodore Austin-Sparks (TAS) some years ago. There is a link to it on the opening page of ("Follow Me").

After you read that little book, you are not likely to categorize Jesus as just a person and station. Of course, an experience like Paul had on the road to Damascus is a lot more convincing. Who knows, you may have such an experience! ;)

Anonymous said...

You didn't say why you think the game was fixed. I doubt it unless you think they got to Brees. Lots of low IQ dudes on the teams, they undoubtedly drink and socialize together. The word would get out, not that anything would be done about it. Fraud is the American way. As for Madonna, I missed that spectacle but I appreciate all the gritty details offered by you all. I Can't stand the bitch.

Unknown posted a link to Half Past Human. Cliff and Ure continue to preach war with Iran as the likely scenario for first part of March. Their web bots are making them do it. If you follow the web bot thing lots of what is predicted doesn't happen. I think Ure said it is only 30% accurate. Remember last November's prediction, nothing happened. Let me be clear, THERE WILL BE NO WAR WITH IRAN. I have that from high sources. Cliff should try the bots on the PM market. That could be interesting.

Mouser sorry about the situation with your daughters. My daughter falls into the same category. She is a fundi and her and I don't relate. Like with so many individuals the MSM has stolen her mind, or should I say is her mind. She considers me a radical. She absolutely can't handle the truth. I have some hard bark around me and don't let it bother me too much. Once you become aware there is no turning back. The human race is going down two separate paths. Look at it like the haves and have nots.

My computer has done some weird things over the last few months. The latest is "Forbidden, you don't have permission to access/on this server" every time I try to access Smoking Mirror with Internet Explorer. I can link to Smoking Mirror from Truth Seeker or access it with Firefox. Microsoft is FUCKED UP PERIOD. Someone should shoot up Bill Gates with the vaccine he loves so much.


Cpt'n Spadgett said...

Yeah, big difference from the mats to the street and I don't proclaim to be any sort of top notch fighter. I feel I have gathered enough skills over the years to be able to protect myself in most situations. But I don't fancy coming up against a hardened street fighter, that's why I live in the hills:-) This is a link to the guys I used to train with. My "Sifu" is the little dark hair guy on the apparatus. I dont know much about Hapkido, I do remember going to a few classes but the teacher didn't suit me, so I left it at that. I practiced Qigong/Tai Chi for a few years after Kung fu and that I liked.

Visible said...

Susanne does Qigong. I like Hapkido because Japanese jujitsu always fascinated me and Hapkido takes all of those principles and puts them into real life conditions.

It is why most intelligent police forces and special forces use it. It is direct and deliberate to the specific offense. It's got that twisty shit I like from Aikido without my having to go Zen Buddhist for two years. Obviously I don't like Zen Buddhism.

I don't fit in with the Anias Ninn No exit existential crowd; no slur on her. She was a good writer and we probably could have partied down together but leaving God out of the equation doesn't work for me. God is the centerpiece of my existence. Period. Period.

Anyway, Hapkido is direct to the point of anything you throw at it. It understands the power of the joints and how they work. It grants you extra time even when dealing with quick things. It's not the best martial arts technique for spiritual advancement but it is definitely the best for getting your ass out of trouble so that you still have a body to continue making spiritual advancement in.

I highly recommend it for those who are lazy, don't have the time, suffer from fear of commitment. I got a thing I call the Ten Minute self defense course. It borrows from different modalities but more than half of it is Hapkido. It's just damned effective is what it is.

Go somewhere that a master is at work and watch what can be done with simple adjustments and body posture; not to mention the awareness thing. I can't imagine a good club bouncer who doesn't know about it. It served me well when I used to do it and I am a slender tall guy which is why I stuck with Wah Lum so long. It really will surprise you and if you have the gene, you pick it up very quickly.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I have a very high black belt in the oldest form of self defense known to mankind.

And I'll always remember the time that guy threw dirt in my eyes!


Cpt'n Spadgett said...

"I highly recommend it for those who are lazy, don't have the time, suffer from fear of commitment."

Ha, ha, that's funny. Had a quick browse and it seems the closest Hapkido is an hour and a half away form where I live, but I will do some inquiry locally, never know whose around. Thanks. I have (well i don't "have")a couple of teenage boys who would like that as well.

