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Kony 2012 Cuts the Chuck E. Cheese.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

As the reader well knows, I've mentioned my invisible friends more than once and more than once, I have mentioned that I was told that 'someone' was going to show up right in the middle of these creeps who are doing all of the nasty shit and expose them and do it in an ingeniously humiliating and convincing manner. Well now, what do we have here? Given this fellows comment about wanting to have nine more children with his wife, maybe we can assume he was doing nothing more than rehearsing for that eventuality. Meanwhile, the truth goes viral, as a counteraction to the bullshit already having gone viral. Can I get an Amen?

As pointed out in the recent Visible Origami, the problem, negatively impacting on all of us is laid out here in terrific cogency with all attendant brevity by the inimitable James Petras. Then we get George Clooney and his dad at the Sudanese embassy and you will note, after his father speaks, that the guy on the right pops in and says, “If the words, 'never again' mean anything...”; uh huh. Who is that guy? I know who he works for, I just don't know who he is. He looks a little shoehorned in to me and the looks on Clooney's and his father's face look a little interesting as well. I don't want to take away from George Clooney's sincerity on the matter but as to who is behind whatever is happening that they wish was not happening, well, I'd ask the shoehorn guy; not that I would expect a truthful answer but... so it goes.

The world has begun to go topsy turvy and this is being exhibited like runaway teenage acne, in various established locations, of formerly sacrosanct heartland enterprises. When squeeze comes to crush, it's no time to have your nose stuck in a bottle of Rush. Anyway, by now we know, all you got to do is follow the money. Consonant with that, backlash is coming to an airport near you soon. You remember those cartoons, with the red eyes staring out of the forest? Well, now we know whose eyes those are. That ought to do it for the links, except for the strange curiosity of things like this. Wouldn't you think there would be some kind of a communication device inside that thing or a handle on the inside; some kind of alarm? I could here list many, many strange events taking place in these times, to add even greater weight to the 'strange days have found us' phenomena but that's for you to peruse at your leisure, on your own time.

All of this tends to clarify the uncertainties and confusions I have been feeling of late. Of course, they don't actually clarify anything. They just confirm that there may be reasons for it all. I've my own theories about the whole affair but we'll probably just have to see what we see, when the time comes to see it.

I'm not amused (well, maybe a little) or entertained by what's been going on but I must say that it is comforting to have so many of the things I have been told, confirmed by conditions and events as they surface and occur. It's something to hang on to in this crazy atmosphere of; 'what could possibly happen next'? That's the thing about being on the receiving end of something you can't see. Rational doesn't always apply. That's a good thing for those of us who live at the corner of Irrational and Inexplicable. Of course we have neighborhood watch but it's probably not what you're used to.

We're talking about total exposure here and Biden is talking about impeachment. He's probably heard all he wants to hear about Johnathan Pollard by now. That bring us to the mind-blowing arrogance of those who are being exposed, who just motor along with 'Segway Naked' tattooed on their chests and rear ends. I can't figure out if they're running scared with Roy Orbison or cool, calculated and indifferent to the consequences, because they don't think there are any. It's got to be some kind of psychedelic Mardi Gras behind the scenes. Any minute now, I expect to see Lloyd Blankfein, coming down Wall Street, on a motorized skateboard, dressed in a pink tutu, with a big sign talking about doing god's work. He mot certainly is but not in any way he ever intended it to be.

The gates of Hell seem to have opened and cartoon devils are tripping all over the landscape looking for banker booty and backdoor, politician romance. They had it all where they wanted it. They have never in the history of the world had such a large body of terminally stupid, deluded and deceived people. They'd already stolen more than they could ever spend. They had the police outfitted with cyborg riot gear. They had the military in place, all over the world and they could have just put the whole thing on cruise control and rolled on into the East Rutherford sunset that they were kind enough to provide us with but, oh no, it wasn't enough and it's never enough. Now, just like that, it's all too much.

