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Three Blind Men with Mercury in Retrograde.

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We got a radio show tonight at the usual time and place.

The problem with the truth is that it's inconvenient, just like Al Gore. The problem with the truth is that it's impossible to isolate it unto itself without shape, size and coloration, because it can't be seen otherwise. It can only be inferred and every inference, is affected by perspective. Like Lao Tzu said, “The Tao that can be named is not the Tao”.

Recently, against my best efforts, during and after the fact, I ran into a mini shitstorm, concerning the 'gay thing'. I had mentioned that Lindsey Graham was being blackmailed by The Tribe for being a Log Cabin Republican. Can I prove this? No, but some things you can infer with no great degree of difficulty. We also know that many members of Congress are either blackmailed or financially leveraged by the global control, Tribe machine. We know they killed Kennedy for going after the Federal Reserve. We know they were the primary and enduring cause of the Bolshevik Revolution and the perpetrators of the murderous policies that came out of it. This last we can prove. The rest we can infer from 'the duck equation'. There are other, 'monstrous lies', which we can also prove to be lies. We can prove them as comprehensively and easily as the Bolshevik Revolution; just as easily as we can prove who was behind the Afghanistan, Iraqi and Libyan wars and who is pushing to destroy Syria and Iran. We can prove them just as easily as we can prove who did 9/11 and we can infer about 7/7 and The Madrid Train Station bombings, with all sorts of direct and corollary evidence. You might want to look up 'corollary', if you don't know what it means. You might also want to look up 'Mercury in retrograde,', if you're not fully informed about that either. We'll be there till around 4/5 and it explains a lot about the last couple of weeks.

I said, or inferred, that Graham was being blackmail leveraged to be a mass murdering dick because of his sexual orientation. That's all I said. I didn't make any judgments on the lifestyle,. In the aftermath, I made a few observations, easily proven, about the time periods and state of the culture, in which the phenomena proliferates more than usual. We know that The Tribe sits in distinct majority, at the head of every gay, lesbian, transgender and whatever else organizations of like disposition. They have an agenda concerning this and it has to do with morphing the culture and the destruction of the family unit. In England you can see the horrific effect of this, in the actions of the social services organizations that are taking people's children away in the thousands. I'm not directly linking this to the 'gay thing', it's just another example of pernicious industry, directed at the destruction of the family unit, which is the cornerstone and centerpiece of civilization.

Please do not ask me to prove who sits on the boards of directors of all the gay organizations. I'm not your research assistant. Look it up. In some cases they are exclusively the only people on the board. If I have any problem with the 'gay thing', it is this. This is the feature that impacts on me and you and is active with things like this and all the books forced upon children in elementary school, as well as the programming that accompanies them. They are seriously active in the educational system and in high approval of entities like Sandusky, who was allowed to go on and on because of the highly placed satanists, operating behind the scenes throughout the system. These are the same people who were behind The Franklin Sex Scandal. They like to refer to Tel Aviv as the gay capital of the world. That's not me saying it, that's them.

However you may want to parse each individual thing I say, no one can deny that there is plenty of fire to accompany the smoke. I didn't make any assessments about gay whatsoever, when I mentioned Graham. I was responded to as if I did. The Ganymede factor has been around a long time and includes some truly illustrious names. My position on it, insofar as I have defined it, for the benefit of 'my own understanding', is that it is a permutation of the kundalini force, when it is drawn to material culture. It is also a phase through which everyone passes at one time or another, through the recurrent process of reincarnation. Anyone with knowledge of or access to my personal journey through this particular incarnation, knows that I have no binding judgment upon this condition, except for what I have said so far. My association with people of this persuasion and my efforts at different times on their behalf is matter of proven record, in the minds of those familiar with me at different times. Everyone else may not know where I'm coming from but I do and they do.

I have to handle an enormous amount of traffic every day; emails, comments, projects and so on. I can't be expected to be one hundred percent attentive to every single detail. I miss things. Certain things never even occurred to me during this recent series of exchanges. I didn't even know what was going on, primarily because I wasn't doing anything more than making an observation about arm-twisting influence on the part of pernicious interests. I try to stay on top of things, while I'm doing everything for free in the first place, but I miss things that are right in front of me, because so much is in front of me. Then I try to make it right and it becomes very annoying when some people won't even let me do that.

The world, at this time, is a pretty fucked up place, even if it is all perfect in terms of how it resolves. We got things like this swaggering jerk and psychopaths whose hearts attack them. They probably had Ted Bundy's heart on ice for him. We've got ignorant uniformed crap like this. “Heartbreaking destruction” my ass; like we'd learn something from a Civil War battlefield that would be of any use, since we haven't learned anything about war and mass murder since. We do get some amusing things with positive outcomes and we've got all sorts of strange sounds that, so far, no one has been able to explain. We get strange, disingenuous and provably wrong statements like this:

Face it, tens of millions of Americans see Israel and Jews as responsible for the planning of 9/11. Though there is proof of Israeli involvement, that is undeniable, blaming Jews in America is beyond insane..."

...from sources like this, which has lately been the source of all kinds of unusual acts of bizarre reasoning, also easily disproven, with the names, nationality and positions clearly named, in direct refutation of that quote about who is not culpable. That last link is the most comprehensive collection about who was behind 9/11 and, given Mercury in retrograde, this is about Veteran's Today and not the blog that reprinted it. This is a world wide cabal of vicious operatives. It's not just Israel but, the truth is inconvenient and telling it like it is, annoys those, who are in the hip pocket of those they pretend to be in opposition to, while letting those providing them with funds, slip off the hook. We got more gatekeepers than gates at this point. We got people who defend Chomsky, when he has clearly stated where he is at on the most important event of recent times. Yeah, you don't want to get too much into telling the truth, it pisses people off. So, it's a toss up whether you are more comfortable pissing people off or holding yourself in contempt for not doing so.

We all have to answer to ourselves for what we say and do. Our conscience is the ultimate judge and if we don't want to hear about it and ultimately be convicted by it, we have to tell ourselves large and loud lies to drown out its voice. Of course, that doesn't work forever. Sooner or later you come up against the voice behind your conscience.

People can and do disagree with me. That is perfectly okay, but my position is that you disprove what I say; clinically, specifically and comprehensively. It is not an acceptable argument to not want to hear it or to find it inconvenient. That's not acceptable or legitimate. Prove it wrong. Go ahead. I'll be glad to alter my perspective based on the commensurate weight of your rebuttal. I've changed my view and conclusions many times, in this life and other lives, I am perfectly willing to do it again. Furthermore, if you're going to disagree with something I said, let it be something I said, not something you pulled out of thin air, that had no connection to anything I said. Don't come flying in on a tangent, a wing and a prayer, making something up out of whole cloth, as if it were the robe of Jesus, when Jesus never wore that robe or Jacob either. I'm laying all of this at the door of Mercury in retrograde. Might be that puts us both off the hook, unless you really do need to swallow the worm, even if it was never anywhere near a bottle of mescal.

There's a big difference between people's feelings getting hurt, because they have an investment in something and the need to justify the authenticity and value of it, regardless of the cost to what is. Feelings are one thing, facts and figures and the application of dispassionate reason are something else.

Most of us lie or keep silent, as a matter of routine, in order to maintain our positions of employment, our friendships; which means they aren't really friendships, our social status, our engineered reputations, our credibility; Jesus! There's irony for you. Most of us do this because we want to perpetuate our continuance here. We want all the good thing we believe will be denied us, if we go contrary to the prevailing fabrications of our time. We want to snuggle in and get comfy with material nature. That's a fatal proposition. It's terminal AND unpleasant. We want to impress the world with our compliance and conformity, so that we can rise up through the ranks of gifted liars, at the expense of everything meaningful and valuable that are no longer either, cause we threw them away. We sacrificed them on the altar of personal gain. I only want to impress my invisible friends, because that's whose company I intend to be in, when I become less visible. A lot of people believe if you can't see it, it isn't really there. I believe that just because you can see it, that's no guarantee that it is there and sooner or later it won't be. What are you actually seeing after all? Are you one of those 3 blind men exploring an elephant?