I've a great project in the pipe line where the fear of commitment thing is stalling the whole deal. I cant seem to get started on it and if I do then I don't follow through on it.
Here is an example of what stalled the last time.
I set up a you tube, blogger and gmail in the same name so as to be able to film and blog and share the experience. So that was all good and I emailed a guy and asked him if I could use the photos from his web site on my blog and he said sure thing use anything you like. So I started loading photos and setting it all out when I read Ninas last blog where she is thinking of Leaving blogger because of the new "Security measures" or is it privacy? Any way, so I kinda stopped, not wanting to put the work in to blogger when it may be better to get a cheap server? I don't know a lot about it really. Maybe I'm to lazy to learn?
What are your feelings toward the direction of blogger? Being an old hand and all.
I would like to meet up with you some day, if so, I would love to learn the 10 minute self defense coarse in real time.


Visible said...

Look, there is an I Ching hexagram called "Difficulty at the Beginning" go check it out. As for blogger and Nina (whom I hold in high regard), I just take it day by day. So I lose everything that is up there. I have it all backed up on disk and it takes no time to be up and running at any point I want to do that on many many sites. Don't sweat the 'what ifs', you could be working and happening instead of fearing the reaper who is just another part of yourself and just there to help you 'out' in the first place.

Cpt'n Spadgett said...

Thanks Vis,

Big Love

Visible said...

Big Love back brother. Let's get together on the Tibetan side of town.

Cpt'n Spadgett said...

Sounds good!!

Ben said...

Hey Les, great posts. I've just spend the past 24 hours going through all your posts from 2011, up to this one.

I have one question, do you believe that the 'cosmos' that you speak of is really the actions of the divine source? Some would call it God, others Allah, but i simply know it as the Divine.

I completely agree that religion has been manipualted to control and enslave men, but i still believe this awakening is being caused by the Divine!

Let me know your thoughts (if you have time :) ) Appreciate the work, i love your ability to write down most of what i think about our situation!


ChewyBees said...

Who calls themselves 'GodSend'? Really? How different is that from calling yourself 'Madonna'? I'm not sure whether to call blasphemy or heresy, but I can say the same thing I say to any religious holier than the rest of you: Every single quote of scripture, and the bible as a whole is 100% hearsay. Not a single bit of it can be substantiated, there are no eyewitness, most notably the people that toss select verses about as the absolute word of god. Add to that the number of sticky and manipulative fat fingers that have felt free to interpret and interpolate and you have a less than accurate depiction of anything.
Perhaps the most telling element of a Christian apologist is that all of the scriptures written to tell the tale of the prophet called Jesus were written by second hand eye-witnesses decades after the events purportedly occurred. The accuracy of details and the resistance to embellishment under those circumstances are both extremely questionable.
That said, there is a great deal of truth in the texts, but it is to be searched and researched by individuals seeking knowledge and higher intelligence, not thrust out at any passer by as a means for a 'godsend' to tell the rest of us how to conduct ourselves. Mankind has been dealing with that attitude for quite long enough, and unless you have scales over your eyes, the meddling of the holy over the years have had very little positive impact on anything to do with life, or love.
If you want to impact people from Christ's perspective, then start acting as a Christ, and stop telling everyone else how they should live as you determine. If you are good enough at it, people will naturally follow. If you're a dictator, you will be rejected like the shepherd that smacks the sheep on the head for not bleating in the proper order. We have enough of those to go around.
Finally, and this is most telling, if you take out your wallet and place in an offering plate the occultist money, in exchange for whatever the hell you might think your getting out of it, who are you really paying off? The organ's blaring, your 'sins' have been forgiven (by a stranger with zero authority to do so)and the juice and cookie is fresh on the breath. Nothing tops that off better than the lowest mark of Cain of all mankind, the banker's occultist debt notes, changing hands to seal the deal. At least Pilate had the good smarts to wash his hands of the mess.

onething said...

I've tried on both blog posts to listen to Lovesong to Madonna, but I don't understand the page it takes me to. I am supposed to sign in as what? Create an account?

onething said...

Fud says,

"The human race is going down two separate paths. Look at it like the haves and have nots."

This is something I wonder about. Are we all going to be uplifted together in a great blast of cosmic light that makes irrelevant the difference between those who have actually arrived with some real effort and ego sacrifice involving being willing to say yes to God and those who are incomprehensibly oblivious to killing? Who proud of those brave enough to engage in massacre?

The haves and the have nots. It reminds me of something Jesus said that always used to horrify me, cuz I took it the wrong way. He said, to those that have will more be given: shaken, pressed down and running over, while to those who have not, even that which they have will be taken away.

It's the way it is, that once you have gained some momentum in your rocket, you achieve lift off, go faster and faster. It's a spiritual rocket, and although the same is more or less true for money, the reasons are different.

Anonymous said...

When you know the jew, and you know who's a jew, yes, you tend to confuse one from the next.



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