It's day to day and week to week and I do believe this is St. Patrick's Day. One more dead drunk, transplanted, alcoholic holiday to fittingly celebrate the end of the world as we know it and, of course, you feel fine. Yeah, that'll do me Koot Hoomi. Here's what you're dealing with. It seems calculated and controlled, beyond rhyme, reason or effective reaction. It's been delineated and illustrated by writers, philosophers and many others for a long time now. You see it in action in the moment and you know it's been a long time coming. It can be very intimidating, when you realize how much thought and effort has been put into getting it where it is. Can it be affected? Can it be altered? Can it be done away with and by whom? These are all good questions. They move through our minds to the soundtrack of soundbites by people like Henry Kissinger (will he never leave?) who continues to croak like a Bufo Toad from that Monsanto engineered lily pod, in the polluted swamp that has bred so many like him from Talleyrand to Metternich, to Disraeli, from Rothschild to Rockefeller, from here to the no there, there, ♫private thighs are crushing you, private thighhhhhhhs, yeah♫

I don't know how this all winds up but I can't see it turning into 1984 at a later date. It can get like that in certain coordinates, where the collective makes the drama possible, in the minds of those open to anything, at the hands of anyone but in other places it will only be a movie, a rumor or an echo from down below. One thing we know but which they ain't saying, is that there is dissension in the ranks. The truly irredeemable and corrupt, are using every means at their disposal, to keep their minions in the ranks but that appears not to be working very well. The heartbreak of psoriasis, is attaining plague status. The commercial is now your regularly scheduled programming.

There's just so much damn information. 90% of it is an outright lie. They're putting on a bold front but like Vincent Price, after things went dreadfully wrong in that fly experiment, if you lean your head down close enough to the underbrush, you can hear a small human voice crying, “help me, help me”. It's probably Hillary Clinton and not Vincent Price but that's as it should be.

Like I said, it's day to day and week to week at this point. The serial killer drop zones in the ice plants will be a theme park soon enough. Obviously they have to keep on pushing. If they stand still they're in deep trouble. I don't know what to tell you. Stay frosty and keep your distance.

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Mouser said...

Intelligent and entertaining post. Very appreciated as political commentary of our terminal times.

Week to week and day to day. The whole Kony 2012 ruse was propaganda for US Africom to go into Africa and steal oil. Humanitarian concern? Yea like Hilarious bombing civilians in Libya for peace.

I actually want to see Russia and China kick USreal and Zatos ass not because I am pro Russian or Chinese but because I am so bloody fed up of the zio main stream media lies.

I want zionism defeated and it has now reached a point I no longer care by who.

No, I don't want war, I want peace. I am anti-war. There can never be peace as long as <2% of the world continually foments disharmony, oppression and murder.

The zionists - in every single form, not Kony, need to be stopped any and everywhere they exist around the world.

I believe the zionists are the Synagogue of Satan mentioned by Jesus in the book of Revelations.

There can be no peace until they are neutralized completely.

Illuminati Agenda said...

"I do believe this is St. Patrick's Day. One more dead drunk, transplanted, alcoholic holiday..." - Indeed, 'sup up' people...

Visible said...

Here is something special. from our good friend Mohammad Hasan Sultan. I guarantee it's a new take on an ancient truth, the like of which has probably not been seen by 99% of you. Marvel at and enjoy it. That's an order. "Yes sir! Visible, Sir! Can I have another, Sir"?

Visible said...

Well Allison, you keep making our day so, things are just what they should be.

Ben said...

Vis, All,

A hearty and heartfelt Amen!

I'm still chuckling over the Kissinger / Bufo Toad comparison.

I esteem Bufo Toads, they do precisely what God tells them to do. I suppose the same could be said for Kissinger, however, I have only a deep loathing for him.

I've been wondering the last few days (ever since the khazar Greg Smith publicly bailed out of Goldman); are these people finally starting to sense that what used to work for them is no longer working?

Are people like Michael "Son of Satan" Chertoff, Dershowitz, Bernanke, the two Liebermans, Emmanuel, Neyanyahu, et al et al dimly sensing that what used to work is not working quite like it used to? Are they and their fellow travelers starting to ponder that perhaps their time is coming to an end, that they have collectively "fulfilled the transgressions" and they might soon be required to step off the stage?