Anyway, I've said my piece, probably not as effectively as you or I might wish and certainly not effectively enough for those who simply have to believe whatever it takes to bolster their need to have any and all evidence, real and imaginary, prove them right in all they say and do. As long as we need to make everything adjust to how we want things to seem, truth is no less a drag queen than The Pope in Rome. Once again, this is no judgment on drag queens, all it is is an example of the advertising not matching up with the concealed contents. Do you know the difference? I hope so. “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” and “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” are two of my favorite movies. Alright Mercury, let's get back to your normal route; even though this is just another part of it, it is the smaller part and a reversal of your usual ways.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Identification with polarized characteristics (gay/str8; black/white; jew/gentile) is an obvious goal of the overt and covert conditioning we're immersed in as a species.

Seeing and eventually rejecting our own attachment to it is one of the cornerstone tests of awakening & one that must be passed.

keep going...

Anonymous said...

Just wish you would not use the word "gay" when referring to homosexuality or homosexuals.

That is a pernicious Orwellian term for the sold purpose of befuddling the minds of the people.

It is disgusting, like all euphemisms because they are all lies - but this is the worst and the most destructive.

This corruption of the language will cause consciousness to be dimmed. We have to use words to THINK and we cannot possibly think clearly if we are confused about what words really mean.

We will become more dim and dumb and dull minded until we are more and more like cattle - LITERALLY, and that is just what they want.

Don't they call us cattle anyway - some ugly word "goyim."?

I beg of you Les Visible, do not use this word or any repulsive euphemism again.

I love you and your writing, but I will stop reading it if you use the word gay again.

My warm and affectionate good wishes to you. Astraea.

tmcfall said...

The "gay is OK" programming has worked amazingly well. Everyone recoils in horror when you hit that "third rail". No logical thought at all, just the programmed over reaction.
Well said as usual Vis. Watch your asses, you never know when a congressman (or apresident) will slip in behind you!
Tom in Tempe Arizona

Visible said...

Astraea; Do not threaten me. I have yet to run into any of these people who do not use the word gay. And you don't want me using this word but you don't give me a word? What kind of dumb ass political correctness is this? What word am I supposed to use? They came up with it.

Look, I don't pander to keep readers and I don't care if someone reads me or not and I am not going to play games and jump through hoops for people. I'm tired of the whole world 'bending over' for extreme minorities as if their needs and demands are more important than everyone else inconvenienced by them. And once again, you don't even give me the word. Is it 'homosexual'? Is that the word I'm supposed to use? All of them that I know hate that word and how does that apply to lesbians?

Jesus Christ!

Anonymous said...

I come here every now and again because you have a gift with words and are sincerely chasing the elusive "Truth."
Another BRILLIANT post, Les.
Keep it up, please!

Anonymous said...

Your comment about hurting feelings resonated with me. We are supposed to be adults not children. If we as adults can't have an honest discussion without worrying about hurting others feelings then we as a society will never get past our current troubles.

Anonymous said...

Now we're not allowed to use the term "gay?" Really? The pc police need to get a life--a real life where they do not spend so much time worrying and attempting to control what other people say and do. It's getting tiring. And ridiculous. And typically as soon as we adapt to whatever new term you deem acceptable for us to use, you change the rules and demand something new. ENOUGH!!!!


Anonymous said...

So...Dead-hearted Dick Cheney has gotten a new heart.
I wonder if he will choose to pervert this one too or will he choose to explore the new & cleaner heart energies now available to him.

Pretty radical second chance for you ol' Blister Dick Cheney.....don't waste it.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

My friend lobro, one of those rarest of the rare, a man who can actually produce an original thought, offered this once upon a time about Noam Chomsky.

"Noam Chomsky would have us all believe the Romans crucified Jesus for oil!"

Lao Tzu..

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

Anonymous said...

Here is what I think about the homosexual thing. It's really not about that in and of itself. It is about bastardizing sex. In other words it is not about preferance in most cases , its about doing 'whatever' because it's the thing to do. Man, woman, sheep, kids , dogs, 6 people,3 people , whips, chains , anything goes. Except celibacy of course, that's perverted. It is a degradation of a natural process. Kind of like an eating orgy were you eat til you puke and then continue the process. Not what was intended in the terms of substanence but a perversion not only because we can but we are encouraged.
Have it all any which way. It is this very extreme which is so prevelant in most everything our society promotes that is so damaging. Maybe that is because of Kali Yuga
or Mars in retrograde , I don't know.
There is not a thing of beauty on this earth that cannot be made into a pathway to the obscene
CLean it up

Anonymous said...

since the subject's been up a few times, here's a (partial) list (for usa only)

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

President: Joe Solomonese
Board of Directors: Mike Berman, Marty Lieberman, Andy Linsky, Dana Perlman, Scott Weiner
Senior Counsel: Lara Schwartz

Human Rights Campaign Foundation Board:

Jay Oppenheimer, Hilary Rosen, Marty Lieberman, Andrea Sharrin
Board of Governors: Fritz Beesemyer, AJ Bockelman, Cathy Ebert, Don Epstein, Patty Fink, Glen Freedman, Christopher Stenger, Brian Stranghoner, Brian Suber, Michael Lappin, Lisa Zellner, Molli Levin

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)

Board of Directors: William Weinberger (Treasurer), Judy Gluckstern (Secretary),
GLAAD Members: Ilene Chaiken, Tanya Grubich, Mark Reisbaum, Carol Rosenfeld, Steve Seidmon, Jeffrey Sosnick, Jeff Soukup, Steven Rozencraft
Assoc. Director of Special Events: Jennifer Oritz,
Major Gifts Officer, LA: Jillian Waldman
Communications Director: Jennifer Glenhorn

Parents and Families of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

Deputy Executive Director: Ron Schlittler
Development Director: Craig Ziskin
Staff Counsel: Lara Schwartz
Directors: Carole Benowitz, Dody Goldstein, David Horowitz, Rebecca Shiff, Daniel Tepfer

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Chair: Jeff Soref
Vice Chair: Marsha Botver
Senior Advisor to CEO: Roberta Achtenberg
Attorney: Loren S. Ostrow
Human Resources Commissioner: Paula Redd Zenan
Director of Tourism and Convention: Michael Aller
Coordinator, Out For Equity Progress: Allan Horowitz
Chief Operations Officer: Sandi Greene
Director of Communications: Roberta Sklara
Organizing and Training Director: Monique Hoeflinger
Senior Strategist: Becky Levin
Development Interns: S. T. Cohen, Phillipe Leber, Alex Breitman
Major Gift Officers: Todd Kimmelman, Shavla Sellars (9)

lesbian author of ENDA, Chai Feldblum. ... descends from a long line of Orthodox rabbis and a Hassidic/Kabbalistic mother. ... devoted her legal talents to "legislative lawyering," crafting ADL's pro-homosexual bills. These bills legally exalt homosexuals above almost all other Americans. They also remove free speech from Christian and conservative “haters” and unnecessarily preoccupy legislators in Congress after Congress.

Feldblum is also a director of the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission in Washington, D.C., empowered to arbitrate ENDA issues. ... ."

By Rev. Ted Pike, 27 July 2010

jmo: the above people are more concerned with destroying the cultural fabric of their perceived enemies than they are about anyone's rights

Anonymous said...

I too hate that the language is perverted to where you can't use lots of words without enduring stupid overreaction, but you don't get to tell people what they can say, Astraea. Try singing, "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" around teenagers. It's got that word "gay" in it with its real meaning, but they're programmed to react to the occult meaning. Horrible.
Good work Viz.



Anonymous said...

had a slightly more comprehensive version that may have gotten re-routed, so in short;

sweet of you to spell it out one last time for all concerned ... what you never implied in the first place.

but it has since morphed into a life of it's own, a digression extraordinaire. see ... damned if you do, damned if you don't.(grin)

to task; what about the fulford, wilcock (dare I say makow) 'fall out' and related contention that imminent and potent challenge to the cabalist agenda is unfolding as we speak?

may not be accurate, just don't say it's incorrect(politically)

Caroline said...

I've read and have been told by a few astrologers those born during a Mercury Retrograde tend to be immune, or its affects are muted compared to those who aren't. I was born during one and have noticed things aren't so bad personally compared to others or in general.

And a comment about the gay thing: I don't think you have any explaining to do for your comment for there was nothing about it that required it to be followed up. I think those that enable further discussion or try to put someone in a position to explain themselves have some explaining to do themselves for their lack of respect for another's opinion.

Anonymous said...

jesus christ indeed!

i cannot believe that this blog is being subjected to 'pc emotionalism' .....everyone needs to stop apologizing to people who cannot separate from their own programmed emotional needs long enough to see the game in play. in the same subtle and insidious manner this is used to pull society down and now it is happening here... valuable (end)time is being spent on a non-issue to appease people's own selfish emotions....get over your gay selves....whatever! it is not that big of a deal where you put your dick. no one really cares -- that's why THEY make it illegal to make it an issue and thus divide and works! look what you are doing to this man you profess to care so much for -- you are attacking him. why?????? because you are hypnotized into conformity and conformity dictates you not 'hurt anyone's feelings' which is only another way of saying go ahead and indulge YOUR selfish emotions because the world will accommodate you...not good for you or for the world. wake up to the facade. well...everything happens as a reason for the purpose of demonstration so all i can surmise from this non-issue is a few more curtains have been pulled back and the Divine light shined on self-interest. it's not too late to move on...take it as a lesson.....emotions are what keep oprah and jerry springer on top....think on that. amen.

liz in babylon

Anonymous said...

SLANG is SLANG, slang is IMPROPER use of language as always and the proper words are more interesting if we JIVE (also slang) them UP!
MANY entire languages ARE SLANG like Yiddish or Ebola or Texmex.
The proper english term for HOMOSEXUAL is "HOMOSEXUAL"!
FAGOT is good so is QUEER just slang that people understand.HELL I cant even use the N word anymore.
The heartless bastard DICKY CHAINEY has a new heart, who died to keep this piece of SHIT alive after he has killed MILLIONS!
Thanks for the free speech zone and you really do do a nice read mr dog!

sirusdogstar said...

It is fact that none of my many many Gay friends ever wished to be compared to the Hetro community, as in being married. It was the ONE badge of Honor there... alas, now stolen too.

ALL of them, hated that - to them - corrupted institution, of twisted, lawyered up, papered over bondage, and proscribed lack of individuality.

Until the Jews, spelt their recent nack of "color revolution" into the private human relations meme.

I love my real gay friends for such clarity, and passion to a manystimes
hidden truth, a nearly universal world condition brought on by the only real perpetrator existing: The Satanic Jew.

Now, that said, those that struggle with simple-call-it-as-it-is ... i.e. Judgement of Fact, probably are also highly lacking in Love itself.

'Tis a quandary, for nothing comes for free. Thus the ultimate earned value.

Judge not lest Thee be Judged.

By Their acts you shall know Them.

We are all Judged by our acts. Including our discernments.

It is a lie of the corrupted Judeo-Christian church that God Loves ALL.

A handy and useful lie, used primarily to dis-empower the gullible Goyim.

But you would have to actually read the Holy Bible to know that.

no retro-grade issues here, but understand astrology, quite well.

MiaBellezza said...

Just one homosexual encounter can be used against an individual for a lifetime of blackmail. Can you imagine the control over an individual if they hold a high office and the emotional torment they must experience all their life. All institutions that use ceremonies to induct men into the clan via this route need to be abolished. So, if one appears to be questioning or commenting on this aspect, the polite police put the screws to you. More than likely these controlled individuals are MKultra'd and the clan doesn't want you messing with their valuable programmed assets. Yet does this not demonstrate the clan's under belly and vulnerability?

The street I grew up on had a Catholic church and a rectory that house 3 priests. After an incident with the neighborhood boys, they didn't go to jail. They went to another province; I take it to diddle more boys.

Anonymous said...

Well Vis: Appears our little tete a tete the other day regarding the gay issue has brought a lot of agendas out of the woodwork on the part of various posters.

Let's start off in our primary area of agreement. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoforever that contemporary gay organizations have been totally subsumed by Tribal members and that the agendas of these bodies purportedly representing the gay 'community' are quite wholly in accord with the demands and commands of the Tribe and of those who issue their marching orders.

Up until 1970, upon the nascence of the gay liberation movement, the term 'gay' was pretty much limited in use or even in understanding to those in the know ~ not only gays but also members of various subcultures such as people from the jazz scene, theatre folk and similar subcultures. So terminologically, 'gay' was very in-group, almost like a secret password into a realm of alternative understanding and reality.

If we again hearken back to that Nixonian era with the Vietnam War and the ghetto riots and other social ferment, we may recall that various social forces were extremely threatened by all this ferment. One of those most threatened, ironically, was the nasty old drag quean, J. Edna Hoover; the avatar archetype of the self-hating samesexer.

Another Icon of reaction was Judge Julius Hoffman, who referred to the defendants (including Abbie Hoffman, ironically) in the Chicago Seven trial as being part of a "freaking fag revolution". Perhaps it is precisely here where we detect the primary phobias of the forces of reaction confronted with a social revolution which they neither understood nor could possibly abide.

It was at the same time when certain military brass, with an imprimatur from Congress, directed both funding and personnel towards developing a bio-weapon for use specifically against same sexers as well as towards other 'undesirable' minorities such as Haitians and Central Africans. Thus, according to the testimonies of Dr. Allen Cantwell, was the origin of the AIDS viruses.

By the mid-80's Judge Julius Hoffman's 'freaking fag
revolution' was pretty much terminated by way of the physical removal, via the AIDS virus, of the bulk of the true cultural revolutionaries within the gay movement. This inculcated vacuum in male gay leadership resulted in two developments: The Androphobic element amongst some lesbians in the feminist movement
pretty much brushed aside the remnants of male co-
leadership in samesex organizations, insisting that the new alphabetsoupism would be titled LGBT (as womyn were the most oppressed): AND: Money from foundations and from wealthy individuals began pouring into 'gay' organizations, subsidizing paid directors, et al and insisting on developing agendas of political correctness.

In other words, what had been a culturally revolutionary social movement became co-opted, subsidized and subsumed into directions which did not emanate from the countercultural genius of this alternative community ~ but rather reflective of agendas directed ultimately from ruling elements of the fringe on top.

The above insights are as close to the essence of truth as my understandings can distill them. Granted, there are homophobes who post to this blog. But some words and phrases in the various versions of the Bible are not the fountainhead of spiritual truth, except, perhaps, for some phrases like: "In the beginning God created man, male and female created He him." As spiritual beings, we are androgynous by nature. As extended expressions of the ineffable Creator, we are even as individuals, both female and male. Samesex attraction is at root expressive of our androgynous inner reality.

-stickman 6 Aries, 34 Anno Eros

Anonymous said...

That overblown response was another case of talking to yourself. He's ashamed and expects everybody to be accomodating of his rationalizations to assuage his guilt.

I've had some kinky tastes. Who hasn't? Not of that stripe, but I was embarrassed and ashamed, just the same. I looked for the rationalizations and palliatives, but whenever I found them, they were only temporary relief. Me and my kinkmate got pretty far from home. When it was over, we were all alone.

You can never go back home, but you can go halfway home and halfway again, until you're back in the right neighborhood and the natural affections sparkle again, and now the natural affections and attractions are frowned upon. Surely those kinky tastes are still there, but I leave that sleeping dog lie. Sex is powerful stuff and it can mess you up. It causes guilt and an army of psychobabbling sorcerers can't fix it.

The friends I had in school who went homo started out liking girls. They were the biggest chronic wanking sex abusers. Upping the thrill ante until they couldn't even remember what started it, I guess. Anticipation makes it sweeter. If it takes more than 2 minutes, you haven't anticipated long enough and you're doing it wrong. The best ones have been right in the ole jeans, for me.