I don't know about them. As for me, I most definitely sense that their age is almost over. We're right on the edge of that ending age and I have to believe that many many people see it and, those that don't see it, at least sense that something is different.

It's been some time since I have gotten angry over their antics... more lately I can only shake my head and wonder if any of them realize just how royally screwed they are.

By the way, I'm left-handed as well and probably fully ambidextrous. My second grade teacher, Mrs. Gordon (may God bless her), tied my left thumb to a belt loop so that I would learn to write with my right hand (this at a rural North Carolina school in the early 1960's). Me and another lefty went through that; in this day and age some might call it barbarous but it certainly enabled me to use any tool or implement with either hand equally well. Looking back, it never occurred to me to even tell my parents about this... teachers had full authority in those days to do what they thought best for those in their charge (which of course, some abused, but not Mrs. Gordon).

Visible said...

I don't know if it is still the case in China but it used to be that it was not permitted to be left handed.

Anonymous said...

nothing better, as always, than Visible's works!

seems like the flood-gates been opened wide:

"Johann Hari: How Goldman (sachs) gambled on starvation
Speculators set up a casino where the chips were the stomachs of millions."

"The president (a man) of a Texas Planned Parenthood was arrested ... after exposing himself to ... (an unnamed) 43-year-old man."


Anonymous said...

Once again, another fine song. If I remember right, "I'll find love some morning, when love comes for me and my coffin is opened and I am set free." Wow!


I saw Yogi Fred the other day. He was asking about you. I told him you were a master of the universe now. He gave me that Fred smile and said he wasn't surprised.

Visible said...

Well heck, at least it looks like he's doing his part in not contributing to over-population (grin).

Copernicus Kidd said...

Hello Friendly Visible! I'm feeling great lately and it seems like you are too! Good writing and good fun. I've been grooving on your work very much lately, so much so that I read "what you read" via the links in the right hand margin. I especially enjoy that Robert Phoenix fellow with his astrology and good humor. (I am still planning to listen to the interview you did with him a little while back.) So I've also taken to the little wormholes that Mr. Nobody carves out in his zen wood block. He seems to be full of good questions and a certain level of humility which we all can appreciate. So what do I see today in the right hand margin? An apparent challenge - or maybe even a "calling out" addressed to "Les". Strange, why challenge someone so inconspicuous and someone who links to your own blog? (i immediately get a little Madcow effect, but decide to read on.) So it seems he takes issue with your Rivero association (fair enough, we all know that Mikey keeps things on the illusory material plane for mundane scientific allegiances - that has its place, surely) but then mr nobody claims that you don't attack the Satanists enough (grin) and that you're kinda hippy dippy and you also like the mystical Blavatsky spheres, oh ... and your history ... oh and you sometimes indulge in comestibles ... oh and where does the money come from? And all this God talk is downright cultish (theres nothing good about cults, you know? oh besides cult-ure). So what to make about this? I suppose they are all valid questions, but is this nobody really so shallow to get hung up on this? He seems to go for the "deep sage" outlook, but why is he getting so hung up on personality and history when he's the Tao man? (The madcow vibe is deeper now.) And to pick on your stream of consciousness writing style as if thats a tell of darker machinations .... poor taste. Some of us "get it" but that doesn't make us victims of your MKULTRA cultra mantra ... or does it? The whole thing seems silly, and I'm kinda sad that I spent so much time in his wormholes trying to tease the thing out. My main concern was "why is this guy going after Vis?" Oh .. thats why ... they're all after Vis, cuz he cuts to the bone. And for someone that purports to analyze your comments section profusely, he still adresses you as "Les" - - - all your friends know that that is no way to call a Vis :) So maybe do this fellow a favor and set him straight, or maybe not. I think Prabhupada said to be VERY wary of impersonalists. My own experience has shown just how dangerous that path can be ... and while Lao Tse knew much, I think many of his devotees get a little stir crazy in their loneliness. Hare Krsna, and much LOve friend. Be GOOD!

Visible said...

Thank you for that Copernicus. I'll do him a favor and make some necessary changes that he is probably to shy to ask me for. I'll get right on it. Odd that he says I don't get on the Satanists as much as he wants me to.I mention them frequently.

Much love.

Vis (grin)

Patrick V1.0 said...

It is well publicized that both George Clooney and Angelina Jolie are proud members of the Council on Foreign Relations(CFR).The kind of foreign relations this group practices are of a non consensual sexual nature and is composed of some of the preeminent neocon assclowns on the planet including the Bufo Toad.

I always thought Clooney was a bitchin Vampire killer in the movie "From Dusk till Dawn". The plot of the movie is described as follows "Two criminals and their hostages unknowingly seek temporary refuge in an establishment populated by vampires, with chaotic results." .

Art imitating life ?

Forget about stocking up on precious metals folks. A pocket full of CEC's Wack A Mole tokens thrown wildly in the air can easily distract a rushing mob while you make your escape.

Anonymous said...

Left-handed people are in their right mind and there's only 2 kinds of people in the world; those who are left-handed and those who wish they were. yuk,yuk. That's for all the times I heard, "How can you write like that??" when people observed me writing with my left hand. :)

Anonymous said...

"Corporate media have obediently stuck to the official US damage-limitation line that one 'rogue' sergeant carried out the murders of 16 people, including 9 children, totally ignoring eye-witness reports of a group of drunken laughing Americans."

Just like the eye-witnesses at the youth camp in Norway who confirmed multiple shooters killed the 75 youth on the island.

Just like the eye-witnesses who confirmed explosions prior to WTC7 being demolished.

F*ck the main stream media. They are just Orwell's 1984 ministry of propaganda come to real life.

Nothing, repeat NOTHING can you take at face value from ABCNNBCBS and co.

The MSM is lying to you on behalf of the PTB - CONSTANTLY.

PSO said...

Please show me your arm Visible. I want to make sure you 'leave no tracks where I go'.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry people but dont read this,,,,,,,,,,,,

the cold bones of a dead henry kissinger
the devils footsteps in the jungles of bolivia
smashed up brains of institutions
who practise democide
the oceans poison that dispersed far and wide
in fascist states based in hell with savage motives
who rob the people left as slaves all irroded
a debased world a dominion that is dominated
change needed in the minds of the manipulated
the evil systems warmongers,practise savagery
lies congregate the demons irrationality
but by the tides of a turn of all things well
the truth burns fierce through the savage pains of hell


.it may have something to do with my son playing various different rap music and stuff all afternoon with his speaker running at about 90 decibels.....

so once again sorry,,and deep respects

Anonymous said...

hello mr vis and all other fair friends,

i was talking with my local organic food store owner (a lovely, sad eyed sufi of an iranian. modest, cultured,humorous) here in berlin and he said all his russian customers are expecting an ill advised israeli attack on iran, with russia either stepping in to help them or being the next victim. they love putin as a national hero and savior and long too with the rest of humanty for the end to the sabbatist yoke. may will all do our part in whatever small way. blessings and god's love.
a german farmer

Visible said...

German farmer; Your comment has been up for some time but it keeps getting resubmitted, somehow.

Darius said...

Hi Vis
Top stuff again, but if you want a weird inversion, go no further than this little item:
It makes a change from soldiers shooting civilians in their beds but the permutations are mind-boggling.

Anonymous said...

speaking slugs and rotting carcasses
cobwebs underneath the floor
vestibles of poison water
the false mongerers of all war
and procrastination of the people
the shadow of spiritual neglect
by the systematic failure
death cults fading back to death
telling lies to enforce slaughters
the truths will crushes all upon its path
making tracks across the wastelands
a flash of light within the dark
sparking forces ever rumbling
a thousand charging angry wolves
through the poisoned mind of netanyahu
the truth gusts across the north


A Whole Band of Soldiers said...

The so called American peace keepers have once again quenched their thirst with the blood of innocent Afghan civilians in Kandahar province.

According to recent reports arriving from the area, the American invaders backed by their puppets (ANA) left their base last night (11/03/2012) and raided several homes of locals, located near their base in Balambi village of Panjwaee district.