Name withheld because my mom reads this blog sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Nuclear Timings


Feb 21, 2012 — INDIA (SUN) — Over the past year I have looked for the common links whenever there has been a nuclear disaster. I found only one common factor: Mercury the planet of atomic energy was in Pisces, the sign of endings.

This occurred with the Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters. Mercury was in Pisces when these three events took place. Albert Einstein, the father of Atomic energy, also had Mercury in Pisces in his birth chart.

Mercury will be in Pisces for around 60 days in March and April, partly running retrograde during this time. I hope this Iran thing doesn't get out of hand. With the world financials bankrupt, starting a major war is the Elites' policy of diversion.

Anonymous said...

ok. so maybe it is ... politically incorrect (dragon family reference)
within the rense/jones paradigm.

less is more. it's never so much the substance of a dialogue or the presentation thereof, as it is the absence of either.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les.

Everything you said that raised this unnecessary shitstorm is true. I don't care who sleeps with who, that's a personal choice that I respect and I can't imagine that God cares too much about things like that either. What you said about Lindsey Graham and those like him was 100% accurate and the blackmail angle is also 100% true. That's an historical fact, it's been used for millenia to control politicians and anyone who tries to rewrite history on the subject is full of shit. You didn't say anything wrong. Nothing to apologize for there... I never have and never will hate anyone for being gay. What I do hate is those who preach fire and brimstone against those who are open about being gay while they(not so)secretly engage in the very same thing and are blackmailed for it, and indeed will even sell out their country to keep it hidden. Used to be that a person could not hold political office or any position in intelligence due to that fact.


sirusdogstar said...

Visible Forever,

did I mention I was a song writer, amongst other things?

just listened to Fade Away.

being a prophet does suck, I understand that very well,
but your gift is your song,
and it won't fade away.

music to our souls, are you.

let it flow.

Anonymous said...


yep. divide and conquer 101. or, as it's known in the culinary zone; 'to serve man'.

sirusdogstar said...

"I never wear White"

but ...

this is a link to Patty Greer(.com)
taking the award for best UFO film this year ... on crop circles.

I share this link because of her comment during the acceptance speech.

There is something there for all of us right now, what we are thinking, choosing, is very important.

And I am moved by Patty's clarity.

Dog in White, from now on.

Anonymous said...

In Defense of Astrea.... ugh ho here comes a pile of crap on my head too but I think what she was getting at has been misinterpeted.
Correct me if I am wrong but I believe she meant that words are a way of communicating which it is difficult a best but when we take words and apply them to something entirely different from what they meant originally we are screwing up what little communication we had in the first place.
I do not think she meant it was P UC to use the term gay. I think she meant call a spade a spade and stop using other words to convey what the word does not mean.
Of course she is entitled to her opinion about the language and if she chooses to stop reading LV because of his supposed misuse of words then so be it. A little drastic but I guess she feels strongly about the language.
Maybe I am wrong and that is not what she meant, however I do know the language is deterioating for many reasons, twitter etc. Gay used to mean happy and carefree and now it means something else. I wonder if the guy that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima had a boyfriend named Enola.

Richie (Dana) said...

“Avast ye Scum”

Sorry, but I am still having a really good time with that phrase. (grin).

On the one hand we have the traditions and political correctness of the material world and on the other we have the “still small voice”.

Visible, I have been thinking recently about something you said long ago concerning your horriblescope no longer being relevant and the possibility that all the “rules” of this plane are being displaced by Divine influence, at least for some. Please think about that for a bit.

As far as the two choices outlined above, ANYTHING that distracts me from the Divine is evil period.

I view this as an attack by deluded self-serving, unaware souls sent here purposely to discredit you or the work of outright evil DEMONS.

You were counseled in the last blog comments to move on from this crap and I am joining here with my two pennies. How do we rise above to our place in superior dimension while wallowing in this filthy crap?

Out DEMONS, Out.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. I especially liked, “Yeah, you don't want to get too much into telling the truth, it pisses people off. So, it's a toss up whether you are more comfortable pissing people off or holding yourself in contempt for not doing so.”
That reminded me of Oscar Wilde who once said, “If you’re going to tell people the truth, you better make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.” But, I like your extended summation of the process.
Actually, I have to confess sometimes I like pissing people off. It can serve several purposes. Sometimes it can expose the person’s true self, and if that is deemed a negative, you may also find it is an excellent tool for severance.
So that Gay word -- well,if that keeps someone away, who has the greater loss?
Love & Hugs - Serena

sirusdogstar said...


it was mentioned here, that despite your very learned ways (i suppose this appeals to ego, at times?) you are a major piece of work.

i'll stand beside that comment, in spades.

to assist you, for i am nothing if not benevolent, i am basing this on the idea that you somehow took my biblical references personally.

... seriously out of context.

and that you thus inferred, in your swollen mind of ego and ultimate spiritual confusion, that i have issue with the gay experience.

that when i mentioned Judgement,
that it was in reference to gays,
when it is clear i was speaking of Jews.

am i wrong in this analysis?

further, one would truly have to be very spiritually advanced, to experience balanced life on earth as an androgynous being.

"Created in His own image."

your ongoing complete lack of perception in basic language concerning this particular subject negates any possibility there-in, of
awareness, realization, or enlightenment.

vis, and I can see. you do not.

evolve your lower issues, and then you will evolve as well. it is possible, but your mind is preventing this.

My dearest gay friend, after 7 futile years of chasing straight cock, finally admitted to my query of WHY? ... "We are practicing."

and that is all that one does until
understanding is reached.

God Bless you, and gain some weight,
dear boy, we worry about you, stickman.

Visible said...

As for the thing about Astrea, I was responding to the 'whole tone' of the comment, which was pretty stern and aggressive until it got light at the end. I've been a little abrupt lately and I'm trying to modulate that as I can. I think it might have something to do with the retrograde. It does tend to screw up communications when the god of communications 'appears' to be going backwards.

I don't have any resentments toward Astrea but I know of no person involved in same sex attractions that uses the word homosexual. I haven't heard it from them in decades. I've heard queer and gay. I know there are many who call themselves gay who don't like the word queer. I don't know what the solution is here is, except not to talk about them at all (grin). Anyway, I seldom ever do talk about them, I talk about the ones manipulating the dynamic... for some reason, I haven't been permitted to do that without it being labeled as talking about 'them' too.

Many, MANY thanks to the individual who listed the people running all of these organizations. Look at that list and the names. That says it all. It's a Tribe construct, period.

Sloth The Happy Mutant said...

I remember when gay meant being happy and phat was spelled with an f. My uncle was flaming like a 3$ bill but never said this is the way to be you must be gay as well. He was a kind, sweet, lovable person who was taken out by the AIDS. Gays be as flaming as some Elton John sunglasses or RuPaul in a pink zoot suit but don't try and force it on me. P.S. Lo Vizier I made a Kony 2012 internet meme on my parent's computer and saved Uganda. (hehe sarc)

Richie (Dana) said...


Ahoy Matie.

I confess I felt some loss in contemplating the possibility that you might disappear from these parts due to some foolish misunderstandings.

I have been personally enriched by your astute desertions for some time so I pleased to see you again.
Stay the course, my friend.


Anonymous said...

Vis --

Technically speaking, the closeted members of the power elite are faggots, as exemplified by their own sign for fascism which is a bundle of sticks tied by a rope with an ax in the middle. These sticks are and were called faggots and those that practiced the homosexual rites of Aries the Ram were properly called faggots.

The other "same sexers" without that ulterior political agenda are just that -- same sexers...


Caroline said...