Witnesses from the scene say that during the raids, the American terrorists and their puppets shot the household members at point blank range and so far 20 bodies have been found and recovered by the villagers among which, 11 are from the home of Muhammad Wazir including himself. The unsuspecting innocent victims have been sprayed with hundreds of bullets and have been cold-bloodedly martyred.

The villagers say that this genocidal act, carried out by Americans and their hireling ANA took place last night at around midnight, adding that due to tens of civilians taking shelter in safe houses to protect themselves from this horror, many bodies have not yet been found which could potentially increase the number of casualties.

In this night time operation, the barbaric American terrorists have also burnt down a number of homes of the ordinary people. Some news outlets have cited the Americans as saying that the casualties have been caused by airstrikes however the villagers categorically reject this claim and invite all to examine the victims who have either been shot or have been martyred by hand grenades hurled inside their rooms. Most of the victims are local villagers, women and children.

Alemara website is trying to gather the names of the victims and other details of this crime committed last night.

Anonymous said...

After the Kissenger bit, I will never ponder what it's like to lick a toad...........Jimmy

Gregory F. Fegel said...

"There has been speculation, too, about a possible racial or ethnic component, since three of the victims were of Arab origin and the fourth was black, according to news media reports. In Montauban, the killer, dressed in black and wearing a motorcycle helmet with the visor shut, appeared to target the soldiers specifically, witnesses said."

Sounds like the killer wasn't going after soldiers in general, but these soldiers in particular. I would suspect another soldier as a possible perp.

Anonymous said...

"What is done in the dark will be brought to the light"

Witness this!

We all see it - the newly born are experiencing this.

MiaBellezza said...

You're scaring me Vis with comments re Kissinger and your link to Kundalini meditation now... are you taping into our consciousness, or what? I ventured into Kundalini a short while ago and have found it to be very calming ... no freight train experience and perhaps that's a good thing. There's a youtube video called 'Guided Kundalini Meditation' that I recommend for the more enlightened ones. Re lefties: Father was a left-paw and I was born ambi, but regrettably trained to the right hand. Righties can stimulate the other side of their brain by using their left hand more. It's also great to listen to 432Hz music (Earth's harmony). Experiment with listening to that and higher frequencies and discover what suits you. Some musical tones will bounce between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and that will stimulate communication and free flow between the two hemispheres. Interesting how Hitler mandated music be tuned at 440Hz and apparently it stayed at that tuning. If you listen and compare 432 to 440 you'll note a less melodious and tinny sound with 440Hz.

Anonymous said...

Biellipser H.G.

For all I care, George Clooney and associates can go jump in the bohemian lake of fire worthy fellow naked men.
Alot of people are getting a gut feeling about this whole charade for being what it is. It's just not even freak'n dump worthy material but, the damned target audiance is way too leaning towards da insult immune.

Building Seven + Scooter Libby + Dick Cheney = Atlantic devil at the back door.

Anonymous said...

Fuck'n A and i'm dig'n the kundi link. Thanks.



Rob in WI said...

I'm surprised that so many seem to be down on Jason R. After all, in light of all the injustices of modern life, haven't we all just wanted to go nuts, whack off and do whatever it takes to make a point? Tried it at chucky cheese last night, but nobody understood. What a bunch of brain dead idiots! They don't seem to understand real commitment. Seems thems that will whack off in public for their ideals are few and far between these days. By the way, can any of you spare a few bucks for bail?
Be well, Visible and all, Rob

Rob in WI said...

You seem to be inspired today. Are you feeling the indescribable tension that seems to be about? Thanks for your contributions, Rob


"US soldiers were alleged to have sexually assaulted two female victims before they were killed in the Panjwai massacre in southern Kandahar last Sunday, a high-level Afghan probe team revealed.

The Wolesi Jirga’s, or lower house of Parliament, delegation investigating the Kandahar shootings by US troops said besides killing 16 civilians, the soldiers sexually assaulted them.

On the ill-fated Sunday, US troops shot 16 civilians, including nine children and three women, and injured five others when they opened fire on houses in Zangabad village, in Panjwai district.

Some of the victims’ bodies were later set on fire."

So let me try to get this story straight from the various pieces reported.