Regarding the tribal leaders of gay groups: You are absolutely right Les, it is a tribe construct. Tribe members promote their young spawn early on and probably hebrew school to become leaders in groups to make sure their agendas are pushed in sheeps faces regardless of the groups initial mission. I remember as an undergrad at my college in California a female tribe member of hillel was pushing the Sudan agenda, about 6 years ago during an OChem class and what the two have in common I still don't know. She was promoting a fundraiser for awareness of the Sudan issue by encouraging fellow students to leave change on the sidewalk so they can pick it up as a money raising tactic. I made a comment to the group of people sitting around me I thought it was funny jews picking up change on the street to raise money, some got the irony but my professor didn't who heard it, which I think was why I ended up with a B+ instead of an earned A.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Search for truth...IS .NOT ..A PETTING ZOO...Peace... Love... Always...Maxwell

Anonymous said...

Vis --

As a further distinction, the Fascist warrior class of Aries used anal rape as a way of dominating and humiliating the enemy -- often anally raping the vanquished in order to symbolically steal their manhood i.e. using sex as a weapon so to speak.

Same sexers on the other hand seem to do it as a biological imperative in the pursuit of pleasure, or what they are programmed to think of as pleasure..


nina said...

Prejudices and social division are among the most powerful weaponry ever devised by the human mind, and therefore might not be of human creation at all.

Visible said...


Thank you for that. The song Fade Away is deeply felt by me and certainly relates to my life and struggles, as I seek to free myself from the murk.

I hardly ever heard anything about my songs during the time I was putting one up with each post so I just said, "Ah well, nobody seems to like them very much". Then I would note that hundreds (and over time many thousands) were streaming and downloading them.

It's kind like the radio shows, thousands download it each week but hardly anyone says anything. The lesson here is that I shouldn't assume I know what's going on, cause I don't.

I realize that I'm not a very good recording engineer; that is a problem and musically, I'm limited but... I enjoy singing so very much and I love to be able to sing the messages in the songs because it's been a long time since I've heard any consistency in artists singing about the deeper things.

The record companies don't like that and, after the 60's and 70's they have shut it down; creating monsters like Clear Channel and the corps that arrange all the tours.

So, I got a little discouraged about not hearing very much about the songs; which I thought I would at least hear about the message in them and I just walked away from it awhile ago.

I've got 7 or 8 albums waiting to be recorded and I have no motivation. I hope that comes back because I really do enjoy doing it more than anything else I do. I love it when I surprise myself with some arrangement or progression' Heh heh, I surprise myself everytime I actually complete one.

Astrea, if you are still reading in the thread and have not consigned me to the dustbin in your head, I would appreciate your cutting me a little slack with my outburst. For some reason, in recent days, I don't have the forbearance and patience that I usually have. My heavy Libra influence seems to be shielded at the moment.

I'll come out of it. I'm annoyed for some reason. I try to look at it positively, meaning that it must be being worked on. Whenever a shortcoming all of a sudden flares up I am aware that it has come under the lens and I am being shown things that will eventually assist in its 'no return ticket' departure. I wasn't really yelling at you anyway. I was yelling at the whole abysmal Tribe-language fascism dance; I didn't define that too well there but it will have to do.



Kray Z8 said...

Dog Poet,

Was going to post over at VO, but I see the thread has continued here, so...

The only universal gift we are given, besides life itself, is free will. Sentient awareness comes with the blessing/burden of CHOICE. Our entire lives are nothing more than a continuum of choices. We choose everything from our identities, to our perceptions and reactions, to our emotions (A friend once told me "No one can make you feel bad without your permission"). We choose our reality.

Judgements, opinions, viewpoints, beliefs, priorities, values, codes, doctrines, dogma are all volitional behavior. We can endlessly rationalize about influences, conditioning, manipulation, circumstances-beyond-our-control, etc., but at the end of the day it is we who've made our bed, and we who have to lie in it. We can neither escape making choices, or living (and dying) with the results of them. The Zen master Ku-Shan was asked "What is the basic object of investigation?". He replied "How one has gotten to such a state."

For people guided by the monkey mind to live a life of constant reactivity is understandable. For those who attempt to walk the path to do so is inexcusable. Choosing to commune with the Creator is the ultimate act of free will. In comparison, all other choices are incedental; they are based on incomplete data and illusionary evidence that our pseudo-reality presents to us. While us seekers may not understand the infinite ways of the Divine, we know It as the one constant in our existence. When it comes down to it, it's the only choice we can make that's not based on illusion.

As the days grow stranger and the world transforms all around us, we have to ask ourselves "What are my choices based on?".

Thank you, Vis, for keeping it real. Some of us need all the help we can get staying on track. Stay with it, please.

Thank you, Friends, for the resonance and eloquent expression of our communal thought. Keep howlin'!

Peace, Love, Fortitude,


Visible said...

I found this to be pretty amusing. and, what do you know? It's Tammy Faye Baker's twin sister. Having to wake up next to something like that is a payback from the divine for being a hypocrite and a thief, among other things.

poorrichard said...

It is true I have been getting kind of weird posting stuff like "What's the deal with DMT?" and those comments I made about aliens in back of the NWO.. and yet I believe it..


I have known about Manley P. Hall for 45 years... I have been to San Jose.. and back.

Visible said...


You're the first guy I think about when I wonder if anyone knows the way to San Jose.

What do we think about this?

Some years ago, I was blocking the grill in my restaurant on Maui, not paying attention, or someone distracted me by asking something and I ran my hand into the hot grease, deep enough so that it ran over the back of my hand.

I had an aloe plant outside the back door and after a quick rinse of my hand I went out and lathered my hand with the cactus slime. The pain rapidly diminished and several days later I noticed dozens of tiny white blisters on the back of my hand. Then they just went away.

poorrichard said...

Jeeze.. That was a nice antic dote..

I am living near Beziers, and probably within 100K of where you live.. during the winters..

I am heading back to the states for six months.. next Thursday...

One of these times you might invite me to join you on your radio show.. I am not bashful and will show up..

Provided I don't have to go fishing...

Love your writing and vibes. and who knows.. one of these years we might jam..

Anonymous said...

Sirius DogStar: The androgynous nature of Spirit is not at issue. Whether humans in the main have attunement to this reality can be questioned. Classical Greeks well understood the distinctions in their assignment of female and male qualities between the interactive affinities of Psyche and Eros.

One who assays to walk the Spirit Path remains attuned to the 'lower energies' as you term them, but perhaps, at least as the years advance, is not dominated and controlled by these energies. Such an outcome is, undeniably easier in a quiet environment surrounded by the natural world, rather than when one resides within the abstract human construct of urban and suburban life where those 'lower energies' may readily appear to the the crux of what can be perceived to be real in such an environment.

There are only the lessons of Love and Compassion which can be extracted as pure essence from the matrix dross of revealed religion and the so-called 'Holy" books of such religions. We have no historical or anthropological basis, outside of the strictures of such books, that would indicate any cultural aversion towards samesex experience. In other words, homophobia emanates from so-called 'scriptures' which are an artifact of power-hungry humans and not from the Divine.

When one assumes the capacity of being able to determine the spiritual context and status of another individual without the fullness of understanding available only to the ineffible; then it may be said that such a determination has the quality of the casting of judgement.

When the focus is on those factors which differentiate one from another rather than those areas of convergence; then we witness a tendency towards polarization and duality.

The opposite of love is not hatred. It is fear. Fear of otherness is the very root of the Caesarean practice of Divide and Conquer. Divide and Rule.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The Zen master Ku-Shan was asked "What is the basic object of investigation?". He replied "How one has gotten to such a state."

Without meaning to be boorish in remarking on an observation of a zen savant, I'd suggest the object of investigation might be, not so much how one arrived but how one might escape.

I'm friendly with one such Zen practitioner who encourages exchanges of ideas and concepts and routinely excuses any unintentional offense(s).

MiaBellezza said...

This Youtube video might address the quandary between some here, Paradox & the Mystical Mind by paradoxman, in terms of our different perspectives, what roles we are playing and he addresses the contradictions at hand. Are we indeed to just live in the light of love and not address these issues at hand and not hold those accountable?

Anonymous said...

Let's engage in a bit of cage- rattling number crunching, shall we?

THer are 7,000,0000,000 people on the planet. There are 30, 000,000 Jews. That comes out to 0.428%

Not even 1 freakin' per cent.

About 2% of the population is gay. Gay jews constitute 2% of 0.428% of humanity. That's 600,000 gay Jews. In the entire world.

Out of 7,000,000,000. Of those 600,000 gays Jews, perhaps only in 100 are directly intrumental in controlling and pusing the soul-destroying 'agenda' against civilization(not counting the kne-jerk gutless sycophants).

So, you're looking at about 6,000 assholes making life difficult for everyone else.

More Risible

Visible said...

Well geezoflip Richard, I wish you had said something earlier, since that puts me in a kind of dilemma, being as I'm going to be away for a couple of days on a retreat. Well, I'm not actually retreating so much as marshaling my forces and, I should add that you are actually a thousand kilometers from where I am because I lie about where I am, for the purpose of obfuscation (grin) as well as staying true to the Les Visible motif.

You are extremely welcome, both here (if here I be on your return) and on the radio show; I rather like this evenings presentation, mentioning it in passing.

My retreat has no impact on my presence here as my notebook accompanies me and wifi is ubiquitous. I love the incredible public baths they have here (probably makes me suspect- grin) and those environments provide an idyllic setting for me that harkens back to pristine eras of millenniums ago. Nothing purifies my consciousness and sets me more at ease than gliding about in mineral waters and soaking in saunas and steam. Meanwhile, I always meet interesting people.

Get in touch upon your return, provided there is world remaining. I mention Languedoc because that location calls me often, due to the mysteries of the Cathars and such.

Stickman; you are absolutely right that fear is the opposite of love and I often seek to make that point. They cannot coexist in the same space. One displaces the other.

Anonymous said...

Stickman @7:02

You assumne that J. Edgar Hoover hated his homo self.

More a case of Hoover hating anyone not like him--privilaged, educated, WASP. He knew who he was and he sure didn't have as problem making that clear to whoever cross his path. He would have just as big a bastard if he was living with a woman for 35 years instead of a man.

More Risible

sirusdogstar said...

my singular man removed from the motif of overtly borish bunch:


Is not Love and Judgement the two hands of God?

I remain, in your service.

And fully devoid of opposites.


Anonymous said...

If people don't like your stuff or wording then maybe they shouldn't be reading it. It's not for everyone.

Kray Z8 said...

Anonymous via Homer...

No offense taken, and might I submit that, like Yin and Yang, both the arrival and the escape are revealed through investigation.

Peace, Love, Perception,


gurnygob said...

Some weeks past, I called my youngest daughter a "twat." I was jesting with her for saying something silly. She hit a beamer, got cross with me and walked off huffing so I called after her, "Mary, don't be such a twat, what's the matter." I only realised my mistake when my eldest daughter informed me that the word "twat" does not mean what it used to. I felt like a real twat after that.

I had a gay day today with my wife and daughter and her boy friend. My three grandchildren were here and they too had a gay day. Rosie and Lucy (our dogs) had a wild gay time in the back yard. Yes, it was a very gay day today. I like being gay. My best friend Joe was not gay today but I am hoping to change all that. I hope that he will be gay tomorrow.

Have a gay day.


onething said...

When I was a kid gay meant happy and a pussy was a cat or a willow.

Just sayin.

And, lesbians are homosexuals.

onething said...


Not sure how you can say that God loving everyone is a Judeo Christian lie. I certainly agree that if one reads the "Holy" Bible one is clearly impressed to the point of nausea and beyond, with the fact that its God is quite full of hate (and vengeance and so on).
I can't figure out where you're coming from.

Vis, why are your songs not available any more on the site? I listened to several a while back and would like to find them again. Also, I might miss them here.
I went back and found I Need More Light and listened to it about three times.
I'm not computer literate. Am I able to save your songs?

questioning said...

alan cantwell is not entirely wrong about the AIDS "epidemic", but it was a combination of many factors and none to do with a shitty little collection of DNA/RNA/Protein fragments ostensibly called "HIV". google "Help for HIV" "Office of Medical and Scientific Justice" "Shillfactor" "NewAIDSreview", "House of Numbers" and follow the links. You will realize the whole paradigm edifice is totally corrupted and worthless.

gurnygob said...

Les why don't you stick your hand in a fire and then ring the Burn Doctor and see if it works. I would do it myself but I think it would be better if you did it. Besides, no one would believe me. Let me know how you get on.

Ah, just a precautionary note, in case it doesn't work, I would suggest having a first aid box nearby!

Love you.


Richie (Dana) said...


You seem to have articulated very nicely an idea that was running around in my head.
I am going to try this word to help explain, Dispassionate.

Definition of DISPASSIONATE: not influenced by strong feeling; especially : not affected by personal or emotional involvement (a dispassionate critic)(a dispassionate approach to an issue)

Think about this word relative to “real life”.
How much do you value your identity? Are you aware that identity is always connected to Institution? (Always, no exceptions!).

How do we see our identity? (Insert here every mind separation word you have been subjected to via programming your entire life. (Racial, sexual, religious, etc.).

It is always your self-indentity with the movie that presents difficulties.
To compound things, an online identity would be a world within a world which are both fake in a certain sense.

As we know it is all about “identities” and separation, then it stands to reason that we must reject all such notions. In other words….If we have no strong feelings about these things……..then we do not identify with a “side” or start pasting “labels” on things or beings.

It is not that I do not care about these things at all. I see them for what they are worth and that happens to be much less, than the importance of the being that I am looking at, and most importantly, the Divine.
One thing only, is completely resistant to separation in any sense.

When connection to the Divine is granted, all doubt and confusion are erased.

All things are decided by the One.

It is an aberration that we are influenced to practice this. This is not the mind of God and represents the evil so present in these times.

I am dispassionate about the apparent “realities” that surround us.
I am very passionate regarding the ineffable Divine influence that is within.

I am just going to rub the “Smoke” from the top right corner of Visible’s Smoking Mirror in the hopes that something that I said here makes a little sense, when things are seen for what they are.


gurnygob said...

The Burn Doctor.

Joking aside, I followed a few links or more on the Burn Doctor and, well, I don't know what to make of him. He describes his gift as a sixth sense although he can teach others to do the same. He is the one with the key, so to speak. Anyway, there is no point in me trying to explain it; here is a link that may help. Don't know if you have seen this or not.


Pete said...

I've always seen the ascendancy of homosexuality as the manifestation of thanatos in the collective consciousness. Along with emaciation being held up as a form of beauty, (and many, many other elements of this dying epoch) homosexuality is anti-life. Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad. Read "The lament of Hermes, letter to Aesclipeus" and cue "The End" by the Doors. Referencing Ted Bundy,the ascendancy of homosexuality in a society is motivated by the same force which impels serial killers to become careless and get caught. It is a suicide of sorts.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Thanks for the music, Vis. It's more of a gift than you can imagine. "Fade Away" (I keep playing it over and over) is more relevant to me at this moment than the writing. I'd love to fade away but curiosity keeps me here ... for now. I wonder if that heart will reject Darth Cheney's body? I hope so.

neal said...

OK. So those sounds, that kind of ties in with retrograde, in the sense of the hills are alive with sounds of birthing, but the resonance seems like backward masking, because at this stage of what you call the Kali Yuga, it is a breech birth of the Avatar, whatever name you remember.

That is for the purpose of backwards head first, so the feet are the first to manifest, for purposes of cleaving, and winnowing, and cutting way past whatever bones matter, and don't.

It only seems backwards because avatistic Time is beginning to once again become truly forwards, and most human senses have to remember what reality really does for a living.

If you hear those sounds, look up and pay what attention has been given, you may be given something that is just for you.

Did you think The Creator walking in the Garden was just some metaphor? Yes, and No. We do not make the rules, although some have tried various improvements, that is always falling here and there, until it really starts up again, like mostly now, in this place.

And gayness, that is what was once special, and twin souls, but like a lot of special things, has become not attractive, just repulsive, given the days. I miss when everything was not mostly retrograde, but that is not then any longer, mostly, for now.