A group of US soldiers together with their local domestic helper soldiers got drunk, went down to the nearest town, raped two women, killed them and several children, tried to hide their crimes by burning the bodies.

As an N.American I am totally ashamed and speechless.


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

'Here's what you're dealing with. "
I came across that Orwell wrote so presciently because he had access to the script. Here's were access can get you.

Anonymous said...

the collapsing spirit of a death cult
savages parading in the square
rare flowers bud at springtime
the conscious garden of all aware
murdered children in afghanistan
the crumbled heart of suicide
the stolen breastplate of disservice
israhell satanicly inspired
truth rages the wraths invincible
the encompassed beauty of us all
demons burned and left collapsing
a new era rides the storm
the ending world of pure insanity
aipac burned and smashed and crushed
colonialists in constant failure
new world order bites the dust


wiggins said...

I think you are on the wrong track about Disraeli. He was well aware of the Zionist Workers Revolutionary Party and tried to enlighten his fellows as too the coming danger, unfortunately his warnings went unheeded and the rest as they say is history.
Ref: 'Controversy of Zion.'

Visible said...

I'm not sure about that at all. And that's not the point of including Disraeli in the first place.

Anonymous said...

a bolt of thunder rose invincible
the slaughtered air where demons die
a poisoned bite of seven scorpions
the truths arrow pierces lies
the charging will of all in paradise
lightning shook upon loves spark
truth pours in sounds and colors
forming currents of all art
man was never meant to be a slave
conscious shackles burn and fall liberations dancing rythms
stirring rivers in us all
zionisms days are numbered
tyrants lies just smashed and crushed
the end of days a dieing death cult
turned by truth back into dust


kikz said...

concerning the latest in afghanistan...
fred reed's latest

"When you have trained men to behave in a certain way, don't be surprised when they do."

Anonymous said...

robins birds sweep forest branches
darting arrows shake the vines
war clenched tight in the right palm
a spring of heaven in the eye
the ancient starry forming circles
gathers harmony setting sail
strings of pearls melt into butter
hawks fly swift across the gail
streaking plumes of heart dynamics
the rushing rivers golden flow
floating upwards like a feather
upon the guide of robins bow
by the heavens inner forces
charging buffalo on the winds
the heart of earth forever calling
the eternal tide of evers spring


Pstonie said...

Sorry to barge in having only read the main post, but does anyone have nobody's e-mail? Some settings on his blog's comments seems to have gone awry allowing probably no one to reply.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

US troops committed major atrocities against civilians during the Philippine-American War, the Korean War, in Viet Nam, in Cambodia, and in Iraq. Afghanistan is no different. The US Government and the US troops are ruthless, murderous barbarians. It's part of the US culture. Americans believe themselves to be superior to everyone else. That's the way Americans are raised, it's what they are taught in school, and it's a hallmark of their religion. The world will be a better place when the USA is gone.

Anonymous said...

a breath of all living
hearts weave the sky
old mother dandelion
grand living high
sunshone in heaven
eternity sparks
beams of all giving
pouring through hearts
in colours and patterns
streak through the air
fair maidens peace
in passion of care
rivers and circles
harmonys chords
lotions of essence
of hearts opened warmth


Gregory F. Fegel said...

Douglas Reed's portrayal of Disraeli as anti-Zionist in his book The Controversy of Zion is not shared by other scholars.

"...Disraeli's proto-Zionist views: "He then unfolded a plan of restoring the nation to Palestine - said the country was admirably suited for them - the financiers all over Europe might help - the Porte is weak - the Turks/holders of property could be bought out - this, he said, was the object of his life...." Coningsby was merely a feeler - my views were not fully developed at that time - since then all I have written has been for one purpose. The man who should restore the Hebrew race to their country would be the Messiah - the real saviour of prophecy!" He did not add formally that he aspired to play this part, but it was evidently implied. He thought very highly of the capabilities of the country, and hinted that his chief object in acquiring power here would be to promote the return". 26 years later, Disraeli wrote in his article entitled "The Jewish Question is the Oriental Quest" (1877) that within fifty years, a nation of one million Jews would reside in Palestine under the guidance of the British."