Anonymous said...

1) have you read the books by Arthur Guirdham -
The Cathars and Reincarnation - and
We Are One Another

2) re: songs - have you considered that maybe you aren't 'famous' for your music because the Divine is protecting you (look what happened to Elvis) still laughing
over Bad Dogs....

3)You gave the impression that you
don't like your original name -
I thought a crook was an instrument
of the Divine for hoiking back lost sheep

enjoy your bath
love and peace

Anonymous said...

I know a little pussy,

Her coat is silver grey,

She lives down in the meadow,

Not very far away.

Although she is a pussy,

She'll never be a cat,

For she's a pussy willow,

Now what do you think of that?

Anonymous said...

Go to Ben Fulford's blog then follow the link to Youtube. I don't know what to say about these series of videos.

Anonymous said...


i found a hardcover 1970's edition of arthur guirdhams's book (great 70's graphic cover -- yellows and blues) at the now defunct bodhi tree bookstore in los angeles (the used book annex) where all sorts of treasures once lay. what an amazing book! introduced me to the history of the cathars and that region of france. i loved when learned scholars used to write books just for the purpose of sharing knowledge and not as product to be marketed...guirdham resides in that league.

liz in babylon

Anonymous said...

Your assumption of what "the family unit" is is the first glaring part of your piece. You cannot claim there is a war on the family going on if you haven't laid out your definition of what you think a family is supposed to look like. Here's a little help from an international source (

"68.7% of American Youth are living in non-traditional families
7 out of 10

23.3% living with biological mother (Stepfamily Association)
4.4% lviing with biological father (Stepfamily Association)
1% Foster Families (U.S. Census Bureau)
3.7% living with non-relatives (U.S. Census Bureau)
6.3% living with grandparents (AARP - U.S. Census Bureau)"

These stats have not changed significantly from the census in the late 1890's, sir,

Now, if you want to talk about the rampant abuse of children that is going on on the planet, then you are standing on solid ground. Children have been victims of violence of all kinds from disturbed adults for eons and that, indeed, does need to stop. There is no proof that a child in their own home is not undergoing the same amount of abuse as they are in foster care. Your stance that the abuse of children is "destroying the family" really comes out of the archaic notion that a man's "family" is really his possession.

Please also read a very interesting book called, "feminist family therapy," by Deborah Leupnitz. In it, she examines how the idea of the family unit is quite contextual to the needs of the culture in which one finds it. She looks at a number of different cultures in different eras and, indeed, the structure of the family in 15th century belgium is quite different than the one we have today, or one in 17th century Italy.

So, I think you need to do some more thinking before you make only half-informed statements like "they are destroying the family unit."

Oh, yes, and you do reveal your bias around homosexuality by calling it "a condition." If you wouldn't call heterosexuality a condition, then don't apply it to gays either - that would be a neutral, unbiased stance. It is certainly interesting to note that almost all enlightened beings on the planet have been or are androgynous - not too attached to the labels or behaviors.
30% living in Stepfamilies ** (Stepfamily Association)

As you can see, "family"

Visible said...

Ah darn it, you made no point whatsoever but you will keep motoring on in defense of what you want to be real. My position on the matter has stated many times; we all go through it. It's a big feature of the Kali Yuga and I don't like politicization of sexual mores. It's got nothing to do with where you put your dick. It's about something else, but you're far too invested to pay any fucking attention in the first place. I don't have to define jackshit and if I did I wouldn't go to compromised bean counters for my statistics. Do you need the web address for Vanity Fair magazine online? Somehow you got lost and wound up here. I'd like to help you out. Which way did you come in?

Richie (Dana) said...

Futhermore, wayward one.....

Spewing stats about a fucked up system in no way argues that what we see around us is "normal" or correct. To make an analogy.......Just because a certain segment of the human society are freaking parasites who steal from others and create a slave state, does not make it right, even if they "got away with it" for a thousand years.

All the fucking bean counting in the world will not change the fact that something is very wrong here.

Intelligent regurgitation of current facts does not equal wisdom.
Go and play somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Needless entanglement in Santorum - yeah, there are those of us who remember what the sensible gay population included as Santorum word meaning in the lexicon - that sometime frothy mix.....

Anyways, Hinduism has always recognized them as the third sex, Arjuna's little stint at the palace of the Matsyas nothwithstanding. Vatican - that abomination of the desolation, with its martial arm - the Black Pope - General Adolfo Nicholas, succeeding Hans Van Kolvenbach - therefore has made it abundantly clear that under no circumstances will they ever recognize this caegory as the third sex. Bravo Adolfo - (former chief Jesuit Military Strategist in East Asia, and from Spain.) The only person hitting the nail on the head nowadays is Henry Makow and hios calling out of the destruction of the Native an Buddhist cultures of Japan and more important thier racial progenitors - Korea.

Adolfo Nicholas last great visit was to the jungles of India - in Jamshedpur Bihar, seat of the Guptas - where - ahem - much progress has been made according to jesuit watch

Right in step with the Blood Oath of the Jesuis and the Knights of Malta and Columbus:

Ever wonder why the UN General is from South Korea and now the President of the world Bank - yay KPOP!

But then again, just when I thought that the Talmudists and the johny-come-lately cult that is non-sufi Islam were unrivalled in their God-sanction murder of the innocents, I come across Luke 19:27

Luke 19:27 But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

As this wont do, let us console ourselves with Arrhius Piso's lovables woks of fiction :


With the frustated ojas and insatiable redundant enegy, with all the subtlety of the Protocols of Bourg-Fontaine, and the subsequent Protocols of the Elders of Zion, of these stateless athiest Jesuits - there is no end to what they will unleash on the world.

So that just leaves us back with the Vedas and Vis here.


Anonymous said...

Oh those not familiar with the
the stellar qualifications of the current World Bank President or the satanic core of Dartmouth College in the badlands of New Hampshire - here:


Ray B. said...

Em (M. Rocknest), Monday, March 26, 2012 4:58:00 AM

"Darth Cheney..." I love it.


Phantom, Monday, March 26, 2012 11:20:00 AM

"I thought a crook was an instrument of the Divine for hoiking back lost sheep..."

How profound! We find the ineffable messing with Vis once more (grin).


liz in babylon, Monday, March 26, 2012 4:49:00 PM

"I loved when learned scholars used to write books just for the purpose of sharing knowledge and not as product to be marketed..." Just so.


Visible, Sunday, March 25, 2012 10:11:00 PM

"What do we think about this?" (

There are plenty of anecdotes about how an advanced practitioner (physically present or not) can 'hold a space' of healthy body, healthy tissue, etc., for a client that does not allow the altered reality to 'take root', so to speak. That may be why speed is emphasized. Once the 'manifestation' has occurred, it is tougher.

On a slightly deeper level, I hope the practitioner does a healing on the 'root cause' of the incident, as well. Otherwise, this hidden aspect of the client will try to 'bring out' what was needing to be exposed, in some new way.

If this person is legit, he/she is very brave. (Or protected.) The dark side used to go after this type in a hurry, given the implications...

Best Wishes to All,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Another excellent essay. Love ya Les. You are dead on about homosexuality as kundalini attaching to the material. Homosexuality is not a curse on the culture as many believe, but a curse FROM the culture and our culture is materialistic, vain, vapid, greedy, etc. Yeah, Cheney got definitely got Ted Bundy's heart, which will be an improvement for him since he never had a heart. Astrea -- honey I get ya about words being manipulated to change conscious, but Les is just using a writing style and we can assume that those who read this blog have that knowledge already. Keep coming back, Les is awesome!

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

Me thinks sometimes in your boredom that you take some perverse delight in stirring up a shit storm (grin) and then sit back with your K pipe and laughing your ass off at the ensuing donkey rodeo.

Keep up the good work…. Can now spot your titles when ever I come across one your links on the web.

Happy to report the Lab metal work is coming along fine.


Anonymous said...

and now a poem:

Twas chilly, in the slippery groves
The queens slept corked betwixt the knaves
All creatures left the strawberry's in droves
And frost froze them in a loving daze.

"Beware Sir Dragon Frost, my girl
The fire he breathes from his icy lair
Beware the call of love's new pearl
All the naked freeze when bare.

She took her twinkly lazer gun
thermal charged by solar flare
The little faery craved some fun
And flitted into the dragon's lair

And, as she climbed the white snow fell
The Dragon Frost could smell her smell
Came breathing fire in one big swell
And the mountain went a shaken!... Well?

One, two she screwed and slewed
The ice mounds turned to mud
Her ray gun fired, he fell below
Made a river of his blood.

"Hast thow thawed Sir Dragon Frost?
Come to my bosom, "my angel girl"
O' gayest faery, wherefore the cost
Whilst, she turned into a pearl.

T'was the god of serpent foolery
With the warmth of crystal fire
All dragons are just faery bait
to make you freeze and spire

T'was chilly, in the slippery groves
The queens slept corked between the knaves
All creatures left the strawberry's in droves
And frost froze them in a loving daze.

Have a great day!


Visible said...

Sov, you don't smoke K, you insufflate it or you IV it, like John Lilly; I don't play with needles so...

I should mention, given your industry with the external chemical approach that there is more than one way to make the yellow pyramid in the Turkish saddle vibrate; yes?

I'm only speaking from the pineal aspect. I've accomplished this. It's a blessing and a curse and the curse end only applies to the times one has it happen in. Since the condition is eternal, it's a small price to pay going through the motions until the weather changes.

Anonymous said...

GTRMAN says :

If there is an inscrutable , invisible elite that forms
the controlling capstone of the world domination agenda , hats off ! ;

they are doing an incredibly good job of making it all seem very gay , and very jewish .

Gregory F. Fegel said...

gurneygob: I try to remember not to wear my thongs in public anymore. Men my age are expected to wear sandals instead.

whatever said...

Again, Les, you show your humility. I SO can feel your pain. This Mercury retrograde thing must be the key. i was at a small dinner party two weeks ago with friends (hosting) that I knew and guests (only 2) that I didn't. I had had a few drinks and am known for a salty mouth, but right at the end of dinner I must have used the adjective "fucking" to describe something. i.e. "That was fucking awesome dinner." I was asked to leave as a result. I tried, to no avail, to defend the adjective, to no avail. I was totally miffed. I am 57 and the hosts and guests were all about my age. I have beaten myself up over it for the last two weeks, as has my wife who agreed with the hosts. FUCK! Words are my friend and sometimes there are no better words than your friends. i saw the post about your use of "gay". How gay was that?


Anonymous said...

anon 4:17

not getting any play on that either, as the blog is still superficially entrenched in 'orientation' mode.

Anonymous said...


You remind me that Cheney waited for Mercury to go retro to acquire a heart. I for my part am convicned that critter was born without such an organ or acquired a plastic pump shortly after birth. Better late than never, I guess, but just think of what could go wrong! What if the reptilian gene rejects the human gene. I give him two weeks before he will disappear again at some undisclosed location... only this time it will be permanent. This is assuming they executed some poor Chinese dissident to obtain this organ and import it via Haifa, Isreal and the University of Chicago. On the other hand, maybe they extracted it from a hybrid clone two miles below Denver airport, provided that installation still exists after last year's seismic...errr... nuclear event in the underground tunnel between DC and Denver.

Truthseeker said...

I just wanted to say your links in this article were great - specifically the one regarding the male prostitution ring. I couldn't stop following links and reading. I have passed it on in many Facebook forums. I thought it was stunning and have no recollection of these events. I appreciate being educated and enlightened and I too stumbled upon your blog and became hooked. I don't always agree but mostly succumb to being absorbed in your expression of your truth. Thanks.

Visible said...

Whatever, fuck those people, that is the height of rude to jump on someone who is using an expletive to give praise. I'd let them know that I didn't consider them my sort of people and that there was a good chance you might not be able to fully enjoy your life if you were around them.

Astraea Goddess of Justice said...

Just for posterity there are at least two Astraeas on the internet. The Astraea who commented above on this post is not me. I usually sign Astraea Goddess of Justice but not always; sometimes just Astraea.

Anonymous said...

Hi les,

you say kennedy man stepped on the fed..

well I say he was going to spill the beans on what is really going on.. who'se really in charge??
that guy all dressed in white maybee??


VJ said...

Sovereignty said...

Judge Viz:

Me thinks sometimes in your boredom that you take some perverse delight in stirring up a shit storm (grin) and then sit back with your K pipe and laughing your ass off at the ensuing donkey rodeo.

Monday, March 26, 2012 10:31:00 PM

If you're insinuating the idea of someone manipulating others for their own small ends then I'm afraid I don't share your amusement... but as long as YOU'RE happy that's the important thing. lol


0'Mel said...

As spiritual beings, we are androgynous by nature. As extended expressions of the ineffable Creator, we are even as individuals, both female and male. Samesex attraction is at root expressive of our androgynous inner reality.

Dear stickman,

Pardon me for making disagreement or if I'm misunderstanding your statement, but your comment on androgyny got the rusty ol' gears in my abstract cubist head joyfully rotating...

I don't see samesex attraction as an expression of (or connected with) our androgynous soul nature in any way because androgyny is, by definition, neither male nor female. So even if we express ourselves sexually with someone of the same sex, we are still acknowledging gender or a preference for it; my understanding is that demonstrating a preference for gender's the antithesis of androgyny and also not a true, undiluted expression of spirit. And, as others have commented, acknowledging any categories or labels which only serve to create division within and without, is opposed to our soul essence because soul is beyond categorical thought, beyond definition.

It seems one of our primary challenges as beings of energy manifested in a physical reality is to find a balance and reconcile all these opposites we are continually faced with in life - not a simple task by any means! If only we would all work to nurture and encourage the pure expression of spirit in one another, perhaps many of our conflicts - internal and external - would disappear. The question that arises then, is HOW does one encourage others on this matter? Especially when we're being pulled in so many different directions.

But I'm always open to being wrong about anything and everything(!), lest I succumb to extreme hubris (and ego attachment), attacking or totally dismissing anyone who opposes anything I say as they'll never realize how right I always am and how wrong they always are because I have a monopoly on truth... How dare those people.

warm wishes,


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

The Sweet Swinging Ineffable.

Visible said...

Sovereignty; Methinks you project too much. I've no idea what you're talking about but if I catch the gist, all I can say is that I don't operate that way in no shape or form, so it's projection and K is not ingested through a pipe. I think I already responded to something similar recently. I've got flaws but that's not one of them. I don't cat and mouse.

Anonymous said...

pierre said.. mm maybe my comments are not getting through again, Ill save them locally and email if they dont.

on Fukushima
Arnie Gundersen (nuclear (engineer) activist) brought home 20 soil samples
more or less randomly taken from Tokyo, took them back (legally) to the US, analysed them. they ALL would
qualify as radiocative waste in the USA. and is this being reported anywhere by our responsible, advert worthy, MSM? the question is rhetoric.
The good news? anti nuclear activist
Helen Caldicott
will come back to her homeland, Australia, if the tilting #4 fuel pool falls down and Tokyo is evacuated (I suspect it will not be, as it will not be reported either)

♫Oh What a Feeling, TEPCO♫ , et al

.. pierre

ps I usually hotlink a web link , but now the google bot is disallowing any http links. highlight and drag to browser tab bar

Anonymous said...

Wow, Les. You always hold up a mirror to me, and help me see where I am taking the focus off of my own character and putting it on others.
You always remind me to remember my own responsibility and let go of blame. I am so grateful for my life and the times we are living in. Wonderful, healing times!

Paul Von said...


Boom! One of your most lucid posts, and I've read quite a few of yours. Glad to see you back on whatever saddle you rode in on.

Best regards,
Paul Von

wiggins said...

"Priscilla......." Terence Stamp in drag....pure bona.



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