Disraeli was also an ardent supporter of Colonialism, and of maintaining or expanding the British Empire. Zionism is Western Colonialism, dependent on the British and the Americans for support.

kikz said...

to whom ever suggested and left the link over in the last origami post (i think)

thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

Great Sunday Sermon!! Preach it my brotha!

Lee said...

Hello Les..

To be honest, I feel I have nothing to contribute to this blog with no my insignificant rantings and personal updates.
All I know is that I am out that that toxic environment I was in and now into a newer one. One could easily say, "jumping from one frying pan into another". It appears no matter where one goes, there is Always an element of evil that follows. I say this because you mentioned something of this vaguely in previous blogs. By that, I mean that those who are employed by evil, have a halo of protection that keeps them from being justly punished. I never really thought about it but, recalling what I have seen in the past with some very toxic and evil persons that came across my life, I believe that seems to be the case. There must, and has to be some kind of demonic protection for these evil doers to go about their business, at the cost of untold suffering on up blameless victims.

From my own observations here, there is an epidemic of hatred, confusion, and mindless evil. As I have said before my dear Les, my heart is broken. Is it just me, or do others like yourself feel what I do?

Lee/Gino Santana

Visible said...

Lee, we are all feeling some degree of that. Things will change. In the meantime, endure.

Anonymous said...

Young people. Those of you who have not done your research and are supporting Kony 2012. What are you doing? Buying t-shirts, bracelets,i.d. bracelets some of them I might add, traceable recorded info, you twitter, you link with facebook,etc. Do you know what a register is? Do you really think it ends here with this? There are studbooks with less information than they have on you and Burke's Peerage would be jealous. Why? Well, I don't know but if I had plans for some future event let's say, now I have dozens of profiles,I know where you are , what you like, how you think,what you are doing at many given moments, you know like those cop/Alphabet Syndicate shows people like to watch so much. And when I need help gettin' mines I know just who to pluck up and help me. Don't worry I'll find ya, it's all right here. Frankly I feel anyone who Twitters or Facebooks who should know better gets what they deserve. But Young America, learn about the world and wake up. There might come a time when there is a knock on the door long after Kony 2012 or maybe not to long, but you may not like who or what's on the other side. Peace.

Ray B. said...

"Rational doesn't always apply. That's a good thing for those of us who live at the corner of Irrational and Inexplicable. Of course we have neighborhood watch but it's probably not what you're used to."

I love it! You have a way with words that is both whimsical and truthful. Bows...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Lee Kramer said...

I can never figure out what the letters in Blogger's captchas actually are.

I tried 25 times to leave a comment on a blogger blog earlier today. Never got it.

I'll try this again, though, because I really like your writing. I have also linked to it on my blog.
Bookmarked for sure!

Lee Kramer said...

Oh good! It worked.

I was just reading through your comments.

I am left-handed. I got it from my Dad, who was forced to write with his right when he was little and thereafter had terrible handwriting.

I learned to write with my right hand during boring courses at Baylor University. So I can write with both now. It's a good party trick, sort of.

onething said...

Yes, Lee, I feel quite brokenhearted much of the time.

Aunt Franny said...

I am just recently realizing how cheated I feel, being alive on this planet. It has taken us friggin' FOREVER to understand that we've all been playing out a single script with a single plotline. There's only ONE story here. No matter what the title, in whatever culture, it always ends with Ragnorak or the Kali Yuga or Armageddon or The End of Days.

How is that possible, given the potential for almost INFINITE imagination that human beings possess? Who the heck seeded this planet with these stories that get taken so deep into hearts and psyches that people will actively work for the destruction of this world -- and at the same time actively BLOCK all other paths? Is it "the gods" who did this? Does anybody but me think this whole setup is sick? Good friggin' Lord!

What? Do they sell interdimensional tickets to "The Wars That Never End" because that's the only movie we ever show?

The Doomsday Scenario is just a story, for cripes's sake. We can create anything we want to. Maybe our true challenge here is to throw away this outdated, moth-eaten script, eh? We need to get on with something more interesting, and not have another Golden Age [wow, only 1000 years] followed by another destruction. There are better writers than this.

:-) Aunt Franny



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